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if? V~.
•The work in' the public speaking
department at the local-High School
is rlow on in full force. \V ith the
late arrival of the public speaking m
struct or, Mrs. O'Brien, the declama
tory work has. started in earnest and
-elaborate plans are being laid for
vf-the. dates of December 20-22. On
the evenihgs of those dates will occcur
t}ie::annual declamatory- contests.
The two preliminary contests will
be staged on 'the everyugs of Decem
'i--.«ber 20. and 21, while:.the final contest
for the -winners of the two prelimi
naries will be held on the evening of
December 22.
At the present writing there are
twenty-four gtudents learning speech
es for the event, 9 boys and 15
girls. It is planned to let the boys
'orate on Monday evening, December
20 and to let the girls take me plat
form Tuesday evening, December 21
while the three highest in either con
test will bo pitted apamst each oth
er Wednesday evening, December 22,
to decidc first and second place.
The students are entering into this
affairv whole-heartedly and Mrs.
O'Brien's time is literally filled from
8:30- to 5:30 every day coaching the
future orators. eLt's plan to keep
these dates open and hear these high
ly enteftavnmct and interesting con
.. tests during the Christmas week.
Geo. W. Egan fo: merly of this
city,: has purchased the Sioux Falls
Mrs. Mary Gruir, ach of St, Joe,
Mo.., is visiting hei- brother, •, Dan
Redmond and famil\.
H.. W. Kerr of the Little Sioux
"•cr ii 'i i. xi. lome by illness.
.Hustler, wa^ a, pleasant caller at the| ._
Times Office this morning.
W. Reed Jones- left, this morning
for Creighton, Neb., wHfere he will
-visit his brother, J. R. .Jor.es.
_. Mrs. C. A. Hasher r.nrl son. Alex,
^who have been visiting fr.s'rci'.s and
'relatives this vicinity, lett this
morning for-their home in Beatrice,
:.- Nob.
Mrs. E. C. Mason oc Demson, is
the weeks' jjue.it of friends and rela
tives in this city.
Madams Theo. Krause and G. L.
—Krause are visjtmp- relatives .at Qnj
aha--, today.-
•. .- Dr. J. L. Tamisiea reports the birth
of a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Maurice Kirlin has accepted a posi
tion the First National bank.
H. W.. Clover has returned from a
several weeks visit with relatives and
friends Eastern Iowa and Illinois.
Mrs. Mildred Walker and little
daughter, Irene, of Ottumwa, Io.,
wwsseare the guests of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. L. Hall.
Frnak Goodwin & Son rports the
following sales of res dence property:
Nels Matson to E. E. Iliatt Melvin
wConnett to Roy Herrig Mrs. A. Jer
«son to .Mr. -Mathews of 'Pisgah ,E.
Brake-to, Will Fisher Will Fisher to
Melvin Connett.'
Mrs. Fannie Willard went to Oma
,:ha this morning and will be accom
•panied home -this even'nt? by her sis
ter, Mrs. Harry Adams. The latter
'has been a patient-at the St.. Cather
ine hospital for the past ten weeks.
Mrs. Oscar Frazier and son, Harvey.
&and Miss Ruth Williams are spend
ing the day with Mrs. C. C. Williams,
pwho is a patient at an Omaha hospi
Theodor Schmid of-Mondamin, was
.a Times visitor tms afternoon. He
is just returning home after a six
'.months' Visit: at/Fl'ms, Switzerland.
s. The State Sav ngs bank is install
ing a customers vault where all the
safety deposit b^yes-will be kept.
Mrs. Sylvester Messer is reported
to be quite ill at her home in^Caii
forn a Iowa.
..Miss Stella .Turner has returned
from South "Dakota, where she has
been spending tl^e past few months.
CJarence Long arrived last even
mg from San Frantnsco. to attend the
funeral- of his mother, Mrs. Charles
•. Mrs. Alice Seabury. of Pisgah, was
^he Thursday evening guest of Mr.
and -Mrs. Harold Seabury.
•. Mr,
and Mrs. L. C. Critchfield and
children of Council Bluffs, are the
guests of relatives and friends here
for a few days.
•I gA
I a it is no on a
until ffieSljfcoND ANNUAL FARM
Dcm^fc'put off making preparations ^er» ^°u'3e
for' your part 'in the show.
Return postal cards are being sent
...out to -all 'niral patrons. Please fill
ttiese on^ aid. send them as early
as. possible' so that the cqiVimitteea
A ip gharge may take "proper prepara
.. tiohg
.-.All rural people should be sure to
jBtate the name of their school dis
trict when they bring in their entries
for.th£re is a beautiful large banner
|o "tTip district sending jn the most
c??" '.''J ^n'trieY' artd taking the most prizes.
XOUr part*to make your district
Try a Times A4^tfwir rfy-
At 2:30 o'clock-Monday, December
3th, at the charming home of .1if.
ind Mrs. W. Allen Jones, on
street, was solemnised the marriaglt
of Carl T. Jones and Uta Armeda
Hutchinson, the ring eeremdny was j)
ised with Rev. Edson M. Bell offteiatl
They were attended bythe'brother
and sister of the groom theceremony
.'as witnessed only by the i&ttiediate
The bride was very prettily -attisfed
a brown traveling suit and wOre.a
orsage of Mrs. Ward Roses.
At 4:30 o'clock the wedding part#
eft for the bride's home, wMfce' t&«t
vedding supper was given
Mr. and Mrs. Jones wilt be at hofce
West Slope Farm, near Lores'
At the regular meeting of the K.
P. lodge Monday evening, the fol
owing officers were elected for the
•oming year:
.. Fred Neitzsch—C. C.
Frank Hardy— V. C.
J. J. Owen—P.
R. ,C. Lahman—M. W.
Floyd Hardy—M. A.
Fred E. Roberts—K.
F,.,C Shafer—M. F.
J. B. Barrett—'M. E.'
Fred Robinson—I. G.
Victor Berg—O. G.
Mrs. Hattie Stoneking left this
norning for Tama, Io., after a visit
.v'th Mr-j. F. M. Morgan.
Miss Anna Jones is conflnbd to her
Mrs. Jennie Zane and het daogh*
er, Mrs. Helen' Cone,- of San Fran
isco, Calif., are the guests of the
M. Morgan home.
Fred Hughes received a carload of
'seders from Omaha, today.
Ralph Jones, who sustained i|ra£
'ured skull, recently, ik repdrtra .to
be gaining nicely. He is at the Jen
lie Edmundson hospital, Council
Frank Zahner of CdUneE Blulfls,
-/as a Valley visitor thik'morning.
Mr. and Mrs. M. N. Dale- ireidrbeti
ast evening from a twtt yialt
Greencastle, Ind f.
Mrs'. Luella Wolfe Will "T^'tiirn
Jay from Lexington, Nebr., where she
has been spending the
"'/liss Vi:
ng for southern Galif6tn^ ''t^lir^
'hey will spent the winf&" Mr: iHn
•ent expects to join them~ lfi^out the
Ivst of the year.
L. G. Vincent and daughter,'
irginia, will leave'iij
Mr. and Mrs. Fred RpbeftB *ttit\jlm-.
"d last evening from their tfoneytrtoflft
trip to Des Moines
The car shops have received notlc'6
to reduce their force 30 more men,
A. N. Fountain came oyer from
Norfolk, today for a few-days 'viB&
Mrs. Jennie Reznor returned to Jier
lome in Council Bluffs this morning,
after a visit with her sister,- Mrs,' J.
.V. Harris.
Harold Nelson of Onawa, was the
ver-Sunday guest of home folks here,,.
Mr. and Mrs. ,M. Jeffers. depaE^,
ad this morning for Felixt Wyo.
.Miss Alice Cody has -accepted
osition at.the Dahl Jewelry store.
Dr. and Mrs. Rex Martin of Onaw^
vei'e the Sunday guests of home folks
F. I .Rea came over from'Nevmaifc
oye, Neb., Sunday. Mr
.'and Mm.
ea will move this week to fNewman
"vove, where they will make their fu
ure home.
Mrs. Harold Seabury' is'reported
Friends here have received wor«f
of the serious injury 'to E. W. Stevens.
He, with Mrs. Stevens and (ftugh-
thrown ont of
°t thei home in Grenville,
New Mexico, when their team" tad
away. All were thrown out and*m0re
or less shaken up, but Mr.- Stevens
suffered a broken hip. He railroaded
for the Northwestern for 47 jneanf
and- has been in the southwest for
about a year.
ftiitfriii Mk ilnaftimttv
past' thrive
M15S Opal Scofield, daughter
Mr. and
Elmer Filkins
w?re united in marriage, at Logan^ oir 'Xsmal'r military si
Saturday, December 4..
Mr. and. Mrs. filklnkwiU-.
Bntente Warns Oreeoe Not to Restore
Conatantlne to Thrort®—O'Annun
slo Declares War on ltSly—Pr«*-
Ment-Elect Harding Home.
Cemparatlvi' harmorix, forced by
stress of circumstances, marked the
doings of the League of Natlous assem
bly dating the early part of the work,
and theni came discord that threatened
to result In the withdrawal of at least
one Important mei/iber nation—Argen-
Osrtatn amendments to the covenant'
had been proposed by tlio ScancUnavlap.
delegates and the domtniBsi^n on
amendments bad reported against them
-and- any.J other nniendlmehts at this
time. Ih the as^jiulily there was a no
ttetTto refer the 'itaendmenf to a spe
cial committee tot a report next Sep
Don Burke returned Jast.'^eiti&'tP '•inp^rt^d the contention, declared the
from "St. Joe, where he'ha^ ^ljtth'the
Tuest of friends for the' 'past two
weeks. Mrs. Burke wiir return Tatejr.
J. .Owen has the honor of sell
ng the first hog to the new-Missouri
Valley Stock Yards Co. They -op^n
•or business next Monday.
.he sick list today.
Dr. I.usk reports the birth ofi -a
'auphter to Mr. and Mvd.-ToChas.
Mr. arid Mrs. A. C. Sclrulmeist4tt
Modale, were visiting '-'reMtlvea
here Sunday.
Pnieyrredoti of Ar-
genttoa alone'opposed this, and since
the eOvenant requires a unanimous
vote for the carrying of any motion,
apparently the proposition was
blocked.. ,9at Vlviani of France at once
asserted that this was: a "question of
^ocedure" and that the unanimity
rfflS'dld hot "apply.
"Prteldent Hymans
'Msolntlob carried and adjourned the
Dispatches ..from Buenos Aires said
^ho gayernment was momentarily ex
pectlug.a cablegram from Puoyrredon.
who" is 'foreign minister, of Argentina.
uid that pie withdrawal of tile nation
#om the league was likely to follow.
personal and that he would have to
my,: -in 'determining the method of
appitoebltfg tbe'^problem, on the ad
vice of tVwe nearer the scene of ac
tion. Sueb advice will be supplied
by the commissioners, of the allied
j^itlops ln 'hirkey.. Spain and Brazil
hive Offered to cooperate with the
United States In the matter.
~Wfcen, and If, the Armenian affair
ls Untied, Greece evidently must pay
ttft' fiHce. Kemal must -be placated.
and this Cad be done only by a radical
revision of the treaty of Sevres. At
.this witting the plans for such re-.
.vision are being arranged In London
fer. .freralers Lloyd George of Great
wlt&iy £nd of France. The
molf ife2oftajrf changes in the pact
donbtless will be made, at the ex
ftehSe Of Greece's newly acquired ter
»'rltory In". Asia Minor and Thrace.
Slbce^ the Greeks ousted Venljielos and
prepared to restore. Oonstantine to
throne, their ambitions have re
Qriived smidler' consideration by the
a A a I
sWorf. e^kt'Hrltaln. France and ItAly ^,rAe .the ,resn,t ,^nnnt
1—Opening of the flnst meeting of the League of Nations aMembly In Oeneva. 2—Dr. Alejandro Cesar,
new minister to the United States from Nicaragua. S—&of MolBta an ^Ugilinac* to grave of Col. T! eo.loru
fighters Into, regular army units, and
he recently added to his equipment a
quantity of artillery obtained" from
the soviet Russians.
From Geneva came a story that the
league committee on Armenia, of
which Lord Robert Cecil ls chalrmsn,
probably would appoint Glen. Leonard
Wood commander of the Armenian ex-
-.. .. was added, was on the recommenda
League Of Nations.
Mav "V"" comumnuer oi ine Anuemau us- rrequent, there and elsewhere. Unl
numg OH unammny uause may pedltlonary force with the title of formed mon entered Klllarnev and
Cause Argentina to Quit
...... tion of Sir Frederick Morris and
Gen. Weyganci. Ofllciais In' Washing*
ton did not take this report seriously,
By unanimous vote .the league com
mission on new mcuihers decided that
Austria should
seeks to
Gustav Ador of Switzerland, haefcf-d
by the delegates o" several other na
Hons, tried to have the econom'c com
mission tnstrueted to sftud.v mean- of
preventing' monopc'ics of raw mate
rials and measures to Insure their
distribution throup' out Hie world, the
argument he'ng tliat -raw materials
belong not. to the nntlon In which they
are produced, hut to the world. This
was blocked
The league members thought they
hstf found the way to save what
ctenfolns of the Armenian people, for
President Wilson, asked by the league
council to mediate for Armenia with
Mustapha Kcmal Pasha, consented to
iindertake the task through a repre
sentative to' bo Aimed by him. He
made It plain that his effort must be former king, says the nrnine. "could
have agreed that the Smyrna region Anntipzlo would soon he crushed.
s|bl] fe Inteftmtlonallzed and policed
-^biy locally "recruited1 gendarmes of
ficered by an International ofBcers*
tt T| tertahi that Kemal will not be
Attflfra' wfth this Smyrna concession
growing power la causing bis
ffinjanhs fef in'Maie.' Newspapers of
'iMiiim.v"^bere be malces his. haad
^nirters, siy be asks ttiat Thrac*' )e
-gtvaa- autonomy, Gtastatitlitopfe be
jemeneteft by the allies and the allied
aial. teterallled cones of contrdi and
IqlMacs In Syria and otbMr mparts of
tti* Torklsh empire He abandoned. Jt
Opal Scofield, daughter of .Lohdop police Said tl
LMrs. O. A. Sedfleldi ^s ^^re&«i«, abdl equally probable. ^r«s In
filkins, son of Chas. Filkins, aosae of them jrlll' be granted. ?P a P'1
Kl'r mllttary strength- Is .w^
commissioner. The choice. It smashed all the windows in the busi-
remitted, and there
was no doubt that t!ie assembly would
ratify the action. Bulgaria also wauts.
to get in at
and Roumania
hut Greece, Serbia
all nre
opposed to her
admission and miiv puevont it. There
was reason~to
they would be
supported in
tills by
France, which
guin strength
In central Eu­
ropean frichdshlpsf For the present,
at least, France
her way In bar­
ring Germany from 'nimed'ate mem
bership in the league. The compila
'slon has decjdeT a?a! s: the admis
sion of LieMei)isytein «nrf Azerbaijan,
bnt 'recommeiM'oil thut Co.ita Rica be
made a member. I
SI" Ooorge E. Foster
of Canada, who said h's country and
the United States never would sub
scribe to that prlnc'ple. A futile ef
fort to have Spanish adopted as the
third officlnl Inngtmge of the league
brought out the stafrment by the for
eign' minister of Panama that the IS
states of Central and South America
are united around Spain as their
If the Grpeks recall Con«»nn*!ne to
the throne, they will forfeit the good
will and support of Croat Britain.
France and Italy. Thos'- three' powers.
It va« Voided at a pfn*prnce In Lon
don, should so warn the now Greek
government, and note to that effect
was drafted. The restoration of the
only he rppcriiprt of his
hostile acts" dnrlne the war. This de
cision hv the rntonti- Is a victory for
the' French point of view.
IYAnnti-zIo hav'ns re'nsed to ac
cept th»- asrpprnpnt ^pf- ppn Italy and
-.Tueo-R'avla the
sent Opnpr.i' Cnv'"''n to Invp^t Flume.
This he dirt, and sent to the poet war
rior by a'rn'ape a proclnnat'on an
nounolnrr tntp-^'on o* t'1? covern
ment tn cpVcj t^p find'tlnns of the
Rnnnllo t-vnty "•"'•hout dplay and
eal'tn-r on the ri"'i*noy of Flume to
withdraw a'1 It® forces heh'"'' tlie
front'ers. Its next 'nvltpd nnun
slo's troops to le"ve Mm and re
erwll. In. the'r alrt •'"'•s. and threat
ened a severe hl'f'-ndp of the city.
D'Apntmzlo. spemtrrr'v nndaunted. rfrl
sponded in a fie','n""*-!on of a state
of war with Italy p^e^tlve December
General Cav!-»"ti is doing all he
can to avo'd hloo '-lipd and his. troops
would hV*tp to flrp on their 'brother
Italians, but If It comes .to actual war-
The warning ls«npd hy the: British
governn.ent. that tl-e Trl«-h. were about
to. carry -the "war" to England, was.
Justified. To date thp chief weapon
used ln this new development of the
conflict is Arson. A large number of
Incend'ary fires were started simul
taneously along the Liverpool water
froift and' several big cotton ware
houses were destroyed. The incen
diaries worked In- small groups and
some of- thfm,. being Interrupted by
'the -police, killed one officer and
officers In .the wac, were ambushed
near Kllmichael, Ireland, and 15 of
them murdered.
Reprisals continue*! in Ireland un
checked. The town hall and other
buildings in Cork were set on fire and
Ave Sinn Fein clubs were destroyed.
Raids by the military and police were
frequent, there and elsewhere.
ness section of the city.
The British government mot with
defeat in the house of lords when the
home rule bill came up. Baron Oran
more and Brown offered an amend
ment providing for the establishment
of a senate for southern Ireland, and
It was adopted against the govern
ment by a vote of 120 to 30. Antlier
amendment, bestowing a second cham
ber on the Ulster parliament, also
was carried.
It is reported that the government
has decided that all members of the
Irish republican army who have been
or may be rounded up shall be In
terned In camps In Ireland and held
without trial unless they are charged
with some penal offense.
Geo. Alvaro Obregon was Inaug
urated President of Mexico at mid
night. Tuesday, and at fibout the same
time1 officials of-the "American Depavt
rnent of Justice1 made wholesale raids
at varlotfs po'nts- along the border.
These agents captured mass of docu
mentary evidence proving the exist
ence of a plot, organized on this side
of the'herder, to start a new revolu
tion and overthrow ihe Obregon gov
ernment. It was said fhntN Luclo,
Blanco, a former officer In Cnrranza's
army, was at th® head of the con
.fust before his Inauguration Obre
gon stated 'n an Intprvlew that rirtlcle
27 In the Mexlcnn constitution, re
stricting ownership of oil lands, would
not hp nbrogated. but he was sure the
appllcat'on of thp article would soon
he retmiatert to the satisfaction of
the United States hy a commission
to bp appointed. He said Mexico
wnnM not ash admission to the League
of Nations, but would give considera
tion to an Invitation to .loin the league.
Prpoirlent-plect Fl«rd!ng has re
turned from his trip to the Canal
Zonp presumably with enlarged view*
on the building up of trade with the
Lat'n-Amerlcan republics and the col
tlvat'ori of better relations with them.
Also It may he assumed that he ha^
learned a lot about the need of strong
er defenses for the Panama canal.
Mr.f Harding made a brief stop last
weelt in Jamaica where he was re
ceived as royalty would have been. It
was announced that he would be In
Washington Monday and would occu
py his seat In the senate for a day
or two, and It v. certain that his
colleagues would call on him for an
The senate and house committees
oh agriculture began a Joint session
on Friday to consider emergency
measures for the relief of American
farmers who are said to face a loss
of $7,000,000,000 through sale of their
products at less than cost. Among
the suggestions discussed were the Im
position of a tariff on Canadian wheat,
the revival of the war finance corpor
ation and extensions of credit to Rus
sia and Germany to enable them to
purchase American farm products.
According to Senator Capper, the
fumers demand, in addition, to those
remedies, the following:
"A'deqqate credit for farmers
through short time and long-time loans
adapted fairly and practically to the
p^cuHhr Conditions of the farming
"Afford farmers the same credit ac
commodations- now afforded other
lines pt business.
"Abo)lsb gambling in wheat,. cotton,
crov and all farm produce.
•Tull legal authority for nation-wide
oo-operatlve marketing by farmers.5
"Regulation of the packers.
"A natlonul marketing board,- in
#hI6h the producer will be represent
ed, With, power to the board to regu-
.r/-. -i^sa. -m®.tbe rat^ofr marketing and to ad-
dvlllan. About the same time the and assist in stabilizing prices.
"Bfroaditf and strengthen the fed-
demands .I^ndop. police Said they had- foiled
in the nietropolls Mrgi ftrtn loan system."
Elaborate pre can- Tariff revision to protect American
tlonS' Were taken' In all the -largs agriculture.
wool growers. anfl
ierftibh'aQd Ms po^niar siippbrt Bn^indi
Qmnma dflHesre ,li5® nj«tqrfruc|ui ftill
'«*!*•!./v rt\
Items of Interest
Summarized for
Busy Readers.
tiny. iC. T. Shanks of Clinton has
recently been appointed state evange
list for Baptist churches.
Dr. Tom (I. Donlon, 72 years old.
fcniiei- rcsl it of Elkader, was kill
ed by a stitet car ia l.'iiicago,
John Neitori, 30, a farmer living
near Nevada, has been missing from
ilia home since he mysteriously di.j
anper.rf-d at Ames recently.
A special car was used from Amea
wii'.i a party of ninety Iowa boys and
girl who iuteiuled the internation
al rru:iiI(.iirjU shows at Chicago.
The window o£ All's jewelry stove
at Burlington was smashed with a
*f*l)iick and n/'tw wrrih of di?.mon'U
itoie i. There i: no clue .- a\ a brick
co\cred with a newspaper.
A new honor has come to D. W.
Mcliler, buttennaksr of the Now
Hampton creamery. He was award
ed ?25 at tte Waterloo butter-makers'
competition for
the be3t
butter made,
C. J. Davis, a husky red-headed far
mer boy of Fort Madison is
the cham­
pion corn husker lu southern Iowa.
Davis shucked 150 bushels of corn
in one day and 1,200 bushels in eight
After coining all the way from
South America in order that her little
son might be born a citizen of the
United States, Mrs. M. Moore ol
Clintou, gave her life for the birth
of her boy.
J. M. Weldin, mayor of the city
from 1916 to 1918 and mayor of La
dora for six' years before moving to
Indianola, was found dead in his bed
at his home. The cause was found
to be heart disease.
The Iowa Farm Bureau federation
has appropriated |10,(kH) to assist in
carrying forward the program of the
farmer's marketing committee, which
was recently appointed by the Amer
ican Farm Bureau federation.
Two hunting licenses held by Louie
Volpo and James Pottias of Marshall
town were revoked by County Audi
tor George .Enclerlfly on. recommenda
tion pL th$"
attorney. The
hunters had' tfespassed on posted
Lester D'Huppart, 21 years old, and
Lester March, 17 years old, young
farmers near Conway in love with
Early Roberts, met on the streets ol
Conway and with bare knuckles stag
ed a fight which resulted in D'Hap
part's death.
Hunters set -fire to a cow
barn on the Sherwood Fuller fa*m
near New London and then, without
attempting to save the two head ol
stock inside, hastily departed. Th«
prompt action of others who noticed
the fire, saved the animals.
Black Cap Comus, Aberdeen Angus
bull, valued at $3,000, is dead. He
was owned by Ray CUne of Knox
Four days ended the marriage
bliss of Mr. and Mrs. William Martin
of Shenandoah. She is suing for a
divorce and her maiden name of
Helen Andrew. They were married
Sept. 21, 1920, and separated Sept.
25. Mrs. iMurtin claims that because
of his ungovernable temper and in
humari treatment her life was endan
gered and that she was forced tc
leave him to find happiness.
-Miss Margaret I^ewis Wilson,
years old, was found dead in bed at
the residence of Mrs. Clara New
comb at Cedar Rapids, whom she hod
been visiting for two weeks. The
gas jets were turned on. She had
opened all the windows in the second
story of tlie house but had closed het
own windows and doors tightly. She
lived at Comanche, la. Ill health i
given as tho cause of suicide.
Three women are dead and others
reported dying as a result of a grade
crossing accident at Modale, Iowa,
when a Northwestern passenger trair
struck the automobile. The dead are
Mrs. Carl Long, Mrs. Jennie Ruff, Mrs
Wm. Lee, and Mrs. Arthur Hanson
is in a dying condition in a Coun
cil Bluffs hospital. G. H. Thompson
driver of the car suffered a broken
leg and internal Injuries. All th«
victims live at Modale.
The director of the census Is issu
ing reports covering the value of farm
lands and improvements in Iowa. The
following is a summary of four coun
In in
1 Value Jan. April Cent
i: x, 1920. 15.1910. Inc.
Audubon -$"3,302,732 $40,407,258 122.8
Allamakee 41.507.P27 22.380.529 117.0
Adair 73,018,995 40,151,166 122.0
Benton ,.114,706,298 59,889,282 109.3
A crew of fourteen wood choppers
lias'set camp on the Fred C. Heiden
farm near Elkader and will cut wood
for the .National Match company at
"Joliet: Over 100 carloads of wood
•will be. shipped.
C. V.-Holslnger of Ames, horticul
turist,- says -that covering berry canes
at this time with dirt will protect
them from the cold drying winds ol
the winter and prevent winter killing.
August Sundermyer, 45, a farmer
living near Dubuque. died as the re
ft fall
received la
fratt Jt io&d o& oarvu*
«r' -r
NO. 24
Tho Farmers' Co-operative ex
jUiinse of Knoxville has started busi
nes:-i and made its first shipment of
!ive: tcck in the shape of 55,000
pounds of hogs to Ottumwa. O. W.
Shivvers and John Stickes, fa»mers
and stock buyers, are the managers
of the new exchange. Ihe fa.mors
of Marlon county are getting well or
Lloyd Shilling, afced about 24 years
of Knoxville is dead, and his fellow
workman Lewis Riddle, of Des Moines
aged 50 years, was seriously injured
wheu they were buried alive in a
ditch which caved in upon them while
preparing a drain from Whitebreast
creek to a coal mine located at the
Burch bridge &ve miles north ot
The first hunting season fatality oc
curred in Dubuque county near Cen
tra.ia, Iowa when Alfred Hayes, 14
years o'.d, was instantly killed by a
,22-caliber rifle bullet which penetrat
ed his heart. Hayes was out hunting
when his rifle became jammed. In
trying to remove the bullet he dis
charged the gun, the projectile enter
ing his side.
Linn county will have the most
modern courthouse in the state, It is
believed, when the structure author
iezd by the people at a recent elec
tion is completed. -Plans submitted
by an riinois architect have been ac
cepted oy the boar£ of supervisors,
and a special election has been call
ed for December 27 to vote on a
bond issue of $1,300,000.
Mrs. Ella Nichols, 48 years old, is
dead and Mrs. Martha Oxberger is
in the Sioux City jail, held for in
vestigation in connection with her
killing, which occurred at Mrs. Ox
berger's home. The 11 year old
daughter of Mrs. Oxberger, who is the
divorced wife of Henry Nichols, hus
band of the dead woman, said her
mother shot in self-defense.
Poultry culling in Iowa during the
last year has effected a net gain ot
$15,000 in eleven counties where work
was carried on by home demonstra
tion agents. The agents examined
K9 flocks, 76,676 biids werfe handled
and 28,589 birds were' culled out with
out reducing the egg production.
Birds sold at an average of 25 cents
per pound, resulting! a gain. ot $15,*
Thirteen dairy cows were slaught
ered at Cedar Rapids recently from
one herd as they were found to be
afflicted with tuberculosis. The hull
of this herd was found to have the
disease in his Intestines and lungs.
The milk from these cows has been
distributed-to Consumers In the city.
Three dairy herd3 have been slaught
ered, all being infected with the tu
bercular germs.
Mrs. H. L. Monty of Marquette has
started a movement to secure
legislation requiring a part ot the
auto license fees to be turned over
to the township road fund of the
counties. A meeting was called by
her a short time ago, attended hy a
number of men and women living
along a road they had tried for years
to get work done on, to make it pass
able in all kinds of weather.
Thomas A. Box, president ot the
Banker's Investment Trust Co. of St.
Paul, Minn., and fiscal agent ot the
Society of Equity, has agreed to as
sist in the reorganization of the Mid
land Packing Co., Sioux City concert
now in the hands of federal receiv
ers, by paying the company's out
standing indebtedness amounting to
$1,500,000 and putting a strong pack
ing company in to operate the plant.
Iowa is in' the grip of an arson
•wave unparalleled in Its history, ac
cording to records in the offices of
J. A. Tracy, state fire marshal. So
serious is tlie situation that the fire
marshal said that he will be forced
to appeal to the legislature for
greatly increased appropriation in or
der to augment his present limited
Held force with additional trained in
vestigators. With "human torches"
spreading terror throughout the state
the fire marshal says the fire losset
for the present year probably will ex.
ceed last year's total of $8,000,000
which included the $2,500,000 Ore al
Cedar Rapids.
That he will strive toward th«
greatest degree of economy compat
ible with the highest possible effi
clency in the administration of state
affairs, was the announcement made
by Governcr-Elect Kendall. The gov
ernqr was in Des Moines to confei
with Adjutant-General Lasher or
plans for his inaugural to he held ear
ly in January. "There will be nc
freak Innovations at my Inaugural,'
said the governor-elect. "The fact if
I Intend to be guided throughout mj
administration by a determination tc
obtain efficiency and bring about th
greatest possible economy. "I will
exert every bit of my influence witb
the general assembly toward these
ends." The governor said that be had
made no definite decision in regard
to appointments, but might have an
announcement" to make along these
lines when he returned to Da
George Arthur Stoltz disappear
ed from his home in Waterloo re
cently. Since that time the polio
have been searching for him Af
considerable searching he ha- b.
located in the Nebraska indimr
Corn on the J. W Rolanl fa n./
near Knoxville Is of exce'l°nt yield
and some Of It mea ures 14 f-3-st ngh
Ears on the stalks are ten feel from
the ground and could not be reach
ed without- the use of a it-Vo-Hor
The oom Hiill yluUi. 60 buslio.s U- :h.'

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