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frltc inferior Journal
The Interior Journal
r. WAZToisr,
koiton anp mormicToR.
n. w.A.XaToasr, jr.,
'r 13 it m m
ilatCtpt, at ;niww
IUtbap;,ili ftMaUa,
Dim- I I l I t Ml
I J r I M 1 1! i I
on a ii ri ii i" i
tv an, It! ii j
iaftrrfanlralart at1 t Jot rattraa la it
I talfi ika ktai la lha suit.
SThq Hleriij fourmil.
'" W 1 a t
ZZZ i.wa 17 a to
Three t IM
irar. ana an r T f w 11 II ft
rirr. 1M AM Tin inu u, U la ii
KOol. 4M m m a ia; n if m
,Col. teo ti lacai uoo ul vi u t
t I ll It 0 II en gft Oil s ool ail till ia i ,
A IMIIh ttirr-Mf IJtM,
Mia htobr Jumtl
I tt anmtqnm Itlltrt; for wol lull
omtliow conncrttd m with th "Filth
Cur." iml ptralat la correapnndlna; with
mt ii "Faith Dorlor"whl(h, Indttd, I
in tttj gliil to lw, In m watt Itaehlni
mm tfrrf wht rt "rtptntince tawinl flod
ml m'lA towinl oar I)HD Join Chrltl,"
Htrt It i Nrinirn of rtttnt rorrttfotul
nc wrlltrn b out In dltltet cilj ami
April I7l4i, m
I) Hi a. Sin Pttlnf In lot Bund;1
, of thi rllj, that 7011 havt tfftettd
aoma wonJtrful rurra, I llioojht probabl
on could do mt aoma (00J. I hart Urn
Irk for tli lut Srr yeari. liter (ollowi
a detailed arcountof dlitrrwlaf ajnptoina,
wrrfjijlni thf bulk ol tht Irttar, elating at
follow: 1 am about Ore lut, 11 Inrhrt
Mlk; wtlfbt tliSlf-tliht poumla; haft
Jiik hair d r;r. VlrtM Iri rot know
toon rmtaibl my rbtnet of rrcortrf
thMifh Falh, 1 lll frrti; aniwtr '
o. Jill qufttloat jou maf propound to
or Awaiting an rail rtplj, I rtmaln,
Vr Ilrtprrirull,
To nlilch 1 mponJnl folloa, anj hir
print lor tha Until of othtr muddled
aoula anj to forvlall aa brat ( ran lbs mil.
takrn tlioughta and word of nthtra, who
"arrk oreaaiMT of Mndrinr lo the rood
IttcHMOnn, Ky, Apr. 2t, Illl.
IlKAn Knicxnc Youra of 17th rrctirtd.
I don't lit at llr "Pink Catlap Fallh
l'urr(" but lak a dup latrrtat In it
Thn nA itaj, or ttatb llirrr, art prraon
bom tht WRD haa htalrj of ro-callrd
"Incnrabft" dlattati. Thrlr kaotle now It:
"With (7ff all llilnj. art Ooiblt,"MatL
Ill and "All tMa.a art pu4ll lo blm
that JWirrrtA," Mark ft. 11 prajrra
and 'itttbla tbej tndtator to irrt all pt.
Uinta who com to ll.rra to truil the IjOKD
Tbtn healing: follott, for Ibt
IJiItDaaft.- "According to your filth I
it onto tu," Malt. ftS,
Your narrallrt of tjnplomt it nulla
iiarlot, for "arrantou!" art nothing with
"It rest llijaiclan." tSairt u rrrrylJli. But
Iher aft diSerrnt rfrjrrn of fallb. If I
trnat tht IX) RD to tare af kmI lit will
urtlf tam II, If I Iruat Him to curt a
kJ itmper, lit will turtlj rm It. If I
Hull him to bra) n oununf aor, lit will
orrl Iml il. C.rtilnlr Ha will. Ton)
can gtt najrllc.. from Htm, that la, ao
cording lo Ilia will." And aurtly il la ic
fording to lilt will that mj toul tboald bt
iTtd. Mr to 1 Timn:.4ind tiif
wbtrt. And urrlj Ht wantt bad Itruptr
currvf. lit aaja to In man plirrt in
Hcrlpt urr, t g, 1'ailm 37.8; Eph. 4: 91
HI; O.l. 3, H; Jan.rt 1, 1, 20, Ac, Ac. And
urrlj lit wanta nit well in.bodr, tUt wh,
In ttrrr caat without tirtplioa did Jraut,
nbrn on nrtli, "litil til who bad nml of
hrallng," rtrrr Mrjr mm ari'ii "tui It ht
inlrJ." (Uad jour Xtw TtaUmrnt, dtar
frltrkl, ami art If (hi ia not ao.
80, if 7u oomt to him near and mt,
"U)R0, cut tou do anjlhtng for mt?"
I.ttniwrra foa bow at Hadtdontof old,
"If ( rawt Mltrr, all thlnga art potaislt
Jo Mm thai MIfTtth."-Mnk -.23. Thrn
our proper anaver to ao gricioui a
(ruulae ought lo I, "I Aall nei Jtr, li'rr
axf Jrriiwr lit rvrlt if lit .OBfl," lValnl
I incloiw circulara tint girt mora Infor
mation. Iffou ware al Iht "l'ink Obttagt
l'Uh Cure" I hart nu doult tou could bt
lioght to trnat the IX)KD br thoet whoat
Mewtil "gift" Il la to till othera whit tht
1.0 It I) haa done for thtni. Hut I wrilt at
bore, If peridtenlurt rouraoul way 1 17
hold of Iht LIVING (10D in ,
w here eon art. For lit tttTtijwhert Ihe
aanir, ftt iloea He ute Iht wordt of other)
tii help ut and keep up our failb. It
pleaa Hint, "br Iht 'oollahneat of prrarl.
lay,? lo anw Iktm llal Mirr no nlhert.
Anil "preiching" it tlmpt pnlilm.
Ing whit Uod JUia done and rill
do.. Tbla( includii bod 7 aa will at
oul. Tht I wo al wire went together lo Iht
beginning. Jraua "aenl bla dlacllea to
preach Iht kingdom of God, and In W
lie trl." "And the dearlrj, and went
through Iht (owut, fowling tkt mjW ta.1
iupj rrtryi knt," l.ult 9.2, ft,
I hart no doubt the LOUD till lual
tou, if jou Iruat Him. Hut if tou want
tlini to heal you wilA a loutl, it raaiuV It
fonflitt yo art talitg twilititt, lit will
not ahtra Hit glory with tht doctor. Nor
I nu 1 at war with tht doctor, for aa I
air In ont of tht circulara, tha LOKD
nay blew tht uat of mlcine, vArf fmik u
lame "et thow I unto you a more ticeU
lent" way."
l'leaat adilreat further l-oiuuiimlcillont
on thU aiibject lo
"The Ladlet In Chirg of
Tink Colliit Kith Cure,
Stanford, Lincoln Co., Ky."
Yourt In Jraut, Cln. O, IltRNr.
l.nilltt, Urtrmrtl
A alngulir caat la reported from Ihe
I'nlferelty of Michigm, itrr let of Dr. A ,
KI'aloier A young lutrrlcd woman of
twenlrine ycara wn brought to Iht hot.
I'ltll, ufleriiwc much pain, partly paraly.
ltd, tubjccl lo coneulalont, htlpleaa, V.
'llo'ui forma of trcalmtnl wtrt uaed, par
ticularly for uterine dlfficultlee, which wit
Iht aupjoaed trouble, but without In
prueement. finally it waa dlagnored that
Il wai a rtat of lead poiaonlng, and under
proper treatment for thai dlaorder aht
aoon loprored and recoreied. Hut how
Iht lead trer found ili way Into her tyt.
lent could not at firat be aaetrtalncd,
though tht moat careful Inquiry waa made,
Il caiue oul at lut, howeTer,that tht hid
for aeferil year bten In Iht babll of bem
llfylng her completion by Iht utt of a
Mlt owder aold at "rlile while," which
ht appljed lo her rhetka after Oral wet
ling Iheu with water. Thle"rUkt whltt"
proml on analytla to U nothing more nor
laja'than rirbonalto( lea.1, a deadly iolaon
luiht human tytlem,
yer'a HaraaparTlTT II ! in Hue.
All baneful Inftcliont art promptly remoe.
ed'b thU uneiualed allerallit. lilt Iht
moil poltnl blood puilOer, and a feunliln
cf htalth and itrergth.
K.nitMi'Hitf'wi, 'h jrfeifrH.
Kiaroiner "Where la Ihe alomarh of
mm located f
Ptudenl "fomewhert between I lie crown
of Iht head and Ihe aotea of tht fret."
"Tit well. What it Iht principal nat
of Iht ttoraach T
To run an hoard bill,."
When la II proper to prolnag raaeaof
alckneaa "
"When tht patient la able lo pay well."
"Do you bleed T
"What organ?"
"Tht twtieM'e pocket.
KitAt. What la your faroilte ityle of
practice t "
"Vlaiting each patient three lime, a day,
at fi,t ilollart ptr tleit."
Whal art indlapenaahlt adjunHa lo a
good pnetlct "
"Ppertaclet, n hone and buggy, a tlyllah
retldence, dignity and a faahlonable wife."
"What art Iht beat meant ol foatrring
Ibe growth of a amall practice T "
"Hy hanging a large door bell in your
honae, which can bt heard orer Ibt en
tire neighborhood, and employing a man
to ring It occaeionally at night."
"Whal art ortbndot akta It tecurlng
prattle t "
"ltecutar alttndt.net al chnrch, and the
employment ol another roan to ruah up
tht title during aertlcee ami can you out
teery other Bunday."
"CWi lentf"
Tbat't Ulln."
"True; but whal'e the raiting an.1 ring
ing for?"
"To dnel.'P Ihe idea abroad of a Urge
"What art tht neceaairy iullliea in a
"To look wlae, talk lil'.le, remain non
committal aa to Ihe nature of Ibe diaeaae,
and Impreea on Iht friend, of Ihe patient
hit critical condition."
"What cliMof pitlenla ahould U en
couraged in dreeloptng Imaginary com-
"Women with nothing to do, and plenty
of money to do II with."
"Correct, lou re bound lo hare an ei-
teiuiie and proStiblt practict within Iwo
yeara. Hert'ayonr diploma. Twenly.fiet
dollar, deate."
arrame He KllUd Hit Brtlhtr.
In New Miiford, Conn, tomt aiileen
yeara ago, a man nimed Allen, in a fit of
drunken piaalon, killed hit brother. He
waa tried, found guilty and aentenced to
Impriaonment for lift. Since that time ht
hat been In the State Vrlaon at Wether
Seld, when he haa conducted hlnuelf
properly and made hrliaelf a faeorite with
Iht officiate. A atrong cfort for hie releaat
wa, aaccceaful; he waa pardoned tha other
day by act of tht Lrgielalurt. Then he
wai pretented with a watch and oter VM)
In money, and upon tlaitlng the htate
Capitol when tht Leeittaturt waa in eewion,
waa giecn a reception In tht Oorernor'a
room, when ht wu Introduced lo tht
Etalt officer and membera of tht Leg Ma
ture. We do not quilt make out whether
llil, dcmonalrMlon wet on account ol hit
hating aurrieed aliteeu year' Impriaon
ment, or hi proper Uliatior during the
time, or hit killing bla brother in tht fint
Inatanct. It la pretty certain, howeter,
that ht would nerer hire been nude a
hero of if he had not committed tht
murder. How much happier hla lot thin
thai of tht poor fellow who hid ao milch
trouble witling hit brother'a ettalt that- ht
felt aomcllmet "almoat torrr lhal hit
brother died." Mr. Allen haa no occaaion
for any audi regret, lit killed hi, brother,
waa In priaon aiitren yeara and came out
a hero. And Ibt Leitalature and Slate
oftclalaaay to Iht youth of Connecticut,
"(lo thou ind do llkewle." New York
Mr. IjKc'i Mutake. It ia amuaing
how knock-kneed eomt oplt are in their
hearing nerer get anything eiactly light,
Tbt other morning, up altht reeieal meet'
ing, while urging tht "almoat perauaded"
among hit heirert to come forward and
Join tht aalralion army, Mr. Moody aald
"Ul any tllll doubling tinner imong you
come right up on tht plitform here, nd
I will wreallt with htm." In Iht fcrrency
of hit loTocttioo, Mr, M. did not perccire
a man climb up out of Iht audience and
take olf bla coat with tctcntific calmneta.
Tht alranger wat Mr, Homer Lane, Ihe
champion collar and elbow wreatler of Ihe
United b'Ulca, and ht had luat caught tht
great rtTlTi'.lit a catch-aKatch-can hip
lock, and wat about dipping him orer
the melodeon when Mr. Sinker Interfered
and the matter waa tiplained, Mr, I.ane
being much iuiprctacd by the Jolly and
amlaule manner in wnica hla apologtre
were accepted by tht glut cimpiigncrt
againtt Iht old original rplot-twiaterhlni-telf.
(Derrick Dodd.
1'rofeaaor Sflrtattr, Iht dlitlngulabed
milhematirtan of Johni Hopklat Uni
eeratly, la aald by a lloalon piper In bt
ont of tht raoet abatnt-minded of men.
Tht following Incident it related of him:
hrery Summer lit goet lo Lnglaod, and
one year lit had reached Hilladelphia on
hi, return, when ht miiwed a paper upon
which ht had wrltUn the remit of certain
abalruat ralculationa. Turning upon hit
trick lit recreated the ocean, and had got
aa far aa Uvtipool when ht found Iht
mlaelng document In hla pocket-book,
whert ht hid turntd It orer a acore of
llmra while on hit way lo Knglind In
warcli of II.
ATumiiar; Joke. It wat a thought.
Iet acl. lit meant It only In fun; but aet
what ht did. Four yean ago a achooiboy
in Monroe; county, Ind., threw a dead
rattleinaka around tha neck of a Unit girl,
and it haa uiadt her permanently Inaant,
During all Ihla Unit aht bat recognlttd no
one, but dilly iltt with htr ilitt on her
lip, mirklog oul tht aamt Sgurti tht had
been gl Ten it a Irwou r school oil th
fateful diy, oocatioually crying oul, "Tale
Hit antkt away I
To cough and al ibt nuit lliut b en
tirtilnlug la impouiblt, Dr. Ilull't t'uugli
Syrup will rtach your cut. I'rlct 21
cinti a l-cttlt.
Verenft JtHriMlttm,
Tht editor nf a Nerada Journal teee In
a ileal piper n political annonnrrmrnl
which, after rarelnl aearrh, he (alia to find
In hit own aheet. Thereupon he trala
hlmatlf and wrilra!
"A Nit I'lt.t.-Ilill Wlgclna la nut with
an announcement that ht It a rindlJale
fnrSherlll. Who la Wlgglna? A hundreil
perwm hare aakel n Ihla ijnellon with
in Iht paat few daya, and we hire liken
palm to look n p hla record, Wiggtna la a
man who hat bummed In Ihla community
for tht paat ten yeara, teeking office and
finding none, lit hit burked like an old
mule, atlrT-legged, at eeery ticket ht haa
not been on, and tried In bual trery com
bination not made In hit Inleretl. Ht it a
political piraailt, that Iht town ahould put
their fool on for the hat time Ifenecde
a final qntelue, and the neit "
Juat then Mr, Wlggim entered and laid
down t-' for hla announcement, eiplalnlng
that ht had Intended lo bring il earlier,
but It had allnped hla mind, He wat
hardly around the corner before Ihe editor
had thrown hi, article In Ihe waate-haiket
and wrote ai follow! :
"A ittrnrariniTHK Max. Wt are
glid lo innounre the fact that Col. Wil
liam Wlgglna, well and fatorably known
In thett part,, announce hinieelf aa can
didate for Sheriff. Mr. Wlgglna lua al
wayi been a conaialtnl man, and neter
idenlified with Iht bolltra and aore-htidt
who haft madt themteleet to odioui in the
country for Ihe put few yeara. He hat
alood by tht party in tht dirktal houri ol
itihUtory. Mr. Wigglne'nime will bt
tower of atrength for Iht ticket, and will
lead ut to a glorioui elctory. Hit nime
heading Iht county ticket niikn il folly
for the opposition to nominate a man lo
run igainit him."
Trie Tn-a WHMatrrrf Veaar An:
While inreatigiting the hiatory of lea
an Kngiiah writer came acroat iraremanu
acrlpl in Iht Britiah uuaeum, gielng ia
below a quaint aummary of the eirlnea of
"Ihe herb called tea or cbee." Il lnre Iht
did nf October "0, 16u, and purported lo
be a Iranalatlon from tht CMoeae:
I. Il purifiet the Blond that which
Ii groaet and heavy.
2. It Tanquiahelh heaey Drfauim.
.1. Il ciwlh Ihe biiin of heafy Dinip.
4. Kitcth ind rurelh g!d,linr and
I'alnre In tht Heade.
A. Prerenli Iht Droj-ir.
ft. Drielh moiat humora in Ihe Heade.
7. Conaumet Kawneate.
8. Open! Obttructiona.
I. Cletra tht Sight.
10. Cleinaeth and I'uririelh Aduai wi
humoua and hot lirer.
11. FuriEeth drferla nf ihe bladder ind
12. Vinqulahelli aurliuoil aleep.
W Driret iway diaalne, uikea one
nimble and Tilient.
14. Kjwcurarra Ihe heart and drlec
away feare.
15. Driectaway all uinea of the tul
lick which proceed from wind,
10. Slrenglheni Ihe inward pirta md
prerenla cnmaumptlon.
17. Slrengthent Ihe memory.
IS. Shirpena Ihe will and qulrkena Ihe
19. rurcelhtaMrlhegiiil
10, Slrengthena the uae of due henero-
NrvtR Marrt a (Iiri. op Tin K'im
Th aetllement of Ixwer Oregon la go.
Ing on at an unprecedented rate, A Her
man couple haa recently arrived with
fourteen children, the mother being only
twenty-fire yean of age, They were mar
ried In Iht Kail or 1870, and tht following
Sumrmr their married life waa bleed
with twint, both glrle. I,ca than Iwo
yeara later, tht woman, who wat tlghleet)
yeara old, gave birth to four children, three
glrle and a Loy, Ihe latter liilng only a
few daya. In Ibe Summer of 1R74 three
more glrle reglalered at lint humble
hearth, and in 1K7& a boy arrived raillery
and alone. Several yean after marriage
Iht arrival of another clutter of four, Ihla
lime two hoya and two gltle, wja an event
that created aorut conalernilion, ind two
yeara igo two more little Hiien-halred
glrla came to tht unfortunate couple.
A teven-yeir-old pupil of the Central
School, who ileepe wtlh hla mother, bin
tht hibll of talking while laleep, and a
few nightt ago Ihe lady waa awakened by
the itnngt conduct of htr little eon, Tht
boy, Il leema, wu dreaming that he wie
doing a turn in arithmetic, ami fancied bit
molher't fict wu a ilite. Mie allowed
Mm lo put tht Imaginary figurea down on
Ihe Imaginary title, but when he rpit on
hit hind and wai about lo eraae Ihe eiam
ple iht deemed ll high lime to diepcl the
illuaton, which the did hy ahaking the
young man until he awple. f llurlalo I'.f
The (Iheat Corliw Euiku The
great Corliaa engine of Iht Centennial In
hibition aeem, lo hart Iht ower of multi
plying ilielf at remarkably ai Iht bonri
of madia val aalnta, or the furniture of Iht
Mayflower.'1! A little while ago, according
to iocil report, It wi, doing duly in San
Franciaen, and alao In Mvenl other plicci
thlt tide of Iht ltocky Mounlalna, Id
lileat it'Kirinct la in Iht new town of
I'ullmin near Chicago, where it gave ioi
pretalveneti to Iht ceremony of inaugura
ling tht I'ullmin Val ice Car Worka, Juat
atarted there.
FArrutui. I'arro Diatii. A French
chemitt la reported to hart given a tlrik
Ing proof of douealio afietllon. He Con
dented Iht body of bit dereaaed wile into
tht ipact of an ordinary aei), and hid htr
highly polUhed and aet In a ring. Ill madt
a nict incomt by belting with lipldiriet
and othera that they could not tell the ma
terial of Iht aeal la three gueanet, and, af.
ter pocketing tbj money, would bunt Into
lean and aay, It it my dear wife!"
a a..
The Afrit Artltltt refen to a aur
veyor't blunder, by which a aullanllil
brick hotel haa been built lu IhtiubuiU
of I'hllidtlphia on a lot dltliul forty fitl
from est taught fcr the purpstt.
lie Hfd thr Tttt.
The other morning a young man of arlY
hie minnera prraenll hlmaelf al the lwr
office of a variety ahow at Velalnma and
rrqueatrd a preaa paaa.
"Yon don'l claim to I a Journal!.!, do
your " aakeil iht manager, glancing map!
cloualy at Ihe gnoil clothe and Innocent
eipreaalon nf Iht applicant.
"Yea, I do,lho'igh: I'm on Ihe Tlei.
town Snipper."
"Ilnm Whil I your deptrlmtnl"
growled Iht manigrr. "I wia a newapiper
mm myaelf once."
'I do the 'Anawen In ('orreapondenla.'"
aaerled the youth.
"Do, eliT Imme ire; whil waa ihe
faaleal mile ever akalcd backward for
money in Ihe foiled Stile T"
"That nuratlon la alwiya aigneil 'Nlm-
roil,' " aald Ihe young mm promptly, "and
Iheinawer fa, 'Died in Until, 141ft'"
"Correct," ttid Iht manager. "When
witCleopitra hung"'
"Trim with deep niching ind hike It-
fore n quick file."
"Did Oliver Cromwell hive a blue wart
on hla chin?"
"I? take the trick, of courae."
"Wia Queen Kliubelh bin.lylegted,
or only bandied in one leg T and how do
rnu tike ink atiini out ol jnirble
"Inquire at any hardwire tlore. Pata
gonia waa diacovcred by Benjamin Pnnk-
Hn in 13."
"Thai tettlei ll," aald the mimger,
promptly thelllng out a private box check.
"I tee you've got 'em all by heart I'm
right In!" Sin Krindaco Poet.
CoiiiRADO Cocrtikq. They hive aome
pretty queer girlt in Colorado. One of
Ihem, who reaide In Cache la Poudre
Valley, baa been receiving the attention of
young win for a year, but becoming ira
patient it hia failure to bring matteri to a
crltia, ahe reeolved lo aaccrtaln hia inten
tiona. When he next called aht look him
gently by the ear, led him lo a aeit, and
titd. "Hobby, you've been foolin' round
Ihla claim for mlgbly near a year, en' her
never thol off yer mouth on the marryln'
bit. I've cottoned to yer on the aquare
clean through, and hev tlood oS every
galoot lhal haa tried lo chin in an' I want
yer lo come lo bueineaa or reave Ihe ranch.
F.f yeron the marry an' win! a pard that'll
lick light to yer till yer paat in yer
check,, I'm yer hair-pin, but ef that ain't
yer game, draw out an' give aoma other
fellow a thow for hit pile. ow, amg yer
inngortkip out." He tung
a m a -
Wur Thieves are to Skixuti. It ia
common lo apeak of Ihe tkill ind exploit,
of thieve it remrrkible. It It more re
markable tint thieve do not accomplith
greitcr Ihingt than are recorded of them
The thicf.timply foltowt hil.trade, making
hlmaelf nt thoroughly competent In it
if he were learning tome other mean of
obtaining breid. Thoae upon whom he
prera art cart I cm and forgetful, while he
lit alwayt witching for an opportunity.
Officer of the law are paid when tbey
make no arreala, ind there ia little incent
ive to catch a thief; ao that Ihlevei, if
Ihey can guard agalnat the vigilance of Ihe
prorly owner, which ia rarely exirciaed
aa it ahould I, have an eaay road to travel,
ll ia difficult lo catch Ihem; It it difficult
lo prove their crime; they go to prlaon but
i abort time if they are convicted, and ao
-'The enterprlalnf burglar eote a-burUD(,
The currency price of gold reached itt
maximum July 11, ISftI, when Ihe quota
tion! nnged from $'.'7C. to $200 for $100
gold. The average price during that
month wit J'JM.IO. Tht hlghett average
price have been at follow,' In 186:!,
$113.3; In lHft.1, $14X2; In 1804, $203.3;
In 1865, $1,17.3; In 18flft, $140.9; In 1807,
$13S.2; in 1888, $139.7, in 18fiS, $133.1; In
in ISM, $1138; In 1874, $111 2; in 1875,
$115.1. In H7rt, $1115; in 1877, $104.7.
1879, par.
LirE in Texmesiiie. Il ia related thil
on hundred and fifty Tennewee clergy
men recently pnyed for nin and it wai
followed by a fortnight of the dryeat tea-
ion ever know in tint Stile. The circuoi-
ttinrt ctuted conaidenble excitement un
til a Chattanooga man dropped Into a
country grocery alore with the explana
tion that ht reckoned Providence had got
llred of being fooled by people who pny
ed for wiler when whit they wint all Ihe
time ia wliiaky. Ilrooklyn Kigit.
How to Dve Old Oolu Color. Any
one who It piecing a tllk quilt, or expect
ing lo piece one, will be glid lo know how
to die tllk or titin an old gold color. Take
green horaeradiah leaver, deep Ihem in
water, make a atrong dye; after dipping
Ihe alik or latin into tht dre thoroughly,
waeh In toft toip luda; Iron while damp,
laying a cloth over the tllk. Thi, ahould
alwava bt dont when ironing tllk or ribbon,
tven if it haa not been ironed, but limply
Who ii Mahoset l!eaidei"lht tleoder
bullruah of Ihe Shenandoah" thert la
another tAnjktl for "Iht ituolcd bliawood
of Iht Jimet." It ia "Iht blighted currant
bueh of Ihe ltippihinock." Whoever wu
retpontiblt for dubbing Voorleea "the till
aycimore of the Wabaah" muat ht chirgtd
with thett outngei upon Mihone, who It,
in fact, "Ibt bluted black oak of tht Ripl
dan:" or, maybe, "tht ilippery elm of tht
Chlckahomlny." Chicago Timet.
IImkakiuit Toast. Mli Iwo libit
tpoonluli of tujir, a litllt tall and a wall
btaltn tut i oat-lulf pint ol milk. In
Ihli uliturt dip alien ol hrtid and lij
thtm on a bulltrtd (riddlt nnlll llirr art
llghl brown on tacb al.lt.
I.'liril iiuiai Hftlart.
-It tl watiblt that Mr. (lnHrrjr It up
and al woik, and currd bj to i!uitt a
rtmtdr T"
"1 auur rou tl It Irut llul lit la rnllrt
1 curtd, and with nothing bat Hop ll Ultra;
and onlr ten daa ago hlidxrlori ie lilm
up and aild It niutt dltt "
"Wtlla-dat ' Thai ta rtumtiblt I
will go tlit Jit and gtl lout for mj uar
utorgt 1 knew Lcpi ot (uoi Istlem
A Hrmr Maiiinn,
An intrreallng tlory ialold nf a young
wife who went Weat with her linatiand,and
there encountered all torta of "hint luck."
Crept failed, cattle died, the young fa raier
Ickened. During all Ihlt lime Ihe yonng
wife never grew diaennraged, hut did all
In her power lo keep her huaband from
getting "Ihe Miiea." I'.ut one morning Ihe
boy, who did the chore", came In and aald
he could nol find Ihe cow on tht farm.
So our heroine tet out with tht hoy in
teirch of the lot! animal, and finally
found her where aht had fallen, over be
tween Iwo Urge logi denl. The young
woman wia it lial dltco'uriged, and for a
lime would not go hack with Ihe bad new,
lo her hnahand, bnt finally overcame her
own feelinga, went merrily lo Ihe honae,
and, upon entering, aald "Well, Robin,
our luck ha, changed" "How ia that T"
he anxloiialy inquired. "Why," tald the,
"Ihe old cow It dead; you can akin her,
tell ihe hide, ind we will have money
And It proved to be true, for their luck
did change from lhal day. They told ont
their inleretl in the farm and bonght an
other one, begin over, and lo diy are
well-to-do people. Doeanot Ihli teich a
lemon to repining wivet, and thow whal
power their it ia a hopeful tpirit
- m m
In uking a man queatiout concerning
hia wife you ahould not aay "How ia your
lady'" Thla ia vulgarity, and invariably
betnya lack nf cultlvitlnn. The term ol
wife It fir more beautiful ind appropriate
and refined, whatever may be aald to the
contrary. Suppoae a lady were lo lay. In
tteid cf "my huaband," "my gentleman,"
or tuppoae wt were to ipeik of "Mri. Fill
miurice md her gentleman." The thing
would be positively ludicrour, ind II, ob
vene ia none the leaa to if rightly consider
ed. A min'a wife ia hit wife, ind nol hia
idy. The term tbculd be tabooed.
. . m
Saii Waite or Mokev. A gentleman
waa recounting, in a terioui manner, hi,
many miatortunet and loaaea within the
year, naming the death of his excellent
wifeimong the number. "And Juat think,"
he aiid, wiping iwiy a filling tear, "only
ix weeki before the died the had her
teeth fixed in apple-pie order at a cott of
$32, and now that il gone with Iht rest.',
9 m
"When I win young man," ait i the
philosopher Hilling", "I wia ilwiyi in A
hurry lo hold tht big tnd of tht log ind
do all the lilting; now I'm older, I teire
hold the imill end ind do all the grunt
lnr 31. n. nCGIIES
la a Cao-lldat I reprearol Lloeota euoly in ta
Iav llbua or Ihe naxt (lenerat AaseinLlr eK
Ktoturky aubjKt to tht action ol the Democratic
BwtUing-Hoaie, Stock Scalfi.ic.
Lincoln ciRrrrr court r. o chaio,
IHiT., TVm. -ich,dcdfn, J. r MrrU,
oa s xU vt Wm. Vralrb. Ac, dfta 11 Pttr
IdUl Ti nm i Turn, ar., ueii.
Pariutnitoi tudrmtat htrfln reodrrnl at lh
aVIarrhUrm. lMi.of tbi Court. tb UBtlrr-lcntKl
PptcUl CommlMlontr will,
ON MONDAY, MAY 2nd, 1881,
aMwra tbbiHinoril a w, and X p. u . at tht
Court-HouM door to Stinford, Ky-, ttU to tht
klhtt and litt bidder, ahoat 7 Arrta ot la&d. ea
tba South aldt or tbt Stanford A lluitoQTltlt
turnilkt( wltbla about 1 mil of Manferd, and
utar thtttll-bou, oa whlrh araWateti tbtl
tbratfd Huflalo Sttam Flourltr MUM and aim a
rontforuhlt, nt?T Iran Pwrlllog. Klork PcaJr-
Ar A l.r, tTaftTM HnrliiaT of ih burttt and
btt naitr li oa tnt pienaiMa,, ana as a lutnii
lrr "tilt ll ! no uprior liifiirurTiij im
mi ri in
lit madt to
r:wi. "T.z..zzr. .."-' m?-, .'.'.'
lUfit tha IndtrmBtrnttl It. (1. VbIT for I1.417JU.
ia?i). until na
r rtni. iairrti mm-on irum rrpiriuvrr
id, of J. K. 1'irrtf for tbt tarn ot
Il.4XT.SO. with s tiar rent, lnttrtat. from fofPttmbtr
IM, 10. until, and of Tj-oa. R. I'htlp. Adm'rof
ll. I tttra lor iat auaioi :tA,wua mitmt irom
Maf 14. two, until paid, and tbt Mt Idi IJtnt to
tha atrtral rooMlldattd tatea. TiaMt aud 1
monthft1 rrtdlt. Bond with aPDrovttl arcurilT re
quired, brarlag ptr rent, lattrrat from A jot
wit, nay tit to tht uodtrstford Coiumlwlonrr,
and a Iitn rttalntil on tb wortrtr
475-:i JdUN N. nilLIP,!! I Ul I
f bu4iw
4tth Mrtuiitf
rtn M-k it r
Hop B
r-? f tm any la
tm art mat
fllfi II tl MH
a It U. 4 ( m t.
your tiutlft .
iilBMiUMi Rd aat
Hop B.tttra.
If irtuai" ll 3 Mj
rMd er iinr '
auul.atalllta 1 ll
Lm, t-it x Hopl
Bittert. . .,
Si i, i NtUdit ta
IU It aw BOUit
rri of KUnoy
-( at I lint Htltflal
j jrfi (ia-Hraaltla.l
I by a I Mtly utt(
vlMMff J ' J
tiMt r '
pdatliln tota-l
! or Hiyittwitwii I
ttvawti. 't9.i
llct HOP
prrmi; Vttia
Umtml Im-m
t Iht -
bail, ltl
Toa will ot
um.MI t6UUW
D.I. C,
l aw alawoliilt
km irrwm
ttUtart tt
Jruukiii it,
Hop B.tttra
tut aroftfm
Jit v akstvl
ii ft may
avt your
lift. It haa
it t arudfiyf
m-- ro.
avod hun
' ' I (tMtMlft,I.Tl
I ! - 4J ATrU.OL
Stanford Female College,
.vr.lNFOlll), HY.
ikuuiuuutawui or
OK Til
irt ltu(kt, u till u
ti:hmm jiouiuia.1 K,
I TtltWa,
wlrta laata Irbit lillvltul 11,
lar llHlllutula. I'llbaiT, IH, llti,lW4l
rrtliirauur, Itu. tbt iwitiait. tw.
rtrluUcatUriilaia, iitvtWI, a. a4Jia
HIU. . C. lUUCHtMKr, falurliiial
Ctiarr 1, Liuia ,.. Z j
taatt; t. wOLmtn. aiiTriMiinrni,
I. I.. vror.Fflaill A M. l'F.iTON,
juiinrrY, icv.
Kiwelal alteatlon llren Ia eftlteftkma. OArt
ter Ik T. I'lerrVi aUre. Il'l
rnnoMAS p. iiit.i,Ji:,
Will iractlft In Iht Ctuila Ihla aol eJjtUilng
eountlea and In Iht Oonrt or Apprtlt one no
LtnrMlerttreet. 411 lyr
Wlllpraetlrtlnthe CaarK of Rojle tui I the
(torn ef Arreala. I tolled a ahart of ut,lle ret
roaat One over Iltrrli, Paiaam A ptola'a.
m tirrii nurtTr
PraeltCM in all tht ftnirta.
TANroni, icv.
OSr OT.r UeAlliler A I.Jlla'l Start.
Offic with Jnd-e Phlllra la Iht Coart-houia
0 fie Jn Ooart Squtr.
OHtc Booth aide Mata Street, two doora abov
lot Mycra iio.fi.
Fart Hitrona Oxtd (laa admlDtittred whta
of tar h wont h, from firt Motvli, and In Laorav
ttr twovtrkaof tarh taonlh, Iroin third Monday.
OfflrtlnSt AuphnMtl.oftrMaltlo.Tlr A fen't
atort. tSttlfn.
111. MOKUAX, I. 1.H.
Ib now receiving, and will,
on tlio 1st of April, open a
New and Elegant Line of
Spring and Summer Mil
linery Ooods, at her Old
Stand, on Depot St., Stan
ford, Ky. 2i
Tht Prorlttorof Ibt
Commercial Hotel,
llawoptntd a nlrt
Meat and Provision Store
Jail ci'laeltr Ihf l AMI h Hotel, aoj will Ire p
Yfgelable, Orater, FWi ni Frull.
Ab1 will par ,a.h lor all klaja ol rountrr rr
durr. IIUm, Mwp (ilioa, lura, Ar VtWv rra
aonablt llitehliuar.il, lll-ll
This Old and Woll Knowu
Hotol Still Maintains its
High Reputation,
Its Proprietor It Determined that
it Shall be Second to no Country
Hotel in the State in its Fare,
Appointments, or Atten
tion to Comfort of
their Quests.
eamaia will It raatljaj It aa4 fltaa Ua dttut
fraa rthtrrt. Kparltl irtanaaiatallABa 1
uraBtatrrlallraitlara. Tkt Vtr will It
Iwiti ttttllat with Iht chtlrtit
rttaavi a.iaara at Litara. ta
ttrtlltat Llttrr It atttfh4.
0KEO TO THE FUBUC TEB. 22d, 1878
FARE, $2.00 PER DAY.
Mpwolul Auooillllloilultoii A "
fortletl Cuiiimorolhl
Bagjts TTaufsiTtl ltt ot CLrgt,
New Styles juat received
Parlor Suits, &c.
. 0 mill 11 En.l l'enrl Nlrccl.
ov wim. aAVPiToirKnrFNT on a
till orfooda al our honae.
French Dressing Cei Set,
MarMc-Top witli Large 01a,
At845,8,riO,$r.0,75 a Upwania.
Hnreu Setj, ?20, S25, $30 ami up,
Parlor Suits. Seven Pieces,
Either ia Hair, Clolh or Terry,
At 8.10, 83,'i, $40, $,'0 ITpwardj.
C timiil aillnur arooilw lalwniaiUaflhanjiich
It Mtiootsi lumber, dJ ioglrtrniitw,Mil-'irlinn.
Nuchirnf (orrvkltiftor rtrw, AU ero1itllt'
trnl lo boil or rtllroij frte ofrhargt.
Rr.vrMBm mr pi.acf,
Xom. ft A II Kami Vtmrt HI., f ovtfr M.lf,
KTrnr Jfnln, ('tiiclnnntl, Ohio,
till ba fouml at the oM ttanil. and a, usual have a full etoclc of everthing
in theft-line. Hemeralier that they keep a first-claw aworfnifnt of
Staple and Fancy Groceries, s Glass,
Queens- and 'linware, Uutlery, To
bacco, Cigars, Notions, &c.
In Plaple flrrrerie thtj kefp all gTadei of '
Nuyai-.H, CoftVrs, Tons, Molnssi.YinejcaivC'oal
4111, Uonns, Ifoiulny, Ittce, ' Starcli, Scap,
A'?.. A'e.
Their Fancy Orocery Departrntnt conilscf
Canned Goods, Such as Corn, Tomatoes, Peaches, Raspber
ries, Beans, Peas, Oysters, Salmon, Mackerel, Sardines,
Mince Meat; Prunes; Pickles, Sauces, Cheese, Crackers,
Maccaroni; Spices; Jellies and Mustard.
They have the Finest Line of Extracts that can, be bought.
They have just Itiil in a good stofk ot Trace Chains, Collars,
Backbands, Hames, Hamestrlngs, Hope ofallaiie.
"Don't you lorget If that Ihey buy, at all time, Flour, Meal, Bicod,
Lard, Butter, Eggs, Ac, ami would like to supply all who need then with
the latter named article. "
They are Agents for the Celebrated Champion Plow, the bf.l in th
world, ao ay some ol our het farmers, Call aud examine thtni.
v, iwrfi.LiiTx.lir" Jrlj lL ti
Oil Cloths, Mattings and . Curtains,
I, ME. g-SSWBIS & 6u
1 nrr vkst fourth .street, .tUKP0,ST.0Fnri:,- rn
aronixr ohuroh c&j oo..
Siitl Hiiic, Siiti, ml ill M of Mul imMlu.
Grand PIANOS, Square PIANOS, aud Upright PIANOS,
lu lt(enood, BatluwooJ, Mahogooy, Frenob 'Walnut and Ebonlitd (Jatea, 13
elegant designs to rorreoml with any ttylt ot lrnlture.
Elegant Parlor Organs, Chapel Organs, Oliurch Organi,
With on .Manual, with two Manuals and Pedals, containing tit aoit beau
lifnl, rmtre rful and useful uouiblnations ? r procntd
in reed Instruments,
We luvilti tha puhlio atlentiou lu our Urge and well ,aelected iloci of
PIANOS OUd ORGANS, and our unequal.) fecllltie fur furaJtbiig
the (test class of instruments at low rate. 't nurcha for net cull ia
larger uuantitleit than any other house In Ihls cfly. Tb exiiensA of our
PIANO and - ORGAN Department is lar Irst than aoma hou.
ei doing exclusively n Piano aud Organ trade, V' hr retched loitir
prices ilia a hae heea teoderftl by any dealers In this aiaawket.iMtaigiiatantse
all instrunients as reprrlelltl. Ve sell tm easy molWcrJlrtrl)- pay
ments, and any lotrument taken on trial, not proTltag ulMMMtawtsi, may
bereturueil at oureipens. We solicit correpoadnc irWperigas des.r
lo to putchs'e, and tale pleaiurt in anmtrlog all inquiri,
CZ W 9r wM Mm I ,

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