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Soda Water
So states the beet medical books, is a most
is most healthful and invigorating drink
when properly prepared. It relieves fever
ishness, distress of the stomach, and allays
thirst better than water alone. Come to our
fountain and enjoy our delicious and health
ful Soda Water, made properly from pure
fruit juices and not frost injurious chemical
Hanchester Lumber Company,
Building Materials of All Kinds.
Investigate oar Hard Coal proposition for Apill.
A car of Iola Portland jait Motived. yn«
A fresh'store on band at all tlmei.
.-The "Denning," none batter, get our prices.~
'-:I,et us figure your bill whether you buy or not.^'§?j
PHONE 156.
b4O«040«O*04O«O«O«04O*O*OW4O«O4O4O*O«O«O«O*M O* 0*0*
Youths are proverbially hard to
please. The average clothier is
afraid to carry a heavy stock in
their sizes—32 to 34 inch chest.
We recognize the difficulty in
pleasing these particular young fel
lows, but instead of cutting down
onr stock to lessen the danger of
carrying unsalable suits, we have
adopted the policy of carrying a
large number of suits and having
them made of patterns so attractive
and cut so natty that
They're Boiil to Sell
In our New Spring Suits
the prices begin as low as
$7.00 and ascend by easy
steps to $10.00 or $15.00.
Swagger suits, every one
of them.
Clothier and Merchant Tailor.
Pure Home-made
Preserves, Jellies and Uamalade!
Successor to Stewart" & Lawrence.
Kansas Southern Railway
••Straight as tb« Craw PHM"
•Straight as th* Craw PHss*
for augtr okne nd rtM edlUrattoa lor'ni«T»b»m»btf Matu l*
boiMa, mutes, 04MU, hogs,
shssp, poslti? aadAfQiagsalfc
Write Isr tatoMllM CMtsralsa
OhMpronsd-trif hOBMSMkn*'Maksts aa sal* Hill snl 1lri1Tnnfliriif
•Mil Bunu.
X.D. BUTTON, Ynv.rua. Act. 0.S.V4
Inm Olty.Mo.
M.IOMUI. fttt.FW anwmt.1
*ity and Wicinily^J
—Mrs Mary A. Rann was in Wat
erloo last Thursday.
—Hubert Carr made a business
trip to Dubuque Saturday.
—Loyd Emerson, of Strawberry
Point, was a Manchester visitor Fri
—J. A. Strickland was in south
Dakota on real estate business lost
—Mrs. Fred File and daughter.
Ella of Ryan were in Manchester
—Eugene Mulvehill and his mot
her of Masonville were in town
—The Iowa Bankers Association,
will be held at Waterloo, Friday,
May 19 th.
—Mrs. Emily Seeds-Hadley is here
from Sioux City for a several week's
visit with relatives.
—F. H. Carrothers of Prairie
Township was visiting friends here
the latter part of laBt week.
—Mrs. Fred Hruby, of Dubuque,
was a guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs.D. F. Young, hist week.
—S. P. Heise returned heme from
a several weeks stay in Mississippi,
and Louisiana lost Wednesday night.
—Wm. Knickerbocker of Chicago
was the guest of his grandmother,
Mrs. Mary Emerson, a part of last
—Mrs. John Ward and son, of Car
bondale, Illinois, were guests at the
home of Will Ward and his mother,
several days last week.
—Mrs. Henry Harger, returned to
her home in Arco. Idaho, last Tues
day night after a several weeks
visit at the home of her sister, Mrs.
W. H. Brownell.
—Mr. & Mrs. James Hood went
to Cedar Rapids last Friday called
there by the illness of a relative.
W. C. Beeman is taking Mr. Hood's
place as engineer on the M. & 0
during his absence.
—Harry Munson and Fred Smith
left last Tuesday night for Portland,
Oregon, where they will remain.
The boys that left last week for
Portland arrived there safe and are
enjoying the sights of the western
—One of the evidences of supreme
gall sprung upon an unsuspecting
public come to light yesterday. A
lady who had made some purchases
at a store in Fonda asked the pro
prietor to give her credit for a Bhort
time as she had sent all her ready
cash to a Chicago department store
for certain articles. And the mer
chant charged it and said nothing.
No one would believe that a person
would have the cheek to ask for
credit on such grounds, but the
above is absolutely true. And we
wonder why the community does
not prosper.—Fonda Times.
—The American Flag Association
has Bent out its customary annual
circular urging the proper observ
ance of flag day, June 14th. May
ors of all cities and towns are re
quested to have theJlag displayed on
all public buildings and to urge
business men and citzens generally
to display them on private buildings.
School offices and teachers are
urged to hold patriotic exercises
appropriate to the day. The preBs
of the country is requested to give
all possible publicity and all citizens
are urged to join in fitting rec
ognition of the birthday of our
nation's emblem.
—Strawberry Point Mail Press
The storm Wednesday night was ac
companied by some of the most
terriffic lightning and thunder ever
witnessed here. For a few inom
euts there were a good many frigh
tened people in town as blinding
flash succeeded flash followed by
terrible crashes of thunder. Brill
iant sparks of lightening flashed
along the telephone wires, that set
bells to ringing or made pistol like
reports. The climax came later
when a bolt descended and struck
the steeple of the Baptist church,
tearing off a large number of shingles
from the side. Many people plain
ly felt the shock of the electricity,
and Clarence Nace who was going
up the hotel steps was partly thrown
down. We have received no reports
of any further damage up to date.
—Mrs. Lillie Smith, who has been
visiting at the home. Mrs. S. T. Burt
for the paBt three weeks, returned
to her home in Marion, Saturday.
—The Waterloo Chautauqua and
Bible Inistituto will open this year at
Cedar River Park on July 11 th.
and continue until August 2d.
The management auounces that this
year it has reorganized and enlarged
its plans and added a great Bible
Conference School, Music Teachers'
Institute,School of Health,Boys' Club
and Camp, a Sociological Depart
ment, Evangelistic Conference, and
many other features that will appeal
to and attract all classes. The West
ern Section of the Young Woman's
Christian Association National
Training.. School, which for several
years has held its annual sessions at
Lake Geneva, has been permanently
located at Waterloo.
—The Iowa Retail Grocers' Asso
ciation is pleading with the news
papers of the state not to run ad
vertising of mail order houses. It
is somewhat strange that the Iowa
Grocers should fear advertising
when as a rule, they see so little
benefit in it. A glance at Iowa
newspapers will convey the idea
that the grocery business is the
poorest advertising business in the
state.—Fairfield Ledger. To which
the Charles City Intelligencer adds
No man who claims not to believe
in the efficiency of advertising him
self can justly object to the adver
tising of others. If he believes that
advertising will not Tiring business
to him he cannot in common honesty
believe that it will bring business to
others. But it is a strange thing
yet true that men will claim that
advertising will do no good, yet
object to others doing it when it
takes away trade from them.
—Mr. Dow, of Greeley, was
Manchester visitor last Wednesday.
—Don't forget tho liase Hall dance
at the Pythian hull, Friday ni&lit,
May 19 th.
—lira. Win. Crosier and son
Morse of Cngnou were Dairy City
visitors, Satiifilay.
Airs. (!. 1). t'orrell, nf (Jrceley,
was 11 guest ol her parents lioro
several (lays last week.
—Mr. and Mrs. A. \V. Meskimen
went to Dubuque Saturday for
short visit with friends.
—Howard Stout, of Fairbanks, a
former resident of this city is visit
ing with old friends hero.
—Mrs. Mary iialio and son, An
drew of Bremen, were business visit
ors to this city last Friday.
—W. S. Marshall of Greeley is
making concrete culverts for Dela
ware county and thev are said to lie
great improvement over the old
plank ones.—St. I'aui I'resa.
—The friends here of.Miss Kiltie
Ellis formerly of il.is place hut now
of Frost. Minn., will be pleasid to
learn that she lias scoured a position
in the school there and began teach
ing her first term.
—Lamont Leader A party of
four ladies camo up from Manches
ter Saturday and were taken out to
the Iloag home south of town by E.
H. Iloyt in his touring car. The
ladies of tho party were Mmes.
Harry Bradley, Hubert Carr, Ed,
Hruby and ltbb Denton.
—A. branch of Snow's Dubuque
College of Dressmaking will be
opened in this city on the l?-lth of
this month, particulars of which are
given in tho column advertisement
in this issuo of the Democrat. A
postal addressed to Snow's College,
Manchester, la., will bring any fur
ther information-asked for.
—Here's to Colonel Hubert A.
Allen, and many are tho friends who
will join us in extending congratula
tions in the successful outcome of
Monday's election. As announced
in last week's issue, the election for
the position of lieutenant colonel
was held in the Fifty-third regiment
I. N. G., on Monday. The vote was
not a heavy one, and it is figured
here that a heavier vote would have
added more numbers to the majority
of Major Allen. Major Fisher, of
Waterloo, and Col. Clapp, tho pres
ent incumbent, were the formidable
opponents to Major Allen. The
total vote stands, Major Allen, 255
Major Fisher, 95 Col. Clapp, 77
Major Allen having a majority vote
of 73. The position holds good for
a term of fivo years. Major Fisher's
home company at Waterloo stood 18
votes for Allen against 13 votes for
Fisher, many not voting. The rigid
examination imposed will be taken
by Major Allen some timo within
the next thirty days Miss
Agnes McClernon was home from
Manchester for a Sunday visit
...Mrs. Mary Ilines, of Manchester
spent Sunday at the home of her
mother, Mrs. Roney Sheriff
Tom Hennessey, of Manchester,
waB here Sunday with a patient for
the hospital.—Independence Bulle
—In speaking of the ball game be
tween Jackson and Vicksburg one
day last week, the Jackson, Miss.,
paper has tho following: Powell w'as
on the slab for Jackson yesterday
and he allowed but six scattered
hits, Even the Vicksburg Herald
acknowleges that the defeat of the
Hill Climbers was due to Powell's
fine work on the slab. lie has five
strike outs to his credit. The game
resulted in a victory for Jackson by
a score of 2 to 0.—Earlville Phoenix.
The rural mail carriers were
brought up against a ruling
Why suffer with spring tiredness,
mean, cross feeling, no strength, 110
appetite? llollisler's Kocky Moun
tain Tea will make you well and
keep you well. 35 cents, Tea or
Tablets.—Denton & Ward.
For your llvor linn BUnnfiCli lllfl.
TaltL- Hencom's l'icnlc Pills,
riioy will suroly tld you Rood
rimy will stimuliito your blood,
Anil mnko you fool liapity us aclatu.
1 ry IImm. ts. All r.jtf
Don't let the children suffer. If
they are fretful, peevish and cross,
give I hem llollister's Rocky Moun
tain Tea. Tho best baby tonic
known. Strength and health follow
its use. 35cents.—Denton A Ward.
5 Per Cent Money.
We avo an limited amount of
5 per cent money to loan on gilt
edge farm security.—Kmiis ISoggs.
Residence Property for Sale.
We aro authorized to offer for
sale I.I10 Dr. Sherman residence pro
perty on liutler street. For terms
apply to
general postoffice department lasi
week, the result of which is that the
business of a carrier is circumscribed
oretty closely to the duties of collect
ing ond distributing mail and no
thing more. In the case of the
Hopkinton carriers, the matter was
brought about by any inquiry sont
to the department by C. Gathaus, tho
clothing man. H. B. Sill carrier on
route No. 4, has pursued tho busi
ness of soliciting for a Chicago
clothing and tailoring company as a
side line to the mail business. A11
order issued by the department last
year announced that rural carriers
must not
or engage in busi­
ness that will in any way interfere
or come in competition with estab
lished merchants, and it was this
ruling that wasr invoked by Mr.
Gathaus. The department wrote
thai the original order is to be
strictly interpreted and will stand.
It was further found that upon look
up the departments rulings that
a carrier may not 'hold elective or
appointive political offices. In con
sequence of the discovery and ruling
J. D. Morgan immediately resigned
the offices of deputy sheriff, constable
and city marshal, which he has held
and Mr. Sill announces that he ex
pects to resign the mail service and
give his Jtime to his clothing busi
ness and ether affairs. He is also
assessor for Hopkinton. The pay
of the rural carriers is $720 per
year.—Hopkinton Leader.
9100 Reward $100.
The readers of this paper will bo
pleased to learn that there is at least
one dreaded disease that science has
been able to cure in all its stages,
and that is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh
Cure is the only positive cure now
known to the medical fraternity.
Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional
treatment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is
taken internally, acting directly up
on the blood and mucous surfaces
of the system, thereby destroying
the foundation of the disease, and
giving the patient strength by
building up the constitution and as"
sisting nature in doing its work.
The proprietors have so much faith
in its curative powers that they offer
One Hundred Dollars for any case
that it fails to cure. Send for list
of testimonials.
Address F. J. CHENEY & Co.,
Sold by Druggists,75c. Toledo.O.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
& CAUR. tf.
Cleanse your system of all im
purities this month. Now is the
timo to tako llollister's Rocky
Mountain Tea. It will keep you
well all summer. 35 cents, Tea or
Tablets.—Denton A Ward.
Thrice-a-Week New York World.
Tho Thrice-a-week World has
made special arrangements for the
year 1!I(I5. Its already great news
service lias been extended and, as
heretofore, it will report all impor
tant events promptly, accurately and
An original and striking feature
of the Thrice-a-Week World in 1905
will bo its serial publication of the
strongest and best fiction that has
ever appeared in the columns of any
newspaper. The novels already ar
ranged for, and which are by writers
known throughout the world are
"Cardigan," by Robert W. Cham
bers "Before The Dawn," by Jos
eph A. Altsheler. "The Reds of
the Midi," by Felix Gras. "The
Cardinal's Rose," by Van Tassel
Sutplicn. "The Blazed Trail," by
Stewart Edward White.
The Thrice-a Week World's regu
lar subscription price is only §1.00
per year, and this pays for 156
papers. We offer this unequaled
newspaper and the Democrat to
gether one year for §2.15. The
regular subscription price of the
wo papers is §2.50. tf
H. L. Main,
Hopkinton, Iowa.
We have just received the
most complete line of Ox
fords and Sandals ever be
fore offered in Hopkinton.
These are eastern styles and
up-to-date in every respect.
Come in and examine tlieni
andjyou will be pleasi
Alphonzo is a black with white
points, standing 15 hands high,
bred by John Cameron of Audu
bon, Iowa. Sired by Young Com
promice No. 1, who is considered
one of the best'Jacks in the state.
His record is in Vol. Ill of the
American Jack Stud Book, No. 238.
Alphonzo is six years old, has large
heavy bone, and can show some of
tho best yearling and two-year-old
mules in the state.
Alphonzo will make the season of
1905 on the State road, 41- miles
west of Manchester and miles
east of Masonville, where parties
interested in mules will find him.
SERVICE—§10 to insure standing
eolt._ If mares are sold or shipped,
service fee is due at once,
Extra care will be taken to pre
vent accidents, but should any oc
cur it will be at owner's risk.
Sec. and Manager.-
If you want to nave a picnic,
Take Beaoont's Plcnio Pills
They will regulate your liver
And drive away your Ilia.
Try them. 25 ceots. All drugglsta.
Notice of Appointment ot Adminis
Delaware County
That the under-
sinned has beeu duly appointed aud qualltled
as Administrator ot tho Estate of Bdson Mer
rill late of Dolawaro couuty, deceased. AH
persons Indebted to said estate aro requested
to luuko Immediate payment, aud those having
claims against the Biiine will present them,
duly authenticated, to tho undersigned for al
Dated May 1st, 1905.
Notice of Appointment of Executrix
Delaware Couuty
That the under­
signed has beeu duly appoluted and qualilled
as Executrlcea of the estate of William
B. Ellis late of Delaware County Iowa,
deceased. All persons ludobted to said
Estate are requested to make immedlato pay
meut, and those having claims against the samo
will present them, duly authenticated, to tho
undersigned for allowance.
Dated, Manchester, Iowa, May 5th. 1900.
Bronson. Carr ft Sons, ELLAE. ELLIS,
Atty's for Estate, 19*3w Executrlcea.
Good restdenoe property on Franklin Street
Discovered by Accident and Bonfht
Fffr Mere Honir.
The Btruuge vicissitudes through
which some of the most highly prized
ancl valuable pictures now preserved
In public and private galleries have
pnRsed provides romantic reading.
Take, for Instance, the ease of a «ea
scupe by Turner.
A Captalii Treharue was spending a
holiday in Barmouth. Chunciug one
day to be turning over the thousand
and one articles in an old curiosity
shop, he came across a dirty, ragged
painting depicting a sea scene. It was
painted on nn oak panel, was not
framed and was in a terribly disrepu
table condition. Prompted to buy tho
derelict, the captain sectored posses
sion of it for $0. The purchaser took It
home with him, the painting was clean
ed and tho varnish removed. Scrutiny
then revealed the famous initials of
Turner—"J. M. W. T."—and Its author
ity was nubstantlated when submitted
to an expert, who estimated its value
at $3,500.
More remarkable still was the his
tory surrounding Raphael's "Three
Graces." While rummaging among a
collection of old furniture in Italy a
French art lover named Henri Itaboul
happened upon It. He acquired tho
painting for a few francs. On his re
turn to France M. Raboul offered It to
tho Louvre for a modest $000, but the
great Parisian art gallery refused to
buy It The owner finally disposed of
It to an Englishman for $700. In a few
years the painting passed through a
number of hands. Finally It was pur
chased by tho Due d'Aumalc for $125,
More remarkable was the purchase
of the second example of Raphael's art.
A gentleman of Pinner while walking
along the Harrow road one day had his
attention arrested by a painted panel
In tho window and bought it for 12
cents. The gentleman took It homo and
cleaned it. At the same time he was
mystified by the initial "It" on the
back of the panel. It was a genuine
Raphael, worth $3,500.—Stray Stories.
Canstia Comment on Their l^ove of
Drogii and Llqnor.
A prominent London journnl prints
the following Indictment of the habits
of many English society women:
generation back it wos among the
lower classes we found intemperance
rife, and then It was tlie beer of the
people which supplied the means to
day wo find Intemperance rampant
from the highest to the lowest, tho
vehicle being alcohol. Impure and sim
ple, vile concoctions labeled Indiffer
ently brandy, whisky, gin. Our
wearied, Jaded votaries of pleasure
seek temporary recuperation from
these lmpuro sources then, when
their day Is done, they resort to their
sulphonal, trionul, morphia or what
not in the vain hope of a night's good
rest Another most appalling fact
that we have to face is tb$ rapid in
crease In the number of women among
the inebriate ranks.
"What Is the daily life history of a
woman in society? Too jaded
Hopkinton, Iowa.
a rush homo, further pandering
to a morbid appetite, more champagne,
later perhaps a dance or many hours
devoted to Inevitable bridge, again
brandy or whisky and soda, then bed,
with sulphonal, trional, morphia or
some equally noxious drug.
"What wonder that there is no time,
no disposition, for domestic duties, no
care for tho family life that erst was
tho backbone of England! Physical
and moral degeneration Is the inevi
table result"
The Klnir of Molluaka.'
The king of mollusks lives In the In
dian and south Pacific oceans. He at
tains to a weight of 500 pounds and the
shell Is of the bivalve kind, and the
shape Is about the samo as that of our
common fresh water mussel. The gi
gantic tridacna Is the largest mollusk
known to have lived on tho earth since
the Silurian age. It ts found on the
bottom of the shallow parts of the
ocean, and tho largo individuals have
no longer the power to move about
They He on one side, and all about
them tho corals build up until King
Tridacna is sometimes found lu a well
like hole in tho coral formation.—St.
Why the 1'nrty Was Arrnnged.
Mr. Green—Now, I'm going to tell
you something, Ethel. Do you know
that last night at our party your
sister promised to marry mot
Plain Spoken.
"I understand that young Uustlem is
the sort of fellow who calls a spado a
He's even moro plain spoken than
that Ho calls his wages wages."—
Houston Post
A Sore Starlet,
Clara—How did you break your hus
band of stuttering? Grace—Every time
he started it I began to protest ugalnst
his smoking. It novcr failed to start
his flow of language.—Detroit Free
Tako heed of an ox before, a mulo
behind, and a knare on all sides.—Ger
man Proverb.
Ilalr and Intellect.
"Did you over notice," asked an ob
servant woman, "how many Intellectu
al people have auburn balr? At the
theater tho other night I don't remem
ber noticing a single reddish head of
balr among the hundreds ot uncovered
heads spread out before me. They
were tho well coifed bends of tho aver
ago nlco woman. The next night I at
tended a meeting of a very learned so
ciety at which there were perhaps 200
or 800 of the brainiest thinkers and
educators around town, and without
turning my eyes' I picked put at least
a dozen auburn haired wopien In the
few seats In front of inc. Now, that
was more than a coincidence. It ar
gues something for the possessor of au
burn hair, I should think."
In Time of Trail.
Daughter (looking up from her
novel)—Papa, In timo of trial what do
you suppose brlng4 the most comfort
to a man? Papa—An acquittal,
should think.
The soul of man is lnllnlte In whai
It covets,—Bon Jonson.
located in Dubuque for
the last two years, will
BrascI is VicMer
for a few months. The
class will open in some
suitable hall
Lessons given at the home
until opened without ad
ditional charge.
The System is New and in
Every Way Strictly
Up To Date.
The latest accepted lines,
the French waist, the new
leg of mutton and leg of
mutton shirt waist sleeves
are all provided for. It
produces the maximum
results with the minimum
It is a Strict Tailor Plan
of Cutting,
consisting of a set of me
chanical drafting tools and
can be applied to any pos
sible change of fashion. It
cuts any garment entering
into a lady's or child's
wardrobe has no rules nor
proportions to be learned
and remembered is pure
ly manual in its applica
tion, therefore cannot be
forgotten and for ease of
learning, speed, style anil
fitting results is undoubt
edly superior to all meth
ods. While for the profes
sional it is simply inval
uable, it is a
Most Practical Method
For the Beginner
ish indulgences, after a night of mor
bid sleep born of some favorite drug
she rises to face a day's racing with
Its concomitant bettlug. Her break
fast inadequate, probably supplement
ed by brandy or whisky and. soda
luncheon Indigestible, savory but un
healthful bonnes bouches, liberal po
tations of champagne or, more likely,
recourse to famlliur brandy or Whisky
or home dressmaker, being
ing very easy to learn and
producing absolutely cor
rect results, enabling them
to do the most difflucult
cutting with perfect ease
and confidence. It is
probably true that the
'1 average cutter expends
two-thirds of her effort on
the planning and cutting
of the garment. With this
system the mental effort
is wholly removed, the
work being done by pure
mechanical means. It is
evident too, that to cut so
accurately that the neces
sity of fitting is removed
would eliminate the chief
difficulty of sewing for ones
self or others, besides sav
ing time time, worry and
goods, and producing in
every way superior results.
With the Snow System,
Any Lady Can Become
Her Own Costom.er,
as accomplished in the art
and as capable of pleasing
her most exacting require
ments as the highest priced
most efficient modiste,
while the professional can
do her work easier, quicker
and better, do a higher
class of work and secure
better remuneration
you'll forgive me for taking her away.
Little Ethel—Forgive you, Mr. Green!
Of course I will. Why, that was what
tho party was arranged for, you
Dubuque, Iowa, Oct. 23, 1903.
I am using Snow's Skirt System
with fine success. I consider the
system a very practical method
and the instructions in designing
of an inestimable value to any
dressmaker. M. E. ROSE.
Dubuque Iowa, Jan. 9, 1904.
It is my experience that with
the Snow Skirt System the present
difficult styles can be produced
with the same ease as the straight
gored effects of ten years ago, and
that a style and tone can be im
parted impossible to be produced
with patterns. I find it a great
assistance in that I am certain of
results and can do my work quick
ly and easily.
Winona, Minn.
I have been using Snow's Skirt
System for over a year, cutting for
fifteen girls, and figure that it
saves me fully two-thirds of my
time. Any dressmaker knows that
the present styles are very difficult
and can appreciate that to practi
cally eliminate fitting is bound to
make their work much easier and
quicker. For me the system has
paid for itself many times over,
and would not feel that I could get
along without it.
Dubuque, Iowa, Sept. 14,1904.
1 have learned the use of Snow's Suc
cess System of Qarment Cutting and
while 1 have never before done any
Bewing, have used It very successfully
In cutting several garments. It has
given me such perfect satisfaction that
I feel that Its purchase was a very
profitable Investment. It has my cor
dial endorsement.
For further information
I Itot Urivgv.
The Regular and Reliable Chi
cago Specialist, who has visited
Manchester, every month since
1901, will be at the Clarence
Monday, May 29,"
(one day only) and return once
every[28 days. Office hours 0 a
m. to 5:30 p. m.
Independence, Gedne Hotel, Tuesday
Ma 30.
vmtm permanently cn« cases nt tmaertases
ma sends me Incurable dome without tftlug a
from them. This is why be continues nit
visits year after .r. while other doctors have
•undo a few visits and stopped. Dr. Shallenber*
-er is an emlnonCV successful speolallit In all
•hroiuo diseases, proven by the many cures
•trccted In chronic cases which I ive baffled the
klll ot all other physicians. Ills hospital ex*
.terlenco and extenslro prprtlce have made him
0 proficient that ho can name and locate a dlfr
ase In a few minutes.
Treats all "irable enses of Catarrh* Nosct
Throat and Lung diseases. Eyo and liar,
•itomach, Liver And KKlneys, GraveL livenn*
:lsra, Paralysis, Nouratoia, ricsvous and neait
'lisoases. Blood •*. -1 Skin di-uases, KnUepsy.
Brights Dlfioaso ui Consumption In earn
-itagf diseases
of 'heBladder and Female Organs,
Manor and Tobacco habit. Stammering cured
and sure
methods to provent
Its recurrence
A uever-falllng remedy for Big Keck.
teed cured without detention from business*
Special attention given to all Suwlad
«a»cs, am! all llstsa*ei of the Ey*, Ear.
Note and Throat.
fitted and guaranteed. Granulated
lids,Cataract, Cross Eyes straightened without
Are you norvous and despondent: weak and
debilitated tired mornings no ambition—Ufe*
less memory poor easily fatigued excitable
and Irritable eyes sunken, red and blurred!
pimples ou face dreams and night losses rest
less, haggard looking weak back deposit In
"»tae and drains at stool: distrustful want off
confidence: laek'of energy and strength?
Private Diseases a 8pec
"Blood Poison, Nerrousness, Dizziness, Dt
ectlve Memory and othe ailments which ruin
body and mind positively cored.
Perfected in old cases which have bean
lected or unskUlfully treated. No experlmeS
or failures. Ho undertakes no Incurable
but cure thousands given up to die.
Consultation Free and Confidential
14S Oakvoad Blvd.,
Reference: Drsxel "tuteBank.
We are constantly adding
to our large stock of
to meet the constantly
increasieng demand.
Shingles aid Luaber
for the spring trade. Si
you want
Fine Furniture
Fair Prices
Undertaking Solicited
Earlville, Iowa

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