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dan, 'us the representative of M ission, "which
nnviT l.ml nn oltice:" Prune is Iirmvn. f the
,,,.. 1 ,. T U'-iUnn nf I el mil the I
"""" '"'" .
ehamnioii of Adams, the lianner ivpumiciiii i
,, , tluxxmntv im.1 W. II II. 1 Ioklrid L'e.
from the pun-handle dark and oenivhU'11
The hitler was nut forward hv HoiIP. I
of Osa'ire, wln said it would seem La Sullr
county w:is the breeding-house of candidates.
There was a litter here, all possessinj: all the
virtues of the Jew or the gentile, Hut
the iian-haiulle heniuted Eiry-pt had never
yet heen heard of in the councils of the elect
and she had 11 claim. And she indeed had
tw best man the ( man who ever trod the
soil of this county (voice: "Spit him out !")
William Henry Harrison I loltjrulge ! phophet-
icname! that will ride down till opposition,
and till vour bellies with the corn and w ine of
Egypt! Hoopla!
The tirst ballot was 113 follows;
Crooker -'1
Holdridgv. ...
Whitney '-
Nidiol '
Howen ' ' '
Watson 1"'
The nomination of Crooker was made unan
HKl'ONL) hai.i.ot.
Harwell (Seneca)
Spieer (Manlius)
. M
.' "1
.Mason -
After tins ballot, Nichol's name was with-
drawn, while Pap Harwell and other small fry
were ignored altogether.
It EMM. MM! Il.W.I.O'lS.
;id 4ih
4:2 .")
...-, (W
.1:1 (i
After the third ballot Whitney withdrew in
favor of Iloldiidge. Whinny had waxed
warm; and waxing warm tlumra shoe, Hew oil'
the tangent "lost his grip," as the boys say.
It seems there had been a sharp contest in
their town between Howen and Whitney for
the delegates, Whitney coining out ahead.
Seeing, however, that the nomination of How
en was inevitable, his many wrongs could keep
silent no longer; so he advised his friends to
Vote for Holdridge, and defeat his opponent's
scheme of "fraud and corruption" the "ho
cus pocus" which is making this nomination.
After a few howls and groans for Whitney,
Francis Houcu was nominated.
On motion of Hull the old central commit
tee was re appointed.
There was no further business before the
convention, but no adjournment could be had
till Hon. H. C. Cook, who had entered the
room, had spoken. He said il. gave him infi
nite pleasure to meet again so many of his old
compatriots comrades of the grand old times
when the parly was born and fought its great
est battles. Hut he did not mean to make a
speech then but would reserve that till a fu
ture time in the campaign. He had heen in
Texas this spring, however, and saw that it
was not safe to intrust the government to such
u people. He had had his temper sorely tried
by them while there, and had seen most horri
ble injustice dealt out to the colored man.
Ilis word of council was: you can't afford to
lose the members of the legislature who elect a
senator. The representatives and congress
man be elected. And much more in a
similar vein.
Hon. L. H. Crooker was called for and said
that two years ago, when nominated, lie was
out of town and had never thanked the con
vention for the honor done him then; they
will therefore please accept his thanks now as
double-barrelled, covering both the past and
present. lis wai a republican, he said, like
the Kcntuckian on a high old drunk, "all wool
ami a yard wide" certainly uynnl iriili .' lie
thought the present the culminating point of
the rebellion and the country never in a more
desperate strait than now. He was down on
the minority representation so hard to light
against and advised republicans to he straight
in the matter of giving each f their candi;
dates his 1 vote.
Howen and Lewis were called for but failed
to put in an appearance. So Koiiinson moved
to adjourn, which was earned.
(icorgc Dawson Coleman, the well known
Pennsylvania millionaire, owner of the Corn
wall iron ininet) mid furnaces in Lebanon coun
ty" of that state, died on .Monday ul bi ( oru
wall home near Lebanon, aged oi year-. Cole
man was born in Lebanon county, and was a
whig in politics ami subsequently a republi
can. He represented Lebanon county in the
state senate, and was also a prominent candi
date for state treasurer. President (.ran! fre
quently visited him at his home in I'or.inail,
anil at one time ollcred him the secretaryship
of the interior department. Mr. Coleman wjo
a member of the state board of charities, and
held important local trusts. The iron deposit
at Cornwall Is generally considered to be the
largest and most valuable in the I n bed Slates.
The La Salle Y. in reference to the ru
mor that the lion. Washington Hu-hncll in
tended to lie an independent candidate for con
gress in this district, says:
Hush, is a strongman, in or nut of otliee, and
on the stump is without au equal in the district.
There are lots of people in ihe four count iesot
La S:tlle.(irundv. Will and Kendal! who would
mightily like a chance to vote for a i;illy in
deiH iuleiit niHii next XovemlK-r. It would la
wicked to do so, of course, and Hu.-hm.!! might
not to tempt the gixxl people of the th district.
It of course remains one of iluwe inolubli
problems that are always coining up ia. 'lilies'.
bow is it that illi a man like iSushnrll in their
ranks the republicans of this district should
Dominate and chi t a man to congress like I'.
C. Hives?
Miivo v Widmrr hate done their rh-aniii:? and
fixing up in the fall, bavin::, during the lat fen
week, changed their windows from fii;ht to two
pancb. and haudsoniclv papered and painted the
inter'. .r. A Biliy tiilnian !!i! thi latter a
of courst' it is one of the CneJit otliees in the city.
Then will
!..i m....tl....f n... V......iBlue.i
'"T""'" -- -
T-,.n... S. itv. SatNnlav Serf
., ..... . , j , . -
t 4 r. M. In their roODi. All are rrfpirsteU to
4 prrseni. ZfTT -tihws, tH-e.
board of supervisors
Aiinunt S.t.iiitiT session.
t...s,..v m.-.t n... t
....... i ..r .:
,Mm,u '-"i" '
lm.( t t- ui t house in pursuance of law at 2.
', ,h k r. m. The roll -ul slniucil that a oiio-l
rum was present.
As tin' county court then in session had -riven
way for their meeting in the court room for a
few iiiinules to till the rt-uuireinciits of the law,
they simply met to adjourn, which was done j
motion of Supervisor H10H 11, ol Peru.
As the board consists of forty-two niembersand
the dilapidated old shell culled the court house
has nut bllllieient room in w hich to transact iU
ordinary business, tho county legislature ad-
jjourned to meet if the city hall 011 Wednesday at'.i
' a. m.
j Wh.m--si.ay
1 The board crowded themselves in the council
! chamber of the city hall. Kvcry member re
sponded except Mr. Flaherty and Mr. Lauf, the
former being absent on duty connected with the
county asylum.
A In lire number of petitions were presented and
referred to the proper committees.
A dozen or more petitions and remonstrances
were submitted for and against the building ol 11
now court house and jail.
On motion of Mr. Howen, the entire subject
was uclerrcil nil l-riuay morning.
Supervisor Carey presented a petition asking
for further county aid in paying for the l.a Salle
Supervisor Hrown, of Peru, created some mer
riment by leading the following resolution:
Weuk.vs, A majority of thus board are candi
dates for the respective others In the ii 1 1 1 of this
county, the hoard being in a languishing condi
tion and oysters hcing plenty and cheap, he it
Ji'txuhiil, 1 hat said eauih dates be requested to
furnish the board with an oyster slipper anil ap
pendages on Friday evening next.
Carried with applause, John Stout alone voting
no" with the privilege of changing to "yes"
next election.
Adjourned lill Thursday morning.
'1 111 i:iav.
t the court house, instead of
11 felt that the change was for
The board met
the citv hall, and
the better.
The roll-call was dispensed with and the min
utes read, liie leik, for a joke, preleliued 10
read Brown's humorous resolution on the oyster
supper as a part of the regular proceedings. L n-
Jnlm Miller, of Freedom, objected and made
a very selisilile soceeii incicou 011 uieoysui:
being in the records, not In the members but
when the gciiileman discovered the hoax, he
' withdrew his remarks."
( I'l.aughliu, from Mrooklicld, from the commit
tee to settle with the county superintendent 01
schools, reported, showing that supt. Williams
had received A (Til 1, lu ir,5n.r.5S and had dis
bursed fci"i,:;i).Y. receipt since then and the bal
ance on hunu now 17.
The committee reeoiiiinei.ded that R. Williams
he allowed J'-JiM for services from March loth to
tune loth, ls;s; also for office expenses, includ
ing postage, advertising and oluee, el-Hi.
Note by Reporter: Our county court house,
said to he so commodious, is costing the people
l.7o per annum for rent, for want of room fori
tin county superintendent.
Tlie report was adopted.
The committee on claims and abatements re
commended a reduction ol .."iiw on the assess
ment of t'lias. Hruner, of l'cru, for double assess,
ment. After a spirited discussion between Brown,
Byer, Flaherty and others, the yeas and nays re
sulted 15 for and 1 against.
N. J. Host wick having been assessed .i!iki on
per-onal property in tlie towns of Wallace and
Freedom on the some property, the proper abate
ment was granted.
Lewis Sawyer, of Eagle, having been assessed
lifty-one head of cattle in Eagle, which belong
in Livingston county, was excused from taxes in
this county on said stock.
W. 11. Crydci , hav ing .1 grievance of i:il, the
same was duly adjusted.
Supervisor Miller picauiilrd a vciy interesting
paper relative to the Indian Creek bridge. The
board iu September, hud allowed the sum
of 4KI toward said hridgv, but the ncv had
never been drawn from the treasury. Tlie bridge
was built at (1 cost of -about '.00, but w as torn
down by the ice. Subsequently, after a long
w rangle among the commissioners of highways,
a new one was constructed at aeon of about ?1,
5i hi. lie. asked for tin; original appropriation
In his explanatory remarks, he interested I'
board with the fact Unit out of yeas and Dnajs
in that appropriation in ls'il. he alone if the
Hcseiii Imard wa'-llieu a member of II. 1
llMir.". Hit- Mlt.'jm V.iis 111' ni.u in uii- "
liT mi rumls uiiJ luiil''.
.... . . . r I ... I .1
'I'll" i-nmiiilsliiiT'" il MninMiys of fit.- (-trvn-
(if Duvtim mill KulliiHil .i-t'M'uK-i! it M-itT:m li.r
in iiiii'i-ui'i i'itiiiii ni "..'i'Ki l.ii ii In -iiluv -f rn- I'nv
... , .... . , . n i I l..i
rivur ut u iilriui. ; in- iuiui' in i-u.-i i,-"',
tlin towns having pinvUi-d fr th'-n- liulf if Hi''
i'ii-t. llifi'i nil.
Wllitl! lllll'IVll M fl'M '.U li ll tllllt llr. iLlli! !H till'
sum of $.r),IMH) in tl;t- tiv.i.-ury it tin: tux.oT i..,
ordered to In? r1 tnvl.-.l. rhut tin- sum- 1-r it.
futlili'd nil the 'i-i nl;iii"M of tin- iirnpcr ivcri;'t.
At tlie aftiTTKVin scsMiin l)onl..n moved Unit u
ilnv l.c li el for f!ie cli-rtiou if mi lii-lei -tor of
iiilm-. rnrried. Tie Mi-'-t. il Tin--! ty -ft
iioou of lirvt week. ( ' f .uuijhlin moved to unn lid
bv sxi-.tit lit in ir tin-- ufternooti. (irove M.itcd
that some cliari- li.ive Iwmi I'lmii'lit uuinst the
present inspector. . 1 1 is :i e.iniliilatt' for re-elee
tioii. An inve,.!-.':i:ii: i-ummi'.'e'' i ' no-.v :'.t v.-urk
mid lliev euniiot ii'ijort for uduv or two. ll would
lie unjust to pvnc.-.-d n eli i-Ilon uii'.i! l!ii
committee luv .' made ilieir report. I ' I..ilU'hliil
witlifirew his iU"liou ami UmilevyV moti'Hi pre
vailed w ithoiit o;i"ii:ion.
Howen, from tin- utiiiuiltee on eii'ializatioii of
pel-oiiiil property, made the foiloAint: leport:
eomuiittee on .'p.ali...tio.1 of perou.il property.
to w - lii mi was r.-lerred u resolution ot the hoard.
passed nt its lust session, with instructions :..
make inv..9 i 'ttt::i in:.. " " " " ;
reetncss oi u;.' as-, ssuieii'.s .ii .i.i.ou. 0..-U-.
t niiort:
Thai tln.V l.n.i ' i di d lir-t to t.e: town uf Men
den. thai he;
L'.li.' town n nnu n oi.-n. policies,
.i r.nit nn.l w:ii"!i .v..;- ! oilirht!
were m
i - .
l'l .111 lilV i I' ' ... .i-... .-. ....
lie f..' I thai til's l '..inl I el nhh '. 7" ?.' r
the js,( -MM-r-t of that t...n
; ... !... .,..(! ... ,.f t ,. c.innii-ilee liv
I our eiiiiiiini iru' in j.. .
of the to:i and f. ui.il the facts ;i! i.if as l..ilos.
Tl.e '"How'.ns ea!n'.le w i'l 'I'li-'tr-ite the mail-1 r list . .
ller of a-es.s-i;,' the 'towu of Merideli: A pr..nii. ' ;u'e. -nent
f irmer internciited nv Vour r- utl:t it- V"r ' '
and '"'!!' f'li'e ::.::-..' ' '' '-'- ! "'" i
mid purpose, stated that he ret ini.-d. lior-cs, '.l,, t iliii . . .
eattlc 15: hoi". 1. K. l.-rnna to lus .-. Ii.-rtulc.; iv'h
vour -oi..:iii:t.i' f-niil t om'-anson as f..ii,.s:i -h
Hor-i-. listed.:.: lo-'s r.tiirn.-d. VZ. li-T.d. 5 K'thth .
lt,;ill si. : III- se.ll'.l. . . W
w ' :ii ! mil -;.ti"n:.'i'i"i-'
thct l.r r-tui-l-tf 'In rirf f'y a. el ov
an I lit
' a -. : ,T f. :r '
t IV
j ( f
pnst ?l i:i.i::v '-' . '.e . .
f. 1 - .1 .. I A 1 torn. .1 '
tn f.roi.eriv una i.iii iv as ne ne.ie.eu. i
. ....-I- I.. '.1.1. . " ,.f f .ir .tv. ' I
I w ho!.
Sl.s IV ..I. I.. - , - - ,' -
T1.- :...,. Ill,, -.ii 1,
I "M.",,; . - -
, , M. , t ilWT)i fi v.,ur rnmmiiiiv m-nnr. i.
xUvy have Ihcf... '-- ill their ihm'shU show ilni
l.(e uuinlx-r of similar use., 'ihe po.j.'
ami tin- committee heliove. tlmt the seventy per
lit. milieu to saiil tott 11 is fully justilied ! their
Your committee visited Memlota and J.u Suile.
I" tli-.- towns the iiM.esMiitfnt,. mh-imhI tilM.ut,
fair, r..cpt ia Mciuh.tu the farts lea'l tMcin to
lu-Ucve that .1 vi tv lair priijinriion of the money
escapes taxation. And in l.a isalle a larce. pro-
portion of immcv, material and niiinufaetiircu ar-
tides on ham! escaped taxation. ( oir,'rniMu'
these tow n- your eoininitlee lmve in their knowl
edge fact aiid tiiruies uiou which some action
should he taken. Your committc would state
that thev liavc omitted to L'ive names in this re-
poVt, l.elievin-r thaf it would be improper to do
Thai, thev are unable to surest any par-
tirular line of action to this hoard as a remedy
for the evils eomiduined of.
That in our judgment tin; law providj a reme
dy, but that U a ipicstiou rather for the county
attorney than for the committee.
In conclusion your committee would state their
conviction lli.il this method of assessing, if con
tinned, can have but one result, viz.: Tint the
burden of taxation will gradually be placed upon
tlie more fixed and visible properly real estate.
Fha.vis How KN,
Wm. H. Havi.ky,
Ahki. Wyi.kv,
.1. N. Chai'I'i.k,
John P. Minkii,
E. C. Lewis ottered a resolution that this report
and the facts and figure in possession of the com
mittee be submitted to the county attorney with
instructions to prostcute otleuders in these cases
ttccording to law. White desired to defer the fur
ther consideration of the subject till to-morrow
afternoon. Motion carried.
Adjourned til! ! . v. Friday.
I'm i.a v.
The board met with a full attendance. Mr.
Flaherty, evidently ill, but with characteristic
stick-t.i-itaiveness was with his committee.
Harton. from the committee 011 railroads and
bridges, reported that the Clerk draw 1111 order in
f;ivorof the commissioners of highways of Kut-
laud for the Marseilles bridge, -;SW, and to the
chairman of the board si, WO in favor of the town
of Fall river. Adopted.
The committee oil claims and abatements re
commended the abatement of over assessments
W S M.Cormick and .r.,li(KMo W.S.I would have been cheap to go to Chicago at the
!.... 1 .. , ..I t f'-L ....! t..,i:
of .'., II 10 to
. :ieu-.ni 111 r. c e csa11c111.il " 11 no ui-
, , . ,. ., 1....: 1 1 ....
on the assessors books without the knowledge or
consent of the parties interested. Adopted.
Lewis (Ii ecu, of Vermillion, got a reduction j
and was allowed ll.i cents rclunileil taxes.
.1. T. Hurke, of Ottawa, had a claim of the same
nature, but it was excused that, is, withdrawn
when ready.
The court house ipicstiou next came up and
was vigorously debated by Lynch, E.C.Lewis,
White and John Miller. We regret tint one
space and want of time prevent us from writing
out our full notes. The speeches were all good,
Mr. White alone opposing the proposed public
buildings. Miller was frequently applauded.
In tin. ..fUTliooIi the ill bate was 1 cslilued oil the
following resolution presented by Supervisor
Lynch :
Wiikkkas, The law reipiires the Hoard of Su-nei-yisoi-s
ul e .eli county to provide a suitable
court hou-e and jail mid all other buildings for
the business ol I lie enmity: and i uounced, in the Congregational church, with
.HlXrKut Jhe'Vesenmri Inms'e! about 1 00 pupil. The arrangements are some
and jail are entirely unsuitable, to the wants and 1 what primitive and incomplete as yet, but the
reouireiiieiit-. ot the county; therclore
I!Jti. That we lirmlv believe that our boiin-l
den duly inn).', the law- ivipiires us to take inline-,
diate steps towards erecting a la w court house :
and jail.
After a short debate the. resolution was rejected
by a vole of Hi to IM, upon which the board ad
journed toll o'clock to-anorrow.
It is understood that tbo scsion of tlie board
will lie continued next week, when the court
house question will again come up 011 the report
presented by tbe committee in July, and upon
which action was deferred until this session.
The lUs'i School
It seems our township trustees 11 ml some dilli
culty in disposing of the .0000 in bonds voted
them for the erection of a high school buildin.g
Though there is plenty of money anxiou: h seek
ing such Investment, the "capitalists" are fear
ful there may be some liiieh or trouble about
paying these bonds. Mr. Trustee Pickens, to
quiet such apprehensions, bus got E. F. Bull.
Esq., to give ail opinion on I lie subject, ill which
Mr. 1)., alter looking up the law of tlie case,
comes to the conclusion that unquestionably tlie
bonds are valid and binding.
Wliile giving lliis opinion, however, Mr. Hull
cannot forbear expressing his deep regret that
the trs es have decided, agaiwst so strong a
popular vote in favor of tlie noil h side, to erect
tlie building on tlie soiitn side. 'Vc arc con
strained to join in tliis regret While much can
he said ill favor "I tin: location selected by
trustees oil ihe. -oilth ile--oii tlie n-mr ol neuu
ly of lo'iiuN, line pni.j.e' !, e.. -lucre N no
iiieslioii Im! that the feei;!i.: ol thru- i.ut(h of
the town i- " stroll- a-i.iu-l it Ilia', it will ewr,
hei-'-afier 'ie inipoil'l'- to -el a vole fur unyl
money to elilai'e the woollen sliell they propose,
now to eivct, or to creel -IH-Ii ne lillililiui; livlc
afti r us tin town really ou-hl to have for its limli;
school, shoiiid its siieiess he such ii- ellliailj
hoped it would be.
The Oltawu hi'll seliool iiojei .1, tiioiurli f.ivor
cd liy a hn majoi ity of our p. - 'pie. ha many
r-cerel .1.. ;ui" w ho are as uu-erup.i;o'.ias d' ler
miiii d in their ellorts U ilel a', it. This hx-aUon
on the south side, llioii-h prohu'olv no direct iv
sult of Ilieir iSl.'iis. i- ni.ipv.i -'ionai.l.v a "ten
strike" in their favor. We i c-ai l it -s a most
unfortuna'e matter fur th
a-reeulily disappointed if
.-ehool and shall he
it don't ulliiliately
its ih'.ilh Mow.
The annual uieetin;
if th (jumv&u IfuUiiiiJL'l
M hie t-veiiiiiL' at Ihe,
oilier of MacKinlay tv. ii.ss. k. S. 4V,rt. r w as
,.ie, t,-,i i i."iei.t oi th-associi :.oii: 1 1 ic-udoii,
vice pr.-Sd.-nt ; Win. Col-.vcl!, .,.'-r.-ary; li. '.U,j .) iiitt' 1st, lSiil.
J. ml in, trc.Mircr; T. K. M.u Kiiilcv, solicitor; j yf'.n inn.. nwioirr I.avvi:i:( I
uml I). I.oriiiiux, T. Taili .t uimI .. 1- ilesn,,
I li ni ni i mi mil tee I !. ll l'"e nr. e . leu lire as
I follow.: J. A. Ael.e rm.-.n, 1 . .1 (a.e U.C.j
, Jordan, li. (.'.niiolf, U in. ( olwi 11, K i. Kiu, i
L. p Tiill-.t, P. W. Sin ksleer. I.
., .. s. p,t,.r, ,,. ,rrillUS T. I
M l'--
Kiiil :y. Tin- a:i..ual report, own;- to the a".
sence o: Hie ?cerelarv, w as nui inain: oni as nui
. , i..n i
lis'.i.i'.. The iCfO.'t r.ll.d. . however, shoh
Total Valuation of stock,
,er of . !.a;c- i:. im !. . h
to1 ft riV!. The niili.'.er of . l.a;
!Ji k and tin ir value are as f..
lliese jelirai i.h ws.
..,i.. NuliiU r
t :iol
' .'.'.
. ..4 .hi
. i,s.4.S.,
i I' UI.I..
. i
;.: I
r iild olf, . .'.'rtain1
I T,.,rI ,,
... -
r.l ! Olirt.'fllTI
Tl.i tir-t v. r., is now 1. !
- 1 . . , .... . ......
mimi-.r o:
scares i.cin
drawn each mouth.,
...:. t. .;n
bt; .iUllii tu ,c a .01. u i.iNcs'-.i.clit.
The Suburbs.
The city of Sandwich is erecting a $!W city
hall; and will collect city taxes this year to the
extravagant amount of $-JUK).
John Parr, of Rutland, while '-attending the
fair last week, was son htruek. He is
culled Charles Augustus, and John is "doing as
well" as can be expected.
Lostant is happy at last. After multitudinous
disappointments, they at laol got (ieo. Woodford
to talk temperance to them for three days last
The Streator Frn' J'rrn says the road into Deer
Park has been so repaired that it is now safe to
drive over it.
Lostant has 450 inhabitants, :?. business
houses, 'X hotels, i grain elevators, 2 lawyers, 3
doctors, 3 churches, vv.e.
Tonicu schools lu-ve lltli pupils.
Norman Killburii, of tills city, lectured 011 tem
perance at Sheridan last Sunday week.
The Xfi'n httn; Sheridan, says the contractors
have arrived at Sheridan to replace the wooden
railroad bridge i.t that place with an iron one.
Mendota is in another sipiubblc as to her mu
nicipal government. Sanford, the former clerk,
having resigned, the Mayor appointed W, V.
Whitniore Clerk, who took charge of the clerk's
books, Ac. Last week at the regular meeting
Whitmore culled the roll, but some of those pres
ent not recognizing the new clerk refused to an
swer to their names. Those who did answer
not coimtitu'hig a quorum, the Mayor declared
"no ((iioruiil present," the clerk picked up the
records and left the hall ; and, by and by, when
the aldermen discovered the situation, they too
slipped out one by one In a sheepish sort of a
way. The council denies the right of the Mayor
to appoint a clerk, and as neither will give hi, no
business can be transacted.
In August Grand Kidge shipped 104 cars of
grain and 'JO cars of stock. The receipts of the
railroad otliee were $:)siK)for the month
For the yellow fever sull'crers Streator sent last
week tllll; Lostant $15; Mendota about Soil.
The Streator militia not getting free transpor
tation to Chicago last week stayed at home. It
k nines cxiicnse. nnu snciio iiooiu a oieee umi-
- ' 1
vidually, but it was too expensive to come to Ot
tawa at half fare, drill an hour at the fair, and go
home with a hundred dollars for their treasury.
S. F. (iury is going to talk greenbackisin to the
natives of Mendota on Monday next.
On Tuesday la.-t a locomotive of the Chicago A:
Padiieah U.K. was left in the Streator v arils to
make steam against the hour of her departure.
The "hostler" left the yard to call the engineer.
When both came back no locomotive w as to lie
seen. It had vanished. As the boys did not be
lieve very strongly in genii and Arabian Nights
enchantments, another engine was sent down the
road after the renegade. "No. 11" was found
about 5 miles (,ut, as far as her steam could drive
her. Carele.-siu ss had left the throttle open a
trifle, until sullicieiit steam was made to start
her. No damage was done.
-'. i,;), school opened on Monday, us an
-choul is running nicely, and will have the neccs-
rv furniture 11. a few days. The examinations
011 Saturday did not admit many pupils, but
oilier will be held during the holidays.
On II. i- -mi iiim .. '"V Arthur I. F.---I.. V '.-U'.'-vW1
SI'lilNOSTK.r 1. .Hi., of Sel. lMi. III., to Ml COUM-.I.IA
THOMPSON, of AiIiiiii".
In thln-ltv... 11 Sunday. Ha R0i Inst , at 'J iiVluc!,- a. m..
St'sllC PAV. y.Hiiu-tlnui!litcTi.I KliiisM. unit Amies h.
Diij ; iip-d i yrs. mo", ami I ''J''
I take lliese little- lambs, eniil lie,
A to) Iny them In my lireiist;
Prntivtlon they shall Hurt In ini
In iiic be rvrr lit' st. .
Xcu) jUTiticnfsfmemiK.
H. G. & B. W.
Vi'tlir liivriil'i iiml Snlr Miiiiiif.n-lurrrn
nf c lit' IVli'tiniU-d
iMTiMiiiii tiriTf MMiYiTiaii'iii
Champion Cigar Box.
li.iufl ,,,!, li'l l.nlhi'aW ttliiiiil Mill-
i. ........... .....I ....li.r llmti the nil .IV. I
i,r i
1 ilelv iiuv '! In I'niiliii i :i I ari-n -
-...i V .. i, ..vi- on. vcrv 1. -1 ln:M lillii'l .. us'
, null ll oiii.. i -- - --- - ,
llitimliiil IW-I c.iini..iler.ul mill exi i l. iu .1 lu'mr. uml
.. .... . .....,-...l ... f.i. , I.I. , in. nunc 1 Hi.-' n-ir H"V line
i.. ,.U.'. ....I.l i lint- In liliinurill-t'lKC I'lll- uli'l l"l' llliiv'ifi'l
rli i.i I'un-i . n,-.. Il-c " . "" ' ' '
ill ul lin Ii w '1 -l Ii '" "'I r'" I" '
sn'l. i'i!-li'- La s-ltlr ;:lnl
I .llll'
I linn :., i.i'ii.wi. i,
tiio irsiiraace Loniiany,
OK MM VMillv.
" i ,-:x.i
A of Is
Invested in (rovernmerit, State and City
Stock snii Bonds and STortgHges.
suii.i.i !::o,!ir,.tt.i
t)i I'll l..lM':l''l -'III.' is'.' v. r..!l I'' HI f"U ''' 'tlvl.l.-Hll'
l..l ':ii'l anii.ls'.'.v.
;i i-
K M TI.'V (
.1 A"
I. !.
.Vceirt ul otinwn. liliii.ilii.
MT.t. li. is;s.-a
Hilt H'tlll'llCU t' 111 I' ill 111. IHill
ra j ri(. ( ( t IT . I.a Sal 1 Co., III.,
i M I... i( will remain HI til1 ltu
VI ' Tr r m X V
111,1-liOU MI.1I..H. ..r li.i. i'l.l'-Hll !.'"'. -una-ii-
I ll..- ii.tliv emit ..r lir.in.l l.'i.lrf.- sn.l . ii ii.-. "iili (
M.....V.-. in flu. t,.-i. ,. i;r i:m I: I i ! . IT..C r .M. '.In.
tnr ,i- ..f -li . !! ml l-..r ,;l .i-r .i.r..riii..li.. !:. !
.r. !.. r. in:. I:. ( rr;i ! : i. -''. m " i.i- .
! IIIU. I.H0..1S. '.'rsiW
,v f..r r.-tu Ertiiiiy i-f l.tml 1" "' ' " "
.It'i ii.n.-i. lui.i I I, a, I I' -,.n ' '.l.s Tl" ' ' ! ' hI
i. . .1 ' .-I ') .' - W"l -!. f-.r
,...,..' t..r l.r,, . !., M KIMAV
fT'.l.TO nt-", l"i i'iiki' !: K. itta-n. l,:i :i4-iici
!v'!,V " " H1CHOLS0N SNOW,
' .'-' . i it... a. 'i. -n . .'. .
''-"""I .iiuii.:.-.-.u.i.. si.ii. i. !-
. 47..'T: 1 I.. ftM-M v.--." - y v'riii.- f ' 'Wai..r..-r
...... . . .. I . ..... ..f - 1 . ..in.'-. .1, .T,-l I'.' V 'iTM
- .'.'.....', . ',. .1 ... 'II i'W ..VI. II -1 .Hi.
, . i, . ,. , i ........ . . i. .n s
tl,-. iilli.wlliFi!f-" rll-l -.ul .-s st.-.l
. il It :
U ii. ,r. Ml ...! ... ' i.' . .-mil V i
a '
ii u.n- . -it lu.Jiif !u'.-t n.r:u.
III. l'l.1 I Nil I'
f- W . w I til 1:
f ti -sii''. a! I
.... ,. : .-tii -.'" ii" "i i '
ii.irr.i . f mi.i1 inin .r lu .1. i
. .uli. il' r i t l .r 1 ..ni.:) C .-.rt ..
m. 111.
I. n.i- .: - : !. - 1 ' 1 - -'r.
urn- -'r, Ir'. r. -t t rvit i-r rent
r Ktu.ii'11
4 frrrnl D .rni. 1.1 ! Iw .f i.ml " " e in. n ..
'.I. Van l.tft 1.11.V p' .lr.i.i..i"v"i"!'
hKsJam.s 11 vw vrrv
j i;s.., ia tii ir II f V!kir.
1 l..Uul.ski.Mii,C' silluls .
-"Gk, - la
Those elegant Dress
Goods have arrived;
t hey are fresh from the
and markets of the old
world, and must be seen
to be appreciated.
The largest and cheap
est stock in the city, in
all shades of color and
black. More to arrive
Silks, Velvets & Satins
in endless variety, and
best quality of (foods.
Lace and Linen Col
lars and Cuffs in great
Prints and Domestics
at bottom prices.
The Kid Glove, Corset
and Hosiery Emporium
i'th pit ii.
rPl-.c, -fin oat- anrl lovcrpct
X UO UliVW U 14V 4LllAjWU V j
stock of Carpets west of;
We don't (jive away
goods, but we do lire up
to advertisements. Call
when convenient, and
see our goods and pri
ces, whether you buy
or not. iiiM.finy.
. i.") - -.Ni Lit Nallf St.
' ' ' Pooler & .loncs
Fllllvlll'rll"-'! llici'T
nil Itiiltn'il tiut'-lll" !','
tin' M'li-liliuru A- M' :i
Miiiiiiliii'turliik; ' "
Till' Ill'M llll'l rim'.'
t IniiM' Hurl' ll. I Ik'
Mil iivrr '1
1 1 lit- i'iiiiii'I.
Our Unrli i ;i '" I
on Diftt-r linn i-.'i-
tlmn uny mi" " 1
Qno lnim i- ui
2S0 tn IS Ii roil" -'n
wire in oue u..j
ii- i:lil"l--
! .rv !.', i.!i...t. i-iu.i I.-4.1. ln.c-i
int. T. a ' M : ' i . i
1 .mV tiiil
..C7t .AV
15U1 iriih xJ2j&i..i:g ,
Economy cf Puel, Sty 1 And Puvsh,
General Working Qualities.
IlLL .-s h A trV..
: l. 1 . :'
; v i :;v ;
...' v..
iTTAWA, ills
A i-Ji
1! .' .. .
l.T' -. .1 '.-'
f ..IT II, ..- - ...
ir.. i :, . ... .
Jl-r- ' . .-
. .I!;t. iH 1
Is it -a
I. ..nil II
I - '
Jir si .
is-. 11C-
l llkl.ui is ... . t
No one need fear to
get their Drugs & Medi
cines at E. Y. Griggs'
Drug Store after seeing
his Case at the Fair.
There were over 300
Preparations, all made
in his Drug Store, war
ranted perfectly pure
and strictly officinal.
Among them are some
of the finest chemical
preparations. The arti
cles show such a com
plete knowledge of all
drugs & medicines and
such skill in compound
ing them, the E.
Griggs Drug Store de
serves the confidence of
every one. The wires,
tonic bitters, cement.
&c. are unsurpassed.
Prices shall be as low
as possible. The public
will find a full stock of
Paints. Oils. Glass, fee;
also nil of the School
.MBooks hi USe. and tuO
new School Book for
the high school ; Blardv
Books, Stationery, ire
I UIU'A.I. "-I I1'
Chicago Fcmala Gollege,
Morgan Park, (near Chicago,)
l'ri'inir 'in'",
i ..H i-' .
I'u. inn;,'. M"i
IT. Mi !'. M"
!!' -1. rliMMiTi
i .'..llfuiii:.
I-. V :i
, rail,, i'" '
tHl'IrlUKMU". "II "I'lfiwU
Mil.;!-, i" i" ma
tl.'l.'-. ll'l'll'l'l.. '': rJ-
i n.lty. III., it ul . . M.).i
will tlie
IIS ll'l ll- "l.
Mllllll '" l'l'i",l -
',..r ' 11 l"'l'"m
. ; , ,, rust ..m.
j s,,'ii lii ii". prli
. Ininlwai'' U'-u 'i
S.1,,1 111 Of..'
l-'.l . Hw"
I M'
, 4 bi
. II M I .
( '''
'1 with i.-..uiM atl-till.-n. Mlicril T- hik iiu-I;' t
l'l KILKH Ac .ION I-,
s. -1 . i .' , l,.ir :.l '.
In; ii
.IFF:: RI Ac
li. l. r
I V li:
A 1 1.1. LINK "V
j 161 State Street,

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