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Official Fwpi
roLIW.IOW^ 6,. 1877
ill local intelligence,
gkliago ft Rorth-Vifttorn Railway.
Time of departure of Passenger Trains from
l^tvf f»«r Chicago aud the Euat 3:38 A. M.
Lt«vc for Chicago aud the KasU. 5: JQ P. M.
be*ve forCoiinnl Bluffs*an.l West— 1*:1R-A. M.
Leave for Corutii iil
uffs and V
t#K. --11 00 P. M.
Arrival #rol Departure of Mails.
feom the F-istaml Tama cily, Daily .11:30 M.
Rev. II. 11. Cireeu, returned to Toledo,
from Wyoming, his old liome, last Satur
day evening.
£evera] «f our citizens up. lo
ltasliall'towii Wednesday to. «tend file
great ForcpaugU's Menagerie, Museum,
Circus, &c.
County Superintendent Brown is mak
ing arrangements tor tlis Teachers' Nor
lnal Institute. We will give more par
ticular hereafter.
There will be communion service at the
Jjlosfbytcrian Cliurcli nest Sabbath.' Tlitre
jinllj also be preaching on Friday evening
•iitfSaturuay .iftcniooil at ilbdlock/"''*-
We received a pleasant raft Tuesday
from Mr. Ii. M. Hose travey^g-agent "of
the Chicago Type Foundry, lie js ,a ge
nial and pleasant gentlemen and r'efire
-Aotts a first-class firm. i
,T1k Sunday
iuu wliich
wa^ to have taken" place lu Carroll '1 p.
next Sunday has been indclinately past
ft* 8i A. ijce, his wife artd son Wrn.
"now of Tipton, ai'iivTiPifT TuWo
Tuesday morning. Mr. Lcc went in
a.cst, to Marsha'.itown and to iH'S Jloiims,
jjjirtle Mrs. Lee and Win. 5\H1^Isit in To
ledy. Their raarjj old friends^and ac
aqwjliitiiuccs will be glad to sec them. U
Rev. Clark l'radeu of Abingdon, 111. t.
Jiveieit '& very inteR'sling kclures at the
Co«rt House l:ivL Saturday evening and
•Suud.iv afternoon and evening, lie is a
The Davis Sewing Machip «r^ent- na^'f01
is still winning g.-lden opinions whe^er pB00I,.
it is used. It is furnished hi .all KtjVs
work. It is a first class inaelil«f*hi"efery
fcspect, and needs only to be seen and
tried lo tespprci'i'iled. ..j.
Our correspondents are paving some
tun with each other.
Mis»rCarrie BJinn returned Itome frotn
Ohio last FrMay. •'1-
Markhcd.—A.ttho Uaptist Parsonage In
Toledo, July 4th by Rev. II. A. Brown,
Mr. John Dat and Miss Ada Louisia
Householder, all of Tamil CouA|£4W-f
day audSaturday. 11:00 A.M.
TJEPARffeteW .'
i fortlii West tnd TamaOHTs-'*i —10:40 A.M.
*!^T East 4:50P.M.
Trn'Tanil CryftRl, Tnesd»y,
d»j and Saturday 1:00P.M.
J£. L. Dii.lman. M.
Tliia paper i-kept on fi'c in the oflico of L. F.
Booth.Ueiierul Eastern Asent. Chicago aud north-,
western Kiiihvny. Ji5 oariivav. New York. Our
Minds, wlicn in New Yo.k. are i-ord: illv invited
loeall and read it at any time. Ttiey will uhvnys
be sve' mai.
Tftnrvoy Fisber is giving liis new house
4 coat of pit'mt.
Tfce plasterers arc at" york in Mr. D.
ArVs new, residence.
Mr W. Bmlbrook li(b soltf'Mh* Hifci
denec to O.J7 Stevens.
RCv. O. II. Dcrry returned, from liis
Southern trip last Monday. *,'r
Strublo & GooOiitit!wpnt to
BoMc Plaiue Tuesday evening.
JnHBinb. is*
Since the eompletion and occflprtncy of
the preseut jail, nearly seven years ago,
there have boen confined within its walls
186 persons, on various charges. Of these
Knight Dexter, during the three years and
tw» months he was sheriff after the jail
was built, took care of 48, and It. E. Aus
tin, during the three years aud six months
he has been sheriff, lias looked after the
interests of 138. We believe since its es
tabHshmtnt there has not bfcefc a single?
jail delivery until the five persons got ?ut
on tlie 2nd., inst. Mr. Austin has had
charge of some most desperate characters
and he lias always taken good care of
them. He not only had to provide for the
criminals of Tama County, but also for a
large number from Marshall and Benton
counties. Tiiat he has done so well con
sidering the men with whom lie has had
to deal is a matter of surpuse. There
have been several characters confined in
the |hil here who have made their boasts
tliat'tlicy had already broken out of a
good many jails aud didn't propose to
stay in there long. But they found when
tlicy were put in that thej- staid there un
til they were let out either through the
proper forms of law, or were taken up to
Anamosa. It is not known how tliejrt
prisoners succeeded in getting ready to
escape. It is only known Hint they in
some way became possessed of a saw and
cut their way out. One of them has been
caught, ajrtllf the others are not brought
back in a reasonable time we will be sur
prised, for Mr. Austin will leave no stone
unturned to get them and Ave believe he
will succeed.
And a commnnictitjoh hi jifst'st'ecjt's
lntltptndtnt, iu reference to tlie T^ijpa
County Bank, which* in just1ce""to our
selves and ii disct rning public, we must
It is presumed that the animus o:' the
article in question, was prompted on this
wise, ^he Editor of Saul paper subscrib
ed ''Ten Dollars (iu printing)" oveT a yeV
since, towards the "Hotel Subsciiptiou.'
Tnnti).—Wc me charged by the Editor
•^f#Snid«|fl]Vr With-nailing Irinij ttlr inlitjel
hiid booting at liini as he passes along the
street. la ansiver wo will s*v, that we
do jii0C*drCflMt36r onridl vie too "lugh
urtiidcd and honorable ^eji^lymen" for
that. '1 •M
Fourth.—We arc chargeir'wil(iTrefus
ing payment of ourowii paper when pw?
sonted, and that our depositors—"more
thau one"—have been trying for weeks to
vcrj able and inteiresting speaker a man i get th.»lr irtoney.and failed. Now this is
.of much culture and learning, andean in- ^simfily WILFULLY an.l MALICIOUSTj-Y
kit}t and jtMWtinta -ftfl sm.liuu4.HJ with [FALSE as every Check, Certificate of
-i -"S
^meliensc. ^Deposit or any oilier evi-leuee of jn lebt
ednpss whatever, when pi-eseutpd lo this
payuJC lt
d.|n this vicinity by Mr. i. p. -Qtlmcs, pa|j
b2aa'duly Lono^d
TillC. CONTRARY. tiuuW
gucl} a
calamity fail ly beUouglit about,
'fcf tdUsUlirough ao lack of eir.non the
part )»f the- writer ui/snM^ ti*--fmj^iirttil
cimtemptible article, and those of a kin-
i»n*cr pl.Wiiis- ^Vd lieitrl-lnTdd
died spirit.
''.W.t Mill tiftcrtlioh trt fhtf "ldvertisml(t
Goodrich in this f»trp-. Wt! hare
seen.the slock mentioned \)rich-is kep:
in the S.E. part of town and are satisfied
ftjis -as Mr*-Goodrich^ Jlas
pWilias^ the'w 4f jfrt^lt'lie rotiltl tiiM ni
mifkfe up his herd and we believe as gootl
stack can be obtained here, as in any oth
er place, at illuell less pjfcfcc, bcsMtfe'
great saving in the matter bfesprcss.LMiait
DiF.B.^On July 4th., J. W. IvNionT, of
180t*'in the State of Yirgiuia, s)«| .ulien
29 years of n£e he. ciuigratrtr'ro" OtrfW
whetfc lie |ireil till 1B50, when lie went to
California and staid cw ycavi. In l_8Ufc
lie caime to Tama (fo'unty lolwe URd Jia»
been here ever since. He was a sufferer
for over four years with paralysis, from
•which he received a shock on July 1st.,
which terminated in his death on the 4tli.
He leaves a wife and seven children all
grown, besides a large cin:le of ocquAftct
aaces to mOurn'liis departure. PI
Mitrri!:g«^j^enjfc3 is«aed during llin
moat, 1 af.fuuc..
T. 3!. Alnrgiin and L. M. Walling.
Frank Forumtiek and Anna Now«te» -.
JaE i-- Ilojio an CaWe SwateUusa.
tewis Pugli ttnd AJici 31.. IlafUn.
Jolin W.'Pjigh a|d I.ibbie Ccifm^o.
Bomanut Mturitlaed K. Se«k.
Thomas A. Becksand Maiy E. Bailey..
W. JI. Lanphi arauil Margaret Ondwnn..
Thomas F. Uuslnon aiul Ljici/ula Bab
W/ D. Taylor
And A. F. Shelcf.
Waggeaorand Ida I'arket:
sten Grassmcn nnd Wllhelmine Be
ft. Mercer BjjorU s
new buggf/"
R|g Hid pm-tiscs»
"P iht \,i-j rs visit--
tyf, Jittdiw*t Lid Iittre'rented tlic
^niileyjiousc snd intend opening anoti^
ci- Jiotel
•Br. SlutiHfcreturned from his westert
a little sun-burnt bat
y ever. He reports crop* look
inggood in Nebraska.
e. ***,
5lic s:
II utnfsfuf, Ykisctirt°-
arc paiued'to eliroiiicte tl'.c ,!^lddtSi
derth of Miss Aiioc Fraley,. wiiu. rafCAU
widlcy known nmoiv,' thry.nmg.-.-ioiU^f I .0».«f^.lra*aatC8t occasions of the
tUWicinity and Traer. She died at
^»son was tht school picnic Iujld by the
bion, Iowa, on the 8lh of July. Alice i the island west of
Washiglilv spoken ,»V ».8 «»»t ^o.it.c-cllo. Our school taught by Charles
knew her. The funeral proee^lw was i^'f
•about a.
mle long. She lea-es ..umetous i f*'- »choo| imh (M ufeual uumbe,
ft Su Toledo w ho del pi? M-Itr., heri4f visitor met at the school house and
-i uiarcheil to the grounds where they wore
soon joined by a host of friends, The ex
cnls'iJWitoWHSfiiijifJS^do tolj erciscs consisted of recitations, music,
&c. l'r^irt-Jinaio asfollows:
t:sniujirssrA. kl'»i
•mil ]ic-nic
iiolf'?! Tntiii ic-nic Sltnduy
Sclyiols of Tama Cijy and npl'-'lio It
will be held near the railroiul* •between
tlife two place: »n arrangements kavc
l}Wn made to'have the Schools, -ta&eu
there by tlie cars.^.FuU-fiaWleutars rv'II
teigived pext weety »«d in Uio irchook
Sundiiy- The pic-nk, jv'IJ take P'TI|c
*»u.TJiursdayof m-xA week. July 19.1i.
L*»t Thursday Mir. Harry Cluffs boy
went out on the prairie to drive home a
Cow, and culf the cow made at the boy
catching luin on her horns and throwing
him in tlie air and letting him fall fract
turcd his right fore arm and bruised
bis face a little. Dr. Ballard was called
and adjusted the fractured bones, and
applied his renowned pi aster
paris dress
ing, and the boy is well. 'j
An interesting time was had at a
quilting party which took place at the
residence of Mr. Henry Linton Wed
nesday afternoon the 11th inst. The
occasion was the finishing up of a fine
quilt which had been made by the la
dies west of town iu tlie neighborhood
of the Giger School House, to bo pre
sented to Rev. and Mrs, 8. £. Snider,
as a token o£ tlie esteem and respect
in which they are held by their fo nier
congregation. A fine dinner was served
and. evei vtliiug went happy as a ittar
riage bell.
"Sweet Ferget H.C Sol".
This is the title of a new nnd magnifi
cent song with a remarkable pretty waltz
chorus, composed by "Bobby Newcomb"
of minstrel fame. It is sun? by Primrose
aud West, of Ilarvcrly's Minstrels Del
ehanty aud Ileugler, of the "Tony Pas
tor Troupe Adili Richmond, and other
first tl iss artists, all over the country.
This songwill surely be admired by every
body. Price, 40 cents per copy cau be
had by any music dealer or from the pub
lisher. F. W. Ulil.MlCK.
50 West 4th St. Cincinnfitti, O.
Last Monday morni.-.g our community
was startled by the report that a murder
had been committed iu Carroll township.
Tl:c particulars as wu lt.ai'u them are as
Some of the Bjliemiaiis had been hav
iug a row among themselves and one
had conducted himself in such a manner
tlitit his brother-in-law had a warrant got
ten out for his arrest. Justice-of-thc
Pcacc G. M. Fee. issued the warrant aud
placed it in the hands of Constable C. S.
WliiU-ly, who proceeded lo Misek's resi
dence before daylight Monday moiniug,
lo ai'est him—taking with liirn several
men to assist iu case of necessity. Arriv
ing til the house lie made himself and his
business known. Misrk refused to come
out but pulled a large revolver aud tired,
the ball passing through or near Mr.
Wliitcly's heart, producing almost iustaut
death.' lie then fired again at another
lie recently presented a bill for Eight man but without effect. It was soon
Dollars, and tlus-samc was duly credited I known what had taken place,aui'. a ctjffd
on his subscription, and lo lie departed soon gathered and were liWut lo lynch
inucli wiijth! The balance, we presume, liim.but cooler judgmsiii. inally prevailed
he considers paid iu gratijitous
Second.—The Assessment Books for
count of the tragedy which 1877 do show that the Bank Block is'tis
took place iu that neighborhood iant Mon
ihHn' :fii)ci£ptice W'U be given hc^af
ler. ...
sesscd itt Five Thousand aatl Fiv.c lluti
lrctW)ollars, as liigh in proportion
busiucss house in the community that
fact seems to be eul'Vcly ignored.
and he was bron^t down to to Toledo
and lodged in jail. The coroner was no
lip.el at once proceeded lo the p'ace
nnd held an inquest. I. The murdered man
was one of the bes: known, and liiest
highly respecled citizen: of the township
nndgreat soi ow was felt at his sudden
death.. Ills t'l nerul was held on Tuesd.vy.
and was largely attended.
Declamation.—Pro[ftc w'dl talk^ by Mai v
What the choir sang
about.—Ei ta Mcriclc.
Song.—'Thoughts ofJUhildhoticU
Peelitmation.—Don't Swear, by Sninmte
1 llanna. #•«_
Jlie singing by thd school was conduct
ed by B. E. Thomas, "wlto sltflwed skill in
handling the violin. Miss Ella' HtUgiq act
ing as orgauist. ,,
l)ifiuer was next in order all, both
young and old, marched to the tabic
which was /airly groaning under its
•weight goodies.
After dinner every one seemed, deter
mined to have a general good time. About
tliis time are were joined by Mri O. -A.
IIUlhurt of the firm llulbdrt Bros., of
MarshalHown, who brought One of liis cx
c«il«nt organs to the grounds and enter
tained Ihe company wltb* music botli vo
cal And instrumectal. Next yCfine ilic
boat rides in tho new boat^tlie "Blue
Bi*-d," others were amusing themselves
»ivjaging, chatting, apd ctc. At about 3
o'clock the bugle sour TViis it- signal
To approach the stand ,heie they wSra
ntjdresjfd by the teaci. r. Mr. Bruner is
a yovmn "j'-he- this 'u^liis first term
aud ft.—to join ili iftylng It Was a
SUCCC4. Ho leaves muay friends among
b^Vii jiuplls and the -patjtr.S ot. liic
8cliit)l» At cbolit.4 o^Sl*ck the el«icr por
tion of. the crowd retirerl leairiog t]ie
young folks swingings jumping the r«pc,
closed last Monday.- srri
Mr. a-id Mrs. h»r were la tftWt W#i
Lois of itKinge.re
jli towj f^uL ^tfness
is grfod. 1
Skule Harm's are iocktog hUBK
irt.'. nipt mention som» ypnog
bhwi*U)!jrfeei too
i»««. ft*
Wednesday morning.
£)eelai!iation.—A story wjth a inofill, by
Rilla Bccklcv.
Dcctemaiiu#.—Ned, th'd faitneifbi^V^i'
jVijlie zZ'f:'
^i'fhaUon.—The fit tic boy Itnil dijsa, by
r. Cora Betklpy., v.".'
lleci tat ioiv—MvJRtlie?sBiWS^y Sophia
.. ijw. v •_
l&iig.—Shall we meet beyond the /River.
Qcclamiit iou.—Art and Nature,' by liwisac
LfcclamaJkn^I5-'tei v ffmy,- iTjjr^.C^ra i-d
DecUiyii'.iwi.—Don't rua
-DeciainVtion.—Ilow liltppyJPfj be, ty El
la HaiVna.
Song.--C'i)iiteiitnicnt. y'-*.?
'Dcckmatioil.—-"flie stubborn liook, iby
Declamation.—Ups and downs, by Ella
Mericlc. v,v"
Song.—Fret Net Thyself. j4"
Recitation.—What a worker, .JirtSnr
Spohr. %r
Declamation.—'Mrs. Mouse, iy '•%id
Beckley. 5
Song.—Come roam the meadows.1 ,*
Declamation.—A Nut to crack, by Ernest
Of IIoui»rk*iiott(w»» -tm
FROM 3I0^T0tR.
Mon tour «H»e 80tl» iSft.
1 1
Bank iu general.
and the Tani(i County
It is but a verification of the old saying
"whom the-gods would destroy they first
make Toad." Tho inlent of the article was
tbgct up a run on the Bank if possible
and therefore cripple it, if not, in fact,
close it up. It.is a well-known fact that
there is not a Batik in the United States
that could stand a prolonged run, without
getting help from outside the yery na
tliert- business precludes such
Iliying has eommeuccd.
The thermometor stood U8 iu the abode
three 4-iys last week
Jonas Wood- has 70 stands of "bfc?.
He Cxpccts a® large yield of honey mis
Someone having an anxiety for early
potatoes, visited Joshua Wood's patch in
the night. Tlicy pulled and stacked all
the vines, but found nary a potato which
made it bad all around.,
C. C. Cooper had a chicken with four
fe&s. It was quite a curiosity to see it,
as cliickei^a vvilh four legs arc .not very
At'- Ute- residence of. Mr. Morse
iu Ttaer, Mr. Dell Raymond, to
Miss Mete Shad, The marriage was
done up in style "as it took the Constable
and|several of the lawyers to witness the
case. Raymond left immediately, aud
has hot been heard of since, while the
girl is left with a. worse character than
befo.'C. The penalty is too easy: if they
were allowed to swing between heaveu
and earth, we would hfive less of those
hellisl) deeds.
Wo of course celebr eted our National
biitliday nt Traer, which the Clipper yre
nounced a grand success. But we t,id
not see it in that waj. The number of
people was hot very large. The speech
wc e pepnouueed a success by some and
a failure by others, except Wilsons which
was a good one. Music was scarce, as
the Comet Band blew themselves all
away, and were not present. Altogether
it was pronounced a fizzle.
The people of Grant seemed to antici
pate this, so they celebrated in Fleming's
Grove, lliey all had a good time, aud
pronounced it a success.
Next year RuckingiiaU'Will make prep
erallons ami celebrate the Fourtlrat home
as she has done for years.
We liopp (hat every vofev in the Re
piblic-n pai'y will support his liomina
"0u that tlicy may strengthen the Repub
lican party instead of holding back and
weakening It. We express our Views in
the following verse:
Hurrah! hurrah! for Iowa,
Has made a nomination:
John II Gear, of Burlington,
It meets our approbation,
I, Bismarck.
The Fourth of July, 18»7, has come
and gone, marking the hundred and
second y»ar of our political existeuce.
Last year being the Centennial nearly
Last week's Independent contained a
most otUrugous and dastardly article
aimed at Mr. \V. II. Harrsou in particular .v,,^ j.wwll j„ thB Country celebrated and
possibility. And that a Bank is unalne easiness on the part of eUizeus prevailed
to stand a rup ii no ifl-gument whatever
hat it is tuisound, or in a bad. way .11
nancially. For'while it may not have
the 'cash on hand to pay all deposits,
if! it lias been prope-.ly managed ii
I has good securities upon which it Jean
realize iu u shcrt time. We have
I no doubt but that the Tama County Bank
I feels the pressure of close times just the
same as every Bank and business man in
the C'ouiuiy. It has been using some of
its inoucy^n building a block, which is a
crcd't to our jo
ivn and county, but has
not.used enough to cripple it at all. It is
iu ii'St-chus condi 'on uiui when tlie Inde
pendent states oi' infers that it has failed
to honor any of its dw'ii v]ier it siuiplv
lies, and its editor knew very well that
he was lying when ha allowed the article
lo go into his columns. But wn will deal
gently with lirrti aud have compassion on
him as he .will be givijn an opportunity to
mpke his reply in a court of justice, the
proper papers having lieeni served tm him
During the late afternoon a man who
works ou the Railroad in Grant camu to
towu and engaged in gambling with
some other men who thought him an easy
victim. Tlic result as was related iu the
"IleatUcu Chinee." A worse bruised and
i bea'eii man I never saw. The principal
party lo llie outrage escaped at^llic time,
but later'Was captured alter .an exciting
chase in which some hundred men ami
boys joined. Ou the way to jail much
opposition lo his iucarccralion manifest
ed itself. In the evening laigc numbers
of rowdies congi egated on tlie corner of
Main and Second Street and indulged in
wild threats in case the prisoner was not
liberated. Late al niglil a warrant was
issued by juslice llraiu aid and the pris
oner discharged on his own rcconisancc
to ap ear in the morning. He did so ap
e a a n a e a i n w a s a O n i a
journment for dinner the prisoner was al-
The allusion tft^'fleas", mado by your
Trner Correspondent In a raceot number i 'olved to depart, and he did not return to
•irijfouitoslcus, thoagli Classic and ele- hour his counsel proclaim his innocence,
guilt is wanting in perspicuity. The late And thus endeili another chapter in Traer
Republican Convention seehied ina siugu
la'rly. complaisaut mood. Eycry-body's
moijyn received a second, no word of ob
jeclhm! was ottered, and each in: tum
paSS«({ WTtiiout'a dissenting vote.
If tlie delegates from Perry lacking voice
to defend the interest of their coiisti
ttlfncy and even spirit to vote nay, re
ceived the cruel treatment of which your
correspondent complains the case clear
ly falls wit,hin the jurisdiction of Mr.
Henry Rargli lo whom your correspon
dent'should immediately report. A case
SO flagrant wouTd undoubtedly enlist tlie
active sympathies of that distinguiscd
Justice which is fasl becoming a broad
Is naturally a beautiful spot. Tlic need
6t rt^viis pnrly foreseen anilwiscl* jjrovi
ded for by Giles Taylor, Esq., our worthy
Mayor, the rrginal owner. In tho dispo
sition of the land lie arranged for it and In
the Spring of 1875 the deed was execut
ed by hiiaaud Mr.Traer,conveying a block
of ground to the people of Traer for a
Public Park, forcyer, and as the years re
cede those that come after us will be
more aud more indebted to Mr. Taylor for
1 ll e
But your correspondent from Traer is
by no means contenj with painting the
truly pitiable condition of, the returning
delegation from Peixy, but liis indigna
tion thereat finds vent in menaces ter
rific and appalling. If he were the auth
orized mouthpiece of the republicans of
Perry, we would, humbly beg that, in
case of future County Conventions, the
township of Perry would formulate her
demands, and issue her protocols in sea"
son, setting forth distinctly the penal
tics of non-compliance, in order that
that insignificant portion of Tama County
lying'outside the limits of Perry township
may not rush blindly to destruction.
Badinage aside, lias your correspondent
from Tfacr the hardihood to eome before
tlieOounty and publish that the politicians
of Perry will go before the Republican
County Convention, aud if unsuccessful
there, will'raise (tie') to the
success of the ticket? Intelligence,
character, force, could be sfrfely predica
ted to the township of Perry on her large
republican vote, .and the assurance which
asserts that that populous and patriotic
town belongs to one or more politicians
of Traer, the impudence which boldly
claims Umt the l«y»lity 9f the party in
Perry, its high -views of principles and
pOlifcy can all be subordinated to their
paltry' ambition,, tlie arrogance which
dues dictate terms to the County of
^Tama, and the utter poverty of soul,
whteh pnbluskingly threatens to disor
ganize the party to gratify private pique
—are among the curiosities, of political
literature, The facts doubtless are, that
the republicans of Perry Township and
of the thriving vigorous young town of
Traer ort not'wanting In fidelity, and will
pot swwrve fro« *(Hiereiiee t* party wui
gt*«t!tho back or.Wdding of ant ditap
•Siaiplfaafc^ They will gfcpMleta
tfc«lfl*»fcl*M» beforo the Conven
tfMr Mid wtlfc faithfully and honorably
abide the lienor.
munificieut gift. The ground lias been
known simply as tlie Park. If those in
terested desire a more tie
Tlie Entertainment of the Amateurs
was a dccidcd success.
The Reformed Illackamith told last
week of the evils of intemperance on tlii
victim and his family. lie is laboring to'
reclaim the drunkard, -but puts, not his
faith in pledges, but in true conversion
through the Lord Jesus Christ.
i V i i
r£. j. v
Average temperature for the month of
June, was 58 degrees, observations taken
morn and eve. Extreme range of ther
mometer was from 33 lo 62 a difference
of 29 degrees. Rain fall nt Walthnin, 0
Inches on the level. Frost ou the morn
ing of thv 10th not doing much damage.
Cloudy days 10. C. Masox.
..., Waltham, July 'ffrtajfiT,
[This following letter was received too
late for last weeks issue* and therefore
stppcars now
The $9,000 mentioned in my last, as
the cost of tliemiJl, should liav« been
Abnut thirty retping machines were
taken out of Belle Plaice '13 one day late
ly, and nearly all yf t^m were sold to
persons li.iug iu tliis part of the County.
It is certainly a bad time to buy maciiin
ery when Ihe season is so inauspicious
as to threaten the destruction of that crop
for which iv is bought. It, will not be
surprising to sec an officer around this
fall serving papers, and inquiring what
road to1 take to reach the residence of JL.
Koleniicchek, or wirier or not Mr. Bid
elichky has taken Ifognpy'^ advice aud
gone west.
Early this spring fceattler prophets pre
dicted a dry season, and that an Elijah
would be needed before tlic ill outh ceased
but nevertheless the sky has continued
to draw Ihe veil of sombre hue, aud cop
ious tears have -trickled down the face
of cature, with intermissions loo shot to
make out door work profitable. While the
growl of.Uie elements goes round the sky,
there is a murmur of cvi.'s foreboding
going through the 11 cultural di i t,
aud Willi it a feeling akin to that of the
old lady who thought there might be
such a thing as overdoing the matter.
Schools i:i tliis section arc ending: the
one taught by 51is'-s ,iimvi v,Clia»r, closes
next week She bus given the District
The Republican State Convention is
now past, and .John II. Gear is now be
fore tlie State as a candidate for Gevern
orof Iowa. Gear is a man that Town will
give a good majority, although there are
some w ho lag in his support. It may be
that his history is not as clear as some of
his oppouents at the Convention, still he
has the capacity to fill the office of Gr-,,.
ernor and we think that he will ^ivc the
State as high an honor as iay of hisi pre
decessors. ."
cause of complaint, aud she can cer
tainly return horib with a good reconi
mend togthor with the respect and \vel'_
wishes of those left behind. Mis0
Wooilard's school, $u No. closed last
week it wnshct 97*1 ^nooi, but, as far
as I know, 5ali-'lirttory to ull concerned.
The C»ie iu this District cuds this-week,
•tnd however much there can be said
against the teaching, the people have
borne it with christian resignation, and
can now console themselves upon their
release. They can congratulate adjacent
Districts that have been more fortunate
in securing teachers.
When "Observer" puts aie with grog
shops and a lecture on intempur.uice by
antithesis, he does what I do not" relish,
aud light here I will say that when a
person can write nothing except iu bur
lesque of another's communication, just
that soon, he ought to quit writing for a
paper. lie says that I said "wc sing" and
"we sing well'' when I did not say it, and
if lie 'persists in asse:tiug it, then I con
cludc that his-vision must have been yery
uncertain, caused, perhaps, by taking too
much "wine for the stomachs sake." lie
does not remember what was sung, but
final1 y hits upon something which he
this year they mostly rested. In Truer
the SiibbatlrtSchools in town and country
district had the day lo themselves and
they had a fine time in the paik. Tlie
public exercises were or the usual charac
ter, and Mr. Wilson spoke to the children
in the afternoon. Hundreds of men re
sorted to town for the usual recreation,
and comparative quiet reigned until even
ing. As night approached evidence of
disturbance was manifest aud some im­
which was not quieted uutil near mid
night. The stlloons were closed at dark
and but for llie presence of large uum
bers of transient men iu town all would
have been peace. Dancing was kept up
all niirht to the unrest of all living near
Public Halls.
Unite name, the
Town Council is the proper authority to
name.it. In this ease common courtesy
would consult Mr. Taylor and family.
On the Fourth of July at' the Sabbath
School Celebration an uneasy mortal took
upon himself the responsibility of Darning
it by a popular vote ®f the children and
adults, probably half of whom had no in
terest in the matter whatever.
The Public Schools closcd with us last
week, and en Wednesday evening next,
the schools will giye an exhibition. Mi'.,
Parish,the principal, during the past veaj''
has given great satisfaction. IIo- goes to
Rock Island to take charge of a school.
Two weeks ago I refered to tho fact
that a young lady engaged in a store here
could nut withstand the temptations of
Kids Ac., and as .ed in a moralizing way,
"was she alone to blame, have employ
e*8 ue responsibilities," fcc. Some ons
with more wickedness in his heart thai
brains-in his head, has-culled the attcn^
lisn of the proprietor of the store to the
article,and pointed tjthe quataiion above,
as chauging the active manager of the
store with purposely tempting the young
lady. I have never iu any article for the
Chbosici-r, taken, undue liberty with the
personal action, or motives of anyone. I
hayc no occasion] or desire, neither do I
publish anything of n private nature.
For the benefit of this would-be mischief
maker (no one else here needs the
assurance) would say I did not entertain
such an idea, and t„at the character of
the members of the firm is above suclf.
wickedness, and they have been, and a] 9
greatly commended by the writer feir tlici^
delicate dealings with the culprit. Mis?
chief m$ker can foment no quarrel in this
case, but ho tfill probably try again in
some pther,Hi
earliest possible moment
that is lttrutoe. ^Imcobpcb.
case of needless attack.
Business Locals.
mlcrthis hc ul will bo cuftrged 10
Nichols, Sliopberd & Co's. VTbralors for
O.nk Cap. i.oau of Adasis andFiiehch
Harvesters sold. Will have another car
in a fiw days, Hand iu yonr orders if
you want the best Harvester in Ihe mar
ket. G. W. SWEAT, Agt
North wood flour. Best in the Market.
Sold only by B. Irish r.nd I* Weatx.
li A V IE 8 E I AE:
It 1877.
AKTBWettB i"-
Col. J. P. Sauford is advertize^for ^no
e v e n i n s i n a e n e w e e k
Z'EltSONAIi. ,(V
Ui, Dallas, Texas, May 24th, 1877.
AtUtfli f' French Hnreester Co.
A sure back-down by all Canvas Har
vesters here to-day,on farm of J. Edman
son. The Adams fc French the only har
vester that went to the front and was sold
on the ground,
Acs. H. Piets4
Texas State Agttt.
Dallas, Texas,June 0tI^1877.
Adams French HarxefA Co.
The El ward aod MtiSu Harvesters,
beaten in field IrUl to-day, near Sherman,
Texas, by the'Adams & French Harves
ter. Poor old canyas backs.
Acs. H. Piety,
Texas Slate Agt.
CaM and leave your orders for an
Adams & French
G. "W.SWEA*^
,er- -1
9'o trad* 130 acres of laud for property
iA Totedo, by
MBS. N. L. Vosb. i
I have a good second hand McCor-
All .kind nt pumps at G. W. Sweats
i|nd (iaryev knows how to put them in.
Rt-trcmber that J. M. Cuinery Vt &ou
are sole agents for the Champion- Tien)
and Mower.-. 1
Blaiicliard Churns, the best in tlie mar
ket, for sale by G. W. Sweat. :b
Go to A. J. JLissel! s for fruit i.ans a^'.
fruit wax., .,j. v
Every tnaii, to .lw sUcc»s{ift is any
branch of mitrrfacttiring, most turn out
good goods. There is mi-permanent suc
cess without it, consequently success is a
strong recommendation for quality.
When we find parties like Mr. Daniel F.
Realty, of Washington. N. J., the manu
facturer and proprietor of the Bcattv
l'iano and Organs,making sweeping sales
each month aud each month increasing,
there is no other conclusion to be reach
ed then that llie instruments are superior.
Every patron of Mr. Beatty speaks in the
same strain, pronouncing llicni the best.
See his advertisement in this paper.
The New Buckeye Mower is all Slecl
and Iron, except the tongue. li is a front
cut, and is the neatest, lightest and best
irowerin the market aud perfectly safe for
the driver. G. W. Sweat,Agt. for Toledo,
aud Tama City. Call and give your orders
for the New Buckeye and you, wilt be
Now1 is vonr time to SCCi'Ve opj6 of
Slower iu the iT»..,rk.it. Thov are going
off fast, gcMfcut la Saturday.
That the Hoard of Supervisors of Tama
County, Iowa, will receive and consider
sealed proposals for rebuilding the house
ou the Tama County Poor l'artn, accurd
ina to the plan and "specifications in the
otlice of the County Auditor. Proposals
to be fled with said Auditor ou or before
Julv KHli, 1877.
:fi-:2w J. A. Howm.E,
Sq.reinarkably large has been the de
rnaiM for the now widefy noted work the
Rocky Mountain Tourist that an entirely
new edition lias been necessitated, aud
is just ready for issue. While the first
edition was au elegant thing, the second
edition is realy superb, ami the Rocky
Mountain Tourist in its new form, royal
octavo, thirty-two pages, printed ou the
finest supper-sized, cahmdered paper,
handsomely bound with engraved cover
is without Ihe slightest question the rich
est and most attractive book ever pub
lislied of its discription. All who con
template a trip through the garden of
thecontinent—Southwestern Kansas—to
the Alps of America—the Rocky Moun
tains—will commit the gravest of mis
takes by starting before securing the
Tourist, San Juan Guide aud accom
panying maps. Simply the mere re
quest by poslal caul or letter addressed
to T. J. Anderson, fopeka, Kansas, will
insure, by return mail, absolutely free,
the receipt of these iudispeusible auxilia
ries to travel the Great West.
Four Adams and Fhencu Harvesters
delivered, and two orders taken last
Tuesday, by 0. W. Sweat,Toledo. Agt.
Tania County.
Dated at Toledo, this 18th., day o(
June, 1877.
H. A. Bilowx,
$5. 50-34 County Superintendent.
Notice of Sheriff's Sale.
i\ by virtue of, a general execution di
rected to me from the Clerk of the District
Court of Tama County. Iowa, on a judg
ment obtained tn said Court, on tlie 281 Ii
day of March 1870, in favor of John VY.
Henderson as l'laiulitl", and iiffainst Ii. I.
Jackson aud A. M. JlcKeel as Defendents,
for the sum of Two-Hundred and Fifty
two Dollars and costs taxed at Five and
Fifty Otic-luuidrcdths Dollars and accru
ing costs, I have levied upon the follow
ing Real property, taken as the property
of said defendant, ft. I. Jackson to satis
fy said execution, te-wit:
The north fractional half (V)o* Section
No. Thiny-One (81) ill Township No.
Eigbtv-Five (851 North of Itange No. Six
teen (lti) West of the 5tii P. SI., iu T..ma
County, Iowa.
And I will offer Ihe same for sale, sub
ject to Redemption to the highest bidder,
for cash in hand,
On the 4th day of Angnst, A. D."77,
in front of the Court House, ill Toledo,
Tama County Iowa, at the hour of lOt
o'clock, A. SI., of said day when and
where due aitendence will be gitfea by
the uudersigned.
Dated, July (5lli 1877. '-j'
Sheriff of Tama County, Iowa.
Mills & Blake, $5,25
Attorneys of Plaintiff.
Notice of Sheriffs dale.
by virtue of a Spec ial execution di
rected to me from the Clerk of the Cir
cuit Court of Tama County, Iowa, on a
jut1 ent and dccree of foreclosure ob
tai in said Court, on the Gill day of
Dec. ".iber 1870, in favor of Harrison rei
ser & Co., as Plaintiffs, and against Jas
per N. Bow. as Defendent, for the sum
of One Hu Twenty-Two and Seven
ty-Ore One jnd edths Dollars aiulcosts
taxed at Seven and Nineiy-One-IIundr'd
tlis Dollars and accuring costs, I liuve
levied upon the following Ileal proper!
taken as the property of sakl defendem.
to satisfy said execuiioa to-wit:
The North East lartcr of the South
West ,, niter of Section Number Twen
ty-Six" (20) Township K: hty-Four (84)
North of Range Sixteen (111) West, con
taining Forty (-10) acres more or less.
And I will offer the same for sale, sub
ject to Redemption to the highest bidder,
for cash iu hand,on the 4th day of August,
A. D. 1877, in front of the Court House,
in Toledo, Tama County, Iowa, nt the
hour of 10 o'clock, A. M., of said day,
when and where due atlcudence will be
given by the undersigned.
Dated June 87ih 1877. 87:
$4.95. II. E. Austin, ...
Sheriff of Tama County, lBW%'
G. W. Sweat. Agt.
AskYonrselflhesciJiiestioBfc :.l
Are yon a despondent sufferer from
Sick Headache, Habitual Coslivencss,
Palpitation of ihe Heart? Have you diz
ziiii'ss of the Head? Is your nervous Sys
tem depressed? Does your Blood circu
late badly? Have you a CVugli? Low
Spirits? Coming up of the food after
eating? Arc., Arc. All of these aiid.uiuch,
more are tlie direct results of Dyspepsia,
I iver Complaint and Indigestion.. Guken's
AcursT Ft.owi'.r. is now acknowledged by
all Druirgists to be a positive cure. 2,100,
000 bottles were given away in the V. S.
through Druggists to die people as atrial.
Two doses will satisfy any person of its
wonderful quality in curing all forms of
Indigestion. Sample bottles 10 cts. Reg
ular size 75 cts. Sold by all first
class Druirgists in U. S. Call oil your
Druggist, .1. N. Springer, oledo, or H.
ooleman, Tama City, and get a Sample
Bottle for 10 cents.
Toli'itu, 'l'anu O inity. Iowa Will practice
imagines some people have convenient
memories when they wish to draw upon
tlie imaginations He tells how to dnok
through saloods when there are a num
ber i,f them, and probably, no body can
tell it better than one who has tried it
he, doubtless, cau treat Intemperance un
der all forms even down to giving (hicl
illustrations. If there 4s dearth of saloon
accommodations al 15 }!ilu Grove, lie
will have ihe condolence, of a certain
ctass iu his commiserating condition.
At starting out lo write for the Ciiuoni
clf,1endeavored, with studied courtesy,
to regard all correspondents ::s gentlcmc.ii,
and not to east distasteful imputations
I have tried not to be the aggressor but,
nevertheless, reserved the right of self
AND SfWiHON. T.k(l". Iowa
lti-siiti'iK-e sauic oil! place, ouposint Cunosi
ei.B "ttti i'.
G. H. Goodrich,
I now l.avt. a L»»t of cl»«Lc l'jgs i.atly lo
Alsio. for tiuli*. several Urn* IJrcod Sows witli pitr '»v
my Hut* noar, KVRL €V OAK HILL,
t'crfilit 1 ,lVd»grv« funiishfd
s«»ld, ami iricr«
July lltb, lHV
i bi* ail'jrl«'tl.
Notice to Builders.
Toi.kdo. Iowa, i
JiKie -lst, 1877. i
a bargain.
County Auditor.
Notice of Appointment of .\pp rai
To Thos. 1). Hmi-iey. jYhii Resident, (Nil
son and bmker, Agts. Toledo, lotcit)
1 I have this day appointed appraisers
to assess tlic damages which the owner
will sustain by the appropriation for.
school purposes, of the following des .'ri
bedreal estate, viz:—one square aero of
land ten (10) rods South of tlicN. E. Cor
ner of Sec. tliirly-oue (31) in Lincoln
Township for a school house tile.
Said appraisers will meet at the above
described real estate,
'. .lurclay, July
21st, 1877, at 2 o'clock P. M., and" assess
said damages as provided by Section 1827
of the Code of Iowa.
Can buy f!i -I-clas^ Pia»i.»8 am! tirenus
cheaper of Daniel F. Bt fttfy, Washing
ton, New Jersey, than of any other man
ufacturer In tho United States. Why?
Ikcauac selln o: Iv for cash, takes no
risk and no htrok account*. Every
Sole Agt. Toledo.
A fine ttfo for sale, new, and all in
working order. Price $10, part cash and
will take the rest in wood. Enquire at
the ChsokicleOffice.
-V.'ir }.
Instrument is full* w. irauted for abc-yvai*
ItrictJy flr^t class, and are sent on from 5 to 15
day*' train!,money lefnnded and f. 'ght paid both
way* by htm if they ate nnsatjtfa-'tory. &>nd for
IlHutratud Advertiser. 'Catalogue Edition) and
read tMtlmonialf) from hi* patrou». some of whom
yim inay know. Add reef. DANIEL P.
Va«biu^ton, New Jeraev
S S i A w a e e i e s e a a n o n n i a i o i i o n
it has been adopled, r.'ul cau he -C1)1 in
|-raclh\d operation on Centr 1 l!ark mid
.1*1 liie City" Parks, New York over
meni Grounds a$d City rks, N iisiiing
ttiil (Jospin ('oilllUlill, Iiii-tili I'l-uspii-l
•'Park, Brooklyiii and on: idnmst every
pKuiptiei!! Park .lliroughou! the United
nnd fliiada
lie ereii't trial of Lavii) Mowers was
i:i Id 111 New'York City, une ~5lh, 1S74
*1 here tlie Kxeel-iurea'me intorompetitiui
v. i 111 :11. tlie best I.awn -.Mowers in Hi
Svorlcl. :ii?d VMS award, dtl-.e 2LICH2ST
E 5 I U
Ssnd {or
'Four, szics for liand loWCr four iicei
for horse-|.oWer. i.
Prhea.for.fHtio tEveirV inachine
N. I.— \Y call
new Ho"-c jToWrf
e\ er madi
l::l 11 «'1
SI llol'SC
Mt 1'EE
Champion Reaper & Mower
85,000 Sold in 1878.
Took fist Premium at Centennial,
We have one i^iarsh and or.e Adams & French
Harvester,—S^etiily NeyK-^-Which we will seH at
a') it ii m.
Elw&od Ridiiig Cultivators,
Cham & Wood Pumps, Hardware,
Barbed Wire. cfco.
3filS %ILDE, iR., & SO
Furnishers of the Northwest. We keep the
largest and most complete assortment of Men's,
Youths', Boys', and Children's Clothing west of
New York, and all our own make- Our goods are
all shrank before being made up. Nothing but
silk and th i best of trimming ased in making. We
warrant every article. If not satisfactory, money
refunded. One price for all. Prices marked in
plain figures. Prices and rules for self-measure
ment furnishned on application. Orders by mail
•promptly attended to.
Jas. Wilde: Jr., & Co.,
Itate and Madison StsW CHICAGO, ILL.
,' Monuments, Mantels & Sjatuary
Marble Mantels & Grates.
Marbleized Slate and Iron Mantels
Marble Counters,Counter Tops
Table Tops. Plumbers' Slabs, Floor Tile, &c.
Nos. 147 149 & 151 South Jefferson St., near Adams St.,
New Meat Market!®o
Just opened on
high stresx
Two doors Eastof Knuece't Jcwdfy
Where will be found a good supply of
Always on band
if b! ftft? *7
Quality* mproved.
Iu Rolls Heady for Application.
Can be applied by ordinary workmen.
Twenty years' experience c-nablec us.to
manufacture the most durable liuady
Rooting known.
Ready Roofing Co., N. Y.,
04 Courtlaud St.. New York.
warrai.ted. vAddrepsi i: *^Ea*z£G5SBSSsi&'-
ft ft
Gears cull e!y ctvired :.nd weight reduced 2C01Ls. It is the
ATiO ji A .Lt V iiii'j IS fi$8«
Stor.-oscoi 1-- Vitwo of ti«? iVtiienm-
Hi*nt to
any on re-
$-5,?7« VUl* vav:»'- lavii'/'wf
iiio bui d-
i-.. f. crcr.iif^.eiatuafy.oJlu-v
crt. Tl.i liritl koU niMhority
.ilhiu she ^.rouaUs aud
w. E: i'os vion.
*.r Hit
Am 5 iwn*
ti u »f unt^ifDtio pier
Pleasing anil Priiiilabla Frasents.
'mt s i Visits, 1 ecu if: "xR :»n cent* 8
:o. ^i.(K) Catalogui-i" f'u 3 u u.
Fot- sale by a'? tk-asers and
CeulcitnUl Fh«tog**ai»!«lc C«»»
V IVilson Ail.im Piula-u-i-hxa, IA
Stvdioo.n inter .athikal Kxiiibitio*
(iMMi-. 21
Wsiijad Everywhere.
We hultriMU
•aiir*. Sm£ & SOLOMON
Hayo ctmie and arc now Oj»eB&j£out in
the new Bank Uoilding
The Laige.-it Stock oni tfa.6
Finest Assortment
Furnishing Goods
ii a rs a rs,
runksf Va 1 ises, etc
Ever bro-ght tt Tamaeouaty.
have come to stay. V,
s uiui invite the goud [no pic to
Our Store is new and
Our Stock is all ffresh
And is not composed of old, shelf-worn
poods of antiquated st les and shoddy
Toledo, Iowa.
Is ttt thv old etan tigiuiH, alp of tb*.
Livery Feed Stable-
Save Spouting ar.fi :ti! kiii'iy of Job \\rortL, Coal
Hoda, Tin rails. !»:•:.«. stuve 1'ijm. ».4l
iu hi^ linc.nia-k' to iirdcr. Sati-factiou guariu'
teed. C'uM. s^ec, buy, and call njjain.
A. J. HSSSELL, Proprietor.
First door west of Fra/.ec's Je^Sy
Notary Pxjb^i
Abstracts of Title
alt lands imA
Town Lots
In Tama Countv.
HaviiiW pnrcha?ed tire Old Reliable Aiitract
Hooks of JacoVlTeiscr, Jr., we ba*%-
The Only Set of Abstract Boofcs
In Tama County.
OS.c« Soutli of Court House
S. W. 1-4 of Sec. 17, T^ 84,
CarroU Tp.
S. 1-2 of S. W. 1-4
o i n
84, R. 14, Carroll Tp.Xl
E. 1-2 of N. W. 1-4 Sec. 24,
Tp. 84, R. 14, Carroll Tp.
E. 1-2 of S. W. 1-4 Sec. -36,
Tp. 86, R. 15.
S. E. 1-4 of
E. 1-4 See. 36,
Tp. 86, R. 15, Grant Tp.
E. 1-2 of S. E. 1-4 Sec. 36,
Tp. 86, R. 15, Grant Tp.
W. 1-2 of S. E. 1-4, Sec. 35»
Tp. 86, R. 15, Grant Tp.
All of the above for sale on
favorable terms. Address, W.
H. ALDEN, Burlington, Iowa.
Or call on NELSON & BAR
& STERRETT, Toledo, Iowa.

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