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dtiatoa JrctCral&m
OTTAWA; JULY 11, 1857.
Death of Vb L. Slarcy.
A great man bas fal'en, 'William Las3CD
aIakct is no more. II died rudJenlj, at
BaHaton f-j a, N. Y at 12 o'clock, on the
4lh cf July, inst. He l.aJ gone to the
prtrga to spend a few davs previous to Ms
departure with lis family to Europe. On
tie day Ufore his death he visited Albany,
calling cn Mr. Corning and other friends, and
tepping at Troy, to see lis daughter. Mrs.
Marc was tUiticg seme friend in the West
previous to her departure, and other mem
bers of his departure, aad ether members of
hi fatuity were absent with tie I.'kc native?;
and he was comparatively alone at the tiie ,
f bis decease. On the morning of the 4th 1
he was apparently in excellent health and
spirits. Towards noon, be complained of a
pain, or "stitch," as be called it, in his back,
and about 11 'o'clock, in company with a
friend, says ma account before us, " he
walked to the residence of Dr. L. Moore,
which is abon' one quarter of a mile from
the hotel. He did not complain of serious
indisposition while at the Doctor's residence,
and cot finding the physician in, on being
asked if a carriage should be ordered to take
Lira to the hotel, he refused to take one, and
walked back. On arriving at the hotel, he
requested the office clerk to send the doctor
to Lis room ; and the doctor soon arriving,
was sent up to the Govci nor's room, but, on
Tapping, received nv answer. The doctor
returned to the hotel office and informed
the clerk, and it was supposed that the Gov
ernor bad gene to visit some friends in the
house. The doctor, however, after waiting
a few minutes, again west up to his room,
cpened the door and found him lying on his
couch, with a book upon t's breast, dead!
It ccu'J not have been more tin twenty
minutes from the time be was in the htel
office until he was found by tie physician.
He died, probably, of disease of the heart ;
not a muscle was distorted, nor any art'c"s
cf apparel or furniture in the room disturb
ed. He had pulled oS Lis boots and put on
Lis slippers." A few hours before his death
te had written a letter to Hon. John M. I
Colts, Richmond, Ya. ; this is probably the
lust letter he wrote.
IJis remains, on Monday, were brought to I
,,. , -i ,u , j
Albany, and amid one of the most grand and !
imposing -funeral pageants ever witnessed
ia this country, were consigned to their last
resting place.
For the following hasty tketcb of Mr.
Mircy's eventful life, we are indebted ta the
Chicago Democrat'.
Mr. Marcy was about TO years of age,
hating been bf.rn in Soutbbtidge, Worcts
tcr Co., Mass., about the year 17S7. JIc
was educated to the bar, and commenced the
practice of his profession in Troy, X. Y,
in 1S0S. In 1SI2 he commanded a volunteer
company during a part of the war. In 1S16J
he aras appointed Recorder and City Judge
of Troy. After the Constitutional Conveii-
iiuii vi x vj af vi wwtiavti tit; v ia a pr vim n ei i
member, lie was elected Secretary c( State
anJ afterwards Cortiitio.ltr. In 1S2'J he
: ten ,f ..:.. i. l. - .
wm. .A..A l..wm..K - f aK 1
Mte. which lie ri signed in loot, to take
seat in the U. S. Senate, made vacant by
Mr. Dudler. In be was first elected
Governor of New York, and was successive
ly elected until .i6, when Mr. S;vard was
his successful competitor.
In 1813 he was called to Mr. Polk's Cabi
net, and during the whole of the Mexican
war, presided at the head of the war de
partment with s'gnal abiiity. In lbo'-i he
was appointed by Mr. Piercr, Secretary of
S' atc, in w hich ofliee he remained until a
f. w months before his death. His services
in this department are too fresh in cur na
tion's memory to need repetition. Mr. Mar
cy was twice married, and leaves a widow
and children.
5qeittcr Sorerelgutjr.
Two weeks ago, we took occasion lo point
cut bow grossly and dishonestly the fusion
papers had perverted the plain points and
language cf Judge Douglas' late S'pringfielJ
speech, in order to save their party from its
destructive i Clefs, and among others showed
hew our ponderous neighbor had imitated
the greater lights in his party by engaging
in this disreputable business. And we ask
this question :
Is the editor of the Repullican so great a
dunce as really not to know, or is he so irre
c'abiiably dishonest that, understanding, he
never yet can tell his readers, what kind of
sq-iattcr sovereignty" the democratic party
We confess, we had no expectation that
our neighbor would give a direct reply to
uch a question. Ordinarily men do net ex
pect a gentleman to tell candidly whether he
considers himself a knave or a fool. Our
innocent neighbor, however, is eager to give
a blunt answer. Protesting that he means
to be entirely henest, and therefore not a
Lnavc, he proceeds in all gravity to write
himself down the 'tother, by stating what
he understands to be democratic "sq'iattcr
sovereign it," fehowinj that he knows no
thing wLatevtr about it. He wii! never
need to repeat the asj iralion of the learned
Dogberry, " O that somebody would write
ir.e down an a ! He can perform that
little service with the utmost facility fur him
ttlf. We admire his citndor. lie is one of
the most charmingly innocent and unsophis
ticated drivers of the quill we have any
knowledge of. That, certainly, is " suffi
ciently clear."
Ek.'tOM05 ORTnROr'. Nearly evrv bocr I
has beard the story of Solomon Northrop,
the nt gro who was kidnapped someSOyears
sgo ia New Yoik, carried south and sold !
into slavery, from which he was releases ;
after some 15 or 18 years. On bis return to 1
Xew Yoik, a prosecution was commenced j
gainst two men named Merrill and Kus.-w'J, f'iiurc ou,;ht not to alTect the credit of Cbi
in Xisg"1 County, as concerned in his ab- j cago Bankers in the least. We are not in
t-nn It arnrars a nolle vronenm has ! formed as to the cause or the extent of the
been entered in the case cf Merrill and Kus
scll, indicted in Saratoga fjr kidnapping
Solomon Xorthroy. The Saratogian eays:
"Sine the indictment was found, the Dis
UM..v- - 4 A 4
trict Attorney was placed in possession of
facts thik, while piovcking their guilt in a J
measure would rreTent their conviction. and Loui.siana btoek?, and if the Auditor ot nave irequenuiy ucaru ot tola Strang cnarac
ncssurr, auem i - . . ..,..! ti ristic; of the nake. but this is nearer a
To xeak more plainly, it is more than sus
pected that Solomon Xorurop was an ac
complice in the sale, calculating to slip away
and share the sporh?, bu that th purchas
tr was too bharp for him, and instead of get
ting the cash, be got something else."
Tf.RiBLE Steahboat Disaster at Osh
komi. Wis. Focr Killed and Seterai.
TCiitss.ep. Yesterday afternoon, says the
OihLphb Utmccrat of Saturday, the steam
ers Pearl and Berlin City, left this place at
the same lisae, the former for Xew London,
th latter lor Berlin. In going up the river
together, they of course raced, and when
about a mile this side of Butte des Moris,
thr Pearl bcine about tea rod ahead, the
LilVn nf th Citr ezDlodsvd with terrific
force, tearing her all to pieeee. Four per
sons were killed outright, Captain Brown, of
v.v-r. tVi s.nrlnrr ami twn other men. In 1
bout three minutes after tU explosion, she j
.-T.l ic aloat eight fc-t of wsttr. '
liepoblicuti Inconsistencies.
Never, since the celebrated speech of
Judge Douglas before he abolition gathering
in Chicago in 1550, got np to denounce the
fugitive slave law, bas anyth ng overwhelm
td that motley crowd with such tank dis
may, as bis late speech at Springfield.
from one end of the Union to the other, the
fusion and Lr.ow-nothing press is engaged in
perverting and distorting its meaning to j orcj anJ distorted pictures of the New Yoik
break its de-strut live force. All sorts of ver j or Chicago Tribune, seen any account of it.
sions are given of it, and having thus erect- j jt appcars, a few years ago, JuJge Douglas,
ed a man of straw, each petty editor and . n,ctling a Presbyterian clergyman,' a friend
orator is engaged in belaboring it it wif: the j 0f his youth, in Chicago, at the latter's sug
most surprising v'gor. In this state, as j eestion, offered to denote to his relig;ous so-
usual, each fusion orator of any note, is
beating bis brain to eke out a "reply.
Lincoln has a'reaJy given the world the re
sult of his labcrs in that way. Trumbull
has naturally followed. Owen Lovcjoy's
jra will probabiy come next, and then we
Bj,,2l the Drosses and Iierndons, and
tj.e inntim, rablc throng 0 fusi0n orators of
such small calit;r cu' cling their noddles
in the same direction. This is all natural
enough. It will take the whole craticar
lorceof tnat party from Lincoln uown, some
time, if not longer, to eke out a respectable
reply to that speech. No wonder they are
in a sweat about it.
Cut glancin; at the replies, editorial and
oratorical, that have thus far reached the
lhjht, it is laughable to notice how these
valiar.t knights, instead of running a tilt
against Judge Douglas, are pitching into
each othir. Thus Mr. Lincoln, who in his
reply really essayed to be candid in stating
Jndge Doughlas' position, and staggering
under his arguments, confesses his inability
to nd fault with or object to bis positions
in reference to Utah. Thus he says
Douglass has one one way, to tke the op
posuc cireciion. oo o jeiu ut i?io to j
. . 1 .. I : a . ' . ...
Mr. D d I'lan to bring the .-"oruior.s into sub- j
jeetion. and in so dcinr Ct cours?. falls slap i
afoul of L:nc!;i
II.- s?ys :
I do r.c t
ti e rtpeal of the organic
act of Uta'i
If . -lA I'T t!!- l'TIiMt lit !s.n MY! V
m " n)T 1 ' lr,a'- l ?- .
right would you li-.-msynrt men from I tali
l0 iowa or Missoui i fo.- .i :.d
Nest, ia reference ti th chnrgc run!-; by
Judje D. that trie R?pubht-ii!i5 .v.ie threaten
ing forcblo r0jljtciij i j tit t ueciaion of the
Supreme Court in the Lied Scott cas. Mr.
Lincoln is reported as repaying:
In speaking of the Died Scott decision,
Mr. Lincoln -ays : Who resists the dcci&iun V
j Nobody resists that I know of, ic.
On the ether hand Trumbull is thus re
ported :
On the Dre i Scott decision Mr. Trumbul!
sars: I will not submit to this decision. I
wiii never ruomit to such a consti uction of
the constitution.
f.. r.,..T. c T T,.J T 1 r.
Hut the funniest tilt at Judge Douglas ii
made by our astute neighbor of the Lrub
llcan. This genius, after spending two years 1
tn It'itf inT i
, . , c ' .,!
and ridivU.ir.g the doc-
"'"C mat tne peepie oi tne leriiior.cssnou.a .
iiave tiie i igut l) regu.ate tiieir domestic at-
fairs in their own wav. findins that Judee I
.. .... ..... . ,
Dou-Tas takts the "round that" the foreign '
population iu Utah, who not only never in
tend to become citizens of the U
S ... 1
.but arc i.
actually hoslilj to j-'ir institutions, ought
not to bt? a'.lowed to povern that frunhv n '
-x f
tra.ior3 ar.u ituei.-, actuary iar.es up me
i i i j . i-
cudgel in their favor, and wh.l; he woutd I
deny to the people of Nebraska and Kansas
the tight to le5is:tc cn th subject cf j
vrrr titii Ls it uVm!v n-.-nri f.f.i.b.r. 1
, - . , . ' ;.?.' !
ed the opposite cpinion) that i
r i ? .1. i
- -" - f -. .
stttiitiof.i for adiTiission as State;
.o. .uuus,lUU a tatea; u ...
ie ne- states a.so, unnaturalized
have enjoyed the privilege of vot- j
some of trie
r : t
.orciguers i..k enjoveu mc privilege Ol vol-
inp, and for sugl.t we know of holding or- I
bee. If it is nirht for a small portion of the I
Hants to enjoy these riphts why may I
not a grcat-ir number claim the same privi
lejrs. And t-v wliat constitutional authority
can the privilege be piar ted in Minnesota or
Nebraska, and denied in Utah?
So the Hejitthli'jn think?, u: limited squat
ter sovereignty in poly js my Utah would be
all right, whi e in Ksnsa and Nebraska he
has fir veart, mainttiined il was ai! wror..
It is thus Republicanism, hke every other j
ism f undid 0:1 no fixed, 4i!id principle, 13
inconsistent with itself, and like all error, in j
:t. troth tear or. ic.-'f ami ran i
, ... , . . !
.... r a -
U.UH.BUVJ con jron.v u n uMruCi.on. ;
1 w- rto' y ar rtnif itc y-l -r n ri.a;rvtai-T-nni..
I am not prepared to indorse or lo con- ' republican niest insulted the audience and on if aS eek wi.t-re me Clncago O Hoys , encounur impossib.Itt.eit ; ta.k.ng cf Con- . anl French Ambassadors were striving ; .e Menses. Fi..w .uba orWUt.,. Barrenness tot Ji: "U
trovcrt the views of Judge Duuia in rcla- ' , A A -i utu iu go iu imm eiciimii.-, tsjirciai iw: kicks tniposinj a pro s.itvcrT or iifiti-slartrv ' to cfl-it rrfonniialinti. . Cmr-txion, Headache, ihiiiness. v. eat .Nerves, right. jjin-i-W FREDEIiICK HESI
tin to Utah- and if the Mormons are acta- ' deecraled t,ie occaMOn ' ProoouncinS' ,n' ! one at which Col. Beanbion was .hot-en to f constitution upon Kansas. lo they foru-e't ! i i,e repoi t that Gen. Concha had sent I : caused by Colds, Checked I - - - -
ally in a state of rebel.ion, I too think some ! sU'ad of fiM,nS oration, an abolition bar- j had the " mthliou, forces .f the "good . that a State can alter a constitution as soon vois.ls to' the coait of Cuba i fully con- , Pirati-n. Eie,M, over Excitement, Ac. of the .ex- j y TilE ,!nj,r.lgne", hivirg" en afflicted withatoctU
course slKuld be adopted to blin them to j an-ue : and a Republican clergyman, nolo- t',I,e eoming. tiorn thire the road was ; as it becomes ft State? Ami do thv stipj use (i; " t ual organs. No female who has any Irregularities of the J ihrwiU- ttitvii fur the spaca of IS year., employed.
suhmi;iin - fir T-n t I " r i:.r'. 1 ... . r.-.i ! rolling land to 'Ilctor Brownsoi.'s, "i that the majoritv will not be certain to do i? i I I if . .1, n h-n s, - t t i -,-IJ. Monthly P-.rh-d mill be Ju.t to herself If t doe not : rtu.u.g that time ..tu of the first l-yaician-la nttoh-
bUUDllAlon. .S lar n-5 I "n .,.-e tlttre IS r, on,; for 'Ui falsehood UOOn political topics, ' . a , . , .. . . ,, . . ' r J , ., . ".., i.u. I iiu,lI1 Su..l to t.ie J-a-.l-sti , HnnMii-tinnirmi.tiiii .,,,-. t. . ' Am.-n. a without success. Alter a residence in
nothing in what the J1 !Se has advanced ... a .vt. I. .,r i a.v,.:L j thence, on the h-gh b.ufis, t the inlai t , if issue is made with them by any a-t,.,n : rilV. , i.n,. :.t another very strong note on the : ' "W-RS lt.MAt.ECOi.WAl.a.ont. I ,i, ,ow ,o;t..wa) of twenty month.. lxa.toMcNaa
butanv renuhlican in-lu , . , blacpnemcd i.'h heaven by delivering a j:kt. How changed the route; Low d.7- if Con-nss? Conirress when it d.-da-ed ' cul,lt' vctne ' hr a,iU F ""ll''K runK- l-"" fJ " ! adn.iu..t. td to ,.-tru it and MMdne tor o.rlr
Tr ' J. ia , : J Pjcr, from tvhieb the following extract is fers the mode of navelling ; how wonderful that the people ff Kansa, shotfd be left to . ' L, r a.ivl. , s' Mate that the Mexican mi- .1. i ? -- Xn. W
Iru,ul'u'I however, lets tcrupu.oua and cxuU; , paradtffi by tl.c Chicago fusion t? contrast bt-Jwctn Juliet thin, and JS.xi form thf.r own domestic institufon. on'y : nvf po.-itively intends k-avirg Madrid in , .'.'l ! !,,,h,e 'f "rmfSh 0,mrltn
candid !han Lincoln, neea o:,!y to fltid that ! 3 ' ncic. uttered the voice of m-mifest d,st;.;.v. The 1 . we.-k. if he JI not nrevi- 4-..r....... , ,,,...,. J : .r" "IIZXZ
bclliousat.d polvgnmy fxct-ssca in Utah. mutder t,f Lvle, but this wasker.t under by rumbling of Jri'S O'tcn Rtrctthm- i - - - ' ' ; :f--'y .
s,;.t,,: issrsis'sssif i ujss- ; Jw.t-.-v, i.-:;-,-,.-, , v
. - 1 .7 - , r amined an.J to be examined. It wai pup- '"" " , 1 '"'V -'" '- - - ,. , . -
lies in mskni'' tne;r iaws and forminr? con- i ...... .. .. . .. r.sm Tbosi. .-i.iiiil Mim" i.n:s u H-n- t.s. ''V c.vr i.fcj..i , ni.n ui-i i. . irio.v
which compels them to execute the laws of
Xo.tTn L'niTi-:i Review. Hy a flip cn-1 the Ttnitory, which be has sworn be would
tl aid i.i tho hst number of Blackwood's j do; or he will have lo cave in, and acknow
Magazino, reprinted bv LeotuLrd Scott 1 Co., j kde ,1,s incapacity for the government of
. , ".. . . such a people. All Gov. Walker's antece-
New lota, we b-arn tout a iururc among ,
those connected with the N.rth British Re- I moved by any threats or combinations of
view ha3 led to the sus-ptnsicn of that able j this kind, and that he will execute the law
quarterly. The differences that have aih-en hazards. Five or t-ix weeks will open
4 - t .. .i,i the new drama, and then we shall see which
.pa cn.: Ia rclnfi. ninrn pcni-r-m lr In thr '
ataie:i.e.i ia uiaue ..11. iradv jujiui,
rcctntartitle on Chalmers, reflecting on the
'supernatural logical theology' of the church-!
cs. The X. Y. Observer says : j
We are clad to learn that the Review !
has been broken down So may it be with j
every orcati of error that cannot be reform-
eA. It is ihe dutv of a 1 eocd men to set
I .1. - J.. . . . . . I 1 .L.i : . t
. . , . , J r. ., , ..... ,
........... - . .... - j ......... i ..j v. j
j-.rtuan sebocL
t ' c. . t, , ,
Iak tAiLiEE. Tho Bank of Commerce,
Lmcaso, owned by E. 1 Hinckley & Co.,
has failtd. The Piets says, " It has never
been a very tstvr.Mvc " institution," and its I
failure, lut it is reported that the fum bad
bctn severely injarcd by some of the corn
dealer?, whose disappearance from "Change
wa noticed a few davs tince. E. R. Hinck-
Icy & Co. have a bank at PlattcviHe, Wis., j
j whose bills we barn are secured by Missouri i
good beyond a contingency. We advise our
readers not to sell ttu m at a discount till
they are able to learn particulars."
Gn. Shields was assaulted by .a drunken
fellow named Quinn the other day, at St.
Paul, while walking in compapy with a lady.
The General was obliged to knock down his
assailant, and then both were arrested by a
policeman. Gen. Shields was. released as
soon as a bearing before a magistrate could
be obtained, aud his assailaul fined $25 and
costs. : " ' "
President Buchanan will leave the capital
for Bedford Springs about the middle of
July, and on his return will remove to bis
summer residence the Soldier' . Home
about four milts from Washington. "
lhe Demociats of Maine bare nominated
w - D- Smith, of Warren County, as their
I Republican Decency. The Republican
t papers often apply the epithet of "border
ruilians" to the Democracy, but if there ever
was in Kansas, Missouri, or South Carolina,
an exhibition of ruffianism so low, black
hearted and bias! tiil as that exhibited by
the black republicans of Chicago a few days
ago, with the hope of annoj ing Judge Doug-
, las, we have never, no, not in the most col
ciety or denomination, a certain portion of
the beautiful grove owned by Judge D. on
the South edge of Chicago, for the purpose
of erecting upon it a colli gc or institution
of learning. The clergyman was pleased
with the idea, and made an effort to raise
the necessary means, but failed. AVhcre
upon the Baptists c-f Chicago caught at the
idea, and asked the donation of Judge D. for
; college to be erected under their auspices.
The donation was made, a large portion of j
j the money necessary to erect the college was
j subscribed, and last Saturday, being the 4th
of Ju!y, the corner stone of the college was
The ceremonies were attended by a
Jarpe concourse of people, and amonr the
spectators was the clonor hi r self, Judge D.
Now, will it be believed tjiat even in Chica
go, men, wearing the garb of the ministers
of him "who, when reviled, reviled not
again," had, through political phrenzy, be
come so far demented and brutalized, as lo
indulge, on such an occasion, in low, beast
ial, ruffianly abuse of the man of whom they
bad begged and received the munificent gift
of forty or fifty thousand dollars? A black
And, oh! Lord, wecaflTiv' help sending
jietition even here, stantisOg ot hls
. . .- ...
up a jictition even here, stann.g on mis
iree sei', n Independence day, for or poo'
colored brethren in bondage, even though
-resent among
t us :
toe Ciicao fasijn priss, with the
i ;. r,..nr.,ia Trifur., in Iwrl ;.. .. .
. ,
noittim: v. when trinn? an account fit frif.
i -- -
pag-ar.t to inau'gs; 1:1 st.ii more disgusting
...... - ... .. .
abuse of JuJ-s D. The Trilur.e makes an
editorial of a column or two in which JuJce
D. is comDarcd to the Devil, bis satanic
Mliieij w l.'ii J.J.i.A ift ueilllCUlilll 1.1
" '. st "
'"t"" j
"It is thus," the Timet fittingly remarks
in view of the whole disgraceful exhibition, i
" that Republican orators, Republican chap-'
!, . , r, ... , ., . , I
I kins and Republican editors exhibit tneir j
! innate beastiahty, and ungovernable malice.
( (
! From Kansas. i
i From Kansas there is nothing of especial I
A Democratic Convention '
una .t-i..
lo nominate a candidate for Congress met at I
Lt'coluFlon on tie 2J. Judge Elmore pre-1
j sided. E.x-liov. Ilansom, of Michigan, was i
nominated by a two-thirds vote over Fir i
' j
-nit irt- in -
' .
Mn cnoorsing the policy cf Gov. ;
,,Ier and expressing a determination to J
i support him were adopted.
t...: . t .i. i .-. .. . i
- IV..U.U.HJ1I lM M14WLI. mi; VI.113.I1UUOII I'J .
. .. . r. .
: l. . ... . .. i .... i ' .a:..-:. . s
be framed by the Constitutional Convention
wtietkcr it issubmittea to tne people or not, !
was lost 40 to 1
The St. Louis Eepulhcan is apprehensive
. , . : , . 11
f nCthef 'T th,S SCaSOa'
l thuS "$um" t,ie wctk r from lhat
Our advices from this Territory are
Thursday lat
.. .
At that time a'l was quht I
the cnd of Ujc nt wctj. anJ u
.f thJ accuscd gbou,(J be d;scha,geJ it w
apprchended that Judge Lynch would be
.u .v,,. ij i vh
Jn t0 do hisofflcc. adl5ien lhe Kiat.k
P.,i.i;,.,c -r ;,.cr ,t-t t.. -i.... .
, to protcct l)vir comrafJl. ,Jrom ....
mined to protcct their comrade from UJ0
' J .
mob at all hazards. They think they have
the majority iu Leavenworth City, and arc
bold in the avowal of their intention to pro
tect the felon.
Dut the Country may as well prepare itself
for a new convulsion, in the resistance to he
offered by the Black Republicans to any at
tempt to collect the taxes levied for thesup-
nnit lA ti.O 'Pi-t-fi t 1 fluVbrnnidnl ....it...-
,he Iaw of tlle sLtv jeneral Assembly. J he
Black Republicans make no concealment of
their intention to resist the payment of any
lJi W Iiatever.
lax whatever, lliey perlectly understand
each other, and wiil work together. Gov.
w.lker Will then be placed in a position
. -
New Paper. We have received the first
number cf a new paper called the Uurrit j
Enterprise, the publication of w hich bas jut
been commenced it Uurris City. Iowa. The
faid Burris Cit is about tvro 8 oA
, , . . , , , .
antl what ,s probably unparalleled m the
l.Ia.nt-e. If snv l" 1 1 . f' i . " dif tVio in.inf.v
i uiio m uv. n i-'u.i vfrivm m funi vuimj mo
we notice the paper before us contains a
long editorial vigorously enforcing the ne-
. . fv
ee:ty ui uaiii m jiuat. uuivn iliauiltueu III
the " city."
A Snake Story. We find the following
in the Red Bluffs Beacon of Wednesday ,May
" Dr. Xcwson bas a rattlesnake scaled in
ajar, which be tells us was captured in Au
gust last. The Doctor says, from the time
it was captured to the present, it has had
nothing to cat or dink : one rattle bas been
rietrfilnnuil at d it has iiir.n-aKPfi niar1v turn
ounccl in weicbt,. His snakeshin seems as
lively and activ as though just caught. We
demonstration of its truth than we have
ever met with."
Repiblicasisx Wderr is it? The Na
shua (Xew Hampshire) Gazette says that
Daniel Clark, who has been elected to Gil
the place of Senator Bell, " is one of the most
rabid of the abolition fanatics, and sympa
thizes in many of the wild notions of tha
Garrisons, Theodore Parkers, and Fosses of
that faction. lie has furnished money to
promote the distribution of disunion docu
ments, showing where his heart is on the
subject His election is considered a tri
umph of the extreme abolition wing of the
sham republican party.' ' .
.There is a singular scqael to the famous
Boston Dalton Divorce case., The parties,
man and wife, have eloped together. They
could not exist without. each other.. The
jury in their ease could not not agree, but
they stem to have done to.
11U 1't. 1 . I
- vii ic- i nere was consiucraoie extr.inetii afjout tne i " : - ' . t - .-
Having spent a day or two in the begin
ning of the week in this flourishing young
city, and had ample opportunity to ndtethc
energy with which her people are driving
improvements and 'enlarging .business in
every quarter, we are prepared to appreciate
the force of the " contrasts" so. graphically
presented in the follow ing article, which wo
find in the Chicago Ledger of Monday :
We remember the 10th of June, 183. as
though it was but a week apo. On the
morning of that dav, Gurdon S. tluMmrd
and James B. Campbell, ' staittd with a
large company of buyers, to go in wagons,
from here to where is now the flourishing
city of Juliet. They had laid out a town
on paper called " Ju'iet," and they htld on
the 2oth of June, the first sale of lots by
auction. . They sold rapidly, and at pood
round pi ices. Everybody was inspired
with hone, and they all saw nothing but
sunshihc ahead. Honey was plenty and j vent it if it were desirable. There are sere
easily obtained. Emigration was flowing j ral papers that are usually considered Dunl
in from all quarters nt n rapid rate, and
fM : ! if I -..1 t
v...uuu aa auuui iu uuuu im iiei luwb 01
savage costume, and don the closer fitting
and more humane garments of commercial
All was buoyancy all happiness when
the goodly company took their start fur
the firs -born of Chicago now a city nest-
ling in the beautiful valley of La L'tcicre ie
The route to the new town was not where
it now is, nor the means of travel the same.
ipl. i.. n. ,..,:,.... I r 'i
Ihe lOTt, flat plane Wtst and South of Chi-
cago was mostly covered with water, and it
required several hours to drag the coaches
or wagons through the deep soughs to
" Barry's Point," where a sind l idgo re
lieved the weary traveller who rejoiced in
standing on diy ground once more. Th
next point of notoriety was was "Lauh-
tcn's," at the crossing of the Pes Piaines.
Then came another stretch cf flat, wet
J prairie, and then a ridgu of high land,
which reached to the old stand of "Vials,"
... 'L'l .....1- ,1... f t : 1 ' !
At "(1 riitniifec rail 11 f i-r.- . ....
j th; ron Horse 0f the St. Loui Alton at..
Chicago Railroad, had charned bis bit snf-
rhicao Railroad had ch
1 i(:cuiyt s,how ing by the breath of his i.o.-
I tr;' that ho was restive, and had rather
i take the track" than not. Cun Iuctor
WnnJhurv. who p'avs the part of a " g n
tlcnwn" ;. tL grand dramma of pobtc-
I nnv: " bar! h."' ke.-O I TC Oil the tlocii ail 1
, -
l"L norht.
I, ' tlis time lias ccme ;"
.1 .l .1 ..I' .i.'
The conduct-
i it. e oilier saiu. i lit l . j . - ,
: . , .. , v soct.-r said than
j done, and off went the fvin" iS"- V'fc
we knew it. we brourri.t un at fl!u Is.-r.'J-
I ''hen in a few minutes we j.ass.d tl;? ."ha
i ant vil'aze of Mokcna,
jumped rapi.lt'
. . a. I . ,. i. , ' ,
dwn tne barks of "Hickory Creek,
pcepit g througn the trees, revealed a city :
of six thousand inhabitants, their houses ail
dressed iu w hite with green trimmings,
v-artl' one not luting on u.e wani ng .
gartaeiit. lears of time KtooJ bit.vienus
nJ our ,ast vihi, to Jjiu.t yMn Marlin ,
If. Dernmond was the master spirit el the i
At est side, and Joel A. iatU-sori cf the
East. The farmer is dead, and the latter
resides in Springfield , but t'm i::a:k, which
b"lh haVe u:atJ,'! is Sctn a:'d iv 1 aii who
T." .i'6'"-i ti - t . i
beautiful high blulf, whkh is being grvatly
.'II IHC rii. tJU 1 '1. 11 J .I1V. II' 4 llAtU. 1 A
improved by line stretts and ib-at.t rest-
d.nces, ami we know of b it Itw spots more
t.IK:ai.ti: g than the f ont strett o:. tin- top
. .
of that beautiiul bluf!, which cv. rlo ks tn.- !
wtl,l8 cite, and allows t ne to view the i
sp eudid landscape for mile up and down I
tiie Iovuy vai cy of tiie 1'latnr..
can r-rcvent tins from beimr one
t!.nso .
, . , , . .
choice suburban residences, where the wtarv ,
i j worker in this crowded city, with it hot and :
nsuikv a r, n.av liy to, when evtnin- makes
him tr.;n; of home.
xjll linj Vllli pr.l, O lilll.. liic ..'ii.'l lil- i
... ,..u . r . :
..r I lAriirrri 'f.tforni ftt il itis-.i. ti.r-ti I
brow he stamps bis own unagi rc:gr.t hi-
-...im It-. L-a at,. fn-t.ii... a. vi.-.-c r..l I
j printing cfli .-t-s, comt ;ioi;is. jm.
0 and railroads, spiendid chtirchts bu
, hotels
It, more
I In'..
V ou.:amg, ai. uiisi..-.
senders " pt as gooit as they senit, i at ties
its "gong," and' in rattle hundreds for a i
hasty "somethinj pood to eat. ' Th;s is the j
fleet of the spirit, genius and executive i
power ol'Uovernor Matteson, the nw-t.T si i- '.
- . - . a , , - , - ,
"l oi eMern enterprise, lie made linnn
leu in tne senate ci iinno;s; was toe oei .
Governor we ever had, and is now making :
th Alton and St. Louis Kailrnad feel the j
electric influence of his magnetic power. i
Aln aiir l.a ht, l.mii-! t i li.i.is ami ihiuht
up in order and certa-nty.
J . - . . .
lie has a larcu
loree raiiiuijr eAteiioni iiie .me .1011. iiu.iei
r :ii.. 1: .1 - 1:..- r !.!...
to Chicago, nearly all the way on the bank j
of the Lhnois and Michigan Canal. He is j
building th: road from Alton to St. Louis, i
ai.u, in a lew months, w M have the line mol ;
complete and direct between the two gn at
twin fcisters of this mighty Northwest. St.
Louis and Chi-iago wiil then lock arms i; j (niy ,avc supersedud, b.-in "lighter, cooler
fraternal and direct embrace, with Governor j anj m0:e ?raceful in appearance, li.it the
Matte-son as the controlling mediator be- f.xcl.eSjve rotundity is getting to he- decidud
tween them. Let us rt-joiee that such men ; p, ;n.o;iYcu;cne. On t can hardiy shake
live to bless mankind. We w ill place Iili- j jj7,n,ts n ;th afashonahle lady in conseqiencd
nois against the world fur Railroad Kings, j f,f tj,e verr " respectful disf.anco" isterposeil
and Queens, too, for that matter. i,y tV-so h'avstick skirts, and as for any
I ncnrcr approach it i.s as vain t-o attempt it
ETTh! bachelor correspondent of the i aR for Tantalus M toivih t!is tomtin f. uit.
Boston J'twt sends that paper the following: ; jnt a.i;0!; a whisper in your private ear.
"Tell me, ye winged winds that round my ; .rc'y,, aware that here "in New York, the
pathway roar, do ye not know some spot iirn,,i,.r ii,e skirt the narrower the line bet-
where women fret no more ? Some lone and
i . ....it .t. I.!-.-... ...I
i.ieusui.i ucii, i-uinc iiuiivi fi. vci.-j,
irl,.r.. hhia n-vs-r v. II and ersillea nrP not
""Jce and IniedeTrTd
rv" pj'ucJ. "
The ..ml wnil Mow the anow tntn
... .
as it answered, na-
Anotaer Kailroao mom Alton to St.
road will be prosecuted with vigor, and
urged to completion before January next.
Fkeemasoks in the Cabinet. The Free,
masons Magazine says : " It is probably
known to most of our readers that General
Cass is a Fast Grand Master of the Grand
Lodge of Michigan, and is, therefore, well
qua'ified to speak of the character and ten
dencies cf the institution and its principles.
President Buchauan is also a Past Master of
a lodge at Lancaster city, Pennsylvania.
The Vice-President, Hon. Mr. RreckinrMge,
is a member, wo think, of Webb encamp
ment of Knight Templars, at Lexington,
Kentucky ; and the Secretary of the Treas
ury, Hon. Howell Cobb, is a member of the
Order in Georgia. We are rot informed in
this particular, as to tbo otWe-r members of
the Cabinet."
The Railroad Election. The election in
this county on Monday last, on the question
of subscribing $100,000 to the stock of the
Petersburg and Tonica llailroad company,
was defeated by a very small majority.
Fourteen, votes in addition to the number
obtained would have carried the measure.
I'elin Hegitter, July 4.
. Mak Killed. lYe learn that a man named
Walker was killed in Channahon, on the
4th inst., by a man named A. Randall.
There bad been a misunderstanding between
them, for some time, and on the 4th, Waik
er, it is said, was determined to provoke a
fight with Randall. . lie got into a quarrel
with him,, and finally . struck him, wheq
Randall -returned the blow, bit him on the
side of the head with his fist, breaking his
neck and killing him instantly. Jeliet ?'Vt.
AiOris. tt e learn mat uot. Matiesun an., a w.aR on hj w a&t fYiJ., from this eity j J'reparearom a rrrtertptiun of t,.r viaree, J. . tl
number of other monicd men contemplate 1 t0 Cincinnati, he accidentiy fell from the! I'hyU-ianfMruor.iiuary to r roy.r.m tr "...
,. ... ,1,7 ... , . i, .,,.., : .!, , ! This invaluable medicine Is unfailing in the cure of alt " trout ami Patent Leather Drogaus,...
the immediate contrtuct.on of a railroad ( pbttorm of the hindmost car ia the ; , uot5
from Alton to St. Louis, as a continuation train whi.e in ram. I mot iu . j male coustitution i, suhjeet. it moderate, all excess and i;f;;::;;:;;;;;;::;;.
of the Chicago snd Alton Railroad. It is to s&faaJ ! 7 " n'V.V.:.V.:V.V.
lu tntieh shorter than the tiri-Kcr.t round . ..nill l.n rnnnvumil cn liii-innilv- ! c oa" n... -r. ..... r ....: Ladies' and 5I:sses' Gaiters oT ail kind!.
, . . , , ,. I noipeice.se-" -- -...-.-...v I ren's Shoes of every description cheaper t
about route. It IS understood that this new to proceed to the nearest dwelling, when tie It is peculiarly suited. It wilL in a short time, brinsn jj. U. Every art.clu sold at our store
Kansas and Her Constitution.
The Richmond Examiner, which has al
ways been regarded as one of the foremost
j and ablest of the Southern-Rights journals
comes to the defence of Governor Walker's
position, in favor of submitting the conttitu-;
tion to the people, -with great vigor and
earnestness. The Washington Union re
' publishes the Examiner's article, which is
very long and very able.
The Louisville Democrat, another South- !
' crn paper, whose fidelity to the South and
ii -
to Democracy can never be impugned, sus
tains the same idea. The fo'Iowing is tho
Democrat's article :
"As to Kansas, whether it will bo a free
or slave State depends on her population.
They will have their own way as sure as the
sun will rise and set on the Territory.
There is no power to prevent it. There is
no power in the Federal Government to pre-
ociatic. They are not, however, party pa-
i j .1 r a - i - 'I' l
pcrs, nor ao uiey preiess lo kc i liey are
Southern and sectional. They arc not at all
pleased Willi the prospect that Kir.SaS may
become a free btate. I hey denounce VaU-
er because he proposes to submit tne Lon-
etitUtion to be made to the VOte of the pt O-
; pie after it is finished. It is not the custom i
! these days to put a constitution in operation j
until it is passed upon by the votes of tho tc
i who are to live nnd. r it. The ratification '
' of it at the pells is the only conclusive proof!
.u . .i . .. . .1 1 .1
that they approve It; that IS their COIlStitU-
tion. The Congress of the United States
will require that evidence of approval; and
It OUglil 10 rtqtliie 11, II any question ISI
raised on the point. It would be folly to .
thrust Upon Kansas a Constitution that a)
maicritV there did not approve. ft would !
j make the Territory a State, and the Consti-
I tutiun would not last three months. It
would ;bc succeeded by one ultra, on the
other ride, on the question of slavery. Iti:
astonishing to ns to sec men proposing to
i .. .. . . . . : i i . i -
1 ,?...!- . t i .'. ! c r t V, f, f W .. t .. . .
and ail ti." fiss th" factions have made
1 about it cr.'v shows ibcir foUr. It U r.r...
1 tisely what the pe" !o ot Knr.tJis wid do,
; sooner or !ar, let the Federal Hoveirmn t
1 do what it 1 1 ascs. Tiie leir:otii v of ti e
country will not malic Kansas a s"ate Stai-.-
'. or a free Slate titiur, and the best reason
. in the WOr.d for it IS, thef !H til.J it. Tr -. V
r.evcr pretendd tht fi-y coi.M. 'l !if-y
con t intend to trv.
1 ht v Imvi? nromi.-e.I
not to d-cth
A cor-hn r to th' ir t .;-o-v
. of t!lC Federal Oovenm.ent, t'i-y have r,
, F :ir
ovtr t!:e stibfo, t.
A'l tt.vv c;.ti ( r
i will c'a is t- so wlon tie Constitution of j
Kansas is presi tiled to Congress, tl .it it his
bj'-n ." il'-jr m-.d-j arid fairly adopted, and re- 1
lubli.'n '' t! 1 rovir.io:is, and the population '
of Kana ? 'tKcient. Il it be satisfactory
; th .co i.c.,.-' ts-. Kansas wi 1 be re.-eivej ;
without a word tf c'-j'-dicn from Iem
Tun Wav th;: L'.t.k G z. Hu"'r? tlie
Toittur .Irsbi'i n t.f t'.n 1,1. -.-. e.-ri i.' t'iC
j ...... v. ...u . ..... ,-.vv..v
. quantity of la' r beer s -allowed in tt.'u '.I'.-
, h;-s bi-en t normous. Lig-r T- ttti'i'ie :.r , -
, th-r.g tl.-e. The gnatcr th-- q i.-if.'.Ity o;..-
amir;-, ti,e more r.e can f: :: j.
a !:
: cxpnii-s.-r o; tn si-2:.-.c:i n. g is
! parable v. ;l:t tn i 11 i i ,
i man im'-H)-.- ihj tcq-iis-ite qu.
assumes t'.-- po;.oi tl--f.s i-f
'0 '
inf.tv. an.
nn ni.:i'-';i..hi
uh'i-'; a.jJTaen is i.'.-tt:.
by a s vall.r.vt .
e s'.c :u'. .h cc m'-
, ,, ,
little in i::,
y return a qu-.tt of w.'c-r, c.-n
very cot
ii -rtu i y cany a gs..or. of !:t- r,
; he can lesirt the so::it. -.! n y i:.-
tl.e beverige. Ti.t re is s :t i ly a
r s.-lf.r n the i y v. ho iLas n--.t u
' i v
hi II
il'icc'l c."
.,. 1
bigei I
a:' avtrug.t c.t .y a.. -.v:u)e
dr.i.k l-.v-.rtv
mu ol l.cc-r, v. la:c tt.r.ny vot.tt.es el t;t.-b'.-er-ki
g v. i.l coai leiahly tx.:i.ii3 thai r.'ii::-
! ber. wi
2 the
'itv-;t Ili-
r nr. i.:
a 1 t!.c::i
.! I.O h
i .-OT:t.-.'li
;r..-y t-e those r.rnc:
'.. .3:k:.1 a- a'.t i cJ v.
ii f, 11. hi th-t !::. 1
W lit-rM.' !!
to (ktiKt
u. an st! v.
a b'; h t
r.si- i.
' r.
as.-.uu-,u.- m --.-. ? n e.i- on, a, ..i
cu.-.t'-m, to f.-d i.Im.cuijy.tu hjr-e bucket
of sour, i.n k for-h:s i..t:il. Th-- an.tiul
drank it t the hi.-t ilr.-;-, wi, n. a shovycr
coming up, she put l.::n ih'.-j tl.c lucla i-;U
i . ..ly... ... .... J;., .....
1 . it t L N.i f .Ii. 'il.f , ' 1 . - sirt.l
- - i - - -
involve a mathematic.-d paradox, yet the f..et
w-' epreseut. A unii car. dni.k more
lager beer than a vt s.-d of the fame capacity
as hiri Momai. h wou-d be" n to cnntnia. No
.1 . 1 .. Ct l , .. . .. . 1 1. -f
cs.s man ij-ia. te. u-ns ne i.i.mi .n
sjCUiui. li.t', a.ot.-.-, iasi iuicuav. i .iii
"".u American.
Lapie Beware.
We b-tvc not pudis.
of iho lerate tvzi.'. On
0,;ePti,in to hoop
the contrary, they are in every respect per
ferable to tiie doz.-n or twenty skirts whi.-h
. ...-,- the Saint and the Cvpmn: and that
! , . .i ..V...1-.
i , .yoiiieii u io wear tne larsje! nanus
.1... S .1., ,P.
i nrc treni-raiiy i.k .i.3t iu
r i.-
roP.rrxAiE Escape of judoe tkeat. As j :
Judge Treat, of the United States dit, let
COUI l lor too eastern insiiiei eit .hi
tnnk tha train airain for Cincinnati. Fortu
nately, no train passed over tho road while
he lay insensible upon it, and strange to
sav thouf hvery much bruised, he secaped
without aiiy other injury. Mo. IUp.
St. Loris and Chicago Road. Governor
Matteson and his associates in charge of
this road contemplate an extension ot their
line from Alton to St. Louis, the present
arrangment with the Terre lluat roac being
inadequate to the immense business of the
St. Louis and Chicago road, which is increa
sing to such an extent as to require an ' in
dependent line of their own. : The exten
sion cf the same road from Detroit to Chi
cago is in rapid progress,' and in the course
of a few months they will have an indepen
dent through lino from Chicago to St. Lou-
Deatu : of the Largest Man ' - in the
Yokld Miles-Darden, who was beyond
question the largest man in the world, died
at bis residence in Henderson county, Ky.,
a few days since. i-.TIis height was seven feet
six inches two inches higher than Porter,
the celebrated Kentucky giant. ' His weight
was a fraction over 1000 lbs. ' It required
seventeen men to put him in his collin.
Took"'ovcr one hundred feet of plank to
make him a coffin. Ho measured around
the waist six feet four inches.
. Mr. A. T. Going, who, wo bclieve is about
the last of the Gentiles at Utah, announces
by letter, his intention to quit lhat place.
BrbJiam Young may congratulate himself
that Gojng is going; but he had better bear
iu miud that Cumming. is ;oming.Z?Mi
ti7?e Journal?
. u I i ' . N - . : . . : ... L . . : 1 . . . t i il , . .
if 11 1 i.
From Europe.
The Arabia arrived at N6w York.oti Tues
day with Liverpool;' elates to June 27th. ?i
.' In the" British House of Coinnions the
Jew's oath bill had been passed' by a large
majority. ..' j?- i;
Q i let n Victoria, attended by a brilliant
stall, had personally distributed the Victoria
Cross or Order of Valor iu Hyde Park,, . The
attendance' was friiuiensc' ' "
The French elections have all gone one
wav, t'.ie opposition securing only about
: half. a dozen members.
r . fc , . t j i .t. i.t
Litest advices from India show that the
: r f .1 , . 1 1 1
! iiiutn-.v of the native troops had assumed a
!v J ..; -,. Tl .1 1 . !
! U S ,fLa!!C; i!lC' 1:1,1 t:,kc" I'0-
; session of IXll'i and Javre, massacrciiig the
; Kurotioans
, " V . , 4, J r ' .
Ilia LllgilSil t.aliintt had COnleired tne
1 .IS Cllgilbtl t.auilltt had COnleired tne
title of Prince Consoit upon Piince Albert,
thciehy making him legally a member of
the Poval family, but without giving him
any auuniouai autuoi uy.
FRANCE. 1 he tnintstcrinl iournsls are
I.M,!vl:,h,lat lrKn't,,!,.,.!,
i . , i .i w
1- v , i , . "-''-""..
Nt'iv elections are ordered in cases where an '
. ah.io'ute majority for either candidate was
1 i . i i M-t . . . . .
i oU'ainetl. ueneiai uvaillgliac stooel in tins
, predicament in PunV, while in the provincial
district, Itl which he Was a Candidate, he
was defeated U a !a.;e majority.
j 'Jhe lJ;illk tj Fi ance reduced t!C ralfS of
I commercial bills to 5 J per cent., btlt the in-
tcrest on advances remains at 0.
The reception of the name of Mr. Dallas
at Oxfoi d L niverkity for a degree, is said to
have been rather equivocal, as the body de-
noted the friendly disposition of PiesiJtnt
i I, i , i-"i i it.. ;
j liu.hanan, and disliked what they construed
I into approval of a pro-slavery administra-
! tion.
.CCCUr.tS 01 t!ie grain ana potato Crops
continue to be highly encouraging.
The Palis correspondent of the Time
mr.ilmn n i innnr .l :i wrinu: t.h.t rf,i.i-.i.ii,,l
j with the recent election movement. Four
j Italians on whom papers and firearms wtre
t f()UI, J( iad been arrested.
The situation of all'aira between Mexico
an.f S: a:n is considered critic!. The Fn
... . . - -
'.j recoptiizo I in his if!ic. il capacity.
A d; sp:.t- Ii from I n.-ste anotinccs aiioir.c-r
t iry cf iUk C i cassians over the Russians,
ui.leh the loiter loit one thoUsUi.J.
M;trtlin;M' from the I'Iniu.
'ii;e St. Joseph (M..) Juurual, of tl.c 2J ,
ir.st., publishes the irtai .ling repcrt, brcugi.t '
bv a 1'ren'h tm ler, that the troops and
t'-am-t'.'t s under command -f Col. Sumner,
w.re a"t:;i.l;i '. I' a bc-dy of Ci.'jj eMKS '.
ind Attijlvi Ii.diuns, miles west of Fort j
Kiarti'V. AH were slain. The rept-rt is
coiitirmtd by a trader arriving frem Pacific (
('.:?, I jtvs, and by an emigiar.t train f.oin
S j rt I. .... .
'Later aJr!.'?s fi oti I.eavenwwt?! tlu'.t that
:.e r.
UlooJ y Kiot-s in Xew York.
Ni.-.v Yjiit.. July Sevi-ril riots occur-,
t l in this t i v Sdiiifdav ; the must serious
;:.-d i.i ti: ; !J every
d w it is fit.M .ty fr a;. b.t;i ;
t."'t'-s ::n I lire iitrn; v. vie
Tin. r.vu P-.-h.t.-rs were; g:a
'..i k a:: i u'.t :.
;.i v. . rc l.ii'cd in this citt,
itic.u'leg v tral pohct-me:!,
f. :i.l j
. .:, lnir.' I I? ritrlers li-.d I'.c
iaar:iVa.ivi, d.-.'-'ii-i l" :'. -oinen,
v. i:.-.:--: ti. .:i :.-! i. ic-i w.ie Llc
,f. li.ree ie"-m-.r.:s4of s;tf- trjr.p, w.re
I -red " it st nd kept in ve, but t.i-li
ii'is ai not r 'led, as tre i-"t was
tiiv s:.:.tv.-cd iv ti.-ili-::.s cf the )
i;.c iiiir.r riots w:.i
ti e cay, two .:so:.s were
occurred ur:: g
klii (1 EIl J tlVl II-
i v cr u i: t v , v
Wo.iiidcd. Ia ti-.:.rlv
I a t..irly ail
.en w t re the
u.e o.t :i banrr-s the cx-j t
i u iui ..lii. ill
. t
exception f
the c.iv pash-
'.l.e-' ri"t-' ai.i-'it the ro .vd s
e-1 i 1 i;e wefitfur v as t' j l u?.
1 , . ; r!::"ts i f M tioiii;: lioi tie fi. it
i: v. .. ct io tvenii-', bu are w itii-. tit
l:. i-'.. .'i. The n.i i':n v are under amis
:i 7 t'.' a-.t v. ,:h u.ct!t'.-n.
i-ieiiv enth-rnaii was a:ta.ke J "cs
in triad xlaylight, ly a dreadiu!
No ai test wu made, as Uiu-1.
11 All
Ilc-ToiiATivr. Tiof. WiKi i aJvct.se
'n'liiis of tiie Republican his va'ua
. i::e for ro -torinir ttic hair, and K-r
.11 t
ti.e prevetit'on of balbass, Lz. The greatest
t.atiiia! ornanieitt to the human fioiii Jivinc, ;
.-t.oi.uhly, a fine, hixtimr.t
haitii ar.j-.tth i.l h-ir. This
elllci.y Has
1 been Uid u 1 1 1 o extensively
and With great
su.-.iss. lluodrLds, 1. ay tiiou.-ar.fis have
ti-.- 1 it. and are willing to testify to its ttli
j ca.-y. R.-ad the advei tisLLiiet.l j -locurc a
' Ii 'tiie fioin some one of ir.s acents lure,
; and prove its virtues. (Jur fiooi oid bald-
headed bacin-h r friends shouid embrace
1 this opportunity tn cover their pates with a
! coat ut riii lux'.iaut hair; aiui our young
' bunds who are becoming pr.m ng prema
' tuie'y g'-iy, can have their lucks restored
: to the. 1 i.:.:ur:d bt auty by a few appiica
i tb.na or this wonderful: tonic Prit lie-
' ':?di-':lll.
Soli bv all D.-nriists. ' JuM-2vv
t ur.l. -
Tiie ladies of Sr. Col I'MBa' Chi ech return tl.ans to
the civizens of Ottawu ani vicinity tor their most liberal
djulioi.1 to. aad aitenJ -ace at their Fa:b on the 4:!
ha-.pv to atitinunce lhat their succe.s has been
..m i-n .ii!.. tlipir nastcr to lifi i li date the entire deb '
of t!:efl.:ii.!i. The la lies arc alo inde'oted to lhe II
bc.-::iaa S ici-. ty for t ! i - ir fc;nd:.css iu permitting their
hand li ad I to the pleasures of the day. J.iljl
" " .
I.n .txlic ( omitv .4criculiural Society.
, . . . I
' The Executive Committee of this boctety. will meet at ;
,n:-.. c j. n.. u,i. i... .1 a '..i,..t- p t
" "'"-. " '
: to trai.act :aiicrtiiiii u..i3.. iy oraijr ui i.-ic i r.si-
; dent. jalll J. O MAURIS, &:'.
f I.Ar.Iill'S rr?lll.r. ril.l.S,
the monthly "orioJ with regularity.
Each Bottle, Trice One Dollar, bears the Government
Stamp of Great Britain, to prevent counterfeits.
, These Pills should not be taken l y females thai are
jirejrnant, during thfjlrtt three vwttift, as they are sure
tn brine; on riiitrarrinf ; but at every other time and in
every oilier case, they are perfectly safe,
tole Agents for the United States aud Canada,
Late I. G. Bjiaiaix i Co.,
, Koeliester, X. Y.
N. D. f 1 and 8 pwslape stamps enclosed to any autho
rized Agent, will insure a pottle or the rills by return
mail. -- ' t
l or sate by E. T. Gbiggs. Ottawa, and one Druggist in
ery lawn in the United States. novlo-ly
i'o Use I ufortuuate Vlcllm. .
Thia ia a Saf and Certain Care for Gonorrhraa
Gleet, Stricture, seminal Weakness, Diseases
of the Kidney. BlarWerand alt Disease
. - of the Gonital Organs., . ; ;
Tliia popular and apeiille lesnedy will cure all diseases
of Ihe Genital- organsin few days. It has saved thou
sands upon thousands froui tbe hands of MERCILESS
QUACKjS, if not from a pbMtcrb caava. In ase of
Infection PH. BAKER'S SPECIFIC is the only SAFE and
Sl'RE I1EMEDY. Have you a Private Disease ? Do not
neglect it.. If youu to a regular Physician with your
caae, you paaiL your UEI'LTATIOS. If you go to an
aDVERTtfrso .cue, you raaiL Tooa Ruua fob, urt
Avoid both, and use DR. BAKER'S SPECIFIC, which Is
ery agreeable to the taste, and contains plain directions
for use. With you ran CURE YOUliSELr, and Uius
prevent ALL EXPOSURE. It will ci-re the worst cases
of secret disease, and restore tbe system to a perfeo
state of HEALTH aud rcsiTT.
IST-price $1.50 per bottle.
fy-prepared by Dr. EASTERLY, corner of Third and
Chesnut streets, St. Louis. Mo. ' . . , '. ' T
u rasSold by A. C. PitIaii, E. Y. Gai&os, D. Wuui A
Co., and M. Kxecssl, D.-aggists, Ottawa, and by Drug-
' gists generally throughout the Cnited States.' JuM
Gehrgk standi leaning cn the counter, looking quite
disconsolate. Ed. enters, with a New IIjT on, looking
ery much pleased. George looks up, and the following
Conversation issuer : ....
( Gorjt Hallo, Ed ! New Hat, eh f Been tip to Chi
cago lately f
S'i.,y What the d-1 make you thlrk I bTe
been up to Chicago . -
Geonjr Why because you have got a New Hat, and,
as you always buy your Hats at Chicago, together with It
being the latest style, I concluded yoa had been up.
1 must admit you are good at guessing, but thia
j T.mc y.iu are (uite out or tne way. As for haying my
innfmn vnicnrn, witen I'airscoTr furnishes asffiMMi mUi
: , .. ' riuruu-neaaagoouaMat,
' if nut b,ter- uf Vl '"' '"' "" fal.i.n:,ble style, is
.. aJ.,.., , ,, '
uiinecesarj ; beside.-, George, we should patroniie Hme.
j f.Vo,?..-(A;,;.earig very ,,,;h surprised.)-What '
,.ou uiJ IM,t buy that n..t at Pklscuti-s?
" ( rt - f. r n '
r..-Yes! AtF.C.PaOlTV.
Oorae Well, If that k. the case.aakes the Hat in his
I O'corae Well, if that L- the case, (takes the Hat in his
j Land, looks at it very closely.) i mut have onr; ti.is old
Hat (takes his own in his hand) I bought it G. W. S.
! Chicago, the last tltnt-1 was up, aud now It is hardly Bt to
oe seen.
I Exit George ani EJ. to PatecjTi'i. George for a New
I1'1!' .. . . ......
. II. Hat bought at 1'tE.stons Ircncd fiee of charge.
Apiii 1 1. 1-3&7.
There is an article selling throughout the country that
; hua attained the widest celebrity ever known as a reme
dy f.,r Liver Con.pUints. We have reference to Dr. San
'' ford's luvig .rator, or Liver P.emedy, that has perform-
; ed cures too great to believe, were it not for the
; uadouMed evidence that accompany the testimonials.
1 11 '" tru!h. t!: greatest remedy known for Dy.pcp-
! !ia- Junti'. or a general debility that so often bafEe
tl"!tUlloi our most eminent physicians.
i hr- "f"ri1 ,,as u"" fur lo"s tiIi14 "e of t, e emi"
j ne,,t P!'"c'Mf -N i3 f hi
c w-"tre:.ted wan tne i:.ig.,rator with such invan.
ai.ie success mat r.e lias oeen mauceu to ou.T it as a fa-
: m,,. ,ed eiie and let the world have the benefit of hi.
! ,iJ,v- lr' ,. ,,. . h
headache, languor, or s:ow. lingering fever, win try a
bntile, e thii.lc they might save physician's bills, and
' days, perhaps year of suffering.
j O. J. Wcxu i Co., Wholesale Agents for the Western
Stni, . EoiJ in Oitawe L all IIml-i,:!. mvii-.lin
Dr. Hooper's IViuule Cordial.
Ti.is is a sait, p'.easvit, and certain cure for Female
Complaints arising from debility, such as Irregularity of
fTT.-t, art 1 a:, i sold by Er. EasTULT, corcjr of
Ti.ird and CSosuut .tj-i-et. St. Lou:.-. M.
T'.t fn''r 1 y A C. I't tn a !f , E. Y Gmc.s, I). WiLttR ft
Oi .a:jd.M. Kstrift, brug.su, Ottawa, tu.4 by Drug- '
gi'U jvn.fi a::y ll.ro-.giiojt t!. l'hiI S'.ati s. julll i
v'TK!' THAT COl f.II !
Dr. Carter's Cough. JJalsam,
W ILL cl'i:e
Cvwjh, CulJs, Aethtifi, CoMHiitptiou, Lrori'
cLiii, z'pitii-.g of Wool, I'uin in the
tii'le and Lrcutt rUxriry, V'hoop-iii-j
t'ovjh. L'ro'ip, Lirer Com
ji'i't, r-j?jiUtfon of the
Heart, and all Dlstd-
fi pf the Thictl,
Ch-:! a,.d
TV.is I:ulir.i is Iifvond ail dobi tht most j.leasant ar.d
effiea.-us rrtudy ever ii rovtred far ail d:srat-s of the
iHP.OAT, UJE.-T. and l.r.NGS. It lus been thoro-ehly
tMcd, and is uju:i.;:t ac'.uowled-'i-d hy l'l vsi'.imi.,
L. or? -M. r.d all i
ave u-td it. the LE-T KEMhliY
t'n r- -I the ii.:h'..c ft t l'JrvGLiary Cci.Il.::.:.
Ilj : th r ..r' r.i! .-::- l. :. r:u;:-. o: I e p. ven to
lli..t( of I !" I inis.
H . r . : a r : l. C . rr ar.y di.'e.te t-f the
I.-;-.- 1 :i--t I.-t'e.; M.:.::.. tl li:ecM ud the.
t .ur r. !t"h o:ni.:i at. 1 the say. are aaauaily cca-
.--i.l ! a , r-na'o.-e ?r. - ly r.'--
ting to srt'nJ to a
cr.n.ri. :. :.. t. Lis -'.J C.i:;.h 1..J to CoSiCMP
I hy a 1 rct-er remedy, then to
1 in v-.i-r. I'ro-.:re at rn
:. a.-:y .iui:-.. !
t;.-.t t r I r
S M which has -.-::r.-il tht..r.i? npin thoa-aads after
I-..; -: :. n. :.ni .'.li rrtrr f.mrtir. ha-! f.iiit-d. and the
pui-nt -i U-n i.:. 1 '.s'.--: ds to die.
-,, :r"-r. a'"i,-i 7th a Couch, dll. cr any disease
o.' the r:..- .1. C1..S. or wi!! te put to tht:.!ve -
o -jr,n :. tic p.ave i-ii-tui n?..g ii.. laii
Lo'.I liAL-AM. I: c.r if a cure be pes
ttT.-i t 25 ceiits sr..i tl por bottle.
t"Prei-r.rei I-t Dr. E. Es-'frly". tOMth-tait corflr
T!.:rt ana a.-a-.rt Kr, ft. I.-.ii, Mo.
JtTfcr sal.-1 7 A. 5. PvTS-isi. E y. Gmca, D. Walkci
i Co.. and M. Kneis-u tlru.i:p:-i,...t::twa. and ty drog
f g :s gecera .T il rc-ehou: t.'ie I'litt.-i St-.tes. julll
To I ver nn't Azue Stifferers.
' I'cvf r asitl .tti!! Killer.
: t:: : 1 i :!nf. w a L eras
1 Ag'.:e sr. J Ftvcr. CLilIs an.i Fever, Doatb Ague, In.
ier.T.i'tcn? an-i Fernit'.tut Fevers, and every
! f jria of Fcrer incident to the West.
As.: p .V.: tV CEJ.Etir.ATKD KK.MtDIES fur A-ue and
F-.-vcr, f.r-t .ir: ! rc-rerrn?: ia r.::.U t.'.Eif
Dr. I.ulerMN Icirraiiil Actio Killers
Ptirinp the last Bve years tl.is rem.ly lias turtii orer
tr? u:idr-.d lr.vwi!inf.;.-i, al.ich lias established its
efl'.cv y K-yon.i all d.ml t ar.U coatrcver-y as tl;e EE?T
,iM,y CKKTAIS CL'UE for this di'-.ressint disease.
I It is a POSITIVE ClIlE, h..th SPI EDT and PEP.MA-
XENT. Iiaillcu-ellieWel
I CASEi, do a-.atter of how
Ic-.g !-..-iii-.!:t:g or HOW !i.I. 1: will tiso care Er.lar--D.t
r.t of the spleen, A;ae Ck-.-s, Ac.
Ke.'id-r. h:ive yoa the As;ae and Ferer Then promre
Ir. K ii-Urli'tj Ft ttr and Jtuc A'uV.-i-, and use it ac-
, efrdin.ff to the directions it wiu. rrRE Toe. Hive you
FKILMiS S'-fftrinir with Aff ie and Fever ? Go tell them
: nroenr. Dr. t:.i.-tfrl u'm F(r-r and Aim Killer and
t .... . . .
sutler uu l.nicvr. T..is is the meaiciue TO LSE, for this
p' ,:n reaxMi : IT ALWAYS CTL'IIES. and is perfectly
1!.M'.MLE-S to ti e ciot delicate constitution, or tender
ft $1 perPattle ; or Fix Po-.ties for t
; ;irc i by ,Ir. E.-terly, corner of Third and
C!ie:it;t Street., St. ioais, M. to whom all orders must
be uaar-.-s.-eil.
jafFor Sale hy A. C. Pctnaii, E. Y. Gbiggs, D.
Wjlkir i Co., and M. KKKi ?t., Druggists, Ottawa, and
1 by Il.-u;:rist g--neral'y throughout th; Cnited States.
j Ottawa. Ju'-y 11,
c.ki:at KCIiUCTlOX IN
' g2ffTk Cv - f Z C !
tatmt mW SW - V - a CJSP- a. Hm
PjoI an i .S'iorrj'or tah at l than n'hirjnile Prices, i
I at thr cluap earn ISoot mil i ioe More of . j
! 31. II. 1'KLfstOTT & Co.,
Tfltsfti Mrs-el. Oltawa.
TMT1XO the next sixty days we shall cffi-r oar ira
A in-line tock ol lioti-.a mill iiocs at the following uu-
: j.icctdtfnTta low prices, lor rasa.
: tout's line Patent Leather Gaiters,
2 00
2 no
1 iti
1 'J5
3 W
2 W
1 45
2 25
1 to
1 5!5
1 till
1 00
ami Child-
i C.lt . .
j " Lnamei!l : ....
1 em's KiP
1" 1'" 1
tlmn ever.
warranted to
give entire satisiaction.
We employ a larger number of workmen, and manu
facture a better class of work than auy other establish
ment in the Late.
Orders solicited and promptly filled. Repairing done
w-.th neatness and despatch.
LiaaUierof all kind, shoe fiuditigs and shoe makers
tools constancy on hand and tor sale at less than Chica
go prices. Country dealers will do well to call.
l-wi!ir Machines lor sale. H. II. PKESCOTT & CO.,
julll J.iu. .strett, tifnc Uitort east of the P. O.
in mi I tire.
ILAG Seat Cliairs, the liest and cheapest, at tl e Chica
go Branch, formerly Gar k Uiulford.
jnlil ; J. 0. GAT.
CHERRY. Citing, and Breakfast Tables, the best in
Ottawa, at the CJiicngo Branch, formerly Oat k
GfiLroKD. U""1 J. tt. UAV.
1 1 HE best assortment in the City, at the Chicago
I Branch, formerly Uav A GciLro'i.
julll . : j J- O. OAV7
"Land for Nle
IM'ILI. sell SU acres of of .NW)' of section 35, T.
' 34, Range 2, known as Schick's Land. This is the
best Si) acres within the distauce (0 miles) from Ottawa.
For terms apply te JAMES De'SXE.or ., .
james cTkaham,
juiri-2w ' '-" Lumber Dealer, Otta icq.
31iiliiivr uiid DreM Jlahins.
T!lrs. JttiL,Ii .
RESPECTFULLY informs the ladies of Ottawa and
vicinity that she has tnken the rooms lately occupi
ed by .Mis Pattkhsok; on Colorcbus St., a few doors north
of Main, in Ottawa, where she solicits order In all that
pertains to the Millinery Trade or in the line of Dress
Making, Cuttinr. Fittinr. Ac. llrr .i lr.;.-....
Good has been selected with much care, and will be I
iounu vnprnor. Having had thorn' instruction aud ex
perience in the business, she is confident oi being able to
give perfect satisfaction. - junlil-tf
r rtllE partnership heretofore existing between Watson
JL A Zimmerman, is hereby dissolved by mutual con
sent. The business of tiie old firm will be settled up by
either of the firm. The business will hereafter be carried
on by Zimmerman k Coles, who will be happy to see aU
old. customers and as saany new as may favor them srtiu
a call. We would here state that we intend U ef P
lar;?e assortuwot of Dry Lumber on twad. and will "
prepared to give general sstisfactlon in the Cabinet ana
a. t.. r..ir n.in
Bed Lonngct.
4 FIR3T.RATK article at the Chicago Branch, former.
tie Chios
-i-Bv IV VAT 4 GniKlKO.
V. Hurra ii a.
GOOD assortment, from Si lo f.JO, at the Chicago
Branch, formerly Gat k GiiLroau.
j"1" - J. Q. OAT.
Important to Invalids.
.Mr. K. ;. oic;e,
TKOii Oswego City, N. v., is stopping at the Mansion
Honse, Kuuni o.o, mu. ill., where she may b
ulted "on ail the various diseases the human family
consulted "K.n all the various diseases the human fundi r
. .u : 1 II.... i . .
! the practice of medicine, and being a reliable Clairroy.
: ?'e "as oeen enaieu w ucieci aim cure many d.
. hf.fc .... K-m lf. ..', '
I f", r , ,
"' of the moit
i All diseases pec
""en.ion, au-1 fro
! ',-,," 'cn able
inot eminent 1'hysicianH.
culiar to females will receive particular
from observation and long practice, Mrs.
le to cure many, wheu other mode or
i treatment have entirely failed.
j MlliVA
: treatment wdl in ;
: treatment wdl in no cue be advised, without prospect of
j " j io", a'o'f' co s r l
confidential""", It, I'ellcl "a i"od
j Bo'cloik P. u ; '' .j
il Strictly
from a la
- , .. .
j W anlcu
t riUVO Apprentices, to learn the Saddle and Ifarnaaa
trde- A''fjr I.j."U . THOS. HICKEf.
IliMilbureh Hhrnpl
V NEW arrival of this lamuiis Cheese, at
j"'H JAS. K.
l!iMlnliou of lartii-rlisit.
fllllE co-partnership heretofore existing between tksr
! A undersigned parties ht this day (June -fell) dissolved
j ?hZk
I forthwith. Aiirew Joroia ill be at his place ta set tla
j at any time. ANDKLW JOKTOIS,
i i iiiAKi-taut.uaiHAii.
Jw isiiiMiililfi 8llO.
' ' "' 7"aJ'T'o'u!,l '"'7"' 'i!,1!
j ,,ew Guns to oider. .nd do all kinds of repairing in that
line in iiu-mess. Ihc same time thsy intend to mska
1 llo B-dtead,, Ornamented Iron It.ilmgs. Shutters, p..
i 'ut ''ii, letter Cutting, and Key Kitting, ail kinds of
lirass rini.hinir and Machines. Henairina Uoue nrmnnt.
My and warranted. Powder and Shot for sale. Casb for
( old C'iper and Brass,
i Oil Main Street, llossac'i's P.ow, (.ear the tlde-eut, Ot.
' tawa. lil. o. MO WALT,
; ju!li-3n. P. HNOEK.
, For nle.
: rilHE sul.5criir offers for sale 15 acres of land, lying'
, J. ut the loot of the bluff, fault a mOe west, of Ottawa,
inm.idialely north of the lirsl canal bridge brio Otto.-'
; wa. The land is rich bottom, in a high state of cultiva.
tion. and admirably adapted for a Teg-table garden on -:
large stale, or a residence. Also, lot 111, in bivck V6, Us '
"i;it i Addition, lying within one block of the Suh ward-
li.'.ir.ii W'jrrh.
To "11 jir.r'ori tutrrert- d in fit tthit of Gtoryt Jorjh
i 'U'U-t . i uiirior :
NO'1 1 fc it i.vri l y rven. that at the Dtxt term of th.
i ii.ty Court of L Sai:e n.ntr, to- be liolden at
tl.c Court iiuuse iu Ottawa, 1 shall petition said Court for
an ril--r for the of the re.-il estate of said minor, for
the . kin. .m of L:s d,b:s and hahilitirs. ar.d for bis)
caiiitctaiica. NEWTON CLOUD,
Gwirdiun if laid minor.
fiiivm .t C''K, ,k-,T. julM
! MJo WhIL olice.
IJL'ill.IC noli e is hert.y pivrn. that the following iide
aa'ks have h-en ord -r-d to be built, and the grade
i o; the ear::e eMal'Vlied. vii.:
On ?.J'i-.h side of Eist lam Street, from South Dirlsioa
! Street, th-i.ee east M deg , ac.ordini; to law and ordl-
j the e ift iJ-of Trk Ptrrt, from East Main Street
: t'j 'i.;..j.!' Street, tt.eiici east to the south-east coroer of
j tot 7, b:.-k 1. Oneti'i Ad-lmon to Ottawa, five feet wide
i and uf two inch iur plunk, ex epting that part ef Ui
I san, in Iront of lots 7, S. 9. and 10. in block 12, Green's
; Add. tion to Ottawa, which is to he 11 lect aide, of 1 tuck
' pine pial.k.
j Or. the et si.!, of Ptate Street, frnro Bluff Strtet ta
1 th-; north-wrst comer of tie puhtic square, thence eaal
j to the nurih-eatt c rm-r of s .id square, tlienre south t
the suuih tiit corcur wf said sijuare, according to lasr
. and ord.nanc?.
N.-w, ti-fil. sis the owr.n of lots fronttr.gr on faid iia
w.il.s hui.d ti e same in thirty d iys from thia date, the
si:ie ..! Li-: hu.it t-y the city, and' the costs thereof as-i-.i
.J ace-: J.ii(c to inw. J. AVEttV, t 'Vy CUrk.
n-uwa. J ly 11. i-.'i7.
t on ihInh.i eia .olice.
T jn.l.It' i.i:ii.e i. h:r-hy p.T- n, to all persons lot
J r:r I, ti-at ti e uhd'-islmiC'l. Commissioneri ap-p-.int-a
l y ti e City Council ol the C:ty of Ottawa, to a
the sui.i .-f four thousand and sixty. two dollar oa
the rmi t-'tv in tne part of U.e Cty 6j ua deemed be-iitf.io-.i
ny tne co.-'sir jciiou of a sewer throorh and un-
' d- r tiie reiitre of ('tinton Street, from the canal to the
-e:it: u o! s -peri-.-r street, thence eat through and under
liic c.-r.ire cf Suotrrh-r Street to the eeiitre af Pmul
I s-.r- t. tnence south Oirr nvh and under the centre of
"1 Street to the V x Kiver. wiil meet at J. Atuil of.
f-r'v ia l7v' Jli;-V' "
,.. .1 .Ti., r lite j .ijnue ui mint ui k mm mmmnm
.:.:. A. A.1IMIEH, I
V. T. rilrl.PS, yCom'rt.
j ita. Ju'y II, 17. A. II. SMITH.
I.it of l.cttera
! r.rMAIM.Vi'; ia f,e Pest OfTi.-e, atOttava, July I, 1S5T.
lA'i. aJ i.a Cuire Marjr M-Alcer Hugh
; Aji Jai.es t.ary iUigjretii M.l.rr J llj
' At i. o l J tieijtr Ooscar Muxwill Martle
. Avery J s 0..in.ay Uubt .Margion Mich!
I Ajs-.-.u Maria L Gray s.iuiuel Meagher Micta
j Auaiiu Pnco 4j.iv W Jtielu. U'MaJioi Margt
tir.w A ! Holt J hn ktsuui Ciith L
I I aJituy A Hagibiine Joi n Newcomb J II
. Uroac Acirs J ilai viil John W h'eary Lake
. Iir.-ierick Cus li.bbatd Mary Overbold J S R
Ir.tY.- Mward Hunt IticL-J O'ltrian Johaaoat
' t:uah It UJ llaite la.tr:ck 0 good L P i
i fcroau O.o "iV li.nr.s Srah O'Ketfe Joha
trl.:ira Go M Jtr Wm li PeckEO
1 li.Aer li-i.ry 2 JleJ,'e Wra Parker J R I
' l:ro n H-i.iy U W.k d Uf Posrers Lucj
! baiierf.eid Ira llabberi fian.I Pupe Nancy
: !iiMterr..!d lie: ry ll..rdiug S Warner P.ajt S ti
ll.irnjw 1,,:h. V Hubbard T
faliersoo was
l'...n:-'i.rt i.eorfre Hanki.iout Chas
l'.jtul-b.-iy bydas A Hawks C'aiesta
11. ? J..tiu !l-.dey Ana
L..t. u M uy E li.ciiy V iiiiel
l:: .wu M.u:r; e JIumkt Pavtd
11 u.i. haid M M Hu-.ton t. A
Hrui.imr M ! Hays H a
P.: ca n V. irT Am Hum Eliraheth
Pe.rice J E
J'.o.s Wm
Kyaa Sinoa t
How Tliot
Kuberu Saml
Huberts Pbebw
Itrcr Mrs R
Ilopers lirltl
Richards Mary B
Russiiar Ellen
Kaudall Cliuton
ltatsham Andy
Head C W
Reed Rev T H
Rickets FraDK
Kiley Jot
IUynolds Micbi
Kyaa Helen
t iiri.y Mati'.a.a3 ll:ekman Kred
Urady Patrick
Krown W II
Hifnttt W19
Un.dealk Wm
Hamoa LnTi4
Ilayward Uy
Jatirs Al.'in
Jhvcox E P
, C'an.iil'cll Cal
Johnson Harry
Jones J'id.on
Jones John
Jones John
Joi.es Mineva !
Johnson Peter i
1 toal.lin Cath
' Correr l
1 C.n.-r l Ann
I Culler Fritik
tV.i C U
; Cilii way A T
f'u-'.rme 11 A
Pheehan Fat!
J... kson sarah B Sweeney Peter
Jones W II Ppltser taml
Kyser C R Sterens T G
Kcllocc Amanda Smith Wra
. Caa:.g!i.iu John
! Covert Stephen S
Caan:.l. ferance K-.lly Jas B
smneti nns
B;iowmtn W H H
t uuaa.iler ?usan
Keith S I.
Crawly Titiio-.hy
Kcely John
Lyon E M
Lewta Isabel
Lynch Jnlin
l.cwe'.l Josiah M
Lteae Lais
Lai .in Mary
Loom: a S
Leek Sart.1
Lynch Thos
Sheldon W A
Clark 1'atrick
C'uuers M.irprct
Craft Milf.ird
Condon Mary
Cudwei! N
Cotiiicll Michael
Ci-.iriHiiiicr J B
Curry J J
Crawford John 3
Scett R Yf
itiour Mr
Su p nun Amanda
Sn d lard Alnura
Scoval Alford
Smith C W
Shaffer Ellen
Solloinoa Frank .
Stittinius Geo
Simpson Joha
Shears John II
Smyth James
S.-arritt J J 2
Stevenson James
Sornburger A
Sorn Burger Msry
Fink R
Showman Wm
Tuttle Stiles
Talbert Tlioa
Towns Olivia
Tinner J U 2
Toll Chas J
Tsler Caspar
Woodruff Alfrest
Wi ber Charles
W strath A E
Waaek C F
Wanipler C
Carey John 2
Loury Wm II
Carpenter Isaac 11 Morrison Susan
Cox Kazid Wi-Key Stephen
I I'otliry Brilett Moor Mrs S J
j Cain Arv Moore t M
; Uwire Charlott T Miner Mrs S E
j Dunnm Frits McCorioick Scth
lra!!e Ki. fer G Mofli-t Walter 3
, D:ir!lnn lk-llcn Minier Wm
' Daly liarrett Mctiraith John
j Ilrrtler John Morrison John
i lionounnJ L Millure J B
Dutcher John S MornsouJA
lionoug John Mortland Jas
E iffi V Sllchaet Mason John
I'aily Patrick Morrison J J
Duuiiavan Silas Mi-I.eand L
Ele-rhard Avon McNa.r James
tilieirington Jos M-Na!ty John
Englehardt Jacob JlcCue James
Kvery Mary T Morrow Lusetta
Eagan Margret Meagher James
l'.,..nnnl liii Mnrrv John
Whitman Airrea . .
Fisher Katherine McDullough John Wilson Eliaabetk
Frroit Barbery Murphy J v arren rrancta -,
Fitr.gerald A McKeuley Margret White John H
Kai h Mrs McLnughlm Mary Wntenherg.r H
Finiigin Elliabeth Morgan Maranda WafieldLN
Flower lr 2 Morgan C P Wright John
Fletcher David Y MrDougall Angus Win slow James
Faulknor 11 M i Maxwell Mr Waterman J L
Fuller James Mahoney Br'get Wllmott James
Fioher L S Mctntyre Alx Wolfe Sohn C
Freeman J D Mooau Charlotte Wilson Mary
Fullerton Jacob Marcellus C O Wore!! Jl
Farrell Jas Manney Edw Wilson P 8
Forrest J times C Murpliy E D J White Jtobt
Francis Jas Murphy E.lw 2 Walsh Thos
Plaherly Michael Magher Elisabeth Week Tbo
Falon Patrick McDougall Ema Walker W H
Farnsworth Wm P Marsh Elisa Yost John
ti lisnn lli-nry McCreedy E Yost Amis! 1
Graham James ' Messerschmidt F Yarer John
Gilmon Lewis B Murphy Ellen Young fcdwarSa
Gnttifs J Mctiuire Danl Zabu O
Ualbrct Mary M Marshall G B
Cnrberry i Stocking Aarthur M'Girr or J UsyeS k Ca
fe Pulsifer t Co James Swnyne r
JCnrwrgian Letters.
Mils T!iompon Tnor Thormedsen Chrlstisn Hyr
Christ Tortensun Thor ChristofersenPeter Neilson "
Mils ltosuicnson Sarah Danielsen Peter Petersaa
" WM. Of MAN. P. M7
Sew lork and Erie IKatlroad.
To tin Traveling . PuMic. v: v
BCY your thro.gh tickets to New Yons. Borrow, Fsn
LauKUMia,and New England Cities, via thisrosrtc.
Through to N. York City wiTiiocrcaasoa or Cia ?
The ONLY ROCTE to New York City having WIIW
This line extends to Dunkirk, Buffalo, and
Falls, with an unhroken Wide O'JUfe-onoectmgM
DrKkliBK directly with all trains from t'ft'Jyr
nuti, and Chiaioi; ou the Oik &!re urr"'
To'llerrALo.via th Bffito ""1, Z
road, making direct coniiectionsj wltB 'Jm, .Im
Liiice tin veum i ' "ZZ. l!aiM9 from if
with the Jlxtf.tlo and Lak Uuro f y
T n..i:.a KaeaA via Cfntiuaav h gj
To Mucin at!A via e-"" ',.ona
rail HailroaU, making "'y from ivlrosi
. ... si. a .'Vtf
Vti.--.oV. thus afforduig the
trvcA i'-""-
ii..- s.Kli lltVIM VsUlsssssl
fa. iliiies. m New York Cily any
eroMimT'. 'uu,e tUeir JUrne' V '
" THROUGH TICKETS for se In all the peineipal Wert
r Kallrod Oftlces. -
tun as low as si J1(JM1;K UAMSBXL, Promkieni.
B. F. Surra, Gen'l. Ag'L ' ' sayW
Owner Wstsalesl, '
V GENTLEMAN bo boorht OranseS at F dlMMi
Store, on June 4ih, 16M. lell Pkt stoot osi my
counter, containing money and papers. He ew rtestf
ft Sea. i, proving prorrjy -nd P;
Trtiteent. IJn V ' EDWD- "XWL.

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