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B. E. Fatwell 1b visiting ill Cedar
Mrs, Dave Grove spent Sunday with
her parents here.
Mrs. John Davis, of Davenport, Is
the guest of ber friend, Mrs,
of Uanchester, rendered tbe music and
gave entire satisfaction. They played
for a dance at Elkport Saturday night.
A. B. WheelesB was doing business
in Manchester, Tuesday.
MIbb Floy Cooley, of Manchester, vis
ited Mrs. W. C. Mason, the first of the
Twin baby boys were born to Bert
Miller and wife, Monday, July 21st,
1?, A. Kehoe is having considerable
repair work done about his farm build
ings, Amos Smith is doing tbe work.
Miss Pauline Appleby, of Strawberry
Point, Miss Myrtle Irish, of Greeley,
and B. F. Smith, wife and little son, of
TCmuiRtnn, Til., are visiting at the Hotel
Geo. Lux jr., of Aurora, 111., is visit
ing at the home of his uncles, Peter and
Joseph Lux, and with other relatives.
Fred Williams whom moBt everybody
In this section will remember, is now
located at Skagway, Alaska. We are
not informed
E'rneBt T. Eaton, who is a graduate
of Lenox, and who has held a princl
palship in one of the Des Moines schools
for the past two years, haB accepted a
lucrative position as superintendent of
the public Bchools at Deer Lodge, Mon
ltay Esler went to Delaware Tuesday
evening on the Clipper, where he re
mained over night visiting with bis
Jobn White, of Worthlngton, had
busineBB which called him to this city
tbe fore part of the week.
Paul Lippert was a paBsenger to
Manchester Tuesday afternoon, where
he had business matters to look after.
Gerhard Schnleders, of Petersburg,
was in town Wednesday transacting
buBlnessand visiting with his sonB,
John and George Schnieders.
The Misses Schultz, of Petersburg,
visited relatives and friends in this city
Clem Klosterman, a prominent far
mer living near Petersburg, was trans
acting business in this city yesterday.
Fred Hinnees, who lives north of
New Vienna, was in town Monday
morning and from here he made a busi
ness trip to Manchester.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Baker and Mrs.
Conrad Pape and little son, of New
Vienna, were in town W edneBday morn
ing and from here they went to Dubu
que via the Great Western, where they
spent the day on business.
Mrs. J. H. Limback, who has bnen
at Mason City about two weeks visiting
at the bedside of her sick brother, Henry
A. Dyer, who has been critically 111, re
turned home Tuesday night. She left
him much improved, however, and there
is still hopes for his recovery.
A large number of Petersburg peo
ple were in town Wednesday after lum
ber which will be uBed for the erection
of anew school house in dlBtrict num
ber eight, northeast of Petersburg.
Gerhard Schnleders has the contract
and it will be modern in every particu
lar. Those who helped haul the lumber
were J. C. Gebhardt, Henry Lammers,
Barney Mensen, Joseph Deutmeyer,
Peter Loecke, Johnny Lammers. John
Weaaels, Joseph Loescbe and J. G.
County Correspondence.
W. G.Kenyon, of Manchester, was day evening July 31st. Every one is
young men, was very poorly attended ^rs* P®®'8 sister Mrs. Wheeler, of Del-1 ln^Wisconsin
indeed. Meskimen's Harp Orchestra,
to what he is doing
Word has been received by relatives
in Hopkinton of the death last Monday
of the youngeEt child of Mr. and Mrs.
not particulars.
C. A. Peterson and wife, of MancheS'
terwerein town Monday. Mr. Peter
son Is manager of the Delaware County
Telephone Co. and owner of the Man
chester system, and is one of tbe best
telephone men in tbe state.
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Morgan mourn
the Iobs of their son Gene, four months
old, whose death occurred last Thursday
evening. The funeral was held on Fri
day, Interment taking place at Buck
Creek. Tbe little one had been in frail
health alnce its birth.
H. Dry-1 home of W, A. Loveland and wife,
Saturday and Sunday.
Thomas Cole spent Sunday in Chi- Mrs. Ernie Green, of Hazel Green,
cago. spent Sunday with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Abe Landis has returned from Mrs. Godfrey Dolley.
quite an extended trip among relatives. Born to Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hauger
Mesdames Lang and Wroughten 1 Monday afternoon, a girl. Dr. ScoQeld
were In Manchester, Tuesday. I reports mother and baby doing well.
Uncle Billy Clendennen is back from I Dr. {1. F. Howe, of Lake Charles, La.,
a vlBit to his son at Canton, S. D., and was shaking hands with old Coggon EDGEWOOD,
he reports everything as very prosper- friends Saturday. He reports a One I
ous in that state. country around Lake CharleB and saye I Manchester Wednesday.
Died, at the home of his parents, in he is well pleased with hiB location.- Mlsa Bertha Eokert has returned to
Coleridge, Neb., on July 12th, Robert Monitor.
"Harry, the three year old Eon of Mr.
and Mrs. 0. D. Kirbpatrick. Mrs. Kirk- ONEIDA.
Patrick is a daughter of Wingeld Lash, Vaison Williamson and wife, of
of Ead'a Grove, and has the sympathy Hopkinton, recently visited at Arthur
of the entire community.—Home Press. Parker's.
EDGEWOOD. I the home of Joshua Breckon, Thurs-1
an Edgewood visitor, Saturday. 1 cordially invited to attend. I jaBj Sunday after his wife and son
Tom Hennessey, one of Manchester's I The U. C. O. O. N's. met Thursday Q0tdlei
popular liverymen, was in Edgewood, evening with Nettie Truax. A good HobiMon's parents.
Monday. time
Miss Ola Davis, of Manchester, came MesdameB Congar and Hood were
up yesterday morning for a few days' Delaware callers Monday. Frank Wiley's little son fell and broke
visit with her friend, Mrs. Ida Peet. Miss Ethel Breckon is visiting former
Mrs. Frank Tunis and daughter schoolmates at Elma. Mrs. Garrison has returned from her
Florence, of Manchester, visited with Frank Joseph, of Hopkinton,
friends at this place last Thursday. canvassing this vicinity for Lenox col- Mrs. C. H. Robinson«nd Mrs. C. B.
Mrs. C. B. Madison and little son lege laBt Saturday. Madison and little son, visited relatives
Veryle LeRoy, and Mrs. C. H. Robin- Mrs. Casper Niederfrank, of Straw-
son, visited with their parents, Mr. and berry Point, is visiting relatives east of
Mrs, H.B.Eaton, at Strawberry Point, here. last Friday night was very poorly at
Tuesday. I Mrs. Orgar and Miss Nettie Arbuckle,
Mrs. S. Phelps, from near Strrwberry of Greeley, spent Thursday evening at
Point, visited her sister, Mrs. E. T, the G. B. Cox home.
Lain, from Wednesday of last week
until Monday. Upending a few dayB here with relatives
George Barr was an Elkport visitor I and friends.
Sunday. We'll bet dollars to dough -I Mr. Crocker, who lives on the Mans
nuts, though, that George cannot tell] field place west of here, died Saturday
how the town appears now, for his I morning about 8 o'clock.
time and thoughts were otherwise oc-1 Threshing machines have started
cupied than that of sight-seeing. west of here.
Owing to the inclement weather last
Friday evening the dance at Hesner's
Hall given by four of Edgewood's
Mrs. and MIbb F. Peet are making
M. P. Sager, traveling salesman, Sun
dayed at home.
Warren Bort, of Manchester, is call- Prospects for a good creamery
tag on old friends here this week. Plant
Mrs. Jas. Patton, who has been quite ,ou810^h(jre
sick for several days is improving.
returned from Chicago Saturday.
The M. W. A. order are preparing a
EimerHa^rt ATbtonT^b. We hare ^eTug^ l" UKtt^.P'EvLyb(rfyhil,d|poUltry
Monday, where he is in partnership1
with his son.
Miss Ethel Carr and Master Frances
Sharp each celebrated their 10th blrtb-
day by Inviting their respective friends
to their respective homes last week.
Mrs. Chas, Bracber, of Bancroft, Ia.,
and Miss Emma Bracher, of Lamont,
went to Dubuque last week to
John Bracher and family.
Guy Mitchell went up into Minne
sota, Saturday, where he will travel on
the road with John Cameron.
MIbb Nellie Robinson, of Earlville,
came up Wednesday, to spend a few
days with her friend, Miss Vina Nied
Mrs. John Kramer Sr. and ber grand
daughter went down to Manchester,
Thursday evening for a visit with rela
tives there.
Mrs. Fred AllenBtein, from near La
mont, took tbe train here, Saturday for
Dubuque, where Bhe went for a visit
with her siBter, Mrs. Helwlg, and broth
er Mr. Decker.
Miss Mina Noble gave a five o'clock
tea Saturday evening, in honor of Mrs.
Mary Kingsley, of Washington D. C.
The evening
very pleasantly spent
by all. Those present were MesdameB
Mary Kingsley and Cora Steele, and
the Misses Matie Scofield, Kate West
fall and Norma Steel.
Tbe opera house has been secured
for tbe evening of September 30, and
other arrangements are being made
for a debate between A. J. Wheeler,
of New Xork, and tbe Hon. Joseph
Brown, of Boston. The question for
debate Is: Resolved, that prohibition
of the liquor traffic would be better for
Iowa than a license system. Both
speakers are able men, and will put up
a lively discussion.
Editor Rann, of the Manchester
Press, thinks our reporter should not
have told tbe exact truth regarding
the Greeley Fourth of July celebration,
but criticized blm because be did not
did the Edgewood Journal,
which paper had no representative at
the celebration. In his actions, editor
Rann is to Delaware County what
Agulualdo has been to the Phllipplneb
and in his principles he is a lineal
descendant of Judas Iscarlot. With
such a combination to recommend him
we cannot let thiB editor dictate the
policy of the Mail-Press. Lying, de
ceiving newspapers which try to mis
lead the public are becoming unpopu
lar, as was shown editor Rann and his
Press in last spring's primaries In
Delaware county. A brand should
be placed4n such journalism that men
may scorn and shun it as they would
tbe portals of the bottomless pit Itself.
ne" fut»re
meat matket
The Infant child of John Hazelrigg is
very sick.
W. S. Guthrie, of Cedar Rapids, Is
spending a few days here looking after
his farm interests.
Mr and UrB whltehead were
het home at Lamont
wi H0b
John Porter Sr., is visiting relatives
hi, a two months summer visit. I Mrs. RenaSegar and three children
MeBdames Peet and Wheeler and I are guests ot relatives in town.
Gates, of Delhi, spent Saturday I MIbbbb Opal Stoner and Lizzie Frazer
and Monday Inclusive in tbe former's visited in Greeley, Friday.
home here, returning to Delhi Monday. E. B. Porter and son John, are spend-
Miss Lottie Webber 1B visiting at I lng several days at Strawberry Point.
Forestviile. I Mr, and Mrs. E. H. Blanchard and
It. A. von Oven and wife are enter- Mrs. Knowles were Manchester visitors,
tabling her cousin Miss Agness Madi- Thursday.
son, of Emporia, Kansas. The Village Fair under the ausplceB
E. G. Hesner, of Manchester, Sunday of tbe Epworth League
ed In Lamont. Proceeds $27.
Several are reported sick, yet no seri- Mr. and Mrs. Baker Hersey have a
ous cases have developed. young Bon, born July 22nd.
Mrs. Verdell Scothorn and Masters! Quarterly meeting services at the M.
Clarence and Cecil returned from their IE. church, Sunday, AuguBt 3rd. l're
six weekB visit in Ohio last Thursday. I siding Elder will be present.
Harry Walton returned to his home I Mrs. Peet and daughter Flora, of La
in Kinder, La., alter vialtlng his rela- mont, viBlted at John Wheeler's last
tlves, the Blackbums, six weeks. week.
Willie Boss spent
Saturday In Oneida. MIbscs Opal Stoner and Lizzie Frazer
Miss Grace Brlgham spent Thursday visited at Hopkinton, Wednesday,
and Saturday inclusive In Manchester Mrs. Pearl Maxwell, of Delaware,
taking tbe teacher's examination. I visited home folks, Wednesday.
The Misses Mary and Altha Brown, Miss Pierce is a guest of ber friend,
Ettah Gray, Laura Berrldge and Beth Mrs. Frank Stimson.
Gruman are attending the summer
school in Independence.
*TUl^ i&9 frAA *V« N^
W. F. Cooper, of WesBington, S. D.
I was in town Saturday.
ChaB. McCormick and wife of Man
chester, were calling on friends here
encouraging as several parties are anx
The ulBsea BeaUy and rugh
Fred File, of Uolden, visited at the Manchester visitors Thursday,
117 A AHAtanil an/I WtfA I
N. Weiler is building anew sausage
room to be used in connection with his
dtove down t0 E
reported by all present. George Barr made his usual trip to
b(B arm lagt Thutaday
T1B|t to
The dance at neener
erles throughout this part of the county
and did a vast amount of business dur
ing that time, and although he was a
very hard worker there was a leak some
where and the inevitable happened.
Yesterday he liled a petition in bank
ruptcy at Dubuque and it is estimated
that his indebtedness will reach $75,000
The losers are scattered pretty well over
Delaware county, and include a small
army of people. The amounts vary from
$50 to Sl"i,000 and the list comprises
milk patrons, small money lenders, etc.,
a couple of llyan capitalists being
Mr, and Mrs. ltuBsell were in Straw
I berry Point Monday.
I Miss Edith Noble, of Grattinger, la.,
been vlaitln_ reiatlveg
pB8t few dayB
An ice cream social will be held at Miss Ola Davis, of Manchester, Is
conversation in Ryan during the paBt
are all in operation.—Reporter.
here for the
who have been
visiting Mrs.
Elkpott la8t Sunday
at the
p0int Tuegiay
Joe Congar of Cedar Rapids is ,a8t
•kAnHlnM «i frnrr /Invrn hAu ntiill •Alnvivrafl I
0pera House
a success,
The many friendB of Henry Logan
I will be pleased to learn that he Is re-
covering rapidly, and was taken to his
I home in Monti, Sunday.
H. W. Hall, agent for M. A. Hatch, a
Watetl00' CaQVa8S"d
our city last week
T..H r, Mrs. P. Kelly and seven children
Mr Little took passage to Sexton, Ia„
iteglok attb
Alphonsle Duffey Is on the sick
thlB week.
M's Coleson was called to Cedar Rap-
866 het Bon
Little Maggie Burns, the four year
old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed.
Burns, is very sick
Burglars broke into the store of T. M.
Eldredge on Tuesday night, taking some
Bhoee and other articles. There is no
A slight accident occured near the
crossing east of town Wednesday night
about 10:30 o'clock, when a coal car
broke down, no one was hurt but it took
some time to have the
Friday, June 24tb was pay day at the
Farmers Co-Operative Creamery, all of
tbe patrons were well pleased with the
tests and priceB,
Mrs. Anna Casey, of Ruthven, Ia.,
is visiting with ber sister, Mrs. George
We understand there will be a Bocial
dance at the home of John Strain, Mon
day evening.
The ice cream social given by tbe
ladleB of tbe M. E. church Wednesday
evening, was a grand Buccess.
MIbb Julia Sowles attended Institute
at Independence last week.
MIbsbs Nettle and Julia Carmody are
visiting at tbe home of their cousin,
Nora Hlckey
M. A. Hogan's building Ib going up
Thos. Arthur's new bouse Is complet
ed and they are preparing to move in
very soon.
Dr. Lindsay made a professional call
in our vicinity, Thursday.
Lightning struck the tower of tbe
Lutheran church last Thursday evening
and wrecked it to a considerable extent.
Boards were torn off all tbe steeple and
tbe doors and casings were injured.
The loss is fully covered by Insurance.
Chas. Fishtemelr, formerly of this »nf'he
etts returned to their home at Hopkin-
Mesdames Beckner and Brownell, of
I Greeley, visited Mrs. Royden Tuesday.
Ben Boot from Minneapolis, is vlBit
ing his mother, Mrs, Sarah Cook.
Sliver Medal Contest, July 30 th. Ad
mission 5 and 10 cents.
Flotence and Cora Rlck
On Wednesday the Rathbone Slstera ®re*t.??d!.flo*
and K. P.'s had a picnic at the
the afternoon's fun was a ball game
returned Saturday evening and reported
wtlti wlth mea8
MlBses Mary Byan and May McGrath
went to Independence Saturday, where
they will attend institute.
Bev. Hanley, of Monti, was a guest
Qf Father MuVtaugh,
that place, who was slightly hurt by
the cars while crossing the track. She
returned Monday.
and car re
moved from the track and three trains
arrived and were delayed. The men
were at work clearing the track until
3:30 a. m. Thursday.
to Grover Cleveland, and
known as yet how the assets will paj- will never forget while I live, It was L™. A. Chicago,Til.
mlll How
pond. One of the enjoyable features of °W1l0D® *b*U
T8. a°
Miss IiBzel Watt entertained a num- 7*
Mrs. Stoner 1b Bpendtng the week
Miss Bessie Mllner, of Farley, visited t? ",B 'he"4I"®,n
her aunt, Mrs. Bert l'owell.
for a few days last week at the home of I ®'Ter ®nd all over the once prosperous
MrB. W. T. Wood and her mother, Paction that the November eiec
Mrs. l'rentlce, returned Friday evening
from a visit of several days among
friends at ColeBburg
Mrs. Efiie Soper and Mrs. Ella Miller
entertained the Outlook Club at the
parsonage Thursday afternoon. After
some Interesting attempts to master tbe
game of piug-pong, the ladles were led
grasp like Mr. Blaine ana lose it at last Tickets for sale on AUR. 7-10 via Olit
with no hope of ever obtaining it, tbeh cago Great Western U. 11., ROIM! to ru
to sink into blank and utter despond-
ency while in the possession of all his Great Western Agent, or .). l». Elmer,
mental powers, to be where no interest G. P. A., Chicago, 111. HO
or desire of earthly joy attaches to any'
long, oh, how long,
gWed 8Dd
.. .,
which was participated in by both the I believe that the Almighty God will
ladles and gentlemen. send calamity upon those in power such, Tho Illinois Central ofTcrs an executions.
... 1 «r 11. s. I B8 Will CftUBO the ear to tinorle to hear of porttintty for all who wish to attomt tho sessloi^
A. S. S. U. Missionary's Report.
R. W. Hardy, missionary of the
to the dining room, where tea was I American Sunday School Union, has
served. The table was decorated In the I just completed hiB work in Delaware
club colors and nasturtiums. The ladles I County for the present year, which haB
were highly pleased with their after-1 been a Red Letter year in the S. S. his
noon's entertainment. tory of Delaware County, as the Sun
On Friday the families of Mrs. Cape [day Schools have never been in such
Powell, Mrs. Binning, Mrs. Zeitlar, Mrs. I good condition as they are at present.
Louis Schaller and some others drove to In (plte of the wet weather and bad
Sprinff Branch, where they spent the I roads your missionary haa traveled 1307 afeaturo. aud having iiotui accommodations,
7 ,, I —j —i i*. no** -I that are located as meutlonod above, on the Hnu
day picnicking. I mues and visited 284 families, many of or or contiguous to the Illinois central. They
Mrs. W. I. Millen went to Dubuque, these families never had a religious in- H0pBSST.8nffSSu£SS:
Thursday morning, where her brother, I structor of any denomination enter springs, Ky-nmicroai sprtnits nnci uixon
Henry Richardson, underwent an opera-1 their bomea. He haa sold or given loopy of an lUustratoi tools dcscriDini them all,
tion at Finley Hospital that day. She
away 11 copies of biblesand testaments,
several into families that had no other
hiB condition as very reassuring. copy of tbe word of God. He has dealt, ..
Mrs. M.B. Winnard and daughter, with 110 persons about becoming I
Emma, of Blcevllle, arrived Saturday I Christians, several of whom accepted! these races the I. 0. It. 11. will
evening for a visit at the home of H. (J. I Christ and are now confessing Him be- it"p"^kfnVrZin at r\\e ot one tnd
Millen. I fore men. He haa visited for the &rBt one third fare for the round trip. Tick-
Miss Emma Staehle returned Satur-1 time 35 schools, organized4new schools ets on sale August 5 to 8. Good to ro
day evening from Burt, where she haa coming in contact with 1678 scholars
been visiting for the past two weeks. I and 198 teachers. He baa led 8 Gospel
On Thursday evening at Toledo, O., I meetings and gave 32 addresses and
occurred the marriage of the Rev. Jno. laermons. He haa been greatly used of
Klaus, of Charles City, formerly of I God In awakening Christians to purer
this place, to Miss Minnie Baer, at the I Uvea and greater service for Christ. He'
home of the bride. Kindest wishes for I baa given away about 300 tracks and I
Mrs. Neft and Lona are visiting
The party consisting of W. T. Wood,
their happiness are expressed by the 1800 religious papers to persons that aid 11&Doyou want to know where tho next great
many friends of Mr. Klaus here.
Miss Georgia Zeitlar returned recent
ly from a visit at WebBter City.
not have religious influences.
The Lord indeed has been with the
I work and honored It by precious fruit,
in the salvation of souls and the in
structlon of many.
Tour missionary wishes to tbank the
C. M. and D. F. Laxson, A. O. Stanger I people of Delaware county for the
andH.G. Millen returned from their I hearty and effectual manner in which
trip to the North, Saturday night. they aided him in the Lord's work for
tbe salvation and care of the
I girls.
Our New England Letter.
My soul was thrilled to its center
when I read your short editorial in the,
Demoorat and the wordB of Colonel I Mi'stance rendered blm during the
The odor of politics in the state of
Connecticut is as rank as the crimes of
Macbeth, and yet the people at our late
constitutional election voted "No" to an
instrument that was a republican gerry
mander, by ten thousand majority,
though the state usually giveB from fif
teen to twenty-live thousand tbe other
way, a good sign of hope, I think.
Twenty years ago John Kelly said of
the democratic party in New York city
"1 carry its vote in me vest-pocket,"
yet John never was governor of New
York state, his greBt ambition In life.
Tbe Duke of Marlborough, tbe Duke
of Westminster, Andrew Carnegie,
Richard Croker, Cleveland and David
B. Hill with ethers, among them Mrs,
Langtry and Fred Uebhard, have all
Our community was pretty well shed their smileB ,on tbe Tilden Clnb,
stirred up last Saturday when it was
learned that F. B. Dickey had failed.
Although his affairs were in bad shape
the news nevertheless came as a sur
prise to many. Mr. Dickey has been in
business at Hazel Green for upwards of
a quarter of a century, operating a gen
eral store there pnd crettm
aud yet that organized lot of millionaire
toadies ire not happy. The royalties pf
Europe have not as yet even once con
descended to ask who or what the Til
den Club is anyway.
But seriously it must be a sad reflec
tion to one whose whole
bouI hsB
simmer, and we sll unite in thanking
carried back to the time I gracious Father for our BuccesB in I
when Andrew Jackson and James K. 'he paat, and trust Him for.more In the
Yours in the work of saving the chil
dren for Christ.
Polk, George M. Dallas and Thomas H.
Benton were alive, and democracy
Impregnable in tbe United States be
cause it was clean and pure
At that time an abandoned farm WBB
unknown In New.England. Now It Is
said on good authority that the state of
Massachusetts alone has nearly three
hundred of them. On a trip to Boston
not very long since over the New York
& New .England Railroad, my attention
was called to a number of them and
asked Borne one if they could give any
reaBon for it. "Oh, this is an old repub
Mean state," was the answer. "Well,''
said 1, "was it any better under demo
cratic rule "Not since Cleveland wai
president" nas the emphatic reply,
Then said I, "What is your bope of tbe
future V" Oh," said my informant, a
lady. "My hope is in the Great West
and our young people here."
"lam just from tbe West, from the
'far West,"'said she, "and though my
home is here, yet the WeBt is truly my
hope. 1 detest politics," said she, "but
1 am an American woman and I tell
you the young men of the great West
will settle thlB difficulty and Bettle it
right too," and she was Bilent the rest
of the journey.
To tbe Point*
An Incident which occurred while
Admiral Dewey was commanding the
Asiatic squadrou aud oue which illus
trates his Independence is one kuown
as "the coal iuddent"
It seems that his squadron was in
need of coal, but instead of writing to
tbe chief of the bureau of equipment
at the navy department he purchased a
large amount of coal without consult
ing the department.
The following Is the correspondence
between the admiral and Captain Brad
ford, the chief of the bureau of equip
inent, and Is self explanatory:
Navy Department, Washington.
To Dewey, Manila:
Why did you buy so much coal?
Flagship Olympia, Manila.
To Bradford, Chief Bureau Equipment,
To burn. DEWEY.
—Saturday Eveniug Post.
The Wrong of Intolerance.
The intolerant state of mind Is in
jurious both to the state and to the in
dividual. It goes with conceit und
deadly prid*. The strange thing is
that men are apt to plume themselves
upon their intolerance. It is evident
that a mau's conduct and a nation's
conduct should be the result of thought
and Judgment, but intolerance stops
thought and destroys judgmeut.—Ceu
•wallowing Abilities of Snakea.
The jaws of the chicken snake, says
a Texan, are hung on binges that can
be taken apart or displaced for the
time being, as the case may be, and pn
entire Texas cottontail rabbit cau be
persuaded to enter, head and all, witli
little effort, and the body, being made
of India rubberlike material and very
stretchable, the kicking little animal
soon finds a lodgment in tbe stomach.
His snakeshij) then carefully resets
his Jaws so that bis mouth assumes
Its normal size and blissfully reposes
for the succeeding six hours. The
powerful gastric Juice does the bal
ance, and no Texnu cau testify that ho
ever heard a chicken snake suffering
from ludlgestion or chronic dyspepsia.
The capture and digestion of chickens,
song birds, turkey eggs and-rats con
stitute simple pastime to the chicken
snake and do not call for a six hour
layoff In feeding time.
fixed on tbe one thought "I must be
s*, in
president of the United States," and to 833.45 to Salt Luke City and Return
have the prize apparently within his
Account Elk
!e of Ityan capitalists being exactly the one I have described, a H10 round trip. Good to return Aug. -1.1 come in summer than in winter, it's eo
the heaviest losers. It 1s not I look that went to my heart, and one 11 £or
iffey isi»
Ammlil MwfH
,3"th- Stop-overs allowed?
ior iurtber infonualiou inquire of any
thing in the future. This think muBt I Bpworth League Assembly, Colfax,
an awful state of mind. Yet I sawl Iowa, July 24,—Aug. 3, 1902.
that great man, in his house at Excursion Tickets to Colfax on sale, A H
Washington, not long before he died, July 23 to Aug. 3rd, by M. & (). and Acta Immediately.
and the expression of his face was Chicago Great Western at one fare for Colds are sometimes wore trouble-
out but it was predicted that it will not disappointment, hopeless woe and grief, Absolutely safn. Acta immi'diately.
beheavy. Among many there is a great without ray of joy to cheer the gloom L.,,.,,.
deal of censure of Mr. Dickey for not of the soul In life's extremity. Can the Abstinence Union of throat and lung troubles. —Smith Bros
quitting years ago, while others uphold mind of man Imagine an existence more °U'
him and say he did the best he could, dreadful than this on earth? I confesB The largest doir.e in the world is that
The failure has been the sole topic of Ix cannot. I F°r„thlB annual convention the Chi-1 of the Lutheran church at Warsaw
week. The store at Hazel Green Is I are blowing loudly—just now the blast 1 to return Aup. 12th (or Aug. 31st, by .nriUrfh iiuiueum library is 130
closed temporarily but the creameries of prosperity, when in truth distress payment of S.50) at one fare and a third feet.
and poverty are wide spread all over the
New England The™ w«r« mation inquire of any Great Western
angiana siateB. inere were
never so many strikes as at this time,
is the greatest one ever known in the
place, was in town Thursday. 1 ,.
Miss Margaret Lindsay and three ™r,d- As I write, the poorhouses and
young lady friends from Manchester men and women out of
were guests of Mrs. A. L. Prentice, Fri- T* ?imf ltty!?g
Kor further
t0 g6t
bread to eat and clothes to wear.
,0°gl oh' h.ow
Rev. SoDer returned from hiB trip to I strongholds of blatant boast* parties for cedar Fans, jauosviuo and wavoriy
... 1 ful republicanism, the emntv dinner ^xoursion tickets wiu be sow at tho nbm-o rato
Urban, Wednesday evening. ./v," empty uiuner
ctooMa it. tafi- iw I P®» Btalk8 the streets at the present turn.
Mrs. (xeo. Staehle jr., left for I |mA «*._ Tho convention lasts from August 6th to .Slh.
tlolietft will bo sold
i, limited to tlui l'Jth
uui kuviuiuiu.n^.i^v. one mid one-third
ehnvf Mmn I CiSCS growing OUt 01 Want and poverty from points within ono hundred miles, und one
buurt biuiu. 1 aiAna Tfr ia ik* mama .u_ -c„ii 1 fare
from points luoro thsiu ono hundred miles
ot FaU
»°meP«0Plehigh places
to thinking of the "handwriting on the
wall." U. M. Weideman, M. D.,
South Manchester, Conn.
July 81,1902.
Thursday, August 7th
Round Trip,
10 near 01 the Tiiirty-aocond
|«op FHANRTO at hor hniriA TIIABHAV I tne«e thlDgS COIltlnue to RO OD Catholic Total Ahstincnco Union of Ainorloa at
ber or her irienas at her home, iueeaay iftMirftl nubunuoon Auunst 7th. THO Illinois contrui
eveniDff uiuiuwugcr. I special train will leave Mnuchosi«?r at 7:47 a in., I a
ITK kArHaiiffhfAP VIRO PMUA I the great BIIK centers of the world and M.
ltn ner aaugncer, Mrs. J. 1J. cruise.
**. Id tbia town, well known as one of awl arrive at DubuuuoutihSu a. in. ltoturnfnn
Tho Illinois Central ofTcrs an cxcoptlonal op* I
Mmuui convention of um
the speeiai train will loavoDubuquont 10:00 j.
and parties may nlso roturn homo on
Health and Pleasure Resorts]
There are seven regularly established health I
and pleasure resorts, with mediciual waters as
Springs, 111. Soml to tho umlersluneit for a free
ui/coiu.SH^it!fcwoaEO. 111
Bb068 at Cedar
A Word to You.
boom will bo, aud v-iiero you cau mako
plenty of money? If to, write the imdersiKUVil
for a ciroular tolling "All about It."
MEKKY, Ass't Cien'l Pass'r Agent,
29-11 Illinois (.'ontral ltailroad, Dubuque, luv
H. WiM Hip.
The Regular and Reliable (Jhi-
boys and ca8°
The county S. S. officers are thanked
I for their painstaking and harmonious
Specialist will be at Mail-1
Chester, Clarence House,
Monday, August 11,
one day only nnd return once
I every 28 days. Office hours 8 a,
m. to p. m.
wina permanently mo eases no unacrtiincp 1
ami sends mo Incurable noino without taKlm r. I
feo from them. This is why ho continues ids
visits year after r, whllo othor doctors have
made a
few visits and stopped. J)r. Shallcnbor
unr Is an eminently successful specialist iti all
chronic diseases, proven by t!:o many cures
clfoetod in chronic cases which ivo baffled tho
sKillof all other physicians. Jib hospital ox.
pcrlcoco and extensive pr '-t)co Iiavo made Jdrn I
so prollclent that ho cau nawa and locutt a dls I
easo in a lev minutes.
Treats ail -able erses of Catarrh, Nose, 1
Throat and Lwib uiseases. Lyo ~nd ur,
Stomach, Liver and Kluuevs, Gravel,cuma
tlsm, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Nervous and Heart
disoasos, Blood HUln oases, Jviilopsy,
JtriKht's Diseaso I Corwmptlon iii early I
Umioranrt Tobacco habit, stammering cured
ahdsuroinothodstoprcvontits recmrenco given.
A never-failing remedy fir Jilt* Neck.
toed cured without detention from business.
Special attention glvon to tilt Surgical
nnd nil (llm-iisos of tho JSye, Ktn\
Kosu and Throat.
fitted and RtiuranttMHl. Granulated
lids,Cataract, Cross JSyes straightened -without
Private Diseases ,a Spec
Blood Poison.'NorrousnortM, ldzzlness, De
ecuvo memory ana oth«r aliments wbieh ruin
body and mlnd posltivoly cured.
or failures. Jlo undertakes uo incurable cases,
but euro thousands given up to dio.
Consultation Free and Confidential.
146 Oakwood Blvd., Chloa0O.
B.iorMcei Osktaad Kat'l Bank.
Two Bullies Ou: '.ul Him.
'I was troubled v.illi kimicv com
jilaint lor'about twoym?,'' writes A.
II. Uisvis, of Ml. yi-'rtinR. hi., "iiiit lii'n
of l'olt'.v'i ICirtiipy I'tiro ttfi'ci I'
ll permanent curi." .s 1,1 iiv itoiUiii
New Britain, Cdne, IICIITB thv* ii'c id
for inventivnuva. Over '1,-tOO patt-Ms
have been issued (o 311 of its citizens.
inquire of, any hr.rd t° keep from addinR to thorn
a'owa'Si'nuU,0''('o^lf once®
„f pure cure for cougliB, 'colds, croup,
a re at W A I It a in or (linnuiri- in "nn
The trumpets of the party In power I sell excursion tickets to Dubuque, good ..ir .U
A chi
g0 j0w:j
Spill We Hn
Homcsaeker's Escursions.
IIomeseeker'B tickets to nearly all
points on sale at low rotes by the Chi
caao Great. Western Itiuhvay on the 1st
and 3rd Tuesday of «ich month, June
to October Inclusive. For particulars
apply to any Great Western Agent, or
•I. 1_'. Klmer, G. I'. A., Chicago, III,
aud wmb0 UmUod to that day and dtvto for
9 of tho greatest tompcrunco orpanl
or any other country, ami h\pry I
I Catholic who would come in contact with the]
Ibestmonand minds of the Catholic church
I should attend.
To this groat mooting not only Catholics, but
everybody else, is cordially Invited.
J. F. MKUttY,
Asst. cn'l Pass. Anont,
Dubunuo, Iowa.
Mir, Iflih, Siglii Mi
iind ure prepared to offer in
ducements io nny intending
to build or repair.
Tho lending grades of lmrd
and soft A
always on hand.
'. Manchester, Iowa.
August Oth.
^^,3^.7^- "e.
H0ME8EEKER8 fun,, W-
r.tii,j I'lu-wliere, ought to set- lliu good
I.'."lning and dairy lands along and con
tipuiiii': to the line of the Chicago, Rock
Wittiid A I'ucilic Railway. The soil is
titli 1 jiU highly productive of gralnB,
hiid in a good Btock country with mar
kets in easy reach.
Thenu lands aro going rapidly and
another opportunity will be given to all
who desire to see them. On tbe first
and third Tuesdays, of June, July, Au
EUfct, September and October, round
trip tickets will be on sale at principal
stations to points on this line in North
western Iowa, Southern Minnesota and
Southwestern portion of South Dakota.
in town.
Don II.
Call on nearest ticket agent for rates,
etc.. and see that your ticket reads via
the C. R. 1. & P. lt'y.
There will also be on sale at stations
of this company on Bame dates home
seekers' excursion tickets at low rates
to various other territory.
NO. G. FAltMElt,
G. P. & T. A.,
Cedar Rapids Division,
C., R. I. & P. By.,
25-wlS Cedar Rapiae, low*.
DOUGLASS, the Photo
grapher. ., -1
Goto Douglass
New Spring Stock.
We can go you
on Price and qua!
ity. Not just as
good, but
-*0.1. One farm of 100 acres, of a mile west of Dundee, Good
house, granary, barn, poultry bouse and good well with windmill.
Is o. 2. One farm of 120 ucree, 4 miles south of Dundee. Good house,
barn, granary, well and windmill.
No. :. One farm of 130 acres,1 mile weBt of Dundee, good house, barn
and well.
No. 4. One farm of 80 acrca north of Dundee adjoining the town
uO acres under cultivation river privilege on the weBt of said land.
No. 5. 20 residence lots lor sale and a number of business lots also for
No, (!. One house and 4 lota for Bale best location in town one block
from school,
No. 7. One house and 2 lots for sale, one block from school.
No. 8. Hotel Ht Dundee, and other bargains to numerous to mention.
2\o. !l. One J. I. Case twelve horse engine, has been used Blx falls, in
good running order, for sale cheap.
N.o. 10. A stocit of boots and shoes in good city with a large trade.
For sole cheap if taken Boon.
No. 11. Hotel in a city, lias from ten to twenty steady boarders the'
year around, and transcient besides, muBt be sold at once on account of
the death of owner. Good title, l'rlce S3.800 with furniture, or 83,000
without furniture.
No, 12 Ten acres of land Bouth of Dundee, adjoining the town.
t'orrespondouco Solicited, I
W. D. WALTMAN, Dundee, Iowa.
Perfect Refrigerators. SS
Wc have them and guarantee Lliom to he tho best production of the greatest In
enters ot tho
refrigerator constructed under these
Yuuiago over nil othors in tiio matter of
Economy of Ice,
the preservation of food, cleanliness, free circulation and onger Ufc. The result of a
tust inndo botwocn the wood lined, and tho metal and poOelaln refrigerators shows that
the metal and porcelain lined can carry 100 Us of Ice loiKortcan show a lower de
gree «f temperature in the shortest time.
Its A Cold Fact!
that wo soli these rofrigorators almost as cheap othors sell the worthless.
beat, It is the cheapest.
Call in and Get a Cold Blast.
100,000 Acres
Of Wild and Improved Land in WIS
CONSIN, only 85 miles from St.
Paul. jThese lands are right in the
Are you nervous and despondent: weak and (ftp mmm n———
Are you nervous and despondent: weak and
debilitated tired mornings no ambition—life
less memory poor easily fatigued excitable
and Irritable eyes sunken, red and blurred
pimples on faco droams and night losses rest
loss, haggard looking: weak back deposit in
«rlue and drains at stool: distrustful' wimtrJ
onlldence: lack of onorgy and strength?
belt. Prices range from $5 to $50
per acre. Every day is excursion
day with us. We refund R. R. fare
to purchasers.
/Manchester, Iowa,
systems nas an ad-
Buy the

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