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I af" II .4 A 4 7 A - 71 I A -v A I . -
iai nuiMii
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wa -r iia a sv ! li n amwrBa- x v m b ar m ru m mm i x . m s. i v i ah m r i r
VOL 1.
NO. 24.
M rtHMHiiKH in
MUnftint. Hrnlnchr
nri win mm nit btbkit. ii , uin.i
rt)i 4 4-Twa IMlara per Year In Aaiaaee.
Ht 4-,11 m In l it-M ItMWrtl. M "
i ntU ' ! fpni llilltml n tl w l rm ter
l-tjis ilMltMfltw, U , vr Ira lit.
'! (ft liw,
tl unM,i wlrtUHtmM MMt a,) ft a yf.
I It hill iIn em 4r lwrrti mi tjrrltarrfit
M (.. rr-t 4. a it .nw
ttflltlil t-trv flVfe PMM.f.ll TMrll VfiH, IflfnM
4i,'r lt '. r ihf tra wur ! vrllim. atll
rf rt fr.Mtj hM lnwA.
F Ih iHTKSIo JlH'4l.
Inl N)nii VNI ! the Itil
Tlrrf vim a ftholr h pof tnnrUr fiLj-
-.miiI lit tn a ntnnOfii rl(-t Ui the rave
l -n. AuM, thrr in rtnrlirr nf Ktp.
V -trVr! Whtt w ft "tm lH-r? "ri I.
'Vhv an imnifr, a likenrw, a ri'iMiPtrnta-
I. !i.
U.I tlH' II. Ii
I i.xe. h. r if alie aliiln't
le arl wh"n l'.ve eat that
.. .kl.il apple ,he f, :i? ell. I loM
! n, ko,. ,!. ,u.t a fu.nt.,1 ahcn
Ml ;..l that pi-tur waa took af.re
" ,,x,-r " '"r V I'1 " P",:
I .....Is I w..lerl.arl!..le.urIiit
ihe l ve. wii..)
anulher trr atai.len rite mMU ((. . lelo f .
. l.....i. Mamly lil lT.KnUl i.i 11re , lhl.vju.,
' She tole ,e that .he an a Kn.ie h(1(.ri1 ... ,;u , .
,s .f Hi. rVgeitwua -utoutrn'rl()W, ilej(,.u, flie Kal l,a,k.,l ini;.y
- Myology.' (-uiek.niiof.toiM.,, ..Whr Kw,tn f,K, ..,
-n. e I ir.k.i). I,y -one -kullrur of; , , . , k ; . , , jSw
r. ...... m. . a nf p-r 01 ...r
. .an ol Mrmarier, lint l.ury Ann I
.. ve no wi no. pan . mem nr.
. .Maaey aake.: I l.ey n.uM l.m
k ntter th y wu.d.-l! I
... r, up in i..c rryio ir? io
.1 iiiiullier ie'p at llie 1 lut. linian a null.
!. while we wuaa Mnihhii there, Mr.
i i v I Mai il a lai i cornea up, i I'd arrd
... alorv at aUir lUuurr'a an px
nr'it'd.1. You are r fur ofT, aei he,
l ei load r.Hilid that n.ill w ua atonirhen )
at ou can't ree oiurw, perhap thle
wut at .. an lie I. .! .ui..-,
,i. that b.,kl like a .loul.l.il Urrel.,1
uo of a cannon. I t.a.k llie thing
h"'''" ul' 1 .vev.l.ketl-ni imtra-1
.iH.rter.nK the rale pale that a K'en '
i lun hv our boue, but laway me! I
.'uldii'l aoe a hit more'n if I wua baiken
nruw ...e. JU-i .or. us., ",,!,,, Imflher Ja.i.b! Come agin
.ie. I thought ha ue-nl ( r me lo turn ! , ,,,. ,,,, b,irrv. XWi
.ImuL an I put the h.gct end to my j if , ,, , jut ltui ,j cun,'lonie bv
eve an iiicrrv aouls! the inllllooL.nl a 1 i..l.i.. r.i . t,..i .1,.,
iiua lre I mile. oil. Law ate ! aei be, an lie
I k an t.irnel it tin- way I had it at first
a.i ci in mm v I tunica a acre. Now tall
ue, he, when you ran f the heal. I
t ile Ili a 'ta when he I'sik the cila
clean aw ay. Tiny all I life I uiightly, an
M in Iv .1 t ie t ile iu afi 'r ir la that the
na in- of Ilia thin,' wtl' "npruy glaas,"
but be called it ruse, or I ain't here.
H'd aecl a mighty hep of haomii
piclurs hut aich pricoa! Wh.aj we, I
never! There wut one I hey wu. token
on initely over (Iti-y llunier painte.1 it
they ae.li, but its ortul eurua lo me bow
it c.sal coat ao mucli inore'u suiu of ihelii
that w twice aa Itig aa it wua. Mainly
Jane and Mr. LiuZey ttlk.il a beep
ulamt et'iy thing, but they mi-ht .la well
a :Ui;i rt Dj'ch Lsttiu for all I uudcr--:
.si. ritey sel u u of llie 11 picturv
a dun in oil by a uia,-ler hand (I don't
tec 110 u- iu being iua,-ter if you ba' to
d t toe work your-cll ); an Ihey ae.1 a
piciiir there wu-11ee.ll.' w.irk.bjt I never
m- I n. 1 di:f).Biio iii 'em, if oue u dun
ia ml tin otlikir in 11 -t u hiu t,si, fur they
all l'iku. alike tu me. I herd 'eai say
"ail this ia ill wo. of ArL" 1 uever
aurd'e.u Art who; I just 'lowed 'twas
one of their ac luuiiitaitcea, but 'l waa a
mile h wpifoue nun fixed all them
ttiing iu th it h iuie. !
Wa aood auin miley Una jewelry I
ri.'kou. I axl a man atati lcu by it what
wua the price of au u of it That aet '
madam, aei he, ia three thousand dollara,-
aud thia oue My aoula! Yuu git out, ;
ae. I. Yuu can't fool ma lliat'er way, if
I a rii in lit 1 cjj itry ; en iu our town !
tlu're'a a ploiity 111.ul like il (litem iu
town aiu' .piita ao ahiney, thai' all) au
they dou'l lliiltk of axeu Itul twu dollar '
l'or'eiu. "Auul,Maiidy Juim whiapered,
"ihoat are diamond of the firat wutur.'
Hold yar tung, aei I. You believe every-
tliiug theaa fokea kill you, au all ho I dou'l
outfits to be aa amailaa Smiiimhi, I know
they dou'l uiuka diiuuud oululi waU-r.
Maudy Jane lurued red a a piny, au wa !
weul ou to Mil nuuilhiii else.
Wall waaeed lhepulyt little toy houaa
I aver aet uiv luorUl eye ou. It bad a
upstair au a down auin, au 'twa all
furuulied ou a uioa aa ouod b. Twaa
alouiabeu to ni bow they got it lit up iu
aiiia. Maudy Jau tml 'twaa by "reflex
ahuu," but a I never ataxl it I duuuu
, bow it looked. Tbera wua auio utiUy
nateuraj loukiu little liar eabiua at tb j
Expardilion, bilt oulen lobacoer, evau
tb fenooa wua mad uuhia aiggar. j
W aawd aunt truuka an the; bad draw
la lik buro, and laway at I Lucy
A..n,.i. , hi,ir,WlMli
" "hum, an Iho mwy know what all.
1 Iicit tin a whip mail nuten nhora nuir,
ll'iwcri", ami it iliil urncll an twivt. In '
in of thrm fine grain I win tf lira jruu
alKiiit tlii-T hml the nirfwt Arc a hurnrn,
ami milrj ruru Utme lhl llir
WidmI ili'ln'l liurn up, an thr anren'tno
mokr, hut lay arnilal Tn't hre
j null but irun mwln ti lk like il,
j an tin lila- malr nuUm pu like
that llw.T lit up tli KxprolitiiHi with.
wrrl a irp iff ruriH kiml nf rlitrkx,
an hanruin flnwrr mailt nutrn waa (the
(loer tu-tm not the rlix ki), hut
niiw mr! I dunno hmr tlii-y nror gut it
white eimfl tu make them flowen outcn.
Mainly Jane went up ti a likintrla
an tnle me hi cum an look at mjraelf. O,
Muivy wkw! O Hail ('olunihy! I Hnln't
think il wun mrlf ! I Im.knl like nuin
llr hal a tik me ly Imth rera an pull
el my (at all nuten nhnpe, fur it li.kol
aa wi'le b a hatVr liuahi'l. I h"llitiil to
Mainly June to know wlmt they'd give
: Die to rat ; I wn ahore I wil piwno.l an
( my tnrr lin.l all .wrlle I up. M.iinly .lane
an Mr. I.inzrv la elHt to kill theinaelvo
an M.imlv liirttisl ihe dI.im aniuml an
, i .' l . .... .
irerry! I wu akeenl ti ilHh. My five
I.M.kMl like I'tl liin limk liv llie eliin an
, ll( f , hn , jra,, , .
r-mg , mM hM
lhry . ,! v.n t, , lke ,, .., hori.l,
hut c..u .li. t. to I tole Mandy Jane the
1,ll(fMrr , . ,,,, of ,1wf , , ,
1 1, it rn off trirk me. for the n.u-e-
:, . . k . . .
niilf it .I'll, but bit- your life an ml.', I
JmM fro,,, there and
tole 'rm I u
ptm home; , ,rU).k , , , )uu
w,t tvry ,,,. , u, tfa,, KxNnl.-
g,,,, aft,.r ,,at kr,, .,.,y rr,.m ,IM ole
I can't are what the cum ole
tliiup. are made for nohow ; they ain't m
mauner 'count; they niake fikea look too
matin urly.
I grr M.mdy Jane the mutiny one day
an lole her to go pt me a lundaiiuy
haiikerchiir. Well, I hi chile hrot uie a
m ,kw ,,, (,, ,Jm) fMul , 11t,.y hrr,
fir it ,,, , i,,i,ie. ' rVry.
tUin, ,, wuU ,w tir, chf(.1
b(), , kin ,y ju,, rf , , l.Unnv l, lu.
krn.Uan UBrt fur ,.,, -llle ,;,,.
.,. , .. i. i ,.,
11 v
to 'cm. Then O maaay aoula' If
niuniiy to a giv brother Jacob, an I ciaat
a aeut up tu Stanford to Crrrg A McAI-i-tur,
or down to Ilu-Usiiville lot; rem
an Cook an hurt me into, an lliry'td a
waited lur the ruuuiiv till the black cow'a
c.if gita big euufT to sell, aa 'tia I'll have
lo nil tox like "delh an deli with" to try
logil enufT to pay brother Jacob. O,
graciout me! Wh.ni are! If I ju-t had
that munny I'd he aa happy aa Naaileyuu
Uoueypart when he recovered Anwriky.
W wilier Ktr'a Hcritiiil-aUirl.
"Can Cry one tell why, when live wn
inanulaclure.1 from one of A. law. 'a riba, a
hired girl wasn't ntiule at the mute time
to wait on her?"
Ibrau-w Adam never came whining to
I've with ragged stock inga tu hr darnel.
1 collai-atring to las sewed on, or a glove
to be mended "right away, quick, now !"
Il"caus he never read the newspuprr
untd the tun goc down behind theuilni
trem, and then atrelcliing hiniM'lf, yawn
s out, "Ain't rupia-r m.wt ready, my
dear T Not be. He made Ihe lire and
hung on the tea kettle himself, we'll ven
ture, ami pulled Ihe radiflua. pack! the
haiiaiiaa, and did everything else that he
ought lo. He milked the row, fed the
chirkena, aud liaiked after the piga him-
telf. II never brought home a half
d.uen frivmla hi dinner, w lieu Kva badn'l
any fresh po.negrnnaUw, ami the mango
aea-on waa over. Ha never alnyed out
until eleven o'clock to a "ward nieeling,"
hurrahing for an out-and-out candidate,
and then avoided beoauae pair, dear Eve
waa ail ting up and crying inside Ihe gale,
He never played billiards, nor drove fust
horse, nor choked Eva w.th cigar ainoke.
He never liaafed around corner groceries,
while tolitary Eva wa nt'kiiij little
Caiu'aeradlaat home, la abort, bednln't
think aha waa tpreially created for th
purpose of waiting 011 him, ami wasn't
under the iuiproaiou that it disgraced a
niau to lighteu hit wife' care little.
That'a th rtsxaoa that Eva did not
need a hired girl, aud wa wi.h it wu the
rtuuou that uou of ber fair duaoeudauta
Ta firat Dj.b toratie le.-k al di.triei
baa Bigger fur eleetor, and lint eighth haa
Litila. Wa (hall, of aouraa, hava a
Little-Bigger thowing ia tbu electoral
Oollege. (JttUjow ft
"Docroa, what do you think ia tbe
oauaa ai thia fresueul ruah of bhaai Ui my
bead V "Ok, it It aolbing but au etTort
of iiatura. Nature, yo kuow, abhvi ra
tor Tlw h h IC1 Jm m.u
II iW Ml MHI.lt I I.IJtT
"mm. tW r.wn M irktrk mmmrr Jltrt,
Ami ill IhUf reimkjb "
IIm (tie h.iiiitinii Hmunirr Hut
It atenieili Imii a il.ty
Hinev lo our (fm.-r, tl lli.w.'n. wrrc
fty lanaliinK, hriaht..-ynl Mar.
Now llie I.iv.It fini.-n'. It'll na,
Itl.ak. eohl Wimrr thci art near!
Hark In lite Nortli th'iu in;irr;
ltvrlv Suntntrr. ling.'! Iit-rr.
fonie airain ). arml unliine,
llrive tlin rttttid. trm rT hit If art,
Or, take ma, Irt li.y lioim v mine,
AimI to nir ll.f w.irnill. ii..nrt.
Va Hii n..Hr hnfrfc-a aofl!v bluw,
Anil ifi'Mlr B' ulirr tourh mr elierk,
Calm niv throhiita, arliin bmw,
Ana lr.'h, I ), t'Jrh inr tu h? BMvk.
Automa wiihI., ei aM', reaae rmir ainatii.iK;
Wia IIht aofl vuieivl SHinn aa.ln.
My a.H.1 ia vearv, n.v Ririf Ktuuninaj,
Aal naught I liear lull Ui.'tl.-riliK rain,
lovelr Humiiirr al.y da.l tlimi (11,
Anil born.- aaritr nir lov.-ly tlwcnt?
M.-tliinVa wiiifrtiiiH I hear iliy tn-ail.
And the ni.-rry iatu-iin if Itie n4h. r.
Bill no! 'Tia b it a litful dieam,
Tlit U colli, ami .1 .... 411 I inaiy -
No gt-nlle voitv ik dm I eve. 1. ant,
Anil I am Iihw, n.-xl.'CI.'.l a.-aiy.
lint ImiwI vr U-f)iM'al tnailly foitli,
llonra ami xliUtU'ri aa i hi - j. i'nuk'.
Com on . H J vVintar fruu. u NmiIii,
For loin aill ttael mr . U' mr k.
T llinf I'll a" in iht li.lieii.
Ak llj.11 I. lake mr hr thr ItaiiH
AihI Ira'l mr tnin II. ia talltlnni.,
m.a.irtl, ., tt. t; .'iitl.. i.'-it I. in I.
TUn rvae, my annl, rei- ;e,'iuin.',
F x I'l.riat ia eill.n y.m h ve,
Ito Jw.!l wlifrr litit i. evrr ali.n.nif,
In Hi dear lnoic alu-n alt i loe.
Tlt. rr no anry ariii'li. ili-tr-- rim,
No unkind aronln are . ! rn ;
Itul la-Ui.r.1 :ori.ia car. an ymi,
And fri, nd-.h'f- lie ah never lirnken.
Tradi me lit, n m . -y 1 1, 1 .,d
r.tim- i,n aril! not .1. n 1. 'ii.ttc! '
T'-a- l. i,w tu In ai t,.,' !. .-I n.iu i,Hl.
And her, .e.ir nr ri.' a. nn
! l'iolr ICr ttl 1 Jt crCm-iiiciii.?
There ia now l.lul thru a itmii roatu
I ml a lo la I. eve that ndveiti.-eiiirnta in
llie iieHpnara lire u4 generally read,
Ni l lli.it money ftpciulcd in u.U erti-ili
U ir.iclienllv lul. Kven Mich w.li
iineiile that if a bundled men ol lite otlier cbction held at the same time unl vide fir thepuiiishuientuf otKn-eor otlier
ulilnx of lliient siairh and rtnilv wil ' idnce, and shall lie liriile,! 1.11 the first ! win, provided they are li.rt in conflict
were to cull 11 oiy or weekly eacn uaai
au hiiuilr.,.l othersaiidget the. utof eiiclt
long enough lo suy John Smith, or June .
or Tboiup-ou at such n place, has 'U. Ii
and such giaals at siii'li pri.fis, or would
aril a furm or house uud lot, or had lo-t
a horse or raa-ketJaaik, or would loan j
inoiiev, etc., we sav such men will con-
cede that lite serv Li's of this one buudnsl ,
men would la-of great value to Smith j
or Jouca, and in smite measure udvuiitu
grou lo the 1 urty to whom this state
ment was mailt-. This hundred men
could not be employed to go from dian
Ui ibair and make this statement to tell
litousuml (Kople at It's than a cost ol
several hundred dollara each trip. All
Ibis ia done by the tiew-paprra at a cost lion, as hereinafter provided, shall also, jipiircd In U' kept lia'ked or seule.1; or tf j MulelY n g county iu lour of which the
of a few shillings, or a few dollara at in like manner with the poll-hinik le de- a iv erson or a?;sona shall I guilty of anle of spirituous and malt liquors, hi for
niost. and tbe i-iu are made week alter 1 liverxewl lo llie anid clerk. changing, or attempting to change, or bidden by law, but the remaining two,
week, day after day. The mcaseuger
who travels addressea himself tu the ear
and take the party addressed when be
may have bit tic nights altMirlail in busi
ncaa or otlier matters; hut the lie-ma r
i.t,rci.,..U(,,,,,,r..u.- ,r,.. - ...... ,
aheuthe reader baa bia tboutbte ulcly the name written or pn ted upon it. I
tiled upon the paper la-t'ore him
Hut those alio aticcl to believe thul
there la little use ill ailvei ti mil unre as
an ubj.vtiou that ailverti-ciiicuta are mil
read. They can be easily convinced ol
their error in thia re-pcel by Hulking in
quiry. LaH tlieui in ert an advertise
iiient nirering tu purchase tome uttiele
1 1 t ia tolerable plenty ill the lltr.i t,
and thev will la fliaalml with oileiMo
aeil la'forethe ink of llie advertisement
is dry. Au eulerpiising weekly that bus
a circulation of tme, twu ur three thous
and opiea ia in a position lo do the vil
lage utereliant jireul paid, and for w hich,
a a rule, the publisher doea not get one
fourth of what be justly deserve. Iu
ita apbire lie weekly i of quite as itiiieli
-ervice tu the a. 1 veil inr as is the daily,
anil oftentimes il eitjoya the piivilegi ol
iug theeaelu ivr family vi-itor, a priv
ilege the tluily at'ldoiu h is. Cnem .1.11
A Irtrf'tfr, I'la-A-aC'-r, .V. )'.
I'ttuuy lru.
Who d.awuol reiiteiiiurr Fanny Kernf
ho ha liot lead her many charmii g
kcteliee of real life, winch have ftaited .
iiam llie sea of literature tor yeuia atst,
'1 hu baa not read liuth Hall? Fiuiity
Fern i dead, and ihu baa di.al una of
the must charming w riter of the age ii
which she lived. Kite di.il in her dl-t
year. tShe waa marriial llie la.t time to
Mr.. Jaiuex I'art.fn, of New York, a man
of fine literary atiaiunienta, and the law!
biograpbicul writer our country baa.
Many heart will sorrow al the death of
thia brave and eiiergetia woman, and
lima will never obliterate her memory
from tb- heart of tlw American aaiple.
Few womea huva lived in thia or any
other country who were ker equal aa a
peridaluatjatur of the aajwpla of iba world.
l:irrtlaH Law -The llullof.
t IIAI1KH mi.
Ai A.T t ml.lr pn hr lalhrrkr
tl'Hi M R 'ra'ai m la ivmim..
WnrNKAH, The ('nii(rrp of the
t'nitiil H:ate hn enartcl a law whirli
waa apprn.nl on the 2th .lay of Febru
ary, 1X71, (llith volume Statute at
Ln.rjre. 4:."-40), the title of which i.
An act to ani.'tnl nn act, approved M iy
31. Ii0, eutitl."! 'An act to enforce the
riphtaof citiienaof tliornitc.lSlateal..'Mln,jll)(,(.)irt, ,jr,(0 Hli-enxl to the
vote h. the ,-veriil Statee of llna V n. ' r prrk. ,, fter Mng , (,cljr.
and for other purra,- and L to the clerk, mid it ahall wniain in Ilia
tivntli acction of winch la a-1 iilow, vit:
M.lad Viff rt '. r e.iiWf, That nil vote,
for lli'preentativea in C.ui;rc 'hull
herenfier I by written or printe.1 liallot,
any law of any Slate to the contrary not
withstanding; and all vote received or
recorded contrary lo the provi-iona nf
thia art, ahull be id none etrect;" now,
Br it rwuifti titthe (invr I AniMy nj
kVie ( ommoairea 7A nf KMuriy.
H I. That hereafter the cl'-rtioiis in
thia Commonwealth f it Ilcprewntiitivca
in Congrraa ahall he by laillol.
X 2. That it -hall he the duty of the
alieritf of each county, or the officer ai-t-
iiilf f r him, when-, fir any caue, the
aherifT cannot net, lo provide fir each ! tiie number of liallota or votea for fne.i
precinct or voting place in he county, j craoii voted f r, in llie same way an they
and at the fenae of the dniiitv. to la- are now rciguim! by law to do in elec
p lid for by the sheriff, and nlloweil by tion h 'Id for auch represeubitivea. Said
the c unity court, a strong and w ell-made ( board shall m.t count, nor in any way e
box siiTi -ienllv large lo contain all the' lini ile, any laillot that lina nn it any d a
h ill its to be eii-it at til" precinct or vote-1 lingui-bing mark, other than ia provided
ing pl.iee to which it is sent, such !ix to for in section five; nor shall uny laillol
hare on il a lid or lop to be fixed to Is be counted which haa on it the name of
w.irkisl on hinge, and provided with a more th.iiKiue person for the name olKce.
I 'k and key. An narture sufficient (! !. After said I ml lots are Coiinled,
only fir the in-'-ri in'i of tin1 '1 .IL.ts shall tli 'V i'i ill a? .'urefilly ko.ind up ill bun-la-
made in each laix. Such Inix shall. Idles, -o that those troni e:u'h precinct or
within two d iv- ladiire the day BmiI bv vi ting pl'u-e shall Ik- seperate from lhas
law fir holding -lull el t-tioii', la', by t ie fimn the othr, and shall be delivered
a'lerill. orwtlicr olficer acting for him. to. and preserve.! hv, the county cleik.
Icliceri l to the otfii'era of each e i-ction
u ea.'li ppviuct or voting pl.iee. Tin-olficer-
of the el .ion, l-fo:c Tie- voting
la-in, shall s.a that na liallnt- aie in
said Uixea.
S 3. At ttiC ehvtioii. the clerk, 1111.I1 r 1 elections,
tlie sU'rvi iiii of the ollii'-rs of the eleii S I". In all respect where ibe aame
:i ni, shall r.x-or.1 the inline of each v iter are ap.lical le, all lawa of thia Comninn
11 the i"il-haik, w hich laaik shall lie so j weul h iertaiuiug lorlectiona are expresa
nraiige.1 aa lo hute hi id li-t H-pcrule , ly made to apply lo the elections provid
Tom the orilinury record of vote a' any cd lor in thia act, whether aurh lawa pro-
Wge: "A li-t of tlio-e voting for III i-
resentntive in Congress at
county, 1
cinct or voting plan, in
at the election held on the
of , IK The III 11. k
to be
M pmpriately fille.1 by the nflic r- of ll,e
. 1 1
elirtion at each precinct or voting plure.
$ The box for the JtalloL' shall re '
main iu the eustmly of the officers of the J
e.cction, securely lia-keil, .luring lite
proirera ot the election; ami -ant olliccrs
shall aecurcly ke.p il iu their rii-t.sl
until the time ul which, a- now reu!ifd .
by law, the ulfii-era of the election are to
have the aill-laaiks delivered to the clerk
01 uie cooiiiy c ur. ; unu sum iaix amy
oeuig aeai.ai up oy 1 ue oimi'rs 01 ine enx-
ji 5. All ballot aball lie printed or :
written on white paa r, aud shall have j
on them th' name of the prrvnii voted 1
for, aud shall have tin oilier di-tiugui I -
ing mark oil them; and each killot shall
I to folded aa not to show anv put of;
i 0. The uiunai of Ihe election, after
a eeilniiiiiiL' in the nt.sle noar nroviiled
I'V law, mat tlie laTaon utlenni; tn vole av
is IcptUy jitulihl to do ao, shall exam-. hn :i Ii 1 iteiul to vol ', us allow, 11 lim
ine hi- liallot only for enough lo see, and audi ballot, eveiy such person guilty aa
uo further, that only the ballot ia oll'eicl; ' ut'.ne-ui.l, sh ill. on conviction thereof, be
and ufler tbe nimie of the voter is a-ccr-' titled nut Iran than tat. hundred
Uincd, be sluill tlten deliver bis ballot lo, not more than one thousand dollars, at
lh.iudi.'e. win shall, in the pre.-enee of tiie ili creluui of the jury. And anv
the Voter, then deatsit tlie lullot iu the '
box, to proviibsl aa afurei.i.l. It
shall be unlawful fiir any olficer ol die
election, while the election is in progress,
tu au far examine the laillot 01 any ..iter
at said el.t'tiou lis to see tbe inline of th'
Hrsn vote) for; uud il -hull 11I-0 ! m -lawful
for uny per iui lo do so 1I11: in,' ".oil
election, unless with thcekprc-s cons, lit
nf Ihe voter. Huvh ball "t- -lull ren. in
iu the Ian until remove. I ur las. ui .
aa herein tiler providi-l, ii ..r lei ineoii t
tlirtil ; and it slittll la. u. laalul lo I Le
theai nut for uny n her puipie, or .111
other way, Ibau a herein pmviib'.l l'"J ;
and Ilia said judgea and tuber otfiiiT- of
the election .ball be uud remain wheie
tin Utllot-laixea are kept, at
II tune
flcr t,c uolla ara oia-n, iiu il
eh at d ;
very volt) cart al said time and pbu-eione or to ire ballots or pi r
shall be counted, tlie cauv;kaa of all voU ititea ding Iu lepre enl la.ilj.ita. into any
polled be wholly completed, and llie I
proper and requisite oertilicaite or reiuriia
I 7. After tlie close of the hiI1s, and .
ou ihe auine day, all list olticera of ihe I
election, at U,eir reaHi.ti.. precinct, o.
,. ., 1 11 ' .1 ;
voting pluc. .bull, iu private, and with-,
out tbe pre-cuoe of any oi.j but llieu.
aelvea, open the box iu a Inch the bulloU:
have been deposited, and aball carefully !
aitd ourrectlv count lb. ballot tor -, '
i-1 . ' 1 ,1 , ,
candidate aud .ball trl.ly ihe number
of yote reot'iveU by each candidate at
auth precinct or toliug pUaa, iu ibeaaau I
way and with the mine effect aa the poll
biaika are now re.piirr.1 to he certified :
Vori'rrf, That if two or morv bullota be
folded bv'thcr, ao aa to ahow evidently
that one person voted laith or all of them,
the name ahull he rejected and
eoiiuteil nut. After anid balli II
are eoiiuteil aa herein pru
viib'.l, tin y "h ill nil apiiu he replnce.1 in
raid lax, and ai I Ian ahull then be
I ka'kea) 41ml earefullv aeale.1 u . a id aa
cu-tilv, in the aniue condition aa when
delivered by the olficera of the election,
until it i" d liveml in the mine way aa
the pll-hak are now required lo be de
livered to the exainiiiintr lamrd. Said
clerk aliall take rare that raid laixea are
c.in'fully kept, and that r.n one of them
ia in anyway broken open or tampered
with while lawfully in hi custody.
it H. The examining lamrd of each
county, at the time and place that they
are now repined by law to examine the
aill-laaika, ah ill alii oa?n the anid huxea,
landah ill carefully examine and count
the b Ho:- in each for each candidate or
j per-on votwl fir, nod ahull make out and
tr.inniiit certificate, of the revull, and of
in the "tune way that poll-hooka are re
united to In' ore.-erv.al. fir the licrii! of
two veir at l"a.-t. The boxes si, ill l!
Ii Uveitsl to the county clerk, who shall
pre erve tln iii for u-e nt the siiceee.iing
with llie piovi.-ioiis of this act.
jk 11. Any ja rs. iiora'ioiiaviolatiiigany
of the provi-ions of thia act iu regard to
tl,e coiidilcting of such election, or if any
ullicer of llieelirtioii, orsheriir, or mem-
1st of the lauril of examiners, or county
court cl rk, shall fail faithfully to dia-
citarge ull his duties hereunder, be or
ih y ahull, 011 conviction thereof, I
fi eii not lesa than titty nor more than
nvc liumlrcil iloll irs, al the 01-cretion of
the jury.
, , .,
ndif uny per..,i or persona
ji t'J.
ah .11 !' guilty of unlawfully, or fraud,
ulentlv and corruptly, ojaMiing or at-
le.upiii.g 10 ns o, one or ...ore 01 tnei
aaiii .sixes w nil nicy ure ny una aci re-1
alter any hiUir that has lieen depiw.tial (
in llie box 1 foresail! ; or if any person
shall lie guilty ol frau Inlfiitly or know-
ingly destroying any one nf said ballot
hefi.ie thev uie counted bv the exainin-
- i
ing lamrd; or if any person or larsamal
................. .. .v ,r- . !"'T'
shall Toreil.ly and apiin-t ihe ill of a
voter, and helorc he lias vutwl. in-tavt 1
ill.. I l.a't it the ballot of such Voter. ao!K" ur'
tti ee the name nf the eraoii for
ar-oii or ier-.ma wbu
hall unlaw fullv
re ove, or attempt to n move, or
t Le ii.. 111 any of aid latx.v, one
hi nunc of the ballot dcjaisitcl
1. 1 iu ; aud any per-011 who shall un
law 1 ly lake an I van y away from prop
er custialy, ur who shall attempt
tu tile i.iid cairy uay, oue
or lie to of tuid Isimh from
the pnia'r custialy mil plan, of
ki eii'v 'h' reof, and any stoii, la lngai.
nlll'Vi ot the eleeli ill, wills nil liuu. lu
te illy fail to ii liver said latxe-, with the
laillol- llnii'in. to tile cilllily clerk. With
in lite lime alloue.1 by luu, eieiy per.-.m
lliu o::i'i iling shall, ou coiivieliou I here
of, la- liue.1 not lea than t in haielrud or
111 re than one thousand dollars, at the
ili eie ion ol the jury; and any person
prima who slut 1 1 fraudulently
wrongfully iiul ur ihseit
one or more ot tlie laXua meiitiouil la
llti-'aa't, at any limu la-fore the counting
tat' the laalloU ia concluded uml couipleUil
bv the laaird irexaiuiiiiiiK tlw is ll-. and
ih. ir cei tilicate made out, 011 conviction
lln-reol shall, for each fiauiiulciil and
- '. "''"J ""'
1 -l H twu liunilml dollara nor uioie
wu ih lUM,ui jlllni.
Wbeu au elector aball olTer hi.
ballot to the judge olVlw lam. it shall ha
be duly ol the slnnd lo auuouoce, iu
u u l.ble vuior, tiw uama of U. eteclur
who Olivia til ballot. -
u Thia act .hall lake effect fruu.
its iage,
Approved March 27. 1873.
The health
ported worae.
of Churl. Humner ia re-
The adjourned term of the Supreme
Court of the l'nite.1 Statea will com
mence on the Nth of October. !
Crawford county, Kansa, owing to
the ipmiity of ita grind-atoties, ia asarrtv
iug ita cluiiua for the State capital. j
F. W. Pinl haa Iseen noniinnted by
the Lilieral of M am hlletta for Oov-j
ernor, vice Charlea Sumner declined. I
Aa an inatnncc of extreme poverty it
it slated that the Egyptian Khedive baa
an income of only .VI,0IK),(KN0 a year.
Prairie firea are numerous in Western
Nebraska. All the way from North
Platte to Orand Island the sea ul flume
waa visible all last week.
Mary Butler, living in Jrraey county, !
Illinois, wants to enter a plowing matrh 1
on a wager of tlOO, against any man, '
black or w hite, in that county.
John Harkley waa bung at Columb ia,
Ohio, on the 4th inat., fir the murder of
John Gardner. He coiifea.ed and stated
tint intoxicating drink had placed him 1
0:1 the murderer' acaflnld.
The cholern ia reported aa aprrading
mpi'llv in India. Her Mijosty'a trHw
are etiffcring terribly with it, and more j
than a hundred men in one regiment have
fallen victim to it ravage. j
Xilaaon writea that ahe intend to make I
her permanent residence in thia country, j
Stmkoarh haa already maile arrange
ment fir N'ilsson and Adalina Patti to
aing together in America next year.
Mr. Egirle t m'a new story, "The End
of the World," latelr Completed in
Hiarth and ., will shortly appear
in hook firm. Order for lfl.OiK) coniea
hnve a'rea'ly been received by Ihe pub-
The rensu office haa cnmpletol it
tatistica of the manufacture nf agricul
tural implements in the Tinted Suites in
170, showing a production of $.")2,0O0,.
000 worth during the year, aa more than
three time the amount iu 1SC0. '
Tlie Order of Indettendcnt Odd Fel-
lowa baa 4.800 Lodgea arattend over the!
State and Territoriex of the I'nion, with I
a menihersh;p of S'sO.OOO, and increasing
at the rate of 30.IHK) per year. The
revenue now reaches 3,500,(MX), and the
turn voted for relief average ll,2."0,000
The Southern branch of the Presbyte
rian church, headed by Ib-v. Mr. Brock.
apaiinted a committee lat Spring to se
cure endowments funds for a university,
under the aupiceuf that denomination.
The committee haa reported that il baa
I,, 1(i0:k). and that the full
amount, $1)0 O KI. will mam be secured.
ine limnniir Jiulrifiidriil tay:
- inere are nx luinrporateil town in
with the aid nf a few jut,' taverns and one
or two unincorporated villages, furnish
our citizen with an ample aupply of
i . . . 1 . . 1 ,
" ""n me eartn. particularly
.,, f j, , ..
"f'l. al.inue.1 lest some
" r ' ""i muj emuuii w.
tenia tunnel tuay 1st
dosln.yeil. In view of I hi dunger, it ' dunmpee, when he enlira 11 on lite
haa la-en augge ted that the tunnel bede- mc ilhout couaent, whellier any notice
clare.1 neutrnl, forbidding its u e to either i given or not, tin-bidding it. I!..w
nation for hosli e pui isiaoa, guamnlei'd v'". e think fairnes and botiealy de-
by all Ihe Dur"ieiin 1'uwera.
The I'usi-ofti.w I)eatrlnieiit ia mailing
new iiistrUL-liiina umb r tlie revbed poatul
cisle. The
, . ,
ragrapb in r.-gard to col-1
t 1 i a a . . r
1.x- big uniaiMl ratea on unpaid letu-n. u. ,
tollows: "LetU-n preiaaiil un.b'r full
rule -bull laa for wanted charged with ihe
amount due, to I a collected 1111 delivery."
This ia still coustrucd by the I'.ialiuaster
(ienenil tu uuthoriw the collection of a
double amount of unpaid rule.
TU" friend., uf Ireland will be glal to -
know tlt a scum of cat I leu lectin
t'lii kneas has laru di-c.ivere.1 in that aar
di treswsl country. Fiiglaud ha bail to
go to Ireland fur her poet, statesmen and
soldier for year post, aud nuw i.r her
owl; anil it ia awilil that in future Ii
litud will tee the tide of prosa-rity aet
tiug tiiward ber abores, cuiua-lliug her
opproaur tu uutk realiluliuu for wroug
inllicle.1 or f.ecle to ilealh.
Falh.-r Ilyaciiitlu) and tha I'oie are
still al burger heads, and Ilyaciitthe, whu
in denuitve ol bull baa goiuj aud got
married, baa addressed a b Iter Iu hi
lloluie., which breathe defiance, claim
ing all uf hi priclly prcroga(,vv which,
having beeu conferred by a power biglier
lliuu man, be in lend, tu Biainlaiu. He
saya;, "1 ahull await with coufiiUueefioui
Iba aucccMjr uf your Huliiwaa in tha iu
dclcvlibui tout uf tbe 1'rluiacy a retrac
tion, or at least an eupJaaialiil, of Ui
dogma w bicb ara iu their prcamt for at
ooutrary lo UuUl aud trailiutaa,11
Call, Sco and Price Ucforo Buying Elsewhere.
North Side Main Street, Stanford Kentucky,
Are now opening tbe largest stock of goods in the market.
All the new and popular styles in
Plain and Fancy Dry Goods,
White Gooli and JTotloxi,
Woolen Goods of all Kinds and Qualities,
Trimmirgs and Fancy Articles in Superabundance.
OUvor Velours, . - -
Pacific t'retons,
Drub Satines,
Brocnde Sllks-v Stylos,
Striped Empress Cloths,
Delaines ..11 Colors,
Poplins Xew Stil 8,
Lustres, Mciluos, Etc., Etc.
Novelties in Laces and Embroideries.
White Flciiimln, Ilaiiiherif. Tirtshiw Frilling
'Iljai'lnthe' und "lilly;'r Vnlen
"lciic IjnfCfaa-lupe und
Here ia the place to buy your , '
Soots aTxrirl Bboes
Domestic Jeans and Cassimeres,
Shirts, Collars, Cravats and General Fursfching Goods
Our stock is larger than ever before, and we are prepared
to offer you goods at as low figures, and on as satisfactory
terns, as any houso in Central Kentucky.
Come and See While the Stock is Fresh and Complete. -
Answers to Correspondents.
Fakmkb Aska u if be i compelled
I '
give w.ttteu or pri
public, that they are
forbi'ldun t hunt
'.tubialanils, innrdertonniintniuiii. ac-
" "" ti,.
Certainly not. The
" .'
P"rty n bu' le t" lo owner ul ine tanu
uiuiiil that public notice be given.
least we would an act.
Si-KAKKU 1 irea to know whether
. 11 t... iY'. - 1., ,w.u..
"or n.ll V iiarirs j yiFin.r ,,.s
r, '
iwi iiie i mru hi ii'uiiuii"ii imi ntv nvi.v
' ' ... 1 ... .
tPT I miUtllti avaaaty -a-. a
We have rea.1 hi varkiu letu ra on the
subject, aud defy mortal mini to decide, (
truly, whether he has or ha not accepted,
I'AttKMT-Ia unxiou. tu know whether 1
or notour fem lie isillegj i, under Ihe cou-1
trul of any particular religious .iciioui-
hi u that it i-
Jnot, and never will la?. We really du
tu irtve w.ttK'U or printe.1 notice lo the. ... .
1 Le then la-tnij nulla a vountr man. run a
not know the rviigmu- laitu 01 eiiit.-r bj bU'h it enlcrcl. Ami wewillad.1
tlie Prii. -inal or hia ex.vl. nl wife, but wa t!llJ ,., ue Mt WM M
do know that each of them i well quul- lullJ b(! j, ,c1, u Alltlieabova
ifinl- , Li atrii'tly true.aa our inforn.aiit ia a IriatU
Litkkati'RIC WaaU to know tha worthy g.jilliiiau. who reorive.) the in
uame of Ilia "beat family w kly per. foruiatiuu direct from Mr. Wiilaiad.
Wa anaw ir Via your own county
pujier. and Il-nrtk l II Ihe latter
published in New York by Orange. Jud I
Ji Co., and yuu will never regret tlie out
lav. T11K Kuui Fa ifio railroa,! com p 1 j
but week told to Ueurge tirant, of Urn-
don. Englaml, twenty-four taiuara wile
. ' ,. , . .,
111 Lllu county, Kanaaa, lying ou the ,
ra'lrua.1 aud the YiuUiria and Kmoky I
Hill river. Mr. (Jraut will lay out
uew towu ou tbe raibuod to be cull.d
icloria. atul Uing from Kuitbuid iu the
V aviorui, ami urutg trwa r i (iaau ui .
niriiig a urge aiuo'j.it 01 oeaiucM itwi,
tf ld.asie.1 u.ak. '
to and Brake
uuruaar'a atuck, rauer.
tb laud buuvduklcly produvtiva.
A ' for (lie Ituciurih
Filial . I'arlias (Kjr.) M-miif.
r!ixty-oneyir ap Mr. William Wirt-
n.an . S...II bimwn fltltfun ftll. s.,iils
. . . , V . . ' " ., ,
iieii ii. iiu nsj, urnis lira i.it-, t.uin
w hich he aufl red ounsiderubly. At it
went deep, theatl-iuat of the pliysiiiana
to extract it caused b! u excmtiating
p-.in, an much an t'ltt it waa deemed beat
to dcist from further attenipl S.r fear
lockjaw nii-ht ensue, Tbu thorn re
mained in the foot; and in course ot
time the wound inu la by it healed up,
! The tuiin ceased, an-1 after thai ha exia-
noticed no iucuuveitietKa fn.iu walkin.
ie. tlia f.itt Time lted on. and be
- . - i- .
,, ,,, ,.,.. ,;. . .
- -
k. when. f.Iin .1. itching seoaatun,
- .--t-a - - m
in the b-g just below the Lure. He
scratched tbe iitrt, whey tha skill baa.,
died ami give way and, to hia aurpiiae.
lara sp.-ca; waa VUH.I0. Ilu cuuiilil
, . . (lf wil, , .. . . fiire(j111(,.r.
puWu ul it, out came the thorn!
,, Wvn 1,1 ,;xiye, rMrs.
and bad uiadeiLi w.iv that fur uu bi bv.
;;;, ,.ut ,IU ,;,, ,.,,Ki,ite lo that
A fllft'AUO adit ir aaya: "Soiuslaaly
having applied lo uu editor for a metlnal
by wkii-U lie might cura bi daiigloer uf
ber rtia!ily t.r yiatug gentletueu. ia
kindly iiif'.run d lliat tbera ara aeverwl
nu'lhud . f ruf 1111. The be-l i io put
I' ' u'1 Jr"u "
ravel ou ber head, or to land b.-r aukjea
to an anvi an I uii-ot heroul of a Uatt.
A mkhko who wa su-as-;td of ur
reptitiouly meddling with UU tKiglibor'a
fruit, being euu-l.i iu tlie garden by
""''l'liS 'aiplu-e.l bt d. wol.wa by
.j, y9t .i.iiurt "vlat
1irJ j j;, d..rkwy can't pi olire'
to pruy any saoia wirout Loii..

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