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Ct)c {Democrat
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 15, 1902.
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Seth Low promised the 6aloon kcep
era of New York City that, if elected
Uayor, he would allow them to keep
tbeir saloons open on Sunday. He was
elected, and would like to keep his
promise but a certain man by the name
jerome, an erratic democrat, was
elected prosecuting attorney on Ihe
same ticket with him, aud ho is now
promising to have Mayor Low indicted
he keeps or attempts to keep his ami
election promise to the saloon keepere.
Day Banquet of the Blackhawk
Democracy at Waterloo, la.,
Wednesday Evening, January
8th, IQ02.
Democracy la the equation between
men and measures abstractly antipodal.
It Is amoral compact between diversi
fied class Interests which fortxs the al­
tar of incenBe In the inuer sanctuary ot
the temple of liberty.1 It is the "magnH
charter" of civilization baBed on the
philosophy of human equality. It it
the ethical element in government
which intuitively subordinates Individ
ual interests to the common good.
Democracy was the dream of the
ancient philosophers and poetB. It was
the practical realization of the cigh
teenth century Btatesmeu and heroes. It
found Its best expression in the sublime
utterances of the Declaration of Inde­
pendence. Its developed fruit in the su
perb action of Jefferson and Jackson in
maintaining new party organization
and structural government, the abso
lute equality of rights and opportunl
ties wrung from despotism through
the berolc martyrdom and blood of the
llamiltonlan philosophy may have rep
resented the organizing genius of the
American Republic, but Jefferson Ian.
Ism was the qulcfcening_wjj|riis!len(
which saved it to popuUpiovere'siify
and from cowardly surrender t- patern
alistic and monarchical tendencies.
The definition and history of Amerl
caa democracy are wri^-en in the Uvea
ite prtat /uunder.and leaders. The
names of Jefferson and Jackson are
•vuonymong wlUr patriotism aud devo
bttman rights as broad as hu­
manity its self. They gave to their
country the first fruits of their genius.
Amid all the temptations of success
ful life tbey never forgot that the lie
claratlon of Independence of '7l was
the legacy heroism bequeathed to the
poor and oppressed, that lives sacrlilc
ed on the altar of the Revolution meant
that the despotism of the throne should
not be supplanted by the despotism of
Last Wednesday night was a memor
able occasion for the democracy of
Blackhawk county and their invited
guests, It was Jackson's Day, and
more than 200 of those who walk iu the
ways where Jackson went, assembled
around the banquet boar asbuojant
and hopeful as though they had but
just returned fron a triumphant vie
One of the objects of the banquet was
to wipe out all paBt party differences',
and help to bring together all factions
of the party throughout the stale. Last
year democratic delegates returned
bome from their state convention, not
Inspired as they should have been wiLh
new zeal to grapple with the evils
of the hour, but discouraged aud dis
heartened on account of the senseless
bickerings of a few, over questions not
vitally important at that time. If the
speeches at this banquet are any iudi
cation of democratic thought through
out the state, no repetition of tliu of
feDBe of last year will be possible in
Iowa for many years to come.
The speaking program couBisled prin
cipally of Ave carefully prepared re­
sponses, each appropriate lor the oc
casion, and each sparkling with thought
and patriotism of a very high order. It
was generally rumnrkuJ by those pres­
ent that they bad never before listened
to live aB good speeches on like oc
casion. The Bpeakers deserving of this
commendation were Hon. J. M. X'ar
Bons, of liock uapids, who rtsponded to
the toaBt, "The Day We Celebrate"
Hon. S. II. Bashor, of Waterloo, who
spoke of "Democracy, Its Mission titul
ItB Opportunities Judgo M. J. Wade,
of Iowa City, who talked iu a masterly
and statesmanlike manner about "Le
gitimate and lllegitimtte Combina
tions of Cai-ital Judge 1*. M. Smock,
of Waverly, who told about" Driucjcrutic
Heroes of the Late War aud fix-Gov
ernor Horace lioies, who spoke oil the
subject of "Imperialism" from tho
standpoint of a patriot and lovtr of
These live speeches, while each on
widely different subjects, were so uni
formly good that it would be dillicult
to say which was the beBt. Mr. Bash
or's address, however, was more ap
plicable to state politics and conditions
than any of the others, and for that
reason we publish it in full. He spuke
as follows:
caste or that merit aud manhood iu a
cabin should be guaranteed all the op
portunities of progress aud place thai
monarchy in its proudest days could
dream of for the Bceptered boru. Nor
were theBe first great leaders alone in
their unBelllBh devotion to the cause of
equal rights.
livery page of American history is
made luminous by the matchless devo
tion to old democratic heroes to the
principles of justice and equality. From
JelterBon to the glorious old hero of the
battle of New Orleans, and from James
Monroe to the guiding spirit at Manila
bay and Santiago harbor the valor of
democratic geniua has always been dls-
played on the Bide of the oppressed. I
The tlrat generation of American
democrats learned the leseou of person
al liberty thoroughly. In the second
generation it passed through purpose
into character anil lias at last heconio
the unchangeublu linsis of party life.
Tills is the reason the political descend
ents of Andrew Jackson lire veriest
insly in favor 01 the ri^ul wpplication
if the Monroe Doctrine to this aide of
threatened, or the many are taxed to
build up the Interests of th-j few, the
democracy of 'lie twentieth century
will he round standing in the exictfoot
rints of .li-lT'rson and .luckson the
sann indomitable, champions of law,
order and eqjial ju.-tice.
Democracy does not arillclttliy manu­
facture issufs. It stands »s the tzuard
ian of a cjuleileration ul Irce common
wealths, bound together by a SHcred
compact that legislation ai civic mi
thorily should always primarily con
spire to promote the u'reatect good to
the greatet number. On any measure
that broadens human opportunities for
growth that educates aud uplifts the
masset" that maintains the integrity of
the constitution, the perpetuity of pub
lic institutions or conserves the inter
ests of commerce that guarantees pub
lie safety that upholds law and order
that holds "old nlor" in the heavens as
the eternal emblem of government by
the consent of the governed, democracy
is the organized conscience of the na
tlon and the party of undying progress
As long as human avarice Insists on
legislative measures to further eeltNh
ends as long as nrliiicUi combinations
6que z-: und bleed and as long aa there
a single element of high protective
paternalism for insinuating favored
classts In the republic, democracy Iras
its mission and will lire.
1(6lies such e• a high protective tarill
eq-JileU taxation, the control of trusts
and corporate combinations, civil and
.rpligioui liberty, guaranteed equal
rights, absolute fidelity to the weilfare
and free opportunities for the masses
and the American ilag, in every port
of ihe wot
11 the iusiguiu of freedom un
sttined and unmared by any mark of
a robbing war of conqmst, are those oi
which national democracy is as undi
vlded and unbroken hs time
On these issues there are no democrat
ic tactions. When the bugle calls,
every democrat springs to arms. lie
belongs to a constitutional party and
his faith is as high tiled aB the stars
that the constitutional phase of every
question effecting human condition
shall be iuviovbly ilutaiued. The
democracy never created an issue
The Declaration of Independence, tl
American coitnlitulion an the undying
hsnses invo'ved In the Inherent right
of man created the democracy.
And any question growiug out of
ell'oit to maintain th.» principles of ah
solute equality and justice involved I
the doctrine of popular sovereignty ii
inherently democratic ard instinctively
appeals to the democratic heart.
On the other hand any Issue which
is sectional, which appeals only to the
interest of the prejudice of a ciis
which creates division or or. which ihere
is a respectable element of doubt as to
the utility and benelits of the practical
application of its provisions cannot in
the very nature id' things bo made
tes' of party faith.
The misMsm of demo.Ticy to
stand witli marshal-d forces oi: ques
tionsalfectingcivilAnd economic all'.ius
about which there is no qots'.ieii of lils
pute. Democracy 1- not an organize
appetite, therefore, a few self seeking
leaders, or a cotorie of unlawful int
that ma'ter.
ests cannot foist an iswe on the party
that is uudemucratic without in the end
meeting with well deserved defeat.
A di mocrut believes iu principle !irs
party afterwards. Ho votes for jos'ici
before victory. '1 hi-' Is th-» r'«oa wh
democracy may appear dead one yea
when unpopiil :r doctrines are embod
led in the platform and the next year
shake the nation by the four corners
when the moral integrity of public in
stllutions, or the institutional rights
of the people area stake.
Democracy has been dividid in the
nation again and again and ul-vays
the deli iraeut of popular right.--. Wlie
the party of .useience and moral pur
pose is divide I the_forces of appetite
and avcrii gnaw at the irult ot frei
doui. Divuh d» m. cracv permits the
seeds of oppietsion lobe planted iu the
soil of liberty.
Dividid democracy sees tlm border
of taxation shifli-d from Ihe shoulders
jf ensy classes to the shoulders of the
Divided democracy permits the giant
of liberty to he bonnd hand and foot by
that brutal bully the modern trust,
Divided democracy sees pion-o'ed in
fanl industries grow into dictators ol
national policy with power sullicient
a a
public, auf* with beans inhuman
enough to use It.
Divided democracy tins st en one evil
after another grow up In m.r state and
nation until Ihe Declaration ot Inde
pendence lias been sneered at in the
heat of a political campaign, the laws
the land have been ridden over rough
shod by vested inter st- an Wa com­
mon spirit of contempt for stale and
itiooal statues cultivated which is be
coming a itro'iis menace and turning
Democracy's oppoitni.itj ir. here. In
the face of existing conditions party
division is moral treason. On the lines
I have indicated in this '. rief addr- s,
I do not believe there i8th»" place
for tlivis'oij i«
loo, or of Iowa.
Iowa needs a moral,cleansiDg. Sumpt
uary laws insincerely enforced are till
ing the Btate with open law breakers
uiul witness stand perjurere. Laws
enacted in cowardly compromise, buiU
up cities commercially at the expence
of the small towns and deny the demo
cratlc right of majority rule In counties
nnd villagrn on all questions affecting
i-.e uuumerciui |.r»tperity and moral
the one&n atid irn vociillv itpposed to hinfuiltv of ilic pwple.
•tampinc in 'cntv :uirt linttullly nil I'ne uipirtii!iitie» ol the democracy
"ver our natl nil c*fCiiiil "Cii lr wur of nr« lor a foc ial k-iiumuik like llus
inv iFinn 'inrt runqne-t nri tlm other. irgnt, stale platlorm roVL'img Ptn!n
The priri'l! |io d' niorriicv arn inher- r-.ui! ticket rt pieient'in 111 its r-
ent. They m-vor chance. 'I hey stand
fur the lurd'.ini ul doctrine or equal
rights for ull. special privileswi to
none--now, henceforth and ftirever.
They stiuid lor tl'idi a that wh itever
Issue comes up "t v. hstever policy is
uillrmid, when the standard of civil'/..
Hon is to g(iforvvi,rd a hands breadth,
you muft bo for ifrlieo and von imiht
he for men. II v. ut. ritthts reach out
to the if s* Hi interests sei leg­
islative aid to abridge I ho niilnrHl law
of competition in trade It corporate
oner runtime to rquei'/.-i and lilei
pro luctive iiidiiMrv:!f capital wroiiKlnl
ly wrings sweat from the lirow of labor
unurchy and lawlessness prevail if
principle of relUious liberty i-
o:ial, thu moral, lniellrctunl and foren­
sic wealth ot the united party and then
pilrlotic upheaval that will make
ti\ition eqnaliz- and c..nrl setslouB
iid witness stand sonit-thi glimit th- .i
In the nation Us opportuiiiln-s ar- ns
rn ol as are ttie needs for a »vhoe -*ome
ulilic opinion on trie exact Innct'tiiis
a government ol the peopl', 'or
ople and bv the people arm wh 'h its
ounders fondlv dreamed would nevi
rish Iron) the eirth.
ionaior r»r tli 1'uiiiiiuh Cuiml
soon uh IL ii ml*.
N-ow York, Jan. Ki.—Senator C'haun
'*y M. 1 W'jMk\v nml his bride arrivcil
n»ni Sanmlay nipht on tho
U-ainsiilp St. I.oiiis.' The senator was
In oxfollrnt health and spirits, but
Mrs. Hepew suffeivil much from son
sickness. Df-jiew L°J
\y islt to FraiHH\ aiul deserihwl
tht* troubli* he had lu havlnff to attend
three nwrrlajre ceremonies.
Senator l»t»po\v was asked what he
thought about the ranamn eanal and
his observation of the condition of tho
European countries he had been visit
ill} "I think the Panama route Is bet
ter than the Nlearajruan," wild he,"and
I also think ihe price of $40,000,000 is
Civic Fe«!»'Jrttlon Coimniltoo of Thirty-Six
llotusU It.H 1'ln.t SuoceM.
New York, Jan. 10.—A virtual set
tlement of the bitter struggle for
shorter hours which lias been Avaged
between the parmeut cutters and tho
clothing manufacturers of the United
States for months was rebelled yes|:er«.
day. The question Involved about 40,
001) men in New York, Boston, I'hila
delphia, Chicago, St. l.ouis, (.Mnclnnntl
Syracuse, Vtica. Uoehester and Balti
more. The settlement won reached
through the medium of the eoiumltte
of thirty-six appointed by the recent
conference of the National Civic Fed
eration in this city.
Th»» VnltM tJarniJMit Workers de
manded an right-hour day nearly
year ago. This the employers abso
lutely refused to grant, insisting
nine hours. President Marks, of the
manufacturers* association, receded
frcm his demands for a nine-hour day
but ollered eight" and one-half hours,
To this Secretary White agreed. It I:
understood that the garment workers
will continue efforts to secure an eight
hour day. but that they will abandon
all ideas of strikiug. The two oppos
ing officials were brought together by
the runmnuco of thirty-six.
8t. Joic]th Itnttltlttiita Witness Strange
Fliiilit's if I'lgtit tit Night.
St Joseph, Mich.. Jan. lo.—Whet'lier
Fotne unknown lake steamer lias
burned in Lake Michigan off tills port
is a tiuestion that many citizens are
discussing. Alderman August Loef
Uer, accompanitHl by Fred Vail, while
returning t» their homes in South St.
Jouseph about lli o'clock at night, saw
several bright Hashes out on the lake
on the Chicago steamer course. Mr.
Vail went to the edge of the bluff,
where lie could get a clear view of the
lake, lie saw a bright Illumination,
followed by brlglit Hashes as of Humes
extending into air.
Owing to the fact that no lake boats
have been operating at this shore,
since the close of navigation marine
men are puzzled and cannot account
t\r the appearance of the Hashes un
less they were due to the buruiug of
some strange vessel.
M»r« Trouble fur Dowlc,
Chicago, Jan. 10.—Benjamin F. Will
lams, formerly a school teacher In
Munstield, ()., and a follower of Itev.
John Alexander Uowle, yesterday be
gnu suit in the circuit court of Cook
county for damages in the sum of
$50,000 agalust Dowle and others for
alleged conspiracy to alienate his
wife's affections. Williams says his
wife won't live with hitu because he
refuses to pay tithes to Dowie's enter
Mr*. Denulft Given No Clmv,
Washington, Jan. 13.—Mrs. Ada Gil
bert Dennis, the fashionable modiste
who was murderously assaulted on the
night of Dee. S, was aide yesterday for
the iirst time to make a statement. The
police had been hopeful that what she
would say would throw some light on
the motive for the crime or lead to the
discovery of the perpetrator, but Mrs..
Dennis' statement eontuiued nothing
that would give a clue.
ImHuim lU'iuocrutM Pick Ch'ef.
Indianapolis, lnd., .Ian. 10.—The con
servative irold Democrats won lu their
contest for control of the stnte cen
tral committee, after a lljjht which
was carried Into the committee meet
ing, lint noi until they had aban
doned the support of their lirst choice
anil had Riven their support to Will
lam 11. O'ltrleii, a liunker of Law
Vaelit Iloliciiznllurii Cuming Over.
Iterliii. .Ian. 13.—Kniperor William's
yacht Ilohenzollern will go to New
York to participate iu the launching
of his majesty's new yacht, l'rinee
Henry of Prussia will also he present
al the ceremony as representative of
Emperor William.
Goritmn Xumod fur Sunntor.
Annapolis. Md„ Jan. !).—Arthur rue
Coriiian and Chairman Murray Van
diver, of the Democratic state central
committee, were selected ns the
era tie nominees for 1'nited States
ator and state treasurer, respect!\
at the Deinocratle caucus last
Seizor fiormaii's selection was ui
mous*iiud enthusiastic.
It Proclaim*.! I.IIm'Hv 30 Hiitl
tou rco|il« i»o it Honor.
Charleston. S. C.. Jau. 10.— lie Lib
erty bell under the escort of Mavor
Ashbrldge and the delegation from the
Philadelphia council arrived vesterday
at 10 a. in. from Savannah. The train
was met nt the station bv Mavor
Smvthe aud the board ot aldermen of
Charleston, and President Waggener
and the directors of the rharleston
Exposition companv. A det.i'-hmeiu
of regulars and several companies of
marines, with a regiment oi militia
were drawn up at the station when
the train bearing the boil rolled In. As
the bell was lilted froui the Hut ear
a salute of thirteen guns was tired.
The historic relic wito phn cd on a
decorated truck, but It. was found that
the wagon would not bear th.' weight,
and the bell had to Ik* rephicMl on the
:ir and taken to grounds bv rail. At
the exposition grounds Mavor Sm.vtiie
xtended a formal weleonlr to tae bell
nd its escort, and Mavor Ashorhlgc
responded. Several brief addresses
were made and patriotic airs were
sung bv J.000 school children. The
bell will be placed In the Philadelphia
Seventy Pnr Cent, of tli*a Creditor* Aiyrcc to
Givo the Hymlirato More Tim».
Cleveland. Jan. 0.—Seventy per cent
of nil the creditors of the hverett-
Moore syndicate have now given their
couneni 10 ilit? iiM\ed-for extension of
time. This Includes both traction and
telephone interests, and Is regarded as
very encouraging. The main commit
tee of seven has decided to divide it
be If into sub-committees, each of which
will be allotted certain portions of the
Interests to Investigate thoroughly, and
when the work Is completed the sever
al sub-coiuinittees will then report as
a committee of the whole.
This work will take at least one
week perhaps two. At the comple
tion of the Investigation a general
statement will be issued to the press,
llenry A. Kverett went to New York
city last night to confer with creditors
of the syndicate in that city.
IMg Stcumer Is Wrecked.
Vancouver, ii. C\, Jan. 10.—The big
steamer Bristol was wrecked on the
coast of tSreen island, halfway be
tween here aud Skagway. on the night
of Jan. 'J, and Captain Melntyre and
six of the crew were lost. Three boats
carrying seven men each got away
safely, but the captain's boat, which
was the last to leave the steamer, was
smashed against the collier and all
on board went down. The following
were, lost: James Melntyre, captain
Vivian, chief engineer Krank Rob
erts, pilot A. Edwards, third engineer
II. t\ llurtlaut. William 11. Homer,
Jcseph Silva.
ltesult* of Those Held tit D«'» Molue* to
J'lck llou»e uitd Senate OIJU-rtH.
L)es Moines, Iu.. Jan. K5.—It devel
oped in Uie caucuses of the Republic
an members of the house and senate
of the Twenty-ninth general assembly
Saturday that the state administration
forces will be able easily to control ihe
house, out iKM'hnps not so easily the
upper 'body. It developed also, from
announcement made by Speaker Eaton,
of the chairmanships of the six princi
pal committees of the house, that the
house majority at present Inclines to
ward redristi'lctin^ the stnte congres
"\V. .K. Ilarrlman, of Fraftklin coun
ty, wlis elected president pro tem. of
the senate. W. L. Ka'ttyi, of Mitchell
county, was chosen unanimously Jiy
the Uopttftlican house qaucus
speaker.- Two years ago he wn.wle
feated—12 to iJS—by 1). II. Boweiv oi"
Allamakee county, who represent'-.1
the aliU-Cumtniits faction. So thor
oughly convinced was the opposition
this year that a light ou Eaton would
be futile that no attempt was made.
A. I\ Dawson, private secretary of
Senator Allison, arrived Saturday and
established headquarters for the sena
tor. preparatory to the eampnigu.,fr
election of two United States enators
by the stale legislature this week., Al
lison and Dolllver arrived Saturday
night and will nuintaiu headquarters
until the tjlection takes place.
Thirteen, Note the Number, Iowa Funilli"*
Get into Trouble.
Ottumwa, la.. Jan. Ki.—The mem
bers of thirteen families an* under
arrest here charged with the wholesale
theft of coal«from the Chicago, Mil
waukee aud St. Paul chutes at Ot
tumwa unction. An average of thirty
tons a week has been stolen, and It Is
claimed that wagons and horses had
been purchased for the puri*s? of
hauling the stolen coal and that the
children'of the families were com
pelled to commit the thefts.
.. Five boys, all under lo years of age,
when questioned by the police, admit
ted their share iti the stealing and give
the names of all Implicated.
New Candidate for President.
Sioux City, la., Jan. IX— The Jour
nal says: The report reached this city
Saturday from a reliable source that
some of the leading Democrats of Iowa
are thluklng very seriously of launch
ing a Immuu for J. L). Veomans, of
Sioux City, now a member of the in
terstate commerce «ommission. as a
candidate for the Democratic presi
edntial nomination in KHU.
Went to Look nt the Itlnnt,
Fort Dodge. la., Jan. III.—James
Burgess was killed aud two eompuu
lons were Injured by the explosion of
a blast In the mines of the \Vehsur
County Coal and I.and company at l.o
hlgh. The men had placed the blast,
which did not explode at once, ami
they started forward to ascertain the
trouble, reaching It just as the ex
plosion occurred.
Terrible Deed of Willltim Tompkhi.
Macedonia. la., Jan. 11.—William
Tompkin killed himself Thursday alter
attempting to slay Nora Miller, his is
ear-old granddaughter. Tompkin.
who Is 73 years old. owned one of tin
largest breeding farms In this section.
Four shots were ilred at the girl, only
two of which took effect, making slight
ilesh wounds. Tompkin shot himself
through the heart aud died instantly.
No cause is known.
Clinton'* New lateral lliilldlng.
Clinton. la., Jan. 11.—Residents of
Clinton take pride In the city's new
federal building, now nearlng comple.
tlon. The structure will be substaii'
tial as well i:s artistic. It is built of
New Hampshire .uranlte and New Bed
ford stone. Is JSx00 feet iu dimeusloi's,
forty-live feet high and will cost $100.
Servant »lr! Hurued to Deuth.
llurlington. Ia.. Jan. to.—At Mount
Ayr Miss Adella Watts, a domestic,
was burned to death in a lire which
uearly consum- ih» home of Samuel
Spurrier. Mrs. spurrier, who was ill
In bed. narrowly escape:! with her
Clergy to l-'i£ht Ihe Silicon**.
Dubuque, la.,-Jan. lit.—In a sermon
yesterday Archbishop Keane broad.y
Intimated that the Reman Catholic
clergy wruld take an active part.In tho
coming lm.tM ipal elcciit u. In au opi:
light against the saloons.,
lob (*re
lob rivrFun
lltxl i:it!i:e!Ui ii
Vity ju'.il OCJ 111:1
Cures all kinds
Rheumatism and
Liver Complaint.
-..n. in.-ri!:-rles r."
Ikati of a jTMnihn
t:\111ily living lu ths
uitowu, was fnnnd ("iomI
th«» hittir p):ue. ha.v
hyxiiiU'd by ^us escju'Ii.i.'
in hl^ ruom. Mr. t"r.
eurs old. For main ww*
\v. his hum
in .' l.ot
lioiii a lit
11 was St5
he was hrau oi a wholesale dni- su
In this city and was uoted iiiii
IUioois Central Railroad Company,
Office of Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Matt J. JounsomCo.,
Ml68 Lvji Miller whs tidied by t«-l«»
gram to the bedside ol her sister, .le^ie
at I'enria, 11).. who underwent an out-r­
ational a hospital in that eity Kridgy
for appendicitis.
L. (4. Clute went to Ch1c igo Sunday
with two cars of fat stock, lie expect*
to rettiru Tuesday.
A dauco at Frank Schmock'B Fri
day night whs enj yvd by all th
young folk, aud some of the older otuH,
Earnest Afb, of Wood, Clayton
county, was the guest of his uncle*-*
family, J. G. Ash, tho latter part of tin
L.G. Clute and sons have a car iouu
of corn at Oneida, which they will un
load Monday. It cost them r5 cents on
truck at Oneida.
Willie Hitchcock started for the
Black iiilU Friday ntcht.
There are now thirteen phones ort
the "Standard" line between h«*re aid
"Central" at (ireeley. If you want
tilk with any of the farmers between
this place and Greeley, tell "Ceutrur to
call us up.
Manchester Markets.
Hogs, perewt
Steers, per cwt
tlel(er, p«r owl
Cows, butcher's stock, por cwt
Cutters, percwi
Caunors, per cwt 1
TurKoys, per lb
Ducks, white, per tt
Ducks, dark, per lb
Spring ClilcUens
Chlokeus.per tt
Old Heus.per lb
Oats, per bu
Hay, wild, per ton
Tame bay
Potatoes, p«r t»u
Buttor, creamory, per lb
Butter, dairy, per
Kws, perdu/.
Timothy seed
Clvoar seed
s& co'^rr- 00
.. 2 M'J. IKi
,. 3 oe
2 a xA*
... tf IK» 8
,. 1 G0& 01)
Dubuque, la., Feb. t, 1901.
Gentlemen —Your groat Dlood and Rhownatic Cure, 6088, is the best remedy I have
ever u»ed, and 1 may gay that it I* tho only one of many that has been of permanent
benefit. Yours truly. J. F. MERRY, Asst. G. P. A.
ffuarantea 6088 to be free from all mercuries, irons,
lllCC II1IAL cocaines, opiates, snUtytatcs, and all poisonous dcuf*s. On
taking half a bottle and you aronot
satisfied, return bottle and your
money will be refunded.
Whooping cough and mniupH are
ara "abroad iu the laud in this vicinity
many children hein? bth cted.
The DeRMoines Leader is row enter
ing upon its seventh year under the
•Vt«-*-H!it management, which has coin
p'fiely revolutionized that paper. he
Leader is the olde&t daily paper In the
Mute. JtjMs now iihtion xs ide repu
tation. bnu is counted not only as
"lo*a*8 (ireattst Uaily," but one of the
great journals of the west.
A Li.tlo Book of Great Vmportiince.
Do \ou evt \sibh tor nouk thnt can
Oereludupon to ansuer correctly all
ie tile qiusiioi.s ttnd kLott) probl: ms
ut preteul ti.tmhflvea day bydu\— a
b«.iok that will quickly d« cid»« hII ar^u
tUfius ou ail hutijecls? The 11)02 Wurld
Ainmtiuc and KticycioptUiH, which is
1 ij\\ teadv, is exactly this kind ot book.
takes the p^bitiou iu thf world
ot lae.sand ti^ures as dots the diction
ary in the world of word?.
1..B link-cuLtaiue over 000
•a^s o^: Wi II printed ntfilr* type, every
hue cuiiliinitig rom.b 'act 1 it you will
^on*-r»r later Want to look up*
The orid !m innc should occupy a
prominent place in every progres^iye
A tnericiin household, 'i ne edition is
more compete ihttn tiuy of the former
on*-/. It co!ii:ins facts on many sub
jects that have recently been broiu-ht to
the publie notice ami which every up
tJ-dite person should have at his liu
gers ends.
Amonj the features of the 1(J02 Ai
The mdtionaires of the United Statep,
a I'st ffivit.d the names of nenrlv 4,0C0
Americat'S who possess over .$1,(KM),000.
Thi* preat American trusts full purlieu
lais of K)3 leading indu^trhil erjaniy.'i
ttns. OrganiZHd" labor enlarged sti
^stics of the Htreneth of lab.tr unions
•»H»d the present condition of the labor
"Tnov-merit. The Xic^ranua ('anal and
IlHV-I'aunoefote treaties with Great
Britain ProsireFK of aorinl nnviirafion
1K)1 Complete Cuitvd States oensuv*.
Anarchist statistics ot the United States
«nd Kurope, etc to the extent of over
TtOOft topics,
The 1U02 World Almanac and Kncy.
vlopedla is on sale by all newsdealers
throughout the country for 25 cents.
.When ordered by mail 10c extra for
~pn«taff*» must be inclosed to the Woild,
"New York.
8 W
10 Oi
1 20

2 U,
Equal Partners,"byHoward
Fielding, will Vie our next serial.
Tliii is a story of mystery. Thg
interest aroused in the first
chapter is admirably sustained
to the end. A beautiful actress
is found in her room in New
York dangerously stabbed, with
one chance in a million for her
life. Who stabbed her? The
reader forms opinions to quickly
abandon them as the story rap
idly unfolds. The identity of
the criminal is so skillfully veiled
that it is nbt discovered until
the end. Our readers who are
good at solving mysteries in
stories will find something
worthy of their powers in
miss the first chapter.
Dollar Uate Withdrawn Jjuiu:u-y 31.
TF Dos Motuis Dsiily News has added a Ih.e
Suudav «-dtt'on to Uti t.tx week day Issues stud
will advance tts subscription rate J.umiry ait
to ft 5U a year, fl.ou for eight moat so cents
for »tx montlis, 5i cents for three months. S'
for one mouth. Uutll that d.ito ymrly SMbvrip
Ho is for the 303 issues will he $1 14). but the right
reserved withdraw.this -ifer without liquet
it the circulation becomes too large ipr«. ur jne
Address Tuk News,DesMoines, la. 3wZ
To acci iuuiuclate those who are pir
tiai to the neeof atomizers id applying
qa d- iuto the uasal itBagea for ca
tarrhal trouhleg, the proprietors prepare
Kly'e Liquid Cream JJaloi. Trice iti
cludiug the sprayiiu? tuhe is 75 cents.
Drucgisis or by 'mail. The liqmd« eui
bodieB the medicinal properiues of tin
solid preparatiou. Cream t^lm
quickly absorbed by the nfeml r.m« a(i«i
does not dry up the secretion* lar.
ehangts theni to a naturul and he-iltny
character. Ely brothers, ?»0 War en
street, N. Y. S-2w
The Flora DeVoss Company.
Last night the Flora DeVoss C«-m
pany began a week'd ougagemeut a
the opera house. Th' re was a fair *'z
ed audience We have no hesitation it.
coturn* tiding the company. The hcior
*r«* all bright and well prepared In
their work. One cau spend an evi tig
of relaxation and amusemeut iu h^:r
audience and be rested and refresh*
There is nothing to oltVnd aid tdmos
everything to commend The pits
presented last night was ••Hrother
1 Against brother." M:ss D^Voss had
ttie minor partof' Xaoma," and Oh »rles
Carter as' LizartiB" was perfectly fun
ny. Edwin Brink as 4Owen Olin lm,"
took his part to pi rfectio 1. Mr. tirlnk
was traveling with John Wilkes Booth
at the time i.f Lincoln's asaiifsin.-ttiun
lie is 70 years old, hut still full of vim
on the stage Want of time prevent
lull outiin*' of th** play, but it was an
evening full of pleasure atid laughter,
with no 6train ou the nerves, of plot
»ud passion. \Vto besp»ak a full house
for the coiupany, f«»r all the «*i ek
Clippings from DarliiiRton, Wisconsin.
The ab'»v' nnmed company will hold
tho boards at Centrnl Opera IIOUSA for
one solid week, commencing Ja'i 27th/
Another great show for the people in
.. -,\
Referees' Sale of Real Estate.
By virtue of an ord«»r of s-iie dtrectPil t* the
undersigned roP'rws. issunl h\tue der! of ihi'
District I'onrt of Pet'iwsjrtt County, Iowa, nu
le»*rtw obtained Ip saidCourt on ihe 17th my of
llorpmher 1901 in favor of tho i»!utiitttT}». Tluun
nsCrothy ejal,»ntl a«ntn-t John Crothvetnl.
d»-f. rdants. for tho nMrtillon of tho r«al ejl«tP
ilfsorlhfd ui plalntttra po'lli n, wo will on tho
loth «lnv Janunry irrf)\Ht 10 o'clock a. bo
at the office of the Dycr-vltto Hou«o in Dyers
vtlto. I«»wa and then and there receive bids imd.
ifnamearo »at'sf »ctory. sell the following des
cribed real estate belonging to the heirs of the
late Michael frothy, of Delware Co..in.. to.wlt:
The North Forty (-10) ac es of tho North West
fnetloicil quarter fUl of the North Fast qunrter
[VI of Section T«o [2.1 and the North Fortv
acres of the Vorth Fust f-aetlonnl qn-rter IH]
of the North West qmrt- (Ml of Section Three
M) In Town«bl|i Klulity Fight p$81 Nor h. Itinge
[3] west of the Sth 1'. M. In bclawaro County
Terms of sate cash.
Dated at Manchester, Iowa, this 1st day of
Jauunrv i.vi.
Cures all kinds
of Blood Trouble
and Chronic
K. M. Carr.
W. N'orris, rllefereos.
1W2 Calvhi Yoran.
Money to
Loan at Low
Hubert Carr,
Tho lu'f^ular nml Roliftble Clii
enfjo Specialist will be nt Man
chester, Clarence House,
Tuesday, January 28,
one day only
mid return once
Office hours 8
m. to (j [. m.
ures permanently th© caws lia midcrtnlce:
:r.i sends to hietirableaotuo without tukhar :i
from thoin. Tills Is why ho continues Ids
its yoar after. r, whtlo other dot:tors havo
udo a few visits and stopped. l)r. Slmllenber
.• is an eminently successful specialist in all
r.mlii dUeases, proven by tl many euros
.octed In chronic eases which ^vo hantcd tho
-uiof all other physicians. Ills hospital ex
'. ieuco and extenslvo pr
have made him
nr^tlelont tlmt ho cau uame anil locate a dls»
la a
fo\.' minutes.
Treats all •able c.^es of Catarrh. Xose.
hroat anil Lvig «.isoases. Kyo -nd
lomach. Liver and Klaneys, Gravel. euma
•m, Paralysis, Xouraiula, ktvous and llear^
i-sases, Blood Skin ases, Kpllepey,
'I' uht's Plseaso Co* lumptlon In early
.•ice diseases of thelUadder and Femalv Organs,
.tirioraud Tobacco habit. Stiunmerlny cured
sure methods to prevent Its recurrence given.
A uover-fatllnK remedy f?»r HljrNeek.
1'j LICS, FlSTl'I.A.- an.i ItUPTUUE cuaran^
i.^el cured without detention from business.
^KTiul ntleiitlon lven to ull Sui'| ira)
e-.t-it--*, and ull U»eu90H of tlio Eye, £ar,
'nst uiul Thmat.
(.tassi'-s lltted uiul tfuuranteed. Granulated
!id.Cataract, Cross Jiyes straightened without
Aro you nervous aud despondent weak and
debilitated tired mornlugs no ambition—life
less memory poor easily fatlfrued excitable
and Irritable eyes sunken, red and blurred
pimples on face dreams and ulght losses rest
less. haggard looking: weak back deposit Id
*.*rLao and drains at btool: distrustful* want nf
onlldence: lack of energy and streiiKtlij"
l.rtfks end 0ent5 (lold Watches
in ul. 7. kin-1- mid stylos."
i.adio5, Oent5 And ChrUdrens Kings
Private Diseases a
Hluod Pol-on, Norvousneis, Dtohifss, De
ectlvo Memory and other ii'lmeats wh'chruln
body and iiilnd'p^sltively nurd.
l'erfected in ohl eases which liave been
lected or unsklllfully treated. No exnerlmenu
or failures. JIo undertakes no hicuraole cases
but cure thousands given up to die. VKJTO»
Consultation Free and Confidential.
Af^DS. PJ.aKLS.ETC.. tiowu to
Also iHrgo lino of Rent Brands of—
Corao and see tho many things wo
havrt not space to list.
Your Job Printing to
this office. Price are
right. Sale Bills Etc.,
Neatly and Promptly
This is the time
of the year you
buy dried fruits.
We have them!
A full line of
146 Oakwood Blvd., Chloago
Btfortnco: Oakland N&t'l Buk.
rnmif rmn ii immiimiTfimmYimmf»
The Brisk
The Celebrated Rixford b!"5
gle and Double Bit Warranted.
Also a full line of Kelley
Axes. Respectfully,
is over and wo will now
f»iveonr«ttontion to mid
winter soiling.
E During January
we will pay special at
tention to clearing up in
The Clothing Depart
E Regardless of Previous
we will convert into cash
our stock of Jlen's, Boys
and Cliildren's Winter
Clothing, Suits, Reef ere,
Overcoats and otld gar
if the stock contains
any article to your
liking, this will be
your opportunity.
A complate line of the
popular Duck Coats,
all styles and colors, will
be especially marked for
this Clearance Sale.
If we have what yoi
want its yours at
smal price this mon4
Kold Weathe I
Geo. 5. Lister,^.
Chamois Vests prevent colds,
For sale by
The City Hall Pharmacy.
Telephone up.
—__ jpr
coughs an

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