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roa frksident :
HAUTIX VAN BlilLW, of New York.
RICniRD 31. JOIIXSON, of KrnSnrir.
Siljrct lothedicis'on of a Xttumal Cmmtlin.)
Ollutrn, 111., Iii.lny, Crrrmlirr N. 1 "s 1 I
(jj (j'ov. Dvis, the agent of ll.o canal bond
TinlJtTi, arrive J ut tliiit place oil tr'iitnriiay laM,
niul remained ut lh I'ox Kivrr House until
Tuesday. Tito CJii v., accompanied by Messrs.
7!v.it an J Swnr, Ml litis place fur Aurora, mi
I'ox river, from whence they will proceed to
LucLport. d'uv. l'oii ii has nut )cl airivcd.
The Ciiit.il Our Mnlr li bl.
Wu are truly Hurry to see such respectable pa
pers a tins i'haw ncclown (intite mill Rellevillc
Advocate join li.iinU with tin) Alton Telegraph
and Lin In il pi'mli In linvuit the noble tH'ort tJi.il
l.i now being made lo icstoie the ire lit and honor
of our stale. W e earnestly invoke llioi-o, pupi r,
bil.no lin y irmv-'l ton far in their present cnuisc,
to nainiiui the ground lin y uro on a I. tile moie
closely, und wo ute confident if lliry do so, liny will
(iiU it.iin dilli mil view I'm i i i i llnmi) lin y o j .j.i-ur
I.) hold ut Jiri'Ml 111. V(! (Mil HanlirU tllU (j.UCltr
Und Ailv.ii .ili' that there never Was II luoro Inista
L II notion tli.iu l.'.i: linn they ujijiriir to i lili rt.ilil.
tin.) tlii' arrangement of our coinniis.ioni'rs with
tlif lliiiopenu 1 ii i! !u! !i tk in "un utlempl to sa 1
die l'i- date with un additional drill," or that it
j i r i ; i , s to ulil.iiii (Iir IuiiiIh fir cuniilrtiii llic ra
il. il mi any other security lliim lli.it given in tlic
C9ii.il law. Tin; main provision of llio ciiliul l.nv
lire lir'u lly llnse. The governor is authorized to
enter iulo negotiations with thu present holder nf
i ami! bonds fur a loan of f lMMJ ,0110 lu complete
the r.miil. If they ugreo to subscribo tlic limn,
the r .in it I mil i'iiiuI j . r . n t- r t y arc tln-n Riven into
1 !js liar.ild of tlirco liiii.tix'ii, olio In Im iiiiiiin(i!il
lv tin' hlali; niul two l y l lie liumlliulilcr, wln aiv
t i'ounuinl pr.iHciuitu tlio work to ('iinli tii)n.
Alter l!io cunal U roiii.li'lcil the lruti i' iiru In
HO on und li II llio runal projicrly, uml vvilli thr
iiin'iiil of un li tiulr, on J (In) lulU rcali.i'il from
lint cjiiiiI, pny, lirnl, llio mlvmiec off l,(iUI),0()(), for
wliicli l!' ) cuiml r i it ily only i-i ivrn in H enri,
ty, niul nevt, the princiit rnruil di hi, iiiiiminliii);
In uliniit four uml a liulf mi I Iioiih. A Tot llior lire
jiuiil, lint runal it l'i Ik: mirnn lorcil intu t ho liuntU
cf tho ulalo. 'J'lic urriiiij;rmi'iit in iilc hy our cnin
lni..riimi( rs wilh tin.1 Iioinlliulili coullli U with
none of llit'sii yi-iiiT.il oulliiii'ii of tho rami law.
Only, llio liuiiilhul.il i, ulliT maluii tin) finl year'
fulvufici! of ,"100,000, rincrvo In tlicnui'lvci llif ,ri
vilrn of witUlinlilini; tho ro.il, union llio niatc, ci
Out liy lovyiii? a small lax, or ollicrwim', iav ut
li i-.t u xirliiiii (no matter linw Htit.it!) of tlio inte
rest on Iter dolit, und bliun'j a ilisu-.liuii lo bo Im
lu'ot. 'J'lii ill tlic vv'.inli! Bum und fii'j.-tam o ( I
tlic urrunjjinni'iil, and llio (I'r.nllo iiiid Advoi nle
must tiii u l'iri' ec 1 hut nil tin ir fears ulmut un in
l.'iaie of llio stale dclil, Ac, nro grouiiJIemi,
I.i rel ili'in to l!iu iri)jiii.Hcd tax wo nlmll my lil
t!o ot preM'iit. Tim rtnsoii why tho bjiidlmldiT
Hk it it m'uii!y llii: (Jur !utn fur llio l int
(civ yeuiK lus uiado tin jirovihioii whatever to pay
tho intenul on lu r di ht. Mnl a cent of iiih-uvt
on cur debt hail ever heen rollerlcj fniui llio ien
jdc. Tlio lnmilhiiliU'M, in view of iIr-.o fai ls, and
through the niiiireiirririilntioiK of the ino;nii i of
Iliiisiiii, have been led In lielievc lhal tho ictyW
litre have mi intfiiliim . pay their debtx lh.it
t!icy in.- lUHhoni'itrepiiiliatorii. It u iherefnrr
U reniDvo all i;rouiid.i (,.r Hin h n Im Iu i" t'ml lliry
ro-k thin tax ; f.r ihey hilievo if the h'iilature le
vy a l n on tha po.iplo tn jiy interest on thu slate
Jeht, mid thai tax wiiuld lie paid, it won!,! nmrnini
l uilion acknowledgment of our diht hy thu
poaple uh rnu! 1 r'ivo ronm fir tin liiiiiUiidi'inUnd
in id to their iliwpimirniii, when nlilc, U pay it.
Tho ohjei t of lhc tax.il will ho perceived, then,
in not to uid in rtni.plclniii Iho canal, hul it in ai m
tu reatore eonli h iu o in our ulutc- to rcliicie. her
iharailer to wipe out thut ilaiiniinij vluin of re
jtu tiiUi nt lhat hinoflato lilaokeiied her enculch
fori, on J lhc uilhcnnu i-lVocU of which have crip
J'led lur incri;ie mum ihuu nil other ciiii.mh coin-
limd. Ami in un (llorl no laudahle, mny we
n il ial'ily count on tho uid (I tho (iuclto
nnd Advocate 1 TUmi pu.em K.imilil rciueinlier
that ( ur klii'.o del.l, piiueipiil and inlercht, must he
paid ul huniiliini! or olher, mid ut leunt a poilinii of
it, ton, by taxation. Tin n, why not U- now,
when ho iniiih ix to bo gained! Dypayinijii
Jiu rely nominal interoHt now, llio immcy can be
ruin d to coinpli to tho cuiiul, and then tho whole
canal debt will ut oneu btf taken fniui tho thnol
ih r of thu poode, for no mini in hi neibe duubu
but that tho canal will be abundantly ublo to pay
iinolf. llut rtfutio to pay o mnall iiiterent now, let
tho canul lav und rul, and w hat will ho tho coin-,
ijucneol 'I'ho i anul properly will bo worth lit
tle, and hero will bo thu whole canal debt, for the
jiay miTit of which tho faith and honor of the ilntr
ro pl. J ;ed, uud in ml.liliun to thii there will be
tho i'llcruul improvement debt, n i j,ttll ,y
tatutioii.. And thin debt will go on ocuiriuttiting
at ful it tho klalc lucrcaaei in weulih, crippling
our rnerii't and divrrling tTiii;ratiiiii froin om
burden Tor all lime t.) come. Do llin.e paperi
win to Itriiifr aSnut aurh ttuto o.Uiiii(jHl
liu. it in gravely urged the jieoplo atyiniible t
ia uio ri'ipnrej in now. v en, le.IW.l'iililiio
the matter a litilc. In 1811 the lax'ty Wiijn rty
of our tato wit aucmcd at f 70)y0,i)0 Jin round
iiuiwVm, an 1, iu that wai a yearrtrenie ile.
ireijii, our taxal.lo properly miov be tufely
J ut down at 1 !K),000,000. I'pon thfl th.re it now
ttato ta l levied or 13 crujt ua ibflCO, und this
it crtiitidercJ ufficient to eiiiM J arge
rnaugh ta pay ll the neeeiarl'ljicneB of the
nlilc. Our atute debt, f'lef of tti.jcrtj
It) be (uid in spriii''
VOfOQO. An In.
utn, wculJ m
ount to 70,000, and this mi'n an additional lax of
S, or say 10 ci .its on J1U0 would more than raii.o.
Are the people unable to pay this tax ? It would
! te but 25 ronts on f 100, and in 1811, n year of
unexampled hard ti.nun in this male, tho (tropic
paid '.10. l!cii!cK, it would raiati the whole am
ount of our taxei to but about J por cent., while
in ii number of Mates and iu the terrilorie noith
of u ihcy really exceed that. Tin) truth is, a rc
fusul to pay kui'Ii li tax, nnd to make so Mn. ill an
ctl'irt to retiieve our Itrukeii faith would bo taken
lor what it really would be, iiji evi.kn,,o that tho
people of Illinois have no intention to pay their
deblM, uml that they uro rcpudijtnrn. And i
there uny one thut would have un fall under so
fold a reproach ! Let the wretch bo marked, '.hat
li:ii.e.t men may avui.l him !
lily lliulirii,
TI.e fullow ins res.iliiliiifi wai iaJrd at a meet
ing of lhc "democratic" whiys of J'eoria county,
held on the 2:iili nil.:
r.'olrnl, Tli it ihe triie i-wue bclween the w-hii
nnd the locuf no party i, u tarill lor revenue wilh
iiicident.il pi.itcclion by llio whins, ami no tarill
and no protection and the revenue to be raided by
direct taxation by the Incol'iieos.
After the paxsae nl tbi.s resolution, we presume
the in. makers of the mceiiiig had no ilillieulty iu
:;eliiiiK' through tho one lhat fullo.vu it, in which
it is resolved that Clay 'a '-love of country i.s supe
rior to his love i.f p.i-.ver," and the next one Mill,
divlarine; l'coria In bo a whi County. Can it be
at all KUrpri..iui; that tho next step these veracious
whim's took was lo form u '-Clay Club," the object
of which is to collect mnl ili,-nTiiiiiatit "lact.s" iu
icl.iti'in I t the nppruai l,iin presidential enntest !
"" " "
I.i viltoloii Camilf.
The special election in llio above county on the
0ih inst. f ir iiMbnte justice uud treasurer nnd ns-
sosnr rcmilteil in Ihe clioieo of A . rill I. w McMit
li , lain represeiilalivf to the stale li'ialaturo,
over Aiiu.'.tiis l'cllow.
I)v lhc wav, it oppi.-ars lhat ''democratic I.illle
l.iviui,'son" is beiiiiiiui; to be blci-t with ijuitc a
sprinkling of worldly pronperily. A diy goods
ftnre has recently been opined ut 1'ontiac, the
county seat, and the people can now sell their
produce uud do thei, (railing there on :ia yum
Utiiih us ll.ey fotineily could by (jo'ii tVom twen
ty lo thirty mill's. ml liny not only Kin but ilt
do il. Thin ut b ast w o infer from what a friend
says who writes fiom theie, "I mu is being bought
here with a tniKiini: U7 I head, overusing "00
Mm,, were sold heie in one liny lal week." 'l hc
fact is, liulo l.iviugstou is "coming out."
(; j f-'onpress ast-embh d on Monday last. We
hope to receive the proceeding of tho first few
Jays for our next paper.
(Tj Tim proprietors of thu Missouri Republican
proposti i.i.suinj; uhout tin 1 t of January next, und
to be continued until nfler the prenidenlial election,
a paper to bo called ' 'l'tr Mill Ifoy," which will
advocate the election t.f Henry Clay lo Ihu presi
dency. The 'coon mid ciib r barrels ore to bo
superceded, uml our whi friend w ill appear in
a new dress, with mu- to mulch, such uj lhc
lidlouiu :
" Voun Harry Clay to the null ha jjonc,
Ity Ihe mad-side you'll iind him ;
The corn b.nr, white, he is pcichcd upon,
And lit thirl .li trtum lichintt him .'"
As the season lor packing pork ha just com.
uioiiced uud many enitiiiie.s uie made respecting
the prices (hat will bo paid during the season, wo
give below such infuiiiutioii as wo have in our
possession of the piiecs paid in diA'eruut sections
of Ihe Mississippi valley:
Quiuci, .The Herald of lhe2lih ull. says :
" Farmers, brim; your pork toljuiucy if you wish
lo get iho best prices in iho Male. A lot of thirty
four hogs, weighing UO'J lbs. und upwards, were
this week sold lo Messrs. I inline & Wood of ll.is
cily, for three 'loliars a hundred, CuV iyi. This
is the market for you."
A'hn, HI. The Telegraph of the 21 inst. say:
" Jielwecii yill.O and '1.100 hogs have ItetTi tdaugh
tt red uud cut during the past week, comment nig
with our d ay of publication ihe piice- varving
from fl.frt) In J??,3 1, according to weight. The
wead.er having been very unlavorublo since our
last, but few hogs have been brought In. About
f-0 ) are on band, not yet slaughtered."
Chillieulhv, O.'iio. The Advertiser of the 2llh
ull. says : ' Light hugs under V00 lbs. x'OO
lbs. uud upwards, t !;. Superior lots Jf2,MI."
Cincinnati, U.'iiu. The correspondent of the
Missouii Keporter, under dale of Mov. 2d, says :
'i'hiie lo four thousand hogs have been packed
since our last week' icport, which were sold ul
ail prices, trout 2 2."), 2 37, 2 50, 2 fi uud 2 75.
Tint weather for the most uf Iho week was so u i
luvorablti for slaughtering as to cause Ihe price to
tlrop a litllo and tho hogs to iicuinulale, u wi
ll ave now in the pens, and within hull" a day's
diivo of iho illy, 10,11110. Dot the wealher has
now (hiiugrtd, uud is us lino as could be desired by
the packers, in com,eiUence of which a brisk busi
ness is iltnng, and hogs nro solium readily at
2 M a 2 61 lor Rood urrriige lots ; a fail tnioiaiion
lor exlreine prices is 2 2o a 2 75. (Our Uoslon
liiemls liuve been Ihe earliest operators this scu
sou , lliey ure usually the ialesl, ptel'erring the Ac
tfil, because Wwfulte.il hogs, which come in uhout
i' liri. The Register of tho 1st inst. says:
" I'urk i looking up, and though we continue
former tpiolutious would tc mark that the tendency
is itpwurd. We also heur uf some new opeiul
oii lor such wishing lo pack largely. We. give
rules for cash below which aie puiJ lieely.
Hint weighing K.i to 20i) lbs. Jl.7.1
' ' 200 to 2j I lbs. 2.00
over SriO ihs. 2.2J
Mississippi has gone lor the democrats bv mine
3 or I.OIJO uuijoiiiy, clecliiig their govemur and a
minority nf the ineiubiTs of thu legisluturc. Flo
l Ida has also gone deinncialic.
fjj-Thu river ut this place waa frozen over
on Monday night l.ul, and next duy footmen
Walked over tho ic. Lust year thu river closed
on tho night of the Hth of .November.
tXj'Notwithsiundiiig both rviTH arc frozen
over, ami " hoary winter" InU spri vl his while
mantis over tha prairies, no overo cold weuther
has been Iclt the presuiit rasou in this aeclion of
our beloveJ lllmoU."v l b past uutuiini, how.
ever, has been a sou one out of rain and sun
lino, lormi and frwif few, tlieui, and llcwii
-rf .; 4.
They any, Oif rfV4f at ijeMreskrit jfofelly
near Detroit JBfclio1Jl plnoi; irf.ifajl the
only iianur wum b K , .i iyitualfaiid, fannly
and aolely on oif" .1 ifU fV--bl not afl'urd
b in,-Tkfy i-jTonr"', (' ry.aiy fuOZs
cwaJustJlCO'-Jijcar. fr
4 V, . 1 "I -
I'orrlgn IVctra.
The hteainship Caledonia arrived at lloston nn
the !!0th ult., in loj day from Liverpool. The
news she brings is not very interesting.
Trade continues good. The inanufartin in;
district are ull fully employed at remunerating
priic. Thr price of cotton hu receded.
Ureal exultation is manifested by tho anti-corn
luw juui.iuU ul the rtsull of tlic election iu llit i i
ly of l.iiinlnii fjr a member of tho house of com
mons iu place of Sir Matthew Wood, deceased.
Thu tory candid ile was Mr. T. Uariii, while the
opposition brought out Mr. ruttinon, a wealthy
men. ... louue. ate ...i.i.ts a.... itiiuictce, inn
. t . t I ... I : i. t:. : .. . r .,
..! . .1 I ... ...I...... I'rt . I .
'ieoten in Biij.jii.ii tot- . iiiiic iti'uiiiiuii oi u,c corn
laws, on which ground the whole power of 'The
League" w as Inoiiht to bear in his favor. Mr.
Ilarinj joined i.-suti on the point; uud at ihe i'lor,e
of ihe poll the vole stood, for Mr. l'utlisuii, (i .'i'i-,
Mr. Daring, (i US" ; msjorily u:;ainst thu turn
laws, l'i"). The result ivd in at elation to ihe
anti-corn law agitation all over (J real Uri'.ain, ai.d
tho work will he pressed with increased vijrnr.
Ireland conliiiin s ipiiet. The country is ex
teiisivcly occupied by troops; iu fact, the whole
available force of tho Diitidi Army has been
thrown Itito it the limitation, somewhat subsided
ill tone but ritially ( Hcclive in yclion, contimn s
the repeal coffers ure swelled by thousand week
ly two or three men of ilbiI; have joined the
movement just ut the uiuiinTit it became critical
and the prncccili.i'.; against the uilators, in con
nexion with ihe unhappy blunder of lhc p,ovcrn
m. lit hliort-b.iiiil writer, coupled with other mat
ters, lend to tho belief that the whole iill'iir has
hceii manured iu A very lrirh wuy. The short
hand writer is lo be pitied. He is a tola! stranger
in tho country was sent to Ireland to report (he
speei lies fir tint overnnient, unaccompanied by
any person upon whom he could rely for being
made acquainted wilh the jierswm of tho thief
actors, and lite f oust ipiencr is, lhat ho has been
hoaxed by iuli rcsle ) parties into making Mr. Uar.
ret, of the I'iLt, deliver u violent speech at some
repeal iiici tiin;, at which that Rcntlcmcn, accoid
iii to Hulisf.it tory evidence, was not present.
This blunder, which throws un uir of lidicitlc
over the prosecutions, has been n gon.l deal can
vassed, in no very complimentary terms towards
the "powers thai be." It would appear, however,
that the rumor which has been ul'.uat some days
thai the prosecution wi re to be abandoned, is not
correct. The latest nccounls from Ireland slate
that the purlicr, are preparing for their defence.
The urand jury hud not yet found true bills
but no doubt existed that I hey would do so.
A rumor was afloat and generally believed that
there were traitor iu the rump of the repealers,
and thut they had offered themselves In ihe go
vi riiiuent to secure lhc conviction of their fellowsi
It had a startling ( licet.
Meantime (')'('omiidl is confident of the success
of repeat, if thu people w ill but follow hi advice
and commit im violence. At a meeting in St. Au
denn'sWuid he said, "(Jive nie six months of per
fect pence, nnd I'll give you my head on a block
if, nt the end of (hat rime, you huvc not a parlia
ment iu College (iiern !"
(Isle's Wpoou Mpct'i h.
Who due not remember Churley Oglo and the
eclcbr aled speech ho delivered in 1S-10 un gulden
spoon and fiilled dishcloths 1 Well, one day
Charley came to die; but it uppenrs a refractory
conscience Would not let him (Titer upon the uu
liied scenes of eternity loaded with all tho sin of
that speech; so he left pail of it wilh hi whig
friends to curry. The Chaiiibcrsburg (I'u.) Times
ha the following in relation to Ogle :
For several days before his death his mind was
greatly troubled in view of his political course iu
tho presidential canvass. In conversation with u
political and personal friend, but a few il.i)s be
fore his demise, he rcmurki d thut great injustice
was done in Mr. V:iu Duren in If ID that the
speech uhout iho extravagance of hi ii.liniiii-.tra-tiou,
utlnbiited to him (Oglo) tens not true. ihtlt
he. utvir thli vcrul mielt a tjieieh thut il nut
hi t'ml il troy jo tip In the trhig central cmh
millev at the. city uf Wailtinun, unit hi name
at lit il an il.i author; that he immediahli in
Jiiriiud tie cniitiiii'ltc i if the reut injustice lit
h.:d June him ami Van II teen, und reipiesli d tlu iu
to correct llie error; but that they hesitated to tin
so, alleging that if they did it would injure the
wliu; cause, ('pun In ing interrogated particular
ly as to the tiutli or falsehood of iho speech, he
readily admitted that it was full of gross error
and falsehood-, from the bruitming to tho cud, bill
lhat ho could not now help it.
Tenia Hornls.
It is f ishi.iiiiiblo aiming i ditots and other in
thu I 'liitcd Stales, when spt nklng of Texas, lo re
fer to it us a country in w hich Ihe standard ol mo
rality ran,;: somewhere below iteru iu which all
soils of knavery i practised w ith impunity and
in which honesty eoidd have no abiding place.
Now, this sort of talk, whether true or not, U na
turally calculated to provoke relorl ; and accord
ingly wo see the ii'ulveston "1' veiling News" has
taken the imutci up, uud, if he does nut succeed
in making out an irrcpioachuMo moral character
forTexusjho nt leust shows thut her accusers
llieiuselvcs are fsr from being invulnerable. The
following extrncla will give un idea of how ho "Ids
il into" us
Tho standard of moral honestv in tho I'niled
Stales i far la low thai in any sivago nation to be
found un ti In 1 1 1 1 i ii i? assertion, though neverthe
less, without doubt a fact. Look, for instance, at
Ihe number of ullenipts ma. In tit forgery the num
ber of siicecsslul and unsuccessful uttcuipla at
hoiisc-hreitkiiii; nt steuluig ul highway rubbery,
and ul the utiuif litinuiihto variety of swindling ope
rations o say nothing of llio wholesale modes of
gambling uud swindling in the banking and forty
nl her way.
When was there a forgery committed inTcxai 1
When was there an attempt at house-breaking, at
sleiiling.at highway robbery, or at swindling! Thu
oldest cilirii hardly recollects of one. Our poli-.w
reports furnish nothing of this kind, aiidourcourt
records are generally bare of them ; mi J yei we
are set down by our neighbor as beinif S lawless
set, among whom there is un security of person or
property. Many believe such to bo tho rase an
impression has gone abroad thut there is nothing
moral and honest among the people of Texas.
Sorely there is or baa been something wrong
Tlio Now Oilcan Courier, an excellent demo
cratic patter, ii how issued fteief a dav iu tho
morning and evening at f 13 per aunui.
lmpurhntl. Tho Nalehea Krea Trader aay
that a ipleiitlid fip ia to bo given by tha Washing
Ionian Fair to tho mother of llio prettiest baby.
I j;
vory mother in lliain diggon" will be urc
to exhibit her monkey.
)tni from Diseased Potaluts. The I'tiea (N,
V.) (iu7a tte notices the appearance, in lhat nuigh
b trhuod, of a singular disease anion:; the potatoes,
which has ul ready destroyed tnousaiitls of bushels.
The kind crilled pinkeyes are almost universally
iilVecti'd. The disease firit manifests itself by n
hi ii k spot on the surface of the pot itn, which ra
pidly spreads til the whole runt becomes soft uud
worthies. Many fanners have lost their entire
crops, the disease in many cases destroy in;; the
rools while in the ground, and in nlhets the po
tatoes, bavin; been rurefiil'y stowed in the cellar,
apparently free from discaso, and sound, in a few
i V(( u W(,r(, ,,rilv,.M IIV ..n.-rly
tst. Souir,
., ,
vmplo'i! f.s.'iir, in or
der to save as uiticli n possibb; of their crops,
cninmenccd feeding them to tin ir hoi; ; and in
two instance where ibis course was pursued, it
resulted not only in the loss of the potatoes, hut
a!o of lhc hogs; one man Insing bis whole stock,
nt'lecu ill number, an. I another four out of six1
which ate the i.'leeted fond. If animals are so
soon destroyed by fei dim; on such potatoes, are
they not dangerous food for man.
I.unz I'cvr. The Lacon li'a.i Ite, of the 21
inst. says : " This disease lor two or three weeks
has provailt d in our county to u roiu iilerable cl
ient, resulting iu a number of deaths. In addi
tion to tho deaths of Messrs. Smith und Duu
baiigh from Ion; fever, noticed two weeks ngo.
five more udults have since died of tho disease.
In all these case dentil occurred ill about a Week
form the lime of attack. Of the persons sei.ed
thus far, we believe, at h ast halt have died. We
never knew such extensive mortality in the coun
ty, in any season uf the year, during the same
Cit'ljiliiin TrtmlJ'-t .. A furious state of things
now prevail in Canada. Mr. Jameson, speaker
I'fthe council u:nl member of the cabinet, resign,
etl some time ago, but ut the governor's particular
reiUi'st, resumed his dulit s, on receiving the ns
Mirulico thut he mi,;ht act independently on ull
ijueslions before the council. So ho continued
until n week or two ngo, when an explosion
Inok place, und he made hi resignation absolute.
The governor (who it nceins appoint the ipeuk
er) ha since offered it to several who declined the
honor; and the council meet and adjourn from
day to day, having no presiding oliiciT. In this
perplexing state of things, rumor is busy with the
governor's future couise. A dissolution of par
liament would only open the way for a new one
a refractory as the old. What will bo done no
one eeems ahlu to conjecture. It is even said ho
will solicit hi recall and givo up the government.
The quarrel, it is understood, originated upon the
act fixing the seat of government at Montreal.
X.w Kind if Wheal. Tho N'orwalk (Ohio)
Experimentally: " We have at our oll'u e, for
tho inspection of the curious, u specimen of grain
called ".South American Wheat," raised in this
county, nnd which is said to jield from fid to 100
bushels to ihe acre. Tho head resemble very
much, in nizc and appearance, tho fruit of the
Sdiumae, and lhc berry seems to be almost en
tirely farina, with very litllo hull or bran. It mny
ho planted in drills, or sowed bioadcasl, the for
mer method however, is thought to be preferable,)
and i said to require fir less labor, if drilled,
than common corn, yielding double the quantity
per acre; nudvra should judge it to bo a nutri
tious food for iil'in or boast as any grain wo raise.
We have n few heads of the grain, which wo are
authorized lo dispose of."
Sinirulir Phenomenon. Washington (X.
C.) Republican says: " On Monday night, Aov.
(i, between the hours of 1 1 ami 12 o'clock, n rum
bling noise, Bounding like distant thunder, was
heard by a number of our citizens, preceded by
several sudden flushes of light. Wo supposed,
from the shaking of our house, lhat it was the
shock of an earthquake, but have since been in
formed, by persons who saw the phenomenon,
lhat it wa tho explosion of a meteor in the hea
vens. The explosion look place about 10 minute
after-tho sudden flashes of light appeared. Tho
wealher appealed to be clear, und the moon shone
A beautiful sentiment is Ihe following, deliver" j
ed ut a eelebriilion by the bwuk-hinders in Con
cord, New Hampshire:
The late S. Wiii'dnitrth Hi Iiiufc is hushed,
and hi bucket' empty. I'oor in purse, yet noli
in inlellcct, hi star shone wilh none the less
brilliancv because il tiriiininent wns a printing
otlicc. Ili '-Old Oaken Ducket" still hang in
the well of mommy, und llio jji""! author will
forever draw from ils depths upon the gratitude
uml nllci'iion of his countrymen.
II iw did il grt there? TUa St. Louis New
Era says : " A gentleman lately exhibited to us a
piece of cedar, the history of which is as follow:
In digging a well on the properly of Hmilh, Uro-
Co., at Hunker Hill, Illinois, at the distance of
fifty-three feel below the surface, they came to a
cedar log, embedded iu iho earth, and extending
across tho well. It was cut oil'; wa found to bo
live or six Inches through, and wns iu a state of
good preservation. The Inwu of Hunker Hill, a
ninny person know, is situated in the middle of
a lurgH and level prairie; und tho gentleman who
has il iu possession, who i a hit of a Yankee,
1 wants to know how that log of cedar got down
Mvlyrdtm in China. 'Since, tlio heroic days
of missionary martyrdom, nays a cotcmporury.wo
do not recollect to have seen any thing more stri
king than tlio following, drawn from a lute
French paper s
The "Cnivers" give tho following a nn an
identic account of ihe martyrdom of M. Boric, the
missionary at Tong-King, in China: "They wero
for a moment struck dumb by bis majestic coun
tenance and extraordinary stature, so imposing in
llii climate. When put in irons, the confessor
look advantage of tho eagerness show n by the
people In visit him, lo deliver freely to ihem tho
word of denial life. Hi execution was horrify
ing. Tho executioner, who wa half drunk,
rrccfy knew what ho was shout. His first stroke
I of the labre fell on tho ear of tho martyr, and cut
him to tha jaw; Ihe aecnml came upon the lop of
the shoulder, and the Hum wa bettor directed,
hut did not sever the head from tho trunk. At
thi sight tho criminal mandarin thrunk back with
horror. It required seven lriike boforo tha san
guinary work was finished, during which the holy
priest did not utter a singlo cry.
iVf so t'T.y Obsolete after all. Mr. Webster, in
his lute speech at Anduver, Ma?;., it appear, took
back all the hard thing he said nhout tho whig
iu hi great speech at Faneuil Hall last spring,
and again united himself to Ins old associates. In
relation to a National liank, which in spring he
said was an "obsolete idea," he spoke as follows in
his late speech : I am now, as ever, ready toagree
that the. old Dank of tho United Slates was per
fectly coiistitutionul, mid lhat it Was decided
to bo so by solemn decision of the court--, and
the abundant preredent of the legislature, and an
effort to re-establish it shall have my hc-mtv sup
port; believing it, as I do, to he u powerful con
troller nf circulation, ami leii.lin,; to prevent ru
i im' excesses.
A U nutifil Thought. We find Ihe following
beautiful thought in u corner of un olrscure coun
try paper. Whose is "it i
When the thunder rolls, drowned men, in all
their ghastlincss, rise to the top of their waterv
graves. Even so when the storm of ullliclioii is
heard, our bitterest thought ri.se up from the til!
depths nt the soul, and make us gaze with strain
ed eves ami blanched cheeks on the coises of by
gone hopes.
7'hi fame uldred J ichet. While (Jul. Johnson
was delivering an address in New Hampshire re
cently, some one called for the old red jacket e
vest which tho Col. had on being a red one, and
ihe same ho wore al the bailie of the Thames in
w hich he received f A ecu built tyshols. 'I ho call
was tespouded to by the whole assembly, when
the gullant hero very frankly acknowledged that
the vest he then wore was ''lhat same old red
llisliimu to Iielroil.
Below wo give a copy of the distance between
Detroit und Chicago by tho St. Joseph route.
Detroit to Dearborn 10 miles.
Dearborn to Wayne H 1st
Wayne to Vp-ilauti 12 30
Ypsilanti to Ann Arbor 10 10
Ann Aihor lo Dexter 10 i)0
Dexter to Hvlvan 10 bO
Sylvan to (irass Lake 10 i0
(iruss Luke to Jackson 10 SO
Jackson to Darrv 8
Harry to Smithliclil 7 !3
Smiihlit Id li Albion fi !:)
Albion to Marengo 7 lllfj
Marengo In Marshal! 6 Ul
Marshall to Rattle Creek 12 123
Rattle Creek to Charlstoii 10 l.' J
Charlcsto to (Jalesburg 4 13
( ialcsburg to Coinstock -1 HI
Coinstock to K:lariiazon d 1-1.)
Kalamazoo to Raw Daw IS 103
Raw Raw to Hamilton 11 173
Hamilton lo Kerlersvi.'lo 4 !?'J
Keelersvill to Hiiinhridgc 11 100
Bainbriiluo lo Si. Joseph 10 2110
St. Joseph to Chicago I !) 2i;j
The conveyance on this rout i as follows :
By Railroad, from Detroit to Jackson, P0 miljj,
Stage, from Jackson to St, Joseph, 120 do
Steamboat, St. Joseph to Chicago, (i'J do
Chicago DjuiociuI.
' III: ( Dll li I I.oilli.
Tito press of this State (and particularly
the wliijr press) are full of speculation as
to the prohable course of the Governor
on the subject of tlic canal.
The whig press mainly seem to wish
the failure of that measure, so that they
may have . something fur which to cen
sure the democratic parly. And next to
that, they hope if it should succeed at al!,i
it may be clogged witli some odious pro
visions nhout which they can make a
great blow for political effect.
As for ourselves we have not sufficient
information in our possession upon which
to form a correct opinion, and we learn
that the Governor himself has not yet
been furnished with such full reports on
the subject as will enable him to judge
properly of the ultimate result of the nc
goeiation of our commissioners.
The friends of ihe canal, however, may
remain satisfied that if any tiling can be
done according to law for tlic bent fit of
the canal Governor Ford is just the man
to do it : While all others may rest assu
red that the provisions of law on the sub
ject will he duly adhered to.
The Alton I clegraph, the JournI, and
some other whig presses, are endeavoring
lo array party feeling upon the canal ques
tion j nnd wish to profit tidier by the
success or failure of the measure. In
this there is such a want of patriotism,
mil such a disposition to sport w ith the
great interests of the State, as we are
happy to sec shocks many of the whigs
In conversing with the Governor we
learn from him that he is not disposed to
consider the canal as a party measure ;
that, whatever action he may take on it,
he knows he must not only expect t,cn
sure hut fierce denunciation. There he
wishes it to lest ; not upon the democrat
ic party, but upon himself. As he denies
lhat the canal is or ought to be a party
measure, nnd as he also .disclaims acting
for the party in whatever he may be
called on to do, so he desires lhat what
ever censure may grow out of his pro
ceedings, may be visited on himself alono.
Slate Register.
Destructive J'Hre. On the evening of
the 8tlu ull., ihe Penitentiary of Milledgn
ville, Ga., was discovered to be in flames.
The fire originated in the paint, and
spread rapidly till it consumed the work
shop, steam-engine house, and all the out
buildings, except the cells and keeper's
office. There were 149 prisoners in the
cells, who heard the cry of fire and saw
the light. When tho walls of tho cells
became healed, they set up a horrible cry
for liberation, till the doors where opened,
and lliey were let out. They were im
mediately placed under a strong guard,
but umid tho confusion of the moment
ono escaped. Tho lire attacked the buil
ding wherein ore the cells, several times,
but was os often extinguished, though it
was with great diftieuly that thai building
was saved. The loss is between $30,000
and 00,000. "
From the Territorial (iazeltc.
'I lie Oregon Ailrrnmrrr.
We liove another letter from our lale fel
low citizen, M. M. M'Carver, wttoitii
well known with several others from this
Territory, tiilnche'.l himself to the lnrrre
Kinifrratinsj expedition to Oregon which
took up its lino of march last spring. The
letter lias been an unusually long time on
the way, hut it will Mill he read with in
terest. The emigrants have doubtless
ere this reached their place of destination,
on the western slope of tho American
continent. Tho distance from Tort Lar
amie to tliC'Tan in tltr mount-tins known
Tfcti will stop it il" falling out, or restore it on bah
Jnees , tiud on children make it grow rapidly, or on
lose who have lost the hair from any ra ise.
ALL VERMIN lhat infest tho heads of children
li eel. ids, are, prevented or killed bv il it one".
ind llio ramc of
M tA,ver ;rv jt.
5 '
r.ememher thin alirnvf.
RHEUMATISM, and ltvijlfg
osiiively cured, and all thrirriled muxrlrs and limhn
c restored, iu tho old or vomit, by tho I.vmxji
KfiKrn:.K Elixir and Nkrve ami II.. ne Linimkmt
nt never vviiliou: the naino of Coin? tuck & Co, on it
place, attd at present is engaged in cross
ing Laramie's fork, which is very full.
Willi ihe exception of one man who had
his arm broke hy an accidental discharge
from a gun while pursuing a Unffalii, all
are well. Our roads have been good be
yond expectation, particularly for the last
six hundred miles; and I do not believe
a road equally good and of tho same
length can br procured in the Slates. Our
rattle and vafjgon.i, so far, stand the trip
well; Indeed the cattle Sre fattening gen
erally. Many of the men are working
cows ; I myself have two yoke, and find
them better titan oxen. There is no
heavy pulling wiiMi requires large oxen,
and cows arc decidedly faster and conse
quently better. You have, too, their
milk at night; nnd in Oregon, I am in
formed, a good c.7iv is worth as much an
a yoke of rattle. Let the emigrants next
year lit themselves out with row teams, ,
and bring loofe ones to supply the places
of g.icli as get lame. We work them at
the wheel arid in the lend.
We have now travelled more than ono
thousand miles sinrc leaving Burlington,
and arc in full view of the black Hills.
Distance to the gap in the mountains)
about 200 or miles, and Fort Hall.
(ioO. The weather has been cool without
rain for the last month. Our roads being
up rialte river, in the bottom, our cattle
could not suffer for water except at short
intervals, when we left the river for part
of a day. -This, however, we done but
seldom, as that river from the point at
which we 3tnick il to this place about
100 milcj has scarce!; any tributaries.
None of our ttock has been stolen since
leaving the Kansas river. V'e are novr
in the midst of the fornix and Cheyenne
Indians, where it will he necessary to
keep up a more vigilant watch. At this
place wo found a few Spaniard's with a
small cargo of flour, Sec. packed on inulr9
from Towcc, in the Spanish province,
about -iCO miles distant. Their prices
arc sir 23 per hundred for Hour; sugar, 92
per lb.; coffee, $1.1)0 per lb.; whiskey, $2
per pint ; and every thing cbe in tho
same proportion. I'.rnir.j.n'.s will now ho
able to judge of the necessity of supply
ing themselves with the ueccsjaiks of life
before starting. They will find il to their
interest to load their wagons with 6iteh
article as are here mentioned, which they
ran on their way, im lead of tmcum
bentig themselves with furniture and oth
er heavy loading, which thry may be
compelled to leave hy tlio way. Mules
we find more rervicea!)!: tlian horses, anil
those coming out diouM procure them.
We will depart from tiiij place Minor-
row, nficr hieh 1 shall probably have no
opportunity of roiiiniu.iicatmg with you
mud we reach Fort Hall. Say to thoso
who think of emi(;raiing lhat the trip lo
Oregon is not half the bug-a-boo it is rep
resented to be. All that il requires is
patience nnd perseverance.
Truly, Your, M. M. M'CAKVKK.
Look out for Thieves und Counter'
feiters. Cadwell and wife, the loaders
of the ging of thieves and counterleilers
who wero uken up in this city about
a year since, art now at large, and ready
to resuire tiitM' old business whenever
occasion may offer. The husband chan
ged his quarters in ihe jail for the steam
boat (iov. i; 'irohctid, which went down
on Tuesday evening last, and the wife fol
lowed him. the next day on the Lucy
Walker. Wherever they go, we would
caution the people to be on their guard.
Cndwrll escaped ihe penitentiary by turn
ing slate's evidence, and lus wife escaped
both penitentiary and jail, from causes to
us unknow, nnd received $15 per month
of the county, for her support and servic
es, notwithstanding she was found with a
large amount of stolen money secreted on
her person. Mrs. Cadwell's case clear
ly proves uhat some tilings can be done
as well as others.' Mamas Gazette,
Xov. 10.
Precise. -'i'ho old servant who re
ceives and ushers visitors at the Presi
dent's house in Washington, is said to,la
very precise in his announcements. On
a recent occasion a gentleman of the
name of Fot, with a daughter on each
arm, was shown into tho President's
drawing room, with the introduction :
Mr. Foot, and tho two Misses Feet.'

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