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VOL. mK0. 8.
run ishxii kteut sititkdat m'.kmsu,
Jrswfflf otrr tii Pont ttrtice, corner of Madimon and Co
lli mtltim Street.
BY W I I.I.I I OS It A .
I .AO per annum in advance ;
.5 for 5 copies te one order, io adv.
12.00 " for It) " " "
lo.UO " for 16 " "
1 qw K W. S mo. D in". j.
Mllncsorle,., !. 1.25
5KD i ,.0V.no 12.no Ifi on 22.00
Cards. 5 lines or !.-: the vrar. rhnH X "l".
w ... A ........n,,...: are llic. on--ii;vi ...
. 1 1 r. ... C.i l.
M lion 'and one-half at fie "f ' ""a"'- Transient
Avertisements pavalle invariably m advance.
' Til OS. -lKOOlf;JI,
Carriage. Sign, ant Ornamental Painter.
Banners painted to order, llooins on Main at., over
Carriag- hVprwitery. sepl-V-m
-. s. -te.r. A.- t o..
I,t.; tire Police Ottniea, Hiuoi.
CrA!l Wiisincs s'.ri.-ilv civi'il niial.
KsrF.BKMKS. M.r. r. ishml! A Avery, David Walk
r, I'.sq.. lieo. l.iisl.il, H-'j. niar:M
i.r.w r jn.u r.
AtUw and .." at I..U0 (.- r.t
Office in ILI iick i V. k ne-19
fHiWKI)& ,viimi:i:.
Attorney, at :.air-'ltaca. I. i SPe Cuiiut't. .. .....
OS e m Naliinger' Block. over E. Slnre-
WaSBiauTOS ::r-llH !.. Jr "'
ici mim:i i. ivi'.if
Attornrut.it and S-Hcitom tn Chan-'iy.
, OiTAW'A. ILT.1.N01.-.
r,,ir'tlnirit. I.'l .W i.o.
Prompt attention paid to t:.e inve.-tigatifin of titles,
payment of tsxe., rurch:ie aDd bale o! real esiate, and
collection of claim.
, Clark Fa'Wner. Ifi Wall St , N. T.
' B. II. Kerf..ot A: Co., Oliiivtz.j.
JC. P. IirleLard. "
Oedi-n Klert-voo.1 Jr Co.. "
rare" 3 . Jo r. c,M of ,:,.. Allen 4 Co.M B"k.
N. 15. HKITOT..
am. :.. tv I W I il-I. -II III. r'1-. P-r
" i i: :-."
Justice of '!' V..-e tm.iu.i, .-
Office in Metri.poliian
KTIII It !.fKW001),
JnsUce i.f the Pice.
9(Tice cat side of Coliimb-is st.. adjoining his resi-
A ore r.e;irlv opposite the P"t OfBee.
Vill'tlmnkhis friends f.r all hi,.,.,. pe-tatmnR
bis office, and promises ti. aticuJ to a.l sach i n
pr -mptness.
Living a lj"ininc to hi-' t.n
Ve nin v altv.irs be found
n baud.
T. I TLIC "M" r .t.. crnr . WCSSI
UICKi'.Y, llOA 5. X Dit .
. Attorney nt I.ticUli'ttCiX, VI.
OUre in Post mi.-e ltlock. my.l
Attornrv ft I.atrOllitT-t . lUHOl.
Tire in Reddicfs blotk, up slairs.
A'tnrnri: tit l.iir.
Office in the Post Ofnce j-ek.
A I.I" I? r.l AV. W A It I.Y.
m, t i.,,r and St- rnlttie.
Om. e in NattingerV B -- "ttaw
. in.
a-.Rl f
J. B. HIC K.
icic r. a i:i:m.
A'ttiruew't 1. Ur-C'l lt.
Offi.-e over Ked.ii. fc's f.c-'.
J. O. 1LV KB.
pn:T 'N C. COOK.
A'trnryanl i'nn.-ilort tuVltiitco, III.
Oft. e in tilover Coi-L. :.i ki. black, eart of the court
house up ftairs. . y
t VI i P. J l,
tornmon'l r,,.in,c"r .if hit (tUticn,l.I.
office in Sai.ger's block, up stair.
' Attorney "i. I 'mnr!tor nt !air iHtuim. VI
0! 'e in I'ost nice Lloek, directly over the News De
pot and Kspress office.
" I.r. ?t. Xl-:!!".!!
llmTo;nlthic I'tw-i -i'l'l rir.l, Ih'iHoii.
Office hums from T to 9 A.M.
aim "
ta 9 r
Ir. C. AMKKMX, IVitanUt,
Treats successfully InflHniinatory ore r'yes. Total
Blindness, ...d ail case, o, i.unsnrs in ne , .... ,
all form of Sores. A sure cure tor the reter and
. : f ,e..l, U,-.n...K l . in in .
Ague. 1 IlOSe Silvering innn " i.,vii.., ... .
ttisSiil-and B:: k. I'elicate llealih. Low Cousiiiutmn,
e. OIIUc over II. Thuuipscir Siorc, Main t., Otta
wa, III. jul2-:!in
J. S. A YW lloMia-opallilkl.
Having practised medicine lor eighieeii years, six of
wliichhave been exclusively dctotid to Il,in.u-.....:l.y,
now offers his serv:i-es to the friends of the system in
Ottawa, in all the br, iche of his pr.ife--ion. Particu
lar attention given to the treatment of women and
children. fcT Oili -e ill Xa Winger's block. iulM
HLMCV lLlinDl ltl'.Y, 51.
Licentiate nf timjnl O il'il' of !eo"', .''" '(
N,r- hi 1 r lj:ik - i,r a Il isi.llal in Furoiie for seve
ral er. tid t.ractice of tell vears in Illinois, he i
feels confident of giving satisfaction to those who may
wish his professional advice.
Ollice. north side of the Court House Square. Itesi
dence on Superior St., east of NationaMlouse. dec:)
Kr. l'ltF.IlK A. MIOTIVKI.L,
Respectfully tenders her services to ladies and chiMren
ia Ottawa and vicinity. KcsiJince on Paul St., two
doors south of S.iperior st. ?rS'L
rhi.-i iiin and SunjrvnUUatca, lllinult.
H..ving permanently located in this city, lie will be
plersed to give his attention to those who may desire his
pro! ssioual services.
O. ice in V.. . IIji utRi'T new bui'.dins, corner of La
fal. : and Madison streets jun25
Hav ins associated themselves together for the practice
oft. eir professiou, respectfully tender their services to
the citizens nf Otluvra and vicinity.
X B. All persons indebted to either of the under
signed are requested to call immediately and arrange
the same.
O dice over llunte-'s Lnig Store, La Salle St.
C. IIAKD. M. 1 ,
jn!5 R. M. McAKTHCR, M. D.
OFFICE in the second story of Shuler's building, near
the liai.k or Ottawa. Residence, East Main street,
east or Fox River. r aug.32
Sermon rrtoi"i'-t nn1 Aimtherarii. Main St.. OttawH.
Importer of Drugs Chemicals, French Cogniae Dran
dies. Wmes, Ac.,.tc. "2S
tTiTl-iiHHlH. II, -l. IK.
ffic IJiird door trrxt nt Ottaica Hank, Main Street,
DU. C. would respectfully call th attention of those
suffering from Chronic Diseases, particularly Scio
fula. While Swelling, Salt Rlieum, Eruptions of the Face
and Skin, Scald Head, Old Sores, and all diseases arising
from impurities of the blood.
Also, Deformities, Curvatures, and Diseases of the
Spine, Distortious of the Feet, Loutracicd Limbs, buff
Joints, Ac. .
Cancer treated upon an entirely new principle, and
with a success heretofore unequaled- ap4
t;. yv. v.n oourii,
OMc orer Wrriie-. Stare. HoutU tide Court IIone.
"flt. VAX HORES, with his Baths and Medicines, is
9 pren:ired to cure all forms of Chronic a l l Consti
tutional Diseases. He can effectually draw mercury out
oMhe system, and mngically relieve the patient when
auuering from Salivation and Mercurial Sores, effecting
a permanent cure. Also, in all forms of Scrolula,
Rheumatism, Neuralgia. Erysipelas, Salt Rheum. Scald
Head, Deafness and ringing in the ears. Catarrh. Bron
chitis 'thitt Consumption in first and second stagei,
I.ivr Complaint, Dvspepsia, Piles, liravet and Kidney
Affections, Dccaved Bones, rcver Sores, White Swell
ing, Contracted Cords. Stiff Joints, Ac, Ac. Cancers
and Tumors successfully cured without the use of the
knife. -
Drug; Patent JVrfiViies, J'aiiit; Oilt, YarnUhe,
lur Stiifn, i-c., otc.
Between Ulover A Cook's aud Reddick's Block.
K. V. ltl..,,
Drugjixt, RtokxeHtr.antl Stationer Ottaaxl, IU.
Second store in Nattinger's block, south sido of th
eiurt house square. yr
Plate work done ill all the various styles of tn art.
All work done at our office warranted to give entire sa
tisfaction. CUlorofortu administered fur the extraction
of Teeth.
Rooms over J. W. Mills Fancy Dry Goods Store. ao25
"bindery anoITanic" book manufactory.
CII . l.r i'Z,
Book Hinder anil B k Manufacturer, f aateu.
All kinds of Blank . uks Ruled and bound on short
notice. Music, Magna " t , Pariphlets. Ac. neatly bound.
Also, WALL I'Al'K 'JiO done, and PAPER BOXES
cade to order.
Post Office Block, third storv. aplT
i:. C. II atiii: WAY,
Lime, Brick. Hair, Stone, Cement.
!., 4!., -"..
I would wish to call the attention of my friends who
wish Lime, to th? fact that I am now selling a superior
q uality al Vile, per bM- Call and see me and be satisn
cd for yourselves. All Lime that does not give perfect
satisfactiou'there will be no charge for.
seM ' . : s, K. C. I1ATHEWAT.
AH kind of Produce, much am Wheat, Com, Oatt, Ti
mothy bteir, are.
Office and Warehouse, west side of Pulton street, for
merly occupied by W. W. Low. Ottawa. Ill- ,
Liberal advances mass en grain In store. ' iep3
X. XX jNX 15 11 1
nthawx & i'ovi:i.i..
Dealen in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Glass, Nails, Oils and
Paints. Also, Alanulaclurers of Sash, Doors and Blinds,
um on isain street, Ottawa, 111. marzw
"a XT M 13 E ! R Y
;ko. iiiusToi..
Dealerin Lumber at Walnut, ride-cut Bridg; OUava
paiu tor an Kinds or produce.
I HAVE just sold out my interest In the Book and St a
tionery business, and purchased the stock of Lum
tier now in Mothkiss A Tarblb's yard, at their Ware
house, and leased the ground for a term of years, ex
pecting to confine mvself entirelv to the Lumber trade
I have a large stock of all qualities now on the way, and
will arrive in a few days, which I am going to sell
cheaper than thmeheapet. When I say cheaper than
the cheapest, it is no puff advertisement, I mean just
what I sav. If ml friends and farmer patrons will give
me a call, they will need look no farther to satisfy them-
New Lumber Yard.
t 4I.KIS .V II 4. It Is
ItrOl'I.D respectfully invite the attention of the pub
V ? lie to their uniform, one price, ready pay Lumber
Yard, west side or the sine-cut, between Magill's and
Armour's Warehouses, where may be found at all times
all kinds of
Lumher, Lath, Shingle, Sah, Doort
Dliiid, tte..
Which we are prcareri to eell at prices to suit the
I times. We would call the partictilitr attention wf tuild-
- i,tit mechanics to our stock or thoroughly seasoned
finishing Lumber. I'lease give us a call and examine
for yourselves. janl-ly CALKINS k II AKU.
Change of Business !
TIIAVE sold my entire stock of Lumber in Aitawa,
I'tica, and Marseilles, to S. H. Seamons k Co , of
Two Kivrrs, Wisconsin, and shall sell their Lumber on
commission, the present sensor .
i have made arrangements with the Company to re
ceive a much larger stock of
IstimbiT Lttth, Sliin-jlcs it-id L'eJtir I'oss
Than I have ever had before. Th Logs havs been cu
ander my direction, and the Limi'ier will be saw d ev
pressly for this market, and will be shipped to me di
rectly from the Mills.
B.lls of Lum er cut to order on short noiiee.
ap3 litOltliK HKISTOI.
Sash, Dior and ..lint. Factory.
VIEtakc Ihii mrttiml to inform ttie puMir (hat wc
f T haTr punlii9sl the Sash, Door and lilind Ka t .r
of A. K. CaU?1in. and arr now prepared to furninh any
tiling in our line of husines'.i, uch as Snsh, Uoors,
Bimd, Framt-s and Mouldings. Orders promptly filled
on short noti-e.
Having a LumWr Yard in cnnn?-tion with our Facto
ry, we think our faciltttr for furnihine huil.iinpr mate
rials are unequalled in this City, nnd we invite rontrart
ors, farmers, and all others who may want anything in
our line to call and satisfy yourselves that we can sell
you a frond articl, just what you want, and cheap for
fash. There will he found at our Lum her O.Hre. loors.
Blinds, Sash, gtar-e l and unghixcd Glass, Oil, Paints and
Office on Main Street, Ottawa. 111.
Fall and Winter Millinery,
Ja dalle St., one door south of liiLsons Store.
M US. T A ltlJI.K,
"I 1 AS removed from the
1 l
rner of Main and
C'.lutnbus sts. to La a le
C26S&-Z& ai
street, where she is now
opening a l.irfe and full
as.ortmetit of Fall and
Comprising a complete as.
sortmeiit or DKKPS AND
A large variety of nice.y
n.ade Bonnets will b: kept
constantly on hand, and
in ide to o.der, in prices,
f'lll trimn'ed. at f I oU, tb,
ti &., an I tC uu.
A larje Variety of Misses
'iiuve ILtts ; IiiUnt's and
lt.y'! Turbans ; Drown and
winte llau, fine Beaver
Mrs. T.. whi! in N. V.,
spent much lim-j in f'er
ei.ee to DKK.-. MAKlNti,
and has secured t' e ser
vices of Mm. UAOIIHaK
for Dress and Cloak mak
ing, being thus prepared
to do Dress Making in tiie
M -
- V
best and most approved style. he has also a lull
assortment of DKKS.i AND CLOAK PATTKUNS. Pat
terns for Children in great variety ; the new shape
Skirt, warranted the fine steel springs, a large va lely
qJ ; n jru fof ..
Sieei springs.
It., also
A Urge assortment of Children's, Misses', and La.
dies' Hair Nets, French Corsets.
Bleaching and Pressing done. Old Bonnets tularged
and made the new shnpe. sep'J9
.i:vv 3iii.i.Ji:itv,
Oj'poxite the .1 iti.fivn Ilovsr, one ur ea.it of
Jticksnn J: Lorhrood t II irdwarc Xtjrt.
Jlrs,. ,. VA VECIITOi,
HAS just receiied a new and vary rlrmt stock of
(lootts, cnutprising rich materials and desirable
colt,rs, which she is prepared to se!l at very low prices.
of splendid Magenta Plumes and velvet
Flowers, liilt Slides and Cord, Bugle Buttons and Ko-
setits, of every des- ripiiou ; Black. Purple, and Xla
j genta Velvets, and Sol'erino Silks. Every variety aud
color or STRAW BONNETS, Hiaek, Brown, White, and
I Drab. Also, a very fine assortment of the new style of
I Ribbons and Scarf Ties. Children's Caps and Flats, ISri-
dal Wreaths, Old Ladies' Bonnets. Hoop Skirts, and
, Sin ker Hoods; Mode and Crae forMouruing B'uinets.
Mrs. Van Vechton would invite the ladies of Ottawa
; and vicinity to give her a call, and assuris them no
j pains shall be spared to please their tastes.
&T'lease not forget to call, onposite the Mansion
i House, before purchasing elsewherw.
j aep2 hJLAS vECHT0.S
Fall and Winter Millinery,
Xow open for inspection aud sale at
31 las) ItlCI Slr.'.V,
Second door north of the Mansion, lloase.
VLARU E and beautiful assortment of every atvle
U O0DS, bought exclusively for cash, at the lowest pos
sible price, and will be sold cheaper than can be bought
in any other place in Ottawa. Ladies iu aearch of
fashionable and stylish Bonnets, are invited to call and
examine my goods and prices. sep29
THE undersigned having purchased the shop and stock
of Gewell A Finley, where he intends to carry on the
business on a mnreextensive scale. He has on hand and
is always in receipt of the best quality of American, Ita
lian and Egyptian Marble, for Head Stones, Tombstones,
Monuments, Mantles. Furniture, kc. As he has some of
the best workmen in the western country, he feels as
lured that he ran get up anything in his line in a superi
or style, together with low prices, he feels assured that
he will give all those who favor him with their support
entire satisfaction.
N. B. Orders from a distance earnestlv solicited, and
promptly attended to. JAMES WILLS.
Schutt's Custom Mills.
S-nttt- HV Corner of the HylraHlic Bain,
ARE now in complete and erfct order lor grinding
Wheat, Corn, and Buckwhttat, in a satisfactory
manner and with despatch.
Constantly on hand, cheap for cash. &rGonds deli
vered in the city and in South Ottawa free of churn.
uovl2-ly N. FLEMINU.
F. li. IIOYT,
Watchmaker anil JrxrelerJn Metropolitan Block
South Utile of the Covrt Houie Square, Ottatcti.
WATCH work thoroughly done and warranted.
Clocks repaired at the shortest notice. Clocks,
Watches, and Jewelry for sale cheap. mart?
4inellilur eiv in I lie- llarnesa l.lnrl
ffpilE subscriber has made arrangements to receive a
I constant supply of genuine OAK TANNED Harness
Leather, ami will uee no other kind.
An assortment of work, from a hama strap to a full
silver mounted coach harness, constantly kepton hand
or made to order.
Repairing done tip good and cheap.
Carriage Trimming done in the latest styles, and at
low prices.
Also, a full assortment of Trunks and Talises always
on hand. ' '
Shop at the old stand, south-east corner of Main and
Columbus streets. J. G STONE,
Ottawa, February IS, 1S60. ' Xate Stone A Eels.
Carriage Repairing Shop.
A LL branches of Carriage and .Wagon rewairing wil
-.he done with despatch, and In the Best manner, at
Gav s Carriage Shop. Buggies marie to order, from t"5
to 12o. and warranted in every respect.
Shop on the first corner north of the Geis-er Ilouse.on
L?Ile i,t: locSl J.O. GAY, iso-eni.
J.0. llls.ll Sc UKO-,
Foreign & Domestic Fruits, Flour,
And also agents for the sale of the
La Salle St., second door north of Mai an. sepll
Fairbank's Scales.
WEIGH Lock, Railroad Track,
Railsoad Depot, Miner's and
Transportation, Hay, Coal and Stock,
Portable Platform, Dormant Hopper
Scales, fnr Grain, and all the varie
ties of Counter Scales.
For sale ey
GEO. W. PF.IRCE, Agent,
West side of Court House Square;
OOOLIST AND ACRI8T, will retura ti Ottawa mad
resuwie practice the 11th of October ; is nsw at
Rochester. N. Y.
OOcw Freeman's blockLaSalle stl ' mdJS
Carriage Repository,
I KEEP constantly unhand, and a-e
receiving from our Manufactory iu
Omnecticut, a good assortrrent of oir-
.riaaem aud Buaniem. such as i.ocka-
way: Slide Seat. Top and Open Btiggim, with Elliptic
Springs ana loncom style. Also, lieo mraiea oks
Bnggiem, Ac, which 1 am selling at low prices. It will
be my aim to make it for the interest of all in want to
purchase of me. All warranted.
my'-'o-fiin H. W. JONES.
bv j. it. viii:i:i.i:n.
THE undersigned would re-pectfully inform the inha
bitants of Ottawa and vicinity that lie is now
prepared to furnish the choicest variety of Crackers,
such as Putter, Soda. Lemon, Boston. Oyster, Abernetha,
a- d Water Biscuit. Also, Bread, Cakes, Brown Bread,
Pies, Ac, Ac, in good variety. Confectionery, of the
choicest selection, constantly on hand. Ail kinds of
Fancy and Wedding Cake made to order.
The subscriber having spared no pains norexper.se in
fitting up a wagon lor the convenience and arcommoda- I
tion of his customers and the public generally, are now
able to fuunish anything in their line to those who de
sire. Those wishing the New lnrk Wagon to cad dally.
will please send their orders to the N. Y. Bakery, or to
the Post Office.
fSfKemember the place, in Edwards Block, a few
oor west of II. Thompson's store. Main Street. Send in
your orders, and they will receive prompt attention.
V. V. SAM OltD,
Crarkrr A Candy ?lan ufarliirpr
On dinon, near Cotuinliii Street, Ottawa. Jlllnoit,
As i do businesson a strictly Cash busts, and haveeve-
ry facility for Manufacturing. 1 am enabled to sell as low
as any other House in the West.
All kinds or Fancy aul Wed.ling l ake kepi constantly
on hand and made to order. H-clM C. W.SAN FORD.
citv .tii:.vi' Ai .atiiirr :
On ilacy't Corner, noiii-vent of Vie Court Iloue
(Htawa. IU.. oy
e,f, from a royal steak
to a shin bone;
Pork, fre-h and salt,
Sioi'l'td JAtuiA, shoulders
ami bacon sides;
al and Mutt'in ;
Vatikie Stusaaem ;
Liird and Taiinie ;
TiMivii i . m i.n
everythingelse belonging !
to a well regulated meat '
market, all ;
In their proper ueamon, :
kept on hand and served to their customersatlnwrstcaE'l
rates. As they buy none hut the best, they always pay l
the highest price for cattle, lambs, Ac. j
t'emeniber theirneic tand-.-Mactf Comer. i
City Blarket,
Corner of f,a '
littli4-n tM.. itnrth ti t'lf
ji:3ci:ie ;i voh
Tile above market, after having been greatly enlarged ,
and thoroughly repaired, is now open arid ready for i
the accommodation oi the public. No expense has been
spared in furniture and fixtures vto ni.. it a place wor.
thy or our City, and both pleasant, as we hope it will be i
profitable, to vifcit. We proinise to Veen on hand, and to !
serve to our custom. rs in style of superior neatness, all t
kinds of meats, such as
Bf'f. in steaks, roasts dried, corned, Ac, Mutton,
Vni I, llatn. Shauljerm, Pork, fresh and salt, Yankee j
Sausages, Ac, Ac. f
Also, all kinds oi game in its season.
FresliTrottt and V hite Fish from the Lakes. i
In short, everything appertaining to a well regulated !
City Market.
At the proper season a stand will also be kept fnr the j
sale of all kinds of fresh vegetables, supplied from the
brt eae.len in the vicinity of the City. i
Meat uill t delivered in an v part of tfe city. '
ap2S JI.iIl MIAU WOOli. j
Cigars and Tobacco !
c;l:oiu:i: ii. sceem ini:ii,
CI(MI A Vii 'I'OII (' ) !
Went mide.iiear te corner of l.a S-iUe and Madimon
.S .. attaint, IU.
50,000 "msV.-!,
1.1,'s.o Cuba l.anor
RKOAI.IAS. Strawberry Brand;
avalia Conchas ;
.anorniA ;
lu.'SSJ Florida Lanorina;
:. IUvhIi... I.a Knica Erand.
l'J gross Tin Foil Chewing Tobacco;
25 barrels Fine Cut Caveiidisb ;
81 barrels extra Sniuking.
Every variety of Plug. Cm. Sino'.ing. and Snuff To
bacco, Pijies, Ac, Ac, at wholesale aud retail.
Ottawa, October 29, li33. O. H. SCIIXKIPKR.
11 J.: M 0" vVlJl
r HE subscriber has removed his Hide and Leather
I Store to Main Street, three doors east of the Man
sion House, iCusltman's old stam,) where may be found
at all times a good assortment of a' I kinds of Leather
both French and American tanned, together with a ge
neral stock of Saddlery Hardware, Shoe Finding, Ac.
Particular attention given, in buying Leather, to select
the best brands, and from the best manufacturers in the
country. Please call and examine my stock, as I think
it will be for your interest to do so.
Thankful for the very liberal favors thus far extended
to me, I still sol ici' a share of public patronage.
N. B. The highest market price, in cash, paid for
Hides. Deer Skins, Pelts, Ac, Ac.
junia JXO. 11. KINO.
joii rsi..,
Superior Street, near Barnard's Wagon EntaUimhmenf
STOXEcptto all patterns and dimensions.
Athens and Juliet Stone for sale, all delivered to order
1 'A U M K lisTTilXTIONl
HA Vt the pleasure of inform
in j the farmers of La Salle
and surrounding counties, that
they are manufacturing, at their
at their large establishment at
the side-cut lock, ner the main
canal. in Ottawa, in a style and at a cheapness hitherto
unapproached in northern Illinois, all kinds of
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Speech of John llossack.
The following is the speech of Mir. IIos
sack, addressed to Judge Drumrtipnd, of
the TJ. S. District Court nt Chicna,' in re
ply to the usual question, whether the
prisoner had anything to say why tee sen
tent-? of the law should not be pronounced
against him. We publish it as a matter of
local interest, wholly dissenting, of course,
from most of the positions taken by JIr. II.
May it tilease the Court: I have; few
words to sny why sentence should iot be
pronounced against me. I am found guil
ty of the Fugitive Slave Law, and it may
appear strange to your Honor that I have
no sense of guilt. I came, sir, from the
tyranny of the Old World, when but a
lad, landed upon the American shores,
having left my kindred and native land in
pursuit of some place whore men of toil
would not be crushed by the property
holding class. otiunencmg the straggle
of life at the tender ago of twelve yrs, a
strangt-r in a strange land, having tpfcearn
my bread by the sweat of my browjjrour
Honor will bear with me, unarcustJiswi
as I am to appear in courts, much lelfU)
address them. I have feared that I nyyht
fail in bearing mys-lf on this occasion
worthy of the place anil the position I oc
cupy, and the principles involved inj the
case before you. 1 say your Honor, there
fore, if I fail in observing the tissual firms
of the place, it will bo from a wan. of
judgment and error of the head and not
of the lieart. Therefore, I do not think 1
s-hall fare worso at the. hands of jour
Honor, if 1 st:ite plainly my views and
feelings on the great !ie.-tion of the age
the rights of man. 1 fcc-1 that it is a case
that will be referred to long after you ami
I havw gone to meet the great Judge ol
i! i i t t .t .
It has been argued bv the prosecution
that 1, a forei truer, protected bv the laws
, ..
of my adoj ted country, should be the last I
to disobey those laws; but in this I find 1
nothing that snould destroy any sympa
thy lor the crushed
toil in all lands.
children of
Surely 1 have been protected. The fish
in the rivers, the quail in the stubble, the
deer in the forest, have been protected.
Shall I join hands with those who have
made wicked laws, in crushing out the
poor black man. for whom there is no pro
tection but in the crave, where the wick
ed cease from troubling and the weary are
at rest.
It is true. sir. I am a foreigner. I first
saw the liht among the rugged but free
hills of Scotland; a land, sir, that never
was conquered, aud where a slave never
breathed Let a slave set foot on that
shore, and his chains fall olf forever, and
he becomes what iod made him a man
In that fur oil' land 1 heard of vour free
institutions, vour i.r.iirie lands, vour jiro-
p-cte.l canals and vour growing towns.
Twenty-two years ago I landed in this
city. I immediately engaged on the pub
lic works on tie' canal then building, that
connects this city with the great river of
the We-t. In the process of time the
State failed to piocure money to carry on
the public works. I then opened a prairie;
farm to get bread for my family, and 1
am one of the men that made Chicago
what it is today, bavin
shipped some of j
the fir-t gram that was exporte
this city 1 am, sir, one ol tne pioneers
of Illinois, w ho have gone through the
many hardship of the settlement of
new country. I hav s.j-nt my lest days
the strength of my manhood. I have
eleven children who are natives of this
my adopted country. No living man, sir,
has greater interest in its welfare; and it
is because I am opposed to carry out wick
ed and ungodly laws, and love the free
dom of my country, that I stand before
you today.
Again, sir, I ought not to be sentenced
because, as has been argued bv the prose
cution. I am an Abolitionist. 1 have no !
apologies to make for being an Abolition
ist. When I to this country, like the
mass from beyond the sea, I was a lmo
crat; there was a charm in the name.
Hut, fir, 1 soon found I had to go beyond
the name of a party in thi.s country, in or
der to know anything of its principles or
practice. I soon found that however the
great parties of my adopted country dif
fered upon banks, taritis and land ques
tions, iu one thing they agreod, in trying
which could ttoop th9 lowest to gain the
favor of the mot cursed system of slavery
that ever swayed an iron roil over any na
tion, the Moloch which they had set up,
to which the' ottered as human sacrifice
millions of the children of toil. As a
man who had tied from the crushing aris
tocracy of my native land, hew can 1 sup
port a worse aristocracy in this land? 1
was compelled to give iny humble name
aod influence to a party who proposed at
least to embrace in its sympathies, all
classes of men, from all quarters of the
globe. In this choice I found myself in
the com pi ny of Clarkson and Wilberlorce
in my native land, and Washington and
Franklin, and many such in this boasted
land of the free; and more than all these,
the IJedeemor in whom I humbly trust
for acceptam e with my (Jod, who came to
heal the broken hearted, to preach delive
reiice to the captive, to set at liberty those
who were bruised, yea, this rery religion
binds me to those in bonds as bound
with them. Teli me, sir, with these views
can 1 be anything but an Abolitionist?
Surely for this I ought not to be sentenced.
Again, sir, I ought not be sentenced, be
cause the fugitive slave law under which
I am torn from my family and business
by the subtle tools of the siave power, the
slave breeder and slave hunter, is at va
riance with both the spirit and the letter
of the Constitution. Sir, I place myself
upon the Constitution in the presenc of
a nation who have the Declaration of In
dependence read to them every fourth of
July, and profess to believe it. Yes in
the presence of civilized man, I hold up
the Constitution of my adopted country
as clear from the blood of men and fron a
tyranny that would mike crowned heads
blueh. The parties who prostituted the
Constitution to the support of slavery, are
traitors; traitors not only to the liberties
of millions of enslaved countrymen, but
traitors to the Constitution itself, which
they have sworn to support A foreigner
upon your soil, I go not to the platforms
of contending parties to find truth. I go,
sir, the Constitution of my country; the
word slave is not there to be found. I
read, "We, the people of the United
States, establish justice," yes, sir, esta
blish justice "to promote the general
welfare and to secure the blessing of lib
erty to ourselves and our posterity, do or
dain and establish this Constitution for
the United States of America." Those
were the men that had proclaimed to the
world that all men were created equal,
that they were endowed by their Creator
with certaiu inalenable rights Life Liber
ty and the pursuit of Happiness; and con-
tenked even unto ueatn lor seven long
years. Can it be, sir, that these great men
under cover of those hallowed words, in
tended to make a government that should
outrage justice and trample upon liberty,
as no other government under the whole
heavens ever dene. This dreadful power
that has compelled the great political par
ties of the country to creep in the dust
for its power ; that has debauched te a
large extent the Christianity of the nation ;
that bids a craven priesthood stand with
golden rule in hand and defend the rob
bing of mothers- of thtir babes, and hus
bands of their wives; that bids courts de
cree injustice. Sir, I plant myself upon
the Constitution, or temand for justice
and liberty, and say to this bloody Moloch,
away I Sir, th world has never furnished
so great a congregation of hypocrites an
as those that formed the Constitution, if
they designed to make it the greatest
slave-holder, slrve-breeder and i-lave eat'-h-er
oa earth. Ho is a s:reat slaveholder
that has a thousand slaves, but if this law
is si true exponent of the Constitution,
this government ordained for justice and
liberty, holds four millions of slaves.
sir! no! for the honor of the fa
thers of my country, I appeal from the
bloody slaveholding statute to the liberty
loving constitution. While these father's
lived, .State after State, iu carrying out tho
spirit of the constitution, put an end to
the dreadful system. The great Washing
ton, in his last will and testament, carried
out the spirit of the constitution. I!ut,
sir, the law under which von mav sen
tence me, violates loth the "letter and the
spirit of the constitution. I have a word
to say upon the articlesof the constitution
which it is claimed the fugitive slave law
is designed to carry out. " Xo person held
to service or labor in one State- under the
laws thereof, escaping into another, shall
in consequence of any law or regulation
theruin, be discharged from such service
of Tabor, but shall be delivered UpcrtttteM
claim of the party to whom such service
or labor is due."
That is the provision that it is claimed
transforms the government into a mon
ster of ini'iuity. I have road over and
over that article, interpreted by till laws of
language known to a plain man. How
these three or four liiK-scnn transform this I
,-overnmciit, oidaincvl to secure juitice.
into a mean tool to aid the t.ltiiideieis of
craua'a, inc; ue.-iroyer o: homes, tlie ra-
vishers of women, and the oppre-soi of
men, to cairy on their hellish work how
it cu, ,1., i .... ..., . .... -ri.. .
,I.a v..
j artjc,0 binlJ, ihi. Mora, StaK.s s,1(!llat..;
no tJ a c,.rtahl Un lut wlu1re ; t
! we find a fugitive slave Jaw ? Where
i ,-. i . ; : tt-i .. i
3 " ' 1 ' null i..wiiiiiii.-.tru-i . ii iii.ie ou
you hud that the government is to hunt
up and return at its own expense a slave
that tlees from his cruel and bloody ma
itr' l l.i.r.. i,. , 1.. .... I i i... i- I !... ...i, l..-If ..
j to CoIllllui n)(. to Lc u ,(.u luk .j.
crniies if the maii-steale:-''. The general
government is not once mehtioatd; but
the States in their xeparatn sovci tigntiea
are n.-uued. P.ut, ir, tliisartii lw expressly
provides that the party makii.g tl.e claim
fhall have owed him seniie or labor due
from tho party claimed. If Jinx tin-vowed
service or labor, or money, to 1'iiil
lips, 1 am the last man in the world to
raise my voice or hand to p: cvc-i.t I'hi'iips
or any man fiom obtaining their dues.
What I would grant to the d-vil hkr..-eif,
I would not withheld v.ii f:o:.i tLes!uv
holder his due.
Jim liray claims ti.at l.e docs not o.ve
Phillips a day's work or a dollar of money.
Phillips claims that he o-s him eieiy
dav'k u-rtt-lr fli.t l...n .1, I ,.
1 1,,- . ... ,i.. . :i.Vi: i ..
and mind both, till death slj.dl et,d the
peri.xl ol H:puiati il to.L Here is a que:
tion lor legal cxalii.ual.oii ;.nd
dlscuion. 1 s tl.e man ijray
man l'hillins an thing .' The Col.
ve thi.s
is very clear ;.ii l vi-iy plain in puinting
Out the way tiiis oUestK.n is to 1 .---tiled
Article provides that no per-on shall
le deprived of life, l.l.i-ity, or property
vrlthi ut due proce-s of law. '1 hat Jim
tie . 1 - e...e.-..,, I . .. I. ,:,.... , ., .."I .. 1 ,
j Phillips' admits it; t'.ie lVioodl.,' -iVd.-! mar
shals and attorneys that hunt hi:,:, say he
is a person a person held to service. The
mount in ul-puto is the libel ty and life
long toil of a man ju-t entering into the
full maturity of manhood A great ques
tion lies between these men. I'.ut tirav,
standing on soil covered 1 v this 'uSi.-tit'":-
tion, cannot be robbed of liberty, cr the
wage? of his toil, only by due process cf
Article says, expres-ly. in suit at
common law, when the valui- in coutrover-
I y shall exceed twenty dollar.-, th-.-rL-ht of
trial by jury eh tll be pre-crve l. Here,
sir, is a ca-c involving thi .j'le.-tion of li-b'-ity
and hundnds of doll, us of money.
The law, sir, under which I appear Lofoie
you, overrides these plain provi-ioiis, and
commits this whole question to one man.
and offers him a bribe to trarr.ple right ai d
libeity under foot. I know, s,ir, it may be
said Jim tiray was a slave, and ml entitled
to thee humane provisions. Had he ne
ver worn the chain of the oppressor, nor
felt the lash of the bloody ta-k master
had he been born in Canada, or anywhere
else on the plobe had he hern a citizen of
one of the States of this Union, and never
been enslaved, it would have been all the
same. Hislibertv would have been strick
en down, and he been given to the party
claiming his life-long toil and your Com-
missioner would have pocketed the bribe
oflered by this law for doing such a crime
against humanity and the plainest provi
sions ot the Constitution.
No, sir, in a Court of the United States,
while the Constitution provides for trial by
jury, I ought not to be sentenced for rais
ing my hand to rescue a fellow man from
a mob that would strip him of his liberty
and life-long toil without duo process of!
law, without trial bv jury. Sir. this law I
tramples so flagrantly upon the spirit ami
l.il.- .i it. 1 Vt.i..i.... aK.A I -..-l A.-a,
lettr of the Constitution, that I ought not
to te sentenced.
Before passing from the Constitutional
objections to this law, I would call the at
ten'ion of your Honor to the partiality of
the law, which is so at variance with the
designs of the fathers in organizing this
government. No man can read the Con
stistution in which the word slave cannot
be fouud; from which the idea that a man
could be reduced to a thing, and held as
property, was carefully excluded no man,
I say, can read that Constitution, and
coma to the conclusion that slavery was to
be fostered, guaranteed cuul piotceted far be
yond everything else in the country. Ad
mit that Jim Gray was Phillip's property,
how comes it that that particular property
is more sacred than any other property ?
Phillip's horse escaped from him, and is
found in a distant State, but the President
of the United States, and every depart
ment of Government, is not put on the
track until the horse is found, and then
return him to Phillip's stable, and then
pay the whole bill from the nation's treas
ury. No sir. But his sl?e escapes he
runs away, and, for sonio reason, his
property in man is so much more
holy and sacred, that the whole Govern
ment is bound to take the track and hunt
the poor, panting fugitive down, and carry
him back to his chains aud bondage at the
Government's expense.
Sir, under a Constitution unstained by
the word slave, we have a law magnifying
slave property above all other property in
the nation a lawgiving it guarantees that
no ether property could possibly obtain.
Sir, the partiality of this law is so great,
that it stands opposed to a Constitution
that guarantees equal justice and protec
tion to all.
John G. Fee is driven out of his Ken-
tucky home, and robbed of the fruits of
his life long toil. There is no power to se
cure him his home, or protect him in his
rights of property or opinion. But had
John G. Fee enly owned a slave, and his
slave escaped, the Government, under this
law, would have followed his slave to the
utmost limits of the United States, and re
turned his slave to him at its own ex
pense. Y'our Houor will pardon me, (if I
need pardon,) but I cannot, for the life of
me, see what there is in robbing a man of
his inalienable rights and enslaving him
for life, that should entitle it to the special
and peculiar protection of national law. .
I am aware, sir, that I shall be reminded
that judges, marshals, attorneys and many
citizens regard this law as constitutional,
and stand ready to execute it, though it
trample every principle of the Declaration
of Independence in the dtML Sir, no law
ran be enacted o bad but that it will find
men deluded or bae enough to execute it
The law of Kgypt that consigned the new
born babe to the slaughter, lound tools lor
its execution. The Moody decree of IIc-
rod, found men ready to obey the law of
i the country, though it commanded the
! slatighti-r of the inr.occnts of the province.
Sir, tell me not of men ready and willing
j to execute the law. My Redeemer, whose
j name I am hardly worthy to speak, and
j yet whose name is all my trust, although
he knew no sin, yet he was crucified by
Again, sir, it will be seen that some
whom Uiv world calls lctors of divinity
and doctors of law, have undertaken to
prwve slavery was guaranteed by the Con
stitution. If that be so, in the name of the
Host lIighiod, tear out the red strip of
blood; it was not written by the Angel
(Jabriel, nor nailed to the throne of tho Al
io ghty. If slavery is in it, it is a covenant I
with death and an agreement with hell.
Hut, sir, I have one consideration more
that I will urge why sentence should not
be pronounced against me. This law,
which i think I have proved outrageous
to the rights of man, is so obviously at via-ria-.ioe
with the law of that Cod that com
mands me to love Him with all my soul,
mind ami strength, and my neighbor as
myself, and the Redeemer that took upon
him my natureand theuaturo of poor Jim
iray,.has been so particular in Mling me
who my neighbor is, that t!ie path of duty
is plain to me. mis law so pi.imiy irani-
; J... i,on the divine law that it cannot be
i l.;...i: i. K;,,,. ..... I. .e ......
- r- 1 .... . j
circumstances to obey it. 1 h
iw mat
I binds me to do to other men as
1 wou.U i
! have other men do to me, is too plain, too j
simple io i hi!sun"UTsiooi. xjui, sir. i
am not left to th general law of love in
I searching for my duty in this particular
jess,.. lVrmit me to refer your Honor to
it he ol lePt hw book in existence, though
i it may not be iu use. in this Com t, yet 1
i think it better authority than Black.-tone,
or any law book that evc-r w.w written
; It i the book of book. In that book I
find some special enactments given to tin
i Hebrew ccmmonwealth that leaves m ; in
t.o doubt as to my duty in reteience to tins
( law. ''He that steaUth a man and sclk-th
j him. or if he be found in hi hands, he
.ha!l surely be put to death. ' Again.
: ''Thou shall not deliver unto his mutter
, the .servant that has escaped from his
' master unto thee; he shall dwell with
thee, even among you. in that p!.-i-e he
"ha'.l choose in one of thy c-Ues where it
i liketh him, lest thou shall not oppress
' him." These! plain .-taints-, with inany
; more that I might give, leaves me in no
i doubt as to the mind of the mir-l.anging
i Jehovah, in reference to man stealing and
: slive hunting. Sir, the whol; system of
i slavery originated in man stealing, and is
I perpetuated by fraud, and violence and
i plunder. Other may have tlieir doubts
! us to Cieir duty iupW the law. I, sir,
have none. Thi-law is just as binding on
I me as was th law of Kgypt to slaughter
llebrjw children: ju-t as binding cs the
i law that said. worliip the golden linage.
: woihip not (loj; just as binding as toe
law forbidding i'iiri-t anu his Apo-ile to
, preach the go-pel. Send mealiw bidding
mo to rob or murder my neighbor. I mu-t
decline to obey it. I can sillier, but 1
j must not do w long. Send me a law bid
i ding me join bauds in robbing my fellow
j me n of their freedom, I cannot do so great
j a wrong. Yea. send me a law bidding me
j stop my ears at the cry of the poor, I can
! sutler the loss of ail these hands have
; earned. I can suiT-r bends arid impri-on-:
nient. yes. iod helping me, I can give up
i my life, but I cannot kn jwingly trample
i upon the law of my Mod. nor upon the
bleeding, pro-trate f rm of my fellow men.
; I go not to Mi-souri to relieve oppressed
huminity, for my duty has called me
nearer home ; but when lie that directs
; the steps of men. conducts the poor, op
; pressed. pa:ui::g fuitie to my door, and
: there 1 hear hi- bitter cry. I dare not close
, my ear ag tin-t it, b--r in my cxttvmi'y I
ci v for mercv and shai.not oeheud.
1C UU. .lT, .
, this law sr t!:i-ji-at.t!v outr.t.
the divine
i law that 1 ought not to be sentenced un
der it.
A single remark and I am done. From
the testimony, part of which is fale, and
frotn your rendering an interpretation ot
- . . 1 MM !... .... . . .. .
j the law. the jury have found mo guilty ; aKi commouism," and a division of pro
, yes. guilty ot carrying out the greater prin- perty, the Italians have a.'V, an I thwicin
! tuples cf the Son ofliod. O.-eat doU can
. these th:n' be? (.un
it be possible?
What country is this? Can it be that I
have lived in a land boasting of freedom,
of morality, of Christianity? How long.
Ill, l...,v )..,,. -It. II tit. tviT.I. Vu .VC JnU'n
j anJ worship this great ima-e setup iu
tliilJ natiou? Yes, the jury sav guiltv, but
tecoulu,cuj le to the mercy of the court.
Mercy, sir, is kindness to tho guilty. I am
guilty of no crime. I, therefore, ask for
no mercy. No, Sir, I ask for no mercy I
ask for justice. Mercy is w hat 1 ask of my
God. Justice in the courts of my adopted
country is all 1 ask. It is the inhuman
and infamous law that is wrong, not me.
Mv feelings are at my home. My wife
nd my children are d?ar to mv heart;
; t t , ljave counteJ the cost. Iam
readv to die if need be for the oppressed
of my race, but slavery must die, and when
my country shall have passed through the
terrible conflict which the destruction of
slavery must cost; and when the history
of the great struggle shall be candidly
written, the rescuers of Jim Gray will be
considered as having done honor to God,
t humanity, and to themselves.
I am told" there is no appeal from this
Court, yet I do appeal to the court of high
heaven, where Judge Drummond aud
Judge Caton, tho rescuer aad the reacued,
shall all have to stand at the judgment
seat of the Most High.
I have, sir, endeavored to obey the divine
law, and all the bwsofmy country that
do not conflict with the laws of God. My
humble Wish is that it may then appear
that I havo done my duty; all I wish to
be written on my tomb-stone, "Ho feared
God and loved his fellow-men."
A Southern- Vikw of Seward's Si-kech.
The New Orleans Picayune, one of the
temperate of Southern papers, in an arti
cle entitled "Union against Kepublican
ism," incidentally touches upou Mr. Sew
ard :
Dead issues, like autumn leaves, begin
to fall to the ground. The Di ed Scott de
cision took the life out of the Wilmot
Proviso, which at any time was a mere ab
straction. Without the opening of the
slave trrde, Seward, a man who never
speaks rashly, nor unfolds his plans pre
maturely, says the Territories cannot be
converted iute slave States. The liepubli
can party, then, ia a useless and purpose
less organization, unloss slavery in the
States is to be menaced. This locical de
duction beirina to be mad a bv the conser
yative men of the North, who know that
the perpetuity of the Union depends not
simply upon non-inteiTerence with the
right" of the South, but the maintainence
of mutual fellowship between the citizcus
of all the State
The man that beat Abe Lincoln for the
office of constable, many years ago, is now
a citizen of Tehama county California.
His name is E. O. Garland, and he goes it
strong for Douglas. He says if Lincoln
hadn't run against him for constable no
body would ever have thought of running
him for President
Tbkrk are 57 cities in the world which
contain from lOO.OOG to 200,000 inhabit
ants, 23 from 200,000 to 500,000, and 12
which contain about 500,000. -
Letter Irom .Mr. Stern to .Mr. Wchurz.
JiosToN, Mass.. Sept, 21th, IStVi).
Carl Senna-Ihur Sir .Having been
informed that ym intend coming to iios
ton during this Presidential ciitiiiai"ft fr
I the purpose of addre
j national ailairs, I w
! favor of meeting me.
ssing the public upon
would ask of vou tho
during vour visit, for
the purpose of having a public discussion
of some of the most important aixl promi
nent dogmas in the rreed of the Republi
can paJty, io all of which I have reason to
believe that you sulwcrilm.
1 would trot have) intruded on you, sir,
especially, but for important reasons. Sir; j
you have been hcraldi d throughout the j
country as an eminent exponent and de
fender of the Republican creed, and an ar-1
dent supporter of Mr. Abraham Lincoln I
for tho i'rcaideiicy of the United States, a J
candidate representing only a section of j
the Slates composing this confederacy. j
More than this you are put fortii as the
representative of the. sentiments of the
rieai iii.ijority 01 1110 intciiigeni. auopieu
: :. -r.t. . -1 , . ,
citizens of fierman birth and extraction
Now, sir, 1 expect that you will accept
this challenge more readily, when I inform
you .most: respectfully tht 1 anr wrsotviv
adopted citizen, and, like vou, an exilo for
rolitical reasons: that I luis lidioii.l for
the cause of a free and united ermariy as
much as a v other man. and that I have
; sacrificed a Im-niOve position and the so-
i -i-ty of my nearest relatives and dealest t
; friends, to live and die a fief man. j
. llavnii: been :;u eyewitness aau actor n;
tho wlmls s.i.or-1. of "l J-s ..ml h ii i ....!
I i ' i .1 ...1. 1 .-
1 . j , . i. 1 . 1 1 . ' 1 j 1 , l . ,e; u el n u ( lit.. i i-jm c i
wliercas 1 was at that time a revo'utiinut.
I &atictioi;el and supported the revolution.
because, it was an attempt of the people to
strike tor their tights and liberties of
j which they were deprived by a system of '
absolute inoiirchism and sham ,-onstitu- '
tioi.a'.ism. In March, 1H, the tierman
' people gained thevr libeities and lights,
i The representatives of Cerman bnr.wledge, i
j science. literature, j ii i- rudenceai.d states-
; manship, were delegated to form a united j
' (iermany a iei many, with no Au.-tria. no
t lYuisia.no P- iv.ria, iioSaxonht. but. a unit.-.!
(iermuiiy. lii.l they realize the wishe of
; th in ople? I sal in that famous cathe-
dral (Paul's Kirch".) during the existence
of that parliament: I . sat in the Poinan
Saal ( Kayseasaa!) during the whole exist
ence of the Committee of Fifty; I sat in
the"Yor Parliament'' Oil! could I as
semble all the victims of the craxv man
agement with which you all
People cf Cosi'iiali V, Could
1C "TOO,
I gather the
thousands of patriots here. I would show
theni the vcrv men who destroved everv
hop of constitutional liberty in the father
land have already i-uiuin meed the fcxme
woi k of destructiou here.
Whc::, in 11, the kings were pro-trate
in the dut: when tlie army, the children
of the people, w ere almost won over to
the popular ciuse, what did you ( I ir.euu
your party) and all those now swarming
iu this country, and their high authority
and influence do'.' Sir. instead of consoli
dating the distracted elements of Genua -jy
into a co nfs d.racy of sovereign Stat.-s.
you talk about the independence of Italy
and Poland, aad all the i.at.ons of tht
world, while you neglect your own aliairs.
The army was insulted the -army must
be abolished' anil i.iitad of availing
yourselves of the favorable position, and
atriking quickly, you sat in the Kranfur
ter Parliament aud made long sjieeches.
till the foothold gave way, and you and all
of us aeut again luto Kgyptian darkneas.
Having wasted the time for action, and
restored darkness and de-pair at home, 1
j you come lutlier to bless the people ot !
this country with your grand dogmas and
theories; to repeat precisely the same ex-
I pioded experiments and absurdities. When j
, your own house was ou hie, instead ol
j rushing to the rescue of its inmates, you
' sounded th.) big trumpet of a "universal
republic," "we must free Poland," "we
must free Italy," "all the world must be
free." Such were your valorous shouts. Put
i vour own houses were burned to the
toKT.dat lull- vour Ulvi-a ft.i.l el.iltlr.-ii wirii .
ma 1a b.-.n.l leas ),!! Poh.n.1 i vt. ,ii.
slaved, and Italy is freed, r.ot bv vour aid. i
j but by her own exertions, unaided by j
, Frankfurter Parliaments and Get nutn doc- ,
' tors atK philosophers. Instead of theori-
: jlls,tead of talking aboi "r-irialism
i nes tc secret of their success.
But to return to my proposition. Al
though not reared like you, sir, in a col
lege or university, and having but a plain
and limited education, I am learned
enough to understand the Constitution of i
this country, which teaches me that this
republic is a confederacy of independent
sovereign States, each entitled to enact iu
own lawa for the projier management of
its own local ailairs, without dictation
from any other State, or from the Congress
ftf the United States, or from any power
outside the jurisdiction of such State. In
proposing myself as an opponent to you, I
hope you will be too generous to class me
with those Germans whom your party
charges vith following the Democratic
banner through ignorance. Against this
charge, which has been repeatedly made
by your party, I most solemnly protest,
and still further no I protest against the
unfounded boast that a majority of the
adoptwd citizens and by "citizens," 1
mean men who have a rielu to vote, who
have any sympathy with the dogmas of
the Republicau party. The industrious
mechanic knows only too well that his lv
bor will be rewarded properly only so long
as we maintain the Union, and that he will
gain nothing, out lettins loose a hit do of
African negroes, with no aspiration, and no
wants familiar to the European or Ameri
can mechanic. He knows to well that all
the cries about the "poor bondman," are
only proffered in the hope of obtaining fat
offices thereby : because ho has tho unde
niable fact before his eyes that no man,
even the most fanatical Abolitionist, asso
ciates with the African, even if he is a free
born man. The people know too well fliat
the negro is nothing but the stirrup from
which the negro-worshipper means to vault
into the seat of power.
In point of fact, nearly all those of our
countrymen who make so much noise
about this slavety question aro the young
immigrants, the majority not able to speak
tlu Luglish language, and not yet entitled
to vote. Sir, these are the ma.-sea who
form the majority of tho "intelligent Ger
mans," you sir i your party so loudly pro
claim as your ti.ppoi ters. But, sir, the
masses of the German adopted citizen
who have a right to vote are lotal to the
Constitution transmitted to us by the
Father ot the American republic, and
consider that sacred instrument as the
vovjna ch.irta of our Hlitical rights and
liberties, and not, as your associates do,
"an agreement with death, and a cove
nant with hell." The majority of the Ger
man adopted citizens w ill follow no leader
who will not uphold the Hag and " keep
step to the music of the Union" a union
cf Slave States and free States a union
formed by the people of twelve States and
but one free State.
We declare further that we hold only
to that kind of "higher law" which has
iu foundation in the Constitution ami is
in perfect harmony with that instrument,
and not to the kind of bhjiWr law which
originates in the brains of theorists, ex
perimentalists and Utopians.
If it does not suit you to meet me in
Boston, which appears to me the most lit
ting place, 1 am willing to meet you in
any town or city this or tho other side of
Mason & Dixon s line Philadelphia, Mil
waukee, Richmond, Va., or New Orleans,
La. '
Sir, it took you the other day, ia- New
I York, three hours and a half to ab4se one
j man without' cier proving one potnl
i against his doctrines to which, let me tell
I you. I do not jafi. in all their dttails, sut.
i scribe, but I, a plain, humble, uneduqated
j nian (crinalry a m'-chamc a cabinet
: maker) propose to demolish the whole
structure of the Republican party in tif
tecn minutes, provided you will answer air
the questions I shall put to you, fairly and
J hope you will receive this communica
tion in the same kind spirit rfi which it hf
tendered you,- fnd ha?e th honor to sas--
cnoe foyself.
Yours respectfully,
Samuel Sterk.
Art em u Ward See the" Frinre of Walca
At larst I've had a intervu with the'
Prince, tho id ram pnrty nere costin' me
my valetable life. J cawt s glimpse ut
him as he sot on the 1'izaro of the hfcte?
i ;H w. l it i .1
' 'moii, ami ei iKKie mv way torougn s
crowd of women, children, sosers and In
juns that was hangin round th tavern
I was draw in' nere to the Prince when
redJacixi wtnri hr MillingUrT elose crabed
l, -If r-T m. .A i " s : - -
' 1 on uac-u mv watwcD a vviaa aaam .
. 11 . 1 1 , mm
all so boM.
j ' To sf fe Albei t Ed.nd, Trince of alcs,"
' sez I, "who be vou?'
He s-d he wan KurnnI of the Seventy.
I'u't Regiment. Her Majesty's troops. I
tolled him 1 hoped the Sevcnl) -Onesterir
"ere in gmwl health, nI was passin by
wl,,.., u'ril l...tt r .. ndr. .,rl .
1: ...r :...: ..:a.
. .. . . . ' .
. i is iwiir , . i i iit .1 l i; i 11 i , :
.What! limiossihie ! It cannot be!
JJat f.-:? u
sir, did I hunderstand you
to say you was ai-tooally poin' into lll2 pre
sents of his Jioyal IfiesVr
"That's whats the matter with me,'! !
" I'.tit btarst my hise, sir, its hutipreee-
l.-nted It.-horful, bir! Nothing like it
h tint appencd tins) the Gun Powder Plot
of my Porks, llovrdashus man, who aro
jou ? '
"Sir, re 7! f, di -.twin' myself up and put
tin' on a ite.:rnt air "I'm a American1 A
sittiirzm. My name i. Ward. I m a hus
band, an' th fnther of twins, which I am
happy to Mute they like me. Py prcfc.h
im line a exhiheter of wax works avn
"Good 'rrxt.'" TlVvl tfer knrnal. " the
hideu ol a hexibiier of wax figgers going
ii.to the j. resents of Koyalty ! The British
l.yon may well roar with rage at the
Sez I, "ppeakiu' of the Priti.-h Lion,
Kurnal. !'"t like to make a bargain with
you lur that beast for a few wi-eka tu add
to my show." I didn't mean nothing by
thi.s. 1 was only g.-ttin' orf a goak, bull ,
you orter bev si-en the old Kurnal jump
up and howl. He attooally foamed at th
mow t!i.
"This cWf he re-iil,'' he show fed No,
no, its a otri l dream. Sir, you air not s
UI:i in being vou hcv
no existens yur
a myth
" Wall.'' sez I. "old boss, yule find me a'
ruther onkomfot table myth ef yot punch
my inards m tl,st way agin." 1 began to
feel ii r-!d for when he called ; me a
myth, he j.i.ii -lit me purty hard. The
Kurnal now commtp.st showtin fur th
Seventy Oi.sttrs. I at fut thawt Ide star
a ad becuin a marter to British tlutraje, as
sich a course might get my name up and
!e a good ndveitFsenrcnt fur my show, but
it occurred to me that ef any uv the Sev
enty Ouesters should happen tu insert r
barronet into mv stummick, it miirht be
onpleasaut, aud I was on the pint of rnn-
nin ort, when the l'riaee hibself cum up
an axed me what the matter was. Sez I,
" A Ibert Vlard is that vou ?' ' A: be snrilt &
sod it was. Sez I, ''Albert Edard, hears
my keerd. I cum tu pay my respects tu
the futur King of Ingland. The Kurnal
of th Seventy n esters hear is ruther
smawl pertaters. but uv course you aint to
blame fur that." He put on as many ares
as tho he war the Bully Boy with the)
glass ey."
" Never mind." sez Albert Edard, "Ima"
glad tu see yu Mister Ward, at all events,"
A he took my hand so pleasant like, &
larled so sweet that I fell in love with him
at onct. He handed me a segar &. we sot
down on the Pizarro fc commenst i nick in
rite cheerful.
Wall." sez I, "Albert Edard, how's the?
old folks?"
Her Majesty and the Princo aro well,"
he sed.
"Puz the old man take his Larger Beer'
regular? ' hi inquired
The Trince larfed and intimatid that
the old man didu t let many kegs of thai
beverage spile in the seller in the coarse
of a yere. We sot and talked there some,
time ubowt matters A things, a- bimeby I .
axed how he liked bein' Prince ? hit ae
heed got.
"To speak plain. Mister Ward," he sed,
"I don't much like it. I'm sick of all th"!1
bowin Si scrapin A crawlin A hurrain over
a boy like me. I would rather go threw
the country quietly and enjoy myself iu"
my own way, with "the other Leys, and not
to be made a show of to bo garped at by
everybody. When the eople cheer nie
1 feel pleased, fur I know they nieen it',
but if these ona-ho-s offish uls food know
how I see threw all their moves A undVv
stand exackly what they ure after, anx '
knotted how 1 larfed at em in private,
thcyd stop kissin my hands & fawi.ia over
me as they now uo. Butyou know Mister
Ward I can't help bein a Prince, st I ymis-e
do all I kin to tit myself for tho persishuu
1 must sometime ockrpy."
" That's troo," sez 1, "sickness and the;
doctors will cairy thetjueeii oil one these
dase, attre's your boi n."
The lime hereu arove fur me tu taktf :
my dcpartuie 1 rose up and sed, "Alber
Edard, 1 must go, but previs tu doin so I
will obsarva thut you soot me. Yife a
good feller Albert Edard, an tho Ime agio
Princes a a general thing, I must say I
like the cut of yure Gib. When you get I
to be king try and be as good a man t'S
yure mother has bin. Be just Si be jBr
us, espeshully to showmen, who "hate
alters been aboozed sins the days of Nomli,
who was the first man to go into the inert- ,
agery bizness. & ef the daily papers of hi,
time are to be blecved Noahs colleckshun '
of liven wild beests beet enythiTir ev
seen sins, though I make bold to dowt if- '
his snaiks was ahead of mine. Albert..
Edard, adoo!" I tuk his hand nhich he ,
shuk warmly, & given him a perpetooal
free pars to my show, A lso parses to take,
home for the tjueen St. old Albert, I put .
on mv hat and walkt away.
' Mrs. Ward." 1 solilerouized. as I wslltf
along, "Mrs. Ward, if you could see your ''
husband now, jet-t as he prowdly emerjis
from the presents of the fuUr Kirn
Inglann, youd be sorry you called him st
Beest just becauz he come home tired 1
night and wanted to go to bed without :
taking orf his boots, Youd be sorty for
trying to deprive your husband of ther ,
priceless Boon of liberty, Betsy Jane!" . ,
A. vTard.
The only real objection to the doctrine?
of popular sovereignty, says Governor Jofea
son, and the only reason why it is offen
sive to many persons, is because it forbids
every man to intcfeie with She business-e
his neifhlor, ud if fully carried out in
letter and spirit, would not only stop, all
John Brown raids, but it would destroy
the vocation of the large array of gosaipay
backbiters; slanderers and intermeddle
with which thesoeial community is cursed,,
and leave nothing for any one to do but to
mind his own busiuess and avoid encroach.
ing upon say right of his neighbor. With?
many people such a doctrine wilf never bev
come iopuIar at least never become ni
ucai -

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