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A iske-sidu dweller, jouesr Mf
The dearest little maid in m"7- .
Willi blue-pray ejes and bluo-black Hair,
And lips s red as any cherry.
'o .hoc nor stocking; to her naiuc.
Which was but sliuplo Kitty Brain
Vnd yet lonl from Knslnnd came
fmplnrini; her to ha Ills lacly.
She bail another woi aliij'P'f
The boldest boy about Klllarney,
With only love to otl'or her,
A little cublti.uiid the blarney.
Sho favored him with many 11 R.uuee,
Until the lord rauio on Iho tap s;
She smiled on him at wake and dance,
And ruddy as a king was happy.
The lord was lust a trifle Rlum
The mora! of au English lover!
But sure, if he'd bo deaf and dumb,
Ills jinKlinjr cold could talk one over,
"in silk and satin you shall dress.
And 1 will civc you jewels,' said up,
" To twino In every glossy trees,
Sweet Kute, if you will be my lady.
Och, but them words were eloquent!
Poor Kitty was no more then human,
And very fond of ornament,
I.lk.i every raxtnabk woman.
' Tie thme, Pat coorte mo bct.t, but still
Thmiffiit she "thouirh with the talk
Arrah, let folks say what tbey will.
It's mighty tine to be my lady."
And so she wouldn't look at Pat.
In vain he watched for her and sought ber,
Until one cvculnjr, when he sat
Just flinRinfr pebbles In the water,
His downcast face and heavy sijjh
Mifrht have moved even stoues to pity :
And $&e passed, gaily tritipinff by,
JIrs worse than stony hearted Kitty.
Sit tried to pass, I mean as eool
As any cucniber or melon;
But though In love, Pat was no fool.
He spruDi; to meet bis truant Helen.
S?he wouldn't tako his outstretched hand :
" An' is it you, .Miss Kitty Brady,"
!ays be, " that's sot so stllf an' fjrand
"Hot Kate, njrra, now stop an' spake,
If but to tell uio w hat's como o'er you
Or is it that your eyes arc wake,
An' you can't see ino hero before you?
Oeh, sure, alanna.you'vo no call
To murder pojlc for your pleasure,
An I can't livo at all, at all
Without your party seir, my thrcasurc.
"That Knclishcr has wealth galore
A rint-roll fonder than my arm;
Why should he stale from me, asthsre,
That's niver done him any harm;
itist give me something he's not got.
An' that's your on thrue heart, my honey!
Sure, then I wouldn't change my 1st
With him for all his dirty money."
And what Is little Kate to do?
She laughs, mid frowns, and sobs, and blushes
" Och, Pat, I givo It up to you,
Tou'd charm a bird from off the bur.hes!
Well, just to save your life, marhrec,
An' not because 'I caro about you,
P!l think It over "so said she
" Bat I could live an' thrive without you !"
And now to tell the lord of if.
No wonder if he's rather crusty,
But little Kate has Irish wit
That's never suffered to crow rusty;
"Snre if your Honor I refuse,
It's well for you och, botheration
When it's yourself can pick an' choose
From alf the grandeur of the nation.
"An' I would look a holy show,
I)rct in the bcautifullcst bonnet,
Even if all the (lowers that grow,
An' feathers too, was stuck upon it.
An' In a sthrcciiu' satin eown,
Td still bo on'y Kitty Brady
Furo thin, if I'd the Queen's goold crown,
Twouldn't make me a rnal lady.''
At first bis lordship felt the crons,
Beinir unaccustomed to rejection,
liutthinklnsr, "It' tlio girl's own loss!"
found comfort In that wise reflection.
And ere be left our islam! green,
lie saw u wedding ut Killarncy,
An' drunk, in genuine potheen,
" Success foreuT to the blarney!"
The handsome ihnninc-rooin in tho May
berry tnansiorr was all a-glillcr with flashing
floods of pas-Ilclit and Hie genial glow of the
fire for Mr. .losiah Maybcrry was a very
"queer man," according to his wife'? opinion,
and this fancy of Ins to have nasty, ashy Arcs
all over the splendid mansion before the
weather became cold enough was ono of his
"eccentric frfaks," Mrs. Maybcrry called it,
with a curl of her lip, a toss nt her licad and
smile, almost of contempt, directed at the
hale, hearty, lioncst-fucfd old gentleman who
had married Iicr for hrr pretty face, ten years
ago, when bo was an immensely rich widower
with his handsomi' hall-grown son for a not
undesirable encumbrance.
They were sitting around lli handsome ta
ble, discussing their 7 o'clock dinner, with
'he solemn butler and bis subordinate) In ot
Jcnt, obsequious attention these tltreo May
Ixrrys. full rr, son nni the haughty, well-'lres-cd
lady who was wearing a decided
frown of displeasure on her face a frown the
bad barely power to restrain from degewrat
ing into a verbal expression of nngcr while
hu servants were in waiting, and which, ns
the door finally dosed on them, leaving tho
little patty alone over the wine and nuts,
liurft brtl impetuously ;
I declare, Mr. Maybcrry. it is too bad! I
have .-onu tint the list of invitations you
bac made, and to think there it not one no
not one of our set among them, and such a
Aorrid lot of people as you have named:"
Mr. Maybcrry Ripped his wino rery con
Jentrdly. "I told vou, didn't I, Macuerito, that It was
mv intention to give an old fashioned dinner?
Ard by that I ment. and mean, to whom It
will.lndecd.be causo for thankfulness. As
w making a grand fuss, and seeing nround
our table only the people b whom a Itisuri
oos dinner ii an evervflav occurrence I shall
not do it. And as to the guests on mv list
Ueing 'horrid and 'common, you nremistak
rn, uiy dear. .None of them have a worse
failing than poverty. There is not a 'com
)H"n,' vulcr person among the ten names on
th'it psrMT."
Mr. Mayberry's good old face lighted tip
warmly ns he spoke, and Ernest Mavbcrry'a
handsome uw.e rcllected the satisfaction and
pride be fdt in his father's viewt.
Mrs. Maybcrry flushed, but tald nothinc
She knew Iromrxpvrience that, kind and
Hdulgent as her riiistianu was, mere were
times when h RufTcrwl noi appeal from his
decHion. And this was one of thos times.
"We will have dinner ordered tor 1!
o'clock, as it used to ho when I vras abov
We will have roast turkey, with cranberrv
taucc, and nmhti: potato?! ami turnip, tvii
ca onions and celery, and ail on tne table a
once. Forde6crt. pie, rbs aid cider, and
nothing more. JUgunte, shall I give the or
der to irton. or wii' you attend to It!
Mrs. Maylxrry twiktcd her diamond rings
ilmoM roughly.
"Oh. don't ask tne to give such an insane
eider to him ! I have no wish to aprwar as
aaghing stock bclore mv servants, Mr. Mv
V ;rv. 11 will be as evTe a strain upon m
rrxl'jrance aa I ara capable of to be forced t
ait tt a tahV with s'tch pno1i at the Hard
and Iho Masons, and that Thvrxa Otwn and
er lame brother, and that little old Wllmmr
ton and bis irranrtdanphter. a'td"
"Mr. Mavbfrrv Interrupted her gently
Old Mr. Wilmingion was a friend of nine
Vin? before be weal to India, fvneahecam
Jiome with bU roo'r orphan daogbtrr and
llv-d lai-rfCk ooiCEr'v comionaoieiuoi gi
. ...
crness to support them both eteP-
gard him as nwro worthy than ever Earuia ,
my boy, 1 shall depend upon you to help en
tertain our guests, and especia lly at ta blc, for
I shall have no servants about to scaro them
out of their appetites."
And Mr. May-berry dismissed the subj.-ct
bv arising Irom the t:ib!e.
- :- .
"Would I like to go? Oh, grundpa, i
should! W ill we go, do you think?''
Ttio littlo wizened, old man looked fondly
at her over his steel rimmed glasses.
"So you'd like to accept Mr. Mayberry's In
vitation to dinner, eb, W innie ? You wouldn't
be ashamed ot your old fashioned grandfath
er, eh, among tho fine folk of tho family?
itpmnrknbiv flno tolk. 1 hear, for all I can
remember when Joo was a boy together with
myself. Fino folk, Winnie, and you think
we'd better go?.'
"I would like to go, grandpa. I don't have
many recreations I don't want many, for I
think contented honest labor is the grandest
thing in the world, and tho best discipline
but, somehow, 1 can't tell why, but I do want
to go. I can wear my oiaca casnmcrc, unu
von'll he ro nroud of IDC."
Troud of voh, indeed, my child, no matter
- o'll etc.
wnai you wear. n, " c,"
And ibns it haDDened that among tho ten
guests that sat down at .losiah Mayberry's
!. ,.1,1 1.1..
hospitable overuowing Doaru iuui uom, uiuc
skied day, Winnie Wilmington and the little
old man were two and two to whom Ernest
Maybcrry paid more devoted attention tiiaB
even his lather uau asacu or ciii-uru.
nfrimrsu it was a grand success all ex
cepting tho cold hauteur on Mrs. Mayberry's
aristocratic face, and that was a failure, be
cause no one took the least notice of it, so
much more powerful were the influences ot
Mr. Mayberry's and Ernest's courteous, gen-
tlemanly atlentions.
"I only hopo you are satisfied." Mrs. Josiali
said, with what was meant to bo withering
sarcasm, alter the last guest had gone, and
she stood a moment before the fire; "I only
hope you are satisfied particularly with the
attention Ernest paid to that young woman
very unnecessary attention Indeed."
Mr. Maybcrry rubbed his hands togother
briskly. . . , .
"Satisfied? Yes, thankful to God I had it
in my power to make them forget their pov-
erty, if r" only one little hour. JJia you see
little .liinii'V Iiurd geyesgnsien wuen r.rneHi
gave him the econd triangle of pie? Bless
the youngsters' hearts, they won't want any
thing to cat for a week."
"I was speaking of the young woman
who "
Mrs. Maybcrry was icily severe, but her
husband cut her short.
"So you were pretty littlo thing as ever I
saw. A laay-iiae, graceiui niuo um, wuu
beautiful eyes enough to excuse the boy lor
admiring her."
Tho boy. iou sei-m lo nave lorgouen
your son is twenty-three -old enough to tail
in love with, and marry even a poor, un
known girl you wero quixotic enough to in
vite to your table."
"Twenty three? So he is. And it he wants
to marry n beggar, and she is a good, virtu
ous girl why not?"
A little gasp of horror and dismay was the
only answer of which Mrs. Maybcrry was
Winnie' a voice was so low that Mr. Wil
mington only just heard It, and when he look
ed up he saw the girl's crimson cheeks and
her lovelv, drooping face. i
"Yes, Winnie, iou want to tell me some
thing?" She went up behind him, and leaned her
hot cheek carressingly against his, her sweet,
low voice whispering her answer
"Grandpa, I want to tell you something.
I Mr. May we Ernest has asked wants
mo lo on, granapo, can you nov ieu wuhi
it is? '
lie felt her cheek grow hotter against his.
Ho reached up his hand and caressed theoth-
r one.
"Yes, I can tell, dear. Earnest has shown
is uncommon good sense by wanting you for
Is wife. So this is what comes of that din
ner, eh, Winnie?"
"And may 1 tell him you are willing, per
dly willing, grandpa? llecatise I do love
him. you know."
Are you sure it it isn t ins money you are
alter, eh?"
She did not tako umbrage at the sharp
"I am at least sure u is not my money ne
s nt'ter, grandpa," she returned, laughing and
patting bis cheek.
"ics, you are nt least sure ot inai: mem, i
car the young man coming himself. Shall
go, Winnie? '
It was the "young man himself," Ernest
Maybcrry, with a shadow of deep trouble and
distress on bis face as he emtio straight up to
Winnie and took her hand, then turned to the
1 gentleman.
' Until an hour ago I thought this would be
ho proudest, happiest hour ot my life, sir,
for I should have asked you to give mo Win
ie for my wife. Instead, I must bo content
only tell vou how dearly 1 love her, and
how patiently and hard I will work for her
to five her the home she deserves because.
Mr. Wilmington, this morning the house of
Maybcrry ic Thurston fuilwd, and both iami
ics are beggars."
His handsome lace was Dale, but histves
were bright w ith a determination and brave
net" nothing could dannt.
Winnie smiled back upon him, her own
cb"eks paliug.
Aever mind, hrnest, on my accouut. I
can wait, loo."
Old Mr. Wilmington's eyes were almost
shut beneiilli tho heavy, frowning forehead,
and a quizzical look was on his shrewd old
face us be listened.
"Gone op. eh ? Well, that's too bad. You
stay here and tell Winnie 1 um just as wil
ing she hIihII tie your wile when you want
H-r. as u nothing nail Happened, because 1
believe you can enrn bicad and butter for both
rvou. and my Mnnlo is a contented little
girl. I'll bobbin tip to tho office and sec
your lather; he and I were hoys together; a
word ct sympathy won i como amiss Irom
And otr lie sirod", leaving the lovers alone,
tret'ing over the distance In a remarkably
Hhort lime, and presenting bis wrinkled.
wcather-bcuten old face in Maybcrry & Thurs
ton's private UTice, where Mr. Maybcrry sat
alone, with rigid face and keen, troubled eyes.
th l, nevertheless, lighted at the sight of his
Id Irlcud.
Tin c'ad to see you, Wilmington. Sit
down. The Bight of a inn who has not
come to reproach me is a comfort."
Hut Mr Wilniingtou did not sit dowr.
lie crossrd the room to tho table at which
Mr. Maybcrry sat among a hopeless array
''lh'T U no uo wasting words. Maybcrry
at a time like this. Did you know your son
b s.d niv Winnln ti marrv him?'
Mr Mayherry'i face lighted a second, then
'hf i-liMini returned.
Ifni on had a fortune at bit command
, I thought be tiad yctcrday at this time, I
would ny O-hI speed you In your wooing
' Winnm Wilmington.' A It is tor the
elrlV ake, I dissnnrove."
S you havfn'i a pound over and abov
h MnvbviM?'
There will nothinr !fs than nothing
I dn't know that I real I v car to much for
roysi If. but Ermti It Is a terrible thing to
hnpneo to bltn at the very beginning of bis
cm t-r.
rdnin. for Wiuuio earns euougn us uaiiv k
Mr. Wilmington smiled gleefully.
"Ooid. Neither do I care for myself, but
r.ir Wiruit-. mv litilu Vt innie. I tell vou
what. Mavberry; perhaps you will wonder il ami niMory w i. m. u..: ,.
I am craxy. but I'll agrce to settle a quarte, men!, they forwlil. improve upon them I
of a mllll.:n oil.Wlnrne the tiny she uiurri' Sj
HIUI ...... w.. ... -
1,.,.. A ml T' I li-ml villi Hii I'liieh mure!
if it'll be any use, and I 'll Mul t the bo;
himself, il you say so. E'i ?"
Mr. Mayuirv looked at him in bpeechlc-s
Wilmington went on
"I made a fortune out in India, aud it's sale
and sound in hard cash in good hands a
couple of millions. I determined to bring
my girl up to depend ou herself, and to learn
the value of 'jioney before she had the bund
ling of her fortune. She has nc Idea she's an
hnirnaa mv heiress. Sounds like a storv out
i ,
of a book, eh, Maybcrry? ell, will" you;
shake hands on it, and call it a bargain?"
Mr. Mavberry took the little dried up hand
almost reverentially, bis voice hoarse and
thick with emotion
"Wilmington, God will reward you for
this. May he, a thousandfold !"
Wilmington winked away a suspicious
moisture on his eyelashes.
"You see it all conies from that dinner, old
fellow. You acted like a charitable Uiristiaii
gentleman, and between us we'll make the
boy and Winnie as happy as they deserve,
ch, May berry r
Ajid even Mrs. May berry admilsthat it was
a cood thing that her husband gave mat uin
ner. and when she expects to see Ms. Ernest
Maybcrry an honored guest at her board, she
candidly feels that she owes every atom of
her sDlendor and luxury to the violet-eyed,
charming girl who wears her own honors
with sucu sweet grace. i . . n m.
Come unto Me, ye heavy laden,
And I will gWe you reft;
Come unto Me, ye perishing,
Recline upon My breast;
Come unto Mo ye tempted,
I'll shield pou with My arm,
I'll lead you all the thorny way,
And keep you safe from harm.
Come unto Me, yc hungry,
Who linger by tho way,
My fields are wide, I've bread to spare,
Come, tuko it w hile ye may.
Come unto Me. ye thirsty,
Who tread the desert sanas,
Why perish ye I've eool, deep wells
All through My fertile lauds.
Corns unto Me, ye mourners sad,
And lay your burden down;
I'll help you beur the heavy cross,
And give you a goldwu crown.
Come unto Me, ye suffering.
Your wounded hearts I'll heal;
With tender care 1 11 watch you through
For sufferers I teel.
Come unto Me, yo wayward ones
In flowery paths of sin;
Forsake the ways ye love so well,
For danger lurks therein;
Your lives were Mine, ye held them back.
But your sins I will forgive
If you'll bring to Mo the remnant left
Como unto Mo and live.
Come, every Nation, kindred, tongue
Come (Jen tile, and come Jew
There's room in Heaven for every one,
For I have died lor you;
I hung upon the cruel cross
My Father's hand to stay;
1 saw you ruined, lost, undone
Taero was no other way.
Your soula are Mine, I purchased them
In agony and blood;
I'll wash them white as driven snow
In Jordan's cleansing flood,
Come unto me why will ye die?
Your sins I will forgive;
I'll fold you to my wounded breast
Come unto Me, and live.
Mm. Xellie J-'ishcr, in X. i". IVrrkly.
Maryland's Dreadful Counte.
What are tho woman suffragists going to
o about Maryland? Thatbtate has just done
them a grievous wrong in changing the mot
to on her coat of arms and it will bo strange
indeed if something doesn't happen in conse
quence. The old motto on the Maryland coat-of-arms
was an honest Eatin one, and its sig
nification was, " Increase and Multiply."
Nobody could find any fault with that mono.
It was a good, homely, matter-of-fact admoni
tion, and certainly one which applied just as
much to the women as to tho men oi the com
munity. It couldn't possibly be held as ad
vice to one sex alone. .Now, Maryland has
seen fit to change the legeud. The Latin
maxim Is done away with, and upon the
shield ot the state Is replaced by the inscrip
ion in trivial Italian: " Oeeds Are Masca
ine. Words are Feminine." Think of it
this allusion to a fe in initio weakness in the
way ot much speech appearing upon a state's
coat-of arms, and there perpetuated ! Where
are Mrs. Stanton and Mrs. Howe and Miss
Anthony aud all the sisterhood, that this jeer-
ng commonwealth is not invaded by the mil
lions whoso feelings are thus outraged ? And,
where is the boasted gallantry and chivalry of i
the Maryland) r? And whither are we drift
.,)'' Jlt'publiriH.
C'oi.on KDit JUttku. Tlieooltirinj; for but
ter is a L'nml int-xs it' corn chopped with cut
liny. My butter W it ricli yellow ull the year
round, irom llns (Vt il, mid 1 have no Aider,
ney ;r any other fancy slock, but common
East.S bore cattle, whioli tive an abundant
a imply of milk und butter; cood feed i the
secret. If farmers fecu on dry fodder and
straw, aud wunl vtllow butler, they must use
what some of my Alderuey friends do a
BUiall quantity of nnnatto, costing ten cents
an ouuee, enough for several hundred pounds
of butter. Dissolve in a little warm cream ;
add a few praius of bu per carbonate of soda,
which develops the peculiar yellow principle
of the aunatto. which I tlnun is the bate of
all coloring matter for butter. Corr(xph1en't
( ouhtry uenuennm. '
o.. ut old M'a Muapidon. j John lleury s wife wrote to Mm in mos
, , c. ,. ... ,r, . .,.,,,. .i.Jouito time thai she had "flftccu bites," and, as
Old bi. says the Atlantar,rrirf, went to lltei V... i..., . t... ... ,;
theatre toseetl.e miclan performance the d fiko lon.?I lie 01 Ja" n
SSilSStti S5 oney .bout l.rhavin, biles as Ue did about her
UMiiluhir Jjspelnns embo.
"I did, fer u fao.t !" t
"lie made it come mid j;o in all sorts of;
way?" I
Youni; boss, dat man's powerful slick w id,.
silber uiuBney!" I
hat did you think of hun, M V
"Dat man f,ol'd round dar wid dat inunn'y
lell he roused my 'spKiou, he did."' j
-mS? .rf nV-Vlla. f,r l nnU I.fl
doller 'pear and Uia'pear in dat stile."
or course."
"Dai's what int-ks me hab a 'soisliuu dat
dat white man wuz one time dc ca?heer ob a
freedtri-n' bank an' t jess want tohanntl:
him a few mionits, s tin's you born."
I.att Saturday afternoon (says thc Keokuk
Cuntlitution) we saw quite a curiosity on thc
streets in the nhape of human being, who,
flltefn years ago, was a well developed ncpro,
blacK as the ace of spades, but who is fast be
coming a w bite man, as f.tr as the color of the
akin Tho person we tpcak of was in
Keokuk about three years ago, and at that
tune began to show evidence ot changing
Color, bis arms and part of bis body being
white in spots. Since that time the transfor
mation has been cradually going on, and his
appearance now is more wcitc man black
His checks, chin, ear, bands and part of the
neck are now wl.lte. Tbe black skin peels off,
in scales, and in auother three years be will,
with the exception o. his word, which is as
kinky u ai African's, tie all waif.
A Kumdan Iden how Inno was Saved.
From I!i8 St. Louis Kcpub'.lMii.
The llusMaiis are a clever people. II facts
... . .... .........
:'s n auiii : i
"i 11 ue
1 1 ii is. we
may expect a revolu
lion in our midst si.niH nmo iy ineyouinoi
I il.e iii'iire no ni.iy migrate to mis country
from iliecol l climate and waut to leach us
how the life of I.iuc was saved. The story
goes thus: A little chapel bad been confis
cated, and .'.us being refilled for n public
place of ii.s'nietiiio, itccording t tlie ll'issian
Idea. A painter win engaged in decorating
the ceiling, when the captain in command of
that district happened to drop in to see how
the work as progressing.
" What is that scene vou arc painting?" he
" Abraham's gaenflco-rrnm the bible.
. " Who is that savage old codger with the
dirk tn his buna r
That's Fnther Abraham : he has received
divine commnn J to slay his son, and is just
in tho act of obeyiug."
Tho officer seemed to study the bituatlon,
and at last ( xdaimed with some displeasue
and impatience:
"That's no way to butcher a while boy!
Shoot him!"
With this curt order he turned on his heel
and went out of the building.
The artist scratched bis bead in a puzzled
way for a while, aud then went to work. The
result was. Abraham's knife disappeared and
in its place appeared a dainty revolver, latest
This conception evidently pleased the paint
er, but he was struck with the idea that if the
weapon should accidentally gu off poor lit
tle Isaac Dotlnng in tho world could save
Ah, the genius of invention camo lo his
aid. Result No. 2 soon placed a nice little
angel in the clouds above Abraham's head,
and that unsuspected guardian held in his
hand a sixt en-inch syringe aimed at Hit muz
zle of the pistol. Of course every one could
tell at a glance what this meant. While
Abraham was tremblingly awaiting the word
of command, tho angel was slyly squirting a
dampening stream ot vapors into the deadly
"charge," and the ticklish weapon is made
Murphy, the apostlo of temperance who
has during the past month or two achieved
such a mighty work-in Pittsburg, is about to
.open a campaign in Chicago. The Interior
publishes a letter from Pittsburg in regard
to Mr. Murphy, from which the following is
an extract:
' I think irom a remark you made in tho rc
I port of Mr. Sawyer's farewell meeting, that
you uiisunders'and Mi. Murphy's plan of
labor. Speaking of his work iu Pittsburgh
you said: "And yet so far as it is only the
'signiugot a pledge (though even that may
! have a value) wo feci no great confidence in
permanent gain to the ranksof those who have
come up out of the slavery of appetite."
This certainly Is a mistake. The secret of
Mr. Murphy's success is his faith in God, and
impressing upon his converts the importance
and necessity of trusting iu Christ for strength
to resist the appetite of strong drink. He
daily exhorts them not lo put their trust in
the pledge, but in God. Ho pleads with
them to snck Christ and join tho church.
When he is Inviting them to come up and
sign the pledge be warns them jmt to trust in
it, but to give their hearts to Jesus, who only
can keep them from the evil. A very large
proportion of the intemperate have already
joined the church, and nearly all are inquir-
1 T !.,., nnltii.n!nrt.iifi fp.m tUn
41(3 13 Ul'b l'UIJ,IUI UlUtl, l.Jf IH'IU !
path of vice to morality.
but to the path of
peace and light which
Son of God.
cometli from the
The Invent ton of I'ttnctuatiou.
The invention of the modern svstein of
punctuation has been attributed to the Alex
andrian grammarian, Aristophanes, after
whom it was improved by succeeding gram
msrians; but it was so entirely lost in the
time of Charlemagne that ho found it neces
sary to have it restored by Warncrfried and
Alcala. It cousisted at first of only one point,
used in three ways, aud sometimes of a stroke
formed in several ways. But as no paiticu
lar rules were followed in the use ot these
signs, punctuation was exceedingly uncertain,
until tho end of the 15th century, when the
learned Venetian printers, (ho Manutii, in
creased the number of tho signs, and estab
lished some fixed rules for their application.
These were so generally adopted that we m.iy
consider the Munutu as the inventors oi the
present method of punctuation; and although
modern grammarians have introduced some
improvements, nothing but a few particular
rules liBve been added since their time.
Ctudl' Popular KducnU-r.
Statk Noiim.vi. Smooi.. In regard to the
State Normal School nt Eioomingtou the
Educational Weekly has the lollowing:
The winter term of the Illinois State Nor
mal School began January yd. Two hundred
and ninety-ouu students were enrolled in the
Normal Department, alone. This is proba
bly the largest attendance with which n term
ever opened at this institution. The first
week closed with three hundred and three
names on tl.f roll. About tinny students are
obliged to occupy bttues that have been plac
ed in the aisles for their accommodation. The
amount ot special professional training work
is largely increased. The new class is placed
under the charge of the training teacher, so
that even the "one termers" hereafter will
have good opportunities for special Normal
training. The large number attending in a
time ot such general busiuess depression
speaks volumes lor the hold which the school
has upon the teachers of the state
"Take sutnclhir.L'? ' inouired a s'.r.iu-cr oi
ii,p rrowd in u Million. inr d:iv lust week.
.,!.. mind lj-do." cried the shuh id chornus.
.nrlncinjr to their feet and advanciujr. "Well,
lne0i" cxclaimed the stranper, breakln? for
thc joritakc a walk!" They took a walk,
c:o ! Ecn-iosriiii y.
Centennial Block, opposite the Opera
House, Ottawa. IU.
i.oi is hkss. ritontirrron.
Alt sk's of Fanry ami Wnddlnf Cake kept const antly on
hand and made lo order. Also cracker, and every thl in la
the bakery line, aa low as ay hoaaeln the vest
Alto a farce assortment ol coni'ecUonery coaatanUy oa
hand. Orders rwpcctrully solicited.
Ottawa. teUaary 10.1T!.-tf L. HESS.
ntllBO'lTAWA Ml; I IjII AW
1 MKlATloN has Moitey t Istsiit on the
Brst Taly of ererr mMiito. Prlneir-al and Interest par
able la uonthly lasl ailments. Vr Inrtlier particulars ea)
on JO. MAUias. Secretary.
1))CK t-. 1- !) It. TB nnestucHSB.M
saan and American Po ,kjt Booaa, M
oiaa Hapsoian'a, weal of Court House. Otuwa. ni.
bswaUfal wottaaat at Cewaa Uaieaiaa'a
Ila.wataa'a a est v! thrCoart lionet Huaru.
Prttrsttlonsl tfji-fo.
jMi'IiOUJAlil., (uCLt!or to Cameron ft
Mcl)iiuill,) Attorney utidtjouimi-lor at Lir. om
tiXilover cooK'n Jilock, oiUt.H, lit. Amo Li. 8 Com
n.bMuuer. Uec'j'ft
J II. 1HV Attorney aiul fouimelor nt
Latf, O'tawA. IU. Oltlc, No. l.a sllo iirrai, over
l'b!lli tiro, mocerjr nur Will alteuil promptly to all
buiimvM cuiruu-U to ta caie lei'lal at'eultuii mlU to
Collrcllous. au-K-b.uo
L 11. ttAVlst, Cotiu.i-lor ot La
Kooiim 14'.!
O. iiura 1 1 ail llullilini:. Insane, II.
to iusuruueu i'ai".
Ol'eclai care glveu
ouue lu-iy.
BUI-tll-N loila t lliM..r, Aitnriiryt nt
Law. OUlctf iu UuUiiU' bullulti, rul tne lour
Itouau, Ottawa, lit.
majJ.'.S '
IAM1M JI. JliU-'l"l, Attorney ntl
t Counselor at Law a nl riolnry I'.ihllo. oUlc?, aocoad
Uoor Hoea s LelAiiU a block, aorta t est lorurr Court lloiiae
Square, Ottawa, lllluoia. JunX.O
t' X- 1IUI.L, Attorney at Law. Ottice over City
J. lHuk store, uorlliweai corner oi Lsnalle ana Maui-
oa jt.-t-ju, otuwa. 111.
T l-i. 'l-HOMlor. Attorney nd Counaeloi
J J. al Law. Oirtce east ol the Court llouc. Ottawa,
MtuoH. USVit-U
A. C. rUENCH . T. W. D. CK4NE .
LiltiC-'il A. dlAZf 10, AttoraeyaaDdtouB
X. eelon al Law. lit the oOlee formerly occupied by Men
lord, Howtn ft Maloney, eaalaldeot Court House bquarb
Ottawa, lua. 1'rouipl attention given to all business en.
trusted to lii jUiilS-3
Ii li.. A. CJ. A. IjKLiANI), Attorneys at L.
I Itoimis lorineriy occupied oy Dr. ttancuui. la Uoes ft
Lelaud's ltiock, uonuwesi corner o( tour;
House biiuare,
Ottawa, in.
U lit AM 'X'. UIIjlSKlt'X', Attorney at Law.
Itoom No. 1 t'osl office Block. sepilj ;a
li ji Lin ..' lM, Attorney at Lw. OOlcaover
J I. No. IS La balle street, west side ol tne Court Uouse.
ottavm ill. julys'ia
IUH(1K fN. KLtOlllOoOK,
J at Law. Office In l'.U. block. Ottawa, 111.
IWliM Ti. JSWISH,Attori!ey and Counselor
111 at Law, Ulover ft Cook's Ulock, Ottawa, HI. apiS
a. RictioLao.v. . B. now,
KlJlllWiy JSs, HKOW, Attorneys and
Counselors at Law. Will pi actlce In tbe courts ol La
aatle and aljolnlng counties, office, weat ot Court House
Ottawa, His. noyU
J II. FLiHMIti. Attorney nnd Couuseloi at
Lsw, Ottawa, 111. Office in Clancy's block, northwest
of Court House. lebU'l
' lOOIlOXii M. 1 fOlAJN I, Attorney and
1.1 Counselor at Law, and Solicitor In Chancery. Ottice
oyer ueuuetl's store, weat ol Court House. mi'U''.
L'lt Ai Iv J. OUAWFOHU, Attorney
r Law. IUioui li, ISO CUrkSt.,8. W. cor. Monroe, Cb
cuo. .Notary 1'ubllc. tuarl4'74
nllAM. II. IlUVMll, Attorney and Couaseloj
J at Law. Offii-iioou Mo. 1 fostofllce Ulock, Otta
is, Illinois. tuarl'W
JUMKHdl JIti-:wii:i, Attorneys and coun
aellora at Law, Ottawa, Ills. Office, Uoouia Mos. 1 ft
second Uoor, Metropolitan Uiock. octlV, Ti
uiVOft WIJ 'MEH, Attorneys at Low. Ol
Al Hire in Nattlniru lock, coruur of La Balle and sialo
streets, front room upstair ottswa.lll. sepll
i llTHUIl IjOCKWOOOi justice ol Hit
V 1'eace. Ottawa, ins. uiucmn.iuii""ii
uortbol thepostoffice. Will tbank bistriends for all busi
ness pcrtalufuif to ins otllce, and engage to attend to it
DU. II M. McABT II Ult.OttAWA. Illinois,
(imi-.e Koomii ft II l'.. Block. OHen Horn o'clock
a.m. to 6 o'clock r. a. iteddenceou Denton Utreet, soattj
of Illinois Aye. Jau'76
DU. tillIIKllT Il'KI'IfY, rrenchPby
strlan. 37 yoars ol practice, the last ten yeara In bl
Louis. Mo. Office, La bafle 8t., oyer K. VV olle and I). Bern
nrd. llesidence, WashlnKton St., (nortb ol bupreuie court
Hlock.) Office hours. Rom to u o cieca a. m.. auu irouj-
iloir.u. aiayi.i
A It. .F. H
I f Vnu Doren's brlrk, np sulrs. near City Milts
dt-nce, ad boiiM) west of Lutheran Church.
West Ottawa.
DU. It I. XJtJrV JKll, Homoeopathic l'hyslclan.
Ottawa, ill. oilers bis services to tbe friends ol the
UornceopaUiic system U Ottawa, in ail branches ol bis pro
fession. Particular attention given to the treatment ol wo
men and children. Office in Okiver ft cook's mock. ioia-i
Olfice Over Exchange Bank,
Kesldence ou OoluinDiis Street, opposite the Coukreimtlen
Church, Ottawa, Illinois. uovlH.'ll
M. IIANOIiM, 11. !., I'byslPlan and sur-
Keen. Ottawa. HI. Office M duor uorin ol pcetoince.
Hualdeuce, Waslitngtou St., north of the convent. Junlo
Dli. O. II AItI, Itiyaician and Biirjreon.overNO
11 Main street, Metropolitan Block, Ottawa, Illinois.
Jn:j 7th, 11171.
Y. i Drnwlst, Bookseller and bla
tloner. Ottawa, 1)1. becoud sioiem .auiuuer aoiova
south side ol Court 11 o die buuure. -
MJiN KUHSL, German DruRHlst and Apothe
. cary,(wboloiia!eand retail.) Main street, Ottawa, 111
Importer of Orngs, Chemicals, French Coicnlao llrandles
Wines, &c. I
lliioni ovec Firm lBtlnl Ju.nli.
Amonx otner llolldsy Roods to 1 found at "-V.I.V
Iil'FUA N'.Vare Mer.il of the famous and much art 'nlred
l'nVeVi;rmin . -Clieckeia." ami Welsl.lnK the Hub."
are tte latest of these plec s or statuary.
That honsekv-epem wan' ean Ne found at my Druirand ltoo
Store pure Cream Tartar. bplces.sYc. E. V UUI Ut
f Tells you how to ktow Kosc Gersniums,
V &c contains all thuucwlv imported Kosca.
Slieraniuntrf, Furhaiaa, aud many new ami
rare plants. Will give you information
Econrrrninir Flower culture, time to plant,
how in prepare the soil and make the brdK.
SfcVMailinir plants iaour am-cialty. Scud
foTit. AODttSS, A. K. Vlk LIAIS,
(SiiSCUSCR to f. t.TA3 i co.) Biolunosai Iadiia
lly Kopp'a O.introlil On leu In tor.
A ntw po k-t m)'oal that must pruveol Incalculable hen
Oi ta Farmers. Meclianlrs and Ba-loeea Men. it Is so
nlmplo and pi'ws't lonl as to mskelhe most illiter
ate Id Biruies his own accountant instantly, and so rapid
iiulorlulnal as ta surtle the must scholarly. The
most complete and enoiprehenslre Calrulator eer puo
llshed la acrompanled by a silicate slate, memorandum
and pocket hook, l'rtffa. Fine t l,.tb.(l; Morocco, Si 5u:
Kas.ia.1 .en. to aay a"- 4 q APEV A!T.
Sept 1. 1ST. t: a-a. Ul-
Can K fmind ap stetm, th'rd dior to the left. Prevrtptlon.
putnpatallaoorabrcoinpeu-aielerka. K. V.OHtttt.K
-s t rMi s Aftr'i'
(Vtlie H1e)esor
dar. at txman a
H.AlCiO dar. at Osman
llapaiaaa'a. west side of the Coarx Honse, Ottawa Ills.
FA PI C'Y TATIO,t K.H " . TVf Plartea
I'boinerieh Allwats, Mix pocket Bo ks. Ool.i P.rn
fockrl KnKea. P ylu; Card. Cobb-fe B i-ara,Oames
at Oaiaaa sk HsVeaiaa'a. wert of coart House,
VtClTTVfl IMPnC Shell, Pearl mil Leather
ici ll.ui Vititf"' VU4tls ( ard Ai
Oa-ae U nni an' . leest of Coart Houae a cars.
Earpenterjj Sc UnilUcts.
Millwright and any Other Work in their
Tlans and Specifications W W be furnished if called for.
tr All orders wilt receive prompt attention. And iatto&c
lion auaruutved in all cases.
My a). i;b. ottawA, Illinois.
ContractoranQB nMer
on Clinton St., north of Mali.
is prepared to furnish plans and specification, and to take
contracts lor bntldlnjs of
Of any size In city or country.
Makes a Specialty of Stair Building.
All work done well and promptly and
satisfaction guaranteed.
arena point to many ol the finest bnlldmtti in Ottawa,
and v lclnlty as specimens of bla workiunshlp. marls-U
Carpenter & Builder
Shop near the C. B- & Q. R. track, on the
nomer immediately south of the depot,
l'emnns propor.ns to hiitld. ur havlnk Jobs Of any kind lR
his line, will save money by Riving him a call. aprlO-tl
Contractor & Builder.
Also Millwright and All Kinds ot Work
in his Line.
lMsns and Spneltleations furnished free of chnrjje
If coctruct Is taken.
Asent for Tucker, ISut-lvr & Co.'s
IT Sjib plrs :irt price 1M cii lie seen at the shop.1
One otock novtiiesst ot Hossack's wurthouse,
July Slli, 1876. -tjanl
Contractor & Jobber.
I'arttes deal tin? to build or rcnslr will find
It to their Interest to try me.
Constantly on hand. u -i f.ircf.
nr8hoponColnmbnf strc ill theSwiDK BrWx
. ;iawa.llllnols: tfl
On Hydraulic Rasin, near
Eagle Mills.
King, Curtis & Co.
rUTlnirleased thebnilrt;np ar.d water pawer of tue late
Kacl Works, aad Bite th-m up with aew mrklnery
Ihrooetm it as a Srsl cla a 1'ianlna; Ul'l and eneral carpen
ter esiabllshm-nt. are n.,w prepared to ta- orders aa Con
tractors, Uullders aad Oeue al Mauaiactorera of any de
sired .rale.
Mr. Rli.ic an old and thoroughly experienced and skilled
mechanic, .akes coalro! of the plaulnt mill department,
and, with a lull an pi of the bet luarh.oery in U'e. will be
aule to warrant all his work aa nioal to aay othar ta u
Country. .
Mr. I'urtts, the well kaown an-Mtert and buLder, has
areor the caren'er nd Buiiinii"""
Aa we ar Mir own archltc'.s and n . we are able t"
lot. eobirarts or au alav at the loeet rate, and la all
ease to warrant a (nnd -i. All persons coutemiHatiax to
'lyuSr!'. " ' "gl'sO. CTRT18 4 CO.
lUrKCI A M M()Nar.'rcni,p2
nan wet ol th- Cousi Hone Sqoare
will not permit mm to aay I a tfcw beat PresertpUa
Clara in the worM, bat Ussy an as careful and aaaosa
tert as) aay la thwetata. , . ,
lrwilpUon. pat np at all hours. XlfM data caa be
foaaaapslara.MdourtoUtea. . T. UUJMS.

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