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rvBLtsHtn wstitf nr
LtutL'e street, one door from the nnrth-wr.it
turner of the Public Spmre.
Tinas :
Two iLdlirs per annum, if puld in adrnnrr ;
Tioo ddlirs nwl fifty cents if paid within nix
months i and three dollars ifikkyed until the end
of the year.
Advertisements inserted (it U per square fir thi
first insertion, and 25 cents fir each snhseonenl
insertion. A liberal discount made to those who
advertise by the year.
(Xj".Vj subscribers taluH for a shorter period
than six months.
rrytft pnprr discontinued until all arrearage
are pnid, unless at the option if the editor.
CfJ-Atl communication', to insure ulttntinn,
must come free of postage.
bi'sixcss nuns.
SOHOE II. SOU u IK. It. s. ilol.iilioiiK.
' TVorris V llalbi'oo'i.
Attorney and Counsellors at Law, and
.iiiuiiiy .
Solicitors m Chancer;,
OTTAWA, 1 1. 1..
OlHce in t!io new court house, No, 5, N'mth-oaal
corner rnom.
DU kcy &. Ci otlu'i s
Attorn'ies ami Counsellors at I, aw,
'i ni.i '
Ottawa, Illinois.
Havn removed their ollico to a room iiji Htaim in
the Court House. I
. 0. 0I.0VKR. II. '. ' OOK.
lo'tr A Cook,
Attornic ami (Jonnsnllori at f.aw.
OlTico opponito Cushman V. TliompnoiiH Store,
Ottawa, Illinois.
0II V. A.II0K4, AliallUM nan.
J. V. A. iV A. Hoes
Attorneys and Ununsrlturs tit Law and Solicitors
in Chiimrry.
OlTicu on thn north ni,l of the J'uhlic Sijnare,
OlU vii, J.a Salle rounlv, Illinois.
John V. iiiiniliii,
Attorney ami Counselor at Law,
Hn ving associated liiim.cll'with Messrs. SIMJI. NO
nil (JOOl)ll(;il, of Chicago, will uttend to nil
practices of their prolenniuii in the county ol Lit
Ulillou il.Nuih,
Attorney ami Counsellor at Law,
Ottawa, lllinoiH,
OTieo on the West ido ol the l'llhtic Sijiiare.
Doe. U, 1H ; . l-tf-
S. 1. Miopr,
Attorney and (Counsellor at Law ami
Solieitor in Cham-cry :
ti. Ii. 'l'lllllSOII,
('ana! it,, first door i-ad of llie .MmiHioti Hiinse,
Ollawa, III.,
Dealer in Drills, Medicines, Dyc-Nlu.Ts,
Paints, Oils, Varnish, Ac. fir.
JillM . I'iK li,
Justice of the Pcarc, Ottawa, Ills.
Office on front Street, in the store rnom lately
occupied hy I,. V. I, ink, l'si.
U illiaiii HI. True,
Agent of the IU'uuhh Mutual J'irr Insu
rance Cutnpani,
Ottawa, Ii.i..
Ir. I'. S In-riiicrhorn
OK KUKH his professional services tn the citi
zen of Ottawa and vicinity. Ollii-e on
Oolmiilius street, hetween Canal and Clinton.
Kcw Tailoring IMalklislimciit.
UnSl'K.CTKL'I.f.V iiifnrins the rili.eni nl
Ollnwi and vicinity, that he has opened n
Tailoring ICstuhlishiiieut on (Jamil street, four
doors east of the I'ost Ollice. Ho in prepared to
ii) vrork on the most reiisonahle terms, mid war
rants all garments in ailo hy him to lit. He hopes
to roceivK a share of (he ptililie por.inaiie.
N. U. Cnltim dnnii on short notice, and
warranted tn lit if properly niailo up,
Ottawa, Juno 23, IS 13. 1 ly
Ottawa MarKrt.
rill II li ul)sctiber rcspci-tl'iilly inlorms
ihn public that ho has ojiencd his
Meat Market in Ottawa, where daily may
bo round an assortment of frt'hli meal.
Thankful for past favor, ho hopes to re
ceive) n continuance of the patiounu ol
his old fricnild ami (ho politic generally.
Ottawa, April 7, IS 13. 1 1 if
IV-rV l'ills.
JyST received and for sale hy
July SO, 18 12. 8tf.
Jut ICcccivoil,
20 Ihrrels dried Apples,
1 Tierco fresh Rice,
10 Duxes Kaisins,
Tor talo low hy
April 28, 1813.
Oils, Paints, Class, r.
WALKERS HICKMNO hnvejustreeeiv.
cd fresh supply of oil, puiula, (lass, ,Ve.
aoriaiatinj of
4 Wis linseed oil, 21 boxes pJauR,
2 lanneri 14 20 k. pun; s It ite lead,
1 sperm 1 hid ip. whiting,
2 " Rp. lurpentiue, 1 " up. brown,
copperas, camwood, vitriol, nicaragua,
redwood, indigo, aluili, fen. &ie.
Kugur IIoum illulatHCM.
TU.ST received and for sulo ly Wal
ker & Ilicklin?, 0 few llbls. Sugar
J louse Afolastljitcc from the sugar re
finery in .St. Louis.
Tli higlicit price given for Illinois
(Suite Bank paper.
Ag 18. if Wauur It HicKUvi.
Cabinet uul Chair Mnntiriirtory.
II IB undersigned having en
tered into ro-iuirtncr-hin in
the manufacture of CHAIRS ul"'
CABINET WARE, Ivir l vo loan-
nounce to their friends nml the
public in LM iicral, thut tliry have
constantly on hind uinl ready
fur sali', Ht prices ti suit the
timt'K, nl tlirir shop on I. a Salle
slrec', in this place, every variety of articles in
llit'ir line of business, iiieliiilin:; Bureaus, Tnldc.i.
Stand!, IJoiIstciiilH, with every variety of
Chairs, all of wliirli tlicy aro anxious mid
reuily Id sell to t!i-"i who may favor tliem
with their patron:!",'. All kinds, of furni
ture mailt: to order, on the shortcut noticr.
The subscribers flatter themselves, that those
wishing In purchase articles in their line of lmi
nc run lie nri'.nn i in i I ile, I at their shop, n.s wcl
is ut any Jiliicc ill this section ol the -I ite.
os(i()oi) ccuj:.
Ottawa, June 17, IS I J. 3--tf.
I'he irriilrit DiM-ovcry ol liio Ak-'
S tcfni rn iv ho justly applioj to the diseo-
fl !i ! '''' s"-"r '" ""
rH,r,. ncn I adults may now cut medicine
K.nU m lllU(.i, j,i;ilM,rc ils ii.y'd,, ti,0 best coulee.
1 . . I I " , I . f . - 4 t't
I or t'l1" urn- "very wo are iiiua -men in .. ojicr-
man, M. I , of the city of New York, who has
' been a rivul.ir pr.utioncr ol meilieine in that city
lor tin' la.it ten years; an I al-o a member of the
, .New York Meiln al .eicty,
' Tim Doctor, alter ilevotm hi nltcntinn fur a
j lonir time l Ihn subject, uliniit ihn i' years sinee
! ollered Iiih iiivcnlion to the pnl'lie miller the naaie of
siikuman's Mi:i)ii;.i i:i i.oi;.(;i;.s,
Since which time they have .' inieil a cell hrity fur
llie rare of ihllerent roinhinati'Mi" fir which ihey
are rernininetuh il, unpreccilei.ted in the history of
i any other intilieine thry coiimi-t of
coceir i.ozi-:.m:s.
Which are the safest ami timet ellectual remedy
lor (.'oiikIis, Colli'', Consumption, Whuopinn
('niitlU, Aolhrna, Vc. ever oll'ered to the public,
i They opperate hy promoting rxpeetoralion, allay
i ini,' the iniitatioii of Coihin, uml removing the
cause ol iliHease.
WOKM l.OZI'.N Oils,
The only infallilile Worn meilicinn ever discov
ered. In over '100,000 eases they have never hecn
known t fail. Many diseases urirn from wurins
ami occifioii lon ami intense sulleriin; and even
death, without (heir even hcinir siisrecteil ; ;rowii
person tiro veiy oftei alllicled with them, and
I nr.- ilnetoreil lor various complaints, wnnoiii itnv
henelit; when one dose of these I.oenges noiilil
speedily cure Ihem.
I'or nervoiH or sick head ache, palpitatinns of the
lieurt, lassiluili! uii'l nervous iill'oc lions ni-ncrully.
rer.ious traveling or iiltemliiii; lare parties, will
liud the J.o'.enjes really revivinij, and imparling
llie huoyancy of youth j used ai'ler dissipuliou,
they will restore the tone of the system (jenerallv,
anil remove nil the unpleasant symptoms arising
from too free living.
The hesl ralhailie medie'me fur removing hile from
tin' system nml pr.ivenliu a'lacUs of the hillious
ami iiilermittent fever of this section of country.
Ki;vi;it and aci'i: i.ok.nok.s.
These I,o.ennes have hecn tested hy a celchrated
physician in n praclice of twenty years and have
never heen know n to fail in removing this dis
tressiinr disease, In addition to w hich, if the di
rcctions he followed, the disease will not return.
This i'laster, of which over 1,000,0110 are sold
yearly, is lielicvi'd to he llie hest plaster for rheu
matism, lumhaito, pain in the hack, hreast, side, or
any other pait of the hody, ever prepared, ami its
price (only 12 J cents) hrint,' it within llm reach
of every person in thu community.
firyA large siiily of these celebrated
arliclcgjust received and for sale by
(i. I.. Till) l I'Sl )N, sole aKt. for ( Utawa.
S. (i. SMITH, I'eru.
V.. V. ti S. 'l.;i.sKBU, Hennepin,
II. .V T. AI.l.KN, Juliet.
OCOlMii: SN YDi'.lt, I. aeon.
AiikuhI II, ly.
Casli raid for Wheat !
Mil' subscribers will pay in cash, for
Wheat delivered at Sudden's Mill,
at least within fiftcin crnts of thu Chica
go price, at all limes.
Dayton, May 2(1, 1HI3.
il if
Suckers It-al This!
III!'' subscriber, living one mile cast
of .Marseilles, La Salle county, has
established himself in the manufacture of
ltope of all kinds, si .is and lengths, from
hem i of his own raiding, which is all
water-rolled; and a spcrimcu exhibited
at the Navy Yard at Washington last win
ter, by the Hon. It. M. Younir. was pro
nounced to be cual to any ever shown "in
Idem dingins."
1 am prepared to manufacture all kinds
of Itopc, lo any amount, at the shortest
notice. Having for my workman an Old
Countryman, who has spent his life upon
a rope-walk, I am able lo make as good
and a cheaper article than can be had in
this section of country. If you don't be
lieve it, call and hee !
Marseilles, May 20, 1813. fil if
acr.r.s ,nii.i.s,
DAYTON, It.l.'s.
r 1 1 m: subscriber having leased the above
.8. Mills for one year, takes the liber
ly of informing ihu public that ho is a
practical Miller of morn than thirty
yoars experience, during most of which
lime he has been extensively engaged in
manufacturing Flour in some of the larg
est establishments Hast. He now solicits
a sharo of the patronage of iho public lo
the above establishment, assuring them
that nothing which experience and oblige
ing millers can accomplish shall bo want
iug to give justice, nml, as far as possible
perfect satisfaction to thoso who may fj
vor linn wnn a call.
The Mills aro now in lino order for
Merchantable and Crist (fork.
Cash ton Wiikat, nt rt fair deduction
front Chicago prices. (!KO. MANN.
N. IL Tr.AMscan bo accomodated wiili
Freight for Chicago. And Wheat man
ufantuicd and put up in first-rate order at
reasonable rales. CM,
hyon, Ati(pisl25; 1843. I O.-lf.
. St
To raritier A Wool Orowfi s.
JV il i: subscribers
.1. would respect-
it:. 47 '"" "norm me I irm-
rrs ami wool growers
ol tuc country, unit
tfife. they arc prepared ami
will manufacture good
clean wool into cloth
in lots of one hundred
riounds and upwards, fur one half at taken from
the loom, with additional charnes for ilrefsini; the
sume, (which shall he reasonable).
Tin y will also exchange cloth for wool in lots
of less, or more than one hundred pounds, on
fair and reasonable terms ; and will work wool on
commission nt a fair p-ice for rash.
ilnnr fnreustomcrsas usual forfi cents prr pound.
They have put their machine in Rood repair, and
usure thoHii who hrinj their wool in good order,
that their work shall he well dime.
The farmers will find it to theirinfrrest to have
their wool ( II washed, both for carding and for
manufacturiu'i, as wool in a had state will invari
ably lose from i") to 3:1. and as hii-h m 50, pi T
cent.; it also desirable that wool for inauufact
nrini he done U in sepcratc fleeces. I
The tjooiU wc intend to manufacture will he
fulled cloth, cassimcre, saiinelt, jeanes, flannels
and blankets of foil width. J. & 1. U I! KK.N.
Diytn, III., April 23, HU. 4!-tf.
lavfi-y lall-.
HIE subscriber would respect-
C.ll.t ; .. C.rfl, ill., fill'. 'IIS III' 1 1 1.
. inn, in - i .vv
lawn and the public, pcnerally, that
he M jirejiareil wnn, nun win jjui
furiii-h to thosu who may desire ( j
Horses and Carriages, Sleighs, if., and
first rate Saddle Horses.
I'ersons traveling may rely on a sperdy ami
eonveriieiit cotiveVHiicc to almost any plare
through the country.
.N. '.I. All persons hiring Horses, CarriaRfa.
e., are reijuired to return them in n good and
sound condition as they were in whenthey came
into their use.
Otlawa, Jan. 27, 1HI3. :)l-tf.
3f I1AUKKLS of choice Mononga
9") hela Whiskey, just received jicr
steam-boat LaSaMe, and for sale cheap by
April 21, 1813. J. O'M'.IL.
Or. reeiis I.iuiiaenl.
1IM' most valuable liniment foi
Hhcnmulixm, Sprains, Wrakness
of Joints, Strrrnn on liorsrn, S,-c.
Soldbv WALK Hit & HICKLIN(J.
Oltawa, July 2(Hh 1HI2. 8--tf.
Drills. JI'iliiiies,
Paints, Oils, Dye-Stuff, -c.,c.
Till IK subscribers have rereived
Drtiffs, .Medicines, Paints,
Oils, Class, Dye-Stull's, &,c.
which they oiler for sale on ac
commodating terms.
Walker tk lliclilinf.
Oi rw, May 1, 18-13. li-ir.
To llie 1'iihlic.
HAVn taken the soap and candle factory
lately carried on in this place hy .1. J. Hill,
ami w ill keep constantly on hand supplies of soap
and ciindles.
Iwilirelnil tallow candles of the hest quality
for line shillini; per pound, and hard soap at six
cents per pound, and soft soap at two dollars per
Ottawa, July fi, 18-12. 6--tf.
Spirit as.
A SUlT.UMOIt article of Spirit Cas
ami Lamps just received and con
stantly kept on hand by
Sept. 2.--lf (5. L. TIIO.MI'MIA.
,UUU SEKl), for which the
' . 1 : 1 1 I 1.1 I...
ug usi iiiarkeiprice win oc p:uu y
(!. L. THO.MrSO.N.
AIm-h! Ashes t
1111'! highest price will be paid for
tshes if delivered at the soap fac
Ottawa. Sept. 2, 1812. 13--H
ifitir S Hair!!
VCOOl) arliclc of Hair, for sale
cheaper than the cheapest hy
Oltawa, June 30, 1813. 2 2m
Wiutluw Sash.
LUillTS, at factory prices,
for sale by
June 23.
I'lasteiiiir Hair.
UST received, a prime article of
ll.UH, which will lie sold at Chica
go prices. Y . TltUli M.i.
June 23.
I.aiul Axeuey.
WW, undersii;neil will pay particular attention
to the luvestiuiition ol titles, redemption anil
sale of 1. amis, and payment of taxes in I.u Salle
or nnv of Ine inljoinini; comities. Having been
eti);iii;eil a good portion of my time as Surveyor
or the last seven nr eieht years in said county, I
inn eiinhled to ive a complete description of al
most uny tract of land within the boundaries ol the
I'ersons w ishiiiii to purchase lands in la Salle
or (irundv counties, would do well to call on me,
as I now hive for sale nonie of the best lands in
those counties, to the amount of nonie Ion or
twelve Itionsaiiil acres, n ureal ponton 01 which
belongs to the Statu Hank ol Illinois, lor wlucli
the notes of annl hank will he received at par.
211 If
'BIIF. subscribers will pay the highest
market price for good winter wheat,
in trade, at their store in Ottawa.
in!yj"lL-w M 13 1 1 & S(N'
Hl)E8 . Window Class, vari
ous sizes, just received per steam
boat La Salle, and lor salt; low by
April 21, 1813. J. O'NF.IL.
Kuear, Coll'eo a nil MolasseN.
20 lLigsheads New Orleans sugar.
50 Sacks Kin nnd llnvannah Colfen.
40 Harrels Molasses, just received nnd
for sale, wholesale and retail, very lo-v, by
April 33, m,
Tin. Shcct-Irou cV Copper AVarc.
J. .llAXLI'.V c CO.
n AVH now received their fall supply
IL of stoves, togetlipr with a general
assortmenl of Ifolotr Ware, Copper, Tin
and Sheet Iron ll'are. Stove Pipe. tyc.
wiiich will be sold at prices to Miit piir
chaers. Flour, Oats, or cash, will be recfived
in exchange for any of the aiiovo articles.
Oitawn, Oct. 20. IS 13.
ii:r;siV .ni:ni i.m.
fp Fllll K subscriber h:i justrei-i iv
v 1. ed hit summer supply nl
Fresh 1 lures it .Medium::-,
comprising all article-) nece.-sary
for the sick and needy.
Also 0,7--, I'uiol, Tnrpm
i. fines, Yornit, tilii, 1'uHii.
Dye StulTs, Wines and Liquors for medi
cal purposes, Dental and Surgical Instru
ments, and many of the Patent medicines
now in use, consisting of Lindsay's Lini
ment, Hcwu's Nerve and Hone Liniment,
A. Miller it Co's Compound Liniment,
Thompson's Liniment, Vaiisttiddiford's
Cough Lozenges, Cathartic Lozcnnes,
Worm Lozenges, and Anti-Fever Fills,
Indian Ycvitablo Fills, Peters' Yegitabh;
Pills, Jaynes' Anti-Ililious and Specific
Family Pills, Spohn's Meadachc ltemedy,
Taylor's Dalsam Liverwort, Anu-rican
Pulmonary lialsam, New Log. l'ot;"h
Syrup, Anderson's Couh Drops, IJoofs
Itingbone Cure, Orris' Tooth Wash,
Chlorine Tooth Paste, Chemical and Li
quid Opodi block, Doct. Jayne's Expecto
rant, Hair Tonic, Tonic Vermifuge, Car
minative Ualsam, and Sanative Pills,
Docts. Dole's and Thompson's Eye Wa
ter, MofTit's Phrrnix Hitters and Pills,
Itowand's Tonic Mixture, l'alrn of Co
lumbia, Carpenter's Fluid Ext. Sarsapa
rilla, Hays' Liniment for Piles, Nerve it
Hone Liniment; llateman's Drops ; Cod
fry's Cordial ; Fahnestoek's Yrmifuge ;
Morrison's Pills of llie Uritislt College of
Health: Lee's, Pliinie's, Elmore's, Hoo
per's, Ilrandeth's, Dot
('harnpion's and
lloardman's Fever and Ague Pills
AI.NO .Nliiliomirj-A- School Hoolis,
Namely, Eclectic Speller, Eclectic 1st,
2d, 3d and 4 ill Headers, Smith's Cco-
graphy and Atlas, Grammar and Arith-
niatic, Smiley s Arithmatic, lestamcnts,
Memorandum Hooks, Primers.Stecl Pens,
Pencils, Slales, Noyc's Penmanship, Pen
cil Points, Ituss (iuills, iMaynard and
Noycs' Ink, tc. ttc.
o. 1.. 1 iiuai rsi ). .
Ottawa, May 20, 52 t f.
Type at KeluceI I'riees.
St, Louis Type Foundary.
r'HMIE undersigned, (successor to Ceo.
Charles,) having purchased the in
terest of his late partners in the above es-
iblishmcnt, will continue the business at
the old stand, and solicits a continuance of
the patronage hitherto extended to this
fonndery by the Printers of llie W est.
Hcing determined to furnish Type, and
all other materials ustd in a Printing Of
fice, as cheap as possible, he is prepared
lo f;ll all orders with which he may be
favored, at the following greatly repe
ced rates, for cash :
Norn pared,
Long Primer,
Small Pica,
73 cts lb.
Printing Ink of all kinks constantly on
hand. Printing Paper supplied lo order.
Wood Letter of nil sizes, logetht-r with
Presses, Cases, ('bases, etc, itc.
Old type received in exghange at nine
cents per pound.
N. H.- Publishers of newspapers in
llie South and West, who shall insert the
above advertisement, with this note,
three times within the next three mouths,
and send one of their papers to the foun
dry, will bo entitled lo the payment of
their bills by purchasing (our times the
amount. A. P. LA DEW.
July 15 Ht.
lapei- Ilanpins.
A KolU Paper Hangings, frr
dL UU sale by
Sept. 2U.-lf. Cirsim wit Cripi.ev.
Mill Sav.
OWLAND'S Anchor, Saw Mill and
.,1 Cross Cut Saws for sale by
Sept. 2l)-lf Crsim.w it Citini.r.v.
" AMP HLACK, Ycniiian Ited. A:c.
.Li tc, just received per steam-boat
La Sallo and for sale low by J. O'NEIL.
ApriljJl, 1843.
rr H Alt It ELS Linseed Oil, just rccei
ived and for salo by J. O'NEIL.
April 21, 1843.
J J rate article, just received nnd for
salo by J. O'NEIL.
April 21, 1813.
rillllS umivaled preparation has performed some
B. of the most astonishing cures of disemes that
are reeord-d in the amials m historv, thus proving
eorirtitsively it is rapuble of fuiliiinj the hii;h aim
nnd purpose for which it is designed. I'atieiits suf
fering for years Irom various chrome eonstilution
nl disorders, after tryiinj dillcrent remedies, spen
dim; thousands of dollars in traveling nnd doctor
inland sulVerinr all that human nature is rupe
tile of enduring', hive, by the use of a few Imtili s,
entirety recovered their health. Ohroriic. Eheu
nntism. Scrofula or Kimfs Kv:l, Suit Uhciim nnd
Uinuworm, I 'h ers and painful aU'i etinn f the
bones, l lcern'ed Throal and .Noslnls. Sei:rvv,
Idles, Chronic Sore eyes, lil -ii hi-s and -nioos
cutaneous eruptions, lire elli ciuilly cured ly its
Ui Itiseascs haviin' their i-r 111 in an impute
S'.ate of the blond and (lui.'s "enerallv wiil he
n-iecdily intd ell'-clii illy reonocil by tliis iova'ua
h'e ntedicine. ns its operation is n collar, nnd con
a s!s in renioitig theenuse i t di-ease by I'lilering
i.-ito the eirculaiioti and p is-an tliri'ij;;li the ien
or il system. W here ob-tnu'tions lo its fovorahle
operation eist, they are r 'moved ns it pas.es
n;ii' tfTc aliaini nt.iry canal ; hence the paiii-nt
will leel and kitovv the sensible operation of the
Sars.ipaiilla from itscuritive pi.'veis.
'J'he jieopi ietors are daily reciivitt'X from the
nii'ilieid pti'fi ssion, the cler-jy, of'ii'crs of justice,
ami numerous private citicns ample and willum
testim inv, boili written and verbal, to the supeti
or value an-l I'lltcaey of thi 1 reparation. To he
p.oor it is furnished cr ituitou-Iy, on fiilVicieiil
proof heinn furnished oftlu-ir woithiuess.
'i'lui fo'l ivvinsr eerlilieates iVmn imhv iduals w hi'
h-ive Mill'ered with ."crolul in : severc-t form,!
are presented for the careful perusal of the iiil'i-'-1
tc.l : j
Usm:-. Cow.. .Inly i."), 1 irj.
.l,'-vvr. Si'hh (iiMil. : About 1 ij',t y ars since,
hy bein ovcrlie.-Ced and diri-i llv ad r exposed, I
was seized w ith a severe cold, bii h deranged llie 1
whole system, l'urple or hsi. sp--ts nppearril on
the skin, iitleliilcd waih violent pain of ihe l'.e.id;
the symptoms heiti nhirmin', a phvsieian was
c-illcd who presciibcd hli'tcrm? 'ind leichiULt.
which proilucul partial relief. Hard h.my lumps
formed under the skin on vnt'ums parts of the body
and the Doctor pronounced my complaint heredi
tary Scrofula now lor the first time ilevi loped.
Tim following winter my stirht filled in both
eyes; medical aid w i-i aiiti resorted to, which
relieved my sight during the summer; my nose
now began to increase in sie -mil the whole body
rapidly enlarged with a drop-ical swelling. The
nose even grew very soro and ilb-ch ii e-l profuse
ly the most loathsome u!i-t -inr '. My whole sys
tem was involved in divase ; llie lumps softened
and discharged Ire. Iv, prmbieing g't-at di bibty;
ulcers now broke out 011 the legs, and to complete
my misery, the muscles and sinews contracted so
lliat I was rendered nearly In Ipless. 1 remained
with little change in this condition until last Oc
tober, when I was suddi n!y seized with an inde
scribable sensation which rendered me neaily nn
cimcious, and my fiicmls suppe-ed it was the will
of kind l'roviiience to rid me of my sulh'rin.'s, I ut
from this I recovered only to suffer on: the ulcers
had become one continuous s ire entirely rw.
It was in this condition that I commenced the
use of your invaluable Sarsaparilla, which I was
induced to ust from Ihe many remarkabl cures I
saw published. It came to me ns some rguardian
angel ; and 1 can-scarcely ti ll why, yet from Ihe
moment I heard it mentioned I was impressed fully
with Ihe behef thai this was to he the Omul Sa
maritan for me and truly it has wrought wonders
in my case. After using it a few days my pains
gievv easier, the swelling of the body and limbs
went down, the ulcers commenced healing, and 1
rested well. A fl r siillerinj cvciy thing hut the
p.nitis of death, how happy am I, and how grate
ful do I feel to he nhlc to a Id nuother testimonial
to the clVn'acy of your priceless Sarsaparilhi.
My health is restored, and I have walked four
niiles without inconvenience. I superintend my
family nllairs, and in fact feel nlinosthke being in
a new world. I am induced to m ike this public
acknowledgment from n deep sense of duty due
to you as a means in the hands of (iod of restoring
a fellow mortal from a premature grave. Lan
guage is inadeiiiale to express my feelings. May
the Lord be with yon . and make his faro to shine
upon you, is Ihe sincere desire of your much
obliged and deeply indebted friend. To the
alllicled I would cay, Do not despair ; for, how
ever desperate your case may be, v on surely have
an antidote lit hand viz: Siud-s' Stirwpnrillo.
Trust to no other, how ever great I heir pretensions.
Middlesex Co. ss. i;ssex,Conn. JMV IS 13.
Personally appeared the above named Monissa
Simmons, nnd made oath to the facts contained in
the foregoing statement before tne.
OL'HDON SMI I'M, Justice of the Peace.
We Ihn subscribers, being personally neipuiin
ted with Mrs. Monissa Simmons, do not hesitate
to say that we consider the above slntement of her
caso suhstatitiallv true and entitled to confidence.
Kr.l.'llHN I'OsT.Dcaeou Il ipiisiUiurch.
I. Mil. I. H.VDi:.. Merchant.
CIIAS. ;I!I;I:M.I:.I', Snr. Dentist,
A. F. WllIiTi:.IOi:r., l'ost-inaster.
nr.M.RK.r.i.r. it re of tup disease.
-New York. July 2Hih. 1-S-I3.
Messrs. Siv'iis (ient.: My daughter, n; e 1
sit years, was attacked with the hip disease when
two ycais old, ami since then the has been grmv
in j gradually worse until recently, and her sillier
ing nt intervals was most painlul to behold, and
bailies nil description. The head el the hip hone
was thrown entirely out of place, nller w hich mat
ter or puss formed in the socket ol the joint, ami
for many mouths in succession she w as entirely
deprived of all natural lest. She was reduced to
a mere, skeleton iiud very i lien rxclaimrd. "Oh,
mother! I wish It might please the ' good Man'
above to lake me to him-elf.'' Il was my fervent
prayer her sull'i rings might be terminated and my
anxious fears removed.
The Almighty h at promise 1 to hewnh us in
six troubles, umi in the seventh he vv ill not leave
us nor forsake us, if we put our tru-t and confi
dence in Him; and truly I can say it has been
verified in the present case. Through His bless
ing and your instrumentality, niy child lives yes,
is restored to pnfect health, and is n living monu
ment of the ellicacy of your heolth-restoring Sar
sapaiilla. We had tried nil ti e remedies within
our icai h, had the hone once set, had il blistered
and purged, w ithout ell'ect. She commenced Ihe
use ofthe Sarsapanlla in April last, and in less
than A week there was all evident improvement :
n discharge came out from Ihe hip joint, and in a
few ilavs it commenced healing, ami in less than
two weeks was entirely closed. During the time
of Using the Sarsnpariila she passed large ipianli
ties of Worms, which aided materially in hasten
ing the cure. She rapidly improved in heahh and
strength, her nppeli'e increa-ed, nnd she is now
entirely restored, and wholly so by the use of your
Sarsnp'atilla. Willi ihe grateful ( clings of a mo
ther's heart and u f.ilher's joy, we sub-cribe our
selves your f.iend. WIl.ldAM S. IIAILKV,
: - SAKAII ll.VII.l-: V.
.No. Mill, I'mirth-strect.
We the subscribers, hcing neighbors to William
and Sarah llailey, know the above matenicnt in
relation to tin ir child and Ihe cure performed by
SaiuU' Sarsaparilhi, lo be slrielly Iroe.
jon.N MYi;us.
Trepared and sold by A. It. funds - Co.. Drug
uists and Chemists, (iranile huihlinit, -73 liroad
wny, Corner of Chambers street, V V., and for
sale by Druggists throughout the l. S. Price, f 1
per bottle, six hollies for f 2.
(0 Remember that it is Siind's Krvprrii'iii that
has, and i constantly aehievinir such reniaikablc
cures of the most ilitlicull class of diseases.
(1. 1.. THOMPSON.
Agent by special appointment of the proprictr-ri,
for 0mw and vicinity. 21 ly
The following inIixrnnah!e family re mo.
dies r-i:iy Ik- found nt tho villogo il rug stores,
nnd soon nt every country store in the Male
Kemeinber nint never ppt them uuless thci
hnve the fac-similn hignnturc of
'dSv- &.K'J fju on the wrapper, ns all ol !( f
by ilio same names nrc base imposiiions and counlrr
fei.s. If the mi reliant nearest you has thrin not,
l.rge him to procure uiem tliy
next time he visits New York, or to write fur litem.
.V J'imihj should Ir a irrri- iritSnnl t.'fxe rcmtdits
which vv i 1 stop it if falling out, or restore it on bald
places; ami on children make it prow rapidly, or on
ihose who have lost the hair from any raase.
ALL VF.ItM IN that infest the heads of children
in eel, ,!, are prevented or killed by it at once.
Find the inme of -J
,t, or r.cvtr try it. Jirmrmher this always.
positively cured, and all shrirrllrd muscles nnd limhs
nre restored, in tho niil or yoime-, by the Ixpias
Vi:m:rAt:!.R F.i.ixtr. an.i Nkuve ami liosn Limmkst
but never vviiiiou: the iiiumi of Comstoi k iXt Co. on it
ar vvlii.liy prevented, or governed if tho attack hni
eomoon, if you u-e the on 'y true II its I.ini MrvT.frnnr
nnd every thing relieved hy it that adnn'a of nn out
ward application. Il nets liko a cnnrm. Use il.
IIOKSKK that have Rin.rtiine, Ppnvjn,
Vi'ind.Oalls, &e., nra cured by Iluoi j- Spicinc ; and
AOltmierrd horses entirely cured ky Roofi'
Founder Ointment. .Mark this, all horemen.
lilajical Tain Ex
tractor SalVC -The most extraordinary
remedy ever invented for n!l new or old
i3 3 s-a v r-; ; .y .."fvr 'J g?
and nirrs, and sore j J:j bns delnlite i
tliournnds. It wi'.l tako out nil ) niti in ten minute,
A hi tter mid more nice and u?i hi! nrticle never wm
made. All should wrir tliem icgulaily.
on the principle of siibstituting the tonir in place cf
the simnlunt principle, which hni reformed an mair
drunkards. To he used w ith
othen for rleansini the system and the humors afTeet.
ing tho blood, and lor nil irregularities of the bovv!s,
nnd the trenernl heallh. if , -
see Dr. i.in-s Sig. fcf f,'n-Z$ (rjti tx
nnlure, Ihus :J
will ell'ectiially cure sick headache, either from llm
or l,'li"u'1- Hundreds of families ara
.-..ii i u,jg jt great joy.
.air the certain prevention of gfll$i or an)
peneral sickne?s j kecpin;; the stomach in most prr
feet order, the bowels regular, and a determination u
pains in the bones, hoarseness, nnd
tire quickly cured by it. Know this by trying.
CORNS, The Freneli Plaster is a rure cure.
Imir any shade you ivbh, but will not color tho ikin.
SABSAPAHILLA, comstock-s com.
rOUND KXTKACT. There is no other prepsrn.
lion of SnrHaparilla that can exceed or equal this.
If you nrc sure to get Comstoce's, yon will find it
euperior to all others. It does not require pulling.
OF CHINA. A positive cure for tho piles, and all
external uilinrs till internal irritations brought to tha
surface by fiiciion with this Ilnlm ; u in rviush
swelled or sore tiiroat, tightness ofthe chest, ihis Bnim
applied on a flannel will ri lieve nnd euro at onee.-
Fresh wounds or old sorei nrn rapidly cured by l.
Dr. ttirtiiclrin:to'
will prevent or pure) all incipient Vo'i-'imiinon,
taken in iune, and is a ileligh'.lul remeUy. J(u.'iiiein.
her thu name, and get Comslnck's. W
eradicate alt
in children or tdulti
wiui a ce"nmtv nuito u-sionisiung. u
. jr. m
- - - sells with a rapidity
tiniest incredible, by Comstar k J- Co., New York.
T007II DKOPS. mXE'S-cure cfTcciually.
Emrrnl nee nrri'int tn art nrt'nnsress. in lh r-ir 1 9 12. Jhr niif
a-' in Uir I 'U.'is,'iilir ol llm duiiiliiau Omlriri of lor.
l'.y npi!yinp to our agents in each town and
village, papers, tuny he had free, showing tho mosf
respectable names in iho country for these facts, so
that no one can fail to believe ihem.
fJ-l!e sure you call forourrti.-lr,nnil not
Im- put off with any stories, thnt other nro n
Kiioil. HAV K Til KSK OK K, hould bo
your motto--and thtu never ran be tme atul geiuint
v itlimit oar names to Mrm. All these nrticleu to b
IihiI wholesnlo nnd rrtnil only of us,
21. Couriland Rireet, near Broadway, JV. Y.
Just received and for aaln h
Oltawa, fJcrt. 30, 19-12. " ly

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