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TtY SAlt.VIl i-mvv.viiivs iii:nsii V w.
O! valley of the Illinois:
Tears 'neutli mine oyclhU swell,
As pi.hi;; on thy beauteous face,
I take in J lift farewell!
y last farewell, my fund goml-byi',
Of vale, and lilutr, und stream and sky.
I've loved thine, every varying scene,
Thy every varying iiuumI;
Thy summers with their smiling mien,
Thy winters rouijh and rude;
Thy sprin.ir.s reluetmit, coy mid chill.
Thine iiiituunis rich, end Mr, and still.
When others chid with critic air
My voice spoke naught hut praise;
I plead thy present beauties rare,
Thine old historic days,
Thine Indian tstory of romance,
Thy hold llr.-t settlers from France.
Iu life's spring-time 1 eaine to thee
A cheerful, happy bride;
Love vs hUpercd fondly in mine ear,
While joy walked at my side,
And hope her sweetest music suiitf,
For life was fair and I w.is yotin.
In autumn-time, ull tired and faint,
Fair vale, I leave thee now;
Hope' voice is hushed, but memory's plaint
Bemoans llu loiu' uifo;
Joy has (.Town shy and walks apart,
While loe lies slain by death's keen dart.
lint blessini;j on the gentle homes
Which thou doftt soft enfold,
And blessings on the warm, true heart,
Fair vale, which thou djt hold.
With loving si'hs I sriy it o'er
Peace be upon thee evermore!
I hoped when oilier hopes were (b ad,
At lea.-t, that on thy breast,
I might at la.-t lay down my head
I welcome, dreamless rest!
It may not be, ufar I dwell;
Home of in v heart! Farewell! Far
A tr.iin bound for .St. Louis had just left the
ilenot at n.'llrl'ontaiiie when a gentleman fil
tered the Miioking car, ami laid his hand up
on the .shoulder d' his (ravelin;,' companion
:i tall, handsome man ol thirty, who sat
musingly blowing' rings ol ugur HinoUe, into
the air.
".Marey," said tin: new comer, "ii you want
1-) sec at once the sweetest and saddest sight
you ever beheld, into the last ear but om
in the train, there is an einigrant ticnnaii
with four little children, and during tin; at'
iernoon the youngest d' them, u baby, has
died. Tlio mother and the ulher children are
"I can understand," interrupted the .smoker,
' the sadness ol such a scene, but where is the
Kweeliicss you spoke of."
"I'm coming to that. The whole party
have been taken in charge by a youngs lady.
Such a be luty ! .She dried tin; mother's tear,
:i:ul wiped the childivns' noses. She is a di
vinity! She only needs a lew feathers on her
shoulder blades to make a full-IIcdgal angel
of her. If I was not a married man, I'd nev
er leave her 'till I'd made .Mrs. Angelica
Townsc.'ul out of her."
"That's a speech which I shall faithfully
report to .Mrs. Agnes Townsend," said the
gentleman addressed us Marey, rising. "1
t-hall e,o hark and feast my eves on this Sis'.
U-i ot Charity, and," he added, taking his
traveling satchel and shawl from the rack,
"as we stop at the next station, which is due
m ten minutes, 1 may as well take my traps
wait me, and join you on tin- piatlorm. '
This said, KicliarJ .Marey threw his sliaivi
over his shoulder, and sauntered leisurely
through the long train, rushing blindly and
calmly to bis fate. For, as he entered the last
ear but one, he became- a witness ami an ali
tor iu a scene that intlucin.cd his whole future
Tli'.' poor, gricf-strieken ;erman, ol' whom
iiis r impanion, Dr. I ownsend, had spoken,
Willi the dead inlant l.'i her arms, sat silently
and sadly weeping-over the jmor little dead
i-a sorrow
was indeed
illg beside
Tov.'ii.- end':
.sturdy children, grouped in child
about their little dead brother,
l touching spectacle. Mill, stami
them, was the divinity of Dr.
admiration, and she who was
most eel! imly t i
hare the end, of the
unhappy Hicham."
She was a .slender girl of eighteen, with
mr.piilkcnt eves and hair. As be entered she
w.is speaking, her lovely face Hushed, and
Ihe small rsy Mouth disclcsing a beautiful
set of teeth, turned hew i'.chingly toward the
tall stranger at the door.
"Ladies and gentlemen," spoke up the sweet
voice, "ihi poor woman, friendless, speaking
' Kngiish, with four children, wasexpectmg
to Mud work in St. Louis to support them, ii
.verythiiig b id gone well with her it would
iia.el.een h.,rd for her; but with her little
d";d L iby and sorrowing heart, she i ci rtain
y a deserving object of charily, and 1 pro.
pose, that sue li as fee! w illing, contribute their
mite towards a little purse for her immediate
want- and the burial (if her poorbaby. And,"
he added, with a hcwiiehi.-ig smile," "if any
gentleman w ill leml me a hat I w ill go round
.ud take up a collection."
Iu an instant the gallant Kiehanl nulled his
traveling cap from bis blonde curls and otl'er
cd it to the Angel of Mercy, who accepted it
with n smile, tiiis time all "his own, and com
menced gathering the readily furthcoming
dollars le r jr.aVToiis, graceful appeal brought
irom the purses of all who happened in the
K:ehard watched the slender tigure in grav.
gathering the money, and lookingnt the plaid
ti-.p in the white, jcvvcleil lingers, he be-
ihoiight him of his own donation, and step,
ping to the seat the beauty just occupied,
ne laid his satchel and shuwl upon articles ot
the kind bel'iiiging to the aie'el in ..pu- ,..!
'.iik from his pocket a ten dollar llll, "which
liepl.u ed in the littlu hand Hint ivtunieil ,,m
ins can. Further damage the o.,v t,.n.,. .....
,- . - 1 .-'." 1 .
"'""i "h.-u a second snub- ;t, warmly
wor.Iel thank for bis iilieral cimtribiith.'n !
ere dealt bull j'.-iini the beiinlit'ul
Dick wis in the midst of :n chlorate re
;iy wii.-n the curs Mopped, lie lmgereil y
another moment
seized Ins satchel imil shawl I
. . j - i
ith his eves stll! uu the face of his charm.. i-
i.i! 1 then, even a tin- c..,r wep- again in 1110
Moll, lie liellmuglit huu-ielf of the doctor, lllld
imrnclty b-lt th.
on the rihiif.irni.
ear and joined bis f.iend i
"Well," eiaculateil Hut u-it.v "I I n I,.
h lieve you'd concluded linfn i'iiiiI Imrv Ihe!
.tend I
v. and make the bcmiiul protecting
beauty Mrs.
Atigeliia Marey. I,.rt
U'I o-. n-end." returned hi.s fi iend, 'dmi't use j
1 ing in p(aki!lrflf tlmt noble creature." He
1...1 .Ci, 1.1I,,. 11..;,. 1,. . i- . . , . ,. iiii 1 i
.r.ked idler ihe tra u J...t di.,apjH'art;.g in the isginerrlly called .-;,,.,. j rciaarkcl t..,)
.t'V'I"!"' -..riVi. ..'"i'"'1V'""- ''niil.;ll'' u in mlm had them in ,-l.aige that Le j
t u 1111. ...im .i'i. i"T sin ii 1 was to
.cave it. I might liaveieariud I11T mime ami
ri-.ideiief. And no"
in mi 1. .'.ninii.... in..i.-iu Lie UiH -.or. 1
-vou .1 never meet her .11 thu vale of tears. , im lied ,.ud miv.-.l it ! .iM,rt , .;,.;;, :,w,-.. f,,,,,, ,;. u ,,,, , , ruhu-'
Lut yotMUav know her in I let. ven. il' you lineal Mirabout.'' The um.-dy vAai 1, ,n,d . was ..ubt HUd slill nlmut th- iio.is.-, i'.. .01
hive v..ur. weh enough t.. g.-t ;!, re. by her .tound ihe Creveco-urs have evcrv ..ne r.-cv- ,,,.,,,1 i..,is.a lMig itl,l, :,. ..,.ng at all
wtni's. for she niut have the l.iggi t f iheni.li red mid grown into lim ly deulup, ,! , ,i, k 1 nn-iil Im iug i.-r-t
w-eini; ih'-y h ue coiniiuuce.1 to protn .uii.-iis I have since tried Him i-nr.-. uiihi We Invcefii u il,. :;. . .,tmt jo-t is i:
isrh." linviri ilile success, ii:b Ur-ihliii., Dukhos. ,, t... V. ,l..., r and In- i.cm.I i
Th: I'-ei tii. il" iheir w.v to the house of an
ai'.itiaintanee, with whom they were to remain
that night, and go n the next day io their
destination St. Louis.
After the first salutions our hero retired to
his room to remove some of the evidences o
hisiidu from New York. He had rci.nvci
hUcoat, vest mitt collar: he had soaped ami
washed himself, when lie made an ustoiiii.linir.
discovery. ' , , . , ..
Flushed and breathless he burst into the
next room upon hi friend.
"Townsend," cried lis, "I've got the w rong
ba" I've cluuitfcd baggage with the Ancl
of '"Mercy. Look at that slipper! See that
thimble! Contemplate that glove V"
'It is very evident that vou have .got the
lady's satchel. And what was there in your
"Don't lirin.i? up that dreadlul idea, said
Dick. "Cigars, and u hairbrush, and a pack
of cards, and neoinl., pocket-Mask and a tooth
brush evcrylhiiiLf disreputable. If 1 am
jiid-ed by that bag I tun a lost man!"
"And 'this 1 look for a clean shirt," and
Dick held up a frilled and Muted sacque, such
as do duty lor more exlensire night-dresses
with ladies when traveling. "I'd like to see
Vi"elica when she opens my satchel."
And Dick fell to musing, with the slipper
perched on two linger und the Hilled white
j uwioi s.ireai! out telidei Iv on his knee.
Iii the upper apartment of a handsome
mansion in St. Louis, on the esening or the
day our heroine first made the reader's ac
quaintance, beautiful lirace Kdgerly, the pet
led and only daughter of the house, sat con
templating the various articles her confiden
tial maid was disposing upon the labk ar
'.ides taken from no lets a receptacle ih.in
Dick Marey "s traveling bag.
The cards and cigar case lay side by side,
and a highly scented party they were.
"What's in that little silver Mask, KosaV
said the fair heiress.
"Ihiinily," replied the maid.
"He can't be verv dissipated to travel with
such a little bottle. That's in ci.se of sickness,
I suppose," returned Urace.
"It's my belief," said Uosa, w ho w as a sharp
I'irl. "that the gentleman was a nice one, else
you'd not so readily excuse ihe cards and the
brandy bottle."
"For shame, Kosa!" All gentlemen play
euchre traveling, and ev. a clergymen take a
little brandy in ease- of sickness. And this
man was a gentleman, and a liberal one, too,
for he gave the poor emigrant woman ten dol
lars. What's that, Ilosit."
For at that moment l.is,i held between lo r
linger a letter.
Whether it was wrong to i .-ad a stranger's
letter perplexed (iraeeii-r a moment, usher
eves glanced ai me superscription ami nano-
w riling.
"Why.ol'all liiings!" ex. Limed the delight
ed girl, seizing the letter, "why. Komi, this is
Jennie Marcy's writing, and addressed to her
only brother, llichard Matvx who was in
Europe when we two raotuti d at Madam
Kilter's, in IJrooklyn."
(iraee read rapidly until she had almost
reai bed the middle of the letb r, w hen she
burst into a merry laugh.
"Hear this, lio.sa," .she .vial, and she read
from the. letter
Above all things, Dick, ileiir,
don't fail,
while in St. Louis, to see njy best Iriend and
schoolmate, (i race Ldgcrly. I know you will
fall in love with her, tor, besides being the
best girl in the world, she's a beauty and an
heiress, and father's choice, above all others,
for his son's wile."
riieii this '-entli'inaii is, ol course, .Miss
letiuie's brother," said Kosa, "and what will
she say w hen she hears of vottr having inc'. in
this romantic, manner '
lT iloii't.intcnd to tell her of it till I go to
New York this fill ; perhaps her brother will
Hut in thissupposinon lirace was mistaken.
She passed, and she saw lio more of the gold
en haired Kichard.
In the fal M race and her father Went to
New York, and the Mi st day alter her arrival
found her silting with ihe old schoolmate,
who, alter the Iiist elliisive meeting, sat dow n
to empty her soul,
"lam so clad vou arc here this month,"
Jennie said, "ln-caiis.1 I'm to be married in
October, and I have always been crazed to
have you for a bridesmaid, and Dick is to be
Harry 's best man."
"Hut Dick is madiv in love" (.'race turned
.. i . . . i . i ... 1 1 i , . .
ics, l was ureatiimiy provoKcit wnen lie
passid through St. I.ouisaud never went near
y'ou. Hut he went w ild owr .-oni" lady 'angef
lie met on that trip."
"Is your brother engaged to this lady?''
"Engaged! Why, dear heart, he .loud
know her n. line, lie jiiit found some of bo
old clothes somewhere. Hi's got her oil
slippers under a glass case; he's got her
gloves stuM'.-il under another; he's got her
night gown done up in lavender; lie's got her
Ihiii'.ble on his watch chain; and I do believe
he's got some hair-pins and a liaiHu ush next
to his heart! h, it's folly to interfere. He's
beyond all hope. I did think the excitement
of my wedding would wean him from it; but
not a bit. He looks at mv new thing as
iliulv as an ov.s'er, .unl ouiv said it's not
kind of me to repeat it though ;"
U'llV " III' slllll "I'll t:lli.l 1,1, vi-ill, !
uieiKi i j race, id see you san iy niariieti; anil
then -I'm oli' to winter in li;i-. 1 :,tu done
with love on mv account. It is iioitjvclv
And so (iracc thought, as she looked at le r
old slipper ami glo e h iug beiiei.th a globe
on either .side id t tit- faithful Kichurd's man
Jenny and (iniee sliopped and talked and
visited together for the next lew days, and
amiu a ucvy oi oeautltUI gil ls (irace stione
like a ipieeu, the bride was eclipsed, and de
lightfully acknowledged it.
lirace did hot look up, but she felt the pres
ence as Kichard Marer came up and was
introduced to .If nny's old schoolmate. Then
as he held out his "hand she raised lo r i vi s
and said:
' I think we had better rectify that mistake
about the traveling bags, Mr. Marey."
"(food Heavens. Jrnin f s:ii.l ll'ii-L -ul.,-
didn't you tell nie t,,,t your trieinl lirace vva's
m.v Angel of .Mere) "
'Jlcc.iuse I didn't know it until l:M night,
and then (Jrace made me hroinis,. 1.. 7..!i"
And besides, you didn't want to meet Uiv
freckled school girl hum! it ws positively
nins.ai - i - t.i.hi i" rcniii',1 .leimi.. .1.:....
- j - t " 1III-.1 11 u:
ou - ly.
Il would lie hard b say whieh ,,f t-... i.mr
that 11 1 iil' .Jenny's bridal party was tin: h:o-
pies' that day.
I'i. k did not goto Palis that v inle
1 "'
- , . . .... . . ,
111:11 c?'- J'Oilis couiame i more
'ions tuaii any loieigu rily.
lhlt net f.dl will ft' jick lllld tJiaee mi
t icir weihliiig tour, and he vows he will Invi
'.1 11 lre
""' Uvr "Id loin antic Jravcling bags bnis', '
" ior inc occasion. lr. lovviisemi. w lio is 1
itoing along. K.n sl.e kneu the minute he saw I
the ..ill f l.-.t .1.1. v.. ,l.l 1 1... n..,.'i..u I
... . I' . -. . . -I. , . . I
, us be "li lt it in the nir."
, :
rallow . for ...,m.s. 1
Oned.iy I noticed a flock ot eleyi 11 pure
tli i ll I lev 1 111' i' r , l.l. L 1 ... . I....I III. 11 !... 1
wiioin not nave inanv 1 In, kens .ml .,1 ll.j.i I
1 lot.
(Hi. iieycr liiiml," .aid lie, -I have got1
lor itiem Irnni a iiei.iilH.r woman. I
vviitcii is 11 common i hiiiiv hi .m ,n. o.
'i -'.',: ,. h'i-'l.
Nt tii-aNl.a ( nliiiiilio;.
iiy rnoi'. ,i. ii. iii ti.i i:.
Lincoln, Nebraska.
When a French orator had finished an do
(pient harangue to a l'ari- ian crowd, one of
them cried out, "I should like a lock of that
man's hair." The speaker was only too glad
to grant the favor loan admiring auditor.
Hut another and another ami then scores,
ye, hundreds, bi'gg'ed the some souvenir
which the politeness of the Mattered Cicero
would not let bill) refuse. Ill less time than
the speech had consumed, the speaker w as
bereft of his hair like a sheep beneath the
shears, or S impson on the knees of Delilah.
Tlio experience of the French demagogue
has been that of Nebraska. Six years ago
she s'.ood before the world a boundless con;i
gaily of unimproved pr iirie ami oll'.-ied a
farm to everybody who would come and lake
it at a shilling an'aere. The land wiissogo...!
that the first man lha saw it longed for it ...
for an ambrosial curl of the Parisian orator.
Others followed him stood not on the or.ic r
of their coming but came a! mice and sei.d
on lot uficr lot with lis much avidity as an
Indian brave grasps a scalp lock. Seekers i t
such .Nebraska souvenirs have come from e
cry state in the I'cion, and from every coun
try in Christendom, except (S recce and Por
tugal. Heboid the result ! Nebraska, for two hua
. 1 , IA 1II1IV.. ..... -
occupied all al nig the line o
and .Missouri Uiver Kailroad
Ired miles west ol Lincoln, us capital, is
ol the Kurlingini
No more loci,.
of hair tcniain to be given uuay to settler
there. Hut the state is as large as a European
kingdom; nd il free farms further west- ..s
wclT as nt little distances iiorlh and south ot
the railmad are still as numerous ;ls tie
hairs on most heads. Nebraska is as polite
as the Frenchman, and will be as long as .!n
ha a lock of hair left.
JSesidcs J.-VTi actual sttlers have alna ly
secured each a firm m aggregate of -17-". fi
acres of railroad laud, either in Iowa or Ne
braska, on ten y ears credit at )i percent, inter,
est. Their purchases lie where each alternate
sipiare mile has already been occupied by
homesteaders. Thanks to those pioneers, t;,.
buyer of railroad land Miels the region where
he" plan's himself already half settled. The
newest country is never more than half new.
Kailroad buyers arc never out in the ,M.
They g west but not "'.' ur-t.
Nothing of the principal of purclia.-.
made since 1S7'J is payable till the end
four years. ami twenty per 1 1 nt. is thrown
oil" for prompt improvi meat.
The following, Irom the New Vork T. .
tells a sad story of the straits to u hich !e
prevailing bard times have nduced the j.noi
of New Vork. Here where there are tit
enough for all to cat, it is dillieult to re.di.
the destitution that forces undergarments iu
to yie pawn oMlcc :
( )nc of the most certain indications of hard
times is nil increase in the business of pawn
brokers. These n fuges of the poor and im
pecunious, w hen ail other methods of raisim;
money tail, were never l.unier than now. The
How cry ollicu of the Simpsons is thronged i v
cry day with poor people, whose appeal. for
more money than the clerks are; willing to
give upon thu article oll'ered, are piteous.
Among' the many callers are to he seen num
bers of well dressed people w hom lack of
employment hasdriven iljere, whose ell'. rts to
escape observation on entering and le'iviiig
are so palpable. At one of the Kowi-ry otlice
it wa stated that its business had incrca-ed
nearly fourfold since the panic, and that the
report from vlli' r pawnbrokers indicated a
similar increiisp,
The common ditliciilty of geuhvg money
for (Ui reiit use has been expericni-ed by the
pawnbrokers. The scarcity of money had
forced tin in to reduce the Usual amounts paid
upon jdedges. Wh i le the clerk was nrikiiig
this statement a little child handed no a L'l:.
die containing a frock and some? uub-rgur
ineiils, for which it begged the loan of s:j, ;
can i give nunc man s. .io, roiling up in
garinents and handing them back. The ehii 1
begged in vain, so the poor liitle thing . f
the place sorrowfully, tii carry the new, i o hoi
mother, who the clerk fell' certain w-iuhl
..end buck for Ihe $l.o(). "S.,m..' time a ..,"
said the clerk, "I Would have given s;, hut
now we have no! the money to sji-ire." Tak
ing a diamond ring from a inale custom -r, he
oll'ered s."id dollar upon it. "I can't gei
along .v ithoiit -sTo," said the man. -; ' in't
give vou more than n'oU," was the rej misc.
i an i vou i"i me nave .iiu? ' ".,,:,)1(
i. !
more than I h ive said."
vv iu worth :.t least si I ."(),
.Many sinii'ar in-tam cs we
remarking the cnaracter of
The ring
w In.
was fina.d
C itlll'S-ei
he various i
es olie"d. it w as asked if there were not more
hotisi hold necessities an. I clothing pledged
than usual. An alliriuative answi r was giv
en, and it was stated that people sect, ml to be
scraping up even thing which it wan possi!,!,
to part with to pawn. Vou may sately cal
filiate," "aid the clerk, 'that time's wi'i'e never
harder, for we haye abimdaiii evidence of the
fact cverv dav of out trade.''
sllanije ami un.lei lnl t I'm t i Uun,-. n,r
Ci-siili'ticc ir Itii Imnl liuri liar.l,
I'rolil the ( haitu .is ( Mo. i Leader.
We air informed by John V. (i lover, ll-ij ,
of some strange and remarkable oectu r. iic. s
taking place at the residence of Unfits h;r-
chard, l'l mi., on L'Oiirs creek, about I.' miles i
west of Chamois. It am. ears the ti.st demon. I
stratum was m:i
ladw about a month ago, when t
Mr. riurcbard and daughter were absent at
tending the .Jefferson City fair. Frank I'enit
was eiigrgeil at Mr. M.'s house making sor
ghum molasses, when he was suddenly star
tled tiy the falling of rocks upon the roof. A
strict search was made, bill there Was no hu
man agency visible by which th rocks c.mld
have been thrown. This rock throwing con
tinued at intervals until Mr. Unrchard's re
turn from the fair, when il ceased, and noth
ing unusual occurred until week before hist,
Mr. P.urchard lieuii; agiin absent this time
serving on a jury at I. inn. Hocks were again
throw! on the house, and upon going out in
to the yard, the family c-niild di-a-oin 110 per
son about, but, to their surprise and coiistcr
nation. "C tit cm.- trmii M yriml
illlif l i'in'J tl ' 'lllti- ir:,t hi ij,t,ttril f'..r;, iii.
tl'l llf '''.
Then ihe 'ghost or p i ii t . or whatever it
was, began operations upon the inside t the
1 nousi. I in- iiii"s n.iuiu su'iiii'iiiy liegm ! j
,moc sinddropoir the lied to the "iloor, one
liillow laving l! it und the tlit r si .Hiding erect
, 'i'i :ll. ...... ...... t 1 . . . . I
'upon it; then the bed tovci ings und bed its-1
1 self would follow, iMtlglna coliliisi ( lieuii
.. 1. .1 .. i.i.
did ait oihrr times uditisting
' "" .. .. J. '
... , , . . ; . I
M'W- "" 1UiU,i 1,1 '.'r -epeat-;
''"'' opened, s :it!cruiir over the 11 ior sun-lry
111 IMS) . VIS lis 11 Illl II , II IV ll'llll 111 I'ltll 1 I
Sunday school ticke's .lep.iMt.-.! between the
; leaves, and i-a1 h lime 'p' iiing al the sainej
pi ce. vi.: llie gmii eliapu r ot l.i kn l.
This state of things i-oiitiniie ; until the!
latnilv Im-chi'ic s.i le.nlly lligliteni-d as to send I
... 1 : : .-. m , . i , . .
i,lm) ami .vir. imrcnar.i .i mim ii .1 r. :
returned the d,m.,st ;.... . -a-, d snd'
,. that nothing mm. n,i has m, e .m--
Among lio--ii anci- lealcn i.i ;.. s:i in-e
ppM (inn's, u.' m-iv i-nt j. 1.-1 tln.t they haM
nrm (lines
1l I :.. .1 .. 1 ... .: 1 i
1 'li
I ( lit. 1; I
'.:r. loi
wife, e u itness.-s during a considerable por
tion of'the lime the strange proceeding were
If all that we hear be true, we are utterly
unable lo give any explanation that would
le sat: .factory to oiirdf or to any body else.
In the next 'l.-. ue of the .. ml, r w"e hope to
give a detailed account of the w hole nllair.
P. S.--Since writing the foregoing we have
h'-ard in any additional report: among them
one that, m'mif. sta'i.ms still continue. A day
or two ago the bedclothes were suddenly
turned down, and ly ing on the sheet a piece
of card board was "discovered, upon which
was written: "These Things shall Continue
Forever." An xaiuination revealed that these
words were written in a hand exactly resem
bling that of Mr. Ihirchard's first wife he
hiving been married twice, and is now a
w idowi r.
About If ini,
JteiM lu-r'
A Vurn
l Kl ulil il N",
Vurk l.i iti r.)
tie anecdote about I Icn
:k:..ss? The. scene was
Shall I tell you a littl
! ry Ward Heec'lu-r's jack
j i ii w Tw iti Mountain h"i
! New Hampshire, noi :n
i-e, U lute mountains,
auv weeks ago. 1 had
i pi arrived III advance ol l resilient t irant,
' and w as on tb piazza, w ith hundreds of otb
(els. admiring the -.meet, when a boy appear
ed in front of lie hotel riding an ass Mr.
I ) echei '. ass. Henry Ward, who had been
i anxiously iuiiiii iug about t.ie "hay fever"
! guests, quickly appeared, and everybody
'looked upon hi'in with admiration. He is so
handsome, you know ! Suddenly P. 11. Jones,
,:i New York nuii haul, and a member of Mr.
jH -eehei's church one of the elect id' Ply
I mouth appeared, and Mr. lleccher bantered
! him to ride ihe as. Deacon Jones declined.
Then Elder Hutchinson, al-o of Plymouth.
I exclaimed, ' Krother Jones, if you'll mount
the a.s and ride up and down in front of the
hotel, I'll give you ten dollars.
lirotli. Jones- Done. Here, Hrothcr Needi
er will hold the money. 1 want to see the
greenbacks, IL'othcr Hutchinson.
EI h r Hutehin-on, who used to be a com
mi.sioiier of health in Krooklvti, went down
1 into his pockets and, draw iug out ten dollars,
placed it in the hand, of Parson Heecher,
) w i ll the remark, "Krodier Jones, mount! the
j a.s aw aits y oil."
H.-othcr Jom-s, whose legs are very short,
'.In ew hi..is. !t' in t!ie saddle o his pastor's
a.s. an I twice rode pa.t three hundred gue.-ts.
w hile Heecher stood in the sand in front of
;;ic piazz i with a whip, and npplied the lash
'o the ih-nkey's llaul.s. Heecher had taught
hi. a.s "a trick or I w .." and w hen he fell
:',.i'. Deacon Joues had won the ten dollars,
a- s
e: ',-
l-.iiched him 4
re was an dcv.it
ec!:ding lead all
tile lower rib.
feet and a tail,
.'son lJecchcr's
Parson Keceh
Deacoii Jones
lirant arrived
I pair
ears. P::
stood on
his fore legs and
. ilea.
in rolled in the du.-i.
and before President
I s ,VV
o:' 1:1
iu till
n a subscription to re
ib vc the farm
Harrv. an earnest I!. : j : 1 i -1 missionary
uiountaiiis, of a u.oitgage, the follow-
illg legcll
111 her:
hi tiie handwriting 01 11.
Jack As 1 p.-r !:. Il l
A Cvst; nit: TiiK Dm Tot:. On Friday,
the dd iiist., the wile of ( ieorge Hi'own, a col
ored man i'i -idtng in this p'ar'e. gave birth
to a child. !i the Sunday following, probu
h!v forty-eight hours after the occiirnnce
nina'iil nbovi, she gave birlh to another.
This I. .niil t i tin one of the most remarkable
cases on record, iiii.ln parallel for it lia nc'
el ueeji unowu 1:1 titis regimi.
A still further siugii!.ii' occurrence is the
fact that a lady residing in Kitchie county,
aged J year, a few days ago became a moth
er. Her husband is 77 year old. Heryoung
e.s' child, before the coining of the last one,
had children married, and they had children.
Surdv the country is progressing. ll'i.'.-i
(IV ''. -.'.
1 .1 i . 1 1 .
In b.
ag 1 1;;-. .11 gii the ro. k-v.-iil
lients have
icraliire of
Sperenburg m ar lierlm. cier::
ii made to determine the tetuj
eartii at various depths. It was
the '-artii at various depths. It was tound that
at PHI led the temperature was . ),.'.' ilegrees:
at l.iiiM feet, 7:!. si; J. I it'll, III. -I; at :l."Hl, plti.t;
an-l at the bottom of the In ire, t.li'.tl feet, tlS.li
degrees. This U the deejiest boring that lias
ev-r vet been made.
) I : i . i . in-- 'I H i: W
poiie aro-.' mi' i f t
In th-it inimi-rul !i
( reeks oneiuiuicrc.i
mil I'vNt.
ie bit:!.- .
:hl in. r
an nfinil"
-'Ihe v,
f Mala',!
handful oi
l,o-r o IV:-
i;is, ::i,i put
I . , : . -j
tlielll to ll'ter r.i'lt. How diii
I'hc l'efsiatis were smitten bv
th ii ritdden cans' le.-s and ex
I'hey lo.-t tli' ir wits ; and that
took its na'iic ft'i.iu the god
.' '" '
the god Can v
ti-eine .'right.
s(-iic o! thing
who produce.
List lit I'iitelit-.
The fallowing patents were issued Irom ihei
I'.S. Patent Otlice to citizens of the'Stale of ;
i Illinois for the week ending Oct. 2", lsT;5. j
i I
j U.'ported for the Fni.KTr.ADKit by Alexander j
iV Mason, solicitors of patents, ijtio Seventh!
I street. W.i-hington. I). C. : ,
I (irind Stone Hanger S. I.. Ilignall, Chi-!
drain Sampler .1. J. Hois, lhmtoul.
Ice Pick Sidney S. I Joy nton & 1 ). Keel'
I cori.-i.
llnd llato for Wagon
.... , I
1 11.1111 is ,. wionu
and .lohn L. J'rown, Koaiioke.
,., ... ,. . ,, .
Mealll hlcvalor I hi.s. , hatoll, ( hicago.
Tuck C'reaser for Sewing Machines W. .1.
rauikiu r, Chicago.
Folding Scat John II. Hall, 'hie-ago.
Waste Cock for Outlet Valves
-S. .I.Olson,
l h if ago. I
Kailroad Car Ilrtike I.uther Adams. Mat
toon. I
Apparatus for Hxtingiiishlng Fire in Iluitd-I
ing .John 1). Sutter, Chicago. j
Smut Mill Herman A. Barnard, Moline. !
Can Opener and Pipe Cutter Daniel A. j
llarnes, ( liicago.
Draft lli(iiali.er John T. leckenbaiigh. j
Springlield. i
I or Cream Free. r-Iudolph P. 11-!!, Pe- j
riu. !
Power Hammer J. C Ihittertield, Chiftigo. j
Power II amiiier, 1 N.lCiS J. (,'. Huttel lield, I
Chicag. . '
Ih-ndiiu' M icbiiie, 1 U.i.j!) Smith W. Kim
l.le. Springtit-ld. ;
(Jailer Moitimef M. Wheeler, (Jiilena.
llriin. A Imt Ho S .
" eiiniii 1. 1. it... ii- .trou; 11 pn.f- "I
anil a- mniieroils a the taiuN on ti."
1 -re j r...lii. . il to prove that Ir. Pu ree,
t.iri.l Dr. Sage's ( atari h K.-m I v, :s
r.-. v
111 in -t
i s y
and mean- vviial lie 's when
oil 1 $ .at . , .,: il f..i:oivi. f catarrh vvi.i
Ii !
lie iann.it nia-, vi t tle-n- vvn.iii; tie -m- nie
,,, , (,t:i.,ir , ,!,.,, - llu...
lei :' li-,,,..' - I: iumi..t l.eeans" r
. ' ...
Il'ii..-. i'iin .iv cal o rli camml Le cureii. o., t
this 1i. II ,mi'-,iiii, i- tin- iili-iil.i.il. g.'.-il ii.itan-il ,
nl.t I. tl'ivv v. l-i I1..I.1 -tlv l.ilieves and pel sit, in.
il. i luring that thin- iriii is no roiini! 01 -pherira!.
Im! .1- Mat usa '-I..J' jai t.." und dee- imt turnover,
otli.-i w.-. .In- ut. r vni'ihl nil lie spilleil out ot
I., ;., .i.i H.i-i . mi' in !l i uu'.. Itnl .i-trniiiiiuica'
., ii'i'i-i I i..i;ivi !v il-in. niMr.it. il iie.1 priiv.-!!
tl.a! ll'i.iiesi'Uii 1- wring in Mi'inising the'
;.i!li !' 1 l!-t a n1 stati.ni.ii v, am! I. .-de 1!
i-nei i taity pl"Viiig the t;e titut he is i-o
! in .!. ki 11 .11..1 I" l.iinl Uu ihii -s iu regard to
It, 1 inn not v ..! iiit.irili. ill l:..r:, il has I-. 11 ,
(i,ti .1 'v .iiiv. a t 'i..t H is v t.i i.niy.'s, and that
ii.i-ilie.il ii'iii i i r.'ire-!Vi - tti.- iiiiil-ni of .
if. Hum. pun ! " i.tr.iry ittistutnl r'g.
l it ..i; ' ( -.!;rfl. K iC'itv i nte ia
t .1 rti. Ih'ii.sjiHl- ti li.nr li-' il .'. .it!e-t.
'I l.-:i ''i.v i:. and il- 1!. in ! . . i ! imt ''..in!.
..u n'. :: i.: : 1. tra,- r s j!!, ,-r' ho d
Kansas I'aellte II. lit w ay.
The main line extends from Kansas City, .V.'.,
and Leavenworth, Kansas, both Hutu ishing cities
on Hie .Missouri ltiver, through Central Kini-as
and Eastern 1'ulorinlo lili'.i miles to lienv.-f, Colo
rado, and with several hundred miles of Uram li
es, in addition, reaches every portion of Kansas,
Colorado and New .Mexico, and all of its fertile
valleys. Hare opportunities are uttered for nc
(piiiing hoim s in a seition ol country unsur
passed for fertility and lieull h. The State Capi
tal, Slate University, Slate Agricultural College,
Slate Normal School, blind Asylum, A:;, of Kan
sas, are all located immediately along the line,
, did the educational facilities genenillv lire uu
e. plated. Ily rcfererce to the t'nit.'.l states Ag
ricultural Keports, it will tie observed that Kan
sas had a greater yield to the acre of the cereals
than any other State, and liold Medals ami Di
plomas "or the greatest and best display of Fruit
and Agricultural, Horticultural and Mineral pro
illl -I-, have I ecu awarded at the lin at Exposi
tions and Fairs throughout the land :n rompeti-
tion with the other State. For the tourist and
invalid, n varied and charming kind-caiic is ore
seiileil; and the delightful air of Colorado, and
the now justly celebrated Cold, Warm and Hot
Springs, "in the vicinity of lcuvi-r, have given re
newed 'die to the u e.o.v a.e have r.-.-J..r, d ! .i'.ih
to the siek. iMn't fail to take a trip over the
Kansi.s I'acilic Kailw ay, and if you want a good
hone-, be Mire to setlle along its line. You can
obtain Map, Circulars, Vc., giving all inform, i
lion, bv addressing lieneral l'as-rtiger Agent, K.
P. ; Kansas City, Mo. tf
v -i" 1 1 1 :
Cfep ffenHy M
Tin: i;vi:MN(i ywn i ompanv
iMioi'it i i-n-i.
TIIK WI KKI.V M MI. is pal'!!
t!it.'l.lk.vvii.i;sa' scrii'tieii ..lice:
one I'.ipv, S'X M lit lis
One 1 no Ol.f V.-:ir
I III' l i.J.ies, on,- Vi-:ir
Ten : (..:.-.Oi.c Vc.ir
1'wcnlv lurii's.Oiic li-ur
every Thursday, nt
l :
S'n-!e -ul.-.-riiitlims naiv be 11 Lied ! club r:itcs -ilterclnli
Is f.'.riiiiil. b-'snieist. rs ii:nv r.-t -it 11 1:. 'iv o.iil. en ull .lib-M-rbillolH
Post the W KKM.Y M AM. Is li lily c. lils
iivfiir. or live m-K ! .,1 "ler. . livable nt lli. -. sletltci-
WlHTC p-fl-lVi'd. l-.V.TV Mil s.-i I' si-llllll:a III l.is lilllill-
tievi , lnei,y, vi 1:1 i.avc I be I'liocr unl life llu: kikmcu
01 ti.i' yi-nr i. .... ,, ,. , ,,
our intriitlrm is b nuke Inf. Mail a tlw l,.'(.iil.I!ciin
Ki'vispapi r. ;! v,-. r!!i tli" nmiiev. We simll nlve vil
alt. iiiioii to tl;-' Mi M'ts, 11 a:-our ri inli'i-s li-iun vii-. h. 10
H. e., lhloi iincion 11. :.. j.n.-. ol all loirui I'r.nl.i. ts. :in,l. In
short, a iM'iier.il n'.tnlil.- ami lull M uk'-t Hep. rl. WesliiiK
nisi) strive to -Iv vo'.l tin' I'olau-.i!. I iiiiili.-Cil, I!.'l'u".ens
mill Si'eiiiHr ni' s i t tli 1 1 v In 11 eotieio' inn! inti-lll-i i.t
iii-tiiiii-r. Tim Mo- l--.-on' llu- -1 -cial iiilvoi'ice ol
U11' l.s.1. orlnir las-, nil,! Ir. Ill litve to lime Wilt plllilNIl
It-tfiTH fii.in I'laini'ie men on tl.e sul.ieet 01 l.uhor Ui lorni :
sial, of IH'i'l Asilv, v, 111 hi- i.pposl-.l t . "II iornis ol M..io.o
lies, the snliji-i't'nl' vvlili-li Is now inn res:iim all el i-m- ol
I'lTsons. In I'V'rv nniiiher w ill lie l"in.d om' nt inmu Lite
rary Articli'i. Stiirli'-.i'tc. Irom the l.i-st vviln rs.
To siniti-siitisi rilK-is who vull semi iih f. Ml vie vvll! send
Tun Mail lor one vi':ir unl a coin ol n rru' si lmol liook.
Ju.l puiilili.i, ami lii-'lilv lii.lorsrd hy tin- l.esi untti ,1 1th s
in our Stiitc, e itl -it "I In-1 nhMe.iti.ui "t tin-1 100 .1 stuti-H,"
1v l.fii. S, W iiliiiins. A. M. l'l. is I'.nok c.'i.tiiiiH tiie lull
ti'-xt of tli.' I'liiti-'l Stuti'S I'on.lltiitlon, wiltl lis Ain'Mnl
mi'ii's : ft I'eiier! copv ol tiie New ..oiltit on of l'l. 11 'Is
of l.;a. Hist III" Seliool Miimiiil vC over .t i-uc... vv itli
Wn,.:iliis.-ton's Kar.'W.'II A.Mri-s. ni.'l tie Art'.i l.sol I on-li-'li'ratlon.
The A pp. iuli ro:it:iii:s u suminarv stuii'inrni
ol thu lorueitloa of tin' stilt.-loiM'iiiin.i'ili., 11ml ol the ml
1nUsl1.il ot tlii man's lie. 1 tin' l inon. wi. h uneMeiusiivi' in-
ili'X. tillllllltli the reil.l.T l. " liT In tin' tr.'rilllR-iit of nliV
nuii'i t I'ontiiine.l In the ConM!tu;ton. MiiKinu in nil n li.iok
of over :lo' piiu.-s, 0:1 ilnfeil paper, uiul wl! I.oik.'I. l.vcry
iioin iinil I'Vfry liov nh'iai.l h ivi- it.
AJlrw W'. M. TAVI.ot:,
llusii.cs MiijiiiiM-,
M'Vs--,'-v I'.M Hull Avi lCli', ( lilt ll; o.
tTf s'liii'f or-i-fca :.r tint! su'jscrlptl'ilil n'C lV'-;l by
O.iuiiTi iV ILi's-iiiiin, 1 11 taw a. 111.
Jl. I'J.uc'scro-i-i-,
ManuUv l'trcr of uaa ili-ultr in
A linA li WnrvinUo.
hi .uilrhi'
Xc'tUj Ihnt.
1 .ul.i
0:i La Salle Street
1 Ktavi :v, ;
.v. n.; r 1-
T i l; 1' 1 An. 1 ! nil.
i),l Hit! ljrsulihv
' .limiiii' v-.1'. is::i
1 1 1 1 I ( ' K
Ol i avva HAS i n
Carriage Jfartori),
i u JS I A I
;?, ;u i.(il
v. y i
(Jotnl i'lrrtiifiiK, 'Ion und Oiicn Iluyyies, SUtk
S'iit llnL'le. Twi.-i-untoil i.i.er. Iniiruli'", t'emwrat Wnoris,
tsulkli's. ,vc, ckii llml tlmin Ht Huh t actors', 11 Ol (, f .I II
I mirl finish. M.I. WAIUH S TEl.ii for :ilcRt li,w n:l
i,Kc,,i tie".' .1 ue im f.n una la llie iie.-i i;vii.f
in.,:.-- e' " 11 , .id", u u.r ......it 1. i'n: ..'4 u.iiii-
rr.nnit:y I'nliilinif.Trlnimliiir.WoodnKlIroii Worl:.
; Mm-iiH.'.sTi.
rrv. i;i:i (.i: i-mctorv,
'. .'r'j-.i:jjt.'-:
U I:
0 ;
r l
H i
x 1
- C1
: Having Removed to Our New Factory,
o-j tho nirner ol Cllntin- nt .l.-flTS 11 -,rrt't.
il.iriiiiTtvtlioliI Kc'. ".ai nu"-''..
an- pn-pansl to n'l yonr or.leit"r
VI 1' I It
j km 1 it Pi-jy.
! kwpon liawl ai.U v'.il maniiJic: jh? tu uril -
'rwo & Knnr Huaw.i - I'l.ioloim ,V It -U 1
vm 1. tm l'l If tmalrn .r mII al) I. .
Iteiiiuerai anil rn U k;.'h.
Wi- also a.&a 1: -t"rr lie rolt t'r i:l
;' I'litt tit Sliitiiiif-St til Cort'iniie
VWA FVli Jt.-.USrS oiwi.MCNi
en,' -ir iwe so'il.- .- .irr!:," unsnrpssi'il t,v anv y'l
. 1 i.-i i ir Ffti l!.- f,ir M ii.i.'i'-lnnnrf Cirr-nc's an
.-,i. il if na i'ji.Tlei to ar v I irT.ii v tn the uti .ind
a ill ti'-vt i.n!f-.i Thv arv lartnry ra.t nr
!, 1 1' tlio ik.e ..iiality .r wor. V
irifii-.iu'.'A' rotvA .'I'M.) PAni'-rt.M..
VVtl a-.-r om ot thr rre f:i-:nr-a In IP si at' ii-l- i 11.1 .t
of li-u I.. ' . t's-t Ion.-. ..: is t wl.l.'. al.t tat ..r'if l.i.-li.
I .ill al s 11. ainl ts; a lo"k thn.mch our alion !,! x
an !n ii'ir ta!r -ai.il PC- . wti.-tiifr n 'h ! '..v or n.c.
l.'rilcra Mi:u-r.rl. U"ra'.'T i.-iim-.liv atr.f si to.
I ti W
Min-!i.:-;;. h s. pouint.
iv sraii in
West of the Court House, '
1IAVK A lAlt4I0 HTOCK !'
Popuhir Authors, in half calf.
Popular Authors, in Morocco.
Popular Aothors, in Antique.
Popular Authors, with Illustrations.
Juvenile Books, in Sets.
Juvenile Books, in Single Volumes.
Toy Books, in Oil Colors.
Toy Books, in Linen.
Juvenile Histories.
Works in Natural History.
Pairy Stories anil Fables.
Books of Animals anil Birds.
Fine Ouarto and Smaller Bibles.
Large Print Prayer Books,
Photograph Albums.
Fine Writing Desks.
Fine Work Boxes.
Backgammon Boards.
Toilet Sets.
Card Cases.
Pocket Cutlery.
Fairchild's Gold Pens.
All ;ni' cordlii'.ly Invited to call anil cxumtnc o'.ir stock.
IS L Salic Street.
Window Shades.
West of the Court House,
liavbp jiint reerlTeil ttu ir
j St a 111 1 (iolris,
j Lmhossod rapci's.
i tencil Papers,
Tints, Satins.
White Ulanks, .
JJrown IJIanKs.
a - 1
Borflers of 111 Kiiis,
Mal.hu; H'- MsT CM I'l.KTK sto k
ever show 11 In ttawa-
Tlio Knoils we.-f hrniiutlit iltn-ct Ireni ti c ii-.i.i:!iii !i-.!t-urn
new itiK'L-nB anil pat rrns, nial vviil l;c J at U.r .OH.
K.ST '.'' 7 .s. Aim., a
, fill sieeic
j ('ii,slst I n;i- t
iimrnm shades!
Paper Curtains, Curtain Fixv
tures, Cords, Tassels, &c.
2 if .-Ml In want i.t somta In tins V.t.r ill tin w.l Ifl-
:iin;iii' Ihi-ir stuck ami pon-a Iti'iar urctas;nir "--w"i-
i iii.'iiiti'i-, ltr,tu Ni'W st.K-k at
Xii. is La Salle Street.
S.E. it s3.W. Quarters of Sec. 12. Wal:ba:r:
Township, La Salle Cimty, IIIf-
n.i-.-..!ii.-rnt tract of I.an l. ltu tti'J .n an runt. :il !:"
Imlliii 'I Will rasol.l forjirt rasti iciwn, tlif n '. i.. "i
rine-. Any ii'1-iii.ii arislilni: t puri-li.ie
im I :- '1"1'H.A, wl I '!o ll f 1 loo fo hi. AM
1 !r.s.fH'n. UAUi.liAVK & Fol.atOJ.
fa ;.u ) ,'m- K.jualcy. Oaliatlu 10., ii!.
I I:lil"l"H' Kyir. -.'-nl r..irH-rir tlKTo.
I innni-i'tnp formi! li tais-n tl April t. a. D. :: .
11. tei eiflr'ii name n t.eo. II. s . U'l-liman ftt 0.. ti an
i::r vim? i l!rs"hy i11nolvi-u. A'.' ff'7ora bavin; ai conr:
aitii tiipiml irm ai" rts.utfsl o , !! t. thf orTr' ol t 1
inun try ami haip V-r mtii" a.e.i-. .:rinut il'akv, A 1 :
w ifc jr.lTtsl t;I N ll;cshsl .au-t Si; rLJrril Ir t. tai-
, tt.pf-m. "la. H. It sllvMN,
t"a.s V -. I. .;-. H 'I. !'. 'V.l.1 -H'-'U

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