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,X j j i 7T . ! meetings arc the scenes or wild rcvblry anil
(Oit:ilu;i JrrfC(L'Tl8ClJuooi n.i ahiw or uhu.j
- ! comi.iaceii.y as the trader unfolds his J
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TOR Vl. i; ITr.-U-f NT.
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JM . IPIJ. It f - I. I IX. 1 r I II . l ;
. C 1K IMvlVI'jiM JJ'VJIi, .'
I iiim rr.lic i:ir tor:tI Ti
II. CONl-TAI J.I.', l Ct-ri..
W. i.f .?."
.t. M.T.R.TTI. JtCMV-fM "-T
s.i. m i. 11 m nm. ' "'-
S.I. MIl.ToN T I'HI H3 l-Mi.' .i'
4ih. K"K'Ur.M lii.l.WAY. of Warren.
fb JnllN P i:f'IIMiM. l shnj'.tr.
-h t. W. Mill I.TON. f-i't'I.r.
7th. . It. F! KI.IN. rf '.! .
f.h. XT. J. M'tr.K.S nt l Unlnn.
9th. JcUIN A. LOGAN. : l'rui.;ii.
XVM. A. nilllAKHSiiN. i.f A-lum.
fr t.l ut' n.trtt tii.r-rl.'.r.
tH IIAHU J. 1I AMII.TN, . f t W.
fi.r Sr. rrt.irii nf S'.t'-:
WM. . SNVPIl: r SI. Xor.
All IX K. t A.-KV, of IrauVlm.
fi.r T.'i.tfA-.
JOHN MOi:K. f M-'U an.
J. II. Pt. JIATTIi'EW, .f T.m II-
Vr Iilri.t-Kit HARI MOI.ONY.
Thift 'i'tri.4 -I ICI llSUIMIII.
-.,. WrV J. M. lVll'SON.
if l'i'tri.1 I N. MOKKIS.
.v.xi'A iHti-i.i thomas i.. ii nr.is.
.SrKfA 'iVWi-A.l: SHAW. 1..M3 fnii.)
J. I. AI.I.I'N. -hi.r1
F.l'jLih Iirtr' 1 Kol'FKT MITII. l.n.)
J. L. 1. MOKIMSON. (-.'.
xiii.i.i.m 11. v. ci'Nii.n.tx.
WILLIAM BARI5F.R, of La Sille Co.
V. A. AKJ.'iTKONtJ, of Urn inly Co.
democratic Countf Tlcki-i.
Vor Sherrf
NORMAN SMITH, of Free -loin.
Fvr Circuit Ch'rl;
;i:q. R. LF.LFor.n, of
Tvr Cvroncr,
ALLKUT rL'TNAM, of L- S-?h
Mr. Osman, the editor of this pnpf r, has
been absent for theiiastt.ve weeks o in-' to
the recent decease of his aged mother in
Pennsylvania, anil we regret to add that Ids
ay will be prolonged in consequence cf a
serious accider.t that has befallen hi:n on toe
rail road.
Drmocrsitic Me tin iu Peru.
Senator Dot glas, Mr. Caki-enikk of Cbi
rsgo, Mr. J. Tiiomi-son of Piinceton, and Mr.
P.; eiil of this counti", will address the citi
zens of Peru, at the City Hall, on Mor.uay
next. Lit there be a general turn-out to
Lear these worthy champions cT the tinuo- :
!. tn- nt SprinsliiM. - 1
Gen. Cass, the "old Chieftain" tf the :
dttuocratic party, wilt address the mass
meeting of the democracy, ' Sj-rli-jjUU, on
TUrlj, the ISfA tf S.j, tni.lt r. Senator
lciiglas. Col. Richardson, and othtr pillars
. of thc democratic paity will also be there.
The Xmts ficin Kann.
We publish in to-day papir a full report
f the rtient tirriblc outrages in Kansas,
which are tiuly heartrending and sickning
In t!xc cxtrtme. As we j rcditted two weeks
g., when we published the account or the
notorious I.ane'4 marches and assaults on !
the pro-slavtry nun cf their brutal r..ur- j
!erj and outrjgei on the so-called "Mis- j
souri ruffians" the chances cf war has
fivorel thc other sile, tnl i.ox we L'.arof
similar outrages of pir'iaj s a more atrocious .
nature at their Lands. The litters of te
l.iy are the vanqul.-htd of to-morrow, and
i., perhaps, it will continue until bitb.r
ail good men La i thc chttiirg j-rospctt be
fore lhc-iu that quiet had once more been re- ,
t. red iu this i!I-f-ted Ttrrito'-y. Accounts
Lorn there rej.risea'oJ a every tiling being ,
peaceable and prosperous that thc farmers
ucre ouittly gathering their crops, and thc
.iii-hani were peAceably pursuin- their '
respective callings. Those whj were cx- J
....W.J fr..,., th teiritoiv bv both t.artics.
. -
were rapiu.y re.urnmg, ami me uaw . oi a
. - . .. . ... .-.!
. - . , ) . .i . . 1
Letter .lay na i i.optiu.iy Lros.cn pcn mem.
" fo" a:n,;" "P t!ic tinic :
a.l;ournr..cntol Congress, ana Dot., parties
.. .. ... .
...,. '.,.
lcarcni ant n:inui;nL;a irji iiu.t
case is d.trerert, and vre propope to state in ;
is ccnctec a way as possible the true cause
o Uie present renewca u.iiicu.iics tnere.
- r t.-.t
lien. Lane, the comniandcr ol tlie tree
t.,.l ,.f l.ta .o-I...J ..,! r.....-.tf..r... T.c
IT. . .. : " . . . 1
ofliis Uaity accessions from tue free States
of monevand amunilicm on thtir wny there, '
. , .-. .......... ....... . ..,,.:
auu ui iiiv fcituej.uig jimi oruiai iiu:isej ui i. ,
eonfedcrttcs here cf Us large numbers and
of the certain overthrown of the pro-slavery
it 1 I...I ...I ... l.,.,
men. 11c was enosi-ii ...
work, anil in fidelity
L.i .'one it, and the dc
-bounded in our ears
abettors cf this civil
with thc adjournment
.'..feat of the Army Apj
his party mere, wc ic.ir oi ... -- :
.. . . I". l'.T.
marches, and ttic tviu suries oi muruenu
to iued this disgraceful insurrection, as win
be seen t y instructions from the S.-retiry of j
?:ate, and it U thc duty of all good citizens j
tveryw-iere m tluit road land to nplioia Uie !
coTcrnnit-ut iu n-stoiing tranquility once '
juore t-ire. j
T 71. r r t0 ,th , "conhh-
Tutitt of this pri-at and good object. There I
.... J Ji-ir. :
is a power rul party, bid in by men who will '
, ... 3 .
their politkal porpocef. Kvcrr fre-t.1, out- i
rage in this troubled territory is t0 t,iCm :
o i:icds prevail, and the sjb;r s-r.s.' or a'.. sa:.iv.,.i-, uwa, wn.e.i we puo.is.i i-u mc , Vvvt i, rit iuri.- of warm and gtnirous tcsrs
will-miiidtd men rise in thtir might and stuy benefit of those who r.isy feed an intenst i.i r:loItou--.l his mil J an 1 cheerful tyes, and
the hai.ds cf a Irothir freni spil'.ir.g a knowing where thc Iter. Captain a'l ! at thc c:osa 0iM.is remarks submitted res.
brother's Llooel. Until within a fur weeks ! w hat he is doing. Wc rrSU;c Lc is art- jlltjons cf condolence to the fiienJs of the
f-tate forces, during thc prcvtlanee of thc " , , . '' ' - , , ' ,, . ;"v ; surpiiscd to hear that he has sullered the giving a highly colored picture of the out- of so eommotn occurrence in tnj Territory
' lilt driltKl lit; itl III 3 ( ftl t ItLM)lif lit Itl' t 1 li'lT'liv C1' rili' 'l'i nti w r r
peaceful times there, was assembling his .mediately sprang to his feel and delivered a ', sad const, puences of thc horrors of a civil: rages committed there by the l,r-s'avtv . v
forces on the outskirts of the territory and short speech, and declared that he isouhl j war. Whatever may be hli fate, mid under J men. After ttpbrai ling the 1-fpublici.ns (or -irC(..T w-aVnot anUci'piUtel'for 'some "hi'v's'
ttron.irin" fjr re-new in? the assault. We : std'scrtbe jOG for Lcnef.t of tree State uf- Riiate-vcr circbistances he may have lost , not furnishing men and means more freely i ti... ..io-s!nv.rv mn-tv is still r-n.nf!v r
. I i.rt i HirTti- Iten aelviscel , . . ... 1 t.... yt .. .. .. c.... v-- . prospers linely unUer Ins new keepers, and i of course wttiiout lounilation : nut the nres-
.. . 0 . ucmoi-raiic uc.ti since ne is in ttus county. . .un. voi.shai.i. o. u.r. cii.i.-.m - r . ... .' t conimer. nil relations of the Sections Uv , im-wy. ot
. .. i : . r.i ..... i .1... ...f. . ri- I .. .. . ... ... . , .. r . i i in a Kiiort t line wi I lie una Hied to etif . r in cuee me. v.. ........ ...... i.i....-.ui't nuiini ... ... .... . ...
... u. tiiwiw w.i- " A:,vs ffr.,ng;iIls anaqmrri'liiiij; Mioitt no- ! uimi'rsiiiii.i u.atitie Ke. .nr. togstiaii oi mc ; " f - " j ,n 0f tv. s.,)e kindred, country and wl.ieii means i .real l.rilain may no inter-; For Tlnif. i
t;on for the army could pass congress, ar.d lilInat;oil!Bt an, ncVfr 5atislted until the fu- ; Haptist church of this city, addressed the i c:rcIe ol l'lC tlCC" lu P"l!vr 1S f:'ir c!i!n' aII eager for a fight, and Upon whose 1 l"1"1 between tne.n, or by a dissolution of j ym: : sione Ojiirry ini.-.i ''; " below
thatconstin-nt'y it would be disbanded, he i s;nnN ca.,..!lt hUu ; l!ie trap. 1 Fremont club on Saturd'ay evening last specimen of candor an.Uruth, and we pre- resill,ctive banners " no quarter" is fearful- : l;''' political L mon. bor tlie loi tuncs of j A.','i,re Kih'.s:,,Vi!U btmk V,v Uivcr, in ot
coiumenct. Lis assaults and bloodshed, an 1 j T,ifi toavc,t!,n of was aa aUlition Wc are glad that this Iter, gentleman has - f consideration j ly f avetSrUcI "" "' lvncu.
nrttr lies entrenched at Lawrence, defy D2 ; : t . i-t. i..,..-,t ! il.t, . t ... ... :.. ....... i.;.i,:,.,i , of his truth loving readers: ports of bai bant.es most inlitiinaii mur- . 'iT ".n:".:;",
. , . ei-li till. oil- iiiw me 1.1"..! ut . it it it nan .tn i . "('"'. ....... ...ii wgni; .till, iv ttio ui0w.v. j ..... 1 ,-c lliASt T ui ' t'lt'SG ire ri"ril 11 Wt 1 tirl'S " J 'l'i,''euj . "i J ii.ie i"it mijv a .-e.iivv. ... i tu. ... n.ii.1, j i ,1.11 - ii L K
the power of the general government to ells- , t!(C ,j!t((re,t enmit.s of President i and fanatical sentiments, and that he has i Speaking of thc delegation that left here r,, mention of vl.iih iMnrio ' l-rofiu of Ameii-an slavery to aby.ish it I OjjT. 7 .J'"-',-. ?? ''S !!' ".""1:T
jo'lge i.iai, ana uai.y receiving men ana sue- Vicrec tVtr s;ncc j.;s 1sta:hiier.t in f.icc, i deserted the house of Cod. and mounted 1 ior U,B "e.i.oe.. am. ..ta-ss ...eeung, nc make every american citizen who deserves ; l'' J !'- - j trri.t... r. . . .i..: ,ty ..i ir.M.k.v.,, .v v. i , , ji, M .reiua.i.is J T..r.,,-r j.,. v
cor from the free States. UUlst thus cn- c Corgrcgational minister's state- ! the political forum to mingle his voice in 1 J "cnty or thirty men and hoy," left the blessings which he enjoys, pause and j yr Fikidon I, , -The Jersey- ! ''atr'K.VTii-uSl VArnu'K i-.uiuu.L. ' ..t c L 3
trmibi-d the out-laws cf Misouti and the . . , . , , ... . ., - , , ... , I here on the cars for Morris. 1 ask. " hat arc the tunes upon which wc u s 1 1 ' 1 1 " 1 "c 'si t - - , .,;.. .u..rti.a Martin j h Taritai j..i.u
trtnehta t.ie out .ans ci mi. -ou.i ami mc t;lcRt t0 thc contrary notwithstanding. i thc exciting turmoils of tho day. ,. e Lope ; ncrte on i,,r . f .lIenV'i I I -illo Prairie State, says, that the citizens of ; ......r-, " .. . .,.. c ...,.'r m .ni.a M.u.r u. v j...b T.tn j..h.,
. . . . i i i ' ' e ii. . r :.. .t :... i . ; ,...-..." . : . "... . : . i nrhu-u
s.ave mes comn erne ; It Is trnc Mr. Murray did subscribe $309 that the highly respectable flock under Lis ! ' . i Five of th? Free-State men w.io were ta- Fieldon, in Jersey County, have been sorely i 4,000 ,i.u, iu Any Vu w5.m., T.Kf r?.
8,v3e ferocity reUuate upon t. e free stat, : f , of ,hc Kansas rebellion, and ! charge will not sutler by the desertion, and' " II.se was a free-soiler m lSlb. j prisoners at Ossawatomm were sent I ajjiictc.,i elurin" the pa-t few weeks by the i I'w,' K -.h...im ti..- m.-kW..', t.wm"'
men, and now we Lear of their dark and ; Jv(! part ; furnisllIns thc rIfles that it will still go on itfils good and pious j , dowon ihef 'Folar Star," and their passage ! " - 1 I Jl.' "
damnable outrages, disgraceful au.e to them , ca,l!rrins thc forcc3 for blood-shtd in ; work-proper and prospering. Tiuiealone 4 ea-'tho antidote with it. j.a.d by SZ I dysentery, and quite a nuntber of death! TX A!.V.
and thc nation at large. Kansas, lie and Lis confederates are now i will show. ' ., , Iry again Mr. "wijT-W ! i Tr S ""'.' N"' ""'T ! w-im Ww w...,.iratf A.rrc.i
.. ...n,r-.t nri'dtil iul trnie CnTV ' . . .... i - . 1 " SUCH troptlllS OI victory. l l.o suau fc.iy, lldt l.lKtll pldCt. ine ca JsC IS tnUoUotCUl bif,lT.. Kar pirtii illar. cmiuire of Mr. i iK-rll-r Jouu MiiqilyWiii W1I...11AT
Jttt we 1- Xnd The new d I ' 'l A taxui's Skxtimext.-Wo under- F.toio.r rou Slavkkv.-TLc New- York therejbre thn, llorder Kuftians ate not a ,0cal one, as it is confined principaly o i SZ .f
ZIITt ralcra, '"-onerous. the town but the investigatons thu, tlius far . XTTI ' 5fflf( u
ample powers gircn him by the IVesidcr.t J " )0 of this place, and Fremont, thus defines the position of that FROM KANSAS. hav. not revealed the cause of the epidemic, i m tt,t KA,KRS1H " '
... :.,i.;j..Lwr,l inspection, as will ""?J , . ... P? ithal a member in good Unin2 ia one of gentleman, and we commend it to the spe- Tccnmhtken b? .e'.Mf.-.Mck.u. , Tr77I'ii',.i ' FANCY & STAPLE GROCERIES, ! e.L,..o, m.-in...,?a
what the trade winds arc to the UaW-J
mariner. It LIU their sails with propitious
Iwm, which they vainly Lope will carry
Xlern safely to power and place. TLc;r
,..i...i.-,. i. i,.,Lrr n..nnls his eohl. I
I In our own btretts wc nc placards calling
! on men to arm and equip for the bloody i to
: woik, and "frte 'ax"jc from Chicago to'
loini Cif'r, "i 'I "rre traimportation of 710 I
.. 1. 1 ...... .1.. '
(- .v. t r ' r"7y""t m' .'.'( 'mi ifi'-na tilt;
... . ... (
held t ut to those wishing to engage in this !
i dreadful work. The " w of nnjih , units tie- !
jr sry jt-r rch'iiij'i h'-c" are alo promised :
aim nit- i ij cia ui ii laii.tiivai oiiu n usiuuu m lit
-...1 1 -k... u i 4 1 . . 1 . . .
nrrjry arc oiutcu hi ini'ir ocoHm. !
Wc now ntirn-:.l t a'l iaiiili.1 int-ti IT tliis !
i.i.il:.!! wrong. Is peace and traii'j'iiliiy
once in re to iui!c upon this unhappy land
by these luvasuns.
Vc think not, and have ;
bul little hope- when we sec and witness the ;
' r. .: . 1 1......: ,t- ,.C if... (!..,,
lauaLiel leil'. n. ivp v ...
j a:ii;e guilty,
I condemnation
1. !!- ati-1
I more than
, his abettors
' sponibility
I not covet, and generations ytt utburn wi.l ;
po.nt the biigtr of scorn at thtir unholy j
. u-..rV i
' i
Tne Itepnblicau .Mr. Cook.
i r- . .... ... ....! !.. n- we' be used to intorce Hie .uiiscuii VOUo in x- i, ,,,... v . i . Tl. II...,..!
! l.uvc ever tlood, aaJ where the great derno- i Kansas. party has vanished like a free lunch before J --. , ; thc ,xigecy of tho ense, the (iovernor is New Voik, ., n! ;
; , ' , . 0 , , ., ' The Kj.-ton Daily JJr. says: a hiii-.-ry Alderman. Some r the pap-rs ltial n'o"1 111 v l,-r y oidered to enrol! aiifi or"i.n zj the m.htia of i an L ircii : of w. 1 r.at ..i, ol K) ., an I
; cratic parly now stan, s-m regard to Ihese thro;h l!lt absence ! are rig to excuse or apologize for eV "it of ' " 4t ' Hie Territory ; ono division under (Jen. j and l.io,. Vright o. .., g .ve to the i.tiUir
j outragi s u, Kansas. Loth pait.es there are ( I O.,ol,rts wftllc Adminis- the caV-lin of the KcpuU can luoiuUrs of , tu""c,k;., ' " .. 0-.V .', 7:. ' i Kichardson. is already in the Held. Jle.pii- an Mat whi h xroulu have u. oh- .1 eu.n.ei.t-
, and Loin deserve the severest ! lratiol wilbollt pairing oil'. Among these the House of IU preseiitati ves, who skulked ; "r J i; ru m,.v."l on to -,tt aek U-a- ! sitioi.s have been also made upon the tio- i !y w-rcu., v a-, l : li.im toe lu-:n
of all good citizens. String- ; tlic I1:.1C 0f Mr. Lurliname is reported, and allowed tuo .Uu.y i.in 10 pa:-s wiuioui . , .,., nf ,,,,, Ilf t vemors of Kentucky and llhmus b.r two : rimum-eiices nine toe meeiing m.-p.ieu.
his crew and abettors deserve ' His absence on this occasion has done more the Kansas proviso. It w 1 ' ' r ' .r.ivcd near that tdr.ee and was ntta.W by ; regiments of infantry, to bpla-xd under llus immense and "lorious sihs.-m. oi
. i .i .it i l.i iniiir.. tin. i-imsi-of (iinstitutoiial liberty. men. cucu couuuei m pai i ...v.. ..i.v.-. ... . i.r.i. tliu enri.l inent ol nn. ,"miin, 10 an i" me -n. i..-. .-. . i e.i. ...n ....... .
death, and thc outlaw Lane and . l" '"J 'f- t"c taast ol l onsuiuion.u ..f.i,, Ther.. .,s a 2 Abolitionists under the command of the V' .l: . -., ..,.., llr . ,?iro i
here and elsewhere have a re- "': T ?,:, " 1, .7 .,.1 ' maiority airainst tho l-assa-e of the bill; n'Kous apis.ni ..unn i.iow n w no com- ? .,iMttifll.. . - .,.,,..........,.. of ut the c.i.rdrv. It is a:, indiration that
restinr uroi, them that we do !.'... . .' i." ....... ."HLv- but t!.rt-o or four w ho wer in the House. "' n,Jn" Vi'!' tivKl W'!n 3.UurK c thc i e-.tde of the North-west are all right"
i The last Hi-pnblleua takes us to task for ' . T, ... . ., ,
, , . i 4,ic want Ilepreseiitativts who cannot
t our articles in relation to Mr. Cooks course : Lu f,.igi,tc.Ilcli by the unnecessary disi barge
! as State's Attorney in connection with Mr. ; Iroin "cmployineiit of a few operatives, by
(Jlover, his law partner; and subsequently the stale and ridiculous accusation of 'bloek
! his course as State Senator in regard to thc ! tl,e wheels of government.'"
! Fir Tlniv-tntl JM'rfce, .vc., Ac.; and by j T!ie X. Y. .'.VtT describes thc effects
j way of show ing us inconsistent re produces of ,lie ncws i:l t,1!,t cAi' :
! an art .-0 from t m Vvri Tr.olrr i.nb i
r !
'or ;
1 at the time of Mr. Cook's nomination for
j Senator, being laudatory of Mr. C.
j This is all right as far as it goes, but our ,
' " muff-lu ad" fi iend of thc i;.iUicn should j
i , ,, . , -i , !
go a little further, and bv way 01 helping
c. ' - J i o
j bun on we will take the lead. Cook then ;
'. had only been State's Attorney, and he and .
': tdover. it is true, bad been enen-ed in some
, pretty sharp practice, and we ignorant of its
extent, ventured to indorse him f..r the ollice
of Senator, but where was our friend of thc
'i I n'lir.m and his h tends t.eu? Iid they
S1 ic " '"-ii us, or were they against Mr. C.
ll.cn i Where have they stool up to within
a year? Where was the Chicago Tr'.!-i:.
and its spicy article " Hide and Seek," raking
down Cook, the Governor, the Stale finances,
the five thousand, te. ? Who got up these
articles ? Who chuckled over them at every
Ce-rr.tr of the street.-?
Pisguisc it as you will, the truth is Coo'.-;
wr.s young when thc cilice of State's Attor-
r.y lift l.irn, and had not been sulliricr.tly
j(Ttr,.t.( ! to suit these immaculate brethren
t f t;.t p. .. u!.;it ;iI, t-a::,'
It took the ollice
of Sit.iiicr, and the cp; oi tut.iiii s; it of!'. red
, J U llh:l f,jr tIitm- II1 tL!"s ,-io'ltr "'
there liajipt-ncd to bis "atnpTe room and t-rge
enough" for his full development, and of
course ha:ng largeiy i.ist.nguisind himself
iu this i.ew f.J. l, he is fitted for llaiiit ton
an l his crew, 'ihey do not propose t) raise
his rank but ineril-.- tj ...' hini, so that
heieaftcr instead of being the r.ir.-n!''j ..,. - ,
rr.-iic ti..:tvr he once was, he will (if he .
gits inouuh voters to swallow him) be ti.e
tm ii-irrii rtj-'iiuicnit .Nui'.ur: it me re
publican liadirs should succeed in cram-i:.;n-
hi;n ilwn the tliroats cf thc honest
?. . if .- ... i..
ma-.-cs, the only thing he w i 1 have to regret
U tc l-"1 --y 1 himself out a peg or tuo,
instead of being brecctt.-.l his rank would
"nave been raise J. J.or.j..y !,r.i o-t i.-n-.e-
rn.. . .......
: were ftd Iressed by several g'-titlt tn?r. in ap-N'cv.-s
frc r.i Ilev. CV.ft. Wm. Stra-.vn. ' , rf.j lLt,a:'s, The closing of the cas",
We 1-i.ve just received the followtn-letter hoWcVl W35 .a to our frie.-iJ Mi-
i;t::i a l.tgiuy rtspeciao.e genuemnn : I .ev ;
i. .... ... . . .... 1
. -11 . t t f . I
T . "! I ..' T.,. '
tug upon i.ic o.ei iuic iniii ;
"lie who fights and runs away
May live to tight some othtr Jay."
From all accounts, the Ilev. Captain was in
Kansas until the fighting commenced, when
" "ls i.r,...e... e .i
tte-r part of valor," and he started far
''va on a expedition.
I'llasantvillf, Iowa, St pt.
l . 1 .1.1 .1 .
7- . 1. ... 11 tr.i;. ill. - i i. . ill
- . .r:'; "" ..A - ' " 1. ...
iiar- iinsst'ti inrcii 'ii ih.i who ii-
- , . ,r tt V-..nrrc lional Minis-
iron bis retiit.i from Kansas, and took oc-
. . .. (
r.is-.on, wline in tins i-rirr. to uci,vcr two
the administration as usual, and ar-ucd Fre-'
. . . - -- ,
Jfl, lhat thcre
wtt ti very wealthy, j
intelligent farmer, am
I trader, near your
T..-., I.. 1 f 1 T !.
ihtk m ii.-huu i .Murrn. wiw
.............. o.. ........ v , ...... v
,ieieit. ......
oiv, sir, we somewhat tlouLt the state- i
,..r-.t , -,. ,!,, nnt l..-'.;. ii- thnt ar.v ii.r.Ui- ,
tjn.t sound Uemocrat would change his na- .
1: I ...,i:C.. l...M f..wl,n,,ei.riv,.rn,l.- !
' r. ' v . ...
atj e ,1,.,,,,,'f.i-atie r.artr is not responsible
. l v.-'miit's'that mr.v be ner-i
.-... .-..r. .':.
i:lVC ncVer did favor the present administra
t;oll lu liasntVlr V0(cJ a straieht forward "
their j.,;.,,; s..ln.bera are not disturbed I
j t;.e giks and groans. )
Tj.cy liaVt, 50w n t0 lhc storm an j ar(J nQ-v
rcapsns whirlwind.
bachelor friend of the HrpulUrtn in
Lis Ia,t paper couics up to the work like a
... ...
nj 13 unsparing in denouncing tho
' . J T t.
Free Tracer. Now, the question is, if he
ta" ii0 Vy' hj d'n? V ,d'rt
ci b.s tn.ploytrs. anu get oac eue cucr.,ucu
1 . t r- I Ynu will r.inf.r 1 favor on 11s bv irfonn- l':c tnicacro Journal mat JUUgC llicKCV lias t .. . ., . r.t reeiueen, ano miu a n rny on Ins part will pi. ia, lias tlie iotuwiug remarks in an e-elito- j r-y . , , ,
to his employer he o "I conf r a 0 '"'"" I , , ,.t, r:...t, r... usurP thu povernmtr.t, that was founded ; sonll be i.ettssary. .Numbers of the ro-i i;.., ... ,..-...... .r :...r. . r ' S. W. CHEEVEPS.
piorable nsu.ts are - vr,r,cr,'.,tfr.- i ,..-. t..i.. . by thc patriots of the revolution. Fill Con- , slavery party are detukd to intercept tho j ..... ., ... . . ... , ,.. . . . A .!'.';,-ir,",:'".,'.r?.' :.?,"','V'''-..'"
I., 1 .t . , . ... ...A-... . , , oilretst 111 x. til. uibiihi. tiiti; ouwiie ti.ir , . . . T ... . , - - . 1. ....... . , .... . .... 1 : : . 1 . . i itin r.i.ie--iiii.-ii 111 utii itetiien at u 11.111 ?. ait i - " .-.-- - -r.
iv the heralds and i ( K il ... grcss and your Mate Legislatures with a ankee pimision wagons, and it is almost ' ii.ei.t ,t stei.s. i. :,.-..i n...-. w-..,r ..1 n kin.it.. 1
w- . , ...... I doubtless discovered that he is inclligibio, 1 . , , .., . , ' imnostsible for anv further suiudy of stores ' the slavery ipiesti.ui : ! pmi;ii v irt-ty i.f tti.-i.ty-M i.t.- cintiiitur. it....is m..
war. S-imultancous to Mr Muir-v we can av that Lc has ; . .- - -.t f.i ' nest of vultures, and you will have totel , '"'r0' 8 J,- ,or d"-y ,l" "cr "lv'i 01 stores . . 1 , Ell,..r '1! i,,.H. ' ,:lllr,...ri., ...rri,rt,i ..
,t r.nrr.C' ! i'.- 7 i owing to his rtstdejKe in Chicago, and that ! . , 7 . nu r- .1, 11- to reach Lawrence, unless some new demon- "lo detach tlie south from vhe north has piv,t,,r s.Nf ,... M;.t9 n.t.i cm.s ... i.it:..t.-.t..-.-.
01 wi 0rv a.i 1.11. j.ccn on? (lr tj nitst r.,l,jj fusionists in the 1 . -. ... , r !.....: .. i....- I ' 10 I'u K 10 Ilcces our cner.s.icu i. nton ; ,.,-....;,. on T-nu's Part reuuire the nro- ! lom? been, we believe, the cherished asnii a- Tt.r si., k ii,ris,-. .v.r.vii,;t:!r mil nnytiiine itmi mny
irepriatioil bill by 1 , , ... rM a, .. J" '"' ' "9Vt " I and her beloved institutions. jaVerv leaders to concentrate their ! tion of the Entrlish t.oliticians and traders. ! "" r " " ? "'"',
'5m 01 nts me. v, e u..u ..o., .
j ecltItfJ tlat "ll,ck J't(e'$'' "tate is n0W
i U tunk- and lhat bo wil1 haTC to fulfil Lis
j l'1'l vows and take tho widow, just as
she is and as thc Lord made her f
Tli (iroant ol tlie bounded.
the democracy to witness
republicans since their dt-
frat 'l attempting to lo.r the w heels of our
government, by refusing to vote fur suil'lics I
"., . r , t
our army 1 he Uosion Ue says of the
ssagc of the Army bid : 1
. . . . , , . 1 . i
It adds another to the damning triumphs ,
r .i. ..it..-, -...1 ..-. ...i with It mi
til illy .IUI11III1..1I .UtMlt ui... v j
,...., , r,l i. -oveiiinicntal out-
(!i h uti'I. ri only Krunvsjucv .win i hiu- i
1ayoncts wi.l pUrrincr IupuT;licnn bo- ,
sm;iS how schiii r uuui.ia i
i driven into ili-publicau he: its?
I The lice. Journal says:
(-OM.M0SS j;3S ,,asSed tho Armv bill w ithout 1
1!C "l.oriu-r iiii.au. i.-j.... ..........
..i.. t...nr l-.l...-
.1 . : . C.-I.;.!. I'.,ii. il Sinics Irnm.s 1
(III I'lU.i'. iv..j..".'.n - - j -
be used to intorce Hie .uiiscun vouo in
The T.oston papers follow thc cry of the ,
y. Jfcuhl, ami denounce thc eowartily
: r .i... n i.t;..nu l.v tvliieh ihp
n to
the groans of the r
aa in ......... w,. ... . . i ... ;r,.,t .1... ,l:,v-. . f...in.l al.i.nL ! from cauiitm on
.. I. t .mil illf rill .1 'IlKl tfXLtllll L'l I 1 1 1 1 11 lilt , I I i
The Hostr.nJ th howls out: j right hand of fellowship in the goo work, i Ill0.slavei v mm "emamped. On the wards taken on bo
The friends of freedom an.l constitutional 1 - " 'filth we formed a loffimeiil, and selected j pany of one huudri:
icrty in the House ol HcpreSenlatives are , lu tui miu inuit-o. 1 td. 1 II. Ko.sser. of Virjinin, as t nij.oraiy ; i-S ,l0ln o;',:;2ott'-
i ibon nim .f inc i.mutii. ri:i!ii rc-nir in , nuuiv. v-v.nnw i'v.w-j. - - . ... , . r i i ... t ... citti. n s i" s l ri'Ll ;nai wiitMinvi.-i - ....... a
I UlllllVdllLL UI lilt IU l".".'.".''1
j bid was permitted to pass.
'I I... 1..l..r. :
J II . . V ' . V. .
A tin says:
"lncncws iioiii
"as pe.fectly 'stunning' to people w ho have
any plutk. It was wilu the deej.est regret ;
that t!ic news was received in this city, that i
then: had been 'a caving' of Republican
1:11 "d-ers. We do not know where the
blame rests, but it is a mean business, lhc
, ,- '.. , . r .1 . 1 t . ..... ... .
Republican llonoir.bles of that body cannot
i.e ot)i hen matters come to a crisis.
There certainly has been as complete a back
down as ever w e heard of."
Thi.ii- own confessions are enough t-J ccn- ,
demn them, i'.very outrage commit :ed in
!.-..-. CI' t..... ...nl.r.w..,. l.;,!ri.,l fid! tO
l.ill..l.. .U..-V ..'.....'".-... .........
oversowing, and they boast and swagger
loudly about what thev would do if they
were there. Why don't they t,o and liht?
The smell f f jowder there would mr.ke
tl.etn tiitc as Lad as did thtir cotif.uc
rutesin treason at Wa.d.I:igton.
The (Jrcat Mass 'Jetting ut Jlorrts.
We could fill a page with enthusiastic ac"
counts of this gnat democratic jubilee at
Morris on Friday, theuth inst. There were
nt least ten thousand people there, and a
more heartcheering meeting cf good and
tiu3 men never too place anywhere. J tic j
acr.iut.ts brought by thc different persons ;
present fr.u;i thc vast territory represented. :
is if the-most cheering character, and leaves
no doubt as to the result ne.U No-imber in
this State-. All is life and activity, and 1
democrats heretofjrc lukewarm arc now
.'.Hid with ardor and eiithu.-i ism. Wo can .
truly say that "it was good to be there.''
. j
Wt-t IlT:.iI. t- ;
Tho r.rtTit ontra 'i in Kansas bnvi-
... , , ,.4V :, , V!,iliri. ,.,1
of the republican iires. Thc first reports
announced t!:at Mr. PttitLirs, a young man
who resided in this place a short time, had
been shot at Leavinwoith in thc assault
made on that place, and that he had first
she.t two of the assailants. This news
spread like liie, and it was dec t ied at cure
that something must be elone. The faithful
w.rc fiin.moned to the court h it-:-, and
,-;..,., .. t 0 ..s truiv . athtti.-. and at one
. .
nuir dtrtd Mr. Phillips. At this juncture of
' aifairs one of their number stated that he
' had just sctn Mr. Strawn, the returned Kan
sas captain and hero, and that he was satis
fied that Mr. Phillips wan not dead, and that
ho was not at the town of Leavenworth elur
ing the affiay. Suffice it t j say thc tears
j were ilriid up the resolutions modified,
and the meeting acj'Mirne-d without being
. . . ...
'J 'oiike tlie least political capital out
! of the aflatr.
i'lat.i ...u , iii.L.r, -.vccounla iron.
r. .. .r . . r
. ., ...... ,r...:f , " ....
il i.iu beaui ima i'.in" 1:1.-11 lainun n.-
t!J U '' hU ,tttcr'
lishtd in the las! J,t.iOlicm, it appears mat (
..- i : . .
ua inaKing arrancmirnia w pariii-ipaic
, the troubles there, ana we snouiu not oe
: 1 .i. i... In. cn ir.ro, I tl,
bi lif. all food men in t rul v reTe t tha t .
" ..... ' ,'
one so young ana in mc prime 01 mc snouiu
have fallen by the hands of his own coun-
. :.. ... .1... ...ir. ..!,.
tl liJvil ln tl.K UJ ..aumi oi..tv-ui.iiii; ui (
!i ClV war'
. .. 7. '. 777 .. .
give up his extensive pract
in that city and return to this district.
our churches, made the expression in the
public streets a few days since that the Fre
mont movement was not carried far enough,
"thut lie vnnfe'l to nee the parties in Kun
tat cut cuc'h others throats, anil that he trau
Ud to w.e our own citizen do the tame n'i,"
rather than witness thc triumph of the dem
ocratic piirly.
Here you Lave it, pure and unadulterated,
frCiih froia a lc3tk'r. a,,J a u,an thut now
receiTing ami tuhsiting recruits for the Ivan
sas army !
Fhost. A heavy frost, a few nights since,
in Piatt County, destroyed a largo quantity
of corn.
The Work goes llravcly on."
We hear daily of important acijuisitions
to the democratic party from the oM line
whig in this county, and of men too that
will be felt at tho polls next November.
Whatever, heretofore, prevented them from I
J ,
11.. 1, .... :
and thev show their manhood and patriotism
aniiuiey . uo me.. 1 !
J.y joining the only national parly new in;
111 1
the country. W e mor-l cordially welcome
c tmve coi-.situnuy iMim-i im-n-
- f j .1 rrrul,liC;;n ratty ns soon
ns the i.reseiit elect on is over, but it 8ccm. '
that has bicn too long a time for
- 1
U,UM to
. ..1 r 11.. f'.,.., Il. V,.,. I
"e, la luc niniiMnii v. ..t, j
York llrrnl.f, one of their own paper
r..i.. '
. .
ji j t ,
' 1
,.iu:.t ,i.rit al)(1 t.(.t.r Cr go dow n w Uh ,
.i.f? i i !...i. .... ii. ;...,
U1L1I (II Ullin Ultlllli. U.l.l VUl.J.fl ........ ...b;
I ... I - . . J .UI. 1. ' - , ...... - -
tt... l!....nl.i;.-..w r-. nv.-.v mill iiltuwi-il llu
minority to ::iiu the victory.
That's the
end of them.
From Speaker Hanks dow n to tho latest
converts to Republicanism they ad lack
courage and s. b -confidence. They can talk
and jabber anil w rite by the hour or the day
or thc week ; but w hen it conns to action,
ihey are weak in the kneesand a veiy slight
contest W ears them out. Thc least noise or
clamor scares them cut of Ihiir senses, and
they are ready to retreat and w heil ,
ueg to be forgiven.
The editor of tho Ih rahl, and all i
wheil about
candid men in the eastern staUs see the
complete fa. hire of this new-fangled party,
and are paving the way for a rapid desertion.
Politics ix New Voiik. Indicati ns froiu
! Ihe State of New York lead us to infer that
t;lt. contest there is q i'lo tl.jse In f.veen the
three d.fferent candidates. We wotd 1 glad-
I n,... t f ... 1 ........ I C.,.-f Mi
V. ILV...V. ....-V, ..
ir. i luinore slioul-l
carry that State the question as to the Pres
idency v.ou'd jiroha'y h&vc t" I'-' d.ci led
by lower J.ou.-c of ci.:igres, iu e::se thi.t
Mr. I'.uehanan sh:-i;!lJ l.esc Pennsylvania,
cf which howe ver we have no f. ars. If
Fremont looses New Ynv'.e he cannot possi
bly be 1 letted even should !.. tarry every
othtr northern State.
Sot'Nn AtMi;::. Mr. A. f.i icoln, th
Illack RepuY.iran oift r (T Illinois midc
speech at S:i ing fie 1 1 hi.-t Monday eveiin
and threw quite- a diti.j iron the Kansas a
;t.l!ors there, and told his friends in plain
v-or,jt ..(., ;r( y,',. ,,., ,r.,;r, ,.l..c ,-r,.?
,;,,, (,-.. 'j-hc i taction
p.ts co.,..1)t ,KC,i l.osl,. ,Iuaarc tr.ie-
; tIlt. trl. oaI:Sj lr,.bl , 6 ln Kai.sas
pthc i ight quarter. Tloylnve "jliceda
,.,;; f:t(,ni. t!.tir own i.e. !s that will
t!irry thtiu I j the d.-j t'. of thj sea."
Maine Uliitiuv. A was antieipated the
Jllack Renubiieaiis have cari 'utl litis Slate
by a lama nniot it v. I i v refiren.e I) the
foUo-.vin-' vote la.-t'vear it will . e s-,n Hut
the m.-joiity there agait.st the eLinoi.rats
was ii'i-.vaiets oi it mev s.-io;
upwards of !:;,.":'. If they shoii.d
have lo.-t this St it j hmw, their cause wjild
be hopeicss in the extreme:
For Merrill (black r. p , k. n.) ol.JSS
For iVtlls, ( letiio- riit) l,".7-
For Reed, (whig) 1-',
Mi. ton T. Pi:T!-i-s tlu iL-ui i-ritic elector
f.r this district, we .ire s'Tiv t leain hi
met-.vitha sid mi.-f .r'.-.-n; i t the t . wu f
Pe.r.tiae, in Living-toti ci u; 'y. We ut.d r-St.-it.d
that he liiliveiid a lei.gt'.iy and pow
erful sj eeth at I'or.tiic cn '.'tu:,es l;:y !a.-t.
which completely jintiated his pi.ys:cal
powers, and on ret!: ing to bed re-.t. d u.-.t.i.s-ilv,
and in the night aueke and fe'.'i from
thc sccflnd story id the building, bre-akii'g
his thigh and at.kle in the fall. Mr. P. is a
, . iii-
voijnman of po'verf.tl n.tell ct, ar.il Lv his
. ' c - i -
strict atten'.i 'U to his proh-SMou has earned
for Liiu.se If a J roud and enviable L.-in.e.
V.-..l...r. War i.f bis i-aol l reroferv ,!
sincerely regret his fid inisf jrtatie.
We notice by ti.e Chicago Press that the !
Illack Ilcpubiicans claim that at least one
Wf cf ,1... Ur..e ,ti, ,i,lancB at thc Morri
, - - - - c - -
xia meetintr of the !emorr.irr. were Fre-
,. . U. !..,.,.. m, ,l... .,1
, - 1 - 1 "-
onc iu , d;smi;an ,
lueaUied the pure atmosphere of const.tu-
ti.-irinl fi l..litv Jl'l.l Wllkivl in Ci .i:isif rf
thc Xation:t,
it- m H '! 1 . X " .1- 1
hat i nr.v at. i uc last .cr nw
jams lias a very uoiet'i: titter trom Kansas,
i.;.,i.k- ,.,,1. ,..,1 ,.;,o,,... ,.r it.,
for the ra use. w intis un bv the fullowinc
. ' c
appeal: "in li.e name or J mure m,.i, int.
manitij, if yon hare not the courage tojl-jht.
. '.r,-.r. ,,,f. i
nm ir.rxo 1 o 1 1. iiiuiti. i
cs' rote '"J ' 1 at 13 aI1 1 cy want.
! Vote right so that they can fid Congress
' .... .. . , ., .,:..;...:,... " ... .
Our "..iiifT Ik-t.1" f. ;....,l r.C il... 7', ,,..',',.,. '
llur mtitl litaa luena ol tlie i.tj.uuneun ;
cial attention of the old line abolitionists in
this quarter:
Wc prefer that it (Kansas) shall enter the
Union as a slave State, in order that the
balance cf power may be maintained, be
lieving at the same time that it will be of no
disadvantage whatever to the slave popula
tion or the free States no infranction of the
lews of God or man. Jn those sentiments
the friends of Col. Fremont as far as we are
connected with them, cheerfully concur,
There was a heavy frost in tho vicinity of
Lafayette, Indiana, last week, which did
cousidcrablc damage to sonic fields u.f corn.
There are now 477 prisoners in the peni
tentiary at Alton,
w ; 1 1 a t 11 j.f .fli fur i-w Kuiif:i n t wlm-li : i)U
..... . 1 - - j ...... - . 1 . . r.tti. j. in.-T nro. ah i.tii!ii oii i-tiiiuir 10 ..iihw.i ii.-.-.i
Correspond, m c of tlie Mi.oiri KiimMii-au.
The Attack on Ossawaton te.
Camp at Indian Cheek, lv. T., Siept. 2.
A number of uiil'crcnt reports 1 ayiug no
doubt reached you concerning tin battle of
Ossaw atomic, 1 propose to give a correct oc-
Jl f J
S avcry mulics 111 th s beautiful .territory of
Saturday, the 20d of August, we left
. i- . . 1 . . !
our rump at N cslport ami took up our 1 me
forces hu'l incrtad to l.loO. rani. ai::i fi!
e it"'" wir.i into a peniiaiiviu oigam.n- :
- - 11 .1 . 1 ! . . it.. .... . '
lion, anu se ecieu .ii' iiison n .ia 01 ieue-
i....:.i . iw itrmrn iu i
", ............ ..v... . ..
. .,., i ,,r ,!. 1 s, ., K.,r(,r :c'i rt- i"
v . .
nt an.1 Mv tm name of our forces
1 " the Armv of Law-
ami '.mier oi Kansas .
... .
i.. .i... i:.i. .. .. .... . lir... '
then formed his men in an open i.rairi-. a:,d
-"-yor bell bred upon the Abo.itionis's witli
the artillery loaded with yranf. (Jeneral
- .
nei'i 1:1.11 1:1.1...
I..i.l II..... .nA.l.i
a foicecysfiil -harge ii;oi
mem, killing thirty-one and to .k s; ven pri
soners, amongst ttic KiJieti v. as rreuei ;e
Among thc pi isoners taken is the sen of
O. C. Ilrown, of Lawrem-c notoriety; he
will bo htiumicly treated, and Set at liberty
when the war is iver.
'J'he other prisom rs taken were -hij-p:-d
on thc Polar Star, and a plHgi- ex.i te i of
them never to return again to Kansas.
The pro-slavery party had five wound, d,
none bi lie ved to lie dangerous. Cnpt. Loycc
received a wound in the leftwiist; Frank
(Jordori in the left shouhh-r ; Juc-kMin in thc
uiuiilh ; dr.o. (i.rdon .n the thigh, and Par
ker in the leg.
'J'he pro-slavery nu n, c.:;trary t the f.r
iielS of (ten. Uvid, bill 1. 1 !:.;.! !y ;;!. t'.ie
houses in Ossa'.vat'uiii .
(;i the sain.: day, Caj.t. Hays, with f,.rfv
men, attacked the house of the t.obji ;.!.-;
( ti.uva .Jotus, burnt his house and killed t wo
aiM.,it f!iis..--. .Jones ti .1 to Iiil-
riu Ii lie!. 1
v.a ihot at bv II
I, p..
e.ei u.
Ab-.ut G P. M., the 2--.li. the Ah. !li:..n-i.-ts,
Lumbering ah;. it -'",o nivn, catnc i:i
about three-q'.iatt.rs of a m l.- of o;.r cntnp,
and attempted to s;ir; ri-e u-, they t.o doubt
tl.i iking that our f : !ia ! !. en s i i.u.-h
weak- tied by Keid's match ( -n'.vat .ruie,
that we won! 1 retreat a.vl !eav.- our ba
gagV ; be.t Lot so; the dium t eat, nnduo:i
cv. iy man iu ramp w:;- ready f r bafl -.
See: tig that We'.vete- ready to ttiei. t tl.'M,
they tied. The mot of the- m. u U'vI'J i.i
favor of pui-.-uiiii them, but wi r-- revvi.-.e.!
fio'ii d.,in' so ly (.'..P. A.. !.;-..:i.
On the- :'l-t, the army t up the ':. . f
march u:A t-.i..ii..;-ed ;.t i.'e !ir Cieek f.r th.
night. On the 1-t of S- pt-.tnb.-r, ( J nera! A' hi-
S.otl r si'.'iled b: e o'.;-i.i. i..li, an t lie.M!..!
IU! 1 wa se'ee-ed in Iii- st I.
(ur aimy. which hi! i!.ivi d cf I :!.
had i.-t-.y b'eeii ted-.ce 1 t h' it" t'.'it am .'it..
are row .-tat 1. i . d t-t
from t!i-.- la-t i: f n mr.i
the pro l-m i y p.-u ty
li.dh.n Ci.
Il that I e.
.I.'.' Illll.h
ik-:il. I
ul.i g t,
f ;i',.:it
l.tl ' i m-n
tti j t . ri iti ry, ol w l:i. :i r: iii. i-
lei are e i.i aropel at Iiidhm I'te.I-., and
l.'-'-n on the- Vol th sile- if tin- Kat..-.i li-.er,
near lcmpto'S.
'J'he i.bol.ii :i f r. ts in Tirtitory do
not i .'-i i"l I,-' ' !,n n ; they ai e w 11 di i I. J,
and ea' h one e f iht m is arni.-d with a
:it..t!..r ir.blc and (.'id hugs Pn.yer 11 ...k.
T 1 1 y have t.vo pieces if aitdety, one that
lh.-yto..k at Flat. Miu nil lh- Lthi-r they
g..t at Li c-'-tti; 'on, iu e-iiitgc f-r the braie
Tilus, i I .'iii!d..n anJ oih. i.-.
Aiiim'.n..tion and J i ov..-..::s are reeded,
an ! :. n.....tjir of inl-mtiy ir..-n that ut:! en
U-t fjf the wr.r the that are w .11;. g U do
their d.:'v s .:'di.t a:. I :.o etLirs
I'ro.o ii.-. I. .'. ; 1 :. .:.
;r. ri.;--.i i it . i.;-:. , t, ..; : ..
The latest iritell jeli e of in
.li.de- il.b-
.-.which reiteh.-il i.e
v.e i as.se d down, was the
th'j T-.rt i'.' t y,
account of an
attaik by the pro
avery party upon : cm- ;
I any of iih-ml l .i
hu:. li ed r rei soj'.t r.s at
( i.-n-.v.-it. it. lie, i n toe il'.'th ult. jTiiirtv of
thc a-'e-lit-i'iih-ts ::nii ii4 whom was the- no-
t uietus Miiaiii-leadr, Kio-.vn were killed,
a:' 1 -"-vcrl'il l' Ti.e pro-slave-
: rv pat iy.lial lour nn n wounded. 1 he '-.
i i . i
i,,y .uc rejiortcu to liavc ma lc tlitir resist-
a:ict. with txetedia- cowardice throwing
' down their arms and (.i,.r.--sii.ii a!ir.."st at thc
first lire. On Monday, at Lea vttt woi th City,
j four men Wert killed two of each P-uty
! in .1 sort of gvr.tral fracas, and about one
liumlreeJ 01 the cit .ens of i e-ton went .
doan that afternoon, on the firrv-bf-.it i
j "Lewis Jiurns,'' to assist in (picllinir the dU- '
tut baiiCf. ..loi.ila v tr.eint llw ee or four houses
. . . . ,
w"c l'i --aicnw-e.rtn, rreauug con-
"J . ' ' .!'""'?, n,"".,liu inhabitant,.-.
ALrllL 111! V u l!C me .ta'ii r.'M.l 'its lll-ri'
- . j , , ,
cipltatc haste We had on board several .
who Led bom their homes with such cf
their t! ects as they could moM readily se- :
cure. OiiMinday night a row occurred in i
a uamblhig house, which resulted in the I
jv..ail f a Alltn iV li:uu0 0f .,
Accidents of tins nature .-.re, however
,.f so i-oimndti
in luiinbera to tliat of thc abolitionists, and
....... :.. .i;,.;, ,t. c. ,.. ..r ....... i
' -i ". . ""ri-i "
f10"", ; , T.Va-.,rT!!'T..'r-W '.
bu W!X'U bt .re t,ie..aUack Lanu ,S at" '
teUOfitett. 1 il.1t Vatllltlt 811(1 plltl iotic lienc-
' ral was still intrenched at J.aw rence, and
'awaiting an action. It is reported that his
stll l.l
1 .,.,,n.i;,. il,. .,... .-1 oi i
. - if: .1 ti. '
r;tS concerning ath.lrs in the le-rritory are
pv-s Train caplnred by Brown's Par.
ty. U. S. Troops sent after JL line .Vc.
Wc arc indebted to the ollicers of the Ge
noa for the following interesting items of
news. The communication was sent from
Jefferson City, by raili oad, in advance of
her arrival:
A party of one hundred and fifty of
Lane's men, under command of a man by
the name of Stowell entered Tecumseh, on
Thuisday, 4th, and completely sacked the
the town of all thc provisions and clothing,
it contained. When our informant left,
they w ere still at work plundering thc towu.
On Tuesday, ("id,) Me Kinkev's w hole
train was eapturcel by a party, headed by
the notorious Buows in person, who was
not killed at Ossawottamie, as before re-uortcd.
Uidcr-in-t hief. n the 2.ln, our . v
v of . revisions is becommir ver" mueb i Journal, an unl'-penilent paper
While at Fort Leavenworth, on I'j iday !
(TithA we learned from eood authority, that 1
.Judse Ldcomi'TK, who is not now at the Fort I
had issued an order to the Marshal of the !
Territory to arrest Lank and other agitators, j
icii. Smith has likewise issued orders to ;
Col. Cook, commanding fourteen companies j
at Fort Kiley, to give every assistance and:
aid to the Marshal in the execution of this 1
On Tues'av evening we landed at (Has- ;
"ov. Kcvston came up, with (i )v. (1i:ai:v
board who was received witn a salule .
shcrc. " The gun whi alter- '
ard hi char'C of a com-
d men armed lor Ivan- . cuiuu on:y ue 1 si.maieu i.y a. -ns, ami com
prised large ih legations froin Ohio, I iidima,
Kentucky, Michigan and ll'iuols.
Ni .vYoiiK Sept. ft.
l...,.ll,v roiri.sT.r,i.,1,-i..-e bit ween the
. ... i... !
' "v - ... '. . . ..i
1 l.'i.ui'l incur at l llKOn'l-).l 2i 1 111 1 1 ic atiiimi -
i . , ,7 . , . it ...
itics in Kansas is published, together with
I ini riictirum to Col. (ie.MV. the newlv p-
.:... f.,.1 .!, ,...-'.- or-
nun in i .....-..- j - "r.
............. .. - ' . . w..
poiiiteil l..oVeror, who wa.M.TU.
i... -in. .t si T.inrt. inr i;n: m '-iil: ui v i
- - .
lurbant'e. .
S i-retary Marcv writes as follows ti (Jov.
C.:.rv :
W.X.-UtNUToN ClTV, AlJgllst '- S
Sin: The present condition ol toe 1 1 rii
toi v ! Kansas, lenders your duties as (b
vernor. highiy I'oponsible am! delicate. In
i n.-lr ii' lions here tof'-recorouHHiiiated to your
j.ie.!eiM.s.ii- in February last, in t'ne Aui.ual
Me.-.-!-.M; to Coi:gi-e.-softhe 2 lib of the pre
vious h.-ccmbcr, and an order issuid from
I he War D' pat ttnei.t, . rioted copii s of w idth
: re hei ewilii furnished, you v. iii find lh
policy of the President fully presented. It
h, lust, to obtain order and quiet in the
.ciiiloiy of Kansas; and scroti' ly, if dis
tiitb i l is do oi'tur therein, to bring to pun-i-lun-nt
the ott'enders. Siiou'-l tae lotce
w hieh has bei n provided to ohtain t'.tisu ob-j.-..t.j
pi. ,ve iiisub'h-ieii!, you w ill promptly
Vial.i. ki. jn n the same to U.e Prcsi lent, t'uat
1:.- :n."v t-ke fii-.'li niea-.uret i'. r'-j-'-t''. niere
t t.-i iv Liu. iii.'.y . ttii ij b'j il'.ii...n I: 1 by
.e i iieiis of the t. It is important
th-l tl.c Pits, kt.t should bv
c ke; t well in-
I r.oe-J us t j ii.e t.ilc t.l lo.m; :n r
M.d th..t the s .urcc ol l.i- inf j.-mali hi sho'.'. 1
bv ii to iiis'irc its accuracy.
X-Ai theft lore iliji-etcd by him ti com
f. tti.il ate eti. -tatttly with this I .. .pa.rtt.ietit.
S ii h l-i l- us :;rc .ieeii.td impoitiitt to be
rally kn . ii iitre, yuu w .U rau-i- to l.v Iran--
llilMe i i.y telegraph :.s .veil us by wail
'I e I're.-i i' l.t ii.ii.i'gt S a h pe tli'ilh-,
V'.iir ei.i-ri'V. nii:.--rt v a:i I !.. riiiiii, t .. .
ll.lt... .11
v oi
t..e ii
i .t.-i y w i
. the PI'
-.oil. 1 ,
i" '
i .
I -
I tin, s'r, .i.
''.. I..
.MA iii
I '
i -.ti:,
i.i: P-liib
...loV, Sept. 1 i l. S
lt.f'.rm iiloli havltrr r. Io i
t ."
I're-id. n:
ol (in ii.
Ten it or
tli.it .'.r:i:u 1 :.:i : omair'.c i bo
v..-.veidy iu le'. I.ii-'.i 3j-'-:.t
1 I iovi 1 ni:i i t. have i m r. n
trat"-l '.! h
i: i 'it-it y !t-i
.'. v. - ti. ? m
m'u rs : to re "'l'i
s :nr th.ir di-per- i
iti:i of ti: r Tel ritot v
l w.
l.O '
. 1 .Hoi oi z ani.. 1, to th
h-u t ni'ti- e. be Lr
t-.e I I It.- i t :e
o;. ..f the -...uiiia.-i itr
e vi.d thai U..y
oU.d.t ..'. i'o
S 11!
t o-.n I-
i -. -
a.- v
1 1. ; in : in-nt in vt I.I. 1 K.-ir -i.- i s e mht :n i !,
yo i w ill 1 i f. r-ii by cii:rp:i:i s or 1 1 .-ooei.t -,
or bi i !e s i r tl.i :- on-, s'le'i t-.i.in'.el
"ii ftom t'tn- to tii'i- n.i'V t;
on his r-e-
; res
.. hi "1
o:i l. r tti
j ort to i.ij, to he i.. ss-ii y :'.-r ti.e
:oti of cm bitiatl'Ui to itsl-i ti
the Cioti-d Stat is t )) po'Airl'.li I
I p , i.y the tii il anll.oril:t-, nt
ii.v n.tailiaeee o! .ubi:c order atid
t.vil ;-v-
vi i r . r: i ot hi ti.tf Tel ritorv.
i.-n. . j U'M. L- MAi:'Y
To ii, Kvetd. n y, J. W. i.i:.:.v. j owi
i f K-.Iias '1 el I .I..I V.
v. rv.rt v.
i-t :.u::.her i f thai p.-p
f .- . or .- vi 11 otfa;..
Ill OIL- W ,
;t... i. j U.tii.;; to ot ;r.
11 ;
" i.i r.
T;:a:.!-.. The Win
says : The pureh
, iV
ogs f'.-r fattening purposes Ins e'o:n;ii'-n -'.'-i
i-piite briskly. We hive heard
trs at fi 0:11 J l.-2-j to '-j gross. thu::-:i I o:h
buyer and Selhr are at a toss for prices.
I utii coin prospects are better si-tilcd some
vr..' wilt be ituek. The ho-s tire niore" plen
tl fi! t!..-.n usui', cr.il, unless corn fal's, nuist
r ite lower than last season, the pi i e gover
ned bv t!:e ratio of Jemmd to itip- 'y.
miv or Tiit:t:: Moi:v. Thc Wasliiugton
X oppo-ltie
I. in:; i:-;s y. t ap
) Wii 01 1. IYiiii-
to uk. thv
,... 4,,r,(,i .t,,,,;, ,ili(in ,
- ' -
-1,1'on wager on Illinois, uml 1,nH0 and
2,o..n wigers on Indiana, ttbred through '
tho .s.r, on Kuchar.an. Straws show which
, wi,id L;0l,-S n j
. 7.:.77T: . - , . v- '
A panther was killed at t'litsterfield, N".
V., 0:1 Mon'lay week, measuring si.; feet in
litith, a:id with claws an inch lor..'.
Congress has iasscd a bill giving lCo
acres of hind to cacti of the i.lllecrs and
crews, or ttnir flescctulatils, cps.il'ciI on
i t r ..i.. ....... r ... . i
w. ui 'n..mu e.-e-is i.;n u.g ant oi i.ie i
wals of lhu '-""i'1''1 SuKs otil-r tuu"- -
Ir!,., ,
ami It tlicv can Lut tllect tlieir tturiiose.
tli..v i-iri nerbms vr! e !itV wiii t h-r i t is 1
t,u LJ"' I"lI1M)N ' '-- wnei.ur u is
,ie .I'l.ij ii.n. ... .....i,.. . . . x. . ui. . . v. .v ,
An only child, four m.mths old, of French
Canadian parents, met with a singular death
at Montreal. It fell from its mother's arms
during her sleep, and the string of its cap
catching upon the post of a cot at the side
of the bed, it was suspended and strangled.
When the mother awoke in the morning,
she missed the child, and looking for it,
found it hanging dead.
Old Bcck tx Somerset. We find the fol
lowing "offer to bet" in thc Somerset (Pa.)
Democrat: .
" Wa have it from reliable authority that
the editor.of the Herald and another gen
tleman olfored to bet that Fremont, the
woolly-head and woolly-Lorse candidate,
would carry Somerset county, by 1,5JJ0 iv
: IllE F.Niil.lSU FOI! FkLM 'NT.
I . . . . .
jority. Although opposed to betting since
tho II, ruU guoke so strons'v of its Kiuful-
ncss last week, we will bet any amount the j
gentleman please, that ho will not carry ,
Somerset county at all. V.'ill they make j
their brag pood, or will they eruf; as they ;
generally doV J
" j
Tiik ;ki:at Mixi-im: at tmk Tiitecanok j
Hatti i:-( iitdi ND. From all accounts the (
liemoerntie meeting; at the Tipjifaaoe bat- !
tie ground, on the 1 of Septvmber, was t lie
iarge.i anil most imposing political ileiuons-
(ration that has been ma le in the est since ,
t tic days ol is pi. im niiaibers present
Sehhuii at any gal in ring was theve sncli j
an array of spt-n.in- latent of eiuioei.t
..... .. t!.. ,.r ,,. .'..,.... ..
and gifted 55rec!iiiiridgi', the vl-u -rab'.e
.laic sine. i. i.- i'.v.v..'-. ...u .--j.. ...
r . . . . i ........ : ...:.....
patriotic t-ss oi mm i.uiie wuu.i n mi- ;
..... :.,:;,.,..,.., in iot,- .-at. S'ei. I-
.... . r H....J... !
smi of llenrv t.'
-. . ... .'.-.- . t -
, ,. ,.' (,r i.u t,r;liiic a! v ows: i '-i
f hi:
""" 1 . . . . 1 . . . :
1 and
for the
on iinw ns they were in thc daik
d i vs o!
1 -s 1 '; and that tin V are as
re a.:..' by
tie i liemi
- , , i .
-:r voles to put down the noliu-s-
s of t!ic nation, thc Abo'ition dis-
unionists as t'uy w ere to meet aim conquer
iinon tin- l.at'..-ii:;ld tin- foreign invader anJ
his s..vagc allK-S. The North-we.-t will vote
iu s ill tun column for thc l. nioii candidates ,',
iluehanan atid I'.i c kinridgf. Cm. l:'nj.
'J'l at !n ro' iiislilitie.
t La .-.!.: f.i. T.-a.;l..r' I.i-ti'
r..n:i. . n. V ' : ell -2 II M-itel i.V. Ill'-' '' !l
U ..lili.r: : l'.r...i-.''i lh-.- w.-. ..
..n. i.fu.!i ! 'y wi'i '1 '.':.,. .'. !. c'.f-' :
rii.M.tf l.i li-rins r- i rt-. fr-ti.i ti..:ua;-t.
.-1 111
.:.! ;
.'l, l.a.-ai...
.. t . fir.--",
' Ii:
1 .-I;-
. fr. ,
t.::i t...
1 'i.are' -
i. i ..r: e :'..'
' In C:-
i i...
II .
( 'iM'-toS ;
..r i iij.-'
A fr--ii -l'i
-.1 -. 1 1... ii i ' .
'I I...
ill' A. l.i
1 .
'. 1
.. l'i-- r J
.1 ;7.V
;Nrv IV-ft
:hoc Store,
r s c
I !
!i L' lBi:iiS,
1 i
f .i
e T .
i. I i . : . : r - 1
M. ii. I'. .i .-i o
u. I -
Ajrs-S K
. 1 :.:...
' .:. : t I..ai;:-r I: - r.Il
l'KKS-"OTT ,t i O. S.
' S .it-. (i..ir. r.. j. .. 1.
l-tit-si on . 1 ro.'s.
I 1 .1. - U. . i its - r-
: l-i. 1 ..- -.n .vi i s.
I".:..- I':..!., ti K. '. P.
' IT.es. OTT t ( O y.
t 1- lit'
h 1.1 .
: '1
I) i" -, s
i T-.i-trr l V-
t'::li'i'Ti' 1 . 1
r.....u. fi"-!- l-i r-- I
Pith M'u IV A I'u .-.
No. - 11 . i.-h ,
M:.-i 1..AU U-t
r.:!:.-to! r a ..'
' V t il .i::i
I 11 !s. .-.i ,
11 ir-.J j-
I -.,.1:1,
r ..r Kr
II. II. l'i
1 '1 .ir c s
h-scorr a 1 1 s
1 Aiii.i: 1.1
i -t I ' O. 1 .
Wl,:t S ion hi. I KM s.ij.;
! 1 M. It I'l-.Kse olT .1 (1
I.!.. VV.-iII.ii.tr .-Ii ..
l'itKsloTT.ll D.S.
.! ;.t i-llll)
( I TV 71 1 I.I.
pjUiJ eV (IKOCEliV STOR E. '
,..,,,.,...,; Jv vr,L .,,., ,r!,. .,.
1 i:, 'I . t ..C. - rl
1 .-:.! ne-.i.t- ..,'tr....i.i.!,.-rt..iV.,T.vi..-.it.w....M
!,'"',' !;'"'.; 1 I'.;'.1l.,?:,r'J.',"I
tli.- i.Iii.h- .-.el.'. Hi. ire I e- :.-: t '1" l.i. UK I AIL K:
l,u-i:i. -s, at ;.t! liest- ? :;.!;.:.; :i,e' Ti. i-i .:t. art.. I . .it
t!;.- 1. '.v-fl flirUt .r;n-. .'.' FI..'.f, ' " Ma! .1.1
.if;:: y...fjiw., .u i.:i..i. n : o I i .-' at in iis.-.-..n.
Ure;.t jr.- wili I . l.o.. ti I" i.i.ve e-e. lytt.iiiL' i:i !.:. lit..' "f
ti.-rii.r ii..'.;'.v I t..i...-n I.. .ur.-li .-. ti Mitlitn tt..'
City iln.ii. ii.-,".,:' . Ii.oe-.-. A t ..r.t. is wr t".:.r i'tvl K.-.-.l
t.i'... n ::t t!ie S:,.l r 'l'i '- n 1 Ii. MAW.
ITotice to the Ladies.
t TMi,.ii.:'o,!,i.;;
'iatiil to t r J. w. m;i
.re tn'iy
. a ,,f
I- I- A :'.' Y U DO US
f'.r full wear, ...i.titiir f i.i. ...ny I..- f......l a ... n. 1
l e eiti ul -v!t l ".tKSSIL IlllNNKTS.-'
;new GOODS!
If i.r any ..mi .I- w!i--re li- ill I.i- iik.-ty t. fin, I
6Ul''' "r "r!i ''' ,,i,n ,,r"l' '" 1,1 ,'l,n vlll':
., j, ni,i.;,, f!ir,! r trwi.!.-. nn.i dill ni.n.-, it..-
pri.-e ts ?i:re' in ne n n.v, u iihi i.ot.t. uihii !. m-i.--
taw.i, s.-pte-iiittfr 1
.V.. 1 Car.irly" Block. iip.n'itc Ihe Vtut tfh-e.
i r.KEXanit lll.u li Tea, Ctlfec, e'liw..late. Went Initial
T Kruils, I'ie-LIe and .'reserve., I'amlk-a, e.'iilltliull '
atid Kaney Sii, Cat.np a.i.l t'ordial, MohI ami Fwl. ,
Satire. T. liai cit aad Ciiriirn, I'ider and Pam-y Vineirar, 1
Loaf. Clarilii'd, Cruslied, ami Crude Suar, Wiltnw W uric I
llrmketii. WoimIcu and Kartlien Ware. Ilmin K '
llrnslic. Kr.t.mi-. Flnur. Corn il.-al. I: fi.i. r..
lines, eiyilvr. and UHwlrrs, rein h Mu.tanl, Olive Oil,
t iiai rniiw, mil ...rit. e.lir.,..9. l urrBi.tn. Unci, ,
B.,,1 itriv. iruiit, l.r,.iin.l L nKmniul Clovt-.-.. S.u-. -.
lliuyvr, eiiiimninn, fi.flVe, l...cr, lc, A.:. Mii.vuro. ,
ni. r.inp.'r'ii Bakini; 1'iiwder, Wnrotslsliire Sanco, Xut.s,
Candit-., It.-miphur, C're.lin Tartar, Itu.in, e'lialk, Tr,
tin., tuuiit, nnuKstue aim ntuii.
scpfl ' . 1 It. ATCIItHLKir.
I'or f nle or l-:rlinnire. i
THK mtlwrriltrr iiiMt wll, r.r will tii'liHHire fr .
emid .liatl of linr mill Wlllt'tn. IHWtof lil.t.k It. ill I
Ulover'ii addition t the town of Ottawa. Apply lo Jau.
LAScsmRR, nearly orpo-if I1,w,r dwe,,"' 1
Apply tn Jau.
Is 1 and
I'. II AH.K' CO.,
:. :. ... . .... '11 I. f . V '.'('I.TtM.
ii. . v
J :'"! .. .r- .j.. T nt 1 nt.il T I. M. To crnmutn al '4
nn. . ' IV U.
"-'-''"1rw,' .r !"-.. V'.'? rV '7
nti. Ti
,,"'x' '". r-..
..!''' ':iri I'M'1''.'''. ''' "B ""'""""'7 .1
1 t- l '"jh nf U.r i -v r Im f..r- lr-nt-
. ti,.-...'uiii'.in.iy. nl.n-li. ul.il.- it tea. li- tl..- n.o.t
in. Ir-(.n. i.f Iii- l...r nr..! ivi-.l.im ..( ih I'r.li.r.
.-. - . I . I . . i , . I -1 t!,.- i' ;, Ili.-iii-,., iH'.'i'ity, tri"l)ftli Mtl'l
u-. (!i!i.. . ..t tf lli 'if-- I r. ;t:i..n, ;.!... i.ti. r. h rare fun. I
.f I1' ' t Al t !-' lit. iuiih'; mi:itin lfiTr'l'-ti..ll MTI'I
I'V i-ir.-, -ti.f !.: I. w:lt l. , !.:i.;t."l ia.. r ai: M.-.i;iit-Ii
''i.t ili.'it f"T I tin: l'i i. . 1 li.Iy.
'i.f :;-" - n f li irv-t l inn itt tf Zxlpy,
l r--' 'rlir U 'di n !! ir- of to Wuriil. at t.--;it -iiic,
;. ; r -ti v fr Ilii- J-.iai'li-lnut ut.
. A I'ilTIT f ' IJAISIIl.
0::y !' V it I'M. Hill i !it.-r f!'H .t.-li nf M ' roi'inii0
A. t-. ji.tr. I. it:.-I.iy li.-r ifr'.'riiitjil.le ri.iirjltr.
:. .. .. . I . ; r. . in ri-tiaVrins ti.i T. ml.t- W iM Ik at wilt.'
.- i iv iii to In r w'il. (ulliliiti): Itie nr.-j ln-. y, lliut
Ti l.;..n lh.- I. an I. Ii.' .Lin n l..if"tii.r. an. I A
i:uv .' i 't t.att t.r. I Hum."
A ':! ' ; it : '" "" '-l; rc VrrrW rnn-
ii a ': t. -...-' r. i. "r inr. .1 n r. .1, eom-
, ... , ;. . . ... . ,,,:, , ,v,,r. ... ,.11.:I;,,J
Till'. CUrSAHF.IlS.
I.. ! !.. Mr. V.. II. (' .rr..!l 1....1 M.l-liOlic Cirn.lt, the Cell
la..!. I a;.. I L-.a-.t'.'..! Ivj l.'-ti i.-niip.
("miti. Mr. I V. M..1-1!. tin Comic Orator an.
-t.-.i.u i f tin ir. ti-.
"t (- . t. r i l- .iI-i ia a variety of f.lcg.vtC
I'.-.- - fi.. . .; ll
lie l'i- r..:i; I) ..11 -hi .-, I. A I'K'IIIK .UAItti:.
f -. '.I;-, e : in V I ! I. t.f n.l I x'.tt'.t Ii .4 .l.l.ff.l I
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': ll.i!!.
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;nf. J. A i:
Kavn3ss: Saddle. Trunk & Whip
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List of I titers
il Ottawa, Si'lrmlicr 1, Is.'-d.
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il.t.-it.r.l .I..I.H It. trlt-y Ji.ttit
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lilll- W'lH
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II. ...e I'.iriei.
II. o. S S
I..:ir.t Tl...
t in
.1. 1
r F
t.-.f.c ttaii
li... si-lllll I' i
il .:. M.. K A
Li. ..1, , i. M ... 11
IT'.'. :i tl. ti:-"
l.i-.-l ii. " -1
ll:il.l..l. I.-..1 T
1; r.-M.t- J..11
l-i c-;i J.ll.tt-S
n J il
1Ii:i:ii:iii l:.-sSuratiHi-t W tiitrtry
ll.ni'iry W l'..yn...i. Mu'l.l
I I - J. -se- l;..ltin-.iii S irak
ll.-.l.ilil iil.L.r.l.T
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J,.:e. ii.'t're. St-lfrr. till Jittio
J..). 11.., it Luiir A Slr.liiiittl Jil
li ii-.- .1. rn.ii;ih W J,l..iiioi L.m 1. S Smith L A
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I. .;. . Jf
11;.-. -.ii, Jriltit- :
lire It J.t.ll
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iinli i'.itriei.
II. ttUy l'..:ri. k
1.1 ...ili i'.i'i i. k
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II- ,1,1, y U in
liir.i.i.ei Win
I'... iiu.tr II.-1111 r.l
Jeliuili.. M'
htiutli J II
K . . i 11 1 . 1 Almir.l
Ki.isl'l A A
S.-tiiiiii- M A
Sliuw M.ir.tuilt
K.it l:it'iti i-
Smilll It M
ter KiijittlK'tti AS. Iv.-r. Miiry i
I. . .I.y Kiiz.tll.etll Slltpilrtll M
Kl:iu- Jur.ilt Sniitll II M
Kimiry Mi.s Mjry Smilll l A W
K.-li.-y l'i.... 3 Sln-niiHii Thro
hcllv" Win S Sliitkr Ttii-.t
Kn i' t Mr O A Sh.'.'liit.i Tli"
l.tjrn .Mr. Sivinler L. I
I. .iiiieis ltti.r Suiilli Win
l.iiiilia.i lleliniti S'elKer IV C 3
Sunt' Nil ll.iiuil Smilll C P i
l.-.lynr.l Mnyettc Sliute K K
tlMl.erltJ Sililllllifl lli.r.
I ..mi iiy Ii.nj
i :l, 1 1 r..u.iia
l.ui , !i A I" Jl
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-:i .n. K .e.t M ill.m. y ' O 1 Snvi'iit-r Paul 3
l':nl.in li .'o V MiitU August SirBu II T
C ii-.ii i M.-l.r itli I' Hniitli II
I'l.trk i;..rr.' M -ll..nsil Kinttlll SlUTlltf li W
('. .I.tiiii liiirri. t M re-Hi.Iri. li St.iur II II
('..nn. !i tl. nry T IVr.i Shaw Marjr
Clark .l.uiit-K .t.ivi-r. .la. '..Ii St'ar Unav
l i lwi ll l.nn ia Vl.'aly Jaiiifi. 1 ra q.-r Ajidrcs
M. Viniara '"tin Tn-se C II
M. I'lcrrv J..hn S lillan A
Mai. ne J.em Tliitniimiiii Hoelu.
Kvrv M.inrnt
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(ll.rirn Jt rriniiih Wolfe Mornce
i i.iiti"r Mirhai Wilklim M.trirB .
Oiiii l .Wii-lml Weller Pqrb
liltii.t.'inl K II Warner llnrlirttj
o-fiiniiiir. Tlio Willnril 11 O 4
i ... iit-i.'-r i Hiker J J
Flail. tnii Mi a
Kftin Mi.
lvfe U corse
i't J.t.rith
r'ieiiiiiii.' J"lin
"" !r 1
Uready .Maiira-e
Urut-ii It'iotla
i;it,s..ti M.'t'in-n i .t ttt. .... -
1,..h.iii . . , ........ .., ,- . itW.l.l, Tl.n.
" .....I ....a. U.f fcn,..l.r..nt
,.alI,arm,'Mrl.cr luae C WelwjT Th.
; f " . l-almer J.tlin W onnell Tim.
. ... , i-arrvJohii Witou Wm
i ll'.liy lliitt'l l'riirillJ.tllll YalrtCslll
, Hill lli'liii.in I'iiuitTE 7,inmrBin Cliritl,
1 lliiiitiiii.'t.iu A I) I'irie T Ze'lutT S M
tlj.ni.uii eliatl. s 1'j.iuian Kami
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Lan IIi-Iom-ii llaanif Ole lleptr
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..-riin W ut.l 1'l.arl Mruurllrrnrtlf
-vr.on mllinir tar l.-tu-r. in Ihr nhowr M-t will .I
.erM)I1, railing fat letters In th ahoe li-t will pli
gjy "ailnrtisi-t" WM. OSMAS, P. M,

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