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.. . i ... . . . . - LJL!
VOL 1.
NO. :n.
II IM lll.l.-lll.li IN
sliirartt. Rt-nf u'k
mix -mm th m mm it. p Mai .1 1
Ti'ttwH-Twa lhill.ru per Yrar In Alliance.
It , In. 11 r.t,.l1i..-( . ,ii-
.- l.,ll.r 1-1 1 . . N f r n-l I',- i . M o M M
tU ... li.r il ll,. il'-l, ll.ill l. , ll,it, ,i.,.r
n.a - a 1 1-nl jil'l' 1 mini I ! i' .II . I , ie- , r
liaa M.iiii I'wl,., 1 H'll un A' , .... i a i..-a
ft iw.il. a- r Im..
All U- Mlrul hvTIIiiifnu prioa t ".4 III
.VI Sill, li ,.n r-l In ril.-ti ..f .1'-H i.'iit
Ofili,,l p.-ir l1 iHllliHf..'
Mud 'I IP h, (.. Ox' lli -l .- !
Ml out lr .M ll.aw I. n.i-
kSl Ulii son now.
lav mm -llr Pm- k -r t lhl
Klrl I l antllli .
l.l.l. In .w l-.-a I'i-i -M-
.1. Alfr.-il llriinimr, 11- , .-lit or ninl
.roiiilor uf J"'" M;tiirj Cxl-nj. having
.rvi-l the di-' iti' ii of 1x111- who
have laa-a-ti laTenv. d of their r. hi'ive- t"
(ive ein lion to their feelinj.- in n --
elienl form, n tl.rtt 1 lht it mi.-ht j r-
Iihm l' a c . l tl.iiitf , in'.n-le. t 1 hi-
.ht department .f ohiuury " tr v.
He ein-idin-l wli.l'.i if, finnan A'.
vi.liial iii-erte.l fifty.- :.-' wotth "f .'.-ail.
le'tiiv, the i-tlih!:' hme.it -I. mid eolitlih-
ule fjnituit.M!-!v halt a dollar-' 11!: of
mortality ati-itae, hi .a;'r v.. u!d not at
oil. 0 K-- il.it' t!.e lno-t J'lilar v.hiele
for the rotivevainv of l!:t i-. i'.har foi.n
of III. I.llli l.olv illlel'ie. II. 1 o til' I'UIiIh'.
.Viid Mr. l'.riaiiii. r li-h:!; t -tii:uted
that, a- ino-t n.-':.jr mi l. r- -.--iii lo
lai.r a dn j r inl. r.-t in mi h a. (nil. hr.il
11. mi than in information ot any nth. r
kin I, the j itimal roCalnin,. tti-- l-.-j.t-t
luinh r of ii'. ri: r.
' Ki Mr. ltiiioiniT h ii (.iiin.-i tint he
would, a- uu '-'riiin nt it any i-li', 11
iijii' an ohitiiary - t f..f 11 tin.. ,
w illi t' e j.tt 1 j t- t.i p . r i j rniaie 1.1
t iiii'iii.'i t if the . .111 a. 1! 1.1 l .i.t
with li e iiili!:.'. Ai plinly he -1 '
for Mr. IV-mitit. .11 it., a i..i.-l.-uei .r of
ver-.-a, who had l1(iiejit)y ti'i.li .i'.il.-l
In the roljnil - of l'.'- '.V n,- j '.'.'.rj
ai'lii of what would hale I. 'It et-l.-d-er.-1
hy a ta-li.'e.i:- ! I-1 of Knt-Ii.;,
literature an at inli.ue- 1 -1- r'v..lntn.i arv
Mr. r.- iti:i.. i -it . i:- :i mrai...
nrnl wiln til ' Imnl, hy wl'.i h it wra
nirreeil that Mi. lt; -h .il l l-k a 1-. i
lion in the olli'V fira-li 'ti tin.. . an I
whenever 11 dca.h notiee n't 11 p-Ue .-'ion! I
imint-ii i'' ly i nd.rv .r 1 . : 1 111 ..ui.
ver-e-i rxir.---ive of t!,,- t,iuiti-.:i.
"VoU linih-!lali I. Mr. ( ltt,", ii' (in. 1
.trimmer, "that h. 11 the death of an
individual in nniioun. e !, 1 wai't ion, n
il were, to cheer the a'!!i It i f'aiaih willi iiii-tak-. Thi. is the horrible work of an 'i sotil no apprtviatio'i of the btaiiti
thc rmoiin-es of your 11. l ie nrt I wi h in--" diary n i- n-aul, w! 1 I tru-t.-l u-j ful in nrt."
vou to throw y jiirs. 'il', y.m may say, int.. ' brotl.ei. He shall ! pinii-h.-l by my j While the sh t mil-, .1, hurried sit p
the situation, an.l to give ih.-'.i a vcrx- hand f r liiis .iiit! ;.'. A pink wait ! j were heard upon the stair-, and in mo
or two a!aiut the corp-c whfch will sit 111 1 V lul, sir - au lul! The iiii-.r.i!ile-coiin-, iuc.it a iiiMdlc-ag.il inaii dashed iu abniit
to la- the ex pie. ion i f the eaioiimi of the (': ' shall -utier for this, he shall indeed !" I ly, und, aeirjiig ltriuiuii r's senttere.1 hair,
hearts of the living " ' ould I know," niiirni jriil Ott, Imiiipe 1 his no-tt-atc hea.l a;'ain-t the
"To lighten th.- groom, iu a certain ' '" there by hint-. If, "that the corpc . table three or four linn's villi roii-itl. ra-M-li-e,
I -Uipe:'" said Mr. t lit. hadn't a pink wart!" I used to know a . hie force. Ilav'ng cxiHtihd the violence
1'ns'isclv! Lighten the glo.111. I Jo t "aine.1 Mi'tilue, ami he had one, 1 of hi- 1 iiulion in thii maniu'i, he lit Id
not uiou.li over the .It juried ; hut rather "d I thought all the Mr(iltu ' had. 1 the nliioi's head dow n wi.h one hand,
take a joious view of death hi.li atier ' ' c"mcs o( irr.-gu!.::iiii in familie..." 1 Pbuking il .H-ea-ionally by way of cnii.ha-
all, Mr. (Ml, is, a
trance to a In-tlc,
l.ut the en-
lili'. 'rii. icoiie, J I
would advise you to
strings ot the ulHi.-te
baud, and endeavor, I
Vert their nun 1- from
t"U. h tl:
I with a tender
T in. unco, to tli-
toutelnph.tioll of
the borronof the t.unb."
"lie train from 1I1 --n: h m y, I supse,
and lil their ihniigl.L- lo "
"Ju-t so! And at the same lime coin
bine ch viui'ig . iili nt with mi. h prac
tical iiiti.riuatiou u- you. 1 1 obtain I'toin
the aiivcrti.-ciiic tit. Throw u glaniotir
if aa'sy, for iu.-lance, o-.t the c iniiuou
phu'o details of the every -.lay lilt' of the
deceased, l't-iple are fond uf imnulc
descriplioii. Some facts tlx fnlfor this
urHise may he olitaim-l from the man
aflio brings the notice to the otliec; ollu r
3ou may rcadilw supply tnnii your im
agination." "I'll throw oil' stanzas," said Mr. till,
"iu such a manner lliut voplu will want ,
their frirntU Iodic lor the suke of llic
poetry." 1
"Hut ula.ve all," coin in nod the editor,
"uikoa liriglit View ot III., nuitlcr al-
ways. Muke the sunshine of smiles I. ur.t '
lliniugh the U niiH'sl ot'lcars ; and, if we '
don't make 'llw lJ:.nin'j iHi.nj him
around among the inoenicrs of this town
my nanio is not lSrii uicr."
llu sty right. 1 1 tlid hum.
The next day liei.ingloii On weiiton
duty, and lii'iuiucr inn down Iu thu sea- souniwof my ni t; tiud I it rtainly lliought .. -M taeachery i t the iiiaii," luur
shore tor a bretii.i oftVish ail. All the idea alaiut lhe nion' ty would have hljre, the poet, "i- tlivatlful. Pidn'the1
through the .1 iv ,! m h noticci c une (s.ur- that clltvl, somehow. It i ungialeful." i ,l,,.ru mu to th.nw a glanioiir of jaM try
ing iu, autl w i would reach Ott, Ju-t tli':n there was a knock nt the ' vt.r couiiiionplatr th t ih ! lint for that '
he wouhl si'i.e ii i"id study it up to as- d.a.r, and a woman entered, cry ing. 1 1 ,hou!d never havo tlioii:'hl of alluding
certuiu luirticulai-. Then he would ru.-h "Are you the editor " she inquired of I u, w,sjtl(s',kcr and Inig. and other chil
up atairs, ds k hiuiM.lt' in his rtmiu, t ,ke ( Hii innu . ,,, ii of nature, The man e''j. u to tl e
down hi rhymiug dictiotiary, run his Hiiniiiier said he was. . r I'tu.ks ubout the -!-l. Can't the idiot .
finger through his hair, tt:., Ink k away "W-w-well,"she said, iu a voice broken know that it was mi. ary to have a ;
half an hour at a piece of pais r until by s.ilis, "w what d'you mean by pule ihyiuc for 'bed?' Can lie supasw tliat
he coiisi.ler.-l that he had the ps try in
ashapewhlcn wotitii .nuke ine aim ken
family fwl proud of the corpse. When
hi day's work was tlone, Oil went home
wilh the conviction that the .Vuiniuj
(Uoni lial filially robln-l th.ilh of it tcr -
life I'liniji.inilivi ly value
In the ti 1 1 1 r 1 1 i 1 1 tr Mr.
Ott pra-i-lcd
calmly tn the tiflicc, for the m ro uf
I'TuIialininir 111 sympathetic Vers,
no morim uf (heir 1 :ir1' I one.
nine mar to the c-talili-hinviit lie ob-
mrvi' I ncrowd .1 live i.r ix i1i..m.iim1 I
m- t le iii ..nt .f il. struge-binr ! l-. t in-1
I,. .1... ,l,..r lli.iil.ioo ft In, ho ot . r J
run, nml mad
jli.k-.1 the crowd, 1111.I could - within j wicked fiil-ch-Htl, nml you're a
; the olli.- the dork- -lliii apcM 11- fu-l ; hard henrted hrnte ff for printing it!"
laath.y roiild liuiU. thou, while thel "Madam, I "hall go cnuy if Von run
! nml i.ii,hrd and inmiiml. nml veiled, in timie," exelni.iinl lliimiii. r. Thi.-i- lint
r tlKirt to ol.tain ei.iie thej '")' J' le t.ie wnrK 01 a nerpem
in the cellar iinnnnhllo claiiL-iiiir ' "hum I arme.l in my lnwun. nml hom 1
... . . .it :ll -1... I......I ... 1
nwiv lik.' tiKi'l. I 1 x .11 the . urlit.;iie in ,
' front of him tin re win.
! do.vn tiie atra-t for f
a line ftrelehiie'
T :
tiiare-, em II ,
in-ill eiirM. d ill r. ad
Thr M.,
hirmn'J j
,',', with 1111 ari:.ln. that Mr. Oil
h id 11. ver la f re ft- ii di-ihn-.-l hy the -eiitinient itll praeti. al infirmiiti .il. It puriai-e of h.itterinif him up a lot with
patron, of that -hect. I he haul con- j information eoneerniinr the uill.- and thi, cluh."
.Iiiil.-I cither tli.-t hi- .oc;ry had t.aieh.tl I iH-.n- i- not i rnetiral, I have mi-iinder-1 ..0 will lieaorry," Kii.l Hriiiimer, -nr-n
-Mit)iallietie -ie.rd in '.lie ..ejlar heaii I'1""' ''ie nf that word. And ii'loaiti. ally: "He will regret miinjr you.
or tint an iii.alim; di-a-t. r had occurred j T "ling Smitli didn't have f jur doctor-, it wm rt,. to him, nnd mention (hat
in aome .iinrt.'r of the e!..l-. j an outrii'. He oitL-ht to have h.nl j y,,u Jri),p- , j,,,"
He w.nt nroiind to the hu, k of the j 4,11 "'. ull'l ll'e.V 'itlit to havecxeiti-1 the j .'.My munc i-Mel'ad Icii,"nii.1 the man,
o'iiii nnd u-'oidedt" the editorial room-. liver. Thu- it in," thought It, '-111111 .. ,.,,. to hn ak the head ef the man
he nir: lied the i-nit. !'iui loud , I'1"" " 'ife wM-iili.-c I to can h lies-." wlmWM'.j that ohitnary H-trv uliout
voic-. We
re heard williin. Mr. ()U .1.-1
t. rmin.-l to
te.iilL. He
i-.i: it hv the
utniii ih.a.i-.lK'Ci.reeii-' '"""' ''lothi-.l in tliiimhr. He had a i p.-trnti . the follow in;.', I'll l.renk your-l.lain.-l
a chair nnd. plac-1 '"l'y "f ' '" ,'""i'".7 '''"y in Iii- Land. ! fT y,)U 'lieie'. the man who wrote
i le d.a.r, he mounted and
....tinier the iloor I hroii.h I l.e I run. I
.m. There Nit. I. Alfn-f Itrimntt-r, !
...M.i:, '.' Mr.wj VI,., f in 1-tli
hand, while the fringe wlii. li ):r.'W in a
a nii-'in le m. uad the c h;e ol hi- hah!
l'i td -n.d ,iai:'!it out, until he --ir. 1
t. . r -."utile a jyi.'.-intie j;iiu i-wnh. Two
or ihn-' ilher -T-.in hIo.. in front of
lion in threa', ninp uttitiid' -. l t heard
. lie i f tln iu fny :
My iu ii Mi'jluc, fir William
M -ilue! I am a hrothcr of the late
A!e.. . r M 'liliic. I ii. ki-l up y.nir
I ap' r thi.' morion nnd p r.viv.-d nil oiit-ri.'.i-ti
in-ult to tt.y tlecca-.'.l rt-lalive,
'i I I have c tne Ktoeii l 1.1 deiiiand, air,
.'.i Jo y..u in. -.-u hi lit- f 'Howiiijr in
: .in ic htl.etiace?
' 'ft..!,-'lU-aiiit. -I fciie'ie AS-iua-ler M-'llil'.
Ud (
a. i a Mint'- r .mm
A .nl hi
.J a ; ii.k trail
n mi. li.
ita tir ta fe.-o.oi.-r .1 .
l.'in nt -
:li-ir ..ii tl., t-...,;ri
i J' are n:l n:n I ..
el. -!.
I Iii- finietll l.t!.
t al H 'iarl. r i..-t f -nr.
is aiiniilv .tiala.li-al ! My late
I lo-
lir. 1 h.T had I
wart ujten hi- no--, sir.
lie had uis.ii his ii.'ie neiilier a pink wan ;
m-r a gr 11 wait, nor a cream-colored
v art, nor a wait of auv olli. r color. It
is a hl'.n l.-r. It i-a itialuilou- i'i-i:!l to ;
HIV ljli.il
av wlrtt
ad 1
di-lim ii v- want you to '
mean hv such e.
lo'.-illv, sir," i-aid Hiii:imer, "it i- a
A ml w!io, sanl another man, aii.ires.-i-1
ing Hie eiliior, "uut liori."-! y. 11 10 print :
hid. iu-stuifa'siUl my divtas..! -011T 1
y.'U nieaa losayMiul it wu- not with j
your autl- rily that your low eiunclinii
in-.'i ,.-1 w ith my udvei ti-.mcut I he fob
lowing scaiid il his burl. .iic? I.i-ten to
ibis :
"Willie Int. I a l itrt
y. '. -li. 1 .
A in! Inn le -ii' 'i-l lite vain' all
It. il tai4l-
I ,!. .1.-11.1. -I s i
Al..! in In- l.iu -i lio ns Iii
ii ,. Inn. I.
la-is.l llttl mi'tikey
Vint I i.l ..-! I'.ve to carlii
Is : er lalnl.
1 went ml. 1 a
'"Ol.: No
lilll '
i:.l 10 in
'file ji:i--v
gull i
1 'm he'll -hu ll his -i.lcr w 11 Ii hi-
i.i.l: 11 unit;
e Ii. 'II is i-t tin-pitMiy'a tail, sml
. r v.. a 1 lul- tint.
lit ! 11 .1.111 I. 1..1I -Irailtl; tin
oil :i. (. ;
.l. -n't juiiip tiroiirtil siin t. lilllr
li. I.'
V. 1 1
"The utterly utrncioin
character of t Iii
baldt rdali will aitoar win 11 I say thai 'mt ,1,, y,,u know of Jane and Arteinas,
William was twenty year., old; that h y w;(.l( .i. ,1 l,u,;,.aneei , ynu despicable.
never hid a purple monkey 011 a slit k ; !PUtrh.:r . : ' ;!.e Kicli-h language! (in
ihat he itevir saekcl such a thing; thut'(lll j ,i , i.i; I'll carry you out in a
Im nccr failed with cats, and that be
tilt. I ot liver coinpiaiui.
'liifauioii-! utle'ly i.ifatuous!" gnmii -
t-l the i til ir, it-he c:t-t his cyt over the
lines. "And the wretch who did thi
-till lives! It is too much:
"And .t," whi-iK'n-l Kit to himself,
"he told me to liglit. ii lh.' gl"uu uinl lo
hii-r the ulilieti' l l.uuily with tiie r. -
li-hing this kind of puetiy ab-laml my
joUsuiy r .H -my is r-in-miiii, ami wu-
'when ll.atl.d this iii-uuuuiiig for tiie
notice of .1 -.,iiny d-tltiih in y-y-your
paiier, 1 saw ibis awful, wicked, wicked
1 v-veise:
" '1. .nr il '" 1.11 k le.l .I- 'iiiiit Sin i ill -
I li.v l.li-t'-d ilfi'l lli v 1.1.-.I li 1 til ;
Will. i' ill- Btidviti l.tli.i'i- .tl.
Alii mt ir thrv f. ,1 I, int.
i Tin i-i ; mil I'i'H up 'lli I'll'. 'ni l,
( Ami lri.1 l in. v l,i. liver:
lilll Hi) III flll.l ill- lllll,- -11
W:.a mCl.'.! u.rr ill" riajr.' "
ll's fiil-cl fill-"'! thnl'l what it i.
'"h")-nl,l' ,,,l'h,r- Anil I hey
'l''l"'t "' " m-ninTe hi' liver, nnd they
didn't M illed! hilll mid hlhli-tll'
him. !
1 " "'". 11 v ' " I
he ctiinea m. Mn.laui, the nii-eriil.Ii
. . . .l-.ll .l:..p
- "a"
"Stranj:", -Irani;..
' mn-ed Ott.
tin man toel me to eoi iiiine elevating
1 eoialiine tie
A Jetiire I tie hlienll entcn-t,
"" nppr. h. ti.-l tiie eititor, nml, 'iuliiir
I" ''. al !l tl'.! i.'C, yai 1
"Kiiid that horrihlo m.H-kery of my
.. . ..i
-..,- o .. .... ..a.... '
o that I call chtl-ti.-e hilll."
Tl'" editor read a- f !!owa:
"We It i le-i ..ur li'tle Hannah in
I'liittfnl ii. aim, i,
An.l e ie. . a a-i.i .1. "ll-iw mn her har-li
-ittlet iiif Iv I- -r-1' ?
Wltt-n hrr ilutliw:!- l-r-t n--Tl'.l l.i-t mi nil
I'.il 11 1, an t -e '.-I
M'itti ('ie I'n.f ll.al -lie ili-ir1.-l. for il
iin-le lu r Tee! f .r..rn.
a titlt m-
n i ill,
t it iu U
r.h, tint horf oh-r,
..art-if li.-ne'rainihn
I .
ii.v h tin.
h i- y n
. .. i
n.r.u i.,ir ..It at r a etil, wn.ii Ii
I l.-veri.e -. have ,,.,.
I "Aa a ceie-i.iientv of thin ini'auiy I
i u ith'lraw all the county u lcrtiiii troiii '
i your paier. A iii-n who could tritle in
lUlf manner with tin- teelmgi ol a piiient -
' mv '"""l'l !
Aa tiie i-heritf w.nt out, Hiimmer
1 pla.-id hi- bead
the table and
ll, 'thai l r-1
I tried, in hi-
l.ltiec, uud to
Krally," Mr. Ottrcfle
' s hi miit le ih ran'.' -l.
j . a-c, to put iny-clf in Iii:
writ.- a- if I Ma- one
f tl.
family, wv
inrdiu.' to in tra ti.m
l'lie ver-es are
la-autiful. The nllu-i 11 to th
grid tier :
nii'it, i.arti. ulai lv, seemed t
me 1 1 lie
v. rv haiinv. It cxiiu'-m
- violent etr.o
umhiiiaiton of
I lion with a flicitou- 1
.wc, tnc- und f ree. The iH-ople have
s:i anil witii l!ie oilnr liamt .cie.l IMe
p,t r ami -ai'l :
"loud. nie. lul old reprohale? 1 .11
unsymtlict;c mid di-gii-ting vampire !
You hourv -headed old ghoul! What,
d'ou mean by pulling such stulf a- thi. j
111 your vile shift ulsiul my tl.re.w.1
-on? What tl'ytm nie.in by printing -uch
....c.i .1 ...1 i.:. i.....u.-.. i .,...1 1
' ' 1 I
.1L...1..... ;..i.i;. ...... ;, i... :i., ,,1.1 1
I .piiM-driver.
I -"til,! l.iiry l:,rll..,l.. ii
In s Is aiiil.il : .. i
mil ill tiie w..y.t-,
lit- jr..iii..l,
Imi. UI..I lite W'-i
! t here I it- I'llliil.. '-the- I'll. UI..I llit'W'ssI
I i-iUs-'i'-'
I At.. I ins .u nlit: -Iih.-. im ilile ari'tii.il ;
, So thai in ki-e: '..-.! Ii. now :il: l 111. -la-It
i Have envere t , s I t-t I I'le Is-il,
Hi. hroilit r rl -nn e.in t ill J:tlie
An l vi.il ll..' 1'la.f wilh In- .!..!-
I II U'.icn you lo iiu uiiiini straiitiH-
'' . r- ! I'll iii-truct y ni nlmut slush!
I'll enlighten yo r iui-ane nl.l intclltvt on
the aul'eH't ol ringing W.aidpivke.-s!
. I'll . . t O. .1 ... ! II..
jK U ;.,re I'm tlone with you, y.m le- j
, 1 loialile luuiilic:
. t t!l0 end of every phrase, the vi-itor
' .v,, the li tor's hea l a flesh k.iock
, upiiU:.t the laid, . When til cxerei e !
I wa ended, Mr. Hi iiuiner i xji ainwl and !
' ujM.lni-i.l iu the humblest iiriiun r,
,roii.iug at thu same time to give his
! ,viiiilaiit a ch.mcc to iiuiniiiel Oit. I
I i-ould write ajetry without ihyines?
f uie man is a lumiuc 1 ne oug... not 0,
lie at large !"
Hardly luul the indignaiit ami encr-
g tic parent of Ikirtlioloin.w ilerU-l,
when a inau with rl hair aisl a li na i-
nin j;l!:ro in hi rym entenil, carrying a
eluli Kill ii.-e'iiiii(ini 1 liy rnvue look-
iiitf (!.
"I vnt:t to "it the nlitor," he h(iiit..l.
A eh;i tlv 1 alli.r 1 iVr j nml llrimmiTV
lai ", ami I.e. -.ii.l :
"Tlie dlll.ir i ii"t in."
"Wi ll, wlien i!l he he in?"
"No; fi.r 11 mi-U - month a ve.ir
fon.v.'r! He will nev. r come in nliy
more!" -mam. I llrimmer. "Hi h.-
pone to S nith Anieri n, iith the lolen
tiott of r mainii. j there during the lil
l.inee of hi- Uf.'. H i Ikm dejuirteil he
(t..,. If ym wnnt ti aeo him ynu
la, Ktt.r rf,,,w him to thu eiti:.liir.
v -,. 1 1 n 1
lie Will gir.'l l" fee you. 1 woui 1 aii-
vi-e V"U, a 11 friend, to take the ne xt
at and ;art at nnn."
"That i- mil' irtiinute
raid the man
the . l I' ll 1 1-, "l called lor the
I11V ,,;(;., If y,,u don t tell me who jicr-
,1,;,; J.,v ntter.tim :
''Mr-. M- l'.i.i.l ii !-:t- T"l e fnun Illi" life;
Mit- lm- lel'i nil ii- Mirrow- and eaic-;
.... . .- I.. .1. .1- I.... I.,
1 ik .1 I.' hi l it' i i . '.i-ni i-'lll "l no l.a
ni!,. .r,il,i,.!L. .1,,. iv.lur. ami nair-.
I la y pin iiiit-tunl ..a-li r ujioti her in rain,
Tl.- v hat'.i-.! tur witli hIii-kv and runt;
II it Tl.tir-lny h. r -('iiit t. .ir!t l and Vfl
II. T i- lv fiilin ly liunih."
"Thf hluvc who lirld the Into Mm,
McKadiUn ti; to tlte itrii of an un-
.-vnipath"t, wuil 1 in that h m kinpnian
. r," iid h
tn );t. We.
,l:tnr, "i v.mik a l-,i""'(f
Irvar.U in liLuk ttiwi ,
.iou; !i dT from the corner. WoUia
",,vi 0 .v"u i'' ,,n 1 n" J 8V1 '.'
... .
, Mr-. Mi-l-adi!! wn.r. itn a jiniu-i-
... i t i . ....:.lni
.Mi l t:u , cl'.lli-l me ouirini:
the man who tnl.l n.e to di -
I.I.-iiV mil ! from eolitem.la-,
vert Me r
u,u ot' t .e I "o.-s
(j i.10,iti r who .
! tin ..ml
' WU.-I
l.f-e!!e 1 w.z hi if
tl,e nunchim- of Mel aei ns Hum
through the teuii-ea of M. I'nd.U u's Uars.
Jf tjmt -n.-headed nioit-U-r couldn't
,,;!,. 0Vl.r ,l, -.t all i-iou to w!a-ky and
rum; if th.w r. maika uls.ut the r!ieu -
mati,.u in her legs couldn't divert his
min.l tioia the horrors of the tomb, was
it ..,y fault? Mel'a.hhii grovels! He
know iw more ai out iKtiy than a
LVl kK-.l mule knoiv.- utamt the Shorter'
The -t determine.1 t ! nve U-firo
a:iy further ei iiici-nis wen' made upon
his is rt'oniiaia-i'-. He jtumnj 1"
f.m .; chair a. d n !t iof.lv toward
the back .-taireu-i . Arriving nl the inl-
ing, he suddenly encountered Iirin.mer.
who waainoving.ifi'iii t!ie.-aiue direction.
The editor had hardly time i-aoi:
gh to
utter a protane ejaculation ami lo lul Ills J;uiroon anys tlmt all four-footed animals
hand lo strike the p. a t, hen au old lady j nmv re.luca to -.'! pairs, and the
iu if poke bonnet umt silver si'eU'les ' inU tu a rtill eoiallcr numlwr. (u cal
Miildenly enw rveil from the stairway and , cuuti0n, therefore, we shall find that the
pinned the editor to the wall with the fc would have held more than five
ferule of her umbrella. All- r gi in. ling tjluc9 tl1( necessary utimber of creatures,
lier teeth ill I. im l"r a moment, she Hour-
ed him witn her weapon, nml seatuig
lu-r-elf utnti hi- ir. -irate form, -he ex -
tracttd a
of .Ifii
(jlvnt from
her bag, and, Kiinting to a eertaiu staiua
; i. iihhuarvcoliimii, a-ked t)tt to reail
it aloud
He tlid
-Little Alc:i
Jinn l.int 1-
Ilel.'l 1; He 1-
It run iu this
. 1 V tie id ;
-nl u 1 liatte'
l-'or a ftm'ntl
Utt-ii !. s Isi.ly rivnt ur itmJ
i.i lite ee.il..'. ry ;
I'o . lin.i ii. li e y (etl Vv
l iih In. im. !.- .1:.. -
Vt the cud of every line thu indignant
I . . I I tl '. II ,. It .1, n,',
' la'ii.ptcror punelieil Uie talk il In tuimer s
! rilw with her umbrella, and ixc'aiincd:
,.() m , lym K,lr ,liat yoU
t . . . ,
'Vretch? What il'joll 111 llll by W 1 lllll
Li mv ,,,.,, In ihatwav ! Take that,
you serpint: i , you you wiiiuious j,,,,,,,.,,, of the county, gave their lu
ll ipr ynu, tryiu' ta hicak a lone w idd. r's ,i;vmu.,l pledge that tuclt parties ahould
heart with su 'h scand'lu. lies tu them ! (My tS)ll,UN1ud. Ill this way the
There, ynu wiUIn! I k. iiimt ie to liiiui-1 i.ulj loU( (lle t.ltire ruut has been se
ll., r y.m well w ith this lice iiial ivller, i, urni Tl i1h, imutry and eoiilinued
y. a wicked williu, y. u od.u iou wiier iu)((1I, j jj McCnry and C. J.
yo,! Take I'a-t, ui, 1 lliat. you wile, ii-onsloii, i particularly due the
nl, di-giHi:i'wagals'! Wltenjou
mm well enough ilia' Aleck never hud
no uncle Jerry, an
1 1
1 bad nn uncle
in uo sepulchre u'i h v, yon wile . retch
Wl.il.' she pmn led ihe editor the ls t
gnqasl 'lis way down stair-, ai tlep ul
a lime, ' 1 i.ili 'geil li'oitl lhe li'olit d.sir
with run. t; table sad. o.t -. Ii
nali-ti i ciirccr unh d up '.i t'.at day
hen til nil luer t.iiiji.' ye-t'.t agi, a uwiiy
Alexanilei , gi and parent, nml carrn.i
Inr struggling mi l .- ii..:,!:; Uouii to
the street, the iMilor seal f or a carnage
111. 1 was lakui l.onte to lad. limn whence
Ic uro-s.' a we-k later with iincarm-t .1.-
leriuiniilion never to p. 'init unolhir hue
of obi'ii.iry ps tiy to i..l.r the coluuius
of lhe M.ruiuj ,ti,.t,.
Cnit Alio U uTlru niilli.' 1 dollar
ti met hist
-.ieii"ii-. tuuu-i.iv-,,- -
ww-k and dccid.d to spend that sum iu
lhe erivtion of an oa ra-liou.e, which
shoul 1 la; lite line-l ever laiiu 011 ine
We-ttru eoiitiii j,.l.
I rita Tha A linaa-r No-rml-f.
A m: hi:t.
It i your -rt'r't ftnl mu: utp
Ah uu1! lt"W ilrt nrjf ihr min,
Wil.i - fKT..l-rip fltl d,i- l-mir,
1 ri fi l on tiie ih(w nnt
TUe chunihrr m wrinl with nlmdnw.
Aii'l tlnrlt' with t1t')fuini; pit Kim,
Wln-rc ym In junr r.Til wiuaiihHl
Af Wniiini; f r tin-1 .nib!
Thf find r M ytu til in li.t, love.
In yniir h lt ta a ninglr roM;
A marl'le nr It oii -iit w hnve
In iit en 1 I iihI iill r inh-!
, p:ilT than yt iv.it mrvt intt
Anil ralm w the AnN r,
Ymi (K-cnn-! do fn ar tut, Ui ttrlnYr.,
Yet wvre, kIm. m far!
I Jo not know If I wr t, lova.
Hut nir mill ft mm? up nl klu):
'Mv lieiirt h nrit unto hr heart,
Tltou(iU hrn nbr lyinn duul !
I will givr her lut Ine-tok-n
That -li-U I to hrr a fin
In the durk frnTe nr. rnfTonJ it!
f this deathtne love uf aiine."
Hi f -ouffhl me little M-rIl, luve.
And thereon In emr hmtc,
!aet anuther'ii eye hf;iM rviwl tbem.
Some mytic word I trnreil,
Th-n clone in your elme-i ennern,
C'hie In your waipn hantl,
I pliircd lh htmII m ttu amuM.
Sure you would umlerMtaml !
The wen t in your't and mine, lore!
(tile we two runy know
What wonl-t fhown clear In ditrkneee
Ofyourgrmre m grten and low.
Rut if, when we mvei hereafter,
In the dawn of a fairvr d:iw.
Yon wbifjier the myilii-al wonU, ktfe,
It ie all I would have you uyl
The Mze f the Ark.
Skeptic bave oljx'tol to tlio ho of
Ark. and have A-trU-d that it u quito
aHuml to imp fx that ever there could
be a cv contructel laree ettuuirh to
'holdall creaturea that mu-t have bwn
I Tlii ; u ticTtlnr with anrHriont KkmI
t (it runy be, fur six or twtdve months)
i watT the fishw, (?) corn for the four
etnttP. animids seed for the bird, and
Now, we will t-.ke the di men-
. . . .... .
r ,he nonbj of JtoKM. ami Cal-
: (,Inte ima 0 tho j((We)-t Iow,itle scnlc.
T., twoilefinitinns.iriveii.if aeuhit.
'.,,, ht id irr!iLn.- Mirtur foot and
a half, the other that it ia one foot eight
! ilic.108 'e w;il take it only at the
: owest MuM, (tat.w that the Ark was
I 3(m. i i ,,,.. h w oul d n mke it 400
f vt or )x)Ut tho length of rit. Paula
1 Cathedral, Londnii. The breotlth of it
; ,,e fMta , lw M ;ll)itl tat u 75
UU(j tie 10;K,t 30 cubiu. that is 4-'i feet,
j Aoeordi nn to M.wa, then the Ark was
i,, nj Ki Pntl'i Cathnlral. n.airlv
hrtmf all,i httlf high. The ton-
noire of the Ark. acoordinti to the calcu-
lntiM1, f niu,leru cariieiiti'in, must have
n 32 00O torn. Now 4,000 tons is
i the eie of one of our larirest.team-hins
: ,i.n, ,i, rk mint h.v licit rtnial to
ei.rlt such fhipa, nd If ejuipped as our
I UItvui veS8rs urt) ;t would have coiitaiue.1
' ( U-idusi ita armament 1 20,000 meu, and
provisions for them eighteen months.
uj m,)re th fire times the quantity of
fotal to maintuin them for tw.elve mouths,
( iueiniiHll KoiiiIhtq Koutucru IC
Itlgbt of Huy Ultra.
The right of way for the Cincinnati
Southern Iiailroatl, beginning at raris,
ha- lavn secured through the entire
length of Madiaon county on to Boone's
Gap, ami the books guaranteeing such
right of way has Ixvn passed to the Trus
tees of the road. A majority of the
pr. .perty holders along the proposed route
I'.ave therenuired land without hesitation :
lmt theri( ,.x!u.u,i Iroiijte fn.m ros-
s'ti.-ilile parlii-s provitlcd the oounty
should Vote not to levy the lax to pay
for the right of way tlint raid airlius
themselves would uiy tlio amount. Iu
order to secure ibis some forty wealthy
IUXVN( 0f tl,ia undertaking. They have
wtn iuil ut it faithfully, nnd ou lite 7th
they sent uji the books to the Cincinnati
Trustees. i hmunJ linfittfr.
1 1. 1 II ! Ho) 1 . 1, IU Veara ulil IHn
iourU bj IIokm.
1-llUSl".' ) -'l !". ,
A sou of Mr. Kugciio Itanies, and a
grad imof Charles llernil iu, Yjk., of tl.il
comity, met wilh his death yeiicrduy 11:
UrWM,u j u,, .huekiug inuunii.
Thu littlo boy who, wa ala :t eighi
, , . . , i .
' Mjd j,,,, tir ,,,0!, a lot nf liogs,with
OJ ,lU ,1,,.,. ,,,.,, it -u ,p,,l
u lo ,,ly wji, muul ( bepVrs,
wU,u .)lt) i'uruij . rult, ,,,
,iim BJij j..vourt,j ui, bo.lily, saving Li
Uiu.1 and shoulder. No one wu mur
, hu sceiMi of this must awful trugedy, autl
' 'nsctUeiilly uo vssUilauie could he giv-
nju 'Jhe imrlieulars of this ami and
s-r1..,tl- weregiv.u us hilo lu.-t
,,11 ,y Mr. Smith, t!i" geiitleiiiaidv
agent 111 this city 01 the 1 acme, ami Al-
L.ulie Ulcgriiph line.
in i i.ar,MTi4 ni.Mi.
There lire almut fineen th ni-ninl t'hi-i
nanicn in K'n Krnnei eo. j
There i a man in this place so la.y j
that he linn to hire nn iir:i.-t to draw hi-!
hreath with a lend pincil. -. I
Aeonrtlinj lo the charnetar r extent ,,,;,. urK . A we hnva hefore
( your biiMiic.-, net a-ide a lila ral ht j attnlnl. "the aymitom. of the tli-ea-e arc
centa-e fir your nilvcrti.-inj;. Kc. p , i;t,t. ha.'kiiit i oiigh and general (lull
youraelf uneeninirly bf foro the puhlic, ncM with an indi-p oaitinn to mova; cold
an.l it niattcm not what hu-inr-w of utili-
ty you niny l engatl in, f r if intelli-. fri, .lc noatril follow tho fir-t aymp
gei.tlyand indu.-lrioii-ly pur.-ueil, f"'-, toniM, and the naaal membrane, that in
tune will he the re-ult. Li.
Thero ia Herman girl hegging in
Bo-ton, who hna no hand.-, hut rarrien a
littlo tin box atrupped alniut her neck Pr
the rweptioii of coin. She ia aid to lie
the poaenr of a fine hoti-e in that city,
. i . t- i ..:i ii - ..r
aim hi iw now uuiiiiiiik a row ui win-
. , , , , , , 1
roent houaeii in Brc)klyn from the fund-1
. ,,. '
irnthoreil in her poeuliar callinir. What
a Grant nhVe-holilcr ahe would make!
From the Engli-h mortality returna
for 1870, which have ju-t heen publi.-hcd,
it appeaiw that during tlte year the
doctha of 18 men and fi3 wunicn, who-o
agi were state.1 to Ik npwnr.li of I'M
yean, were rvgi-tered ; in all, Hi persona,
again-t 63 and 7'J respectively in
The highest agen aaid to have been at-
taine.1 in 1870 were 108, by a man who
died at Stone, in Stuff irdshire, and 17,
by a,woman who die.1 at Ilitd.iersfi. ld.
You can wain make the hours lictween an,j upftIntahle. Tho diet ahould bo of
aunset and bedtime each an golden as the L ijg,t and luxatiie nature, including
brightest atar which will be mapping in ! huy in limited qunntitiea. bl.xid-lctting
the fronty firmament. He who in wise j ,houId not lie re.rte.l to; neither should
will welcome the long evening thnt ore ciihnratic naufennti., nor arterinl aeda
coming that make o many plea-urea tjv(-. Whatever mcdieinea are given
poBsihle, lie they pleasure nt home or j ahould not lie in draughts, an the animal
abroad. The partici and bull and ao- insure to o thrown in a paroxysm of
c'mla will all contrihuaj s almre to the coughing the moment drench is at
general enjoyment of our citi.ens; but I tempted, and aome of the medicine will
the greatest and best of all will be at
home, and if you are something bettor
than einglo, all tha "nicer. t.x.
1 Ley llencl. but Ion't IHy.
An exchmige has tho following: "It
not unfirier:ly oceurs, when persons
are asked if they will sul-scribc for a local
newsre'per, ur if they already take it,
that they reply: 'No, but neighbor 1$
taken it, and I have the rending of It
everv week. 1 hey are neniiitie.1 every
Week by the toils, perplexities, nnd ex
penditures of those who receive nothing
from tbem in return."
To which the American Xrmr iit-
jinrlrr atl.li more at length :
The nlsive truth should be copied
and reeopietl in every country pnier,
until the trouble is nbat.il. The pub
lisher of a ncwsjper, depending as he
does, in a mca.iiire, uKn his (ulecription
list for suppirt, naturally experts er.ch
family who desire to read his paper to
subscribe for it, if they can atlord it.
Suliecrilier themselves us wull as puli
lithers, find the uewsiaier borrower a
first-class nuisance, fur he often borrows
it us the owner is about to read il, re
tains it at certain times w hen he missus it,
and too often, if he returns it at all, the
siptr is in auch a condition that no one
of nice sensibilities would cure to read it."
llouar) AniusonipnlM.
Many very prelty little chemical cx-
perimenls may be made by the young,
people, which wiUamuso and a-touu-li
those. around then, As for iiistanec.wiU.
so siniliie an anieio as mi caoisigv, " J ) "
very ia-autiful effect van Ik) rendered in '
the following manner: Cut three leave "' u-leu lln-alU.
of eahl aue mto .-mull pieces, and after F"'"' ' b ten drops of tho concen
placiug them in a basin, pour a pint of, trati-d solution of the chloride of soda,
boiling water over them, letting them
stand alsiut an hour; then pour off the
liiuid into a decanter. It will lie f ,
lino blue color. Then take four wine-
ln-- htm not ait .Irons of stninir
" 7 ' . .
vmegnr; into another six iliops ot mm -
lion of soila; into tho third the same
. .. ,
quantity of a stroii;
solution of allium;
and let the four'h (da remain empty.
Fill up the glasses from the decanter,
and the litUid MUre.l into ll.c L.'la.i con-
...:..:.... .i... ; I ..Ml ku..... .. u tii',.l
I.lll. l(J ll.V i'l i.i m- " .....i......
red; thnt in the ght-s conuiiiiiug the soiluj
will be a tine green: thnt poured in' o !
lhe empty one will retuaiu uuchitngid.
liy a.hliiig u little vinegar to the jpreen,
it w ill immediately change to r d ; and
and on ad line- a little solution o( soda to
the red it will u-stiuo a tine green, thus
;., il. teti, f uelils and alkalies
on vegetable bun's.
IT is ciiriin'.ly reiairt.il thai American
nnancial uttairs uro uiuicr a uig varan m
Loudon, and that
Aiutriiau filter -
piiais are included. To explain
--tldeli change in the Icclings of the
money ! ids of tiie grci t finance centre,
.liluaijii ia made to I hi till that the
I.,,t;.l. ,,u.i,l,. ttm-'lvil . at int.. sort of
.e!,.... t:., .1,.. ( : va .l.l.ioii. but the
more raticiial explauuliuti is thnt l.n
fumiiciul iuten-sls ..f the country are con-
trollid by one nui'i, und particularly
wheu it i known that he Use his aiwerl
to proiut.lo the iiiU rosls of clique- ami
rings, eoiniioscd of , a iial aud political truusreney reading: "Cui-sid be he sweet e iu till way Mr nn-va
friends, this damaging tact I well culcii- Ui it pull- th the cup to his bit.t' er's Iii-. I year, and alway. found them loiUid. a
hiUd bipr.luiv the tlcpiosshu rcporu-l It w.u the general Iu-i.tfi that the U-Uu) nils got into thcw.-tW. Oaetn.
iu London. ..Jo-r. ' lav behind was iihutd of the la.y in f,)ul. 1 uoii Vctti,
Tliff Klrootlr.
Tiie niuch-tiilkeil of Imr-e li-.ii( ia
till ex'., n. ling Southward, and ia nt thi
writing rnping in Cincinnati and Iiii
ville. It may rich the interior, thoiiifli
wcdn not now entertain the Ieat np.rc
h. n-ioTi nf it. We til)!i.-h hclow fome
. leihle aii'-j. -lion hy a et Ichrate.1 vet-
fnrs R,i ,. with a watery di-elinri
iwle in the tiegiuiiiii); of the attack, lie-
comes highly e.ilotr.1, and the niueua dia
charn chntipen to a grccni-h yellow,
while the pul.-e lieennii's more rapid.
"IV. Mink think the pro-ent direaae
of the cattarrlial tyje, and if prorly
I treated, rhoiild not prove futul. It gen
,. , .. :,,. j ...
enerully aiicnd. IU tury within t-n dny,
. . . , .,
and if pniiier preeautiona are taken iu
f tinnier preeautiona are taken ita
apr.-ad may lie materially cho ked and
iU aeverity alatcd.
A NKin a." the aymptcma are appan nt
the patient should lie. excused from all
lalHir anil allowed complete rent. The
. ' .Inl.tna tho.ll.l clt-atl Well rplltl-
laUil. Huchdi-infictniitcancarlailieacid,
j ulphate of iron or hrom.M.hlornliini may
1 1 u--l t adviintago. The animul should
1 rr"Pf'r,y K0""',, -n,, ln" n(we ""'l
eyes ahould lie ficpieiitly angerl with
Uater, and the linilw, if col.l, bnmkged.
The drink ahould have the chill .lightly
removed but not enough to make it warm
, thereby almost aurely find ita way into
j thcwindi.iiwor bronchial tulies, producing
fatal bronchitis or pneumonia. Electua
ries, si.iitu and pastes are the forms in
which the medicine can be successfully
nnd nafelr administered, as powders are
well-nicli useless, and when mixed with
i (ac mh ,.ausc i,,,;, lo rejected.
i)r, rt rnriu the saline rieilieines
as tho most useful in this disease, and
says thnt cither of the follow ing will an
swer: Chlorate of potash, muriate of
ammonia, or hydro -uljilmtc of soda. As
an amslviie to rtliove the cough, fluid ex
tract of belladonna may I e added. The
proper dose of either of these medicines
may 12 rubl?d up with two or throe
ounces of honey or molasses, poured in
the mouth from a small Isitlle, or placed
on the tongue with a spoon, (liven in
this wuy t lie medicines will Iw readily
lniipetl tii and easily swallowed, ltut
little trouble is rupiircd togive it and uo
danger of getting any imdiano in the
truehea will tie incurred by thia niethid.
About the throat nnd over the wiud-pipe
a sharp, stimulating liniment should Is'
well rubticd iu. In coses tiiat piove se
vere or complicated with other and more
scriou.s di-cae-, a competent veterinary
suigcou should be employed,
It seems to be considered imsiraiit
that the animal be kept blanketed and
nut allowed to le exposed to the damp-
mws. as it is the daintiness that imnarts
to ih ,li-.s i'. muliinnut tvne. With
. ..,.-., hlT..w . ',,. ...j
. , uf lhe mc-di-
the . (
a wuic-gla.- ot pure spring water,
taken immediately after the ublutious
the morning are coiupicUM win '
tho 1"' by disinhctitig ll sloMiudi,
which, far from Uing iiijuri.l, will be
1 1 c. i i... .i i:..:.
i...u..t,..i i.i., it'll.. li itiafK.
. -v t
wry thi. may Iw repeated in the middle
"r tn" ,1;l.v- 111 u,u m"r
ari-ing from curious ttvtli i coiiiIiiiuhi
with that ot the stomach. If the mouth
is well rinsed in a tea-js.ulul of the so-
lutlon ot til" ctilornie in u
tuiuhler ol
. 'It 1
water, the UI odor ot the teeth Will be
ri'tiiovetl '
.1 s'rliit.r'a
The liriuler, a noble
f. .s. May his
(rM x vcly. bis fiee Uautiful, hi- line
illustrious, hi dealings wytMir, his virtue j
j , nlculable. hu A-chungo plenty, his'
Ll,.,.. l...rir I,;.,.. leminea ;ilu.:..,JL i
May bis eve never U vU J and hi nose
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erauinnd, Lv, d.liuquei.L Uimme.1 toJ
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I A l.ll'.'l.U
dcidcr at Niagara Falls
! ihoe dit to make a hit in the adverlisinii
, lino by hiring a pariiietie llils aiiau o
carry ala.ut lhe structs a t.ausireiicy
setting forth the g.sliic-s and ubuiuhtiHC
of hts liquors. A teiuH rani i.-ty
1 however, ehurterid a lsy to ft
it PPM mtm r lass ( Ws 1 1 -
Hm4y ataa aM aallar IMS ml llw Haas,
tins mt tUm lHallail
rm Iks tTiart u (. C ) "J a,
A ahort time ago a aailor waa mmi Ui
the city hospital from the Itritish hark
(eorgiftii, who was suppose.! to besuffef
ing from sore leg. Tho man had been
sailing for near three months, but boim
uf his shipmate supposed that thara was
anything serious the matter with him.
Accordingly, when row days before his
removal to the hospital, he declared him
self unable to walk, the captain of the
ship supposed that he was endeavoring Iu
make an excuse for getting away from
the vessel, that he might he left in port,
the ship being prepared to sail in fcJ
When removed to llw hospital, the
man' right leg was very much swollen,
and manifested all the ay mytoms of thecr
ysiiela, for which malady hi aflectitai
was at first mi-tuken. At the end of a
few days, however, an e'a-cesa formed
upon the Inner side of the ankle, from
which, after it had burst, protruded
alasttt three inches ni white, membran
eous Itajking sulmt-nce, about an eighth
of an inch in diameter. This singular
manifestion induced a careful examina.
lion of the leg, which developed the foci
the man was Hided with the dranmmU
as, or (lumen worm. This is a horrible
parasite, found only along the short- of
the Indian ocean, Red sea, and certain.
portions of the Mediterranean. Il tufesU
damp and muddy toils and impure water
and generally attacks the feet and legs.but
sometimes other portions of the body.
At the time that it forsake its native eK
ement for the more luxurious habitation
of flesh and bltaid, i ia scarcely larger
than a common flea ; but having buried
itself beneath the skin, it grow with
alarming rapidity, and will attain a size
varying from six inches to six feet in,
length, by one twelth to oue eighth of an
inch in diameter. Il lias dormnnt until
it reaches the age of maturity, after
which it commence a serie of wthl
wantlerings and meaiideringi about the
muscles and bones, which cause the un-
i suspecting victim to sur intense pain.
It always travels downward, -nil with
such rupi.lity that it w ill sometimes trnr-
el the whole length of the human frame,
in twenty-tour hours. It will sometime
come to the surface and lie under the skin
like a long white cord, but should tho
surgeon attempt to extract it with tho
knife without first securing it with the
nippers, it will elude his grasp and scam
per away with the agility of an eel. If
a portion of the worm is removed, tho re
maining portion will not die, but contin
ues as gay mid lively as ever. The first
symptoms of the (iinea worm are a disa
greeable itching and irritation of the in-
fectetl rts. Alter it begin to move
-bout its paths are followed by externa)
absco, and when the patlu lie along
the stomach, internal alateessce also, It
always ultimately endeavor lo leave the
system by working its way through tho
skin, gcuerally through the ankle, but
this i only after it baa left from tea to
fifteen young behind. The usual number
of worms that are found In one ponun
varies from ono to fifty. There is one
case on record, however, cf a man dying
from the effect of a Ciinea worm, whose
! body and skin were nothing but a net.
work of these horrible creatures. Death
I rarely results from the ravage-of the
l"rIU' -"d ,1'" 11 dut'l u generally
the result ot some nisease prouueeu oy
the inflamation, and other elTcct of the
worm's wantlerings. The Guinea worm
doc not confine, ravages to muu, but will
also attack dog and horses, Tho sailor
in question made a voyage to the csvtern
tof Africa als.ut six montlis ago, and
,!lUe there received the ,rasiu into
. ()e of these worm, has al.
i . .
ready been extracted from his right leg,
but another has inudo its appearance in
the left. He is doing as well a oan be
xjievted under the oircuius-inoea. Thi
is prokibly the first cuse of the kind ever
known iu Charleston.
A Iw)'a ltiiailut-aM,
It exactly suits the temperament of a
real boy to I very busy about nothing.
If the power, fir luitauce, that le ex.
cudcd iu play by a boy between the age
-f and 14 could be upjilicj Ui some in.
d"-ry, we would sou woiidurftil result,
1"' - ""X ku galvanic lattery that
is not iu conuoctiou with unythingl he
generates electricity and wlays It ott into
" reckkaa uroaigaiiiy. aim 1.
1 ., .1W
or one. woultlu t nave II outorwiae. 11
U ai much a boy' ba-iues to play off
' hi eueigits into space u it is for a flower
1 10 blow or a catbird to iS snatch.- of
j thetune of allllwolliij
Tit Kf fiwefl 1'utalof-.
Just put theiu ill I barrel when you dig
' them and mix earth wlih thom. Lay
the Urrils ou high gruumU aJ eovet
litem Ueepiy wtui wi.w,a -
rui'l on them all winter,
No mailer how
C..1J or not thu weather, yeur poUtoea
i will be soui d Iu lhe spring. I have kept

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