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Cflct, td Story. Xorth And of RedditV Uriel
i?iV. A'u.1 Sid of the Court llvut Sueur.
OsjxDoli.a s and Firry Cents per cnnuro.if psid
in advance. Allpsperenot paid lor in advance will
be charged at tbe rate ut Two Dollars a yrir.
S Copiesonryrartor $r SO
10 do i t JO
11 do 10 H
so do ao oo
Aihnlitrmrnt inserted at $1 per iqunrrfoithr
first inrrtion,snd 25crntsfor enchsubsrqnriii iusrr
lion. Alibrraldiscountalluwrd to those whoadvrr
uae hv the vear.
DT paper l isront iirart until nn nrrrarages are
piid.iitileiisaitheoptioii otitic publishers. I
OT" Ooiiiniuuiceliniis ,l insure attention .must al
ways be free of postage, and accompanied with llir
author's name.
d 1 1 o r n e ij s .
Champlin A Wnllni"e,(J I. Champlin W. II.
1,. Wallace, Attarnri)tandl'tmn$rilmiat Law.
Oilice up entire ill llio next building nurili ul the
Post oilier. 'V 'i'i,'Vi.
E. N, licliiud, Attornry and Caunnellor at Law,
llni removed hisollice Iroui Arddirk's block, tu
tliarouin formerly occupied by the sArrojf.in the
court house, now occupied in purl by i.oieiir.o La;
Una. may 4 IK
Noma A Fisher, (Ceo. U. Norria lieu.S. Fish
er,) AitorwuM at Lam and Land Airntt, Utta
tea. III. Will nav i.urticuliirutieiuiotiio thenar
mnt of uioi in any part of Illinois, iiurcliaaing
anJ .cllmgrealrstatiuvesligatiiig lit Irs, collect
ion! demands, buying and selling military In net
warrant!, and locauni! lliriu on the bat Jam for
soldier or utl.eri., securing pension, a ltd all claims
auniiHttlir iiiivrriiineiii. Office on the sOuth-wesi
fiimnr nl" llir court house snuare.
M. I'. Ilulllster, .-1 (urnty and Counsellor at
.am, and Solicitor in Chancery Ottawa, III.
OhVe over the store. ol I,. U. Smith, opposite
(he Munition house. Jan. I '4'J
silovrr A l ook, (J O (ilovi-r-B C.Cook) At
torneii and Counsellor at Lair Ottawa. Of
fice in Kcddick's Ltiock, east side of lite public
siiunrr. jun'48-il'
Henry J. 4'fitton, Attornry and Countellor nl
I.nto and Saliritor in Chancery Ottawa, I lit.
OihVr in the Court house, jun 7 '-17
ti. . Randall, .dC'erney at Lau Juliet, Will
Kmdmll Co.. lilt. Aiib I". I-I"tf
freer .V Ingnlls, ', C.l' FaxtR.O A. Inuau.s)
Attorney! and Solicitor. Chicago, Ilia, mrl.V
3 1) n 3 tc i o ii o S u r g t o it 0.
1 . HII.l.tM. 1)., Tendern Inn profesaion
jt al irrvicatii ihr cmeiis ul Ottswa and i
iiiiiiy. Rf ai.lrni'o on M Iiiii a rn-t, mar ihe
S.drCot. Ullioc over llnr'rr'a swre, near the
1'm.t olhcr. Uee. 17, 1351
THOMPSON it Clll RCIII 1. 1. having
XJ ii.'Cculed ilieinselveatogeiher in tne pracucr
H-m-CIU CU il en nroriiniiiri,irr in iur uii. llir
i . r
ol 1 liyuc andaurirry, reap-ctlully tender tlreir 1
prulYsnuu il services lo (he cituens of Onuwa snd i
vicinity. Olhce one loruu-rly occupied by l U
Tlionipsoii. U 1J I'Ho.Mr.sea, M U,
rpi 1 H si C ui sen :t.i., M I)
Will. V. Cnvnrly, Phytctan 1 Sttri;etit(
ii i. Ill, Oltice in the drug store ollershnprrr
Iriaionnl .ervicea lo the citii"ns of thi. vicinity,
Hil l hopes by attention to business, to merit
a .hare ..1'iiuline patronage. -'J-'j0 it
Ii. W. llopUim, 'livsiciun and Surgeon Ol
taiea. ii ,o.l'-rs Ins professiuiml service, to the ci
lurii. nt Ottawa, and vicinity. Oilice over the
tore ul II. W.Cherver. next to Walker .V. ll i k-
lings, residence on the north sideol die new public I for sale, a gind assortment of double nnd single har
.uarc, wherein- limy lie loiimlat all times esr-fit relk-d l-'ov.ling prnvi, Cow. let l'lasks.Oauie Hugs,
warn ..m-iuou proiejaionai ouinefs any n in
D r u g g t a t a
1 '. I.KK.IiS. IhumiU nnd
Ijt bJick liuil.liiis, niHih ol thectiurt hoiittr
Wulker .Vr llirkluig. Or aim in Dmitt.Mrdi
ctnrs, J'aintt, Uilt, i'arntMiei, i'ttrut M'dt
rinet. Hint, ir Ottnwa, Id.
lluutirrAr t'uvnrly,i0(irr iaPi ej,.VcrfiriB,
J'uintu, OUt, l'utrnt Mrdicmrt, i'arnuiui. One
itaJftAt. second more uorihulihe .Maii.toiihou.sr,
Otiawa, III.
I.. I.. Tl.iiinpson. PraKi Piitfiit Vedi-
run. Vaiitt, tltl. 'arnmhrr, llyr-itut, A.c.
lleiwrenCity llotelmnl KeJ, lick's lilivek.
ti. .1. Smith, Dralrr la ItrMgi.Mrdi
QiU, Uyt HtuJt.itc. Die, Newark, K..,ndallcuii-
t), Illinois.
Storage Sc .f ontmv Mug.
P. E. Chin round, S'oracf f, Committwa Mrr
chmt Warehouse rastside ol the bridge. Main
cinal, Ottawa, 111. nov i'i
Ij Hills, SiMMr. Forwarding nnd ('tunmtsiioti
Jlrehit, dralrr in all litml of prudarr, True's
W irelimisr. No , Mule-nil, I li'swa, Illinois
L) 0 t C I 3 .
C1 Fli.KIC HOl'.i:, on Lasnllc st , near ihc
I Meth.i.list l.hurch.
.Iliiiision lloMsi-, Oitawa Illinois, by WsiikIi .V:
t reaainser, mccessora to K. I'tiorne. I'assrn
g'rs carried to mid front the packetr tree ol charge.
Si iger Iroui all directions ainvcand dciiurt daily.
Mav 10. '
Vox Itivrr Homo, by I,. Pklaxo, on the canal
U'ur the aipia.luct
at llllllillle.
Canal packets stop regularly
1 in
A inrrscisu lluiisn, nenrthr coniluencr of the II
litioisand I'm Rivers, and near ihrhnilge.
ill i a 1 1 1 1 o ii r o u a
I '.h in lirrlnnil
& Jennings, llol'Si: St SSK5.N
PAIN mirl. Graining, marbling, whiiciiinii !
and paper hsnaing, done at short notice. I
Carnsiir and Clriiainenial I'nmtmi: uratlv and
rrrierliMouse rierulrd
i: i. 4x sKT 'm
UliUhli. I Tt Irders left al L. D. Smith's store,
august .j, IN5I.
. II ii rr. Ajtent for Ftntrr.tion Inturanrn Compa
ny. Ilarttnrd opposite the Mansion llouae.
iHUOb Ii. Stone, Saddle, llarntei.and Trunk
manufacturer, and Carriage Trimmer, cornerol
CniiHland Columbusstrerts, Ottawa. marV.
Jos. II. Wiigncr, Juttireol the Prece, other in
the norih -east corner oft he courthouseup stairs,
Ottawa, Ul. drc7'4tt
Tf 1 . a liiasssi
rjr23 uaomei turniture m
I)i:U:lt ItirSMIlM, re.snectfiillycBllsll.eat
. lent ion of his fi tends and the public lolusprrs
enl large stock nl furniture, which he expects oi ca-
a.oiiany to repicmsn neiorr navigation rbwes. In
addition lo his own manufictnrr, he is supplied
from Inrne establishments both in . I .nt iti ntiil
Chicigo His stock is selected for and shipped to
him by dealers who know that they are sending lo
. (..,., uon ii.ri-nai.ic niu. n w. Iranian, so ne is ena
bled on an average in s-llhetterartirrs,andas low
as either city. As usual, he does a one price small
piuin in. enai. niiaiuess.
Al the sut(r;euon of a friend, he would respect-
miiy remark that while he has established for him
aelfa businrsathat will sustain itself against all fu
ture competition, he has done something for the
punun in supplying Oitawa and vrcmity wilh good
lurtiiiin-r at vrry low pneea.
He keeps a hearse, and rendy-made, well-finish'
ed walniiicothiislallsiieslalwuysonhaiid. Char
ges low.
Warerooms on La Salle street, near ihe court
house square. Sepi 20.
f ftl Boots 6L Shoes.
THE subscribers, just from New York,
having opened s shop in the Room formerly occu
pied by James Stout, two doors west of Walker
St Hickling's store, are prepared lo make
flood and Shoe to Order,
in s superior style.
tSRepairms done at short notice.
Ottawa, ugustS Towns St Trrua.
l- Boot & Shoe Shop,
WOULD inform the public that he litis lately
opened a shop on Madison street, in ihe building
formerly occupied by Huchnnnn 4. Eichelbcrger,
and lately by Bailry & Eirlirllrrger, ns a tailor
shop, where he is prepared to muiiufiiclurr to or
der all kinds uf woik ill ihc above line, in the best
possible manner.
He will also kern on hsndn good assortment ol
which he will sell al the very lowest prices. Mend
ing dour at short notice and in the nratesi manner.
January 10 IHM-ly
Dress Blakintr.
call the allrnilon nf ihe Ladies of Ottawa
and vicinity, that she tins opened a shop
Up Stnin, over Mr, (repp- Millinery Shop,
where she is ready tomnke lo order Ctnnk't, pre.
re, Mtnlilla, tkc; at the shortest notice, and In
the most fashinnshle styles. Ladies wishing lo gel
work of this kind done will please give nn a rail.
Fijll unit Winter Patterns just received dl
Net from New York, and fornnle.
ALSO (Main Sewing done to order, l ihe
lioriest notice. Oct. 19.
liusincsa Cards.
W.M. SMITH, .If . DM Sufgro
Ventift, residing ai Ottawa, so
lirits the patronage of the aureus
of Otm and vii-intty.
All work in the linnf his prolrwiiin will be done
in ii ll'orm(ii(i4 irt'inner, ami IKnrranlret.
Kemdi'ncr on Hie Kal aide ol I'vx River.
Ollii:r in Sniieer of. Armour brick block, over
U Knu-h'a Clothing Store. Ollict hours from V
o'l lock,. a ,lu 3 r. a.
P. S. Iiuaiea waiti'dupon at their residence il
renmnted. Otiawa, July
"tffw.Llvcry Stable.
rVTidJV'TIIK. aubarriher lis
W w i nlarited I
i nlarifed hia atablr of
liorn'a.andadilcd a lew nrw.lualiinp-aIiIi-
ami top DugKira, and a covered
curtiaae, with hornets tocorreeiKmd,
and la prepared to luriiioh saddle huraes.horars and
buyeien, double teams, nnd carincea al all times.
llfllit MuM in at (An old place, adjoiniixj
On tot llivrr liriJe.
A fcwbujwiea willbe offered in exrhanee for hor
ses. May 17. K.Th'ikxi.
Oarriaga and Wagou Manufactory,
Jit. HAY would inform hi friends and cualo
t inera that he hns removed In his new shopnt
the snutlt-west corner of the public wpiare, where he
willcontimie ihemanularturititofarriti!es,bui!!iia
and wttulialn the laical and nio.i npproved styles
IIciiik a priicticnl wriikiiian, lie ll.mt r hitntcil ihut
hccuii build lib iriiod work ns can be produced in tin
inaiki t. H'ork made to order and warrunted to give
eniire tatisluciiini. I(epniriti dune on the thorteat
'h paid forirnaoned lumber. J. O. Gv.
t lTUKOW'S faint tittup up sioilS;
Chain Pumps,
WT'E would cull theaitennun of ll:t public gene-
rillvaixl lo fiirniera and stock urowem in
paiticulur.to ihc uliiiiy and duialnlity ul the nbuve
i permr to all other pumps n itu-y cannot trmr or
injurelhc water, and onaccriuntoln rctnnrknhleum
plicity laconsirucuon, are not name i
u i- II Bi:vii9iiuLii,ii, air uwi n,iii ,v
r ,
der or to bedernniied. A child ol M
or iu years in
relL wnh cute
age esn draw water Iroui ordinary we
anil latelv.
All orders lelt al John Hnssack's ofTicj'
ill lie protnplly nlieii.led lo. K. W
Brunker's Rifle Manufactory.
' H V1K subscriber having returned fioin the east
B at7rvisiting the priucipalnianutactnries, he j
i v V "
la now urruaredii. inainiti.ciure tin-cr elira-
led Increase or liaining Twist Kille.wlnch he war -
rams to he equal to any made iu ibis slate or rise -
! i l,-,,. il. u n .i-, L ..... ,...,..., .iv ..n l,n,wln,,,l
i .shot Touches, I 'errasenia t ana, and n superior urli-
- ! clr ol fSnortiiir! IWd
All kuidiiol jobbing m (he gunsmith line done with
., ueatnr.ia and dvatiat. ti.
Shop oil the east side of Culutubusst , onedonr
! "outliuf tlrr I'tiieo Ibnuiv1
cV VAcV VltAML.,
al the tfr of
The Cigar Saloon,
OrrxwA, I..t..,
n.WINfi fitted up rooms lor this express pur
pimc, beg leave to announce to the ndinbiiaiits
til l.a Salie county that they have npeniil mi rnlina
room for thebenetil of all whomnv f ive tlrrns seal I.
'I'liey krrpon hand ') I'STK A'.Vu. die ihrll and
in con j ul the Ire.t otialuy nnd served up ata ino
irienis notice. Ami ih- y inr ready to furnish inril
at any hour for the accommodation ol 'frinrniniid
others." They solicit the patronage ol the publ.f
and will give satisfaction t.i all. oc.6
Chairs &. Bedsteads ?
I.. WATERMAN still keeps on l.a Sailr
street, where he lias tieen lor Vi years, uud
hns never laded in eivuifr cod saitstactHn.
His chairs are all inaile hy goml workmen, iiiiu
vcnrrniitcd to s'.und be'iet tlmnClucaosnir I,uuis
U7"T'he public are respectfully inviieil tocnlinnd
exniimi". October4
New Supply or n
Cabinet Ware.m
T I 'Ilk nl,s,r,l,.T ...nil. I r...,.ni.'.,ll. . I.-
I cilizeii. of Ottawa und vicinity 'that be l.a.
J'"i received a larire assnrtmrni of Cabinet Furni-
.,. r...... c I ......ifl , .
o ..in .-i . . ...i.is nun .iiciiKo.consis. rr, or ci.ru , i s ( ., v
ereiure, and dining Tables; bedsteads ol nil knd, 1 h litics of Austria, Pria and flerminy with a :
such aseottaiie Jenny l.ind.nnd cnmimm tsf dsn nils-; : severer depi.tism than could be imposed by le
csne.ring, and wood seat chnirs; bureaus ; looking gions of Cossacks. " j
glasses; pieiure Iraines and pirtures in Ktrat vsrie-1 T,e ll)nli We wi-li t.v point ii, that national
jr. oc.au ! wiirr.inrwnisruniaveiywimMau-ir.n,.r
vance en the original cost and tmnspiirttitiun. I
"'' perinnneni arrangemenis wuhl
in "lu1. -hicngo, to keep his
constantly replenished.
All work sold by htm is warranted mhf vcellrrail
and ssrhenpasran be boUL'htanv where in the west . 1
or .-u anion oi rnsinni wins in ins line none at
the shortest notice. Collins kept on hand and made
to order, and funemls attended with a hearse. In
terment privileges in the Cemetery given at $1 each.
Ware house snd shot, on I liili street near ('nliuu
bus st, Oitawa, III. JO.Y TA Til AM.
New Meat Market.
:MIAH WOOD inroniishis friends
public that he hasjuat own. d a Meat Market at
his new building on the romer north nf the Court
House .s.piare, in Oitawa, where he will be happy to
snpplyall Insfriendsand the public w-ith the choicest
In. I L " L . ' ,,n' rpmo"'",a" .admitted their validity. Russia ia in no condi
kiiida also kept on hand. i. . .... , .-
Y. l..ri... v i.... ti.. .!... .iii i. L... tmn to provoke the hostility of publio npinn.ii,
....-. .nr. .......... u. ...1 r,,.,.,rl,,.,nn..'l
open on Saturday evening, but closed
on the Sab-,
bath. seiit'JI 100
T BAILEY would inlorni tliccithwiffOtrnvvn
nnd the peopleol ihrsurrouiiilingrouiilrv.lhal
hll hns now opened a shop on his ow n account
(tne dmr ion., iftlir1 6'ino.i .iMsr,
w here he intends to carry on the above business for
the present. Prom hisrxiieri.-ner in the business..
and long residence in the town, he llaitera himself
that lie has iraiued a reout.-ition tor irood u-orkioin..
ship, lhaicaiinot he siirpas-din this ineridiaii j
firing ronsiantly in receipt o the newest vvles,
the public can rely upon having theirsuirmf nisninde
up in the most fashionable manner, and wananteil
to hi- I
Cultingdoiie on short notice. Terms reasor.nhlr. '
i'i"" "-
llnrs KhAiliiar
nvp ., o , . , ,, .
O.Ari at it. Ilarnnrd a shoo. Hiiiier.ntr.ldril bv
- - - tT s- uvv.s.a,
Jon.) loorKR - i
V,. ..... r...: ... .k; I t. L. i '
Ititr... .Iirtil nw
in the best manner, nt 91.9.1. Wagon ninkiug con
tinued nl the snme place, ns usual. Old friends and
..- . ........ ,,,. rllv.,. i,,.,,,. nil, ..I il, , .
customers, and new, are iuvitrd lo call nnd leave
(lieirordrrn, dec 7 ZJ!ARJJ!!i.
SfaddenN Mill
TIlRsnbscribrr would Inform the puhllrthnt the
above Mill in in full operation oner more, nnd he
isnreparei! to grunt, or exchange (lour lor wheatat
all tunes, to sun the customers; mid wilh strici atten
tion to business, hehopestosluirrn pari uftlir public
pstrnnnge. Farmers, plense rail and see Un; you
will always hml ihe millers ready to wait nnyou,
iiiulilorday. Cash paid for wheal.
.1 'ay ion, Jan. S5. Jonatiiai flTAhtitir,
Something New !
DW. 0. i;oODIN(5 would ii.lcrm the public
s that he is now mnmilhcttiriiiK harness with
pair-ill Self Adjusting Ruckles, which are decidedly
nnend nfnnyihing yet introduced lor strength, snfe
ly.nndcnnveiilener, Cnll and examine them for
yourselves, at his old stand of the nign of the Cil
llarneit Shun, nn f?oli..hus siren. II. uillnl.,.
keep an assortmeiit o hnrners with old mvle buckles
as gooj and as cheap as rnn h. purchased any
where sept 13
A NY quantity of good, fnshinnnhle, silk plush
'raps, nf Oitawa mnniifsetnre, for ft .SO at
rich's Manufacloty, corner of Canni and Cnlum
bus si reels, Ouawn. (),. 4.
C " Illtta t IIhIsI
JOOll, fashinnnhlr nllk hnstuf hnnir maun
I lac-tiirr.rorfi, at Fclche'i nmurartory, to
ta vvr. (.all andsee. Ocil ,
The Power of Rnssla
U efy Knerally riKgraled. We era afil
to fureet the prodiriotia rktnt of lbs Empire,
corenmr more than 8.000,000 of euuare aiilea,
and embracinif alcorHini to the AlmanacA dt
(Mha, a population of e2,949.!6 soula. A pop
ulation ao icuMy, oVcr a surface so fast, necessa
rily reiiiiis a large military force to be kept
rniialnntly on foot for police purposes; and the
Ku'siun army, when upon a ntace fnotine. is
barely adcqnate to tine end. The (luminal num
ber of troops for thia service ia 788,000 men, from
which the vry best authorities require us to He
duct one half to arrive at the actual force. Di
vide this force over tbe immense circum polar ter
ritories of tbe Ctar, and the tnilitnry arm will be
fairly estimated, and lose its aggregated value,
fulsnd alone, contains nearly a rVarth of the
population of the empire; and demands the cun
stant presence of a large portion of the army to
preserve the Russian domination intact. The
war footing of the army embraces nominally
1.000,000 men. There is, however, no reason to
take these figures as at all near the true mark.
liuiHin has never bean able to place mere than
20,000 men in the field and these fur the most
part badly disciplined, and without any or the
individual and natioral spirit requisite to great
military successes. The American militia, num
bering 2.000,000 composes an armv of Infinitely
greater power, than either tire peace or Vrar es
tablishment of the Ctar. The fact that Kusaia
has never achieved any one great battle in bisto
ry, is one evidence of her martial Weakness ; and
others are her struggle with Turkey, her wurs in
Poland and in Caurunsus ; nil evincing a lament
able absence of science and couraso and i tfixt-
iveneta. In the Hungarian contest, there were
120000 troops engaged; but i' is well known
the decisive buttles Iny lietwetn the Ausinans
atid the Magynrs; while the Russians were only
serviceable In dividing and cuop-ig Up portions
of the Hungarian army.
The Russian Marine is formidable in the num
I li of vesxels. but in all other re'pects contempt
ible. It connists nf 43 ships of tho line, 30 fri
I gates, anil a due proportion of smaller ve?ls.
- . . .
I U n l.llltt .Vmil hi, 1,1.. Iliu. I i n.fi itf I nll.n
- - -
rine I., "80 years since," was greatly superior il
uumbers and efflciencv. The advance fif the mer
I cwnlile interest hits bi'i h attended by a steady
contraition or the arm iieco-aary to protect It.
It is iii.pjsnibls to arrive at the finnnciul
strength of the Empire. Every effort is made to
enncml it. Tho Government never publi-hes any
statement nf finances, and we ran only bae our
: .i :.i....i. a..i... . r ...
t'Hip-i-iiura on uie mniuiuiniv amnavi"
1 accidental pitch. The current notions of Russian
! wealth are founded on the liberality ot the pay
to tne diplomatic agents; and the rumors ul im
uirme receipts from the Ural mines. Hut why
was it that two month's catnpnign in Hungary,
of a sixth part of his pretended standing army,
bilged the Czar to hag a loan of U.232,000 ru
ble, from London Capitalists! Why is il that
the National Debt grows rapidly and enormously ,
already exceeding l,60i),H00.0OO rubles of silver,
or tl.VOO.OOO.OOO I Whv is it the current anuu
al receipts seldom meet the current nnnuul ex
onilitures, even at a period of general pence I
Why is it that tho treasury from all its resources,
taxes ilium tbe serfs of tho crown, the monopoly
of brandy, saltpetre, powder, etc.; stamps mid
enrollments; customs, and a variety of other im
ports, fails to extract a revenue equal to that of
the United States I "The truth is, liutti it
Poor r A long war would prove her ruin. She
lu.i-i, nn v.iriisio.i 1,1 ooiii.iooi. iifririjr .u ro-,
lave her resources; and the extension must be
ellerinl, tT m-oil bo, by a military fup a main ;
but if rnssible f-y ho K'ceful arts of diplomacy.
In dipl.itii.K-y, ttM-refore. lies Iho essei"il,
Iri'.iiel Ii t( il.n lme.;i c.c,.,,,,,,.,,. Mure ,
- I". ;
money la.pent in maiiitatning an oinnis""1 M"
of envoys, g,ts, spies mid ivuidu'rs of a mer-1
cenary pr.-.s tlironpli.s.it EnroA ,IU" uPl'n :
tho iiilern.d imprnvcicnts f l,icb we hear so
I . i .... " . . 1 1 : . ....... ...
nincn iiiissrvrct swie.s; nmu n umie en .ce-1
able than an armv ith banners, mere is no;
nolitie .l .rem . the continent, however ntriri-,
t t II O S II
sifally unimportant, that is not canvassed , tbi loscel; a niamrostation of tho spirit and pritici-, given by an American gentleman, nt his chateau ' Nullifung drlegaie. who was claiming u. be n
office of Count Xesselrode as soon as it hnppens, pies of your Republic. j , a suburb of Paris. Upon tbe table We:.' green Democrat. ..I.M-rved : " 'on talk like Jaeidi ; hit
nnd sometiinrs sooner. Rev. lnttotis are foie-ren Mu) Ood the Almighty bless you with a Ion;; . Corn and sweet potatoes, result of pethnps ihc " ar "'" UicL'eaa ; and nnt.l I an hliiidai
and srrnliniied. and tbe policy respecting thetii life, that you may long enjoy the happiness lo tdy efforts ever made to ncclimata iheu. hete ""V, r 14 c'wi not iluot me out of my birth
definitely setlled lorg before they break out. 'ce your country, great, glorious, ami free, the j As the corn was passed around, vou inilit hnve ' rwhi."
I 'lellllltelV
' Knowledge ia veritably powor,
And tbe shrewd
'"reknownge t tne i.tMnet ol St. I eterstnirg,
llirnilirll Its ll.iarnio.l irmv of aoti.a ei,nlrols IIim
..,...,, nn( h ,,. u ;..,.,; f
' m'1''' Kx'ont of surface and rarity of people '
eviuerices oi mucn central uetiuiiy. I lie tin-
peror ichoIus declared, only a short time before
' tbe invasion of Hungary, that the txilicy of Rus-
sia was the protection of her own frontiers. He
stated the doctrine of nun intervention in tbe in-
1 ternsl alfairs nf other nations, in terms so explic
it that the Emrtemr Alevamler ofholv n.en.nrv. '
must have shuddered in his crave. Ho found "it
, . . . . . .., ,
r!;. Wrr v.'" "
:r. Tb p.:-:.. ,
v.: . -f":
01 Hie reoel army t and that tlie integrity ol Ins
territories was directly involved in the success uf
I the insurrection. This was his only jiistitlcnlii.n.
There was bo ho d disregard of the laws of na-.
((, . ). pretended tn comply with them, audi
, . , .,1
In all her measures she strives lo conciliate it.
Her existence Hr-nendw ..twin ri.1nti.tri. .if n,-i.ee
I and upon no stnle, in the European gulnxy, could
peaceful intervention be brought tu heir with
tatter prospects of success .V. '. Timet.
llM.IItS, THAT MlUIlT Bt 8Lt TO WoRK. 111
tha search after industrial bower and economy
0f human strength, it is wonderful tlint l), are
left so wholly unemployed in America. Their
ti-es in other countries ru thus described ilia
. ,
ll,l, r ,rom 1
"Dogs of almost every breed n.n taii'-ht lo
wmk by the Hermans. It Imikt odd ruoin'h to
see these sagacious animals, of nil descriptions.
from the thick headed bull dog, and mild and in-;
Im1Iii..I1. Ni.ttr... iiiiiI hm. I Hn. tn .1,. .,ll.. I..,. 1
i..,, x' . o ... . i .... .. ,. .
leingerii isewioumiianii, ouwn to lie cam le eg
. . . . . .....
uioi iiooiii. inn. sin. ppisn rut terrier, tin luuy em-
no Pd. Instead llf I'lBlll.p nu-nv lliMir lioiii a. III. e I
, .... a . . . . .
do here. Hie majority of thu dogs, howercr, are
of the larger kind ; and it is quite amusing to see
Iheir willingness to work, end Iho various wnye
in which Ihey are employed. No person is pre-
slimed to use n wheel barrow without a dog to
thaw the load, and in vehicles of this kind wu
saw loads of wood, milk, butter, cabbages, bricks, ,
bread, ni.irtar, nnd lint coffee, nnd refreshments,
for travellers. All the labor that tho person be-
l,,.i I....I . -.r
m was to act ., J.eersman. !
d draw .he load, and instant-,
lore,! We a few rases !
i had become intoxicated, ami
. ...IM IU f, I I'M III
whdo the dog Would
ly atop when no ordered,
where the teamstrrs had
fallen asleep, and the teams had turned around
to watch (hum,"
Axfairs is Utah. A statement of affairs In
Utah, published ill tho St. Joseph's (raiette, and
endorsed by the retiring Chief Justice and the
iiwi. f i. i. rH ii...,:. ..f 11..1.1..1
i..I. ..it . 1 xr 'i.. . ' I
ii. is ..iu .ui.vv. .UK ui. mi. luiurcn.tuir 110,111 ot rnu-
rnitv . 0 61
Tl.et plurality system is In full .ague here - oro ctt'",u" 01 RCll"K eiiurtfutKur.
Ooy. Youinf is said tu have as many as 90 wives. 11
Ho drove along tho streets, a few days since, Tim late crtisus of Oregon territory shews a po
with 18 of them in a train 14 of thorn having1 pulntinn in June last uf 1.1.20J. Jt is supposed
each nn htf.iiit at her bosom. It is said that He-j t hit t the large number uf persons giino to the
bar 0, Kimball, one of the Tribune Council, han; miiips, were not counted. The mortality ia only
almost an squill number ; mining them, a mother'
nml two diiughtnri. Each tiinn can have ns ma -
ny wives ns he can maintain, that is, after the
women. Imre been picked Bud culled by the hend
OF il A t to 1 t IFXRVADIHO
Kossuth and tie President.
At neon, on Wednesday, tbe list ultimo, il
Kossuth and aulm, nndul' the escort of Messrs.
Shields and tjswart, of the Senate Committee,
waited on tbe freti'Mit. ilr. Kossuth was intro
duced to ll Preaident byrtr. Webster. There
were present the Secretary ef tbe Navy and the
Postmaster Oeneral, beshit Qeneral Shields, Mr.
Bewart, and others. Aftat a brief pause M. Kos
suth addressed tbe Fraaidsut in the following
terms: .
Air. Prtmitnt: EnligkUned by the spirit of
Yuur country's inatittnioa when we succeeded to
sonant idate our natural and histories! Status right
of self government by placVjf it upon the bruad
foundalron of democratic liberty :
Inspired by your historylwh'rfl we bad to fih
for independence again! afjnibilatien by tentral
iced absnluteism: "
Consoled by your penplrfe vytnnalhy tvhen a
vicliui of Russian interferabesj Villi the laws of
nature and Datura's Ood : '
Protected in exits by tbe Government of the
Coiled States suprxirting ti e Sultim of Turkey
In his noble resolution to tndergo the very dan
tfer of a war rathvr than leave unprotected the
rights uf humanity s gainst' Busso-Austriaa !es
potimn: Restored by the United States to life, because
restored to freedom, and by freedom to activity
in beball of tluwe duties which, by my nation s
unanimous confidence atid sovereign wUI.de vol
veil Upon me:
Raised in the ryes of m oppressed nation to
the utiitiding nf a Imrbenger of hope, burn use the
star spangled banner was seen cast in protection
around me, announcing to the morld that thore is
a naTio..,aiike powe,iuias irve.reauy to protect ,
the laws of nations, even io distant parts of thai
earth, and in the person of a poor mile
r. i.. .
Cl.eerud by your penple'a sympathy so at
frcemvn cheer nut a man whateve, but a prin
ciple: j
I now bow before yoo, sr, in the proud posi
tion or a rUtluh'i guest, gcuerously weleomed by
resolution of the Congress erf the United Stales,
with equal generutity approved and executed by
your Excellency.
I beg leave to express my fervent thanks, in
my own name, and in the name of my as.oci
atei, who, after having shared my m it for
tunes, have now the reward lo share the honor
ine nonor
. , ,i .. . ,, . n ... -
nd the benefit winch the great Republic c ' lU
gary by bestswing it upon its freely chosen chief,
when hu became a persecuted victim cf dseputic
I beij 'caTe ' express tnyi ferrect thanks, in
my country's name also, which, nniiJst the sor
rows nf its desolation, fuels cheered by your coun
try's generosity, ood looks with resolution to the
impending future, because it is confident that the
time draws near when the eternal coad of the
laws of nations will becume a reality.
Mr. l'rcsidtint ; I stand before your Excellency
a living protestation against the violeuce ol for
eign iiittii iereticc oppressing the sovereign right
uf nations to regulate their own domestic concerns.
I stand before jour Excellency a livinjj pro
testation against centralisation oppressing the
State light ofsclfgoverrimetis.
May I be allowed tu take t for anauiruryof
better limes, that, in Inedini: vB tfe.iv o! tins
glorious Republic, I landed iu-al.eeainj power -
fu! country, whose Uniured Chief Magistrate pro
claim, to the world that this country cannot re
main in-'iftcrerit when the btrong ai m of foreigi!
pu" .... ucU . mnt puuue .enunieni anu
cpr the spirit of Ireodutu in any country.
I thank God that he deemed me not unworthy
tu act and t sufTor for mv fathi rlatid.
1 fl... .......... f... ...... .
' """;"". '-i ,y co.imry oe-1
"mo bo intimately connected with the fate nf
,ly ,nl.'J '''uopcndeiice of nations us Europe as
formei ly it was iiitiinattly conni-ctcd with the se -
Mr, i- .,1 (' ,r,..u..l.....
--".' ' "
' muua i.ou nanny cotititiv s unmcrueu voo
and my personal lulTerin-- became an opportunity
dii tree. lone of interniitiuual iusticr, nnd the co-1
lunvn of freedom on Ihe earth, as it ia alreudy an i
uryluii! of the oppressed.
Sir, I ph-dge to your country the everlasting i
gratitude of Hungary. " j
Tbe President replied briefly to M. Kossuth's 1
adJress, In substance, a Nlows : I
I am har-ey, Governor Kossuth, to welcoms
fle.isi.rt! to congratulate y.,u upon your release
from a long confinement in Turl'ev, Jd your sufe
arriral hete. As an individual.' I svn,.,.tbize
u o .on ..no. oi iieeuom; auu it; eivcs
deeply wilh you in your brave .tiuSL-le fur ihe in
' 1
' dependence and freedom of your native lund.
1 n American people can never be indifferent to
'urh " w',e". hut our policy as a n.iti in ibis
resr.ecl has I....H iiiofor.,. f......
mel.tofourfiovei nment '.ind mv ow, v :;
cum Executive Magistrate urd.;. natioi,..;;
fit iv..i .-.. .-
'"i"r,"ru o-"' mo.si.ge
10 ""'" .vou ,!av hf,n P''ned to
n"de. Ihey me the s.inie, whether speaking to
uugirss ncte, or lo tne nations ot Mimpe.
Should your country be r.-stnred to indepen
ucuce nun ireeuom, i siiould laen wish you, as
1 the greatest blessing you could enjnv, a restora
tion to your native land ; but, should that never
happen; I can only repeat my welcome to vou
and your Companion. Lre, and pray that God's
. , J. I ' .
blessing niay lest upon you wherever your lot
may be cut.
M. Kossuth nnd the rrcsiiKut entered into a i
Conversatiim in regard to the present condition of
Hungary mid the general politics of E.iror.e; tlui
. . . 1 '
llllerview bellic conducted w tl. no.lonl ...r.b,.lo..
and friendliness.
ai u cuHe, 21. lvKiitn, with
Mes.ra. Shields and Sewurt leturnvj to his hotel-1
Kossttil'i Idsas or pAitnxs.-Iti bis reply tr 1
t . . . . ... , . ',. i
the Jackson Association, at V,,sh,Kin City.
Kossuth L'uve the following felicitous illustration!
0f il,a ndvnntuges resulting from Party Or - unt -
v 9
il .m.l
1 tnke ., for ., proat fortune, a great benefit,
""" 1 "av "everui opportunities, tn luurn
political party tu which yn'i belong by
y mt "tme, has iinticipiled some of llie-e pi inei
l''L'' ,h0 realisation of which i. connecied wuh
,nY mUHt "b'1" wishes, I take tbis fur a Very
'"'PI'.' circumstance; but I know that there ar'u
,wo K"'nl parties, nnd that 1 believe to be a for-
t 1 I. . I . . w . .
luimie iniiig n.r me country Itsell, because H cv
"Y "''' o bidong lo one psily, there would
Ion v he a nni b.i.rul e,..i.lp,i...n r
."y unilateral considerntton of every que. -
;" (Laughter Ju urder to grind vthcut'and
A-Hir of two stones, you know, are neces -
""'J; Kenovved Laughter One must rub
n.,in.t ,i, ..I,.. ..,.i i... a ....
Applause. And so it i. with truth. ... it is with
wlol'l :'Vv, V, ,T" 7'y ",e Mr,jr' 3,9,1
Would nnt he the intelligent noonle vou nra
.., ..,..i Him, i.wiiiv. uii. ...v iiuio.
would not be the pe"ple that 1 have seen, who
take no doctrine, bo principle, no assertion upon!, r"lt"f,n'' TaiKst ti AmittA Tt'E Mi
...... ..... .... r - i J . . . 1 . I b... Ilit.fttA nf .lin Nlli .l. .1.. e.l...
,...ui. .mu iho lairworuioi wmtever Vou lueel;
but yu consider yourselves iudiresof d,trii.es
.. . -.,.. . . . . ,
nnd piinriples, nnd having c.mie to a cutiricliun,
47 for tha year, nr one in 282. This ex.lihitn a
1 greater degree nf health limn is found in any other '
part of the world. The emigration to thu teirl.n- i
ry sinca the taking nf llw census Iras Incrcnsod
Ubepopulutientolo or 20,000. I
LIf8 On a Desert Island.
A I i ; t i i-i it i i ; umv iun uiiuii uieb ii vm; iu l.i a out n a a lies
large ship of the most dishevelled ami ...- i i , i . i
. r . .. , , graft on nar oatiuual cliarur er and r'i;t"in, ntid
seedy appearance, standing towards us fiotu the 7, ..... r.. , , . , .
,( l r ,,. ...!.. l, u I Ihe estimate uf thvm by a di'liniiiahed man iniiv
South, siioailiug teat she wants to spiak. Wet, . . , , . . t, i
he to. and a boa? come, on board. It is the Eli j UJ f nl""1-. 1 "-
,h, wh.l ,. .r. . and .... liound ' P"td: eht!y returned from California, say.:-
al.. Ul t I l.s..l.. i I. ... 1 ..a .1 . I
Cnef. WaLs. and ...k. off ihrv- Fnl!,hmn. i
i.i ,, l., , . , ... ,;;
. ... .1 1 "1 . - - . 11
lu ui 111 tun mmi, nnu uirir siory was va iihiuh..
"Tbty made part of the crew of a schormer,
fitted out at the Mauritius, fur the whale fi.htry
of the s'iulh, and which bore up to tbe C'roxet.
. u..u w.. 1 -. .. .i. 1 . 1. .. .
11 iiui vi wiicr. 00 lira J mm ma kvii, iu.n i
no boat could be sent ash., and afw Irving all
around the group fur a landing pi
, ., ri,i .1 . i
'Und the group fir a landing plsce without e( -
feet, they Weie driven at last lo run the schoon
er Sshurenn the smoothest beach they could find,
where she soon went to pieces. The maiu body
of the crew built therunlve. a bout out of Hie
timbers of the wreck, and, embarking in her,
m. cmgaraing in w,
were never mors beard of. Our three sailors
built themselves
years, having
wreck of tin schooner, anil am
provUinns in the sen animals
themselves a hut in a little cove, where .... ... . i '
r. ..aa . ..: , t r. u . -Jj ....... ' Chinese are sharp observers, and very solici-
founrl a spring of fresh water, nnd there!, . . ,. r , , ,.J . ,
, j i .... ,i.. ,. ' . r . i '"us to learn tho reasons fur, and the objects of
; ah j bitd. teithi!'7.r.s rhrH? nhf'
which the Island nboundud, and which were per
(cctly tame and fcai lea. A diet of penguins and
sea linns seemed to agree Well with thcin, for
they were uncommonly fit; and though exposed
much to the weather In their Robinson Crusoe
life, hid the fairest red ricd whits complexion I
ever saw. I mention this, as there may be soino
natural kalydor or amnndiue in the air of the ',
Croxetn, which our Rowlands nnd other enterpris
ing p.riumera are trying alter in vain. 1 he
three rhen had remarkable air of simplicity und
j rrP(ul0U, confidence, acquired no doubt by so
,orijJ n M60CUJ,;0 iM-caWrt, boobies,
iT. j.
On inauirintr into their mo le of proceedure-
they told me that, having no fire arms, it was no,
ceasary to keep on good UrniB with the other in
habitants; and although a dead body must occa
sionally be seen about, still their object was to
baffle the coroner as much as possible. They ac
costed their seals with frankness, stealing, how
ever, if possible, between the waler arid them ;
and being provided with a short club, gave a non
chalant tap on the nose to some unsuspecting vic
tim, or quietly dividing the iueulnrvein nf a wol-
rus, walked away, leaving the bystanders to im
: u. : i . ... . r. ...
i wo... (tcuit.rnv inev pienseu. in me cnie
. of tne lor Mn.un. wi.hHwhn.n thev were in
he habit of romnine for exercise, thev danced
tnem on tn soihe quiet nook, and thenpnvily ties
patched thcin. But the walrus was their piert
deretittanei, and supplied them ns well with oil
for their lamps, as tyory, of which, and die rich
. ' . . . . . ..
feather, of the large grebe, they had collected a
valuable stock In tho spring, they feasted lux
nrlmislv, not only upon eggs, but youni? albatross
chickens, which attnitl hearly (heir full six be
fore Iher can fly. These good times they dwelt
Upon with much gusto. The winter they la
scribed tts very severe, with tremendous gules
and snow storms. During the two years no ves
sel came in light. A lanprt Vcycp to the
rolnt in which thn rnrisians
Anirricnn Ildncniion
'1 he XDOft palatable of vegetables is sweet
, gi ecu corn and they will not be long in intro
ducing it into Paris but the art of eating it mud
be taught with somo enre and pains. The Paris
eorrcsnondent of tho 7V;A,. thus d...eril,. il.
giving a fir.-t lesson :
You are probably- aivafc (lint Con f Indian
Corn) is unknown in Taris. It ia neither known
' " ..., .. lieu.
as green com. nor as aft eet corn, uor as pop corn
, co.n in the kernel, or corn on the ear. Il is'
I rHrely seen, even when ground into Indian meal
. I sp.ik of Paris and the ileihlK.rlu.o.l nrdv for
. .. ... . . " . . - '
I I oelicve Unit it is cultivated ill tin. South
Hrill'S Inn Inni Art a. unl i.n.l... I ... ,.n MA ..r
J,.. I ......b, i:...
oisniiguisri.u u, e Ainericuns Iroin tbe liencli. by
noticing who accepted and who declined. 'I lie
I'irnier were eager to renew an acquaintance long
since interrupted, while the latter fought sin',
and kept the waiters at buy. Il f. ll lo my hi;,
however, to initiate into the mysteries of llii.
novel vegetable a young rr.nch lady at my right
hand. To her, the ear uuoii her pli.lo was a rev -
) ,.n.io1
ItS Slllllie Was .lliomnlons iia o,lor am
K"",r.' "'"' "lf manner P ea-ing .1
I ! , I3t""" l,,""'"m!-' "
1 ' nmn,v1nn "'' '"I""?' payed through
1 R.v. 1 inMsj inuill. H 1 1 II JUlw.iJl II
mere rinJ. inrliisiiig ilic pulp in the iMerinr ? Cr
was it nutriment to the con-, prut riKOulvnce ti
Ihe centre f Iid it hnve n -.tone t Did it intoz -
......., . ..ouoi .11.- I'll, e si:ov I
irate hkp the maguey I Would the juice start
i r "v" ' r? r-
i ,"(
e trrtiMmde of the tnnd-tnnl I Ky thi, time.
her ear wus ready, buttered, sal'ed, and each
row slit through the centre. I fl itter myself
that the utter failure of Ihe expeiiment can in no
way be attributed (n want of skill here. My pti-
pd cat about half a iloiibla row, and then retiied
from tho field, conteiit with Ihe Inuruls she hail
wan, but perplexed by the cob. nnd sorely teased
' ' ' , k'": Y"lcn ni" 1k"r,".l',,
I " M l 7' i '' 1" l"kl? nml
. Vl.a Cllfll.l.t e,l l.i L-.O-n Imp ri.,m A........
prove lo In r that however lightly she mieht
--- iM.,,,u, iu
.runt il. i,iT..ii.;;.i.r i ...i.t.. i, i..
former limes, the subject of thanksgiving ir if. liole
fees and nations. I sent her an engraving from
- ,r - ,''l,ll'i' fr'.-l.tru! picture of ,i "Chippewa
11. inc. In fbfi.it! .1 .. 11 ,. ;.l. f n .s ,
I ... '"" . " I ui' eu v mil.
LTnu tn nr.d prffidrd over the liarvt'.ttinfr nf nr-li
pioduet. just such a deiiionslrutiou would bo !
acceptable. Thu ilenitiniaral orgies in which'
"" Chippewss were indulging, could not be I
more fittingly introduced than at a Grccti Corn
Fes,,ivil.- ' 1 ,
1 Dvtt.v LiftE or Illinois Rivin Stilvmeiih
.... . . . ,...,b.r
oe Ol. A.OUIS nei,MllleaU. Ol till, foil o.sl
" I Z " XIVT: :! T
t ween that City atul L.i Salle. Tho owi.ns nnd
C.iptnins of five popular nnd fast Strnmcr nre
parties tnthe arrangeniPiit, nnd the Republican
bus full confidence that it will be catried into ef
fect inihU'diiHtly upon the opening of navigation
in the stiiing. It is their determination that a
boat shall leave both Point. verv dnv nl nl.
en hour, and arrive at such an hour a's tc ill n.n-
m.n wlt, ol.r iine, j" ' ' " ' '
I . ll" mmT. ".ne'- 10 lnillre eeitmnty in
,' Zr X of the bortiesto ,Z nZ 7
rZi drl 'ZX nT '
; (nm 'M f)l fyiturc i' ;
r.silurs- Unit u... ,,,,,, i..."
"'"J ,,ic"r- " " it mo amount of for-
n.iinrn ... ,,, .... ,,.:... i i , .. ,
1 10 T""i-' Erring 1.1
........ .... ... ,,. ,,, .,,,,,-,, uul Mori,.os,. o is
every I o-inie cj
-rr TVienar.
" " "" -"oim uc iciiow-
,n :
tiiuvatitii Orioli. PfiMt nl the Perish rtinrel,
nt Casera, w as convicted on Iho 2th of October,
of having, by mentis of money and persuasion, at
tempted to induce several Austrian soldiers p.
desert; ho pos-esud, further, 11 copies of a rev
olillioiuiry writing, dated September, 1 8.M. which
tended to the overthrow of the present legal g,..
vernnient of his lumeiial Maieaiv. tin id..
ground of hit proclamation i..,,...! hv hi. f,...l
letter, Governor Marshal Count Radezkv he
was' condemned tu ileal h. and the sentence" '.-xe
culep at four in tko nftcrnoutt by powder and
h-C ' 1
VOL. XII.-NO.22.
I Tnn S'rw Grtarr o Aktkicam Srt W
, I 1. .1. . .-M : . ... .t ..
"For more limit two wars I bate beet, comer-
,ant- r"1! " '" "uulbrr "f. "",
extrnoimnntv pflople, the Chinese.
.have I found thrm ptws
pth-aciisvd of a happy dipoi-
j tiun, very in Jastirivjs and persevering, pali.nt in
e.idurant eof hnlliip. faithful in their obilgslioini.
and ttuiijcrful in imitation. In no case have I
di.coveieJ any ne of (hum nn sgrossion in a
. , .1. - ... - , ., .
T" i1'.?,"'1. f f!'"y'r th.trong
'uiiii. 1 ovv itru verv eiirr 11 Iran te lanuae,
1 1... ... .i ... , t .7 C
hubits snd ru!t:ms of the Americans. In tbv bu
siness ol gold digging I had some contracts with
a company of tbein, executed In their own pecu
liar mode and U.uid writing, which I should have
Uren nnppv to have presented to the society, had
, ... , ,. ........ - .
;. vl r..v. r
' llc .ir.iv u. 100 aii-uiuer ui. mi vvy noiiie.
will soon catch the
spirit of our free institutions, nnd rapidly become
Ainei lcamzeu. I he san.a may be said of tin. Ja
panese sad Hindoos fortuitously In California."
World's Fair, l! Xxw-Yurk. We neither see
uor hear anything about the arrangement, for the I
great t air proposed to cume olf next hpring but
coW eenis an authentic mention of it,
fium thu Luroutan Timet: fliome Journal
"The proposal for holding an industrial and fine
arts exhibition at New-York, in the spring of next
year, upLtara likely to rcalue the Lest expecta
tions of its projectors. Although no steps havei
yetbecn taken for ascertaining ihc tiuinbor of per
sons in the United Stales who may w ish to avail i
tl.eru.elvuj of the opportunity of displaying the!
vaneu products ol in jit tuduslry, upwards of unc
thousand applicant, fjrepaee have alreudy been ' ('u,'t!ey. the other great leader of the Hungarian
received from the agunta in tl'.u country, mainly Wnr Independence, drags on a lonrly and
from Drituh and foreign exhibitors in the'late great ' moiiutoiiious eiistitice at Kingenfurtb, iu t'arii
exhiliilion. We are Informed that among tho in- i ,,lln' a 0,17 ,n,lcl' fe'drlHl to tiy peiisiMisd tfli'-eis
tending exhibitors are hi. Hovul Highness Prince of Austrian army. There he lives Willi his
Albert, who has signified his'itilriilion of forwar-1 "?. cousuting of his wife, a single clnld, w.w
ding some of his furm-produce, und the Duke fj but llneu month, old, n woman setvaut, and a
Devntiihiro, who eohlcniph.te sending Vai ious I "'uieri w''i wus bis attendant through the war;
articli from hia n.o.sie.. enll-.-ii..,, ,.( ir..,L-. r eel little society, hardly a f.itt.ilv bt the citv
art. li .i uii Marochetti has engaged to execute an
equestrian slutue of Getierul VViibhiiiiton: !dr.
i collussal statue of Daniel Webster; M
I v...-.1 ... 1 :.. . !
Monti is engaged in the production of one of his1
veiled figures, nnd Mr. Manning has consented to i UP51 P''yieal cbeiinstry ft. a few pemma. Of
send hi. l'ronielheus, a Status of hor Maje-ly and ' n;o"ey ,1! na P,Bllty 1 from the Austrian tlovrfn
Prince Albert, and seven.! other articles ol aculp. I ment he receives a yearly petiaiiHi of S.OtHi flut-
lure. The building 111 which the exhibition i
be held will, it is stated, cover an aiea of seven
acrea, and Sir Joseph Paxton is at present enga
ged in the preparation ef a design, which he in
t. D l. to futuuil to the promoters of tho underta-kin-'
1 lie first of Febiuarv is tho last day for
rei eivinc a pi icitinns f ir spam, and Ihe i xlul.il i..n I
is expected ti. open on the 16th of April. Mr.!
Riddle, the Aweiiciiti CoiiimiSsi itier, has ret'ir- j
tied to New-York, where the experience which :
he has obtained in the umnaguniiut of affairs con-1
ncctcd nilh tbe great exhibition will, no doubt, I
be brought to bear in making the necessary nr-1
rangeiueuls lot tbe pruio.ed trausullaulic exhibi
tiuu." A tajtccup holder, which is much in the
hand during visits, is nn article of great luxury in
I ,llc tMtt- ' Hultttn ":' K'r" beautiful
ii ml rnst)v one to an American oenllcninn. Mr.
Wright, the inventor of a mucin le for making prr-
...-iwnv,,, ciii.ii, me prcseiu .a n nuer one
from Iho fact that a coffee cup, in the East, is a
sort of percussion cap t-j conversation. I
Illustration is a great Wfnpnn of e'oquence-
uuu pu- ii. onions, n en vris'.-u in ine Illi.iL'erv ol
; I hu l.ioip ., i- hit i!-,nir.il, ...a o. .1,1 inn I .......,.....:
A 1 .1. 1 '.i... .... ... ... t
. '
Di-ro-trtr nrTiiE IIur.e. Hursgs dliTer ns
, much 111 tluir dispositions as men; while some
, are gentle, intelligent, and capable of learning
almost m.ytl.iri. others ate dull, stupld.stubboiti,
1 1111J headstrong, it being nltiio-l iinpo.aililu to
, leach them nnyi'tinis bt't to kick sod bile. A
1 horse th.it is c.-oud and hirrh sniriled would suit
A .Illlll that is SII1-I1 ntll.-b I.Mll.ir ll,:tn nn tlm! i.
; -u ami logman,-; whilv the contrary, al
i d", 9,u' l'1 nii,n w"1"1 lwf" a lke ,' I
-e.l. or at any rate, be would not have hm. long, I
! p''-i'.'jn of rt Imrso n:i v lo knr;wn ly tlievhape f
t'l A hfirse with the eves wide npart, pro-!
: nittient and round, and with bont clevMtt-d I.
.1 l"r NTT WiMIIII Utfl IIIllB II KH llllUMfll. n Ulst-l
i tweeti and above the e cs. and wide between the
: ears, i, kind and courageous, gentle, tradable
, t?
f.rni feds, readily i.n lerstanilinrr the wnrtaof Li.
muster, und always ready tn comply with them,
Some horses ar naturally timid rttid' shy ; all such .
I horses are n.il row between tbe enrs, like tlie rab-'
j bit and the .leer, are dang-rous nn, difUcult to!
inninge, nnd therefore should ntver be selected '
' fm treiurnl purposes. I
I had onco such a liorsp ns f!rst above dcscritied, '
' "";" oi,.e rno says, "coula lo every tiling i
i , M ' '"!' T!'K'1 "'; .'" . ftk," ? i
,,.i,t 1,,. .,... l.l. A... ..... I. Al. .......... ...1.. ..I
., ,a ,,.,-, ,ci,n, ini'g mviiuiii IlKOCliIl-
iiiiuiil requisition tti express bis nieiinine. Mv
b.iMiie-s I. ing ncross '.be country and by bad roads,
it was only necessary for tlie to Iny Ihe rein upil
bis neck hv would take mu thruugh llietn ; and
during the worst nights of weather that wero eve-
known, amid thunder, lightning, ruin, and hail.
1 of biivr. nnd wid. viuir-sfli nt hutiw. fl tilt VAI. 1
wore soon thele. " I
- r .,,.'
Tut two C.ovnrisnn. 1-ici.nn. Wo believe there :
have been one o. two instances, but we cannot j
tnw remember them, where two brothers have i
I !,e'" lf"v''n""' "f States at one aud the same time :
. , ,t , ,,., ,.n ........ .. ... .
" " ramus .iiutiiiuiiini
h.ivo bean o far ap.rl under such peculiar cir
cumstances, us is now thu case with the lliglcrs of
Pennsylvania. William Iligler is (.HVerimr elect'
of Pennsylvania, nn l hi. biolber, John Rigler la
gitvernor elect of Ciliforiiiti. One will have chatgp J
of the Kevstiine of the inch, and the other over
llio Eureka of tlie Cimfedcucy. One will govern
on the Pacific and the other on Iho Atlantic.'
One will be chief ningistrntn of tha Stale of mine
ral fields of iron copper and lead, iho other chief!
magistrate nf untold deposits tifgol l nnd silver
pi .it in , and mountains of cinnabar. To wind upi
urn story, limy were formerly punters, nml win
ked us journeymen in Cluiified county, 1'ctiiinvl
Fx run tn Our exports of domestic produce
fir the current veil, exceed the.se nf last vear hv
Kotm -Turks Millions of dtillars. Dmi't furgt't
tlint. Our wilniiss i-i l'lesident Pillmore. Ha
doubtless stated Ihe f.n-l with reluctance. lirrnuu
he tries Iu pettifog out of it. So do the Whig
press here, lint slick 'cm tu it Mil. Adc.
Pl'NNsVt.VAN-IA I.F.(INUT-C. Baltltnntf, Jllb.
6. The Members of tbe House held ii caucus to
day. The Dernocrita nominated John U Kliev
"f Armstn.ng C . p,.;ikei-, by ncclanitttinn. In
the Whig ruiieiis John Walker of Erie wus liomi.
n iteil for speaker,
Jenny Liml Ins received information of the and
ib n lb-alb . f l.er mother ; her concerts have been
nha.ndiMii.il ntnl she will pruliably kavu on the
ficxt ttcatuvr for Luropo,
Tbe Vmm,
TU Kaliooal IiitsUurrtKsf speak Bf ( 1 1,1.
die at the Cauitul, says: - .
An migii.ai purtialt uf CwluauWa; a srs.asd
portrait of Columbus; an mlgmsl uurtrsit uf
fry tun IUmlolpk; a part rait of llul.tar; a f
trait id llaroo Slrub.ii, by Pyas, au rjiUl art
1st of mrril ; one of Bans. Du Kb ; im t
Corte" ; and one of Judge Ilaasaaa, of liar) fault,
pies. filed ri the Library by his !anii!y ; " ttss)H
eleven and Iwetvu hundred brcoaa ujrttals of i sss
Yattemai rXihatigr, some of tbi-nt auure tlitta
ten cintnties old, and esceeduifly perfect, ara
stnongst tlie valuoldva detltttyed. Of the stsiu
ary burnt and rendered ui ildva, e tecolW. I
statue Of Jefferson; an Apolld n broniv, by
Mills ; a very superior bronte likent-sl bf Wa-h-iiigton
; a bust uf Uvneiat Tavlor, by ait- Italian
artist ; and a bust uf Lafayette, by Diivid.
V have only beard of tlnre books siweil
from 'Ju-principal l.ibrny.nanely,thr Lihfeium
Regiftrr, an Aeenunt bik. and an mid Tolnsneiaf
b-rd Kingsbury's uiagniiicyiil wk uii the an
tiquities uf Mexico.
We must my that we consider Iliu system,
adopted by the tintertiinciit f,a ih proirciii
the public buildings and property ewvetiiially
defective, aa the various uuiiiiiigrati. wtm-k
have tuken plnre Cvl of the War Uliic Rod
ding, n.it hf ibis very library part of the Cupitol
in IH'JO; then of the Treasury building, next of
the General Tost OtHce edifice slid now the Con
gressional Library again must fJroVe.
Tbe Vallit!jtuii Souther I'lb.s, sprakinj of
the fire, says:
'J he extent of the loss inflicted by (tils disaw
trousfire it isinipoaiibletosvrnealiiiinls. Since
the act of Omar, nd single fire has wrought su. Ii
oestruciien ol article impuibie Ire again re
placed. Tbe cot of the boobks is e.tiioaiej at
abuut a quarter of a niillloh of dollars ; tlai dam
age to the building must also rut yruierolr;
hut the great loss is in the destruction nf th
collection of rare and valuable works, MS3. and
others works which no expenditure of money,
no toil, or energy, can pos.ibly ngsin rsil.rV;
Such a loss may well be regarded in the light f
a general calamity ; and the labors uf ilss .ludeiil,
the researches of the wriirr, and the verification
iT Ucls by the politician, will all U rvtard.nl and
ptkvchted be nceforth bv this sweeping destruction
of the authorities which could alone be feuud in
that collection.
Tho ioss is not ti local but A fvneral rne; and
over this funeral pyre of so much learning, every
educated man and the country will mourn, there
are some things which cannot ) tvptoccil. her
siihatitulrs found, and eriiplmiieallv surb wer
the collections whi. I. had accounted" iti ll.at Li
brary since Us foundation.
Til r. Two LrAJjI.m. While Kossuth. i rrssriv irs
the ctilhmioHlic. iyuilia'hv, admnatirn and avais
t snce of tha people of England nnd America,
naving boiignt lusiicquntntuiice. lie lias but n'm
intiini.te friend and that is an Erglehiiuiti. His
time it paa-vd in study in studying chrmUtiv
"ml phy'. his chief atuu-rment is lecturing
i..!'"i "d lru tli.il of Ituaxia he l.a. received
6O,0T)0 silver rubles. He i very rarely seen in
public; shout once a month his wife prevail, (i'i
him to take a walk for the sake nf hi. hralth, but
in general he avoids appearing ubmat. 'lue
coaiinon people regard him with aversion.
The contrast in the present cendiiion tifihr't
two leaders of Huagary la tin greater than tl
ci.litrnt iu iheir rhara teS and Conducts. 1'a h
is endowed with euiinetil abilit as and each bad
opportunities seldom allotted lo men, Kiwvntli
was fiiiliful lo bin country uu.l to ldrty ; tior
gey be tr n veil both. The one never filled so large
a place In'lhe esteem or the affection, of tbe riv
iliied world ns now ; the other ia despised and
detested. The patiiot as Wvl! as the traitur hal
hb reward.
Panncrssor Pan.iioAiaj. The Ot Cai'road in
the State uf New York was tha Mohawk aud
Hudson, sixtren miles in length, new called tha
Schenectady. It was commenced in lhSO, and
finished in 1833 only eifchiecn years ago. On
the first or January last, there were in operation
!u '.tie Slate of Jfew York, me thousand four hun
dred ml'es of railroad, costing t68,10J.OOO.
There was nearly the same number nf miles in
vi i .m.. :.. .i... v. r i .....
. . .. .
'"'"" " i" i,oi, cusiing yyu
j,i;o. The tutul in nonunion in the United
States in Jatiuiry, 1661, we. 8.i7, ciMtitig 2t 7
4 15 1'7h. Since then, u sutlicivnt number of wilea
has been completed to increase the grand total
to 10.000 mites, nnd il.e amount wl iiiveatiiifuts
to tjSiO.nnn.o'jo. Pour vciirs ago. Hurt wss
j nuuui nail ni.tt itujt'uiii 111 i.'iiuruiiuii( m ni.tT vv
'.,,,. fru, ,i.s riio,v..r tllbi... showing ih. Vr.
l I...tf r, ... . ' a - . . lv
i o . ai r
gieas of railinadk in the United States, from tin.
; conimLiiceinent iu lb:'7, tu the clo." of the Jtar
! 1 S5l :
1 Year Miles In operation. Yest. Miles in operation.
hs3-J. .
is 10. .
IU It....
,3 650
If we advance in the same ratio for the future.
what will be the oumber nf miles of railroad
twenty years lietice, and how rapid will he lbs
transit, at the rate of from one thousand to f.firt 't
bundled miles per day, frem the Atlantic to tho
Pacillc, nnd from Nova Scotia to Tuhauntepcc '.
The lailioad chuiu will so unitu and connect the
most distant (Hunts, that Ihe idea of this Conti
nent being too large and tinweildly fur one rrpub
lie la prrposterous .V. )'. eali.
PoHmAtt to Prc-xrvz. A visit to the chi.f
otieer of California ia ihui dosci.'bed by tt writer
from whom we have just quoted : '
"While nt Maryville, I could not resist Ihe
teni tm ion of paying a visit to Hock Farm, Ihe
sent of the celebrated Capt. Sur.er. I mounted
n California hor-e, and in cempany with a frieud.
crossed thu Feather River, at ' point near ra
junction with the Yubi; and after a elelihtf;,!
Sa'ltip of seven miles, reached the veunao's man
sioii. Ciipluin Sutter had just recovered from a
severe illness, but met u. with ail tie cordiality
of an old soldier, and a gcutltman of tie t ! J
school. Tho Captain has a flue bcnrvi leut si
jires.'nti rf rtiuhtcnnnce, and appears to Ui about
lifiy yours of age, (though he issomewhatoldrr.'l
mid retains nil the fire and vivacity of youth
While coiivcr.ing upon thu subject of Califurn a
ns she wus before the fired ol imrnig'atieo, l e
becomes eloquent ; find at he draws from his store
house of memory tho scenes ot his early life in
California, and 'fights his laities e'er again,' Pt
listener cannot but feel delighted aiib the remit)
iscctices, nti.l drnwn wilh heart thi illing warmth
toward the venerable narrator. He has twosoi.s
with him on tbe farm, and a lovely daughter,
who, it istuid, is shortly to I united to a tall
Yiiinontrr. Even at the present lime, flowers
are still in Moom in his parteirr; tabliss of crim
son, pink, and varied hues, slill mar their beau
teous heads, while the air is filled with Ihe fra
(jiaiicc uf ihe beautiful mignonette, and the as
ters of (he Feather River gilds noiselessly alei g
within n few yards of hi. dwelling. The whole
place has an air of raininess and pesre, w hich one
would imagine to be congenial to the decliuin;
veins of the veteran.
Mi smi it a Li'.uhkr Tradx. It is estimated ihst
from ten to lifte. n millions ol fret of fnt lumber,
in the log, Ins vissr. down thu Mississippi river
the Jin-tent seasuu, fiuui abuvs ths Falls ul til.
The St. Anthony Expi sss, in spcV!ng of tits
rxteiisive i.riiingcmenla Cl are now being added
In it, I' present facilities at that poiu. r tbe wan
tif.iciureof liimWr. .ays, that the iraMenre IBU'li' t
of thia nnt. rial coming dowu fruoi the et.u.ive
pineries above, will no Uati' er pass lUs ViU- 1 '
be wasted in the swamp sod bayoes tf tbj Mis
sissippi below, as eclensiM saw mills art Uirg
oreeicd, nml "the frolicksame waters which have
been ao lonj accustomed, n fresdam, lo leap su
lightly dow n the precipice, to sport and gambol
awny at their own swuet will, begin to wear a
sterner aspect, ns if comcioui of approacliiiij; re
itruint nnd sctciluile.

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