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, v
Norman Holies,
I visited several lots that were in sublet Hi
Havre for export, and found them to. bo in
most instances the iiesceiuiiints of the origi
nal Pert-heron, which i a horse of great si.e
and endurance, weighing auy whore from one
to three thousand pounds, witii almost tue
action of an Arabian thoroughbred Iu many
instances, and at Iho name time poesIng
the comparative strength of an elephant.
Many of them are at work in the drays and
truck wagons in Ihn Freucli and other cities
13 Europe, where one of them of good aver
age size and in good condition, will haul with
apparent ease twenty-five bules of American
cotton, which is equal to two loads of cotton
; Vmii VirL- t.f fun dorse, or. in
other words, is the worn ot i.xiroi our .mer-; suggestion wo mahe is that, u me spot se
icau truck horses. lectin! is not by nature so rixed as to do this,
The pure-blooded "Perjheron liore" is a it should be so graded that watsr will not re-
cross between the tiioroiigiioreu -vraoinn unu. main near the house, especially not unucr it.
tho original "ISoruian dralt norse;- me nrst
I Health and Comfort la Hnue IluildlnK.
Among our readers in country and village
are many who propose building residences
this season. The best advice which can be
given in many cases where this is proposed
is that a competent architect bo employed
and that his directions bo followed. Some
'.Lines are bo often neglected by those build
ing that a few suggestions may do good, even
if they bo of the kind which suggests the re.
mark. "Evervbodv knows that."
On many larms the location of the resi
dence is determined by the water supply.
Water is a good thing, but it is coming to be
understood that in the wrong place It is a
very bad tiling. J)ry earth is healthful ; it
absorbs unpleasant odors and bad gases.
Wet earth gives out these things. -Many dis
eases have their cause in malarial vapors
arisine from stagnant water. Hence the llrst
Is possessed of great fleetness and delicacy
of lorm, the latter oi great tnzcmiubucugiu,
which constituted the;'stagestock" of France
before the introduction of railroads.
I can say, with positive certainty, having
had some experience ns a stock-raiser, thai
these horses, now being laigely imported in
our western states, if properly bred and the
crosses properly made, will do more in the
next ten years to give the United Htates a
high enter of general purpose horses, or
horses of ull work, than all the horse impor
tations that have hitherto been made, as near
ly all of our Importations hitherto have been
racing-running horses, which are worthless;
The caves should do trouenea, ana even u
very little hanking of earth against tho I'oun
"lations will do much good. It is also es
pecially important that . grading be done
about tho well sd that tho surfaco water miy
inn from rather than to and into it.
Cellars should ho well drained and well
ventilated, especially if they aro . to bo used
for storing vegetables. It is beyond doubt
that sickness is frequently caused by the
dampness and bad odors arising from cellars.
This is so true that there is much force in the
suggestion that the cellar should be made
outstdo ol tho house, nt least not tinder the
parts usually occupied.
Ordinarily tho houso that is warmest in
CO., wfsKBk
except lor gambling purposes, we naveiwiuter is coolest and most coratortable in
bred that class ol stock, and otiier classes, summer. Where little money can bo spent
much more useltil, the trotter, whoso perlec.
t ions as such have been unequaled by any
other part of the world, until we have bred
our stock down so small that wo have but
few general purpose or business horses that arc
fit fo the common work ot our country.
These Percheron stallions, crossed with
our small trotting and running mares, must
produce very much the samo kind of stock
in our country that the Norman draft horse
and the jhoroughbred Arabian mare prormc
cd in France many years, which constitutes
tho presont Percheron stock that I have re
ferred to, and of which our farmers and
stock-raisers imported last year from Havre
alone more than ono hundred. The prospect
up to this time this year is thai our import
Hons will double.
Our importers and dealers are now cliarg
ing too much for them, but, as ull new enter
prises of this kind arc experiments, tho prices
obtained at nrst aro much larger man wuen
the people have become familiar with tho
article they deal in.
A good Percheron stallion can be deliver
ed in Mew York for from one thousand to
rittcen hundred dollars, and pay a reasonable
profit to tho importer, while '.cesame are now
selling in lllinoise from two to three thousand.1
. I feel confident that there is no part of our
stock-raising in America that has botn so
neglected during the past lwenty.years as the
nasi twenty years as the business horse or
horse ot all work. I think, however, it would
somethings which would add to comfort
cannot be afforded, but often a saving in tho
first cost is poor economy, as the increased
expenditure in tlio cmuse of years may far
exceed tho cost of tho thing omitted. In
wooden houses it i important that special
care be taken to prevent ingress of the ex
treme cold or heat. Tho use of building
pupir is a great help at small cost. It will
pay well to use it not only on tho sides but
under the floors and roofs of houses. Win
dows and doors should be made to tit closely
and tho w ide opeuing under the baseboard
often should bo avoided if possible.
ventilation is very generally neglected.
fnnn I nfnMu.nnl ,,t,,l., linntii liullnvu flint
- i. ! .1 - 1 , ; ...
Mic purity oi mo air is ueiermineu uy us
temperature; that cold air is necessarily
pure. Almost everybody admits that 4 fresh
air" is desirable in hot weather or in a too
warm room, but very bad air is tolerated,
perhaps unnoticed, if it bo only cool. Ven
tilation is secured in a room with many
cracks and loosely-fitted doors and window j,
but in an expensive and undesirablo way.
Currents of cold air flowing on the floor are
very bad for the health and often cause un
noticed suffering on tho part ot small chil
dren. In an ordinary house, lying on the
floor in winter by a grown person soon shows
how uncomtortable it is, yet the children
creep and lie there unnoticed. ., So direct
drafts are to bo avoided. It Is better to have
the loom so it can bo ruadc nearly air-tight
Lath, Shingles, &c.
Sasli, Doors and Blinds.
Person ran mLc ikr- Ritirra aoconl
Ing to direct!, ins. and rcmum lone unwell, pro
vi.ietl their bones are not ietrneil by miuci-iil
k)i.soii i.r wilier inrniiH. uml wml 'urgiiiM wu.tcil
le voni the point (if repair.
It-yaprpain or luditfrattaa, Ueoilfclie. rain
In the MiouUler, Toughs, Tiirh'iiess of tlie client,
dizziness. Sour Kriiputlons of the Stomuch. Bui
TuKin mthe Mouth, Kiliuu Atta ks, I'ulpltation of
the Heart, Inflammation of tho I.miir. 1'iin in the
rt-triou of the klrinrjs, nml a liimitred other painful
yinptoni, aro the offtpriiiirR of )yspepi. one
bottle will prove a better guarantee of it merit
Minn a lengthy advertisement.
Vor Femaile 'omplaini. In yaunsr or oiil.
married or mtijtle. at Hie dawn of womanhood,, of
the turn of lite, these Toiiin Hitters display so de
cided an influence that improvement Ik oon per
ceptible. For Inflammatory and Cbronir lthca
mutism and (iout, bilious, Uemtlteitt and Inter,
mitteut Fever. Hist ase of the mood, Liver, Kid
tieyn iint Bladder, there Hitters have no equal.
Mich Diseases are caused hy Vitiated Wood.
Thry are m gentle Purualive ua well an
n Tonic, possessing the merit of actum as a
pnweriul spent In relieving? cmiirejMiwi nrliiflum
wntion of the Liver and isceral tirjtans, and in
Dillons Diseases.
For Nkia Diarnara, Kiuptloiis. Tetter, Stilt
r.lwurn, lllotclies, Spots, Pimples, riistnles. Iloils,
Carbuncles, IUnir-worms. seald-llead, Sore Kye,
Ktysipelas. Ik h, Scnrls, DlseoloralioHH of Uie Skin.
Humors and Diseasea of (he Skin of whatever name
or nature, are literally dim up and earned on t of the
vysteni iu a nhort time by the use of these Hitters,
ftrntrfal Thoaaand proelaim VlNkiUR HIT
tkrs tha most wonderful lnvigoi aut Uiat ever su
talueii the slnklnn svsteni.
Orugirists uml lien. Acta., sau Kraiicisco, Cat., ft
cor. of Washlnirti.n and cimriton Sts., x. v.
Cor. of Court and Zladiton Strecl a, Ottawa. Ills.
At till. ttbllbniDt jou vill And a Urn nut complete atavk ot
Pure and Fresh Drugs and Medicines
pruetUta Sanrir!ei.Ynt S'otlood In (treat variety, Cbolne Perfumery, Hair 011a, Toilet Soups, aad everythlhf awfu
for ioh lotlet Btana. The Palut, on, VainUh and Artiat Material .lock U iir Urreat and must vuinhlete la the cua4y
Kverythlnic thai tlut Frceo, Carriage, House and 81(0 Paiuter aeeda. Our aim It to
Sell the Best Goods at Prices to Pleas All.
Prescriptions are Carefulfy Prepared of Pure Materials.
Drug Sbtoit.
South Sid j of the Public Squte.
Haviog eoaite) our contractu In Chicago aad eiwwheie,
e are now prepared 10 npur aou ihkb juiw in .nw-
a aud (r.rruuodioi: towua and couctrj at
LOWER RUBkMaibknib
be better for our importers to import some, and aJmit air end allow it to escape by open
Percheron marcs as we.l as stallions, as upon ings controlled -at pleasure
our cheap looii we can brcca ana raise a tour
year old stallion in any or our middle or
western states at a cost to the farmer of not
more than two hundred dollars, whilst the
same animal, bred and raised on the other
side, would cost $1,000 to $1,500, ss I have al
ready mentioned to import.
Itelatloii of Water to Agriculture,
Without the constant presence af water the
production of vegetable substances is an im
possibility. The presence or absence of this
.bbstance determines almost entirely whether
our labors in the field of agriculture shall be
In every case where it is practicable, a
room should have windows on two sides,
otherwise perfect ventilation is very difficult
unloss special apparatus is supplied. The
windows should extend to within a foot of
the celling, wnich should never be less than
eight feet from the floor, and better ten, and
suouiu always lei ciown iroin tne top as wen
; as raise from the bottom.
One of the simplest aud cheapest contri
vances for ventilation in winter ot which we
know is to introduce fresh air through a tin
or wooden nine tinder the floor, cominir un
the stove, and extending up beside it and the
stove-DiDe to the height of, say six feet. The
crowned with successor prove a failure, air'u wnrmed as it nasses ud. and the ten
Either the lack or excess of water proves de-, fancy js to huve the air pass out, instead oi
leterious to the growing crops of the farmer.! i,,, nt the cracks and openings.
Water exists in three states or conditions, in j Shade trees near the house are exceedingly
all of which it has a very Important influence desirable, hot they should not be too close to
on the production of farm crops. These are the house nor too thickly planted. Sunlight
uie soi ui or ioo.en state, tue nquiu siaio anu
the gaseous or statu of vapor or steam. It is
a law that all material substances are expand
d by heat and contracted by cold or by the
abscence of heat. This law holds good in
the case of water at all temperatures above
about (legs. Eahr., at which it becomes
stationary and remains so until it falls 82
Uegs., at which it freezes. In the process ot
;ind fresh air should not be excluded even to
secure shade. Thick hanging vines on the
walls are also to be avoided. Western HhmL
Feeding Swine in Winter.
A correspondent ol the Germantown TcU
qniph writes: '-During the hot summer
months 1 would feed very little solid feed,
such ns corn in tho ear or nncracked. I
freezing the law of expansion is reversed aud j would keep hogs upon green feed constantly,
ili6 ice mat is formed occupies one-sixth to either grass, otits or rye, anu iceu tuem ai
one-eleventh more space than did the water regular intervals, once or twice a day, upon
from which it was formed. This accounts! mashed feed, either shorts, chopped oats or
tor the bursting of vessels by the freezing of rye, buckwheat, etc., fed in troughs. When
water in them; it also explains why many : fed in this way, and at the sainetiuie allowed
vegetable substances are injured by the freez- access to water and shade, hogs will bear
ing of their sap the swelling of the sap in crowding through the hot months, a very
lreezing ruptures or at least so strains thei good time, it' not the best, to take on flesh,
vegetable cells that vitality is destroyed. This puts them in the best of condition for
Snow, which is frozen vapor, is very benefl- corn feeding, which should commence about
cial as a protection to the roots of plants that j the 1st of .September, when the new crop is
remain the ground during winter. The many i still soft and tender."
email air spaces formed by the freezing make) This w riter is on the eve of finding out
it anon-eondtictor of heat; so that a few inches, that the hog ietuircs bulky food as well as
of snow will protect the young plants from I the cow or horse. Becaust pork is usually
the injurious ettecis of the most severe cold made by feeding grain, many farmers have
that ever occurs in the temperate zones, almost ceased to regaru uie nog as a grass
And in cases where the soil was not frozen eating animal. When farmers shall study
whenthe snow fell the internal heat oftheearthj the nature of the pig and feed it aocordingly
be sufficient to cause a vigorous growth of j there will be little trouble with cholera, scur
winter grain thus protected. The snow also vy or ether diseases Hoth are no doubt oc
carries down with it when it falls certain fer-jca.sioned by error in feeding and uncleanly
ulizing substances found in the air, particu-j surrounding!'. One point mentioned in the
larly ammonia, which are believed to con-j above paragraph needs correction, and that
tribute directly to the growth of the plants! is, that it is dangeiom to feed high in sum
with which the snow is in con'act. Acoat imer. This idea lias grown out of the fact
lng of solid ice, on the other hand, by ex-! that diseases are more prevalent in warm
eluding the air entirely, and by preventing' weather; but tho cause ot greater prevalence
the exhalation from tho plants, if continued of disease is that concentrated food creates
for any great length of time, is almost sure fever in the stomach, and tho hot weather in
to result in the death of the plants by suti' i-' creases the difficulty. Cold w eather carries oil'
cation. It is evident, therefore, that no1 much of the unnatural heat, and (has modifies
water should be permitted to stand on the! tho effect ot grain diet alone. Now the pig
surface ot the ground that is occupied by a 'should bo fed in such a way that thcstomueh
crop of winter grain. JJut perhaps the most will be healthy at all tunes, und tJten thei
beneficial effect of water in tho form of icc! heat will aid the growth and laying on fi
is lound in its tendency to break down and, fur. ith grass or other green lood, tivcn
pulverize S'ilV or heavy sjils during th" win-j with meal, the pig nriy b fattened much
ttrcascn. ! cheaper in summer than fall or winter; itre-
When saturated soil freezes the loe $ not quiring little food to keep up animal heat,
formed in ull the intersciccs ol the s-ol The summer is the economical time to make
Ahere it is held while in a fluid state, i pork; give pl?ny f clover, green rye, oats,
but it is drawn together so that th; ice is 'turnips" b"eK carrots or r.thor green food
formed in thin pla'es or scales, Thus separat-' relished by the pig, and with tin give corn
ing the soil into numbcrlcs mul! divisions' meal, ground oat, peas or any other grain,
or particles. e;eh c.f which i bound and and your pigs ill make healthy riork, and
held to it neishbjr particle by a th.n turn r
plate of ice. htn a thaw takes place, a
These layers of ice gradually melt, tha parti
cles of soil, instead f reunrine with those
t. which they adhered befor
off and crumble down into a bose,
soil. And if the surolus water i-, oarri' d off
An our arrangement ara rou-plr, and nnr ftu'Hltlea are
Ktili that we can porebaM all our material at tn
twt aid are w.lllne to?!eour paironi
the BKNKHT ol lb am.
We aw prepared to flpire on a!! building or Jobs that may be
renulred, aud ..o Hit tiifKrtnlebdvnce ou taiue.
W Parllee navlue .an ami tneetSe.atloD to ftpiretm
would cuntult tlieli own Interest tiy citing na a call.
Wist. Hs nCr
1'olU lea written In Uie foregoing reliable compaolea by
'dovT Room 1 1'oit Office It lock.
Ma 1. 1S14.
the pork cost .Vi tier cent, less th til that made
in w inter. -.( stwk. J.intt. j
Wmik and I'l T-W'o; ms. A corre-poudcut j
I.wir.ili.,, Mil nr,.r,,n, ;,.,,,,-,... -.. .I,,,, p inenrts in I
triable r. 'L .r: v" ;.1 v" j: .': ":;.;"
n-t'-"1" i s . (JUiv lilt rcI ill t''j't: i nmvi
.J',"ld!,a'? !"'? c soil. wluchV-Drcwasith-a.(.r a ,jMe cv,.ntv , ;
"r rJ , v.n cs.a "w, iigiu w..- Falir. 0n,. lM)lind n( in 1h-r(.0
I think there can be n doubt bot.hat danng 1 , t 7", ' 1" , "
but ooes
not uijuie the gcrminative properties. An
other preventive is the following:
Soak your seed one night in a tub of cjual
rrorortions ot Ive made from -"hes and
r7,: u in', T: nSi"l "!Sr'D5'T coPPor.H turns the seel black.
iess or its fertilizing properties. Th is am
moaii, carb;nic. acid and other iiaro"ar.t
nnicies oi io-i may ic, anu probably are,
deposited in the soil, ready to supply the'
demands ot tne ensuing crop. These con ;,.n"'.i " ,V
1 1. . . ..... . " v i i .. u . i. vcucucittj e l
fects resulting from the fall plowing of heavy
or stiff clay soils. Dotheynot alsoscsrgest
that it would tw to the ioterest of agriciiltur
its in region, where heavy soils prevail is
the custom of rail plowing was more gener
ally adopted ? L.J. Tfrnpiin, i Qh( Farmer
' Croquet eeU, at renitrka'jly Vw prioc, at Os-
Daaa & HaptBaC S.
:nne, with a lair pori'.en of blue
lved therein. Pour off the liouid
through basket into a tub, to preserve for
ese again. Then, while the coin is wet, take
& first-class article of piaster, and mix and
stir till escu and every grain is thickly and
thoroaghly coated with the plaster, so as to
cover the entire surface of UHrprains. Then
plant as usual, being careful net to break or
rub off the coating. It is said to be, by those
who have tested it, a coopiete preventive
against those a&ooyers to all farmers.
Works which should be, lotitul iu ev?ry Librar)
within tho reach of all readers- K'orks to en
tertain, instruet and improve, '.'.jes wiil he
cut hy return post, on receipt of price.
NEW PHYSIOGNOMY ; or. Signs of Char-
acter, aa manifested tti rough Temneraaitnr and Kiternal
Form, and eHneclally In Uie "llumaii Kaee iMvlne,"
w ith more than one Thoatnml illiic.ratlODo. I'i 6. H.
WelU. lTlce.i'j.
Prescrllier and H vglenlc Adrlaer. With Keftrenee to tlie
Nature. Caiinea, Pre'ventlon and Treatment of Wneaaet,
Accident and CanualUe of every kind. With aoloMit
ry and copious Indei. Hy .loel Shew, M. l. Kugrav-
ingi. line larca volatile, rnce, i.
UltiHtratca 11 ami Hook of fhrennlour and Fhvloifuomr.
lor Student and KxamlDerii. with t I hart for H-cordlnic
the tl.e ol the Oriran ot the bruin, In the Delineation
of I haracter, with uparde cf ITU Ku)rra:r.ir lakeit and
oei, juumiiu, ii.j.
How to llehave," nd "How to Do Hulne." A Hand
Hook liidlftpi'imattle lor Home Iiiiproveiiient. In one oi
uinc. l'l Ice,
WEDLOCK; or, the Right delations of the
Bexe. Dinclonlni the I. awn ot CoiijUi,'l Selection, and
vhoalnz Who Mav nd Who May Noi Many. A Oulde
for Both fe.ve. ll.Sii.
.ESOP'S PARLES. 'Hie People's Pietorial
Kdltlon. Ileautlfully IlltiHtrated with te-ly s-nty Kn
gravlnn. Cloth, till, heveled boards.
Heautltulty lllii'triited. loth, gt. Iw-Tled board,
only 1.
OEMS OF (IOLDSMITH. 'Ti.eTraveler,"
"The Ieertd Vlllaire," and '-The Hermit." ,!h Note
and UlmtraUL.ru. ( loth, lull (tilt, l.
PI, ACE. A New l'oeet Dictionary nd Ueleiruce Rowlc.
Kuihraelni synonym. 1 eehnlcal Term", Ahliretrlatlona.'
Forelitn DuaM-i. Writing for the !'." . i'uiictuatlun,
1'rool Keadln. ete. Vm.
for the Normal Development and TrHlninc l Women
nml hlldren. au4 the Treatnienr ol ihHr llee allbj
llyKienle Amende. Ily K. T. Trail, M. I. '
MOt-M'M V. For ;, ;. '.'. and Vt. '
Hie nine in ne. eyntamlni: over :i.vi l!!nMHiiori, inarv .
I'oriralt and litirapliiec l-if."li-r u 1:1. "' ! ..n' llow
to Mudy Phrwmh'fy." " ltatriln." " I i lMie e,"
.laieiuerlnr " " vln l.i," ol i inn i .. iy : H
I ante and t:r-."
iilete Kxplanatlon of the Fhyioliiry ni tie Dle"ii!e I
j'rocefaen, with ymptonn and Treaninoi "f I)ivpia !
and other IMorder nf tlm IliiKtivi' in :u hnrav-'
li:;. i'y It. T. Trail M. I. Moulin, f.
V VM'AIr' ntl1nff a Treatlne on ti e A". S ienre and
Mytterv ol Coaeh. farhaje und r I'alM'r.:, If.i I n l nit
Unei.lld.nc. Iirniiine. Namlnhln. Po)ihln. 'npylra. :
Iitenoit. 8 iiilllii4 and Ornamenting. ,
HOW TO PAINT. Desi en ed f-r thr use of'
Tradesmen. Mi-ehanlea. M'-rehanM. Kut " ai.d a (inlde i
to the lro!eionil 1'itliiter. I n.'oi 0il.;iiii'. Maininit. '
(ir'.nlL'. Mrlllne. arnlt'iln:.". ponh rf. Kaltuniliiinx.l
rarwr lian'-nnir, -irtplnir. Letterlo?. lo 'ei aiiilorr.a
tnnt!ii, with l orm! a lor Mix' i l i t !:i :! oi 1
Water, .
Monthly. Th t xp m-"t oi altkmwn n "!' hy hle
ll-xltti. Kreii2th and I on Lie- are ara n-o. t y Areorle .
vitally l-:teO io Hemth ami the Im'u'hI id Ulrraae. '
ulivcrlptlon prlc-. l-'ayeitr: no:nT, JOc.
N AL AND LII'K lt.I.1TKATKI.-Iii.t-l to Knimd-t
i-tj. Pnyatolocv. Phrenolor. PhTioeroniy. I'yeboli.iy.
sorlily, HI .iraphy, Kdaratlon, Ar l.lie.-tnre; witli
Vea'ir- to terrn.. Klet ami lmpro Maiiina-1
-iHi ila: J aatliorliy rn ail mailer jieru rnr . to 1 he N I
et:i of Mouthlv. f-ia year; or i i ikI.t.
C3- 3rt 1. t G- S
Would tlitjik uU nunierijui ftleudnfor tlifflrforuier Wbrrnl patronise t ml iuvtif the Tifntion oivrylHdy to his lrr
Patent Medicine. Cbeinlcal.
Oil and I'alnU, Brnnne of all kind, Varnluhe. y HttitJx, Wluilo"
ixat I'reacrlpUon Vlala, Perininery, Ac, Ac.
UhiMfr.ua til:
Mv riorlptlii -' I etenive, and flttaxl o-p with choice nd pure article. luylcln and caitoa
rillfiudacompeii!itmuto waltonlbeniatallhour.,Qay ndulshu '
Qgod lriilli, "Vln, &c, lor medicinal uc,alwaj on hand, a pore a tan be bad. Myitockol
llook) n1 tatlonry-ltliehrgetthU(ilileofnilcato.coniilnnln partofBchool Hook oral! the
riM MlM-nllanoiiu llook. Bloeraphlea. HIlorlea, Travel. Agrtenltural and Mechanical Hooka, Hook lorfhlldren am
?onth.BIanliflo5 and flaln White aud Blue Utter, VoolKap aud Note Paiwr. Cap, Urawlnx aud Mutlc x-apei
Mutilo.-O'tfe. Flatea. Acoordeon, Violin, FlaReolefa, Clarionet, PiccoU,UanK',Uarnionlum,.)liarp, e
Ac. Sheet Miulc, Note and 6on Book,
ottonai. Kotlon of llklnda.tootedlouttonieutlou. Call and etiuot anything yon want.
Wholoaaleand Rotttll. I wlllinppljr Country Merchant and Pliyilelan with (mail bill, at wholeiai
Drlcea and a cheap a they can ti t thein in Chicago. 1 can do o heeaune I ara receiving them monthly from th Kant
rncltiea,freroflrtbaniU (mayl.') K. . UhloOO.
3E 3EIL "O" C3p .l:S02BL3SS
Went f l a Ssalle Street.
1 iBipc.-taad keen cntaiitly no band, a lari and vellnlccteddM k at
All hBw aadMJpxtar
fjr Culinary Cm.
Vmnvy Arille fr Ibe 'lollri. -lni
lrulir, aad
4. Varnlaihrw, Wlator Ulna. f
For aiile at O'CROWI.KY'8 Tin, 'opper and Sheet Iron
Manufactory. li:l. Main Htreet. Ottawa. Tin Koodne. Spout
inK. Klevator and Wdl ilueketr, Sloven, Catlery, Nali ,e.
New atoek, large variety and low price.
Man-h j;-eonilf 31. J O'CKOWIiKY,
rrtiouliir Attention (riven to the Compounding of FLyaioian PreaenptiwD
Shelf, Carriage and Heavy
Wagon and Carriage
IF YOU WANT ' No. 118 Main St., and 18 Mill Street,
uly iO. l.-tr
To doctor yourM-U, I hare all the Patent Medicine thi
are (nod for anything, aud eiS. that limm to cure all ill.
eae. K. V. OKIUtiS.
Improved Farm for Sale.
Having engaged In the hardware hualnen. I wll-. nell my
fai ui.lyniK alHtut. lour mile noutheant Iroiu Seneca, ai a
luricaln, md on reanoeahletcraK. !-ld farm contain l'4i
aiTe,20of which I timber. hehooN and market conve
nlent. (i'KKl lionae.goiMl cellar and Clitein. (iood fenren
and good trait. Knoutre !'
ileclK-ff H.!ni-ra, I. a Salle '., III.
' Real Estate, Loanjmd Insurance Bfficft.
Money to loan on Innd In l.a Salle and I.lvlrienton run
tie, on hort tune. Will buy Kood uotea and tuoriitageii. Tttr Rawtnir PI
farm and cl'y proieriy for le.
otllveoversliiioa'auiualL'itore, Ottawa, III. MOUlUlnKiTU
Auk'Uit.r; J. K. HATH BI N.
1 14.
I every dencripllnn
Anl .Kill I'ltl.X'I'Ilt OF
done neallv. correctlv. and at In
owent prliw. lve til a calt. anil we will endeavor lo iff
utire natiKtaction. o.i.w i .v ha ft: ma a.
Weatof Court llou
Several lelrnhle Dwelling, m
KKhl LUM I.U KS i aluo good
blore ami Ofllcea.
f 'eal KCate Bruket
Will not perh. If. me to I lve the Int Piearnptin
t reiK" In the worin. Imu tn.-y are cmn'Iul aulancump
lei t a .my In the mat i.
1'ivwriptlona put i p at a't I him. NIeh' rlerk ran be
lo jiid ii t itaiin. td dim; II le.n. K. V. i. KILOS.
Mjnula''thrcr of and Wlmlenale
Iiealer in
Wood CoffinsH Caskets,
IIhiIiiI otarted up In the old f i!le Work, are now prb.
area 10 uo an awtiBoi n oou nor. nui:u aa
aninsr, Sawing, Shaping,
Turning in Wood & Ivory,
enr.lt a Houae and Furniture Turutuir. T' npln ind Milliard
Mall niaile a good a nw. Talihi and Bland l.eiion hand.
AUo li'pnirlng all kind of Furniture. All klminof Wood
Work lor Hooc Kiilldent and Waon Maker done up Iu
Ihe batof t'.yle und at a low prieaaaany Inthecliy. AIo
a l.rlnd Monn fur Heavy Oruiillng to PI on leanoiiahle
tW Leave order either ' ' he of he. H 1 l.a i.l.. tret.
... ..I II... L'.l...v .) nl ll... I'll u llll. IU. MIm..
iivc pr-onpt attfhtlon.
Mayl i.Ii;.. vtATSON, UAIirvlAN CO.
I have leit with n.e s, ,erl lnoiat.'l ! iUrn to i-.nr. on
leal e tti- eiMirt v, lor one ur nmr- ii-ar".
.Inly l-th, l-.U-tl W. lil SIIXI.I.I..
The Frame Dwelling lt" VO in F' Ottawa, and ib ' i:
j i-li-d a a riMi1ence by vim I i!r.l l-.inii.
I The tiotie contain It roott:. Ienli pinlrlea, e!oeU
I and hath rooian. and I, upplieil anh i.,rni e, range, (aa,
j and artenlan water.
i on the preoo ae two lr-.-e cl': and a good widl,
I !! a HUuiuier kitchen, uah Iioh. ami a eutiituoillou
I ham.
In hort, thl I one f ihi- mnd d'ilrahle rntilenc In
the city of otiawa. Ivlug Heelers in ttyleand complete In
; a!' of lt atipnlntrunt.
i TTiut rcawnaiiie. I'leae applr on premlne. aprlO
Or to J.O. IIAKliH. lal fjUte Hrokr.
I' ihe p.inThlp heretofore evmtlnc nnde
11m firm
nm ot Patch, Watson A In. ha tn-en thl ilay d,.lv.l
hy uiutml coriaent A. F. I't h wlthdrawlnt; from t'i
l rm. F. Ua'aon. .lohu lUrtumn andjacoh lelu will
c.nilnae tt.e bnine at thekanie pU'iin.ter t'n Lrtn r arne
if Wiin. Ilan-Tian A to., ami will collect M oute'nd'nc
h-M nd pay all llalitntlea o.vin hy ike ni.l HrhuI fati ii, i
a-. .11 o. . F. I'AH II.
f. F. W ffeO.V.
.1. KFIl.
ii'UH III.. May I s I-'."". JOHN F. HARTMAN. .
Abi: it v
Nov.. Ottai'v.a. Illinois
-V Ttirb Ulilll't INkS M FLI I!H. a-
VnronNorltolu.,n.s. VKT WAKKAXTKW.
Evtry Focket-KnFfe. Every Razor, Every
l .! uy Pair of Scisyors or She'rs
sold by us.
Contractor & Jobber.lIT WILL PM
lla'AVf 'a
I KOAlUiB, Ac.
OAIiliM. CltinilAUK
a; UAftMAS A
rrt!d(-.' build or rolr
tttotacrtnureatto try ate.
tHKTATION tu Money to aoatn taw
Orat Tamday of rrrrj noalh. rnaetpaJ aad Iniereal pay
tM In auotuhJy luitaiaaeni. .tot tanbrr parttcalara call
on J U MAUKIaV ecrary.
To buy Wall Paper and Window
Shades at Osman & Hapetaan's.
rvtbopoa ColcE.bttret.ink oltkeSanat Beidre
ajl ,
Mi, Letter and Bill Heads
PVavae! ki IrwtekaM rTJ at tM Trr Trader fence, waat
of Cwtrt Buaa . VSVAX ILApB-wla
1 he Improved Stewart Ci .vl ..U'c mum, le hy ri
lnl l.n'.r:e in tl e'liiiilrv : pnce (T,ini f . to
0. The Jan;.i.i nortu.eat ol
I irlTAWA,
K It TV IU Ki: If K N T STO V KS .
IMIII'KX I'tOM Hlt.4l.
fit jisr.CEs.
rOllTAIIlii; i 1IK14JK.,
Tae bet and aoet durable n-ade. Price frora M t tin
til rn. Veeilatoea, blova Fipe, aad a large aiaortjpeal
nt uftH and kravT aeet Iros, light and heavy t nlt fi
Tlnlain (uod. WeH Amn, tsuaot Mack Bum
Hnvrktm;. lOevator Backet, and all Ilniaof Tinware aa
Lav Trvach a lo ordar.
Charcoal also for Sale.
Ottawa, Oclotwt at, IT

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