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•wwuiminer Minn tut ai
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 4, 1908.
—George Diikek was visiting with
fiionda at Ryan Thursday.
—Mra. 8. A. Steadman and Aire. II.
H. II. Lawreuco were at Dubuquo Sat
—S«tli Brown 1b at homu from the
lowu gtatt,
George. Adamq. who attends
Upper Iowa University at Fayette io
at itome tor a few days visit.
—*'rs- R- Butterfleid arrived home
Saturday from a several weeks visit
in Chicago with her daughter.
—Mrs. A'i'^S. Hart of Cedar Rapide
visited tnitoe city last week at the
home of be* parents, Mr. and Mrs. D.
B. Allen.
i—Mr. and Mrs. Alva Johnston of
j* bubuque were guests at the homes
if J. W. Rutherford and C. B?. John-
on Saturday and Sunday.
--Airs. H. R. Holmes went t«v VVnu
kon Saturday, where she will visit
the hoir,e of her daughter, Mrs.
Percy Langridge, for ten days. •,
—Miss Alva Bend£ is in the city
ord will remain during thhe winter
nt the home of her- brother, W. j.
i'onOa, Miss Benda has been -v
/Shift's at Kipibait, South Dakota.v
-Mr and Mrs! W. D. Work have
sympathy of. their friends, on account
"if the death of their baby daughter,
hlch was born. October 20, 190,8, and.
died five days later.
—Young & Doty's implement house
has been refitted, and the office
removed to the front of the building
affording better accommodations for
the members of the firm.
—Miss Laureue Walki waa
guest of Miss Pauline Appleby at
•Monticello Saturday and-Sunday, Miss
Appleby returning to this city, with'
•Miss Walker Monday, for a short vis
'—.Miss Eunice Eyestone was at Jit
Vernon Saturday and Sunday,-'as'c
giiest at the home of her parents.
Miss Eyestone is a mamber of tht
faculty of the High school in thlt
—J. W. Ra'oenau went to Iowa Clt.
Saturday to witness the Ibwa-Nt
oraslra foot ball game, which was
played that afternoon. He was ac
companied by' his son, Carl,.who Is
at Monticello.
—J, D. Hogan of Aberdeen, 8outh
Dakota, was in the city Wednesda)
of last week, enroute for Davenport.
Mr. Hogan, representing the firm ot
Hogan brothers, recently sold to par
ties in this state lands in South Da
kota, for which was paid the sum of
—Friday night brought snappy
trfewlngr'weathe?^ WiofcneHN an«f an'
imation to the .people of this section/.
The thermometer dropped, below
freezing point,, and ice formed ou
stagnant water pools, and out-of-dooi
water pipes and hydrants were froxen
early in the morning.
—.Mr. and Mrs. Allen Graham, who
•Jwere recently married at DesMoines,
'ore In the city, as guests at the home
of Air., and Mrs. W. E. Graham, ar
riving Saturday morning. They will
loavfl in a few daya for Harrlsburg,
Pennsylvania, where Mr.'Graham is
associated with a' gas company.
—Three special Pullman trains,
filled with hundreds of sleepy but
enthusiastic rooters of the State Uni
versity of.'.Minnesota, together. with
the toot ball BQuad and subs and
coaches, passed through Manchester
early- Saturday morning on, their way
to Chicago, where ttfe great middle
vest contest was played .at Marshall
Field that day.
—A. E. Peterson has a new line of
c.'igsly, which Is made by Taylor .Bros,
of Battle Creek, Michigan. Frequent
full page advertisements in weekly
and monthly periodicals have made
tiiis. Sorority "Tailor Made" candy
desirable variety, and Mr! Peterson
advertises posters, drawn by Wester
velt, as special inducements with
every pound of candy purchased.'
—Major and Airs. G. H. Morisey
leave this (Wednesday) afternoon lot
Washington, D. C., anji at Chicago
will be met by their- son, J. M. Mor
isey, who is district passenger' agent
for the Illinois Central railroad, at
Indianapolis, Major and* Mrs. Mor
isey have been in the city for about
tl.ree weeks, and their many friends
regrejt the necessity oftheir return
ing to Voahington.
—William McDuff, the veteran rail
way mcfll clerk on the Cedar Rapids
branch of the Illinois Central, who
Jias been, in the constant,employ of
goverm^nt tor the past twenty years,
sustained a stroke of paralysis while
running into Manchester Friday moiv
lug, and Is now in a hospital at Ce
iir Rapids. Since the Illinois-Central
built Its branch to Cedar Rapids and
a mail car carried on the tralnB, Mr.
McDuff has had charge of the run,
and enjoys a number of acquaintance
jn this city.
—J. B. Satterlee airived in Man
chester Friday night from his home
in Washington, D. C., for the purpose
of voting here. His son, Clark, who
PrirclP*! the public schools at
'^Atkins, also In town. Mr. Batter?
lee states that the various govern'
jnent departments at Washington
were virtually drained ot employes,
who were solicited 1y the _polltlcal
•parties to return to their former
homes and cast- a vote. Hundreds
and perhaps thousands ot clerks and
'officials leave Washington each pres
idental year, and business is almost
at a stan'^Btlll for. a week. Judge B.
,, I' Seed/'/was unable to leave his
office/- (the War Auditing depart
ment,' 'his chief Was obliged to go
to hls home In the state of Pennsyl
vanta to assist In the progress of the
«%•, fHfeMWH
—J. Eustrom
Amos, for
short visit.
huU Mra. B. W. Pierson have
moved into.' the Bradley cottage on
Payette street.
-^-Miss ttos? Zirtsmann of Delaware
was a guest of her slater,, Mrs. W.
Ji Eenda, last week.
*u In Witirioa
—F. E: .Richardson w^ in Ryan
—E. B. Hanson of Bdgewood was In
the city Monday.
—M. H. Willlaton was. Jn town to
vote on Tuesday.
—B. B.. Bright waa at Woucoma the
first of the week.
—E., F. Mulvehlll of iMawnvillu was
in the city Friday.
—CalvinYorenand G. W. Dunham
wereat Ryan Friday.
Strickland was vis­
iting at Earlville last week.
—H. F. Arnold arrived home from
JetuUngs, LoutgTfcns, Friday morning,
—A. E. Anderson ot H^pklnton had
business i^ town the first of the
—Henry dronson left Tuesday after
noon for Rochester, Minnesota, on
—kesdames W. H. Long and Geo.
W. Long oif'.thls city were visiting at
EarlvUle Tuesday.
—DrV'J. J. lilndsay and Dr. P. E.
Triem were at Waterloo Thursday am
Fi lday itn baalnesa.
-Mrs. George Brlggs ot Minneapo
lis, who Is visiting in the city, was
dt Dubuque Thursday.
—Mr.'and .Mrs. G. H. jlorlsey vh
ted At Barlyille wlthMrs,. U. G. Her
sty Thursday of last weik.
-Miss Marguerite Connelly was
guest of her slster.X ira. Clifford
Cramer, at Hopkinton, Sunday.
—John .Hrtiby wob a. ^uest. of his.
son, Fred' Hruby, at Dubuque Thurs
day, returning home that evening.
-Mesdames W. S. Beels, Herman
lender, and F. E. Williamson of Hop
Klnjpn were In Manchester Friday.
^-C. E. Boise ot Independence wis
-i town last week on business, and
was in conference with F. E. Rich
ardson and H. W. Sabln.
—Mesdames I. li. Waltei-s O, A.
Dunham, C. E. Taylor, George Klaus,
Alton Dunham and Mis- Alien \V' .lt
ors were In Dubn-ii,.' Frt'laju
—The W. H.- M. S. ot the M. E.
church will have their thaiik offering
meeting on the afternoon $t the 18th,
at the home of Mrs. B. H'. Reynolds.
—H. J. Phelps, division passengei
agent of the" Illinois Central, with
^adquarters. at Dubuque, was in
«wn Friday, «s a guest of"Capt. J. F,
Mrs. S. K. Myers was in Indiana
he past two -weeks, and on Thurs
day, Mr. Myers went to Chicago
where he me( Mrs. Myers, returning
home Saturday morning.
-R. W. Goodell of CbhlCago, divi
sion passenger and freight agent ot
the Chicago Great Western railway,
-w£b in the city Friday on* business,
going to Waterloo that evening.
-Mrs. Hubert Pierce went to Lake
City Sunday, --called by jthe death
her aunt, Mrs. C. H. Dudley, who
died at her h£me in that-place Fri
day. The funeral was held Monday.
M0Ml Rabenau has been apppintec
^fslstant manager of -the Standard
lumber company's yards at Montlcel
lo. Lee (tlchardson,
siting in-that .capacity at. Monticello,
was transferred to another office a
few days ago.
—A: L. Strain, who lives about fov\j
miles northw^t of Manchester, was
ir town Tuesday, and -made a calf
:«t The Democrat office. Mr. Strain
is inclined to believe in Democracy,
and has been 'o these many years,
staunch believer in Its «&trlnes.-.
H. J. Schwietert went to .Council
Bluffs, last week, as a representative
at the Illinois Central railroad), and
tor the purpose of securing exbhiblt
jpace' for the! fair to be held at
Council' BBlufts next month.. Mr.
Schwietert returned home Saturday
—George Packer advertises''In this
week's issue of The. Democrat. Mr.
Packer recently- opened a feed, coal
and cement business in the Boardway
btllding on Franklin street, and will
conduct a prdferesslve atid liberal
buslpess. ReaS: What J^/Packer has
to say.
—Jay Matthews Is with the United
Slates fish commision car, which left
Dubuque a week ago, and Is now with
the'erew at Jackson, Mississippi. The
car will make a trip through the
south, and will reach Washington, D.
C., In December. Garry Thorpe is
also a member ot the crew.
—H. J. Schwietert' leaves tonight
to attend the Mississippi State 'fair
tt. be held at" Jackson, with a view
of securing an horticultural exhibit
to be used at the national horticulture
al congress which Council Bluffs will*
entertain December 9 to 14, Inclu
sive. The IlUnois Central' Rallro«a
company will make ^n exhibit at this
congress, consisting of fruits and
vegetables, both' frefib and canned
also pecans and peanuta, which 'are
grown successfully In MlssiBsippI and
lionlslona. The national corn show
at Omaha is to l»e held af this tline
Already twenty States have pledged
make showlpgajtt the^^aha .fal^
Visitors attending the Council Bltrffc
exhibit will- take advantage of both
ot these exhibitions.
—The village cut-«$s and young
sters, both young and of an older
growth, enjoyed In abandoned glee
the destruction of property, and caus
ed considerable disgust-and Indigna
tion on the part of the people incon
venienced thereby, when Saturday
night offered ^hem an opportunity, to
make Hallowe'en once 'moire a'-'detes
table holiday. Mild hilarity and. child
like games may be approved ot in
little folk, but" whetk boys well Into
the years of responsibility deliberate
ly raise thunder and provoke inno^
cent residents of a community b:
their thoughtless and senseless tricks
It Is time that some precaution be
taken. When porches are torn away
and fences demolished and wagons
lost and lawn swings broken up, the
bill for the repair of same, if- sent
to the devastators, might cure this
attack of a yearly disease, known as
"Smart Alecklsm."
—Miss Alma LeRoy was in Dubuqu
—W.*T. A. Keyes of Omaha is 1ft
the city.
—Mrs. J. W. Braielton of Ryan, was
In town Monday.
—George Simmons of Farley Is in
town on bnsinesB.
—fay R. Hobiniion woa a£ home
{rom Cedar Rapids Sunday.
—M. J. Yoiau and .A I). CailiUart
were a| Clear Lake. Sunday.
—B..^£J, Barker of biibuque, the vet
eran Sjtivcjfor, was in town the first
of the-Week.
—Coionel B. W. Jewell of dmnV.v
wns In town the first of the week to
cast bis vote.
—Robert Fishel, Jr., Is at home for
visit, with his parents, Mr. and Mrs:
R. W.^EisheL
—Miss Emma Noble ot Greeley is
a guest at the home of her aunt,
Mrs. R. D. Graham.
—Mi^lHenry Fa^gj^at HjReg4°d.
was o^iues' of her stater, Mrs. O.
E. HuSlj, the flr&*K&e
--—Mra! O. CT"Clark is visiting In
Chicagik With Mr. and JJrs. Joseph
Fols, electing to ^en^Lp. ut^^ Friday
—B. J). Squires apd family' pf
Janesville were gh^stiiiitt fhe^ home
of County Auditor Wm. J. Davis on
Sunday^ -•WO-f./i 1
—Frank Xeiser wati at hhome the
first offthe week from Cedar Rapids,
where-lie is attending-the business
college.-. ,......-£5^.-...,,
—The Sunday school of- 8t,l Paul's
church will serve supper FrWhy ev
ening at the home of Harry Logan.
Everyone is Invited.
—Mrs. Charles Gleason and chil
bren ot Independence have removed
agaln io this city and occupy the A.
I. Bruce residence on Fayette street.
—Mrs. H. A. Granger went to Ce
dar Rapfda Monday morning, and
from there wjll go to West Liberty
and West Branch, visiting with
friends In. thes'^.e places.
—C. E. Lynde, business manager of
thhe" Sucv-JSKful Farmer, monthly
paper published at Des.Moines, for
mery pastor of the Congregational
churoh ot this city, was In town to
—Dr. and Mrs. H. C. ParBons and
chhlldren ot Anamosa were enter
tained at the' home of Mrs. Parson's
parents, Captain and .Mrs. Abner Dun
ham, last week, returning to Anamosa
Mrs. C. L. Adanis is in Cedar
Rapids thlss week, as a guest of her
sister, Mrs. Charles Nolan. Mr. Ad
ams Joined* Mrs. Adams at Cedar Rap
ids tonight, and they will return home
—O. U. Hockaday is having his
aieat shop .decorated this week.
—The Eclipse Lumber company
have recently had. a ceinent walk
laid on the west side of thetf prop
rty, on Madison street.
—Capt. and Irs...J. F. Merry left
this (Tuesday) ..afternoon tor Des
ltof!i0fc«M wHMIfo
ola, where they wiil-bu entert^iireti at,
ate hoipe of'Mrs: -Merry's, sister,
P. C.'Stlre. tfir Keverai days.
—J. F. Kerr-16ft the/latter part. .of.
the week/for Put-in-Bay, Ohio,:.and
is position left vacant at the. local
United States FlBhh hatchery, will be
llled by Al. Thorpe', who arrived- in
the city from the.-OMo station "Satur
day night.
•The Ladles Aid society- of Saint
Paul's church will- engage In an all
day's work meeting' at the home .of
\i'rsi_ W, H.: MaglU' Thursday. The
society Is making a quilt, and expect
to realize at least twenty-five dol
lars from Its labor.
—N. H. Hyde has ibout completed
the' remodeling of his photographic
itudlo on "Franklin street. The in
terior has been made convenient By
larger accommodations, and the ex
terlpr walls have' been faced with
sheet Iron, which Is made In brick
Gildner Brothers advertise cl'otb
lig and overeats" this week. They
say that they wrap satisfaction and
perfect goods .in the same package.
Their corn contest is gaining favor
with 'the farmers throughout the
county, and many exhibits have al
ready been, entered. Correspondence
being had between this clothing
house ami Prof. P. G. Holden of
Ames, SSio a convenient date for the
corn expert to make a personal Judg
ment ot the exhibits brought in.
Prizes are to be given for the best
.. 1V L.'
—J. J., Fields pf OJtlahjjj^ ',,, Who
attended the. funeral of R.IOAlieii In
this city,. last -week,, ma£§.,#. .large
purchase of woolen goods fj^jn J- S.
Jones. Mr. Fis)ds wndutjtj large
ranch in his home state, ^njJ^ijc^ord-"
lngly needs, quite, an oiitlay ^f 'b\ank
cts and other %poien goR^s. for the
acqommodatlon- of b^.jWqrkmsiu Sev
e.-ai years,8go ^he,( f[r. {jields Jlv'ed
in thlSi^eounty^ he„w£a of
the Worth of, the .M^che^^f"Woolen
Mills' prQduct8, )an4!jtncS jjlSyiwrt
dencti |p the -WHftW^
-aWwhilMfc li'itw S8»«»p Niwa gf VMI INURCMII,
with irlewiig, noon.,
—Mr. and Mrs. Burt S. Mullen are First Congregational.
at home from Chicago. There will be'no preaching' services
—Mra. Harriet Duffey was in Wat-
erloo the first of the week.
-*-A HolUster of Chicago was nt
home the first of the week. .yV
—T. C. ilincs ot Newtonville was
In the city Sunday ami Monday on
—Mrs. M. T. Taylor and daughter.
Miss ^Ethel Taylor, of Chicago, who
have been entertained at the home of
Mr." and Mrs. W. E. Wolcott for sev
eral weeks, left Saturday night for
spend the winter with Mrs. Taylor's
brother, William Brown.
—71. B. Swinburne of Washington,
D. C., formerly of this county, and
now employed in the government
printing offices, is in Manchester tp
cast his vote. Oscar Lewis of Hop
kinton was also in the city Monday,
In company with Mr. Swinburne.
•The Herald announces in this
week's Issue that its publication day
will be. on Saturday hereafter.""The
firm, Dittmer & Adams, has moved
Into its-new offices, which are located
Ir. the basement of the residence of
Dr.. H. A. Dittmer. Electric power
will drive the. machlriery, as well as
lighting (the rooms.
city banks received notice
tromfieliY exchanges throughput the
state that those banting institutions
would, be closed Tuesday, November
3, on account of election day. It was
considered not advisable to discon
tinue business in Manchester that day
«, the custom has.never been -prac
ticed here, nor does the law signify
that-a holiday may be enjoyed on
account of a general election.
—Mrs. Joseph Cass was slightly in
jured In- a runaway .last Saturday
driven by her was suddenly fright
ened by an Illinois -Central train, and
morning, when the-'team of horses
nade a rapid -tour of the west side
streets, finally upsetting the wagon
and breaking a portion of it as they
dashed onto the pavement near the
Marion street bridge. Mrs. Cass was
thrown to .the-ground, but a physi
cian reassured her that no bones wen
broken, although the nervous strain
considerably affected her.
ot the
The three banks of the city had de
posited on Saturday evening, at the
close- of the days work, nearly a
million dollars. Although a decre^e
oi a hundred thousand dollars was
reported by the officers of these in
stitutions during the past year, yet
statements were* made by each bank
ing house that loans are heavier this
year than they were twelve months
ago, and large.investments have been
made in western lands,.draining bank
(taunts and, necess^jiting depositors
tj,sborrow s\tm8 of mpney, at a--"
1 per cent. ,,
::The demand,lor apney is verjy fav
orable this w*ar, aq|yt is the unan
imous,' op.lnipui of tljfl, bankers that
Conditions are-implying. The month
^October seated considerable ac
tfljlty In tbet-money,, market at "Man
llbeBter, and each .baJilc Is enjoying
^prosperous busin^g, having, gener
ally placed, gilt-edgf loans to reliable
parties ..
uod using the tinishjdi.goo^s ^f.jpela
ware county- raw material-:
-The streets down town last night
were void ot enthuaiasmr'although a
crowd of some three hundred ^people
gatheud at City Opera house,, whci-3
a direct wire front the Associated
Press offices at Chic&go .ticked 'out
the bulletins from the eaf.t, central
Vest, the south, and beyond the Mis
souri river. The announcements were
made by R- R. Robinson, and as the
news wsb heard, frequent cheering
biqke out from the mqre jubilant lis
teners. Three telephones, installed
by the Delaware -County Telephone
company, were answered, by C. A.
Peterson, F. D. Joseph, and F. B*.
Kltflr. The Western Union, telegraph
wire was handled by B. W. Plerson
who transcribed the -returns on
typewritten sheet. This method of
informing the Manchester, people, and
groups ot county residents through
out the county, was continued until
early this morning, when the wires
more slowly gent out .the latest (IIs
It Is ot genuine Interest to. the
popple of Manches^t and immediate
•yiiclnlty to learn ot8|hese facts. The
•frequent statements Issued by each
bank speak well (pr. their manage
ment, and the savings departments
and individual accounts are steadily
it creasing. The capltol of the three
banks amount to $175,000, and their
undivided surplus is proportionately
The hunting season opened Sunday,
and the first accident on record oc
curred near Dyersville, where A. D.*
Holbrook ot this city was In a party
of gunners who were quail shooting.
Mr. Holbrook received a small quan
tity of shot ln'Jils back, and a few
stray bits In hls
and after
being attended by a physician, re
turned to Manchester, and will soon
be about again.
Large bags of. game were secured
generally. The ducks, which have
begun their flight- south were found
in abundance, and the rabbits and
squirrels met a fate common to theirs
at this time of the year.
Methodist Episcopal.
_. Tbe Epworth league will give' an
Up-to-date Social" in the church par
lors Friday evening, to which the
memberii of the chapter, and l.hcl^
fi-lciuli^ iir«_. cordially Invited.
—The Mlaucu Mildrod Brown and Tiicre will be upeclal music at both
Hazol'Mclnto^'d. wC-i-c in VVuti'i-Um Jasl. the- morning and evening tHtrvlccs
Thursday. m-xt Sunday. The Epworth league
-—Di'. and Mrs. 11. A. Ditlriier wont
to Chicago today, expecting to remain '"Rs
several days.
—R. L.'Bates of Waterloo, postof
flce inspector, was in the city the
first of. the-week.
[—Dr. and Mrs. E. J. 'Waddey of
Waterloo were guests Sunday of Br
and Mrs. H. M.' Bradley:
-s-E. E. Brewejr,,traffic manager of
the Manchester & Oneida railway,
was In Cedar Rapids Thursday.
r. and Vfrs- A. i(Bruce werp in
edar Rapids a few'flays last ifceek
b^ijg entertajfed «t t^e home of^Mra. -home of .Mrs. H. D. Wagner.
JJrjice's sister. 1
»*4I, W. HtJrjilOn tfcT'lKdepond&ice,
rof^cee of the federal court ot baiik
ri^tcy was. (jTvtije c^ Mondoyi- to
hear the case of L. F( iJradkc, bauk
riW: V' Ovl--A 4l* 3
~.J,\J^he. Edgewood Ugh school has
an official paper, edited by Sylvan
Blxby a son ot Hon. R. J. Blxby.
The pgper is called the "E. H. S.
=^SupL R.'-^r-johnStSh brought to
Manchester a^out flvrf thousand -rock
bas!t,: croppies and otfcer river jfish,
which were emptied into the Ma
quoketa near Tlrrlll park Tuesday.
—Miss Olive Tucker of Chicago is
a gueBt at the home of her parents
Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Tucker.' Miss
Tucker is a trained nurse and a'grad
uate from one of the well known med
ical hospital schools in .Chicago.
—Mrs. Bessie Bills, of Davenport,
AVorthy Grand Matron of the O. E. S.
of Iowa, will be In Manchester-Fri
day .evening,. Nov. C, ..to constitute
Onward Chapter, U. D. All members
of O. E. S. order are cordially Invited.
o'clock Sunday even-
boiug well attended, and the
members and friends are urged to be
present regularly.
The morning theme will be the "Su
premacy of God's Will." The pastor
will speak In the evening on "The
Necessity of Conversion."
Mrs. C. F. Ensign of Cedar Rapids,
formerly a missionary in Alaska, will
speak at the next Missionary meet
ing, which ,1s to be held on Thursday
afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, at the
irst Church of Christ, Scientist.
On next Sunday morning, Novembei
S, the lesson will be on Adam aud
Fallen Man.
The morning text will be Heb. 1Q:
24 and 25.. The evening theme will
be "The sin of Achan."
Cottage prayer meeting Thursday
evening at the home of Mrs. Hamb
lin. Gay street.
Thhe' Baptist .Ladies Aid meets this
week, Wednesday afternoon, with Mrt
The last opportunity to get rid of
your old books, magazines, catalogues
and newspapers and in so doing help
the Y. P. S. C. E. to raise money to
buy a piano will be given on Satur
day,"November 7th, when the final
collection will bo made. Please have
your periodicals all ready on that
jlate. Telephone Mrs. Fred Herman
at either 317 or 4S7.and your contri
bution will be called for on that date,
unless It shhould be stormy, In which
case collection will be postponed to
November 9th. A large consign
ment of periodicals is desired. Your
contribution will be appreciated:' If
you wish to donate books suitable for
tho book sale to be held later please
tie them up separate from the maga
zines as the desirable bookstore not
stored with the other paper stock.
Please remember that there will be
but this one collection, and have as
much as possible ready on that date.
On Sunday, October 25, additional
train service was made effective on
the Illinois Central western lines, and
Monday morning the "Clipper" trains
resumed thplr former. schedules.
The following schedules will be ot
The. (Cedar Rapids train arrives in
the morning at 8 o'clock, returning
at 8:20. In the afternoon, it reaches
Manchester at 5:30 returning at 5:45
'clock. The afternoon trains meet
Manchester at 3:10. The night
trains run on the same schedule.
There is no change in the morning
fast mail or in No. 4, the afternoon
train,to Chicago. No. 3 leaves Chi
cago now at 8:10, arriving at Man
chester at 3:10. The Clipper ar
rives in Dubuque at 10:30.a. m., leav
ing at 4 o'clock. CJ
County. Auditor Wm. J. Davis, pur
chased and shipped last week to
twelve precincts additional Austral
It balloting booths. Two were sent
to North Fork township, one to Edge
wood, one to Greeley, one to Mason
ville, one to Colony, three to Oneida,
and one each to -the first and Second
wards in Manchester.
The frame of the booth Is made
of steel and covered with canvas. It
folds tnto a -convenlent size, making
shipping convenient" A jgm
board which serves the purpose of*a.'
desk, holds the booth in place, and
the model Is the latest pattern.
Each precinct is entitled to a broth
tor every fifty voters, and the above
towns and voting places were given
these additional polling desks accord
Clerk .James Bishop issued tfiree
manriage licenses the past week:r C.
A. Schmock and Delia D. Kuthlow' on
October 27 Harvey L. Wolfe 'and
Jesta V. Delano on October 28, "and
Leonard, Whhtpple and Mouesa K^eeb
on Nov^piber 2.
"s Ji
Nature teaches to love our friends,
but religion teaches us to love our "ene
mies.—French Proverb.
t^The ArchbUhep Wen.
Dr. iWbately. some time nrchblsbop
of Dab) to. once had an encounter with
a young! ald-de^amp, and the prlriiate
emerge victor! At dinner the soldier
asked this singular question, "Does
your grace know the difference be
tween au archbishop- and an assr
"Sir, I do not," answered Dr. Whstely.
"One wears the. cross on his miter jtnd
the other wears It on his back!" ex
plained. the tactless officer. "Do you
kndw the difference between an aid
de-camp and ao ass?" asked the arch
bishop calmly In return. "No, your
grace, I do not," was the reply. "Nel
thor do It" said bis grace.—Liverpool
Qreeley's Writing.
During the early part ot the nine
teenth century the bad writing of great
men became almost a byword, lo fact,
poor writing was considered by some
people as almost a sign ot genius.
Horace Greeley was such a poor writ
er that his correspondents were some
times obliged to guess at his meaning.
It Is related that a reporter on the New
York Tribune who received a letter
from Greeley discharging him present
edIt as a letter of recommendation to
the editor of another paper.
You never hear one of our cus
tomers complaih about his clothes.
The fit is light—the cat and
tailoring is right—the fabric nre
Out 115 or $18 Fall Sftft^fo
$12 or $15 Overcoats wwi&tlsfy
any uortal mfrti, no mailer Ihow
critical he may be.
We wrap satisfaction and clothes
in the same bundle. Dbh'iP'Iet
prices influence you. v!
It's th clotlws at the piioe tliat
Notice of Appointment of Execut rix
STATE OP IOWA, Dataware Counts,-KS,
NoUee te hereby Riven, That ibe lindf reigned
bee been duly appointed ana qualified as
exeeatrix of Ibe eetate of L. uarlf,
late of Delaware County* Iowa deceased.
411 penona Indebted to tald estate are r^uest
ed io make immediate payment, and ibose
baring claims against ttie same wi l'ir«tei)t
tbem. duly authenticated, to tlie undersigned
for aliowanee.
DAVI8. B.tCCtttrlx.
Dated November ttt, 1906, 43^3
D.nbam, Nortls & 6tUes,Attorac.is
Farm for Rent.*
A 200 .acre farm (or rent on shares.
Lnquireh at this office. I tvk.
modern cottage. 6 per cent, invest
ment annually. Enquire of this of
fice. Another cottage for rent sit
uated on Union street:
Chester white stock hogs, enquire
of the undersigned on the Bropspn &
Carr tarm.
Straub ,v
anchest^r Iowa.
Kansas Land.
HOMESTEAD ot 160 ^cre?, jQvel,
smooth and best' of son. Jftdjoitiing
other land that exchange for jl2.no
to $15 per acre, Will lod'ate- yoii for
$200. Particulars obtained, Iick ,Box
148, Tribune, Kas. 5 .'wlfs
In Iowa, North and South' Dakota-and
Minnesota. Parties contemplating, in
vesting In Iowa, North and South Da
kota or Minnesota, will make no mis
take in seeing me before .gcrtng'' to
look tor, land, as I have gone to con
siderable expense to infortn. myself
in regard to land as above mentioned
I am here to give this information to
parties Interested and guar^t?^' the
advice to be correct. I Wil^'aJcfcpm
pany parties to look these, .(aiyld ov
er and should they Invest jvil)! t^fund
all traveling expenses. tt'iil ''alao
take in mill property or stl)resi or
any other trade that you have: I jiave
In Allamakee county tlie be?t' bar
gains that ever were given in land,
ranging from $20.00 to $9(jftj0'' per
acre. Write or ca!l and see':'/these
lands. C. J. WAGNER,
40 wks!2 Lansingj Iowa.
House for Sale
A well improved residenC^ipro
perty with two acres of land for
sale at a bargain. Two bfockp from
Fair Grounds. Inquire ofiBronson,
Carr & sons, Manchester Ip^a.
For Sale.
'A good light wagon. Ingftfl-'
the home of Vera Burrington.
80-Acre "Farm for Sale..
If you want'to buy a gd&l jj0,-acre
Improved farm in this county, located
within two mUes of a railrbad: htktlon,
we have suoha farm for.'eale.' 'The
t«m Is all under cultivation has good
dwelling, is well fenced, "pa tty with
woven wire, two wells, Uow buggy
shed, hen houke and garcery.' For a
person who wants to purchase a small
farm, this is a eplendia opportuDlty.
For terms wad' further Information,
apply to Bkonson, Oaeb A So&s,
2tf Agents' Ajt o'irners,
Bulbous Plants for. Sale, v,
All kinds- of bulbs for wtnte
plants for sale at the C. L. Adams
fcroen house: Hyacinthhs, lilies, nar
cisses, etc.
C. L. Adams Ma^dbester.
In large and gorgeous- vi&l
ety. All sizes and prices.for
the next six weeks. Phone
Mrs. R. Allen ,and children- desire
to sincerely thank the friends who
so kindly aided them during the ili
ness and death of the husband and
father. The sympathy and help,
the flowers and the singing, all woi
very gratetiHly appreclatedV
-v w'
Hundreds of beautiful garments, each a specimen
of perfect finish, representing the very best of this
btriisoii'u Hlylef), and our prices are unquestionably
Jower than those of former years.
'!r !.3'!--An immense assortment of
blacks aud colored Kerseys and Broad
cloths, in this very -pular style, curved
s'lort waist effects, full ripple backs,
trimmed with braid and satins, garments
that nre well woith $18.00 and $20.00
Special Price
$12.50, {16.50
We are now ready with a complets
stock of
Men's. Boys' and Youth's Clothing,
Overcoats and Suits in great variety.
f! correct, in style and low in price.
Remember ve carry in stock a large
assortment of
in Coon, Wombat, Siberiaa, Bear,
Calf and Elk, ranging in price from
$15.00 to $50.00. We invite you to
give us a call and examine the above
W. L. Drew
I Pine and Hardwood Lumber
A Wise Man
Will build now wften lumber is low in price, a point which
it nmy never reaoh again—in fact it has already advanced
but we have not changed onr price, having bought a very
krge stock, the largest in this section of the country, when
the price was at the owest paint. No delay,,as we have tho
goods in stock. Come and see us and we will do you good.
at lowest prices,
Manchester Lumber Co.
J. W. RABENAU, Mg'r. Phone 15ft
An endless exhibit—the greatest
bargain offering of the season ia deeiable
Dress Fabrics.
50-inch diagonal Serges, cheveron
weaves, all wool Panama cloth, Broad
cloths, good heavy weights for svuts in a
full variety of colors. Regular $1.25
and $1,50 values,
20 wieces 45, 50 and 54-in. suitings, in a good assortment
of colors, herringbone serges, fancy check, all wool Panama,
fancy stripe serges—a special purchase, enabling us to make a
price of 85c per yard, values up to $1.35 per yard.

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