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Thj regular lucftiiiii of the Ln Salle County
Union' Grange was held hi Ottawa March
13, 1874.
About fifty representatives of subordinate
granges were present, and the utmost harm
ony autl eanu'sitnesi prevailed. Several lady
members graced the meeting with their
Purchasing agent, W. H. H. Holdridge,
presented the confidential price list for the
spring of 1874, of all kinds of farm machinery
and tools, scales, sewing machines, pianos,
watches, stove-, flour, newspapers, &c.
The committee appointed at the last meet
ing to confer with Maierhofer, J)eut & Co.,
made a statement of the action of that Ann
iu not living up to the agreement made with
hem. It was then
lUsohtd, That this grange refuse to pur
chase implements of those manufacturing
firms who have shown themselves unfriendly
to the farmers' movement, and who refuse to
deal except through their own agents.
A resolution to have all the granges in the
county unite iu a pie-nie or harvest home, at
some stated time and place, was passed, the
expenses to he defrayed by the granges join
ing in it. The delegates to the June meeting
are requested to i.oine instructed on this sub
ject. Also,
llbtolre-d, That the subordinate granges are
requested to furnish the secretary of this
grange with the post otlice uddresi of their
Master and Secretary.
Gi;o. A. Tkuk. Secrctaiy.
County papers are requested to copy.
Makkikd. We find in the Ottawa (Kan.)
Journal of the 7th inst., the following notice
iu reference to a little social enterprise en
tered upon by parties well known in this
county :
We take pleasure in announcing the happy
onsummation of love's vowt,, between Mr.
Geo. 1'. IYddieordand Miss Grace Woodniars,
both of Franklin county, who were united by
He v. H. Kelly, at the residence of Professor
Wheeler in this city, yesterday (Wednesday)
forenoon, and soon after started for their new
home in Williamsburg township. The newly
married couple will remain in this county but
a short time, however, as they expect to go to
Illinois in the early part of the summer, tliere
to attend the Normal School. Mr. and Mrs.
Pcddicord are known to our citizens as teach
ers of ability and have very many warm
friends amongst their associate teachers and
other acquaintances
The first service of Bishop Cummins in the
" Reformed Episcopal Church" in New York
last Sunday teems to have been a failure.
There was an exceedingly small attendance,
although the Kibliop preached one of his most
brilliant Fcnr.ons.
The Movement iu Ottawa ig Still Onward, in
fipito of Same Kicking Back by tfce Anties.
bince our last the movements on 1 lie temper
i.uce qucbtion iu Ottawa may be briefly epitoni
'.i.ed as follows:
TUr: LAfnfcx1 mluuno.
The temperance ladies held their adjourned
meeting in the lecture room of the Methodist
Church Friday last, Mrs. Hohcrt Strnwn it: the
i hair.
The committee appointed at the previous
meeting to prepare a pledge submitted the fob
We fc vt solemnly promise to abstain from
intoxicftt'.uff liquor in uvery form, save for me
tlieinal :id sueranietitul purposes, and to discour
age tbr.lr use at whatever '.iiae and iu whatever
place we uiay be.
The commh'tte aUo submitted a plan of organ
isation, which was laid on the table, the meeting
voting to unite with the gentlemen in an organ
ization, to accomplish w hich the committee was
Authorized to act with a committee of gentlemen
previously appointed in preparing rules and reg
illations for the propose society.
Friday evening, (March 13,) pursuant to aeall of
the billies, a muss meeting was held in the Con
gregational Church. The church, which com
fortably holds 1,000 people, wu.s tilled to a jam.
A made up choir of some fifteen in the organ
loft, with Prof. Simon st the CTgf.n, Opened the
tiereises by kingiug "Nearer, nlytioii, to Thee."
Rev. Mr. Uaum made a prayer, and then the
i hoir saiitf auother piece the "Temperance Kal
lyiug Cry." A. 1. Mason occupied the chair and
V. M. fipp was secretary. The President ttaled
that the ladies were disappointed iu not hairg
' Father Keating, as they had hoped, to add'efS
the meeting, and must rely on volunteers.
Dr. Stout was the first to respond. He wanted
the petiole to elect a counsel opposed to grant
ii'g licences after July, and believed, with the aid
of the authorities and the Rcddick law, backed
bv the ladits. the saloons in Ottawa could be
closed. I
K. N. Lewis, F.scp, kpoke r.vsi. lie gave a
''somewhat lengthy history of temperance move
ments heretofore how for a time they hud pros,
pcred, arid then died; but in the present move
ment, which put Intemperance upon the basis of
a violation of morality and religion, he believed
we had reached solid rock. Men can successful
ly resist force and evade law, but there wag no
fghtiog against prayer. While he was uot ready
to say thut the praying must be done in saloons,
be hud faith in the elHcacy of fervent, earnest
M. T. Moloney next responded. He said for
'-,r two year hu had labomjl for temperance in
a society started here by Father Keating, and he
believed uot without result. He had more faith
'.n educating and influencing the people, and es
peciftlly the young, by steady, unceasing effort,
than in these great popular outbursts, though
they might do temporary good. The ultimate
reliance for the nuccess of temperance wa on
educational and family influeii'-c.
F.ev. Mr. Motlatt and Dr. ( leghorn were the re
maining speakers, the latter somewhat caustical
ly reviewing the resolutions of the anii-tempcr-i.nce
men published m our last.
Vacancies in the laJies committi e were f.lled
ith the nanus of Mrs. Dickey and Mrs. S veetser,
It was voted to bold another meeting on Tucj-
laV evening.
The meeting i
by ai'oTiting !!: fol'owing
: solution:
Jttt'Jml, Tl.at, a citizens of Ottawa, u.-sembled
ma-s meeting, and representing Hie best In
terests of ILe community, as the friends of
liundl and lawful liberty, wbiie we recognise
'.v.-mi'i as the chosen instrument of Providence
n the Temperance Crusade, we, as the husbands,
fathers and brothers, do hereby pledge our whole
Tfluenct in public and social life yea, and our
time and niouey also, to aid and sustain them In
ocuicncingBud currying forward a vigorous and
.;n.son:rmi:iii: war of evterininati .: r.j-air't
luusiur i:vi:n-ino's ukihino.
Rev. J. Hauni was called to the chair, Y. M.
Sapp again actilig as secretary.
After singing, i;ml a few remarks by the chair,
the committee appointed at n previous meeting
eiil'miltcd a plan of organization in huli-tuiiee. :i
followa: To form u society to he ( ailed "The Ottawa
Temperance League;" to b gotcrued by a hoard
of manager to consist of three from each ward,
two-thirds of whom shall be ladies, elected by
the members of the society or league,
"ervo oe year. This board are to sdeet
ami to
an ex
ecutive committee of M:en, to serve three
months. The managers are lo to elect a secre
tary and treasurer, each to serve sir. months. All
persons signing tin; pledge to Iu- members of the
league. Its olijects shall !: 1 t, to enforce the
iiun-usu by its members of intoxicating liquors;
'id, the suppression of the legalized sale of intox
icating liquors in our city, as now fostered mill
curried on under the unjust :uul destructive li
cense system ; IM, the establishment of a place or
places to promote social culture, w ith reading
room, lectures nr.d other means of healthful en
tertainment and icereation, the privileges of
which shall be free to nil orderly and vveH eon
ductiyl perilous.
Tin; "plan'' wa.-. unanimously adopted, and a
commiti'c, consisting of A. 1. Mason, Thomas
Spencer, Mis. F. 1. Swectscr, Mrs. Kobt. Strawn,
Mrs, F. M. fapp, Mrs. .1. Dickey ami Mrs. .1. K.
Porter, wtts appointed, to report at the next
meeting names of suitable persons to constitute
the boards managers.
A comiciltee of tour ladies was also appointed
to circulate papers through the audience for the
signatures of all who were willing to become
members of the League. The committee report
ed two hundred and eleven names.
A committee of ten ladies, consisting of Mrs.
McKeel, Mrs. McF.hvain, Mrs. T. 1). C'atliu, Mrs.
lleckwith. Mrs. Throop, Mrs. Collins, Mrs. Fyfe,
Mrs. Lansing, Mis. Paul and Mr. Mason, was
appointed to canvass for nanu s and report at
next meeting. This committer was authorized:
to udd to their number ladies who can speak the
(iennan language.
Speeches were made timing the evening by
Kev. Mr. Benton, of Mt. Pleasant, Iowa; Itcpre-1
seutative Scule, and Father Hosack.
n nil: otiii:k siiu:.
In response to the call published iu our hist,
the friends of "law, justice and liberty," or, in
other words, those opposed to the p-esent tem
perance movement in Ottawa, gathered In force
at Shafer's Hall on Saturday evening. The hall,
which holds three or four bundled people, was
comfortably tilled. A. II. Strobcl was called to
the chair and addressed the audience iu the Her
man language. His speech was couched in tem
perate language, and while the speaker professed
himself a friend of temperance, he yet earnestly
protested against the right of any one or class
t-o dictate to other what they should eat or
".lack" Livlne, the cigar maker, well known as
somewhat prominent in the movements of the
workingmen heretofore, then addressed the
meeting in Knglish. The speech was character
Istic Hiid abounded in some pretty sharp hits,
one of which, Illustrative of the character of the
Yankee, was, that if a bottle of whisky win placed
In (a hot place) for safety, a Yankee Would be
sure to steal it. Jack concluded that, as the
liquor tratllc was rcoognized by all civilized na
tions and regulated and licensed by municipal
authorities like any other lawful trade, It would
take something more than praying to atop it.
Alderman McOinnis spoke next. He repre
sented this ward in the City Council, and, as the
servant of his constituents, tried to carry out
their will, lie believes he did so In supporting
licences. While he made uo claims to being a
temperance man himself, he yet denied that be
was intemperate, lie thought there was a good
deal of hypocrisy in much of this professed zeal
for temperance. He had noticed that many good
temperance men in Ottawa were quite the reverse
when they got to Streator. Tliere was also a
good deal of slipping out of the back doors of
drugstores with a bottle of "bitters" under the
coat tall. Mr. Mediums said he was a candidate
for re election as alderman, and believed he
would he elected; but It would not be on accouui
of any pledges he made at this meeting as to how
he would vote if certain tsinpeiance measures
were brought before the council, for he had no
pledges to make.
(lee. W. W. lllnke was the last speaker, ind
after commenting pretty severely on the ladles
movement as he had seen it exemplified in Mar
seilles, "curried down" Father Cleghoin in his
choicest veriiReular. He closed by profe-Bimrhis
ability to Ul-.e care of himself, either as todiink
ing or letting it alone.
A coramittee of three from each ward was now
appointed, charged with the rather delicate duty
of selecting a candidate for iildennan for each
Ward. While the committee were out medita
ting on this weighty matter Alderman Hook got
the floor and made speech in favor of the elec
tion of Henry Wolf as alderman of the. "ith wrd,
in place of V. Medium, l'ut heard him thpiugh
paticutlv, and then squelched Charley liy the
simple remark that he "considered Charlry Hook
the poorest alderman he ever saw!" Then the
committee returned and reported in favor of the
anti-temperance interest supporting for alder
man Donahue in the 1st ward, Kerne in the od,
Hrowti in the 4th, Mcdinnis in the filli, and Ho-
ban :m.l Mattes in tne oin. mo report was
unaiuii .utly adopted, and, after nfew closing re-
mark trom Jack Lavine, the meeting adjourned.
Editor Free Tr4iUr:i a report of a meeting
held at SchaUer's Hall on Saturday eveulng last,
I notice that one of the speakers wtntsomewLat
out of bis w ay to attack men who thought them
selves too in-ignifieant to tttructthe great man's
This "so-called" nian is reported to have said
"He thought many of the so called temperance
men of Ottawa were quit6 the reverse when
they went to Strcator." Ind;ed? I have heard
that w hen oas It lllghtly " .'.temperate'' he is
great at multiple a'.ion.
I wonder was this the fix of the so-called man"?
I fear I must believe so, a. I happened to he in
Streator .t tl e t.me n fcrs to, namely, the 4th
of h-st July.
And here let me eUte that I saw iu Stre itor,
on a platform occupied by so-called temper uiee
men, lor so-called temperance purpo.es, a so
called man, and I could not repress the thought
that hia heart was yearning for a no-1 of friendly
recognition from ar.ycft'jcie so-called temper
ance men; that he cbifteJ his position to attract
it, and that be would have been delighted at be
ing able and allowed then and there t make a
grand timperunce speech, all of which r-id(!o
him immensely in my estimation.
In conclusion, I would beg bis tighr.es t let
" the to-called temperance men of Ottawa" alone,
and raiJ his own business, or, like tome "..'
temperate" rr.cn, te may run against a lamp-
,ro-;. Fcper
M. K. O Ckow lzt.
Kurt's 1- br-ted flove-tttiug sh.-K.-s for 1-dirs'
wear ul th" v-Cl k:i:i itoa hji t ii 5 P'ioc
Seiiecit I trills.
On St. Patrick's iluy the, Sons of Klin, of the
F.mcialil Society, had a line public exhibition in
the way of parade, in their new ami beautiful
uniform. lit the evening at their dance, there
were present lOo couples.'
Mr. Fred. Thomas and Miss Nellie Chirk, have
entered i.ito partnership lor life. They w ill en
gage in domestic felicity and nYc'i.
Dr. Jai kson l as had "a call," as the church ex
presses it, to go to Maiseilles and manage the
bank at the city named. His brother Robert and
Wilks, of the Marseilles 'mink, one of the best ae.
couiitants iu the slate, will run the Seneca bank.
Seneca will miss our genial friend the Doctor,
but "business is business."
Jackson it Hro. have sold out their drug store
to James Trauscau, who for about two years has
been their clerk and general business man in the
druggery. Mr. Traiiseau has taken in as a part
ner Mr. A. P.. Anderson, of Wedrou.
Quite a commotion was lately caused at Seneca
by the d'-eovcry of live stiiciciil graves
near the Illinois river on the north bank,
on Mr. '.'lark's land. Appeal an ces w ould indicate
that the graves are very old, perhaps they may
have been tin fund rct in g place of some of Father
La Salle's party who discovered the Illinois river
and paed up in boats to Luke Michigan fioo Aioc
iiv' MOi will. They were evidently graves of
white men, a tle-v were buried under the usual
mound, with a large head stone and a small foot
stone, stamlingca-t and west. One day, recently,
two of them were opened. The bed rock is only
three feet below the surface of the ground. Upon
the rock was found dark, rich soil, but no bones.
Quite a temperance excitement is prcvailingat
the churches, :ii, d a large number have "sworn
oil'," not only from whisky but tobacco.
Mr. L. 1". Olnistead, late of Olmstcad Nell',
hardware, has opened an agricultural Implement
house at the stand formerly occupied by Frank
Frank Shaw has gone west to grow iip.Ac.
llichardsoii iV Hro. are running a very neat
and well supplied drug store, news depot, c.
and will hereafter supply tne people thereabouts
with the weekly Film: Tnuu:it. fresh from the
press every Saturday.
Mr. Jeremiah Crotty is about to erect a new
public hall, with stores underneath, a want much
felt In Seneca.
Jerry is also about toopena coal mine and as a
starter, he received, on Wednesday, a bran new
wheelbarrow from Chicago. He will "take the
Held in person.".
Prof. Jocelyn, ol the Academy of Music, Otta
wa, is meeting with success in organizing a class
in the violin, lb: will visit Seneca every Thurs
day afternoon and show the boys how to draw the
l'lof. Marsh, also from the Academy of Music,
has twenty pupils on the piano and organ, and
will hereafter give one da v," Thursday, of every
Week, to their Instruction.
Mitrsf IlIeH Items.
At Marseilles, on Thursday last, the praying
ladies w ere out iu full force. So far they have
closed up no saloon, but Uave got many to sign
the pledge, among them one or two old " bum
mers," who it is hoped will stick, but "you can't
most always tell, how long you know." The
saloon keepers at Hist were annoyed on account
of these novel proceedings, but now as they are
getting used to them they rather like the fun,
especially as it helps business over 100 per cent.
Russell & Co.,successoi b to blackmail, who is the
Co., informs us und proved to our satisfaction
that they do double the busiuess afternoons when
the women come out, this Is done when the ladies
remain away.and John l'ringle,tiie clerk of the cs
tablishment, coiilinns theabovebtatenient. Rus
sell it Co. have the fancy saloon of Marseilles, and
keep iu connection a good rc.taurant. They talk
of setting out a nice lunch for thu girls as a re.
compense for the valuable ad fci tiscmcnt which
they give the saloon. ReligiOu and whiky mixed
is a singular compound. j
The lleckwith hoiis- under the able manage
ment cd mine hol't'illing, continues to be oik; of
the most popular hotols outside of Chicago.
Land it Cane still do a lively jewelry business
and have received their spring stock.
The night watchman of Marseilles while poo
scssiug tire 'Advantage of being so tall that he can
stand anywhere on the street and see over
the aV'iage of the building-? in town, labors
und'r a serious draw back, vr rather a pair of
tlreiii; his feet extend so far- forward that when
his toes puss a given point She rest of him is three
blocks away. This givers timely notice to the bad
boys w ho, alter pelting bis corns a couple of min
utes., till have plenty of time iu which to skeed.id
die beforcs he arrives at the scene of the low
When he stand at the post ollicu, looking west,
two streets and three :illc sarc blocked up by his
pedal extremities as badly lis a train of cattle and
hay ears could do it and the perfume, it i said,
is equally disagreeahli.
A (ieriuiui friend, who claims to lavor f i ; "'
au': rightly understood and whose only indul
gence is an occasional gla-s of beer with long
inteivals between drinks, hand-1 us the following
communication, objurgatory of a pun ly American
, . , i j l t : f -..
CUsVolil will 11 lie rcgarus ai pioi.iuine u unoe
drunkenness than all the breweries in t lies world.
We have essayed to make the translation us lit
eral as posiible:
'. '' Traili The temperance fanaticism
has actually reached the stage of all cpiib mic.
Kvcrywliere the causes ol intemperance areglio
lv siiukeii of, but one ol the ino.-t fruitful is not
even mentioned. There exists iu this country a
custom known as trtatimj, which has run into a
national vice; for it is a fact that must of the in
curable drunkards in America have become such
through this vile custom. What in its origin
may have been intended only for a friendly and
convivial courtesy, lias in the course of time run
into a habit which, under the im ittuicnt of a
false pride, has become one of the mo-l po
tent abettors of drunkenness. L'nlcss a man is
a total stranger he can hardly expect to enter a
taloon and drink only as much as be i hooe-:
but on the contrary, ni ist be prepared not only
to drink with the lirst friend or acquaintance he
encounters, but with bis friend's next friend or
acquaintance. hom he may never before have
ei n, and then ith thai liicnd's friend, and so
on indefinitely; so that the man drinks not weal
he w ishes, tail what others oblige him to diink.
How many who.cn a hot summer day have -u-lered
a saior n to refresh tl eiiin-lves with a -ingle
gl i" 'f beer, have thu. through this aNi:i
inabic custom, L'one away intoxicated; and Imw
many more, once launched - ni this slippery tne k.
have tiii.i!!' brought up iu tie' slough ol un ma
Mo druukei r.css?
To roiiilis'. int' mpe.-aiic - with pratb .il cum-
mon Si Use, il seems id ii:e lie j., ,uie mil l 01 i
pre.-s und the friend of temperance generally
should bo to ..-.ail th s s.-i:-i-h-- practice ol
tnatint. It would te va-!ly i:i"re ctieclive. in
my humble opinion, than the pulpit h.irraagio-r
of fanatical j.ar-'i-s, or Hie h.d otu abu-mdity
of the praying M-t is Kn-j ling in-ide or before
the doors of the. saloons i-id i neounterin.' tin
riui u'.e and ribaldry of the Lea-t!y rabble.
The sort of unv. meats like the one n' w in
progre-s Imj air all social and I u-in- will
and conlidenee u nong faiail.e and i iliyei:, and
will b ad t- no good, 'lie: wril.-r 1 p riivl-d
that an amiable. n-ible women can exert vi-uy
nor- inSueiK : for co.d with her I.u-eand.
should he ui.happilv be a diur.kurd. li.aii ah
vo'jr tliostlv Unalie's- and rimg kistefi. In-
steal of reiving on ui h liui-lioiuhlo im-iiti-, tb
idtj -hnuld : to i irents, to diligent.
in training up their children, to incub-ate tbi
avoi.l.me.- ..f itu iti-:.o-nle b inti ii:per-:nre, a
wi '1 i- ' '!' i-b j- -."ii hv po rif i:"ul pre
l. a-.--. L. V.
During the past ten days a number of des
patches havti appeared from Ottawa in the Chi
cago T lints relative to the temperance question
As specimens of silly twaddle, based upon no
other foundation than that which w as supplied
by a sickly imagination, they were a success;
but us items of information, based upon truth,
they were ridiculous failures. As 1 had been
the regular correspondent of the Chicago TUnt
from Ottawa fcr four years, the public here natu
rally attributed the authorship of these tele
grams to me. I did not write or send them, or
any of them. I do not wish to be understood as
opposing temperance, and the ladies who ear
nestly work iu that cause at home or in their
churches have my warmest endorsement. Those
who pray about the housetops or exhort In ta
loons make themselves the targets for just criti
eisin, and instead of helping their caue, dam
age it ii: the opinion of J. O. AitMsTKoxc.
AlMil t It LOCK WOOD w anuoiiiiceaKacaniliiliiie for
ToWU Ases i." ni the iiexttjniuti.ft; Town Mvcilrg.
At Christ I iKivj, March ir:h. tiy the Kev. .!. I,, snele,
O.I'm Mr. I H.U:i.l.ST.VLti:io Miss KAN. IK MOUIUS.
allul llnseily.
At IlieOunwa Ibiasf, March If th.hy the ttev. J. L. Siecj,.
D P , UeeierclnM Church, Mr. I'llKHKItK; 1". I IIOMAS
10 Mls NLLLIK t I.AUK. nil of llrookl'elii.
Iiidttuwa, on the ITU. Inn., hv .1. tl. ."tnlth. K i.. Mr.
CHKST I". (ioitlu N to Mi.s ttUUTIIA 11. THOMPSON,
botliol thetuwaor Manikin.
fViilaur iiiiititnl.
Them Is no pata wliteti tli" C'entaw
I.lutnient will not relieve, no swelllr.j it
will not subit'je, and no l,cui:nes which
It will not cure. Ties Is strong language,
but It Is true. IthusproJuoeiltiiorecarej
of rheumatism, n"uralt?ia, lockjaw, palny
IJsltlCPffi sprains, swelling, cakod breasts, scalds
burns, salt-rheum, ear-ache, Ac, upon th Iniiuna frame,
and of stniliii, spavin, gulls, 4c, upon animals la one year
Uian have all other pretended remedies since the world be
gan. It Is a counter-irritant, an all healing pain reliever.
Cripples throw away thslr crutches, the lame walk, poison
oils bites are pjndercJ harmless, audUie wounded are healed
without a fear. It is no humbiu. The recipe Is puhllshi-d
aronnd each hoi lie. It Is selling as no article ever before
soM.aml It so ils because It does just what it pretends to do.
Those who now suffer from rheumatism, palu or swelling
deserve to suffer if they will not uso Centaur Liniment.
More than l.ono certificates of remarkable cures, Including
frozen limbs, chronic rhotimnt'.sm, gout, running tuiiion,
ic.liavc been received. IVe will send a circular containing
certificates, the rectus, 4c crails, to any one reQncstinT H.
One botUe of the ycllo wrapper Centaur l.lnlraent Is worth
one hundred dollars for spavined or swecnled horses and
mules, or for screw-worm In sheep. Stock owners, this tin
luient is worth your uttentloa. No family should be with
out Centaur I.lnlment. Sold by all druggists. Wo per bottle;
argo bottles $1. J.B..T. liosa Cog Broodvray, New York.
CAN roit I A Is more than a sunstlliiteror Castoi
OU. It i the ohly ic article In existence which is cerium
asslmllste tUe iooil, regulate the ls)Wls, cure wind-colic
and produci! natural sleep. It contain l.e ther minerals,
morphine or alcohol, and Is plcasanl to take, ClilKt.ee
Bfnf tery.aud mothers may rest. oct4-ly-&thp
Wt I he ini(Ii'rsfj?iMMl Hag-
mi Mji mi ractiuors ol Ottawa,
wisli it distinctly iiiHlor-
stooil that wo Sell Wagons
ami do all work in our line
at Far in urn' Urtuujv. Pri
ces for (1(t.st Wo make no
distinctions, ami give all the
benefit oniramre Prices.
uiusam, March .1st, IW.-lnio
Is without doubt the most elegant HAIR
DR.ESSER in the World. A lady's toilet
i3 not complete without ,t. We are aware
that th:3 may seem arrogant. but the many
testimonials we have had in its favor war
rants us in malting tho assertion.
It pnven's the hair Irom tailing oft, and glv I-, a !!
tn and tieauty that no other preparation can.
Wholly free from irritating and l.nrilul pr iy: ties. It
1me'-8 all the peculiarly blind and Ml-te pntertlc
of ( iKOanut till ia the highest ponltk- kt ite of pur.iy slut
itlscwjilrr In ltl'.r.aincenpou the .kin.
lutes ail ciitaDC'.us urnptlonii. aal ith I'-is 1''" ' '?
hite.soft ar.d healthy.
It Is the fheap'-st.b'i suseltsi-rr's n an- th" L'-n and most
lasting. It U pre;iar'd with the rrat-a- care an I perfuwrj
!lli the most Jellcate iierfumrl l lie tnaiki-t an r.I.
Hold at a price that is at tin; i o xman I ' f ete: i:.f.
I'rlce .V) cents p-r bottle.
jnt ka Ti'KKD a r tin: i.Aii"i:.ii)uv m
t'r .tt r.in 't r M . n aod Cent'T tret.
Sprir.Kfield O.
JOHN I) PARK, Agent.
Cincinnati, O
For sV-chy FG11BES & GEIIRING,
Ottawa, Ills.
It. w-
III (Ml A V ,
: H K : '-.rrwr His. r tt I.-rf:;i 1: L'i;!'. 'i II. .1-1.
rr.iu.i. - iruxii'. ... .r:
.-mr:ll .ic-nt Waiit.il.
An I'l l f UbiI.t.eil .!je Insurance Cirnptn. In.fpma
te-l la New VorW Sl-.e. Is i!e!rouol Mtewlinj ! ui .
Id ' t!a a si i a-l.jlnLr.j c-ub'.1'.
liei.tlerueri nhoarp'.y roa.t .tafe In .!.! Vie.rre-.i t '.
'or a cotnp'.i.biLi a sncce1.. an t what e:rk-nce, if ai.y.
they a.ay siave k.l In the Life luaumee bnine. !!:
wL ar aow art.u." tor Local) Ar-i.ts Pr U..T I It
louipatlia mill Or.i this a capital ha: ce it forn.in a
Dot pror.ubleeonnt!on with a iitf ';'' ; '"
Ailtoniaur.icatiot). tre itsl ror.Cd' nU il".
Adi.-' 'la rtfa 1. c I Wth ti il r an".
1; i l! i :n..
Iv.-l r p .V..a
I am now settled in my new (juarters, in
the Store formerly occupied hy (iridley A:
IVrkins, where I shall keep a full stock of
SHOES, &c. itc..all oi which I shall sell
at a small profit. The highest market price
paid for all kinds of country produce.
Otviuvii. I V'li. ,M.
Hedges' Vhutupiou lluldntj J'i
i . i i .tr' til
iirii'..t uit,n In Hie umhl are i on d'lnir to tlmke tilsi
Those we had yentt rday acre alt retlu r too hluh tor the en
This (Ml it in plot) I tn Ii I ii I'oniiei'iil'll
I. IIKIHIKH Atl)., Sprlnitllehl, Ohio. l-'OK NAIjI!
c w Sfe r b 2 s & 5 2 "
il Ei-
S '. ; .. ' I ;-
ti I. - " r
; ..
' - . . .
'" ll...' -
.... . V4.,
(" l .- ', " . -
i '
'I,- , . .
'Sm flUbcrtlscmrnts.
Is Prompt Reliable. Salo and Pleasa.it,
ccnreqnently tho Greatest Remedy of the
ING COUGH, and nil Pulmonary Auc
tions. TosUliely the uut lvll rei. i- !y in :t-' u: ' ,r
a hat II 1 p-Conimendi d.
The united voice of all U:at have iw.i It n
prov: Irs woiid-rfiil ttl.-ctn a a.-r-:'
1 hrout aud Luiik.
I oiuinpllvi s should 1 t r-sn ar.til :'
r.Kb" lTJ.MOSK: LIK1 II VI -A M. ir'mart.'j
t.'i eml It will secure to tie-Ill l.eit'i.
M-eomUrlly. beraaHe it r t i im i'.
I fiwdon: from cuu.-hii.;.
' Ki ry lofcrnnner r prodw r ..I oi.;ii t
!l.ouKh.. Asthrua. H -oocliit... c. an- p.1J
I Ml. HtlM.KS' I I I.M"M L'l " Vl.sAM.
TlMreareter.r.f wlytvry f.m .;: .-' -6
j 1. Itttl.!e(i'P;- I '' '-' ''' '" '-''
it t mufii " l:,'!, '"
t tl ty
i. it
t and c-rt.i.n
I; , .,u;.rd teith i;t..
1.1 1 . ..
e It;, rra:itsl M.ve.ai:
- i, ; on j.ov-J entirely m !
r'.ial t;ilsA.i.K
S. It is M'-Kl popular niej o.',e in ire n.r-
i. l'ls-ia-e j.hys'.eiai.s ar- p;-cribiiii It.
;o. I's'i 'very Uraiiy that ' a- hi t 1: w ii 1...
1 M -At TAi It KKIi AT TIH- I-AII iHMull'i" !'
r. ,:..i a-', comer nt Vi an-H.nt r stin t.
Springncld. O.
, Cincinnati, C.
I Tor sale 1 y FOKBES ft GEHRING.
n,droi Ottawa. Ills-
''OA-mVm i:it WII.Ij I'l.-ml It l'fi.2
I 1. . :-j r-t -.r it.it. jri'o-e null nnJ .....
r!l..urr, IT'.I t'- . B ...".
irth r is the llent Yeast l'ou tter.
.e-.-M, j
nlit ?" " A'fiV. liin'ilin. I am halllr.2 thirn down to tile pao
n fort ol your l.uihiiml."
pilue"' Is o mighty powerful "
IIV I 1 1 1 I . I j 1
Tli B-t Fnc:i'y S winn M.tchino in ti e
Market isj tho
Improved Singer.
t ti'i-'l, HVHl L.H rt UUt.l VJ JtlVt Sril'fttkJLiuli.
A!! Mai-hints Sold by M- will lv
Kept in lUpair.
At.tl S'-r llr, etc., wlU te rartU-he.1 to unl.v.
nr.lers from ty rart of the sniniv mill melvv pn.i
u.t :..uit. Maciaiii d.T.vnea a.1'1 uwtrucitoo va.
i-l-.a. Ili, Marc a .1. Is'i-lv
c. G-. lxjtz;.
Paper Box Manufacturer,
i'i . f V ic,.l:i, lVt.xl c!. Mwrt Vls..', l .
Ii3':d im very s:j ie. Aic l'api-f Hold u.u luuw.
Man-a Jl.t, Istl.
To Kent ii Farm of Eishty
Ma.-t h r.-lw Addu-s JOIIS KLv:LU KarMll. L;.
r.rlin bereniwre m.tii trtmea e'r". 1 T.
J. KlL-rU. ti .Vrtixtim i-iii 01 vara pvr"
!tae th !a'.e 4r. .ill oe r4 w lf WoUtvu. wul e.-..Iva-.tanitscouiU-l
.'AS fcUHHisrt 1.
.-wv 'UX-.'-i. ara-.m
;51. P1 Me- -&
:: r. rJ K m ' - S tag
' I z . . " i r, & vy J H rva
j ;: - ytfrmmAL-lLl 11 t j
u - - -' Ir'y m fX
Y : ' "
1 .

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