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Tin circulation of the Dailt Times is note wimcA
larger Via that of all the other Cairo papers corn
lined, and it is constantly incnatiua.
By virtue of IU circulation In the city, and In accord
knee with the law of Congress requiring the "Letter
Usf," to be published In the paper having the largest
olroulatlon within the range of the local Postoffice the
TniM hai been awarded the printing of the Post-office
Peparunent as the following communication will evl-
enC' Post OrricB, Caibo, July 10, 1965.
- Zb li. L. Goodall, Esq., Editor ami Publisher of
-We Osiro Daily Tin :n
8111, Your paper has again been selected In which to
publish the " Letter List" of this office, on the ground
of lis having a targ r circulation than any other paper
WlUilu the delivery of the Cairo Post offloe. You are
authorised to coutluue .the publication of said Letter
1 List as heretofore, on the terms and conditions as epec-
- ItWd in the Post OMoe law and Instructions.
J. C. BLOO, Postmaster,
s e
Pf Stcamboatmen are Informed that any Job Prlnt
. Ing Work, or Advertisements, left with our River Repor
ter, John McKee, or plaoed In his box at the wharf-boat,
111 receive prompt attentlen. r , .
One hundred copies of the Cairo Tmk re dally sent
to New York city, of which number, one Is placed upon
the flies of each of the following named hotels :
American HoUl,
Ashland House,
rlreviHirt House,
lley Sir et House,
Kvr Hou-e.
Fifth Avenue Hotel,
tUrant ll-uiv,
lniernatUm.il Hotel,
LaNia ItnUite,
lMWly' Hotel,
Mai iou U iue.
Moron' ts' ll -t- l,
NeW Yi'k Ifltwl,
Ore 11 Hot 1, .
I' f soot i house,
Bt NtuhnUa Motet,
Trvmui't House,
Wihlns; on Hotel,
We eru Hotel,
Astor House,
Urundrelh House.
Continental Hotel,
Karlo s Hotel,
Exchange Hotel,
Uratueicy fark Hotel,
Howard Hotel,
Irving House,
LafaoetM House,
Manhattan Hotel,
Monument House,
Northern Hotel,
Palmer House,
Koere House,
(t. Clair House,
Union Square Hotel,
Waverly House,
Peteler's Hotel.
jw Now Orleans Si earner Clra Dotsvn.
For NVw Orleans -Steam r Ltdy Gay.
Omiian Asvluui. iloo l.) -meeting at Mr. Roberts'
Notice Arab f-atlval, "(local).
E Red Jacket Bitters (I"') - Bennett rioters Co.,
Chicago. " Everybody takes Red Jacket flitters.
QI Gas I 3. Pubis Taylor, President Gas Co.
Plantation Bluer, etc. Dcmas ftarnet& Co., New
York. i '
" l.lst of Letters Cairo Post Office.
Steamer Little Rebel (local) Watson Brothers.
Government 8ale to-morrow (local) To-day's sale f
Ratlroad Iron port poned.
Six m Strkkt. This street is ho'.ng fust
Riled to the trade. In a few days it will pro
itont a fino appearance
Testh Strkkt. Tins street has been tilled
to the grado and tho sidowalka established. It
now presents a Hue appearance.
uTue Lirrix Reuel.'1 Parties are warned
against purchasinj? this boat at tho Uovcrament
ml to take pfce on the 20th inst Seo advertisement.-
!--.' - tdK
Major Pe Vassa The Major has generally
been reported dead, but a friend reports that
he saw him at Corry, Pa., the other day. Ho
is in 'the oil biz, and if ho gets well lubricated
will live a good while yet.
Tuk Tkw Cistern. The now cistern, ob
lotg, shallow and capacious, at tho junction of
Commercial Avenue and Sixth street, lias been
completed by Mr. Leach, the contractor. It is
a valuable improvement.
Cati'. I'ERSING. CapU Persing, Quarter
master at Columbus, Ky., called at our office
yesterday. The Captain has resigned his com-'
raissiou, but will remain at Columbus until' the
"ovcrnment affairs there are all taken oft".
New Scbscribkrs. Our thanks are due to
John Redmond, of the St. Charles Hotel, for
several new subscribers obtained by his cour
tesy and address. Such favors we know how
to appreciate. John.
Egyptian Llock. Workmen are now en
gaged in lowering the elevated pavement in
front of Egyptian Block to the level of the side
walk. This is a desirable improvement and
we are glad to see that it is to be accomplished.
Xotice. GentlemeD or ladies who have ar
ticles of any description, ; intended for salo or
exhibition at the - Arab Festival, are par
ticularly requested to send them to or leave
word at - the building corner of Sth street and
Commercial Avenue, before 4 o'clock, p."m.,
to-day. -: ' - It
"VVhen every other prescription has dis
appointed expectation, in cases where the ays.
turn is suffering from the effects of mineral
mud:c:nes, the powerful vegetable corrective,
Hail Jacket Bitten, will restore the tone of the
digestive apparafiis, quiet the nerves, and ar
rest'ilie aciion of the poison upon the secretive
-organs aud the blood. '. .
Mobile and Ohio Railroad. .Daily trains
will soon commence on this, road MadaT
Rumor says December 1st. The amount of
travel demauds this, and it would .sooner have
been, commenced, if the Company bad pos
sessed a fiutficieut number of cars. This will
give'our friends Capt. Parker and Cierk, Ma
son, additional trouble .. - - -
Thb New Toek Dry Goods Store. We de
sire to earnestly commend to the patronage of
our readers the New York Dry Goods Store of
which our friend Hugh Smith is proprietor.
He lias on hand one of the largest stocks, if
not the largest stock, of goods in this city, all
of the best quality and most fashionable styles.
Whoever cannot be pleased and satisfied at
this stoie must have an inconveniently fastid
ious taste.
Obphax AsYLCii. The citizens of Cairo
and all others who arc in favor of. founding
permanently an Orphan Asylum in the city of
Cairo, or its immediate vicinity, to be under
thcojiyre coufxoljoX the Protestant churches of
lUal-oitjr of Cairo -aiAl Alexander connry, II!.,
now established or which piay hereafter be es
tablished, are respectfully requested to meet at
the Church of the Rev. Mr. Roberts,, on Eighth
street between Washington Avenue and Wal
nut street, at 7 o'clock, this Tuesday eyening,
2Sihinst., to take into'consideration' the pro
priety of adopting measures to accomplish so
desirable an object. It
Street Filling. The street filling process,
wider the direction of Fox, Howard & Co., is
progressing hbw mo.st gratifyingly. During the
present month they will place fully 15,000
cubic jards ef earth ori ''-our streets anil ave
nues, and Dext month (having their new engine
to operate with) will be a vast improvement
upon the present. All the estimates, so far,
have been promptly paid. May we not hopo
that we can say the same for the f uture ? The
tax is unquestionably heavy, but it will be
returned four-fold by the completion of the
The disposition evinced by our tax payers,
so far, is just what it should bev and a con
tinuance of it is all that id required to carry
forward this great improvement most successfully
Personal. Hon. Emerson F.theriilge passed
through Cairo on last Sunday on his way to
Washington. He called at the Times offie.
Dan. Munn left tho city yesterday for Wash-
ing)on to spend several aays. We suppose
his object is to see the sights and witness the
assembling of Cougross.
Insurance. The Niagara and Ben. Stick-
ncy, recently lost, were both uninsured. They
belonged to tho Atlantic and Mississippi Steam
ship Company a Company that believes it
more profitable to run the risk of losses than
to insure Terhaps they continue to think so,
and perhaps after a few more losses, they will
think better of it.
rRKPAxasa to Remove. Rittonhouse &
Hauny are preparing to remove at an early day
iuto their new building, cornor of Commercial
avenuo and Eighth street They desire to
close out, at their old place of business, the
whole of their old stock, if possible, so as not
to pill old cloth into a new garment. They
will therefore sell very cheap, and great bar
gains can be had there this week. Go,
Amusements. Amusements do not prosper
much in Cairo just now. The stock company
at the Theatre could not got support enough to
hold it together. The Leslie- May benefit was
a heavy failure, and benefitted nobody. Last
night tho announcement that J. Birncy Mar
shall would give recitation draw a pretty re
spectable houso. It is doubtful whether a
good company couli secure permanent support
in Cairo. It is certain a poor company cannot.
Wo do not know what would draw good
houses, setting as.de) the first-class stars, unless,
perhaps, the old lady who runs the Gem saloon
could be induced to appear as a model artiste,
. The Levees. Very few of our citizens have
a proper idea of the 'magnitude of the work
now being performed by tho Cairo Property
Trustees, upon the protective embankments
encircling our city. A fore numbering about
one hundred and tweuty-five men and fifty
teams aro now at work upon the Mississippi
levee, aud will continue so long as the weather
will permit.
If any of our citizens have apprehensions as
to the efficiency of our levees in that quarter,
whether as to iiijrht or thickness, a view of
litem, as now being constructed, will certainly
dissipate all fears in the premises. They are
not only about six feet higher than tho crest of
the highest tiood ever known in this locality,
but present a thickness, oasy outside slope an d
general solidity that at once guarantees the
most perfect security.
The daily outlay by the Trustees on this por
tion of the levee will fall but little short of six
hundred dollars. The present large force has
already been engaged several months, and we
are., informed that " it is tho purpose of of the
Trustees to push the work vigorously until
completed. A few weeks more of fair weather,
and this will certainly be accomplished.
Tho work, or rather the force of laborers,
is under the control of P. Corcoran, Esq., au
old and skillful contractor, and when finished
will certainly bear proper testimony as to his
fitness for the position he Is occupying, .
Gaslight. Among the multitude of public
improvements which are at present under way
in our city, no one promises at ouce so groat
advantage to families in tho important desid
erata of health, comfort, convenience, safety,
and economy, as ; the introduction of gaslight,
and not only to families, bat to every one who
has occasion to use an artificial light and who
does not? The arrangements for affording this
cheap but invaluable luxury to every citizen
are now in process of rapid completion, and
we expect to announce the introduction
of gas as soon as the first of January
next We shall feel a thrill of joy and
pride when we can see the streets of this city
illuminated with gas and tlr.nk the occasion of
its introduction ought to be celebrated in
some appropriate manner.
We spoke of health as one of the things
which would be promoted by this improve
ment. Nothing so increases or aggravates all
diseases of the eye as tho use ot a poor artifi
cial light, and besides this, it is well known
that many of the oils in use are exceedingly
noxious, if not poisonous in their exhalations.
They require constant care, and there is no one
who uses them constantly but suffers from it.
Gas light is not liable to this objection.
We spoke of comfort. Who that ever has
enjoyed the luxury of working by gaslight will
not appreciate this poiLt 1
We spoke of convenience. This is a consid
eration which every housewife will especially
make note of. No long row of lamps to be
cleaned, "trimmed and tilled every morning
no growling on account of broken chimneys
no oil to be spilled on carpets no evils or loss
to be feared from carelessness of children or
servants in short, a whole train of annoyances
and troubles will disappear in a moment.
We spoke of safety. " When we did
this we referred not so much to the
cemmon dangers, of children setting their
clothes on fire.'of furniture aud dresses ruined
by oil and caudle drippings, as to the acci
dents by explosions often involving the loss of
life and often the destruction of large amounts
of property. The Canterbury Hall fire was
doubtless caused by the breaking of a kerosene
lamp. Powers1 livery stable was fired by the
ailing of a lighted candle. The St. Charles
Hotel and the Perry Honse were both in dan
ger the same night through tho bursting of
kerosene lamps. The last fire, on 7th street,
was caused in the same way. There is little
doubt that the general introduction of gas
would decrease the rates of insurance and save
We spoke lastly of economy. This with
most is the strongest point, and it certainly is
with the gas company. Tho price of this ma
terial Jias been fixed -at $3,50 per 1000 feet,
aad the government tax. " This will make tho
gross cost to consumers $3,80 per 1000 feot.
Now different burners consume difforpnt quan
tities, from three to eight feet per hour. The
ordinary burner consume? fiveieet per hour at
its fullest capacity, but Is seldom used at thai
rate. Estimating ius consumption however at
live feet per Lour it would use up a thous
and feet in just,, two hundred hours, at t
cost of one and one-eighth rtnls per hour.
When, we add to these opsidorations this one,
that one of these burners affords more and bet
tor light than three coal oil lamps, we think
the economy of gas light is demonstrated. It
now costs us more than two dollars per day
for the poor, unsafe, inconvenient and in every
respect unsatisfactory coal oil lights we use.
and we shall lose no time in supplying our
See with the better material. Already
some of the best buildings In the city have the
pipes all in, and work begins to crowd on the
dealers in gas fixtures and tho workmen who
put them up.
Apropos to the subject-matter of this article,
we would call the attention of our readers to
the advertisement of tho Gas Company to bo
found, in our columns, and als j to the adver
tisements of the various firms who supply fix
tures and attend to putt ing them in.
f ire. Just ns we wrm putting our paper to
press this morniug a fire broke out m thepld
Gatewood House, on-" Commercial Avenuo.
The building was ontirelv destroyed.
The Govkrkmknt Sale. Tho Government
sale of boats" and.-other 23Taval property-, on the
29th, is one of the last chances: : The Army
and Navy Joxrnixl sajs this will be the Kst
sale of boats It is a rare opportunity. Be
sides the boats, there will bo. Bold a large quan
tity of miscellaneous material, which is- speci
fied in tho advertisement. '
The Government sale of Railroad iron is
postponed until further notice. nov281t
The Medical Relief Society. This" Society
met at the office of Drs. Taggart & Castle yes
terday. There waa quite a large attendance of
indigent patients, white and colored, to Whom
relief suited to their various ailments were ad
ministered. The need of such provision as
these philanthropic physicians lhave' voluntar
ily undertaken to furnish is very manifest,- - and
undoubtedly .will become, more, so as their
efficiency, gsnerosity and professional skiH be
come known among the poor..-, They will not
only prescribe for the sick but perform neces
sary surgical operations whenever requisite
New'Lotioxs. We desire to call attention
to the advertisements in to-day's paper of two
new articles not before introduced to our read
ers ; the oue is the Aqude Magnolia, -a prepa--ration
for the toilet, manufactured from the
rich Southern magnolia, the delightful fra
grance of which any one who has ever known
can never lorget, and most especially welcome
any preparation which will afford, them the
subtile aroma in such form as to be useful for
tho toilet. '
The other article is ; likewise a preparation
from the magnolia, which seems . thus to
be achieving as .noble reputation
as a remedial agent as for its beauty and its
odor. We refer now to Ilagan s Magnolia
Balm, which is offered to our citizens as a val
uable cosmetic - It certainly must be: pleas
ant thing to try, aud since its effects are saia
to be cerum nna complete, rendering uie com
plexion fresh, transparent and smooth, it must
become very popular.
Drake's Plantation Bitters are so well known
and appreciated in this community for their
health-giving qualities, that any commendation
from our pen would be as superfluous &( earry
ing coals to Newcastle. They . arc for sale by
all druggisU. . . , ..- - .;;;
. . police Court.
B Shannessy, Presidixg. .
Four nhades of color, Annie "Jones, Piracy
Parker, Creesy Smith and Martha Corragan,
for mingling in such a manner as to disturb the
peace, were liued $5 each and costs. In de
fault they were committed for nine days.
The mate and watchman xf steamer. Colum
bian and two of the hands on the boat, were
fined $25 and perquisites.
Samuel Price, for actina; as a runner without
a license, and for conducting himself, offensive
ly, was Rued in all $15. He thoiurht it wasn't
tair, and appealed. ; t T
Hcnrv Bell, lor extra fighting, wa3 fined ?i'23
Pussy Parker had been allowed to go. a way
on parole to raise moncv to nav her hne. In
siead of doing this she ra sod a "row, indulged
in abusive language aud cUi'iL-'oc-d the. peace
some more. She was lined $10 this tinie-aml
iD defaul: sent up.
Paul Obissa, for seilini? liquor in his grocery
on Sunday, was fit:edjl and cosuu ' . -
Steamboat Regis cer.
Tuesday Morntnx 1: , . J
Oen. Anderson, Columbus
Belle St. Louis, Memphis
St. Cloud,
W. R. Carter, N O
Lizzie Gill, Sc. Louis
Victor No. 2 "
Plain City, Padueah
Leviathan, ft. Louis
Henry Von Phul, St. Louis
Iron City, "
Citiiiu "
Clara Dolsen "
Gen Anderson, Columbus
Belle St. Louis, St. Louis
W R Garter, bt. Louis
St. Cloud, Cincinnati
Main City, Padueah
Henry Von Phul, N O
Lizzie Gill
Iron City, Little Rock
Henrv Ames . "
Citizen, Pittsburg
Trebmometer A. M. M. P. M.
31 . 50-50
Fall In the last 43 hours, SI inches.
Corrected daily by A. F. Taylor, CUij Engineer
Items oj OargotH arriving and departing Vandl -lion
of Western Riven Weather and S'niiu
Boats Leaning To-day Boats Due Our 7 hank
Particnlar of the aiuk'vng of the Jfiagara-Capt .
Geo. Earnsitorth Caff rey Line. " ' .
. The Leviathan, Von Paul, Iron City, Glara Dolson
and Lizzie Gill had good trips, having added all they
wanted here.
- The St. Cloud had 849 bales cotton for Cincinnati.--. .
The Citizen and two barges she had in tow were Uden
with iron ore and hoops. , ; :. '
The Victor had a full load of Cairo, Mound City and
Southern freight.' Tne latter will be resliipped hers,
and she will return to St. Louis this morning.
The Carter had a good trip of assorted freight and 109
bales cotton for St. LoHia : - , r' . ,r .
Fob Evamsvillb. The fine steamer Charmer, Capt.
Lowth, is the regular packet for Evansvilie and all : In
termediate ports this evening on the arrival of the train.
Fob Memphis. The splendid and swift passenger
steamer Marile City, Capt. Jim Tschudi, is the regular
packet for Memphis and intermediate ports tbis evening
on arrival of the train . , .
Fob New O bleaks. The elegant and commodious
steamer Clara Dolson, G. P. Hamilton, master, will leave
for Vicksburg, Natchez, New Orleans, and all interme
diate points tbis evening on arrival of the train.
Fob New Obleass. The magnificent and fast running
steamer. Lady Gay, Capt. Jno. A. Williamson, will leave
for the above and all iutertneditte ports on Wednesday
morning, Nov. 29th, on arrival of the morning train -
Fob Oolcmbcs. The Gen. Anderson, Parker, master ,
eaves Cairo every day for Columbus, at 6 a. m. and 6 p.
m., on arrival of trains, and makes close connection
with the Mobile and Ohio railroad for Memphis, New Or
leans and Mobile., . .
Fob PADnoAB. The elegant steamer Plain City, Scott
master, leaves for Paiucah and lntennsdUte lauding s
very evening on arrival of the train, connecting with
packets at Padueah for Tennessee and ' Cumberland
The Mlsslsslpul.is'&irt on the decline & St. Louis, and
vue rivers aoove i nai port, as raras heard from, are
In the same situation. ; The. boats on the upper Missis
sippi are all making preparations to leave as soon as
possible, and prep are for winter. The Illinois is so tow
as to make It necessary for all the boats to tow barges,
being unable from the stage of water to earry any freight
themselves. : The Missouri has a moderate staj of water
considering the season of the year, but It is fast falling.
At.Vittsburg tbehiols aUilonary. witk three fwt
two inches In the channel; ' " '
Ths river Is also failing at Cliclnnati an 1 al the way
oat to Cairo. There is o ily four feet wu.- reported lm
thechanael, and asout five feet from LjuUvil ; to Cairo.
Here ths d .cl:n4 steady and ' at the rate ot atjoat
seven laches in twenty -four hoars. ' .
"- The weather is clear and. de IMful, wtlji heavy fo'a
and heavy frosts at night. ' it ", ' "' ,
Business Is quite brisk, u;l every sleautsr bound i
southward receives here as much freight as iie wj.nn i
The freight is received principi.ly,.frj.n .fie Ojio river
and railroad, allh-mba U cjiojs hue jtut our.
f the Mississippi from St.. Louii In ad trance of, and bV
particular boats, Our tliauks a?a due the oJIic-rs yf thji
Von Phul, Clara Dolson and Mcl'orter for lato papers
and manifests. J . . . , , f , , ,
Our old friend, the gigantic pilot, George Farnsworth,
who started OOt from Ciro from New Orietibs "to look
at the river," sosne weeks ago ' returned to 'the city
and;reportsuo usual "bad luck." He left here on the Hen
Stickney which sunk near the State Line, between Mis
souri and Arkansas, when 1.8. took another Wst and com
pleted the voyage to New Orleans. He there took voy .
age on the Niagara, and was again sunic by collision sith
the Post Boy last Friday night, fifteen miles above Hel
ena. It required five.steainers for him to make the round
He furnishes us with the following particulars of the
sinking of the Niagara: .That vessel was coming straight
up the river in her proper position, when the Post 1 Boy
was seen coming d jwn nd apparently in her proper
plai-e, which would have allowed the two steamers to
pass at a distance of some forty yards apart. When al
most opposite to each other the Post Boy suddenly turned
and ran across the river and struck the Niagara nearly
amidships, cuttin;; almost into her kelson, and earning
her to sink in little over one minute. There was no time
for tStrNissara to get out of the way, and she now lies1
"sunk isrher proper position, whleli wlH be positive proo1
against the pilots of the Post Boy.
So suddenly did the accident occur that nearly every
person- who was on -the main deck of the Niagara was
drowned, except a few who were awake and near stair
ways. One hundred and fifty colored soldiers were
drowned, and about fifty deck hands and firemen. The
mate has only been able'to find four men out of his whole
crew. Several of the deck passengers were rescued af
ter the boat sunk, by the suruivors cutting boles through
the cabin, floor. Only one cabin . passenger was drown
od, and he lost his life by jumping ovtrboard in a fright.
Mr. Farnsworth says that he came through the cabin
just as the Niagara was going down, and shU never for
get the awful shrieks and cries for help of the poor crea
tures immediately under his fast, as they struggled in
their last agonies with the treacherous element that was
fast overwhelming them.
The fodowing is copied from the St. Louis Republican :
The St. Locis, Cairo and Jodssosvillb Packet
Compasy. Tnis Company, so recently incorporated by
tra Legislature, will be fully "organized during the pres-.
cut wee it. ine une lias Deen in operation amce Septem
ber 1st, since which time the value of the route to pas
sengers and shippers has been demonstrated, ana it is of
vast importance to the trade of our city, as the published
comments have shown. It will be belter shown to Nash
ville when our merchants will remember the immense
trade by that line which passes our very doors and goes
to St. Louis and Cincinnati. On yesterday there were
about 800 tons of freight at Jormsonville for Southern
cities. And here let ua say a word about the tx law.
The two per cent, tax law is drivins trade from the St ate.
and making rascals out of a -large class of traders, who
re Cetveandselt consignments of their wn goods. But,
to digress no iurMcr. -
TbeToos win 06 placed in the hands of Mr. M. Darns.
one oi me lucurporniurs, ior suoscriutions to tue capital
ot. iiouu; cicugca nciaeii io lane a large snare oi ine
stock, aml.to-.do all Uiit may be necessary to sustain the
line. ; . And St. Louis is a live town, with far-seeing and
enterprising' mercnanrs. Who iook upon th-s line as ex-
eeediugly promising, and destined to be a source of
great profit. Paducah has promised to take her share of
me stocE. ene suDscribea su.uuu. and paid it. to sus
tain a daily line of steamers to Evansvilie, with which
the Johnsonvlile line regularly connects. The reduction
ot treignei, cnicn every perse n Knows, has been enor
mous. The deduction upon all freight has been full 7
one-half, leaving, at that, a liberal profit ta the Com
r I S H , Sc C . ,
Steamboats Supplied at all hours
':auc24dtf . - -' .
' Secketaht's Office.
Caibo Chamber of Commerce,
November '27. 1SU5 1
r.. )
The weather continues to be all that could be desired
for trade, Ueamnd pleasant, and business iscjuite brisk
and increasing daily. Produce of all kinds is coming in
freely, and prices are kept well up for most kinds. The
stock of butter is large, and prices ai e hardly as firm
although dealers do not seem disposed to make any con
cessions. It is the general opinio; that prices will have
to come down, and that very scon.
The following is an epitome of last week's trade in St.
Louis, Chicago and Cincinnati :
Chicago Provisions The provision trade is stag
nant, aud not a transaction worthy of note tr.lnsnired- I
there are more sellers than buytrs. ai.d if sales oi bar
relled park' were forced", holders would hive to make ma
ter ml concessions. .-Birtne present unsatisfactory condi
tion of the market ve Ci-.n o. ly give the following revised
quotations a the nominal price.
' Flour The market is lifeless, and prices are almost
entirely nominal. ' The demand is confined to supply cur
rent wants, aau the sales m-tKin are not sultlcient to en
able us to give any reliaa e quotations. Buyers and seller-
are apart, and the sales nuking are mostly on pri
v .te terms. ; ; H
CornWas, In good sh'pping demon 1 to-day, and tb-5
market opened-firm at an advance of l2Jc per bo ;
closing firm at 61c for No. 1 In store, and oac for No 2.
Rejected was firm at 4S4ijJc.
liuttei The market exnibits a very quiet feeling, and
prices are decidedly w-ak. The market is just now over
atvtvlHli alt trades of butter. Choice dai y, in tubs
or crocus, is selling from S4(g36c; and firkin ranges
from 2634;, according to quality. We note sales ol
3U0 tba choice at 8Gc.
JJggs The market is quiet and weak, and dealers ex
perience difficulty in obtaining outside prices. W quote
mm ket range from 8-3(7&35c dozen for fresh assorted.
Cincinnati Epgs There is a good demaud for fresh
a good order at St39c per dozen.
Fruit The market for apples lias not changed. The
receipts are not large to-day, but prices remains steady
or prime Northern and Eastern, and winter at ?4 Soru,
5 50 oh arrival, and 5Uc more from store. Grapes are
dull at 1012c for Catawba, in boxes. Cranberries
range from 11 IK22 W Q bbl foi wild and cultivated.
- Potatoes The market is overstocked, and prices weak
forpeachblow and neshannock, on arrival, at "i 60 per
bbl, and from store at $i 00 ; iu sacks, Toe per bu on ar
rival, and $1 00 from store.
Provisions A further decline was experienced to-day
in :Verytbtng but bacon, of which the stock is so light
tbat prices of the-"raw material" do not affect it.
Butter There b not demand sufficient to absorb the
receipts, and prices have declined to SSoc for choice roll
ia small packages. Choice solid packed will command
ii(7i5c more ; inferior qualities are dull but be.d at
253j3-2c. . ...
The following are wholesale prices. From store or In
small lots, the same will be advanced a trifle :
BACON Clear aides are firm at '2CSc, Shoulders
22-4c., and sugar cured Hams at VG&'iJc per lb.
BUTTER Is plentiful and prices are lower. We quote
it at 3340g par pound for good to choice In kegs and
404'2c for choice iu tubs, and dull. Choice roll is In
demaud at 4'2J45c.
BRAN Sales are reported at $15 00 per ton on track.
CORN The market is unsettled. Mixed and Yellow
at 530c; White and Yellow in lots bO.ilc; choice
White at 85&&jc. Tery scarce.
CORN MBAL Strictly choice, bolted, 4 7.5 0'f ;
unbolted at $4 00. . . .
COTTON Is selling at 41 4a per Tt.
COAL There is a limited : demand for coal and
prices are firm at S16'iSo per bush for Pittsburg, by the
bur ice load and $1,300 per barge. Lower Ohio til4&2ic.
and I11.21i'2c. by the car load. Is offered at retail
delivered at $10 00 pit ton for Illinois.
COFFEE Is firm, iiio 5tf)JfflS3c. for good to choice.
CRANBEllitlES Are coining In freely and sell read
ily at $16 per bbl."
EGGS Are scarce, and selling at 454Sc with upward
tendency for fresh, at shippers' count.
.tOLASPtS-alaoges trom 1, 'M to $1 25 for fit,
best New" Orleans; 1'orLo Ki 80(90c, and inferior,
imported and reboiled at U)&llv.
FLOUR Choice" white wheat family $13 00; doable
extra red and white $12 00; do extra red wheat $10 50;
single extra $9 50; superfine $T 50(S DO. Spring wheat
$3 00s&0 , .. . .."'...
FRUITS Medium to good cooU'ng apples $4 50Q5 50
per ; bbl. Choice eating apples fell readily $G5o(4 00
per bbl. Large supply and dull.
GAME is plenty. Undressed deer Is selling at
10c per lb. Wild turkeys win bring $8 per doz. Squir
eels, plenty at $1 pvr doz. - Rabbits, none in mar
ket. Prairie chickens and ducks bring $5 per doz.
MAY New Timothy commands $17 OO&flS fid per ton;
Prairie, but bile o lie red and small demand.
HIDES - Are firm at Ve fcr heavy and SJSJ for mixed.
LA KD Ranges from aiBic la bbls or tierces, and
in cans.
OAT'lo good supply, and dull at 8S&c40 per bush
for sound in bulk, and 40&4Jo In old sacks. Choice, in
nv t pi laps, 48&45e.
ONIONS Are plenty and dull, selling at 85c(p$l 00
per bushel.
- POJUi-rMess $35 00(38 00 per bbl. Films wsts
$23 OOgggO 00.
POTATOES Choice snorted plenty and selling slowly
at $2 50 per barrel, or Toi&SOc per bushel by
the carload. Mixed lots dull and unsaleable at any
prices. Sweet Potatoes are mors plentiful aud sell slowiy
at $3 00 per bbl and $1 25&1 40 per bushel.
POULTRY Spring chickens are plenty aud will bring
4 O0t&4 (Wrier doz. Dresred chickens, young and old
mixed, sell at atiuut $5 per doz. Turkeys $14 0044
15 50 per doz.
SALT Kanawha, large bbls, $4 50, small do. at t a GO.
wJAit Wt quote Ci. O. lit lOisc, forty J 1;
14rgl5c. ami powdered and crushed at 214'lo,
TAI.I.tfUf In lluht ilttiultnri ftt 14u Ifer lb.
TURNIPS Are selling at JOfiitJic per bush, and t'l 1 .
uuu v mil vin.
WHEAT Extra choice whlt $2 9B-i Ml ; d re I
180((J2 00; sprouted and Inferior 75401 40.
WI11SK.V Common, is tautens last quotation. We
iua quote .t at ti Z0i&2 i0.
. r.-;-.-TT" ' '
Rates of TBachahye Reported Dally, by Jufin
Trover, rifMueni rtnt jiiiuomi muiik,
New York Exchang
Ciiiciuuatl '
, DIs. to " .
..1-0 Premium
.. v:
.. 1' "
.. 1-0 " .
..l-O "
..1-& "
.. Par to I "
Chicago "
IVaihington "
Plulailelpliia 41
Uoston ..
rft. L011I4 " I"-- '
Gold . 43 licrtfeiit premium.
Kststern Curreticy .'.
Kutuckv. Ohio .ui.l Iridiauii.
D nt ceut Uisjou it
Receipt j.cr III. Certtritl Uallroail.
Kluce last reteirt.l
10 tois hay Htl bairels flour, OjH bushels wheat, 2,0!ltf
buhels corn 'l 01 oushels ats, C.HVi pounds butter,
lb Head ettlie 'aO-iuiUiH. SO tons orkit, W tons OOfll, 7W
bushels potatoes I barrels egg, 82,000 feet lumber
6,W0 shindies, 40 barrels syrup, JW cords wood.
HUIp,ient per Hallroail.
Since last report. J .
900 pounds hide, 19 b,ei cotton.
XeV Vork market.
nv TKLKOBAFH to the tiheh.
. ,. ( 1. New Yum, Nov. 17.
OOT V Quiet S2!W.
FLOLU Firm for sound extra State ; dull and heavy
t6t other grades ; 8 4u&: CO for extra State ; 10(i b.f
for rjun 1 hoop oh'1
WHEAT About I e" luwer; 1 67Sil bl for Chicago
Spring; t 7U&1 j for Milwaukee club ; 1 Hi&l 85 for
gOil;io ulioioe ABit Milwaukee.
-OOKN Heavy-'"1 1 cw,t l'vvr ; 9Uit,W ror unsound;
94(g9iH fur souud ml" 88 damaged.
oAIi' Dul. for uinouud ; 0&4C3 for sound.
PORK Lower, a0 WiWIi- or mess, closing t
30 2fl, cash ; 'tofoV W Ivx prime mess.
1 RD Lower, at 20&24J.
WH1SKV Dull and nominal; sties at 2 0a2 T'.
2JPETi;0 LETJM Quiet and firm.
FLOUR (Hosed firm for extra state, and dull and de
clining for all other grades.
WdK&t uiosed dull and l cent lower.
CORM Closed heavy and 1 cent lower.
PORK Closed heavy and lower: mtn closinz at
30 12, cash. ....
LARD Closed lower, at 20Z4. - - .
WHISKY -Nominal.
'.""TW York Stock Market.
bt tbleqbaps to the times.
New Tost," Nov 21.
STOCKS -Doll and steady. Money on call 7 per cent :
C A R I It ; CBtQ 115 ; M & P O 95 ; V Ft W
C 105; C C M 781 ; Uea.ling 116 ; M S 76i ; CtPMj;
V V I: CAN" .Xi : dn pill 14 ; ! A, ' ut
96; N Y C97i; Erie 93 ; ilo pM 84; 1 yeai's certifi
cates 97; 7-a i's 97 ; 6's '81 coupons 95f; 5-211 coupons
of '62 101 : do '65 99. ; 10-4: coupons 9i)i ; registered
GOLD Opened and closed at 147.
S T 1860 X.
They purify, strengthen and invigorate.
They create a healthy appetite.
They are an antidote to change of water and diet.
They overcome effects of dissipation and late hours.
They strengthen the system and enliven the mind.
They prevent miasmatic and intermittent fevers.
They purify the breath and acidity of the stomach.
They cure Dyspepsia and Constipation.
They cure Diarrhea, Cholera and Cholera Morbus.
They cure Liver Complaint and Nervous Headache.
They are best Bitters in the world. They make the
weak strong, and are exhausted nature's great restorer.
They are made of pure St.. Croix Rum, the celebrated
Galisaya Bark, roots and herbs, and are taken with the
pleasure of a beverage, without regard to age or time of
day. Particularly recommended to delicate persons re-
quirine a gentle stimulant. Sold bv all Grocers. Drmr- I
gists. Hotels and Saloons. Only genuine when cork i
covered by our private V. S. Stamp. Besrare of coun
terfeits and refilled botles.
P. H. BRAKE k CO.,
nov2Sdtf 21 Park Row, New York.
A toilet delight ! The ladles' treasure and gentlemen's
boon! The "sweetest thing" and largest quantity.
Manufactured from the rich Southern Magnolia. Used
for bathing the face and person, to render the skin soft
and fresh, to prevent eruptions, to perfume clothing, 4c.
It overcomes the unpleasant ordor of perspiration.
It removes redness, tan, blotches, Ac. -
It cures nervous headache and allays inflammation .
It cools, softens and adds delicacy to the skin.
It yields a subdued and lasting perfume.
It cures musqueto bites and stings of insects.
It contains no material injurious to the skin.
Patronize A, by Actresses and Opera Singers. It is
what every lady should have. Sold everywhere. Try
the Magnolia Water once and you will use no other Co
logne, Perfumery, or Toilet Water afterwards.,
nov2Sdtf Props. Exclusive Agents, N. Y.
This is the most delightful and extraordinary article
ever discovered. It changes the sun-burnt face and
hands to a pearly satin texture of- ravishing beauty. Im
parting the marble purity of yonth, and the HUttngu
appearance so inviting in the city belle of fashion. It
removes tan, freckles, pimples anil roughne5j from the
skin, leaving the complexion fresh, transparent and
smooth. Patronized by Actresses and Opera S'n.gers. It
is what everj lady should have. Sold eveiywnere. Re
tail price, 50 cents.
Prepared by W. E. If AGAN, Troy, N. Y.
Address all orders to
nov2Sdtf DEMAS BARNES CO., New York.
Is very desirable. MATHEWS VENETIAN HAIR
DYE is the best in the world. Complete In one bottle.
No wash, no stain, do trouble- A child can apply It.
Persons wlshlog to avoid the publicity of having their
Htir dyed in public, can
better than any barber can do it, by using THE VENE
TIAN DYE. It does not rub off or make the Hair ap
pear dusty or dead, but imparts new life and lustre.
Gives a beautiful black or brown, as preferred Prioe
76 cents. Prepared by A. I. MATHEWS, N. Y
DEMAS BARNES 4 Co., New York, Wholesale
" Great Oaks rso Little Acobxs Grow." The
worst diseases known to the human race spring from
causes so small as to almost dery detection. The vol
umes of scientific lore that fill the tables and shelves of
the medical fraternity only go to prove and elaborate
these facts.
Then guard yourself while you may. The smallest
pimple on the skin is the tell-tale and indicator of dis
ease. It may fade and die away from the surface or the
body, but it will reach the vitals, perhaps, at lat, and
death lie the result and final close. Maggiel's Billions,
Dyspeptic and Diarrhea Pills cure where all others fail.
While for Burns, Scalds, Chilblains, Cuts, and all abras
ions of the skin, Maggiel's Salve is infallible. Sold by J.
Maggiel, 43 Fu'ton street, New York, and all Druggists
at 25 cents per b..t. oct21-d4wly
Important to the Sick.
We invite our readers to a careful perusal of Dr. Eas
terly's medical advertisements, which can be found In
our columns this day. Dr. Easterly's Family Medicines
are deservedly popular, have an extensive sale, and are
resorted to by invalids from all parts of the United
States. Dn Easterly's Family Msdiclne Store has been
established In St. Louis for the last twenty years, and as
he is a regularly educated physician and- chemist, we
can safely recommend his celebrated and popular reme
dies to the citizens of Cairo and vicinity, as the best now
n vso., Order addressed to Dr. K. Easterly, St. Louis,
Missouri, will receive prompt attention and be forwarded
to all parts of tho United States. His preparations can
be had at the principal Druggists In Cairo, and In nearly
every town and city in the West.
Sold at wliolesale by J. B. Humphreys Co., Cairo,
Ulinois. n"t2'l
O Mauhood ami tlie Vior of Youth aro
galned by DR. BOHANNAN'B Vegetable Curative. These
wonderful agent restore manhood to the most shattered
constitution, whether arising from excesses, the effects of
climate or natural causes, radically curing Spermatorrhea
orSemiiiB Weakness Sexual Debllityand Impediments to
marriage generally; Nervousness, Consumptlim, Epilepsy
and Fits, Mental and Physical Incapacity, resulting from
self-abuse, Ac. These life restoring remedies should be
taken by all about to uutrrv, as tlwir effect are perma
nent. They are acknowledged by the medical press to
be the greatest discoveries ever made. Success In every
Instance Is as certain as that water quenches thirst.
Yonng man! are you subject to that soul and body de
stroying disease resulting fe.no secret habits. If so, lr.
BOHANNAN'B Curative will restore you again to health.
This remedy, which has bt-n used by the renowned l)r.
Bohaunsn In bis private practice for over twenty-five
years, was never known to fail In curing the worst cases
of Seminal Weakness, in from two to live weeks. After
twenty-five years use in rl vat practice, It Is now adver
tised solely for the unfortunate to save them from the
hands of merciless quacks, If not from the grave. Price
Mb per box. Sent U all parts of the country
For sale at Dr. Boliannan's office, No. Ml and M Pine
Street, between Third aud Fourth. Established 2S years
B Bt. Louis. Address :
Jel4-dwly No. 50 Vine street. St. Louis, iov
Zj. II, M VKll.S Sc CO..
Commission Merchants.
Will at 1 end to out door sales, and receive furniture
ninl all kinds of goods, Hli'l sell oil coiiKlKUiiient.
j Salcseooni l!0 oiiiiuerciul Aveihin. Intiween Eleventh
find Twelllh streets, Cairo, Illinois. Uefcrvmu-s :
J. V., Hennleit Co., J. If. Harmon A t'n,,
W. .1. Allen, :ilkhing k Hon,
II. W. Webb, Ban owe Gage, Chicago,
. nnvodtf f
.JJ10I18ALB. t
A PORTA hi, i; hoi si:,
situated on Cedar street, between 10:li and It th streets.
It It
70 foot Long and 20 foct Wido.
For further particulars apply lo
Cairo, III., nov II If
J. MY Kit 8,
Soldiers' lloine.
Fresh, Pickled and Spiced, In Cans of B0 to 10 0, and by
the barrel. Corner of Coveruiueut M Commerce street,
Mobile, Ala. Dealers supplied promptly on reasonable
term, nov.'i" lm.
TaEAScar Depaetmemt
fw,..,... O,-....,.,.! Spinm. An KST. 2d AOS
S65. )
w. .' " Mnv.n.ksi' ilOth. 1S65.
Ia pursuance of instructions from the Secretary of the
Treasury, all bids heretofore received ror rian.n,
wrecking and the delivery of sunken vessels, c, on
the Mississippi river and tributaries," havs been rejec
ted, and new advertisements ordered, with a ".f.1
securing wider competition. Sealed proposals will oe
received at the office of the Supervising Special Agnt,
a. Memphis, Tenn., until December loth, 165, at 12 M.,
for ' raising, wrecking, and delivering nt convenient
ports, llais or barges, or parts thereof, .n any part of the
Mississippi river or its tributaries below Cairo."
The following points will be observed by parties mak
ing such proposals :
I. The Government desires to restore the streams In
question to an early navigable condition, so far as the
removal of the sunken vessels can do it.
II. All vesseis, boats, or parts thereof, will be deliv
ered at one of the following named ports: Natches,
Vicksburg, Yazoo-City, Miss.; Little Ilock. Helena,
Ark.; New Orleans, Alexandria, La.; Memphis, Tenn.;
and will there be sold uiion due oublic notice, and con
tractors will be compensated out of the proceeds of such
sales. Proposals may cover the whole work, or be con
fined to the work in one or more of the rivers.
III. Proposals will include: The raising, wrecking
and delivery at either of the designated ports of all
sunken vessels, whether, Steamers, Uunboats, Barges or
Flats, and whether sunk by the United States or rebel
forces, and whether of material value or not ; and the
removal of all hindrances to navigation caused by the
sunken vessels, and the thorough clearing of the chan
nel! as far as they are obstructed by the same ; and must
stipulate to commence the work as early and push it for
ward as rapidly as the stage of water will permit.
IV. Each proposal must, therefore, distinctly set forth
the names df the streams in which parties propose to op
erate, and specify the lowest percentage of ine net pro
ceeds of sale of the vessels, Ac, so raised and delivered
at either ol the designated places t delivery, for which
they agree to do the work.
V. A deposit of Five Thousand Dollars ($5,080) will
be required from each of the bidders at the time of bid
ding, to ensure the food faith of the bid and the carry
ing out of the contract, (if awarded) ; aud sati (factory
reference mail lie given, also, as to the ability and good
faitltof the bidder to perform the work in question. The
suitiefenojrorthe references must be officially certified
by the nearest officer of the Customs.
1. Forms of proposal (a copy of which see below)
uuK:l, uuU inuorseu, nave
been prepared and forwarded to eauli of the Surveyors
of v ustoms at Pittsburg, Wheeling, Cincinnati, Louis-
vine, L.nicago, et. Louis, uairo anu ivew Orleans, which
win luruisn tueiu upon application.
VII. Proposals will be opened on the 15th of Decem
ber, prox., at 12 M., and the award made as soon as up
proved by the Secretary of the Treasury.
Mil. The sums deposited by unsuccessful bidders
will be returned when the contract is awarded ; the de
posit on the part of the successful bidder or bidders will
be retained to be forfeited to the United States upon non
compliance with the terms of the contract, or refunded
npon the faithful completion of the work.
. Supervising Special Agent, Ac, 2d Agency,
Treasury Department.
To Supervising Special Agent, il Agency, Treasury
Department, Memphis, Tenn,.:
Sia : In pursuance of your advertisement of the 20th
November, ltitio, inviting " proposals for contracts for
raising, wrecking and delivering of sustken vessels, Ac,
on the Mississippi river and tributaries (below Cairo),"
submit the following :
I. propose to raise and wreck in the stream here
inafter named all steamers, gunboats, flats aud barges,
together with all their appurtenances, whether of mute
rial value or not, and whether sunk by the United States
or rebel forces, cr in pursuance of ordeis of either or to
avoid capture by either force prior to the do ing of the
war; to remove all and every obstruction to navigation,
caused by the said sunken vessels, and to clear the chan
nel thoroughly gt them, so that the navjpation of the
stream may n.t be interrupted on account of the same ;
to deliver the vessels, 4c , raised, at either of the fol
lowing named places, and to do the said work at the fol
lowing named rate of percentage of the nett proceeds of
sale ol said vessels and appurtenances at said place of
delivery, viz : .
. Name of Place of delivery. Rate of
River. coinpeiisat'u
I Natchez and Vicksburg, )
Mississippi. I Mis., Memphis, - Term., V
I New Orleans, La ) for W cent.
Arkansas .
t Little Rock, Ark., Memphis f
"(Tenn (for f cent.
White,. ...Helena, rk., Memphis, Tenn. for "ji cent.
Yazoo Yazoo City, Vickl:urg, Miss.. for 'ft cent.
Tailaliaichie "' " ..for f cent.
Yaltohiuha " " ..for 'fl cent.
Red Alexandria, La., Natchez, Miss. for cent.
Ouachita.. . " " .for trf cent.
II. propose, if the contract is awarded to
that will use every means in power to execute
the same in the promptest manner possible ; that
will, whenever the statte of water will permit, immedi
ately go to work anu employ hands ana- machinery suf
ficient to insure the eaily completion of the contract,
and that will honestly endeavor to promote the best
interests of tlie Government.
III. The deposit f Five Thousand Dollars (5,0Mt) Is
nerewnn incioseu by draft of
011 -
, c, AC.
' L.S.
N. D. In the case of partnerships, the name of each
partner Interested must here be signed. In case the bid
der confines his proposal to less than all the streams, he
will strike out the names of those not included. The vi
cinity of tlie wiecks to either of the above places of
delivery ill guide contractors in their selection of the
p ace of deliveiy, at their option.
We, the undersigned, hereby certify that we are, each
of us, well aud personally acquainted with
who make the above proposal, mid that we are satis
fied that possess the means and ability to exe
cute a contract for the work proposed In a speedy and
sat iffactory manner.
L.S. !
I M '
r. s.
Ct'MTOll HllCSK,
I certify, upon hmiitr, that the foregoing references nrt
responsible m i, and considered good and sufllcleiit by
of Castosss,
Treasury Depart
nov2iilMe Official :
B. HOWLING, AsVt Hpe'l Agent
ment und Huterlntendtnt In charge.
OTJCK. To Al.bWuoM It Mat Co.tf .;
Notice Is hereby given that the nf earner "Little hVbrl"
Is claimed as the property ut Jumi-s Watson, John Wst.
son mid Hubert WhIhoii, und Is denied to lis ths lawful
properly of the United States; and that asld parties have
llled their petition liefore the I nlt. il Htates Dlnlrlrt Court
for the Houtlierii JMstrlct of Illinois, in a certain came
now pending In said court, praying that the sale of said
steamer heretofore made, and the decree ordering the
ssnie, Hiliy be set aside, and that upon said petition the
following order has been entered, on motion of said
claliuauie ti iuc :
In the Dlstvlnt Court if the Vnltnl SOites for the
Houthsm histrlrt nf Jlthiol, Tiitsduu, Anuunt
h, A. P. 1100.
Hi.roiiK THE Hum. Hamiiki. II. Tuk if, Jrlme.
The I'lilted HI men on the relation of
Ceo, I. Wise as Informer, i
vs. c In Ailmlrally,
The Steamer Little Itsbel, her Kn-
glues. Tackle ninl Kiinistiiini. J
Now finis Itolierl Wslsun, .foliu Watson and Jsines
Watson, by I. N llaynle, Ki., Ibelr I'ructor, ami more
upon their I'. Illloii, In the uln.vn rutllli-il cause, for an
order that flio officer, 'illoillan, and iersims having
chaw of said stesiner Little Itebel, her engines, tsrkle
and fiirnlliire, tlnw rauae why the ilei-ree herelolore
made In litis cuiue, mi ths ililid dsr of Mi-piembar, A. I),
and the sale iiimiIi; thereunder should not lie si t
aside, and the said p til'ouijrs be allowed to Hie lh.-lr
claim as owners of said property. And iihii reaillng
and filing said petition, it It m dered by Him until thai
tlie olllcer, iMimodiaii or oilier persons having uhniiiif of
said steaiuer l.lllle llebel, her englties, tackle id fnrnl
turn, be Mild appear l efore asld court, H Sprlngflelil, In
said III trlct, en the fourth Monday ,t Heph niher, heat
at ten o'clock of that day, to.hotv esuse, II nuy I hey have'
why said decree slid sale should im vh, aied and
lde, and the aiibl H-tliloners be permitted lo III llielr
claim In said eiiu.e, h own,. is nt th said steamer Utile
IteU'W kjer engines, tackle and furiilturn,
HntiriiKHR DisthH'T or Illinium, f
(leoi ge P. Iloweii, clerk of the Dlsfrlct ( 'nul l of the 'n.
ted Stales for sill i Hoiclo rll llisfrlet of Illinois do here.
by certify the or going in be a true ropy l a , r
made nil Ihe Mill duy of Auj(Ul. A. l, INiii, by said eoiirl,
In a cause ilefernilned llien-ln, wherein the CnUril HI ties
on the r. lailon of Oenrgu l. Wln, us liiforuier, were .
hellniit', Hull Lie steam, r l.llllo Itebi l. her engine,
tai'klv and fin nil uie, Mas dchinlant, so (lie same Is finw
of lecord in my uij'co,
. In t. Ntimuti whereof, I liitvo licroilliln Set Miy
). H (liiiielaii Used thcseiil of said cour , at Hprifu.
1 " I Held, this Sih day of Almost, In til yeur of our
1 -'- ' l.'H'il dim luuusuiid vlgi t bundled and sixty,
tire, arid of our llidept inleli e the Ninetieth
(iKomiK P. IIOlVKV, (Jb rk,
N. It. The ln-arluK and argument on above Utile l
continued to the lit Monday in January, lutlll, und no.
tlce Is hereby further given, that snld clalinanls Intend
prosecuting their claim to said steamer wherever Ihe
same mey be found, or whomsoever the same shall lie
rdulssed by, and therefore all persons sre cautioned In
the premises. JAMK4 WATHIIV. I
Bjr I. S. Hatkib, Proctor, Ma, no-'-t
F o v Halo
Will he sold on good turnis, eHI.er one-half or the whole
i t a Trading Fbtlboat. Also, a good stock of meridian,
dise for trailing on the river. Tim bunt Is now laying at
the Ohio Levee, above the Stone Depot, For further
particulars apply on hoard. iiov'ldif
iD OQloreil iuk, 19 to the Time offWe,
Te Hat,sml Par.
." not exceeding fo-r II-.., will tor
ertl In tlsU eIu, -r t.r.,.r
dlnKS,t the rstt of ssl. .
he a
OR RKT. A Country Rsldeiie, Ar f
1 Land, Orchard, Garden, Mr.., wllh in vrt W
water, and beautifully sil'wwi, at r-, mW-
Jwsiri, III.
nIV to
Box : Calm, if.
HOUSE FOR KENT. A tw-stry rra llwss-,
loth street, 11 ween Washington Av-smm l Hal.
nut: contains 1 rooms, with all modrrsi wtfl im
provements; stlltswlelora prlatt-.rrlincrK.-. f.
,..lr t J. U. HAll.MON A CO., It I .le AfM,
office In Court House, or of J. M. DEI.A V,
troR 1
r 801.1
LKASR 18 city Ms.
App'j to JAMK Mf ft.
liers' Home.
fOR SALB. One large Kogin. ! f-t.
X1 ten horse boiler ; all In g " rZ""''f 7
thing complete. Appl to E. MAXWafcl, sjorBr l
andJleffjnA venue, Cairo, llllm.l..
folt if A LK. The Fixtures, rorolterr. Me., t4 its frys-
I' 1. r Mul.Hin anct KMtauram, vn r-..
Levee. Apply to lr:K 1 hiism
cial Avenue, near Wlxth sitrert.
CO., c
?OK SALE. A house ami ! 4J '' ITi
40, In bljck No. 28, first BiWilinn; numm
mi l.u mi. aturv and a hall lilsTn. r.iw'"l w
rooms, with clutero and other lmii" rt. swrkU tnt
boarding hoiioe. Apply to WM. COK.HICM l.
novlii-diit. - .
T.'OR-8ALE OK LEASE. Lot So. b, lo , tw
Addition, gn Ohio Ltvc. For ter mMf
offer, address THOM Afj L a M '
novlo No. 87 Main street, Clwelwsjswl,
IT oOaLE The Saloon koo sV J ' ana
Jl situated in the North corner ot tb r
log, Is offered for sale at bsrgaio. tor pntUr.mlf
quire on the premises, or at lh store f tttthrr, TMs.
son x to. rMi f
fitted up Saloon In cfimpl.te running wr-r ; sh
dollar's outlay required to go on with the t
offered for sale at a saorlflcr. Wosr m wet
ness. Ood reasons for selling. Call at th mlm,
101 Ohio levee, 8l door lvlow lth Hrrrt, t are. III.
TOR SALE -Verv cheso for ca.lt
T on Ohio Levee. Apply a. ll ttcm f the lir
FOR SALE A tww story brick howe. cetH.IMef
eight roMius and kitchen. All the saoeVra terpreve
ments. Apply to MINN MUNN. or K, K. WALi
1XIR SALIs OR RENT A house on Tenth ret, mt
talning eight rooms and brick cellar. Apply iOH.w
i. Harmon a co.
JOST. MalacM Cane, with lvryervd dng' W.
J with silver garter band below the head, Alv s
the Democrat Office.
STUAT HORSE. A stray horse was nickIV
up on Saturday evening. Xor. 4th, iiSC
five miles from Cainy.n the Mlsstsirlppt ' l- -ft-
lie is of a light bay color, about I.I baod. Mch. bra-
I . S. and I. C. on the left shoulder, aixt O. on t r o'.
h.Mililer, hits a few white hairs In bis forehead. M rmm
he found at Mr. Ualliday's stable, mr the werbw.
The owner is requested to prov pvnrrty, pf rhmf f
and take him away. novMf GAflKlEL HAKKliS.
By selling Engravings, Card Photographs mt4 fHetinw.
ery. Our Stationery Packets cieells .11 4lw,
Pnekage contains Paper, Envelopes, P-m-iu, r-rn, w.,
and Jewelry worth a itoilur at retail. hrU lf m rrmtm.
We will en I Agents KM HtMlonerv ?--- lrrv
Watch for $17. We also publish sftlf fntid iHrt t.rttwi
ngs and Portraits. Lithograph I'rtuts, Me., very sw
11 ar Bnd saleable. Will .end a fin mm I -4 (On
$15 that srill realize $.10, or $10 lot that will -ll In
$:M)orover. Will send a sample M f.rr $. thst .III cell
for $k.
Send Stamp for Catalogue, T'rnn, Mr.
IMiKl.t4 m .
nov22dlm 3 Hekti.a ftreet, KeW t.fk.
jrivoii that o
XOTICK. Not hot
in hr-fby
cember next. In the county of Alui)rt.r, mm of Mi.
nols, an election will lie del I for a C'iirtK f
the Third .luilli-ial Cireiiii of lh im-, in 1,11 )w reee
cyln saiil olll.-e csn-'if bv tl, rftulm .f II ..
II. Mulkey, which rb-ciion will top ncwa mt ' 0f
o'c ock In the inornl.. and will eontiniM ewtM
o'clock in tlte afierr.o-nof snld day.
Dated at Cairo, this !1h day f H wemlier, Orwf TW
sand Eight lliinilred and "Ixtr-Flv.
J. . II IKW.lX. Cm-ntf CVrk.
novlOtd lirimrrf ?pT,
to SB insrn or sr
Without HoRird to Value, Not to
bo paid lor until you know
wnat you aro to Xlocoiro.
All to be wold lor due Hollar V.rh'.
."Hi .Musical Boxes $
l.0 " " with lulls and -
tlneis let
MMl Silver Tenpof s and Coffee I'rns ... W e
fsl dialing Dishes, f to
lil " Ice Pitcher ,. iiw Ut
i:AHI " Byrnpciips, with salvers. . . t
Mm (Goblets anil drinking caps. A n
aHKI ' Castors 1le
1smi ' Fruit, card and ewke bak1i Vffy
fuNNl Dof.en silver tea xms )f t
llHSHl ' Tatile spmins arxl luvk Vttn
V.'st Oi nls' gold bunting ease wwteb In te
H-'iO Ladies' gold anil enameled banting.
esse watches Ptti f
MMl dent's hauling case silver watches & te
IfiHi Diamond rings t
N'OO Oi ld vest Slid neck chelne... 4 Ut
msKl Oval Hand brsreie-s i Ut
&1HHI Jft an ' gold brss-clets It in
'Asm Chatelaine chains and gaerd ebBine in
7Oi0 Bii.ltaire and sold liroipcbes. ...... 4 tw
.VMS) opal and enameled brooches ., 4 l
6oo0 Mosaic. Jet, Lav sad Fiorentlee
ear-drops 4 f?
7MHI Coral, opal and enameled 'sf fany 4 lo
Iihhi l.'slifuriiia diamond breat pins t.t
WMI Cold fob and vest wnteh kee 'i .V to
toisi Kol and vnt rlMma-sllil-s. . . , .... wt
Whmi M.-ts solitaire sleeve-lmttons, stwds,
e to
WOT I fluid thimbles, nells, Mn .... 4 to
liNHM) Miniature lockets l.f" to
Mr"" " " Msgle eirrlog .. II o
W eerk
wMI Oeld toothpicks, erosers, Me....
tntu Clam goldrtiirs
I". 'oo Mtuiie set end signet rings. , . . , .
frioo (Ibased gold rings , . . , .
. 1 to
. to
. f lo
toiK'U C alifornls illanemd rings
V "ets la.ll j.jwelry- b-tiM.dswl
onal and Miter ston s. ....... . 4 lo f ,
lOOtNl ('old H"n, stiver stlenetow feobleM
and pencils. , ..... Ut fo
KNHid (told pens gold rnowftd leaders to lo
riooo " ' r,seneloi holders 1. to f
A-isl Ladles gilt tnd Jet bnrkb s h fo
70.K1 ' " Hair here mmt
bulls ft to le
Cerfincales of I he rafl.ois arllolee ere Arf fnti mn im.
veloprs, K"let up end Inlsed i mint wtroi nttt4 m '
ken out wlibmit regard to rholee, end e-rH by smsIi. t4
glvliiK all a fair chance. On rwelpM nf flM errirte,
you will see whaf yon sre lo neve, n1 ihn H le el yvwv
opllmi to send the Hollar end take tb wf'U nf wot,
I'tin hi may thus oldeln Mold Weteb, MtoHil
llliig, oreiiy set of .lewslry on tf list, fnf l)t4 in 1 1,
I, All.
mk.mi -. vr.xt run i r.ntirH'Att..
Ill all our IransaellofiS bf mall, wa tbsll rK, f .
forwarding the oertifestes, nylff lb o4eg sn-f 4.
liiK the bnslues, t.i settle ess h, mhirh Wmt h nr'rt4
wlen the rettllleMte Is sent five eenlfb nt ee Will hw
for f I ; 1 1 tut $ t ; INI for ; o ttr i:,
A'd-VTC We want Agenfe In ey tlt1t,
In every town and county In the nmirltf, H-I Ibnse '
lug as sueb will be ellowrd 10 eeme mi every eeyiilfres
unbritd by (belli, provided I lie I r frmll innsMf s
One Dollar. Agenls will edlet liemli tf nf
tllleate, and remit In rents to nmiVirf In es f-.l
age SI amps.
HH 44 HMO' M t't
U Liberty t., Hew r-w f-fy.
There Will lie offered for ! el
llr'i.blio .A tii'tltMi
On TUurmXny, Nor Amber flO, IHM,
coiiiinriirlug at M o'eloes ree.e,
Hound Vila III,,
From 1 (0 500,000 IMtU (
Best Pittsburgh Coal,
SulocHnd with Ciro by
Govoriirnoiit OIIccm'H'
HaryTCH '4iif iiliilia llic 4 on I
will Im mII nt n lot rale fo
Hii'C'hnar of the Cant.
My order nf
O O 3M -f T J3 J 2J X.
Wants. Lost, Kownd,

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