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for PREsirrT,
Democratic Klrolornl Tick?!
Tar Z7.cf.wa.il I.argt.
A M. HFKRITX. f Kane,
lat. MFRRITT I.. Josl.VS. M McHcnry.
M. Ufa. II MAIIFK. ii Omit.
frt. MII.TN T Pl.TEK.. f r.orran.
4th. RorERTM llol.LOWAT. of Warren.
b. JOHN P. RICHMOND. -f Pehujlcr.
rh . W. SUM I.TON, of .-hciliy.
Tth. O. B. FK'KI.IV "f('"l..
1'h. W. A. J. fPAEKS, ft Clinfnn.
f.b. JOHN A. LO;AN, of Franklin.
TTM. A. RlllIARPSON. of A.Uml.
Fir Li'UUnttnt HuTrruvf.
fnr Srrrrt-lry of Strff.
WM. II. SNYPEIU of Si. Uair.
For A''it,.r of PiiM!,- ArrounU.
SAMl EL K. CASLV, of Franklin.
JOHN MOOKE. of McLean.
Tr S'Trintrn'1rit ' t'uUtr tnMrwItnn.
J. II. .-T. MATfHEW, of Taicwrll.
Thinl li-iri.-fVK OS;fiI.
fnirth Wit.-f J. M. PAVIOSON.
r'ifk i'i-tri.-t i. n. mokris.
fi;th fUMtrii-t THOM AS I HARRIS.
fiermth IX-irirt AARON SHAW. ltmJ trnti.")
i. C. ALLEN. wrt
Z7.fi IHttrUt EOliEKT SMITH. iU,nQ t. -i-bi.)
J. L. V. 3IOKRISON, ('tort "
wiLLi.tn ii. av. trsiiji.tx,
WILLIAM P.AnHER, of La S.iUe Co.
r. A. ARMSTRONG, of Grundy Co.
Ucmocratic Connty Ticket.
For Sheriff,
NORMAN SMITH, of Freedom.
For Circuit Clcrl;
CEO. r.. RELFORI, of EjU.
For Coroner,
The Great Mas Meetiri? at Inrn.
Jiwt as we were going to press the dele
gation from this place returned from Morris.
They represent the meeting as immense j
not less than 13 to 2o,f0 Judge Dou.-las, 1
John Van P.uren, Francis CrunCand other '
addressed the immense crowd. I
Who are the Corrupt Politicians ?
The great and all important charge Lro't :
agaiust the mass of the democratic party by .
their opponents, is the charge that tiie-y have end his frien Is in C: i.r'rt.-s i.r.vo sustained
become coirupt, and bartered away their . him in all that he then sa! 1.
preat political birthright to the South, and 'I he fusion party have been wild and cn
slavery aggression. This charge is especial- , thuia-tic during the wh le- es.-i n of Con
1t dwelt upon bv those r-olitical hacks w ho ' cress in regard to all their great nn asures
have left the democrats ar.d joined the ranks ,
f the black republican crusaders. What ,
once was beautiful and patriotic in the de-
mocratic creed has now become unsightly 1
and loathsome to them, and all the evil the-v '.
once saw in the ranks of the enemy is now .
beautiful ami pleasing.
I!. C. Cook, the republican candidat? for
Scnator, in his harangues in different parts ;
of the district, wc understand is unsparing j
in denouncing the action of his former po-
litical associates, and sheds manv croeoe
ocodile '
tears about the party having left him, and
that h alone stands as the 6imon j-ure pos-
f-essor of all tho good and honesty that is
left of th Jtouo. Well, una majr oc tro
in his estimation, but we hardly think that
his evulence is suflicicnt to convict the great
mass of tho party of this grave charge.
Something depends, it is true, on how the
word corruption i.s construed and how the
meaning is applied. If he contends that a
man's, or a party's parity shall be judged by
his or their actions, independent of the posi-
r tt - i. , .. . .
i.. c IJietui, eiie-ii e ash. in wnai respect lias
... r ... , .. .
u fcjvai. iuaso ui i:.e uemocraiic pariy ever i
Reserved such strong condemnation. The i
assertion that they are corrupt and time- j
serving amounts to but httle in the absence i
of the proof, and especially is this the case (
ir ben an interested party gives the evidence. ;
Are we under.tood, or is cur language too 1
ambiguous to be readily comprehended? If '
po wc will illustrate by a short comparison I
of what we moan :
Suppose a man, and a lawyer, should be
elected to the State Senate, or the House of
Ilenrtsentative. and should reeeir. a fro of'
av Fits Thousand Itollarm from ten.,, rr.!'. i
road corporation for professional Services. I
ami at the tame time that he received it he
well knew that they had no use for his pro
fessional skill to correspond with such a largo
fee, but might have need for his vote to pass
the-ir treasures, would the presumption be
that hb is not only politically but mot ail v
corrupt, or must positive proof be adduced
to show that the money was given and re-;
reived, under the cover of a written sea' to
make the case clear to the minds cf all ho- i
nest men.
suppose two men are in company in the '
practice of the law, and one of thetn should
be selected :
take pay
ing Lim, 1
acted in
ents, or 1
rial was :
perhaps 1
party pa?.
mans acts or his words are to be taken as
ami raM I.y the neon! for trn. I Vnniiipr !? irhmmid in f 'o- r"inI.-. inia'gined than describe, I. A bev walkoil tin i . .. I i 1 : ir 1 i r . r . .,.. ... x e do in it env v bw fe.iiresj I.e rei 1c :(J ., . ;. ,1 r,-.M.. ilm I.,.l. 1 .. .. . ... ... .
- - - . - - - .... . ... - ... j .. ''intlcliat lire Ones .uiu innistui iuiu m.s i;imii y (I liven oil. It' , . t v...... . ,i3 iv..,!.,...-, v--ii- i. n.w ....ju.. , tki!siis wmitui r .irm ii iti.l. i lerii, ix areunuflc
criminals, and the other should "We this week announce the name of Mr. but another question came from his little! , T r i i .i. i 'should be renumbered that almost every ' Porrcspondeiice. 1 low abjectly mean he rhronicle. After a careful ex iminution, xve i 1 ' - . i' i--""'---. '"" r"r ,f"r,".:IT,
frr-m the same criminal for defend- ! Strain. .f the city of La Salle, as a candi- ' mouth nuito as shocking, to the mother as . . t J , 1 family in the border counties of Missouri ' ' , ,!!inft'1' '; ' hen the pubnc w . think we may say with tolerable certainty : l,, c.iii.t .hiffl;
t .t . , , . r .f r I .i c . - n ii- i- .t . , anu nan out oi tne Kansas aia magazine r have some connexions ettled in Kmsn if l,M1 " Ui!U loss'.-.i actcu as tne that t e extract is a wretclied lorgery, ami , s.ni-iti..i.s (,i.t:,i,i,i for men or women wanting r..rk ;
n-ou.d the presumption Lethal both ' date for the olhce of rroscctiting attornev in the first one. Pulling his mother at her i ... . ii''e.iej.isj.tiLit.(iin ivansas. II f . ,., . . , .-..i, r .i... i.n. i t .....I ........ i .-..iic.tii.iis mn.i.-: iin.l 9..1.1 ..r r.-ntcl or ..bnOiie.l tor
.mi r:.,, tn - ,- ,. !,. , . . .... . , - 1 , t , 7 .xi issourians go mere, it is to de-rend the i r ',.", '"""',". "'V , l"at ' " ' " " ! 'x--x- . uli wuIlt tl) ,, reI1, Al , .. ,1V1I1K ,,ro.
COOU Ialtll to their rcsncctivo rli. thru rfistrict p thi-hevp V.r S lin nlwo n dress, lie snx-s ; " Alfttlier T .tnthr ' ,!, . 1 . . r .1 1 -. . . . .1 for tho imirios of m;ikrn it ili.nsiiii.' In. . .i. j ..,!., f .,i .. ., If rl,.. . i.,i- i.f . . 1 ... .. ... ..n .. .
- ; - - - - - - 1 - " - - - , -j - - - i . - . . . I 11 r IllS OI Hie IT CI1 1 'iren A ia'n'e lOrCe IS ' 1,1 xnc- ..i.e .u.. ... w.n iv. . . ... v ... prriv I" sen or rem n ... li" wen in 1 .1... nil i.ur
that cither the pc-orle or the crimi- ! law rartm.r in business, and xve should like I Mr. .'". our mii.httr. ercr lit'" "Mv so AST. I nc Spnnghe.d Jovrnal ,,,,.;., ,.f ,,,riC ', 7 ,.n ,,-. falsely stated had its orioiii in a " gM.ibiing 1 tle I'ost will send us a cony of tho London 1 i- .r..r.,.ti.v a: il,i-o,ii.r M.,iU .t., Iluack- Itow.
fleeced? The correct answer might ! to know if he is to divide the profits of the child ! my child ! what has got over you ?- S, f-m the Territory, and their friends ; and ' tlJZ n 7i V ZhTt ' Tlf I tle u.,aw.
be -otat if it could Leshown which . oiT.cw and engage cases on the oth.r side. What do yo., mean ? Mr. P.oy lie! Why n(liU!UC Ior --ocrnor, in piaTC 01 .ur. ,1 the l. niteil .states troops wi.I let t:.em - u. ,( in a ' ; " ? ,' yiu: ,i...s.-ri,.t-r wi,!,.., ... r -i f -
J tho Lig-est fee. and whether a ! Shon'.-l Mr. Strain he Wtel the Sfat rx ill most certainly not. Is he not our minir ll0,,,nan- l'onS Jo!m ,ot liavinS " 'T U.K. ' ' . t ,Y- ., ' 1 i bling hell 1" Poor, pious llissell ! moral and ,. .. r..:.., e. (ii.-v.-r's a'.i litio,. t., the- town t im.. A.,.lytoj.
an index to his moral or political character. I de-s not want bis partner in business to take and sisters, father and mother, the other j ratification. If John says the word and all
It is time that democrats speak out and j the other Fide and elefend every scoundrel ! night at our house?" thc ot,,cr fl,sion PaPl'r8 in Chicago will fall
charge horn rn tluir villificrs and tra- , that may come along, even if be has money These remarks from tho mother apparent- j ifflinc. aml lhe wolk is doe-
lucers. are denounced as slave-drivers I to pay thc requisite fee. Come gentlemen, ly quieted the little fellow, yet thc mother I '.
negro-worshipprrs deserters of our chc- speak out, and let the voters know all about I saw that he was not yet satisfied. Nothing j T IT 80 ? LovnJOV, in his Foeeeh at thc
rifhed faith corrupt Utrnycrs of the north i this matter. In case the democrats donT j further was said until they were sitting a j ttawa nominating convention, gave the as
and doughfaces to the south, it IIS n,ea. , gt.t a ci,ance to vote for some one that has 110 ' the dinner table, when the mother Hated 1 surancc to his friends that he would get a
. (M VI
' W 8C j
Kepnblicaa Tlnndrr !
No more convincing argument of the r.M
.- . ' .
ffigacy of the Republican party can be found
than thc simple fact that tho moment thry
pet power they go to plundtring the nation's '
treasury. The members of the present re- . lrcaury in the manner represented by the
publican coBgress have increased the ir own Chicago Ucmorrat, Tote to elect Mr. Cook
ray from eight to about ?ixteen dollar per ' ?am to the s,atc Senate H.,s l,c not, in
day, or in other words have doubled their ! "J ri't'ort io lbe Senate cxl.onaratcd the
pay from what it was when they were elect- ! Govt'nor f"n all these charges and falsi -ed.
Thry refuwd to vote 4ruppli8 to our j fi,:,l evtr-v w orJ thnt Jobn bag uttered
rmy, hut the dear souls took irood care of ! ?aini,t him Is "ot well known that Mr
themselves. . )
Ai t Hail to the Puarie State ! If there
ever wa a time that a doubt existed as to
the TOte of tbi Stte be'"B east for Buchan
an and Richardson, it is now dispelled. We I
havethemosteheeringnewsiromailquarte-rs. since the adjournment of the legislature, in
The North will more than hold its own, . the employ of the Governor in a business
whilst the middle and the South will roll way? He a republican! Yes, as long as
up such a heavy majority as will stonih j tboy have favors to bestow, and honors to
en our most .sanguine friends. Illinois is ' grant, and no longer 1 "Welcome, thrice
Fafe for the democracy by thousands, and all J welcome ti all such renegades and trick
candid men admit it. .iter!!. -
'Explosion or II ambus.
The last ytar has witnessed the explosion
of more arrar.t humbugs than any quarter
of a century that lias rast ani1 furnishes a
fruitful theme for the future.
Less than cne year ago there was a strong
and powerful party, opposing night and day,
ly money and by the sword, the execution
of a solemn constitutional law rcuuirirz the
! rendition of fugitive slaves to their owners. !
! Then we heard at the street corners and in ;
the public rohtruiu severe lanua-e in its j
condemnation, and nioon-Vh'ne patriots
tlourifhcd for a 5ca?on in all the freshness ;
iwui.fi.in n'iua him
of pristine verdure worthy of a baler cause.
1 J
. . . .
.i,-t t;.,.o ;r.. . hs.d lutnots nu
ever the Union dcncur.tii.g the Kansas Ne-
briska bill. Us author was ttigm.-.t.zcd as a
traitor to his country, and even deserving
death. Then it was tho only string "ft tlie
tainine the ever
nf nntiiihir k:,v. rciL'nty that the people arc
f rnlntm- thtir own domestic
v .. .. . . v. .-o O
V,"c now hear but
.r..i. !i.i in 'f. .'l i!,..:. ,l...i.
... ., ... ,
iranrgcoa r..cn honestly regretted the ne- the hcaa oi a wm.ij, " - ...v- , " - . " lMWl,,""t".'7 .e.-j.en.. I the throne of the DJnuceian
IceXof this law, .n.r.!id from good ! great nUionnl party now contending ngainst tv here .own, ,n this young child's heart, copy the fo.lowmg from ho lort Ien-, lur.lruy. j onM-ieriog whaMitie
cc ty oi . .a an . . , i f h d sllouM ripca and bring forth fruit, will not worth paper of the 2oth ult. As this comes J-- ?'":a an-. ; , . ,iii ri(.:1I1 j,.,,,,,,!,, ,.f
n;0liTe?: ,,Un "it ' 'lrf ntic i ,'3 S f,'.lVv. 1 the sower reap a U-nrM harvest cf thorns from a paper printed in the territory, it ccr- Ulps. . , i "T e harvest in France i,
. about .t. Ubo Philadelphia convention ; 1 ho .n uuent a. f.ioA. . ! , t,..J i . serves moro crt(lit tvin llic ho!I)e . ...tend to r;rove hat the tt,r oV on0.
whih nominated Mr. Fremont for l'res,.lu,t j A fr.ci.a t.;c wrc.er o. , VJ" ,;... , K, ... fject,..:, is i.oi to . ueiong, ..ui 10 i.ok i-issei. s ; j. th:lt ,
-,vc all the excitement about the law the ' of the early settlers in Chicago, ana wnou. I ine great uu:,k e-i our i.auon cnsisis maue . .. - i-..-. . . , presumption m aru.g 10 reoei i:. i , ; (t(IS,;lt ( t!i(, tU!e of
' . .. . . , ..... v.., .i . P.,n f.lP Prc.sIJ.-it ! WL-hall call bv the name cf Mr. Urown, is ; in the unity of its members. Yiew it cither ' therefore ask the honest reader to g:vo u a ag-.-r-.-ions of the s.ave p-nve-r; and t...s ..., iv-Hi.-r.
" " !.,r,.-il.P wealthy and resected citizens of in a t-olitical or rclitfiotis bearin?. and still it careful perusal, and then dec.de who arc tho i l'f".-- r.ea-cr woi nnu m to loi.owmg: ,..,.,, !s ;l b,!! iant cb
lam of a t'.ouc.-.nd strins" that our Kcpub- land he has not been among the most laek- a;ly exclude ono or the ottier irom your j Uoes not hu.i mo n..u j.oj.i...i .m, oi i-.y j t, Tl. ,,. t.,.jvj . wlu.n ,.,,, some point c.
lican friends played nn, and the whole ! ward to contribute towards the support ofjchurcl.es and your altars. Henry JlJ V. t'Z K VT
connlry was traversed by political moui.tc- I the minister, or the temporal requirements ; i.eeener ..... amuv....s .o.u uo... y . .e- pcrty (lf tbc j ro.s:avory party. ' ' in n,. , Pit !v to !'- -,-c ,
! bsr.ki eltcouu. ins the H-mocrats for sus- ! of the church, which in that city is no small i i"g and prea :h:ng his fabulous stories of his , -or the last ci-jht weeks there has !,..:. a ,,, ' , .' f.ri.V ;i. .j .
ti.a -T..fl..f-rtT1;-.ti wtn-,. it.-., f.-. inpn t,Y wl:l t l anil fetJinUir.ir. ' l'.y.n.u t.iu i.'UiH. ii'Jif, ana hi.ni rt ujhi mmh.i "-' i " i-- f trt ((:. j ' 1( ! t ... i..M!t-r
nf nctmlar sovereisntv that th oeoide arc Amon- the members of Ins family is an only : ti.ero are many m.-n jusi a goou ciuz-ns ana
ciatlon oi it rccouea upon tnern wiin crusn- nun tor me aiuuuus uuiiws ui
ir.S force, and they have spiked their own It so happened that one evening, directly
-unsand ceased all their v.ildnn l terrible ! after Mr. Drooks had made the brutal as-
- .... f
thunder against it. True, they yet slunk
,!,! ciiOVrinrr Kansas, and free Kansas
i m l,n,1..r i Ti.f ihn viola! on
of this very law,
and the law itself stands
as a proud testimonial of the w isdom and
iarsigr.ieuness Ol llic I'emueraiit j.io n , onu
. ... .
no member of their own party m Congress
has had the effrontery to even introduce a
bill for its repeal, and like the much abus?d
.1. ... ...t- io... n-;u in.l a on .n. Torino
. r-.i a...... ..... .... flu.... .- v....
monument to its foumlcrs. Tliis humbug
! has had its day, and now none are so low
as to do it r.-verc nee.
When Congress first nut, the fusion rrcs.s
! wero loud in their boasts about the restora-
tion of the Missouri Compromise.
T1.. V ;
e.ected tne Know Nothing l.an.s s.e:.Ker, .
anJ it was but the b.-ginnir.g of the good
work they promised the pcnpl?. Well tiny :
had the in-:j...iiy in the lower l,oue, yc! ;
ne-Ve-r attempted to restore this great mens- j
ore, which Senator II lie and other li-adh "
members of their patty insi- bad pro-;
nour.ee 1 a humbn-r. He was then right, j
for the relief of su.Tering Kansas. One by
one they wt-re let fall,
death struggl.' w as to
and the f.nal ar.d
e ma l-j on t.'i
propriations for our army. Here they ex-
t eeted to fight and triumt.h like true bere.es.
In this unholy work they w ere cheered on
prostituted press, and a hired band cf
i.y a
orators. They finally surrender
r.r. l r.re led into car t:v:fy wit.i n ueh ,eS
ease than were the children of Ireah
The cause of temperance too has not been
exempted from the unhallowed touch of the
; leaders of this corrupt and debased party
j organization
The time was when good and
honest men espoused the cause from pure
unit tiJllV metit.es. V.it tlO b'jetilci tia i
ii en-
li.-to.l an army ci pauiouc iicart.-, ur.uer it,
; proud banner, when earn e the hand of tho
j defller an.l converted it into an engine for
j base party purposes. Then came the by
' rccritiea! crv of " Nebraska and Whi-hev '
j " l'euio. rncy and P. ir.i," ar.d the Main.- I.v.v
was nominally se-izjd upon as the great pa- j
' r.acca for all the public ills. Such menus'
. r ... . , -. i. r.t i... i
, l.oxejoy ami cOiia, in-.ii m i.ie i.'.p.inm-,
.t ..ii, ..A ' .. l
"tie . ii ine tan, anu .-;j'.u-e imi . i j.i i
f.-r this great restorer of the fublic pi. ice.
No two men in the legislature mad.- more
. , ., , ,
noi-e than they, and none made more- vain
inglorious boasts of services rendered than :
they did. Tho bid passed and was u.feited,
but nothing daunted they still hoped to make
political capita! out of the measure, and it
xvas pressed ot home where the friends of '
these political tricksters happened to be m
Here too the humbug x'a. soon cx-
ph.-ded public ser.timer.t xvas against it and j
their enactments becatna dead lelt'rs. Svo-
intr tbat the t or.u'ar bree ze was in another
direction thev shifted their sails, and now we ;
hear no more about it no more temperance
rallies arc called, and we find these noisy i
champions hanging around our groceries so- 1
limiting aid from the very quarter tLcy once,
prr fcsse-dly, so heartily despied.
As in times past, so r.o-.x-, the great lever
r.C .t... .l.....-w.-.iti.. 1 . a 1 1. I.t- .i-..(.i,iri....l I
e'l uiu '.i ll,,'. ...i.i. cn, 1 1 ,n u,(,.u,i,i. a.M
uprooted all of these hu:i:hi;-g:t:g and clap- j
trap operations. Every hobby the opposi-;
tion have mounted has been ridden to death, '
and next November w ill land them so de
in the pool of oblivion that they will not be
heard of for all time lo come.
pay him for rro-ecuiii !' ciimina! and she 1
feat both the republican candidates just as
A' ' 't,Kr f thCW ? illSle-,,an1;,-b j
n r- r , .,, .. j
-took The f.ovcrnor, raid Stata
Pinaiices. 1
ow can any republican, who believes
lnat ov. Matteson has plundered thc Statu
Cook stood ready at the proper time tn
for the iove-rnor as Senator, and that he was
only prevented from doing so by the opp().
silion of his confederates, and the timely
withdrawal of Lincoln?
Is he not now, and ha he not been, ever
Political rrcochins Its Consequences, j
The incident we are about to relate occur- j
red In the city of Chicago at the period j
mentioned hereafter, and is an apt illustra
tion of the evil effects of the present war
waged by a portion of the clergymen against
the principles and measures of the demo
cratic party. Wc respectfully ask the can
did consideration of every unprejudiced
mind, as to tho si-rioti eirccts of this war-
fare upon a portion of their congregations
who deem it thtir duty, in the present crisis
of our country, to act with the democratic
paitv. It speaks volumes, ami comes nome
..ui;. 'i
' uirec.ly to the heart of every man who .s
.... i -..-.:. i. iu
.i . n: . :. . i.,.- r.e .!..."'....';. (i... ..,,... -.. ii. t.-itl. .ii iii i-.. .1 ; -.
mm c;i. u a u; is vl
1 grcg-.tional church there, of which the Key.
Mr. llov is pastor. It has been tne custom ; one. J.et republicans or eiemocrats oe tie
of Mr. II., fur many years, in company with j nouneed by our clergymen, and you weaken
l.u cm-ill fiui.ilv to win-shin at this church : . the tics of christian sympathy, and ellcet'i-
Anions the members of his family is an only
! son. some 12 years of a-e. of a peculiarly en-
' - w . -
' quiring mind for one so young, and on whom
n.i It Un-r,.,l in timi or monev. to fit
i , ,. . ,. ., i i...: .. r if.
sault upon y.r. aui.mer miue c. s. .-enaie.
whilst Mr. II. and his son were sitting at t:ie
' front door of their resi-ieiicc. cnioyur' t.'ic
cool breeze of Lake Michigan, that an oM
; friend of opposite pontics passed by, and fer
.""" - ". . ...v - .0. . . .-...v.
. - -i , , . ,r . ...,,.
J tations incident to the del.g.itful weat:ier,
! and speak of the politi.-al news of the day.
The ronver.-ation soon turned upon the out-
t rasro cud assault of Mr. lirouies upon Mr.
- , -
Sumner, and the imcstnn as to w hether -Mr. 1
Douglas stood by,
"With his hands in htS
j pocket-," and witnessed the outrage, was
. freely discus.-ed. The passer-by was qui tri
.. .. .. ... W ...,!-. ..n.l .1......iiee..rl .
11IL Oil . ll.UWI CI".;.... , ... -..w.,.,v .
' :.. . . T- l .1...
i:ui 1.1 u:i., aii. i nil..?, .1... ..--
. 1 .1 .. t . -...... .,f M -n.l .t .. '
that he
ha 1
letter froui Mr.
n-ite cnam her al the ti:n
am: comiemneu
th.- (.iitrig.- as much as any one. This,
Ii .vever, did not satisfy his accuser, and he
left v. ith anv other than kind feelings lo
any one. ini,
wards Mr. U., for daring to spea even
defeiice of ot.ator Iou'tas in tins manner.
i". : ' :i and the father had further convers
ail. n al-.ut the matter, in which the father
sj olie- of the U'.jast and fal
w. r? circulated by t.
I I - " I ' "
J.rl'lle.d purpose?,
in-I caoti. in- 1 l is boy
i. t t-j give ear to u..h politic
filsif.ers as
majority of
were known to rontr -A a hoc
the Chicago press.
A f..
, "
lays a.ter came ahright an-, beaut.fu.
S-.bbnth morning
The birds sang sweetly
in the garden, and all nature seemed glad
that another day of rest bad erne! The
". .. .. ..
, quiet prepare. nns men. er.t to a pious ! .muy
j were b.lng ma lo by the household to repair
1 to the house of God, t hear of "Christ and
h. in cruc:l;?d. i tic lit.Ic laniny, ticaded
; by their worthy parents, repsircd t3 the
j church and took their accustomed places.
j The building xvas already croxvded with ma- ;
f m ai.ate,., ,.-., e eoe-ni.st their devotions in
, i'ie cneenui exer. i.,es ci inai noiy .-joi .iui
; day. The pa-tor a; peared at tha sacred
i desk, and the preliminary exercises were
ne triroiigii '.rita in su -li a manner as
i -.ri-ii i-i -ti n Trn-incr in
i cla 1 ! n tne hearts of that large C"r;grt g- i
: 1 them lha' tine
v nt: k tii i :,
Had once mere s::.:Ied ui-on t.icni. The
Had once mere smiled upon them. The .
. t.t i i i
iar;or "T.ir.c'i ine saereo to.uiiie a.ei i;oiu- .
j l" ?-r",on- fw ,aRSf'8 Eoon ,
, sat!fiJ,r:'1 t:"i WS that ,nstca-1 of
! i reachmg 'reace on tartn and cooj v. id to j
1 . . h" '
u.i.n Ti.-ir ti cei in ti ink iiii-:ii ivt.o nn.i
....... ...... . . i , .... . ,
vastly diiferent from what they had a right
j 1 ixrcct: content with (enoun ing the
uenieiei ai.e ai s oi el-.av rx-, lie as-
.- tr l- .-.i
, '
o t' o.U'-.i-i'tliii to j-nvt hi it." Tho whole
" v- 1 -1 111 J lw i " xx ..oie
character of the sermon was of the most
; vindictive character, and was genarally ton-
JcInRfct b3 tI'!iC wl)0 ,1-"r'1 lt'
C.::. ...-en have httie cars but good memo
""ics, and tspecia.ly xvas this the case with
Mr. i 's son. On the way home the father
an ' yonw.r sister preceded the mother and
l -..i ...i iLHrii ii:..,. i, . r. t...
iti- .1 r j j -
asked b:s mother, xvas she trer lncc In
' -'
yi., .tim i.ie iiii;i. .jeiesv.uii kiiu ini.c: lei.o'i
f"t' - r nil a lie'.'' This grave question j
Stnnne-I tint inolher xx-onl.i n Kii.i.Icti rl.tri
........ 4-
ll.lin!..!. ll. n tl - VJ1,..
...........I .1 it.. M v,"u'.i.s i-i. . . 111.
i-n- r....';...i ..,.,..1. r....t:.. 0..1... !
opiickly replied with much feelin.
,l " child, most cert .inly not 1 Why do
you ask such a question ?''
1 tie eiii-a ma'ic no reply, but evi'ientlj'
.... ' J ' J
his little heart xvas full, and the internal
and did he not pray most devoutly for von
1 . v vv tiib.iei, J lie. KHoi.1 HUl Ul Vdlll
ing of their purport, kindly enquired of tho
son h7 aJ asked such questions. The
, , l y V""c were sucn mm
the fnther would have triven nil bis xvrnlfb tn
i,,v ,.vn,l,.,l il,..,n !.., ,i. 1 i 1 .
" W - - X.KIt X4k Kill. J IIUU tV UJ LLi VZ
and he did meet them in thc only way ho
could, not to shake thc confidence that al
ways should exist between tho parent and
The child's reply was : 'Father, did I not
hear you say to 31 r. , at the front door
a few evening's since, that Mr. Douglas icat
not present at the time Drooks assaulted Mr.
Sumner ?" "Yes, I did say so, my child!"
"Well, did not Mr. llov say to-day in the
pulpit, that Mr. Douglas tra there, and that
he did witness the assault on Mr, Sumner f "
"Yes, be did say so, and it grieves me to
say that Mr. lioy states the untruth'." -Here
tho child opened his little eyes wide
and wild, d t,le h)Jt K.ng tearg rnn
i.u., eaar. mother's chfeks, as the child
made the further enquiry, nian licence
vtii'j he not do it again'?'
Here is a ?ad lesson on the prostitution of
thc pulpit to political purposes. The point
of veracity thus raised in this young child.
1. ...... ....
"i-v-' ' ...v...-. mm, i .7.,... ..,..!.., t.,. 1.1... i -il ,'!,,,, ra 1. 1.:.. l l.iail llilliscil. Utter V WHS llltll. 1 Tl.n tj nir.,HnT tl.n xl.nv.i I n 1- ill "
mind, between his father and the ruinistor,
two as near and dear friends as tho child
could have, was enough to carry sorrow to
the hearts of this family. Either tho father
or the minister had uttered an untruth, and
let which might be the guilty party, the sad
consequences were terrible enough to either.
The father preserved bis intcgri.y in the
eyes of his child; whilst the Kev. Mr. Hoy
fell t: the decreet depths of iiifamv, bv his
rnre!rs recapitulation of the base calumnies
of a venal and corrupt parly press, U hen
Mr llov comes to "icnd.r an account of bis
...V i,:.. " i. ,;m ri.l tl,.t ilmt lii.nnn.
.., ... : i l
; an.l that child s vrs wdl be ughed m
u,.m uunra Tf ti.n tw.lj -.f ivfii.M
11 .-"v. ... ,
i f.eling, an 1 you do the same hi a religions
: there are many nu n just as :
I citiz-ns and
; christians as he i, that d'.fi'.-r with bim.
1 They wiil tea h their children as they think
I b;-st. and duty, sad but imperative, re-
.,irr. tbi-m t. Khun the Seeds of in i k- it v
j -i .
j that may be sown in their te.idei hea.tsby a
j sad prostitution of the sacred desK, by clos-
I : .!. r.f fl.n l,...c cf f:,.i1 trt tl,i.i
. ...g - - - 1
j at least, until me suoei rea.vi a:.u common
' Sense once more 11.111; j), .114 a ue-t.iii ;
1 . . ,
in 1 i.rwi' 0:1 r.i; ii.oi e 11.1,1; . j cie.i:iiL
j respect is paid to hiom; who may (i:ucr witn
j the pastor in the po..t;cal topics o: t:.e nay.
( oiiLTCfs Ailjoiiriird The Ami)' L;il
- J .,,,M.,i.
ogress f.nallv adjourned on" Saturday
; ;it) ani r,af:c.,i t;.i0 :irmy j.ropriatio'i bill
. ..-.t , ,i. ....,, . .... 1.1... .1.
j 11 .uil'iiL li.e I'.ui 1". .11 v 111 a.i u.l
repuo.if ar.s loun.l l..ai toe ...s.-.o ir.ans were
. l;-.-..!,- in ni-..rno. ll... f .... r-it,. mn, in Kan.
sas. tl
ev conclu 1. d it bc-t to
:rant the re-
ans to 1 na
. j.f. j.j. ft
1 ' .
r tm re i.uvc m re, i.y the m.crwn-
t: ,n of tii
hi living tl
f .
Tiiis old -amo of
,Vleelsof govel leiient win never
party interests r p-:ire if, a. v.iys rec i.s up
on the 01 iu'inators of the s. hem.-. It waJ
' r . .,, ; hm . I .-.-n or, ivr,
.i.,:T ,j. t... : 1 ,.
low aj.in. on
Pierce in the Kn-as fjror.
Etch tin e i
has s:g'iillv failed and covcrel its a
. with merited contempt.
An r"!-. 14; :e:.i s -. K vxts. One Mr.
Il.nnrir:, puiportiti;; ! be from Kn:.-n, !:
iivcTci a speech brf re t'n S ethi g bree
Kansas Club, last V. vdt.esday evening.
Tiie. sjcak.T tc .. 1 a han .ving .-f -rv of n.ur
d.is, and tin.-ft-i, an.l vd aimi s. tnut mnde
ea. h par t.ciihir hair i ihs 1 c,.i--r- stand on
end, "l.ke 'j i.IS u, .on tho tic-: . 1 porcupine.-'
As u.-u-.l w it'u ll.'.s-j i.:.-as - ratoi s.
i.el.e 1 was lac- i.cro oi e-.'.en 1.1 e. lie nu
. ,,. !n(.s., u, aTii ,,.. ,;v. .,.,., .
! l,c- ha 1 been in the ..n'.d,n. r t the free
' state party ; 111 a word the ibimesin: u..-1'tu-
V":7- ,- ,'t.
1 1!. r bis !.i:'. r. and Mr. Ii.n: :an x as i un.n-
; c-I a" t J a very con.-i leiahl etet.
j V-u c.,t t; e apoVe fr&111 t. r'.ir -
j (Whitesidcs e., I'd.) 'J'ii.-uo, of Aug. 27.
j- js unj.tmjiv tl
ie veritable Mr-
. Ilorr Ilinman f lids count v. who was the
j ,jrj!t man lha. brought the news here of the
. .
v. trst roan th;t ran tW hvn. and le ft
cru-tii.r r.l I ncft I In t hoT Of''fi.uin rui
; , , ,.. ve C0I1 ,j,a!lions to fizht the terrible
, jp;ssouri rU!lians. llis vocation now is to
! rarrv aroiln,i t-n; couritrv a soecimen of th?
. . ...
: ir.i.tiPg i.rvss i.eitrovi'.l at l.awren -e, ::i a
leather lag. soliciting coi.tr:hii:l-.ns f.-r snf-
I f.-i i if: sa. He is smart, an 1 can "i.ii.-t
(,.,. wind-' whin b.ttvr m.-n are hard ur for
, ,.,.c,ir., (hi :t il ;rr i w'- the timu to
. " . " "" ' '
r.lftke them blec 1 and line vaur O.vn p ., 'sets.
Where i.s your uarihin, Iii -ni .Murray ?
President tJucbiiniin's 1 abintt.
AVc notice that the N. V. ILralt, a vi
! L'nt Frtn:cnt WlT is V ? '
about Mr. lbiohanan's cabinet, and gives a
! list of thru ditfe-rent Members of it.
filiv convinced are all candid men ss to his
: election, tbat a man eloubtme it wen d l
' regarded Auite a curioxly in Neiv Verkcitv
: .....:...,,..,', '
- Jv f- r''
' i ' 11 ''nS s"u'1 "'' i.ov.eoy
... 1 . T
.. , ,,
.. , ,, , t r. ,-.
t:ce by tlie1 last 1. .-i t.-r.it t.i it its editor, Mr.
C. N. Pink, ha bad a skirmish with Mr.
r.r . ,.:i,. m-
Levi North, the mayor
! Pine being a live dcinocrat, nrid able to "hoa
1 -
1 - . or 1 . . .1 . . . . .
his own row," found it necessary to chastise
the mayor by giving him a fcxv Licks anil
. . m
) " - ........ . - v
i...... ... .
diate-ly after the allray the heroic mayor tired
a istol shot at .Mr. Pine, the ball passing
through his coat sleeve. lie took good care
to fir at n time when fr TV 1..-..1 bi's brick
. , , . , . . , ....
turned and out of his reach. Ihe mayor
now talks of going to Kansas, as he is a
innjoriiy in every coiiniy m me uisirici. is
this so ? What have the democrats to snv to
this vain boasting. Can he get a majority in
cither of them ? We think not. Let tho
true men of our nationsl Union rally, and
triumphantly defeat this northorn disunion
ist! . "Loxa John's'' instructions to Lovcjoy
arc being carried out to the letter. They
say at Joliet that he drinks " lager beer"
most beautifully; and at Mokena the
"b'hoys". insist that ho drinks a brandy
punch quite handsomely. All account
agree that he is a beautiful drinker for a new
beginner ! Go it Farson ! Co it Lovcjoy ! J
Sioau Coixg Dowx. The last New York
Evening rotl says that sugar continues to
decline. Prices aro nominal, but full one-
half cent per pound has been conceded to
buyers. A cargo of Demarara and Antigua
sugars, the first article from these British
colonics this season, sold at 71 cents.
"" Xine-tenths of the olive oil in the country
is manufactured in France from American
lard oil. It is purified by sal-soda, and is
about equal to olivo oil for the table, or for
other purposes.
TT' T The wr la Kunsn.
Tteccnt aceoun's from Kansas indicate that
our prediction that in less than ten days
the re would be thousands of volunteers from
the south in (ho territory, to aid their breth
ren in defending themselves against the
bloody attack of Line and bis band of out
laws, were well founded. Already the cur-
i rent of affairs has changed. The abo'.ilion
I . . .
i gueidlns are bun. a; driven into Lawrence li.ee
- . . f 1
j Hock of sheep into their fold
j They arc a Uavo set wiiere two or torce
i hun.lml a. tac. a ncipiess i.imi. .it n.in.ii.i
I lrar men. women, and children, from their
i i.. l ,t,.;,. t.m oof r.f t! o I, rritorr with,
beds and d. ,i e .. n OJt of the te r to r w it..
nut ffioil or clothinL'. For i.articulars we
i;utiians in Kansas. i
" After the Coucrcsaiunal eoinmiltee h-fi,
peace prevailed throughout the Territory,
i ..:.!,. n..i 1... v,..., ii. .....,.. i.i
mid iiin .-.'. "v iv
be nomoied'Sturbrmce in the connlry. H it
11 IS Cliuri.l lion ijiici.il- ... t ii-. mi. i...,
until neatly every horso belonci:.- to th-.-
liios'r.veiy Hi' n, between tiu Kansas ant
O-a'je rviis, hive bt-en stolen, and the Abo-
, YXiuiutl no v b- .i-t that
t.'iev iiavo st-
j over ei-ht l.iindro 1 from tha pro-slavery
: n" n of the- bonier counties Of .1 ..-.-Oil: 1 and
nnJJ. :
j . g ;jo!( ;t nnJ
iis tutn -utul ,ui,ke their way into th
T.rrilf.l-V !!-r.vn I T-.. O . . I
j - . . V "
ll . ' ... .' V. : . ' l."
1 loatior.s. 1 h
i'a store- nc:.r '
ami oro.r.-d Several l.ro-s :ivi rr t,u'i
oru.-r.-d several pro-
it,:tve t;u. country, am in r tht, a Mr. Divis
1 who l.al a ..e-o ai-...- i-cafi-in. i
v l.i I i
t 'r hi- :
A I. .'.."
,...,,.;.,. .1
I cIjijii. in-n .t v. a a - e r!a;:.e I
! h .,j n-a-he-d '1 . p.-ka, they 1 . t urne ! i
i I'.ivls that they wm;ld i give him
1 !-. 1 :
1 i
tars f-r his claim, l.ut he
county in a k-v :.-ivs er h"
l:l'.l-t I
nn! 1:
ave th- ;
s l.::iii:y i
; !..n.i'y
1 ? s t 1. ' K '
rthern :
I !"r..;i.
i would be lou
ili-n and hi
and having i
.v. ! by the
01 d.-rlv-
. di 1 leave in a hurry
; and crop to be dest
army. My in! o ma'l
1 I .iv;s himsi-lf. lie i:
' rv t . 1 e twelve or t i.-1
exjien .ed oti h. -. claii
doii.il s j;i a lil il ; li.
A lew w ks s,n. e
nam.' t ill. arris wa;
. woi le in a 1. 1 i 1. ar I
' con ealed in the bu
d u:'i t id. li ' body
1 ,
n :n tn
e I . : r t -
.0 t.
-g t'.a:, I.y :
A . . i e he u 1 -
. 1
:i, by s inj-.' one
s ; Lis 1 e- -ox i-ry i -wa-i
l-h I f e l v. ilii ii; ..-
or hi t.-i 1. shot, i'e; iia-. b. cn in tl
rit .ry f r inoi-.- t'.an t . 'v.- i.: ,:.'!.
e- 1 1 r-
er me 1A Mill ;.. f rf.'.T!.. I I'.. !
l o-
pal !y t Ah .lit 01. i
A genil.-:ii:;:i bv t '. n.-.n.o
sff.'eo a claim m ar t t!.:". a ere
i 10
:.a 1
lie t
i n.l ;
.1 good h. wed
g !.-!',!-.
d .p-i
t:i i tt'
;.. "..e
he w.t, from iee: ;'.i. b-;t
i:i the quarrels ot the c:.
wc re ah tak 11, and l is !,.
or b red to l.jv,- the- ''
if. 1 lit
I!;- 1 .-
ihctl XX l i t to t
colony comri-t
s i v.i-r, xvo;
th -v v.i re a f
:.' I '
r. ' . . i
v xi re
ed, they xx t: e i!i 1 ir n o.t i f tn. ir a '.ins and
t-i ls. ose l :. the ri:i. t- make the ir
way the l-.-ct th.-y c-i';d t , M -,our i. Th' y
w-.-re rol.!.--d f th' ir ct!iir.:, v -n the
tn-.tr-z-. 2 v. ..s
1 . . . .
i:t nsi..s si. ! cu. ii s .'. . re ournt.
i '1 !.c next we !.. ar A thi i.i.
Ilro.eii iia l uni' 1 with Lane's l ar'.v ;
made an attaek on Cul. 'ireaiwiil and
Part.v. n-
d drove th
this I . rri'oiy.
I '-'weU they went to Col. Ti'...',
iitu jA-i-'iit hou : ncre i.icy i;ki iv-.i re-t
..i.i-. . - ....
1 were wTthbrni b, hiTc.'n "''nl'.!
' rompeilcd ;o vn-ld to a F-1'i'rior fore
they had coromcn 'cd to batter his r.abin
down with rai.nmis. Co'. Tifjs wai badly
wound-1 by ,i crape ..At. 'Ihrr.- v-r"e
i igbtren l.n.u tak'.n r. (."oh 'Ih'n-. ('..'..
li'uswas ri.b'.e 1 .f .r.-rvth.:ri'g th-.t th-v
ceiiid carry -.vav. '.n.-lu-pi,'; J ,.: ' m -'ivy.
t HI. Titus and his I;,. ;, ,.-( re . v. -hang, d
! r sit persons t.-ikm :,? prank "in, npd n
J nee o; '.rdnati'-e t:i. n al I.ixxren. e.
vi.. is to tin's r.ttok on 'IV a 1'xn 1!, n
lrin i. a ;v re r.re tnr, ie an rdfieV on t'i- t e.x n
f Trank'.in in the night. Th v w.-r-.. re
shted by a f-w rv.. n that wer- :.t Mr. ('rain's,
(he IV-tinsstcr rf thi laee. Tie r c n-tii'Ue-1
to lire at line h-)n.: f..r s-in.' time.
iv : which was returned b
the inmates with ef
h"ii;ionists arc said
feet, as several t f the
to lusve been killed. Tiie Ah xhtloril-'-i linal
ly dct r.ninif ! to e the l.ou-i 'fids was
done bv loading a wagon xx iih hr.v an 1 hack-
, a "I1 l' '. l Ms cruis ! t.'.e in-
. '.,,,U--- t'.'.k?Vt t!,e the w-igon was
,;" n wn'irswn, an-l the pr-st olbce, Ktr-r
. in 1 t.ou-- was robbed of everything. Mr.
u:;nm ami t,:s l imily were run out of the
..I. ,i. .. - .
i -:uioi .
humor snfs they have concentrated their
! forces at La,'.vreiiei'. where thi v xx--n- forti-
: fgi'ig tne place. J h. y siy no pro-slavery
; sn;l; ri.ri..,i;l : 'rri,,rv
' More than one thousand pro-sl ivcrv men
i bare hern driven Inmi the Territory since
use .15.n1. xoir tinnier counties "lire croxvd-
; .. 1 ..ni. ,,.,,., 1 1
e l xv nn men, x omen an I el
1 . . 1 ...
ren. who have
I had to leave! their homes, their al! or fall
beneath the reve-lver or Sharpc's rillg of the
mi in gnt asasin. I10 can forg. t th.-
, .
iiinssnci e-s 01 1' ixies. 01 xx 1 anc-iii c.t s.,,.r.
;...,., R,-;nr, Vi... .......
. mtn who committed these outrages are at
j this time running at large. How
I mess tilings lo Oe Home WitU t
i ne .i issourians are (Knouneeil lor in
vading Kansas. What father or brother
would stand by and see his sons' or his bro-
'I-.. 11: . r ... .
Lane and their followers."
Gcius in the Repulicau Dindcm.
, The following expressions of " rcpubli-
" The "constitution is a reproach and n
league with 1 ophet. uahkisox.
" Let the union slide." X. 1 Banks.
" tsharpe's rifles are better than bibles."
" Disunion rather than slavery." Cas-
sirs M. Ci-AT.
t the iifeeting of thc black repuhlcans, at
Monroe, in Green county, Wis., the other
day the following resolution was adoptcu,
amid wild shrieks for freedom :
" Iienoltetl, That it is thc duty of the
north, in case they fail in electing a presi
dent and a congress that will restoro free
dom to Kansas to revolutionize tho govern
ment." The Poiighkeepsio X. Y. Telegraph
States that it heard, a fe-w days ago, a black
republican political clergyman make thc f al
lowing declaration :
1 nrtiti daibi thnt thi accursed union
may le dissolced even if blood hare to be
These uteranees snoxv tne sentiments oy
can sentiments cannot oe piaccu oeiore tne nmoiis v stated that the ouarrel took 1. hue since at .Marion, in 1111s couiuy.
people too often : j j in a " gambling hell." Poor dupe! lie has I moved that all Fillmore men then
" The union is not worth supporting in , ,,nm! into the Fusion party : and to cover ut ! should retire while a Fremont Club
connection with the south." 3C. Y. Tki- ! 1. is first false position ho has been continu.-i!- ing oreanized. Mr. X also
which the black republican party is anima
ted. Can a lover of his country lend the
slightest aid toward thc elevation of such a
party to power.
"Will our republican friend spoak out ever
moro and let us knoxv the facts about
the L'ovejoy case in the Beaurau court,whera
this worthy tried to wrong his luartcred
trptbers children? ... '
s . -1. .. . "
- - From the Chicago Tinea.
Another I-ic Nailed Col. . l$isell in a
tiht ilue. !
. .. . i . . . : ,.r -11 - l
c invite l!ie aieenesoii x.i an men xx no
have anv rcrc-ct for person
al inte'Titr to
the follJwinz correspondence
' ' CiiiCAud, Sept. 1, 18"G.
Peak Slit : I enclose yo'i a paragraph
(editorial) from the Chicago Iribtue ol btli
August. J he fame stmuiit .i turn W"'
; .,r..ri.,,i-! v in tlm Chicago J'rtx. Von will
1 ' . . . ... r.. 1 .. .
see. tnut your name i ueu pie.h)
. i tll4l A IfltMl-tlll'l I I I (' i I . 1 I t I'll (..
! woul 1 render Col. JlidinrJ.-oii ineligible, to
Bin i reiuicr iu . Jvi
j v QoVvnwr
I respect fl'.ly a-k of
i vo ,r vu nre I1L,t under obii-rations ol se
t crecy to Col.JJiss.il. that von inform m
wi.cl ier tin: aileL'aiion maie in mo news-
, foundation in truth. I
I ' .....
the adoption of the constitution of
Col. Vi'ii'.aiu A. Ui.:hi r i-ion, then,
i . ...
: . .
a J.ei.r' .--i ntative in t oiilt. ss Iron.
. . ' 1 . . ..
u,,. Mate, was one tu-I.t cngageit in r.w-
j.j in Washiiurton, at plav, in com-
. w 1,,,;, . Ol Ohio. Ui a
re.- '
i ut t
:. 1::,
morion.', when, t iloii.i t.':e
v.i. ;:! of Lynn J.oy!, .f ly
i f t .e- .'ambiiug parly, an I
ti.i-rs. the
'1 '
I was
.' ''
cut fhort, a:id amic.v
7 1 ne.
C!i!-.v;n, F.-t. 1, 1'.'-o.
i;...:i . 1:;: 1 our iu-: 01 ti.:s tuorninz
has be n rec-jve 1, rdso th" ticwsi.a'i'T
; .-nciod, ehargin.' that
3 il'l'irii-'v had or
A. Ki.lrit'U .n and
1 .-nr. d between Col. W
'f, in ,:. 1 t'.
:!":i e, in o:
I.::-! :. in" a
ik a
1 .he
'In- 1.
f r a
l:.st month i i-ect-i',
nn M at.-, a 'e-.Ur a
;' t. r.t tie- .- :n
1 oh p.
nr.Tion on
a-suri:ig l.n
d in c.nri' x
ti'.'v r-?:rti-
my i.f.:i.' 1 n- l he
;-a the tl :i : . -1 r; t on. I
:u an answi r. c.-.rt i'r.i:.- t!
i... 1 . o-i. -!.-.. .t that tim
I.. : th it elt::, r 'ol. ill-.
I had no
1. or anv
: 1 .- it.ru. (:;'. ! a r
:i ( f a-i a: t
au. d the pub
ns the on.- Vo l
mv r. pi v to th.
t' in:. :.d.-d f.-r
1 :
lie- ?t
I f
'. i': -V..
'! in e
.. r. e
id .1
V t , 1:
it is i
. ye
: ri
1 ! o :i
r,:ti. '.
1, Teh I
.. t b-'r
. II - :. i
u 1
I !
. 1 ..
. I
f y
t'n. it
l: X '.
t..".t t.
"an -'.
:i t .
- in W;
r (
'.: I I
2. 1:
r th'
I XT-le:
: , . I
it,, r in
h r,g- f-
IV i r
: ti
e If
. g . i. ' -,i to s ,.;? . i. t '
I.r-i'lvc -, ! v - ;;t Wr.eho'.grr..,. J;
I Think, in th ' xx h.;. r cf 1 -"I. I
; . . i . .n xx ., xi. i r :t
:.' s '':. -'r ; ..r xx !,. th' r it
xvi v -i i !:
v .'- a n
gv r S'-ei,
in-. n ling rvtr.-i'.-t'i'm or apoh'gv r eth.n:
hk tha. I pr- -oo;e y,.ti -, i I r.-:n-:..h r the i
1 i t ; an i xx--d inform me.
i wlil te d yr.ii i an lidly why I want the
iiilorination. 1 1 :-! i I - .n and mvs-lf .are
coiir 'ti'ors for the o':i,-e of i Jovtrnor. Dor
constitution u very .-, vi re o,i ooe )...
s!i:J! have sor.t or a -r.-pted a -ha ! n-g'-. or :
lo neht a xiail. U. has bad the- want of mat"
i;ne-s t i r out r.gilr st tne my arbdr with
A .''. ! 'av:. I .x ani this as u:i i -i.i . '. ..r
r-hail I ot hensc-I. Plta'e l-t K- h. ar
:: ::i v I t a; ' v. Yours,
Wet. ii. !.!--! I I.
lim.i:. il.fi;: ..
T'i:. CM. s ;tK! : v.
'r;. i.; vii.i.r. An.-. P2. 1?.1.
Mr Ii .x;: Si :: Vours of tin: '-'d in-tar.t
is 1 , . n reciived. In th" nn nrii ,-Sorit.
iinpk:i--aiit words oe -iirred be-
t '.tn n t
tv. r.:r g
i. ii i hirds.-n an 1 mysi-'f. (irithe
t lac dav on xx hieh the
em C(..
t--"k I i yi"i brought in : a not i
liie'na: i-o-i. in xx 1 icil he a-ked son.
in'. ,n oi lao .ang lag. n-ed. I did
i n-i' re-
g-.rd it :.s a cinti h-ng-, rseii :u r did mv fi icn-N :
an i un I r their a dv s.. nn r.r. an i l.etire an"
e;lanat:o:i xvas ha i. I left the next meruit eg
'. r ihio t fill appointments whi h had pre
viously b.-en male for mo to speak in mv
d stri -t. Io not. if possible- to avoid it, h t
my name be used in connection with the
transaction. Yours truly,
lins. fi. (l.ns.
n 1 .
.. a
1. is own
an ) making through l.:s news
paper a false .-ircetien ag-dnst his competi
tor. After lie has ;i-c'U-ed Kieh:;: dson of
g- lthi- int- a tight in " a g-i:n'.'ii'.g hell,'
and .-I' hiving sent a cha'hnce t 1 In-. 1 lids,
1 :. . . . . 1 1 . '
, ne xx 1 in s 10 1 u,-.s 1 ,r ti -Minn!' v to cover up
h:s own falsehood II;: t the co r, eponiience
disci. -Sfs more; it shoxvs that i-eli, being
the "friend"' ol Richardson, knew that tho
' t: ansaetion did not occur in a "gambling
he!!," as was alleged, su.d then fore that the
; assertion xvas a wdfti!, or to use Ids own e x-
iprcssion. a "vile, villainous misrt presenta
tion." The reader will see how elfectu.-tllv
Ihssei! s " edi'set" is knorked duxvn ; hoxv his
attempt to defend his own irieligd.ility by
: alleging his opponent to be- no belter situated
; than himself, utterly fails hi
' exemplary llisseill tlie low companion and
! brothel friend of a "gambling heli" bully,
i Lint this ceirresiiondence shows that l.issell
uttered a falsehood when iie stated that any
i ele.ii.-nir,. ,.,L- i.Iai'o. and nller.l .1 still hiwei- 1
j faeliood when he maliciously and most ve-
t Iv involving himself in all manner of dilli
Westeux School.
Wo discover, from a
circular before us, that Prof. L. L'inlauf.who
is favorably known in this community as an
instructor having tought in Poghkeepsie
I and Xewburghsis about to open a Female
j Seminary at OtUxva, Illinois. Prof. U.
ripe Scholar, (tho master of several langua
ges,) a gentleman in his demeanor, honera
Lle in his dealings ; and ho has our best
witihes for a heppy and properous future in
bis western home. Vounhkeeptiie, X. Y.
Examiner. . , - '
Sioxs or tiie Cami'aiox. Xot a tingle,
member of Gen. Harrison's cabinet supports
Fremont, and lut one of Gen. Taylor's. All
thc ex-prcsidents of the republic are against
Fremont. Tho adopted son and heir of
Jackson is defending Buchanan. Tho son
and son-in-law of Harrison, the-sons of Hen
ry Clay and' Daniel Webster, arc also all for
Buchanan. And so is Gen. Leslie Coombs,
of Ky., the noted' whig otator and bosom
friend of Clay. -Detroit Free Press.
Gen. Scott has declared to his friends
against Fremont for President, but refuses to
commit himself for.' or'.'against Fillmore.
Great efforts have undoubtedly been made to
induce him to declare for Fillmore, hut his
profound silence shows that his sympathies
are not in that direction,
- from KnrojMt.
New York, Sept. 3. The steamer Persia
arrived about S o'clock this A. M., left Liv-
I ...,. , ,.. a V1,.L- 1
! 'l""" " '
saw the Arabia at 2 O 1 M. bounfl lor
! Liverpool.
The Ericsson arrrived out the
I lithand sailed again foi
for New York on the
j o Mi with 2-", passengers.
; The i;ritish Parliament had been farther
prorogued until N v. l:!.
V,. o:it;..l .,. ws i xrer.f that D -israeli's
i . ' . , , ,.
1,, ,,r!,.;. was incoming uiM.i.tei.n to ....
: ' i ... ',r. ...litorlaM v nr.nrovts of !
i Mr. Miircys reasuumg on tue sutjett ol j
' j.nv.iieei in-:
r v , ; .. , ;,..,.., i . .1C s sa d to be
! 1 ' v ,! ' ' ,.tr. aLn to
, urin' c laiuis ol ' '" L i m ' 'o.ij.u.
Kinudom. uixl
t. O.-MIOW
considered f'd'y
he Emperor of llnss'a gavo
.Malakoil being
L'bration in honor
i t tin. tw-entv-f.rst v. ar s f acetnl re!'rn in
i I r,,i1-mrT The l'ov'-i nni'-nt f-f Holland nasi
' refused ass .-lit to the pritu-ipk of arbitra-
I t-ui.s b. f r-- re.-ot t to arms commenced by
the Paris Con.'r.
From Si.ahi there is nothing
of impor-
tin , traroj'iility prevailed.
The .l.lli iih v with Me-x'co was said
to be UriS'.tt'.e.l.
A iloiibtfu! re j.'o t was cum tit thnt France
nnd I'.ngl-i:. i ha-l sddressed an jiHitittta
to tie- '.ih.'X -f Napb-S, and that in the
1 v nt .f re)'a;tl to comjily with their de-
th.-ir r";tn s.-iitatives are ciimi-diutc-
I he d'. ni.in l.s are stated to
nt r:i. a riiiie-ty-
n 1 a .Imin'ntrative and
judiciil refonn-'. I he King is reported to
have consented to some- of the re.piTc I con
ce.j.sj.jiis, but not to a s.atislaetor extent.
A re; or had ;i!-o been spread, that the King
- 1 mtenoe'l to aleiieiiti- m lavor ot the more
' l'bi-ra! I'riii' 1: of Calabria, but it gstiried
lit:!.- cr-denee.
1 ''!,.. il l--i ms ar.r. vice tint they x.i'l ev-
aci ite and give uj. Kars, Isurii 1, ib.-mi.-kilia
within th: s!:ptii.t:d six inor.ths.
A '. rate- cn.-ag' ni -nt had tk.-n y'nru
n n
t!ic- rr o a i.ussian sn:p 01 war
s -:i: Alg rine pirati s olf the coa -t of
p-t'.; eiht of the form, r were killed
f.v. !.: V v. o-ind d. '1 'he Pi ?n'-e A 1 ill. el t
s w.,ti, 1 r.r. i hi- aid k.l e l. This in
nt i-.nd revived the fi'k of an Eurocan
-liti .: ga::..-.t the rin.t'-s of that
t v. ill cr-ilsi in the
th" . a 1 of NeiVe-lnb.T,
1: n t . .! ,1a.
xv et , To; el'y taken from
th' ports th-y abari-1 ,r.e 1
T.i V had eapt iled An-
hi! w-: c were retreating
'.2 c i- .rati-.M t'f t:i-.-
S '. e ,;.:i:re.l On a
i a 1-. It i t )
ij" fo'ii.er I'l'oe.
i 1. .s i4 or ' i-.'.v!;. I
to i.OiD !i;s f.!-. mn 1 n-e-
--'th ' :' Aii.'u-t Count i
r.-pr-.-v-.tative. ha 1 met 1
' r-.v- th-r. at M. iV-ri- '
ts in Li' .on
Portugal on
i e a 11 oi
i the Kui
: I at I." i, on '.
.:: church of.
in -aletr and
.e a hes.
.a J
a. I
j; :.a ns amoxo
tf.fi - I i x. i .
. i : ; -: n i-: r j 2.
. r et I'.- -.. !n addition to the
'! -."i in ti..n i.y insects hist si-a-st-vi-r
jv . t'.u t ast xt inter and
l.j i
iuavy ,r s of stoek, and to the
.e s..i ...w.. .. c uic rii.j s i..ei i.ix, i'.uirf
n;;'1' ivutK-r. the scant supi 'y of
'"x oi '...1:114.1 t ioi irrig-ii ai .llien.ini-
oe-i.ru. I. u .1 c.'j, I.y f'r:isho.p-t- in e. n
cne coun'y. and the riic d, trui Hon in por-th-iis
f V- s. Hid r and Ctah counties, the
i' : or d t .xnges of t-ibacco and other worms
.15 p dat e, s and corn, and the parching of
i: -hi- of grain b. lore the heads are
ihh'i, ar..- f.:r 1'; .m j.roinising a s-upius ol
too j f.-r ti.- Saints luw b-re and the tlmu
s i- ah'.-.-, ly on their way t.i the mountains.
S-troog fi.:i: in the wisdom of the 1'rovi-
' 'f 1;- A'mhgh'y, cre-at skill, strict
eh I ,ce the eo'ii'i.andinents of the Lord
an 1 the corn, ! ol his s.-rvants, the most
r:g: i 1 ..; n. ".ny and utiti: ing, we'.l-lin.-'tc-I
in : i- t -y. inty ei. ih'e as to escape .starvation
ur -il t! e h-;X'--t in 1"5-:1. P.ut th-XsC who
h ive n t t'ne :ib.ve tjani ,d essentia! .pnal li
eati .::. an I xxho do n t intend to strive- for
th. m. xx d'. he aj.t to have their f.clings mTi-
iv chalcd r.rd tn.'irstoma
ehs severely pinch-
liiddellS our (lUiet
e l, ere pleiy agsin
ll )II!-. S.
Anl until ll.e lapse of at least anoti:' r
yetr, emigrants and others will fail in their
dependence upon Ctah fur sustenance, and
xx i 1 run g: eat ri.-k .f starving unless they
'rinrg the-ir sunnlies with them, and that. too.
t in gold, i-ilver at d merchandise with a
to ex
advantageously, but
1 an amount of provisions a.s they miy
need until August, 1.j7, and for how much i
lot. iter xve are not informed. !
Cra-shoppers have entirely dcstr03"cd the j
crops in Cache Valley. !
V(' shonld bo s sorry toeeMr. Uuchan
aii electc I, because be is in favor of preserv
ing the obnoxious institutions as they exist
and the unity of the. States. There is no
safety for Kuropeau monarichicul govern
ments, if the progressive spirit of the Iem
ocraey of the I'nited States is alloxved to
succeed. lllcct Fremont, and the first
blow to tht- seperation of the United States
is t irectedl"
j '
j i, .
porter, and hereby acknowledge the re
ef an order tor a new hat. hoslon
j ' " .
i At a Fremont Meeting, held a few nights
jir. l
xvas be-
1 it
niOVeU Uiat
the democrats should leave the house. After
the Fillmore men an 1 Democrats had re
tired, the count was taken and it xvas found
that TIII1EE Fremont men were left, be
sides the two champions of iilack Kepuiiiic
anism from this place, tlo it, Fusiouism .'
Urbana Uniun.
SixcEKiTV. Sincerity is to speak as we
thinU, to do as we pretend and profess, to
perforin and make good what xve promise,
and really to be what wc would seem and
appear to be.
"I don't care so much about the bugs,"
said Mr. Wormley to the head1 of tho gen
teel private family i.i which ho resides, "but
the fact is, marm, I haven't pot tho blood to
spare ; you see that yourself." .
AxoTnrn IIeafy YEitnicT. A Mr. Ward
has recovered of the Buffalo add Erio Rail
road company $S,9S5 for the burning of his
hotel and furniture which, he claims was set
on fire by coals blown from one of thc
Company's locomotives.
A xnw State. It is proposed by some of
the Minnesota press to call her the " Gopher
State," after her admission into thc Union.
Othors prefer to call her the "North Star."
Lovcjoy was in town the other day. ws
do not hear of his being invited to
drink at more than one of our groceries,
A country girl writing to her friends, says
of tho polka, that tho duncing does not
amount to much, but the hugging is hea
venly. .
. ctr.i'i oi oof oi our ntizim, snv the Al-
... . ' ." V " .l ' 'P".e
l-x.W K-.l.-U.-f -if 1... '.. I
: iin -iirr i.rn.ijiu irom uiif i
nv.-r m which
, ji,,, Ulc I;ttI,tist baptised the Saviour of tho
Nithor men nor women become what
. ' ,l ' : "" ennu i oe. oy carieung their
! P- ith velvet ; real strength is teste!
. e
; J ..
It r.i arf-cd at t!iu wine-growers moot
ing in Ciiioiimati, that freezing does not in
jure wine. A l.at of 510 degrees, however,
wi.I cuiiipletc'y dolr.iv it.
If you wan; an i-nominus to n sj.ret voif
'Nln s, to d.-ath." -ar watch seals about
tiie size of a brickbat.
; II n. V. in. Ail.eiij tnemher of Congress
fro. the Charleston, S. C. dis?iict. has re "
signed his sejt.
Tljo State of New Vorl,
h;n'tb, is ab.ut "A'i miles.
in its tilreiiiC
and its giatesd
The Mate in-
br. :.-Uh i
ibotlt 'iOSt n
clo ji s an an-a of
.JO S. I I O: , I .... r, .
-1 T. ' ' J s'j'i tre miles C
. -
A I'iHin-re nimpa go piipcf called tho'
'Conservative," has been established at
S.-at; -je-iT nf V. :
fi- .;,. ,!:! I,. ,;
I ;.'...-t:r - l"f: hi O,
An.i ai l-'-'..
iit, trituhvirt-'t ttport
I liln'll. It if I rtltrr-,1 at Ik
1. ii 'triu j t if tiiititt't tndiiij
I'm n. 1 1
O .1-. I11
Wl-at. i-l
XA !Tt
. 'li t", s
. '.'li.-jel
ol, !'..
.Ui;; i.p.
1 .'.".
. y.u.
- f i.
1. 10..
iv I r..r A
No f)unt kcry.
T t I.ii.-.i. f "a- M-.-.J: i...- f'.r ;t!l .le ik - ik.it if.
T.. rn';.v c..ii.!-niri...l I y e-n'..ii:. :.. -1 1 01 1 e . -. y.;t li.i-re
;-- -'.:.! ii c 'j . I.- u -i I". lie- . -i .-rr.j..rK-u! i.iea,
ui ! t-v I .'.e."-;. rji.'.r w.rlli! t: ej-it e.. ,i ll . ."fi.
An. .1 i li , ".v. r. wl.i. r. ! r.t l!.-- I'oM IIIIV sl-.iX.-K
. :i ' ;i .'. r. .,' -, ..,.. T.,r .'.".. ,t if
t'-.- !'-.' : i ..i' ' ! A' f:;i-
i in::. .vv. a j . .. A'. (r .,.,.t.:y ,. it., .r xi...
ii . - . - J . - r ' .e. r.- . .v. I e. ll.:- ; . . ililnHiif win. ll
i iM.::i:V :. l.i i,'.ioi:i. r r ...i.i.- c-..i.l.-.
:::..'. n, I . t .ii.i .., (, ,... ..r tl,.. hir
. . .'. ' . , .... . ' ..,. ., ,'. rml.i''t Win,
!-... - 'i ! a ' -.el h- '.'I "ti tnut
.: '.' V- ; , . a, ... o.-r . 1 7 f .
'.;..".' .-?: a si .i ri l.t: Mt:i! tt:
1 v , V -i . i . .'iiiio - i'f Ot.-ir -iri-
t- 1...V..1- - i. C'l' I a.,', ne I 11-v, I'ew.lcr.,
Ox' o . ;.: C :r. . ll-.f 11 M.nlil. -t Ail
- XI i" ir.- n ! ti. '. l. c.t:, i Ii .-ii-e'.i"-. , aa.l, if ctlc't
M. . Iv ,i'..t-.
i..i i -in:, it: W-ilkiT it II Aiipir't ar
i, .. k. -...':, .. e. e',".it ll"-c-e - i'i;. re, intaira, 111.
II: : . I'.,
u . i, I t
ii : j...;: .
i . . JiMi: Stt-.x!, of La
,.!'.. . .j of r.r. .. t Allerncf,
1 i.li.?r;
, C.rei.
t r.--. ! i 1 . . n tl:r 2ti ult., JiHix
. -. -.- :7.!i t.. luvin I'ixk, njrc.l
! y. S- i,t. 1 !, Kith I't.. s, tl 1
The Bad;er State Vocalists
AIli; C'lMINil, WITH
I. A 1 !1 T I T 1 1 V I OLA,
n --rt-'T rr ni ti it. Sie.'.ii Fi'nilif. will civ fine
i.evMii i,i rKT. "" M ' ' I.'- iiin . .. 'Ih.r.it
V '.V .'' '. f A X II M.I . nu ,i.-!. .;. n I. IVnt
X . in i. ; ! -'eg !,: ct--it Nat...;i:.t M I...IV. '' ' unihitl f
f ' I. t'i. 1 1. ,t -i " J i. ,nr .. ,.t 7 : Cti.-trrl e-oiti.
re.-, - .Vi.. Ti- k. :- r .-. !e,i..:'.r, -.'... t.. 1.- fm.f
nt r'i. .1 '-r jrel ..t ti..- i.ree ;e .1 Il-.tel-. K -r .:frtinilar.
'-ri:... :- .... "-!- I
K. II. Wooli.
j i;i'.J. 1M) A
i ( iii:h 1.1:1,
I ten. : v- u t: 1M1 R- in. I. KM I u- IS
- . ..-.....'. .
ee. iiiitim'itr th J'unt 'Vf,
- i:i:i:v
'il 1'
k T
1. CCcr. Cr....-,.lul.-. W-.t Illrlia
..1 IV--. rv ('.I'lliti, e'riitii.iri
.1. I c 1 M. .it an.l Fi-.lt
. I' -I- r n.l hin t Viii'-iT'ir.
I I'll V
I. ..,'. ; -r : 1. r i-l 1. ..ii 1 fru 1- Mrar. Willow Wurk
II'.- - V... i 11 iv. i I',; -!,.n IVjr-, i;r.iin
H-. -'.- I' : . C rn M-.l. :.-..-":i. :. Sir-
.1 ;;. . ov... r. i I., I. ....... 'e h M l-t IP!. KliVr (III,
I..-. I' .' l'r-i!i.-. ii e r'.-l C ir ':,. (-'-rr.ints.Orvi.il
! In'- ' I'r . '-. (i.--.i- t ..'. 1 ri.gr. .am! i'!,,if. S,ictf,
I. r. ' .' "1. ( .'-. . I'.'.r.. r. Jr.-.. K Mie . Hro
t i. r... I'-r's Hi". I,..1t. X ..r-.-r-hir.- S ei,-. Nut.,
'.- :V r. I'r-.-.,,, T.rt.r. l: .ni, C'!,.i!k, Ti.r,
!:.:. Ii. 1 ;i..!.-a!.- nu I r.
C I'l l. XNil.
i-: 'I i'. 1; Aii'iiEULEV.
v. ro.i: .1,1.1: .;m hi: r.t! 1.
liatiisESj Saddle. Trunk & Whip
foJ S CI 2D EIC:. 13-2
fTniH' .h- r,l.. r r-i
-O. X Tii-rr ini" K-t;4'-ti-ftirr.
J.- O -r lie w ti 1 . 1 (' 1 ti: ( i!! ,rl"W
imnf ft
! tl -z': --. tl. ..I-l -t .'i I. i-,rn.r ..f Vain .nd
i IXr115- 0 i n: i ..s Mr-. t.. u..i., res,-.-tfiilly
r.-.n. I. ti,.-. r 1111,111 r..u. mil. int
er. . n-. l t'.e ji i!.:. .... n: y. i .n: u.y ,ir-. n.,w .r.-inirt-l
f" ;-irtiii ail Ts.ir.-at- nf a k in tl eir line- al irrcatly re-
.! :. -I .r,.-. un i of s'lp-ricr .iu:i:i-r.
c .rri-1- Tri-. , mii'i? ..f cv.sry T.irictv a-i't in auh?rior
s:y!-. tl.eit- t-. .-r-l- r l.r an t-xaa. rietic. 'I (riiiitiier.
A:' kii. l- ..f r.-ii:r:t.i: jiroaijit'y j'.I.-ml. il tc, anil Jiiw
up p.-iil ami .1 :r il.'.-.
A full a-' r;itit:::t of Sj.i r. ry. Ilur.lir.-ir.-, Wl,;j.. Col
lars. Triuil.-. ("urri il..-an l Tr'ini. Trimniinifs, mImuT'ioij
t-. t!;-' tr.l.'i? nt ("hi. ';.?'' prices.
i o-.nm 11. S. ; 11 .!.- r 1.. Is.V., S 1 1 K i: l.r.lJa.
:ili ani' C''inciat ICfiolinx.
rnflK icil.scre.- r. ar linn t-i .nc-il in irnrot.i; nn tti
X !i'"'Xe i:... niip. !. i. li f'-r iir liijr. iluraliiliij, nii4
! re .itri. is .,f jt;..i:ra!i'-c. rsnl..t l.t s.irp:ii.se.. Thi
' 11". -lirirr 1ms l..-i-ti in tisc f.-r 14 yrnr.. an.l He I, ave Tiunie
1 ri"i t..-::ii,.eii-i:s ..f il..-liiirh-st cleiracti r .-.,iic--rfiiiiir it,
i bat in-o-1 I ..f p t'.i.sMiiz liit-iii prrf.-r t" r.-fcr yn t.
' r-.-i's !,i.-h w.- I.avi- c.-v. r-.l at the (iaa XV., rk.s. istar.-li
K.i. t. r.v, tii.- h .i;o .f I.. I'. S.-iiii." r, E-q , and iimujr
( i,;1!. r.-.
I Spei-imi ti. ef the Itnofiiifr mr.y aI-o be feen at Pr. J.
O. II iRR -' erii. e.
T.'i.- e-i is a!. -.it tlie saino a- iiliingV, uliile lite roof fr
. c'l'ii.i t" Itic In'-t sl-iit; re.. la.
! T.,.- invit- tin- att.-'iiien "f all pLTs"u trim il.-sire liirlil.
t,. rne 11 r'...:s t 1 uiirs, oca. re n-iiiir any i.iut-rs.
, pi.-
COliMil.I. i SXtlTH.
I.iicIIfce.if-i? and Real L's.afe
Lxt.'Asiinti:. nearly i.pi.iMiie I,. 1'. Hunircr'i dwelling
hfiii-. Mi.lirmn si., oral 11. T. Piiklps'. Otiaw. e
New Grocer Store.
THE iili.-rili'-r lim fpetieil a niore for tlie falc of (?ro
ceri .s. WiMi.Ii-n, Willow anil Saotie Ware, In Walker
A llickln.-'s new brick biii'.l:iir, on P.tile t. Family
Snpli.- 1.1 all the best varielien, tritli Oyntrrn, Fifh, aud
Fruit in tiieir iteasmi, will he V.e.t coiistantly on liniiil.
Hitvir.i; bei-Aini' the Aireiit f'.r the nale of tl.0 Aiiueilurl
'"' il'inr, p irlii-iiliir iittt iition will be paid to it nnali.
or.iii.i'll rionr. 1 tot lull .ileal, 1 rai-neii 11 neai, iirnn,
i n,l SI... ri. will .!,. he f,.r sale. ell..r.l.-r t.roim.tlv at.
teteleil to mill .l.-liv.-rt-l. JAMES K. MK1U8.
(lit.-iwii, September 0, Is.".
fc'nte of Ahiin Wuodrijf, dee'd.
Ijntl.lt' notice in hereby jrlx-en,;that the unilemlftned,
e x. ciiier of the estate of Aluon Woodruff, dee'd."
111 ai'. iin in e county ( nun 01 i.a s.ilh; county, at a term,
thereof, lu Im- hohlen ut Ottawa, ill aii m Salle county,
nuil state of llliiiiiin, on the 81 Monday in October Beit,"
wheti anil where all perminK haviiiK cluilim aicsinat ait-'
estate are hereby requculed to present the name io Iai4
court for adjustment. IIF.XltY V. KIMES I
i.eptf-6w R. F.ATO.V GOOOl'm f"-
To all irhom it may concern.
NOTICE in hereby Riven to all w'boiii it may concern,
that at a tux kale for the County of La Salle anil
State of Illinois, held at the Court limine in Ottawa, 01 1
ll.e l.'nh day of Slay, Jsft5. 1 he.-anie the purchaser of
the fi.llowi'itr ilenc-ribcd lumU, via : K " acre of a .t eh
of nei nee. 8."), town Hfi, ;. 5 ; 11 li of h "f e'l W.
town art. I! f, ..I, r ..... ..' i town St. K. S.
fTlmt said I.1111U were mH for the taxes and coiiti of A. P.
1M, and Unit the time of re.leitipiion from aaid aale or
aai.l landa will expire op tlie lf'th day of May,
sepS . L. r. JO.-iaa.
fiTA TE Of ItTlXOI ' K""' ""ft""''?'
Court ther.t.f, f N,.t,ih,r f-m, lal: Kll.ha W.
How. Jan..-. I.. I - !'''. A''n, -mb. JiB F.
Iamb Mary J i.anib. C'llhenna IJiiiib, lar A. ,
Lamb,' eieorpe M. I.aoib, Julia Lamb, and Martha 11.
ITVo'rwiVi'iii fro'n'an'amilavU on file in the office of th
elei li ot the circuit court for aaiil couuly, that the
hLoc- iiaiiied Jiiic ..I)niei not a reniilent of tliia (tale,
ami Hi" complainant havi!iC Hied Ilia bill or complaint
herein, an.i uiuuitioa having been iaaui-d Uie-ruon accor
dinic to hMr'
.... therefore, notice la hereby given to the laid Jamea .
L. l i"s,lliH uuluMyou aball Hironally be and apier
before the circuit court of aai.l county, on the firm day
of the next term thereof, to be hohlen at the court boua
in Ottawa, in aaid county, on the aeconri Monday lo No.
vetuber next, and plead, demur, except to or anawer Baiil
complainant' hill, the same will he taken aa confeaaed
aKaiii't you by default, and the matter! and thing
therein prayed for decreed accordingly.
J. F. NASH, Cir.
Hcmmkll A Grit, eomplts. pnlicltori. f4

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