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Stove luster, when mixtcd with turpentine,
and applied in the usual manner, is blacker,
more glossy, and more durable than when
mixed with any other liquid. The turpentine
jrevenis rusr. ana wnen put on nn oia rusty
btove will make it look as well as new.
A correspondent of the Farmer' Allocate
says that several years aco an acricultural
writer observed his bull to be l'reo from lice,
but not so the rest of his cattle, and he cnme
to the conclusion that the habit of pawing
dirt over himself must have the effect or keep,
ing lice oft the bull, and he tried dry eurth
on the rest of his cattle, with the most satis
factory result. Ever since reading that state-
menthehas used no remedy or preventive
gainst lice but dry earth, and has tounu it
perfectly efilcacious.
We clip the following from an exchange:
It is well worth remembering: "Every little
while we read of somo one who has stuck a
rusty nail in his foot or some other part of
his person, and lockjaw has resulted there
from. All such wounds can be healed with
out any fatal consequences following them.
The remedy is siinplu: It is only to smoke
such wound, or any wound or bruise that is
inflamed, with burning wool or woolen cloth.
Twenty minutes in the smckc of wool will,
take the pain out of the worst case of lnfiani-
mation arising from a wound we ever saw."
The World's IMfrgest Hoc:.
1 Palmyra (Mo.) Spectator.1
The famous hog owned by Mr. William
Bush, of Monroe, and so celebrated as the
largest porker ever known in these parts, pas
sed through the city Tuesday Inst, in charge
of its owner, on the way to Philadelphia, the
6eat of the great Centennial celebration. It
is of a black and white color, and is a cross
of the China and Poland. It is five years
old: was born in this (Marion) county, on the
larm of Mr. Joseph Pond. It measures 7 feet
and 4 inches in length, three leet tour inches
in height, is full 80 Inches aeross the back,
girths 0 feet, ana weighs l,54u pounds, it uas
been fed principally on milk, with small
nuantities of corn occasionally to give solidity
to the flesh, and shows that no particular
pains have been taken to give it an artificial
aonearance. Its hair is rough, its skin and
flesh rough and thick with dandruff, and it is
by no means a thing of beauty. Still it is
claimed that it is the largest aud heaviest
hog on the globe. Mr. Bush proposes to ex-
production at the Centennial.
Sweet Coun on a Laiige Scale. Mr. J.
M. Hayncr, of Lebanon, Southern Ohio, rais
es over 500 acres of sweet corn annually, and
disDoses of his immense crop by first drying
and then packing it in barrels. The process is
very simple. The fresh ears are steamed for
nve minuies to "sei tuemiiK, tuts grum is
then rapidly removed from the cob with cut
ters having concave faces. It is then spread
on perforated zinc tables, and heat applied
for four or Ave hours from long furnaces, the
grain being constantly stirred during the pro
cess of drying. It is then packed in barrels
of three bushels each tor shipment. Great
care is required to have the corn just at the
right age. Four bushels ot fresh corn on the
cob make one bushel dried, the wholesale
Drice of which is $20 to $22 per barrel. The
J 1 fln nDnnD At fl fl u
uryill-liwuae cuiffii'j, g uiij jiiiauua. ..a.,
bushels of this corn to the acre, 500 acres
.,!. I ..Inl.t an nnn li.ieliala Tuh.oh u'lwn
' dried, make 7,200 bushels, or 2,083 barrels,
which, at 20 per barrel, amounts to tueiianu
some sum of $41,660. Turf, Field and Finn.
Thp mnnnfnr.tiirfi of sucar from melons is
about to be established near San Franciseo.j
The superiorly of melons to beets for the man
ufacture ot sugar is saia to oe conclusively
proven, and already a company has been
formed and land purchased on And r3 Is
land, where the manufacture will be begun
in a short time. Water melons arc to be used
principally, the cost both of raising and re
ducing being much less than that attending
any other class of melons suitable for the pur
pose. Besides producing sugar, the melon is
said to give a delicious syrup, while the seeds
will be used for the manufacture of table oil.
Keearclinir the superiority of the melon, a
correspondent says: "As compared with;
beets, the sirup of which is unfit for use, and;
the impurities, tor wnicn expensive tieterg
ence is required, the pulp of the melons, being
free from impurities, needs no complex treat
ment, nor carbolic acid, little boncblack, and
but a traction of lime, and small per centum
of watery elements to be evaporated. Beets
are planted in rows two feet apart aud eight
inches asunder. Melons in rows twelve leet
apart and six inches asunder, requiring only
one-third lhe plowing and not one-fourth the
weeding. The harvest is cleanly and not la
borious in melons as in beets. In the mill
beets require washing, melons not; juice of
beets is liable to soon turn black aud run into
fermentation; melon juice never blacks, and
for several days has no tendency to ferment.
For cattle teed the refuse from melons is more
nutritious and more palatable."
How to rrepare Tomatoea.
There is an ignoraucc which is far too w ide
concerning the preparation of vegetables for
the table. They ought to have cooking very
simple and very perlect, anil they do not al
ways tret it. One ot the most delicious and
healthful of summer foods Is the tomato, and
it is also one of the most abused. Raw, it is
often brought to the table cut up into un
shapely lumps with the skin still adhering to
them. Cooked, it cenerally appears mereit I
a watery red mess, interspersed with pieei s
half done, bard and greenish in color. The
ideal dish of raw tomatoes is thus prepared :
Choose only those which are large, compara
tively smooth, firm and thoroughly red-npe
it is an absurdity to offer small or immature
specimens in a salad, and if you can't find
such as arc here recommended, you must noi
attempt to eat raw tomatoes, l'ut them in a
tin pan and pour over them boiling water,
pouring It ofl immediately. This so loosens
the skins that they can usually be pulled .ti
easily, without any violent application of the
knife. Then with a very sharp knife slice
them across, discarding the first piece, which
has the hard base of the stem, and the last
piece, which is too small. ' Make the slices
thin rather than thick, keep them large and
whole, and pile them carefully in layers iu a
pretty dish, delicateW sprinkling salt and
pepper over tbem. Then put their, away in
get thoroughly cool In your cellar or rc
irigerator. Prepared thus they are Pimply
ambrosial, and only a pagan could scorn
them. If anybody wants to add sugnr nnd
vinegar to the seasoning, that can be done ut
th table by the cater. Slices of the larc
yellow tomatoes scattered among the red,
sometimes make the dish look very templ
ing. For stewed tomatoes, peel as above, lu!
cut in pieces, not in slices. Put thi se in a
two-quart tin basin or a porcelain-lined sauce
pan, and add salt and just rnouch w ater t
keep them from burninc. While thty an
simmering comfortably throw in a very ltrile
pepper, a good large piece f nice butter, aii'i
fnough fresh soda crackers broken into small
bits to thicken the mixturewitbont makinc
it a puddine. It should be thin enough t,
run easily from the spoon, and vet not U
watery. This alsh 11 also exquisitely iuvi
ing. There are other methods of cooking to
matoes stewing with rice, smiling and bnk
inc, etc. but in rm guise are they so goorj
those described a'bove. 'tttcrn Rural.
Origin of Nhiuh of States.
Maine takes its name from the Province of
Main, in France, and was so called in com
pliment to the Queen ot Charles I., Henrietta,
its owner.
JsTew Hampshire first called Laconta
from Hampshire, England.
Vermont iroin me ureen mountains i.r reucu
cent immi )
Massachucf'w. from the Indian language
signifying I'm country about the great hills
Uh'"'.- ilaud gets its name from the fan
cied resemblance of tho island to that ol
Ithodes iu the ancient Levant.
Connecticut was Mohegan, spelled origin
niitr r),i rnt ci t n i f vi n i "a lcnir river."
.New York whs so named as a compliment
to the Duke of York, whoso brother, Charles
11., granted lilm mat territory.
flew Jersey was named by one of its orig
inal proprietors, Sir George Carter, after the
island of Jersey in tho British Channel, ol
ml.inli I.. tuna ittwnmnr
Pennsylvania, as is generally known, takes
Its nnmi from William Penn, and the word
"isilvania," meaning woods. . .
Delaware uerives us uuum avm. iuuuim
West. Lord De la Ware, Uovtrnor oi vir-
ginin. " . ,
Maryland receiveu us name uuui vm-i-ii
,., t i lonricttn Maria.
ti uifctiia s,
Virginia got Us name from Queen Lliza
,v, ,w Virgin Oueen.
Ul I II uuuiaii iviij v.. e -w
The Carol Inas were named in honor of
Charles I., aud Cauada in honor of George 11.
Florida gets its name from Kasquas dc
Florcs, or "Feast of the Flowers."
Alabama comes from a Urcek word, signi-
..,.,,. iil,n I,, ml rtf ri'fct"
Louisiana was so named in honor of Louis
XIV. . .
Mississippi derived its name from that of
, ' . , I . , V..,.l.,.
the great river, wuicn is, in mo aicut
tongue, "The Father of Waters."
Arkansas is derived from the Indian word
Kansas, "smoky waters," with the French
prefix of "ark" a bow.
Tennessee is an Indian name, meaning
"The river with a big bend."
Kentucky also is an Indian name "Kain
tuk ae," signifying "at the head of the river."
Ohio is the Shawnee name for "The bcauti
ful river."
Michigan's name was derived from the
lake, the Indian name for fish weir or trap,
which the shape of the lake suggested.
Indiana s name came from that of the In
dians. Illinois's name is derived from the Indian
word "Illiui" (men) and the French affix
"ois,'' making "Tribe of men."
Wisconsin's name is said to be the Indian
name for a wild, rushing channel.
Missouri is also an Indian name for mud
dy, having reference to the muddiness of the
Missouri river.
Kansas is an Indian word for smoky water.
Iowa signifies In the Indian language "The
drowsy ones," and Minnesota" "a cloudy wa
ter." AVhere to Have a Itoil.
Boils and circuses appear about the same
time, and it is difficult to determine which
excites tho most interest. A boil that is in
sight of the populace is just as painful as one
located elsewhere, but is not so unfortunate.
You never get such fervent pressures of the
hand as when there is a sore on it, and it is
so with a hidden boil. The point of your
anatomv it is located on is constantly coming
in contract with foreign substances, and is
i,,vori,.i,i v tii niiiect lit' Htlar.t from the dem
onstrative affection of friends. Any bey with
a boil under the rear hem of his jacket can
tell V"U Iliai a lain io uie uauns in uuniuci
.r,, fur fl.ut not with as much unerr
ing ptecission as if it were endowed with
human sagacity. There is no use in trying
to cet the boil out of the way. Tho dreadful
shock is inevitable.
This Is tho famous Thrcshlnfc ninrhlne t!'.st has
"swept tli field " Riiil created cticli ft revolution In tha
tradi-, by Its matculess Oati.v-SAVixo and Tisu-Sav-ING
HIE ENORMOC WASTAGE of praln, so ivn; Mt
irith other $ulc of Threshers, can be fcAT! ly tl:is
Improrcd Machine, evfirienl, on every job, to thnn
pay all expenses of threshing.
like seeds are threshed, separated, cltaned iim! s.n . ,i
as easily and perfectly aa beat, Gata, Kye or
AN EXTRA PRICE la usually paid for priin u.A
Meds cleaned by this machine, for extm cltunhnets.
IN THE WET GRAIN of 1S75, these were Ftil.e'.m
tlaily theONLT MACHINES that could run with niufi:
or economy, doing fast, thorough and perfect u:i,
vhen other utterly failed.
ALL GRAIN. TIME and MONEY wastlnR rompli.-v
tinns, such aa "Endlisa AproDS," "Radu-.ee," "Itt. : V
" Pickera," etc., are entirely dipend icih; l"ss th it;
one-half the usuul Gears, Belts, Kou'S, and Journals;
easier managed; more dumMc ; light ninninir ; nc, it
ly repairs; no dust; no" lltterinps" to clean ui ; not
troubled by advene winds, rain or storms.
tn the largo saving made by it will not employ fnf-v.
rior and wasteful machine, but will tni'l c:i t'.iii
impraTed Tbreshnr doing their work.
F0CE SIZES mail for 6, 0, 10 and 12 Ih roo
Powers. Also a specialty of Semkatoii, c!cki(rnl
and tuade IXPBE8SLT run htfam powta.
BTOTed "Triple Gear," and our"Spiir Ppfed" (ooi
bury Style), both u Mounted " on Jour wheels.
It INTERESTED tn Threshing or Grain Rciiine;,
apply to our nearest Dealer, or write to na for Hlutra.
fed Circular (nt fre giving full particulars of Sizoa,
Btylea, Prices, Terms, etc
Nichols, Sheyard S Co.,
Tliefe narlvaie.1 machines and extras for ssn" are aup
ie,l at lowest lai toiy prices bv Jr. I. bWhKThtlt. at
lt.iw. Ills. I
Tk' i:r.i!.-t.-nl a, aires to aanoant e thst h' isl',Il In the
Luti.ti.ic-i: U imliiu, r.t tuat M keeps a lull s: kot
i,ii. ri , .1 : ',ii,. . that hr.an anake any repairs on
' inu ueua anwa.e auj w
l.,,r, n,.i-r,- i,r. rvO 81 out l oner
r TOO Out ol oner,
nmnnltp will patronise a resident
i trace In this l ounty. In prvf'rerce
,"-,-.- na -u a:
, ., . .m . i, irncr in ID is t'OUQiy. in 'i--,- -
tn ir,,fin,'. vh aavkfrw. BSfn they DOW Ilia 111" ! "-
neat r,t f i d t ;t.e puMic. be Invites all to examine and
comra" e tnat-r:i briore Bairnaslnir elawhere.
Jll) tl l-TV i Ol'AWs, 111.
Ki t-. 1 eiter and Bill Heads
ol i -
"-t at the Fr Trsyler f ece. weet
(SM1N 11 At aM AN.
oris t a. n-.A. a. meat of loart iloua
ttuslnrsjs grafts.
Cor. La Salle and Madison Sts.
DEGEN BROS., Proprietors,
Tlietmnllcare lntonm-d tlmt w liav purehmcd tin
murket on tha corner of La 1- Rnd Mudliion Street. nl
Ul keep a lull imiplf o.' all kiud ot
Such as Beef, Pork, Mutton, Veal, Sausage, Hauii t Bacon.
Th Illgheat I'rlce paid for Good Beef or ehipplng CatUe.
we hope to receive a llheral hare of the public pa?or.
ace, iKllnjf aeoured tbat we can make It to everr one'n ad
vantage to traile with us. JJlitjtN 11 1(0 S.
Ottawa, Feb. 6tb, 1ST5-Iy.
No. 13 Ma!n StrecU next door to Wm.
Kbeil'a Ice c renin baloou,
Announcca to the people of Ottawa and vicinity that he hat
on nanu a luauiuc-'in eiutn ui
Which he ofera at th ,-wntllvlne prices, fie la alro pre
pared to do cuctora work In all Its branches nnhrt notice,
anilatprleea which defy coniietltiun. (T ALL VOHK
WAllltAMtU, uvi-ij
Manufacturer of and dealer In
AU. kinds of work done to order.
A Uoxl Fit WurrtmUd.
Repairing Matty Done.
Over Spear & Charrat's Hat Store,
On La Salle Street
Ottawa, November 1st, 1878.
Gas, Steam & Water Pipe Fitter.
A Good Stock of Pipe, both Iron & Lead,
always on hand.
Cistern and Force Fumns. Baths, Water
Closets. Iron Emirs,
Gas Fixtures and Boiler Trimmings.
In all the Modern Colora. Jan' tf
Are prepared to do all kinds of
Gas and Steam Fitting.
Wrought Iron Pipe, Fixtures, Fittingi,
&e., furnished at
(Successor to C. G. Lutz.)
La Salle St.. opposite the Court House,
Of- Paper ruled to any desired pattern, and Paperllorei
adetoorder mavis ,5
finn anA M Smith.
Ana all other utensils made to order, and repntrlng doi.e
neatly and on short nollce.
Model Making a Specialty.
Madison Street, our. Clinton, Ottawa, 111.
August ss, iti;5 ly
house .A-nsro sia-nsr
draining, 1'ape Hanflri:, airlimnlne, ttiaing. at.- ,
Gralnlim done lor Hie trs'le. Wm k In therountry prompt-,
at'endeil to. r'nof In Wm 1'i.lii.rr's old Hand. :td loor
nortn ol l.liuos noiei. enssi. a is. ij.
House, Sign and Ha iner
nral.lnf.Olai.'nr. Gndln. MarMlnr. Panes Hantflnt. ( al
clinlnlnir. Ac. bliop, over l'i e'pa ti ;uryea's it!1ce. on
Maillson Mreet.
liKPraasinta. L. H. Karnes. 8. W. ftiw-vi r. .'n knn
r wr.,,1 riaks lieewi. hcott. linutx a t o.. l.e' Mow
ard.ti. 11. N.Cushman. n.S tr
Indicate theOisnies In the w-enth, r.pd are p'et'V mr,t
ornament". 1 be lttt lady p;-s'a -n t i r a' '! "" " n tn
toru,y weatt.er. wr.d they iH?v-r ir.akr n..t,.-e. I r sa.e
3 t.S -
't. a. I;l
Dayton Woolen 111.
The nr.ilera'fmerf, t.svtrp Vard the awv r.l I ! ,r the
nnvn' arasnn. wi-n'.d lr,f,,rm 'he r-uldn- la'" 't "a
Land a Uir as-,rta;r.t .4 ' w,i,b-i, tt.ev ;';ij"t
chaae lor wool op .lateral terma w,d wi I al-o iay i h al
ii jhi
Its n.arset val-ie on ne!r-t,,e li s , f ww.i.
Iemor.a lh!tig o-l canitd Into riM. .r c sr-d r.nd
run. can 1 ave the ar: ed,t.e at Pa-r-r;', ;,.r-..r,i i . atil
l' lor card! nr and sp'nnna. Iti !',rs of r rty ;.: 1 tr tip
wards, w ool deir'e-l f',r either, ii 1 e. t i,v ra'.i to ti.:
place, and work will be returned mi'b a l.tt d;ajr as
rni harlrt word that tsey rc Ser to base iti i;fae
tursd Into Mat.setaor s',ickii ; y.-v. In i..'a I V" or
over, i rat her tran t- a.-!! at the s i.lni hwt plre wvr
OiDt nreiail ttKSeason-.ca', bv n so srnaiarnrd ot
reavMis'jIe tsriTS. Jfc .-E l.tLa.N a
lMjtoa. U., Ma W,t:t-U
HAIVillt)lT XALiE.-fn the nittrt Court
iff the I nitetl Mate, Jar tin northern Dutrict etf Mi
nute. In Jlankntptvi.
In the matter ot John Colwell, Jatnea N. Co'.wUl and
henry K. i lark, ltaakrupta.
Tlie underkluued o Iters lor tale the followlnz described
real eatata:
Lota three. I'onr and five, In block elirhty-mne. In Stated
Addition tn the city of OtUa,toffthor with the bulluliux
iiltiiHled tliemin, known an the Opera Houte property.
The south twenty leet of lot one. In block ninety. In
State') Addition to Ottawa, located on the wett llde of La
tulle street, tomb of Jt-tle aon ureal.
Lot fourteen, In block tweiiiy ulue, In Ottawa Centre.
The south half of northeu'.,nartci of section thirteen,
town s-minii, raRK three wekt, acres, In Monroe
county. Wis.
Also the trairobulldlntron the wet forty-elirht feet of lot
eleven. In IH.H k elslity-nte.ln Stale's Additlun .o Ottawa.
Kids will he received for tlie purchase ol any or all the
atiove described property until Saturday, -luly H'.n, at it
o'clock p. M. The riant to rrect any or all bids Is reserved,
and the acceptance of any hid lasuhjit't to tlie approval ol
the court. THOMAS 1J. CATL1N, AsMgnee
Ottawa, III., June 8, ls".6. K-w
O Ksraia cc Amirkw CaaoTiiitHK, Iw khii.
To Lizzie V.t arnthers John Kdward tarothers, William
Carothers and Kninia Loulsu ( arotlier, children, and Lou
isa Uohlnsi,n. widow of said Andrew Carothe.-a, deceased,
and all oilier heirs and distributees of 'aid estate.
You are hereby notified that on the lttth day of June, 1S7,
the underi-lenrd. AdiiilnMralorof said CKtate, will present to
the County l ourtol La Salle county, at theCoumv Court
Mou'e In Ottawa In said county and stale, bis Anal report of
his acts and 'loiiiir- as such AiliuliiltraUrandaik the Court
to tie discharged from any and all turther duties and i
sponfinllltiet connected with said estate and his aiimislra
tlon thcreui. at which time and place you may be present
and resist such application, II you chooM-so to do.
Administrator dc bonla uou ol said etnte.
Attkst : H. A. MoUALKU,
I lei k County Cisurt La belle Co.. III. m:i) 20 r,w
m (Vrruif ttmrt tlieienf, to June 'Jeria A D. WTtl.
In 'hawery,
Maria Doll r. Jacob Balsch, cla'.mlnir to act as Executor
of a suppoieU lat ttlll and testament of .lonn Doll, (It.
ceased. Margaretha Doll, widow, and Margaretlia Doll, sis
ter, of said .lolin Doll, deceased.
It appearing from an allldavlton Ale tn the office of the
Clerk ot the said Court, Unit said defendnnt. Mariraretha
Doll, sister of said John Doll, deceased, la not a resident
or said stale, and said complainant having tiled her Dill
of complaint. In said I'ourt, ou Hie Chancery side thereof,
on the i.d day of May a. t. lXTti, herein, and summons
having been Issued thereon according to law ;
Notice, therefore. Is hereby gU'en to said defendant,
Margaretha Doll, that unless you shall personally be aad
appear before said Court at said term lliereof, to be held at
the Court House In Ottawa, In sidd Coanty, on the first
Monday of June next, a. u. 1h;6, (when and where said sum
mons Is returnable), and plead, answer, demnr or except
to aaid bill, the same will be taken for confessed against
you. and the matters and tlilnas therein prayed for decreed
iecordinsly. CHARLES H. HOOK, Clerk.
J. li. Hies AMD 0. 8. Eldusuus, Solicitors. ruay-5w
NOTICK.-Entate of John Hubbabo, D so sabs d.
K'otnv Is liomhv riven, thai the underslcned. Aainln-
lstratrix of the estate ot .1 nhn Hubbard, late of tea Bounty of
La balls and State of Illinois, deceased, will appear neiore
1 1, h i nu ni v .'on n nr Bald count v on Hie third Monday (be
ing the seventeenth day) of July ItiTii. at the Connty court
nuuwiiniuiiH,lu sum uuuaij,. wnru n,.
sons having claims or demands acalnst said estate are na
tided to attend and present the same In writ Ing lor ad
justment. Dated ni.2Mh day of May A. ..IK fl mmK
C. H. Guma, Solicitor. may J5-w
VT,',- KaTATB OK ALLKM McDombll, DBO'd.
Notice Is hereby given, That the undersigned. Admin
Istratoraot ine estate ot Allen McDonell, late of the county
of La Halle and state or Illinois, deceased, will appear before
tne Count v Court ol said county on the third Monday (being
the 17th day) of July h'S, at the County Court Houbc In
Ottawa, in said county, when and where all persons having
claims or demands against said estate are notified to attend
and present the same In writing tor adjustment.
Dated Uils'-tM day of May a. u- 1S70.
muy2M,w administrators.
Paints! Paints! PhiEts!
I keep every shade ol Paint, from purest White to Black.
Also paints ol every shade ready mixed,
for your owu use.
Varnishing, Whitewashing, Calclm iiinp,
Glass, Pally, Dry Color aud Paints,
I Guarantee the Quality and Price to be Satis
factory is Every Instance.
Ottawa, March i 1875.
Dit. A. T. BJirjHU.
Madison Dispensary,
82 W. Madison St., Chicago,
founded nr
Who Is airirolsr (rsdtiats r U rin CM'f. and has hn loos
tr rnssstD lbs tn slnisot ef all VKNKKRAb, BKXI AL au
CHKONIO llKA.HK llin snv mli'T phmlrlss In Phl'no.
ITIH, HKHMA. all I rlnarj dUraass, or aisrrurlsl sfMllaaa
at lbs tkrasS, stla or boats, urstrd wits uD,riJ.il tuocsss,
on IsmisoifaUnc iirluiilples iu IisUUie ususl Ume.ssfciJ, prl-
TUM I, u Uiu traultor Mifsbuula youlD, KiualsiMiMs to
nslursr years, or other causes, which priNlucs some ef lbs fol
lwiu( effeeu: Siervousuess, letninsl eniustons. dfblllly. dim
Deal of atsht, deteetlvo mernorT, pimples on the fact . mereioo
to ancletv.loll of sesusl power, etc., renderlnf MAHK1AUK
JMPKDPFK. srspermsuenllyeured. Pamphlet (SS r!'" re
lating to Uis above, sent In sealed envelopes, for two S-ceal
l.oetage atampa. CuUaullaUua at offlce Of Ij lusll lavltei'. ills
Ol'lolon atveo free.
Kooma separaw for ladles and f enllemen. Cares gosrssteed.
Thll Iff M lnUr.th.ff vwfe T 10 kwdrtd Iwr fftM ftft. M
sotfJi ikluftblt tafrBktsijo hr ibaM ttt t nvrvt4 or esienplt
niarriiis. It MUin U tyrtri ftad ed?ie ot hteU.4sO Ufa
tstpuuticra ti wsrrUJ-wMle, ted tbossia to to tlw prli- dret r y
nfttt tm fvM.ls) Ihmicbout Um iiUn Ubt. It smbrtMl tvrytt.iftt
oq tbtj iupjtil tt tto csriMrative) y$Um tbM U worth kttwxaa, sunl
Duib tbftt Ii not pbllahl la ui rtbtt wmk. Mt( fitif CcBts
sUdreai I1Imb DlipcBUrf, 81 W. Mimt., CMd.itl
"'Iilvo niil Let Liver
Bonietlillimeir. A Shoe Bhop In North Ottawa. Il'iv
Inic openeil a slii.o rhup In Hseo'a Ii iiim". null t Mr
llrusf.'s ,11, il i rmls at ol I.uke l.ninL'slon's hrli It honse.
I am prepsred H rtn w ork at neaily one hsli Hie price ol
other u'likincu. I will hall sole tueti's Uir MJc luf.'ic,
n, i p's shoes. :(: u V", i lilliln n'a ih-- i iiiilinif to
lze. Work tlnut on short notice and aatlractln uran
-, !. I will ilu new work cheaper tl.nn you ran liny reaily
aisile. Now ,on't loruet the place, Put j:he me s'rliil.aiiil
ou will never K L'iet It, (ninj:ln.: II. I.. HI' MON.
Abstracts of Title.
Havinx pnrehaaed the Alnfraet linoksol l.a Ssl fi.nn
tv. I Inn-nil loninkM Ahslrai tin ol T:fl s a special Imsl-ni-s:
ami ln-1 -m 1-IK-1 trom fl.e knowledgi tsml epei lenie
tint I have ni the hiilueas flat 1 t an make A'-lra Is lothe
mtislm lion ,1 tliiie who are i xpeilei.re,! In exanilliltit
lUh s, IohhM u ii,,,n,'V or hn Ira land. I i" h"w aiaklna
nl.il will simii i on pli tc a very au-rti,r f .rat, for tirnnfee
li ili j. liy wMch I an reailllv fell what Imul sny land own
er In l.aalle county own, or has ever owiint. or whai
m'-rtt'sK's l,e ha ulien or iak, n. This Iiki. al l also lw
a .h,-cl ifulnl p,,l ile errors In esumliilfi; or s!li acting
U,e title to sny piece ot lanf.
For A utr,irtnf Title, or any liiforn.atli-n In nvard to
titles to land, call on or aildres
Ottnwa. Ills.
Otllre In HK s I eland's Mock.
trtHM .6
lhe l.att ( hance for rood Afrilcnltnril l.n-ida, on Ts
gsks" KsniT. at Ml PK rut. Iiif. r' -t. 1 t run any
riks. Put co to a rouuliv that has t-.-n rK"trt T n
oi,i. end yotit a'hlrea ,r IMim'I'AIj t'Altl)
f, l.aud ( onr It. aV- M.It. i 1 1 1 1 1 u t ti,
I own, ami ruelva Tree copy of low and S, lraka
rarn.er. with '! rt of 1 i mis, atitl l.eaw
Itotitiil Trip lin t saa or apply to h. M. KNO.V
a b'lN, I'rinceUib. Ills. aprl
Lovers of Good Books
An itnitet. to rail at !lu' l.ook
Store cf (JSM AN sV II .ITEM AN,
west of the Court II ohm Sijiiaro,
whose stock v.T r; tiling er
talnliito the l.ook and Station
ery trade Is full, aii'l will lie kept
ly ire!.i constant auMitions of the
best American atul En:;. Mi lu Mi
cations, and which they will sell
at publishers prices.
tAItl) llOXr.lw, WIIIHT. Itrlus
1 . , a ... ml - ttmn , a llawn a a
V'ftlTIV'' I I P1K rll. P-mrl iad I emt rssr
IClll.Mf J.U.7. i,uir wrd asea. at
UiuS Bapemaa'i, wewt of loan iluuse a.uarw.
123 Main Street,
1 would be pleased to call the attention of ray n-.snjr friends and customers to my complete stock oi
I will always keep the Best Fresh Drugs.
. r.. i nu...na i. 1. r.. ... a.:. .a ntwl fdArnmna. nr till ftWillftr
use. Toilet ana fancy articles iu Krcu. i"j
dcrs, Combs, Brushes, Mirrors, &c.
. . , . , r i, , nti.l.,.
l Keep a mre siock oi duiiik iwumi uiui.,
Dictionaries, Books of Travel, and foetus; also
ruper, uaraoonra, a variety vi oiatiouui 3 "v"--" j TVti.
I always liavo on bund a complete stock of Lead and una,
both dry and pround in oil. Persons about to paint will unci
All tho best Patent Medicines and Pills enn bo had of rue.
of first hand. To please all is my desire. Don't
and domestic
La Salle Co. Emporium.
The subscribers feel happy In being able to state that a larRe stock ol
ulck Returns. Basil I'roflU sod Cash Saks will pay. snd works like a charm.
Their Stock is Now More Complete than Ever Before,
Witt many nice article, suitable for Holiday Prest nts. snd all at
All persons interested In these TACTS arc re.recUully Invited to esll at
All purch.se. of thirty dollar, snd apw.rd. delivered
Ottawa, November 20. 1HTC
(Successors to
sis. sst -m-aw- nrtirr sT iTNl
111 A Mi A
1 1 1 f a i jlmjblm Jsl. wW ir
Iron and Nails,
Wagon and Cariage Wood Wok,
For wivif Suit Coal, Ilartl Coal ami W.otl.
A mil assortment of Registers, Stove aV Furnace Repairs,
Sheet Iron, Copper k Tin always on hand.
Wo aro vrcjuiml to nianutacturo all
Auns Iron Sliuttow, oul -U kind-
Iron nnl ('oi-prr.
No. 118 Main St.,
oct.s. iH-.vtr
flsiimw j$250
w e f trnr eatraorninary inia-nnmi"-,-"-" , i, . Jt
rull ln,n iraioe. overairnnL- ;"""" IT. . .
ri4 nd carvel lec. for .'-lioxl and dajTered at any
It. It. rtep.,1 In I Mi a.o- lerma of pasment, J1 cash. te.
i,,ali,,l. r :-, iiionthU : or fa) rush an,) t m-xitlilv : or t
cs!: and i,'.arterl-ben(l lor aatalo.ua with lull eipia-
U J Van Hurt-it sit., C hlri.
'Cut tl.ie out and et.cl.-e It In your letter. .. L.)
II .rr S'.rli a i-t!d reputation for curative powers that It
wo.iM a s-r.ai!,le tl.ini to alve tbem a tri.l. I.es,t fie
a,rilM-n,e.it. 1 shrke ..r aot to .hake, la ti e qursUxn.
la n wvrr to ahak- wnUtbH Afi r err, or 10 'als our
lK,tt,r.,f JOIIS l.imtv ItUlP.'tS. ant W free from the
n.a.ana strl, kn lr,.m r.vry la-a.lity on this ontinent.
I, Intiai. rarts are rrouhlrd Hh tl shl.rnnc n'aa"i
l.en c,mw an in-rraalns drinafld for ilie ti;y rrvreia
e anH Krarticant ol ni.larta i,roi,:..l tr ine i""'
era Hi ate a:. I onve tliea.H Iron the sssrc.n ny
tl,e uteof Ji.HN KIM. la' BlTlKlt-Mich aa 1 . rl""t
Tvpl.us few. I'yspepsla. .lanr !.,. L!n.r or kiwi om-
.i ;ie. Kas ui appetne, l alt.a la raca. - -
....... unit..,,, a,,.. t. .m iw.i or Iv-a-wt rrv. r.
or any oilier kind ol rever. arwa tskm tn time ao uarO
accordtnc toolrvetloc. ai cofc.paejinf rjcu
tr Thy are a.ld hy a:l Precsta. jSl
JnHV 1:im)1! MenofV-t-irrr,
N 3. nr bU. Halfalo. X. T
ror sale hf VAN M HAAfK. TEVKN KKII
Wh-,la;e I.rufiia'a. aa-l Antslr Juha Kuota Bitters
Sol R aud W Like : U. iwsis.
1). H0LLKCKKK aV: CO..
Ja!rM-ir koleaaie UP'.uor UesUers
ut ,,,
Prnvnr Qnoka.
Viscellaneous Books, Receipt Booka,
Written Paper, Envelopes Drawing
Pens and Holders. Knives. fcc.
all kinds of
Glass, V0.UV. Varnishes, and Colors
it to their advantage to call on me.
My prices are low, as I buy for cash,
I keep Fine Clears, both Imported
forget tiiai.
at sny railroad depot In La Salle county, freight fiti.
w ifTT.t n.1lfi,1ifTLT
J. Mani.ky,)
i.Murm TIivV 'nl)lrl)
k...;M o a ';p jVivr Wl
of Heavy aiil laight Job ork in bheel
and 18 Mill Street,
TholVlcbratiMl Imported
Will .tand for map-s the e, tUnt seao . at I. J. Kepa'a
llarn, M.nllsoii sue. t, Ottaw a. 111.
ported from llellcm Ixc. jth. s.i ;. is a I MUM hay. . fr.
old H hsnoa h.aii. i-sy hulld. with extra nea Done.
oo'l wetlon triitle u;.,.'.smuu. with lona- mane and tall.
5nd writ mi f " ' - ,ruoa l'nr ""n ",r mAzr "
,hoT .nd his pro.e.1 hi-.-li a surw foal V"ti
VU T" w" in. port". I..m IVIrlnra July loth. 17?. ss
a hVaui in' I hr aM hay. Syers ol.l. I hands hleh.very rruia
?ur.r i, "h tinmen. U',M ; nice head and necs: Is nrj
P?ompt?.nUh.s..t.,,n like a trotter. Has -erved mare,
in 1 l.a. a:- proved hun-ell a sure f.Nal retter.
1 ,X rr h..ra. s .re l.iipo.tatlona of I. J- IVrc:t. al
o..t 1 . Z'rZ. m,K,r.e l they have -lecte-l the aho.e. be.
rln th.m to hc wotthloiewry Urtuefsaud breeder's
n'l':I.'ri.i-.-'Momire.to he pall '.V."
kr ,,wn t, with loal. f." tlie s- n, iwr"
!,V, ;,( a -, ,:niV !ep. to he rai l st time . serrwe
rt?rw!h mar.- forielis In.urance. Accident,, a', owa
lJV ri " I are w ill te Uaen to prevent thetr oc-urterc
April :5-omof 1- J- I't.-tN. frotrlewrs.
Mi;jTV I' rl.HIA .saw. .-a M.
At the Hty Hall Pu. dmf-thlrd ward. Office day, aecnoal
audl"UrUa'urMaslBerjr B.011IU. laMak
afc lUl'EMAR,
Firt-('lass Wank Kooks,
Triiiting Jc St.ationery,
West the Court House Ottawa, Ills.
1 1 A C K ( . A M M O X KTff
Biaa'a. o ts to ait Uouse tH.uara.

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