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Kuiaucipnlian Touching l'uc.
Mr. John Macdotiough, of New Or
leans, some lime ago liberated a number
of his slaves, nnd sent them to Liberia
with a liberal ovitfit. II is plan of accom
plishing their liberation was somewhat pe
culiar, lie proposed to such as were wil
ling to go to Africa an arrangement of this
kind, viz. that lie would allow to each one
a certain portion of his time each week,
and would pay him lor the labor done at
such time, or credit him wilh it at a fair
priee. The servant man was to have his
ordinary task of daily labor, and if by in
creased industry he could finish this go as
to have additional time at his disposal he
should have the benefit of it. The sum
at which each was valued, at a moderate
estimate, was set down against him in the
account book, and every credit gained by
extra labor was duly entered also. In
this way some fifty or sixty achieved
their freedom, by a process which made
it manifest that they knew how to piize
it, and that they were worthy of it by a
process loo, which confirmed them in hab
its of industry and thrift. Mr. Macdon
ongh published a statement of the whole
affair, and the following extract is from
the concluding portion of it. Halt, rut.
"In closing this statement, 1 will say a
few words to show what the attachment
of people iimilarly situated (slaves) will
bo to a master who treats them justly.
The ship on which tliey sailed for Africa,
laid opposite my house, in the Mississip
pi, at the hank of the river; I had taken
my leave of them on going on board the
ship, on Friday evening, the day previous
to her sailing, in my house. The scene
which then took place I will not attempt
to describe it can never be erased from
my memory. Though standing in need
on the occasion of consolation myself, in
bidding a last farewell on earth to those
who had so many claims on my affection,
and who had been around and about me
for such a long scries of years, I had to
administer it to them, who stood in the
greater need of it. To tell them that the
separation was but for a brief period of
time, that we should meet again, I trust
ed, in a better and happier state : to
charge them to gird up their loins, and
play the man valiantly, in their determi
nation to enter into their own Canaan ;
and to remember, that there was still an
other and final separation fionj all tilings
earthly, which they had to sustain and en
' counter; to meet, and be prepared for
t which, they must persevere in well doing
to the end ; that their lamps must be kepi
well trimmed, and their lights burning.
On Saturday morning, the Rev. Mr. Mc
Lean, the Agent of the American Coloni
zation Society, (who took a deep interest
in all that concerned this people,) crossed
the river to despatch the ship, and see
them take their departure, which look
place about eight o'clock in the morning
of the came day, thtt Nth of June. After
seeing them oil", the ship was taken by a
steamer. Mr. .McLean came into my
house, as I wa3 expecting him to break
fist, and on seeing him much affected in
his manner, (a tear standing in his eye,)
I inquired if any thing had taken place to
give him pain ; to which ho replied, "Oh,
sir, it was an affecting sight to see them
x depart. They were all on the deck of
the ship, and your servants who have not
, gone, were on tho tdioie bidding them
farewell, when from every tongue on
board the ship, I heard tha charge- to
k those on shore, Fanny take care of our
master ; James take care of our master,
tr.ko care of our master sis you love us,
i and hope to meet us in heaven, take care
of our mat"r." Which ejaculations, said
he, rontiir.ied until they were out of hear-
(" ing. This would appear to reverse the
general course of thimji. It is the master
or mistress who is heard, when about to
make a voyage, recommending their ser
vants to the care of some confidential per-
son, but here were the servants recom
mending their master to the care of other
Domestic Life. All the virtues of do
mestic life are lessons which are taught in
the Chrisiia.il school. It is like llie sun,
who, though he regulates and leads on the
year, dispensing life and light to all the
planetary worlds, yet disdains not to cher
ish and beautify the flower which opens
its bosom to his beam ; 60 the Christian
religion, though chiefly intended to leach
us the knowledge of salvation, and be our
guide to happiness on high, yet also regu
lates our conversation in the world, ex
tends its benign influence to every circle
of society, and peculiarly diffuseth its
blessed fruits in the palhs of domestic life.
A noble Dog. A Halifax paper states
that a child was playing with a New
foundland dog, on lioach's wharf, (Hali
fax,) a short time since, and by some ac
cident, slipped over the cnu of the wharf
into the water. Tho dog immediately
prung after the child (which was only
six years old) and seizing the waist of
the Utile frock, brought him into tho dock,
where there was a stage, and by which
the child held on, but was unable lo get
on top. The dog seeing that he was un
able to pull the little fellow out of the wa
ter, run up lo the yard adjoining and
where a little girl nine years of age was
prcading out clothes. He seized the
girl by her frock, nnd notwithstanding
her exertions to get away, ho succeeded
in dragging her to the pot where the
child was still hanging by the hand to
tho stai:e. On the girl's taking hold of
thtj child, the dog assisted her in rescu
ing the little fellow from his perilous sit
uation, and &fter licking ihc face of the
infant he had thus saved, he took a leap
olf the stage and swam round to ihe end
of the wharf and returned with its hat in
his mouth. It is said that the father of
the child to whom the dog belongs
when leaving the country where ho for
merly resided, rescued him from the
hands of some persons who were about
to execute tho poor animal for kilinga
New Hemp Machine. A late Cincin
nati (iazettc gives the following descrip
tion of a new hemp breaking machine
which has recently been constructed in
that city.
"The machine is 21 feet long, and 8
feet wide. The hemp is placed upon an
apron ; 1-2 feet in width; the apron re
ceiving a quantity of stalk sufficient to
yield from half to two pounds of lint in
one handfull or bundle. The operation
commences by crushing the stalk between
smooth rollers, and next by breaking it
between rolls of concave and convex sur
faces. In this way iho hemp is prepared
for cleaning ; which is done by a rotary
and reciprocating motion, working into
each other at stated or given points. The
hemp is received from the breaking rollers
on ihc cleaning cylinders, which of them
selves, from an endless chain, and by idem
it is conducted to the discharging point in
its passage over the cylinders. The
slaves are thoroughly extracted from the
lint and at the discharging point it is in
prime order for bailing. Five hands will
break one ton per day of water rotted
hemp, and the waste, of tow, will not ex
ceed two per cent. Four horse power is
required to propel it. The machine is
constructed in the most durable manner,
and contains three tons and a half of iron.
The price of it is$(i'j().
A New kind of Currenry. Wc have
heard of all sorts of currency, from pewter
"fips" down to "liule dogs," but we nev
er heard of a "herring" currency before.
Yet it seems that in North Carolina just
such a currcucy obtains, though it must
be confessed it is a currency of the most
scaly character.
A gentleman travelling in that Stale, (so
says one of our exchanges) recently got out
of the stage to refresh himself, and after
taking a glass of whisky and treating the
driver, threw down half a dollar. The
barkeeper looked perplexed, anil said, "I
have no silver change, sir, but plenty of
the common, il you will take it. He
ihen counted out thirty-seven herrings,
which the traveller had to roll up in a
piece, of paper and lake along with him,
thinking they might serve him for a dinner.
The stage went on, and at the next stop
ping place he hailed an old lady, and ask
ed her if she could sell him a loaf of bread.
She offered him a large loaf of fresh rye,
and in return, he counted out six herrings.
"La me," she exclaimed, "where did
you get so much change? Can you
change me a quarter ?" This he did
cheerfully, and had six herrings left to cai.
There's currency that would puzzle old
Adam Smith himself to find a place for in
his l'ulitical Economy !
Coiiiiik'K ial.
Ciueion, Xnv, 2S.
Our market sti vonts but little activity,
lli'inli the road ,uw daily improving.
W'i.Fnt Tin' . loads ihal have urn ved to
il iv hue lii'i'll mil, I .it OS it fit) cents. A cent it
two mora liai Urn : itl t'or n choice article, fir
th" tcam Mill in this city .
'.' jr. About j.t .."() in ii fair quotation.
Cum. is hut little cumins; i". mid about 37
cU may re Ml ,i ! 'red n fair (puliation.
The demand h not ho jjrent now as for
a few weeks pad. It is quick, however, at .il
I'lir; Considerable cominsr in fir the present
shite ofihe ro.nl, unil from f l 50 lo J'l.CO is paid,
(i.io.l pork weiijhiiiij S-'iO pounds and upwards
will readily commind f'T.
II rf Nothing iihove i'l is paid.
rVIF. miliiiTilierq hate jnt received nt tlieir
JL ld lrtiid iii OiUivu, direct Irom New Vuik
and lijslon, their winter Nitpply ot
A run 11 jj which may B'o
15 pieces of black, blue black, blue, invi
sible green Uroadcloths, Cussimeres, it
50 pieces Sattinels, Kentucky Jeans,
Sheeps-gray and Linseys,
20 pieces Flannel, ('anion do.
10 bales bro. Sheeting, Cotton Yarn, &c.
The Ladies' want mid wishes have heen atten
ded to, nnd thry will find hy culling, tlmt our
Htock will equal i lint exceed uny in the country :
11 cnnniKtR in part of
500 pieces of English, French it Ameri
can prints, of all shades and colois,
from 0 cents up.
30 pieces of French, English & German
20 pieces of plain and figured Velvets,
Allpaccaic Muslin Delaines.
Ribbands, Swiss, book, plain it figured
Jackcnct Muslins, Laces, Gloves,
Shawls, Handkerchiefs, together with
the "thousand and one" of the little
fixens usually called fur.
Hut if ynu will rail and examine is nil we ak,
M we are confident that the ipjalily and price uf
our Good cannot fail to please tho pun Inner.
Ottawa, Dec. 8, 1813.
TROVES V for sale by
Oct. 13. Walker fc IIickli.no.
"517"C won Id iiifor'n those interested, thnt fir
V the accommodation uf tin; public, in gene
ral ami ourselves in piulictilar, we have stock of
goods n ibis place, embracing a gum-ial assort-iiii-iil
Groceries, Hard ware, Cmcken, Hals cy
Caps, Hoots $ Shoes, eye, fyc.
Which will be sold extremely low for
('ash, Pork, Wheat, Flour, Lard, Tallow,
Hides, Hees-wax, Butter, Eggs, or almost
anything the farmer raises.
Lowell, Dec. 8, 1843.
ah: rash: :
WANTED Any quantity of Pork,
for which the highest market
price will be paid in cash and goods, de
livered here or at Ottawa.
L. l SANGER ct CO.
Lowell, Dec. 8, 1 8 13.
Cash Iail for Pork.
GERSIIOM RURR will pay cash for
Pork, from this time until the ope
ning of navigation.
Ottawa, Dec. 8, 1813.
fan a I Scrip.
FIVE Hundred Dollars wanted, for
which the highest price will be paid.
Enquire of G. RURR.
Ottawa, Dec. 8, 1813.
1'orlil I'orU!
nii ii.ii iiiiy quantity oi 1'orK,
1vi,r; I . i i
for which the highest market
price will be paid in cash and goods.
Ottawa, Dec. 8, 1813.
. o
o 5 .s:
to -3
S 2 fa
5 s
i to
! U i
: H J
-i 2 5
Z 01
look hj:sci:::
NEW C 1 1 1 : A L STORE,
(Sign of the lied Flag.)
flESPK(J'm;.T.Y inoirm their friends thnt
I t. they have just received from New York n
new assortment of
Fancy Dry Goods,
Such as .Withim, ,llparras, Silks, Horn
bozhvs, French and English Merinncs,
Muslin dc Lainrs, Slialleys, and Cali
coes of every description.
A mo, a new stylo of
Handkerchiefs, silk and Kid Gloves, a
large variety of Stockings, Laces, Ri
bands, Tippets, Ladies' Slippers, itc.
They can iiImo accommodate their uvile friends
with. It'"'! (.7i,7.i, Fur l'iv, SnciH anil
diTi, li mis nml N.'ii', a 11110 lilr if reaHittft,
imd 7 ' '., of which ihey havs a large ascoit
rnciit. A I, NO,
Jewelry, Cutlery, Sprdacles, eye.
All of which they will sell nt New Ymk pri. es
cheaper than ever, and tiike in cTchanije nil
kiudti of old od nnd silver, nnd mieh nrtieles us
the country inay produce, especially ');.
They invito all ladies and uciclcmcii who wish
Bond harjjaiiiH la call and examine their good at
the i.iikap roin: on auul utreil.
Ottawa, Dec. 1, IS 13.
V. SANG I'll it Co. are now re
Jm reiving fnun New York and St
Louis, at the Uriel; store,
ia ka;i:s
Fo r e i " a i d Domestic
llardwaio, CrocKn y, Hoots and
Miorv, i o i .ails,
;iass, Ac, &v.
Which will be fold for Cash, Pork, Fi(;ur,
Wheat, Lard, Tallow, Hides, and 'ces
wax.at prices that cannot fail to jdease the
most fastidious.
Ottawa, Nov. 17, 1813.
flUIE partneiship heretofore existing
JL between T. L. Dickey and J. M.
Crolhers, in the practice of law, is this dav
dissolved. 'I'he books, accounts and note's
are transferred to T. L. Dickey, to whom
payments may be made.
Ottawa, Dee. , 1813.
DO'. Washburn'K Shovels and
Spades for sale by
Sept. 29-tf CrsiiMAN it Giiidley.
SUPERIOR lot of Window Glass,
iust received and for sale bv
S71IGHT half barrels Maekrel, a supe
li rior article, for sale bv
Nov. 10. WALKER it illCKLlNG.
-5 h sy h 2 ' a 1
.'o -e; s -2, .;b?c
A - w 2 5! ft - . s n n .
t - V. r 53 -.i:trS.s3-"
Lj 3 " tea
3 o -jisf
4 RE just opening a splendid assort
fi. ment of STAPLE & FANCY
GOODS, adapted to the fall and winter
trade, which they are determined to sell
as low as the very lowest profit or no
profit consisting in part of
im v ;oods,
Doth Foreign and Domestic, for Ladies'
and Gentlemen's wear and for family use;
selected expressly to suit the wants of
tins community, and bought uncommon
ly low.
A great supply of ladies slippers, walking
shoes, boots, gentlcmans boots, shoes,
brogans, pumps, slippers, childrens boots
and shoes, of all kinds and sizes.
A complete assortment of such articles
as are usually called for, including Table
and Pocket cutlery, nails, locks, butts and
screws, $-c, fcc.
A very large assortment of fine and
common ware, including tea setts of va
rious prices, tinted and plain glass tum
blers, ewers and basins, dishes, tc, &c.
( 1.0 mix;.
Coats, pants, vests, over coals, shirts,
drawers besides hats, caps, gloves,
socks, hdkfs, stocks, suspenders, etc, ic.
Sugar, molasses, collee, tobacco, tea of
various kinds, rope, pails, glass, rice dye
stulfs, spices, Sic.
Uesides, cap and letter paper, ink,
quills, steel pens, wall paper, and a
"thousand and one" other articles such
as are usually called for, all of which we
(latter ourselves, will be found as cheap
as at any other store try us before you
Wheat, Oats, Hides, Tallow, Flaxseed,
Hotter and Eggs taken in trade.
Oct. 0. 1813.
r1HE subscriber is now opening from New
I York, n (,'eneral assortment ofSTAl'LE
lilack, Mac, Drown and Mixed
i;itoAi cloths,
Slieeps Gray Domestic Cloth,
Flack and Mixed Sattinels,
leaver Cloth,
Fed and White Flannels,
Domestics and Fleached Cottons,
Cotton and tf'oollen l'arn,
And a variety of other goods, gucli an nro usually
kept in country stores.
Teas, Coffee, Sugar, MjIusscs,
Plug, Smoking and Fine-cut Tobacco.
Spices of all kinds.
Shelf Hardware.
.1 large assortment of Boston Nails,
.Ixes, fyc., .Vc.
ALSO, a lame assortment of
Thick and Fine Hoots,
J),), for Hoys, superior,
Thick and Kip Brogans,
Ladies Slip ami Hulking Shoes.
The Hiihscriher will receive in exchange for the
nhove, Wheat, Outs-, Tallow, Itecs-wax, Dry and
Green Hides, Deer skills, Furn, and all kinds ol
coi nli-y produce. (i. IH'KK.
Ottawa. Oct. 27. IS 1.1. 13 If
rr II Inls. N. O Sugar,
2 Uls. Loaf Sugar,
2 " ('rushed do.,
20 Sacks Rio and llavanna Coffee,
10 ("bests Y. II. and Imp. Teas,
10 I'oxes Raisins,
50 Kegs Nails,
For sale at prices to suit the times, for
cash or ready pay.
Nov. 17. ' L.' P. SANGER & Co.
Itools, Shoes and Leather.
4 (jy Cases Coarse and Fine Roots,
J and Shoes,
50 Sides Sole Leather,
17 Do.. Uuckskin Mitts,
At reduced Prices at the Uiick Store,
Nov. 17. L. P. SANGF.R it Co.
IIE subscribers would make known
(0 their friends ami the community
generally, and especially those visiting the
mills, that they have opened a Siore
Dayton, in the corner room (formei! the
bar-room) of the brick tavern, where '.hey
intend keeping as good an assortment of
goods as can be found in uny country
We solicit the patronage of the public,
and pledge ourselves to sell as cheep as
we do in Ottawa. Persons visiting the
mills will consequently be saved the ne
cessity of going to Ottawa for what arti
cles they may want.
I ft want to purchase
10,000 ItiislirU of WIICIT,
Delivered at Dayton or Ottawa, for
which we will pay the highest market
price. Also, hides, tallow, bees-wax,
flax-seed, butler, itc., te.
Davton. Nov. 24, 1813.
'25 Dollar Keuunl
he given for the apprehension of.lamri
ft Old Field, who eacaped from the custody
of the jailor at Vorkville, Kendall rounty. Illinois,
011 the night of the l.'nh iust. He had on when
Im left, a dark brown heavrr-clolh frock coat;
jeans pant, ami vest; drnh hat, not much worn ;
and shoes 011 his fcot. He has n srnr. I think.
near his rich! cheek bone. Ho N about ft feet 8
inchm hiijli, black hair, tdue eyes, and IiqIiI com
pletion. Whoever will return said person, or
H i v n information where he ran he had, will receive
the nbovo reward.
J A M KM .1. CORN E Sheriff.
Yorkvillo, No. 18, 1M3. 33-4
Best Bargains in the County!
lire now rerpiini
f nnd opening nt the CHUM CASH
STORE in OttMwa, direct from New York nnd
Huston, tlieir Full mid Winter supply of nierchan-
lire, which win rriry nrlirleil J,ir tins market.
I'he supply enihrnce n genrrol assortment of
A large lot of new style calicoes, from
10 cts. per yard upwards ; brown mus
lins; ticks and cheeks ; painted muslins,
brown and bleached drillings and muslins,
very cheap; sattinels ; jeans and cotton
yarn ; shawls and handkerchiefs, a supe
rior assortment; together with a general
variety of articles for the especial accom
modation and convenience of the ladies,
who are earnestly invited to call and ex
amine our stock before purchasing else
where. Also, a large and complete as
sortment of
Qucensware,together with a full supply of
Embracing a choice lot of brown and loaf
Sugar, Coffee, Tea, itc, fcc.
Oils, Faints and Dye Stuffs, H'indow
Glass, Xails, -c., eye.
And a general variety of articles usually
kept in Dry Goods and Drug it .Medicine
p7Iicmember we charge nothing for
showing our goods, and that wc have
always sold as cheap as the cheapest!
Ottawa, Sept. 29. 1813. tf
Itooti Shoes.
Cases Roots and Shoes for sale
Sept. 29, 1 813. 1 5-if
HITE LEAD and Linseed Oil
for sale by
Sept. 29, 1813. 15-tf
Window Sali.
Lights Window Sash for
sale by
Sept. 29, 1813. 15-tf
ViyillSKKY. Oh! Reeiified Whis
f V key, 2U barrels just received and
for sale by WALKER it 1I1CKLING,
Nov. 3, 1813.
)ORK, Wheat, Flour, Beans, Flax
seed, I hiles nnd Oats.
Ottawa, Sept. 29. 1813. 15-tf
SALT, fine
just receiv
and coarse, 1 00 barrels,
ed nnd for sale by
3, 1813.
RANDY. Just received a superior
lot of brandy, and for sale by
Nov. 3, 1813.
koots.niioix, m:atiii:ic, Ac.
.S. II. COI. I. INS iV CO.
Xo. I 10, Lake Sfrcel, Chicago.
I 'AVE just received their fall ami
J L winter Htock, coiiiibtiii nl 3U0
eases of mens, hov nnd youths
thick kip nud calf hunt, tdmc nnd
liroitnns, dancing pumps nnd clip
per, woiuetis call', kip mid morocco
hoots and hhncH, Mined and pejjed
ladies and iii'nsc fine walking sIioch,
(dippers, huskins, lies, jailer, half
waiters, nainhrooii rhoes, children (dines of all
kinds. Also, sole and wax upper Icatlier. call'nnd
kip skins, and a eti nil nssoilment of shoe stm kn,
lasts, liudiiii4, iVc, &.c. We urn making mens
doiihle Holed thick and kip hoots and liro:ins of
the hest ipialily. All of w hich will he sold very
low for cash, hy ihe case, dozen, or nt retail, l'ar
mem nnd country merchants w ill do well to cull
and examine hrf ire purchasing elsewhere.
Oct. B. IHI3. 10 -3 n
Cheap for Cash or 'inter Wheat.
IIE subscriber will sell on ihe most
reasonable let ins, for cash or good
winter wheat. Uroad Cloths, Cussimeres,
Sattinetts, French' Merinncs, French
Bombazines, tye. fyc, as, also, nny other
article in his line of business. Call and
see and examine fur ynurselvrs.
Ottawa, August 25, 1813. 10tf.
riiblle Sale oflCeal IXfutr.
PURSUANT to an order of the circuit
court o La Salle county, the sub-
scriber, administrator of the estate of Ezra Uo, or to the probate justice of said conn
Ackley, deceased, will sell, at public ven-, ,v, within nine months from the date bete-
tiue, on the premises liereiualier tlescnbe.l,
tin the Dili day ol January 1811, at 12 o
clock M. of that day, tho following tract
of land, to wit: Commencing at the north
east corner of a lot of sixteen acres of land
heretofore surveyed and subdivided into
two acre lots by Lancelot Rood, county
surveyor of La Salle enmity, May, 18U,
and running
thence south fiO0 3u east
four chains and twnnty-four
from whence and oak 18 inches
links :
in ilia
links ;
meter, bears
lliencc south
north 02, cst six
1 5' east twenty-six chains
five links, whence a bur oak 22 inches in
diameter bears south 20 west 3 links ;
thence north (52 30', west four chains and
thiriy-niue links, to the south-east corner
of said sixteen acre lot; thence north 1
5 west twenty-five chains and seventy
two links to the place of beginning, con
taming ten acres, and subdivided into live
lots of two acres each. To bo sold in
tract of two acres each lo the highest bid
der for rendv money.
Nov. 1J, 1843, aa-tu
T. D. Brewster,
j, Forwarding fy Commission
Merchant, I'EfcivLt Salle
county, Illinois.
Peru. March 1, 1842.
John Hodman, ,
'Sf Forwarding ,y Commission
rem. La Sa!!e eountv. Ill',
I tin " '
ATav 1
43 tr.
FALL AND mmii (,'OODS,
for Cash or Produce,
riili: suhserihers are now receiving direct from
J Uoston. mj exiensive nd we et.cied aiiort
tneiit of T.A LI. and U IN'J LIt
Amnn? which arc the folioning :
Illack, blue, green, nd brown Uroad
Cloths and Cassimers ; Sattinetts, Ken
tucky Jeans, Hard Times, BufTa
h), and Reaver Cloths ; 200 pieces
French, English, and American Trims,
Mouseline de Laines, Rombnzincs, Ali
pines and Alpaccas, black, llue-black,
and Alpacea Silks ; French and Eng
lish Merinos, Cambrics, mull ami Swiss
Muslins, Uobbinetl, Rail Road, wash,
blond, and wire Lace, lace Edgings and "
Inserting, blond Quillings, Rook Mus-'
litis, Rishop's Lawn. Linen Cambric
Handkerchiefs, Randaima and Poiigc
Silk Handk erchiefs, Rob Roy Shawls,
merino, Alpaeca, and black nlk Cravats,
green Iiarage, Ladies' white and black
cotton II ose, Moravian t woisted Hose,
Silk and Tahy Velvets, phiin and figur-
ed Satin Vesting?, Valencia ditto, Coat
'J'limmings, blue and brown Drillings,
white and black Waddings, Coi'on Hat
tings, Canton Flannels, red, green, and
yellow woollen ditto, Linsey Woolscys,
Tickings, Rurlaps, Hickories, Rleached
('otions, 11 bales brown Sheetings and
Shirtings, &c, ,te., tc.
Table Hinges, Strap Hinges Rrick and
Plastering " rowels, Sheep Shears, Rasps,
Mill Files, Hand Saw Files, Rolls, chest,
cupboard, till, trunk, and pad Locks, Gim
blets, Awls, Rlarking, Percussion Caps,
Snuff Iloxes, Ink Stands, Slates; Shoe,
Horc, and Whitewash Rrushes ; Tract
Chains, Hulls and Screws, Augers, Draw
Sh aves, malleable it Nmfolk Door Trim
mings, Tacks, Shoe Nails, Rrads, Sieves,
Glass Paper, Cuiry Conil)?, Rritannia Tea
Pots, Coffee Mills, Cattle and Wool
Cards, Paint Rrushes, Manure Forks,
Hooks and Hinges, Sad Irons. Homer's,
Wilson's, and Collins' Axes ; Knives nnd
Forks, Spoons, Pocket Knives, Rroad
Axes, Oil Stones, Rrit.innia Lamps. Tea
Trays, 50 Kegs Swedes Iron ui!s, Sic
ALSO, a large nsnorlniei.l of
Hoots and Slices Crockery and
G race ii CP,
Which we offer for Mie in low ns ucli articles
can he purchused in the eastern or wt-iteru coun
try, for catdi of produce.
Ottawa, Sept. 2'J. 1-I3.
m: bioiu:.
Jit G. ARMOUR are now opening,
one door west of Messrs. Trues
store, a large and general stock of Mer
chandize, which they intend to sill at
the lowest prices for t r.sh and nil kinds of
country produce
Their stock embraces a complete as
sottment of
Amongst which are
Uroni! Cloths,
!-itt in Its,
Merimae I'rir.ls.
i-1 nud i 4 li'eeclicj anJ
llrown Shirting nnj
HI111-& Llruwn Drilliiija
I. ins j s,
lyiittou nnd Woollen
I IvclccllH,
istiiiped Mieelinijo,
Apron Checks,
Irish and l'.iown Linen leaning, &c , lie.
English, Full Kiver, mull
Ai.so, a large assortment of
linol.t and Shoes, Croclcrif Hard
Ware, Carpenters' Tools, and
Our old friends nnd ihe community ge.
nerally arc respectfully requested to giv
us a call and examine for themselves.
Ottawa, Sept. 29, 1843.
.hlminhtrators' Notice.
A LL perMins having claims against
i .V the estate of John Woods, deceas
ed, late of La Salle eountv. are berrhv no.
Mif,,.,! . requested to exhibit the samelo
il, ,.r,l...es .t;.,;. ..r ..i.t ...
: f. CHARI TY WOODS, Mm'x.
N. M. REEDER. .Mn'r.
Nov. 21. ISt;)..-23-.4t
.:cot i:itn:s.
I I.'ST received and for alu low for caib or pro
Prime New Orleans Sugar, '
New Oilcans Molasses,
it. Louis Sugar House Molasses,
Porto Cabella nnd Rio Coffee,
Loaf Sugar,
Superior Sperm Oil,
Young Hyson TVas,
('hewing and Smoking Tobacco,
Maccoboy and Scotch Snuff,
Rice, Nutmegs, Raisins, Cloves, Indigo,
Copperas, Mliim, Salt Peter, Salcra
Uis, Pepper, Allspice, Casia,
Powder it Shot, Lead, Flints,
Purcussion Caps, Win
dow GhtM, cte.
Wanted, in exchange, Porl, Wheat,
Oats, I'lax-s "ed, Hot s-wiix, Pears. Ac,
for which the highest market pri'c willbo
Oct. 27, l".,t ' . '

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