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Ottawa, HI- Saturday. September 4, 1876.
An cxcUnngo chronicles tho marriage of a
Mini Backup to a Mr. Madder, from which It ap-
Dcarshohaicothis back-up and the hob got
madder, an4 we uppo tbey will grow a little
madder still.
A Chicago Chlnaaan ilngi " Old Hundred" so
iwectlr tkat a nunarea. Doys gainer ana liing
brick tkrougb bU laundry, widow.
Tbe Indianapolis HiraU mildly, but Crmly,
protctta agaiutt tho extravagance of putting
" two dollars' worth or collar on twcniy-uve
cent' worth of dog."
A Columbus tombstone soys:
They're burled roe
'Longtide of bo,
And together In heavca
Is her and me.
There is a Jersey farmer who ought to get
rich. Whenever be sees a neighbor's boy squirm
ing dewn the road with bis bands clasped across
bis stomach, be always goes out Into bis watermelon-patch
and coasts the melons.
An East Point (Ga.) eelored doctor got a sound
thrashing, tbe other day, for allowing two of bU
patients to die.
Once In a wbllo the obituaries whieh are now
produced In all well regulated newspapers are
worthy of Immortality. This is from uos wn :
"Amanda Jano has gone to rest:
She's lain her bead on Abraham s breast;
To tell the truth and not to sham,
It's awfal rough on Abraham 1"
The dreadful discovery has been made that tbe
parti-colored stoskings now so much In style
nre nolsnnous a fact to which the attention of
amative clergymen and others who have a pro
pensity for handling hoso ought to be specially
called. , '
An exchange gays that " klsblng bees ore the
latest. There is considerable sweetness in them."
All right; but be sure you're not at tho wrong
end of. the bee; then go ahead with your kiss
jag if you want to.
Who'd live in Vermont? Why, they flno a boy
three dollars in that State for tying an oyster
can to a dog's tall, and a red dog and a small can
at that.
Babies are described as coupons attached to
the bonds of matrimony.
BThc Chicago Timtt has tbe following Hues on
the demise of a well-known Clnclnnatlan :
Liy his waxen hoofs together,
Fold his large and spreading cars;
lie has gone to blend his gee-haw
With the music of the spheres.
What is Wednesday Right without a mass
meeting? What is corned beef without cabbage?
What is an issue of tho Streutor Monitor without
a weather prediction and two-column editorial
on cows? Wc pause to wipe our reeking brow
and await an answer.
Thompson, the photographer, says tho Inven
tion of taking photographs without "psin,"
works well for thu sitter, but it strains an iu
fctrumsnt fearfully.
While a Bt. Louis man was at breakfast with
his family the other morning, two former wives
dropped in on him quite informally with a po ,
licemun. It was tuUtv around that bouso for a
while in fact the policeman remarked be never
sawos biga mist In biseutire experience. X. Y.
Cum. Ad.v
The Iowa editor wbo woke up In tho morning
to find a prepared article on " Hernia," beaded
"Uerrln," sought the Intelligent Compositor
forthwith und inaugurated the worst case of
rupture on record.
Bank burglars have had such a poor time of
late thai they are downcast and discouraged, and
some of thein talk of studying law In order to
get a living.
There is to to a burgoo out in Brown county
in a few weeks. A burgoo consists of sqairrel
soup, a fuw guuie of old sledge under the trees,
and enough old Bourbon to muko the occasion
Interesting. A burgoo would bo iust the thing
for the president. (juincy (III.) itraUl.
A eon of Sir James Hogg has purchased the
Victoria Theatre, London, vltbthe purpose of
devoting it to religious work. Ho should send
for Dr. Bacon and let him do a porcine of the
The Loudon fcn says that no person should
tit for more than half an hour. S'poscn a fellow
is sitting on the sofa with bis girl, Is be going to
be particular to a minute?
The Chicago Tima seems to think it was right
for Sir Douglas Forsyth to remove his boots in
honor to the King of Burmuh. Of course. If
ir Douglas had been a Chicago man be would
not only have removed his own boots but he
woald have removed those of His Majesty us
soon ss Ills Majesty was fairly asleep.
LouisvU'.e love tulk: " When Philander tolt
lie he lovt me, 1 was mightily tnk with it, and
eottoncn to him directly, and he sat a grinning
like u baked skunk."
With her eyes upturned und dylnif,
Loving ones walked up and kissed her.
Then she said to mother, sighing,
"Give my 'tllter to my slater."
" When I'm ready, seuu me off in
Splendid style, and put my sath on;
Tin me back,' wrlto on the coffin,
'Lived and died in latest fhlon.' "
Cambridge is proud of a young woman so in
nocent and pure minded that she remarked to
Lsr intended the day previous to thelrmarrlage:
"Now mind! I won't have a buby brought Into
the houtt."
Here Is a genuine obituary poem, taken dl
rcctly from the Ltdynr. It relates to a little girl.
even weeks eld, who has become an angel
" sia nor care can reach ber now
Aa aavel's crown Is on her brow,
We would not call bar back ugaln,
Mr 1m is her eternal gain
Wue to meet ber brother Davey.
ils taaaauu (Mass.) uwtn lens or a young
siaa who raswali conceived the brilliant Idea of
lpin tha leetioa by postal card. Accord
Ugly he disteh4 cme to the Idol of bis heart,
Harfag ojsas his asme and the character" ?'
His feaiiaaa mm be imsgintd on receiving by
imro nasi a com (ascribed most energetically
"I" wkan laot sees he Lad checked bis collar
box tut Chisago, tid was Inquiring the price of
ftf uga fmkm ts tbe West
. arQsal ymtng Udy Is In the service ul
Ecvtle law, oa ana of tbe posUl case oftheCbi
a AlkM uiituU. She U a lovely female
mm. aeaC
The FaaUo utri Wkee first money on obitu
aryjjoetry. The liit vert "runs" thus:
Jt is eouumpUon I have got.
My la
i are jrrowmg weak,
I easMt stand. I cannot walk.
fid toon ffcail ccaae to peak,
la Um 1 will my liXc explain
TViU) troth In every klttr,
I nevor sliaU be well a-aio,
Aid no hopes of boiag belter.
Wheeler, of tho St. Charles Lmirr. says he had
rather row a boat on 8undny tliau preach nn or
thodox sornion. Kendall Itrcord. And undoubt
edly the St. Charles folks would rather have him.
"As between a cucumber and a watermelon,"
says , a Western editor, " give us brandy and
The Courier-Journal guys "there is fomething
of the sneak in every man." Why is it that mmi
pcoplo will always persist in judging others by
Why editors should bo selected us objects of
special solicitude and song we know not, but
certain it Is that at the tamp inectini; ground
on Friday lost, several of the brothers and sis
ters earnestly sang the following ditty:
There's Llo!e and Vater, we know 'em well,
They've got to work to keep from hell ;
They've got to pray, both night and day,
If they want to get in the narrow way.
Sunlny Leader.
Tho lost verse, equally touching, the Uartrr
"The blind lead the blind," for McGinlcy's a
The "sign" 'is plain to the "wayfaring" reader;
And now let's sing to a high old pitcti,
For MeUiulcy and Ellis are both in the dttcb.
Lafayette Courier.
A Council Bluffs doctor hunijs out a histtfle
announcing ' lr. Ji. ureciiu,
cio." Oh, ho, ho, ho! Uaukrye.
Bossie Turner is to be married soon, snd the
;,1 I - .. 1. ...... It
man wuo geis uer m uc m.j man , -
on early train hss to be caught and hewmiM a
cup of coffee before starting, be can succeed In
waking Bessie up In time to attend w u.
Little Gene Fyatt, when his little sister cume,
said to a visitor" All you have to do to got a
baby, Is to have sick headache, and send for Dr.
fisuer. iuiuieninti.
A Peoria man on his death bed, said: " Begod'
nothing short of a linen shroud and a mahogany
CoiHn will do for me. I'm old persimmons, 1 urn.',
They don't ask a woman In Wisconsin to teach
school for any paltry 3 per week. They offer
her tl.W, and If she refuses they null the door
up uud put up a sign of noo skule liear.
On learning that Jell. Davis had consented
to address a county lair :it Kockloru, a gen
tleman of Dixon extended an invitation to
the same distinguished "icccsli," to speak at
a horse fair at the latter place.
In the meantime the loyal stay-at-home rad
icals of the former place raised a fearful liul-
labftlo about Jeff, coming thcie, and lie get
ting notice thereof declined. Here is the re
ply to tho Dixon party. It is sharp and hits
right ond left. If any one doubts that Jetf
really wrote this letter, aud suspects that it is
bogus, let him be consoled with the reflection
that tho letter loses not a particle of its pun
gency oa that account:
MEMi-nrs, Tknn., Aug. 13, 18.3.
James L. Camp, Esq., Tost Master, Dixon, 111.
Honored Sir: Yours of the 9tU inst. invit
ing me to deliver nn address at the fair of the
Dlxion 1'ark Association in oeiiemoer, is at
Life's enchanted cup but sparkles near the
brim, and my youthful days passed xa the
llock Kivcr Valley, were the happiest of my
life, and I confess, to you, a long desire to re
visit it; to refresh ray early dreams of life
and to observe the wonderful development oi
, country which I remember only as a wilder
ness inhabited by savages. inai oi mis
pleasure I would be deprived, up to the pres
ent time I had believid.
We Judce actions by events, and for this
reason nothing succeeds so well as success.
If Julius Ctesarhau not lived to cross the
Kubicon, what would history have called
Julius Ciesar? If Grant had not succeeded
lie would have been recognized not ns the re
fined and polished centlemnn that ho is. fits
noble aspirations might be misunderstood. If
Washington had not been successlul in the
first American rebellion, how would Wash
ington be regarded at the present day?
"Treason doth never prosper;
What is the reason ?
Wh, if It' prospers
hone dare call it treason I"
I confess that this was the manner, from
my point of view, m which I regarded the
subject previous to the receipt "t your flat
tering letter; now I am persuaded that trea
son Is like diamonds there is nothing to be
mnde by the small trade, a truth which, if I
had recognized a little earlier, It might have
urged me to play a more tragic part than I
did and for which I could now hare shower
ed upon mo befitting lokens of regard.
It Is easier for the generous to forgive than
for oli'ense to ask it. You seem to be carry
ing out the policy so classically portrayed by
Plutarch. How successful Ciesar carried out
the policy of forgiveness with Catullus, and
the Cardinal .Mazarine iravotho same kind of
treatment to the learned (2u:llet, and the most
famous of Latin poems remains to commem
orate bis action. Wc forgive too little and
foreet too much.
Wo are now suflering from the heat and
prepossessions that cleave to parly. Parly
spirit breeds passion; passion warps our
judgment and our judgment ( fleets our mor
als. How many minds are filled with un
charitable and barbarous notions out of their
purty zeal? hnl cruelties ami outrages
would some not commit against the people of
the South, whom they would honor and es
teem, if, instead of considering them as they
are represented, they knew them as they are?
There are people ol the greatest ttropriety re
duced lino sliamelul errors mid prejudices
and made bad even by the noblest of princi
ples trie loye oi uieir country. 1 cannot
forbear mentioning the famous Spanish prov
erb "if there were neither fools or knaves in
the world, all the people would bo of one
With one class of Northern people I am
well acquainted that which composed the
soldiery. Major Williams of your city exien.
ded to me gentlemanly courtesies when I was
a captive, ever to bo remembered, There is
a sympathy of kin between brave hearts. 1
respect the foldiers of the North, for while
we fought like men reared in a laad of free-
Uom, instilled by the spirit left us bv a Wash
iugton, and a Jackson, and a Southern spirit
whieh in tho past has brought luster upon
the Aau-rican name, the men ot the North
fought like heroes ami victory was the re.
ward for their courage. As Intimated, the men
who did the fighting for the North I have
met, but curiosity one of the eirontest and
most lasting of our appetites urges me to go
to seo the men who have been the principal
gainers by the war aud to w hom peactt Is Uis
taetcful. A large class who did the flgbling
only with their mouths, are yet discharging
their ficrco oral batteries, forgetting that the
war closed some ten years ago. A man with
bravery only in bis mouth and patriotism
only in his pocket exerts au unwholesome In
fluence wc have them ji the Nuth and I
suppose the spacics exist North. Dixon, I
am told, boasts of a number of civil military
heroes wbo were never at war, are never al
peace, but wbo are the political manipulator
of their countryui-n. To sec this cl.m H
men vi eomK-nsaie m richly fr the hard
ships and faiiirup, nl my lime of lite, which a
journey North would -oi. It wkiM Im; inot
ingl.ir mcto sju-hk hi ii Ufri' ru-r. Ii J tn'ij. ly w. H u.ii.n.l. this v- .tr. unit when it
m 'P'0iriuu;i..i-..u, i,un. un.i .l.tti't r-in they i:a uak-r f.-r Hip im-rccM of
Uic strict nlR'ious l-otiotii that 1 tin. Ii i dif-rinp. villi" no uoliiuitt d uin'v ofcv.l-
Mpronrlate ior mauy rcoious. TU Hiion by ahippinS it from oth-r .inb. '
1 vrk Assockttn liu jArown itaclf go tni- Tbe cusioiinloswri pbitsadrrci all over
nently worthy of public confidence and sup
port, it: wotilil uciioovo me, ii l couiu ny
an humble effort to contribute to its excho
quer, that its usefulness might bo Increased
iui.1 its ehi isluin influence extended. I would
lik-f-tn sic with mvown eves, the class of
voters who elected to ofllce such refined gen
tlemen and distinguished statesmen as John
A. Logan and Hick Oglesby. The most up
nrortriatu nlaco to meet this class of voters as
well and the most enthusiastic backers of
Mr (trant, would, I take it, bo at a horse raco.
The attractions offered are of suc k a refined
nnturc, that they attest the high ofllcial source
from which the invitation must havo emana
ted, and were it not for a foolish Southern
pride whieh I cannot discard, might per
suade me to attend. Hut I could not relish
the idea of going north, to take by the band
the grey haired parents, whose only support
in their declining years was anoble son, now
resting in a Southern grave by acts of mine,
nor to stand up and tell the maimed veteran
how fine are the arts of peace: how beauti
ful the blessings ot honest industry. This is
more than I could do and I respectfully de
cline your courteous Invitation.
jKFFKKgox Davis.
Rummer Fmlu.
A very mistaken idea has found a lodge
ment in the minds ot many, otherwise sensi
ble persons, to wit, that suramer'complaints,
the generic term under which the disorders
peculiar to the season are Known, are caused
mainly by the use of fruit, and that the wise
and sale plan is to protiiDit its use.
This method, which neglects to take ad
vantage of one ot the most beneficial provis
ions for man's use, com ion, ana well being,
is detrimental not only to enjoyment But to
permanent health, l ne term"anti-scorbutlc
expresses the value of fruits as food, and the
estimation In which they are held by those
wno understand incir reiaiioa to numan
When frait does harm, it is because It
eaten at improper times, in improper quanti
ties, or before it is ripened and fit for the hu
man stomach. Fruit ought not to be eaten
between meals any more than any other food.
It may he taken as a lunch, however, with
very crest benefit, or as a preparation for a
meal, that is, before breakfast or dinner.
Perhaps the very best time in the day for eat
lug fruit is before or with tho breakfast. A
distinguished physician has said that if his
patients would make a practice of eating a
couple of Messina oranges before breakfast,
from February till June, his practice would be
gone. From June, which brings us the ever
welcome strawberries, until November, there
Is a constant succession of Iresh fruits which
are a pleasure to the eye and a delight to the
mind. The proof of their healthfulncsg lies
in the fact tiiat the more people make it a
part of their regular dally food, taking the
place in part of meat, auu wholly of pastries
d urine the summer monies, tue oeiteranti
finer, more cheerful and more uniformly well
they are, the less fever and thirst do they ex
perience, the less ice water and other violent
reactionary fluids arc they obliged to drink,
aud the less are they subject to cttanges and
fluctuations of the system and of temperature.
The principal difficulty with us Is that we
do not eat enough of fruit; that we kill its
finer qualities with sugar; that we drown
them in cream. We need the medicinal ac-
Uou of the pure fruit acids in our system
Wc need a cooling, corrective Influence, and
should accept it as oue of the best gifts of
The waste of fruit is a crime, hardly to be
pardoned when so many need it are dying
tor want of it. A fruit mission would be of
tar greater value than the flower mission,
beneficial as that is, lor fruit is life trivinir,
and supplements the beautiful and thought
inspiring. uve us fruit ana it win make of
lito perpetual summer. Hearth and Home.
Sleep, and How to Procure II,
I have no hesitation In saying that the
proper thing to do is to go to sleep immedi
ately (or at least very soon ) after tho meal of
the day. All animals always go to sleep, if
they are not disturbed, after eating. This It
especially noticeable l a dons: and tho crea:
John Hunter showed by au experiment thai
digestion went on during sleep more than
when me animal was awake and going about.
This is his experiment: He took two dojs
and rave them both tbe same uuantitv of food.
One of them was allowed to go to sleep; tlie
other was taken out hunting. At the end of
three or four hours he killed both of theie
docs. The food in the stomacn of the dog
which had been aslceD was ouite dieesfed: in
that of the one which had been hunting the
food was not digested at all.
1 his tact, I think, shows the advisability of
going to sleep immediate! v alter eating. 1 his
ignored fact always occurs to my memory
when I see old gentlemen nodding over their
wine. Nature says to them: "(To to bed."
They will not go to bed ; but still nature will
not allow ucr law to be broken, so she sends
them to sleep in their chairs. People, there-
lore, wtio leel sleepy after dinner, ourht to
dine late, and go straight to bod when a
sleepy feeling comes over them.
-Most good folks, how ever, do the worst pos
sible thing imaginable; they retiro altogether
into me drawing-room, ana then, to Diake
matters worse, they drink tea and coffee.
Now 1 regard tea and coffee, when taken al
night, to be poison to certain constitutions.
It is very well in the morning, but it isTery
bad at ntght. The reason why tea and coffee
should not b( taken at uight is thut one con
tains an alkaloid called theine, and the other
contains au alkaloid called codeine. These
two alkaloids, taken into the system, stimu
late the lirniu and do not allow it to go to
rest. I speak of this from experience. If I
take, thoughtlessly, acupof tea or coffee after
nve o'clock in tlin evening, going to bed
about eleven, I cannot go to sleep, the alka-
in win wane me up in about au hour or
two. Sleeplessness, therefore, is caused bv
tea or coflee, though strange to say that tea
and coffee actually sends snmo people into
sound clumber. Lund and Water.
Our Apples la Kngland.
Nothing astonishes the Enclish more than
our system of barreling apples. In that coun
try tne crop is jiisceu thinly on shelves, In
fruit houses constructed especially for the
purpose, and no one thinks of sending them
long distaucet to market. Oar Khode In
land Greenings and lUldwins, therefore,
which now go there In barrels in iairaense
quantities, surprise them considerably. A
good deal of this is. perhaps, due to the var
ieties we send there. A few years ago the
Newtown Pippin was the great American
apple in the London market; but since the
failure of that variety, those two named have
la a measure taken its place. It Is not, how
ever, that those apples should reach the En
glish market in such excellent condition after
being merely barroled up that so astonishes
the Englisa; tire price is also a wonder, for.
alter being sent so Tar, they can ttlll be sold
at a price the English can hardly touch with
their own fruit. This fact speaks well for
Ihe progress .f American fruit culture
rhiUuMjitm 1'reu.
The fehs winded commissioner did
llirmaclvos much cnMit ( ) by ih"ir t lmif f
a liicalion Ar the
fix 1 1 school." Tlic Instittl.'nl
in0 U lo bt; KK-alt'U nt Litiroln, ami Lincoln
Is loratt'd ntar-Hcnr, vtoll it i not tlown in
UrickV n'.las inup, t.ut r. tiiv,- rvorv assur
lttireili:iT 1 ' Is luc.-ltft !i I'lil'dls lit.
the Mate, were wined and dined, flattered and
feted, nnd by their final choice forcibly recall
tho story of tho eirl who was sent into the
hazel thicket to cut theBtraigtitcst bwItch she
could find, ns an emWem ot what her cuoice
of a husband would be. Sho inspected the
nice, straight sprouts '.ft their turn, uud alter
wandering around untrl tired with tho search
returned to the startingbointand cut a crook
ed switch at last. The commissioners will
have some hii J uuestiom to answer. Vir
ginia U-izelte.
Whom shall wo call our heroes'
To whom our praises sins?
The pampered child of fortune,
The titled lord or king?
They live by other's labor
Take all and nothing invs;
The noblest type of rasnuood
Are those w'ho work to live.
Then honor to our workmen,
Our hardy sous of toll
The heroes of the workshop
And monsrebs of the soil.
Who spans the earth with iron
And rears the palace dome?
Who creates for the rich man
The comforU of n lK'tuy
It Is tbe patieat toller!
all honor to him then;
The true wealth of tho potion
Is in her working men.
For many barren ages
Earth hid her treasures deep,
And all her giant forces
Seemed bound as in a sleep;
Then Labor's " anvil chorus "
Broke on the startled air,
And lo! the earth in rapture-
Laid all ber riches bare.
Tis toil that over nature
Oivcs man bis proud control,
And parities and hallows
The temple of his so!.
It scatters foul disease,
With all tbe ghastly trains (
Puts Iron in the muscle
Aud crystal In the brain.
i'be Grand, Almighty Builder,
Who fushlosed out the earth,
Hath stamped liis seal ot honor
On Labor from her birth.
In every angel flower
That blossoms from the sod,
Behold the master touches
The handiwork of God!
Then honor to oar workmen,
The hardy sons of toll
The heroes of the workshop
And tuonarchs of the soil.
The Han-Flxh,
The greatest nhvsical feat of the ecnturv
was pel formed Wednesday night, when Cap
tainwhy nro the swimmers of the age all
Captains r Matthew V ebb swam the tnglish
Channel from Dover to Calais. 2114 miles.
He started from the chalky cliHa of Dover
YYcdactuay afternoon with a strong stroke oi
twenty to tho minute. lie Bcems to have
maintained this stroke for aearly the whole
distance, stimulants were administered to
him lavishly. IIo bcran at 5:80 r. u. with
beef-tea and ale. At 8 the dose was beef-tea
and beer. This kept him all right until 1
o'clock in the mornincr. when the moon rose.
and he celebrated the event with a drink of
brandy and tea. Coffee waa tried for a
chanxe at 3 o'clock. This failed to be of ser
vice, lie seemeu exhausted, ana tue trainer,
who accompanied him in a small steamer,
wss about to spritu; to his help when he ral
lied and swam on. In an hour he took coflee
and brandy. Thcucefwrm ard he drank brandy
straight every twenty minutes, so that lie may
be said to have been brand! l eu as tue best
swimmer in the world when he stepped on
Calais sands. Iviutr Alcohol kept him afloat
while he was in danger of death from too
much water. His fimt cub scarcely be con
sidered a first-class illustration for a temper-
auce lecturer. Uut it is a marvel. It must
have required muscles of iron and Einews of
...... 1 n-1. ! 1.-1 a. . . 1
sicci. mi: swimmer uuu to meet cross-cur-rent,
chopping seas, winds, and tides. There
is no more diKcuIt strait to cross in the
world. It is said that the tide carried him
four miles out of his way. If so, he canst
have swam over 25 miles. While there were
boats near him all the while, he seems to
have not left the water for a second between
the cliffs of England and the sloping ehorcs
of France. A skiff, and afterwards a steam
boat, was kept to the windward of him, and
he was thus partly saved the necessity of
bulletin witu very rough weatner. ihe
only other help he received was the adminis
tration of alcoholic drinks and the stimulus
of cheers from the spectators. Upon landing,
he was taken to a hotel, put to bed, and rub
bed down. He was soon tranquilly sleeping,
and the doctors entertain no fears ot any se
rious results.
l'h is far excels any previous fwat in nata-
tiou. As the college sons; has it,
Loiinder swam the Hellespont
For to meet his dear,
and Lord IJyron and Lieut. Eckenhead imi
tated him in 1310. The preaenratioa of tho
lattcr's name m the Encyclopaedias is a strik
ing prooi oi the laci that a man is known by
the company he keeps. The Hellespont,
however, at the point where these three cross
ed it, Is only 2,4'J01ct:t wide. The two points
of Abydos and Scstos run ont into the strait,
snd make it strait indeed. Leander, J3yron
and EckenUead swam less than half a mile;
the web footed Webb ha3 6wam 25 miles.
When Caesar tried to "buffet tho waves with
lusty arms," he cried out, "Help mo, Cassius,
or I siakV and was weak as a "sick cirP
before lie had gone any distance at all. Thus
suiththe veracious Bhaktpeare. Horatlus
hiise nisi name, the plebeian one ot Cocclcs,
is usually suppressed by kindly history and
fable swam the Yellow Tiber after the fa
mous fiht for the bridge, but though
All Koine sent forth a rapturous cry,
And e'en the ranks of Tuseany
Could ecarce forbear to cheer,
tho swim amounted to but little. The Tiber
is but a narrow ditch, and its current, usually
sluggish, never moves with half the velocity
t a channel tide. Jioyton, who converted
himself into a canoe and let the wind blow
him across the Channel, did nothing in com
parison to Webb' feat. lie not only had a
score of helps denied the fatter, but he took
two hours longer in crossing tho narrow sea.
Webb is ahead. We see no immediate prac
tical Deiieni to be derived iroin his success.
The average man, though a good swimmer,
would probably prefer to cross the Channel
n a ury steamer than a wet skin, with bran-
dv-and-water served hot and toeether. instill
of taking the 'bran Jy inside and the water
outside, with such an overplus of the latter.
but the ueeu was a rest ot physcal 6trencth
and pluck without a parallel. Chicago Tri
bunt. Lokokyity of S.N au. An English naper..
giving some evidence regarding ihe tenacity
with which the t-u nil hangs on to life, relates
that a lady, having collected eome with pret
tily marked shells, wished to iircserv Uw
rhc therefore subjected them 10 a coaple of
boi.ing-watcr bams, ana ic-u Uicin oa shell
a a summer jioirse lo ilry. The next morn-
ng, to her surprise and dismay, she found
the snuJU crawline alx.ut tbe rlnce. nJ eome
llin liini'ricr om t frt'.linir v.nrtn tho nate
e upon
litt-rtiit to lc used fa ccnicntinir the shell
ticithT. Tho toiidcr hoiirted lady so
illjtri'.fil nt lur en wilting cruelly that she
nut tloivii uiid had a "pood cry." ending with
a n solve iit-r to rttitinnl snail Ullin ttraio.
In 1774 nn lr!h colh-clor ttat;d before thrl
Royal Socktv that cu-tain vthito fnaiU tbafl
had btvn confinttl in tho cabinet for at leAst
13 years, poiod tbeir heads out of their "bells
and resumed their usual habits oa being im
mersed In arm water.
The members of the society were loth to be
lieve the testimony of the Irishman; but, in
150, an Egyptian desert snail that had been
in a state of lethergy for four years r.tlh.2
Uritish museum suddenly roused up and be
came as lively In appeura.ico as ever it had
been on its native sands. It fed heartily up
on lettuce leaves and continued active for a
couple of years. The circumstance proved
that the story of the Irish collector might
well be true.
iletu auberUsfmcnts.
Vnn mm uiil Itdlei to know tliat th boat lacetn obtain
rilet to know that thtb
Hon one as elegant nan
a bulnru education an 4 an elegant handwriting 1 al the
ToUdo, OIilo. trnil for circular snd itmpln of
fomutUlp. Atldrui V. M- woaTlilNUTUS.loieuo.u,
ricsuuuit au4 Profluble Einployanent.
"BeaaUral!" "Ckarnliif !" "Ob. bow lovely !" "What
are tbef worth'" Ac. Such ire eiclamatlana by thote
wbo sea tb Jrf 0 clef ant New Cbronios produced by. the
KuroBeau and i merle no Chromo l'nblUblngCo. Thnysrs
all perfect Uems of Art. No one caa resiat us temptation
uhn when aeelar the I'lirnmoi. t aiTaiMrt. Acinm and
ladles and gentlemen ont of employment will flint this th
nest onsninc erer onercu to mane ruuiu-j. rur iuii mnic
mare, send stams rr eoanaennsi circsiar. yianress i
ULKAkOM CO- 7to Waaulnc'loa St.. Boston, Mass.
$50 to $10,000
Est boon Invested Id Stock PrtvlleKes snd paid
900 S. PROFIT.
"How to Do It." a Book on W all St , sett fres.
VnmbrMre Co- Banker Brokers. 2 Wall Bt, V. Y.
Tho choicest In the world Importers'
prices Lsriot company In Aruerlcs
tsnle antrle-p'f ae evrvbortv Trade
eeatlnnally Increasing Afeuia wanted everywhere best
tnoucenienis oon i waaie tunc eeuu i.ir i,ircmiv ui uuu
KliT WELLS, ii Veicy It, h. i .. I . U. nox lia,.
Lais, Seal This!
Address ALICE ii. REACH, THOY, K. Y
HOWE'S ague' cure
w " " w l'rtue l. hold bv I)ru2irt'.
DR. C. B. 110 WK, Seneca Falls, New York.
A WERK suaranteed to Hale and Female
AZenia, la meir iui-sitiy. iM'iu-IN'fi-tn
tr It. Partlinlara Frae. Y. O
VICKK11Y ft CO., AuKsata. Maine.
Dl Advertising are offered for Vewnnanern In ttiestat'
of ILiLiIBOlMI 8enrt fnr Mat of papers and aehed
ills ol rates. Address GEO. I. ROW ELL CO.. Advents
Ins Asente.Xo.sl Park Uum, Kew York. Kara TO Ei-r
Ton op thm Pi rat.
How to obtain a remedy which
shall equal OUR NONE-SUCH
LUNG RELIEF in the confidence
of the public as an infallible cure for
any and all Diseases of the Throat or
Lungs. Try but a single bottle, and
you will never consent to be with
out it. It is Pleasant as Honey, Sure
as Quinine. SMLIRR & LDRR AUI.
Oltv Uruu Htoro.
Gnu and loot Sml
Ad uU other utf m l!s mt.de to order, and repairing done
Mode! Making a Specialty.
Maclisou Street, ror. Clinton, Ottawn, III.
the only rmedy ever discovered that will
Poaltlvely 'Ouxo
Common forms of tbe discate lutve seldom re
quired the use of more than one bottlo.
OfTE ItOTXLK naually lea CURES
0e or two pplloaUonn cures CHTLa
One bottle la at an re turn for
3Ezloe, Ouo Xollunt .
T If yon are nfflioted, scad to your druggist
fsr'.Uia Article; bo will pet it for you, or send
ONE DOLLAR BT MAIL to ns and it Will I
sent prepaid.
At VTholpia!, r all Wholesale Drninrlstt In
ClrTMand, Cincinnati, CMcarfo, Detroit asd
Should not fail to examine the imple
ments miwle by the Sheridan M.anuiac
tiirinr Conmanv. at tht: old Eale
r-i i ' -
Works in this citv.
Their Cultivators, both combined
Farraere Friend nnd Walking, their
Sulky Attachment for Stirring Plows,
their Hay Carriers and McEwen Har
vester, are among th leading attrac
tions. Prices and arms as favorable
as can be obtained anywhere, and sat
isfaction guaranteed in all ca.
Don't forget the plaoe new Madi
son Stroot Swing Bridge.
Arirll Sd-r
To doctor rotsrslt, I baeall th Taa-at Mmt-mr ttat
arr(ntdlor any tiling, and stM tuat mi Ut curr H,1 '
l5JCA3i "Ml RUI
aaum: utorasMat at Qaatan a Ik
nslt 1
ly ant Enchr' at stater, i
Vrofrtesuttal Cams.
MOOlt f-Z
ttornoy at Law.
l.iasiru, oimw, III.
uuiiu iu v. tauty iiiucil. cm in.,, i.f l- w.it., . r.:i
a.ut .. in ' w sa.ii; mm .mhi.
lie "i"i Ml
Xi Coun
jQw"ffi".,B'lUt,J ":i U,"laes,:''"'l to tSI.Ir i'.rJ'.
J OnCHT K re V, Attorney at I.iw (irn,.a
ottrT.fi0- lals1,B ' w Court llV,
OlUwa,lU. Julys'
n v. iii.?j
lj.. Attornevat Law. Oih.-
II. No. 19
Otuwa, lit,
No. 19 La b&Ue street, wcjt tliW of the Court liouc
. lit. iLiivu--.. '
t. w. v. cttaxa.
(UlA.lt K c yjlisJiVCH, Attorneys will t'oun
j selura al Law. In the ofllce formerly occupied by Hick
ford, riuweo & Mitloncy, eawt ldu of Court llunse biunr,
Otuwa, Ills, i'rooipt attuullon given to all bualnew en.
a. a. rasNcii.
trusted to ua.
vs at Law.
OUlcu In P. O. lllock. Ottawa, 111.
EI WIN Pi. liKWIH, Attorney and Counselor
at Law, Glover Cook's Block, Ottawa, HI. apr
I-j. Bf KA.1. Attorney and Counselor at Law,
Ottawa. 111. Ofllce wea Court Home Square, apri
a. airnouoK. D. a. aaow.
ICIlULiHOK A- SHOW, Attorneys aud
t-ounrclora at Law. nill practice In the court nl I
Salle and adJoUiluic counties. OUlce.weal of Court Ilnuae
Ottawa, Ills. uuvU
Attoraey and r.nun
aelor at Law. W11 practice In L
.a Halle and adlnlnin
cosQlles, and In U. 8. court.
Koom i i'oslofflca Block, ot
tawa, Ills.
plIAHLKM I lAMVBY, Attorney at Law
rtmltu-d. ouluc, ltooin V l". O. ltlovk, Ottawa, Ilia, lulyl
J anunoiarr ruunc. voiiocuans mane ana nroBioll
w. nraiiNiLL. a. r. nrix. o. a. oilmah.
Attorney! at Law. Office la iluehuell a Leland's
block, west ol Cotrt House. Ottawa. III. annl'H
If. THOMPSON, Attorney at Law. Offlce
In the Clancy lllock. over Fredtaan's crocerr atora.
La 6alle street. Ottawa, 111. Careful attention liven to the
collection ox ciatoia. r ccv w shiii ,ne umee. junia
Law. Hoora 17, liO t'lark St., 8. W. cor. Monroe, (.'It
eao. Notary I'uMlc. marU'W
j.n. mn, i.k. walbkidos
ItJflfC .V A ijii s x ijuk, Attorneyaat La
omce iu Olovers Cook s lllock, over lilmnilck'a druz
store, Ottawa, Ilia.
IAMKH O'DOHMSLLi, Attorney and Coun
l seller at Law. Collection! made aud promptly remit'
led. oillce tn blover A Cook's Block, with l.lc.eA Vfal
orldgB, Ottawa. Illinois. novlS-78
C Ail AM. Jl. Jtltt'frSll, Attorney and Connaeloi
J at Law. Oillce Koom No. 1 Post Offlce Block, Otta
wa, Illlnola. marl'IS
D. r. JON. L. W. BRRWBR.
ON KH A Hit 1-:VICH, Attorney! aud Conn
1 sellors at Law. Ottawa. Ills. Offlce. liooms Jios. 1 3.
second floor. Metropolitan Block. octH.Tj
Muter in cnancery. souirj ruuuc.
LiAA'I A. Aj15IjAIVJ, Attorneys at Law
Ahatnw.t Hooka of La 8alle eomitv. Office. N. W. cor
ner Court House Sqnaro, over City Druk Store. Ottawa. 111.
nnrsATa. jobs b-widhik.
MAYO Ac "WIJEIt, Attorneys at Law. Of
nps in Kurtinirni iock. corner of La balleand Main
streets, front room up stairs Ottawa. 111. sspll
VlTTJIt LOCKWOOi), Justice at the
Peace. Ottawa, Ills. Office on Columbua, a few ileora
north ot the rot office.
nees perUlniag to kls office,
w ill inattK niairienua mr u uhi-
and engages to attenu to it
iittswa.Hl. Offloe KoomsS and P.O. Block. ()er
from 9 o'clock a. a. to o'clock p.m. Dr. McArthur's ru1
dance en Benton btH south of Illinois Ave. Ilr. Harvey'i
residence So.SS Clinton St. JunU
OIJ..111311T 1T121MMY, Krenrtll'tiy
U slflan.
an of oractice, tne last ten yeura in at.
Louis, Mo. Otllce, La Salle St., over R. Woire and a. Bern
ard. Kealdence, Washington St.. (north of Supreme i;ourt
lllosk.) Offlce hours, from 8 to M o'clock a. a., and from-
3 to I P. M. mayi,,l
HM. IIAHCOM, M. T., Physician and Sur
. oa. Ottawa. III. lHlr.e Id door north of post office.
Heeldeuce. Paul St., east of Supreme Court House. JunlS
T II. K?IHMI(1KK, M. Pbyilclan
VV and Surgeon, omce over tne ticnango nans, uv
tawa. Illinois.
CHL,K" A; 1'KTTIT, Physlrlana and snr
J geona, Ottawa, III. Office over D'.ckey'a Jewelry store.
Dr. Coles' reildence. 13 Ca streeU lit. Pettll's renldence,
W K. Pearl street. Olllcn opeu day and night, decls-ly
lilt. M
iHTS J) Kit, Homoeopathic Physician,
III. (ifferahls services to the friends of the
it Ottawa, III
Homojorathic aystem In Ottawa, lu all branches ol 1i1pio-
feaalon. Particular attsutlou given to tue treatment oi wo.
men aad children. OfflcelnUlovtrCook'sBloek. Iehl-f
pit. l. i . iYJ3Il,
Office Over Exchange 13ank,
Kesldence on Colnmbtia Struct, opposlU the congregation
Charch, Ottawa. IllluoH. uoviS. , i
Dli. C. HAItl), Kliysiclan and surn'on.over No.
11 Main street, Metropolitan Block.Ottawa, Illinois.
June '7th. 1371.
V. OtltJOS, Uruextst, Bookseller and M
i. tinner. Ottawa. 111. Second atoroln Kattlnger'abloeit,
south side of Court House banare.
"T JCJtVXOXJMWU, German Druggist ann Apotne
ll i,i,.aQioun,i retAili Mnln street. Ottawa, 111
Importer of Drags', Chemicals, French Cogulac Brandies.
Wluus.ibc. T
Itiiiiin over First IViUlonnl JtatVU'.
Successor to C. Vf . Sr.nlord, Poctdt'lce'jtoelc, Ottawa,
All kinds of Fancy and Wclilliirtke kept constantly on
hand nn uinle to order. Also ci&cker, and everything In
the hvkery line, as low as any house In the west
Aiwa larue assortment ot confectionery constantly oa
hand, onleri respwtrully solicited. ..
Ottawa, Jan. U, 1303.-'-Mtf L. HtS.
Dealers in
WarcliKuseaal oflloeon the s'.ilecut, near the yaa wnrk
Ottawa. 1 decJ-
That housekeepers want can be found atmy Druit and Poo
Store pure Cream Tartar, Spices, Ac. . i. UK1
lacturers of CHICAGO WHITE LIME. Wood burned.
Olflce, at Lltne Works, corner Broadway and Vermillion
streets, Strestor, 111. W. U. I.uklna. btreator i J. W. ltan
dalt, Batavla; I b. Stephens, Aurora. decH-ly
And get tor customers an; thing In the S "rt Pook Mn
when I do not have It.
V OT ICE.-I nave removeu mi J 'r,Vd ,.f me
r In the rear of the Exchange Banklywly c" '
directly across the street, ap stairs. in '"
I ax not cnectid with or emr.r 1 "J
hanre or Insurance Iwslneas. ;,h."rn" DZZta ISH
Much m IBM. bit make It ' 2"
m.ny ou real estate aec
i '
taes an note.
U-cenibarld Ul
,., rr.BTI That the under-
.f .hil?J,-frino"nrormrd i limited corartnerahip.
f the Kate of l'j0!i , -Malerhofrr aai omrany;'r
ander the r.ame or flrm oi transact Is
that the eeneral aajnre oi , ,mpIem.nU
"'at of Mauulaciur.- county. Illlnola; and that
In (he city of Olta". u.i.rhnrr are the nnrral
M'n'M.7C?!paVwKeeverlath anect.l partner; aad
partners. ViMW.Cheever Hath contrtbotod thesnra of
SSS,' rS),Mnd l.f J) Dollars as carltal lo the cose-t-lfteea
Tjow-n partnership la to rominsiioa
nc.m tloTfc ; sou ' . . .. .. . . . . .n ik. am. Mmm
from July MU " " ra '
a A 1.1 fat .nr. sa-ui v r aa, ! i
Can be found n . ih'rd floor so the left. rrswrploas
pot p si ail avwsm mt vwi , nut a.
N UOflafe, M
IlAl'T A7
sv uArmftrt.
tvst af Csart oaat
1 naii a.d Aasar.
vsmaa.-Vka Isneal laiaia nn
oaa fucket Ismcs. at
ItkJMAA at Ai'lsMAJt 8

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