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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 8, 1902.
—Excellent loads.
liesutlful winter weather. i'?
W. W. Matthews was a Dubuque
visitor Saturday.
—Joe Mitch was a Coggon business
visitor last Friday.
—Mi68 May lJaker, of Greeley, vlutted
ber cousin, Fred Holbert, last week.
—Miss Mertie Wells went to Mt.
Vernon Thursday, where she is atteail
Ing Cornell.
—Joseph Gebhart and Jos. liagge, of
Petersburg, were Manchester business
visitors Thursday.
—Ed Holllster returned Iwst week
from a week's visit with relatives and
friends in Pecatonlca, Illinois.
—Mr. and Mrs. Dolph lluene, of Ce
dar Iiaplds, visited last week whh their
parents, Mr. and Mis. O. K. 11
—Will Scanlon and Lunnie WellB re
turned to Toledo, New York, to resume
their studies In the college at that
hos. Hums, who visited his ninth
•«r during the holidays, has returued 10
Iowa City to resume his studies in the
medical college.
—Mrs. Catharine Leylen, formerly
of Nashua, has returned to her home
in this city. She will make her home
with Uncle Jack Sheldon.
—We don't want to buy at^our place,
we wont trade there any inoiv, you'll
be sorry when you see ub going to some
other store. You can't sell us any stale
goods, we have opened wide our eye?,
we don't want to trade at your store,
'cause you do not advertise.—Ex.
—The following from the Strawberry
Point Mall-l'ress will be of interest to
John H. Cameron's mauy friends in this
city: "John 11. Comeron was recently
united in marriage at Livingstone,Ken
tucky, with Miss Edna M. ueliauro, a
daughter of one of Springlleld's, Mo.,
business men. Tne groom has many
friends in this city, who extend con
gratulations. We understand that the
newly wedded pair will make thoir
borne in Kentucky.
—This actually happened, according
to one veracious South Dakota paper:
Rubber often leaves a wrong impres
sion. A gentleman walking down the
street the other day passed a lady car
rying a pretty baby its beauty attracted
his attention and be naturally turned to
get a last glimpse of the baby when the
mother screeched "rubber." Finding
himself so beaten he politely tipped his
hat and remarked: "l'ardon me I
thought it was a real baby."
—Pierpont Signal: Lanpford, it is
said, has three of the stingiest men on
_record. The tlrat will not drink as
Qucb water as he wants unless it comes
Trom a neighbor's well. The second
forbids any member of his family to
write anything but a small hand as it is
waste of paper to make large letters.
I The stops the clock at night to
the tear the machin
ery. All of them to take a news
paper on the ground that it is such a
strain on the spectacles to read.
—Under date of Dec. 30tb, James 1'.
Ball, of Delaware, who with his wife is
spending the winter at Hammond, La.,
writes us, "this Is a bright Bunny morn
ing after our snow Btorm. The 28th It
snowed from 8 to 9 inches, which was a
surprise to the natives. It haB been
very cold here for this country, and all
the garden stult' has been killed So it
seems it wbb not the beat, but the se
vere cold weather, that caused friend
Sherwood to pack his baggage, aban
don Hammond, and go to Florida. A.
M., honor bright now, how is the weath
er down in the X'eninsular state?
—It Is interesting to watch ourselves
and others and see human "nature"
turn up so promiscuously now and
then. A paper will say nice things
about a man to a fare you well, and he
takes It as his just due. If that same
paper makes a slight criticism of this
particular man, be is is apt to go into
the air, and talk about dams and things
|f of that discription In connection with
the paper. And the editor is cut oil
the same piece of stuff. For instance
his laundry may be as line aB silk for a
long period, and then when be gets a
saw edge under hie chin he will kick
just as we did in a resent Ibbuc. Queer,
isn't itV—Oelwein Register.
—A newspaper is a funny thing—it's
a kind of a charitable institution estab
lished for the benefit of the people. The
editor don't need any sympathy or mon
ey or biscuits. He can have an Intel
I: lectual feast everytime he gets hungry,
.-s In the winter he can make his paper
red hot. He can tell the truth and be
horse whipped or lie and not be thank
ed. He can't make a mistake—he is in
fallible. His clothes don't wear out
be needB only one suit. He must pub
lish everything good that has your
lame connected with it, and suppress
be bad. He must tell your side of the
story. Ife must tell what a line horse
you have and not mention the balking.
When you have taken the paper live
years without paying for it, thank bim,
»nd have it stopped, God lovetb acheer
'ul giver.—Ex.
—Warning comes from all partB of
le country to all the farmers and other
ral residents and the people of the
y, too, for that matter, to light shy
piece goods canvassers There Is a
of them at work in the neighbor
communities working a game on
gullible public, The members of
"ang have made all kinds ot repre
tions to their viotlms, and in some
ices were enabled to sell them
if goode amounting to S75 and
The goods were for men's wear
buyer was made to believe he
ttingthemata ridiculously low
The goods were purported be of
make and smuggled into the
Therefore it wbb claimed
could be sold at much lower
in they could be obtained for In
"'hen the buyer came to Con
or about having it made up,
that not only had he paid
the goods were worth, but
making them up would be
the cost of the goods. The
en working near here and a
should be kept for them
—Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sager were Del
hi visitors last week.
—Mrs. Winnie Parrot is visiting
friendB in Byrun, 111.
—James Ives, of Richland, departed
Saturday for Chicago.
—Claude Addison was a Dubuque
visitor last Wednesday.
—Mr. II A. Kennedy viBited relatives
In Des Moines last week.
—Orin llaker, of Greeley, was in
town on business Friday.
—The most of the business homes of
this city now close at,seven o'clock.
-Wm, Tate, of Henrietta, Texas,
was a Manchester visitor last week.
—Capt. J. F. Merry, of Dubuque,
wasa Manchester visitor Wednesday.
—Misses liess Thorpe and Nellie Gor
man were Charles City visitors Friday.
—F. W. lioblnson, of Seattle, Wash
ington, Is a guest at the home of C. 11
—Nora ManBfield departed last week
for Waterloo where Bhe will make her
future home.
—Mlas Cora McUrew, of Independ
ence, visited ber parents in this city
part of last week.
—Mrs. Frank Patton, of Ehler, visit
ed Manchester relativrs and friends
part of last week.
—G. A. IlineB, of Chicago, waa a
guest of tils parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.
A. nine's, one day last week.
s-Mr, and Mrs. Clarence Weber, of
Chrystal Lake, were guests last week at
the home of of Mr. and Mrs.
lllram Ar
—Alton Dunham departed Wedues
day for Cedar Haplds where he will at
tend the Cedar Haplds liuslness Col
—Mrs. N. S.Craig and daghter,Clara,
departed Monday for Jennings, La.,
wtieie.Dr. Craig will join them in a few
11. E. Light, the Pennsylvania horse
buyer, will be in the city to buy horses
Saturday, January 11,11102, See local
"llorBes Wanted."
—Dr. and Mre. W. A. Hines departed
today for Los Angeles, California,
where they will spend several weeks
with their bob Fred.
Charles McCormick, who has been
for many years head clerk in Kaiamity's
Plunder Store,has accepted a position on
the road as salesman for a Chicago
crockery firm.
—Mrs. II. E. Carpenter returned Sat
urday from Mclntyre where she waa
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Den
ton. Her nephew, Nixson Denton
came home with her.
Mrs.Nettie Clare Lewis,who has been
visiting friends at Greeley and while
there was the guest of her mother, Mrs.
C. C. Tupper, returned to her home In
Chicago last Saturday.
—Miss Madge l'entony entertained a
company of her young friends at a
dancing party at the home of her par
ent®, Mr. and Mrs. J.J. l'entony, on
Franklin street Tuesday evening.
—Allen Lelloy ontertalned about
twenty of his girl and hoy friends at the
home of his parentB Wednesday even
ing. It is needless to say that the lirst
evening of the year was a pleasantsone
for the ouu'g folks.
—Miss Alpha Millette, formerly of
this city, but now connected with a
hospital in Chicago, was quite seriously
burned about the face by the explosion
of a gasoline Btove. Fortunately the
Injuries will not prove disfiguring.
—Thehome of Mrs. A.J. Ward on
west Marion Btreet wbb the scene of a
pleasant family gathering last Saturday
evening, the occasion being the twen
tieth anniversary of the marriage of Mr.
and Mrs. James Ward, of Cedar Rap
Ids, the former being a. son of the
hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Ward were the
recipents ot a beautiful china set.
As usual the Irishman has made
the beet suggestion as to how to dis
pose of the anarchists. Someone ven
tured the idea that they be collected
and placed on a lonely island in mid
ocean and be allowed to carry out their
own peculiar idea. The son of Erin
advanced his idea that a good amend
ment would be to put them In mid ocean
and let them bunt their own island.—Ex.
—Harry Stewart haB bought the Wa
ter's Btock of groceries and is again en
rolled among the merchants of Man
chester. From past knowledge we
know that Mr. Stewart will run a first
class grocery, he having been engaged
in the grocery business here for many
years, and Is in every way an up-to-date
grocery man. We have not learned Mr.
Waters' plans for the future, but hope
he will continue to make his home in
—The meeting of the butter makers
announced in the laBt Ibbuc of the Dem
ocrat was held at the Firemen's hall In
this city and an association formed to
be known as the EaBtern Iowa Butter
makers Association. The object of the
association Is to aid buttermakers and
creamery patrons to make a superior
quality of butter, and to keep them in
formed as to all matters pertaining to
dairy interests. S. H. Shilling, presi
dent of the State Dairymen's Associa
tion, and H.J. Evans, of the Iowa Ag
ricultural College were present. The
ollicers elected are president, C. D. El
der, of this city vice-president, D. 1).
Palmer, of Monticello secretary, P. H.
Keifer of Strawberry Point and A. L.
Landis, of Colesburg, treasurer. The
organization starts out with a member
ship of twenty five.
—E. F. Sias, whofor the past twelve
years has faithfully and well served the
county as deputy clerk of the district
court, has been retired by Clerk Geor
gea, and bis place will be tilled, for tbe
present at least, by Mrs. Georgen. Mr.
Sias bad, during his long service, be
come thoroughly familiar with all mat
ters pertaining to the oilice, and wbb
very popular with those having busi
uesB to transact there. Mr. Georgen
has, during the year that he has served
aB clerk, given his entire time to the
duties of the oilice, and has so familiar
ized himself with itB requirements, that
we apprehend no one will be discomod
ed or inconvenienced by the change,
lie haB already by his close attention to
business and his pleasant and courteous
manner, become a popular oflicer, and
we predict will rank among the best of
the several excellent clerks of court
that this county has been favored with.
its sw-dE

—Kit Edmunds is a Minnesota busi
ness visitor
—Hal Wmi-jlmp M' i8 a Cedar Rapids
visitor Tu-i day
—Claude Addison was a Central City
visitor Tucpdav.
—Clare T/llihrlilgn iransxr'Hl busi
ness In lij-an Tuesday.
—Mrs. W. N. liovriton is visting rela
tives and friends in Wlnthrop.
—Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Atkinson have
returned from their visit in Ohio.
—L. G. Lawrence, or Richland, trans
acted business in this city Monday.
—The board of supervisors are in
session at their room In the court houre
—Will Deals, of the Ilopkinton Lead
er, spent a few hours at the county sep.t
—Miss Agnes McClernon, of Incii
pendence, was a guest of Manchester
friends Thursday.
—The Misses Martha Bnd Nellie Gil
leas, of Carbondale, 111., are guests of
friends In this city.
—Mrs. Catharine Tupper and her
daughter, Mrs. Nettie Lewis, were Man
chester viBltors Saturday.
—The second of the series of ciuh
dances will be held at the Pythian
Hall next Friday evening.
—Hon. J. B. Romans, of Denicon,
spent Sunday In this city the guest of
his sister, Mrs. C. B. Eaton.
—Mrs. P. Develin, of Cedar Rapids,
was a guest of Manchester relatives and
friends the first of the week.
—The Frost King and his queen and
what they will do, Is made known in
Lawrence & GremB' announcement,
—Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Tucker were
guests at the home of the former'B
parents In this city the Qrst of the week
—Margaret Myer, of Waterloo, who
has been spending the holidays in this
vicinity, returned to her home Sunday.
—A special meeting of tbe Manches
ter Lodge No. 165 will be held this
Wednesday evening at the lodge rooms.
—See local in another column, "Old
Dan Tucker" which Is to appear at the
Central Opera house to-morrow even
—Atkins & Chapel say they have
"Just the thing you want." What is
ItV Their advertisement furnishes the
A. J. Henderson went to Wessing
ton, South Dakota, Monday night on
Harry Davie and Bnrdette Given
will depart the latter part of the week
for Minneapolis, Minnesota, to attend a
busineBB college.
—The basket ball game at the Cen
tral Opera house last Wednesday after
noon was well attended. Dubuque won
by ascore of 18 to 13.
—During the past week Clerk Georg
en Issued permits to wed to F. D. Dal
ton and Stella A. Neitert, and Jacob H.
Watson and Mabel Lee.
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Dorman, of
Peoria, 111. are In the city, being called
here liy the serious illnes of the former'B
father, Dr. C. W. Dormau.
—Hon. G. W. Dunham will leave this
week for Des Molnee, to represent this
county in the legislature which will
convene there next Monday.
A. A. Anderson entertained about
thirty Elks at a banquet last Saturday
evening in a royal manner. Tbe event
was In honor of his p3rd birthday.
—Father J.J. Hanley, of Monti, de
parted for Chicago Monday to consult
a physician in regard to bis throat,which
haB been causing him coniderable
—Letters addressed to Mr. and Mrs.
Jno. W. Smith, Miss Lizzie Miller, Miss
Nora Ryan, A. M. Fish, Harry P.
Smith, Frank L. Bodge and Joseph
—Mr. and Mrs. Anton Llppert re
turned Monday from Oelwein, where
they were the guests of Mr. George
Eller, Mrs. Lippert's brother, for sever
al days.
—II. ElliB Winnard, a former well
known resident of this city and county,
is now engaged in the livery business
at 808 Kedzie avenue and 1)58 Millard
avenue, Chicago.
—W. E. Hunt, traveling salesman
for the F, N. Beacom Company, de
parted Tuesday for Western Iowa, after
spending his holiday vacation with rela
tives and friends in this city.
—Tbe annual meeting of the Sto.'k
holders of the Manchester Co-operative
Creamery Co. will be held in FIremans
hall Monday, January 13, at one o'clock
p. m. for the election of otlicers and
other business.
—Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Allen are in
Plattsvllle, Wisconsin, called there by
the serious ilfaess of Mr. Allen's
mother, Mrs. Jonathan Allen, whose
death occurred Monday morning. The
uueral will be held at Platts ville today.
—There will be a supper social held
at the home of E. A. Sbick east of the
Young schocl bouse Friday evening,
January 10. Ladles to furnish supper.
The public are cordially invited. Pro
ceeds for our pastor, Rev. W. 0. Smith.
—Owing to tbe severe illness of Har
vey Smith McCowen, who was to appear
In tbe Star Lecture Course at the City
Hall Jan. 15, he will not be able to fill
appointment. But Thos. McClery will
give his lecture on Sunshine in Labor
on the evening of Jan. 10 in place ot
Mr. McCowen.
—Tbe Arm of James Henderson &
Sons has Bold its stock of merchandise
to Cooper & Martin, of Wesslngton,
South Dakota. The busineBB was dis
continued on January 1st and the entire
stock of goods is being packed and
shipped to Wesslngton. At present
there is no store at Ehler.
—County Treasurer elect F. E
Dutton has assumed the duties of his
oflice and has appointed George New
man as bis deputy. Mr. Dutton is not
a Btranger to tlie oflice, having served
several years ak deputy under ex
treasurer, C. E. Staith. The retiring
treasurer, L. Matthws,
leaves the oilice
with a record that h*oay well be prtud
of, having performed llWduUes to the
satisfaction of all. He^in have no
trouble In keeping hlmnk busy, at
tending to the business of tra^Manches
ter Electric Light Co. of whlraThe is
manager, and looking after theater
ests of the State Savings Bank of whiisliJ to
be Is tbe president.
Something New in Art.
From the first of January nntii the
season of house cleaning fir rives every
woman looks forward lo beautifying
her home, and making it more at
tractive, more cozy ami comfortable to
family and friends. Nothing can sur
pass in elegance rich and beautiful
picture, especially of some favored spot
in landscape, the present dwelling
place, the dear old home, or iceneR of
We recently noticed in the show win
dow nf Finrh A Lillibridge, the popu
lar iiniiture dealers, a specimen of this
kind that is well worth the attention ot
all lovi-ra of art. The work was exe
ciitnl liy Mrs. W. H. Huftalen and
»n enlargement from photographs.
Mrs. R. Wolfe.
Mrs. i{. Wolfe died ut her home in
this city New Years afternoon, ufter an
illness of several uionthd duration.
Mrs. Wolfe
born near Chlla-
cothie, Ohio, December 2, 1832, and
married to ltev. R. Wolfe in March
1839. In 1805 Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe
moved to Iowa, where since then Mr.
Wolfe has followed his vocation as
minister In the Upper Iowa Methodist
Mrs. Wolfe leaves to mourn her death
a husbaud and seven children. Frank,
Edwin and Fred Mrs. Merle Negley
Smith, of Madison, New Jersey and
Misses Ada, Anna, and Grace, of this
In the death of Mrs. Wolfe the com
munlty loses one of its best women,
one whose life can be U6ed as a model for
others, and the family a kind and afTpc
tionate wife and mother.
The funeral was held at the Metho
dist church in this city Saturday afterr
noon, ltev. H. O. Pratt officiating.
4 4*,
W. R. C. Doings.
On Friday evening, January 3rd, we
held our installation services Jointly
with the W. A. Morse Post, and In the
presence of a number of Invited guests,
8bthe families of both Post and Corps
had been invited to be present. Dr. A.
J. Colllnge was installing odiceis for
the Post and Mrs. A. C. Carter had
bem selected to install ollicers .tlect
of the Corps which was beautifully ac
complished and all were well pleased
with tbe ceremon'.eB of those two orders.
Tbe ollicers elect of the W. R. C. are
Mrs. Iiebecca Huene, President Mrs.
Mary Crosby, Senior Vice President
Mis. Hessner, Junior Vice President
Mrs. Anna Fishel, Treasurer Mother
Otis, Chaplain Mary Briggs, Conductor
Mrs. ltellly Smith, Guard Mrs.
Amanda Skinner, Assistant Guard
and Mrs. Glissendorf, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs.
Charlie Adams and Mrs. Conway, Color
bearers. The retiring President, Mrs.
Ton: Elder was tbe recipient of a beauti
ful solid gold recognition badge which
was presented in behalf of the Corps,
by Mrs. Nellie E. Sias in the following
words.—Mrs. Elder—The lapso of time
has brought to a close your adminis
tration as President of this Relief Corps.
In many respects, this has been a very
successful year for our Corps, not that
there has been a marked Increase in
membership, but our members are
more united, there are no dissensions,
and a marked spirit of loyalty to the
principles of our organization animates
its members. To you is due the honor
of this gratifying condition of our
Corps. Your loyalty to o«r priuciplee,
your charity and consideration for our
shortcomings and differences, your
tldelity to the old comrades has awaker.*
ed a responsive chord in our hearts, and
we wish to express our appreciation of
your effortB to promote the principles
of the G. A.
Hut words may be empty sayings,
and they soon pass away, so ^we pre
sent you this substantial testimony of
our gratiiled appreciation of your work
as President of our Corps, Mrs. Elder
was not prepared unuer the circum
stances to say but a few words of
thanks, but said: Sisters of the Relief
Corps, words are inadequate to express
my appreciation of this beautiful little
token of your friendship, I cannot Bay
more, ladies I thank you, and reminded
those present that she had a pleasant
little oflice to perform and turning to
the retiring Secretary, said, Mtb. Carter
in behalf of the Corps, 1 present you
with this gold badge, not only as a
compensation of past duties perfor.ned
In this order, but as a pledge of con
tinued friendship and she placed a
idge upon her for which Mrs. Carter
In well chosen remarks, thanked the
ladies for her beautiful tribute.
The newly installed Commander Mr.
Boardway, read an interesting paper,
and after some splendid vocal music, a
good substantial banquet was served at
the close of the ceremonies.
To accommodate those who are par
tial to the use of atomizers in applying
liquids into tbe naeal paesageB for ca
tarrhal troubles, the proprietors prepare
Ely's Liquid Cream lialm. 1'rice in
cluding the spraying tube is 75 cents.
Druggists or by mail. The liquids era
bodies the medicinal properitleB of tbe
solid preparation. Cream Balm is
uickly absorbed by the membrane and
oes not dry up the secretions but
changes them to a natural and healtby
character. Ely Brothers, 56 Warren
street, N. Y, 2-2w
Old Dan Tucker.
Decatur, 111., oxhaiige, spoaklnK of the Old
Dan Tucker company which Is to be ut the Cen
tral Opera House Thursday night, Jan. uth, mi*
says: old DanTuokerhas beeu In lowu. Ho
was at the opera houso Monday night, and was
greeted by a full hou*e, standing room belnj at a
premium. He came well reccomended and
measured fully up to the hluheat expectations.
I his play was made to entertain and a* such it
is a pronounced success. For more thau two
hours Monday nljtht there was one continuous
roar or laughter. Prom the rising of the curtain
to the
down, a straight face was tmposst-
In a troup of twenty-one trained artists it
is rather dinlcult to distinguish stars'." Mr.
Dan Sherman, as the linpersouator of Old Dan
Tucker, a veritable "jay'' from the country, was
an unquaHUed success. Mr. Karl Gilllhan, as a
tramp cometiian, is the omnlprescut fuu pro
ducer of the aggregation, while E. KUniet. as
Ueubeu Hlckstraw. who simulates for a time
the appearance of Old Dau Tucker, produces a
••Corned/ of Krrors" that vividly recalls Shako
spear's famous play of that name.
Miss Dorothy Carlisle, as a widow open for
engagement, plays her part In excellent taste,
while Miss Bessie Fox plays Mary, tho widow's
truant daughter, with artistic skill but Mabel
De frorest, the souUrette of the company, is a
"&«, lb0 first inaenltude. who was a favorite
with the audience from her llrst appearance,
and her popularity lucreasod as the perform
ance proceeded.
There Is not a dull moment from opening to
close -the specialties were flue, tho music ex
cellent, and the band of fourtoen pieces far
above the average,
No Mask
of eegs or glue is
usea in roasting
strong and of delicious flavor.
Some coffees are varnished with|
a cheap coating ot
other epm!lv noxi u- r:'
.-.a.. -re«
Let us npoak of man as we and him,
And oensure only what we can see.
Remembering that no one can be perfect,
Unlest he uses Jtiieky Mountain Tea
ton & Ward.
Du-ham Cattle For Sale
Ttnrouibbre.l irliiui Ujll iu I holfeM oi
Tor si. one _t«o yt-ars old Marlon I)u!ter
~!lostu» Hero No
oy Star of M»ln
six y. irsoM pot by rilostua
., rooiIIbull,.
ll'.'i:« out ol Vlrn'nia 4lh by Hoy Sti
Valley B7D71 Tills Is a Rood kll
kind to handle
uuil good breeder, welxlit, i!l in ll«
A. Fl'NIf.
Kdfrewood Iowa.
t.VW101" HuUchbor? liHlplui? lilll.
Bill rloiij Ui'lpinjf Mainly Wliat's
Mamly cloln Helping mother. Wlmt.smoth
t-r dolp TaMnc Kooky Mountain Tea.
Sensible family.—!)«nton & Ward,
For Sale.
Thirty-two farms in southern Iowa
from 00 to 400 acres 927 tc 8-50 per
Hotel and fixtures for 6ale. One
Rood creanury for suJe or trade for
lands, also farms and city property In
and around Manchester and South Da
kota. W. G. Kenyon.
this company should
come to Carrnl again, It would meet, if possible,
5r£at£p '"oeption than this time.
Reserved seats at
Smith Bros. Wednesday morniog.
Horses Wanted.
fi t^e Pennsylvania horse buyer,
E) !E,K^lIC,ll08ler Saturday Jan, iuh 1902,
l9ad°' horses drivers, chunks
2 -1 Remember tho day and bring In
mir horses.
H. 15.
Light. 2-iw
I'iiflon, A
Mesfirs. Ely Uros.:
Dry Goods,
Is filled from cellar to ceiling with
choice staple goods, the best that money will
bov. 1 tidies an/I n,ii^ren»s
Fleeced Underwear, Woolen
Ladies, Misses and Children.
Cotton and Wool Hose for everybody.
Men's and Boys' Fancy Shirts, Prints. Mus
lins, Calicos, Towels, and Toweling by the
yard, Doilies, Pillow Shams and Covers, Bed
Spreds, Worsted Blankets, Table Spreds,
Stand Covers, Jewelry, Silverware "Roger
Bros. 1847 Only."
Lamps, Crockery Etc.
Fine Decorated Parlor, Mall and Hang
ing Lamps, Qlass. Lamps of all Kinds and
Sizes, Fine Decorated Glass Sets and Novel
ties, Fine China Ware, Crockery, Granite
and Tinware of every Kind.
Our Musical OeparM
is complete with choice Instruments
and Merchandise. Our Holiday Goods are
now on display. We will show you a nice
line of presents suitable for old and young.
We can furnish you with nearly everything
you may want in your home. We invite
you to call in and see us every time you are
in the city. Yours Truly,
Atkins & Chapel
and see
line of
we are
this week.
They are
All the
way from
$10 up.
Atkins & Chapel
WhnT^PouiId yoiittiluknr your tfrrcery man if
he told you sand for sugar? What do you think
of a drogalst. who offerayou a substitute for the
Madlaoo MedlclneCo's. Kooky .Mountain Tea,
Denton & Ward.
The North Forty (40) aces of the North West
fractional quarter (^1 of Section Two 12.1 and
the North Forty acres of the Vorth Kast frac
tional quarter IH] of Section Three IS] In Town
'. .»**..•
Referees' Sale ot Beal Estate
liy virtue of an order of «alo dlrocUn] to the
undersigned referee*, issued by the clerk of tho
District Court of Delaware County, Iowa, on a
decree obtained In said Court on the 17th day of
December 1901, In favor of the plalntltTn. Thom
as rothy et al. and against John Crothyetal.
defendants, for the partition of the real estate
™nbedln plaintiff's petition, we will on the
15th day of January 1903, at 10 o'clock a. m.. be
at tho oflice of tho Dyersvllle House In Dyors
tlllo. Iowa and then and there receive bids ami,
if same are satisfactory, sell the following des
crllwd real estate belonging to tho helrn of the
late Michael Trothy. of Delware Co.,Ia., to-wlt-
K»ng* [3J west
'J lo Delaware County Iowa.
Terms of sale cash.
Dated at Manchester, Iowa, this 1st day of
January 1909.
K. M. Carr.
W. HNorrls. »KeIereos.
Calvin Yoran,
.Experience conviun*H. See for your
self how quickly Kly'a Cream »Him will
cure catarrh or cutd in the head. We
mail trrnl Bi?.e for 111 cents. All drug,
elats. Kly ltros., 51! Warren street N.
iI z'Uih,
.Isn. t'O,
cents, for which p|*ase s»«nd me your
Cream Halm, I Uml your remedy tl»
qtiickest and most perm-irirnt cur« for
colds in the head, eatairh, etc. Yours
truly, ivila M. hotter, M«r. Ari
zona, (iolu Minning Co. 2-fl
Concert ol Chicago Symphony Orches
tra Waterloo la. Jan. 13, 1902
For the above occasion the I. O. It.
It. will sell tickets from Manchester to
Waterloo and return at the rate of out*
and one third fare for the round trip
licketa on sale Jttnv 13 good to return
until Jany 11th. u. G. PIEltrK.
Mittens for
y&swiifc —iiiLniyf^
Annual Glearance
Cloaks, Capes, Furs,
and flillinery.
tor this salo we hnvi roduood all (f)
Cloaks, Jackets and Capes to about A the
former prices. itli the larjjo assortment fP
(o choose from, and the prices leas than the 9S
actual cost to prtxluce, makes it an oppor.
tunity which every one wanting a cloak
should ^rnsp at onco.
Garments formerly
17.00, 45 in.
ikjw (»95
Tjut 1
l.'i.(X) -1.Y00
Of have divided the entire stock
(1/ six lots ns follows:
(4/ 'J|1 2. (iarments formerly
...'13.50--IS.00-.iij.30, 27 in.
length now go at 75
Lot :i. Garments
W length, formerly
W 12.50, now
Lot -1. (iarments
., 7.50-8.30-9.30,
now -l.'.l-l
Lot. -i, Children's mid Miss
(j es garments formerly 4.50-
(|i 5.00—0.50. now :1.35
ijf Lotli. Children's and Miss
es garments, formerly 3.00
W —1.25, now 2.32
'.lato on all Furs we will allow a dis-j
jl count of 2.) per cent from former prices. Our
stock is much too large for this season of the year and the result
is li reduction.
Remember us when
in the line of
and Boy's
We make a specialty of
Men's Fur
You should see our assortment and getf
prices before purchasing.
D.F. Riddell
& Co.
Ladies' Misses' and Childrens' W
Cloaks and Capes.
.S •2Yk
in need of anything!
We have an extensive and well selected 3
stock of Suits, also Ulsters and Dress 3
Overcoats in great variety. Styles and
Prices that will suit you.

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