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November Mr Barton is not in the Po
land, but is said to bave engaged his pas
sage in the packet ship to sail on the iirst
cf December.
The Paris papers are lull of speculation
upon an alleged secret treaty between
Russia and the United States, by which,
in contingencies that might happen, the
numerous ships of war of Russia would
be manned by Americans!
Mr. Barton received his passports on
Tuesday, 10th November, and made im
mediate preparations for leaving Paris.—
The French Chambers are to be conven
cd on the 28th December
The Empeior Nicholas had made a
speech at Warsaw, (o the prostrate Poles
—which is spoken of with general execra
tion by all the Paris and London journals
It is characterized as the effusion of a bru
tal and bloody barbarian.— In (he course
ol it he spoke of the French, as a nation
of “ rebels and traitors,” and that, too, in
the presence of the French Consul. The
London Times sees in this outbreak, and
in the inexplicable visit of Ferdinand, to
Vienna, evidence of insanity—which is in
his blood.
The Temps of 21st November, publish
es this story : *• if we are well informed, a
curious incident in the history of the world
is in preparation—it is the union [rappro
chement] of the United States, an iiule
pendent republic, tvitli Russia, governed
by Nicholas ! The Russian navy, so un
skilled, feels the necessity of learning of a
maritime power of the first order, and it
is spoken of, as a thing certain, that a se
cret treaty of alliance between the govern
ments of the United States and Russia
exists, a sort of treaty of union for future
contingencies. We do not quite believe
(his extraordinary intelligence, tint it is
affirmed in the best circles. We cite,
however, in its support, the fact, that Eu
rope lias not paid much attention to the
numerous commercial treaties concluded
between these two countries, respecting
the trade to China and the oorth-of A«i i
—treaties which paved the w’ay for this
political rapprochement.
The Metsager of the 18th says, Mr.
Barton, whose embarcation at Havre bad
been announced, has not yet left Paris.—
He has indeed changed bis residence and
hence the rumor of his departure. It was
said he would embark at Havre directly
for the United States. London papers,
however,imply that he was expected there
England is said to have offered her me
diation, through Lord Granville, her Am
bassador at Paris, for the settlement of
the question between France and us. The
Gazelle of France adds, “ that in thanking
Lord Granville for this offer of mediation,
it was intimated that orders had been gi
ven for the equipment of fifteen ships of
the line and eighteen fiigates.”
The rumoured alliance between Russia
and (he United States, shows how loose
and wild are the political speeulatons of
European journals about us!
MBB rr:>« .'•aujws —w r.T-~sm ii nwwiewa—mm
On Saturday, 2nd inst, Jennette Eli
zabeth, infant daughter of John D., and
Elizabeth M Duffield.
In this town, on the 5th inst, Mrs. Mr
ky Miller, aged about 60.
In this town, on the evening of the 3d
inst., Mrs. Nancy Toufp.
On Sunday last, Martin Van Buren,
aged 3 years, son of Henry C. Small, of
this county.
On the -1th inst, Mrs. Sarah A/entzer,
wife of AJr. George Aientzer of this town.
1710R SALE.—The subscriber will
offer far sale to the highest bidder, at
public auction, before the Court House
door in JWarlinshurg,
On the 8th of February,
being court day, the valuable farm on the
Potomac river, in Berkeley county, belong
ing to the estate of Emanuel Evcrsole,
dec’d. '1 his land adjoins the lands of Ja
cob Seibert and P. C. Pendleton, and con
Of thi«, about 250 >s cleared land ; at
least 100 acres ol Potomac low grounds,
l’he upland is strong limestone, and the
timber very Hue Tire improve
ments are a good Stone Dwelling iiyilO
— the Barn not very good, a well *
of excellent water before the door, and a
never failing stream running through the
land. The mill and mill seat is not inclu
ded in the sale, 'l’hi* farm is one of the
most eligible in this section of the country,
lying as it does upon the Canal, and he
ing of good quality.
The terms of sale will leave the pur
chaser the option of pa) ing one third on
the 1st of April next, when the purchaser
can get possession of the land, and the ba
lance in two equal annual payments, or
one half on the 1st ol April, and the ha
lance in three equal anuual payments; in
either case no interest to be paid on the
deferred payments, until the days of pay
ment. The purchaser will be required to
secure the deferred payments until the
days of payment. The purchaser will be
required to secure the deferred payments
by a deed of trust on the premises.
’ This property will he shewn to any one
disposed to see it, by J\lr. Wm. Pendleton
living on the land, or by the subscriber
living near Park’s Gap.
Jldin'r de bouts non with the will an
nexed of Emanuel Evertole, dec'J.
January 7, 1836—ts
rAnmeronn ent.
TWO farms adjoining each other on
Back Creek, bounded by the lands
of Peter Jones, Sam’l Hedges 3d and oth
ers ; also, one other tract, hut a very
short distance from those beforementiqn
ed, The two first belonging to the heirs
of the estate of Henry Rmer dec’d, and
the latter belonging to mysell, 1 hose
farms are good and eligibly situated and
will be rented to good tenants upon lair
terms, Possession may be had ol all or
either of them on the 1st day ol April
next—application to be made to the un
dersigned, If the above farms are not
previously rented at private contract they
will be publicly rented on Satuiday the
16th day of January next. The renting to
take place at the late residence ol Henry
Riner, dee d. PETER KINEH.
December 31, 183.5,—3t
IN pursuance of the provisions of a deed
of trust, executed to me as trustee, bjr
Jacob V. Gorrell and Mary his wife, dated
the 1st day of December, 1834, and of re
cord in the* Clerk's office of the couniy
court of Berkely, to secure a debt due to
the executors of Abraham Gorrell, dec’d —
I will offer for sale, to the highest bidder,
for Caa/t, on Saturday. the 30th day of
the present month, before the Court bouse
door, in Martinsburg, that handsome, well
formed iron grey seed horse, called
late the property of Ihe said Abraham
Gorrell, dec’d. Also, if necessary, to pay
debts secured by the deed of trust, all the
tstate, right, title, and interest of the said
Jacob V. Gorrell, in and to the estate of
his father, Abraham Gorrell, dec’d.
Also, all Ihe estate, light, title, interest,
and property of the said Jacob V. Gorrell
and Mary his wife, in and to the Laud de
rived Irom the estate of the said Mary's
father, Nathan Vanmetre, dec’d.
January 7, 1830.—3t
Mabtinseubg Savings Institution, )
December 30, H36. $
The undersigned, a committee appoint
ed by the Board of Directors, to examine
into the affairs of this institution, agreea
bly to the provisions of the charter, ac
count as follows:
-Martinsburg Savings Institution, Dr.
To weekly and monthly deposit
ors, - - - $3-228 00
Special, do - - 4946 19
Individual, do - - 736 97
Interest received, - - 76 31
Fines, 8tc., - - IS 67
Unclaimed dividends, • 6 80
$9012 94
By amount ofhonds and
notes discounted, $8253 08
“ Expenses paid, 20 75
“ Cash on hand, 739 1 1
-$9012 94
January 7, 1836.
Office of (be Martiimbuo; Savings Institution, )
January 1st 1836. y
The President and Directors of this in
stitution have this day declared a dividend
of Three per cent, for the last six months
payable on demand
GEORGE DOLL, jun. Treas.
January 6, 1836
VIAOIMflA: -l.i the Circuit Superior Court
of Law atul Chanctxy for Berkeley Cou nty
September term 1835.
Thomas Lang guardian of the orphan cbilpreu
of John Miller deed. pUff
Henry Basore, adiu’r of Abraham Miller and
George Miller, dec’d, Abraham Miller and
others ilefts.
ffMIIS cause came on to be heard upon
i. the hill, service of process against
Henry Basore, Abiaham .Miller, .Michael
.Miller and William .Miller, and more than
four months having elapsed and no ans
tvcr having been filed by said defendants,
it is therefore, adjudged, ordered, and de
creed, that this matter be referred to a
a .Master Commitsiuner of tliis court and
that lie be directed to settle the account of
Hehry Basore as adra’r of the estates cl
Abraham anil George .Miller dec’d, that
the said Basore be required to anttver u
pon oath before the commissioners any
proper and pertinent questions that may
be propot tided to bim in reference to said
estates and the said commissioner is fu th
ef directed to take an account to com
plainant as guardian of the defendants a
bove named and also to state any matters
deemed pertinent by him or which either
of the paities may rt quire to be specially
stated and make return of his report in due
lime before the next term.
A Copy,
Commissioner's Office, )
Martiusbtii'g, Jau’y 7, 1836. J
The parties to the above suit will please
to take notice that. 1 will attend at niy
office in .M.utinsburg on Saturday the 6th
day of February next, fur the purpose of
carrying the above order into effect when
and where they will also attend with all
the necessary evidence, papers, &. vouch
ers, which will enable me to make up the
required report.
January 7, 1835.—td
1 BlHE Books of Michael II. Grove are
it now in the hands of Lauck & Ste
phen for collection—all those who know
themselves indebted are requested to call
and discharge the same.
January 7, 1836
PERSONS indebted to the Post Office,
for postage and whose accounts are
of long standing, are hereby notified that
all further accommodations are suspended
until arrearages are paid.
January 7, 1836—tf
flltlE subscriber has on hand and will
1 constantly keep a good supply of
pfjJISTEU, FISH $• SALT, for sale
on the most reasonable terms.
• He will also pay the highest price in
cash for good wheat and rye delivered at
the mouth of Opequon.
November 19, 1835—tf
C1ASH, and the highest price paid for
J Corn, if delivered at tho mouth of
Opequon: by
January 7, 1836—tf
THE subscribers having entered into
partnership in the tanning business at the
Tan Yard recently occupied by Welcome
E. Sprinkle, will pay the highest cash
price for Hides, Skins and Bark, delivered
at the Tan Yard, or the Saddler Shop ol
C. D. WoltT, Martinshurg.
October 29, 1835—tf
[ To Saddlers.
THE Zig Zig, or W shaped Steel
Spring Saddles, have received the
general approbation of Saddlers who have
examined the model and the universal ap
,'plause of gentlemen who have used them.
This invention indeed, has been pronoun
ced an unequalled improvement, after the
closest investigation by the most cnmpe
tent judges ; and this too. when it bad to
encounter all the prejudices, which had
been excited against it in consequence of
the failure of other improvements of a
similar kind. A few of a great nmnber ol
certificates are subjoined They are from
the best workmen in (his country.
We have purchased the patent right of
Beard's Zig Zag or W shaped steel spring
saddle. It is decidedly superior to any
thing we have ever seen, for ease to the
rider and safety to the horse ; &. we con
fidently recommend it to the patronage of
our fellow tradesman.
JOHN P. KING,) ... . . ,r
DAN L HYDE, IHchmond, la
October 2, 1835.
This is to certify that a model of Beard's
Patent (Spring (Saddle lias been presented
to us for inspection, and that after a care
ful examination, we have bought the right
to use the same in our respective counties
and unhesitatingly pronounce it to be the
best improvement, both for ease of the
rider and horse, we have ever seen,
JVeiemarket, Va
LEWIS GREGORY. Petersvilk, Va.
Buckingham, Va
J. BRAY, Richmond, Va
Baltimore, Jtfd.
R GROVE, Staunton, Va.
We have inspected Beard's patent for
Spring Saddles, &. have bought the right.
We do not hesitate to pronounce it with
out exception to be the greatest improve
jraent we have ever seen ■, and we helieve
that it cannot be excelled or even equalled
both for ease to the rider and horse.
Lynchburg, Va Aug. 8, 1883.
[ was so well pleased with Beard's Zig
Zag patent, after the purchase of Nelson
jCo. that I also bought Albemarle: and I
do without hesitation pronounce it the
'ne plus ultra' ol improvements on Saddles
Nelson county, Va. Sept. 1835.
The following certificate is signed by a
few of the highly respectable gentlemen
in Agusta & Rockbridge See. who have
used the Saddles :
This is to certify that we have purchas
ed one of Board’s Steel Spring Saddles,
and upon a fair trial, do, without hesita
tion, pronounce it superior to any we
have ever rode, for ease, it being elastic
and not as as hard and unpleasant as
those made in the old way. The rider
feels much lighter from the springs in the
Saddle, therefore, with confidence, we
recommend the Saddles made by Beard,
to the Public.
J. B, CHRISTIAN, Augusta.
Rev JOS, SPK1GG, Lexington, Va.
Rev GEO. RU PLEDGE, Illinois:
It. STULL, flreenvillc, Va.
D. S. YOUNG, Mississippi.
The pmchaser ol Page, Loudon, Berke
j ley and Jefferson counties in Virginia —
and Washington and Alleghany counties
! in Maryland, contemplates an early visit,
: with a view of disposing of rights.
December 31, 1835.—3w
1IIE subscriber intending to remove
__ to the west, will sell at private sale,
the FARM on which he resides, consist
ing of ABOUT 250 AC RES, 175 of which
is cleared, and in a good slate of cultiva
lion; the balance well timbered. 'There
are on the premises a comfortable LOG
DWELLING with a Kitchen attached; a
'good Log Barn, with sufficient Stabling; a
Smoke House; Corn Hou^e; Spring end
Dry House, &c. There are several fine
springs of never failing water on the farm,
and running in various directions through
it. Also, two very fine Apple Orchards of
grafted fruit, and an excellent Reach Or
chard of choice fruit, and a sufficiency of
pears, plumbs, and cherries,
’The above described farm is in a healthy
situation, in Berkeley County, Virginia,
immediately on the Rotomac river, about
two miles above Williamsport, and in
view of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal
for several miles. Any person wishing to
purchase can know the terms by applying
to ihe subscriber, living on the premises.
December 24, 1835. —3w.
THE subscribers give notice that they
hare determined to close their busi
ness, St request all who know themselves
indebted to them to call and settle their
accounts The situation of the subscribers
is such that it must be done immediately,
As it is impossible for them to call on all
their friends in person, they will attend
from this day until the first of February
at the Factory for the purpose of settle
men! ; after that time legal measures will
be taken.
December 31, 1835
CASH will be paid by the subscriber
tor any quantity of good sound Corn
delivered at his mill. H I SHAFER.
Burlington Dec. 16, 1835.—tf
just received a fiesh supply of New
GOOOS, suitable for the present season,
-very cheap. J. \V. BOYD & Co.
December 24, 1835.
6) BUSHELS SALT just re.
* v” ceived and for sale by
Little Georgetown, Oct. 29.
I have aNegroManwho
is a good farm hand,
that I will hire for a year.
, 1835.
PURSUAN T to a decree of the Stipe
rior Court of Law and Chancery, for
Berkeley county, pronounced 6th of tJcto
her, 1835, in a suit in chancery, in which
David Hensel and Nancy his wife, late
Nancy C. Miller, and Samuel Chenoweth
and Mary his wife, late Mary Miller, are
plaintiff*, wersns. Smith Miller and Harri
son Waite, Jidminiitralori l)e Bon it .Vim,
ofCeorge Miller, dec'd, of Helper Miller,
dee d, and of James Miller, dec’d, S^rah
Miller, and others, defendants,— the un
dersigned Commissioners, named by said
decree, will.
On the Sfh day nf February, 1836,
Being the first day of February Court, for
the county of Berkeley, expose to sale at
the Court House, in the town of Martins
hurg, the several tracts or parcels of land,
referred to in the proceedings in said suit
and herein described- The land to he
•old according to said decree, for one
third cash, the balance in two equal pay
ments of one and two years, with interest
from the day of sale, until payment—the
purchaser, or purchasers, to give bond and
security and a deed of trust on tha land
to secure the deferred payments.
1 1 lie place called the Home I uci.
containing about THREE HUNDRED
land. Tbi» is the tract of land on which
Smith Miller now lives,adjoining the lands
of Rob’t VV. Lyle, Philip C. Chenowrth's
heirs, and others There is on tins land a
comfortable Dwelling House, u good Ham,
and other Out Buildings.
2. The place called the Kaolexer
Place, containing about Two hundred and
stvenly four ACRES. Mrs. Sarah Milbr,
the widow of Win. I) Miller, dcc’d, now
lives on this land. It adjoins (lie lands of
William Campbell, and on the head wa
ter* of Middle Creek. There is on this
place a comfortable Dwelling Douse, a
good Uarn, &.c.
3. The place called the Tiiornri'ho
Place, containing about FOURTEEN
ACRES. There is on this land a small
Dwelling Home, and Blacksmith Shop, and
is said to be a good situation for a Black
smith : adjoins the lands of Philip C.
Chenowetb’s heirs, and others.
4. The placecalled tliaM’fJiHEN Place
containing about TWENTY FIFE A
CRES, on the waters of Mill Creek, ad
joining the lands of Robert Daniel, Me
Kown. Reese, &C.
5 The place called the Mill Place,
containing about FIFTY ACRES. This
land lies on the Opequon, about 3 miles
from Marlinsburg—on which there was
formerly a valuable merchant mill, which
was consumed by fire : the scile is said to
be very valuable for any kind of water
works, having the advantage of the whole
I water of the Opcquon. There is a com
! fortahle Dwelling House, and some other
' buildings on this land And
t» About FIFTEEN ACRES of land
{called the Lyle Place. This land is all
jin timber, and said to be very good ; and
.adjoins the lands of Win. Lyle and others
The said several tracts will be pul up
to public sale, separately. The (Journos
sioners have stated the number of acres
i according to. the deeds, and the Commis
sioner’s books—they will be sold as con
tainingtho quantity stated—but without
any guarantee of quantity,—the sale to be
in (he gross.
These lands are all within six miles of
Martinsborg, excepting (he M'Gihen tract,
on Mill Crei k. and are considered good
December 24, 1835.—ts
j v laanriAi- — At u Court lieW for Berkeley
County, al the Court Home, ou Monday Ilia
lit it day of December, 1835.
i Duvid Schuebly surviving Executor of Henry
Scbuebly, dec’d V^JJ
Jacob Sebappert adnr'r of John Myers, dec'd,
George Mycr*, John Myers, William Myers,
Archibald Myers, George Crowl and Eliza
beth bis wife, Abraham Anderson and Barba
ra his wife, and James M. Wheat deftI
fin !1E defendants Geotge Myers, and
Q Abraham Anderson, and Haibaru
his wife, not having entered their appear
ance and given security according to the
a;t of Assembly, and the rules of Ihe
Court, and it appearing tu the Court that
they are not inhabitants of this Common
wealth, it is ordered, that the said defen
ri.mis do appear here on the second Mon
day in March next, and answer the bill of
the complainant: and bo it further order
ed, that (his order be published in the
Martinsburg Gazette, for two months sue
cessively. and posted at the front door of
the Court-House of the said county.
December 24, 1835—2m
VIRGINIA: — At a Court held for Bci keley
County, at the Court-House, on Monday the
14th day of December, 1835.
Jacob Myers, zdm’r with the will annexed of
James Forman dec'd, (sueing to the use ol J
Washington Kroescn executor of James F.
Forman dec’d,) P^ff
William Rav and John B Sappington. dtfts.
fglHE defendant, William Ray, not ha
S. ving entered his appearance and gi
ven security according to the act of As
senibly and Ihe rules of this Court, ana it
appearing to the court that he is not an
inhabitant of this Commonwealth, It is
ordered : that the said defendant do ap
pear here on the second Monday in March
next, and answer the bill of Ihe complain
ant; and it is further ordered, that this
order he published in the Mariinabuig Ga
zette, for two months successively, and
posted at the front dour of the Court
House of said county.
Dec. 24,1835 -2m
f BAHIS is to notify all those persons who
| are indebted to me on hook account
that my necessities will compel me to in
stitute suit for the recovery of the same,
provided speedy settlements are not made,
so as to enable me to liquidate a debt due
from me to Lauck & Stephen, by a trails
fer of paper to that house.
December 31, 1835.—St
HAVING deter in-ned (m consequence
of selling out one ot my establish
ments here) to dose up the lower or old
store, ami wind up that business. I ear
nestly request art persons indebted to me
there to make immediate payment; those
who may not pay their open accounts im
mediately will please close Ihem by note
1 have lately enlarged the upper or New
Store, where I have just opened a supply of
miw G00D8,
and w here 1 will at all time# be much gra
titled to see uiy old friends and Customers.
Shephcrdslown, Dec. 24, 1835. —fiw.
rjMHAT fine estate belonging to the heirs
B of Richard McSberry,dec'd, i* offer
ed for sale It contains between
760 A 800 ACRES.
Its natural and artificial advantages are
nut surpassed by any farm in that fine
county. It is well improved with build
ings, orchards, fences, and well sot in do 1
ver ; a large spring, and three good wells
of eicellent water.
Application may be marie to John Piet,
living on the premises, or the subscriber
hi Marlinshuig
December 24, 1935.—tf
1WH.L on Friday, the 15th day of
.lanuarv next, oiler for sale on the pre
mises, at the mouth of the Qpequon, all
that Valuable Farm, belonging to the late
James Forman, dec’d. containing about
384 Acres
on the west side of the creek, or any part
thereof, (not less, however, thau thirty
acres) The terms of »ttlu will bn madn
easy. Should it so happen Ilia* (he land
would not he sold, it will then in that ease
he rented on the same day to (he highest
bidder, for one year, from the 1st day of
Ant iJ next, for a moneyed cent. Security
will be required. It is deemed iiunecessaiy
to describe the property, as it is so very
well known in the neighborhood. Mraii
gers will ol course riist view the same.
with the will annexed, of Js. Forman, dec’d
Dec. 24. 1835.
rURSUANT to a ihrree of the circuit
Superior court ol law and chancery,
for Berkeley Countv. at the October teim
1835, of said comt, in the case of Igleliart
and Warner, pltfi's, against Alfred W.
Chenowith, John B. 1.anion, John M.
Stevens, John Lsnion and others (lefts,
the undersigned commissioner* uppiinled
f.ir that purpose, will expose to sale, in
front of the Court-House in Mailinshurg,
on Monday tin 1 UU day of January next,
(it being court day.J two tract* of land re
ferred to in said complainants hill contain
ing something over
E l (i It T Y A c li i: s,
One lot containing Twenty three and three
fourth acre* situated Back Cretk.and the
remainder about one mile Iroin Bunkers
i Hiil, in the county aforesaid, adjoining the
[land* of Ceil. E. Boyd. ,1 I,anion, and the
heirs of Mr. Jacob Hecs, dec’ll, on the
terms prescribed in said decree, to wit:
one third cash, the. balance in two equal
payments at six and twelve months- the
purchaser giving bond with approved »a
cunty for the deferred payments with In
gal interest from the day of sale until paid.
This land is advantageously situated,
being within two mile* of four merchant
mills, three Saw Mills, two fulling nulls,
and within one mile of an extensive store,
two wagon maker*, two Blacksmith, Tai
lor and Shoemaker shops, and the rail
road five miles distant.
December 10, 1835—td
rpllOSE person# who became putrhss
JL ers at the sale of Henry .1. Coach
man, administrator of George Cuuchmun.
der'd, on the 5th of March last, are in
formed that their note# became due ori the
5th of the present month, and that prompt
payment must he made, or they will tie.
placed in the hands of an officer fur cut
• Mminutrutor.
December 24, 1885—If
VinOXifXA: 111 the Circuit Superior Court
of Law und Chancery for Berkeley County.
October 2, 1S33.
Baker Tapscott V'lff
James It. Mackey, ha. dtj'l.
■ftTOTICE-AII persons having claims
is against the estate of Ruth Mackey,
deceased, will present them to me at my
nltice in Martinsburg on or before the 1st
ol February next, together with all such
evidence as may be requited to enable me
to audit and report them to the next term
of the Circuit Superior Court of Law and
Chancery for Berkeley County, agreeably
to an order made in the above cause at the
last term
November 5, IS85.—td
WILL be sold at public sale on Wed
nesdny,tli« tith January, at the re
sidence of the late George Snowdiel, in
King street, all the Personal Property of
said dec’d,—consisting of
One Wagon, three Horses,two Ploughs
four sets Gears, one Stove and Pipe,
one Secretary, Tubles, Chairs, Beds,
Bedsteads, and Bedding, one Com
mon Cupboard, and one Stand—with
many other articles unnecessary to partic
ill arize.
Term* of Sale.—Six months credit on all
sums of two dollars and upwards,—under
that sum, cash. Sale to commence early
in the day. J. W. BOYD, Mm'r
of George Snowdiel, dec'd
Deeember'24, 1985—ts
The above sale is postponed until Wed
nessay the 27th of January next.
Dec 31, 1835 J. W. B.
VIRGINIA:—In the Circuit Superior Court
of ti-.v and cham-ury lor county Octo
ber Term, lS3o.
Israel Dawson, executor of Abraham Paw*on,
itcoM, who an executor of Thomas Willi*#**,
dic’d. • " - . Complainant,
ffasaway Cm**, William Neely, and the heir*
ufThoiuai William*, dec'd. brfnaianU.
This cnu«e came in to he hrard this
2,>d day oi October, isj»5, upon Ihe hill
answers, and exhibit*, nod the report of
Commissioner HcicLaid, and exception*
tiled to said tepoit, and w*> argued hy
counsel, whereupon it it adjudged,order
ed A* decreed that the same b« recommit
led to Commissioner Hcichard with in f
1st To s’ate sod set’le tire areotint o
Abraham Dnw*nn V W'illiarn Neely, a*
Exeeutor* of Thomas William*deceased.
2d To state «n account of the said ex
ecutors with all 'he distributee* of said
Thomas Williams dec’d exhibiting the
various payments made to said distribu
tee*, and the balance, if any, tine to them
or to the Executors The said Commis
sioner in stating the above accounts iel
(• take ihe settlement made in t(j«> county
court of Hampshire en the tfills day of
March, 1825, ns ihe basis of his settle
ment except, so far as the same may bo
stiicliarged ami faUified by evidence ex
hibited before him; and to allow such
additional payments, since Ihe d»*e of
that settlement as may. he sustained by
satisfactory testimony And the Com’r
in making distribution amongst the child
ren ia to apportion the moneys arising
from the tales of the personal property
equally among all the children of I hos.
Williams, dec'd except where any per
sonal property has been bequeathed by the
tnll of said Williams dec'd.
Silly The. commissioner is directed to
slate &. settle the amount ol Israel Daw
son as executor of Abram Dawson der'd
so lar ns ihe same is connected with the
estate of Tho'a W'dliam* deed.
4lhly The said commissioner is further
directed to report the amount of person
al property, purchased byGnssaway Eros*
of Ihe executor* of Tbs Williams, (lcc’d
and which remains unpaid for by him—j
together with nny other mntlera dvemen
putinent hy himself nr which any ol the
parties may require to have statvd and to
make Ins report in time for a decree at
the next Court
A Cnpy,—Teste,
CMOS'* OtTICS OK Moot,AN CoUWTV Court, >
November 3, l«3u. S
Tiie patties lo Ih*r above suit am here
by notified (bat on Monday, the 18th day
of January 188G, I shall attend here in or
der lo earty the above recited order* into
effect where and when they arc requested
to attend with their respective vour iters Jk
evidences they may have to rouble me
to perform the duties assigned by said or1
der. .1 HP.lt.' HA li I), Special CWr.
November lit, 1835—til
VinCIICIA: At rule* holclrn in Clerk’* of
fice Of Ihc Ctrcnll Supi-rilr Court of l.uw and
Chancery for Morgan County, ou Monthly llie
7th ilny of December, 1836.
PhilipC. Pendleton fdtff.
Cawrrnce Mrleeirnan, John OTetral ailminis
trslor of Ignst.ns O'LVriul di c'd, and .Iona
lliau .Macro dtJ'U.
jr|pHE defendants, Lawrence MrKair
■ J nan, ami Jonathan Manio, not ha
ving entered their appearance and given
security according to the Act of Assembly
and the rules of litis court, and it appear
ing by sali. factory evidence that they arn
not inhabitants ol this commonwealth; it
i* oidered, that the said defendants do ap
pear here on the first dny of the next
tutm, uni! answer the complainants hill,
and that a mpy ol this ordor he published
in some newspaper in M.tttinshurg, fot 8
months successively, *<>d a like copy pos
ted at the Iront door of the Court House
in (lie said county of Morgan.
A Copy.—1 nstc,
The parties Defendants, in the suit a
bove mentioned, are hereby notified, that
un Finlay Ik Saturday the 8, Ik Uth days of
I an miry next at the Globe tavern in the
town of Martinsburg.aud coenly of Berke -
ley, I shall take the, depositions of sundiy
witnesses to be read in evidence on tho
hearing of the said cm sc.
December 8, 1855 — td
vxRcxrriA: - In the Circuit Snpsrior Court
of I,aw and Chancery for Urikiky County.—
October 7, 1833.
James Forman’s Aihu'r pH]} ■
ugain rt
Nancy Forman and others deflt.
TyroneE-All person* having claims
against the ctAute of Jollies Forman;
deceased, will present them to rue at my
office in Martinshurg on or hclbie the 1st
day of February next, together with all
such evidence a* may he tequired to auth
enticate them, in order that I may audit
and repoti them to the next term of the
Circuit Superior Court of'l.aw and Chan
cery for Berkeley County.
November 5, 1835 —td
Commissioner's Office Martinsecbo, >
November 1, 1835 $
%TOTICE — All persons having claims
ll against John Porterfield, dec’d, or
George Porterfield jun’r. dec’d, will pre
sent them to me at mv otfice in Martina
burg on a before the first diy of Febiuary
next, [IbrSGj togetb-r with such testimony
as may be required to authenticate them,
in order that 1 may audit and report them
agreeably to a decretal order of the Cir
cuit Superior Court of Law and Chancery
for Berkeley County.
November 5, lt>35—td
$100 REWARD.
STIIA\ ED or stolen from the farm of
the subscriber near Martinsburg, be
tween the 28th ult., and the 2nd inst. one
hundred and eight head of sheep. If tfiry
have been stolen, 1 will give the abovsyfor
the apprehension of the thief and sheep;
if not, I will give a liberal rewai d for the
sheep alone, or for any information that
will lead to their recovery.
Dec. 24, 1835.

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