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illiiom cuimi, . .
Arrive fcflO A.M. and 5:40 P.M. P'fri 1 4.M. sM
12 M. Mslls close M 10.M A.M. and VMM r.M.
Arrive 2 P.M. Sundsys, Toewtsys, TMr4rs tM frl
dy. Mails close turn-! dsys at 4 P.M.
cio to t, t'ttm, rr.
ArrWeS P.M. Wednesdays n1 flisfiHsrs. !'
close at 10:30 P.M. Tnewlsys snd Friday.
Arrive 19 at. Tnendsys, Thnr1ny n4 fntr-rtrt.
Mails cloe at 1 P.M. same day.,
CAIRO TO llrw frt'.Le.AJM, I. ,
Malls close at 4 P.M. nl!rnii djr( r,n.ro-wW, f-.
tolier 2l. fhould arrive ssins 1.iv. wfll
Published Daily, (Mondayi Excepted,)
BprlBBrflcld Block, Ohio Levee, over
Hamphreri A. Co'i Drag Store.
Dally, delivered In city, per year $10,00
Daily, delivered In city, per week '...;... 5
Daily, to mall subscribers, per year 10,00
Dally, to mall subscribers, per six months. . . . .. 6,00
All business communications must be addressed
1' i ' ' ' ' Editor and Proprietor Datlt Times,
NEW SERIES, VOL. 1, NO. 186.
War Eagle Series, Vol. 3, No. 180.
.CAIRO, TrTESDATl", NOV. 8, 19C5.
Oar Commercial Position. -
The Cairo Tixks is the only paper ever published in
Illinois which had a branch in Xew York and a place
upon the file of every respectable hotel within the city.
The position of Cairo, located as it is, at the junction
of the two mle-hty rivers, the Ohio and Mississippi, and
at the head of navigation daring the winter season, and
times of low water, is, we believe, universally conceded
as destined to be one of most important commercial
points on this continent. Indeed, it may be set down as
' -being the greatest natural gateway in the world, equalled
only in natural advantages by the Isthmus of Suez and
Panama, bat in its surroundings surpassing either or
both. Full 200,000 people step from off the palatial
- ef eeweiwoT therirnV MBeA'apoii vuV ionet per" jcw ,
and a corresponding amount of freight is yearly unloaded
r here, and when the Railroads, now projected, am veyed.
- anaVwhich will bebailt within theuext two years, join the
Illinois Central Railroad, running North, and the Mobile
k Ohio Railroad, running South, Cairo will, of necessity,
, become the great entrepot of the staples of the South,
and the radiating point from whence the great East will
look far and receive its supplies.
- fur agent and corresponding editor, A. B. Still as,
will rail upon the leading business men of New York, in
person, and solicit advertising patronage. The Tikes Is
not a political journal. Its speciality is to promulgate
commercial Intelligence, foster, business, interests and
disseminate the latent and fullest news of the day. Upon
every incoming traia of the Mobile k Ohio Railroad it
., meets the eye of the Southern merchant on. his way East
. to purchase, and is supplied to passengers by steamers
Northward bound, wh.-n they reach Columbus, Kentucky.
As an advertising ttiedium, therefore tlie intelligent
-' readerwill readily realize the importance of the Times.
And the fact of its being so -prominently and generally, J
circulated in the hotels of Tew York, renders it an avall
able kome medium, through which the Jtftelgn merchant,
on bis arrival in the city, can see the invitations of the
most enterprising merchants' to call and examine their
" goods.'
'. - "THE NEWS."." "( -
A member of the finance committee is to urge upon
Congress the reduction of taxes fufly one hnndred mil
lions of dollars . That's good !
Gen. Duncan wiM .Qummand the colored troops at
- ; r-Qut owperta- of wheat-, ham ' and bacon ere
. 4 Iftfges? dnrtng-ilie war thanver before. -
- rThe Veteran, Reserves who have determined toTetnain
I ':' 4n stvlo are to be merged into the rfguKr army ."' at
When ttie war ended Government owned and, used 330
locoaiotlvej ait) 4,(RH) ears.j'iuoKtof whishliave been 'sold.
Capt. Phelps of the Navy has been appointed Govern
ment agent on the Paui&c mail steamers. -
Proprietors of sodu fountains are to be regarded as
. manufacturers and taxed . i . . '
The Farragut court martial are taking much testimony
relating to the prisoners of the Stonewall, mid- it is
thought that Cravenv. 1U I.e. exonerated.
leading New York inerchuuts ami Importers have re
ommended the apoiiitment of Henry 0. Suiytlie of the
Central National Hank to the coilectorshlp. The Sec-
rotary rf tke Tieanurv lms rofcired the ftettilon to the
President. .-i
't - TM refwei of an iasttrrectlon in the Barnwell district,
Gen. Logan kapoaoned . decjjioh resptctfn;; the
Mexican mission. 1 r
Ex-Governor Lubbock has been released from iinpris
mmmt,, . . .. Y, r i
Th Mexican cabinet hat resolved to fortify the fron
tier. ' . ,
Irish refugees are fleeing to Paris. They sy the Vt
t 'jittw. flit move "1 rat ou auuda. Uf p. T ! C
There are suspicions that Preston Kindts alive. ': . '
" 'a inatlny has ooeurred In the fth colore A rtrithent at
Jacksonville, Florida. . . . -
The WorM correspondent says the "West India suad -
ronUtobelncreied r. ,; , ... .;.,... , ,;a '
' - Adams' Express Company lias offered a 'reward oj
.1,000 for the arrest and holding of Raudolph i..lolgr.
' The Collector of Internal Keveuua at Louisville lias
been ordered to seise boat with 3,000 barrels of oil en
. rv( far SU Louis. , i. '
Cotton Is dull. , .;" : '' !' . ,.:
( i . . . There are sotuo fucut relating tj the Mobile
. j aud Ohio Railroad which tve letiire. to present
i -.i tofiur readers, ince ihvy aro of a nature to
"encourage those of them who have at heart
rlits interests' of ont city, and will increase cou-1
' fSdefltio in the pbnriction tliat the. great object
and dusigu of the Road is not to bo lost sight
: of, of ita spJenaid ppportuiiitioa for ttseftilness
' to HQ Nation aud tho pcopla aloilg its line
; dribbled -AWttod: wastedj ,la dofejqrice to
the purely sellish interests of lueal staifoiw and
factons, or the short-.sightod policy of mgu
. .J' wlto'Uo not ippJ'eciAta any .advatitap aot nn
mediate and at once attainable.
,? ! s it is ' inittrtlinD of t'.us eutorprwo, but one
which, wo suppose, it shares with all other
undertakings of groat magnitude, that it has
been compelled, from ( the Hrstyto wa-ccon-
tant war with factions' tiWd localitfts. Which
Woukl not oruld not appreciate its grand.
design, but foolishly imagined that no interests
oiwht to be subserved except their own. Pev-
cral insignificant, and some considerable cities,
asserted each its claim to be made the Northern
terminus, regardless of the great fact that the
Road would bo comparatively a feeble and un
profitable one unless extended until it should
become, by its connections, a part of the great
National Railroad System of the country.
But it was the good fortune of the enterprise
that k had at the influential and controlling head
of its direction and management, minds of large
comprehension and sagacious wisdonjj men df
determined purpose,. -. of , indomitable energy
and" fertile in expedients, who could wield
power, means and influence, and who were
possessed" of (faith;inrthe ultimate success of
their enterprise 'which nothing could shake or
daunt. Prominent among these was Judge
Miltou Brown, of Mobile, the President of .the
Company, who has been connected with the j
road ever since it ran from Mobile a short dis
lance, ont. into thev woods. lie- has watched
over the road and been the master spirit of
its being, through aH ;4rials, discouragements
nird oppositions, with his eye ningle to its sole
interests and his hand hostile to the schemes
of every clique or party which strove to per-
Yert its plans from the chief design, or weaken
in any respect, is operations. He has fought
them all consistently wtd -successfully from the
beginning to "thV" present day, "and it is
to his ability and uttter devotion
more ' than to anything !- else that the
Company is to-day iedebted for the auspic
ous future, which smiles upon and premises to
rewaru mcir paueuce auu meir worn.
Thi3 road had been but just carried through
"to completion, and operations on it had but
just been fairly commenced, when the war in
terposed aa arbitrary injunction on its success
ful career. Parts of k were, in tbe progress of
hostilities, totally destroyed, and throughout
its Whole length, through hard usage and neg
lect of repairs, it come into a sad condition.
" When the war broke out there were in the
possession of tlt3 Company over one hundred
locomotives, and a correspondingly large
amount of other rolling. Btock. This was used
and abused in the interest of the ruling author
ities of government at will, so that , at the
close of the war, there were left to be returned
nominally sixteen locomotives, of which num
ber but twelve were iu a tit. condition for
use. Of cars there wore so few
that only a through train, on alternate days,
could be made up. This, however, was but a
trifle iu the vast sum of incubus which rested
upon the. road and impeded the resumption of
travel a-id traffic. The bond holders of tha
road began to press their claims for payment of
amounts due, before the road was capable of
earning a penny to replenish , its exhausted
The States of Tennessee and Ken-
tuckyx threatened hasty legislation,
which, if
carried through, would cripple the road almost
beyond, .recovery. The petty local ambitions
and jealousies which at its earliest stages had
contended for notice ami favor, again sprtirjg
into noisy and: virulent ljfe, hoping in the new
exigencies of affaira to be able to accomplish,
by bribes, falsehood and protestation, what
they. Jiad before signally failed to do. Govern
ment, too, demanded the use of the line for its
.own purposes, which interrupted and delayed
rjrojgres very sensibly. It was fortunate, in
all these complications of embarrassment,
that the same able and incorruptible
officer who had carried' it through its pre
vious perils, till lived to serve, as he
alone could, the interests of the Company.
With the ' same prudence,' vigor and con
fidence aa before, he again went to work, and
after an absence from home of more Uaa four
mouths, lie has but lately returned, having
succeeded in averting every immediate danger
iu conciliating all enemies who were made
enemies either through ignorance of the whole"
truthi. or through the-willful misrepresentations
f intercstegl, : foes in strengthening the hope
and faUh'of, all who are interested iu the suc
cess of this great work of national utility in
obtaining the'necesaary'amount of rolling stock
to put the road in a condition to meet the re-
t - quicefaents " of WaflTe, and, to sum up all in con
clusion, successful every move andMioasnre
immediately calculated to put this road on its
feet, "'r more correctly on its wheels, at the
earliest Jiate" land. beyond the contingency of
essential harm from its much talking -and much
maneuvering enemies.. , . -Twenty
locomotivestwenty-five new "pis"
aeager cars, and a largo unmbef j.of freight
cars have beeu purchased. Soon a daily pas
senger train will be p laced on the Road, and
separate trains for freight." A, large number
of hands have beenmployed for the last tow
months all aloug She hue of the Road, actively
at work, pj3h4i!g tbrwiwd:.tho necessary ro
nnirs. .. The new trestle through the Obion bot
tom is' far advanced toward completion., ,,7tth'4
ti psiiib isliment of the daily trarrnra new
schedule of the running time will be made out,
Tyv whlclTmany, things 'which" fcdw'affady and
delay traveling (aa-itaeema to those not initia
ted" unuecessarily)r will be obviated.- The
through time wijl. k lessened, apd in very
respect tho Road will bo put iu such a condi
tion that travelers will have bo reason of com
plaint "add cafiiiotf-but prefer, on every account,
this route from the North to the South. It U,
ivb lirinlv believe, destined to become the most
popular and best patronized liue of railroad in
ftu) Southern .States.- '
The virtual connection at Cairo with the Uli
uois Central Road makes it to travelers as an
unbroken communication from the Lakes to the
Gull f he great vvmn unc vj uu uunttnciu,.
Thls metitphor is Hot farfetched, bufstrietTy
analogical, i roiu this, nne ot roau, as iroiu
tho great artery of tho human system,
branch off .the- - radiating channels ol
communication to "every member aud
extremiry- v1'110 jsP8'!'!" r Vallej , , this
warm, pulsing heart or tlie uation, will send
a tide'oj rich and glowing life along these irop
arteries, to feed, ronew and invigorato the
nation. Laborers aro already ungaged, Upon
the Memphis and Ohio road, which connects
with this at Humboldt, Tennessee, and also
upou the Mississippi Central Road, which con- J
..... :.k .i,;0 .Txi'L-aim Ti'i.ni'Hsee. Trains J
UeClB WIW UM uv 1 T .
now run upon tho Union Uty and Paducah
rortd also upon the Memphis aud Charleston
TOadconuecting- with this at Corinth, Mis3 )
from' Memphis to Decatur. Other important
lines, some built aud some projected, are al
ready, or will oou becouio, important connec
tions. " -" ' , ' ' ' ' - -
It may be expected that we should say somo--thjng
witli rospecti vto the jnrtyeuieut to mak
Gen. Lotigsireet President of the road, iu place
of Judge Brown; but uutd that movement, uu
Keuerousand suicidal as it would be, asauuie.i a
more formidaulo aspect than at preseut, it id,
perhaps, well to let it rest with the remark
thai wo have yet to learn Uuit any considerable
number of tlje stockholders have shown it any
tavor. They knov; iu, wltoui they have sately
aud pfoutably . trusted heretofore, aud have
colitlilenco iii him tor the future. To depose
him now would be. simply to inaugurate a war
ol selliBh mctious, which would belittle and de
grade tne road iuto a pitiful condiuoi., as uu
"pretiublo to its owuera aa unworthy of ita
promise aud destiny.
Reported 4 or r tbe Daily Times.
Proposed Reduction of Government
- Taxes Some Statistics The Veteran
ary Corps Tlie " boys " want to go
home Officers don't Soda water V oiin
talnT. tlie Internal Revenue Some
thing' "ttolng to he did " Somcthins;
"About the Rebel Ram Stonewall Com
modore Craven Xo Insurrection In.
Sonth Carolina The Report Is all
: Bosh Gen. Grant seta a Telegraphy
from Gen.Logan-Gn.L.to he In Wash
Ington on the 1st of December and
decide about the ftlexiean mission Ex
Ofiov. Ijnbhoclc Released from Fort Del
aware, a wiser and bet ter man.
K"ew York, Xov. 27. The Times' "Wash
ington special dispatch says: A prominent
member of the Senate Finance Committee has
announced his intention of urging upon Con
gress tbe reduction of Government taxes fully
one hundred millions ot dollars. He alleges
that the revenue, after this reduction shall
have been made, will be sufficient to pay the
expenses of tho Government, besides leaving a
large sum to be applied to the public debt.
Brig. Gen. Duncan will assume command of
all tho colored troops in the vicinity of Wash-:
In making up the statistics of the Treasury
Department, the fact is discovered, that in the
fiscal years ending June, respectively in 1862,
1803 and 1864, notwithstanding that vro had
over one million ot men in the field, and these
withdrawn froth labor, we exported to foreign
countries two aud three -quarters times more
wheat, and eight times more barn and bacon
than in 1858, 1859 and 18C0.
Nearly all of tho privates in the Veteran Re
serve Corps have voted under tbe late order, of
the War Department to leave the service, and
all in one regiment bavo been mustered out ex
cept four men. A large number of the officers,
however, remain in tlie service. Most of them
are utterly incapacitated from following the pur
suit of their former business avocations as found
from the official reports now coming to the
War Department and other sources. These,
of course, desire to remain in tho service, and
in order to make place for them in the regular
army, it it enaii ue determined to merge vet
eran reserves into that organization, an act is
proposed to be submitted to Congress, to bo
enacted into a law,, which will provide for the
admission of the veteran reserve officers and
to retain their present grade and rank a near
as can be upon a certificate, from a Board of
examiners, ot competency ana ntness tor tneir
positions.'- 'h;is iHKH?rira a secretary
of War favors this plan.
Capt. S. L. Phelps, of Ohio, tor twenty-live
years past of the.U. S. navy, was ou Saturday
appointed by the Postmaster General a special
agent tor tuo Ciovernrnent, to accompany me
Pacific mail steamers., under the contract a few
weeks ago entered into, aud look to the inter
ests of the United States in the execution of
the agreement between the Mail Company and
the Government. uapUin rneips win leave
Boston on the Gth of December for England,
thence to China, and return by., the; Pacific
The Tribuhe's ''Washington dispatch says;
W.hen the warr-epded, in April last, the Gov
ernment owned-and used for 'military purposes
330 locomotives, 4,000 cars and 10,000 tons of
iron. All the locomotives have now been sold
kbtit-32and there are about 1,000 cars yet in
hand. Some have been sold lor cash at auc
tion and some ou six months and two years'
time to Southern railroads. All will be sold
befeVe January 1st
The Commissioner of Internal Revenue has
received a cottmunication from .sexeral pro
prietors of soda water fountains, remonstrating
against tho tax of six per cent, levied according
to law on all mntilactures of such "beverage.
They claim that as ti:ey do not charge their
fountains with carbonic acid gs, : they : are not
liable to tax, and ask that the'araouut already
levied bo remitted. The Commissioner has re
plied lo Uie eifect that they cannot bo exempt
from the specified tax ot six per cent., and that
whether .thpy. rbuy their fouwtaius already
charged, or hire a person ufcliarge them, they
are regarded as manufacturers or producers.
Tho World's special, speaking of the trial of
the Stonewall lor the edification ol'the Farra
gut Court Martial, says : Her speed was ten
miies an hour; which Ts by ni means her max
imum. She seemed to bo very formidable.
Her ram projected twenty-five feet from her
bow, aud lies eight feet under water.' ''
After the trial was completed, the general
impression seemed to be thafCommodorfc Cra
ven exercised a sound discretion iri not attack- .
higher. Had the Niagara's guns failed to
have made any " impression' orf- the four inch
plating of the Stonewall, ,he result would prob
ably have been tlie sinking ol the Niagara by
the Stone wirli's: ram; " '
The Stone waJl is to be hujedjiito the stream,
and-annf of tlie Niagara's cahbre is to be fired
at her at adistance approximating that between
her arid the. Niagara at the time. Cotnmoilore
Craven declined to attack her. :: :
New York, N0v.uH Tho ' Herald's" dis
patch Bay3 til petition, signed-by vamvy lead:
ing New York merchants and importers,
recommending. -the- appointment of- llihry C.
Snlytbo, of the CuntralNajieoal Hank, to tho
Collectorship, was on yesterday proseuted. to
the'Seeretary-ot -tli-Trei9wrybytetion
on behalf of the signetsami wa:y theSec
rotary, referred to the Prosideut for his cCjnsid-
eratuVn. , .', , '
' The Herald's .Charleston, S, C;, correspond
ent says : . Brig. Gen. James Beechor Cowdy,:
of the second sub-district of SoHth -XJarohna,
writing from Granville. S. C, to the New.-?, of
this city, substantially denies that ther is auy
truth in the reported insurroctiun in the Barn
well district. Tho report grow out of the kill
ing of ruffian uameo ilcKew, a planter, of
Hamburg, by a negroboy.it is supposed, whom
McKew had whipped aud badly cut up with a
knife. " ' '. V 1
Tho World's Wa-hington special says Gen.
Grant received a telegram yasterday from Gen
Logan, who is.at Ids homo iu Illinois He
states that he will be in Washington about the
1st of December, when he will decide what
con rse he Will pursue respecting the Mexican
mission. Before this iulortnutipn was received
a coTiimutncatiott was sent hkn from the De
parluiunt of;JS,tato, desiring to. know at once
whether he accepted the appointment ., or ot.
. Nkw. York,. Nov. 37. -The Forf Dehiware
correspondent of the Herald says that ex-Governor
Luboock was iCieased last Friday morn
ing, leaving .that rebel reformatory institution
asAhorongh a Unioff'man ok he was formerly a
rebel. -
Boat to be Seized by Internal Revenue
LouiSViLLt, Nov."i27. Gen. BrUbiu'a col
ored brigade left yesterday for Helena, Ark. ,:
Tho collector of internal revenue ha re
ceived a dispatch from Cincinnati to seize a
boat with three thousand barrels of - Oil en
route for St. Louis, on its arrival hero.
Suspicions that Preston Kins- is All-re
Death from the "St. John' Explo
sion Rerschell T Johnson In Wash
ington Colfax Speech. Cholera In
Now York Mexican Rumors Secre
tary ItlcCnlloeh's Policy Gen. Elliott
Pardoned Freedmen to Vacate Re
stored Lands A Meetlnsr of Colored
Troops IV. T. Roughs In Savannah
Discharged Colored Troops taking up
Government Lands The West India
Squadron to be Increased Rev. Sella
Martin and English Abolitionists.
New TpKK, Nov. 27 The Commercials
Washington special contains the following : l'A
well known contributor to the press is not the
only New Yorker who believes that the Col
lector of your port still lives, and that a method
in his madness enabled Lim. successfully to de
ceive his friends and the public. A lady
whose husband occupies, high political rank
has written a most ingenious paper on the sub
ject and forwarded it here under injunctions of
strict secresy. She desires to prove that Mr.
King, if unmolested in a retreat which he pro
vided for himself, will in a lew weeks recover
reason. Improbable a this may seem at first
sight, the theory is supported by some curious
facts not' generally known.
New York, Nor. 21. -Mary K. Cunning
ham, who was on board tho steamer St. John
whoa the . explosion occurred, a ew weeks
ago,' died' last evening In consequence of the
Injuries she received by scalding.
The Commercial's Washington dispatch says:
Hcrschell ' V. Johnson, of Georgia, arrived in
Washington this morning. Ho brings favora
ble accounts of tho return of the Union senti
ment of the people.
" The Chronicle to-day contain an article
representing ex Speaker Colfax as lutt iug en
dorsod tho President's policy. This is the con
struction that tho friends of Mr. Colfax seek to
put upon his speech. .,,,. ,
Nkw Yohk, Nov. 21. 11 is reported that a
case of eijolcra has occurred on Greenwich
stre..t in this city.
Wall struct is dull, and there is but little
speculative feeling.
The news from Mexico is variously interpre
ted. With the near approach of tho meeting
of Congress, the conflicting rumors as to Mr.
McCuiloch's policy aud tho alleged fact
that some buyers aro unable to meet their
Uiirty-day bill forgoods here, tends to increase
the uncertainly. ''
Steamer Constitution from Savannah, 23d,
has arrived. The Savannah Herald states
Gen. Giltnore has obtained pardon for the rebel
Gen. Elliot who defended l'ort Sumpter
against him. .
An order is printed in the Herald cautioning
children of white persons in Savaunah to re
frain from stoning aud maltreating children of
Freedmen occupying !aads which have been
restored to lonncr owners are also notified to
remove before the 20th of December.
Mutiny occurred in tho 5th rczimout colored
troops at Jacksonville, Fla., .in quelling which
the Xiicut. Colonel was shot in the hand, and
several of the mrtiuccrs wounded.
Eight roughs who lately arrived at Savannah
among the ltorer sHipp d from New York to
work oil railroads, garroted a Mr. Cordes in his
own store in bavauuah, and robbed the store.
sion at Macou. ilev. Mr. Cutter has arrived
at Savaunah.
New,Youk, Nov. 21. The Tribuue's special
says large quantities of Government lands are
being taken up aud settled upon by soldiers
dis.:hargod from disbanded colored regiments.
The World's special says tho West India
squadron is to be increased by adding six ad
ditional vessel, aud is to bo under command
of Commodore Palmer. The war steamers
Rhode Island and Swatosa are two of the ves
sels that have already been selected. They
will keep vigilant watch . upon ail'airs in the
Gulf of 'Mexico.'"
New Yohk, Nov. 27. Cotton dull and un
changed, at 52j53c for middling.
New York, Nov. 27. Only two days have
elapaed since the deposits of gold for certifi
cates commenced at the U. S. Treasury in this
city, and during the ten days S6679,C80 worth
of certificates have been issued.' !In the same
period the redemptions only reach 1,284,000.
The twenty dollar certificates have only been
issued three days.
A colored clergyman, Rev. Sella Martin:
gave the result of his mission to England to ob
tain aid fortlie suffering freedmen ot the South,
at the Shiloah Presbyterian Church, last even
ing, lie had ' succeeded in collecting about
$00,000, but t'.iougbt that tho freedmen must
rely chiefly ou tlie contributions of tho North
for reh'ef."' He found much sympathy among
prominent Englishmen, but a geueral unwil
lingness to contribute pecuniarily, from a fear
lest thcy; might be considered as impertinently
interfering with our domestic concerns. -
New Yohk, Nov. 27. In the Superior
Coyrt . to-day aa action .was .brought by Mrs.
Arm'!Curran- against tlie Warren Chemical and
Manufacturing Co. to rocover $5000 for the
death of her. son, which it is alleged was
caused by his Inhaling carbonic acid while in
their emplo'. Tho case was not concluded.
Tha Post's Washington special dispatch says
the fflcers of the Treasury Department have
seized a counterfeit plaie of the 1 0-40 bond ol
tho denomination of . five hundred dollars, so
well executed that the spurious notes would
'lia-e been difficult of detection.
. . Gen. . Grant startedou his .Southern tour
this morning. ... x . ..- ,
Eleven hundred dollars have been paid the
widow of Lewis Washington, a rebel officer,
in compensation for household furniture seized
and sold during the war.
Later Meilan-ews-Napoleon gives
Maximilian a Klotvlt8T np.
Wasuinutox, Nov. 27. The Washington
correspondent of tho Herald says advices from
Mexico "state'" that tlie Mexican Cabinet have
adopted a resolution to fortify tho frontier
and that Marshal Bawiinb had already com
menced so doing. A letter had been received
by Maximilian from Napoleon, in which the
latter rebukes the former for lack of energy.
The Paris correspondent of the Herald says
that one of the editors of the Dublin "Irish
Peopie," and one hundred other Irish re.'ugees
had fled to that citv. They assert that the
5 ftral move of tho Femans is to capture Canada.
Latest from Mexlco-Maxlmlllan's Pow
er Dally Lessening The Empress at
Yucatan Tilings in Matamorss
Texas Items.
. New OtttKAXs. Nov. 27. The Times' has ad
vices rrpnvVei;t;n to tho;14ih. Everything
Is unsettled in -'Mexico, general -distrust pre
vails and business paralyzed. Maximilliau's
power '13 daily. )s4bn)ng.: Puebla has been
.selected as the general furnishing quartets for
the imperial armv aud is strongly garrisonod by
Austrians. Thcri-rnids are -'-unsafe, robberies
being hourly committed. Tha country is iu a
dcplorablo state, no business or security hi
anythiug. . .
Orizaba has beeu strongly fortified anticipa
ting a Liberal attack. ' Cordova has been
abandoned '.-o.nd all. waf materials removed to
the interior. -,t,i--.:
.... Judite Pcrk'wi&i ' 'Oen, Price a.nd othors, arc
samruiue of tho.-. success of their -colonization
,fheEpre started foT-fhcatanunaceora-'pauied
by Maximilian, v'bo follows in January.
The reception of the Empress along the route
was quite tarne, except at Vera Cruz, where
the demonstrations were somewhat grand.
She would depart cn the 15th for Yucatan.
Fourteen hundred reinforcements arrived at
YeraCruzon the 12th. More are looked for.
The Liberals are actively collecting at all
Galveston dates of the 25th report tho arri
val of the steamer Clinton, from the Rio
Grande, with a large number of white and
black troops, homeward bound.
Passengers four days from Matamoras state
that the Liberals, about 2,f00 strong, had en
camped ten miles above Matamoras. Tho gar
rison consists of about 1,700 regulars. Somo
volunteer citizens and a detachment of f0 mu
rines are said to have been so nt from French
men-of-war. Two or three such vessels are
reported at the mouth of tlie River Euperator,
with the Imperialists. No other reinforce
ments had arrived by sea. The Government
forces were supposed to be ample to defend the
city, but insufficient to keep away besiegers.
The Clinton brought tho 28th Hce., Indiana
Colored Infantry, ln corpus Chncti. The
citizens of Liberty county, Texas, havo pe
titioned Gov. Hamblcion to organize a militia
force to suppress an anticipated insurrection of
tho negroes, who openly avow the right to
division of property and rofuso to accept any
terms of hire. The Chief Justice of the county
had been threatened with death.
Col. E. II. Epperson of Texa, has gono to
Washington to complain of the corrupt condi
tion of officials and the unwarranted assump
tion of power by the Provost Marshal and
Freedmens' Bureau.
Total stock of Cotton in Onlvoston and
Houston, 32,000 bales. Weekly receipts nine
to ten thousand.
Death of lleflVron while on Trial 1
Court.lartUl Frank Unrlr the
irinrderer of Cien. lU-Cook, to be Exe
cuted. NAHimLLB, Nov. 27. Tho court-martin 1
assembled yesferday for tho trial of William
Hcffrom adjourned to 10 A.M. to day. Yes
terday Mr. Hefrron died at noon.
Yesterday Frank Guerly, murderer of Gmi.
R. M'Cook, reafehed here from Huntsvllle.
Last night Oen. R. W. Johnson, acting uj
ordon from tho War Department, returned tho
prisoccr to HunUvtlle, where ho will be exe
cuted on Friday next.
Adams Kxpress Co. oAr $1,000 Its-M-strtf
for Arrest of St. L. Iod(r.
CiMfiKXATl, Nov. 27. The Admns Kf prow
OompunT, through their Bnperintondeiit at
Cincinnati, offer a reward of $1,000 tor the nr.
rent nnd holding of Rudolph L. Dudgo, who
eseapod from jail at Vicksbnrn, Miss., on the
uiK'lit of the Ctti iut., where he was lu-Id on
tlie charjro of robbing the Company, Dodgo
U 5 feet 8 Inches hi helghth, stout built, durk
brown hair, dark coinplexion, Jwuvy black
moustacho, blue eyes, pleasant address. Vn
rents reside ut Portland, Me. Ho In a wife
iu CUIcugo,
i'lro at Meadvills !.
But-VALO, Nov. 27. A very dlnaslrous lire
occurred at Moadville. Pa,, vestordav. Aa
entire block of wood building on Notre and
ijock Ktroets wan UeMtroyea, occuuted bv nohio
The loss is estimated at from $15,000 to 820,-
000. Klovon stores, several tnilltucy shotw.
and tho Journal printing olllco were dftxtroyod.
It is supposed to be tho work of an lucendiaty.
Insurance small.
Offlaially Published in the Newspa
per having the Largest
in the Post-twice at Cairo, III., oh the
- 58Tth clay of November, 1h5.
AUBEKV Julin F 2 Anderson Clms
Abacoct Clms Allen M
Ariustrontt cant A J
Adams Chan
lUssett Or M F
Mount .liimcst 11 2
UeniiHtt Johli S
liuwlcs Frank 2
Mack Ailam
Utirrucker AUaiu
BIIOWN lr M L Hrcnnon Mark A
Beao L llutler Jos
Bonis Jordan Britten Juelelr
Bryant Harry O " Lann
Uergva Dennis Uuriueisten Carl
Boon A W Britll' A J
Blue Nyrus
Conley Patrick
Cowan John A 2
CnniiliiKHftm Wig Culucr Waltur
Cooley UU1' Coiigiitou UaliU'l
CerusJuhn t!ozzens Jolin (I
Chiles John Cainiialt Iter J V
Oulaway Henry 2 Coylc Kdwunl
Coffee J 1)
Cook John
CuuniDirliam II
Ctiapinmi F s)
Cvoke Unas 11
Campbell C J
Cromwell Alex
Clayton A IJ
Callaghao Wui
Dameron i Calil- Dxenyolsnsky Aug
Davidson Francis M well
Orurn Stephen DavU Tom
KVKKKTT Carlos Evans C C 2
FLAHERTY Dan'l Frame P i -Fox
James - Karri u N M
Fay B.vlrester C 2 Fleashner Thos
(iKKENE Lt A J Uultiing Mr
(.rioss C Oooilley Henry
Garner Y X Gayee Wm
IMtvards Jos
Furlong Eun'd P 2
. Foley Patrick
. Flood Thos 11
ftreen Christopher
tli idley S K
HENDfcKSOX R ,M Hurley Jliohal Ilak'li J l
UolTuian Phillip Ja-Uailcroft John II HWki J AI
cod lletiller capt John Hewett James C I
Hauiias Jolin C Harris Jrry 2 IlauifanJJ
Huntingdon Fred Humphrey Bev E Henry Belter
O , . . 1 Hamilton O
Hooper Ernest. llolilren Eiltnonil Hiil Thus ft
JONKS Adolphus Jackson Duff Johiison (,'lmriey
Johnston t W Jenkuison 1 11
Jones Lewis B
Joyce Patrick
KOOYN1SR Uott- Keehler John O
leib Kinney Win
LASHEL Geo A Lewis James A
Kelley John F
Kirhy Wm
Lisloa Michael 2
Loudon V .!
McUee Willie
Latt3 Jamuel
l.oispeich Willie
Maxwell W
Murphy Lieut W
Morrison S A
McC4l.il! P
Maxwiii capt O II Monaghan Patrick Martin .1 uliu N
Mongan Lieut M Manly John Myers Joel
Mason Jaines W 2 Myers Jonas . McKumle llemyM
Marty G Milder Chas .Me.Mdlan David
Mctiee Lieut C C Morris Daniel .Myers Daniel 2
Moeyers Mr
SASH Chas A Xeal Marcelt
O'HA.M.ON' Lujihlin
Phillips & co
Peck Edward C
Phillips Joseph
Polls MJ
Pierce ii A
Packard John A
Pevul Wm H
Kiiev John
Patters, ui James
Peai ce M M
Rollins i Unmbold I
iteno Julius Byau liahau
Kohae l'rcdk
Uutlieruoll U Smith - -
STAFFARU W S 2 Schiney Phillip
Sternberg S
sulivan Thos
Scribuer T T Sraitt Turn M
bliaimon Thomus Stpnns Thos J
Stanley lt E
Stall'ord Sanmel Burke Scott Thos
Soielman N M Sadier Mr Seencer A Kelloez
Smith Arthur " Sella D M Smith Chas
Scwes Kev II daggers J no P Mroeter James
Stephen & Warner Sulsor Jos G Sheridan John
TUOKMY Jolin Trour E P Tistadt Clias
Towers Michael Towers Maitiu Trice Tout
W B Wilkersou master M lUiams Ark
Wells k Trump- Alex Whitcouib 11 R 2
hour i Washington Henry Welty James It 2
Whitney Jos Wilson John Walni.-ley Jos
Willard Lucien W Williams .n Rich'd Vikin b L
Wescoat O P Williamson A co S
YOUNti Ja C Young Antbane
To obtain any of these letters the applicant must r nil
for " ADVERTISED LETTERS," give tlie date of the list
aud pay two cents for advertising.
" If not called for in one month they will be sent to the
Dead Letter ortioe.
" Place the ostage stamp on the upper right-hand cor
ner and leave space between the stamp aud direction for
post-marking without interfering witli the writing.
"N. B. A request for the return of letters to tlie writer,
if unclaimed within thirty days or lesa.jwritten pr print,
ed, with the writer's name, Post OUice and Mate,- across
the left-hand end of tiie envelope ou tlie face side, will lie
complied with at the usual ur prepaid rate of postage,
payable when the letter is delivered to the writer." Sec.
2S, Law of LstW.
The OlHce will be open from 8 a. m. to 9 a. iu. on Hue
days. JAMES C. SLOO, P. M.
AS ! A ! ! GAS ! 1
The Directors of the
Haye fixed the price of Gas at $3 50, and Government
Tax per thousand, cubic feet, mak ug tlie total cost of tins
$) 8U wet thousand cubic feet,
This is the cheapest, safest, clearest and best lig t that
can ba used. 8. S t AATS TAYLOR, Pres't .
Dvio J. Baker, Jr., Sec'y. nnv'iSdtf
Merchants and People's Lino.
Tlie nnrlraltcil and swift running pawn fJCr
sr steamer', oSIiaaaJ
W!LJ"7? ?,f. .the hny nil B" IntormHttl ports
thstoSn Nov. mm,, on .rrlvsl of
For freight or pnmngn n.pjr on bosrd ,,r to
noy28,12t Oen'l Ag't, lower Wnurfhost.
.sL Ol vliK ANH
Merchants' and Pooplo's Lino.
stesiner''' snd romajidIu pa-nen-r JtJ
m'l)Z'J'?Jte!&',l.MA Nil Intsrmedlsts oK on
Ti;eSpAr LVKNINO, Nor 2Bti, on sjrlvsl of the Irsln
For freight or fsstitK spply on hosrd or in
tioraCVVit 0ii'l Aii's Lower Wsrrtt.
The Independent Arab Fire Co.
Wll.l. UK HHI.0
KOV. 28th, 20th AND 80th.
Klttonhouso & Hanny's Now Buil
dinfj. oornor ttth t, and
Commercial Ay.
UUtlio litteriMnii u( Urn Vnm,My to flvs tlis mflt
Hewnt ef)trtitlii,U,t t t4 tM(t ttm .miVi i
Lniru wxrWtvut Invltwl t mHuwI, l ri iwlns r.
iMnM slisll tm siisrml to nmli the sitnlr s flr.t I'lsssims
In nil iiHrlluuIsm,
A iutHH nimitwr of the Is4Im of Cntrn Ui klmllr vs.
untomil tlielr siNnstNiitfo, snil r mskiny iireimritiUiiM
UMIIMkS tti HtrtHiuuiHt simusIuv suit sitrill In
tl MglnUdintmt,
IrT-s l'tiui)fiirs- If nn i.HiIiih sl-
And on tha llrst evening tlwiri m III U Mimical KmmIm
hy tli ht talent In ih cily.
On '.y ccui eVKIllliu titer will hu ft teiie i,t
IMIi Ix'ttnllnil nnd lut( renting, and sn vd'tre hy
I'll, .ins, X, McDoVVKM,,
Who bus kindly volutitesied for Uw oeMsloii,
On the third tit vnliiK the prUi-i In the
Connected with Hie FeatUal will t drawn,
mnprio Tickets of Admission,.,. ... , ...CO ctnts.
Season Tlckws, mliiillf.iin the holder at Sliy tliw, nnS
(food for every day, , fUK)
W. 11, MOKIMH.
woon luiTKNiiorsi:,
M. V, YOt'NU,
j. , ii r; ai.t,
Notice U hereby given that IMnJatiiln V. Turner, Ad
ministrator of tliu falate of William L. Davis, deceaeed,
In behalf of herseir and others concerned, has filed a
libel In the District Court of the I'nlted fttstes, for the
Southern Ul.itrlct of HUnols, iiKaln.it the steamer (leu.
eral Pillow, claiming ownership h reof, and that pro
cess and monition ot said Court lias been issued In the
words and llgures following :
Roi'THKitaDiMTUiCT or Illinois. fB3"
To the Marshal of Ilia Soullieru .District of Illinois
OreetliiK :
Whereas, a libel lias been Hied In the District Court of
the I'nitsd Mates, in and for the Southern DUtrlct of Illi
nois, on the seventeenth day of November, In the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred a.nd sixty-live, by
Benjamin V. Turner, Administrator of the eatnte of Wil
liam L Davis, d-.-ceased, In behalf uf himself and all
others concerned, against the steamer General Pillow,
for reasons anil causes in said libel mentioned, mid pray
ing the u.suhI proecsk and monitum uf the said Court in
that behalf to he mad, and tli t all persons having or
pretending to have any right, title or Interest there n,
may be cited to appear, and auseer, all u.ul singular,
tlie matler In said libel articulately propounded, and
that this Court would be pleased t prouounee fr ths U
bellant as alleged in said libel, besides coals of tuit : You
are therefore commanded to attach the said steamer lien,
eral Pillow, and to detulu tlie same la your custody un.
til t .e further order of this Court respecting the same; and
to give notice, by publication in the Illinois ritatu Uegis.
ter, for fumWen days (.reviom to, the1 ilay of trial, and
by notice posted up in the moat public manner, for the
space of fourteen' days, at or near tlie place of trial of
such seizure and libel, to all persons claiming the said
steamer fleni ral Pillow, or kuowiug or having any thing
to say why thfj Court should not pronounce against Dip
same, art-nrdlng to tlie prayer of the said libel, and that
they be and appear before the suid Court, to be held in
arol f.,r the .Southern District of Illinois, at the I'uited
States Court Uoom, in the city of Springfield, In aaid
District, on the llrst Monday In Decenilvr next. If that
be a day of jurisdiction, if not, Jliru on the iirst day of
jurisuietlon thereafter, at 10 o'clock iu the rrenoou of
that day, then and there tu Interpose a claim of the same
and to make their allegation In that behalf.
And what you shall have done In the premises do yu
men aim mere mKKe ro urn, together with this writ
Witness, the ilonoraole .Samuel H. Treat,
Judge of said Court, this eerentrenth day
of Novemlierj In the year of our Lord one
thousand eigi t liiin.lre.l it,l i.ty.tlye.and
of oar Indepeudetice the ninetieth V. nr.
(IEO. P. KDWK.N. Vlork.
, All persons are cautioned trout purchasing said vessel
at any salt, ami uotiiied that in vase the same is awar
ded by deoiee to the lloellaiit, she wilt be seised by the
Marshall and dfl!iercd to said libellaot.
nov20dtf . . Proctors. .
Having this day entered Into a partnership for the prac
tice of Medicine, tender their professional services to
the public of Cairo and vicinity.
OrriOK : iii Commercial Avenue, between 7th and 8th
Sts. Otlioa hours : From 11 to 1'.' a. iu., and from f to 4
p.m. Oct'Aidly
JVo. .10 and 82 Vine St.,
Makes the greatest cures ever heard of, and in the
hoitest line osible, he being the discoverer of the
only VEGETABLE Remedies that will eradicate all
traces of Venereal Disease from the system. Syphilis.
Gonorrhea, (elect, Strictures, Mercurial Affections and
diseases of the skin yield immediately to his Great Vege
table UoniediKS. By his long experience, h is enabled to
guarantee a cure in the worst cases; recent cases of Gon
orrhea and Syphilis positively cured iu a few days. H
does not confine his practice to the treatment of Venereal
Affections, but it is as general as that of any other physi
cian; all female complaints and obstructions cured lu a j
short time. The utmos tsecrecy can be depeuden on, and
those desirous of consulting him by mall can do so by
enclosing stump.
Dr. Kobannan's " Treatise on Venereal Diseases," which
so fully describes all the symptoms uf Disease, so Ms to
leave no room for doubt. Sent (tee toany address. .Di
rect Dll. 0. A. BOUANNAS,
Nc.3. 40 and &2 Vine street, St. Louis, Mo.
J- GS-oo. HteinhuiiNO
Is now permanently ensooneeu in the barber shop of tha
St. Charles Hotel, and prepai ed to cut the hair or shave
the cheek of auy gentleman, who desires either doue, eel.
entiflcally. T"rrm HKnorl7-tf
Corner of Dauphin it Ii mil ton Btt.
TIIK 1,HUVr ttHrkV
fly one third thsn any irsvell'mx 'Ids mm : h 'k
tlT" tt Will satltfy rerttadr (
It has Hi r Lady KMf n hmf
It hasflMi nt ttnprt',
It Km U Nett irtek Htsm
IT IfA 1t UU V.
!tisl BiJf CSMKlL'tt
It has PAftKr.a. '
it iss" WOH, IkXi ': "
Will KXfffHfT 1 Wmi. aofll nHn w
walh It will f i io Orlnafi. afd It m, 1,1tt-i
'"I" alll M'MU a (ittti nfr4
aIll tlae take file. wt
AdinlMnn 7nen( lwrr4 Dai fl ed1.fa V
it. Two Perffinaof( Alutm h V - ,
Krfilnf alTe'i l'.sk
AOraodanl l(tite,t1o PfocVo will
II n'tilm'M tltroNtfh llm tni. itt wMti M
aptwaronhorsehaeki alwr, the tr1nn-t, eVtM in
heautlfol (toman Vimittnti, ftedf hf the mH
7llrlHiid t'hart'it, with the (!((,of 'i-ofi ti-n
laiM, rtrs in pr1d tt4 iti i tt'mm, !'
mm of ih greatest orl slfls la A"fl- p f.f
Ideiitlsal t arrlsxe whl'th bttmtti 't.-;
Vlctnrla, sod was Hd t tt Mmit far h Ctr o.r1 it
Kent. IM.fhef of the tf l'fi, In the Orenf r'w'OM.
which niwaii pa s Wm Meihiiwt Pie-
Jmnwn' Vnth, I " the ll'iie n l'fAKm,, if H-f tfi
e)jr K " ffuff fur Ui laoiifuleefwev,. t
enriiuKe Utile reOUln artlele, ao4 hM eef heea
hlhllxl to I he buhlle In Amerlea hff M It
wa hrnuMht dlreet Itmn ttim here, it$tM Mw4e
lo "ttlM prdl'0 t hflt.s It tmt nt ,hl4, Me
w at lt aeeidlshel at a eoel ui mt a tU"
Itjr order of fhe
Tlie ssle of r.t.el advnrtlsxil fr I lie VHU h,t t,f
order of Navy lli-parttnent,
Tho sale for all of the above will Ink pie el "
Navy Vaid, Mound City, III , mi lite T'lU lr, , .
nicncliig at Id A . M., end IIm f.'lowlo -' I
udile.1, vlsi the tan eplendiil e,ar At f Xl.t l( evl
Vi.NDICATOK. e.eil.il t. I, ..., l t:. I
Iron-clad GiinlMHtis, ,
I'l'i'THllL'IM II, t'AI!'i. .,,t'. l!,T'i',
Morxn city, j.ori-'.vri.i.i , ;-" .,
CUILLICOTIII" iit.;l n.Al!:;.
The frou Ila)litr l novr Nflnsj (
innvtd front tli (innhttata
ml will be
Siil.il $ piirni' oil fM mini''. tli.
There will be offered for ole si
t'nder dliecfli.n of lb- Cnnrnsn If"', "-ii
WednesniJa, Nov. 29t,h. 1835
Cmiiim iirin;,' lit. lit ii'clm'k, a, in., fit the
XT. S. TSJnvnl Sini'um,
The follmiliiK
And other vessel 4, lately couipnlu(; a portion t4 II
I I i i .1 I r J
I. I. -1
General Pillow.
Great Western.
Little Rebel....
R.-d Rover
Ti'.srumbia. . . , .
Mound City ...
Chtllicolhc.... .
Terms 5 per Cent on day of sale, balance In six days.
Together with their engines, tackle and furniture.
Five (.") per cant, of the purchase inouey tx oVfwe
Ited at time of sale, ami the balance within sit )
days thereafter,
BUN of sale will be given by the ComiaaDdaot ("f lb
Navy Department.
Dimensions not given above will be furnished ai th
thne of sale.
About 'i,595 fa thw me rlialsa rsthle,
from i to inch; also
novll-td U. 8. Nsral AtHtlon Mound Chr. III..
i3 Gr. ciis-i3-rViSr
Auctioneer and fifRcral AmU
Offers Ids services to all who may need them, in tMs ssnf
adJoinliiR States. Will attend toall out-nf-dovt Rule,
and receive, store, aud sell on conlgnnieul.
Orders addressed to Urswer 1, IV., Cairo Foet Otftee,
Willi be promptly attendee! In. i4 1--.rif
, 1 mm r
i! v IB-; 1 i-'iiVf?!' I'?.?
, :- I ;H; ' ;'
J !! . !..! ,L'-
r.Vl l-w'i s: '' :V rW !. .,
I hi ,V 17. 1 I Hi mi I in 1 1 m t
,j us ..lUa. f- i i4! .
, . I 2,'xi' ..No ift. I 7' ;' ' 1
'. !:!'. jf":..', i " '
,.! i Ks, i:i.t; .., 1 t i . !' , 1 ' . .
r.ji IT.'.!.. .V 4 7 H '...
.. . J'""; si 'i . ; 'XI 1 1 T
..I l-l ..' 41 , , d, it : 6
.. 8ltl!."41 ! . Ixw i
. IT-! 6 trl .. . 1
..i 111 W .. , Ixw
.. lsi.j.Tft . , 1 . ;
17' 10V , ; i
.. I7: a 'jw ' e !
isl Q, rs 't to -m . ;
l.Vi .. !. W l . 4;
.. mL.iK. Ji. !..

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