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Sold by
City Hall Pharmacy
Headquarters for the
Best Toilet Preparations on the
One of wliicli is the old time BORAX or BORIC ACTD.
Excels in the toilet, bath, sick room, nursery, kitchen and
There is 110 place in all t.lie house where the laws of sani
tation should be so strictly observed as in the kitchen. Pots
«nd pans, and sinks and cupboards need systematic cleansing if
they are to bo kept clean and wholesome.
The first stop in the solution of the servant problem is a
Solution of Borax. It lightens labor. It doubles the cleaning
power of soap and water nnd makes things shine, and sweet and
Be sure to get none but the pure, in original packages, the
20 Mule Team Pure Borax.
O a Jr
& G.rems,
is conceded by all to the qual
Hy of the lumber and building 1
material we'carry.
We aim to have our stock,
selected witli great care, no
green, unsound lumber for us,
or for you,—if you buy of ns.
I)o not forget ns.--Office 0111
west side of river.
PHONE 156. J. W. RABENAU, Mg'r.
Warn Weather is
'With it will come BERRIES
and all kinds of VEGETABLES.
You that have watched our (lis
play will see that it is complete.
jood Fitting
ices range from $6 to $12.
Try us on your next pair of ^Trousers,
A fino fitting pair of Trousers brings joy to a man's heart.
We are fitting men in Trousers who we are sorry to say,
claim they have never been properly fitted. Our cutter un
derstands the knack of Trouser cut
ting exactly. It is no easy proposi
tion to make a pair of Trousers fit, mm
and yet be easy at every point, no 2
matter what position you take,
whether siting down, bending overTp
or standing erect
We can provo any assertion we make
Clothier and Merchant Tailor.
[email protected] andWiciniiy\
—The law on prairie chickens is
out Thursday.
—K. M. CarrspentSaturday, Sun
day and Monday at Okoboji.
Miss licssie Edmunds is homo
from an extended Fayette visit.
—Dr C. L. Leigh was an Okoboji
visitor last week and part of this.
—A. ,T. Andrews attended tlio
Slate Fair at Des Moines last week.
—Mr. Uld of Strawberry Point
was a business visitor hero Wednes
—John F. Carr was liore from
Lamont Wednesday and Thursday
—Mr. and Mrs. Forest Ilonry
were hero from Des Moines last
—Hon. I. M. Gibson of Greeley
was one of the many hero on Wood
men day.
—Mr. Rosa of Masonvitlc was a
business visitor in Manchester a day
last week.
—Mrs. Oscar Ilockaday and
daughtor wero guests last week of
Oelwcin relatives.
—E. II. lloyt is filling n. A. von
Oven's place in the Lament Jiank
while the latter is at the Exposition.
—C. Truinble and family of La
mont wero seeing tlio animals at the
Norris & Rowe circus hero Wednes
—Among those at tlio circus Wed
nesday from Lamont were Win.
Trower and son and John Elliott
and family.
—Tlio Boston Bloomer Girls aro
to play base hall at Dyersvillo with
the team of that placo Sunday, Sep
tember 1th.
—M's. A. E. Ross of Montana has
been a guest in the homo of her sis
ter-in-law, Mrs. S. J. Edmunds, for
some days past.
—Miss Fannie Ilneberle had as
her guests last week Miss Gwen
Perkins of Delhi and Misi Cora
llanna of Des Moines.
—J. A. Thomas is fast disposing
of the real estate he is advertising
for sale, his bargain prices making
Ryan properties (puck*sellers..
—County Superintendent Joseph
and wife enjoyed a visit from the
former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. P. O.
Joseph of llopkintou last week.
—Among those from hero visiting
tho State Fair and friends at Des
Moines last week were Mrs. G. G.
Armstead and daughter, Miss Belle.
—Mrs. II. E. Nowcomb departed
for her home in Maqnoketa Thurs
day last, after being a pleasant guest
with friends here for a short time.
—Goo. Blackburn and family,
Mrs. Flora Rogers and son and Mrs.
Delia Goldsmith, of Lamoilt, spent
I Wednesday last with friends hero.
I —Independence B.-J: Mrs. Irene
Young, who is tho guest of her
mother, Mrs. C. L. Ilussey, went to
Manchester yesterday for a two (lavs
I —R. A. Dunham left Saturday for
his new home in Clark, S. D., where
he is to ho associated in business
with Attorney Elrod, republican
nominee for Governor of that state.
—Mrs. E. Bowkor and her sister,
Miss Eubanlc who was visiting her
I from Missouri, spent Thursday and
Friday last in Independence, Miss
I Enbank going on home from that
I city.
—Earlvillo Phoenix: Mrs. Wm. N.
Hulbert, of Primgliar, Iowa, daugh
tor of Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Long, is
visiting friends in town, Manchester,
Greeley and other parts of the
—Among Manchester's circus day
visitors last week were Mrs. G. S.
Jones and son Leon of Edgewood.
Master Leon is taking treatment of
the Doctors Dittmer for defective
hearing and is improving under their
—Mrs. II. M. Bradley assisted by
I her sister Mrs. Marston of Now York
City, delightfully entertained at
luncheon last Wednesday afternoon,
the hostesses and guests afterwards
forming a box party for tho after
noon performance of the Norris &
Rowe circus.
—A hunting party composed of
E. H. Iloyt, F. B. Blair, Dr. II. M.
Bradley, Burton Clark, A. llollister
and W. II. Hutchinson leave this
week for South Dakota from which
wo infer that that state will soon be
bereft of the chicken that erstwhile
has roamed its prairie wilds.
—Masonvillo is a village of enter
prise—they are making extensive ar
rangements now to entertain the
whole of Delaware county on Labor
Day, September 5th, at a big picnic
at Griffin's Grove. County Attorney
A. M. Cloud and Hon. I. M. Gibson
are to bo tho orators of tho day.
—The McCarren home was the
scene of a pleasant gathering of
friends last Wednesday, Mesdames
Alderson and Appleby, and the
Misses Buckley and Newberry of
Strawberry Point and Mrs. Kingsley
of Washington, D. C., and Mrs.
I Davidson of Virginia enjoying tho
hospitality of Mrs. and Miss" McCar
ren on that day.
—Ilopkinton Leader: A. L. Cole
tm' special agent for tho Fairbanks
2 Morse Co. was in town Monday.
pertaining to tho fitting of a pair of Fairbanks gasoline engine at the
Ti'ousers. We cap also give you mm Delaware County Fair at Manches
clioice of a large variety of, different 2 ter. He will demonstrate how the
fabrics, including some of the most 2 I Fairbanks can do all the hard work
exquisite Spring patterns. -Jp on the farm except milk tho cows.
2 —The Norris & Rowe circus will
meet a hearty reception in Manches
ff ter should thoy visit this place
again. They are a clean business
mm like set of fellows and the circus
2 I was the best that has ever made this
2 place. The parade was an index to
what followed and the performance
as a whole lived up to the advertised
qg program. Best of all not a faker
.. He
made arrangements with Martin
Steen to make an exhibit of the
was with them. They had good
2, crowds and everyone was well
pleased with tho show
—A fine vici kid shoe at Grass
lie M's at the low price of *2.fi0.
—Miss Sue Rich spent last week
with Miss Julia McGrmv in Cedar
—Mr. andMra. D. K. Grove were
last weolc arrivals homo from a
southern trip.
—Miss Lou Densniore of Edge
wood was a guest in the John Funk
home here last week.
—Tho First National Bank ex
tends an invitation to you in their
adv. this week. Read it.
—Miss Barbara Neft was a guest
with relatives here last week, en
to her new home in Dakota.
—Mr and Mrs. D. F. Galer were
guests from Edgewond in the Dan 1
Romig home a few (lavs last week.
—Never forget to road the Racket
Storo adv. for they quote you prices
every week. This week it's on
—The W. D. Work children en
joyed a visit from their cousins,
Harry, Gerald and Eddie Staehle of
Earlvillo last week.
—Anders Philipp are head
quarters for school supplies of every
sort. Tho school patrons will do
well to read what they say this
—Miss Ilattie Rich who has been
having a short vacation from hos
pital duties at Iowa City, returned
Isst week to assume her studies as
—Mrs. Arthur Rudolph of Wash
ington D. C. is tho guest of Mr. and
Mrs. John U. Schilling of this city.
Mr. Rudolph and Mrs. Schilling are
brother and sister.
—Twenty dollars will take you
to New Orleans through the country
that E. J. lireekon is always talking
about, lie is going back September
l.'ltli. Better plan to go with him.
—Edgewood Journal: William
Ilockaday of Manchester bought
twenty-five head of fino two year old
heifers from Fred Densmore Monday
They were taken from the latter's
farm down in Elk Valley.
—A. B. llolbert. of Greeley, the
well known importer of horses, ship
ped Friday two car loads of his
finest horses to tho world's fair at
St. Louis over tho Milwaukee road.
They wero shipped in lino palaco
cars nnd twelve or fifteen men ac
companied tho two cars to care for
them on the road and when in St.
Louis, and it is said ho will be a sure
winner there, as -there are none bet
ter than his ever imported to this
country and no dcalar has as large
a lot of them there as Mr. llolbert.
—Dyersvillo Commercial
Complete Exhibition of Island People and
Industries Covci-s Forty-seven Acres
and Is Independent of Larger Show.
Not oven in tho heart of Manila city
C.-OUW1 thort* bo found forty-sevon acres
of Philippine territory as interesting as
that amount of space covered by the
islands' display at the World's Fair.
Here is an exposition within an ex
position, a little wheel that revolves
Independently.of the larger one encom
passing it.
Scores of buildings are lllled with ex
hibits, native life Is depicted by as
many different villages as there are
tribes on the Islands, military drills are
given by Philippine troops, and con
certs are rendered by native bands.
For its amusement features the Philip
pine exposition has the humorous Igor-
rote, who dines on dog meat, and
visitors are entertained by Visayan
actors and actresses. Nothing is lack
ing to make the show complete.
The Administration building is a rep
lica of the government otllces in Ma
nila, while the Art and Education
building reproduces in miniature the
cathedral within the walled city, even
the mellowed tints of age being faith
fully rendered. A section of the au
dent but still serviceable town wall
has beeu reconstructed to serve the dou
ble purpose of a gateway to the show
and a museum of arms and war relics.
The other main edifices are types of
Filipino homer, being built of undress
ed timber, bamboo and rattan, with
thatched roofs aud broad verandas.
Then there are the tribal villages
uestllDg under the trees, some of the
houses perched high up among the
boughs, others on piles above the wa
ters of tho Arrowhead lake, all of them
actual dwellings fashioned of native
materials by native workmanship und
illustrating the maimers, customs and
pursuits of their occupants. Hero are
women weaving a coarse elotli on a
rude hand loom, others making bas
kets, others tending irrigated fields of
rice. One group of men are in village
council, trying an offender according
to their tribal laws others are slowly
movlug in a circular dance to the thump
of tomtoms aud the clang of brass
gongs others, again, are smelting iron
by the aid of a primitive but most in
genious bellows, the constituent parts
of which are a bamboo lube and an air
tight mop of feathers working therein
like the piston of a syrlngo. And these
are but few of an almost endless va
riety of life pictures.
Tho ethQQjpglcal problciu.ls spmfr
what minplicuti'd one tut, although
thi'io nic no fewer than sixteen races
represented among the village dwellers,
the scouts and the constabulary, each
race speaking Its own dialect and fol
lowing Us own customs, all may bo
roughly rlnssiliod Into four groups—
the true aboriginals or non-Malays, the
pagan Malays, the Christian Malays
nnd the Mohammedan Malays.
The first are the dwarf Negritos, with
dark skins and woolly heads, wearers
of scanty raiment, proficient in tho use
of the bow aud poisoned arrow, a raco
of nomads and forest dwellers, pagans
pure and simple. They live in their
own stockaded village.
Next to them are the Igorrotes,
whose origin Is traced back to the first
wave of Malay Invasion. Here, again,
we have scanty clothing, amounting
almost to nudity, but copper colored
6kins, long wavy tresses, .pleasant fea
tured faces and fine physiques, even
though tho stature be small. Among
these pagan Malays are the head hunt
ers and the dog caters. They are sav
ages, yet have their code of laws and a
knowledge of several primitive indus
Tho Christian Malays, produced by
the second wave of invasion, are rep
resented by the Vlsayans, a tall and
handsome race, dressing well, living in
pretty homos, skilled in weaving, dye
ing, basket making, hat making, wood
carving and other handicrafts, musi
cians of mean merit, the one group
of natives who came early and thor
oughly under the influence of the early
Spanish settlers.
Very different are the Moro9, who
swept into the Islands from the Malay
peninsula last of all, bringing with
them their Mohammedan religion, also
a knowledge of gunpowder acquired
with the Koran from the Arabs—fana
tics like their teachers, pirates, blood
thirsty, treacherous and vindictive fel
lows, ever at war among themselves
and with the whole outside world. De
spite their ferocity they are a clever
race, dress handsomely, have their sul
tans and their slaves and arc expert
seamen, while long continued pillage
on the high seas has surrounded them
^vUh many of the luxuries and conven
iences of western civilization.
The buildings of Agriculture, Forest
ry and Fisheries show Till the varied
natural products, also the extremely
primitive processes as yet in vogue,
while in the Women's building we are
introduced to a number of native man
ufactures, Including the beautiful fab
rics from the jusl, banana and pine
apple fibers. This Information Is collat
ed in tho Building of Commerce, where
a unique and most effective method of
exhibiting is followed. In one hall arc
samples of all the articles produced for
export, among which manila fiber, of
course, holds the chief place ofk prom
inence, while in a second hall are all
the manufactures from every country
that are imported and find a ready
market among the populace. Thus tho
business man gets a dual lesson. Ho
sees what he can profitably take from
the islands, and also what he may
profitably send to them. When it Is
added that a large number of represent
ative Filipinos have been brought over
to visit the Exposition and study Amer
can business methods and manufac
tures, it will be recognized that great
benefit both to the islands and to the
world at large must result from this
work of mutual enlightenment.
Prizes Aggregating $30,000 to Be Die*
tributed at the World'* Fair.
Never were musical events in Ameri
ca planned upon such an elaborate scale
as those of the World's Fair. A series
of concerts will be given by competiug
bauds In contest for prizes offered by
the World's Fair. These contests will
take place in Festival Qall, Sept 12
to 17.
Nine cash prizes, aggregating $30,000,
are offered for the successful bauds.
The prizes are divided so as to give to
tho organization scoring the highest
number of points $3,250 $2,500 will be
given to the band scoring the second
highest number of points and $1,500 to
the one getting the third highest num
The above division is made for bands
in Class A, which consist of twenty
members. In the class $10,000 will
be given in prizes—first, $4,500 second,
$3,500 third, $2,000.
Class C, which includes bands of thir
ty-five members, will enjoy the division
of $12,750. For the organization scor
ing the highest number of poiuts a
prize of $0,000 has been named. The
second prlzo is $4,000 and the third $2.
Bands employed by the Exposition
are not permitted to contest. All play
ers must be bona fido members, and
each musician must have been enrolled
at least three months prior to the date
of the contest Each band must send
to the bureau the uame of Its members
and a nominal entrance fee.
Festival Hall concerts by massed
bands will be given at 7:80 each day
durlug the contest, in which all contest
ing bands will take part under the di
rection of a distinguished conductor.
AH bands entering must agree to play
one concert In addition to the compet
ing concert and massed concerts.
A separate programme has. been pre
pared by the Bureau of Music for each
class, and each band will play through
tho full programme of its class. The
numbers in all three programmes are
by eminent composers and are chosen
with tlio view of bringing out the qual
ities of the bands performing them. The
list of composers includes Wagner, Gou
nod, Offenbach, Verdi, Salnt-Saens, Bi
zet, Strauss and Leoncavallo.
I After Lent lllneaa,
"The plates on the table looked
strange to me, though I have used
tliem forty years. The pictures on the
walls seemed to hang in new places.
The very carpets hod a novel coloring,
as If they liad been at some tuaglc
cleansing and dyeing cstabllrifenent"
Dear Aunt Mary was telling her favor
ite nieco her "Queer" feelings after long
iilnuss. She was mnconsclous that she
wus repeating the story that has been
told by convalescents from the time of
Hazlitt till the present day.
Familiar things take on a disguise to
the recovering eye. Even the face of
a friend bears a now depth of meaning.
"Did she use to look at me with such
lutenslty uf gaze? Did she clasp my
hand so warmly? Was her voice so
gentle and her 'word so full of hope and
courage before 1 was Bick?"
To tile humau creature Just returning
to life after lingering for days at the
gates of death tl*e whole world as
sumes a new aspect. Eveu Inanimate
objects seem to say: "You came near
leaving us forever. No wonder you for
got our shapes and colors." And the
warm, cousclous, loving friend bends
over us and with eye and voice says,
"See, I love you more truly than before
I knew how I should miss you!" So
after long sickness, as after a hard,
cold, winter, tho world breaks into a
new and -blossoming spring,—Youth's
and will be refunded io you if sftw usins
bait a bottle of
you are not piUinfiod with results.
This is
ffar.rn.nteo which is
Anyone wending a "ketch and (toscrhition mny
sent free. Oldest ncoiicy forncrurm^ patents.
Patents taken through Muim A (.o. receive
tpeeinl notice, without chiinjo, in tho
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. J.-irceat cir
culation of any RclentlUc Journal. Terms, |3 a
year: fonr months, Sold by all ncwudenlers.
All druggists sell
25-cent packages.
"Thedford'a Black
Draught ifl tho host medi
cine t) regulate the bowels
I have ever used."—IIES.
A. G11A N T, Sucads
Ferry, N. C.
Do you know Yeast Foam
Yeast Foam is thcycastthat
makes the best bread, of the
best flavor, you ever tasted.
Yeast Foam is the yeast
tliat never grows lifeless,
stale or sour, but is always
fresh, sweet and ready for
Yeast Foam is the best
and most reliable yeast
made, regardless
of cost.
is a
dry, compressed
yeast, compounded of
malt, hops,
corn and other
healthful ingredients, in the
sweetest and cleanest factory
in the world. No matter how
long you have kept it, Yeast
Foam is always ready to pro
duce the freshest, nuttiest
bread that can be made.
A farm of about 193 acres, on line
of Cedar Rapids branch of Illinois
Central R. R., five miles south of
Manchester, and ono mile from
Golden station ample buildings and
of good quality fine well water with
wind mill and tanks. No better
grain and stock farm in Delaware
county. Must be sold to sottle an
estate. Is a bargain at 05.00 per
acre, which will buy it if taken soon.
2-10 acre farm 11 miles southeast
of Manchester 110 acres under im
provement, balance pasture line
buildings, all now, and plenty of
them good well water with wind
mill and tanks. Best farm for the
money in the country. Come quick
if you want a bargain. Price $50.00
per acre.
We have other farms aiftl can suit
you. Call and see us.
rlsr* 'X
flew York
Branch Office. 625 St- Washington. T». cx
"I waa troubled with stom
ach trouble. Thedford's Black
Draught did mo more good
In one week than all the doe
tor's medicino I took in a
year."— MRS. SARAH E.
SHIRFIELD, Ellettsville,
Thedford's Black Draught
quickly invigorates the ac
tion of tho stomach ami
cures even chronic cases of
indigestion. If you will
take a small dose of Thed
ford's Black Drausht occa
sionally you will keep your
stomach and liver in per
fect condition.
More sickness is caused by
constipation than by any
other disease. Thedford's
Black-Draught not only re
lieves constipation but cures
diarrhoea and dysentery and
keeps the bowels regular.
Original Notice
Optobftr iVnn, A I). In Kqulty
vs. Wm S Haras. Kllza
It Hiirns. Mr-. Aleximdor Unn, Alexander
Minn. Airs Alexander Kltnu, Thomas Ken
shaw. Mrs Thomas Kensliaw, Marv David
2?n. .^nn.'£M Annie Philips, Annie
Kliut. I ho Unknown heirs ut law of llionias 8
Davidson, deceased, and The Unknown Claim
ants of tho.SW hi of 8'c *s and the 84 of tlio
SK?., of Sec 20 In Twp North, W of tho flth
In Delaware County. Iowa, or of any part
of Rnld premises, defendants.
To tlio aitovo named defendants:
You and each of yon aro hereby notified that
there Is now on illo In tho oltlco of the (Jlork or
the* District Court of Iowa, in and for Delaware
County, tho petition and amendment thereto,of
the ntlfT, LrKoy, in which ho alleges
that ho Is the absolute owner In feo of the South
westuuarlorM.il of section twonty eight |i!ftl
and the south half [4] of the South east quarter
or Section Twenty rlne [aa] lo Township
JNni-ih. Range Three l*\ West of the
r.th 1' lu Delaware Countv, Iowa.
That whatever Interest, claim or title the de
frhiUmts in Uii* action (known or unknown] or
either of them hav" In or to the above deserlhod
1 eal estate, or any part thereof.
Only at our .:.y-xl below,
^JPor Solo ntut CnaracCecd Only By
Lawrence & Groins, Manchester, la.
Is derived from,
through or under Wm S Barns. Kllza Barns,
Alexander Flinn. Mrs Alexander Fllnn,
Mrs Alexander l.lnn, Thomas b' Uonshaw,
vrs Thomas Konshaw, Mary Davidson,
Annie IMieleps. Annio Philips [now Annie
I'llntj, or Thomas S Davidson.
That pli.ntllT has sought diligently to learn
tho names and place of residence of the un
known claimants of »atd real entate. defendant*
in tins action, and that tho nellies and placos of
residence of such unknown claimants, or of
i-lthcrof them.tsULkuowiitohlm.aml that ho
l. unable to describe the named or unnamed de
fendants to this ae ion or the unknown claim*
Huts of saiu real est-ite. or any part thereof,
morofuPy or deitnltely than as they are des
cribed in said petition and amendment thereto.
1 hat the uinttfi and those umlor whom he
claims title to said real estate have been for
more than ten yoara last pa t. and the plaintiff
now it*, lu the actual, undisturbed, open, adverse
exc uslve, visible, continued and notorious pos
session of all of said real ostaio. and of every
part aud parcel thereof undercolor or title and
claim of right.
For a more partleu'ar statement of plaintiff's
claim of title to cam re.il estate, you aro referred
to said petition, and amendment thereto, lu
which amoDg oth'-r things, he prays for a decree
quieting his title thereto, and for such other and
further relief as may be deemed equitable in the
Now. therefore, unless you appear thereto
and dctend on or before noon of thu second day
of tho next term of iid District Court to be be
gun aud holden at Manchester, said Delaware
County, on Monday, tho 17th day of October.
11104. default will bo entered against you and
judgmc: and decree rendered as prayed iusald
potlttouand amendment thereto.
Brouson Carr,
Dunham, Norris & Stiles
and Vorao. Arnold Kt Yoran,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Upon reading tho petition and amendment
thereto, lu (he abovo entitled cause, and the
foregoing original notice,
said notice Is
and it in hereby orderod that the same be pub
lished for six consecutive weeks In IhoManches
ter Domocrat, a weekly newspapor published
sit Manchester, in Delaware County. Iowa.
Manchester, Iowa, July 30,1!)04.
Judgo of tho 10th Judicial District of Iowa,
If you want to have a picnic,
Take Beacoin's IMcnlc I'llls
They will regulate your liver
And drivo away your ills.
Try them. 25 cents. All druggists.
FOL! SAI.K:—Good hotel, three lots
furniture and business for sale cheap
in ono of tho best towns in the coun
ty. Enquire of livron Bronson, Man
hester, Iowa. 21tf.
For your liver ana stomach ilia,
Take Ueacooi'B IMculc Pills,
They will surely do you good
They will stimulate your blood,
And make you fool as happy as a clam.
Try tbem. 35 cts. All druggists. 5011
CHEAP—Residence Property in this city
inquire of Bronson & Carr.
either party.
'9 '"Uow
The secret is in the yeast.
All grocers sell it at 5c
a package. Each pack
age contains 7 cakes—
enough to make 40
loaves. Scud for our
book, "How to Make
Bread," free*
Mason Work,
Now I am ready to take contracts lu mason
work of any description.
Lands You at the Gate.
All tho most important trains of
tlio Wabash Railroad now run into
St. Louis by way of "World's Fail
Grounds, stopping at Wabash World
Fair Station, located at tlio main o«
trance. Tho Wabash is tho only
lino that sells tickets and nhceks
baggage direct to the World's Fair
main gate. Excursion tickets on
sale daily. Very low rate coach
tickets sold twice a week. Wrilo
for full particulars, and a copy of
folder containing a map of St. Louis
and tho Fair Grounds. F. A.
MF.ii, Asst. Gen. Pass. Agt, 311 Mar
quette Bldg., Chicago, 111. 28lf
Residence Property for Sale.
We are authorized to offer for
sale tho Dr. Sherman residence pro
perty on Butler street. For terms
apply to BRONSON
CAHR. tf.
Probate of Will.
Delaware County
To all whom It may concern: You are hereby
notlflod that tho last will of Thomas W. Ilobiu
son deceased, hus beon Hied, opened and read,
and Monday, the iTthdayof October A I).
low, fixed as the time, and tho Court House
In Manchester the place for hearing and prov
ing the same.
witness my hand and seal of said court this
8th day of August, 1904.
•JSKAL[ Clerk District Court.
are Loaning Money as cheap as
any person or corporation.
DOUGLASS, the Photo-
Goto Douglass
Parties wishing llowers for
Decoration are requested to leave
their orders early.
tJNorth Manchester, Iowa.
We Sell and Rent
The World's Best Typewriter
carry a complete stock of Typewriter
Desks, Ribbons, Papers, Carbons, and all
supplies for all makes of machines.
Competent stenographers, who can operate any
make of machine, furnished without charge
Send for oar booklet or anleiman to explain juit why the
Smith Premier is the moet perfect and practical of all writing
tSfie Smith Premier Typewriter Co.
265 Wabash Ave.,
Chicago, III.
Pead Depiocfat
Highly Seasoned Dishes aro Called "Deviled" Food.
Tlieso dishes aro very popular for Late Suppers. Luncheons and ta club llfo. They can be
nude at home very economically and just as conveniently as at the Club, and may bo broiled or
cooked In it hot ovon or dialing dish.
prepared thus: Put Into a soup plate two spoontuls of Yacht
I lub Salad Dress na, half a teaspoonful ot mustard, hair a scant toaspoonful of curry powdor and
half a teaspoonful of Llva Hi l'errlu's Worcestershire table sauce. Mix these lnxrealents well
together and the preparation ls ready for use. Tills quantity of paste Is sufflclenTfcr tho follow
Allow your mutton or lamb kidneys to stand covered in cold water containing half a teasnon
of soda Jiau an hour. Ibis treatment removes any strong odor or taste thoy
is via the
Possibly you doift understand that you can leave Manchester at 3:12
P. M. any day in the week, have a couple of hours lor supper in Dubu
que, catch the ST. LOUIS SPECIAL consisting of through Pullman
Sleepers and Free Reclining Chair Cars at 7:00 P. M., and arrived at St.
Louis 71
tho next morning.
Tickets limited to iiff' .jjdays $12.35 sixty days days$13.70 Dec. 15,
190-1, §1(5.-15. These tickets maybe used in either direction via Chicago,
and are good for stop-over there of not to exceed ten days by depositing
ticket, without extra fee. A good way to make the trip is to take
the St. Louis Special from Dubuque, and return via Chicago.
If you expect expect to take hi the St. Louis World's Fair, drop a post
al to J. F. Merry, A. G-. P. A., I. C. R. R. Dubuque, Iowa, giving your
address, and a World's Fair folder and pocket map of tho grounds will
bo mailed you, and you will be kept advised of any change in rates, train
service, otc.
WWUH.. 4t ,uu
frying pan or cliatlnn dish, llrsi put In a little buttor when the butterIsTiulto^Sta^^^Xlcfeev's'.
Do not cook them too much aa that will make them touch.
Cut out recipe for paste, you can use it for many other dishes.
The Best Service to
MAIH..... .1. LU I 1

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