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Afctfetabie Preparation for As
similating theroodandRegula
FhJmotes DigestioivCheerful
iftnliflh fiftr
Apcrfect Remedy for Constipa
tion. Sour Stomach,Diarrhoea,
was andLOssoF SLEEP.
TaeSimile Signature of
Win.,Wood of Logan, was in the
eity this morning.
H. L. Brown is in Council Bluffs on
iifc Mlnwri ttili afternoon.
EdWia lie Cou of Woodbine is in the
eity on badness today.
Omer Flumes of Portsmouth, is vis
iting with G. W. McGavern.
Albeit Chambers was in tbe Valley
today, the first time for two weeks.
Misses I Aggie and Maggie O'Connor
are over Sunday guests of Mrs. J. H.
Miss Kato Welch is in Council Bluffs
today visiting her sister, Miss Alice
S. H. Cochran of Logan, was in the
city this morning on his way to
Mrs. J. Uarlaeh of Kenton, Ohio, is
lo this eity, tbe guest of her brother,
P. S. Crablll and family.
Jake N. Crabill of Clarinda was in
the city yialting bis brother F. S. Cra
bill and famtly last night.
Mr. an4 Mrs. Wm. Hall returned
yesterday evening after a few days
visit wtthLlncoln friends.
Mrs. B. Ackerman went to Logan
this morning and will remain over
Sunday visiting her parents.
Miss Minnie Fitzgibbon left this
morning for an over Sunday visit with
Mrs. Vic Bayard, of Omaha.
Hart & Oviatt Wednesday sold the
T. Foss house and lot in Odell's addi
tto^ to Ira WheeIo.sk. of Magnolia.
Frank J. McGrath, of the Mis
souri Valley Board of Trade, and wife
have taken rooms at Mrs. R. C. Hills.
Mrs. C. L. Bailey was down town to
day for the first time in three weeks.
She has been suffering with the grippe.
Miss Annie Brown returned from
Springfield, Mo., last night, where she
has been visiting her parents through
tbe winter.
M. H. Teilman is in Little Sioux to
day, consu matin a deal whereby he
will aaanma control of the creamery in
that place.
L. M. Kellogg departed last night
forSan Defgo,* Cal. He will spend
•overal wealja^visitfng the^Pacigc
coast cities.
Hall? Newton, of the shops is tak
iag^fcyoff,- ind left for £eil4 riaine
on the noon train for a week's visit
with friends.
J. E. Jenqiugthag been made night
foreman of the round house, and Tho
maa Flnley takes hiapositlon in charge
of tha air brake room.
.•!"• .: ,•/.:•
uucr cow or \TSAKFEB.
Satilfdir, Maroh4. _-f
EdCrue is in Omaha on business
John Jones transacted business in
Modal* today.
Andjt Wheeler is In Fremont cn
baalriatfc today.
Fred Brinker made a business trip
to Mottale today.
For Infants and Children.
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
[Always Bought.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis O'Leary, of
Glidden, arrived in the city thTs after
noon, called here by the death of the
infant cbild.of Mr. and Mrs. D. Bird.
Charles McKinney, of Logan, drove
to the Valley last night in order to
catch tke St. Paul train for his wife,
who had been called to Onawa by tbe
dangerous illness of her mother.
Miss Maggie Harder has closed her
dressmaking shop in this city, and
after a weeks visit at her home in the
country, will go to Geneva, Neb.,
where she will remain for the summer.
The foundation for tbe new mill is
about half completed. Up to the pre
sent time the material for the new
mill received has amounted to five car
load of stone, one car load of iron and
two car load of lumber.
TIN Kind You H«w Always Bougnt
The "Breach of Promise" suit at
last night's meeting of the Philo
mathians', was a decided departure
from the customary lodge work, and
during the progess of the "trial" much
talent was displayed on both sides of
Harrison Meech yesterday received
from Joseph Debher, the celebrated
cattle breeder of Cascade, Iowa, a one
year-oldXJruicksbank bull, for which
he paid one hnndred and ten dollars.
Mr. Meech is fast improving his cattle
Twenty-five candidates were taken
through all the different forests of the
local red men's lodge last night. This
lodge is gaining in membership at
each succeeding meeting and soon
will rank amongst the leading lodges
Of this city.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jaco leave this
evening for Sioux City, where they
will make their future home' They
have been residents of the Vailey for
tbe oast twelve years and have a large
circle of friends here who wish them
abundant success in their new home.
Another Store.
John Anderson, formerly in tbe
hardware business in this city, has
leased the store room formerly oc
cupied by J. J. Sullivan's shoe store,
and will, within the next few weeks
open a general store in the same. Mr.
Anderson has dealt with the people of
this vicinity for many years, and the
public will be pleased to hear that he
has decided to re-enter the' mercantile
field of Missouri Valley.
Mr. Frank J. McGrath has rented
the vacant room in tbe rear of Elliott's
drug store Hargen's block, and will
open a brokerage office. Th§^Srn
name will be Tbe Missouri Valley
Board of Trade, and they will execute
orders for grain and provision on Chi
cago Board of trade aril for stocks and
bonds on New York Stock Exchange.
They will post a continuous grain -and
stock market, as well aS 'th6 latest
grain and stock exchange gossip,
South Omaha and Chicago live stock
markets, etc. Tbe public are invited
to avail themselves of this information
without feeling under obligations to
trade. Their telephone number will
be 81 and they expect to be ready for
bminss* Monday morning.
Received Fatal Injuries.
Within a few feet of its mother yes
terday forenoon, the three year old
child of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bird, liv
ing in IJebectnwn, was resided in a tub
of hot water, from which the child re
ceivi which proved frtttt! a
few hours afterwards
Mrs Bird
scrubbing the kitchen 11 "r wtan tlic
accident happened,
a large tub with boiiinz i..n ,.e pit
paratory to the scrubbing. Afw-: ]i'.
ing a mop on the rim of :he fnv sf.e
stepped to the other side the itch
en not thinking Of her lit'!. which
was playing around on the A
tbe same time Mrs. Bird left the b.
the baby started across (luvfl or walk
Ing backwards, therefore not not icing
the tub. Soon the .child's" tottering
atepa brought it to the tub, and in tin
Instant it plunged headlong' into
the boiling hot water in the tub. Mrs.
Bird heard the splash, but thinking it
eaused by the mop falling into the
water she paid no further attention to
It until she heard the agonized screams
of the baby. She then rescued the lit
tle tot from its pitihle condition, after
which she summoned medical assist
ance. But the child had inhaled a
quantity of steam and hot water Into
Its lungs, and this fact, taken with tbe
terrible scalding the child received
proved too great a shock, and late yes
terday afternoon it succumbed to its
Remains will be I uried in Magnolia
tomorrow afternoon
List of petit jurors for the April
term of the district court:
W Graybill, St John.
Charles Howland, LaGrange.
George Brown, Union.
JB A Tapper, Boyer.
Fred Brown, Calhoun.
E W Pegg, Clay.
Frank Hart, 1st ward, Mo. Valley.
Jacob Bock, St. John.
AN Jordan, Hairison.
S Skelton, 3rd ward, Mo. Valley.
Smith. Jackson.
Fred Swan, -LaGrange.
Louis Mack, Magnolia.
W Landon, 1st ward, Mo. Valley.
Henry Wingate, St. John.
John Rink, Washington.
Owen Butler, Calhoun.
Fisher, Jefferson.
W S Greenfield, Jefferson.
S Thompson, Harrison.
W Ellis, Little Sioux.
Lilwall, St. John.
John Burch, Allen.
Ring, Jefferson.
Rola Sears, Jefferson,
Frank McDunn, Douglas.
Baccus, 1st ward, Mo. Valley.
Powers, Washington.
Dan Stewart, Jefferson.
Mark Acrea, LaGrange.
E. M. Moore, Little Stoux.
G. M. Gress, 2nd ward, Mo. Valley.
Frank Klrlin, Taylor.
John Davis, Douglass.
Ethan Cole, 3rd ward, Mo. Valley.
BL Trimble, Harrison.
For Bale.
One thoroughbred white Her
ford bnll from the famons Corn
stock herd. One year old and
weighs about 700 ponnda.
Andrew Conlthard,
California Junction, Iowa.
One Hundred and Fifty Miles
In One Hundred and
Twenty-eight Min
A commotion likened unto the
tempest in the tea pot, has been
occasioned by the record breaking
run made last week by Lou Shull
in charge of the engine pulling
the morning fast maifc
in all walks of life, therfe ia
a gteat deal of strife amongst the
engineers on the fast runs, as to
whom the record for tbe fast mail
belongs, and until Shull's phenom
inal run ^aat week, Engineer
John Jackson held the record
for the fastest run on the western
division, covering tbe one hundred
and fifty mi lee of steel and gravel
between Boone and Conncil
Bluffs in one hundred and fifty
five*minntes. This record remain
ed nn approached for nearly a year
org9t$ last wee^, when'thVan
nouncement was made that Shall
had made the run in one hnndred
and thirty-five minutes, this the
friends of Jackson refused to be
lieve, and to substantiate their
statements they consulted the
train record at headqnartera which
showed that Shull had covered tbe
entire diatance in one honr and
twenty-eight minutes, taking opt
all ti^ne lost by stops. This is
the fastest Ions run record in the
west and it is safe to say toll re*
main so for many days to come.
IimUrtyw tot Mn» torti
Monday, March 6.
Fred McCallough transacted
business in Fremont today.
Wm Welch is in Oinah s. look
ing after company busiue-s.
W (Nirlislr 'mi ii tele
phone iu his store twn.»* rt.V.
Tiie it Hiut child of Prof Jre
lui.d iu ignolin, ie prriously ill.
Bo(«well, of Modale, was in
this oity visiting friends yesterday.
The young son of Mrs
Cloud is quite sick with the croup.
George Nelse Frazier has
bought the old home place eaat of
this city. S
Wm Kirkoff, of Council Bluffs,
was in this city on business this
MisB Nelle Jones of Loveland,
ia the gueBt of Mrs. W Reel for
a few days.
A E Ockerson, of tbe Modale
bank, was in the Valley on busi
ness today.
Miss McFee, of Magnolia, is
in this city visiting Mr and Mrs
W Krauskopf.
Miss Ethel Shoff, of Moorehead,
is in the Valley the guest of Mr
and Mrs. Gnvitt.
Mrs JB Wilson, of Woodbine,
is in the citv visiting her parents,
Mr and Mra Williams.
Will Skelton returned from the
Bluffs this morning after a few
days' visit with relatives.
Mrs Alexander and daughter,
Mrs Ford, are visiting I
Alexander and wife in Logan.
Mrs Ed Bates, after a few days'
visit with friends in this city, left
today for her home in Norfolk.
can School of Osteopathy, at Kirksvllle
Mo., has opened an office in the Miller
Hotel, where he can be found every
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of
each week. wif
Miss Phane Dickey, of Council
Blnfis, was in the city today the
guest of Mrs Stevens and Miss
Ida McElroy.
George Kirlin last week bought
theT Scott farm in Taylor
township, paying $52.00 cash per
acre for the same.
Winnifield Rodman and Eugene
Badel, of Blair, were the guests
of the Misses Grace Gaver and
Celia Spaniol Saturday evening.
Aloott has put a shoe shin­
ing chair in his barber Bhop, which
is presided over by Robt. Marble.
If you want a good shine go to
Harry Adams returned from the
hospital in Omaha, Saturday,
where he had a cancer remov
ed from his face. He feels tint
he is entirely cured, a fact bis
many friends will be glad to know.
Mrs Garlach, who has been in
this city visiting her brother,
S Crabill for the pas| fe.w days,
departed this afternoon for her
hopiq in Kenton, Ohio. Mr Cra
htll Accompanied her to Council
Bucklen's Arnic Salve
The best salve in the world for cuts
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rtwum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped handsi chilblains
corns, and all skin erupfiotas, and
positively cures piles, or qo pay re
quired. It is gurranteed tb give per
fect satisfaction or money refunded.
Price 25 cents per box. For sale by
Elliott. tf
acknowledge a pleasant call
today from
C. Gaylord, of Oel-
rict^, South P,akota. He was for
merly Sheriff of Fall River Co,
and is one of tbe pioneers of tbe
Black Hills country. His firm of
Dryden & Gaylord, have two car
load of horses in the stock yards
in this city.
Last Saturday night was a gala
time at Lillian Lodge No. 20, D.
of R. Some hundred members be
ing 'present, and after work, the
lodge was closed and the' members
were invited to tbe batquet ball
where the sisters had in waiting a
maguificent supper which waa en
joyed. The. lodye in increasing in
membership »id in a magnificent
to spend a pleaant evening.
is no aigument ao good as an ab»
•dute, plain, truthful statement of fact.
Then is nothing ao Interesting as fact
In the true happen
ings in the every
day life of evety-day
people are materials
iw most thrilling
noval* Then are
every day stories of
heroum, suffering
and til* final tn
umph of «ood over
evil—of liasplnssa
finally crowning «a
deavor. Hen ia a
case in point:
mr ii.
E. Donohue from the Ameri­
hut two miacarriagea in succession
almost brake her heart. She had almost
lost hopsi when the clouds railed away
and the light of health and happine«
She talis her atorr in these words:
"I was almost heart-broken to think could
"T more chlldmi and had to luffer is
,t*o.chndren by miscarriages
and I ftilty cspected to
lose another when, la
August 1897,1 learned of
and began taking Br.
Pierce's Favorite Pie.
ssription and took it u»
jered everything that
could suSer but this
time 1 waa in perfect
•with and had a very
easy time. I waa in labor
only a short time. lean
not prabe Dr. Plerce'e
medicines enough for
believe they certainly
Ines enough for I
believe they certa*
saved my baby'a Ufe
maybe my own life as
took the1 Favor-
Chicago, Feb. 28, 1899.—Mr.
Murx Heinman, Minsouri Valley,
Iowa,—Dear Sir: Upon my re
turn from the south, I am handed
a clipping from1- the Chicago
Record of Monday, Feb. 6, rela
tive to a little dog taken in charge
by a gentleman at Missouri Val
ley on January 16. As 1 am un
doubtedly the individual in ques
tion, I am pleased to communicate
with yon.
Tbe circumstances are this, viz:
After the train- pulled out from
Missouri Valloy^ I was passing
throi^gh the vestibule from the
dining car into the sleeper when
I noticed the little dog sitting
there I spoke to him and we at
once became friends. Presently
the train conductor came through
and said the dog would have to be
put off tbe train, and' as Ave' wer?
then running about.j^fty imles an
hour, such a proceeding meant
that the dog would be kille^ or
maimed, so I took himjn gbarge
and had hicn takien to •tne^bagprng"
car and brought through'to'Chi
cago. He is now at my home.
While be has become quite a pet
in the family,
ite Prescription' and alio the Pleasant PeUcU.'
The Pleasant Pellets' act like a cham."
"Poor" Has Returned.
Following the precepts estab
lished by that now famous feline
which has been immortalized in
song and verse, Poor, also has re
turned. Although Poor is nothing
but a dog, yet he is a canine of the
higher stratum. When at home
he is feasted and dined upon
chops, cakes and candies, but re
gardless of this, he rbtains several
of the characteristics of his less
fortunate brethren. He is in the
empryean of delight, when be is
in the act of assisting a member
of the Felis domestica fnmily to
ascend a tree furthermore, the
exterior of hiB animal economy
ia the abiding place of a choice
breed of degraded insects often
spoken of as fleaB, but regardless
of these minor defects, Poor is a
lovable animal and when about
two months ago he disappeared,
his owners, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Wyman were greatly concerned
about his absence, and as time
passed on and Poor did not re
turn to his bunk behind the
kitchen stove, a systematic search
was inaugurated, which resulted
in bis ultimate recovery. After a
Hhort search it was found that he
had boarded train, No. 2, at the
depot here, and was afterward
taken in charge, by a knight of
the grip, but the identity or ad
dress of the geutleman were not
forthcoming, and as a final resort,
his owners resorted to printers'
ink, an add giving Poor's descrip
tion and offering a reward was
published in newspapers through
out the country, and Inst week M.
Beinman of this city, in whose
care the correspondence was left
when Mr qnd Mrs Wymair- went
to. Frempnt, received the tfollow
ing letter and Saturday Poor ar
rived home none the worselEor his
shall of course
take pleasure in restoring him to
his owner. Kindly advise me
what disposition yon desire to
made of him. Awaiting
reply, I am
Very truly yours,
Want Better Service.
Nonpareil: Chief among the
matters that were discussed at the
last meeting of the Council Bluffs
Commerieal committee was
unjust discrimination
ger, express and mail
Escambia in Alabama
Is the little torn of Floinatan and than
livea Mrs. Mollie Grimes* She was a
good wife and mother but-several year*
ago she found her health slipping iway
from her. She realized that this meant
the inevitable nervousness and irritability
that would surely lose for her the affec
tion of her children and im.'h.tui, and
that as her health declined discoid and
mi*1? wovdd appear ia her home. She
waa filled with ttw loving motherly in-
The Northwestern sends out
from Omaha a daily train at 3
o'clock p. m. over the Fremont,
Elkhorn & Missouri Valley that
reaches the greater part of the
territory in that direction tribu
tary to this
within a few
hours afterward. Council Bluffs,
however, has no means for send
ing mail or express over this line
except by sending it on a train
that leaves here at, 11:20 in the
uiorning and conuectd with the
E & truiu til Missouri Valley
lour hours later. The implement,
dealers o£ the city, especially,
want a closer connection because
under the present arrangement
they are cut off from a valuable
trade in the vast territory through
which the Fremont, Eikhoru &
Missouri Valley runs. Orders
reaching Omaha until after 2
o'clock may be tilled by express
to arrive at their destination
the same afternoon, while in this
city orders arriving atter 9 or 10
o'clock cannot be shipped out un
til the next day after a delay of
nearly twenty-four honrs. This
makes it extremely difficult for
local implement dealers to build
up a trade in the northern Ne
braska territory because their
business is largely a "hurry up"
trade in which customers will
brook no great delays.
The commercial committee will
ask the .Northwestern to put on a
train between this city and Mis
souri Valley to remedy this defect
in the service. A train leaving
not later than 2:15 pin could con
nect with the Fremont, Elkhorn
& Missouri Valley train and give
Council Bluffs equal advantages
with its business rival. The ex
press company
assured the
committee of its willingness to in
crease its service and the entire
matter now restB with the North
western. The city's rights in the
matter will be strongly presented
and every effort made to better the
service. The committee prepared
its first report to the city council
last night also. The document
discusses in brief the steps that
have been taken by tbe committee
thus far.
I The Leading Specialists of Anteifca
Years] In'Detroit.
THoaeandn of yoifci|£ nnl iniddlu-ngcd
men arc troubtfedwiHitNifdiwiaso—iminy
unconsciously. Thoy have a tsuiartr
Thousands of young and middle-aged
men aro having their sexual vigor and
vitality continually sapped by this (lis
cane. They are frequently unconscious
of tho cause of thefio symptoms, t^enorat
Weakness, Unnatural Dieolitirges, rail
ing Manhood. Nervousness, l'oor Mem
ory, Irritability, at times Smarting Sen
sation. Sunken Eye*, with (frac ctreloiv
Weak Back, General Depression, Lack
of Ambition, Varicoccle, Shrunken
Parts, etc. OLEET and STRICTURE
may be the causo. Don't consult family
doctors, as they have no experienue in
these special diseasos—don!t-'-Bllw-J
Juaoks to oiiicritoent on you. CoiiqtlH I
specialist«, who
havo made ft Hf
Diseases of Men andAVomen. O
tively (Jure you. Ono thousand dollars I
for a easo wo accept for treatment and I
I Cannot «urc. Terms modecjto for^ euro. I
We treat and euro: EMISSIONS,
ES. KIDNEY and BLADDER Disease..
FREE- If unable to call, writo for
Cor. Mlcblgio
of the Frpra-nt. Enc.
horn& Missouri Vnlley lines of
the Northwestern railway sysifm
whereby the commercial, and
pecially the implement int»res's
of the city, are much injured.
The discrimination complained of
shuts out the business of the city
from the very best train service
into the vast territory in northern
Nebraska, South Dakota and Wy
oming that is reached by these
NO. 37
OflicR over Abe liaclirach's store.
net ire iti st-jt" md Federal t'ourts
"Vftn t.» eollwtfoiis
3uilding Paper,
See him before you buy and
save money.
A Great Satisfaction
in getting jijst what you want, at the
time you want it, i& a blessing indeed,
and if you will call on us when you
want anything iu the way of groceries.
We will guarantee satisfaction, every
thing in tbe way of table luxuries at
prices to suit everyone.
G. W. Snydhk.
lo Not Staffer Longer! The
oys and ambitious or life «an
rebtored to you. Tbe very
worst cases of Nervous Debili
ty are absolutely eared by
Give prompt relief to insomnia,
falling memory aud tbewusto
and drain of vital powers.Incur*
red by indiscretions orexoesses
of early years. Impart vigor
and potency to every funetion.
Brace up the system. Gtvo
cheeks and lustre to tbe
or old. One fiOc bo* renews,
A boxes at V8.AO a com-I
teed cure or monoy refund
carried in vest pocket, ttohl
moiled In plain wrapper on
twinting Ktreatu,
nharp cutting puinuat times, tditfbt dis
charge, difficulty in commencing, weuk
organs, cmi««ionfl, tind ctll'thn pf mfitoiu*
of nervous debility—they havo^STIU,'
TURE. Don't lot doctor*
cxporimcn ton
you, by cutting, stretching, or tearing
you. This will notcure you, ua.it will re
MENT absorbs the etricturfe tissue
hence removes tho Btricturo permanently.
It can never return. No pain, no suffer
ing, no detention from buflinofis by o-xcl
I roetb&l. Tho,BcxuuIofK*nflare strength^ I
1-onca/ Tho nerves aro invigorated, and
I tho bliss of manhood returns*.
«A'il rV.-
£or H0ME
Shelby St.
bloom to the
eyes of young
vital energy
Iplete Kuaran
cd Can be
everywhere or
receiptor price
by THK PEKFECTO CO., Caztou Bldg., Chicago,IU
G. .9 Osbrne, Druggist'
Attorneys at Law.
Office upstairs, Opera HOUBG
Ceo. W,. Coit
yiuoone doorweRtof 21'*,onic Hall, KricHtree
fclt., Valley.
speciality made of all
8argioui op
orations sklllfnllv ninii oarcinilv performed.
Proprietor Erie Btrcct
Biirte Shoo & Billiarfi Kail
Ofgara, Tobacco, Pipes, Etc., for Bale. A good
Bhave (iuarantaod.
Thirty-one years actlvc practice. Opinion ns
Validity ana patentability. Write furl^.k
tnstrm-tloiiH and rcfurcnoos. EDSON BROS 93t
Street. Washington, D. C.
-If fcpk. TV.F0SS.
Itanidoace-ibdoopd house north of the
Catbolio parsonage on Seventh street
Oftllo attended to day or night. T. Fogs'
l'twijdoncn on Second Rtreet. Night calls
at either place will be promptly attcuded
F.t E. & M. V. R. R. is tho
best to and from the
Deadwood and HotSorings,

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