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The Ottawa free trader. (Ottawa, Ill.) 1843-1916, January 10, 1852, Image 1

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Vj!r. iJ -Sfir. Xurth Kttd of lit Mick's Eritk
"if J.,A'u. Hide uf th Vuhi-I JJutua Syutn.
Utl)j.l.4 t.ND FlfT. CKlTSUraUnuri,ifuaid
n advance. Allpaperuoi paid lor inadvance will
be charge J ai ttic tate ol Two D'.lla. year.
J Copieaoncyeaitor ffi 50
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xt .l. ao 00
l'a viik'ii l.auiiu, ar inbh Ix iuu J vane t' .
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lint insertion .niulttrenlslor raeh subsequent inwr
liull. Aiiberuldix-ountallowedlotllosc wlioadver-lt3-tv
iln year.
rT".V paper liscontiuupiliiniiiau arrearages aii:
u-ii J ,unlets at ihr option ol .he publisher.
It- Coiutiiuinraiinns, to insure alicnliun.iuuatal
way be free of postage, and aeconipnied with the
a iilioi't name .
CUtor nnj a .
C limn pi iuv Wi.Hiuc , ( J C Cbainpliu W II
I,. Wallace, Attornr y and Cnnntellorttil ..
Oil'ire up suir in tlte urxt building north ol the
Postnlhce. nov S'J.M'J.
K. N. Lrliind, AttornryaiiJ Caumellor at .out.
lias removed h.sollice from Veihluk' blink,!"
Ihv rtiom l.irincilv occupied by ihe thmj) , 111 the
court liouje.now occupied ill parlby Lorcur... l.e
laud, may TJ
Noms A Fisher, (Geo. II. Norris-lico.S Fish
er,) Attorney at l.aie ami Land Atentt, Otta
wa, III. Will fi:ty inrlicularailenliuulo lliepay
.. ,' . . . .. . ;u nn ni I llllltlM. nurcliasl lllf
Hl-,ii -y r" I
au.l selling realetlaie ,iicstiiatlii;tilles,collei:t
luig ilfin-iHibJ, buving and aelliiig military land
warrants, und loca'litig lla'.n onihe rirsf .intMnr
eol.lisTsorothcrs.srciiringiieiisiotisniid " .'lanus
n Hint tin- government. tlBcr un the south-w cji
corner nt thecourt house square.
M. I'.. llolllsler, .-Ircem'tr anil Conmrlhr at
Lite, and Sthcilar in Chancery Oilmen , III
0. hce over tlw More.olL. I) dumb, upposilc
tli - Mansion Iiousp. .Inn. I N'J
Mover .V Cook, (J ) tjluvr D.r..Cnok).lf
Inriieyi and t'.nnnrllot at LawOttuxrn. I If
lire in UfJ lu-ka lllock, ft ante ol the public
s.pinre. junMS-il
llnry O. Cotton, Attomru and t'nunirlloi at
1. mo and .Wn-ifor in Vianet r j Oilmen, till.
I .li-p in I hi- Court hoi.,e. mi " ' -I7
N. V . Uuiiiliill, .Itnrnnj ut l.aie Jolirl , Will
Krndill i: . III. An;: 10, tlfl--ll
I'ri'ir.V IiishIN. 'I..C. V. KKt,(; A IrtiiAi Ln'
4'irir fl i Stilictt iff, Cliiinjo, Ills, nil IS.
pipj sict a 3 $C Sttrgrono.
Tr A. IIII.T., M. I)., 'Vii'lprliisprutVwion
J, ill scrvicrs lu ihi- c.l.rua ol Dllnna and VI-
Ri-3;,lnce on .M.iJiu sircrt. iirar tin
lc. V7.
D' TIIiiMFStiN & CllllvUlll.!. havii'B
niati'.l lli-ins lvrtni;i :l r i:t llif iru Ih r
l I'ltytic and Sjrjrry, Ksp vtl.illy t'lidi-r liinr
p.-ol' 'Mtui-al vtvicr lo I lie ciIU'-ih ul'Oluwft and
v i iiMy i uli.T one turiin'rly oi't-upiril by I) U
'l'ri inip-nii. l U l'il"Mro, l l,
wpr S .S CllfRvlllM., M U.
Win. W. Cnvrirlr riyician Is iuiKfod Pf
'iie, (, ijitii-e hi the drug sior ulli rshiapto
lrMiuit.il aerttcp to the cmzenii ! this vicinity .
aii'l h"p"9 by uita'tition to butiucKt to mrril
a irtr "it'ii-i'iiic paironugp. 'J-50.it
II. W ll;ikiutf fhymciannnd SumtonOl
t i i i, III , id -rs Un pnl i.iloiMl service to til ci-
liii-iH ol i 'n ivv i, und Ticmity. OHice over the
t.ire of II W.Cheever.nrxtto Waiker M.t k
lin i,rei leiu-i- oil tlte norlli side ol ill" new public
i-1 lire, wliere In' in.iy lie lound al nil tinieii e .tr it
w.i.-n .tli.ent .in im'ti'-MHJti.il bnine niip fi'-l1
D r u g g i 9 1 o .
1 V. ;UHiiS, lltuifiml and BuukntlUt,
j, biirk li'iil.lin. iinrlh ul the court hotiie
itlli'r V lll kiln.'. I.l'ahr In llrugn, Mrilf
eiart, I'amU, O.lt. VaiiunUr, 1'aUnl Jlrdi-
CIIIM, it'Ht, r , t lltllwM, III.
II initrr A I'll villi y D'alrtt inl)rti,Medirinr,
I', until, O. Is, Patent Mrdinnm, I'm umAij, Pii
rt iji.fic voouJ slorf nuiilioltlie .Mansion hou.--,
I Htn w.i , 111.
li. I. Thiiinpioii, Dratmn T)rtie. Patent Mnli
rmrt, 'illn1. r)if, I'ltrwt'it. I'lrtt lift, fi e .
n 'tween t'ny jloiel and Ueildick'i, lilork.
H. J. Sniitli, Dealer in Urnga.MeJirinet. Paint.
Oil'. U te Stnff,He. je., Newark, Kendall coun
ty, lUmniii.
5 t o r a g r Sc S o xxo a r b t n g.
I. K. Chiirriinntl, Storage Cnuunitnivn Mer
hant Warehouse custside ol the bridge, Main
canal, Ottawa, 111. uuv US
I,. Illll'. SUiraiie, Firirardiiw and CiimmUtioii
Mtrchat, di.ulfr in all kind u";ir.jipe, 1'rue
Wa reliouse. No. 'J, Side -cut, Oitawa, III iinoa
C) o t e I a .
(1 HI', lilt IIOL'sr. un Lasailc si , near t lie
X il -iho.lisi tJiurch.
fllrtiisioii lloiist-, Onawa Illinois, by Written &
Cressinger. successors to II. Tliorue. Passen
gers carried In anil from the packets Iree ot charge.
Stage, troni all directions airiveaud depaii uui.y.
May li.
l ot Itivcr House, by L. Ptt.Axo, on the canal,
uear lite inpin duct. Canal pnckela slop rcguiarly
ai this house.
A merit-mi I louse, near the conllupucr of ihe Il
linois ami Fox Kivers.anil near ihe lni.lite
illiscf llancoua.
i'liinlirrlnnd Ar Jcnnious, lit ll'SK tV SIGN
PAINI KKS. I iiamiiu, niarbliug, ' 1 1 1 : ; 1 1 1 1 1 .
and piper hani;ing, done at lu.rt nonce,
t'arrt'me nnd Uriiiiiiieutal I'aiutuiu neatlu niul
eniedilinathi erenited. (.',. IS.S' SEP Til
tiKUF.K. I jTOrilert Itii a! L. I '. Smith s store,
nudist '-M, IrtSI.
G.IIurr, Azent fur i'ruteriinn Itmtiranre Cnin'ia-
ni. II trtt'nrd oppo ate ihe Mansion House.
Irtcllb li. Stout', .SidHe, llifnr.nml Trunk
m innfartnrrr.and ('amaze Ti iiier,coriierol
i; mil ii n, 1 1 '.oliimbii 'streets, I Iiihh a. liuir '.
Jos. II. inner, 7mipp of Ihe Vnrp.ollire in
the nortli-eiiHt corurr ol the eoiff tlioifeup 'trnra,
Oltaira, III. tlpc7'4'J
FA L li ( A M lAI(i.!n
Cabinet Furniture! m
1)Crp.lt ItrsSKt.l, r-siiectlullycnllstheat-tentinn
nfhis ft iends and the pu'ilic to his pres
ent largi? slock of furniture, which lie rxprcts oi cn
aionnlly to replenish before tinviuaiinn closes. In
addition to his own manufacture, hr is supplied
from large establishments both in St. Louis and
Chicago. His slock is selected for and shipped lo
him by dealers who know that tlryare sending io
a practical mechanic and n workman, so he iseua
bled on an average to sell better nrtiplrs, anil as Inw
as either rity. At usual, he doe a one price small
profit and cash business.
At the siiggesnon of a friend, lie would rrsprpt
fully remark that while he has established for liiui
sella business that will busiuiu itself aitninst all fu
ture competition, he has done something for the
public in supplying Ottawa and vicinity with good
furniture ai very low prices.
lie keeps a hearss, and renily-innde, well-finished
walniitcoflins(nllsizes)alwiiysoiiliand. Char
ges low.
Warprnmna on La Salle treet, near thr court
house sounre. Sept 40.
ftfl Boots & Shoes.
' TUK subscribers, just from Sew York,
having opened a simp in the itooin formerly ncru
pied by Jinnes Stout, two doors west of Walker
St llickling's store, nre prppared to make
Boot nnd Shoe to Order,
in s'lpsriorwylr.
tV Itepniring done at tlmrt notice.
Oitawa, August i Towms St TveKT.n.
& Millinery ! jK
" Mrs. O. FYFK having jiTst reiurnedtt'VV
frmn the Markets, is prepared to furnish the JV II'
ST STYLES in millinery.
Wilk, Velvet, and Velutie llonnets, Hood, Lce
Cap, &c, made lo tha Latest Fashion.
Dress ftlakinfr.
call the attention of the Ladle of Otliwa
and vicinity, that shs h opened shop
Up Stair, over Mr. Gregg Millinery Shop,
where the la ready to make to order Claaki, Dre
, Mantilla, tie:., at the shortest nonce, and in
Ihe most fashionable styles. Ladies wishing tn get
work of this kind done will please give ua a cull.
Full and Winter Pnttern just received di
rect from New York, and forsale.
ALSO Plain Sewing done to order, nl the
ehortest notice. Oct. IS.
ALL ploughing or digging sand nn toy Und
west and nnith-wrat of Newark and Mil
ford grave yard, is ttrictly forbidden, tiuderpenaliy
ofthelaw. Ltvt Ui!rsat.
Newark, april IS, W
S-ueincss Carb0.
WM. S1IITII, II. l.,.Vrfrt)l
peittiet, rrtdin at (Ittana, o
liciln the paironuKe ul the cllllelia
ul Uliawa and vicinity.
All work in llie lineol bw prufevioii wlllbe doue
ilia Wmkmaulikt manner, and ll'riunfri.
Keaidence on (lie Kaafatdeol I'ux River.
Ullice iu .Saiifrtr At Armour'n brick block, over
L. Kaui;lr Clothing Hlorr. Ullice lioura Ironi a
u'clock, a M.,lo fi r. M.
1. S. I,adiea waited upon at their reaideno il
requeued Onawa, July K.
w l. I 111. utiiMrnhpr Iihm
-enlarif"d Ilia Ulible ol
liorwa.and added a tew m-w.tuahioii-alile
and top Hunciei, and a covered
narnatie. with harneaa to corrvHiiond,
and in prepared to furnish noddle hornea.horsea and.
buRu'ies, double leaniB, and eatmuea al all limn.
I ft' tin Stable it at th old place, uJjuiuittg
the tot iiivcr llridie.
A lew bundles willbe ofl'cri'J in eachniige lorhor
ae. Muyli. II.'Iuomi
rs-.'BLai' SD
Carriage and Wagon Manufactory,
I(i y wnuld itilorin hih fneiidn and rusto-
inern that he ha removed tc lux new tdinpnt
the noulh-went corner of llie public ntpiare, w liere be
willi'oniuiue I lie tiiniiiil:it-turin i; ! en rrmut-a. Iiu'ijk i
..,.! .,. ,,, ,I,m Intat M,i. I lillthl t, ri,,r,,Vil Mlvlt-tt
Iteinu a practical workman, lie iiutirr. iimiaeii tnai
: lie can build as koinI work us can be produced in lint
I market. Il-orkniaile toordeiand warr.nted t-mve
entire antislaction. Krpairmg done on the .hottest
! notice. . J
Citfli pnitl t.irensonetl hiiidu-r. J. G.Gav.
I t i"Ki'v !i rami iiop up ir
Chain Pumps.
ta-t . hi . r.i. t i :
would cull theuitfiitiou of tin publir cene-
! i,. ,.. ,i nn, I .1 1 e ,.l it,,, nliovr
named article, r or lirditmrv purposes, Uicy nresn-;
ni-iior lo ail oilier iiiiiiins ait lln v cunnol Irer7e or
injuie ihe water, and oiinccf'Uiit oln reumrkiibleMiii-
plicny mcoiiMriiriioii, aic iKitluit.le lo gi toui otor -
d. r t.rtobederanaed. A child ol f or 10 years ol
aye can draw wuirrfiuui ordinary wells wiih ease
and anlety.
All onUra I'll at John Hoswtrk's ofl rr, Ottawa,
ill ! iMinpl'v mtellileil p. K W II'. wt.
a at . 3 aaet. .-m rm.
Brunkcr's Riflo Manufactory.
f J II K siibsrriber hnviin returned from llie east
D nl'.er vu'itnig '.he principnliiianiihetorien, lie
. sa
is now menu red o ,l:,eti.t.- tlieeeiehia -
1 led I nrrnnw ,,r I .iiiitfr IMI. u. l.l. wr.
rnnts to he equal lo ti'y made in this elate or ele-
! where, lie will also keep I'nnM.in'ij on bitml nnd
I for sale. a good awirtuiciu ol double nmt single bar-
relied howling pieces, Tow. lei Husks, Game Ha
Shut Ptnichrs,Vrpiissitn Caps, and asupt rior arti
cle ot Sporting Powder.
AllkniiUol inlilimginthegunrniiihlltiedone w ith
nenliie.fc and tlt-spatch.
Simp on the caul tide of Culuniliun st , onedoor
oulhol the I'iiioii House. lune 'JJ-il
" )IIOIt cV V VlttMil !V,
nt the sign ft
Tho Cigar Saloon,
I OirswA, It.t...
HAVING fitted up rooms lor ibis expre-s pur
pose, bej. leave lo aniiouurc to ihe inli.ilntanis
I ol l,a Salle ci.uu'.y llint they have n.e neil no cant s
' room ter the In-lii til et n 1 1 who nmv L'lVe tiiem n pall
They keepon hand O VS'l EHSm tin- ).rll and
! Ill f una ol the best nualitv nnd served up at a nn
; inents nolice. Ami ilo-yiue ready tofuruish mr
; nt any hour ftiriheuccoinrnothiiioii.it -'.ri mers and
'others. They solicit ihe patronage ot the publ.t
and will imp Maiisliiction u all. uc-5
Chairs 6L Bedsteads ?
L. WATKKM AN siill keeps on La Saile
j street, wliere be hns Im en lor ti years, untl
has never fail'-d in giviui! eood sriiislaclion.
ii;. i,.i..
i .,it.ii.Mk..,ri,..,n.,,Hi l' ......
all lunilr by good woi kmen, niio
ItT'Thc public nre respectfully invited tocnlland
exnniiiie. Octubett.
"."psT-J Voir Vnnnlv nf k
H-y rt " OUppiy 0I R
rJjh; Cabinet Ware. t
r Mil llsiihsetlW would rPspectfulK inform the
I citizens ,.f ottnwii and vicinitv that he has
justrereiveda larpe nssortm.iii of C-nbinet Furni -
lure ironi .oui.an.u. tncago,eo.,st,Koi cam.
"T"' 'Tl '..T . , :,r",,r"" ' kinds,
I cine.tlag. nt'd wood teal chnirs ; bureaus ; look mi;
-un. nsuMii.... ,ji iiii, niif ii."iiiiii"ii t-uifiriii,:.,
j glasses; pienir1 irnines ano piciur.-r in preai vnrie
, .y, c , all ot wn.cii ne win sen nt a verv small
v.mcp on the orntinnl cost anil transportation
llehasi.in.le perinnneni nrrangeinems wth houses
both in St. Louis and Chicago, u. keep Ins slock
l constantly replenished.
Ail work sol. I by him is warrant, tl to he web made
and n. liei.iisriiii be bouglunui where ill the west
fc'J-AII kinds 1. 1 cusloin w.uk in his line done al
th.'slionesi in nice, ('. (litis kept on hand and made
j to order, nnd fniiernls ntteiiih tl with a hearse In -
I torment privileges in the Cemetery pi 'en nt I each.
1 if I -.lt.. t .... I -.I..
nre o.'ust-nn.l soup on l lien -oei-i oenr t oiuili
hussi. Ottawa. 111. .('A TA Til A .
New meat Market.
IMIAII WOOMinfornisiiisfrii'iidsi
public trim he hns lusiopenedn Meat Maiket al
i., A.... i... .i i r. ..... ,i... .
ti a . aei at
u.oii.llix on ...r con.. . noil.. ,,. tut ..utoi
House Square. iiiOitawa.whcri'l'ewillhe happy tu
supply all liisfiienilsanil ihe public with the choicesi
... evrryinuiir. in .ne iiieai i.ue
kinds nlso kepi on band.
- .1,1 n..
Vegetablcsof all
ito .kit Kit on nitiiitiiu. i n
shop will he kept
open on Saturday evening, but close
I'd on the Sab-
nntn. sep-gl IM.'ilI
TI1AILEV would inlnrui theritizensof Ottawa
and the peopleofihrsurroimdinit country, that
hh ha now opened a shop on his own nccount
One door tout h ' lli; Union Hon?,
w here he intends to rnrry nn Ihe above business for
the present. From his exnenenpe in the hiisinpsH.
and long residence in the town, he tinners luinsell
that he has gained a reputation for good worXmnti-
ship, llialcnnnnt he aurnasw-d in ll.:s nieruliiin
lieinu constantly in receipt of tile newtst styles,
the public enn rely upon having llieirirarmemsinnde
up in ihe most liislririinble manner, nnd wnrr.liiTed
to tu.
Cuttinmlnne onshnrt notice. Terms reasoi.oble.
Onnwa, April '-fi.
Horse Shoflug
DO.NF. at Z. Ilarnard'i shop, superintended by
John llisii'iR.
.No liro J'neet nt this shop. Horse shod new
in the best manner, lit $1 .S.'i. Wag. mnkinit con
tinned at the same place, ns usual. Old friends nnd
pustonifra, and new, nfj itivitrd to rail and lenvc
iheirorders. dec7 Z llsRMAnn.
Stadden's SUM.
rpil!inhsrriber would inform ihe publirthni the
A. nuove .villi is iii lull nperation once more, anil he
is prepared to grind, nr exchange Hour lor whealnl
alliinies.tasuitlhecustnmers: tml wilh si net at len
tion to business, hehopestoahuren part ofthepuhlie
patronnge. Farmers, plenie call and see Us; you
will always find the millers ready to wait on you.
nigntoruay. lssm pauitorwu.-st.
Dayton, Jin. ii. Jonatim ST.nnrn.
' Something New !
DW. C. GOODING would inform thppuhlip
that he is now mnniifnrturing harnesa wilh
pa tent Self Adjusting Buckles, whieh are decidedly
head of anything yet introduced for trength.aafe
ty, and convenience. Call and examine them for
yourselves, at hi old stand of the sign nl the Cily
Harnett Shop, on Columbus it rep t, He will also
keep an assortment ol harries wilh old style buckles
a good and a cheap a enn he purchased any
where. cpt 111
ANY quantity of good, fiishionnhlr, silk plush
caps, of Ottawa nianiifoptiire, for .l Iko ai
Felch't .SlantifiiPtory, corner of Canal and Colntn-
himtreets, Ottawa. Oct L
IInl"l Hnist
CI OOD, fashlnnahle silk hl of home manu
T lap-inre.for Pi, at Kelche'tinnufiicinrv, Ot
tawa. Ctllaiid'.cc, oji i
Vr;rj .i" " Zl T:w,m,...l.l.heH,,wer.,.f memory leafbyleaf, and
Kur tli Krea Truder.
The Fast, and the Future.
'Tit the lint nsbt of the Old Year 1 Un thin
night aouia A ntbor aa?a, "An Archangul vi.ita
tliu L'nirrraul Uulaxy, and givea each alur iia m
cuhar chariu. The tlealluit-a of Uieo J lid tut
.in are then Mjrlioned forth for I ha coining
je.ir, and imconciouly to ourelve, our futcn
btcoiiiv inirroraij in the tut. Tha dark g:itt-a
of tuna open to receiva lha gtuwt of the dead
year, wticu the yunng and rudiant utruiijrer ruih
ea foiili troin tliu clouded cliaama of Klernily."
'J Ina youiiif and inexperitrnced alranger comes
ladeu with gifts for ua all', they way be bright
and apai kluig they may he dark and withering
we know nut which itforui; if our pnwent
pathway ia imooth, our ky clear ; if the lar
arc ohiiiing nlive ut, the flower blnoming ft
round ut, we ahnuld bo liuinble, and ahbW our
ilmnks to "The (iiver of ever good and perfect
Gift" by permitting the ligh'. of hi blensingt to
ut to lime upon the thadow; pathway of tll""e
leas fortunate than otirselvot. Thoe who do
good to their frllow heiutra are Ood like, ami are
kerving (iod ; for ha ia kind to all, and foibule
thai we thould judge one another; bat those who
judge otliera by their own impure heart', or dnrk
en a fate already d.irk, are aUo nerving Iheir
master, afier wIiobb image Ihey are mail, and
vcrilv they will hare their reward. But who
could envy inch a being, however high their ela
tion. Kiftv One ii iinsinir away; itt latt moment la
i near. a long lareweu iu tnce, um
,, . ,, .. i ...,.- i-.
B,v,n .'. nnd many a lear
I May ! "'em net be a art, in our future sky,
And fluw'rt iu our pathway that never dm.
While we aland upon its tlireliold, gnxing
niiiioii.lv vet vainlv. into its hidden mysteries,
Jet nt carefully review the PaU, and ihen we
i i . i i - I ..ii.. ..II.. . k.u
i rmii nni uviit in vn n Jtiviuii v nr siiuiv v c uiav
i rind all v.n lo b. b-a.t iwtal. written full. The
nnd all, even to Its leat M-tal, written lull, ine
heart keeps its mo.t secmt and sacred journal
there, and its review may I sweet, or it niv be
; ilu,
i verv bitter and deeply" painful. As the Poet
1 .. i i.p,,, ; ,H,1ir ri.,f iban to remem-.
, . - , J u,nl. ' Llt the true
Chii-liun will find some pleasure even in sorrow,
by drawing from it a needful lestoti for the Jru-
lithe hi'lorie of men anil nalinni which have
pa-si d ny may be "Light hones" to those
wIi.iiiih now struggling on the "billowy oceat: of
lite," l,oii,g them bow to Hem tht-ir'wav safe-,
I : i . .. . ...j ...n I c 1 I. . " ...... n.i
. ""'" " ' 7
lbe lu-torv of everv heart be a sapient lintl tuv-
mf lewon lo its pin-wnr I
I When the i' ret 'tit is to us a blank, nnd the
I Future i darleiieil by bn lien and blightetl
I boi.es, we eludly t ul il to the J'ast, und live on its
"Th'' their pleasures nnd joys nre al! fled
lake fl. liters, whose haetance is led,
Win n their beauty it faded and dead."
They become 1 "' " ganlcii npol, on which
we linger long, cherishing its plants, nnd water-
n.g the favoiite our s with our tea's, preset viug
eitth dead leaf as it falls, lo lav un in ' munorv's
trea-urc house" as the heart's brightest gems,
which even in their decay, ure ofien sweeter to
us than a, I (be bright Ire-li tlnwcrs tliat limy
beleaflei s. ina Of to t.ur Imlh lortys-i, liv.
niust be garnered there, and mav be us.-f.illv re
nienibered, but if tl cy are not the fruits of ottr
on ii sins of coiniiua-ioii or omission, then memo
rv will led be bittt r, nor leave any pain. Ol. !
who would roll the "I.elhenn Wave'' over the
J'vt, however wea'i'y c;ay have patted wary
of Us ruoti'.lis and vcait.
"1 here will bp fome rny or 1 iion of light,
Tho' tleetmg nnd tr.msnnt its rny,
Like the irl. am ol a star on a dreary ni.'lit,
Which cliteis the heart, tho' passed away
., , . ft.
tte speak, wo limit, wo dream of f urejoy.
and lintitiini but they arc only "the webs
which fancy spins" from our own hearts the fu- :
ture receives its coloring, whether the lints be i
chsimy or glorious, joyous or sad. The present
i i. nnd tl e past has b-.tti nr, but we are sure
(,fll ,!, cave I hat which lie iibo.e nti'l be-'
v"nl Iii''1 " vrev" f,,r w,iil iir lu,r '
,"'r'1 wc Cit.not . IcPt better time to
j foniinctire thnn with the New Year. Let us !
1 l,M'k ,,vir ''"r A"wtt.t wi'h Ood, then, with
pen ten;, ..mi-.wing ami no .,. g near ,. v .... in
at the .Vet t.f Jesus acktimvledng the d we
' f, ,
r;m n,.V(T .nv n, ijHMl.l WT p ir'H'Il lllllll Wft
tis Kivcii, nn.l we liave ri'.i'nn to lmpe fi-r
ifulnrt bliss, , yrc!! ns tn fcine.nber ;. happi
1 . I ' ropa, at-Iliibf.ix. the nni.ot.nnl, but un. Xis cted
, ''' .'''ordmg to our own dee, N. nnd not as nL.1Vl) ,,f ., fml., Je el,lt j p,,ns. rui ,.,.
I Eulwcr say., "nreording to the .Intatct of our..,, ',.:. .. J,i,,lV.. ,r.
own particular star," which may light our patU-
w,iv on enrth. but not to Heaven "brtlla.
I Ottawa I'cC St, 1351.
j ' '
1 Illinois llntrrpi sc.
I The St. Louis Reveille pays the folluwicg hand
t I
. . i . -t . .
"'""i..d beautiful tribute lo the energy
ptisc nud far seeing sngncity of the r-eof-'e vi II
Tlie neorlo of Illinois have been unremittiiiL'
in Ibeir exertions tn estitl.lisii lines ol railway com-
. . . 1 . ..... .. -
.... ,
1 niunicalioti. in every section of their stuff, null
ultead,.re thteaping the hencfii of ihero en
terprite and industry. Tunny one, who risilcd
Chicago but live year ego, and who woiiitl go
there now, l o would be at once struck Willi llie
rapid stride the lake city has made tuwaid un-
exanipled Commercial prospeiily. .They do noil
pause to enquire whether n prc-jcctcil t nterptisc
is calculated to give an inline, hate return for the
capital they nuy eiubiuk in it, nor dp they in
dulge in any vngue idea of the impossibility of
nnd undertake,;. I hey look nt its prnspt-rftre
advantage ; to the wealth that Aril! nsc ue to tticm
f'om its accomplishment, nnd to tho commercial
importance, w hich it will give to thpir city. Thin
they have tiiitlerlnken the construction ot a road,
which will connect Chicago wilh Cincinnati, the
road runs along the Ohio, ns far ns Lnwrenccburg
on the frontiers of Indiana, thence taking a nrt
westwnrdly direction; it passes by Iiuliiin.ipuli.
nnd Lafayette, nn the upper Wabash, from which,
lakitig a direction tu the north, it will intersect
with the road from Mulligan city tu Chicago.
Rut tho projector of the Illinois canal and Mich
igan Central riulrotn! uonot stop iiere. i ney on
template the construction of a roud. which will
connePt Lake Michigan with the gulf of Mevioo,
nn tiiule. taking almost nsgigantipinitscnnceplion
p.ltl as t-.ioipie.ir.t-.n- ... os ,u--iLn, t.s ..nil ,..
.1,. t e Pacific This rsl, .1 Imnk
line, but bow tunny others hnec Ihey cmi'ti ucted,
or nreubout cots-lrucling I II Would be leihoii'
to enumerate nil the lines which Ihe enterprising
people of Illinois have coniileip. nercnrv, in
older lo retain iht position of which Ihey may
well he bo envious. With them we seldom hear
any disputes iKtcuning, arising nut of mere sc
lional Interpsls, jtisfly considering that whatever
promotes th. prosperity of one part of the stuto,
mutt enhnne the general welfare of (II,
Tux Iinruxor O.no. The receipts of gold front
Cnliforiiiu during the month just closed, have been
eiiormou. The tinea stoainci in the last half of
the month, the Webster, georgia und Promethe
us, brought to Sow York a little over our 01.
a half millions of dollar. Add tu this sum the
amount brought in the first half of the month, ami
it give nu uggicgnto of seven nnd a half millions
of dollar received at New York in the mouth of
December. During the same time about one lie u
sand passengers from California landed nt New
Orleans. Eitiiniiling llie sum brought by the. 11
one million of dollars, und we have the total re
ceipt uf gold from California for the mouth of
December, reaching the extraordinary amount of
HIUIIT AND A IIAI.r .tlLLIO.'S of dolluH I (.'hinUJO
torrespoudeuce of the 1'iee Trader.
Kiw Youk, Dec. 24, lHil.
Xrirr. Jitvr.U over a member of (he
urest nets into a fever, it ia when but one sub
ject ia ulfered lr his remarks, aud that subject
olio wtncli has twcoiue UircmlDare. iu audi nx
have our iitun umi been ulaced during the nut
. . . ,.- '-.. . u i- ,i i ... i..Cj '
iwv weeaa, nuiuiuu aumiu tuum v ww.u
of. whichever way we turned, until I felt cum. j
i,twlltf tiru.l t.f lit .iiliiMi-t
Whilu tins feelinir
prevailed, 1 am free to confess, however, that J
was filled with admiration of the man and liis ac 1
quirenentt, and with ay
.in.renent. and with avinnalhv for tha uune
wbicu he rc-prerented.
In common with the
mas. of m uairl-bora. I was led cantiie by hit .
eliwuence, and waa silenced by his atguuieola,1
peoiile nave aruin
t'he family of Ktulb, and part of bis lifile, left
this city on Monday fur I'bi'adelpliin, unci it wus
reported that he followed them the aama after
noon. 'I'tii. however, proves to have been but a
vu I l,u n.-t vu 1.. t a.i a,. I .., ut - O. Ifl f.tr. l"-'" (MWM w. m. I'W,-,-., , ... r nn, muv t, nUl.1 LUUt L1.C 11 C Ul tllC Jl.il atl.O
iet he it but a man. ut many have. But he ).,' Prpe'uaie their authority, and to .-rprt s, thn.e ha(1 lwtn a.nlcte. u D ""'" ne. Uvaua. I waac..-
retired, and th. USU..l course of alfair. are ata.n I fM '"' Ibt mentis of existence. Tl)i, Kll,t Lieutenant of the Tmpcror Nap.,!,- I'1'"1"1 lu - "'' " "1- -". ! W ra
nianifeated, and the ditcretion and common ton,.: Tbcw no right of Go..-runim.t save that which on marci,ej a fr.yjte iMl,r 11Mllcr le Mwli. j rt. in pla.'o for him "bltgwd toda. m
'. , ... i .1 :. .1. iao voa bv llut fiut anion of Ilia n.ri e them- .r,l r r.lM a7 . ...r. V,.r., il... t .11 ,.f because the pool, In placed coi,ndcno In hliu. b
or me lieu ne nave azuin resumeu meir iosw. i -j - r - ., b... - ,
enabling htm to seek a couple of dava repo-V! P"'' to a great extent tliared by a clas of t be
before entering Phi'adelphia to dav. U W the ; treuch. France became lubseqiKt.tly consolida
Irving House aud became the gue'sl of the M-iJ-sH- ,,,,tl1 Lo," " Ulbdoc.laied htm-elf to be
,.,;l I.... .,;,. ,!, I,- un i . in.,.i,l :the Sluiel 1 his simple declaration of that nmn-
train for I'hiliidi-lubia. Th material aid which
he usks comet iu freely. A committee of our
most re-pecliible and wealthy men hits been ap
pointed, to make colleclotiM and to receive sub
tcriplious tu the proposed Hungarian Loan,
Simeon Draper being Chairman, and Shnpurd
Knapp, Treii'urer. Meeting were called In the
various wnrdt, to or;;.iniie for the collection of
fundi within their limits; but from the imperfect
arrangements win li were nude, and lha uninVor
nblcuo-s of the evcuing, (Satuiday,) they were
ir sir i writ I v f t'Aitmm
I We have been f.vorsd with a a printing of
- .... v a
i""ii news, ou n neiuHt; .'i B.-rt ui . o
Dmiel Web'tvr arrived herefrom San Juan d
Nicaragn on Fri.lay, bringing 802 passengers,
California newt, and a deluge of geld dust, lbe
; f'JiJ5.'J0(J in dint, mid 16 days' Dews; and on
Sunday, the tieoigia came in Willi 390 passeil-
K- rs, ami t2.91G.OUO fio.n Chagres. The new
fmm California is quite uiiiinporlnnt. Dli-inest
i i q'l'nu Jull, althoiigh a favorable opening wa
lexpeeted. and. notwithstanding anme oulrugRt,
''"ail Kwiilly aro consideied quite healthy,
' The mine, are diung well. The exeitement,
hiiii Ii.kI hem rai-ed ngainst Capt. Waterman,
"f "Challenge," for allied cruelties to Ins crew.
hail .lih.ide.l i.h.l fcono !1 l,l-iriin''HS of a ra-S
i :. . . " .' " e i,. '. I r... .. ri
-o" oi. ...-,... ... ,o, ,., ..g..., .M,
; resent it us bein i-niiutinly propcroin.
1 A statement respecting the outrage on Ihe
ProuK-ilift:., st'ied by all the Americans resid
ing at 5.111 J ua ii. was published in tho Herald a
day e,r two since, and attiacted considerable at
' lention. It throws new 1 ght on that affair, and
! if true, ns it appears In be. the bl.iuie We Willi
I the (.'..plain, and not with tho Hrituh, or the nu
I tlionties on shore. An onen mid ll.iinint vinla-
tion of tin- port rpgiilalion-, and of ihe rilihta of
' the ffikt rs whom he rei-ogtrxetl as legituumr,!
ru-peara to have maiked his course, nn.l the in-;
tfrf..r,..,p nf llm Hritish hri.s wa. invoked bv the
Council for Ihe niuintainunce of order.
Two interesting tii da have .K-cupied the nt
tenl ion of ,ur .Imlieiiirv ft fw ilnvt. OtlP. that
f lt..,ir,.l,.v et iaHian and Douglas, , bro't
ill I In; L.s. Lnciitt Court oy
in in In Ohio
a.iitit the dcfctiilaiits. wlio nre the prnpnet' is
' of oiii of the "Mtrcniilile .I.Tf'ici' t," established
in this city, to report the character, standing, ha
bits, dec, of iiierchaiits who visit oui city to buy
g'snU. It appeals the piaiutilfs came here, as
nl. to purchase their supplies, and found till ,
lit closed against them, iu consequence, of re '
credit closed against I hem, in conacniicncts of
' nnfl, r,,e,,idli,..l I,l. .I..r,i,i,l ,,,. tt. .....ie .nlwuTit,
, ----. ;j ......
CIS, Hating they (plaiiitills.) were insolvent, thuti
' tlie wife of one of them had applied fora divone, I
1 I. . t r, ... . .... l ,....l :.. ..i.;.. i. I
.o . nun . iro 'i uim, , u ii mi, hi ,iiilu iuiiii.
-.,..,..:; ,.,,., ,. PI,.:1,rH1.
deft'iitlaiits were mulcted in a verdict of flo.ouo. j
The oilier case referred to is now before the
Supeiior Court in w hich Mrs. Forrest applies for
a divorce from her husband, Edwin Forrest, the
tiage.lian, on a charge of adultery. Wlilmut at-,
tempting to exculpate hiiu-clf, be endeavors to
prove a similar sin on the plamtilf, in connexion
with . P. Willis, Henry MycknlT, and other lite
rary iv lehrilies, showing a stale of morals among
tins class o our citizens, wbicu is truly ularmin)
.. ... 1.V1,,.11(. ..i,,..,, t!m ,. U,.J j. ...
(,uw r rhi.mabtti life are vividly porlr.iyed.
,.I.:.,.B i .1,. ( .1 .,,.,..( 1 tl,...
wn- wc rcrclvp,, r ,0 f.u.
id Ins plan., and, in the night of that day, or
f.m'.ed his new tnii.istiv, nnd issued hi' prnel i-1
nalifii. Hup'nHiH) the Constitution, diuoleing
the Asmnli'ii. drclarinfi Pan in a itate oj'teige,
and 1jiiialiiii to llie 'tuple. Siu perfectly weio
the in Mo.r.-n, cuts 111,1 i.'e, mil wilh sucli cotisum-1
rrnte skill and secrecy, .hut they were entirely
unkimnii to the As-embly and the People, until
the proclamations were found posted around the
city on Ihe morning of llie 2d inst., ordering the
susi ensinn of the Assembly, tho restoration of
. , .. , ., . , . . ...
uiuver-ni sunriigc, nntt tnc pro i"ni oi iiiicti s-
I . . ' . , ......
teni nf g.iv. rnmeut, u ml the mimediiitu election
j of a President, to hold oJHce ten year, supportetl
by a Council of State, and by two llo.i'es of Le-
gisiaiure; ami urn pen.iing trie eieciion .ne ex
. eeuiive powers rem mi iu llie ti.tn n ot ine t resi
dent. Two hur.drml meinliers of the A'sembly
fad been nrrested. together with all the lea.lcis
who opposed this movement. A severe conflict
ensued; barricades were thrown up, nud many
lives were lost; but by the arrival of the Ualtic.
which canin in latt niii'it, we learn all was quiet
on the !)lb, nld Paris had resumed her u-ual gal
pty. Money was pie. mini in London, (train und
Hour hml slightly improved. 1 rovisions were
heavy, but maintained former prices,
hnd declined.
LsIt'EsTWAN Siati e or JacksoH. This linltic.
the topic of conversation fi some two years pa-t,
win soon ue niiisiieii, ah uu. tne ooo . .ne
horse has been ru-l by lbe nitist, Mi. Mills.
i . uen...s i ..si si... ..iii i" . i" .o.e.
horse head upon any etjueatrial stal'ic in Ihe
world.-Tbe tieiieiiil's head is tlveni.nl siilisfacto-
I-... V- - L ......1.. . l... 1 - ,1...... iJ .... . ......
!ry by th.e who have been his most ii.l.mate
icrds. The whole height of the statiio will be
nearly sixteen feet. It is lo be placed in the Pen-
Ire ol thep.nk, tn the rear ol tM? rresitlcni
, , ,., , .....
I " .' "!.
, e pet,. us,. y ... tt.is i..s. ,. .. - ., r kM j(h ,
fir tpiiie olb,oJ..c-.,1,g ,.l ny size eve. made, t Tlie dilllcullf with the Far.uingto:,
in tl,,, ciiuniry. ...l lArl rr.f .fuf-.c mr; . . v u,U.rM,j,!l!lIif.M,,.l.iv rra,e...,
Ca'."n '". f,,W '. 1 1 ,- ,., hind the 5 percent, raid nt Il.u tiu-e of sub-crib
h will be the hrst nml only cquestrin , .ML '(, , J , (. . ,
e , . he h.h-1.1 which .. .upported solely by I.b y- Cl,m,UVi ,,y ', ,,,., j
Innd leg. of the horse In iro-t cn.ps. nr.f of the jt ' jlM-, m, .racl,.
,1-1 1: e .1 ....i.... :. a.., :. 11
ore i.'Ks ..... a ..... 1 1,11 . , , "
' " ... ... ' ., .
thaU.upKtedby the tall, wh.,1. give, the
horse a con.traniediippPiir.ince.as .ri:e were try
ing lo pull liuiiseir iiwny.
( r . ,
Maoamk IC.nwi'TM. The cw Yor Iferr..J
.. t- .1. 1.1 .. VI....
anys inui tuatiaiuti aiwum is mote use .1
vnr than Tier distinguished husband. Sim is ruth -
er smaller thnn he is in proportion, hut of strong
er frame. She upi-vnrs lobe aiiout the siiuie
nge. flio is a brunette, with a r.hhI complrxirn,
and fine, iluik, lustrous eye". Ootsl scit.e is th?
prevailinir idea tupgested by her counlenaiiPu.
Modesty and fpiiutnes are nlso iheae Khe is
plain aud unostentatious in her dies, reserved in
'icr milliner, and look liko n luatiou worthy to
be the wifu of Kotsulh.
Tlie State of Chin will pay off three million
of her tkbt and interest un lbe 1st of January,
European Tyrranny and American I
Perhaps of all Democrats, Locofocne or L.ber-!
aliita, we are little disposed to respect the exist-1
ing Oovernineiita of the world as any even the ;
tm-st ultra. Uui ta.licitiyiirenchettli.it niuximuin
f Dsnwcracy, in wlitcli we hate no power to M !
the riirbt of anv man. or set of men. lo Kovein
. . . . . ; w. . i -
wut their will any nation or people ; au.l it ..(.
" anawur to say, mat even lo Hie unneu oiait-n.
w '""' Oovernment. to winch obedienee on j
PHrt -' r'P1" '- by iheauthon
i he authori
" ni yie'dd by the nm-aea. -.uleili O.I-
rninjtiii iu turope are a iraua upon in nice
presilinpluou aumpl.n ol power on me
', u f,! i"divilu:tN, who, by means of the i
elves and througout Europe, not exempting Ke
publican France, there no! a Power that ret iis
authoiily ujxm such a b.tsit. France ero-e fmm
the union nt Unkedomt and rniiripalitiea;stiitet
of the kmiriloin exercitina- loc:tl iiower. and lb it
arch, intended to represent nothing more thnn tie)
extent of hit power at the moment, truly expres
ses even the present condition of Ihe Governments
of Europe. Monarchies with and without Ci-nsii-tutiont
and the latter term, including England,
is but a rounce to occupy the time, and to quiet
the nerve of the people arc, nevertheless, in
struments of the direst oppression. Iu nil such
Governments, whatever tile ellc-ckt and balauees
hpr which thd Legislative will is surrounded, the
Lxecutire nuthnuiy is the grentCvntral powtrof
evil or good. If Ibut aulh'iritv ex's by Buy
other tenure than that conferred by the people, j
it Is at once in; mslnimeni of tippie.si.ui .inure
sponsible nnd soulless judge of wbnt li ilueto the Lmii-i T'lullipe, begging him lo urcept I'is ieig
governed, lbe excepijens to this in the practical i nntion of the functions of President of the Cm.'i
workings of Government ire to inconsiderable, as in which hu was replaced by M. Ouixot. In
hardly to ! ttiffieient to prove the existence of ! res igtiin' himself to this p iittul sepal anon, the
the rule itself. It is einrelhnn human nature Is King witle d to (jive the Marshal u striking tea
caoable of doing, to U'e tk natl buse power, which j ijini.ny ,f his regret und of bit gratitude, in re
I ahsotiitcly conferred. Even the most benero I establishing fur him the ancient diiuty of Mar
lent feeling nf the heart may ho turned into in- j slul (o ncrnl.
struments of cruelty iini oppression. The tic- L'p to his l.wt hour, the illustrious wnnior to
gleet to pt'tforni a duty even, is ofien the cause ! muintd luilbful to the pi otestatioiis of devoted
of more injury than the performance nf nn ! ness with wlii.h he cuieln led hi- farewell U lti-r
net of pruuedisled wrong. To confer hunt-tit j , the Kin;;. li.-n the Revolution of Ft britaiy
exat led to the hand of liicmlship, nnd delimnded . bad broken tlutvn tl:e throne nint h he hud Bo no
by the oljliu'iition of ptst interi'oursa, mav result j blv seive.l, the Marshal cuntiia il him-clf morn
in fatal injury to Innocent person. The Lx.'cutive
nuthurity, in a nioiiurchi.il (n.vernineiit, luus ir
reapni tible, whatever may l e iis disiosition, i
incupable of cnn lucting the General Adiniiiistra
tion without being the instrument of tint must
painful evils of the race, We do not thus speak
beoti-e we suppose there are llmse of our lean
er win) doubt I lie truth of the propositi.ui we
have endeavored to ebfut e ; nnd yet it i.. evident
that even in tho tinted States there me many
wh" Would slum all elforla tu appiy a leinetlv. '
oemaiKieii ny tnc nieuipravers fi iiii.uoiisoi i.u
lopean aul jects. N hat we claim I'. Hint every i
monarch in Europe, is a Usu:Kr! We hold that
they have no earlhlv rigid, wh.ilcl.cr the f rftn
mav be bv which th, v arc surroiiuled. to L'nvern I
and oppress- their people; nn.l
hull liirtli-r.
tl.nt It is Ihe Uh i.fthe peliple of iv.vv Govei ,,-
n.e.,1 to I o free. Tlie tiI,l f tl. ooonleti, el.,,,,. e
their Giveinoi, civil imtliority beinu' neces-.nv
for the good of nil, is nlike ubi.ve di-i'ite, and ton
clear fur aiguinenl ; und yet we repeat, we h.nc
nianv amono us who deem the usurper justified
')' Ihe hoary characteroftbo wrongs inuVlod, nu I
hy the snbmi'sion of the people under their bur-
tliciis. Vclrutt tree J reM.
From the Chicago Tribune.
Kossuth and the Ladles.
Our lady reader', wc arcsuie.wiU thank Us for
laying lu lore ll.ein the a.lJrcss of Kossuth to then
sisters f New York. It is ono nf the happie-t
efforta of the great Magyar, nnd cinnnt fail to
awaken a sympathy fur hi) cause in every t: t: S
hearted woman of the land.
Kossuth is a "living wonder." II" iippcnr lo
be ctpr.l to anv'hing. There is no height of clo
q.icnco that ho does, nut overtop, no tlepili of
knowledge that hu Inn not faMiomed. 1'q iallv
at home on it hatever snbieot nnd bi-foie tthitev
er nudience, liu ulwajlsurp:i.se expectation and
t irries hij rapt aiulitnrv with him. as no o'lier
nuin lias ever done. No wonder the ll'iog irians
iilmust iidoie him. II. t is an inspired in hi.
At tho Coi:c!ii-iou of his ndili.-ss to the Lnlies,
the following iciultitiona were unanimously a lop
ted :
I'r-'ulnd, That the women nf New York com
mend illi affectionate enini.tne. to their cotni
try women the ca.si!if Ilu.igariiin fntdoin. mid
of her iiieoii.itnblc chanipioii. Themselves the
wives, daughters or luoiheis of fiteiiu.n, lhe
ileeplv synipathir.i; with lbepresi::t TVf(,rii'3 nnd
suHeiings of tlie llunlariiin -is'ers, nnd nru nox
ious by all hnvfiil means to aid in restoring then)
to tha pusirioii they tr.ee occupied; n position of
ficedoru ntitl happiness now- er joyed so I..tge!v I y
the women of America, nn I so pnwerfiilly felt in
the elevating iiifluetico it e.Icrts tpon the other
ItooheJ, That it he reeoinnien.feil that in t ve
rv hamlet, village nn I ei'y in the mti on, tln wo
men resident then' uieel and nig.iiiise e-0 'i.it.iiii
aimih.r to opr own ; nnd that to alVord n channel
fotho spontin.'o.n tributes of American women,
an, I to gather into one current the drops of sub
a'linti.il symp ttl.v, a-bieb nre seekirg tneir wav
tothugie.it ol'j. CI Huiiginiaii Ind pen I. nee
tlu-y i,e iuvite.lti. report th. ir priK-eeeitigs and f,,r
ward thp result ..f their eperattntH to the Central
Coniniitten of tins cily.
lUtolved, That iu perfonnnnre of the furtlitr
''u,v which rest upon the women of the Anieri
p iii.M.vr.-poiis. n pooonote., rr 1,1.11." -o i,e -e
lecteil oy the la.muiittee ol Ariangenietils ol il.u
I present assembly, be appointed, to act in con-
juuclion with llieui, in nlfonlaig evei y wonnn in
. Xew York 1111 opportunity to cnlribi.ti! a heart
niter. ng. lie it n tlove or n lamti. a il.ine or nn pn-
p, (be s icinl Poise of lli-neaiiau Trred uo,
,. . . 1. . , .,
1 ,i,u i maiuie aim extcuiB si.cn oilier measures
, ,e.rlv are f,lv Hy mp'tthv widi the cause of
.pieased libetlv iniiv suggest nnJ deuiutnl
j . " ,
IVo.in nnd OiiiiitUn Knil Kond,
We nre frcpiciitly usked. what is doiiy tip. in
this woik. and iillln.uj'li tint situated to n to
statu how the wmk is niogrcsing. can sav that
j we understand, is to be built ut Ki.miieglon -
1 be citizens or Ouuawka, who hnd prcviuu-lv
.o,,,, ,mlle we ire h,foriiie.l. eon.e f.f -
wnrJ w .(h m U,,.()nii)innnl Mt,!l,.rip,inn of f,,,,,,
fUl.ouii to f 40.ti0.i, and vet nromi'e more. The
1 branch lo Din lin:'t.ui has been peruiunenlly I.;-
j,.BBj u, tliu South Henderson route, and us seen
. . . . . - ......... 1
.,y nrlicle copieil irom tliu llurlingtoil lele
1 rirh into lnt week's n.iner. the Work has been
1 ,0 enterprising com rac tors, who itometli ,tely
, oiiiiinu-iifetl the woik in puniest; und frn.11 the
1 ,,,, '(f, wu le.iru that r contract has In en
,im,i,, r,,r the iron iirci-tsa'v for the coiriilctioli ol
1 njitf, ,,f t,0 mad, or IVolil Purlin;;!. m lo this
' (;!. Morgan, Ihe energetic engineer of ihn roud.
j wp nude 1st und, exainuiinit llie country east of
the Illinois River, to tliu Central Kuiliond, ami
will, iu a short time, picsei.t n report of the pruc
ticabilily of an extension to that impot latit work.
h'ntr: ill Journal,
VOL. XII.-NO.21.
narshal Soult is Dead.
The d,cmm u! (Lis illustrioui ofEcet it thui
noticed by the Journal des Ltiati:
ji tribal Soul1, who died on We lntsiv l..t,
nt viat:iu f su!t Jl..r, i,," lTOy.
ifllbuimnee:.r a the Ln,iM-i.,r XanuU. the I
Oku of V.'t'l'irjt m, Unuo (.'uvi.-r. i;i,a:e..ul.ri
I ,i lf..t.r ,.,, ,i.i .,, i,.
" i j
82j ycl,r. W.tli Jt;i..!.i S..tlt i extinct the i
;.lvt and liir. -t tllu'tiutloii ol a tn-renl v limt- 1
f ut tliit-,:e and in K-Mt vewenin.
,)n , UI,( ac!:1(J c-ll.,.r, Khi-.b hn exce l.-1 that
of nil bis coinpatib.na ia Hfun. b.m been inurliid
m,ctia . U!i i,y the two fold glory gneu bj
tiB wrijit i f war und peure. A gie.il cilixcu. a
grettt captain, a great mhnmi-ltatnr, a great p
'.be old ine-nnri li. and before the breaking out ol
the French revolution. He took an active nod
bnlliaut par', ill ihe must niemerable cimpaigus
of the Revolution nnd the Empire. When these
K'gantic struilct had ceased, Mur-hal botilt
c.iino to tnc'ipv ill the councils of tlte country
that place which lie could no longer (ill on lid.l. '
of battle. As Minister of War. be devoted In. I
genius ns an adiniiuiratnr to the re oigiiuizati.ui j
of the armt , under the ciitical circumstance in
it In, h the Revolution of Jul) bud placed Fiance. .
As Piesident of Ihe Cooia il ol Mmis'rs, at
ditlereiit times, he was one uf ihe fnmu-t, humi
intelligent, nnd most devoted supporter of tliul
liberal nod cons.'ilutinn.t) Tl.iot.e to wl.icli Fiam e
owed IS years of repose, of liappiress, of order, !
and of true hl'tity. The iiiili laiiguble co opera- i
lion which the wiso policy of King L'.ms Phil-!
lippa fuiind iu ihe talents nnd nctivny of the old i
Warrior will Htiiaiti nn e'einal le-nm bulb lo one I
ii:nj tlin tillier. In HeiitiMiiber. 174 7. the ;lhistri I
uui Mutsbid felt that the hour of repo.-e hml nr- j
riVl j. le tviote u tery fl.ittciing letter lu King
stii.-uy in Ins letic.it, and lel i-i d to contract nuy
engngrnit'iit wit li the new powers t, lii'.ii suciviil ;
edit. In Ihe midst cf the s'orms which were
ready to fill mi our unfortunate country in lha I
midst t.f the trials nv.J rv.lvcntuies into n liii h the
is once mote fatally precipitated Fiance w.li not
see without deep re.'tct tbe di-l'.ppeaiaiir-e of this ;
great iiiiin, illusiiated by such long and t'lnrinus :
services, lit tlieli Itnn nml ron-inut tlctotctlncis
to the-pi iucirdes o f oiv'. r, lo the tiaditiuiis of true
pnli iniistn,
d tu whob ome policy.
uuiib 1-al"""'J"
i'.'Jhe man who rents, and wnntt wherewith topay,
frovnles a Lome 'rum wlncli to run away.
... ,
J nrrnj
" vo ...ice to ,,,, , o.,s. i
A" 1 CO.I.IoUe CC..3C -Ct 1-7 f C .
Iiiihetot.iset.fiiii-ee.it . -..in er.r.tli n will n
c.rt f.,1 but s.-mi-w hat iy iiK.il nb-ei ver, ho lfk
j o a m lo com'1 ue ai d cut.'iast tin1 eon -lit i--n of
: rilf..i.s in llic sou il life t.f the rr.M'.f day Willi
j tliu custom and syle
j ilinoirn e ihe former.
teni id Ihe oi:n forte, atij lo
ns reckless, egtravagant.
Ir.iuglil tn.li ueiilor.tlilt! .-..ti-ec.iifi.ces
,,,.1.1 es
i"Voung men," he argued, win. are honcit, nidus-'
tri'iits. tt-iii'ifiat..- iti.tj nclive, and win. dt.-siie lo
, en er il.e o.ati oiit.ni.d .-.talc, ai e it. many c.i-t t
j ptevciitcd from so lining, ap I. beii'ive if the1
luuue. iuiiu id 'tcd by t Lu luxurious tr.ode of in
' Ing w ha h so gc,,el ally prevaiS. aiol by the spirit
' ol aoci il lit.iliy v hi. Ii exi ts to so f.atliil an tx
; tent in llie coio-im,. !!. . I lie . ..il-. tpli-lu e is, that
I ll.t ei.iifji- I- fstfi lie t II., Ill ei r lo ear, tlli'.il
' h il.lt: of li.id elor Itln and singJcbb'S-rd".". I y
i com a tixeil. nnd thus iiiiitiimoiiy is deferied or
'avoided altogether.'' Oi.r Inc. id is hiuo. If it
i b.nlitl. I, on Hie sh i.lv si .'e . lifty, and ,illl. High
ih q .lie itiili poiid. t.t in peci.i.iarv ctre.i.iisl.in
' c -s. it isnvro Hum proli.ible that hi' phtlo-ophy,
; us ubov,. Cj', lie, I, is lounlu I tl poll positive t X pel'
tell e ill theeel'ly p ill l I III- life. CllliCII il is
hit views llie ciu ieel. JI iiellt ils li. t , tliou nliils
of tilling men of fine foeutiL'" in ble sunpatl.its,
an.lpr.ip.r pii'icipl. ine init i.i laled by tho
exlti.viigeiice, the l.isbioii and the !' lit vvhichaie
so cli.il .a te. i-lic of the pie -ei 1 1 tiine. and Ihu- wilh
tlie ke in t :.iii. ri.--. and ti e iitclitst i.llei lions.
1 n. tle'ei red from rnt.-i it'ir the I "ly stat? of wed
lo. k. In the 1 trguii.1 of the Scriplures, a wife
should be a "help meet I'm limn. ' She slitmld
n .t only slr.re his joy- and bis soirows, but the
sh'itild mi u i' hi- eiierg'es. ami coiitrib.it.1 to hi
fir, ones Ut'.t we f.-nr that a sad error prcnils
nnd wnh t.s. m .nv ..f llie genii, r s. x the lilt a
o' iiut'.iiu'.nt is rtssooialc-l simply with a tplon
dl I c-t il.ii I. merit. 'Ihe I, im bas little to in
ill Ihe m i ter. The inten-ts the tares, !l,e I?,
spou-il i. in, -nl' lb,. ,,i-batid me too lightly con.
s doled. All (hat i- sought for is di-liiii'ti.ii iu
he s.m'i.iI mid fii-hi. n tble world ami thus lbe
power to triumph over o'h.rs who have been . r
mav be les- foituuate Ti c riue .lil ies . f inatri
iin.iiy ait not pi'op.i-ly estuii.iit'd or sullV'icnlly
r-girilcil. An elt-gi.it loiui-lon :ni. 1 spleid.-.I
fir I lit in e a.e ilium po erit thari n spi tl.-st cl'tir. ic
ier, a thriving In, one s nnd n generous licail.
And this !..-o, is the ilnctrihi1 inculcated by tnany
pneiits toou:.ii l,v far.
It Is sudlv eiroi.coi.1.
reiiumheicd. hate in
Vounzinin.il should be
tr.-itt nmliitudc t.f c. tc. to i.u ve tin it t' .iy ,
through life, . struggle lot eit rver in the hope I
of obiaiirog i-n imf.it t r.i-iii.m and ind.'P'.ri b ine.
, They nre hegiiiers iu Ihu woill. 'liny see lbe
,. ami cli.itiges ol Ir.ule, ! ml II pru'lent ntiil
seti-ible. Ihcv soon discotcr the ici.iiotnv, D.iliriue
mil n.-i-, tciiin e ts- nti.il to nieces'. Hut,
h,,w, mi le mi. Ii ciicuni-t.im c, can they venture
to enter the field of social rivalry that exists b so 1
ruunuis 1111 extent, to . cciipv a mansion ul Ihe
i.ue t.l -in of 1 i,-T.: Inirnlml noliais. und to iive
.... .... ... t , . ,1
accordingly 1 1 lie tl.iugs is itrpossinip. Aim
vet. on being introduced tn most voting Indies of
I Uneptabil.tv nnd i,i..tc.,.in. thev meooii eiven
' tl ,i,,d. ;st:'.J, that tiothu g less than .'.nil mi
establi-liin. iit "ould indi.ee tin tn t v. 11 to li-tcii
to a seiioiis oil', r. What is the . on-c ,".i'litT !
The young, nu icliiiiit, iniiuiif.o tuici, store kcepii,
phy-K'iau or lawt '.-i'. -i ctiig the iiiipo-'ibili'y ..;
mv realirjatioiio: sm ii a pin-pect, t- ut once 111
tiiiiidatril. either iilii.n.lons lbe purtuit wltoircthcr.
or looks elsewhere. I'll. Imp
Sitm: os C tri; Col.. At an exhi litioti, s.mic
-.1: ..:r , 1 ........1 ,...1 1..1.
J hub; ui-i-ipi 1 I tii"'i- iiiiii.-n.ii'it in ri ii'.iiiir j
lis i friar. v oiing 11. was to repi escni 1 ie-;
: He ,lnl very Well u nil hu wa, brougM in Uk.ii
Ihe bit-r; unloilutuitrly ihen bis bearers happen
: e.l t., set him lib I.i-l et but .. few inche, ff
,c .t vs. Ie tlcfm.ct Julius stood li,? like
a r.mrtvr for 11 few mitiuies ; but hu soon found
ihu bent uiibcari'.blo ; und in the middle of Dtti
tils' S:eccll began to haul Ins feet it. ut. hr the
pall llie old folks smiled, 11 rid the ttatuscls gig
gled', the dead Cte'iir iliew up hi. ln knees, lbe
mullein e laughed, the corpse lilt lied over, the
orator p.ll-od ill bis li.ll 'i'lijiue ; the lleflllli't Jllli
u then spuing up Iiom Ins biet, nnd tuiliiug to
Ins btiirer', with clenche I li-t', itsked then. II
thev calcilaicd In loast him nlivel t
j,,,,,)' , Uiri.;l tl(.,, ww,i rl, irmn cV.
One I. .tig
rv ll.i.M.t
pi Ihe hull, except the lo'lirrei li' ticil Cartaf be,
altrr kicking over hi bier und ihri.i 'glut to I,
at the be li en, gitlu r.'d up hi ci.i.en's ullirt
Mid left the sclrsd house in high dudgeon, my
ing. in he went 'Darn ve, tho whole jot on ye;
I if you want unithci tlw.l Cw n', you nuy die
?ourlf. U tou o'l fet m tfaio la Ut aaJ
nt fi jc, iuid U UrjlMnl at, bU by a Uuiiml
Koascrtt D CcoauT. Kouth,upuQ Uatii'f
the kliorea of his nativa UiiJ delivered a Xntf l
dicsa to lii i-tHiutrvmen in white- the- fuUuantj
l ociur in rcfeivnce to the traitor 0-fjjJ:'
"l'liou art f.ulen, Ir.iist of nation! Ilw-u art
llirust down undt-r tlnn un blow t not th
weapon of a-.freign ewm;, which has dog thy
yr.ive ; not lite cauia-n of lie niany iiaiiuna, L
were I'ruuglil up against ihee tliev havetoltrr
d b..ck nt thy love nf the Father land! but lha
llufovilea, nho crawled oer the CurpkUiLiiis
hae conipille,! thee to lav don th.i,c anus, V
Ho! Mild thru want, dear V.itlier kiml t Tlte sett-tiiu-c
of death, f.i-lm,l Full er land, wue writuo
by I, mi, who-e lovo tj hi conntrv 1 iirvsrquea
lioned for a i,ifi-t,t. In il.u bold f!-(jht U ui
Ihoi ht", I would htthtr hiive duubteil tha sjh,
tnue of it fjiu'd man thnn that 1 cnulj h-
thin h' he uouid hate become the Uaitf uf tua
l'a lirr land 1
. '" ",:,u 'on 6j !. a
w '-""u u ft W ,! '' "f " 1 ""
-t of ur c.ui.irv, bn has twon to rrud
,r. ;,i ,, i , i. . ri- , i m ,
Ull nb the lal dmp. f l.i. b.oud. Eebwarr.
" .'" .'. ' " irotM
lean r to bun th in that of blood, wind, was
.lied for tl.e iudi pttiuence t.f tint faiurrlaiid.
lbe jiri.r.iiw lut'tnl had in l.ii evta, mora valce,
limn the Ia,!y (.LhI of hi l.iinl, a Lo fi rauok Iniu
f. tun he end red into a CuVen.'tM i:h tlji aaiaa,t
utet t, the J v il I
"M.igyui-,1 1 1 1 v tie ir fellow aav uf the aatfa
cta-e the nrmy luted him, and he had alreailv,
attairied u o-i.ii.n. iu v. hull heculd have (uo
ved his lidilityl and yet that nan abuvd tlia
ct iilbk mo f the imtHin. attd in return fit the
love oi his nation, treated them with xiC'i dipt.
uuise ii.iii, H opiH i me iBagvajTtl curse Uie
" oi.i rit.t tiry up, when t atfeaipted lo
ulta me moisture or liter
How KTaaNtiX iuat JT suotiui 11 SalIt U tl-
nl incudible what uuiouit tif (ubstautial uom
frt huh is daily dissipated thrown to thai
winds in the prevalence and practice of our pr
S' tit false siul system, nod that only in one
item, too we iiienn liquor dunking. Ilow many
sixpence is throw n over the Counter lost fur.
ever lu t';e possessor l.ich might add to this
re.d con. furls of a poor fau.oy I Let llji fUuWiii,
suffice ua a sntnple:
Suppose a man drinks four g '.asset of liui,r
n dn, und many drink more, at five Cents ucr
glare in a week l.e speiius tl 0, and iu ayen
ii" b'J. Ibi sunt, tbus llirowu away, would
purebn-e the fallowing arlklet:
4 hUs. Hour, suy
-1 paiia t'f boots,
SO lln. of butter,
lull lbs. of beef,
lutl lbs. of jtik,
10(1 lbk. ol sugar,
00 lbs. . f cotke,
d ILs. t.f tea,
A new but,
tie on
ii on
1j o.i
4 W)
5 U)
2 .Vi
4 Ul
A lull' buii'ict, for ttife, jaiui, nced',ei, i... 4 "M
. T.vul. 74 BO
V.ivt-v f-".v i.tatistics. me tat a very .mall sam
ple of the wasteful exuendliurc in t.ur present
false so. ml tiositinn. head it. uoriting U'.tU, lead
it nv.-r andoter ; it is yu'i it must ronct.ru ; f..r, if
we are to have icf, ini, it must begin al the fc,n.i
iy heat ill, w liich, w ,th Heaven's blttring, is the
onlv sure f.u.nilu ion.
ut v bo's to blame t We toLid venture an an-
twer to lln qU'Miun ; but n it might, i,y anuld.
give . Hence iu ctitam qiiaiU-is, we forbear.
Truth is yet tMipalatuble. sever uiir.d ai.o's t
t'.iua1. Let ii. all take binuie upon ourwlrej.,
iiieiiiitiuiti, ami Lentil steadily tl.u work of i.fvfiu
at the fit Chide.
Wc are glad to liuj sympton.s of prcgres in
tl.n tcniotu kingdtjiii of Sium. We copy the fol
lowing paragraph from the Litrrstil Mercury .
"The King of S'ni'n h is e1 tublisied a piintirg
press, at which Hoiks lire tol produced of i
ami re and Knglish, f.-r tbs eiihhlenruenl of hi
subjects. , 111' Mnjesry l,r:s nlsp directed .1 ger.tr
ul revision of the laws of i lie kingdom, so that tbev
n,;,v be n.rle ns crniitable ns msil,le. and l.ui
nii-cssed his fnin inter.liiHi that 'eoual instipe
Sluii i,e dun,', lu all iiliae, bigh arid m. rich and
,i ..... ... .
Caxt.tl C it IM Titg Wki. Ac-nrding o tlm
Pittsburg tiaxutte, large .pi amities of Cm nal
did exisL in Little lit avt-r alltv 1 v ir.g in i'ci r,
stltaiil.i a iid Ohm, vt nli, ii fifty miles ol t irt-burg,
anil trp.al to that found in l.rv'.ui'J Cf the t i
lent nl the deposits, eimir.li is known to wairant
t' e stipposltion thai lluie am iimi.y thousand
ncict:.! cull i fan itteiuge thuklitsjoftiglil fie!,
au.l t.ipablo id iiiroi.li.io n1! ili.-xatistible mii ply.
Ti t co.il i- iH .ily us iidl.iiiiPiable 2s a pine knot,
burns with n clear biilli int d .ine, and il ia sup
posed will be found well udapted for tl,n miiuii
laeture of gas. The Ohio and IViiusylvui.ia liail
Mad Conijiany, wl.n-e lec. tilly opei.pl line lull
diiec'ly in trie vicinitv of ihe mint , and by n.enni
of a hu h it will shortly be biougl.t to market,
have Ink. I) llle.lsuics I j TIS.L1C a FUpply of It
I.u ll.t ir h ti ii.o'.ivc
The Cm. inati Outinit rciiil tf Paturdsy ny
"We slat-da fc'.V Jays since, that llie hogs sl.tugb
tried this season would it. nth to iilu.ost 8iaj,Csj.
It is now thm ght by ibo-u who are Iss.ked up in
oin pork nit iii-. thai the number killed will go
beyond that figure. We neter snw butter hogs
tl.u -l thoac iiom coining lo nuiikct "
The Chicag- Tribune state', that the construc
tion of H'Vi-tal strum piopellcrs to ply lleen
Chicago nnd St. Louis is cniilt in plated bv fwrlie
i i the fottnrr city. M.s-rs. Cteste und Oxn-r
hne already conimenced the building of one, tt
l.e coinp'.cteil by the. opening; uf cuvigaliou in '.lie
Ko'.v -fo ne Woman it Fmih.i To be a w
in mi nf fashion is one of the ensieat things tn the
world ; a lale writer thus describe it : ruy
etei v thing you ilm't wunt.p-.y for nothing you
do ; einl'.u oil nil tp.uitinil but your husband ; 1st
Inppv eierv .lie.e but at home ; hnte the ci'Uit
tiv; "irloru Piiii-; neglect your cbil.lr.-n; nurso
l.ipdogs ; mid!" Ij church Ivcry time jou
new rlinv 1.
A Oomikm-un K.t.si.n. The ii'torn faper
nre perpetrating some very good wittupoulbe
rci-eiit :n.iiiiiigc ofoiirilistingnisliedcongrcMinail
f.rin tl.u 1-t distiict, Col. Win. H. Bissell. We
liail the fnllotviiij in the ll.urisburg Key 3ton :
"Col. P.issell. of Illinois, lias eenerully bt cri re-
earilcd us the bn.vest of the brave.' It will l
I eeti, however, Ironi the little paragraph wlncli
, f, ., 11 11 llevi'lu fllll Advocate thai
' , ', , , i,..i' v-,' A U1,J '--amrer
1 '"'. "! hUU 1 . ' k
. VI' ' rLll.V,ll 7Tr,n Wm IT Ri..
"il ti rind.
sell lo Miss. Elizabeth Ii. ine. of Kikaki, 111."
Si nsiiiia 1 Ante. The young lrtd.ot of paBtli-i-cotta,
in tho State uf Maine, have recsmtly f-
ined ibciiiselves inlo a uciety for mutual ia.
proveuient und protect ion. Among tbu resoitt-
adopted ut a regular meeting, finj via
I l.illowiilg:
11. .1 iv,, will re vive the attentio'i of no '
styled' young guntlomati, who ha not leirned
some business or engaged in some .tea ,y lPJloy
ni.tit for u Pvelihood. For il isapprfhenriefl that
nfierthe birj it cuuglil, il n.ay twvu iu ll.
"Thai we will promise marriage lo n young
man who is in the habit i f tippling, for w are
a-snrcil his wifu will come to waul, und hi chil
dren (Tu barefool. '
"That wu will marry no young ifian who Is not
a patten to bis iieighboihuod paper, for we bavo
not only strung uvnlenco of ins want uf intelli
gence, but ibut he will prove Us stingy to provide
I ..r bis rami v. educste hit children, or eocoura-w
iislitutioii. of learning in his vicinity."
Sin.ii 'ua PnrxoMiNov A portion of a tootle
lain in ieniies'. e. culled Wal.len' Ilidg sunk
with a tr. nionduotia noise, a few days since. I..
gip in the linils-r is sixty or abundroJ feet wide,
ai d on. iro n.ili'tlor;.

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