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€hc ^Democrat
i. M. CAfift
Editors orul Proprietors
SuSsCUU'TlOM l'lUrk
Nearly, la&dv&noe fl fiO
uol pftirt )& »tlr»ooo. 4 00
rtOTK?lC.--Ojt Ut6nll)« of papor upon wbkb
Ita nnmojH prlnird, appcnra tbo date to which
l&o papcr'ia paid Tor, mid a renew*} in always
tripouituU aoltolted.
ins writer's name ajuoiaeooiapai
t)a for publication an evidence
to«Uf editor*.
•Ai- 1
of Xf wn
The child wftf) her penny savings bank.
The small boy with his srrjall change,
The lady witl) t^cr pio money savings,
The small man witty fyis sri)all roll.
The big man with his big roll,
The big man who applies for a big loan,
The man who applies for a small loar),
The lady witb Ijer churcl) subscription list.
The sroall boy witl) school entertainment tickets.
The cf)(id with society entertainment
ore each accorded the eitmj considerate attention nnd ex­
profitable bunking.
tended the most liberal trentineut consistent with good nnd
The First National.
Bank of Manchester,
Coal Pile Savings Bank
Sounds ratlier queer, doesn't it Many a householder
burns up good money, winter after winter, that the
Underfeed Furnace^
would save. Until the Underfeed came to revolutionize heating
plants, nobody looked on coal piles as good hiding places for
economy. The Underfeed not only entirely
consumes all smoke and gases, but gets
from cheapest grade coal as much heat
as tlie most costly yields. That
ttNT&KttU AT Til it fOSTOKPlCK AT 1
Beauties of a Home
Depend largely upon tlie deooratiffff of the walls.
Our Spring Stock of Wn'l Decorations include tlio
In at patterns of American and foreign manufne
tjuiv,.auitoblo.for all kinds.of rooms, from tin? lowly
lti(eTien to the ricli nnd phsteiilkraB parlor, at.pii«es.
suitable for the different purposes. (t will pay
you to see our line before you bny.
Saves 1-2 to 2-3 1
on Coat Silts
(Thousands who use the Underfeed
are its most enthusiastic endorsers.
Count the money annually saved. It
soon pays tor itself.
Carhart & Nye.
aammmmmmm mmtmmnmmK
have tlie northwestern statis Portland Cenfent"*3
for Hiilo. It is guaranteed to be equal
Portland Cement manufactured in tbe
States or Europe. "i ,^1
My prices nre rigli', aee me before you place your
order. I also have the Atlas Portland cement
b- CEMENT -3
to any
njnni'ii limits Uuvornor i:um
mins .-.(jrved nnlicts on the slumber
ing .Jonathan 1J. Dolliver that he
lias fight ahead for his sent in the
Hcuatu. Cummins declared he would
he in at least one more fight and
thai is when Oolliver comes up for
re-election. His attitude in the
present light and his complete sub
serviency to corporations means
that he will he opposed by a strong
candidate. It has been understood
that Secretary Sjaw is in training
to go after Uolliver's place at the
first chance. Dolliver definitely
promised when appointed to Blip
port Shaw, but broke his promise.
It is also said 1 hat. Allornev-Qenerul
Ilyers is considered an available
man to make the rilco against Oolli
ver. At any rate it is settled that
Dollivor will have to fight. The
Council lilufls meeting was reported
to be a great one iu every respect.
—Des Moines News.
Thero is approximately 1,023,5IS
names on tlio pay roll of Uncle San.
in the United States, Alaska. Hawaii,
the Philippines. I'orto Rico, Cuba,
Panama and various foreign coun
tries. This does not include certain
temporary employes,\uch as substi
tute letter carriers, clerks and others
who work by the day for a tow
weeks or months, at intervals. The
information is contributed by Wil
liam IS. Curtis. It would appear
that the army of civil servants was
jurgo enough without augumenting
it by the addition of government
ownership of railroads and telegraph
lines and other things that have a
place in consideration in this con
nection. A statement of tlio signifi
cance of those statistics is well cal
ri'l tied to huggost a pause on the
pail of those who havo been persuad
ed to think something might bo ac
complished by adding millions
moro of names to the list of those
who draw support from our univer
sal uncle. What would it meaa if
the vision of soma should bee me
reality? —Waterloo Reporter
Krancis Joseph, emperor of Aus
tiia and king of Hungary is only
six years older than "Uncle Joe"
Cannon, speaker of the bouse, and
one of the most powerful men in
our government. Vet ho is now re
ceiving the personal congratulations
of the heads of tlio imperial, royal
and princely houses of Germany on
the beginning of his diamond jubi
lee. In December it will be 00
years since lie ascended the throne
of the Hapaburgs, Sixty years!
When' the young ruler assumed the
cares of state, James K. Polk was
president of the United States.
Francis Joseph has been the con
temporary of Taylor, Fillmore,
Pierce,' Buchanan, Lincoln, Johnson,
Grant, Hayes, Garfield, Arthur,
Cleveland, Harrison, McKinley and
Roosevelt. They are all dead]" save
Cloveland and Roosevelt yet the
venerable monarch still reigns and
rules. He haB come through one
revolution and.three great wars has
seen tlio governments of Europe
change from half autocratic to demo
cratic, has witnessed the disappear
ance of empire in France, the unifi
cation of Germany and Italy, the re
surrection of the Balkan states, the
the dissolution of one dual monarchy,
in Scandinavia, and the threat to
dissolve a greater—his own. Not
'"an old man eloquent," but an old
man significant, is Francis Joseph,
monarch of Austria-Hungary.—New
York Mail.
Prog itss of Prohibition. SOS
"Kight million six hundred thou
sand people "•abolished tbe saloon
last year, including four entire
states. Seven proihbition states
have a population of over 10,000,
000, while 27.000,000 more live in
other roihbit'.on territory, making
about 45 per cent of the total popu
lation of the United States free from
the blighting influence of the saloon.
Of H4 legislatures in session last
year, 20 passed laws unfavorable -to
liquor traffic, while no legislature
has bepu in session the present year
that has not had one or more tem
perance bills before it. In recent
years no legislation favorable to
liquor traffic lias been enacted."
Such was the language in which,
the progress of the temperance
movement in the United States was
reported to the general assembly of
the Presbyterian churches today.
A Triple Coincidence.
An almost iucrediblc triple coinci
dence was noted lu Pruuce some years
ago. .* Iti 18f)4 the deputy for the Ar
dennes was M. Kerry for Loir et Cher,
M. Urfssou,- and for the Yosges, M.
Hugo. In 179JJ, 101 yearn earlier, each
district hud* been represented in the
chamber by a man of exactly the same
Mistress (midnight)-] don't intend to
come downstairs to let you in at this
time of n'ght again. New Girl (reas
suringly)— You won't have to, mum.
Oue of my friends took an impression
of your lock, aud he's uiuUiug a ulce
key for me.—London Globe.
Fatal Error.
He Is lifeless
French Proverb.
f)c ittftnekster
Tlie Two Bells.
Long Y'U»S
li Aihliua
Aged Coucle Tramp.
Worn out from tramping railroad
tracks, their feet lacerated and
bruised by stones, Abner Hammond
S years old, and his wife, Mary, 07
reached Des Moines this morning
on their way to Pewaukee, Wiscon
sin. They bad walked from Sher
man, Texas, to Leavenworth, Kan
sas, more than 200 miles. At Leav
enworth the aged couple gave up
the task and appealed to charity for
Railroad tickets to Des Moines
were bought them there, and they
arrived here over the Great Western
last night. The old man left his
wife at the depot this morning,
while he wont out again to seek
further aid. "It's our last trip to
gether," Hammond said at the po.
lice station, where he applied for
charity. "We want to get back to
our old home, where friends will
care for us till we die. It's been an
awful journey."
Hammond said he and "Mary"
were invalids, up in Wise main.
They read in the papers about Tex
as, about the cotton fields, the sun
ny southern climate, the magnoliu
blossoms, the land of fruits and
berries, and they decided that such
a gardeu would be the ideal place
for spending their last daystogethei
They had a little home, which thev
Bold, and bought tickets to Sherman.
They started toward the "garden"
about which they had talked si
"But Texas was not our garden,"
Hammond said. "The hot winds
blew each day the rainy season
ruined our little crop the fruit and
berries did not appear. Our money
gave out. We both became ill. We
got to our last dollar. Then we
suffered. Then we thought of old
Pewaukee, the folks at home and
how happy wo had been back there
'Marv,' I said one day, 'I want
to go back.'
"X. Peck's wife leads him
merry giiit. runcy."
"Oti, yos. Wht-n he was counting
lier be told tier out* day she looked
l)iftty..wlii'U she was augry, and now
It has gut to Ue a bablt."
that la faultleas.-
Good Terms.-
"I'm sure we shaft be on good terms,''
said the man wlio liau just, moved Into
the neighborhood to tlie corner grocer.
"No doubt o£ It, sir. especially." be
lidded as_ au afterthought, "as tbe
terms are cash."—London Telegraph.
iHE Hiic.ent Hioiy,
Us wtMH Hent fiom HiJiktii to thui far
New-found buyoiul (ho k«a, that (ufh.ii'rf glory
And Ju tils liuuse tOKMbur U9 Klit chiuie,
AUil lu this tluy. ot»e bril la silMy kwIIIKI"»
Wltluu tin tslibUD. etl lower, whuie uioar auil Ilea
Its ballon^ envii with Ita taoiioH' iMgiog
Tno otUer ben, its mats, was lost
I.H j3»))ug,
Tlie people listen lor Ihey «uy lliey h-nr
Aq ocln,
from the distant octun «t«allUK-
It 1 the lost uiiu'n aiiswer, fmut,»ut olo tr.
Ob, love like tho«R tn'o bel's »llyj ti^dthor
Aui you liave rvuehod your Uy work atid rest
But stormy wa» thn way, aud rmlu tlie woAllier,
Ami 1 lost lieuHitli llis vv«''s \v4iltu uitst
Over my inirieJI^uri iliu whita wuvtiH Klstc-it
A !r«H!» tuy hrejiit til sritwudtla wavd ni nwne
Is n,y ,s» ul a b.it lift* ^J^ve lien I liaicu
Au I hear jour up rit h« ttly ntliirt
Tlinti lliooM luiit'liiK wuk«s ht tri Hlilver
I try io br^ak th« »tnN whicd i.dM uw diitnbj
1 turn I Ktrlvu,with inaiiyatliroouna |ulver
1 fuelily uQBwer, hut I cuuuut
I ho Ceolury
Always in Trouble.
The following dispatch from
Wavurly describe-how W Mil
ler, chairman ul the dmtncralic
statu central coinmillci' has -nguin
run amuck:
"l'he long warfare of the local
physicians by C. W. Miller, editor
of the Demcc.-at, riau'ted in an oc
currence last night that will be
greatly deplored in this community.
Aroused by an especially bitter
attack on him in the last issue of
the Democrat, and by an instilling
remark addiessed to him on jh*
street, l.l-. .J. J-'. Auner infomtd
Air. Miller lo defend himself as he
was in for a heating. Theie was a
lively scrimmage in wliic'i Mr
Miller was quite badly beaten up.
Dr. Auner was injured also. Tbe
combatants wero separated by by
Tlio persistent attacks ol Mr
Miller on the Iccal physicians havo
been deeply resented by them and
their large circle of friends lor some
time. It is certain that Waverly's
physicians in ability and character
are the peers of the best physicians
in cities of similar size in the state,
and their conduct has been no more
worthy of scathing and tcurrilious
criticisms than has the conduct of
physicians of other localities. The
malice with which Mr. Miller has
taken advantage of his editorship
of a newspaper to persecute them
has been entirely unwarranted.
It is to bo regretted, however,
that the differences between Mi
Miller aud the physicians resulted
in a personal altercation between
himself aud one of their number.
It is reported that Mr. Miller has
filed information against Dr. Auner,
charging him with assault mid but
tery. No arrest had been made when
this dispatch was written."
ihem transportation
They tv» 11 leave
Moines Ni^ws.
replied, 'I want to
go too. Aud I'm willing to walk,
loit know the children we have
Five little graves lie in the edge
of Pewaukee. The last child died
many years ago.
Hie first of April the aged cou
ple started on the long walk bark
to the pine trees. Their progress
was Blow. TheirBhots were thin and
soon wore through. Mary's shoes
gave out. They had no monev to
buy more. Then she began walking
in her stocking feet. Tbrouah
Noilhern Texas, across Kantas to
Leavenworth, day by day they
trudged. When they reached Leav
enworth, they were exhausted. The
aged woman's feet were swollen so
that she could not have worn shoes
had she tried. When she reached
Des Moines this morning, she still
walked in her stocking feet. Even
they were worn through.
Hammond told his story to Hu
mane Officer Eckels at the police
ttation, who started at once to get
I For making
quickly and perfectly,
delicious hot biscuits, hot
breads, cake and pastry
there is no substitute for
The active principle of which is derived
from grapes, pure cream of tartar,
the most wholesome of all fruit acids
The Good Green Country.
l'cor, blind, foolish creatures that
we aie, we seek through the whole
world for remedies, and seek in
vain, forgetting that God in his
goodness has placed them right be
fore us.
The city man, sick and tired of
the noise
{and confusion, the dirt,
the wnolto, the unending bustle and
rush and roar and rattle
for surcease and for balm.
Here may he be waked, fresh and
bright, by the Bob White's whistle
on the dewy dawn, to dream through
days that are long-spun threads of
gold linked by starry nights of sil
Hero may he drink, through
every quickened sense, thfi cup that
nature filbi for us—a happy draught
unmixed with pain.
Solitude, plain food, pure water,
fresh air, clear sunshine and the
good old earth, all roofed in by the
iky—the best sanitarium that ever
All the learned specialists, with
all their intricate formulas, may
fail to help you, and a brief claBp
by mother nature, close to her heart,
may make a new man of you.
All the medicinal baths, even at
the fartherest end of the earth, can
not equal a plunge at dawn into an
ice-cold pool direct from a hillside
All the dieticians cannot prescribe
a more healthful breakfast than eggs
and milk fresh from the farmyard.
All the physical directors cannot
devise a better exercise than a brisk
walk in the bright sunshine along
a countrv road.
Line In the Pacific Where It Shakes
Hands With Yesterday.
Most people who have read Jules
Verne's "Around the World In Eighty
Ua.vn" will remember how narrowly
the traveler lulled his bet, having for
gotten that In following the sun from
east to west he had gained oue day.
When one roesos the Atlantic from
London to Xew York he gains rather
more than half an hour eaeh day.
From* New York, to Chicago another
hour 1 gained, another to Denver, an
other to San Francisco, which Is reck
oning time eight hours later than Lou
don and of course the best part of a
day later than Shanghai and Yokoha
ma. In crossing the l'acitle thero
conies a time when the day beglus,
where yesterday and tomorrow shake
hatuls and where the traveler is* cheat
ed out of a da.v in his life.
Iu mid-l'acllie, going west, one skips
from Sunday to Tuesday. Going east
he has* one day of the week repeated
two Sundays or Tuesdays, us the ease
may be.
The Hue of the ehauging day is not
a straight one. The islands in the Pa
cific take their time from the continent
with which they trade aud from which
they were discovered. Thus the Hue
of the change zigzags dowu the Pa
cific from south to north, dodging be
tween the islands.
Hence It might easily happen that a
ship which has already skipped a day
would reach an Island which clings to
Sau Francisco time, lu such a case it
would be Monday on shore aud Tues
day on the ship.
If the ship's Jolly boat were lying at
a wharf, It would be Monday on tlie
wharf aud Tuesday ou the boat.
And If a persou lives somewhere
near the line he caa get a sailboat aud
visit yesterday and tomorrow lu the
most delightful fashion.
Child Management.
I don't like puulshiuenU. you will
oever torture a child Into duty, but a
sensible child will dread the frown of
Judicious mother more thau all the
rods, dark rooms aud scolding school
mistresses lu tbe universe.—White.
Those caring for health must avoid alum powder*.
Alum is a sharp, poisonous, mineral
Study tlie label. Hay ocly wbeie
ereuitt ot tartar is
to Pewaukee.
tonight. Des
If he will follow the true dictates
of his soul he will cut out the trip
to Europe, or to a wateiing place,
and go to the good green country.
It will save him much money,
aud maybe- his life.
Here may his weary heart find
peace complete in miracles of color,
in «pic_v,'wbtile' odors, in Bounds,
firm, deep, tumultuous.
A National Trait.
A traveler returned from Jaffsi tells
Ibis tale ut his own ciipeuMf. ijaviug
Journeyed to the historical seaport on
Jii.s way to Jerusalem, he succeeded in
hiring a conveyance to *:trrv him to
the station. Hy speech aud gesture he
informed the native driver that he
wished to be carried in a leisurely,
sightseeing fashion through as''many
as possible of the principal thorough
fares of Jaffa and lo be delivered at
the terminal just time to take the
outgoing train.
He had no sooner seated hftURelf in
the vehicle, however, than the driver
whipped up his horse and whirled the
dismayed traveler at a furious pace
through all the dust and over nil the
stoues of the notoriously rough streets
of Jaffa. Tiie passenger was too busily
employed hi saving his bMies to be
able to see auythlng of the interesting
Arriving at the station, he found.that
he. still had two hours to wait.
"Why In the world," he demanded
you ever hurry like
thatr'. V* ...
"You American," responded the driv
er, with an expressive shrug. "All
Amerlcau iike go very much fast."
Youth's Companion.
1* ...
figure of
He Was Too Smart.
He was the only man at the table
full of lovely girls, and. like all only
meu, he was spoiled. So wh«?n tbe
belle of the table remarked that she
was very fond or pepper ami theu sift
ed half the contents of the pepper box
over her food he sprang au old. gag ou
"It won't hurt you. This pepper is
half peas."
"What is tfjat you sayV" asked the
landlady from the next table. Speak
a little louder, please."
He reiterated his remark.
"That isn't true." retorted the land
lady hotly. "I do not use adulterated
goods on my table."
"My deer madam," said the bland
joker, "there are always a lot of p's iu
There was au impressive pau.e. Theii,
the landlady said in a crushing voice:
"Oh, yes, just as you always furnish
part of the dessert."
"I don't understand."
"Tbe chestmifR.*t"I.ondon Standard.
Did She Keep Her Temper?
Mr. Riles Is a very hasty tempered
man, but he Is also one who keeps his
promises to the very letter. Therefore
Mrs. li. has trained him to believe
that second thought.-* are best and even
in a moment of his weakness extract
ed from him a promise always to
count twenty before he speaks if be
feels rage coming upon hlu«.\ Last
Sunday he rushed into the hack draw
ing room spluttering with fury and
in the face. Mrs. I»ilos rose and
laid a'gentle hand on his stammeriug
"M-mary, I—I—I"—
"Hush, dear," said the sweet woman.
"Count twenty aud conquer yourself,
aud I shall be more proud of you than
if you had conquered the world,"
"Eighteen, nlncteeu, twenty"—
"Xow tell me, dear."
"It's that new hat of yours that you
paid guineas for, and the new serv
ant's gone out in, and it's rainlug hard
—that's all."—Loudon Express.
Long Sentences. -/V
Ruskin, it is said, has writteii more
sentences of inordinate length than
any other classic jvrlter of moderu
English prose. Frederic Harrison some
years ago counted the words in a num
ber of typical sentences, llndlng that In
the earlier books it was no uncommon
thing for liuskhi to run beyond the
page before permitting himself and his
readers the relief of a full stop. But In
every case the sense Is cleaf as day.
Wordsworth's poem on the "Charac
ter of the Happy Warrior" is a notable
example of sustained connections.
Apart from the opening and closing
couplets the poem consists of two very
long compound seutences almost en
tirely comprised of adjwrtlval clauses.
Tfcp longer of the two sentences con
tains fifty-seven decasyllabic lines.
This is probably a record iu English
The Retort Courteouc.
Street Hallway Superintendent I
don't think we can use you any longer.
Your cash register doesn't ring ofteu
enough. Conductor—1 have got rheu
matism and cau't reach up to the reg
ister cord. Superintendent—All right.
I think you need a long vacation. Con
ductor—I am much obliged to you for
allowlug me to run the car as ioQtf as
you have. Superintendent—-Don'r^eu
tiou it. I'm much obliged to you foe
bringing the car badk.—Judge.
We have just received direct from the manufactur- 1
ers a large shipment of BLl'E GRASS FLOOR
MATTING. We bought Ibis al tin- liimdrnl roll
«nd ««f selling
35 Cents Per Yard.
This matting is a very superior article and
are going to iteed anything of the kind this
we want you to come in and look over our stock.
This matting is in a class by itself, and tlif best
you ever saw for the price. This matting is made
in a variety of patterns and colors.
This matting will plense you
yye Invite You to Make This
Bank Your Depository..,
.. If you have an idle hundred—or
ottier amount which yon desire lo
Lest you forget, we will again call your attention to
I Golden Glow
One iroi ...
Two 'Q9hes.
Tin et lo.-bea.
Four mchoe.
iw aw 1M 8M
00 Si AO Is so It AO 9«nft $10 CO
1 Mi 4 960 fi ?R »tm 18 10
uu J." 4 12 00 2 (0
9 5U 8 \f .S 7ft Hi 1)0 1(100 £5 10
4 W 7 10 ISIW sn«r
4 A! I 2H) mm ltw «p no 40
tf 1X1 IS ft- WW! W CO
18R0 tpnn Sr. on Kf.to at) n» 12P tn
Ad^etttPMuentf oi«ip»-ed lilfccatlwpc b®
ru'" nf will
eonllnp lo above scale.
Hu«lm'i«carU, noMumimlittu' «is niii mmj
por yctkr.
ion CMIIU murium j„ i,
(usertlixi, »lid livH csr.n i»tH iiiie fur ad 11
tbe trade
if you
Sells Cedarine Furniture Polish.
fifty or- any
lay aside for
Sdfe keeping, bring it to this bank for deposit.
ii at of us it pa a
demand, also Time Certitica'ps bearing
4 per vent interest. ftj
Delaware County State Bank,
of Manchester, Iowa,
Packed in one and two pound net weight cans
and retails at 25c per pound.
Also our Circle Blend Coffee packed in one pound
parchment bags to sell at 20c per pound. v..
Try them and you will always buy them. Sold
only byi
er than Native Timber
"-V* -.Zv'r'!
MS Cottonwood or Ba&iwoocl
Don't build youi bam out ot un-, asoned Oak,
4-r «wl« as much as good lumber. Tlie carpenter
work will cost you much more, and it won't be
good job when you get it done. S"-*
Let us figure with you 011 your barn bills
complete, and convince yon of the truth of the 8
-jiN matter.
"We Meet or Beat all Competition."
Eclipse Lumber Go.
PHONE 117.
Paints, Oils
In the first place it

'"'mile the best Portland Cement
oiijtbe market, tbe famous "lola" from Kansas,
|$|jlj^§g§*kfoli sell as cheap a* the numerous in
J|p|j|gg ferior brand?.
and $T7Mf
Painters Supplies.

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