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iferee's Sale of '"T
Real Estate.
undersigned referees, appoint
by the District Court of Iowa, in
foF Delaware county, will,
Tuesday, December 1, 1908.
1 o'clock p. m. bo at the farm
iso on tho BuUerfiold farm, c-'i
Ing of 330 acres, which will bo of
crt in parcels us appraised, and al
uu entire farui, bring the cast Vj
southwest'Vii northwest 'A southeast
M, Boutlwasl 4 southwest 4 north
west U. oastMs norlliwest
west %, south V5 southeast 14, mid
south southeast *4 northwest Vi
of section 2 and north

V: section ii,-township 90, -north
range 0. This Is an excellent farm
for ^dairying, stock raising and gen
eral farming. Also the east 22
aires of southeast quarter southwest
quarter, section 4, township 90, north
range 6, which la a fine piece" of tim
ber land.
The following day, December 2d,
wa will offer for sale lots !0 and 11,
Acers' addition to Manchester, Iowa,
cn said premises in Manchester, at
2 o'clock p. m.
It sat isfactory bids are received
t'uerefor, all of said realty will be
sold to the highest and best bidders.
Rnough cash or approved security to
assure completion of sale will be re
Calvin Yoran,
., E. B. Stiles
Public Sale of
ReaJ Estate.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigneds-appointed by the District
Jourt or Iowa, In and for Delaware,
i'oimty an referee to sell the prop,
erty described as lots 93 and 194 of
the city of Mancheseter, Iowa, the
Banve being known ns the .Manches
ter House, will
On the -30th day of November, 1908,
proceed to sell said premises at pub
lic auction to the highest and best
bidder f'jr cash, at the Court Houst
door in Man Chester, Iowa, beginning
:i' 10 o'clock a. m. of said date.
"-'Dated October 31, 1908.
E. B. STILES, Referee.
Excursion F^ates
Home Setkere Kxcureion lUtea
piilniii South, Sontheat, Sonthwcet »m
W*u ,n November A and 17, Dec mlie
I and t&, Ht ratei linked Ow* and
One-Ualf Fare plui $2.00, or l«M.
Savannah, Ua., International Grand
l'rr/.» Automobile Haeea, November 83
26, lft8, Low rate* for lirketi en file
Nov. 20 84, limited to November 30, fur
Natiooal Cori) Exposition
Omaha. Dec. 9
19, 1908
The National Tom Eipoeitlon la
fouiidrd upon brotd tduoational
1MUI that atanda for the "Uetteiment
You will want to al-
lei.d tbla Sbort Comae Cong rave, ad
•NHWfcjrMatoent men. Practical 4e
moi'Stratlonabj' U. S Department of
-.tgrtcultare, ti-iwlnq the manufacture
ot denatured alcohol from watte pro
ducu on the firm Milling teat on
wheat, to determine relative value ot
ifm different kinde of wheat for mllUnii
purpoiex, alio Boonga sod lliklug Te*t
on fliu". Mo lei Kitchen, demon, trat
Inc'ihe use of all the cereals.
Commercial gradla? of Grain. Spiel
did itertalnment: Moving picture* et
|jejii1iy made, Illustrating agr cultural
lunula. In the'several aiatee, and li
foreign couutriea
li.Will be the area teat of ell Urali
Sho*B—au exibillon with a purpoae
with nearly all the atatea and furtgi
countries participating. There will
a line pment, also a Corn I'ulace
and Alfalfa 1'dlace.
For S.'JO
premium lta, adareaa poi
ul caret N -ttloual Corn Emotion
O naha, N**iraalie.
Quepud Ojn-Half Fire with a mini
mum'.. He of
$2 00
from all llltnoia
Uenirni'poiuts In Iowa to Omaha. Tick
ets on aale December 8-17 Inclusive
limited'to II.- mber 22d for return.
Chicago, III., luUrnatlonal'LlveStock
position, November 28-December 10
'be Illinois Central Htllroad, with
frtqueiit and efficient train IHV O
•id reasonable rates that are In effect to
Chicago, boliclla your p'aronage.
CaVoii your loc.l lllluola Central
Ticket Agent, or address the under
aiffned for further Information.
Dlvlalou l'a aenger Agent,
Dubuque, Iowa
Notice of Appointment of Executrix
KrATF. OF IOWA, Delaware County,—88.
Notice la'uereby given. That the aodi-rauned
»1' b~en duly appalaMd and qumtlflea
exeoutrix of the eitatt of L. M, Davli,
late of Delaware Cnunty, Iowa, deeeaaed.
*11 perioaa Indebted to aatd eatate are requaat
ed to ronke Immediate payment, and thoae
"diavlacclaliaa asalnat the name wl 1 pnaent
thedif duly autheaileated. to the underalcnad
for alioarance.
ted ^nvembor lat, lfl(H, 45-3
bain. Norria & Btllea. Attom«}a
In Iowa,. North and South Dakota and
Minnesota. Parties contemplating in
"estlng in Iowa, North and South Da
kota or Minnesota will make no mis
take in seeing me before going to
look for land, as I have gone to con
siderable expense to inform myself
In regard to land as above mentioned
I am here to give this information to
parties Interested and guarantee the
advice to be correct. I will accom
pany parties.to iook these lands ov
er and should they Invest will refund
all traveling expenses. Will also
tah,o in mill property or stores, or
any other trade that you have. I have
i» Allamakee county the best bar
Rains that ever were given In land,
rariging from $20.00 to $60.00 per
acre. Wiite or c*i?i and see these
40 wksl2
Lansing, Iowa.
In large and gorgeous vari
ety. Alt Bizes and prices for
the next six weeks. Phone
•I Fr* PMno Offer.
The, Mancheatei Democrat haa
made arrangementa to .give abaolute
lr free to two popular girls of Dela
ware county, two $425 pianos. These
are prizes worth striving for and two
girls are going to get them sure. This
I no' fake. Tho Democrat cuuld not
nlford for a minute to make a propo
sition which will uot back up and
Ihc conditions of Iho contcst. arc fully
Ket out in the advertisement else
The young ladles .who secure the
greatest number of votes'during the
next two or three months will get the
pianos. How many votes they get de
nds on the number of friends they
have and whether or not they will
stand by them.
Many extra prizes will be given
f.°i time to time and any one that
will work a' little can win a prize.
Every girl in Delaware county can
have an opportunity to win some of
the prlaee. All that is necessary Is
tnat their names be isent to the edl
tor who will promptly send out the
necessary subscription receipt blanks
aid orders with Instructlbns how to
Votes will l{e issued as stated in
the rules of the contest for all sub
scriptions and they may be voted as
the subscriber wishes. One thing
however we must insist that our ad
vice is not- asked In the matter as
the contest must be conducted entire
ly fair for all and we will not favor
one more than another.
Other prizes will be announcel later
during the contest. The girls who
et busy right away will be the ones
who stand the best chance of winning
It you have a friendwho Is not taking
the Democrat see him at once and
get bis subscription before someone
else does. If you know some one wli
has not yet Renewed bis subscription
get him tto pay up and get his votes.
you know of some one'.who Is back
four or five years (we can tell you
those) get him to pay iip and get
those votes.
Two young ladies are going to get
these pianos and one might as well
be you. Girls get busy. .,r
The Novfinber American Boy.
Baseball has given Way, to football
and this winter game is finely illus
trated by the picture (in colors) of
the boys on the gridiron' which dec
rates the November American Boy
vont cover. By the way, this issue
••gins the tenth year ot that most
mpular of boys' magazines. The con
-ents will be. found to contain just
-he stories and articles -twhich boys de
tight to read.* In addition to tht
chapters of the fine serials by Hous
ton, Tomilnson, and Optic, there are
1 number of sWrt stories and articles
of a most Interesting character: Ma
lago Dick's Thanksgiving Is a fine'
story of how a boy earned his thanks
giving by an ^act of heroism. Two In
teresting football stories, Farlow's
Trick and How St. Albans Won .the
Same, will appeal to the athletic boys
The Little Red Stamp Is an Interest
ing story of Uncle Sam's postage
The Henley.overcoat tells humorously
Of how a boy cured bis brother-of 1
bad habit. A Dark Nighty Work re
lates how a boy saved his father"!
quarter section of land. In the Train
ing of Uncle Sam tells of Uie work of
Uncle Sam's naval recruits. How the
Life Savers Work is a graphic de
scrlption of tlie arduous and oftei
dangerous duties of the' life-saving
crew. Part two of the -Deed Trailers
will Interest the boy hunters. Wash
Ington's First' Thanksgiving Proclam
tlon will be read by all. -^What Can
a Young Man Do? treats ot many av
enues of work- that a boy inay take
up. The Chaipplons In Baseball wli:
be a specially .'attractive'page. How
a president is made will answer many
tf the uestloqns which tioys have
asked on this subject: The nature
lover will find his hobbytreated tr
Some of tM Strange Tenants of
Texas Ranch. Theb there are How
To Be' a Fine. Boxer/-"^ow to Stud)
History, and a special article on Lan
ern-Slide Making. The various de
partments will appeal to all boys with
hobbies. 76 Illustrations. $1.00 1
year. The Sprague Publishing Co.
Detroit, Mich. 1 wk
The people of this city will be in
terested in knowing something about
the mail service in and out of Man
chester. The fllwing statements-will
lo a general way satisfy the queries
of patrons of the local post office,
in regard to the arrival and depar
ture ot letters and papers
The "Clipper" trains, recently add
ci* by the I. C. R. R-, carry pouches
es of first class matter from Dubuque
in the evening, as well as daily pa
pers. In the morning, No.34 brings
tbe Waterlo newspapers. A pouch
gees to Dubuque on No. 6. leaving
at 10:25 a. m., the mail for this
train closing a half hour before, as
is the cas.e in every instance ot .out
going matter. No mall is received
from No. 6 from the west. Through
mall Is received and sent out on train
-3 and 4 on the Central In the after
non, and No. 5, the fast mail from
the east at 8:10 a. m., and No. 401,
the midiiiglit express, both bring east
ern malls. The Chicago Great West
ern assist In" giving Manchester peo
ple more* efficient service, heavy mall
arriving In the morning from their
train No. 5, and. a goodly number of
packages of letters being sent away
a* 2 o'clock in the afternoon to their
destinations east and west and north.
T1 northern part of the state is sup
plled by service on the Milwaukee
i.pCalmar branch. Cedar Rapids and
points south on the Milwaukee send
their mail to Manchester in the morn
ing, and Strawberry Point, Edge wood
and other towns northwest use the
carrying letter pouches to this city
and points south in the evening.
Manchester has a splendid mall
service with the frequent arrival and
and departure of mall trains.
Philosophy from Franc*.
French provarb: The fool who ia
silent paaaea for wise.
About Cgga,
1M a hen's egg only one-fifth of the
substance Is nutritious, one-ninth part
Is refuse, and the remainder.. the great
er portion, is water.
White shelled eggs ore uot quite as
good as yellow ones, for they contalu
a trifle more water and a little less fat
But your purveyor knows this and fre
quently colors his white eggs with cof
Judged by the amount of nutriment,
a goose's egg Is the most valuable.
Next In order are (lucks', guinea fowls',
hens', turkeys' and plovers^ Eggs con
tain a large quantity of sulphur, wlik-li
Is purifying to the blood mid good for
the complexion.
To get the best egg you must feed
your fowl on grain, and to cook It In
the most digestible way you must not
boil the water. Heat tbe water to 180
degrees and leave, the egg in It for ten
minutes. You jvlll then digest every
morsel. But If you boll It for three
minutes no less than one-twelfth of
It will fall to be digested. Thus If you
cat two eggs boiled-for three minutes
every day you waste 'five dozen in a
year.—London Mall.
Tha Leopard and tha Pan.
One day a worthy Kulu housewife
came out from her cooking and, stand
ing on the ledge of rock at her door,
emptied a pan of boiling water Into the
rank herbage growing below. It fell,
splssh, on the back of a sleeping leop
ard, who jumped perpendicularly Into
the air as high as the roof of the hut.
What might have happened next?
Who can say? But the astonished wo
man dropped the pan with a clang up
on the rock, and .the leopard took one
leap downhill. The pan followed, and
the leopard's downward leaps became
longer and swifter as the pan bounded
after It from rock to rock.
When last seen the leopard had Just
achieved a leap of about 3S0 feet to
the very bottom of the ravine, thou
ssnds of feet below, and the panvhad
whirled about 000 feet over It on the
opposite side. The leopard/would have
eaten the old woman with pleasure,
but a pan which first scalded half the
hide off htm and then bounded clanging
in his wake from the top of the Hima
layas to the plains below was some
thing which he could not face.—Lon
don Chronicle.
A Mexican Tradition.
what's the matter? Fever?
Die, then die, then." That's the
tbe doves slug down In old Mexico
when a native has penumonla, and
almost Invariably he lies down, refuses
to swallow the medicine prescribed by
tbe physician, resigns himself to his
fate and In a few weeks he dies. The
dove, however, sings the song in Span
ish. It Is a trndtUon among the Mex
icans that once the fever accompany
ing an attack of pneumonia seizes
them It is necessarily fatal, and be
cause of tbls all medicine and all phy
sicians are refused and tbe Mexican
usually dies. The dove brings the
story of death in its weird cooing, ac
cording to the belief of the natives,
and many who have been seized with
the fever who otherwise might have
recovered have succumbed owing to
their belief In the tradition. That is
the reason, It Is said, why penumonla
Is fatal to so many Mexicans.—New
York Herald.
Knew tho Sound of Wood.
There was au urgument-on a- cricket
field In a village near Nottingham,
England, which Interrupted the game'
for some time. Tbe match was being
played between tbe local tradesmen
of the village. All went well until
the bowler, who was tbe village, con
stable, a man over six feet tall,' sent a
ball which bumped up from- the
ground and bit the village butcher,
who was batting and who was ex
ceedingly fat and perspiring freely, on
the bead. The wicket keeper, a re
markably tblu and agile man, who
was the village grocer, caught the ball
and yelled, 'Ow's that?"
"Hout!" shouted tbe" village baker,
who possessed only one eye.
"HI say now!" roared the fat butch
er, who refused to have It so. "But
hit 'It me on the 'eud."
"HI don't know where hit 'It you,"
responded the umpire, who was-the
village undertaker, "but HI knows the
sound of wood, when HI 'ears hit, so
bout you go."
Tho Tricksters.
"Political tricksters alwaya give
themselves away," said a congress
man. "Their methods remlud me of
tbe two men who wanted to sell their
corpses for dissection. These two men,
miserably clad, called on tbe deau of
a medical college in New York
'We are both on the verge of star
vation, sir,' tbe spokesman said. 'We
are well on In years, and It Is clear
that we haven't much longer to live.
Would you care to purchase our bodies
for your dissecting room!'
"The dean hesitated.
"'it Is an odd proposition,' he mut
"'But it Is occasionally done,' said
tbe spokesman In an eager voice.
'Well,' said thet jlean, 'wei.mlght
arrange it What price do yon oslt
'Over In Philadelphia,' said the
spokesman, 'they gave us $40.' "—New
York Tribune.
Not So Bad as She Feu-ad.
"George," she whimpered as-she crept
a little closer .tuid .placed her bead
against bis left iiand second story vest
pocket—"George, I want to ask you a
question, a very important one. Why
do you allude to papa -as a pirate?
Surely you must havfftome good rea
son for doing so?"
"I have, Indeed!" responded George,
with a dreamy, faraway look In bis
eyes. "Pirates board people, you know,
and 1 expect your father,. If my plans
work all right, to eventually board me."
"Oh, how clever you are, George!
Do you know, I was awfully afraid
you were going to get off that ancient
chestnut about his being Buch an old
freebooter, and I'm so glad you didn't
because all the fellows 4've had have
said that, and I waa longing for some
thing new."
A Natural Croaa.
One of the most beautiful natural
rock carvings In the world la the
Southern Cross, on tho island of Grand
Manan, In the bay of Fundy. It
atanda at the head of a ledge of rocks
Jutting Into the bay from tbe foot of
one of the Immense cliffs at the south
ern end of the Grand Manan. Its
shape la that of an almost perfect
"Though many people think BQ who
bear me play," said tbe long haired
amateur, with atudled carelessness, "I
have no Intention of becoming a pro
fessional musician. I play merely to
kill time."
"I knew that as MOD as I heanl
yoo," enigmatically replied one of bis
listeners.—Kansas City Independent.
Palling Jn Leva,
I do BOt dOubt that as the woilB jftw
a deepfet'Sense bf: moral responsibil
ity In the matter of marriage will grow
up among us. But It will not take the
false dlreetlou of Ignoring tliese om
profoundest nnd holiest Instincts. Mar
riage for money may go, marriage for
rank may go. marriage for position
may go, but marriage for love, I be
lieve and trust, will last forever. Men
In the future will probably feel that a
union with their cousins or near rela
tions Is positively wicked thnt a union
with those too like tbeiu lu person or
disposition Is at least undesirable that
a Union based upon considerations of
wealth or nuy other consideration save
considerations of Immediate natural*
impulse Is base and disgraceful. But
to the end of- time they will continue to.
feel In spite of doctrinaires that the
voice of nature is better far than tha
voice. of the lord chancellor or the
royal- society aud that tbe Instinctive
desire for a particular helpmate is a
surer guide for the ultimate- happiness
bojh of tbe race and of the Individual
than any amouut of deliberate consul
tation. It Is uot the foolish fancies of
youth that will have to be got rid of,
but the foolish, wicked and mischie
vous Interference of parents or out*
sldere.—Grant Allen.
Piibiro Panance.
la former times persons guilty of
grievous nnd notorious offenses were
acquired to make open confession and,
further, to make satisfaction for the
scandal given by their bad example by
doing penance publicly In white sheet
in their parish church. The sheet was
used to show clearly to every one
which was the offender. The last time
that public penance was done In an
English church was on Snntlay even
ing, July 30, 1882, when a man .natned
Hartree, in tbe church of All Saints
East Clevedon, made an- open confes.
slon of immorality and promised to
perform the' penance thus Imposed on
him by the vicar. No white sheet was
used on this occasion. The last case In
which one was used appears to have
been one In St. Bridget's church, Ches
ter, In 1851, but on that occasion the
penai.ee was not public, the church
door being locked. In the previous
year, however, public penance In a
white sheet was done In a country
church In Essex, and a- similar thing
occurred In Dltton church, near Cam
bridge, In 1840.—Stray Stories.
An Unaxpactad Chock.
A man who won a'reputatlon for cool
daring and almost eccentric fearless
ness along a thousand miles of the
southwestern border wns A. L. Par
rott, at one time a sergeant In Mc
Nelly's company of Texan rangers.
One night in 1873, about six months
after Parrott left the state service, he
was sitting In a bouse In a little town
In southwest Texas playing chess with
a friend, it was a warm night, and
tbe chessboard was on a table close to
fin open window. Parrott bad the white
men. His queen was In ~a direct line
with the black king, but a black knight
was between the two pieces. It was
Parrott's taove. Suddenly there was a
sharp report outside, and a bullet whis
tled In through the window, bit tbe
black knight and buried Itself In the
wall. Parrott had been bending over
the board, and tbe bullet was evidently
Intended for his head. But for a few
seconds he did not stir. He saw the
black knight suddenly vanish. Then In
his peculiar, drawling, hesitating way
he said,
Rata on Ships.
"Are rats destructive? Well," said
a captain of a merchantman, VI once
knew them to get through £5,000 worth
of stuff lii five days.
"Japan does, an immense tradi with
China In cocoons and'the ftrst time I
carried sueh a cargo they were packed
in sacks. When we got to Hongkong
we found that the rats had discovered
thai part of a cocoon was good to pat,
and'the'bill for their hoard came to
£6,000. The shipowners' were Sued fdr
that amount but, the packing being
considered faulty, the claim was dis
allowed. It waB the first and last co
coon feast the rats had, for ever'since
Japan has packed cocoons In zinc lined
"Every time a ship gets back to Liv
erpool a rat catcher Is set to clearing
out the rats, but by tlie tlirie we li&ve
loaded up again the rodents are every
bit as numerous. In some ports we use
rat guards on Uie ropes, and the ship
is always fumigated before taking a
cargo of fruit or tea. But there *ls no
getting rid of them entirely."—London
Prepared For Contlngonclaa.
"We have lots of curious 'last re
quests' from patients who are %bout
to have operations performed,"' sal&
a nurse In the women's surgical' Ward
of one of the New York hospitals, "but
I thought about the last word had been
said on this subject one day last week
when one of my patients before going
to the operating room called me to her
and asked me to write two postal
cards to her bUBbatid so that she might'
slgil'them before the 'operation. Onrfj
was- to tea'd, \Iy dear husband, the'
Operation was at 10 o'clock this morn
ing, and I am getting along fine.' The
other one was: 'My dear bUBband, the
operation was at 10 o'clock this morn
ing, and I.flm_. sorry to say I died!
From your loylqg wife.' "—New York
Her Tongua.
They were talking of figures of
"Have you ever noticed," said one,
"ho'w fond ieople are of vegetable met
aphors when they are dealing with
W~ ,!»5iiW^I#fV}(l^
Wfe offer One Hundred Dollars Re~
ward for any case of Catarrh that
cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
F. J. CHENEY & CO, Toledo, O
We, the undersigned, have known
.1. Cheney for tho last 15 years,
id believe him perfectly honorable
all busluesu transactions and fi
nancially able lo carry out any obli
gations mado by his firm.
Walding, Klnnau & Marvin,
Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Catarrh Curo Is taken'inter
nally, acting directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system,
cents per bottle. Sold by all drug
gie ts.
Take Hall's Family Pills for con
Free for the Balance of 1908.
The Des Moines Daily Register and
Leader will be mailed to new sub
scribers from nowrto Jan. 1, 1910
upon payment of $4.00—thus allowing
the balance of 1908 free. Dally and
Sunday to Jan. 1, 1910, $6.00
More money is expended by The
Register and Leader for its news ser
vice than by any two other dally new
jailers In the state. Among Its great
exclusive features are: All Iowa News
Service, "Ding's" Cartoons, Complete
Market page with special report of
Chicago live stock market, Including
representative sales, and a strong,
fearless editorial page.
Everywhere in Iowa and on almost
all rural mail routes The Register
aud Leader Is delivered on the same
day it Is printed. Subscribe with the
publisher of his newspaper, any
postmaster or newsdealer or remit di
rect to
The Register and Leader Co..
Des Moines, Iowa. ...i.
Qoldamith'a Aetor.
Lord Nugent was one evening veiy
eloquent to Goldsmith In praise of II.
(a bad actor). "But, my lord," said
Goldsmith, "you1 must allow he treads
tbe stage very 111—he waddles."
"Waddles?" said Lord Nugent
"Yes, he waddles like a goose. Why,
you know we call him Goose M: Well,
and then, you know, when be endeav
ors to express strong passion he bel
"Bellows?" said Lord Nugent.
"To be sure be does—bellows like a
bull. Why, we call him Bull M. Well.
Then,"'contlnued Goldsmith, pursuing
his triumph, "his voice breaks, and be
'Croaks?" said Lord Nugent.
'Why, tbe fellow croaks like a frog.
We call him Frog M."
"But M. is a good actor."
"Why, yes," said Goldsmith, "bar
ring tbe goose and the bull and the
frog and a few other things I could
mention, and, not wishing to speak ill
of my neighbors, I will allow M. Is
good actor."—"Memolra ot tbe Earl of
Tho Oypiy Life.
'Just as soon as my husband nnd 1
have $500 saved up besides our fare
we are going back to England," said
a woman player. "Then we are go
ing to buy one of those gypsy wagons
they have over there. They are too
awfully Jolly for words, don't you
know. They are quite wide, have
bunks, a cunning little kitchen and
sitting room. You wander through
the country all day then at night you
stop, cook yoqr supper, sit under the
trees and Sleep out In the open or In
tbe wagon. Just as you choose. Many
of: my artist and theatrical friends
have them -and Just wander from
place to place. It. is an Ideal way to
live beats houseboat* or bungalows.
If yon have ever sle.it out In the open
and watched the stars over your head
you feel smothered In a bedroom. I
played through Australia, and we
went from place to place in a big
wagon, sleeping out of doors at nlgbt"
New York Times.
Ballooning Among tho Clouda.
It has been my lot to see In arctic
regions some hundreds of thousands
of Icebergs close At hand, and I have
always believed tbem to be tbe most
beautiful objects on earth, but the
clouds of tbe. sky, close at hand, are
almost 11B beautiful. If you mount
above one of these majestic things,
swiftly overtopping one by one its
folds and wreaths, and If remembering
how high it Is you look down and see
only small green patches of earth
through holes in the cloud carpet be
low, you have a little thrill of con
ception of how lonely a man would
feel falling away down there and not
being ob* to see the spot where he
must alight, it Is a safe Uttlc thrill,
however. You know that you are not
going to fall. Such dizziness as some
persons feel In standing near great
^eights on the earth la almost un
known in ballooning.—Albert White
Vorse In Success Magazine.
Six His Limit.
TO the man who lias a horse to sell
considerable leeway is allowed lu the
matter of setting forth the animal's
merits. "I've got the very horse you
want,"'said Gideon Lane, tbe Bushby
livery stable keeper, to one of the
summer residents.
"He has no bad tricks?" queried tbe
gentleman. "Safe for the family?"
"Lauzee, yes," returned Mr. Lane
heartily. "Any lady can drive him,
and half a dozen children could get on
bis back and be'd never notice 'em.
Nat a trick to bis uame."
"Ah," Said tbe summer resident, "I
don't'wish a horse without any spirit."
"Spirit!" echoed Mr. Lane. "Well,
you just ought t« see blm on' circus
day, that's all.' And I'll tell you con
fidentially 'twouldn't be well for too
many people to get on that horse at
once."—Youth's Companion.
Woman? Her cheeks are 'roses,' her
Hps are 'cherry,' her hands are always
lily' hands, her mouth Is & 'rosebud,'
her complexion Is 'like a peach,' and
her breath Js 'fragrant as honey
"You've forgotten one,'" said the
cynic." 'v''
"Wbats that?"
"Her tongue. It is a -scarljt runner.*
Consistent to the Lset.
"If I was to commit suicide at sea,'
said Weary Walker as he shifted tb*
hay band on his left foot, "I'd Jump
from th' bow of th' boat."
"An' why "hot from th' stern?" que
ried Llmpy Laniilgan.
"If I Jumped from th' stern," ssld
Weary, "I couldn't avold th' wash!"—
Cleveland Plain Dealer. i,
•aid What «he Meint
"Oh, I am so awfully ashamed of
myself!" said Edith Jones to her dear
est girl chum. "When Henry proposed
to me last night I Intended to say, 'So
suddenP but I quite lost my head' and
exclaimed, .'At last!' •,.
An Exception.
said the teacher, "fre­
quently become attached to people, bo)
plants never do."
"Bow. about burs, teacher?" queried
the small boy at the foot of the class.—
Th« Jaws and Thirteen.
Commenting on the thirteen super
stitions in the Oesterelcblshe Wochen
schnlft, Jacob B. Ehrllch, a Jewish
writer, says: "The number thirteen Is
surely not''-a bad oiie for us. The
holy writ tells of tbe thirteen attrl.
butes of the Most High, and we have
thirteen feast days In each year. Our
great arch enemy, Haman, was hang-,
cd on tbe 13th of Abas. The thirteenth,
birthday of our agns Is a day of joy
because on that da^ the -child.
a member-of the religious commuuity.
The. dream, of Joseph was of thirteen
—the sun, the moijin and eleven stars—
and Jacob had thirteen children."
"Is Mike Clsncy here?" asked tbe
visitor to the quarry after the prema
ture explosion.
"No, sir." replledi Cost!gun. "He's
"For good?" —.1
"Well, sor, he wlnt In that direction."
Made by the Keen Kutter penpi-e for
Main St., Manchester
Phone 129.
November 28 to December 10.
For this occasion, Low Fare Tickets
fit one and one-half fare for the round trip will he
.on sale to Chin#o from any station® on tlie
Milwaukee & St. Paul
Ticdets will be sold from November di) to Decem
ber 2, tnclusive, and on December 7 nnd 8, good
to return until December 12.
Tbere will be exhibits ul this show from"all suc
tions of the United States, including the western
country opened to settlement by the Pacific
Coast Extension of this Railway Interesting
booklets regarding.thia new country are free for
the asking.
General Passenger Agent -.J.
platcd Holder and
12 Double-edged
Standard Combination
Set with Shaving Brush
and Soap in Triple Silver'--'.
plated Holders, ?7 5(1
Extra Blades, 10 for 50c.
Division Passenger Agent
Full Size
Save Money
A.^have every day in the year for less
than?2 cents a week.
Always Ready, Always Sharp
each double-edged wafer blade good for
•an itVerage of more than 20 delightful,
smooth shaves, no matter how harsh
your beard or tender your skin.
One Million
Satisfied Users
testify to the perfect shaving
qualities of the wonderful
Gillette Razor.
If you use it 30 days
and arc not perfectly satis-
money without question.
Mail&gX Every handle and blade
is fully guaranteed.
Misses' and Children's
School Shoes.
We have given the Beh'ofcl shoe problem our careful attention
Now we can offer you one of'tfie finest selections of Little Folk Shoes
on the market today.
Infants' as low as 50c.Children's 5 to 8 per pair 65, 75, 85 90c
Children's 8.Vtod%i,per pair, $1.15, $1.35, 1.50.
Misses' 11J to 2, p^|mir, $1.25, $1.85, $1.50, $1.75.
P. F. Madden.
T« Clean Bottles and Decanters.
To clean water bottles ond.decanters
mix together half a gill of vluesar'and
a handful of Bait* Shake well in the
decanters to he cleaned, and no matter
how discolored, this treatment has
been tried and found successful..
Getting Ready for a Party in Korea.
The garden party at Chang Duk
palace on the 28th will be held after
the old stylo, Tho antique weapons to
be used by tho guard havg"' been
cleaned and polished by the war de
partment.—Korea Daily News.
The Hat.
The modern hat (with brim) can be
traced back to the Roman "petasus,"
which seems to have been worn only
when on a journey. Hats with brims
were also used, though not extensive
ly, among the ancient Greeks, It was
not until after the Normau conquest
that hats began to be used in England.
—ifow York Americau.
-•V-: Making the Widow Merry.
A liberal chunk of life insurance
has a good deal to do with making the
widow a merry one,—Atlauta Consti
Having purchased the A. J. Hes
ntr blacksmith business, I am pre
pared to do all kinds of Black
smithing and Wood Work. Hav
Racks made to order. Prices as
low as consistent with good work.
Old 5C
AH work guaranteed.
You can't be well 1£ you have
weak, unhealthy, tired out stomach.
Neither can you feel good if by some
little irregularity in eating you have
caused the stomach to get out of
order. These little stomaQh troubles
are signs of indigesion, which may
nnd very often do turn into a very
bad case o£ dyspepsia. Don't allow
this to go on a single day without
doing something to overcome it. Take
some good reliable and safe digestant
like KODOL FOR Dyspepsia. KODOL
is the best remedy known oday for
heart burn, belching and all troubles
arising from a disordered dlgesion. It
is pleasant to take and affords relief
promptly. Sold by all druggists.
Residence Property for Sale.
Can be bought cheap for caib, any
time within 40 days from date hereof,
a good hoase and lot in this city. Ap
ply to Broneon, Carr & Sons, Aeenli
for tbe owner. 24 tf
I ain's feeling right today.
Something wrong I must say
Come to think of it, that's right
I forgot my Rocky Mountain Tea
last night
R. A.-Denton.
No appetite, lost of atranfth,
•an, headache. Mnsttpatloa, bad breath,
general debility, tour iWnga, and catarrh
ot the atomach ara all dus to indigestion.
Kodol relieves Indigestion. This new diaeov
ery represents the natural Julctia ol diges
tion as they exist In a healthy stomach,
combined with th* greatest known tonle
and reconstructive properties. Kodol lot
dyspepsia doe* net only relieve Indigestion
and dyspepsia, but this famous lemsdy
all stoma
purifying, swee
the mucous membranes lining the stomach.
helps "afl stomach troubles by cleansing
lunfylng, sweetening and ttre&gtKeoli>g
r.pan«» •. BaWWMfc.t
For sale by all druggists.
It is deliciously palatable, agrees
ith the weakest stomach, contains
the most soothing, healing, strengthen
ing and curative elements. Makes
you well and happy. Hollister's Rock
Mountain Tea. 35 cents, Tea or Tab
lets—R. A. Denton.
200 acres of
within seven miles of ManLesta.'
at $60.00 per acre. Easy terms.
One half of this years crop can go
with place.
For particulars apply to
Bronson, Carr & Sons,
19tf Manchester, Iowa.
Constipation, indigestion, drive awa
appetite and make you weak and sick
Hollister's Rocky Mountain Tea re
stores the appetite, drlvves away di
sease, builds up the system. 35 cents
Tea or Tablets.—R. A. Denton.
Money to Loan at Low
Rates. Hubert Carr
There is nothing better for stomach
troubles than KODOL which coontain
the same juices found in a healthy
stomach. KODOL Is offered on a
guaranteed plan for the relief of
heart burn, flatulence, sour stomach,
belching of gas, nausea, and all stom
ach troubles. So at times when you
don't feel just right, when you are
drowsy after meals, and your head
aches or when you have no ambition,
and you are cross and irritable take
a little- KODOL. It digests what you
eat. It will make you healthy. Sold
by all druggists.
Anyone sending aketefa and description nay
quickly as
certain our opinion froo whether
iuveHtlon le probably puentabla Communic
I'atenta taken through
tpeeial notice^ without charge, la tutt
Scientific American.
AJiondsomely Illustrated'
culation of anjr eclentlflo
The postmaster of Gasconade, Mo.,
Daniel A. Bugh, says of DeWitt's Kid
ney and Bladder Pills, "I am doing so
well, and improving so fast in health,
that I cannot say too much for your
Kidney & Bladder Pills, I feel like a
new man." DeWitt's Kidney and Bla
der Pills are sold, by all druggists.
Babies aud children need prompt
attention whon suffering from coughs
and coldtf. The best remedy for
mothers to use is Kennedy's Laxative
Cough Syrup. It tastes nearly a^
good as maple sugar. It contains no
•jp-htes, and it is laxative and drives
the .-old out or the system by i'?ntly
mov.'ng tho bMvels. Sol by all drug*

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