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I$e itei&ester JBtmocrat
Official Paper of County and City.
ItfbMrlptltQ Rate Per Te»r—
B. M. Carr, Hubert Carr, Fnl T.
Hermann, Bdltora and Publisher*.
The Liberty Loan Committees fig
ured up and carStully estimated the
amount of each one's subscription to
the Fourth Liberty Loan. That loan
was for $6,000,000,000. The Victory
Liberty Loan with which we are now
dealing is for only $4,500,000,000. or
three-fourth as much as the Fourth
Liberty Loan.
The right way for everyone to da is
not to wait for some solicitor to call
on you to subscribe for your part#of
this last government loan. You know
that your subscription should be three
fourths as large as your subscription
to the fourth Liberty Loan. Go to
your bank subscribe for that sum and
you will be doing the. right thing in
the right way. Don't be numbered
among the pikers.
While the peace terms have not
yet been officially announced, it can
be stated with a reasonable degree
of certainty that a complete under
standing has been arrived at on all
questions affecting Germany. It can
also be said, that the terms to be im
posed upon Germany will be stern
and just but not vindictive. Germany
will be helped to develop the com
forts and arts of peace, but positiv
ely prohibited from preparing far
war, or maintaining a war armament.
While the peace terms will burden
Germany with an enormous debt, they
will, on the other hand, relieve that
country from the expense of main
taining a vast army and navy, Ger
many's losses of men in the great war
were but little more tha% $£0 Jui^aifepr
of men that country kept in. its stand
ing army and large navy before the
war and, when that fact is taken
Into consideration, it will be seen
that the number of Germany's wealth
producers are as numerous as they
a»er were. These wealth producers
will have to go to work .and earn
enough money to pay the damages
wrought by their army and navy upon
their neighbors. By the time the debt
Is paid, it is fair to assume that the
German people will wishthafcjtfeey
never had a great, army $114 navy,
and will -never again have any de
sire for a return of 'the conditions
which es&ted before the v^ar.
Secretary of the Treasury Glass in
dulges in no oratory in his appeals
to the American people to buy Victory
Liberty Loan bonds. Here are a few
of his commendable statements:
"The "fighting is over, brought to
an early conclusion' largely by the
wonderful achievements of the Ameri
can soldier.
"The cost of his training, equipment,
and maintenance has not yet been ful
ly met, nor has the coBt of that huge
provision of war material which had
so much to do with weakening the
enemy's will to resist.
"The Victory Liberty Loan provides
the money to pay for material which
helped to stop the war and thereby
saved tens of thousands of American
Lloyd George in his great speech
in the House of Commons last week
said. "Nobody could have treated
more sympathetically the peculiar
problems and special susceptibilities
of Europe than President Wilson. An
swering the charge which orignated
in the United States that the work of
framing the peace treaty had been de
layed by the discussion of the League
of Nations, the Prime Minister insist
ed that the league "instead of wast
ing time saved time" by providing
machinery that could readjust and cor
rect possible mistakes."
The B6lshevlkl are unable to make
any head way in France, largely be
cause nearly every family in that
country owns a part of the govern
ment indebtedness, and is financially
interested in its maintenance. For a
similar reason the American people
should insist upon owning the bonds
their country is obliged to issue.
Government bonds in the hands of the
masses promote national unity.
The French and Italian Junkers and
the English and American Tories are
"screaming through the keyhole" at
the members of the peace conference.
These screamers are more interested in
discrediting, Wilson, Lloyd George,
Clemenceau and Orlando than they are
in the future peace of the world.
Mrs. Phoebe Apperson Hearst, sur
viving spouse of United States Senator
George Hearst, is dead. She shared
with her husband the hardships and
privations of pioneer life in the fa
west, and helped him to acquire the
many millions of dollars which she
i»g administered since his death with
good judgment and a humane spirit.
She is survived by her only child,
William R. Hearst, America's fore
most publisher.
Mrs. Hearst has ,given millions for
the promotion of education and art,
and the betterment of human condi
During her funeral services, which
were held a few days ago in San
Francisco, the business houses of that
city closed, the courts adjourned, and
bad she been the first citizen of the
country greater honors could not have
been shown than those accorded to her
by the people of California.
They went four thousand miles
and died,
To keep the "Wild Beast" from
our home,
And long this side of the rolling
Their loving mothers moan alone.
The National Society, Daughters of
the American Revolution, recommenas
that the day on which President Wil
son issues the peace proclamation be
declared a national holiday.
Now there are only two, but soon
there will be three all-important
events in the history of the world.
When God said let there be light and
there was light, that was the first of
these all-important events.
When tfte Savior of Mankind was
born in a stable in Bethleham, that
was the second of these all-important
When the peace treaty, with its
League of Nations covenant is sign
ed, that will be the third all-impor
tant event in world history.
This third all-important event, de
signed to prevent future wars, will
probably lead to the establishment of
a world wide holiday, similar to our
Christmas holiday which is every
where observed in commemoration of
the second all-important world event.
The war was a world war, and the
holiday commemorating its termina
tion and covenanting against the recur
rence of a similar calamity, should be
a world holiday.
The anniversary of the day on
which the treaty is signed by the rep
resentatives of the nations would be
a very appropriate date.
(From the New York World.)
Senator Cummmins of Iowa has an
nounced in a public address that if the
published reports of the amendments
made in the Constitution of the League
of Nations are correct he will vote for
the covenant. As Senator Cutamins
was one of the original signers of the
round robin, his statement marks the
beginning of the disintegration of that
celebrated coalition.
It has long been apparent that the
signers of the round robin were not
united by a common motive. Some of
them, like Senator Borah and Senator
Poindexter, were unqualifiedly oppos
ed to any League of Nations. From
their point of view one kind of a
league would be as bad as another
Then there were Senators like Mr.
Lodge and Mr. Knox who were not
irrevocably committed against a league
but purposed-to model it themselves
after the treaty reached the United
States 'Senate.
wished to defer filial judgment until
the trend of public opinion was dUr
closed, and some who,, while they fa
vored any reasonable league, believed
that the President had. slighted the
Senate and deserved rebuke.
Public discussion during the last six
weeks has shjjwn that the country is
overwhelmingly in favor of the league,
and the amendments made ln_ Pari®
and the amendments1 m*w in r«op* Fire^op ArperJcan
parent good faith. Whether the Con
stitution oi the league is the better
for all these changes is a matter of
divided opinion. The Irreconcilable
Tories, whether British or American,
have not been placated, but the
changes have made it impossible to
rally a third of the Senators against
the treaty.
(From the New York World.)
Ever since the Victory Loan was
first projected many men have been
running about proclaiming with an
easy knowledge of finality that "the
banks must take it the people can
not or will not.
Addressing himself particularly to
this sapient conclusion, Secretary
Carter Glass the other night, in his
speech to the loan workers of New
York, ventured to point out that by
as much as the people rely upon the
banks to take the loan, by so much
the ability of the banks to meet the
demands of current trade and indus
try would be impaired.
This is of course the fact, and it
needs no elaboration except to those
so muddled mentally that they can
see no relation between the banks
and the moving wheels of commerce
and employment, and they are beyond
hope of enlightenment. The man who
refuses to subscribe for the loan in
the idea of letting the banks look af
ter it is a man who is trying to up
set his own sources of work and de
stroy his owns means of livelihood.
The banks cannot tie up their loan
able funds in these four-year notes
of the Government and have those
funds to lend in ordinary course to
It will be just a case with that man
of cutting oft his nose to spite his
face. The banks simply cannot take
the loan and carry it for long. If the
American people compel the banks to
do this, it will bring all industry
crashing down about their heads. But
the American people have no such
intention: They are going to take the
loan and for even loftier reasons than
their own industrial preservation
New Rendering of Old Song.
A young lady at a New Year's party
was asked to sing. She complied, and
this is what her audience made out
of the song: "Mid playsure sand pal
aces, tho' honni a roame, be it averse
oh wum bull, there snow play sly
Up-to-Date Objection.
Billy was the owner of a toy auto
mobile, with which he played a great
deal. One morning his mother was
busy and couldn't dress him when he
awakened, so she put him in his hijrh
chair and was about to place him up
to the table when he said, "Oh,
mamma, I don't want to be parked
Soviet Government Is Proclaimed
in Constantinople, Says Dis
patch to Paris.
Government Under Beta .Kun Resign*
Under Pressure of Roumanian and
Czech Troops—Thirty Thou
sand Soldiers Desert.
Amsterdam, April 23.—German gov
ernment troops, have occupied Augs
burg in Bavaria, after a sanguinary
battle with the reds, says a dispatch
from Munich. The leader of the Ba
varian communist army, former War
Minister Relchart, has been arrested.
Paris, April 23.—A revolution has
broken out in Turkey nnd a soviet gov
ernment has been declared.
A revolutionary committee has been
established at Constantinople, accord
ing to a telgram received here from
Kiev, quoting the bolshevik represen
tative at Odessa, wHb says that the
Turkish consul there has received of
ficial announcement of the change in
the government.
Hungarian Soviet Denoted.
Amsterdam, April 23.—The Hungari
an government, headed be Bela Kun,
has resigned under pressure of Rou
manian troops, according to a dispatch
to the Central News from Vienna quot
ing reports received In that city by
aerial mall from Budapest
Wild chaos Is said to prevail at the
Hungarian capital.
It Is reported that Czech forces have
joined the Roumanians and have de
feated the Hungarian soviet troops.
Thirty Thousand Troops Desert.
Budapest, April 28.—The downfall
of the Hungarian soviet government la
expected here, as a result of the de
sertion of 30,000 Szekler troops to the
Roumanians and new movements
against Hungary by tbe Cxecho-Slo
vaks. It Is said that a socialist-dem
ocrat regime headed by Slgmiind
Ifunflf, present commissary of educa
tion, may succeed to control.
Complete Returns for Week Ending
April 12 Show 4,494
ifW I ft Xrvkie Vt* HM
SenaWr8~* "V?H(T -*e«ched-a tot*1^12,^-the war
partment announced. Of these, nearly
70 fe^jept were for the thrpe-yeaf
"term. Complete returns for the week
ended April 12 show 4,454 enlistments,
compared with 2.Q09 for the- proceed
ing week, and with 180 for the open
ing week of the campaign.
000 quota.
New York, April 23. German
troops have attacked the American
Red Cross mission at Kovno, Lith
uania. according to a cablegram re
ceived here by the Lithuanian nation
al council from its Paris representa
The message gave neither the time
nor r^ralt of the at'-rk. A Lithuan
ian soldier kiUeu in defending the
Americans. It was %nid.
N. Y. OVER $100,000,000 MARK
Four New Million Dollar Subscriptions
to Victory* Loan—Cleveland Re
ports Over Four Million.
New York, April 23.—Four new mil
lion-dollar subscriptions to the Vic
tory loan were recorded In New York,
boosting tiie "total for the city well
above the §100,000,000 mark.'
Cleveland, Ohio, April 23.—One
tenth ($45,000,000) of the Fourth fed
eral reserve district's Victory loan
quotn has been subscribed. Cleveland
reported $4,251,000,000 of its
Prisoner Charged With Attack on Girl
Slips Away From Police and
Crowd at Easton, Md.
Easton, Md., April 23.—Numerous
parties of armed men are searching
for Isaiah Fountain, colored, who
escaped from custody after an at
tempt had been made to lynch him.
Fountain was orf trial here charged
with feloniously attacking a thirteen
year-old white girl April 1 last. The
girl had identified him as her assull
Execution of Mexican Delayed.
Vera Cruz, April 23.—Execution of
Gen. Francisco Alvarez, scheduled for
Monday morning, was postponed 24
hours as the result of a formal appeal
being filed with the military authori
ties. Alvarez, a lieutenant of Gen.
Aureliano Blanquet, was captured
when the latter was killed
Extend Martial Law in India.
Simla, India, April 23.—Martial law
has been proclaimed in the Gujerat
Even Used to Run Away.
That even the early horseless car
riage retained at least one character
istic of its honorable predecessor, the
horse, is evinced l»y the following item
written in 1000: "The claim advanced
by the early plotters that an automo
bile could not run away like a horse
is being disproved by actual experi
ences. Accounts of automobile run
aways are not Infrequent in the daily
pressi"—Chevrolet Review.
Chinese Tea Houses.
Just as England has highway tav
erns and as we have roadhouses along
our highways, so h^- China her tea
houses. The Chinese'"do not indulge
much in intoxicants, and tea is about
the strongest drink they consume. Tea
houses there are about as numerous
as Ice cream and soda resorts are here,
Witness my hand and seal of said
Court this 23rd day of April, 1919.
A DESIRE to get ahead is the
first step towards ATTAINMENT.
What we wish strongly enough
to work for we usually attain, in war,
in business or in social life.
You^want to be successful prove
and strengthen you wish by opening a
savings bank account at the FIRST
Your money will draw 4 per cent.
interest it will always be safe, ready
and waiting for you.
First National Bank
Iowa Farm Mortgage Co.
Authorized Capital 150,000.00 Just Organized.
WH ARB a new company bavins funds on hand for immediate in
WB HAVB an outlet for ebatoa loans at lowest current rates.
WB HATE an outlet for heavy loans, mot aooeptible to Insurance
WU CAN flsnre with jm on a bow Imo or on tho renewal of your
it loon at a ante that Is attractive.
Bates ore going tp. In
tho Maoy at
Iowa Farm Mortgage Co.
p....,, wor.
Hymn From Unexpected Source.
Hymns have come fpojn very unex
pected sources. One of the Qnest In
the language, "The ^Spacious Firma
ment on High," found la all collections,
was written by a chief secretary
for Ireland, Joseph Addison, whose
otiher .works would hardly lead, one to
sup®gse,hlm fitted for,the task.
Patriotic Address.
The Wild Onion school teacher lec
tured on the United States a few
nights ago to a large audience. In the
course of his remark^ ho paid a glow
ing tribute to our country, and it is
regretted that everybody In the United
States were not present. One reason
we keep so far ahead of the other na
tions, said he, is because we are get
ting up and going to work every morn
ing while the folks around the other
side of the world are just going to
bed.—Hogwallow Kent uckian.
You are hereby notified that the
last will of J. R. Toogood deceased,
has been filed, opened and read, and
Saturday, the 17th day of May A. D.,
1919, fixed as the time, and the court
house in Manchester the place for
hearing and proving the same.
Clerk District Court.
't' '1*
and Dubuque Counties to sell En-ar
co Motor Oil, White Rose Gasoline,
etc. Oil -experience not necessary
State age, salary wanted and furnish
references, all in first letter. Address
National Refining COj., Dubuque, Iowa
WANTED—Men or women to take
orders among friends and neighbors
for the genuine guaranteed hoaiery,
full line for men, women and chil
dren. Eliminates darning. We pay
50 cents an hour spare time or $24
a week for full time. Experience un
necessary. Write, International
Stocking Mill, Norristown. Pa. 11-8
WANTED—Cook, and girl to wait on
tables. Inquire at Master's Cafe.
FOR SALE—Several Tons of good
Timothy hay in the barn at my
house in Manchester.
FOR SALE—Three burner Quiclt Meal
gasoline stove, in first class condi
tion. Inquire at this office.
a steady rise since
4o*l «Mh a oowpany that can fur-
How Is Tour Complexion!
A. woman should grow more beau
tiful as she grows more older and she
will with due regard to baths, diet
and exercise, and by keeping ber liv
er and bowels in good working, order
If you are haggard and yellow, your
OVAfl nrVi Unn
policy for your p. operty.
Diug^isu iiwr. vuauiuviuiiu luuieis couai
correct these disorders. For sale by once.
A. C. Phillip.
ii you are naggara ana yeiiQw, your
eyes l^si'ftfe their lust1& and whites FOR 8ALE—Moderfh residence locat
Wco^iiir'J^o^sh. Vfer"ftfesh flabby,
Dctuuimg yenuwisn, your nesn uaDpy, ed on.Union, one of tbe beftt
ft' may be due to' Indigestion* "of to a jlential streets of Manchester. In flx^e
sluggish liver. Chamberlain's Tablets conditions, and a bargain If taken at
The Fire Fiend
When only tbe charred embers of the fire re-
main, there's nothing that provides such stimulus as the insuranec
Out of the chaos of the conflagration you
emerge ckaiir ir d(d with a clean vision in pursuit of commercial sucr
Fate is fickle--there's no telling when your
building will be attacked by the fire fiend.
Our companies are backed by resources and
facilities that will be found of advantage to your especial needs.
Let us confer with you on the best available
Bray ton & Davis
Insurance, Real Estate & Loans
Security State Bank
Capital $100,00t).00
Transacts a general commercial and savings bank busi
ness and is authorized by the laws of the State of Iowa to
act as trustee in all estate and guardianship matters.
Four per cent, interest paid on time and savings de
Combined resources of Allied Banks in Delaware Coun
ty over $1,000,000.00.
Open Saturday Evenings.
F. B. WILSON, Cashier,
W. H. NORRIS, President. E. B. STILES, Counsel
The extreme beauty and fineness of weave—the perfect
symmetry of design—of this carriage are obtained only by the
This wonderful invention of Marshall B. Lloyd—which has
revolutionized the entire industry—permits the very finest work
even In the lowest priced carriages. In fact, the "Loom" cannot 3K
turn out low grade work.
The Lloyd ifc Baby Carriage.
The Daintiest and Host Beautiful of all Made.
Your baby deserves the best—and It Is economy to purchase ss
the best when we can offer it to you at THE SAME COST as oth- g—
ers of SECOND grade.
AH the dainty, stylish
chester to write «s .f»d statei^heth-
er or not they would be interested
to gas for cooking this season. We
will then see what we can do for you
and tell you our proposition.
0 Waterloo, Iowa.
and "effects" of the season.
Splendid upholstering and best materials throughout. Fully
Sefc Ceititie Pwdiuie ttMah
WANTED—A piano on a line, high
grade phonograph. Address Box
WANTED— Every family in Man­
•mi a in

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