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luliu Si'rautun'H Ilal.
Tim other tlnv (writes "Ziskn" fmm Salt
!.:ik.. Cilv to tile. New Yolk Stilt) 1 mil
.iLMinst Air. Charles Yeomans, an old Cult
i'ornian. who is kcctiiiis a restuarnnt here.
After listening to Itis etories of Hit! early days
of Sun Francisco. 1 Mild :
"Mr Yeoimins. do vou ever remember of
mei tinL' u. man named John K. llackett ia
Sun Frimclnco."
"John Jv. llackett?" repeated Mr. Yeoiunns,
Ok yes, 1 recollect Huckctt, and weor.ije
Uarnurd. mid Monro Wilkes, anil George
Butler, and John Suranton of New Haven,
.nd Unit whole crowd. They were mighty
livt-Iv follow, all of thein. Lcm-iue-nee (in a
musing war) Luiu-mc-sue? Why Nuckett
is a Judge or something of that kind, in Jew
York now. I seen a fellow about six luuiitlis
ugo that told me he made a first rate Judge
TjU per cent, gold 40 uer cent, silver, and 10
per cent ro)ier. llackett wan a wonderful
thot jvonderful ! I've seen him drive tacks
in a door post tit thirty feit, uud never miss a
tack. AH thp boy. took oil" their hats to him.
lie could shoot the tors o,' of a ily. That was
a great crowd that crowd in California in
those days."
Here Mr. Yeonians shoved up his shirt
sleeves, ami mixed a cocktail for Major Gor
don and ('apt. Dinwiddle, of Camp Douglas.
After the cocktails had disappeared, he con
tinued: 'lu those days, you sec I used to keep a
place just outside of Han Francisco, called the
Ocean House. Iliad a partner. His name
wus .Barnard not the Judge. It was lcm-inc-seeV
it must have beeu, yen it was, in
1857. All the boys used to ride out and see
vis, and the thing, first and last, panned out a
good deal of coin It used to be a great place
fur the high toned sports to come out and
sh ot pigeon-matches and eat these big Cali
fornia shrimp, and play a little draw, drink
wine, and such things."
Here Mr. Ycoiuans shoved up his shirt
-k'cves, and mixed a cocktail for Major
Wheeler and the Jlon. Sam Merritt, ex-delegate
to congress from Idaho. . After the cock-,
tails had disappeared he continued: I
"Well, tho Ocean House used to lie a great!
place of resort fur tho boys. They were al
wavs playing practical jokes on each other
and having a good time generally. I remem
ber one morning there was Cook and Schenck,
The gm.t niarketmen, Ward Eaton, and Ira
Katun in the saloon and having a high old
time, laughing, drinking, and telling stories.
Ira Eaton had one of these here fancy double
barrelled shot guns under his arm, and was
bragging about the game he was going to
vhoot before night, when w ho should come in
but John llackett and John .Scranton. You
oughter have kuowed Scranton, for he was
one of the best fellows that ever scratched
Here Mr. Ycoiuans shoved up his shirt
sleeves and mixed cocktails for the lion.
Oscar G. Sawyer, Mr. Sloan, the livc-wifed
editor of the Salt Luke Jfertthl, and Major
Howell of Camp Douglas. After the cock
tails had disappeared he continued:
"Scranton had on a bran new beaver hat.
It was as glossy as ebony. lie had just given
$15 for it, got himself shaved and Lis clothes
brushed and looked as neat as a mountain
i;uail. llackett was as handsome as a game
rooster. The first thing I knew Ira Eaton
stood his shot gun up in the corner, and went
out doors, saying that lie would be back In a
lew minutes. After he was gone Schenck
looked at the gun and said, 'by George, it's
loaded.' So llackett and the rest of them
they got around and looked ut the gun, and
sure enough she was loaded. Then Ward
Eaton said, 'Let's put up a cold deck on Ira
while he's gone. We can draw the charges
from his gun, and then bet him a basket of
wine that he can't hit John Scrauton's hat at
forty yards.' The joke took immensely.
Schenck drew the charges out of the gun, and
they all stood around the bur chuckling and
waiting for Ira to come buck."
Here Mr. Yeonians shoved up bis shin
".keves and mixed a cocktail for George A.
Smith find Hishop Stenhouse. After the
cocktails had disappeared, he continued :
"Well vou pee. in about live minutes Ira he.
tame back. They all bcft'tm talking, ami
Ira began bragging about the game ln WW J
going to shoot." llackett stepped up to tin.4'
counter and picked up Ira's nun. He niiwd
her over and sighted her two or three times,
and then aked Ira what kind of A ;im she
was. Ira said tlnU she wa ii p'.vi'y good
hooter, that he had used hoi' ti halt dozen
times, and that lie didnt hrive auy fault to
find with her. 'What dH vou pav for her?'
says llackett, Hill tW".ing he r over. 'Well,'
Ira said, 'she co?tne a hundred and seventy
'ive dollars ' At this llackett laughed, and
liegan to Vi-'.icule Ira, telling him that the
gun want wnth a dose of tausy and bitters,
:ind t'U a man could buy a cart load of
such guns in New ork for two bits. Of
course, Ira was mighty indignant. Me told
llackett that he talked like an infernal fool,
and advised him to go to a gun shop and
learn something about a gun before making
an ass of himself.''
Here Mr. Yccmnns shoud up hir, shirt
-keves and mixed a cocktail for .tudgo
Hemingwav, of KaiiMK. and Judge .'Jeter j
Clinton, of Salt Lake. After the cocVail- j
had disappeared, ho continued:
"Well, just as Ira and llackett got to c.issiu' i
one another, John Scranton he, stM p 'l up,
and sculled himself into the row. f course ;
lie took Hackctt's side, declared ti e gun to 1 e I
nothing more than a pop gun, :.:ul wondered
that u inan of Ira's sporting reputation would i
r.arry such a gun. Ira was wild. He bad no
Mispiron but what tho toys were in carncM.
There was a jolly row. Ii" lasted two or three
minutes. TheiJo';'! I-"cTj:ilon u.kcd Ira if
;he gun was loaded. Ira said it was. 'Then,'
-aid John, wlnkif? at the boys, 'I'll lx t you
a basket of wine fi: it you cunt hi my hat on
top of that barrel,' pointing to a barrel about
forty yards dif::nt. At this Ira hesitated. He
hokVl at Scrauton's newjbeavcr, and said that
tt worn! bo a cussed (-hamo to ruin such a hat
as 1 1 1 ;it . If some one would put up an old hat.
he'd takr the brt. Hut John Scranton Insisted
upon putting up iiis hat, and accused Ira of
trying to crawl out of it because be knew
that thrrt'. were no old liaison the prcniNes.
That lived Ira up again. Tut up your hat,'
he sT.'d. I'll take ii pop at it for a basket .of!
-.vine.' " j
ITere Mr. Yenn.iiis lio'. ed up his shirt
-leeves and mixed cocktails for Iiishop Fair, j
if Ogdcn. and Col. Woollev. of Cheveiine. !
They were large enekt.iiK After they had
iisappeared (the coektaiU not iln' Ilisiinpaiid
Colonel i. he continued:
So John Scranton went nut and put up his
liftei n-dollar hat on the barrel. When he
came back he was nigh bursting with laugh-ti-r.
All the boys acre nudging cadi other
and bad as much as they could do to hold in.
Ira lie raieJ the nn.'took good aim, and
plumped away wiih both aarn l-. The hat
pimped into the air about ten feet, and tin n
fell to the ground perfectly riddled with shot.
Kvervbotiv loareil but .John Scranton
HcreMr. Yeoman- shove.1 up hi sleeve ami
mixed coektails f..r Warren Ihxv and your
.orrespontlent. They were small one
((KktaiN, not thr iiien.! After thev Jtad
appeared, he conlinued:
"Vou see it wa a job put u n Scranton
and Ilaekett before they came in. 1 here
were four t har;cs in the gun, :ntl Schenck
inlv dr.-w nut two of them. Scranton simply
f-ai.i, 'llo'v Mnnke:' an. 1 ordered the wine." "
What i tlie ilitTerpnec lietween a tempta
tion andfternityV One is a wile f ;he devil
i.E.l 'he o'h'-r is a d.vi! of a while.
At the J'oht-Ollleo Window.
From tho N. V. (.'oiiiiiieivtul Advertiser.
At tho window for the delivery of adver
tised letters special vigilance is requisite on
the part of the clerks to guard against the
delivery of advertised letters to unlawful and
mistaken claimants. They sometimes have a
dillicult task, however, in pcisuading vi ap
plicant that the letter ho inquires for is not
for him, but for another individual of similar
name. ( ine of them had such a task not Ion
since, when a daintily dressed and perfumed
gentleman presented himself at tho window
and iibked for a letter adveitised as remain
ins uncalled for ami addressed to "Edward
J ackson."
The clerk soon found the missivo inquired
for, but, after reading tho Miperscription, said
in a decided tone:
"This letter is not for you, sir."
"Xot for me! Isn't it for Edward Jack-
sour 1
"Yes, sir; but it isn't for you."
"My name is Edward .1 ackson."
"1 don't doubt it, sir: but, nevertheless, I
am sure this letter is not for you."
How can you know that, sir? sum me
exquisite, now becoming indignant (it is
astonishing, by the way, on what siigiu pio
vocation post-oflice callers let their angry
passions rise): "If you don't give ine that
letter at once, I'll report you to air. .James.
The clerk, knowing that .nr. .James, wnne
he would notctU'itcnanceimpcrtii rut 'talkm
back," would be Hire to sustain him if he
were in the right, coolly answered :
"1 ci'.n t give you the letter unless you
mswer the discrfption in the address."
"Isn't m name Edward Jackson, and isn't
the letter addressed to him V Don't I answer
the description V"
"Yes, sir, so lar. Uut that isn I cnougu.
Hie letter (reading from the address) is for
ICdward Jackson, colored, cook on the
schooner Dirty Jane. If you answer to Unit
description hero s your letter."
lint Air. Jackson didn't take it, and vanisneu
leaving behind him the odor of Joeky Club
perfume and muttering maledictions on the
custom of advertising letters and on the head
of the culinary artut of the gallant Dirty
l lino.
H.el Loose that ltOie!"
I'he Hay City CknmMv- pays of OHO of its
illustrious ciliens: Mr. Wopples was born
to command there is no doubt of it. He can
no more help giving orders whenever lie sees
another man at work than a woman pass a
mirror without trving to catch a glimpse ot
her back hair. "Mr. Wopples was coming
along the street the other day where some
menVere hoisting some melted tar to the top
of a building for the roofers. One man was
pulling at the hoisting rope and another was
holding the bucket away from the wall by
nieans'of a cord. The bucket had just passed
the wide cornice when Wopples came upon
the scene. He comprehended the situation
at a glance and saw that the man who wa
holding the bucket out from the building by
the cord must slacken it, so as to let the
bucket swintr over on the roof. "Let iro that
rone!" shouted Mr. Wopples. The main
pulling on the hoisting rope recognized the
voice of authority ami, with a dim impression
that somethinir had burst, he dropped Lis rope
and ran to tile middle of the street. The
bucket came down so as to just hit the edge
of the cornice, which upset it and the smok
ing, sticky contents descended in a black
flood upon Mr. Wopples. During the next
two weeks Mrs. Wopples devoted her leisure
hours to scraping the tar oil' Wopples' skin,
varying this amusement by the delivery of
free lectures to Wopples; upon what she calls
his habit of "etarnally meddlin'."
A humorous old man fell in with an ignor
ant and rather impertinent young minister,
who proceeded to inform the old gentleman
in positive terms that he could never reach
heaven unless he was born again, ami auneii
I have experienced that change, and now
feel V0 HUSldv." . , ,'
"And" have von ken !" si: J his J
I companion, musingly. j
! "Yes, I trust I have.'' .
Well," said the old gcl'.iliiU.iil, eyeing
him attentively, "1 don t think it would
you to be born once more."
- ii -
-mniier for a MilwauK'f house was a
few davs ago, in La Ciwjk anxious to get
across "the river on the ice, tut was told it was
dangerous, so he got on h''s hands and knees
and crawled across, baring a skill' on the ice
to ret into in case the "ice broke. Alter he
had crawled about "halY way across, and was
all tired and diicmn-nged, lie heard a noise
behind him, r.r.d, thinking 'he ice was break
ing he got on bis knees, just as a load of wood
came up belli:!'! iim. The ice was a foot
thick, and soir.c other runners hap plant it on
'him. lip is Marching for the fellow who
! told Mm !',':ve was thin.
A r. s
lis, ba
in P-ov.'
i' 'v.t on lbichaiian street, lndianapo
'.v following conspichously posted up
-NO voiM- man ALLOWED
to come And COl'KTE my
i)i:ri-.u i Ni.iiss
he has s:.'.-)(1.00 to PAY l)OW
mi a mii'si-: and ia.it
balance in 11 i'c :'. wares
for sail bv me. WITHIN."
A clergyman accosted by w old
tance bv (he name of Cobb, replied:
"I don't know you, sir." "My name isj
Cobb," rejoined the man v. ho was half seas .
over. "All, sir," replied the clergyman, "you J
have so much corn mi you tint I did not see
the coli." i
A negro preacher holding forth to his con-j
' legation upon tin' subject of obeying the;
command o liod. says, "ISredren, whatever
(iod telN li.eto do in dis book (holding up
the I'.li-Ieidat I'm gwine to do. If I see in it
dat I must jump tpj) a stun wall, I'm gw ine
to ir.inp at ii. doing troo 'longs to iiotl,
jumpm' at it 'longs t J me."
A Ni'W Ijildiiil youtli who '-vm-iI Wfst"
i:i si':in lt t' t'Ttuii", writ li;u k that lit- luis
j.iiui'il tim e t l.ur l:f if dtiVi-rcnt th uoiii'iut-
tiiilis : lit' is S.ill-ll"l tii:u ui;u i-s uu: nu.
on Iv to M-ciirc :itr'ii;:uf, "'it ul"" 'o "lutvc u
hautJ in ul! ;!i'' tun P"':''.-'
Not loni: hlm .i Wi-.eru minister tolilihcl
vounir ht'liis" id' his ci,M'j-!ei;;ition thnt thf j
tilst step to ritiu wus an .'sirit ii leuuier rtr.-i :t
' ;in! i if :r:iy.-.ili!".' 1 ri'ib n- 1 '"e "I' his hear-1
ji-r-i having (.. :;. m rif i.ext i:iy to uc -oinei
jrilibon. hs... il ii..- .1. : k t "thru- m-.r '. ;is
to ruin.-' I
S. n:if.n- S.Mtt v:i l:ilki:iL' to ff 1 '. i:n-, 1 vallia
Suir1.iv schiMil, u Mi!
lay or two ul'o, aii'I
askeil lit.' seholais Jiv
,siifior. was kept in
prison. One of tin- t-.-rti h'r (tnietiy prompted
a liov to say that il was l-r :i ho-ta-e. aii'j the
yntit'h not i.iiitf ratchiiiL' th" words p.ipe.l
out : lie w as 1 taine.l lor port:f.r ."
i .. i i
! . " " , " , ; Vi 1 ,,.v .Vi
,,1l'rM,,:a J''' l"'ltA , '
I I laililt U. 1 1IU JUUfcV, M till IUI "III HH "'-
:. lease, ai last sai.t. n uai is in: i.sf-.i iu.i.Mf.1
IsuehJiltiss uboilt :i little water?" "Vour
honor will h-c thi i it, ' replied one ol;
the lawyers, 'v. li-n I inform you that the!
paities "are both milk-men j
"Matriraonj"," said a uvdern Feuedt( t, the
otUtr day, "producis wonderful cuanpe.
Here T nm. for instance, in ten short month"?,
c lmni'i j fr w u tizl.u V lover ! a loving
Steam Siob "flJrfotfng.
1 f 1 T1
1 II 111 II
The llewt in I'm,
Audi')' alt the needed machinery, typoafcd. Sxtujcs lir all
kmiH of plain suit Ittucy
Various Kew Styles of Type tsl received and
additions constantly being made.
"WITH Ol.'Jl
Steam Power
Coet'liff 1ml a trlfie for fuel, we ran pi
tin; Uioussuil hi)':tM :it a'
i.t ly
Half the Cost of Hand Power!
We are fully prepared to print in the beft
style of the art,
Letter Hearts,
JJil! Hearts,
Posters, any size,
Cards, iVe,
liroivinc. (Jildiiitr, A.
77,7. ' '
.1 iislicrs.
Const aM,
Ker'"F f"" "rlirt iiyln Land. If r t .
si rvttiil.ur tf-.ie to ''. rrv. I V
l,'lMi tfent trur nc tfilt"t '.
While we gcarantee a Good Work as
any city jobbers, we challenge a compar-
ison of Prices with any otnrr establish-'
' rnetts. 1
Announces tho fullutviug
Dunns the Samoa or 1di3, at the
liaru of Ii. Steward, riano,UL
A beautiful Ray, eight years old, 1C34 hands high,
weighs Hif. Can trot better than 2M when
in condition. For form, style and way of going,
is second to untie.
J'KDKIUKIC.-l'Hnli- In bv Mc(irpi;or' Wurrlur ; liu dam
bv nimtkwuo.l. a hull" elsiiT to the dam or TuroHin i hli'l.
Melirefr' Warrior wan hy Old Koyal lit'ome; las Oaui
wak in liiorii'il niarp, mipnoaril to lie thoroiililircd.
Tunic 1ih provnl hinisi'll'B trotter (tetter, linvtue ttlrcd
Homciif :ii')hitTrotiliii;Collslii dmao-, mv o thin hav
!:. trotted Heller tliuu 2M u u lour ycur olu.
Thoioug'uliii'il, a (ioUlen Sorrel. 10 htnds high;
for breeding and form he has nut an opiul in this
l'KDIOUKE.-IIcvfrsti hy Imported Monarch. 1st iUn,
Fa.ililon, hy Imported tt vw M dam, Honnt'tn o' Hlue, by
Sir ( liarlcn; ;1I dam, lieallty. hy Sir Archy ; 4llnlam. by Im
ported Medley ; 51h duni by Imported Sentinel , WICdam by
Miiri Antlionv; illi dam by Imported .Ikiiiik; Slh dam by
Imported Monkey ; iitn dam hy Imported Silver Kye; 10th
(Jinn hy Spanker.
Kaolilon w the most celebrated Race Mare or her ace,
wlnnlni; 81 outol racen. H ol which were lour nillorai-.iii.
The raccii she lout she wrni ont ol condition, belnir leaton In
much slower time than tliRHlowest be madeln her wlnnlne
race. tS.ee the iidlgree of UevenKe und Kmhlou In j'n'
Amtriran Stmt hmk, p. 3SS )
Monarch, oy Imported I'riam, bred by HU MiO!ty Klni;
William IV, at Hampton Court, and Imported by Col. Wade
Hampton, of South C arolina, lut dam. imported Delphlne,
by Vhlker; v'ddani, My l.ady. by Coimm; Hd dam. the
Colonel's dam, hy I lelphlne; 4th dam. Tipple Cyder, by Ulnx
Kertrus; 5tb dam, Sylvia, by Voihik Mamke; 6th dam. Ker
rctt, byahrotliertiiUvlvIa; "th darr. bv lieuulua i sth dam
hy Lord Morten's Aralilan; 9th dam hv Mlxhury ; 10th dam
hy Mulso llav llarb; llthdamby llav Ihilton ; l'.'thdam by
( oneyfkl" -, l.iili ilam hv flulton's tirey liarti; lltn dam by
llyi-rlr'sTuik; l.iili dain hy Hustler.
Monarch ran many races, and never lost a beat or a race.
(Pea JJwe'i .IwiTiVuw U'Xk, ji, :. j
A Canadian French Stallion, 7 years old, Mantis
15ft hamld hitrh, weighs J4ou lKv; t Jet Hlack,
with very heavy mane and tail; forsplendid hone,
etyle and actions, he is iieknowli'ilgetl by eoiiipe
tent horsemen to be the best horse of his class
that was ever raised hi Canada.
l'EDHiHF.K. Voting l ion, sired by Coeur tie
Lion, dam by Black Diamond, a mate, that could
trot in :MU, und a winner on the turf.
n tmnortcd f'lvdesdale. a beautiful Urown, four
years old, Mauds 17,-.j hands high, weighs l'.Hh)
ll,s. when in good tlcsli, litis great none mm goon
action, and fur u draft stallion has no suiierior in
this country or any other.
I'EDNiKfcK. Voting Seotland, sired by Old
Scotland; his dam, a pure Clydesdale mare.
The Terms are as follows:
PANIC 1IM) to insure; !f7. for the season;
f 50 for single lcnri.
liJiVKNfiK.-Jdutl to Insure Thoroughbred
mares: tM to insure common bred mares.
V)l"N(i LION t'i't to insure.
YOL'SXi K'OTLAND. 40 to insure.
1'imUiri fiii-ti.xh-tl Jnf Mao from . tulislnmr. Af
l itit ut:s atui i.tivijiii'i at omurs1 risk:
T ssociation otl'crs t lie following prizes, to
be awarded at the Kendall Count v Agricultural
Fair of 1n74, for Co'.is sired bv their Horses:
For the hut Colt sired by l'AMi'.lOdeash ami
the Rorvice of the Horse.
For the best Colt sired by Krvkxc.i:, out, of n
thorotii'liliretl Mare, tirovitii d there are three en
tries, JUKI ca' li ; the bc.t otitof a common Mure,
fill cash; and service of the Horse.
For the best Colt sired by Yoi'.no Liox, 'J m
!wli 1111,1 t'.i- service of the Worse.
For Hie iH.il Colt h'ued by Voi xo Srori.wn,
Jn f.nvili !nd ttu aerviee of the Horse
Mi mh.ru f (''. A.:itH
uttf for the nluiiv ii'.t. .
tit oUotttil in
l,lano.IH..Mny ITth
Silver & Plated Ware,
Spfcliiclcs, v.
Ml V :i 1.
. i.., l at L'n a'ly lle'l'iceil 1'rli is.
vet- ,;ur L'.,(US Ulld pi le.'S.
( or. Main Coliiiiilnis Sis.
! (l".iu.....lu! l!ll..i ;i.
M. "
ft i-:.-ic:o'i
f and "teaier in
AH kln'in'if rirk time un'-i:
A'-y-' V.' X
On LaSn'.Io Ki:
n.r '. t. . '..
It It IT. I . I .
mm iallions is? Serrin
!!-';l-" nk
Contractor & Jobber.i;if Elj.
l'a-ei"de.;rt:if to bull
l! ttj C.-ir iiite:.
It lli;i F ALL 4 1 ".I-:- IM vrt I.I s. i
IN. :i;s;i! ly on hand, m' -fi-' ' ' ' ' '
' T Slipcn i:.,iii!uti i .r.r.'t.t.ur-'.i n: tl.e -,n: l:-;.lir
ti:. wa.liiiiiiiH.
1 hf rMnl'iiee lutelT oc. upi1 1'jr tlif Itev.M.K. Wi.ltt.e
wv. fvu ih n'irili t.lulf. r.m':nit'i: f.nirtt n n- ot n.ii
1 'and. ltn hftirme lru:t tires. .!:. r . wt'l lt"'fcl t
i irrA'.u. rn'iTurei.I ' o. ii.i - n.
i Auz.S-tf
In l't ortii c I l t
I Lire ft lr.'vr fiMiij-ir'
tt k
.( lif t-
. 1
and 1-
i i;:
i. i
W.th all the Valuabh lmprovenionta.
Tho Cheapest. Best, and Most Durable
Machine Ever Invented !
Call and see their, at the Airrlcaltural Implement J
'ciiot, on La balle Street.
1 wantlt dli.tlnctlv understood 11 you want at.v Varmtnv
Voola, I v'll sell liem as Imw and giveyuuasancoiuiuoda-
lliiKtiu:e aa unv man in ini couioy. p. very nupiemeut war
ranted to irlvc. entire satlslactloti. The toIlowniK Is a par
tial list o K Jods that I navethe excluslvesal 'ol lu this
Perkins' Wind Mill,
li 11 man Corn Shellera and 1'owers,
Sweepstakes Thrasheia.
OhleiiKul'Itt' "
Hiill.ilo ' "
Vibrator " "
Food steamr rt,
feed Mill.
Kood Cutters.
("atrhanks" and Victor Hralek,
Fnrat llnulley's Home Hake,
llopbers. Chums. Wanning Mach'.us,
(Miamplon Keupets and Mowers,
Adams B!i"lleis,
Vandlver I'lanters,
Climax riantera,
I'eorU Union I'lanter.
lmprovwd tlar.-.?4"ito$'i(l.
Northwestern rianters.
stalk Cutters.
i t.ilk Cutter Attiichii:eut for Plow?.
O! tawa, March IB;:'.
K. 1.! VKKTSKi:
Is widely known as one of
the moat etltvtual leinedies
evel o;i!.covered lor cleansing:
the system and purity l nc tlvv
blood. 1 1 has stood the tent
ot yiars, with a constantly
urowlmr. reputation, based on
lis Intrinsic virtue.', and sux
talnedhv its remarkable cures
So mild as to he sale and Is n-
etlclal to children, and yet so
searching aa to elli'ctually
puree, out the ureat corrup
tions of the blood, such as the
scrofulous and syphilitic con
taiulnatlon. Impurities, ordi
ricascstliat have lin ked in the
sTstem fur years, soon vL!l to this imuerlul antidote, and
disappear. Ileucc Its wonderful clues, mony of which ure
pulillciy Known in rcroiuia, hhu mi srriiiuious Ui
seases. Dlcui-N. 10 1-ii 1 1 i i m. asd erupt! ve dl
ilersofthesktn. 'I'limoi-x. lill'li's. Holls..
I'IiiioIcm. I'liHliileH.INorci, Pt. An-
tlisii 'fs Vlru, ltff ! H0r.VNlislHi,
'1.. . Null Ithi.ilMI. S-tCltlfl lloilll.
Klnirworni, and internal I7l-M-Ht Itiiix C
llio IHiiriiM. s-toniu li und ljlvr. It
nla.ienrei iillier riilnnlaints. to whlc ll II Would not seem
especially adapted, such as I r m .v. I y'-i-lii,
i-'ltf. .Moticiilsrla. Ilt-nrt I llxeaNe,
l''-inii 1 AV'H U iir-M. I !! I II y nml i-
rrliiii. when they am niaiilfislations ol the scroiu
l.tna iMiiuniw.
It IS all exceueni ivsinrer oi iieanu i.ini wiviibuuii im
tirlnir. ltv renewlnif the nptietite and vleor of the dlues-
tlveoraans. It dissipate, the depresshiu and listless lancuor
of the season, hven where no uworiier appeals, ienpie iee
bettei. ami live iotiL'er, lor cieausini; inn oiooii. i ii.i-.mii hi
movn on with renewed vlnoram! a new lenie of llx. it
piiki'a in: ii r. r
Dr. J. 0. AYER & CO., Lowell, Massachusetts,
I'lMi tlcnl nml AiiulylU'iil ( liciiusts.
gTllOMKif Az utinjimji1',
No. 10b Mam Street, Ottawa, Ills.,
Vafiltactuvt of all I'.ylei of
Harness &: Saddles
I Also keep on hand all siiles of Itlanke's. Miects, l;U.
fuiry-coinbs.ltiuhh. -.in i.ft tnylhlim waulin o'ir llnr.
Weniaiiiilactur.Mii.ri. iK .illar. and make It a specialty M
I sell a collar at will not hurt vour hor-f . Ask for hlrol.nl
I ondir collar, special attenlion paid!.. M-painns.
I llcc-niber IS. I'..
Marseilles to Ottawa!
I l.fll
t t ii 1 1'
s.,1 If
li M Ii I l.m
, ii t ii . ki .
I j n i-x f In? t t n ii I I ii iivs
ii L " p. ii .
of a i: , i4..t ..i-,. i.Oksri-s and ertresi c.)"d
I an-p.o ted to and Horn II nitr es. I..'
.'mi e naoi' il Ikii. Is. I- are und charges re
!i''i lit 1 1 11?
.a i.ood l.lvey In i ' oe ti'.'i 'Mi m a o". H.e l u1;.
n u, ir !i,ii.i.-", vi -.i-.i-' i
I li'V. r."o;.ii. ! I'. lr1a) il !l
- Ila . . ,)( -ir ill lufiinii.iij t!c f-i: u.'rs ol I a .it'c i
I Mrr, m, ,-, in:, tie liiaMliev am iniuiiita. iiii 'iii' .it e:'
I lul-ie'st l f II -f 11 k-ii I . at tliu mini! I'i' k. Iieir'!." : "' '" ;
i nil. in til law a. in a "lyle an.l at a cli"i'lie I '.:!'' '.
' pio irhalile in V'tlhelll llihioli ull kllid-.nr
Agricultural Implements,
iti: t, t
t ry N li
, Hi. lltt'T V
' i . 1 in l' ';l
. I'-Tli'l'!, Hll !
!')'!. Y.V ".' t -
W. u lit-iVr ' v
i!ii tut. i. vir
ii n- 'l X it:i- i
..r i.i.i. .1 ; :
'. rt'M inijil 1
..I ( I I "".1 . I
( tn!tr from a li-t ti c r,r
i.'-!it !nr l tm M
itsi:n n
!-s-" '
Tor Hm' Spi ii!- ft
Wide "I r.
e t.l III
i;x i.-et 1hu)i. i
il as,iitm,.nt !
. . v . --...-i. n : m i i' .
y i.ii(f.erf Iju!- ,
i lieK. I Will li Ii ' rV 1 "' Prlr "" N
a iorehi a id .n.i ient y.mr I.re:
. WIN i .i. i. rcIi la i.av:iient,
iw i t!ie tilltfl to -el ,
il-en loi a very Urle I
l.ut ap'.iroTe.l no!e j
11 :i..ttr.ii.-d.-Vn'V','
.1 rn-1 i tn !!.
V I. lir i: It l.nwiN. i
naii iii:iti.:
'I K AIII .i.
-Mt i
tin tool
dr.- 4 l.eir t.mn li-p-li worK t an lhoutflil
i . L.-..t.n. ..1 . luihll-ff. tmweh .tf It I III
,. Ml lis ( t n.-Wi'i K "i ri-' T
if it :i lil OMumasr.! nd
.vki ,..rtuirnt l li'liii' Knmislitn; (.osl-. lilrli lir i
1 1 seilmx t tlir.iei dtr. Mr. lrtnt huiihlfli rvn
I. .,... ... i!iTerlleu.-e ot ui'Ustom murk. i:-mrmli
1 Ut: 'ii i.H -iii'.lo sslroM.
W.-t i lr of Ui" 'Jourt llorsa s..naif. 0!Ta . I!!;co:i.
I ..i, mini Aiuerleaii I'uc.et llik.at
Iv I .'I
IK UKH.-T rnt tnsllh,l.er-1
t lion., at
iistl.V . HAPKMAN'S ,
i A il
irl.s ii i.i uii i-ro ine f i.i
-f l(Ll M
'""! f4-7
lSiK',eior to Il.c.Coth.ii Si Co.,
son in snE
i'T'1 AW
couur iiouse,
ralnts, (ills, tUass, Kero - ns Lamps, I.anteri.s. statlor'
loilet t laps, I eriuaiery. rocket i uiiery, i:aors fr. Stroi
I'atcnt MiHili ines, l uiiiln and Hnincv Pure Wlnej , .
l.hinon for Meilielnal Purposes. l"hvW litis I'rescrlntlorv
Carelully Coninouuded. h ai mers mid I'hyidclana trooi Iti
country will rind my stock of nietCci.ies complete. W
ranteil Keuuine and ol the best quality. Walker'soldstan
l -ii .ii am slre.'l. lil).il
City Drug Store
stint ii & ton h ii ix, Prop..
Cor. La Salle A: Madison Sts.
ConlVcf ioncr.v Notion Stove,
And wholesale and rtalt dealer In at let ami fancy Candle
(iianaes. Lviiious, l iirs. Iiravs, H-liieir Tackle.
C.'Oliet .s.'ls, io. NutlOIK. AC ,
14 MtnUfon ';., 4 itooTH fcf.-.' .". 0. eonar
l'artles, ttst!va;s or l itiii'. ' S at ail t'.aies suppllid Wittt
The Best of Ice Cream, Candies. Nut3 4 rrtiits
at the Lowest Market P'icus-
Verv thankl'iil lor pat i'avots
cltv. '
Ottawa. .bine .ih, ls. u
I'lpasecaU we It Ihs
li. WALt::ti:.
l! It !' lilt IUIjIi .!)).,
The unHlcoioeiilvul and the est reirtilated I'lln.- aij,
iurmr::K:' at himwlf.
CalilorniaW inos.
Pnrn T.ioviors.
The Dust Ciga
lil.M.S .1 .IA V tlOLU.
Free Lunch Every Morning'
1 irst st.n i oi I'm u i; ill. on !.a tfslle.St.
Otlaft a. Jnnel, !-U -ly
MAIil'lS' ui-;iM
i oiilrador & iliiitder
MHIIllt'.H'tUl'Cl' t"
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings,
l'i Keif, Ihillens, A.
Planing, Tflatching &. Sawing.
Coutnirt Taken nn1 M:it ri-il Fiirnishfi! r.t
tilt' I.llWcst I.ivil!!.' K;lt
Shim nu the ilv.lnmlio H.i-iit. '-!
.f til- "Vc, 1:
r.ii l.n ' .
t!f I'artles ponle'iipiatl'i .'.'le.'lil
will tind It : ' !'.e,
ti:e-r work.
t.Ku.,1 t.KVLL
a u ant ae t.i c l"i
.u lie
.1, lie l. tiiu.
a ii a
LOW peim.
vo, an .iMitv.i: OF
Hats, Caps, Trunks & Vaiises.
The Clothier tt Merchant Tailor.
Oltnwa, Illinois
Men hunt Tuilorintf Sjtccialty.
MT.'.MU W".:
V WllOOli.,
At Xhr llisli S.'h.xl--''ilrl ward.
CrBc daji,cool as
s I i. nrui i-. at.U: r .er .'tt.
0S& "
Choicest German Wmes
.t'"v'liLU-J r.-E4.''"k; fin. i
Eoa S a K P id s3
..... . - .v & ami i '11 r. oniir
1 m mmmwm

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