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MAY 17, 1905
W. J. Burke was a Greeley
visitor Friday.
—H. M. Davis was a caller in
Masonville Saturday.
—Rev. A. W. Caul wont to Ep
wortli Wednesday last.
—Dr. Douglass of Earlville was a
Manchester visitor Friday.
—E. J. Hopkins of Delhi transact
ed business in this city Friday.
—John Reilly of Ryan was a Man
chester business visitor Friday.
—Miss Nellie.Goldsmith was an
Earlville visitor last Thursday.
—D. H. Young was a business
visitor in Independence Saturday.
—Mrs. Elmer Hicks of Moulice'lo
was a Manchester visitor Wednes
—E. J. Hopkins of Delhi was in
this city Friday attending the horse
—Jay Barr of Fayette is a guest
at the homo of his aunt, Mrs. John
—Mr.and Mrs. S. J. Edmunds
went to Cedar Rapids Friday for a
short visit with friends.
—M'ss Mabelle Van Anda of Earl
vilie' wis a guest of Miss I lets Gra
ham several days last week.
—Mrs. John Heath wont to Chi
cago Friday to get her little
has undergone an o|oration.
—Mrs. J. H. Allen returned home
last Friday after visiting at various
points in Wisconsin and Illinois.
—A. Born has moved into the resi
dence on Howard street which he
recently purchased of Mr. Bushnell.
—Mrs. John Smith returned Fri
day morning from Kansas City, Mo.,
where blie has been for the past
—Mrs. Nettie Confare and son.
Bosi.l returned home from a two
weeks' vi9it with frieud-t in Chicago
-T-Vy". R- Allison of Carlsbad, New
Mexico, a former resident of Delhi,
nrriyed hero .Thursday for a visit
with friends.
-4Mrs. L. L. Hills of Minneapolis,
Minh., came Thursday for a several
weeks! visit at the home of her sis
ter, Mrs. W. E. Gildner.
—^Master Earl Evaus had the
misfjprtune to fall down the stairs :it
the Central school last Wednesday
and break his riiflit arm.
—-Small pox has made its appear
ance in South Fork township. Hut
one case there has boon reported and
it is said to bo a mild one.
^Attorneys W. II. Norris, E. B.
(Tes and E. M.L'arr were in Des
Joiliea'1*1 week attending the Su
tpreme IX .irtViu in session at the
-r-Mrs. Uctiii Wright Gridley gave
se,\'^r»l selections jittho High School
-JnAtr-^iday morning, which w^re
liiffbly ejijoyed by both students and
faculty- ...
—Mrs. "F. L. Crosier and daugh
ter Edna wont to Cedar Rapids
Fiiduy morning for a visit of a few
days with Mrs. Crosier's mother,
Mrs. McGrew.
—Mrs. Kate Ellis, and two child
ren, Adrien and Florence, returned
homo from a two weeks' visit at the
home of Fred Ellis in New Hampton
last Tuesday evening.
—Mr.A. R. Aucult, and (amity of
Sheldon have moved to this city
where tliny will make their future
home. Mr Aucutt was in charge of
the creamery here at one time.
—Mr.and Mrs Wilson Acres have
returned from St. Petersburg,
Florida, where they spent tlio winter.
It has become to be known as a sure
sign of spring when "Wils" Acres
arrives homo.
—Au obituary of Riloy Iloldndge,
one of tho early settlers of this coun
ty, and who (Tied at his homo in
Delhi last Saturday appears in the
Delhi correspondence on second
page of this issue.
—Miss Maude Flint went to Wat
erloo Monday whore she will attend
tho-Iowa Legion of Honor conven
tion as a delegate and visit her
friend, Mrs. B. F. Warden, until the
following Monday.
—The following Manchester peo
ple attended the Congregational
Sunday School Convention at Earl
ville Friduy: Mr. and Mrs. H. A
Granger, Mrs. Kit Dunham, Misses
Helen Granger and Margaret Lind
say, Messis. Melvin Yoran and
George Dunham.
—Commissioner North, director
of tho census, estimates the present
population of Iowa at 2,391,033, as
compared to 2,359,0777 last year.
The entire increase for the state
ouly 35.000, which in view of the
census just taken, seems very amdl
Des Moines Daily News.
—The Board of Education of our
public schools has engaged some of
the teachers for another year and
we print their names as follows:
MlDs Maud Cary of Manchester.
1st Primary Miss Esther O'Neal
2nd Primary and Miss Edna Mink
lor, Intermediate.—Edgewood Jour
—As a result of the failure of the
home merchants to advertise, the
Tripoli Leader had ninety inches of
out-of-town advertising in their
ipaue of last week, sixty-four of
being from Montgomery, Ward
Co., and the balance from Waterloo,
Waverly and Suinuer.—Lamout
—Tho losing sulo of tho W. T.
I'.'s entertained the winners at a
seven o'clock dinner at the Globe
Hotel last Friday evening. The
tables were decorated with carnu
tiona and the dinner was admirably
served. At the close of the ban
quet tho party repaired to the home
pf Misses Faith and Ruth Crum
where the evening was spent in
playing cards. Miss Alice Walters
carried oil first prize—a bouquet of
'carnations, and Miss May Strickland
received the consolation. This was
—Gertrude Wallace spent Monday
in Masonville.
Rev. J. J. O'Mera went to Cal
mar Monday.
—Mrs J- W. Funk is seriously
ill at her home in this city.
—Mr. F. K. DetViler was in Sum
ner on business last Thursday.
—James Kogeis, of Earlville, was
in town Thursday on business.
—Grant Brayton shipped a car
load of cattle to Chicago last week.
—Rev. Clarenco Miller, of Watei
loo, spent Sunday in Manchester.
—Clarence klonus and wife ol
Ryan spent Sunday in Manchester.
—M. Tchirgi of Dubuque was in
Manchester Tuesday on business.
—Mr. A. C. Phillip was in Earl
ville on business Wednesday after
—Fifty thousand brook trout
were shipped to Waukon Monday
—Mrs. Clias. Uronson and Mrs.
Henry Brouson spent Monday in
—Miss Floy Eariner of Edgewood
is visiting at the homo of her aunt,
Mrs. O. b. Huene.
—Mrs. Norma Butterfield Merwin
is here from Chicago for a visit
with rolati ves and friends.
—Miss Gertrude Portcous of Ce
dar Rapid-i visited friends here
several days last week.
—Ben Mather and Rose l'ederson,
of Independence, were guests at the
homo ot the former's mother Sunday.
—Mrs. E. O. Clemens of Sioux
City is here for a visit at the home
of her son, Hugh Clemen:-, of this
Willis Cunningham, who has
been visiting the past few days in
Monticello, returned to his home
here Monday.
-Mrs. B. Rees Jones retarned to
her home in Des Moines Saturday
afternoon after a visit at the Uoinu if
Mrs. Jennie Jones.
S. A. Steadman'B harness Bhop
and A. Bom's meat market have
been treated to new coats of paint
duruig the past week.
—Mre. Bessie Anderson Dewey
and Miss Gertrude Audarson weie
guests at tue home ot Can' Clemens
uf CedaWtapids over Sunday.
—Mre.'-F. Dunham and caughler
of Strawberry Point passed through
here Thursday, on tbeir way home
irom Chicago where they have been
—Rev. H. W. 'f utile and E. B.
StileB went to Sioux City Monday,
where they will attend the Iowa
congregational State Association ol
Congregational church ministers.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Langridge
of Strawberry Point returned 1 riday
morning from Epworth, where they
have been attending the Dubuque
Baptist Association.
—Lome Wells was home from Mt,
Vetaon last Thursday. He was eii
rouje to jJbamberiam, S.. D., whel^
he has secured apposition with the
Northwestern Ry.
MiBS Margaret Myers, who is
teacher of the dill grade in the pub
schools, went to Waterloo Sat
urday to be present at tho funeral
her cousin, Miss Carrie Smitli,
which occured Monday afternoon.
A petition fot" paving Maui
street, between the,bridge
and Fourth
avenue, was put in circulation,
last week, aud it is be.ng signed by
many of the property owners on
the street.—Independence Conserv
At Emmetsliurg tho business
men have procured an expert from
Amee, rented a room and are test
ing seed corn for all farmers who
bring it in. It lias been discovered
that scarcely more than fifty per
cent of tho seed corn being tested is
fit for planting.
Cards are out announcing the
marriago of Helen Granger, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Granger,
to Melvin J. Yoran, which will take
place at the First Congregational
church, Thursday evening, June
—The census of Manohester, while
it shows only an increase of fifty 111
th') past five years, shows up much
better than most of the other towns
around us. Although we are not
making very rapid strides in in
crease of population at least we are
a little more than holding our owu.
—Postmastor Summersides lias
just added to his posloffice outfit, a
distributing table that is not only
a pretty piece of furniture, but
so planned and constructed as to be
very convenient, and will make that
branch of the work of the boys in
the office much easier and more ex
peditious than heretofore.
—Tho city census has been almost
completed, our populaiiau being reg
istered as 3,420, a decrease of more
than 200 since the census of five
years ago. This seems to be the
experience in nearly alltownB of
this class in the state, while many of
the lager towns are rapidly on the
increase in population.—Independ
ence Conservative.
—In a heart to heart to heart talk
among the editors at Boone last week
the fact devolved that at least $10,
000 worth of catalogue and mail
order house advertising had been
turned down by newspapera within
the past two months in the interest-)
of home merchants. We wonder if'
Iowa merchants appreciate the loyal
ty of the ii
inters to home iustitu-j
tions? We hardly think it.—Nas
hua Reporter.
—Suspicion is growing at Coun
cil Bluffs that wolves are being bred
in Pottawattamie county for the
sake of the bounty which the law
allows on the pelts of the young
animals. The auditor's office is be
ing deluged with them, and so far
most of the skins have come from
two or three townships. In nearly
every case the animals were barely
a week or two old when killed. At
that age it is a difficult matter to
distinguish them from puppiep of
the mine tribe, and some oi those
been revived will
be tub
—t... O. Torrcy wn Vnamosa
on business last week.
—W. K. Seelje of Dubuque was
a Manchester caller Monday.
—Miss Aggie Jet sen, of Straw
berry Point, was visiting friends in
tliis city last week.
—Mre. A. C. Redding, of Earlville
is a guest at the lioini ol her daugh
ter, Mrs, Will Dudley.
—Mre. Will Lock left Friday
morning for ChurleH City and Aims
where she will visit for a short tuue.
—Mr. Amos Perrv,
of KdgcwuoO, I
went toOsknloosa Tuesday morning
to attend tho G. A. It. bui- Convem
—Mre. Elizabeth Stewart, ol Cedar
Rapids, was in tins city I uw.v eve
ning to inspect the Uhupier ot (lie
Eastern star.
—Patrick Donnelly of Adams wtis
the guest of freinds in this L/ity last
Saturday, and was a welcome caller
at this ollice.
—Mrs. John Ward and son ret
urned to their home in Carbondale.
Illinois Saturday after a visit at tlio
home of Mre. Anna Work.
—The ladies of tho Bay church
will have a dinner and bazaar at the
church on Thursday, May 25. Every
body is cordially invited.
—Morse & Andrews mado 24-18
lbs. of butter Friday which is tho
largest amount yet made in one dav
-One thosand lbs. of tluswasprinted.
41/s. E. W. Williams went to
Dubuque Monday morning where
she saw Mre. Fiske in Leah Kleschna
at the Grand Opera Houbo Monday
—E. E. Morse of Simon & At
water's waB in Coggon Tuesday set
ting the furnace pipes in Dr.. Filz
geralds' new ollice building and
—Messrs. Will Hahesy, Tom Ilen
nessy, Frank Beacom, John Goen
and Will Ward atteuded a meeting
of the Knights of Colnmbus in Dub
uque, Sunday.
-W. D. Hogan, cf FreJeiick, South
Dakota, is in town this week on
business connected with tho Aber
deen Stock Farm Co. of which he is
a member.
P. S. French find Mrs:
B.: B. Jlrigga went 'ty Waterloo Mon
day,, to,
attend, tho Iowa' Legioi( "of
Honor iuieauipinent. Mr. Frciich
went-as a delegate.
Geo. Simon was in Coggon
Monday where he closed a contract
with Henry Henderson, sr., for in
stalling a hot water heating plant in
•ilrs.. J, F, Merry of this fcity
was elected pre£idei)t ot, IJie \Voinans
Home Missionary society of tlip
Methodist church at tho convention
of the society hold last week at Bell6
The Quaker Mill Co. hand in a
change of advertisement too late for
this issue of. The Democrat .in re*.
gard'tonUto change.m ,Uje pc»jje ot
Idol Flour from. Jjti.25 .to., $i,dU.
-T-Tfip,followlng fi^arria^S liceiiBes
were {psued .during the past week:
G. UUey and Clara E. Conimer
ford, William Hunt and Nellie Mor
ten, Charles L. Launholm and Mary
M. Esch.
•Roy Farley, son of F. A. Farley
died at his home in North Manchest
er, Sunday after, a long illuo3s,
The rvices were held I'uesday after
noon from the Catholic church of.
Farley. Interment was made in tli«
Farley cemetary.'
—The Woman's Home Missionary
Drs Bradlry
M. E. church will
meet Wednesday, May 24th at 2:30
p. m. at
home of Mrs. II. 1C
Graves. Leader, Mrs. L. Seeley.
After ithe program a-teq will he giyen
to which all #rq,jimted.
—A. L. Arnea of. Buckingham
la, president of the Iowa Corn Belt
Meat Producers' Association will
lecture here at2:30 oclock Saturday
June,.id. llis subject will be "A
square deal" and will deal with the
transportation question and rates.
He will speak at Ilopkiiitoii Friday
June 2.
who went from
here Tuesday morning to attend the
G. A. R.
convention, to be held
at Oskaloosa this week were Mes
dumes Ellis, Huene, Fishell, Carter,
Elder, Eaton, Crosby and Tirrill and
Messrs. Crosby, Tirrill and Carter.
Mother" Otis, tho well known army
nurse was also a member of the
party. Mrs. Eaton is a candidate
for department treasurer of the
W. 11. C.
Memorial Day Services.
Following is tho program for
Memorial Services at 2 1'. M., May
ot), 1005, at tho fair ground amphi
Muste by Uanil.
tttgli sellout Chorus
Ttie lilue unit the Cray, by Miss
(IhoriH and drlll. by i'ubltc Scbojt.
Mi.bic by It.-iiul.
Collection t» help defray«xpenMB.
Address by lie v. .1. 10. Wagner.
Song, America liy Audience.
March to Cemetery lead by band,
(i. A. II. and W. Ii. C. service* it
U. A. It. lot.
Decorating (irarei.
AU ox-soldiers aro cordially, invit
A. Mors& Post-with 13adgea
arid W. R. C. requested "to meet at
the Post room at 1 p. im. sharp
where carriages will bo .jjrovided,
City CouaCil.
The city council met in'regular
session on* Monday, evening, Mayor
Matthewsipresiding. W.itli .the ex
ception of: allowing the several bills,
very little business was transacted.
There was some talk on street pav
ing, but nothing definite acted upon.
Several tax payers appeared .bef?re
the counoil to advise against exces
sive taxation1 for further .improve
ments at present,'claiming that the
city tax was at about the limit.
On motion the use of the Gity
Hall was granted to the 21st Iowa
Volunteer association for-their re
union June 13 nnd 14.
Solicitor recommended that
a thorough (e^t ^e made" bf the five
espapes recof)t|y placed in 'coAnec
vion-with the -Ofty Hall. A. C. Clark
tdso. suggef|te^ (|tat the committee'
the Globo Hotel. ...
Tho committee on streets, alley,s
olid sidewalks, reported that the
ivalk south of the railroad, nt the
intoisectnm of Tama and Jasper
•itreets, had been by them condemn
ed, and that same had been replaced
by a cement walk, which report, was
approved. ..
L. G. Wells asked for an extension
of tha water service to certain prop
erty on Union street. Ileferrod to
proper committee.
On motion l-lie water committee
was instructed to replace tlio old
watering trough opposite the M. ik O.
depot with a new one.
The following claims ivere allowed:
A J. llrnt e. repairs
Maocheiilor Press. priuUim
Munclmater J,. H. & 1*. in lights
(». 11. keys. rvpalrS
Cirhart to Nvn sin plies.
B. W SmiKPlck.Hitturv
Samuel CoitfUM. brooms ..
Knots Hogigg.f rolRlil.... t:
Del News, jiritiilni!
C. Whlim tn, wofkon streots
Auslin Wttttuh uo. can....
JjMutgrew, c,ar
Unrjiart & Nyo. supplies.
CotikllQ. hilior ...
l&CatHS, Ittbar
Denton Hose.QtivWvljQp
'Mtoction ko no I
Yuunct tfrjulintr
Hnulley. melle.U servi/c^
Died, nt tho home of her son in
tlijs place, after a Ini^erino illness,
oiu tho liljth of April, l!IO,"i, Mrs.
Mai'y E. Lull.
Mary K. Martin was born in the
state of New York, on Dec. 8th,
liSll.her age, at death being
years, 1 months, and- IS.*days..
On March 10th, l$.!o, in Oak
land Comity, Michigan, she was
learned to Adna ^Lfill. To this
ljuZn were bbVn fiv6 thildfen, four
.sons' and pno "daughter, of whom
threej sons aro yet living. In 1837
she v11h her husband moved to
Hillsdale county, Michigan. In
1 S.~! the family moved to Stevenson
county, III., and in ISO I they moved
to Delaware county., Iowa, locating
on alarm near Greeley, and since
then. having lived, almost continu
ously in Greelev and vicinity.
he funeral was held in tho
Christian church on April 2Sth,
Rev. Liverett, pastor, olhciating
Interment was mado in tho Greeley
cemetery, whero her remains were
laid t? rest beside her husband who
departed 1 ilo iin September 190-.
I- 'iiu
Death'of Sdwla v. Heath.
Mrs. E.' ,V.. I^eath, of Redondo
Cahforuia, wtho \yys visiting her
mother, Mrs. -E.. Hartman, in Milo
township, this county, received a tel
egram from her homo stating that
Mr. Heath.was lying at the point of
death, and lator another message re
ceived announced his death at live
o'clock on Saturday morning last
Tho cause of his death was not men
tioned, but that it was very sudden
is evident from tho fact that
Heath had loft linn in apparent gm.d
health but a week or so before, when
she left her homo for a visit here
Mr. Heath had been a railroad
mail ^rom early manhood up to the
tune of lus death, in tho capacity of
agent ami operator. lie was, for
number of years, in tho employ of
tho C., M. A: St. 1". railway at Delhi
Bntt and Sheldon, Iowa, nnd enjoyed
tho fullest confidence of that com
pany and tho esteem of his co-work
era on the line. Ho removed to Cal
ifornia some seven years ago, and
was connected with a railroad at lie
Mr. Heath was about 51 years ot
age. He leaves a wifo and four sons,
the sons being in business 111 Re
dondo. Many friends in this sec
tion, whero ho was so well and favor
ably known, will regret to learn of
his death, and will extend heartlelt
sympathy to the sorrowing family.
His remains will probably be taken
to lielvidere, Illinois, his boyhood
homo,'and lawl to rest by tho side of
his father and mother.
List Wednesday at Inch noon
occured tjj.o marriago of Clara E.
CommfiiTorcL and Harry Q. I'tley,
tivo-of Manchester's
young people. The ceremony was
performed at the home or tho brides
father, Mr. Gfcorge Comiuerford, in
the pr6sen(!b trf only tho relatives
and intimate friends, Rev. AV. H.
Ensign officiating. Tho bride was
.becomingly attired 111 a cream colored
gown and ts unattended. At the
close1 of the. ceremony, an eiogant
lutichcon was servep, the tables be
illg decorated wit.hsinilax and- pink
atul white cyrnations. Mr. and
Mrs. Utloy loft on the afternoon
train for points in tho east, and will
bo nt homo to their many friends in
apartments ii? the Coinmarford resi
dence.after J.une.l st. Those who
wore presentnt the marriago from
out of town wei'e Mr. & Mrs. A
Kingsley of Strawberry -Point,
J. M..,Kingslev of BalnwBre. Mr.
Suits Going Fast...
)ur Suit business, in liolli Men nnd Boys' Suits, has been
yearly twice as largo as it was a year ago.
What is the cause for it?
liec-iiise p'-nple are beginning to know that Kuppenheimer
.".'lcil(1 nil? is tlio best made clothing in America to-'.lay.
oiiniuv ilimii I'.uit i:» saying a great deal,
But we know whereof we speak, and you will know
if you wear a Kuppenheimer Suit.
I iifsi' suits are equal in lit and cut, and more stylish, than
:iiv iiiir-niade suit you can find throngli fhest! conn try
W-iis ,H8i«|in «!!wir yon nt loast Ion dollar* on a suit.
$12.50, $15.00, $20.00
anil .see
1)L' money,
iiMrs. Ilenerv I llev of Masonville
Mr. ,V rs. Ilaitong of Waterloo,
Mrs. W. (J. Mason of Hopkinton and
Miss Kale Comiuerford of Dubuque.
Tho bride is a young lady of friendly Chickens
disposition and possesses those wom
anly qualities which are attractive
whenever encountered. Mr. lltloy
is one of tho city energetic busi
ness men and is popular among all
classes and enjoys tho confidence
and esteem of overyono Their
many friends join in tho wish that
their married life may be ono of
prosperity and happiness.
District Court.
Est-Uo of S. \Y\ Robinson, widow
allowed 10(.' for year's supjiort.
Estatc of David Carrndus. John
"N.K-'urrodus appointed admr.
17 ill
(II): .1
V. I! Cross. KWccpliii: s.i*sol8....
\V !trail tin. sinrV ....
.Victor ColMM. Hidu-.y:. ,fu ».
0 KCaiQi.tlnbor....
Guardianship of F: Andrew Ralio.
1'inal report approved. Guardian
discharged ami bunds'released'.-'
It sr.
1 cu
2 ill
Guardianship of John U. Rolie.
Ailhtir Roho and Edmund II.
RqIic. Intermediate report ap
proved. Guardian allowed rents
and profits of ward's estate and ex
cused from further report until June
L^tli, I!)07, unless specialty ordered.
17 Ar.
li.l I
Estate ol Win. llofer, sr. Will
for probate set for May l'2
Estate of Julius L. Kldredgo
l-vxeculrix allowed to withdraw in
vontory and she elects to take under
wdl.and it is so recorded.
l.ktatc ot C.locena McDonald.
Administrator allowed to withdraw
inventory and she elects to take'
ur.ier the will aud it is so arderdd.'
Estate- of 1
fen ry'SatiU Ifageii. SSi ml
rdilSrt antl roport of final distribu
tion feet for May 1'i.
Estato of Edith M. Smith. F- A
Williamson appointed a:linr., bond
lixcd at
Guardianship of ,T. Floy
son. Minerva J. Robinson appoint
guardian. Uond fixed at 10l)0.
13. llolbert vs. J. J. Ren/.
Motion to retax cost sustained and
cost? relaxed to allow witness, Win.
teuton, Iinstead of $ 10 55 for
Court was adjourned until Moil-,
day,. May. 2ind.
lwenty-first Iowa Reunion.
The eleventh biennial reunion of
the' Twenty-first Iowa Veteran Asso
ciation will bo hold at City Hall,
Manchester, Iowa, June 13th and
lith, 1005. Following is tho pro
Informal meeting at City Hall.
Register and obtain bidges.
Assignment to places of entertaln
(i resting and visiting.
song, "America.'
t'rayer, by llev. II. \V. Tuttie.
Soug, Company U's "Glory surii?.'
AU'Jrese ot welcome, oil behait of the
ci'y Mayor L. Ma.chews
Address of welcome on bi/li.tlf of W.
A. Morse Post L'o a UcpartuiL-nt
Commander II. W. firrill.
Address of welcome on h. tialf of the
eurvivorti ot the i!lac Iowa residing ill
Uelaware county
tioniniile ,J. t\ Merry
•ouir, '•M.irc'iliiit L'hrniigli 'orgia."
ltes|Hnses Iy I'omrntes M. W. Ilar
iii in, It. \V. Archer, (!. C-Kiley, Geo.
I'arker, I'apt. tie ". \V. Clnlils, H.
A. Dyer, Dr. W. L. Urr. 1). A. Hag
gird ami othern.
.\ppo ntm-'i.t of committees antl an
Camp lire.
Male iartet.
"soma Patriotic lOxpreRslonu"
iimrailo Clias. Harris
bom Wholesome 't'riiths
Cattle, lb
Veal Calves
Hay tame, loose
Hay, wild,
Tho District Court was tn session
last Monday and the following eases
Wrtre disposed of:
Itev. J. K. Wagner
"Some Army l-'ilis."
Comraiie Jno. W. Stahl
'SimeGooil Advice Dr. \V. L. Orr
Informal reception fur moinb
of ttie
21st Iowa, W. A. M'.im- I'.i-t, No. l'JO,
U. A. It, and tho Manchester \V. H.
C,together with tlieir t-muliee, at
the residence of Comrade Merry, cor
ner of Franklin ami Union street
four blocks nor hot City llall,
Assemble at City llall entrance.
parade, in which all veterans of
the Civil war i.rc invited to particl
Iu,p- ...
il rt of coiiiinittees.
Kic-jtidii of ofllcerB.
Place of next in 'eting.
itiniinisfence hi ur, led by Comrade C.
MiBcellaueous business.
Woman's ioreign Missionary Society.
The litli annual mooting pf tlio
•Woman's Foreign Missionary Soci
ety of tho M. E church, for Dubuque
district, was hold in the M. E.-church
at Colesburg, May 9 and 10, 1905,
Tn spito of tho long distanco from
tho ''railroads and tho threatening
weather, a goodly number of dele
gates wore present
,The sessions were full of interest
aiid-instruction, many excellent, pa
pers were read and questions of vi-
for yourself. It costs you nothing,
besides satisfaction, in your Docket.
Manchester Markets.
flutter, dairy
Butter, creamery
Eggs I......
7 8
3 0J-
4 76-5 00
Ii 00 7 SO
Ti 50
17 00
ID 00
17 00
House for Rent.
ice Rigby, conference secretary, add
ed much to the meeting by her wil
lingness to answer all questions in
regard to the work our society is do
ing and the best inqiins of, accom
plishing it. Tuesdayiovpiung.tMrs.
O. S. ISow,-hold, secretary -Jar sys
tematic gwing, -gave a fine address
which could not fail of its1 purpose
to arouso her hearers to a more lib
eral giving into tho Lord's treasury
Wednesday evening Miss Lydia Wil
kinson, of Foo Chow, China, gave an
enterestiiig talk on her work among
tho Chinese girls and women.
Tho spirit of enthusiasm and con
secration was in every session, and
wo trust the missionary cause will
gain many new adherents as a result
of our Colosburg convention:
Katk G. Pkiikiss,
Recording Secretary
New Advertisements.
Denton &,\Vard ^xtol thp merits
o| Granite.I!aint, on pagerl,
An ore
'it Phi
Ii advtcv you- tol
"Deautify Yodr Homes,"'on' page 1.1
W. L. Drew will givo you bar
gains in Clothing, Hals aud daps,
page -I.
B. W. Grems thinks you should I
Robin-1 take a drink of Soda Water for your
health—page 7.
J. lI AUen calls altention to his I
stock of youths' clothing. Read the
advertisement on 7th page.
LtAn Qofleo occupies a prominent
position on page 4:
Harry Stewart advertises Home
made Preserves, Jellies and Marma-1
lades, on page 7.
Snow's College of Drpss Making
occupies full column on page 7.
Kalamity is ready to oater.to the
wants of Baso liaH players—page 1
Gildii^r Sros. state tlmt itiqif saleb I
of clothing are today, double'tnat of I
one year ago. Read their explana-1
tion on 5th page.
Crop Bulletin.
For tho week ending May 15, 1905.
Tho week was cool, cloudy and ex
cessively wet in all destricts. Gener
al rains or scattered showers were of
daily occurrence, tho amounts re
ported ranging from 2.00 to 5.90
inches, and the average for the state
was probably about 3.00 inches. A
number of reports have been received
of local damage to buildings, crops
and live stock by severe wind squalls
hail and lightning.
Corn planting and other field
work liavo been much delayed .bv
excessivo moisture, and in comiier
ablo areas several days of drying]
weather will be required to put the
soil in fit condition for resuming
planting operations. On naturally
dry or well tiled lands planting I
may bo resumed within a day or two
with favornblo conditions.
Reports indicate that pastures and
meadows have received much benefit
from the moisture, except on low
and flooded lands, and all kinds of
small grain or well drained soils aro
doing notably well and stooling out
nicely. Early planted corn is sprout
ing fairly well,
There are some repoits of mjurv
to fruit by wind, hail and excessive
rains during the blooming stage.
Generally the crop conditions aro
fairly good, needing only warm and
dry weather to make the outlook
bright and satisfactory
Thttt M»ujr Ponoui Are Hlulnf Entirely
of tbe-JI'autiBgvri In lite ^outh
lUrrlibarg tlurrer.
IlarrishurK, I'll.. Muy 15.—'Pwenty
two persons were either killed outright
or have slncc died of their tujurics as
the Result of the South IlarrisburK
wreck. Among the missing Is K. D. Kd
son, a New York lawyer, whose body
Is believed to have been eous^r"" In
the burning of the wreckage. dis
patch, however, horn Clovelund, Bays:
"Mr. and Mrs. Junius McCuuley, of
1310 North Sixth street, Philadelphia,
who were on tho Pennsylvania train
wrocked ut HurrlsburgThursdny night,
havo not been heard from or of since
tho wrock, and havo been given up for
dead." If these aro dead the total
reaches twenty-four.
l«t 1812 Soldier Dead..
Ava, N. Y., May 15.—Hiram Oronk,
the only survivor ot
wftr of-181%'
108 ?ear«.
May Sale
You can save from 25 to 331 pe-
Undorwenr nt this sale. Saving,
one thing, ns to quality note these points: All our
garments are carefully mode, styles are such as you
would mnk6 yourself if you had the time, sizes not
skimped but full and generous.
Dui ing this sale we will offer about -10 pieces of
Embroideries, ranging width from one to ten
inches,every piece a saving of 30 to 35 per cent.
Mid-Season Reduction
Suits reduced 25 to 30 per cent, to close up the sea
sgn'o choicest styles nnd cloths. 25 Cloth Skirts in
good sizes and lengths, every one a bargnin at
prices from 14.75 to Ki.OO, to close out at $3.00
and $3.75. v.-1 ..
We are offering great bargains in
our Clothing Department. Men's,
Boys' and |Youth's Suits, correct in
style and low in price, made by L.
Lowenstein & Sons. Call and take
a look at this line.| We can do you
&otfd, If it1is Clothing you wrint.
We also have a complete assort
ment of Men's and Boys' Hats and
Caps. Give us a call.
The base ball season is about to
begin, and Kalamity has a fine
line of
Base Balls,
Gloves and Mitts,
Bats and flasks.
ic-n4. L'v
course, is only

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