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®l)c Democrat
It is now conclusively established
that the big life insurance compan
ies of New York are managed liv
professional, financial criminals of
the highest cunning, who steal the
policy holders' money to enrich
themselves and their friends, and
for years have escaped punishment
by stealing more money belonging
to the policy holders for the colters
of republican campaign committees.
And these insurance managers are
probably no worse, in fact probably
not half as bad as tlie managers of
the big trusts who are experts at
cunning thievery.
Refering to the decrease in popu
lation in this state during the past
five years, the Chicago Chronicle
says: Interesting material for spec
ulation is to be found in the fact
shown by the recent Iowa census
that the population of that state has
decreased approximately 30 000
since the federal census of 1900.
What has caused the decrease?
It would be easy enough to dis
pose of the matter by citing the
modern tendency of population to
center in the cities, but while this
would account for decreases in the
agricultural counties it would not
account for the decrease in popula
tion iD the state at large—unless,
indeed, we figure that the 30,000
missing Iowans have emigrated to
cities in other states.
This theory is defective also in
the fact that Iowa contains few cities
of any considerable size and none of
these has made extraordinary growth
during the last five years. Evidently
therefore, the cause of the defection
must be looked for elsewhere.
If Iowa were a poverty stricken
commonwealth—if its land were
poor and unproductive and its crops
half failures—it would be easy
enough to solve the problem. We
could assume that the people had
become tired of struggling for a
bare living and had sought better
opportunities elsewhere. But, as
everybody knows, the conditions in
Iowa are exactly the reverse of those
Iowa land is the richest and most
productive in the country and its
crops never fail. The farmers of
the Hawkeye state have prospered
•bevond all computation during the
last five years. They have every
reason to feel satisfied and no cause
to complain. We can not, therefore,
assign dissatisfaction as the cause of
thehegira. What can it be, then?
May not the decrease of popula
tion be due to prosperity instead of
to adversity? The theory looks par
adoxical at first sight, but it is in
reality quite reasonable.
Every successful farmer lias an
ambition to increase the size of his
farm. Iowa farmers have been suc
cessful in the highest degree and
they have no doubt correspondingly
.increased the size of their farms.
In other words, the individual liold
ings have increased, with the in
evitable result that the number of
individual holders has diminished.
There can be no doubt that the
high price of Iowa farm lands has
proved a temptation to their owners
It is reasonable to conjecture that
many of them have sold at a profit
and have then moved farther west,
or emigrated to the Canadian north
west_ where land is to be had for
Iowa may be experiencing the re
sults which always follow the con
solidation of land holdings. Iowa
will not become a second Ireland,
but it is possible that the same cause
which has depopulated Ireland is at
work on a smaller scale in Iowa.
Friday, Sept. 20.
The Chicago and Northwestern rail
road has minced passengers fares In
the upper peninsula of Michigan from
4 to :i cents a mite.
.Mrs. I'linpiie .1. Ailams, a mission
ary, dropped dead In the aisle of Heih
any ItaptIM church, in Scllwood. a snii
nil) ol Portland. Ore.
The laliir diflicnlties in the Herlin
electrical industry threaten to spread
to the entire metal Industries uf the
city and suburbs.
The nobility of St. relrrshmu'. at a
special meeting, adopted eight resolu
tions without dissension, all of a lib
eral reform character.
The Republicans of Cincinnati have
nominated for mayor Harry I.. Cor
The insurgent chief Mei-enga. in an
engagement in German Southwest
Africa, captured 200 horses from the
Germans. Nine Germans wen? killed.
Saturday, Sept. 30.
Fifty eases of cholera, of which
twenty-eight resulted fatally, occurred
lu Poland between Sept. 20 and Sept.
Kx-Judge Alton H. I'arker will lie
one of the lecturers at tlm law school
of St. John's college, of Kordham, New
John D. Rockefeller, Jr., was lined
heavily for driving his automobile
over Tote Nolr, a forbidden pass in the
Since 11)03 there lias been a steady
decline in the customs receipts In the
riiilippine Islands.
Among the baggage of Karon Ko
uinrn is said to lie a valuable gift to
the mikado from 1'resldent ltoosevelt.
The German ICvangelical synod se
lected Kurllngtou, la., as the place for
its next: (piiidrlennial meeting In Jdti'.i.
Professor I.. Eddy. a teacher at the
Kentucky state school for the deaf at
Danville, dropped dead in the school
Moiidnv. Ool. 12.
Jose Estradn l'alinn, son of Prosi*
^Palntn, of Culm, is li'mninj the
..rnllwny ImshK'xs in Mexico.
It is reported llml Admiral Evans
^("FiglitiiiK Bob**) will be put on sick
|leave at bis own request, bis health be
•sIiik bad.
It is reported at Chicago that phU
•ets of the Typographical union bare
:l idnaped a man who refused to striUo
•••when ordered.
The pope Saturday received in pri
vate audience ltev. Herman Jo
vsuph Alerding. bishop of l\»rt Wayne
Sunday's report of new eases of yel
low ftner at New Orleans givers 23,
with deaths.
Alderman Walter Vaughan Morgan
Elected Ijord Mayor of Ixn
(Ion—Quaint. Ceremonies
—Foreign Notes.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 30.—M. Witte
left St. Petersburg by boat to meet
Emperor Nicholas, who with his fami
ly is prolonging his yachting trip in
the Finnish gulf. The meeting will
take place at Rjoerke, the unfre
quented little Ashing port where the
recent interview between Emperor
Nicholas and Emperor William took
place just before the peace conference
and where the imperial yacht Polar
Star is now lying. M. Witte bad not
expected when he arrived here to be
received in audience until the emper
or's return to Peterhof, but during the
evening he received the imperial com
mand to come to Hjoerkc on board a
vessel^which was sent for him.
Honors in Store for "Wittt
His majesty desired to hear im
mediately from bis envoy's lips an ac
count of his important and successful
mission. It is understood that M.
Witte will dine with the emperor and
empress and he may receive notifica
tion of the honors in store for him.
It has been reported that he will be
made a count and receive the order of
St. Andrew with which Presidents
Faure and Laubet were decorated, but
a more substantial honor may be his
nomination to the post of chief of the
cabinet of ministers, the details of
which are now being elaborated and
which make him the first subject In
the realm with the right of naming
all the ministers except the court aud
war ministers.
Alderman Walter Vnughan morgan
Ktected to the High Position.
Loudon, Sept. 30.—Alderman Wal
ter Vaughan Morgan was elected lord
mayor of London for the ensuing year.
Mr. Morgan is a septuagenarian, a
banker and a bachelor^ He was edu
cated at the IJIuecoat school and is a
prominent Free Mason.
Prior to the election the retiring
lord mayor, John Pound, the sheriffs
and the corporation paid their annual
\isit to the church of St Lawrence
Jewry. This observance dates from
1-10,0, when Whittington was elected
for the second term. So today for the
500tli time the quaint custom was
observed of presenting the vicar of the
church with a bottle of sherry and in
viting him to dine at the Mansion
House in the evening to celebrate the
election of the new chief magistrate.
taken to police headquarters for exam
More Bomb Throwing in Russia*
St. Petersburg, Sept. 27.—Chief of
police Ivanoff, three policemen and
three women were severely wounded
Jby the explosion of a bomb Ibrown
bear the town gardens at Kovno,
Will Meet His Majesty at a
Now Famous Fish
x. ing Port.
orthwest Russia. The thrower of
bomb escaped.
M. Witte Is Mode a Count.
St. Petersburg. Oct. 2.—M. Willi?,
BJusshm's chief envoy to Portsmouth,
has been created a count. The ezar
has bestowed this honor in recognition
of the plenipotentiary's effective work
in the treaty negotiations.
Tornado Wrccks Cape Colony Town.
Cape Town, Cape Colony, Sept. 30.
—A tornado struck Mnlmesbury, a
iirimuiu p»i uv.»v .utiuuvsuuij)
May Be Nominated to Post of town of 3,ooo in habitants situated
Chief of Cabinet of
thirty-five miles from here, and re
duced it to ruins. A number of per
sons were killed.
Scores the Czar's Plans.
I Moscow, Sept. 27.—The zexnstvoist
congress in session scores the czar's
plan for a national assembly, but
urges Russians to unite with the hope
of controlling the body, as a means of
gaining further concessions.
Gives Up Shooting Trip.
Vienna, Sept. 30.—Emperor Francis
.losepb has given up bis usual autumn
shooting excursion and will remain iu
Vienna to deal with the Hungariau
Big Ixckout at Berlin.
Berlin, Sept. 22.—Owlug to irouole
about wages the Allgemeine aud Sle
inens-Halske companies have decided
to lock out about 30,000 of their em
Suicide or a Millionaire Is Laid
.. the Door of Town Topics,
•& Society Paper.
New York, Oct, 2,—Driven, it is
said, to desperation by abusive ar
ticles in Town Topics, which referred
to him as a "social outcast," William
Biggin Travers, son of the late W. H,
Travel's, financier and celebrated wit,
killed himself in his apartments at
3nt» Madison avenue, where he lived
The magazine attacks were Inspired
ly the recent divorce secured by the
suicide's wife, who was Lillie Ilarrl
jnan, daughter of Oliver Harrlman
smd sister of Mrsi, W. K. Vanderbilt.
She has been living abroad. The
periodical declared that she was well
rid of him. That these criticisms hurt
him was shown, his friends say, by
Hie fact that he visited District Attor
ney Jerome, a distant relative, aud
asked what redress be bad.
For years Travel's had devoted him
self to taking care of the estate left
l»y his father, which Is estimated to
3iave been worth about .$2,000,000.
Former Auditor Sherrick Arrested.
Indianapolis, Sept. 30. David E.
Rlierrick. the defaulting auditor of
Htsite. has been arrested on two grand
jury indictments. The bond was fixed
at $10,000 in each case. #20,000 in all.
One indictment charges embezzlement,
grand larceny and conspiracy to com
mit a felony. The other charges grand
larceny and embezzlement. He was
taken to the sheriffs olliee at the jail,
and later, accompanied by Sheriff
Xourbier. lie visited a number of his
friends to arrange for bond.
Situation at Baku.
Rnku, Caucasia. Sept. 27.—Rein
forcements totalling 31.000 men with
three batteries of artillery have
reached this city. The governor has
issued an order forbidding the troops
under any circumstances to tire on
houses occupied by foreign cousuls.
Should, however, slioto be fired from
these buildings at the troops the land
lords will be heavily lined. The pro
prietors of the naphtha wells and re
fineries have been ordered under pain
of arrest to pay all the arrears of
wages due to their employes.
"Witte Welcomed Home.
St. Petersburg, Sept. 20.—M. Witte,
the senior llussian peace plenopotentl*
ary, returned to St. Petersburg and
the enthusiastic welcome accorded
by the waiting crowd fully demon
strated the great popularity of the
statesman and public appreciation of
the services be lias rendered his conn
try at Portsmouth. Cheer followed
cheer as the pleniiwtentiary alighted
from the train aud when M. Witte re
plied in an intensely patriotic strain
to the address of welcome, popular
enthusiasm found full vent.
Wreck in Suez Blown Up.
Tort Said, l^gypt, Sept. 29.—The
wreck of the British steamer Chat
ham, which was sunk in the canal
Kept. 0 in order to prevent an ex
plosiou of a large quantity of dyna
mite which formed part of the cargo
while the ship was menaced by fiames,
lias been blown up. No serious dam
age was done to the canal and the au
thorities anticipate that the passage
will be cleared of debris in four days.
The explosion was tremendous. The
enormous displacement of water was
visible from ICaselech.
Colon Has Scj'ious Fire.
Colon, Sept. 2S.—Fire that for a
time menaced Colon started iu Bolivia
street. After a hard tight the tire
was extinguished at 2::«l in the morn
ing. More than twenty houses were
destroyed, including the posteftise
building. The railroad property was
saved. Alt the Panama government
offices and leased briiUliugs were
burned to the ground. Hardly any
thing was saved. A conservative es
timate places the loss at $50,000.
Bloody Riot, at iitidapest.
Budapest. Hungary, Sept. US.—oe
tween forty and fifty persons were in
jured in riots hen* wiit'ii Socialists aud
adherents of the coalition parties, in
cluding students, clashed opposite the
Koyal Hotel, and for two hours there
were scenes of trcanendous excitement.
The Koyal hotel is the headquarters of
the Independence club, in which is me
council room of the cosilition leaders.
Norway-Sweden Dissolution.
Christianla, Norway, Sept. 30.—The
special committee of the storthing
to which the question wfis referred de
cided by 32 votes to 5 'to recommend
to parliament the adoption.of the gov
ernment bill embodying tie draft of
the treaty providing for the^ separation
of Norway and Sweden signed at
Karstad Sept. 23.
Infernal Machine at HtMlapest.
Budapest, Hungary. Sept. !|flSfr-A tin
box tilled with powder uf smfie kind
was found under the staircas of a
hotel in which Ihe coalition leaders
were meeting. The»:ox. which is ul
leyed. to be au internal machine, wvs
Stepped Ofl' Car Backward.
Denver. Oct. 2.—Despite the fact
Hint she is president of the Business
Woman's league. Miss Louise Lee
llsu'din was unaware of the peril in
stepping off a street car backwards.
She fell on her bead and when picked
up was uncouscious. Miss Hardin
was returning from a meeting of club
women, where she made an address on
"Wouian as Man's IOqual," when the
accident occurred.
Bank Burglars Get Much Cash.
Cairo. 111., Sept. 2!).—Burglars en
tered the private bank of C. B. Bur
Jiett & Sons at Eldorado. 111., wrecked
the vault and carried off between $S.
000 aud $30,000 in cash. Many shots
were exchanged between the burglars
and citizens, but owing to the dark
ness none of the shots took effect.
Bloodhounds have been put on the
trial of the burglars.
Sign Drives Him to Divorce.
Elkhart. 1ml.. Oct. 2.—Because his
wife persisted in having a sign, "Plain
Sewing Done," placed in a window of
their home Melvlu Alford asks a di
So It Is Imported at Chicago—Denied
by His Secretary at Kl
Paso, Tex.
Chicago, Oct. 2.—John Alexander
Dowie, who claims to be the reincar
nation of the prophet Elijah, and to
have the devine power to cure all dis
eases, has been stricken with paraly
sis. Dowie is on his way to Mexico,
and the disease attacked him while on
the train. In a letter to his followers
at Zion City, Dowie announces that he
has chosen his successor, but that the
name will not be revealed until after
bis death.
El Paso. Tex., Oct. 2.—Alexander
Dowie and Chicago party arrived here
en route to the proposed Zionist colony
at Tamaulipas, Mex.. Members of the
party deny that Dowie has been strick
en with paralysis, but they admit that
lie is ill. Shortly before retiring Dowie
walked from one cm* to the other un
aided. and bis secretary called atten
tion to this as proof that he was not
suffering from paralysis.
Street Car Proposition to Chicago.
Chicago, Sept. 28.—The Chicago
City Bailway and the Chicago Union
Traction companies have made a
definite proposition to the city for a
new franchise. A twenty years* grant
asked and immediate rehabillatn
Hon, through service between all sides
of the city, universal transfers and a
5-cenl fare are promised.
Gives Life to Save Husband.
LaCrosse, Kan., Oct. 2.—Seeing
Phillip Schrynard, a discharged farm
hand, raise a rifle to shoot her husband,
Mrs. George Zink jumped in front of
the gun and was killed. Schrynard,
who attacked the Zlnks while they
were returning from a dance, escaped,
but was caught.
Death of Wheeler H. Peckliam.
New York, Sept. 28.—Wheeler II.
Peckham, the noted lawyer, died sud
denly here in his olttce on Broadway.
Apoplexy is thought to have cased his
death. Pecknam was born in Albany,
N. Y., and was 73 years old.
Pioneer Wisconsin Man Dead.
LaCrosse, Wis., Oct. 2.—Ben Ott, a
pioneer iron manufacturer of the
northwest, died suddenly of paralysis,
aged 08 years.
Two Passenger Cars Knocked by
a Stock Train Into aTwen
ty-Foot Chasm.
Score of Others Are Woonded, Some
of Them Seriously.
Air Brakes on the Stock Train Failed
to Work—Switch Kuginc la
Death to Three
St. Paul, Minn., Oct 2.—A "Chi
cago and Great Western stock
train runuiug about twenty miles au
hour as it was going through the St.
Paul railroad yards struck the middle
of a Soo liner passenger train which
hud just left the Villon station, aud
hurled two Pullman sleepers over a
retaining wall to the bottom of a gully
twenty feet below, tine sleeper landed
bottom side up, and the other fell on
Its side. Both cars were badly wrecked.
One woman was so badly injured that
she died in St. Joseph's hospital short
ly after being taken there and nine
others were seriously injured, while a
score or more was less seriously hurt.
List of the Casualt ies.
The dead and injured: Dead—Mrs.
Clara N. Cross, Minneapolis. Injured—
J. P. Wilkinson, head and right hip
injured, very seriously E. S. Martin,
head badly bruised Mrs. Henry
1 'outsell, back and head quite seriously
injured Franlclin Lyon, back injured
and bruised: Mrs. Thompson Hall,
scalp wound William A. Hall,
collar bone "fractured and scalp
wound Hall Wilkinson. scalp
wounds—all the foregoing are Minne
apolis people James Birdeaux, St.
Paul, head, back and legs injured, seri
ous TI. S. Morris, Montreal, Canada,
head, back and neck seriously hurt
Frank Martin, Cyrus Berglund, C. J.
Keenan, aud Miss Crughliii, all of New
York and all slightly hurt.
Air Brakes Refused to Work.
That not more were killed or injured
is due to the fact that the train was
nearly empty, having discharged the
greater number of Its passengers at
the Union station here. The direct
cause of the accident was the failure
of the air brakes on the stock train to
work. The Soo 1/ne passenger traiu
had just left the station for Minneapo
lis and was crossing the Chicago and
Great Western tracks, about four
blocks east of the station. The track
runs along a high embankment at this
point. The wreckage caught lire, but
it was promptly extinguished.
Is Death to Three Men.
Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 2.—A switch
engine iu the yards of the Louisville
ami Nashville railroiW .jumped the
track and two men were instantly
killed and a third died 1u the hospital
a few hours later. The dead are T.
P. Bibb, Belle Mina, Ala. Joseph
Aaron, Bessemer, Ala., and L. M.
Glass. Columbia, Ala.—all well-known
joung men. They were standing on
the front running board of the switch
engine when suddenly the front wheels
jumped the track.
Car Strikes Obstructions on a Bridge
While llutiiiing at Slow
-v Speed.
Havana, Oct. 2.—An attempt to as
sassinate President Palnui by drown
ing has been made near this city. De
tails of the plot came out only by ac-
t. Estrada falma.
cident. A correspondent made inquir
ies as to why the president was not
using ids special car to travel to and
from Havana, as had been his custom.
He was informed that recently wedges
had been found driven into a bridge
over which the president passed, the
wedges being so arranged that if his
car struck them at anything near its
usual speed It would be thrown into
the water with liim.' The ear. how
ever. was running slowly and passed
over the obstructions in safety.
The danger was not recognized un
til afterward. Since that time Presi
dent l'alma has been driving the
seven miles to his home, always ac
companied by secret service police.
President Palma did not leave his
summer home for several days.
National City of New York Is Victim
of $300,000 Steal-Thief
Not Found.
New York, Sept. 30.—It was the
National City bank, the Standard Oil
institution, that was victimized by the
theft of $300,000 In securities. The
theft was committed by means of a
check forged in the name of Pear &
Co., a firm of stock brokers, which
had deposited the paper to secure a
loan of $300,000. The clever thief,
appeared to know all about the
transaction, was taken by the bank
official as a messenger for Pearl &
Co.. aud on "depositing the check he
was handed over the securities. No
trace of the. thief has yet been found.
An official of the National City bank
who described the transaction involv
ing the surrender of the securities by
the hank, said that they did not dif
fer from many bona fide transactions
common in the fiuancial district. Iti
was stated that tie yotihg maii for
whom the detectives are searching
was probably only an office boy and.
may have been acting in behalf of
some more experienced operator.
New York, Oct. 2.—The man under
arrest charged with the theft of .$359,
000 worth of securities from the Na
tional City bank has been identified as
Harry A. Leonard, who was employed
as a clerk by Halle & Stleglltz, brok
New Battleship launched.
Philadelphia Oct,. 2.—In the pres
ence of a distinguished party of guests,
the battleship Mlssissipppi was launch
ed at the yards of the William Cramp
Ship and Engine Building company.
The vessels 'sponsor was Miss Mabel
Clare Money, daughter of United
States Senator Money.
Steamer Sinks a Schooner.
Newport News, Ya., Sept. 27.—The
steamer Bayport, Captain Jensen, en
route to Boston, with coal, ran down
and sunk the schooner Job II. Jack
son. Captain Williamson, off Thimble
light. One member of the schooner's
crew was drowned.
Stiaw Addresses Ohio Bankers.
Cleveland, O., Sept. 20.—The ad
dress of Secretary of the Treasury
Leslie M. Shaw, was the feature of
the morning session of .tlie convention
of the Ohio Bankers' association. He
urged that a more elastic currency
system be adopted.
President Returns to Washington.
Washington. Oct. 2.—President
Boosevelt returned here after spending
Ihe summer at Oyster Bay. He was
given an enthusiastic public ovatiou.
Fatal Fire in New York.
New York. Oct. 2.—Two men were
burned to death as they slept, a third
was so badly burned that he died in
a hospital, another is In a dangerous
condition, and several others suffered
serious but probably not fatal Injuries
in a tire in a two-story saloon, restau
rant and lodging house at Nos. 223
223 West street. The two men who
lost their lives occupied room 33 In the
rear of the building. They were over
come by smoke and burned to death
iu their bed. All the occupants of the
house were sailors and longshoremen.
Koinura Leaves New York.
New York, Sept, 28,—The return to
Japan of Baron Komura, the Japanese
peace plenipotentiary, began when he
left New York for 'Montreal. In the.
party also were Baron Kaneko and
Aituar Sato, secretary to the peace en
\oy. Willi Baron Komura went Dr.
Priteliard. who has attended the pleni
potentiary during the attack of typ
hoid fever which recently prevented
him from leaving for Japan on the
date set for his return. The physician
may go as far as Vancouver.
Better Feeling in Japan.
Tokio, Oct. 2.—A sharp rise in
prices took place again in the morning
in the local share market, with every
indication that business activity will
gradually overcome the depression
caused by the treaty of peace. The
new alliance with Great Britain has
inspired a feeling of perfect confidence
in the future tranquility of the situa
tion in commercial circles, and much
activity Is expected soon lu all lines of
Five Children Cremated.
Fort Dodge. Ia., Sept. 28.—Five chil
dren were burned to death in. a tire
which destroyed the home of Fred
erick Adamson in the morning. The
dead: Edna, aged 30 Irma, aged.8
fMarence, agpd Ernes|, aged 3, all
I'fiildren of Adamson. and Ifa.vmomT,
the 3-year-old son of-David Sccord, a
laborer. The father bad' g«*ne to work
i.nd the mother was visiting a neigh
bor, leaving tlie gasoline stove burn
Sfiii o&t
1.1M SMffltopt.
The Regular and Reliable Chi
cago Specialist, who has visiti'd
Manchester, every month since
1901, will be at the Olarena"
Monday, October 16,
(one day only) aud return onrr
every 28 days. Office hoius !l 11
in. to 5:30 p. m.
Independence, Gedney Hotel, Tueedny
October 17.
l*}iiimuontty cu« cas23 n«
in sends le incurable aorne without takluc
from them. Tills ts why ho continues hi
•Its year after. r. wlnle oilier doctors hav.
ido a few visits and stopped. Dr. ShaUenbji
Is an eminen'.\ successful specialist In a!
routs diseases, proven by tlio many cure:
fii'eii In chronic citscs which to baffled th.
hi of alt other physicians. Ills hospital ox
•vienco and extonslvo pr mco have made bin
proficient that he can name and iocat*. a uls
tso lu a lev minutes.
Treats all --able c-ses of Catarrh, No&
\roat and juung diseases* Eye -nd 1-ar
omach, Liver and Kiuney*, Gravtl, ruiaa
m, Paralysis, NnuraMn,
In the Matter of
William w. Foud,'• In Bankruptcy,
To tbe Creditors of William W. Pord, of Man
chester, la the rounty of Delaware and Dis
trict aforesaid:
Notice Is hereVy given lhat on tlie 27th yof
September, A. D. 1905, the said WUilam W.
Ford, was duly adjudicated bankiupi and that
the first meeting ot his creditors will be he'd In
llie oaurt house In Manchester in said district
on the Iltlrday or O nober. 1.. 190s, at 10
o'clock in the forenoon, at which time and place
the said creditors in:iy attend, prove their clslms.
appoint a trustee, and transact such other bu-I
ness as may properly come before the meeting
m.w. Harmon,
The Secret «f Good Coffee
Even the- best housekeepers cannot- make a good cup of
coffee 'without good material. Dirty, adulterated and queerly
blended coffee suck as unscrupulous dealers shovel over their
counters won't do. But take the pure, clean, natural flavored
LION COFFEE, the leader ol all package eolfees—
tho coffee that for over a quarter of a century has been daily
welcomed in millions of homes—and you will make a drink fit
for a king in this way:
Use LION COFFEB, because to get best resnlts yon mast use the best coffee.
Grind your LION COFFKB rather fine. Use "a tablespoonful to each ctxpt and one
extra for the pot." First mix it with a little cold water, enough to make a thick
add white of an egg (it egg is to be used as
a settler), then
follow ono
of the following roles:
ht WITHBOIUNG WATER. Add boillag water, and let It boll
THREE MINUTCS ONLY. Add a little COM water and act aside live
minutes to settle. 'Serve
2d. WITH
vniii. nau uiue cm
Mle. 'Serve promptly.
COLD WATER. Add your
toll. Then set aside, add a 1
bring It to a boll.
minutes Ifs ready to serve.
(Don't boil It too longr.
(Save these Lion-heads for valuable premiums.)
C.V.T7-V •.
iX iV
Referee in Bankruptcy.
"WOOLSON 8PI0E CO., Toledo, Ohio.
AVe have made nrrnngeniMits whereby we can, for a limi-v
ted time, give to all new, or paid in advance, subscribers,1
The Democrat,
The Review of Reviews,
The Cosmopolitan, and
The Woman's Home Companion,
For which the rep ulai|price would be $8.00. Here is a
chance to get your year's reading matter at a price within
the reach of all. Remember, this olfer is for a reasonable
time only.
tvous and Hear
ceases, Blood Sdn d. j&sea,
right's Disease Coi mmr**"
i* tiseasesoftheBlauderanul
I'luuraad Tobacco habit. StammorinB curec
.tl sure methods to prevent its recurrence
A never-failing remedy Bis Nock.
ri LBS, VISTULA*. an.t itUPTUltF. gr.aran
eml cured without detention from iuismehs
|u»*lul attention given to all Surgical
and all dUcuoa of tlie Ey.', Kai
\os« anl Throat*
(ilnnneit fitted unci guaranteed. GranulateC
ils.Cataract, Cross Eyes straightened wUfaou
&dq near
jasea, Epilepsy
upjtc.i in efcrl:
uremal-.* Or ratib
Are you nervous and deopondent:
weak an
debilitated tired mornings: no ambition—lift
•»ss memory poor easily fatigued excltaL.'
•nd Writable eyes sunker, red aud blurred
iMmplesou face dreams and nlg losses: rest
ess. haggard looking: weak back deposit
-i«e aud drains at stool: distrustful wan',
tnl le ta: Uja of
and «srt»Dgth?
Private Diseases a Spec
Blood Poison, Nervousness, Dtzzlue-r, De
•otlva tfjinoryaQd otne ailments wnlch rj|
ody aid mind positively eorea.
Perfected In old cases which have been net
tected or unsklltfully treated. No experiment
or failures. Ho undertakes no iacurablf*oases
but cure thousands given up to die.
Consultation Free and Confidential
146 Oak wood Blvd.. Ohlsaa*
Rpferencp Prexel State Bank.
In Bankruptcy.
In trf. District oouiit of the United
Statks fok the jn'obthbiin District of
cold water to the paste and
little cold water, aad In live
a a in in
VPS (Don't use water that has been boiled before.
iBkWIUi Ems. Use part of the white of an egg. mixing Itwlth the ground LION
COFr iSE before boiling.
Wltti Cold Water instead of eggs. After boDIng
add a dash of cold water, and set
aside for eight or ten minutes, then serve through a strainer*
Insist on getting a package of genuine IION COFFEE,
prepare ttaccordlng to tbls recipe and yon will only use
LION COFFEE In fntore. (Sold only in
(Lion-liead on every package.)
1 lb. sealed packages.)
School Clothes.
jjnanchester Lumber Company
Ihe school bell is most ready to
Ting again.
School clullicB hro all ready for
boys of all sizes.
Fabric strong making strong:
sewing strong break places made
strong. Our remarkable prices and
the appearance of our School Suits
niako the inducement to buy here
Our School Suits always
give our patrons the best
of satisfaction.
$Z.GD up lo |S1
High quality and low prices are
in happy accol'd.
Clothier and Merchant Tailor.
If you contemplate purchasing silverware of any description,
it will pay you to examine my new line of up-to-date patterns,
suitable for presents for any occasion. I also carry a fine line of
fIn fact, anything in the jewelry line that fancy can desire.
Call and see our new goods, whether you wish to purchase or
not. Engraving done when desired.
i, at 'I
1 1
W. N. BOYNTON, Main Street.
Are You Going
.. To Build?
If so we can sell you well
hcasoned lumber at lower
than you can get
-clsowhere. We buy in
..ii^Jl.irge quantities at good
advantage and give our
customers the benefit.
Phone 156. J. W. RABENAU, Xgr.
Furniture and Urdertaking,
[Manchester, Iowa.
Laaffhter iind Health.
A physician in sourcli of remedies
for Luuiau ills finds that laughter
stands very liigU lu tlie list of prophy
lactics. The effect of mere cheerful
ness ns a health promoter Is well
known, but un occasional outburst of
downright laughter is the heroic rem
edy. It 1.1 a matter of everyday experi
ence, says tho authority iu question,
that one feels the better for a good
laugh, au explosion of laughter being
in truth a "nerve storm, comparable in
lis effect to a thunderstorm in nature,
doing good by dissipating those op
pressive clouds of care which some
times darken the mental horizon." This
authority assurcj us that the memora
ble adage, "I.augii and grow fat," rests
011 a 8»uik1 philosophical basis. Portly
people arc not given to laughter be
cause they are fat. They are fat be
cause they laugh.
llurjrliirH 11 ml Chloroform.
Doctors agree that tho public Is
wrjny in ihe popular conception that
burglars sometimes chloroform the In
mates of a house before committing a
robbery. The usual story is that the
anaesthetic was squirted into the sleep
ing room through keyholes. A Kan
sas City surgeon who has had occasion
to administer chloroform or ether 000
times suys that .chloroform adminis­
tered in this manner would put a
quietus on tho burglar as well as till
inmates of a home. Physicians have
tried many times to administer chloro
form to sleeping persons and have met
with very poor results. The first ef
fect of au auuesthetie is not to lull to
Insensibility, but to arouse all the men
tal and physical vigor of the person
to whom It Is given.—Ivansa9 City
Willing hands will not remain long
idle if wedded to thoughtful hearts anil
observant eyes.—H. W. tittle.
Wouldn't Take It Oat In Trade.
A Welshman sued a fellow country
man some time since for a certain
amount of money ojvlng to him. The
debtor repeatedly offered to take the
debt out in trade, but this offer did not
seem at all to suit the taste of tha
creditor. At laBt tho Judge asked the
plaintiff the reason for liis unwilling
ness to accept tbe debtor's offer to
"work off the debt."
His reply was, "Well, you see, your
honor, the man's an undertaker!"
A Winner.
Brlggs—Is Perkins successful In bis'
philosophy? Griggs—Oh, yes. His
wife has supported blm for years.—

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