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®lje ^Democrat
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 22, 1902.
1902 JANUARY 1902
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A Bunch of Noted Men
From the Cedar Rapids Republican.
When that bunob of men cauea me
common council of Cedar Rapids gets
together they can think of more fool
thingB to do than any other similar
bunch in the wide wide world.
President Roosevelt has issued an or
der to the executive departments, ex
pressing his desire that, "wherever the
needs of the service will justify or the
law will permit, preference be given
alike in appointment or retention, to
honorably discharged sordiers of the
civil war who are fit and well qualified
to perform the duties of the place which
they seek or are filling."
Archbishop Keane, who is making a
vigorous war on the liquor traffic, in a
lecture at the Cathedral in Dubuque
last Sunday, stated, bb reported by the
Telegraph-Herald, "That heVaB much
amused with the discussion that has
been going on in the newspapers dur
ing the past week concerning the prob
abilities of bis compromising with the
Knights of Fidelity, an organization
representing the saloon element of Du
buque. I have never yet made a com
promise with the devil and I dou't in
tend to now. A man coming with a
compromise to the effect that he will give
upjpittle of the devil's work in order
Iftfft'the law of God may be'more re
spected always has his right hand up in
the air towards heaven and hlB left
behind his back in the devil's pock
et. I don't believe in making com
promises with the devil. I am hern to
fight the devil and wherever I meet
him, I say, 'Go back to hell where you
belong.' If I badjny way I would put
the"old rascal" in the loweBt pit of hell
and would put a strong chain around
his neck and wouldn't give him a fing
er's length of Bpare chain to move
about with."
t)es Moines, la,, Jan. 17.—The in
auguration of Governor A. B. uum
miiis took place at 2:30 p. m. yester
day with imposing ceremonies at the
Auditorium, and in the presence of
5,000 people^ The parade which took
pl&ce from the state house through the
principal streets of the city and to the
Auditorium was escorted by five com
panies of the state militia and con
sisted of the full membership of the
legislature, state officials, ex-governors,
United States Senators Allison and
DoUiver in carriages.
At the Auditorium the exercises
•were opened by Lieutenart Governor
Milliman, Bishop Morrison, of the
Episcopal church delivered the invoca
tion, and was immediately followed by
the administering of the oath of office
to Governor Cummins by Chief Jus
tice Scott M. Ladd. The governor
then delivered his Inaugural address,
At the conclusion the governor was es
corted* by the members of the legisla
ture in carriages to the state house,
•where he formally took charge of the
office. Last evening Governor and
Mr9. Cummins held a reception at the
state house.
Des Moines, la.. .Tan. 17.—The Demo
crats of the general assembly in joint
caucus Wednesday afternoon nomln
ated Judge E. H. Thayer, of Clinton,
and ex-ltepresentative John J. Seerley
of- Burlington, as candidates for Unit
ed States senators against Allison and
Dolliver. Senator Thomas Iainbert,
of Sabula, presided. All reference to
the silver or gold sentiments of the
candidates was omitted in the caucus,
The silver men were in the minority
and realized that any attempt they
.might make to nominate a radical sil
^•ver nian would he defeated.
Judge Thayer Is recognized as
sound money Democrat and Mr. Seer
ley is not a 1(5 to 1 supporter.
Phillips, of Ottuinwa. recently a Dem
ocratic candidate for governor
ceived but three votes for the nomina
tion. The caucus also selected a trus
tee for the State Normal school
'Cedar Falls to succeed George
.Mullln, of Washington. Ex-Senator
W. A. Mclntyre. of Ottumwa, was
ichosen by a vote of 22 to 0.
'^toller of .Locomotive Explodes, Killing
Engineer and Fireman.
Victor, la., Jan. 20.—As the Denver
limited passenger train No. 5 of the
Itock Island was passing through this
town in the morning at 5:55 the boil
er of Engine No. 1,100 exploded, 1*
BUlting in the death of the engineer and
Qfeman and slightly Injuring two por
ters and a brakeman. The killed are
W. Williams of Brooklyn, la., engin
eer B. Hoar of Valley Junction, la,
The accident took place within 250
feet of the depot and the noise of the
explosion aroused every person in the
town. The force of the explosion
-threw every one of the seven coaches
of the train from the track, but only
overturned the Des Moines Pullman,
_1^.\iuately, the passengers were un
injured. Pieces of the wrecked en
gine were strewn around for a ills
-time of 200 feet and the boiler was
found 150 feet away from the scene
of the accident
Indiana Business Blocks Swayed by Nltro
Marion, Ind., Jan. 10.—Fifteen hun
dred qnarts of nitro-glycerine stored
In two magazines owned by the St,
Mary's Torpedo company and Empire
Glycerine company iu a ravine tw
miles and a half southeast of this city
exploded in the morning about 1:30
o'clock, shaking the entire northeast
ern part of the state. Business blocks
and dwelling houses shook and
swayed as If rocked by an earthquake
and the entire city was aroused.
A yawning hole in the bottom bf the
ravine was all that was left t\tell
the story, it is thought that the
plosion was caused by a gasjet In Jhe
of the magazines, which net fire to
building. K? far as knowu 110 one \v
Injured in the explosion. The near
est houso ""Avs half a mHe av.ji.v and
the occupants t-saiped m-krs iujr.:.v.
Telephone inquiries iTcoivcu her in
dicate. ihat houses wrr:» shaken fiity
General Chaffee Briefly Gives His
Ideas of Things in the Phil
ippine Islands.
1 -*i
Artny Judge Advocate's Opinion—Ta
gal Atimxon Captured—Eleven
ol Our Soldiers Missing,
Manila. Jan. 20.—General Oliaffee, In
the annual report wliifch ling just been
issued, sums up the situation from the
military point of view by saying that
the provinces of Ilatangas and Lngunn,
in southern I-uzon, and the islands of
Samar, Miurtoro and Obu constitute
the disturbed area in which bodies of
insurgent* in force are to bo found.
General Chaffee says the prolongation
of guerrilla warfare is due to the
physical character of the country and
to the nature of the warfare carried
on by the Insurgents, who in the same
hour por.e as friends and act as ene
mies to the humanity displayed by the
United States troops, of which the in
surgents take advantage, and to the
fear of assassination on the part of
thoscnatives who are friendly disposed
toward the United States should they
give the latter information concerning
the movements or whereabouts of the
Mixed Government Not an Advimtafjp.
Municipal and provincial govern
cial governments are being organized,
These governments have not yet re
ceived a practical trial. They consti
tute the only certain and reliable meth
od .of ascertaining the progress of the
Filipinos toward self-government. In
the same report .Judge Advocate Groes
beck says the suppression of brigand
age will probably be one of the most
trying problems of the future. Tf the
military arm be left free to "deal with
the marauders there is no doubt of
their final suppression. But the pres
ence of the civil government compli
cates the situation considerably.
Eleven of Our Soldiers Missing.
A report has been received here that
a dug-out canoe, in which eleven men
of company I, of the Second infantry,
were traveling, is missing and Is prob
ably lost It is believed the meTi eith.
er perished or were captured. General.
Wade has cabled from Cebii "that 365
Insurgents' surrendered on the .island
of Boliol last Friday. The authorities
here soy that this statement is aston
ishing if accurate, as the secret service
bad failed to learn of the existence of
any such body of Insurgents on Boliol.
Capture of a Filipino Amazon.
An important capture was made in
Laguna province, Luzon, wlien eight
men of the Eighth infantry captured
woman insurgent named Aqueda
Kaliabagan. She recently commanded
an insurgent force of 800 men, 300" of
whom carried rifles. General J..Frank
lin Bell is still active in Batangas
province, Luzon. A recent engagement
in this province in which the insur
gents were defeated with severe loss'
resulted in the wounding of one Unit
ed States officer and the killing of one
Extension of Time to Everett-Moore
Nearly Assured.
Cleveland, O., Jan. l8.-^/The Everett
Moore bankers' committee gave out a
statement yesterday to the effect that
out of $11,500-000 lifltrijjties,- credit^tor:
the extent of $10,000,000 have sigtted
the asked-for extension of time agree-"
ment, leaving only 10 per cent of the
creditors to be heard froiii •.
When the outstanding creditors
arc heard from the jurisdiction of the
bankers' committee will become .oper
ative and the syndicate properties will
resume operation. The bankers' com
mittee will supervise the workings of:,
the syndicate by having representa*
tlves ou the boards of directory of the
several properties.
HUBS Stone and lior Companion Well ud
Soon To lio Free.
Constantinople, Jan. 20.—Reliable
news has been received here that Miss.
Ellen M. Stone, the captive American
missionary Mine. Tsilka, her compan
ion, and the latter's baby, are well.
Negotiations which it is expected will
result in the early and fefife return of
the captlvca are in pi-ogress.
John G. A. Leislimau, the United
States minister here, is now directing
the negotiations. He declined to sriy
anything for publication, but admits
there is ground for the above report*.
Welcome Suow In Kansas.
Topeka, Kan., .Tan. 20.—A damp,
heavy snow began falling in this sec
tion at an early hour and at 110611 sev
eral Inches had fallen, with good pros
pects of its continuing for some time.
The snow is pretty general through
out the suite and will be of great beii
efit to the winter wheat, .which, whs
suffering for moisture. It will also be
the means of furnishing stock water
for farmers who. in many localities,
have had to haul water.
Editor KohlHuat fctcpn Out.
Chicago, Jan. IS.—II. II. Kohlsndt,
editor of the Chicago Hecord-Ilcrald,
has severed all active connection with
that paper. lie will relaiu (H) per cent
of the stock and will be president of
the company. Mr. Kohb-aat's succes
sor in the editorship and the business
management of the paper is Krank B.
Noyes, who while Mr. Kohlsaat wns at
the head of the daily acted as publish
Iowa Editor* Organize.
Des Moines, la., .lan. 18.—The Iowa
State Editorial association was or
ganized in Des Moines, nearly two
score of the best-known editors in the
state belug in attendance. C\ M. .Tun
kin, of Fairlield. was elected president
and W. A. I :notl of Waterloo sec
retary. Mcii.n ,s will be held annual
Tliclmml MeatJl'es His Yalot,
New OrlcMis. Jan. 'JO.—-T, 10. Man
ners has been identified by 1*. G. The
baud as his vn'it. Edward Kern, Jr.,
•who stole a large amount of jewelry
from Mrs. Thebaud.
Naval Iinlllo In I'roxtv.ss Ships
thu ilut'bur of 1'itnmnii.
Washington. Jan. 2U.—The state de
partment lias receivnl the following
cablegram from Consul General Gudg
er, dated Panama: "Fighting in bay.
Governor killed. Excitement great.'
Colon, Colombia, Jan. 20.—A naval
battle, which began at o'clock in the
morning, is in progress in the lurfbor
of Panama. The revolutionary ileet
consists of the steamers Padilla, Da
rleu and (Saltan. They ave'trying to
force landing off ^aimna. The gov
ernment ships are the Chilian line
steamer Lautaro the Pacillc Steam
Navigation company's steamer Ciifeui
to, and the Panama Caual company's
steamer Jloyaca.
The llrst named steamer was seized
by Geueral Alban and the other two
have been chartered by the Colombian
As this dispatch is sent three shots
have just passed over tli^Chieuito and,
she has answered with several shots.:
They fell close to the Padilla, which
Is .seen to be retiring. The'guns*of
Las liovedfts are also tiring at the
rebel ships. The government toxsea
are throwing up mtrenchments. The
United States cruiser Philadelphia Is
close to the scene of the fighting.
Volcano Becomes Active—Chilpancingo's
Death Boll Exaggerated.
City- of Mexico, Jan. 20.—A telegram
to the government observatory an
aounces that the volcano ofColima is
again active, and scientific men con
nect this fact with the prevalence of
Seismic phenomena. Renewed earth
quake shocks were reported from va
rious, parts of the country Saturday
afternoon, nnd a slight tremble of the
earth, was felt here Saturday after
noon. Governor Mora, of Guerrero,
has personally takep charge, of the
uined city of' Chilpaheingo. The
populace Is cainplng out, guarded by
droops, and perfect order reigns. The
city will have to.be thoroughly rebuilt
iMore bodied Continue to be found as
the debris Is examined by soldiers.
Up* to this writing the list of dead
has not been given out, but It will not
come near the 3U0 at first reported.
No one was killed In the church, all
escaping before the roof fell. Foitr
young men and two young girls are
among the dead recovered. Other
towns suffered severely those being
partly wrecked bciug Clipa,Tixtla,Mar
cliitlan, Igula and Zumpango dei Flo.
In these towns three were killed and
seven injured.
What May lie an Explanation of Dr. Kuy-
to I.omlon.
London, Jan. 18.—Renter's Telegram
company has received the following
dispatch from Amsterdam: "Accord
ing to trustworthy information Dr.
Kuyper, the Dutch premier, recently
intimated to the Boer delegates the de
sirability. in'view of Lord Itosebery's
speech at Chesterfield, of their giving
some Intimation to the British govern
ment of the basis upon which they
would entertain peace negotiations.
"Dr. Kuyper pointed out the improb
ability of any of the great powers in
tervening in' South Africa In the near
fuiurt), and suggested that he be al
lowed informally to sound his friends
In London In the hope of a seml-otli
cial .^mponse. This was agreed to,
and far. Kuyper preeeeded to London.
The result of his visit, if any has been
attained, is not yet known.
UllnolH .System to Equip IU IJ net* with
the Telephone.
ISlg Ifuul for Itobbert*.
Glendive, Mont.,Jan.
20.—Robbers se
cured between $10,000 aud $20,000
worth of unset and set diamonds yes
terday by stealing two trunks from
the baggage room of the Northern Pa
citii! station and breaking them open.
*jMle gems were the property of S. H.
Clausen & Co., jewelers, Minneapolis.
Now Ilakowskl Gets Ten Venn.
Astoria, Ore., Jan. 20.—For saying
tbijft President Mclvinley got what he
deserved hud that Ii6 (Frank Rakow
skl) wopld see tllat Roosevelt got the
same, the aforesaid Fraifk Rakowski
private, TJ. S. A., has been degraded
at Fort Canby and sent to the peni
tentiary for ten years.
Dcatli of a Multl-Mlllloualre.
Appleton, Wis.. Jan. 10.—A. W. Pat
ton, tlic ninlti-millionaire paper manu
facturer, who has been ill at his
home iu this city for several months,
is dead.
"WreckK Fust Train and Kills Two Em
Kmployen—No 1'ttHseugerg Hurt.
Tictor,. Ia., .Tan. 20.—The Denver
limited on the Itock Island road was
wrecked at this place early Saturday
by the explosion of the locomotive boil
er as the train was running through
town at a good rate of speed. The en
gine was demolished and every coach
was thrown from the track, but,
strangely enough, none of the passgn
gers was hurt. ISngineer W. Williams,
of Brooklyn, ia., and Fireman E. Hoar,
of Valley Junction, la., were instantly
killed, and two porters and a brake
man were slightly Injured.
The accident occurred within LT.O
feet of the station, and tlie noise of
the explosion aroused every person in
the town, l'ieces of tlie wrecked en
gine were strewn around for a distant
of 200 feet, and tlie boiler was found
150 feet away from the scene of the
actident. The cause of the explosjoi
will never lie known, owing to the
death of the engineer and fireman,
lown's Vote on Governor Declared.
Des. Moines, la., Jau. 10.—Yester
day afternoon A. B. Cummins was of
ficially declared elected governor. One
minute later John Ilerriott wns de
clared elected lieutenant governor.
.The. official votp is announced by the
"legislature follows: For governor—
Cummins, 220,802 Phillips, 14:1,78.1
Coates, 15,050 Raxter, JM53 Weller,
780 CongOr. 1. For lieutenant gover
nor—Ilerriott, 227,171 Ferguson, 142,
r»S8 Wray, i:i,095 Jacobs, a,291 En
gl e, 700.
Sioux City, ia.. Jan. 17.—A. B. Beall.
\vho was expelled from the Weateiu
Base Ball League at Kansas City lor
unloading the .Minneapolis franchise,
deelnres since'hls return 'home that he
I will light the Western League to a lin-
King Edward and Queen Alexan
dra Occupy Thrones in the
House of Peers.
His Majesty Heads the Speech from
the Throne—What He Says ol*
the War with the Unci's.
London, .Tan. 17.—King Edwnvd
opened parliament with a ccrcuuinial
In all essential respects similar to that
of February last. The procession- to
the house of lords was of the same
character as that witnessed 011 the oc
casion of the opening of the first par
liament of King Edward's reign,
while within the upper house were
seen the same state pageantry, the
same historic dresses, and the .same
revival of ancient form.
King and Queen ou Throne*.
After robing King Edward and
Queen Alexandra entered the house of
peers and occupied their throues, be
neath a canopy, with the prince and
princess of Wales on either side of
them. The other members of the
royal family were seated on.chairs at
the foot of the steps leading to the
throne. The gentleman usher of the
black rod, General
dulpli, havin
Chicago, Jan. 20.—The Record-Ucr
aldsays: The Illinois Central railroad
will within the course of a short while
have, all the principal stations along
Its.tihe completely equipped with tel
ephone wires for the use of officials
and employes iu transmitting orders
and messages of the company. Those
who have exierimeuted with the sys
tem claim for it many great advan
tages over the old telegraph system.
The installation of the system will,
cost about $100 per mile, or approxi
mately $540,000 to equip the eutlre
road, including Its main brandies and
the Yazoo and Mississippi Valley road.
Chicago will probably be the starting
place. Almost simultaneously, how
ever, work will be commenced at New
Orleans and St. Louis.
Peculiar Accident at Detroit.
Detroit Jan. 20.—Without apparent
reason, four buildings, each four, stor
ies high", collapsed'at 8:80 o'clock In
the evening and in a few minutes
there was nothing but a smoldering
mass of ruin's- to mark their site. The
loss is more than'.$200,000, but by a
.luckjr chauee there was no one near
by't aiul no^&iRealties resulted. There
ar e, .rumors that an explosion took
jusL before the collapse, but they
cannot be verified. The ruins, took
fire after the crash.
Profit in Atlilctlc Sports.
Ann Arbor, Mich., Jan. 20.—Finan
cial Secretary Floyd of the University
of Michigan Athletic association, has
made his report, and it shows that
from Sept.-2-4. 1001, to .Tan. 10, 11)02, a
total of .$1(5,111.12 passed through the
hands of the association. The season
started with a balance in the-bank of
$29.49. Foot ball receipts were $12.
1G2.80 and the pxpenses of the teanr
were $7,015.1)0.
Old Lud}' lltiriiH to Death. r..',
Des Moines, la., Jan. 10.—A special
from Muscatine says: Mrs. M. J.
iast, aged 85, living alone at Grand
view, was burned to death In her owu
home. Her body was burned to a
Her Arm Torn from Her Shoulder*
Des Mgines, Ia., Jan. 10.—A specia
from Boone says: Luella Mucker, em
ployed in a lauiidry, caught her arm
in a clothes wringer and it was torn
frofa her sbould&y, instantly killing
sir Mic imt.1 Bid-1
and the meu.i«"s^ofX**™om-1 low
mons, his nmjosty read the speech
spe^'ropeucd ww, a reference
to the- tour of the Prince and Princess dress
of Wales. "They were everywhere,"
said the king, "received with demons
trations of the liveliest affection and
I am convinced their presence served
to rivet more closely the bonds of
mutual regard and loyalty by which
the vigor of the empire Is maintained.'
Referring to Great Britain's relations
with foreign ^countries the king said:
1My relations with the other powers
continue xo be of a friendly character/*
llefrrcnee to tlie War*
Contrary to expectations the king's
reference to the war was just as in
definite as the statements on the sub
ject made in the last half a dozen
messages from the throne. "I regret,'"
said his majesty, "that the war in
South Africa Is not yet concluded,
though the course of the operations
lias been favorable .to our arms, 'the
area of the war largely reduced, and
Industries are being resumed in my
new colonics.
character of the campaign, my soldiers
throughout have displayed
The Sugar Conference,
In regni'd to the sugar conference
the speecli says: "I trust Its decision
may lead to tlie abandonment of the
system liy which the sugar-producing
colonies and home manufacturers of
felons of which will facilitate the con
struction of an Inleroceanlc ennal m\-1
tier the guarantees^that its neutrality Sil5* busiiush of Importance \\nt^
will be maintained, and that it will
be open to the commerce and shipping
of all nations."
Next followed reference to the An
glo-Brnzilinn treaty, to the referring
of the British Guiana-Brazil boundary
questions to the arbitration of the king
le^VlT. sVuabiriVal hafe'"8 -re made to the pen
expressed an earliest desire to main
tain the friendly relations of Afghanis- Washington, Jan. 17.—The following
tan with my Indian empire." hills, among many others, were passed
Conciuttion of tlte speech. by the senate yesterday: Approprl
After announcing that the estimates $12o,000 for tho construction of a
have "been framed as economically public building at Hammond, Ind. BU
BS due regard for their ellicieiicy ren- thorizlng a number of gentlemen to ac
ders possible In the special circum- decorations appropriating
stances of the present exigency," the 'n\ lightship on southeast
speech concludtd with mentioning pro- shoal, I oint au I. olee. Lake Erie ta
posed legislation, of solely domestic establish storm warning signals' at
Interest, with the exception of a bill
land iu Ireland. Washington, Jan. 20.—The house of
Their majesties then retired amid a representatives was In session less
fanfare of trumpets nnd attended by| than an hour Saturday. Oflly routine
the same regal ceremony as accom
panied their entry into the house. The
crowds wliieb lined the route from
Buckingham" palace to Westminster,
to view the procession, were not near
ly so large as on the occasion of the
last opening of parliament Guards
men assisted by hundreds of police
kept the spectators back, but they had
little to do. Only a few attempts at
decoration were visible.
Mrn. Wiles Exonerated.
of William Marshall Seribner. widely.
known as the author of penmanship
copy books, Is announced. Mr. Scrib- oats,'per bu.V.V*.'
her took an active part In educational Hay,' wild, per Von.X!'.!!!'"
work In the west and It is said that
his name as author has appeared on
ir (oeH Aground In L.udlitt luu Uur*
bui'-Ev. i'3 1
Steamer (iocn
body Saved.
Ludington. Mich., Jan. 18.—Early
yestwlay the second marine disasirr
occurred right whore the llrst''one did
a few weeks ago, and auother of the
l'ere Marquette Uailway company's
boats is stuck last at the mouth of
the harbor. This time it is tlie steam
er No. ii, and her crew of thirty-tivo
and her nine passengers, four of whom
Cures all
Kinds of
In spite of the tedious] the water.
Following are the names of the pas
t-*heer- scngers: W. \V. Archibald, Mauistee
fulness in the endurance of the hard- e. w. Seymour, Manistee K. C. Fla
ships incident to guerrilla warfare, herty, Detroit Joseph Norrls. Manis
and a humanity, even to their own tee Anna Johnston, Manistee Mrs.
detriment in their treatment of the Brenianstein, Detroit W. A. Gustier
enemy, which are deserving of the and wife, Ludington, and A. A. Sei
higliest praise. The necessity for re- bert, Manistee.
lleving those of my troops who have Captain Joseph Reid, of Sarnia, who
most felt the strain of war has af- successfully released the car ferry
forded me the opportunity of again Muskegon, arrived here last night and
availing myself of the loyal and Uvill take charge of the wrecking oper
patriotic offers of my colonies, and ntlons on steamer No. 3. Three days
further contingents will shortly reach of absolutely calm weather will he
South Africa from the Dominion of
Canada, the commonwealth of Aus
tralia and New Zealand."
Commoner both one year for the exceptionally
neccssnr.v to effect a release, niul this
can hardly be expected at this time
of year.
Synopsis of tho Proceeding* In tlie Senato
ami tlie House.
Washington, Jan. 1(».—A bill autbor-
sughr have \eeu unfairly weighted in I teing a naval reserve of 20,000 men and
the prosecution of this important in- COO officers was introduced In tlie sen
dustry." ate yesterday by Hale, who then at-
Then came tlie following clause: "I tacked the principle of the bill, de
have concluded with the president of during neither the naval reserve nor
the United States a treaty, the provi-
th mu
to facilitate the sale and purchase of
what W!1K
The house passed the pension appro
priation bill and then adjourned un
til Saturday. The sum of $90,000 was
appropriated for the government ex
hibit at Charleston and a resolution
was adopted providing personal clerks
for chairmen of committees. No
business was transacted, the most im
portant feature of which was the re
porting by Cannon, chairman of the
committee on appropriations, of an
urgent deficiency bill. One item of tlie
bill is $40,000 for the entertainment of
Prince ITenry of Prussia. The bill
carries $10,700,000.
Gallant Ninth Is Coining Home.
Washington, Jan. 18.—Orders have
been prepared at the war department
for the return to the United .States of
Chicago, Jan. 17.—.Mrs. Alice Brad- the Ninth Infantry, which played such
ford Wiles was found "not guilty" of a gallant part in the siege of Teking
wrltiug anonymous letters nit licking and has seen so much liirhtinir In the
Mrs. Robert l'\ Karson at the close of a Philippines.
long all-day light before the Chicago
Woman's ciul. The snt-'peclcd woman
was exonerated without a trial, hut,u ssroawoo
not before those who believed her steers, por
cm S60ftt(K
guilty had hurled against her a mass Uelfers,per cwt 2 no® 8 2ft
of evidence. Official exoneration for i8tock'yer
Manchester Markets.
the public was refused to her friends. t^uner8Ipe^cwt!IlIl.I!^^^V.^^^""".", 1 do® 2 nn
William Marshall Scrlbucr Dead. Ducks, white, per 9
Chicago, Jan. JO.—The death lu"re I —SChickens
I Spring
vI Chickens, per lb
Potatoes, per bu...
Butter, creamery, per &>
50.000,000 copy hooks published during Butter, dairy, per
the past forty years.
Child Hanged by a Servant.
Cincinnati, Jan. 20.—Annie Lage, a
servant girl, murdered the f-year-old
son of William 11. Vvhitaker by lian
ing ami then attempted to commit sul
chic by asphyxiation. It Is probable
that she will die without regainin
Eggs, per doz
Timothy seed
I Clvaerieed
"Tr --zf
were women, were saved
Cures all
Kinds o!
Blood Trouble.
Valley City, N. D., April i, 1901. S-
Gentlemen:—I take this opportunity to tell you how much good your "6088" has done
Mv feet and ankles were hadty swollen last fall but on using three bottles of 3 cur
remedy I felt a great relict and have been on the gain ever since.
Respectfully yours, D. N. HOWLETT.
A CDCC TRIAI ^Ve guarantee. 6088, to be free from all opiates, salicylates,
rilCC I lllHL Irons, cocaines, mercuries, and all poisonous drags. On taking
half a bottle and you are not satisfied, return the bottle and your money will be refunded.
Subscribe for the Commoner!
Don't let your subscription to The Commoner
jfi expire, as you cannot afford to miss an issue of
jfi Mr. Bryan's paper, renew at once. Congress is
flinow in session—congressional campaign this
jj|\ year—Mr. Bryan's editorial comment will in
jfiterest you. The Democrat and The
of $2.15. Regular price of The Com-
moner $1.00. This offer applies to both newojl
and renewal subscriptions. Call at office or ad-
all OrdGfS to
THE DEMOCRAT, Manchester, Iowa.
Dreeehes buoy, being brought asuore
one at a time with the seas breaking
over thein for more than half the 200
feet of distance from the shore.
Captain Frank Dority, the last man
to leave the vessel in the buoy, says
the rudder stock was twisted by the
large seas that were rolling and the
steering gear refused to wortf. The
steamer then lost her head and rolled
in the trough of the sea uutil she
struck. Engineer Williams made
every effort to work the vesSel off with
her own steam, and stayed In the en
ine room until he was driven out by
Choice ofhree,
TheChicago Great Western Railway
offers the choice of three through tour
ist cars per week, via different
routes to California. Ou Thurs
days via the Santa Fe, a central
route: on Saturday via the Katy, a
a southern route, through XexaB with
connections for Mexico. On Tuesday
via the Kock Island, a northern route,
through the Grand Canyon of Colorado
liy daylight. Information and book
lets from any Chicago Great Western
agent or J. P. ELMER, G. P. A, Chi
cago, 111. 3wll
No Transfer At Chicago.
All trains of the Baltimore and Ohio,
Lake Shore & Michigan Southern and
Nickel Plate railways use the Grand
Central station at Chicago. I'atronB of
the Chicago Great Western Riilway
desiriDg to go east via any of these
roads will avoid transferring." 3w7
£12® Si!!
Ely's Liquid Cream Balm is an old
friend in a new form. It is prepared for
the particular benefit of eull'erers from
nasal catarrh who are used to an atom
izer In spraying thediseased membranes.
All the healing and soothing properties
of Cream Balm are retained in the new
preparation, It does not dry up the ee
cretions. i'rice, including spraying
tube, 75 cents. At your druggists or
Ely Brothers, 56 Warren Street, New
York, will mail it.
Business Opporrunltice For All.
Locations in lowu, Illinole, Minne
sota and Missouri on the Chicago Great
Wesern Uailway the very be3t a«?ri
cultural section of (he United States
wbeie farmers are prosperous and busi
nets men successful. We have a de
mand for competent men, with the nec
essary capital, for all branches of busi
neBS. Some special opportunities for
creamery men anil millers. Good lo
cations for General Merchandise, hard
ware, harness, hotels, banks and Btock
buyi Corns) ondence Eolicited. Write
for maps and Maple Leaflets, W. J.
Heed, Industrial Agent. Hoi liudlcott
Iild'g, St. I'aul. Minn. 3wll
ltockford, III, Jan. 1902
had suffered with the dreadful dis
ease, catarrh, for ten yeais 1 doctored*
for several years and got no relief.*
I called on Dr. ShallenbHrfer, thef
Chicago specialist and he cured me. If
you are suffering with a chronic disease
give the Dr. a call and if he can cure
you be will tell you.
Mrs, Willis Gilmore.
Mauitmi Island, Lake Michigan,
a' cos'
The Regular and Reliable Chi
cago Specialist will be at Man
chester, Clarence House,
Tuesday, January 28,
one day only and return once
every 28 days. Office hours 8
m. to 6 p. m.
Curos normanontly th# cases ho undertakes
and seuas 110 Incurable ironio without tukliiit*
foo from thorn. Tills Is why ho continues hi
visits year after. r, while other doctors hart
made a few visits ana stopped. Dr. Shalleubo.
'o.v is an eminently successful specialist In ai
chronid diseases, proven by the many cur?i
cilocted in chroulc eases which ive baffled
skill of all other physicians. His hospital SP
perlenco and extensive pr Mce have inado hi'
so proneleut that ne can name and locate a d?
caso la a fev/ minutes.
8 00
10 00
-J 20
S 0.1
Troats all -able cases of Catarrh, Nose
Throat and hung uiseases. Ey« -nd l-ar
Stomach, Liver and Klunoys, Gravel, oiunal
tism, Paralysis, Nouraltcla, Kervous and Hear
diseases, Ulood u. Skin H) jases. ICnliensv
Urlght'B Dlseaso .. Cor uimptlon In early
sta«o diseases
of tboilladder and Fomal') Organs
LUiuor and Tobacco habit. BtammerlnK cured
aud sure methods to provout Its recurrence
A never-falling remedy for IMR Nock.
teed cured without detention from busln(«
Kp«-clal attention griven to ull Surviwfi
CIIHCM, and all diseases of the Eve.
NoMonnd Tliroat*
Indies nnd dents Qold Watches
in all

and guaranteed. Granular
lids,Cataract, Cross Eyes straightened wltfimf
Are you nervous and despondent: weal and
dcbllltatod tired mornings no amultIor_uffi
less memory poor oaslly fatigued ex'itRhie
and Irritable eyes sunken, red and fci.fnvi.
pimples ou face dreams and night los$£.
loss, haggard looking: weak back d&nt In
tirlne and drains at stool: distrustful'wnni S
onddcnce lack of energy and strength
Private Diseases a -&nec
Blood Poison, Nervousness, Diziinpfls, De
ectlve Memory and other ntlmenti which ruin
body and mlpd'positlvely cured.
or lailures. Ho undertakes no liSleSS
tut cure thousands given up to dl» vus»a#
Consultation Free and (onfidential.
146 Oalcwood Blvd., Ohloaao.
IUfer«aoe: Oakland HaflBank.
kinds and styles,
Ladles, Qents and Chrlldrens Rings
Posts and wood Wi
exchange for har
ness, robes, sad=
dies and blankets.
down to
Also large line of Best Brands of—
Come and see the many things we
have not space to list.
Your Job Printing to
this office. Price are
right. Sale Bills Etc.,
Neatly and Promptly
This is the time
of the year you
buy dried fruits.
We have them!
G. A. A.
Money to
Loan at Low
Hubert Carr.
is over nnd we will now
give our attention to mid
winter selling.
During January
we will pay special at
tention to clearing up in
The Clothing Depart
Regardless'of Previous
we will convert into cash
our stock of Men's, Boys
and Children's Winter
Clothing, Suits, Reefers,
Overcoats and odd gar
if the stock contains
I any article to your
liking, this will be
E your opportunity.
I A complate line of the
popular Duck Coats,
all styles and colors, will
'l be especially marked for
this Clearance Sale.
If we have what you
want its yours at a
smal price this month.
I "The Kold Weather
The Prairie Farmer
The Oldest and Best General Farm Paper.
Weekly—16 Pages or More.
fecial arrangement we can furnish tbls great tarm weekly, FBEE
J? Oil ONL YEA It, to every one of our subscribers. All you have to do
is proving a great success. Call
and look these many bargains
Finch & Lillibridge.
^ar, and tell us that you want THE
1RAIRIE FA11MER, and we will-order it sent to you one full year free.
We will also send THE PRAIRIE FARMER free for one year to every
new subscribers who pays as one year In advance. Or if you prefer, for
82.00 we will Bend you the Democrat and Prairie Farmer one year and
give you in addition-your selection of either of the fine premiums we are
giving our advance paying subscribers.
Don't put this off if you want to get this great farm pBper free next
April 1,1908
have a full line
of nfsu
When in need of any, call
at my store and ex-^
amine them.s

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