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A Shopping Eiperlene In Constantinople.
On the Very flrt occasion that we visited the
bazaars together, A. proposed we should con
ceal the fact that I could speak Turkish, and
engage the services of a voungJew, who really
spoke English very well, and see how far he
would try to rob us. This we did, and soon
settled ourselves down to imrchase from tin old
Turk a very curious and handsome old Eng
lish clock, by a celebrated" maker who had
been dead some hundred years. The clock
would not go, but it was easy to see there was
not much the matter with it." Probably it had
been a prescut from some Ambassador or rich
merchant to some Pasha, and after being
stopped iiml broken by the fingers of his in
quisitive wives, had, perhaps, been stolen du
ring some tire, and kept for years, until it was
safe to expose it for sale. A. now tiddrcssd
himself to the Jew interpreter:
" Ask the old fellow how much he will take
for the clock."
Jew, in Turki.-li How much?
Turk Twelve pounds.
Jew to A. .Sixteen pounds, save.
'Offer him two pounds."
Jew to Turk The Englishman olfers one
pound; snvs it is all smashed up, and only
wants it for the glass and hands the former
for tin eye-glass, the latter for tooth-picks.
Turk (with dignity) You lying U-ast. May
your vile tongue blister your polluted mouth,
and destrov you by slow starvation.
Jew to A. He say, safe, 'cos he love me all
same as him son, he let English Lord have
clock for fourteen pounds.
This was a little staggering for me, and my
face must have betrayed me to the lynx-eyed j
Israelite if I had not taken the opportunity and
hunted a Ilea all round the inside of my sock.
This kind of. bargaining went on for an hour,
A. being made aware of the state of iillairs by
me, while the Jew had gone to fetch us some
codec. At last the Turk was beaten down till
he asked two pounds, and the Jew said four
pounds; aud then the villain's look of out
raged innocence was worth anything, when I
quietly said to the Turk in Turkish:
"We will give you the two pounds, and
hope to have a deal with you again another
day, when we will not bring our friend here
with us."
In a moment the young Jew hail disappear
ed. Ihirkly' " A lirrun the Ihinuhe iiml the
lUa- k Sen."
Was the Moon Always Dead ?
Now that astronomers have almost by, unan
imous consent accepted the doctrine of the de
velopment of our system, which involves the
belief that the whole mass of each member of
the system was formerly gaseous withintensity
of heat, they can no longer doubt that the mooii
once had seas and an atmosphere of considera
ble density. The moon has, in fact, passed
through the same changes as our own earth,
though not nccessarHy in the same exact way.
she was once vigorous, as well as our ear.th,
though not at the same 'time nor for so long a
time. She was once glowing with intensity of
heat, though this stage also must have contin
ued for a much shorter period than the corres
ponding stage of our earth's history. Must we
not conclude that after passing ti trough that
stage the moon was for a time .a habitable
world as our earth is now 1 The greatest mass
es of vapor antl of clouds which had girt our
moon's whole globe, even as the youth of our
earth her seas enwrapped her in cloud form,
must at length have taken their plate as seas
upon her surface. The atmosphere which sup
ported those waters must at first have been
dense compared with the present lunar atmos
phere, perhaps, even by comparison with the
present atmosphere of our earth. The glow
ing surface of the moon gradually cooled, un
til at length the moon must have been a lit
abode for life. Hut whether when thus
swept and garnished into fitness for habita
tion, the moon actually became an inhabited
world, is n question which will be variously
answered according to our views respecting
the economy of nature in this respect. Those
who hold that nature makes nothing in vain.
will need only to ask whether the support of
lite is the one sole purpose which a planet can
subserve; if that should appear probable, they
would at once decide that the moon must, dur
ing its habitable stage, have been inhabited.
Others who, looking around at the workings
ot nature as known to us, perceive, or think
they perceive, that there is much which resem
bles waste in nature, will be less confident on
this point. They may reason that as of many
seeds which fall upon the ground, scarce one
subserves the one purpose for which seeds can
be supposed to have been primarily intended,
as many younglings of animals perish untime
ly, as even many races and types fail of their
apparent primaiy purpose, so our moon, and
posilily many such worlds, may never came
to subserve that one purpose for which the
orbs peopling space can be supposed to have
been formed, if purpose indeed reignsthrough
out the universe. I ' ruhi'l Miifiisim:
Some) Astrouotii;'-
Notes Tor An;'inl,
August, tliis y:
eclipse months, a.
. ii ;pens to be one of the
i on the Hth there will be
i tii'i sun. invisible, howev-
a partial eclipse .
cr, in this country
Moon on the 'J:id,
visible here. ( .
another eclipse, r
more eclipse til'
Mars and S.r
i vl a total eclipse of the
ii;di will lie only partially
ember litli there will lie
; after that there will be no
'bruary of next year. '
" i may now be seen low
I a!i"iit 10 o'clock p. in.
i'V i i brightness. It ha-.
, i i our sky since 1st"),
tlown in the S'Uit :
Mars is daily inc
not blazed so fieiv
nor will he so shin
for A'i year, as du
ring the l ist days of the present month and the
opening days of September. Moreover, du
ring the time of his greatest splendor, his rays
will be clo-ely conjoined with those of the ma
lignant, planet Saturn, the greater In fortune,
as Mars himself is the lesser Infortune, of the
old astrological systems. For on the'Jlithof
August the two planets are again in coiijunc.
ttion as, they were on July 27, and as they will
be once more this year, eirly in November.
The end of August is a "good time to look
for Mercery again, just after sunset. On the
31st he is at his .greatest, distance east of the
Sun. and for a few days before and after that
date may In- picked otit by a quick eve. Ye
nils ha.s not yet distinguished herself as ;m
evening star, but is slowly becoming more
prominent. Jupiter is still in Sagittarius,
slowly retrograding. n the Jith lie is station
ary, preliminary to starting east once more.
W'hh two eclipses on hand, the Moon may lie
said to have enough to do. She will be near
Spicaon the 1:5th and Ant.arcs on the Kith.
She will approach Yeilus on the Pith, will pass
Jupiter on the morning of the 1Mb, mid will
Ihj in the company of Mars and Saturn early
on the 2.1th. Shooting Mars should Ik? csie
ciallv look for alstut the Vi:h.
President Haves is reported to have .vd. the
other day, that'Indian could not Ik- introduc
ed in tin" army, in any extended way witli ef
ficiency. He added: ."I had three Indians
i:i my corps. As scouts they wen' uneqiialhd.
Wc could do nothing with them as soldiers.
They would not drill, they ould not keep
rank, they would do nothing except in their
wild Indian way. Wc wi re troubled by a
sharp-shooter who bad picki-d oil our men and
we could not re.u h him. I -nt for one of
these ;-conts. He came to my ramp in a
louchy wav. secmnl half asleep, and was
wholly indifferent. When I told fcim what I
wanted, his face glow;-1, bis yes sparkled and
he Mraightcncd himself up like a cn-ed snake
ready to strike, rolled his tro.crs ap to bis
thighs, his sleeves to hi shouldT-bpo to
be as much t a asivaire as jKissible. He txk
his rifle, several rounds of ,immunitionvihn w
himelf on the gras ln-fore there was ant nml
of it, and wound himself along w ith the telor
ity and silence of a snake. Three shots brought
the sharpshooter down, whea the scout (n
turned perfectly cxhilerated. Trih'iht. I
Dentistry on Horses.
It U generally believed, even among the best
horseman in the country, that glanders is quite
prevalent among horses. Many a valuable an
anal has been killed by direction of his ow,ner
because of an offensive discharge from his nos
trils, which has been considered as a sure indi
cation that the horse is affected with that
dreaded disease, glanders. The fact is, cases
of glanders an' few and far between. CD.
House, the veterinary dentist, says that in all
his experience he has never known of but two
cases, although he has known of hundreds of
instances when horses have been killed be
cause they were supposed to be affected with
the disease. The whole trouble arises from
neglect of the teeth.
Yesterday Ml'. House operated upon the
horses of the llaiiibletonian JJreeding Stud,
Dr. Fhigg, ('. M. Dyer. Washburn & Yiiuirii.
and W. li. Strong, pullingorcutting, or filingj
the teeth ot nearly every animal he examined.
In one of the horses' mouth the wolf teeth were
found to be entirely covered by the gum, and
detached from the law, so that every time the
bit was moved in the horse's mouth these
teeth were turned, crowded, and jammed in
the gum, of course! causing the horse to jump
and run. Another case was found where the
grinders hail been worn rough iimf imeven.
and were slightly displaced, so that the horse
in eating was continually grinding away upon
the inner lining of the mouth, keeping it. con
stantly raw and painful, and of course making
the beast cross and irritable. Still another
case was where a colt's temporary teeth, utter
being partially lorccd I mm this place hy the
second teeth, 'had remained fastened by one
fang, and in such a position as- to grind contin
ually upon the gum while the animal was feed
ing.'and yet so nicely had the decaying tooth
been lodged that its presence was only detected
by the oil'cnsive odor arising therefrom. Sev
eral cases of inflammation of the" gums were
found w hich were accounted for by the pres.
ence of tartar on the front teeth, which was
readily removed. Mr. House's operations yes
terday were closely watched by a large number
ot Horsemen, anil many who were uname to ac
count for sensitive months in their own horses
became satisfied that the trouble was with their
The animals rather appear to like having
their mouths worked upon, and Mr. House
says he never had one attempt bite him. He
runs his hands and arms into their mouths
freely, and works away upon the sensitive parts
without causing the horse to exhibit signs ol
pain or uneasiness. Wo f (enter (Mtixx..) Spy.
IlorsKiioi.i) hints. A new drink to supply
the place of gruel or barley water js recom
mended by the tmrx f Indiii, "congee water,
or the Honor in w hich rice has lieeii muled.
l'his drink has three excellent, qualities it be
comes impregnated with the properties ot the
rice boiled in if, ami thus satisfies hunger; it
quenches thirst, and is a capital draught in fe
ver attacks; mid lastly, when taken warm in
bed, it is good for bad colds and inlluenza.
French polish for furniture can be made In
putting ha !!':: i ounce of shellac, the same quan
tity of gutnlae, and a quarter of an ounce of
giun-sandarac, into a pin! of spirits of wine.
Put them all together in a stone bottle near the
tire, shaking it very often. As soon as the
gums are dissolved It is ready for use.
It is a mistake to wash glass tumblers, gob.
lets, and the like in hot water; if cold lie used
a brighter and clearer appearance is left
when the glass is wiped dry. ft the glass is
particularly soiled, a pinch of soda in the wat
er will cleanse it easily.
It is a fact not gcuerally known that the Au
gust supply of rhubarb is the best for all pre
serving purposes, as. grown during the heat of
summer, it requires less sugar than the spring
supply. lint should the summer have been a
very dry one, the stalks are apt to become rath
er hollow and stringy ; care should therefore
be taken to select medium-sized stalks, brittle
and full of juice.
During this dry season, when the pastures
crackle under the feet, is the time when the
sowed corn can be made available as fodder
for co.ws. It is folly to expect a full flow of
milk to be maintained, by the best breed that
was ever created, when the pastures are sere,
and no addition is made to the feed that the
cows can get from them. The amount of milk
from any cow must hear some proportion tothe
feed that she digests, and if there is a lack ofi
fodder the flow of milk decreases. It pays to'
have near the barn a good strong growth of
sonic kind of green fodder, and corn is easily
raised, of rank growth, and cattle cat it witii
avidity. I'.eyond this, there is milk in it. ami
all that is required is the medium of a cow for
its ready conversion. Ihtrnit Free 1're.--:.
Tin' csiinintcs of Hip Ajtriniltui'iil Depart
ment place the tolnl ot'tlic wheat, crop of the
Unite:! States for the present vear ut upwards
of :;.').' " ).(()() Imshels, (i5.0U(M)00 lmshels more
than tli.it of last year. Of the total quantity,
fully M!,(lim,!l(HHiiishes will lie uyailalile for
expo' ! i;io:i. The cotton prospects were rarely
mure i-ivoiahle than they are at preent, und l't
is es: iiiateil that the product will lie upwards
of 4. Vi'i.OMO hales. The sale ahroad of the nur-
p!tt- dluels of the countiy w ill undoubtedly
iia ! :joi m! elleet upon the ireneral hlisiness
inter t-of the country; and a country with
the i i;-:nons productions of the L'nited States,
:!. for any yery Ionir jieriod sutler from
'liar . 1 imes."
Tic .siilijeet of owin fall wheat is liein
nin.ir to tt met considerable attention iinionu'
our fanners. A thrifty ami well-fo-do-fai iner
of Center Prairie tints the matter in this way:
For two years past, fall wheat has yielded anj
aycraire of twenty tiye lmshels per acre. 'J'h i
i so much hettcr than spnnir wheat has aicr j
aed, that if I lo.-.e a crop occasionally I will
still lie ahead; hut there is another ada!:!aire.'
If rinir wheat fails I lose the profits of the;
iffounil for a year; if fall whe:;t fails I am oulyi
out my lahor and the seed.. If it is a failure;
I know it liy corn planting time, and ive the;
ground a liv'ht slirrinu' and it is i:i eNccllcni '
condition for co.'n. i
It iseliiiiiH'iI Hint iisliulit sluK'k pivi n t :m up-'
jiletrnp will i'!h! ennker worms spin n in i: to the
-roiiinl, iiml fnnlicr, tln.t it oni -otl', these
(Ttiwlin pests coiiM iiHikc nr hetiihiay over
ilrv, looe soil, jtroviilini; tluir emirse v;is iip;
hill. A complete harrier to tluir return i!
forineil liy heiijiin;: ;ip dry ii.-lies ;i)nil the ;ip.
le trees." Farmers tliat'nre- siitlerin f.-om
the havoc d' the cai.ker worm .-Jioulil try this!
simple i-periiiient i.ml reort the r'';:it.
I'riiirii' t'l'i '.n' r. j
A correixiiiileMf of the Cinitr
in Ma-.:iehiiH-it writes that the u-e of
rrecii on apple in-." attacked Ly canker worms -has
ppcl ctlecthe in every ca-e. thoiiirhf
heni"fore these same trees have le-en tlefuliat.i
el ly the worm-. Tre.-s in i:n ailjoiniiu ;
Where Hie fans -,,,. h;ls ,, M.,. ,ls,.tl
lis it-lire hail passed over th.i.l. A -harp tL'h!
is the only rex.urce left wl, n t '-anker
worr.-.s a ;
WKI..-II rlAKF.'HT. Place on tlie tire, in P
small hal!ow .ste-.v pan, (die rpvirter pint ol'
ale, two ounces turner, a pinch of white n p-pt-r.
ami a tea-iwvonfiil f made liiustanl; nll
: . i .. i ti- . - c
tii tlm f.f-kinfvnlliii I ll 1 it'll I Mil imt ti i r nil Of i.s nf .
... .... ..... .....p., .- - v. . .....
irratOO flMW nml a pimliof sal!; stir until t
r, ii i . .i
thoroughly IlllXed into a smooth Vi-U; then.
llir It nver thrf thin slices nt Im ad, Irccd of i
if- i t wi
cri'..-t and fn.il in Iilllter; SI neat once. .(.
kttpi r.
A irentit man, on walking out one Nuiiii.iy
cvenins. mtta yoiini jrirl whfise pan'nt livetl
near hi leti-' -Where are you jroini, Jen-
nrVlirsHil. 'mkinir for a son-in-law firj
my mother, sir," natbe reply.
Carriage jfactors.
No. 57 Columbus Street,
HII Styles of Carriages, Buggies,
Constantly on Hand and Made to Order. '
They do their own wood and iron work, trhu lnsurln
better and cheaper work than any other carlae shop tun
the city.
ItepalrlnB neatly and promptly done. Price very low.
Goou Carnages, lop and Opet liuggit, Slidtl
Seat KuxK'.ei.Two-Beated open buggies. Democrat Waeona
Sulkies, 60., can Unci them at this Ktetwy.all of Alarum
mtike, ef the fct ( and In the " approved ntylet '
amlftnixn. ALL lKaiMA2'A7Aaidf)r..Uoatlowprlces.
Aleo make to order tuck nt ir myitmi. Impairing done
promptly Palntlng.TrlmmlnR. Wood aid Iron Work.
Ottawa March 18. 1S71.
Wagon and Carriage Manufactory,
JOHN D. VETTE, Prop'r,
Superior Street near the old ''Fox
River Hous8.
Hsvlns lntrortaueu many Important improvements In hit'
establishment, lnaklnc It lliu largest and most coa.
aud otheradeslrtnirndW waironaor
old ones repaired, or wlalunn I
Flue family Cnrrlasrea, ItitBina, riuutona and!
Democrat Whkoph,
Or anything in his line, to elvehlm a call. All work war
ranted und prices that defy competition,
Ottawa, May 15th, 1ST5. JOHN I. VETTK.
Carriage Factory,
Mannfaoture and keen constantly on hand the
lylesot or.e aud two.eatei l'l;l"n. Kockawar. blnile
and Double lluzglns, wich or without tops, and the various!
styles of Democrat and Spring Wagons called fur lutUls,
market. I
We also manufacture a Jump and Slide Seat, nblch fori
neatness and convenience as a one or two-seated carriage I
Is unnrpaaed by any yet Invented. Our work l strictly!
1 1 ioi i,i.fttn Bim muy warranieu. iruers souciwu.
17 bend for catalogue and irlce list.
J. O. OAV,
Nov. 21. 1S7I. U. b. I'OKTKR.
Corner of Clinton and Jackson Street j. '
All kinds or carriage, top and oyn bngz'es. demrf-rat ;
WHgos. strong and good farmers1 wagons. alwyon hand ,
and sold atthe oweet Drlce. I
k'.r.ds of repairing on the hortest notice a'. th lowest
pnee. wy own carriage are
TSIVMvn TV a mivtci TfiTT Til ttttt
w!11N. ,;.' -,' 'ny; rum','.Vru, rT.., iMt,rt nlel ? a .l.ic. slit.-, memorandum and pocket ,,
.t.eap.rthar.anV otheTanutJctirlr ln L.'iec..unTy!'Pl'''r- It I. I.y lar f'Wi c..pnrl.Mv Mil
,tuc" ot bux' c unr'u -
( Ottawa, June -j.ts-.-,..ly C. HA IIS.
. ' --s-silwJJiawJ
mhbbi.. ..ti.i.....ti.. ....!
Is iot easily earned In tNese times, btit
U cn tie made In thre months hy any
one of eitlu r n-i. In any psrt ol tiio
rtnntry. holswl,ngt.,wo.-k I
I'.yat tlie-n.Dlorment that wrlumlsh.
spi s"i lu jimr um iijwh. i iu n's-si mil lie lftT
t v ... - - . -
.iiiur uicr diiii. i i-i i mi your wmm lime ui,
the work, or only yo;r .pare noo,eta. We h.v. agu
who are making over ti ' te-r dy. All who engage atoncel
c,n make money ft. At the preaent tlm nviw-y cannot!
maoe o aai;y ana rajmiy at arj o-ner i.s ne... jt; -
risi noiniua id iry inr uu-miis-w. I srir.a na T lnilil I
fre. Address at ie. U. HALLETT Ox, Pori!an.Li 1
To doev youraelf. I re all ti Patent MxHcm) Mi at
are goo4 for
atytiUog. auu that cUim toenreail 111 I II TIM I'VTSKB at Is I
K.r.ftUUUi 'sanlA tltpexas "a. tt of etoart Hf. Ottawa, LI '
West of the Court House,
Popular Authors, in half calf.
Popular Authors, in Morocco.
Popular Authors, in Antique.
Popular Authors, with Illustrations.
Juvenile Sooks, m Sets.
Juvenile Books, in Single Volumes.
Toy Books, in Oil Colors.
Toy Books, in Linen.
Juvenile Histories.
Works in Natural History.
Fairy Stories and Fables.
Books of Animals and Birds.
Fine Quarto and Smaller Bibles.
Large Print Prayer Books.
Photograph Albums.
Fine Writing Desks.
Fine Work Boxes.
Backgammon Boards.
Toilet Sets.
Card Cases.
Pocket Cutlery.
Fairchild's Gold Pens.
All are cordially Invited to call and exr.mt'ie our aloes.
West of the Court House Square,
Consisting of latest styles of Embossed.
Gold, Stencil and Satin Papers, with all
the cheaper 6tyles also, Decorations,
Borders and Fresco Papers, all of which
will be sold at the lowest prices. Call and
examine our stocic before purchasing
Is tlic Only (jermnii Paper
in La Salic Conut y,
Also between Chicapo and uvenport, andr
therefore well adapted as an ;
Are prepared t lo all k:r.il of
-v-a7i7m-.:Gas and Steam Fitting.
Wrojght Iron Pipe, Fixture, Fittings,
&c, furnished at
TaKo .vour 3'caiiors and Jiowcrs,
TIiiM'slM'is, A.T., to W3I. STOH
MONT'S, lor repairs. nrmos
Is a new nubile ttion that must prove ol Incalculable lsnflt
t rarmers. Meti.ailc 1 and HusmeM Men. It Is so fi;t.( 1
and ori'n'il u to sta-t!" the n'Ost cl.oirlv. and yet so 1
)! and iwtnl that.the niwst lihUfii' In I'.guies cap'
ifiiiM"'t tMTon.e his own accountant ltenMej
tliou-atids to icrYi;WisA In amlnnte aliat they could not
Inirn tocalcnlale lu mai.y month. '
Thontut partcont.iin an entire. y tir ij.r.i.i of 7ah.es
which show of ii nhivt- the e,ict value of all Kind ol
Grain. Mock Hay. Coal. Lumber. M''r l.nai. etr .iroiu
i.tv up to a -nrl-i'l. and lor acy price th. tlie nar-1
i tut I. llktv in retch : tfie lntereat on anv sum lor anv time
at - awl M percent. ; orr-rt r- is.inment of ailkln.i
of Lumber, haw Lo?. t l-terns n inks, t.ranarir.. I. n.
wag..n m-os.i ora J ri . a iiiuv, w "''
1 he S.T..I..1 a't Is s i,rw I fit Arltl.nieflc sn I embo'hes
lmple intlieieat;i al principle uhich efinl.le imiw
fnii.nl ir with the 1'indametita! r .les to tusruaie a Ii''.mii;
""''"''"" and by hlh overC".t".ii'i oi n.e rgurrs wki
i.,wl, r.,-,tnA i Vtheordlnnrv n.eth... . and lr C.ai WHO
the:r intricacies. re..or..i".i ((.
The work t Mreiy printed on fine tinted rper.ta well!
rocio. f ; fi; Hue r n.-.."in iy n.
IF3.H.1.' l II." l.'l.l.',
March ! I-:. Ottawa, 1.1.
IS f.s
iv prr
...... . . . ,Ammm -r a n-.o i'.sm ,.,
(;()LI ) PLN. ii,"!iW7.t
v ,, ,w it ms w. ptiwmii
I1HT. t tasn.an 4 Haperaan . weet of Court Huae.
KICHMT 1 ltM.-Tre rnett tarna.Ge '
nan auU American r-i s'i i"1"".
UTtn'iKiIi a 1111 AIV1VS) ANDWI
Cor. of Court and Madison Streets, Ottawa. His.
At thti Eatablnhment yoa will find a lar and complete atovc of
Pure and Fresh Drugs and Medicines
DrugElstA' Sandries, Yankee Notloni In freat rartety. Choice Perfumery, flair Olla, Toilet Soapa. aad everything nMfi
fur me Toilet Stand. The Faint, oil, VarnUuand Artint Material stock la the larxeat and noil complete la the county
Everything that the Freaco, Carriage, House and tiiga Fainter need. Unr aim la to
Sell the Eest Goods at Prices to Plaass All.
Prescriptions are Carefully Prepared of Pure Materials.
I R n G
Chilli i 0
1 import ano amp ooiwtantty on band, alarje and woll .elected atock of
&.U he new andoopnlnr
For Culinarv Uw.
IVrfumeyy, ISrushes, and Fancy Articles icr tlc TOilet, Taints,
Oils, Varnishes, Window (Jiass, A;c.
Particular Attention given to the Compounding of rhy&lclans Prescriptions.
No Cords cr Balances.
Catholic Prayer Books
A largo and line assortment ot
Catholic Prayer Hooks just re
ceived at OSMAN & HAPFiMAN'S,
west of the Court House.
naveancn awldotf reputation foronratlvo nowcra that It
woulilnt'a avnail.lu tiling to give tlier.i a trlnl. Koait the
advcrtlsi'iiKMit. To Htmke or not to iiika. la t" qu"tlon.
Iiltlietturtoahakewlth tlm Airu Kevi-r, or to take one
twttlnof.lOHN U HITS' HITTKliS aud be free from the
malaria trloken from every iopallly on Ihla continent,
hoe liihahltant" are troubled wltb the ahlverlnf plague
'i iipn rniiiMN An lnereaHintf tlvnuind for the only creventa
ti vp ami Kradlcautof malaria provided by the Science to
eradicate and drive the said dleaws Ironi the ayniem by
Iheuaeof.lOlIN KOOT8' 1IITTKK8; Huch an Typhoid or
Typhua Fever, Pyxpepula, .laundlcn. uver or hicmey om
nlalnta, Uih of Appetite, Paina In the Hack, or Weiiknesn,
lleadaeheor Illllloiis Attack. Kemlttent or Scarlet lever,
or any other kind of Kever, when taken In time, and used
according 0 directions accompanying each bottle.
They are Sold by all Drugglst3.
JOHN HOOTS, Manufacturer,
No. '! fteneca St., DuHalo, N. Y.
For aaie by VAN RCIIAACK. STKVKNSON & Will).
Wholinale UruggtKtn, and Agent! for John Hoots' lllttora.
No, ti and 'Jl Lake ht., Chicago.
Sold In Ottawa by V.
Liquor tloalert.
? -r
This Is ackaowledged by some of the leadlni farmers ol
this and other roiintlo to lie the best Wlad Mill h-ought
, yet heinre the ptlille. Send lor circulars and price list he
lore purchasing. Manulactured Dy i
At his Foundry, Muciilne Shops A Malleatle Iron Wotks,
r'.ii ik;i
Shelf Hardware
lil lLDKKS' llAIinWAKK,
Stoves aud ltanscs.
4tUwa. Jim rk.
i 4 CO., W holesale
:'- . tl
- Mj2 '
i " ... 4 rw i 1 ' K.Wa. 1 .
A 13) Pi
West of La Salle Street,
For sale by OSMAN ft HAPEMAN, IS La Saile St., Ottawa,
lliu. Any f these Books will be forwarded ty mall, post
paid, on receipt of pries':
Allen's Rural Architecture fl.W
Alien's American farm Hook 1-'
Allen' Domestic Anlmsls 1 .00
American Gentleman's Stabl Guide l.iS
American Chess l'laver's Hand Hook 1.23
Awood's Country and Suburban House I.St
Alms and Aids lor Gli Is and Vouiu Women 1.9A
Asop's Kalilcs. Illustrnled with lity engravings l.Oi
Hi.c.on's Manual of Geattire , 1."
Ilest of Every thine l.f
Hell's Carpentry Made Kusy 5.IU
llogardus' Kleld. Cover and Trap Shootine 2.W
Hnck's New Hook of Flowers l.TS
Chorlton's Grape Grower's Guide 9
Clevelaml's Landscape Architecture l.CO
Coles' American Fruit Hook, ''
Comlw's Constitution of Man 1.7
ChlldrcR, ihelr Managemeut in Health and Disease l.T
dialling' Manual
Dadd' American Cattle Doctor l.&
Digestion and Dysiiepla l.fw
Dlcfyot very (faydltllcullliMor hard words laade easy 1.0m
K'.'lefton'stHrcult Rlrler... l.TS
Egleston's Knd of the World 1.50
F.gleston's lloosler Bchoolmaster 1.2S
Fgleston's Mys'ery of Metropollsvlllo 1.5o
F.gleton' A Man of Honor " 1.25
F.lllol's Lawn and Shade Tree l.S)
Ktllot'H Weotern Fruit Grower' Guide 1.5i
i:il l'erkln(Bt large! , t.VTr
Foster's I'rehlstoric Races of the l". S H.50
Fuller's Forest-Tree Culturtst l.W
Fuller' Snikll Fruit CnlturNt 1.5rt
Gardner's I'arrlHgu 1'alnter'a Manual 1.00
Gardner's How to I'alnt l.OO
Gems ut OoliUmlth. lllustratril l.0
Gray's School and Fl"ld Hook of Hottny 2,Sfi
(.nili'llrt. From the French of Lamartine S.eX'
Henderson' Gardening tor I'leaure 1.S0
Henderson' Gardening for l'rotlt 1.IW
Henderson's Practical Floriculture 1.30
How to K"iil Character 1.2
Hygienic Hand-Hook 3.00
Hand-llookol lloiie Improfinei.t 2.1
Hope and Helps lor I ho Young 1..V
How to Write TS
How to llehuri
HowtoTalk W
How to do Husliie 71 '
Hall's Health by Good Living 1.90
Hall's Sleep I-W
Hall's Coughs and Colds l.V
Hunter and 1 rapper.... l.M
Hill's Highway Manual l .M
HalmV Tnwnulp orL'til.atlon Law i.W
.lullan' Interest Tables l.OO
Library of Mesmerism and Psychology 4.00
l.llo ut Home 2.)
Moral Philosophy 1.15
Malhew' Getting On In the World . 8.'.
Mathew's Great Conversera 1
Matlmw'a Words; their 1'se ard Abuse I II'
Memories. A Story of tiermaa I.ovb J.fll
New Physlognomj :or, Signs of Character 8.UI
Oratoiv Sacred aad Si'CHlar 1.5'"
Pope's .M.say on Man, with Note l.i)
Pretty Mrs Gaston 1.50
Plnkerton's Kpressman and tbo Detective l.S)
Pli.kerton' Deicctlvn and tho Somnambullat l.Mi
Plnkerton Claude Melnotte l.M
Plnkerton's Modeltownand Detectives 1.50
Painter. Glider and Vainlsher l.M
iy's Mysteries ol .ee Keeping l.S)
OiilnnN Pear Culture for Protlt l.W
ioe's I'lsv and Protlt In .My Garden l.ftr
Rural Studlea 1.7
Ropp' Cominereliil t alculutor l.Oli
RolsTts' Rules of Order 1$
Sell Culture and Perh cllon ol Character l.fci
sione Idol. A Love Legend or Oakora 13
Thomas' Ameilran Fruit Cult'irisi. New vol S.7
The Primer of Political Feonomy 71
Taylor' In Camp and Field l.M I
Taylor' The World on heels l.sj
The Right word In the Right Place 75
Woodrutr Trotting llonm ol America 2.5.1
Woodward' Suburban und Countiy House l.Sl
Woodward's Country Homes 1? !
Willlaiiis' Window finrdenlnz. I.Stl
"tlllanis" Household hlegancles l.S'
Wllllains' Ladle' Faiu v Work l.SOl
Woman as a w He and Mother 2.V
Wrinkles and Reclites 1.5H
Wells' Every Man his Own Lawyer 2.101
! Indlr ale the i hirge In the weather, and are pretty mantli
oruauientsi. 1 he little lady Mpier in lair aim lutmin 11
; Totiuy weatner, aim iney ci:ver urn; hiuirh. wi
Dec. I.
Ls.u S;r'!t.ottwvlll.
j Tat h u"keep-s wan! en befonndatmr Drat and Boo
More pure i ream tartar. apices, c. a. m.wiuw
& - a iinlld.v rrwMl. ha fAurd at O.Vlf.4.V
I! I '.V.t A'.s are ec-il of the tarn ard much admlr
R. cr t.nMirss i n "n. ana - eifcuio am omv
are tte latret or In plec s ol staiaary. .
The oNTln wlahea n aeil f Vakw. wtef
ioat tirilw. fU mstcar n ior h
old. Tef ca om fit e U una, hpw buiwrsu

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