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bitum $jm frails
! 1
. IS L Sahe Street (nrm a-a,ri tt,j.t -f t;o-:' I'.casi ,
Wo Oollars per Aixiui ."ni ; f .
PACK.' ;lf ' W.jf M.i l . j a' m . jVm ,Vt7
Which Ktffis to
II. vjVullher'n Soup,
On Monday of this week this enterprising res.
I taurantcr announced by tluj ringing of hells and
Passing Hugh Gillen- jester day, we found I shouting of small boys, that ho had his free soup
thi w
(jonda (it IJiikIi !
t)iiaare l,f.,i-tSW'10U M 1(IC0
Square ' l U'lil 5 001 iiNi!i00i)i 150-
tescaarea ' J ''01 im tooi iftO' AOUilROO1- IO0
Bquiirea 5i 4MI) 00 00,1I00 ISOOj 60
Squares xl 7 OOill J0 14 W 20 00 WOO
IVr COO "00 14 CO. lit Gu -u no, woo
I Taj S00 IJCC.13(!0'1V00.:! l."00
000 -.0110,1500 iMio.iOoii ssun.
10 Qi) lit OOi-ff 00 .10 W. IP 00 ft 00 100 00
stacked up nn the side walk on each side of the
door of bis inaniinoth store about a ton of dry
goods. "What'g this matter?"' cried we. "Arc
you moving out?" "No room inside!" was the
l'.unlcd .mswer, anil such was t ho literal fact.
iLurgcns the store room Is, intfuJing down stairs.
celler and upstair. Mr. ('.Men' now stock ispos-
itivcly td enormous that he Is compelled to en.
I trench 0:1 the side walk to aialco room fur the
goods. And yet they come: By the time all eet
here we suppose he will l;vc fo occupy half the
street besides!
"What can you mean ly bringing here such a
t-r-e iii-e n-d-o u-s stock" we exclaimed in as
tonisutnent. The eubstance of Hugh's reply
war. that he had got theiu ut price so astonish
ingly low that he knew he could sell them. Mr.
fiillen U no fool and knows exactly what he is
about. Dress goods, shawls, Hamuls, blankets,
cloths and domestic mid staple goods of nil
kinds are lower than they have been in twenty
years before ! IVhcu before in Ottawa, have you,
for instance, been able to buy Hrst-class ging
hams for 10 cents? or the best water proofs for
S." cents?
(iilleii has :X),C00 worth of gi(,ds of every de-
criplion known to the trade that ho Is prepared
qnirteri '.1:11 ...
th'.rn column
half Cniun.L
"eiva Une cf tv nuke oi.e tui.
TertlH'irent not under contract iruat h- plainly
l d the lenpth of time ('.enlri'tl. or fiej will he contln-
ind lUurifc! tor until ordiii-ad 0v.t.
llncssKntf profitmiloualeardt (Dot einvbJn r.vi-ll ius)
ted at fit s i!oIl.! per annual ; r.vi r flv '!;.ci,iy.i dal-
it Mae oitm.
taitca! 4v.,;:!'.;.2 la x') cav f tt p:a 4trlct!y In
" Veurly ailverth'i;rf 'lMoiit'.nutw! thrtr 4verti3t
u before tnepxplrHtlcn of the contract, will btcl.ari
ie f all ratf.8 na Above. Kxtrn charjre will ao he made j to sell at S'.teli prices.
leioiutlon and ot!:ir notice net comei-tnirlM" their He struck the Eastern market whtu every thing
t.rbualnw. wits t the very loweut ebb. The fail trade had
" In no cane will t,amo terms be ditarted frcx
: not i 'pen rd to inci t expectationH ami evervbudv
! wt'.v jrloomy and disheartened. Since then trade
"TJiedateon ths slip on which the ut)cr:be.-'a n.v.r.c
otealndlcatestlietlmcnbenthonaMerlptlonexir.rea.i has revived wonderfully, and there will be no
om ho hive paid for tlie H:kr Tcadic ahoaM be more MK'h bargains this scison us M Cilllcn ot
fttl to notice that ths diito on tbo l!pcorrcspou(;jt.i Un,ia ; i ,!.. . ...,. , ..'."'
.te to which thcr have pal l. a4 ,t ctft rot:ryu,8 1 !li " "'t r,tt",1' 1,0"Cet fuCt Ul'0Ut ,l" 8 ,f 0U
jic.-sof any discrepancy.
rfc:'.lt!i;8for living all Wind ol Job Worx, i:i t .e va
itr'.enof tti art, uro not 8iirp-:.iil In thti aectlon,
re reipectfullj ol!rlttUoe Uhlr. any'.hli.n Cone In
tneto lve us a cMl. By t'..e J.ij;c;ouaa-.d UN.r.tl use
mtsr'nlnk many s nmn'n fe.". :r.e.i nrvt", BKd
tVS ta atlll opeu. Try It.
lera by mall promptly attended to.
want goous at ooitom prices you can go your
bottom dollar on it, your beet hold f.r the
nct ."';x months in at Hugh Glikn.
Ottawa I'oal OElc.
rmr.all ViA'-vv ::13
?n mall 1:4'. K M 13:; ..i V u
larnmall 11:1 a a : :llrstl
lerninall. iWflpx l':.i
le Centre. Wednusduy aad Saturday . 2.00 v y 12:t M
mall 7:; 0 r i
ceopennat 7 am. audrloaoj at 7:30 e .
ytl 1. 15T1. J. it.t'AMEIftv.p. M.
icago, Bock Island and Faciflc Eaiiro&d.
lii'.iii:s tk '.;:;i!iMi. The celling of their drug
stor having' ' een replustered and thei- goods
returned t'i HUle-l're plucef, Messrs. Fcrbcs fc
Ciehring drlre u to say to thrirpatrons and the
commutiiit g.-nerally that they are again pre
pared !u . . rive and respond to calls for medi
cine?, drug, paint?, oils, and the numerous arti
eles kept by them. They keep a full biipply of
everything in their line Thankful for past
favors they solicit i'utute patronage guarantee,
lug good articles ami living prices.
ready to dish out to all wh wore hungry. In a
remui kably itliort space of time his commodious
dining hall was crowded with an Interesting
audience. Just alter the tlrst table wu.s tilled up
the local of the Fitm: Tu.Mir.it took a birds-eye
view of the eager assemblage. At the lic.ad of
the table, with snowy beard combed with fault
less precision, s&t the patriarch of luueU routes
licaeh Fellows, w hosi: three score years have
been nobly spent in taking in the gootj things
of ip.r'li. Xc::t to him sal v. I Hi flowing locks
and curling moustache, the apostle of meekness
nml resignation l'.owman. Following down the
table our eye next rclcd on dipt. Kellogg,
w hose bruin sccmc'l rc!i".g v.-Uh hc arduous la
bors ol au editor. :
To particularize further would be bul io l.iyi
before our readers the mimes of mo-l of the j
business men of our city. This feature in thei
restaurant business iecms new In Olt.vwa, but,
judging from the stampede made on Mi adav. is !
destined to become very popular.
The Victor Victorious,
Let it be remembered that tho Victor sea in
machine tHik the Jirat aml'w,lj p,YMi!tnii, at the j
recent Ln Sallo County Fair. It is the leading;
machine of the day all over the county. It has :
outstripucd all competitors and is the best faiu- i
Py sewing machine In use. tt is substantially '
made, durable, elegantly liiii.'hed, simple in its
construction, and runs easily and almost without '
noise. The general ugeucy for l.a Sallo county!
U at the Academy of Music on l.a Sallo street,!
Ottawa. More Victor Sewing machines have
been sold from this agency 'I "in.g the last three j
months than the agencies ol oilier machines
in Ottawa combined can show In a simular length
of time. !biv li e iu'.-t am! cheapest and you
will find that to Is- tin
sewinir machine.
$ M
At which time our stock will be Complete in ALL DEPARTMENTS.
We invite ONE AND ALL to Call- and See Us.
Very respectfully.
25 Xja Sail Street.
Fu.t, up 174 . (iraud opcn'ng at A. Alschu-ler'.-.
The largest stock of clothing ever opened
under one roof in Ottawa, liood and substan
tial clothing within the reach rf all, a Him fol-
ielor, llio lirsllpremium I lowing price list will show:
Mks. K. W.ltuow mi.
The big eteltemeul on the fair
Thursdav was I'or'.tr Mason's new
rounds on
:.TraluaWest. ! STATIONS Pasa. Trains East,
LV.l.St.!I.V VM.
5. Pa
P. 30
a. no
i A It. A.M. Alt. A.M.: MM'. M.
. (tilfnco.1 B.00 I 9.M il.:
....lollut...; a. .5 I 7.5 l.l.'
.. Morrta.. l!.r; .K li.51
MsracillMl 3. is .1 C.ift , li.
OTTAWA) -i.iV I 5. i; I 13.10
..LaKalle..! l.-js i li.m
,.. .Peril...! 1.15 Ml) ! II. ac
.liUlTBUj.l t'.'.IO I.V...U. 11.10
4.1! .. Henry .J 1 1 . r.J
4.:'i l.rtparl.ind.i lt.vj Poorln
.'i.tii iCIilllleoilie, 11.1:1 'lliaiu'li
: .oo .. reoria..; u'.w
IAB.A.M. il.V.P.M.;
CHAQcroa Il.S-J
(..10 I.. Mollue.J P.sr,
.1 I). SO UlockUlnd 0.I5
. a. so i Ilea Moines' l.'J" :.
AB.l'.M.! ll.V.l'.MI
. i0.:iu icouacU B: C.tJ
U T. U 1 V A U I
vm-h !.
Ivitii r...n'l A trt. If. l.'TT.ri! . Sll'.'r.
F. TAVKSKIS, Ac'.l at Ottawa. I 'ate ,u me
.., II' ! I
..I 9.10
..! S.'i.
..; s.r
..i lll.rA)
..! 4.00
.. 4.S"
..! 4.10
: LV.P.M
. iii si iji ViiAMiE.-r-me popular unu o
marble cutter on La Salle street, ln this city,
Me.-sis. Hcniiclt A liunry, are doing well in
their business. They daily receive order Irom
.ii! pai ti of the county, which they fill promptly.
They have moved to tho corner of Columbus
it Jefferson streets, nt the north east corner of
the block on which the PottoUice stands.
X. 1!. N. P. Merrill, is no longer r- ith thin"irm.
Tun Si iiooi.i. The putllfi.ciools ok this
city opfned on Monday of last wctk with a full
attendaiiee in every ward. The jam, Indeed, was
no great as to press upon the school board The
necessity of providing more room.
The experience of one week has already shotvn
that the Board were not mistaken in the estimate
they were induced to place, from his high recom
mendations, upon Mr. Seluveb, the new Superin
tendent and Principal of the High School. He
shows himself to be a thoroughly educated man
aud a sp'emlh! teacher; and we have no reason
to doubt but that with our present uud most able
and etTricht corps of subordinate teacher, un-
!b r such supervisiuii, our city schools will soon
Pl'To.v a Ci.eam SimtT. We inive noticed
that the many attorneys in atteiidanei' at the
Supremo Court are scrupulously neat iu their
linen. The riin stion which we agitated in our
noddle for three days was "who was their wash
ivvomaiir Alter nearly minm;) our oraiu mcr
f j the cuigma we beheld a trio of the judges and a
oue.-iiaii Ki.ore in uiu w ii.wi in,,. f.,F,i.L.
laundry on Main street. m etifUiry we learned
that tin: popular laundryiHuu not only washed
and ironed but mifli their shirts. Kcinembcr the
place, near the corner of iTiutou on Main. .
Vgootl business wool suit, !0, ?b...0
Fancy cits. biioilicsn dress sibl. I ;.." to li.(K
Fancy cass. regetta suits, ! t.00
Blue beaver jerome suits. 1,00
llrown beaver Iirightou suit 1 7.r0
Worsted Harris suits,
Spleliilid fancy cass. vii-1 and pan!-. -S..VJ
lllaek clolh frock coat. S.W
.1.. do 10.00
t,i do I l.thi to 17.00
liood heavy vfiulcr pai.l-. I.'0 to 2.25
(iood heavy wl winter coat. l.iKito5.(X)
Patent overalls, ol;
The best collars in the, nmrhrt, 25
A spleiidhl stix k of gculs' furnishing goods.
oinu to us ami we will clothe vou and send
von on v oir wav ri'loi.'ing. A. Al.si'lirr.l i:,
If vou want to be sure or getting ne w and j At the V ellow c orncr.
stvlish clothing, remember the new clothing ol'j Price li,t for ovcreoats, buck gloves, mittens.
A." Frank oc Co., the People's Clothiers, west or winter caps, ,tc, will be is .ued soon.
f ii. I 1 1 "
V.OHU jiousc. . j
i attain a lib
oo, is; i.
he r ctlieiency ;han
; histo: v.
M any previous
rr i
iejiso, Isurliiizfoii jukI Ouinry
ItA 1 liltOVD
I lls liirl I.ifl4 t illlll
tlif V.ni.
'lOWAIIPS i I'lr'Al.i
gel' l'."UVef I MIhv. :;
1.1 A M
, :l.,.s r M
ti.4'i a M
'..'i. M
i!.:i p
7.K1 P M
. '.' .: .' p y.
j i!r l'.'.i.i.. (n Thursday afternoon the third
j game of base ball '.tas played between the X l.'s
j of Miliington, Newark, Yrkville and Morris, and
j Ottawas of this citv, on the grounds ( f the lat
ter near Pcrley's castle. The result wasadeei--it:
victory for the X l.'s by a score of 2s to 11.
Co. Xenkirk umpiretl the game, and the best
of (celiug cr.Istcil ''ttween fae clubs demon
strating tint both vrc composed of gentlemen
of such character as to cither gracefully accept
a i torv or good naturcdlv bear a (b b al.
H. AS'ulther received the llift premium
Ucuty.fivu dili'erciiV kimls. of cake and pastry at
the l.a Salle ( ounty Fair this Wick, and would
have gone to the Slate Fair at Peoria next week,
but Mr. F.berl and Pierguc i an'1 see it in thai
Siivm: U'khoino. On ia.-t 'I'hiirsday eveni.ig
i Mr and Mrs. Frank Sweetzcr, of this city, hav
j irjg successfully attained the twenty-liftli anni.
versa r.v of their wedded life, were called upon
I at their rooms, at the residence of Mrs Dr. Paul,
land were the recipients of a shower of silver
presents. Ice pitcher ami stand, card receivers,
and numerous other snbslantlal tokens of friend
ship were left, and i.pon one the legend of "1 -!'.,
1ST I, were engraved.
The couple were f.irmaliv re. united iti wed.
lock, and everything went a- " merry ss a mar
ria-e bell."
l 1
on ; ii, ,.
tr i ll W M.I. T I'll WIS. It seems that one; of
bakers in this city is attempting by hand
bills bi cram it down the throats of our people
that he took all the premiums at the. fair. The
fact is, said baker, by importing Chicago arti
eles, did succeed in getting two premiums, while
the remainder (si.xi worn given either to Mr.
PIer"ue or nivsclf. If I cannot succeed In busi-
(sbxn Our Sain Dittenliocft-r is now in the
eastern market buying our first fail stock. Our!
immense business obliges gam to lisit the mar
ket early and often, thus keeping our stock con
stantly froth and clean. Everything that looks
well and wears well, and is of good style, will be
found in our stick. We w'll maintain our estab
lislted reputation for selling the best of goods at
the iow c.-t of prices. M. SriErm. el: Co..
Clothiers, White Corner.
JV.tvi;i.i:v. Trasks jewelry store continues to
bo ttie centre of attraction for purchasers of ele
gant solid or plate 1 goods. He has juat received
something new in way the of spectacles, which
surpasses anything in this line heretofore ottered
in th! market. Kemcmher this house takep!cas
lire iu show log their goods to whoever may cull
whether they desire to purchase or not.
IVin't forget the number.;"! lat Salle strut.
!v I u
Oysters fresh and luscious, at Walther's.
c:om,lruiMKNT. The fuir committee on mil
linery goods did just w hat every lady slippered
and expected they would do, to wit.: Awarded
the first premium to Mrs. O'Meira, T the pera
House millinery ier!ors,.,for the finest tflplay
..f r.i,: i,; ai;..n I. n Is hut A hist
endorsement on the part of the committee off
tho efforts of Mrs. D'Me.ira to i.hvays produce I
tho later t i-tyles.
bo.MTitr.io Xi:w. We see A. Frank
our popular clothiers, are always ahead.
ncss without sending out a libel over my sigim-! have just reci
Waithor -i ts out -iup
rv morning at 10 a. m.
;it o eeiiN r d"-h, e
ture, and that in the very teeth of the awarding
committee, then f shall fail.
Thanking a gem rous public for their liberal
patronage iu I he pa'4 and soliciting a continu
ance of the iimc, I am Hie people's obedient
servant, '''1- ''':"
Lion i mm- " tin: nvi.i' siir.u.-Tin' tcle
Taoh instilute is instructing a ela.-s of new he
, V,
new clothing form, on
OsmaE i Haneman s
vvl.lfl! I disiihie their elcirant fitting suits. W
would advise all in want of new, tine mid stylish I"'1111
eloll.ingtrj give this iirm a call. Their boa r ""n goo.
i- located at 21 l.a Sal'e street.
t,y...r- fresh and luscious, at If. W.il'.her
trt of telegraphy. Owing to the
iew oiliees, and extension of lines,
s of this profes-iin are in con-taut
you can't rest, at Waltlier'
o;ira r.'i
: rti-'l i
Alt .tVl
l' i : stioi.-
. i : a m
jS;;i ; aiioe man J.e.-.hy,
.l'VSiB :
..... l in i ti :
;.!!!!!!!;;.;;! !!!!!...!..! ', aj tin market fiiioril
:i. . U. i ',i uo:, (.;caera; I'aisctipcr A;cn
vtr llamas. ! ;h -'! si:-.-r:itrdcat.
D. V. T(rZAI.I. - -
fatli. A r.'ut , Ottawa. Ililnni. V.iit. Mat)
The Madison btrccl boot aad
.eg leave to announ -e that he
i as good a class i f French hip aii.l calf boots
and as cheap as any. All
i olio r i.1::shs (if "iicds const.in'.lv on hand, .-.ndi
r.i'-.T- -I at popular pncc. ;
my Feed Stalle.
d rp:vt!nl!e u!.ne.r.c- In t!i.- r' 1 '.s of Ot'.iM il u '1 1
Ujr llmt tie Ins oarot li-ecfie.c! l.v.yMi el-- 'a ,1:1
at the c Hy subl. -urti - tt.e
Lafrt Slta of Il;ifU. rrri.i.r ;mi !!ii!f?Sf , ti;:;t
(('K'.ltle, llie ,n;.i aim
he dry goods, trade i:: th" city bus
gote 'oll'i-i the !!ter::::)g irain" to Ni w York
t" itrchasc t':e i-wn r o uiueli thereof n-will
be stikbc In OUaaiu .tie tfk many doeats a
weii as Ih.i l.i -4 wisie s of hi :iuuiernn en-tomer-.
'.'.!!, 1:
The very blest patterns hi gi nt- au.t boys'
clo'.hing just received by M. Sfn feUt Co. i'.uy
in' lio one else until you have examined tin ir
-p. el.. Celilellibi r the place. White Corio r.
lirv.--Vf culled this morning on Mr. More at
Mosiur's turnitiiit: rooms f..r his .imuiI local.
We b'tiiul him so "In ad over ears" in business as
l.i be uii.'iMe b give us an audience.
They have just received a large stw-k ol bed
inRtircsscs in whi hsplelidid barg.iii.s-iir. otTered.
SiMi.it Tuii'Mi'iu.vr. The Singer Sewing
Machine was awarded the First Premium at the
l.a Salle I'oiliity Fair f"-r work pi rtWincd oa the
ginner.s iu in
opening of
Ihc gradual
inciil, can ilo so l.y becoiiiing master of the art.
For forth, r particulars apply at the in-iitule,
Chet-ver's bloc!..
Fruit till V'ti can't rest, al alth'-r
late NC'.
ewai .i-d
This w-eik has been a big week al . Iran',
.t Cn.'.v the mammoth clothiers. They i.r- ilo
illga wholesale bii:iiiu s irii-tead of a retail one.
Kbtgant gMnls and low price- in t talo -. S e
wb h 1 1 1-ii i am-.
The Ust.
( i'TjwI. vV
and cheapest
f.a Salle sired
i:i l..'.i:
l.sl.A Hopkins .V; Allen nieklt
revolver. The finder will b.: libera!!'.
Iiv le:i ing it at this office.
vlilliiMry llcniitfir('i'.s.
H..'". Harper has gone Fast to make pu,, -l.aj.es
of rail and winter millinery gooia. She will have
on her return, all the latest and Hi" min-t fash
ionable siyUs iu tlie line id miiiin- r goods and
. .... .... i... i i. -.,..,....1 .. :. i . i.uc
!r:jimiiigs. far im is ri'i a . "--i
'riiuiiM r and wilt give perfect siiti.-Miction In all ' O'Crow I
parts .4 ! r w.rK.
Ill reply to the challenge of II. Walthcr to com .
pete Willi him at the State Fair, I most respect,
fully decline. I cannot see au honor in com-
with a ii.au that does not manufacture his
utr h is to ri-'irt to trickery.
Ww. Knr.KT.
A " lyp.." f this lVi. e w ill iliss. i t a portion of
tin e I nit- d Stat m al tile. M. F.. church on the
Hist inst., before the l.ib riiry Society. His thcuio
will le- ' N'e.v .fi r-, y vs. the United State."," and
wi'l iie s. r .kd v.'iit iu essay i'.n.i. Wo r Jos.
P.otliet liih of Jar. ,
The ( . I;. ,,.v. Ii. ;. iU', tarry J a-sstugcrs to
Chicago au k 'l im n fov .:..;;" on the following
days during iio- great irau -trial exhibition, Sept.
11,12. 1 !'J'. 25. and 'J :..! Oet-b. r 2 and brd.
I'.y this ro'.ita pi.-r-oii- are :.:! i i-i to arrive in
Chicago I !.. v.. .m leave after '.v. M.,thas
giving tlieei-lhe i i,t:v da ! tie grit howt
and gel t!-.e -eiae i :.nia.
The b:
wn t t
The io i oiiipetitoi's are M.b oui.
lake a b -'on on fancy cakes and
work of II. Walthcr, fancy l aker
to call
and I
itt.-.l i
The li.-st number of our pictorial advt rti-cr
will be i-siu-d on th" 15th. Tlie j r.heipb and
platform are as deep and broad the ocean
il -t-ir. Its make up and "git up' is decidedly
Mil i.im.uv. Mr-. O'M.ar.i. who-.: .li-pl.iy
'of millincrv good- at the fair was much ad
liiire I, beg- '.. ae I" :.1iln 'lltiee that In r Murk o!
f.. II styles he- arrived. Th'.- popula'- cat. n r !o
I tin: tasts- oi o.ir f.:-!.:"iial'V ia.lic. i sparing mi
I le.il.. t . i.iak - h.r l.aih.i-1.i-t e!.,... M,e lis
cngageil t:.t scivie.
'i'.v to i--i-t her :n
of .i holy Irom .:w V'.rk '
proilueo!. t I.e latest I V-tl-'
:::i. Look f.ut for lu- return.
. i -
Mw Who
I !.. ,.,- ... ii... i.t . ..
m'iums at th" f.!; l.on pie:
tat price tault tiait , Paris -. ..ti.iii:.I'nti'Ml.
, IV-, w .. .lil'l..! w .1 ,. .I..HI r "... ..... - - .
rala la tiie couniry i r s.l inlai to r. promptly il
st to. Persona taken to und Inti:: tlie de'M.tr, cir to t' ' 1
tTT.nl-jlit.ir.lay. it lae.t-r.ner ti. pure on M:n!i .
rre-i. i""ir ir.v .a - ani:.' .
ie6.;-;: VKTri: i.m. i
rr-. l!.i
7 P.s oJhw iliistaii.liiig
.'.,. sweepstake Jire-
gl'.e v i-.li'-s lo "tale
received . '-'. at said fair while the
eo:iu:;!, u pn n-.u.tn- ol a,! oaipelilO! .- r.ii.o.ini
id bju-t three a;:. I let more. I'iirgtie doe- Hot
1.. e-.tr,- an v l.ragadiii la var. but being
sti-;i'il w'.lh l.e javigiiKill of the awarding
c uitni't- e wl'.". ..!-i' cuOc;.v.- r t
f satisfied w i.h
l'I ot Al. ( ill itru.- The lb v. I r. Stec
rcsignei! the llecti-rship i f hrist i
sh, t' take llect ln::ie dl.ite!" afii r t
Icon volition, will prea.-lt hi. i.,r. vv. l'. t
t fsu::d'.v uee nhig. No . - .-?. ' i g rv
c. hat
ber. h
, n bl
1' hi
. ma:
!.' ri : ft.
humorous and free to all, that is to say, it is in-,
tended for gratuitous circulation.. A token of
good will. We are of the opinii.si that It will
meet with w hat success Us merit- deserves. Let
everybody subscribe. Ofliccof subscription and
publication at our M.. re. t ouie '.uiu see us.
. FutNK iV Co.,t!i.i People's lolhier.. ! is..-. Henry WVither took the ij.iA, n
..- . . . -.... i r....l..A-. ik.
llllUlrt loT i!-e o:m i ;.ei;o ui ..uii .vt , ...
!loW arc v'.u,.bil:i.'s. Wl::it Miki - ;...u !ok, . ir.., i, !, . ..ml does Hot n sxlleKsV I
' 'rive !
1 r. hi
, ! ions in fail and w int. -r !:..-.
I Mi-s .A oiiie Nolan, h ..: -o gu ..1 a favi-llb-i
in the c'ly la-t spriag, I ta be. n i-ngagi d f'ir the
'pre-cii si a-oii. l;eii,e;itU r fee pl. ee 'iiie'-ai
i Hoii-v luibit'-i ry room-. I at Salle slr.ct.
v.u,.Iil:ii's! WhatMikis ;.,.n!oi.k
..sprueo and young liMliiy.' to think h -made Hit-m. but desires to
Why, you see, I v.as paMl.he Wlut.- "- ..,..,,. . t).;,lL, that nr.: (':.-.:,, . s"
le :-. inats Mo-lei - y.u kti.u. ami uuppeiiLu ,.r.u. :,, ,;,..i,. e that F. Fr-.ri
.-liber-, want tl.o.e little ehildr, a'- ui. r-u.. j
! !.. bov. crv for them. Largest assort ai. i t ami i
!!.-ue-t st.tlesi at A. Frank , t', 1 op'.c'
! .-lot bier-, 21 salle atrei t.
' We are Mirrv til a 1 1 llOlltiee Ihllt the, il-lleerl
;giviuat the ls;igregali'iial i hu-eh on Mondavi
levelling should have be-n so lin.Iy i.tteu b-.l. j
i An entertaiiimi ut led be s.i .listingMi -In d a j
e:il'-t as itoi. i lar; isi.h, ei.'i :"-'
of tile Is-st in Ottaw a, shoiiM ban-li'.b il am :i'l
diericc r.s.lil in the lily, i ' -' :r. snto:T.e.l I bat ,
Snatii iallv il was a fiibin .
I ill! I .
.1 Al-e'.n.
. i g.-;it.' f ii 'i'sli'mg go. -.if ;t..t opened'
shp I elsil.-- (m W
i-.iai.v more, i-itcd
ti L at a In 'lulu. -i
lri s-ed w :i a t risk i
dlie.JaV la -t w.
I lr i.i.s' Meal in
In p. I Is I IL
r !' ..iiiil-.
t in la ,1 i I -Tit V.. stiv.'i
I.ount';' J.a'.I. Serena, n Tinirdr
Sept. 1 f..r the rVK-Si ' f il
Fvery. lo'. io tl i-j attifi !.
i't i l b.- uiCi.-u t'.nt :v
!:.'; l bi thi- '. ic tally .'it aceoi.ti
do i iMitcd r-y fuir p-a- 5
!.-. f. H. Poil.r, . - t'
i . i.. il j h i- -. .. . :-l l i I'.
il villi II. line J.lit f tie .
oi . Mi ircius'.. u'r-i 1 1" ;.r
.-: t.i'.'.ng the -"Turk" in
' Sf..a l!l.'i i,l::s. T tl I;.. I
I: i, for t. n i'-v - oi.l to
:-.rd i- b.,.,, ; lu.ign
,r- bi ,r r in l in - i:
old I lual.e tlii- deii : .;
.ii!',- v l.l '.i.i- ngcoii thai
.i..l he lad a.
evening next,
V. Vartnclo.
lions i. it u be
f the cureu
l.st raaJe by
ir Jen load.
:-.-,ki'd u?
io : y simply
!lt:T urn.
u i tuora.
id M-t rc
Tae pluia
.ttle Viin.
: T cr CE.t
( ;i i -l o il ivi'-. -O'j Tlie-ihiv
ii II-:. "V of "Oiil b.- 'ej-.u'i," ii.i-.il
:op. .
j ! ..ii-
taTi r via.--ii"' ii.uif-i. i; i ..ir com-
ccs al Peoria mi Tut-.iay :,e!. aini '1;.- ( !,i.
i, ItiM-k Isl..ml sir.l P. ' i'ic Pa'droa.l will rim
lal trains f ir the ; i'iai:.o.1:.t'...u of the pc.b.
Daily train-, bes;.!. . 'he r. guh r train-.
leave Ottawa for P- n' i "' . v . a h
WtMrti'ng at '.:- i. v
I-. ut; te
1 1: ! T I.1::'
-r-'it 1
.1 r
!.. mi-. M
!. m i t.
:,-t d.-
I under tic
M. lbxlwel!
Vullai'" .V
nlji- tok p!:.ee
-uliir'.ty o! tin- re
undcr Jtaiiv a-
-'i tiii-ir new sti ck, and conl'l nfd n.si-l bnv'.i.g
a s:;it, they were so line and i -heajs tn.''
'1 he resnitwas that James' friend v. I.o met loin
v.i nt immediately t -Mti. f"l V I'o.'s. and pur-
It i-
Cll ISi lt
TIH '.et
huiisclf a complete
full i 1" Ilium y left.
nod 'ad
(ly.yr words, bi iiiiiior.ii' i
t.iker, was !he m.ii jaeiiir. r.
lontice ti.M pait-. I'ienies,
.loe if bi- i leg: a' I v. oik by
Uiivs bi fi.n their a!' rtainieeli
"mmm.i; i i:m M
vcar of l7;i:
Th Singi r Mui.u.'.u t
Vielo.' M
IT.I .l s ,i .
rl:g 4 t. sold
t a:
M. -I.,
bi .J ia..!ra..
r'- .'ii-i:iu.ri.
. s that :
room-, t
ttenlinn i. call
i. A.W. l avari;
or to rent.
,1 t-
il:' I.H l.f
'-. . :-nii
A ' U
i M. s.
1ST. On Tl ...-'lay vt. a. e.g. "
sia Leather Jv v.. ! ..-.. lb'
ably r. ttanled by rrtumliig i'
tig ru-li for thos'.' t" v ;.! .
Thv are nobl v ae J i.ew .
. lib
. . -. k ot
l. : '. A
..i. ".Totlb!
' '! '.tea c:e
rug . now
i.. t' e Si;'l.re
il II.
Ik a!,:
i Sui
ut.'.cf.i.-n. ;
Id om .- :
r -ef ived i
-. White
m i io'hing !,. f r ' heap, I y A
A ( o-.n P 'p!.'s btlii'-r. sti.fOmrl IIci
rest. : t vn'.iiii
ellog's lie pajK-r
t (H-oian "t II.xpc
"7 ! a-V.vV.
;ii..li's ',n t r
' ".loll t i 4.M'
: M'l. ': -
'Work n F. IVg
;. r W. M.
- There w'.'.l U- i -p" la.
d. ::1. l l.. d ;e. N". " A. '
r.iv -', . ; l. U'h. it Tot".
: lid . V.
rk, sh-H'.
r J. W. I'arir.i'ge.i f Xc Havca. Cotin-1 C
w,;: i .1 A. in fie i ot -.n-g-i'loJattr-.r-h
J-J.e "!.ri
i n.aadue ''
'. his tino I : :
I Mi Is til-!
I si h i t girf-J
' M idi-; I
-tS!i Uih-s r.i t isi:e
i .- any htiiul ug I ric- !l
.tt. lidi.ig to bi I'--'
i il'-t! 'ii.g rati ' -! u
gjoJiU i..lli::g :i b-
; ;...: tir-t i:.k.Iuiu !..
' r..:V-' ... fi.nrv cir. '.i . rsis'.rv tiul i.riial.
I tl wck at ihr t'uuuly I'nir th:- wi -..
' t'-.l, 'ei .i.""'if"i":
'ftc nobbist l'.de-
il 1 rli'.ldri. U'
ai'. l 1"
111 A In f I
.i :' ii
. : '
M i: txini . I!i tbt. -liioi "-el iar; ,
l-rflid of tin- O a::. Oj'i rj Irmi!" l.imrid M,.
Vine T i! mill i-llic. ftlt'a r nia.le oil Wi '1
m-.lai. .'..r aliiili II... il! el '! :.; 11' 'il'-li -I plan- '". 1. " ' T t.V t ost few
i'boi.;-t"l!. n.k v..w." -le. .1 isi'i .1 V, r-d vr.tr ;-lctle
it,- igbeltoai. ' ..on-. ?i. i. b " "'.'-' -worvil
. . . ... ... 1 ..-,1.1 a". al.il t.liWa-i . ' Ml'''" r-.ri ,
iin.lt hi"- . ti"t , , , . i . , re - , . . 'i i :- i ;. :-. . w ::.. -vc:gc
' --...o.. . ., , .... ....ii i.,i- ... i liea!.
' l.t ad iii.ii!' r- on W:n li-oii sire. ' . ... , ., . ,. . . i: - x - ... ...i... e. .h.X. at
... ... - . " . - ' x il !"iaii'--
r l'i" ', -.1 aid ilnape-t -t..e- .m .o -.. v r - 1 ... ild " I bl .. u - .
: i-rr ,w e t's. If. a:'.' -trci t. (, -r,.,, i i-t.. ,-..ii""f -:y o'.ue -1'-. - - .-gutc
... i7IhZeV,TpTt.t,r. go .. the ' ' -V k, J in". I -"' 0bl al II..U. - . , i;. ,-t , 11,1;!,.,
'WiMuf F:.':i? IL Walh.r go -fi.tdva li.dt ' -.'. le re y.ii i all I 1'ior. g"od '.r 51 4. U rll J'.t'V.. i- . : ' . tler rat.
,.t ...v , ,i .tanyolh.rpa.cu, u-v,. . ; ; , , .v , , ..
Fratk; ,:.,.,'.. r tl,r.t t til- r- . ... t i'.M..'.o.-.-Ag'..-o - .HUa , - r ..TTtTr7 IM-t --ca?
W: '... r at v....r..r. -:...... -.- ' .
, '- on at .iot.ii II... 1. .i. : . 1 s- ' -
i-i iml iL..vJ-est -1 ' '.nn..': me "Ur! 1 ' : "..''. - i--x "i-,L-'' U.i. (. r!.:i 'its.'i. are 1 ... s ! .. J .b-icU.
'. Il s:.iv. strci t. -ij. lii.iii..-. a. -. :". t. -v 'oW J ri. c
i M'5:h..:.'s.-e -n.:.-1..--, r. .!.. ..!. '.eil .f-i.-V '" " "' ' " v ' ' ': '' 1 " ' ' ...... ,. : -..l h.aI:.-. : tt -tV.tr.,. r'.
" 1 I . . ! , i
,..-,. Vi''eV. S. F. '!,. ii.-nl U'.u-e ' -
. . .. ... ' : j. I Mid A. ( -ip, s' ?' 'O Uy N.
U" s.. ,f;.;i H ...... It - ': ' i-i
:.t I'-- i.i .-; Might at Mirisit bat:! ci.i - , ... . m.'n .t nt'i'
in,...:., f:.,e i. J; fi-b New Y...r. .V.'.v P. u.iv ' ' "
" ' . . ! . 11:1 .-Tll'l 7.TI- .. ai. . s.
!L... is t 1 v f ! trti l in i;:as i r . ... .4 i--.i " r ... , ,, , . , M.,, . r,; ;.. , r ruct
' il. -,s pi .c. a .rd aor-bl', Tie Lob P' mtrt h'.M's r r-' .-. :.-r . -I ( " " .
It .n -..... r. 1 I : J. ' ." .-iiri
t i.t.:. - !-'- tv0.rfrt.iS, ,..,., ttViluV .tt.i't Mil .V U is-ii.;-i. H-.'s -
the ten com- ; fj,,
.l.I ul spends i ,; -(
in w ur.l 1
n :'
r s.- hoi bcAA..
! Wcnic'v
Wi.lt he i" w is o-t 'U'
, :v rtoru'-.g .st l'i 1. v.
G. Anastrong, ciuu."
ion to tr-c l t.i .
' iir.
!o "Hi .
('hVr?.v Pb:pT

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