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Goerfgtit. 1902, by fbe BownHHerrlU Company J*
CHAPTER 1—Anno Tillotson, & hluo blood
of Virginia, Is touched with the spirit ol tho
Involution, an admirer of Patrick lionry and
Thomas Jefferson. Gossip connects lior naiuo
with Francis Byrd and Captain Jarrat, officers
of the king's army. Old Lord Fairfax, whom
Anne loves with reverence, is loyal to the
crown, Williamsburg is filled with loading
Virginians talking revolution. 11—Tho ship
Tbreo Slaters, from London to Yorktown, 1ms
on It8_pa9senger list captain Jarrat, Marquis
de la Troucrlc, and Armaml, secretary of tho
marquis. Jarrat conspires to got audionce
with the marquis, but Is told by tho captain
that tho nobleman dlod oil tho voyage and was
givon to the fishes. Armand fights with tho
ship's mate to rescuo tho doad babe of a Wom
an passengorwho Is a bond slave, ill—Tho
Two Hlstors in port, The Slave woman Is sold
to a brutal master named Bolph and won from
him at dice, by Armand, who presents her to
Anne, a spectator at tho landing. Anne takes
Armand home In her coach. Jarrat is snub
bed by Anno and, bribing tho Captain of tho
ship, tears from tho log book tho entry of tho
marquis' death. IV—Armand protests admira
tion for Anoe. A troos falls on the coach,
and lie roscues his companion from being
crushed to death. At parting she tells him she
& glad that she owos nor life to him. V—Jar
rat bribes Armand to imnorsonate tho doad
Marquis de la Trouorle. who had been sent on
mission to the colonies bv Lou i« XVI. lib Is to
send homo to franco gloomy reports of the
Revolution and thin discourages French inter
ventlon. VI—Anne goes to Winchester, where
tho court of Lord Dunmore, the Tory governor,
is located. Patrick Henry brings news from
tho Continental congress. An aid of Dunmoro
one Foy, Insults Colonel Oeorge Washington's
name In the presence of Washington^ friend,
Lord Fairfax. Armand pledges Washington "a
brave man". lie Is challengod by Foy. Henry
seconds Armand. VII—Armand makes love to
Aune on the evening of the duel She Is coy.
yet praises his valor, then pleads with Dunmore
to stop the duel. VIII—Armand tiros Fey out
with skillful fencing. The governor's mossen
gercuts short the duel, but Foy wounds his un
armed foe. Henry carries Armand to Green
way Court, the home of Fairfax^ IX—Anna at
(Ireenway Court and a long season of courtship
Lord Dunmore presents Armand to the ladies
as Marquis de la Troucno. X—The marqul
wins Anne's heart In full surrender. Jarrat
gets the newsand hastens to Wlllamsburg. XI
atd XII—Patrick Henry thrills tho convention
Armand refusos to betray Henry, and Dan
moroarreUs the marquis. He Is then declared
an Impostor. Xll—Armand escapcs and carries
word to TUlotson's homo that soldiers are com
ing to seize Henry. Jarrat denounce Armand
to Anne as a spy. Honry excapea. Armaud
hands Anne a packet for Ben Frankliu. The
bond woman hides It and Is whipped almost to
death by Jarrat.
Jarrnt snt down, his watchful oyoa
turning about tbe room, something
strangely like expectancy In them.
.? The colonel rung for his major domo.
"ItflshktfgL^",*snId he soberly, "iisls
your Mis' Anne to eoiuc to the library,
.v And admit no one—1» oue. Do you
"Yas, ma ran yns, suh! Nuttin' but
or grabeyard ha'nt gwinetcr git bydat
do' 1"
"Poor, child!" Henry's tone was piti
ful. "You mean to tell her? At least
5 wait till your wife is returned."
"Tho sooner she hears some things the
better for her. She has ber share of
prJdc never fear."
"Tlfe day I was last here, .sir," ob
served Jarrat, "she boasted she would
wed him an he were laborer in your
"Afo, maybe, but not if he were a
conspirer against her country. My
piece Is daughter of Virginia, sir.1
And the master ©f Gladden Hall noisily
took Snuff to cover his feeliugs. Ilen
ry's face was like a sphinx.
While they wnlted came a clatter of
hoofs outside. A moment later the hail
door was flung open, jind Rashlelgli
*rrij£d jabbering. The
The next Instant lie Jumped to Jils
feet, and Jnrrat started as if at an ap
parition. Armand stood ou the thresh
old, mud splashpd and pale.
Tho newcomer's look ignored the cap
-taln. He bowed to Colonel Tillotson
.and addressed himself to Henry:
"Monsieur, I come to warn you that &
detachment of Dunmore's men Is on its
•way hither froth Yorktown to seize
your person."
"The deuce!" shot out the colonel like
ft:' & Javelin. thought the price the earl
put on you, Patrick, was but brag. He
r»r-, dares violate my house, then. Mount at
." once and by the north road.'
Henry's flKc had seemed to dart nnd
lay about the young Frenchman's face
yellow summer lightning. "And
what would the governor with me this
"To transport you to trial for high
treason. It was plotted this day aboard
tho Fowey."
"From which you nro cecaped?"
"Yes, monsieur."
Jarrat's voice entered: "To nttftck the
rosidence of a Virginian gentleman
without crown warrant is not so ready
a thing even for a royal governor, but a
man may disappear by night from
Jooely road and who to bhuno? Our
floelng marquis, with his nose for dcll
i. cate deceits, ts a likely cntspnw
I swea^ such overt folly of Dunmore's
will yet drive me into Whiggerj*!'
Colonel Tillotson paused in perplex
ity, but Henry looked at tho speaker
w!tli a gaiw keen and inscmtablo as an
Indian's above that flickering half
smile of his.
"You have no lime to spare, mon
sieur. They were to leave the Fowey
at sundown. 1 implore you to haste."
"As well," cautioned Jarrat, "to go by
another vmy than tlio tuarquis antici
"You liar!" said Armand, flaming on
him. "Tills man was in the plot. He
waits the troops hero at this moment
Monsieur, I beseech"-^
He did not finish, stricken dumb by
tlie entrance of Anne. She had caught
her breath at sight of him and stood,
«tatuo-llko, in the candlelight. Then
she held out both arms and ran toward
him with glad cry:
".Louis! They have released you! Oh,
thank God thank God!"
Tlio young man did not speak only
a little spasm wrenched his features.
But Jarrat did. "Tho Jailbird was slip
pery, mistreat*" he sneered.
The colonel,.who had readied her in
a stride and pulled her back, dropped
her arm at the look of offense and scorn
alio cast upon .the speaker. "Anno," lie
said, facing her rigidly, "listen to mo!
thlS man is not only no nobleinn..
°i care naught!" she interrupted wild
ly. *1 care not who he is! I only know
wbtft he la to me!" A light dawned 011
^rmand's face with her words. lie
drew closer to her, as if wondering,
afraid to trust his senses. She turned
again to him. "I could not tell you
tbat night at the Raleigh. I had no
"But," cried Colonel Tillotson, "he is
a spy—a hireling, child, bought to this
deception to betray the colonials!"
"Sooner than that," she declared,
"would I believe Captain Jarrat capa
ble of an honest love! This is a lie of
your making, captain. He is no spy.
Whatever lie has done, 'twas not in dis
./^•il, NJ
Anne, Anne," urged her uncle, "we
have seen tho proofs!"
•You do not believe them?" Armand
"No, no! Nor ever will!"
The young man laughed out trium
phantly In sudden abandon. "You hear
that, messieurs? Thero is ono that be
lieves in me!"
"Believes, aye, and loves!" cried Anno
Qnd ran to liu. He drew hor clnsg tn
his "breast, murmuring soft words. Her
face was pale, yet burning, her whole
body thrilling with passion and defl
"They cannot destroy my faith in
you!" she breathed. "I shall love and
trust you always, always, always!"
'She is bewitched," Jarrat said, with
dry Hps:
"You hated him!" she blazed at him.
'Oh, I know how you would creep and
creep! My friend," turning to Henry—
"my friend, do you believe this?"
Henry got up with a round oath.
"No!" ho swore. "By tho great day, I
do not believe it!"
Iler fluttering cry of delight was
stilled by Colonel Tillotson's tense
whisper, "Hark!" There was a dull
drum of hoofs thudding over sod and
with it Sweetllps' fierce challenge.
Simultaneously came a wail of ter
ror from the kitchens, and Rashlcigh
plunged in from the 4iall, Ills woolly
head shaking with fear.
"De sojers! De sojers!" he screeched.
"Mara' John, dee gwine kill y'all!"
Jarrat rose to his feet "You know
how I can creep and creep, mistress?"
he said. "Well, then, now you shall
sec how I can strike!"
Anne had rushed instantly to the
window and drawn the blind. "Troop
ers!" she cried. "The house is being
surrounded! You have been pursued,
"'Twas true then!" frothed Colonel
Tillotson. "Jarrat, had I a weapon I
would shoot you, I swear to God! There
Is one way, Patrick. Here, quick!
Through this lmll and to the buttery!
There is a small window! Speed, and
God scud you get safe away!"
As nenry disappeared Jarrat ran
from the door, shouting directions to
the soldiery.
"Louis!" gasped Anne. "You must
go! Take the same way, quick!"
"Wait!" he said. "I must give some
thing into your caro—something impor
tant! Promise me you will do with it
what I ask!"
"l'es, yes but haste, haste!"
He had taken a packet from his
breast "This. Much depends upon it
It must be carried to Philadelphia and
there given to Dr. Benjamin Franklin.
You must tell him to hold it till called
"I will carry it. He shall have it
from my own hands. 1 hear them on
the porch. For my own sake go!"
"Swear to me!"
"I swear by all I love—by my love for
"And you-will trust me?"
"Always, always! Oh, can you wait
while they take you?"
"Kiss me!"
He strained her to him oneo and
sprang toward the door through which
Henry had fled. But as he reached it
Jarrat's form stood framed in the sash.
His hand held a pistol. At the same
moment the room overflowed with men.
"So ho," ho smiled redly over white
teeth. "Not so sprightly, eh? Well, the
other bird lias flown—curse those
horses' pounding!—and we must be
content with you, I suppose. Lieuten
ant, I put this conger eel in your care.
An he gets off as did Patrick Henry,
some one shall suffer for it Nay, mis
tress, run not to him. Rather give me
tho packet which tho entertaining gen
tleman gave into your care a moment
since. I doubt not its contents will in
terest us all. It may even hold his
Anne's hands flew to her breast,"^
she shrank back as Jarrat advanced*
upon her.
You ruffian!" raged Colonel Tillot
son, beside himself with anger. "An
you or your bloody-backs lay finger on
my niece"—
"Heroics are misplaced, colonel," nn-
Jarrat's Jorm stood framed in the sash.
iwoi'ed Jarrat curtly. "Will you give
tip'that paper, mistress?"
A quick light came to tho girl's eyes,
gazing past him. Fumbling in her
dress, she drew"forth tho packet and
held It out. But as he extended an arm
to'feeisso it she drew back and hurled it
over his head through tho dining room
door, where huddled Mammy Evallne
and the rest of tho kitchen servants in
a shivering group.
"Boneila!" she screamed. "Take it
Bonella! Hun! IlUle it! Run!" The
redemptloner woman swooped upon tho
packet and was away like a hare.
"Clumsy fools!" foamed Jarrat as the
soldiers bungled at the door catch.
"After her and bring her here!"
Anne in the reaction felt her gaze
upon Armand, erect between the*sol
diers, swim with tears. IIow could I10
stand so calm? And with the thought
she felt a sudden shame for her weak
"The wench has had her run," grum
bled one of the soldiers as they return
ed with the redemptloner woman. "She
hasn't it on lior. She's tucked it away
"I'll soon know where she's hidden
it" stormed Jarrat. He interrogated
her savagely. "No," she said brokenly,
"I not tell."
"Got a rawhide from the stables and
stretch her out there. She'll talk fast
"You'll not lash her!" cried Anne,
with trembling lips.
Jarrat made no reply. When the sol
dier returned with the rawhide others
dragged the woman into the center and
stood waiting. Tlie poor creature watch
ed the preparations with her face ash
en and her black eyes darting rapidly
hero and there.
"Now," said Jarrat menacingly, "will
you show whore you hid that paper?"
She was dumb.
Once, twice, tbe heavy thong de
scended. At the first stroke she cow
ed and cried out with pain. At the
second a' line of red started through
the coarse oznabrig.
Jarrat leaned aud_ looked into her
facc. "I nolleYl you!" sFic wavered.
"I'll have the king's law on you for
this," tho colonel hurled between his
Armand had remained quiet, but as
the stroke fell twice again he trembled.
Tho woman's lips were tight together.
"No, no, no!" she said between them.
"I not tell you! I not tell you—never!"
"Curse her!" Jarrat gnashed furious
ly. "Lay on, there, you! I say I'll
have it out of her!"
Tho wielder of tho rawhide paused
to tuck up ids sleeve. The men who
held her relaxed their hold for an in
stant, and she sank down on the floor
with closed eyes.
'They will kill her!" sobbed Anne,
clutching her uncle's arm. "They will
kill her!"
"Stand her up again!" commanded
Armand had grown very white. At
Anne's sob he strained forward in the
grasp of the soldiers and cried: "Toll
him! I command you to tell him!"
The woman opened her eyes, looked
at him searchingly and uncertainly,
then smiled and tried to shake her
head. "I—not—tell."
They dragged her roughly up again,
but her logs would not support her.
She seemed not to hear Jarrat's shout
ed Question In her ear. lie looked at
her swaying figure a moment, then in
smother of rage raised his pistol butt
and brought it down heavily 011 her
temple. She fell like a log, and he
turned on his heel, cursing.
"Let the drab go," ho said sullenly,
"and bring along tho other."
They mounted, a trooper hitching
bridles with Armand's horse, and as
Jarrat gave the word they moved off
In twos down tho dark drive. The light
from the open door fell on tho trampled
shrubbery, the glossy spattered skins
of the horses and on Armahd's back
ward turned face.
^"Farewell, mademoiselle." *7
Anne slipped from tho colonel's arm's
and sped after them. "Louis!" she
called clearly. "Remember! I believe!
I trust—and—I love you!"
"God keep you always!" he respond
ed, and as they swept into the black
she saw Jarrat ride close and strike him
across the mouth with his gloved hand.
|IIILADEI,PHIA city a little be
fore midsummer, 3770. Tbe old
Quaker quiet is gone. Now
strange spirit of excitement
pervades It, subtle electricity that
touches all things with expectancy.
The Inns, the Blaclt Boar and Indian
QUecn and the London Coffee House,
dilate with taproom wiseacres, and
crowds of townfollc loiter along the
(streets in the warm evenings to view
the great men come to attend the most
honorable congress sitting in the state
house. Tliey have seen the Charles
town packet bring the delegates from
South Carolina. Every citizen who can
muster a horse has ridden out to meet
tho delegates from Virginia, Maryland
and Delaware who arrived In' a body.
They have seen them all, have com
pared them with oue another.
On High street stands the great man
sion of lticliard Tunn, on^ of the pro
prietaries. It is now thrown open for
the entertainment of the visitors.
Up and down tho dusty street pass
and repass earnest men in dull coats
and small clothes, workmen in oznabrig
nd leather aprons and tradesmen In
fearse cloth. They pause in knots on
One house they pass many times,
looking at It with more eager curiosity
and concern. This building la even less
pretentious than Its fellows, but one
who observes it long will have noted
that those who pass In and out of Its
door lend it a peculiar distinction. They
come In velvet Instead of cloth, their
sleeves droop with lace. They wenr
powdered hair and diamond buckles
nnd for the most part carry dress
The house Is occupied as a shop, and
the silver plate on the door bears the
name of "James Randolph." It is the
headquarters of the Virginia delega
To Henry, chafing In his Virginia
harness, how slowly the ball hnd rolled
among the conventions! IIow halting
went the leaders! Messengers riding
posthaste brought him the news from
Congress had recommended that the
several colonics form distinct govern
ments for themselves. And even to
tills the delegates of Now York nnd
Pennsylvania had loud objection. Hen
ry gnashed his teeth in the convention
at Williamsburg, and on May 15 a
resolution was passed directing the
Virginia delegates In Philadelphia to
"declare the united colonies free and
independent states."
A significant word! Richard Henry
Lee followed In June with his resolu
tion for independence.
But alas for human failing! Many
of the delegates, Dickinson, Morris,
Livingston, were men of property, and
the possession of property enlarges the
bump of caution. They cried for de
lay. Tllfe older Quakers, men of peace,
had set their faces and their faith
against rebellion.
New York was milk and water. There
had been tho failure of tho Canadian
expedition, and, besides, the province
had its exposed harbor and the Indian
raids on Its frontier to think of. Tbe
Pennsylvania delegation refused to
vote on separation and left their seats
in anger. Maryland had few griev
And what of Now Jersey? There
was Toryism Intrenched, its royal
governor, the son of tho benevolent
faced patriot, Benjamin Franklin, went
breathing Are against the Whigs. Not
till ho had been shipped to Connecti
cut in irons, not till congress had sent
three of Its members to argue, to
plead, to storm, did its assembly de
clare for freedom.
Think not that those who hesitated
were not men of honor, jealous for tho
welfare of their country. Not every
one believed George III. another such
despot as Philip II. of Spain' or tho
bloody minded man the radicals Illib
erally called him. Tbe storm was
high on tlio horizon. And It Is the
part of wisdom to count well the cost
of desperate ventures. Against the
colonies was pitted the mistress of the
seas—a king, innumerable battalions,
armament, navies, money and the
prestige of hereditary possession. Tho
colonies stood alone.
There were those who, like Henry,
whose clear eye saw the futuro as with
divinutlon, pinned faith upon Gallic
enmity to England and looked for ft
sign of aid. But the months came and
went without its appearance. Now the
Third congress was sitting, nnd France
was silent Granted a defiance to
Great Britain, the outcome wus doubt
ful—bow doubtful live red years of
fcmoke and blood were to demonstrate.
As the pendulum vibrated a British
fleet in the Delaware brought the war
within hearing, «nd Lord Ilowe hove
to off Sandy Ilook with all his army.
The congress was, after all, minia
ture of the country. It held a Tory
party who awaited some disaster to
bcfomo dangerous. It bold faint liejirla
who eroak'eTI, "despondent ones who
predicted ruin and brave hearts that
dared a straggle they lwllevcd would
be uncertain.
On such afield for twenty-five long
(lays a determined battle was fought It
ended at last, and one'evening Thomas
Jefferson of Virginia be'ook himself to
little house back of an oblong green,
where lived Dr. Franklin, nnd wrote
the first draft of the Declaration of In
There comes a time in the history of
every great movement when it must go
forward or die. Lethargy breeds rone
tlon. The fierce fight for a Declaration
had marked, this point now. In the
three days since the .vote the opposition
had gathered Its shattered forces.
There were new mntterlngs, and the
little Virginian delegation In the shop
of Mr. James Randolph on High street
knew that the defiance which was to be
offered on tho morrow, if It were to he
signed at all, must be signed quickly.
So out of a humid morning grew the
afternoon of the 3d of July for Phila
delphia. It came In bent, with a brazen
Opposite Mr. Randolph's shop on the
same evening Joseph Galloway, the
lawyer, walking slowly, paused and
looked across the street. He was thick
set and middle aged, with a smooth,
crafty face and restless eyes.
He lmd lacked Whig patriotism In
tho Firut congress. .The Second would
have noue of him. And yet he bad ear
lier led the popular party against the
proprietary. Such strange overtnrnings
the new Idea of freedom was bringing
about. The fierce Tory rancor which
had made of tills man at first "the de
fender of the prerogative" was to con
vert him later into a spy, a refugee and
a sour pensioner of George III.
Now, there was the open hatred of a
bitter Tory in the look Joseph Galloway
cast upon the little shop.
"Good day, Mordoeai," he said in
greeting to a rotund merchant Quaker
who joined him. "I see you also look
ing. What think you our Virginia hot
bloods will brew next in their den yon
The Quaker frowned. "I love them
not," he answered. "What saith the
Scriptures? 'For the weapons of our
warfare are not carnal, but mighty
througli God to the pulling down of
"Gentlemen of birth and wealth, for
sooth," continued Galloway angrily,
"and yet prating like tbe veriest clouts
of independence nnd brotherhood!
Whose was the bill to separate from
Great Britain? Richard Henry Lee's.
And who lias written the Declaration
that is to be thrust beneath the dele
gates' noses tomorrow? Thomas Jeffer
son. Tliese Vlrginians! Would wo had
never heard of Virginia before we came
to tills!
"Look you"— He broke off nnd
pointed with his stick where a coac-li
bowled along High street It was rich
ly furnished and bore arms on its pan
els. On the cushions, exquisitely dress
ed in a white uniform, sat a blocky,
military looking man with bushy wig
and foreign mustachios. Ho wore
cocked hat.
"'Tis M. Pllai-ne," said tho Quaker.
"These French parasites with powder
to peddle. Friend Joseph, would joy to
see the colonics plunged into bloody
strife. They would batten on our ex
tremity, 'for Wheresoever the carcass is,
there the eagles be gathered together.'"
"French officers!'.' ejaculated Gajla
way. "Ayo, or adventurers! As like
to bo one ns another. Mayhap M. Pli
arne goes to see the precious envoy
whose noweoming the town gapes
"He is to be received?"
"Tomorrow afternoon. 'TIs an open
secret Notice was sent the house this
'Twas averred in the street hut now
that he is come from Louis XVI."
"Let them jabber!" grumbled Gallo
way. "Little store is to be set by these
fine envoys. I mind mo when the
Frenchman came to the congress last
November. You heard of that, may
hap. There was the same excitement
a committee appointed, too, I remem
ber. John Jny was upon it They met
the personage In room in Carpenter's
hall, and what think you they found?
Why, a little old frog eater with a club
foot, who when they asked him for his
authority drew his band across his
throat and says he, 'Gentlemen, I shall
take care of my head!' That was all
they could get out of him. Some imbe
cile belike. And even then there were
those who saw great signs in it A pest
on all such, say I!"
The Quaker shook his head doubtful
ly. "Yet there is much hoped for from
tills present message," ho said,
heard it on good authority some months
ago that a French marquis was to come
hither. 'Twas said Benjamin Franklin
had written of the matter from Lon
don. Mayhap this is the same."
"Bosh!" sniffed Galloway. 'TIs ab
surd, I say, the faith that is put,in
such a vain and empty hope! I do know
that half tho delegates have some such
folly in their heads. The Declaration is
to be offered for signing tomorrow, and,
look you, it is in the minds of some
members to retard action upon it hop
ing such a message from France may'
bolster faint hearts."
"Thou dost not think they will sign,
"God forbid!" rejoined Galloway fer
vently. "I cannot believe we are so
near madness as that. And yet I would
that naught had been heard of a mes
sage from France. Methlnks tomorrow
will be warm. Good night to you, Mor
As the two friends talked the chimes
had clangored from Christ church, and
just as the tones sounded a stout
trunehed old man with a shrewd, sim
ple face under broad hat lifted the
latch of a neprby gate which barred
nn oblong green .yard from the street.
Therein under a mulberry tree rrlrere
yellow cabbage butterflies went kiss
ing wings a chubby woman was sit
ting by a tabic whereon stood some
books and a glass bottle containing a
two headed snake in spirits. Two
tousled children roiled and romped un
heeded under foot. Tbe film of twi
light was falling from a cooling sky
"You nro iato, father," the woman
said as the old man greeted her. "Sup
per is almost ready. Young Mr. Jef
ferson has sent word that he will be
here this evening. I do hope," she add
ed good naturedly, "that you won't
sit up all night again over that tiresome
paper he Is writing. Laws! Ono would
think It hnd been real speech."
She ran. to fetch a dish of tea, nnd
her father sat down in his chair and
took off Ills hat Ills head was bald,
with a fringe of white hair. lie was
mopping his forehead with a large"
kerchief when she returned with the
"Bless me!" she said as tho gate
cllckcd. "Here is some one to see you
already. A young man and handsome,"
she whispered, as he came nearer, "but
l*w pale!" It was Armand.
"Is this Dr. Franklin?" ho Inquired.
Annual Tournament,
Iowa State Firemen's Association,
Des Moines, Iowa June 21 21. 1801.
For the above occasion the Manchester
and Oneida Hallway will sell round trip
tickets, on June 20th and 21st 11)04,
good to return until June 25th 1U01, at
one fare plus 50 cents for the round
J. L. Kelsey
Xrafilc Mgr.
Janesvitle Wis. June 7-D, Biennial
Meeting. Supreme Lodge MyBtic Work
ers of the World.
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
Cincinnati Ohio, May U-i-l, Annual
Meeting Meat Cutters and Butcher
Workmen of North America.
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
Greenville Va, May 25-31. General
Assembly, United Presbyterian Church
Fare and oue third on certificate plan.
Minneapolis Minn. June 15 17, Bien
nial Couventlon, Knights of the Mac
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
J. li. Kelsey,
1'JwO Tralllc Mgr.
First and third Tuesday of Kach
The Chicago Great Western Hallway
will Bell HomeBeekers TicketB at one
fare plus S2 00 to points in Alabama,
Arkansas, (Colorado, Florida, Georgia,
Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mexico,
Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, New
Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma,
Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and
Wyoming. Further information apply
to any Great Western Agent, or J. P.
Elmer, U. P. A., Chicago, 111. 19w33
S 3.00 to St Paul and Return
Saturday-Sunday. May 21 and 22
Via tbe and O, and W.
For the above occasion the Manches
ter and Oneida By. will sell round trip
tickets at 33.00 for tbe round trip.
Tickets will be good going on special
train leaving Manchester at 9:30 1'. M.
Saturday May 21st. On return trip
tickets will he good on special train
leaving Minneapolis at C:30 P. M. and
St Paul 7.-00 P. M. Sunday May 22 also
on regular trains of Sunday MBy 22nd
and Monday May 23rd. J. L. Kelsey
19-2 Tralllc Mgr.
Atlantic City N. J. June 4-10, 1904.
American Academy of Medicine, and
American Medical Association,
One regular first-class fare plus $2.00
for the round trip
Portland Me. June 15.22. National
Conference of Charities and Correc
tions, Fare and one third on certificate
Pittsburg Va. June 26-28 Biennial
National Convention, North America
Gymnastic Union.
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
Atlanta Ga. June 22 2-1, Annual Con
vention, American Assn. of Nursery
nun, Fare and one third on cerificate
Cedar Fails Iowa, June 7-15, Annual
Conyention, United Danish Luthern
Church of America.
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
19-5 J. L. Kelsey-Trallic Mgr.
Manchester and Oneida,
lledttced Excursion Rates.
Cambrlge Mass. June 23-29, Annual
Reunion, Association of tbe Alumni of
Harvard College.
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
Cedar Falls Iowa, June 3-8, Annual
Commencement Iowa State Normal
Fate and one third on certificate plan.
Cedar Falls Iowa June 11,-July
Iowa State Normal School.
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
Mt Vernon IOWB, May 26 28, May
Musical Festival Cornell College.
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
Chattanooga Tenn. June 13-25. An
nuel Meeting, Supreme Lodge, Anicent
Order United Workmen.
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
Providence It. I. July G-13, Annual
Convention, National Young Peoples
Christian Union, UniverBalist Church.
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
J- L- Kelsey,
1 9 7 Tralllc Mgr.
Manchester and OneidB.
HomeBeekers' Excursions.
May 17. June 7 and 21. July »and 19.
August 2 and 16. Sept. and 20. Oct. 4
and 18. Nov. 1 and 5. Dec. 6 and 20,1904.
Going lidiit 15 days final return limit
sufficient number of days to permit
leaving destination within 21 days from
date of sale.
One first class fare for the round trip
plus $2.00. except rates to Denver
Colorado Springs, Peublo, and Trinldac
Colo, and Cheyenne W yo. will be made
one fare pluB $5.50 for tbe round trip.
No tickets to be sold for less than $9 00.
For children of 5 and under 12 yeare
of age, half of the above rates.
To points in Alabama, Alberta, Ari
zona, Arkansas, Asslntboia, liritieh
Columbia, Canadian NorthweBt, Colo
rado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indian
Territory, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky,
Louisana, Manitoba, Mexico, Michigan,
Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Mon
tana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North
and South Dakota, North Carolina,
Oklahoma, Ontario, Oregan, Saskatch
ewan, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vir
ginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and
Northern Michigan, Wyoming.
Limits and Stop-overs.
Tickets to be good from starting
point only on date of Bale, and to re
quire contlnous passage on going trip,
to firet point in homeBeekers excursion
territory enroute being good thence to
final destination within extreme going
limit of 15 days from date of sale, ex
cept that on ticketB to points beyond
the Missouri River no Btop-overs will
be allowed east of Trans-Missouri
homeseekers territory, Stop overs in
Trans-MlsBouri homeseekers excursion
territory will be granted on going trip
after reaching first homeseekers excurs
ion point enroute within extreme going
going limit of 15 days.:
Return tickets will be good for con
tinuous passage only from point of
destination to original Btarting point.
No stop overs allowed on return trip.
19-32 J. L. Kelsey-Trallic Mgr.
Manchester, Iowa, 'is
Capital and Surplus $90,000.
WM. C. OAWLEY, Presldont.
». W. TIliltILL,
Vice President
AiiB't. Oaahler.
CI1A8. J. 8EKDS.
A general banking business transacted In
branches. Drafts sold, payable anywhere la the
United States, England, Ireland and Europe.
Interest paid on Time Deposits at
current rates, which can be made in
any sum from one dollar up.
Depoult JloxeH for rent, for ilio storage of
valuable papers etc., all guarded by tlmo locks.
Steamtilnp Ticket* for sale
Annual Meeting, Grand Lodge,
.Benevolent and Protective
Order of Elks I
Clncinnatia 'Ohio, July 18-23,1901.
For the above named occasion the
Manchester and Oneida Ky. Company
will sell round trip tickets to Clncin-.
nata Ohio at one fare plus 82 00 for the
round trip good to return leaving Cin-'
cinneta not later than July 23rd.
By depositing ticket with Agent, an
extention of return limit may he secur
ed up to August 18th —J. L. Kelsey,
19wtl Tralllc Mgr.
Manchester and OneidB,
Seduced Excursion Hates.
Albert Lee Minn, June 8-lfi, Annual
Convention, United Norwegian Luth
ern Church of America.
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
Northlleld Minn, May 17-18, First
annual Musical Festival St Olaf College
Fare and one third on certificate plan.g
Waukon Iowa, June 1, Annual Con
vention Total Abstinence Union of
Iowa, Fare and one third on certificate
Atlantic City, N. J. May 23-27, An
nual Meeting National Association of
Piano Dealers, and Piano Manafactures
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
Lindsborg, Kan. June 2-9, Annual
Meeting, Sneedish Evangelical Luth
eran Aucustana Synod of North
America. Fare and one third on cer
tificate plan. 19-4
ironi all
parts of Europe.
Private personal checking accounts received
from ladies.
The banking business of the public Is respect
fu.«y solicited, and we assure all our customers
every aocommodatlon consistent with good bust*
noss methods.
DOUGLASS, the Photo
Go to Douglass
Illinois Central
Excursion tlckcta will bo sold by the Illinois
Central, to tho points, and at rates, BB follows:
St. Loals, Mo.—Louisiana Parohaso Exposi
tion, April 2'J-Decenibor15.
Write for rates and prlntod matter. Tickets
limited to ton days, sixty days to December l&tli
l)ns Moines la.—Kopubltcan Stato Convention.
May 18tli.
Mason City, Towa,—Stato o. A, 11. Kncamp
ment, June 7-9.
Ilomo-seokers' Excursions. West, South, south
east and South-west, May 3 and 17, Juno 7 end
SI. July 5 and 10, August 2 and 10, tieptoniberO
and 20, October 4 and is.
One Way, Second.class, Colonists' Tlckots to
points South and Southeast, sold on same dates
as Home-seekers' tickets.
Ono Way, Second-class. Settlers, Tlokets to
points In Minnesota, North and South Dakota
and Canada, May 3,1U, and IT.
For particulars as to dates of sale, rates, etc.,
apply to any Illinois Central ticket aseot, or
address tlio undersigned.
J. F. MEKRY Asst. Gen. Pass. Agent,
I9wi0 Dubuque, Iowa.
Very low One-Way Settlers Rites to
Minneeota, North and South Dakota,
Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and
On MBy 10, and 17,1904, the Manch
ester and Onolda By., will eell one way
settlers tickets to pointB on the tireat
Northern and Northern Pacific, &
St 1', and O and N W Bye.
For farther information apply to or
address .1. LYKekey
TraMc Mgr.
National Prohibition Convention at
Indianapolis, Ind., June 28-30.
For the above named occasion the
Manchester and Oneida By. Co. will
sell through round trip tickets to Ind
ianapolis Ind. at ono fare plus 32.25.
UateBof sale June 20-27-1004, good
for return leaving Indianapolis np to
and including July 10-1904.
Louisiana Purchase Exposi
tion, St. Louis, April 30
to Dec. 1, 1904.
Manchester & Onolda Railway r-111 sell tick
ets at special rates to St. LOUIB and return
April so to November SO.
Soason tickets, good to go on or be-
vi ivaji
November SO ana return any
tlmo before December IB.
Tickets good to go and return
Decomber 10.
days, not later than
Tickets good to go and return
VIieupCM within 10 days.
An/1 RpcMps Speolal limited 5 day
tt,,u Dewues
coach excursion. Irom
time to time. Those tlckots [except speolal
coach excursion tickets] are good on all trains
and lu parlor and sleeping ears, and Include
transfer of passengers and baggage at junction
Thoro aro many routes to chooso from. For
Information as to special rates and routes ap
ply to J. L. KELSEY, Tralllo Mgr. 17-7IU0.
Sovereign Grand Lodge Independent
Order of Odd Fellers San Francisco
Oal. September 10, 25. 1904.
For the above named occasion the
Manchester and Oneida By. Company
will sell round trip tickets from Man
chester to San Francisco or Los
Angels, Going via Missouri Biver and
via Albuqerque, via Ogden or via El
PBBO, returning via the same or any
other of the above mentioned gate
ways, at 850.00 round trip.
To San Francisco, Going via Mis
souri River and via Ogden, via Al
buquerque or via Kl I'SBO, returning
via Portland and -Hnntington or Bill
ings and Missouri Biver or the reverse,
or St Paul or the reverse 861.00 round
Date of sale Aug 15 to Sept 2rd 1904.
Final return limits Oct 15th 1904.
For transit limits stop over prislleges
side trips, or other information call on,
or address tbe undersigned at Manches
ter Iowa. J. L.Kelsey
17-16 TraMc Mgr.
Homeseekers Rate* to North and
South Dakota.
Every Tuesday until Oct. 25 the C. G.
W. By. will sell round trip tickets to
points in the above named states at a
great reduction from tbe usual fare.
For farther information apply to any
Great WeBtern Agent, or J. P. Blmer,
G. P. A., Chicago, 111. 13w28
HomeBeekers Bates to North and
South Dakota.
livery Tuesday until October 25, the
C. G. W. By. will sell round trip tickets
to pointB in the above named states at a
great reduction from the usual fare.
For further information apply to any
Great WeBtern Agent, or J. P. Elmer,
G. P. A., Chicago. Ilw32.
Anyone sending a skotch and description may
quickly ascertain our opinion froo whether un
invention probably patentable. Comraunlwv
Uons fltHctjy confidential. Handbook on Patents
sent free. Oldest agency for securlnirp&tenta.
Patents taken through Munn & Co. recolve
tpecial notice, without chargo, in tbe
Scientific American.
A handsomely Illustrated weekly. largest cir
culation of any acienttfle journal. Terms, |3JI
?oar:|onr months, $L Sold byall newsdealafr.
Boone, lows, May 24th to 2-.h,
The Chlcaeo Great Western Railway
will on May 2:1 21 sell rouiM trip ITI ts
to •o'.iu for uje fjre plu-t 5:) inmits lie
turn limit May 27. For tiiru.er i. l.r
matinn apply tn any Gre*t W". s'trn
Agent, or i\ Hlmer. G. r. -rt 1.1
cago, 111. 19w2
UltETllKKN. I'3§|
(Jarthage, Mo., May 19 27.
For (he above occasion the Chicago
Great WeBtern Hallway will on May 18
to 24 inclusive sell tickets at one fare
for the round trip. For further Infor
•nation apply to any tireat Western
Agent, or J. P. Elmer G. P. A., Chicago
HI- 19w2.
The Chicago Great Western Railway
will run a special excursion to the
Twin Cities Bt very low rates. Ask
the Great Western Agent for rates and
time of trains. J. P. ELMEIt,
G. P. A
l'Jw2 Chicago, III.
Through Sleeping Oar from Chicago
to Jacksonville, Fla., yfa
I. U. B. R.
Commencing Sunday January 11,
1903, a through sleeping car from Chi*
cago to Jacksonville, Fla, will be run
on the Illinois Central Dixie Flyer,
leaving Chicago at 30 p. m. daily via
Nashville, Chattanooga and Atlanta.
2tf 11. G. TIERCE, Agent.
O. A. 11. Encampment.
For the G. A. R. Encampment at
Mason City, Iowa, June 6 and 8, tbe
M. &. O. Ry. will sell round trip excur
sion ticketB, good to return until June
lltb at one fare for the round trip.
13-wll J. L. Kelsey, Mgr.
Homeseekers' Bates.
On the first and third Tuesdays of
each month the Minneapolis &
St. Louis
B. R. sells special Homeseekers round
trip excursion tickets to points in the
.Northwest, West, South and Southeast,
at one fare plus two dollars.
Beturn limit twenty one days from
date of sale and stopovers permitted.
On Bame date special one-way rates
in effect for benefit of settlers.
For details as to rates etc., apply to
agents or address A. B. Cutts, G. 1. &
T. A., Minneapolis, Minn.
Business Opportunities For All.
Locations in Iowa, Illinois, Minne
sota and Missouri on the Chicago Great
Western Ball way the very best agri
cultural section of tbe United States
where farmers are prosperous and busi
ness men successful, we have a demand
for competent men, with the necessary
capital, for all branches .of business.
Some special opportunities for creamery
men and millers. Good locations for
18w8 Tralllc Manager.
Homeseekers' Pxcuraloni.
The Chicago Great Western Bailnay
will on the first and third Tuesday up
to October 18, sell tickets to points in
Alberta, Arizona, Asslntboia, Canadian
Northwest, Colorado, Indian Territory,
Iowa, KaiisaB, Minnesota, Missouri,
Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota,
Oklahoma, Saskatchewan, Texas, Utah
and Wyoming. For further informa
tion apply to any Great WeBtern Agent
or J. l'.Klmer, o. I\ A Chicago, 111.
eneral merchandise, hardware, harness,
banks and stockbnyen. Corres
pondence solioited. Write for Mapa and
MBple Leaflets, W. T. Beed, Industrial
Agent, 004 EmMcott Building, St. Paul,
M. & O. Excursions.
Buffalo, N. Y„ May 18 and June 2.
Chicago, 111., May 15-18 June 4-7.
Springfield, 111., April 2, June 4-0.
St. Joseph, Mo., June 28-30.
New York, N. Y., June 15-17.
Des Moines, Iowa, May 24-27..
Convention Socialiatifi .FMty. BDOiter'
Iowa, May 24-26,
Prohibition State ConvantlonJHutcb'
inson, Minn., June 1-7.
Annual Meeting, Untied Danish
Evangelical Lutheran Church In Amer
ica, Saratoga, New York, June 22-28.
Annual Convention Woman's Board
ofMlssions of the Cumberland Presby
terlan Church, Niagara FallB, New
York,-June 20-25.
The Manchester & Oneida By. will
sell excursion tickets at one and one
third fare for tbe round trip, to the
following points.
Topeka Kan., May 24-27-National
ABB'D. Mutual Insurance Cos.,
For further particulars call on or ad
dress the undersigned at Manchester,
Pittsburg Pa., May 17-10. Annual
Convention, National Association of
Manufactures of the United States.
Fare and one third on certificate plan.
9tf Traffic Mgr.
Imperial Council Nobles of tbe Mystic
Shrine, Atlantic City, N. J., July 13
and 15.
For the above occasion tbe M. ft O.
By. Co. will sell first class ronnd trip
tickets to Atlantic City, N. J., at one
lowest regular first class fare plus 82 00
for the round trip.
For further particulars call on or
address the undersigned at Manches
ter, Iowa, sir,
J. L. Kelsey,
13-W18 Tralllo Mgr.
Triennial Oonclave Knights Templar.
San FranciBco, Cal., Sept. 5 to 0, 1904.
For tbe above occasion tbe Manches
ter and Oneida By. Co., will sell round
trip tickets to Sao Francisco or Los
Angeles going and returning via any
of the direct routes, $50.00.
Destination, San Francisco, going
via Missouri Biver and via Ogden, via
Albuquerque or via El Paso, returning
via Portland and Huntington or Bil
lings and Mo. Biver or the reverse, or
St. Paul or reverse $81.00.
Dates of sale Aug 15 to Sept. 2, 1904.
Final return limits October 15, 1904.
.For transit limits, stop over privileges
side trips or other Information call on
or address. J. L. KELSEY,
15w21 Tralllc Mgr.
-Thrlce-a-Week Edition.
Head wherever the English Language
The Thrice-a-Week World long ago
established itself In pnbllo favor, and
it is now recognized as the strongest
publication of Its kind in the United
States. Advertisers and publishers
seeking clubbing combination—and
they know best—universally testify to
this. It Is widely circulated In every
State and Territory of the Union, and
even in remote Sonth Africa and on
the gold fields In the deserts of A ustra
lia. These are things that tell.
Next year we have the Presidential
campaign, In which all Americans are
deeply interested. Already the Issues
are being discussed and the two great
parties are preparing for the first moves.
You will not want to miss any details,
and if you subscribe now your year's
subscription will cover the campaign
from beginning to end.
The Tbrice-a-week World Is abso
lutely fair in its political news. Parti
san bias is never, allowed to affect its
news columns, and democrat and repub
lican alike can obtain in its pages truth
ful accounts of all tbe great political
In addition to all the news, the
Thrice-a-Week World furnishes the
beBt serial fiction, elaborate market re
ports and other features of Interest.
The Thrlce-a-Week World's regular
subscription price Is only $1.00 per year
and this pays for 156 papers. We offer
this unequalled newspaper and the
Manchester Democrat together one
year for $2.15.
Tbe regular subscription price of the
two papers Is $150" tf
Manchester & Oneida Rv.
No. 2 loaves Manchester at 6 a. m. ar*
rlveaut Oneida ttt 6: a.m. Connects
with west bound C. G. W. Mo. 5.
RoturuluR loaves Oneida at 5:85
arrives at Manchester at 6 (& a.
No. 4. leaves Manohcster at 7 16 a. m.
•43 arrives at Oneida at 7:45 a. m„ eon
necta wlih east bound O. O. W. No.
... 6. Returning leaves Oneida at 7:5C
a. m., arrives at Vaucboster at 8:2C
a. ni.
Train No. G.leavos Manchester at 6:40a.m..ar
rives at Oneida at 9:14 a.m. Con*
•nectswlth tbe north bound G. M. ft
Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and 22.
St. P., No. 22. Returning leaves
:vv Onolda at 9:20, arrlvesat Manchester
j. at9:60a.m.
Train No. 8, leaves Manchester at 2:t0 p. m.,ar
rives at Onolda at 2:30 t. m. Con
nects with C. G. W.. No. 4. east
&f bound, and No. 9, west bound. Re
turniDgloavos Onolda at 6:45 p. m.
arrlvos at Manchester at 5:27 p. m.
Train No 10, leaves Manchester at 4:45 p. m.«
arrlvos at Oneida at 5:15 p. m. COB*
nects with south bound C. Bl.ft Ht.
P., No. 21. Roturnlng leaves Oneida
at 6:80 p. in., arrives at Manohealet
C:G0p. m.
Gen. Tram*,
Through tlokets for salo at Manchester to all
poiuts In North America.
Belknaps Crossing, Platform at Quaker Mill
Switch. Franklin Street Crossing, blv's Cross
ing, Miller's Crossing, Twin Crossing, Wesl
brook's Crossing.
Main Line Passenger Trains.
No 1*12:13
No 8* 2:18 pm.
No83 W:05 pm
No 5 t9:00a
No 98t 2:00 pm.
..Fast Train..
Thro Express.
Local repress
Way Freight.
*1?0 6t 6*40 pm
No 94 il:45am
North Bound I liet Uedar Rpds Houtb Bound
and Manchester -—Leave
No.806 6:00p.m
No 834 8.4oa.m
No. 8001:00p.m
No.8059:10 a. in
All above trains carry passengers.
tDally JSxceptSunday.
H. G. PIERCE. Station Agt.
No. 6 Runs to Sioux City only.
No. 3 Runs to Omaha only.
No. has connections to Omaha. Sioux City
andSiouxfallsandNo. 2 from same points.
ill St Pet
Illinois Central between Omaha and Fort Dodge
In connection with the Minneapolis and St. Louis
between Fort Dodgo and Minneapolis and Ht.
Paul, also to be Inaugurated January 98, ltfOO
Lv. Omaha
7.85 p. m.
•r. Minneapolis
7.80 a. m.
Ar. St. Paul
8.00 a.m.
Lv. St. Paul
8.oo p.
8.ao p. m.
Ar. Omaha
8.16 a.
A fast vestibule night train, dally, carrying
through Pullman sleeping car and couches.
Lv. St. Paul
9.00 ft. m.
Lv. Omaha
7.00 a. m*
Ar. Minneapolis
Lv Minneapolis
"The Maple Leaf Route."
Time card, Oneida, Iowa.
Chicago Special, Dally, Going East 7:47 a
pay Express dally 2:89 pm
Way Freight dally ex. Sunday 11:80 am
Going West, North and South.
Way Freight, dally ex. Sunday 11:20 am
D»yBxpre88. dally....- 8:16pm
St Paul ft Kansas city Exp, dally .5:81 am
For Information and tlokets apply to
Twice.each month, on specific dates, the UU*
noli Central wlK sell at greatly reduced rata
from points on its- line north of Cairo, roundtrlp
Homeseekers* Excursion tickets South to cer
tain points on or renohed by Its lines in Ken
tucky, Tennesseee, Mississippi, Louisiana and
Alabama. Also to\certam points West and
Southwest In Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota.
South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas Oklahoma
and Indian Territory. Particulars of yourllll
nols Centralagents.
For a free copy of the Homeseekers* Gold*
describing the advantages atad resources tbe
South, address J. F. MerryTA. G. P. A., 1. C. B»
R., Dubuque, Iowa. For Information regard*
Ing lands in tne famous Yazoo Walley of Miss
issippi, address E. P. Skene, Land) Commissioner
Such investments are not speculative.
South lsnot anew country. Market and shlppl
facilities aro adequate and first class, l
climate Is mild ana favorable. Notwlthstandln
these and other advantages, southern lands
selling for prices far below their real value, ft,r.
at present prices net large returns on the In
vestment. For a free set of circulars Nos. 1 to
10, Inclusive,conccrnlDR the possibilities of lands
In Kentucky, West Tennessee, Mississippi and
Louisiana, on and noar tbe Illinois Central Ball
road, for homeseekers and investors, address
tbe undersignod. .J. F. MERRY.
Asa'tGon'l Pass'r Agent I. C. B.
Dubuque, Iowa.
Every Day in the
Year the fl. & O.
Are selling round trip
tickets,-good for 30 days
to Chicago and Great
Western stations, inside
of 166 miles at 10% dis
count. 49tf
O Homeieekers Bate to North
and Sonth Dakota.
Every Tuesday until Oct 25th, the
Manchester and Oneida Railway will
sell round trip tickets to points In tbe
above named states at a neat redac
tion from tbe usual fare. For further
information apply to.
J. L. Kelsey.
Traflio Mgr.
11 (Oct 23) Manchester Iowa.
National Baptist Anniversary.
Cleveland, Ohio, Uay 16-24,1904,
For tbe abofe occasion tbe Manchester
and Oneida Baiiway will sell round trip
tickets to Cleveland Ohio, May 13,15.16
and 17,1904, good to leave Cleveland
not later than May 28tb at one fare
plus 82.25 for the round trip., an ex
tension of return limit may be secured
until June lOtb by depositing ticket
with agent of Cleveland terminal line.
J. L. Kelsey Traffic Mgr. lg-8
Annual Convention Travelers Pritec
tlve Association of America,
Springfield, 111., Jun$ & to 15,1904
occasion the I. C. R. B.,|
sell tickets to Springfield, 111, at a
of one fare plus 82.00 for tbe re
trip. Tickets on sale Jtiiie 4,5, and
Final return limit June 16th. 1
15W8 H. Q. FIEUCE,

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