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High School Rulldlng, Ottw. III. Day and evening ses
tluu fur Penmanship. Arithmetic, B.iok-keepiiiK anil Com
mercial r'orreaponScnce. Studenti admitted at ny lime.
Sept. 10, 1881.-3iuo-ltp W. A. UliKW, Principal.
Of all kinds
18 La Salle St.
Livery & Feed Stal.
Would respectmUy announce to the citizens of Otuwa and
vicinity that he hat oneoflh aotcert Livery btockila tnli
lty , at the City Sublet, tueh as the
Latest Styles of Hacks, Carriages and Buggies,
to let at prices to salt timet. Parties. Weddlncs. Funerals
Plc-Nlce, Ac,, supplied with good rlea on short notice, and
Kunarsl Id the country or adjolnlne; towns promptly at-
ftunu n Purartna talrun tA Sn.l iPOin ttlA rienott. Or tO ttlf
oantrr, night or CyrWRemember the plaoe ob Main
TUne.T4r. prtrreoah.
' RcRular communication of Occidental lwlf Vo. 40 A.
jr. A A. M.. nrt ncl thin! Monday as etch month. Solo
mon lliyi'n, w. M. ; Jas. McMaiitiu. S. W.- lithrop Per
kins..!. W.i H.C. Nash. Treat.: A. M Hoirm . Sec.
ItCRillar convocation, of Shih'iona rh-ipler 'o. 37 R. A.
M . first and third Wedmwlaya of each month. Win. I..
MIMlRiin, H P.; Kamnel J. Chapman, K.; Juslus Harris, 8. ;
Henry C. Nash, Treat ; A. M. Hoffman. Bee.
Itevular Conclave of Ottawa Cominandery lo. 10 K. T.,
second and fourth Thursday of each month. C. I. Trim
hle. E. C; It. M. McArthur. OenerallMlino: E. H. Smith,
Ca.pt. Gen'l; H. C. Nash. Treaa. ; A. M. Hoffman, Recorder.
variety, t Osman & lUnemta't. went of Court Housa
THE FUEE TRADEK may he ohtalncd at the following
places Dy the tingle copy, or subscription will be taken for
any lentrth of time at the rettular rate :
B. Wiliv, Seneca.
E. L. Don ao no, Btrcator.
I. H. Teowhbidok. Marseille!.
Oao. H. Hrbokii, for Troy Grove, Ophlr and Waltham.
Address, Troy Grove.
The paper Is always on Ole at the office of the Hock Island
B. It., M Clark st under Shrrnan House, Chicago, for con
venience of our frlendi.
The Churches,
Prcshyhrian The Rev. M. K. Whittlesey bus
kindly consented to occupy the pulpit In the ab
senco of Mr. Thyholdt on next Sunday morning.
Baptist Rev. Mr. McPherson In his pulpit on
Sabbath. Morning subject: "Living Temples;"
evening subject: "Why do the Heathen Rage?"
A full S. S. desired at 12 sharp.
School books at Osmtm & Ilapenian's.
Foil Sale Charles
the west side.
Iilanchard's residence on
Dineen & White's telephone at their coal office
is No. 55. Write it on your list.
The capital stock of the Ottawa Tile Co.
been Increased from $0,000 to 130,000.
Gentlemen's laundrled and unlaundried shirts
in great variety at Lynch's, and prices very low.
All school books used in the city schools sold
by Osman & Hapeman at the very lowest prices.
Otstkbb that can't be beaten at Walther's, by
can, gallon or dish. Oysters served in every
style at all hours.
Look to your interest ami buy your boys'
and children's clothing at A. Frank & Co s.
You save money every time.
The Young Ladies of the Reading Room and
Library Association will give a sociable at the
residence of C. D. Trimble, on the west side, on
Thursday evening next.
That Mrs. Cashman has opened up her drees
making establishment on Superior street, across
from II. L. Uoltwood's residence.
It Is probable that sometime next week the
Musical Union will give a public rehearsal, at
the Congrtational church, with piano and grand
organ accompaniment. Further details will be
given In time.
An entertainment consisting of an exhibition
of Murch's model of the Jewish Tabernacle,
with explanatory lecture, will be given at the
Deer Park Baptist church, Tuesday evening, Oct.
11. Admission, 15 cents.
District Couventlon of the f. O. G. T. embrac
ing about 20 counties of the State, meet in Otta
wa on Tuesday and Wednesday next, and on
Wednesday Evening, J. W. Nichols, of Blooming-
ton will lecture in one of the Churches. Notice
of the place will be given in daily papers.
All persons indebted to D. Ileenan & Co.'s Ot
tawa store are requested to call on and settle
with L K. RIordan, in whoae hands these ac
counts have been placed, and who has been au
thorized by us to collect the same.
D. Hbesa.n & Co.
Exposition. On September 6, 7, S, 9, 10, H
15, 16, 17, 24, and October 1, 8, 10, 11, 12, 15, 20,
21, 22, the C, B. & R. R. Co. will sell excursion
tickets from this station to Chicago and return
for f 3. 25 for the round trip. This includes ad
tclstion ticket to the exposition, and will be good
for return passage to include the tallowing Mon
day. T. H. Mabvis, Agent
Ottawa, 111., Oct 6. 1S81.
Owing to the heavy advance on coal at the
mines, we, tbe undersigned, dealers of Ottawa,
will be obliged to advance lump coal to 13.25 per
ton delivered, and 13 at the tar, until further no
S. H. Hunsberger,
E. H. L. Swiadler,
John T. Burke,
TV. D. Hoove,
Thomas B. ritumph,
Dineen at White,
James T. Walsh,
J. Q. Xattioger,
E. H. Raymond.
At Hull !t Bartels' Is new and iresn. ."Newest
and most fashionable Hues of
Hats ami C; all styles;
Famishing Gixxls,
Xeek Wear, Silk Gouts;
Ghees, for all kinds of wear;
Hosiery for gents;
Utulerwear everything in this line.
Flu Thimmino. In this line we have the finest
lu the city for cloaks. All kinds of fashionable
fur trimmings arc in stock, and will be made to
order on short notice at the lowest rates. This
is one of our specialties and everything it carry is
ijootl. Call and see.
We are selling Wilson Bros', shirts faBter than
we can get them. They are the best, "and don't
you forget it."
The fur stock will be opened at once, and be
the best, as usual. We allow no one to beat us
on furs or fur trimmings. Repairs. Ladies
wishing repairing done should call as early a
possible, for during the busy season less time
can be given to this work, nor can it be done
quite so cheaply as now. Satisfaction guaran
teed on all goods or wont of this kind, in which
nn linnsft 111 this reeion really pretends to
rival us.
We have bought a large collection of northern
buffalo robes, which we will offer at the lowest
prices, llaiicmbei; mj make this guarantee: The
buyer is allowed the use of all robes we guaran
tee from now until January 1, 18S2, (or, in other
words, we give a ninety days guarantee, no mat
ter whsn tht! goods are bought now or three
months hence.) If they prove other than as
guaranteed after three months' use, they may be
jrelurne(i ami 0 price paid will be refunded
We have had many years of experience with
I tbsse goods, so that we cannot be deceived, Riid
minuallv make this cuarantee: and we have
never hail a rolie returned.
We are receiving new goods almost daily; we
mean to keep our stock lu all line the best In
the city and county; we make careful selections
to get desirable poods both as to style and quail
ty; we never deceive you on goods, and guaran
tee all sales as represented; we aim to strike the
hmrst notch on prices, and will do our best to
please you. Calljand see what we can do.
Hill & Baktei.s.
The very best assortment of ladles' muslin
underwear and ladies', misses' and children's
woolen underwear will be found at Lynch's
The Highway Commissioners will renew a few
braces in the Illinois river bridge on La Salle st
In accordance with the recommendation of Mr.
Titus, who examined the structure, making a
safe bridge for two or three years yet.
Impoitaut Notice.
Mr. Henry Walther leaves on Monday for
Michigan to buy apples, potatoes, cabbage, Ac.
Orders taken for apples m lots of fiom one bar
rel to a car load ; potatoes from one to 500 bush
els, itc. Orders should bo left ut once. By tak
ing advantage of Mr. Walther's Uip, you will se
cure the best articles a personal Inspection can
obtain, and at the lowest rates.
Glove. Everything in the shape of gloves
can be found at A. Frank & Co's.
Remember always that the place in Ottawa to
buy boots cheap is at the Philabkdpuia boot
The mandamus action against the city officers
and council of Ottawa in the United States Cir
cuit Court, is set off for the 17th. The judg
ment creditors to the bond cases take this meth
od to make the couucil pay their judgments.
Thocase will settle the question of the limit of
taxation in Ottawa. If that limit is & of 1 per
cent., the judgment creditors will be able to get
up a good whistling match, and fire versa.'
Flannels and blankets in great assortment and
quantity at Lynch's.
The state board of equalization has reduced the
assessment of La Salle county 21 per cent, on
personal property; 21 per cent, on lands; and ,'il
percent, on lots. The total assessment of the
county as equalized is f 18,2W),55H, exclusive of
railroad properly.
Tri-skk. Look in at A. Frank .v. Co's hihI see
the beauties and learn the low prices.
Why do Mahcr Bros, sell so many ladies' and
children's shoes? Because they sell the Cass
shoe, it is the best made and everybody that has
bought them will come again. Sold only by Ma
her Bros.
Mr. Peter Egan requests us to return bis sin
cere thanks to all who assisted him in saving his
property at the late fire. The aid thus promptly
rendered came at the exact moment, and he feels
very grateful. This should have been publish
ed last week, but was overlooked. Eds.
Wuat to Weab, and How to Make It. This
useful little book, for fall and winter, for sble at
Osman & Hapeman's. Price, 15 cents.
Go to Spencer's and get the "Hard to Beat"
bout for 2.50. This is a solid heavy boot for
men, well made in all respects, and all in all Is
the cheapest boot in Ottawa to-day.
And. A. J. Anderson, a young man from this
city in the U. S. seaman's training school, now
on board the Alaska, writes under date Aug. 1,
from Callao, Peru, to his father, Andrew Ander
son, of this city, an Interesting letter, from which
we select the following: Leaving N. Y., be went
to Aspinwall, thence to Panama, thence to Pay
ta, "the oldest town," he says, "in South Ameri-
ca;" thence to Callao, where they celebrated Ju
ly 4. Tnere were 24 other men-of-war in the
harbor, all of which fired a salute of 21 guns at
noon. At Callao he was honorably recommend,
ed to Washington by his captain, being one of
three who jumped overboard to save "a captain
of the foretop" who had fallen from the foretop
striking on his side. The ship afterward return
ed to Panama to conduct the new minister to
Callao; and be expects soon to go to San Fran
cisco. A paper Peruvian dollar, he says, is worth
6' cents, and a sil rer dollar SO cents In U. 8.
Remember always that the place in Ottawa to
buy dry foods, including carpet, Is at Lynch's.
Demorest'i portfolio for fall and winter at Os
man A Hapeman's. Price, 15 eeaU.
A Soft Coal Jlurner.
A sort coal base burner bas beeu the most se
rious problem stove maker have had to coutend
with for years. Hundreds of styles have been
' made, but few can be called successes. Probably
the "Garland tor soft coal" is m near perfection
as a soft coal base burner can bo made. It can
bo legulated perfectly, and every device to pre.
vent caking of coal when heated, and all guards
against clogging up of flues, magazine, tc.,
have been put on the stove. Messrs. Booth A
Kendall, who alone sell it here, are satisfied it
can be recommended, their very Imperfect tent
of it having convinced them it Is the best they
have seen, and as far as our observation goes we
agree with them. As one of them is now in ope
ration at their store, our readers, the vast major-
ity of whom burn soft coal, should examine its
The Splendid for hard coal continues to sell
very fast. Messrs. Booth A keadall have liaa
great troublo in keeping their stock of Blzes up,
but a new invoice Is expected on Monday, 10th,
when all sizes will be In stock. The way the
Svlmdid sells is Its best recommendation. If you
haven't bought take a look at it.
Lames and Gentlembx You will fiud at
Lynch's a most complete stock of woolen and
Union underwear of every description; and re
member that prices are always satisfactory to
Madam Dcmorest's patterns, the fall and win.
ter styles, at Osman & Hapeman's.
80 Yeais.
Twenty yearo' experience in putting up pre.
seriptions. Fokiies & Lokiuaux.
The marriage of Miss Fannie Hopkins, of this
city, to Mr. Rubt A. Warner, of Wilmington, III.,
took place at the Congregational church, In this
city, on Thurduy lust ut eleven o'clock a. m. Hev
eral huidrd witnesses were present Including fl
number of guests from abroad. The procession
consisted of the ushers, Dr. Ryburn, Prof. Web.
ster, Messrs. Jas. Milllgau, E. G. Osman, Geo. L.
Liudley, and R. C. Hltt; the bride on the arm of
her father, the groom and the bride's aunt, all of
whom stood through the ceremony, by Rev. T.
J. Volentine. The bric"e wore a sapphire blue
velvet walking dress.
The reception took place at the residence on
Lafayette street, opposite Washington square
between 11:30 and 1 o'clock, during which hours
some 50 or more friends appeared to extend their
congratulations. About 12 o'clock refreshments
were served. The bridal gifts wero numerous
and both beautiful aud rich.
Mr. aud Mrs. Warner left the city at 2:28 p. m
for a short bridal tour through the northwest,
previous to going to the home in Wilmington
where Mr. W. Is engaged In the boot and shoe
business. Mrs. Warner carries with her to her
new home the best wishes of the people of Otta
wa. In her circle of friends will be decidedly
missed her good humor, lively spirits, und above
all her energy In all good works for all church
and charitable purposes.
The news comes of the marriage, at the resi
dence of Major C. Jones, Buffalo, N. Y., by Rev.
Geo. R. Stevens, of John Pynchnn and Julia
Thorne, youngest daughter of the late Richard
Thorne, of this city. Mrs. Pynchon is well re
membered by a host of friends In this city, who
join in the congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. Pyn
chon will reside in Chicago we understand.
Spencer has been receiving more new goods
this week: more new shoes for girls, more now
shoes for ladies, until his stock is Immense.
Spencer evidently doesn't propose to take a back
seat for anyone in the boot and shoe business.
By the way, ask to see that $2.50 boot. It !, the
best in town for the money and worth more than
he asks for it
On page 15, R. O. City of Ottawa, 1877, It is
provided that the mayor shall certify to the treas
urer a list of bills ordered paid by the council be
fore such bills may be paid by the treasurer.
This plan was adopted as a check on the clerk,
whose power before that to draw orders was un
limited. Tho mayor, however, takes it to mean
an opportunity for him to prevent the payment
of bills ordered paid by the council. On Tuesdny
evening last tho council paid the bill of Mr.
Pease, of about 11,400 balance due on the CVs
st. culvert Tho bill was unquestioned; con
formed to the contract, and was in accordance
with the report of the city engineer. No one ob
jected to it. But the mayor refused to certify
that it had been audited. The mayor holds the
street and alley committee had let the contract
without authority. The record shows they were
given power to act. Boiled down, the facts are
the committee and the mayor don't "hitch," and
the mayor is in for annoying them. Tho ques
tion seems to be whether the mayor has any
power over audited bills. The ordinance referred
to doesn't appear to give him any. However,
tho bill isn't paid, and a mandamus suit seems
to be the next step In the fight.
Neck-wear they are new and nobby style
at A. Frank & Co's.
Messrs. A. F. and W. W. Dunavan, under the
firm name of A. F. Dunavan A Son, succeed the
Fox River Horse Collar Mfg Co., as owners of
the celebrated Dayton Collar Factory. Both
these gentlemen have long been Interested in
this factory In all capacities, so that the high
reputation of the factory will be maintained. The
"F. R. H.C. M. Co." collars, nets, Ac., have
grown into public favor on their merits, and their
factory is now one of the largest of the kind In
Illinois. Under the new ownership we expect to
see the business still further increased.
The success of the picture, picture-frame ami
mouldings department recently added to our
lmsinees has quite exceeded our expectatations
F!ut we have taken trreut pains to keep our
tock in thebet condition, securing every nov
eltv procurable that is at all desirable. This
we believe is the secret of our success thus far.
We shall endeavor to make the stock in the
future as attractive ns the trade can make t.
and offer only the newest goods and the latest
Meantime call in and see the novelties in vel
vet and made frames and chromos just opened.
Frames made to order in the best style.
Please call on us.' Osmas k Hapejms.
To crown a most unusual year, the rare freak
ef blossoming lilacs, spring vi.ptts and budding
trees is to be seen in Ottawa since the rains of
tbe earlier part of the week I
Wall I
If you want to see new goods go to Hull's;
tho store is full of them. Mr. Hull returned from
New York City yesterday, and the goods have
been coming for a week. The store Is so full of
goods aud customers that one or the other must
be disposed of aud tbe goods seem to be going
faster thau the customers.
Just price the cloaks. A new line of those ele
gant E. S. Mills A Co.'s cloaks and dolmans re
ceived to.day, which are always the most perfect
fitting and desirable styles In the market, and
tho price vannot be beaten.
New flannel suttlug lu all new shades. Ikm't
foryet to eomt and see our plushes and the finest line
of dress goods w have ever shown.
You know HulVs store is the place to get the
latest novelties at tho lowest price they can be
bought foy.
More blankets,
More flannels,
More laces,
More neckwear,
More dress goods,
More hosiery,
More goods lu every department than any store
in the county.
No special grand opening. We have an op
enlng of new goods every day. If you don't be.
lleve It comr ami see them.
The lastot our fall stock of carpets came yes
terday. Wo have the most complete stock at
present that we ever had In the fall. Just call on
Child & Pblpps's fall goods have been coming
in rapidly tbe past few days, and their shelves
are now heavy with deal-able goods. The ludles
and uiIsscb w ill find tho stock rich In the goods
they delight in. There le, of course, a full line
of gents' shoes aud boots In ail grades and
styles from a fine walking shoe to tho coarse
boots used in plowing, in the corn field or In the
farm yard. Prices will be found as low as the
iroods can be bought for elsewhere. All are in
vited to exumlue the stock.
The Circuit Court.
Judge Stipp will open the October term of the
Circuit Court on Monday. Tho docket is one of
tbe largest tin, court has ever had. The grand
jury list for the term Is as follows:
Allen Steven. Allen: 11. W. Lauher. Merldenj W. II. P
Cher, Bruce: Beymuur Potter, Norlhvllle; Porter Doiiiiell
Bruce; It. P. lioge, Onaite ; Philip Holler. Dlmmlck: Mln
n. pnnn.i,i..i, nrm wlilffe- .Iaiov Hve. r recdoni : H. u
nnr..rhra.,.l ii,'i,r- Wm Davidaoii. Iji Salle : Jaa. Clarktoa,
M,,il.,i. K H. Child. M lota: Geo. 11. Went, Jr., Otta
wa; Chat. M. Smith, Earl-.K. White, Ottawa; Arthur Look
wood.Oltawa: Win. Lelmhanter, Kichland; John 1. l'h
..la iiMiian.i- i,irtiu Klnliertv. Kerena: Andrew (jcrlarh
Trnv (Jrove': liUlmrd Hallett, .L'ttcu; A. J. Hartshorn
rrrrr juror optobkb 21th. 1HS1.
Chester Martin. South Ottawa; lBaae Mason, Jr., fifo.
(Irrener. oiler Creek : It. N. Hethcrlimton. Jno, Martin,
u.i, Lirii l l.o,. UMIlittr Arlloir MnrrlMin. I. fcalll'
Her.'y l';vutick, Troy Crovej Mlviiarl Uuridiy, Hurney
Wanry, Peru: Ueo. tileft. Adiin; Aunln Smith, Merldc ii;
K. W. Klce, Mendota; Luce Delano, I). Lorrlaux. Fred Hid
er, Arthur Crtiiimlna, Ottawa; Wm. Streator, Kred Myern,
W. S. Place, Karl; Frank Palteinon. (iavlu IMion, .Ino. ('.
Ame,, Ilriiee; tieo. Woodward, Win. A. Dlekerinan. Grand
UanlilM; KtdKimunl lieulert, Ulchlaud; Terry Marbuck.
Waltham; (1. W. tlradnhaw. Kreedoin: John Huh. Ver
iiiint Sneli, Deer Park: Win. Crawford, I'at'k Mohan.haK'f;
Frank Ford, Fden; (i. lirlawolil. T. J. Clark, it. M.
Armour. II. McCaun, .Manliun; Wm. White, Ullca;II.Hlh
er II. TIIkoii, Mcrlden.
l-KTIT Jl'ROlia- NOVKMUKR 7th, IfW .
(Iileon Mace. Konlh Ottawa; W. 8. JlinkHi.ii, Freedom:
A. W. Newell, Jacob Ott, Deer Park: Kimli Mark-ay, Ken
lamln Sharer. Katilii; .lame Ciinnlnichaiii. !' . Melirew,
Kileu; Henry lluilord. Hubert HoberU Alb. i Hrown, Man
1 i uh ; C. N. Morse, I'tica; Hubert A. Mclir.i . Thaddeua K.
Oeoruc, Merlden; Jnnie H. Koote, Hone: -villlain John
Ktoii, waliham; (ieorKc (illbert, Grand l(ui .: I). Ileenan,
Walker Bonnti. Churlr(iray, Bruce; Theoil .lone, John
Cox, Karl; I.. K. Nllton. Motion; Klal Hti, .land, It. C.
Hltt, Wm. Clifford, A.I.Wood, Ottawa; .Mm Cooper.
George Prctm-r. Hter Cn-ek: C. Ilaaue. Jidn MIIod, Wil
liam Halten, Jainet Barrett, William Fennh k. i llam Coll
ier, Ij. Salle; Fred Hirken- heul, Peru; llerm." 'lihoener.
Peru: John Pertdlcord.dlrookfleld; William I.. 1. tiruvo
lauil; Alouzo Dewey, Adam.
Thomas Clejqc, Milton Coi. Ororoland; To nine I.lbhy,
South Ottawa: Joseph bklancr, KorihTille: J. U. JPuimd
tone, Farm Hhliie; M. A. Peron,Z. IT. Knode, K. t. Taylor.
Bruce: John HaoHon, J. W. LasKley.lA, B. Anderson, harl;
P. C. Berklaud, Mission : Ira .Nelson, Samuel Price. H.J.
filllen, r Peter Honelseh, Ottawa; John Held JAIlen ; An
drew Bower, Itlchard Kvans, Pat. O'Conur.iKlnley Mark ay.
William Burrlll. Daniel ('wiroe, l.a Stilt : iJobn Kiel in,
Troy Grove; Wm. J. Meyer. Vermillion; John Hchanlln,
Frank F. l.lulniter, Win. Krh, Peru; Henry C. Klirantd,
Dlmmlck ; William Keating, Wallace; John Tlinuioiit. On
aue; K. (1. Klilxbt. Clin. Khruke. Adams; J. A. Green,
l.liti. B. Foster, Meudoia; Abraham, Mlllsr, Ophlr; Jno.
Green. Dayioti; Win. K. Leek, Hullaiid; Jno. Simpson,
Merlden; Alfred OsKood, Hope.
The County unices.
County Court and Or. Walther' Blin k. Madison t.
Jircorrter. Kxchawcr BiiIMIiik. opposite Clifton,
circuit Court and Clerk. North end of Court st , down
.stirrlT. Same, iip.tnlr.
Treiuurer. 0-r House B'ork.
t uuwty Ageul.-Wflther't lllork, up talr.
A)it. of VonttrurUoH, W. K. Teres.. Same.
Coroner. Over M. bliefel't store.
The following were this week grunted liceues
to murry:
Fred'k Ilecker and It isulinn W. Muron.
Theo. Hupp and Gertrude Klcb.
Michi Fell and Gertrude Mcirter.
Ell C. Sontrcr and l.m-lla J. El y.
Chas. F. Bowers and Delia A. Mutti-rfitiil.
John M. Richmond und Fiinin I.. Sutton.
Thos. Robdl and Francis Kos.
('has. It. Srhrauer find Loulsu C. Triigcr.
Chas. C Iloiriimn Biid Andora Schult..
John Johnson and Rachel OUcn.
Henry Carney und Margaret Orr.
Edward Cooper and Beckey llolling.
John Scott ana Bertha Fitzgerald.
Nicholas Rcitcr alid Gertrude Metzger.
Knud W. Knuilson and Anna S. Thompson.
Peter Oleson and Mary liakens.
James E. Flahart and Georgi:ma Raymond.
Sam'l Hick", and Alice New ton.
Robert A. Warner and Fannie A. Hopkins.
Lorenzo WLltuiorc and Cora A. Groy.
During the week real estate Instruments num
bered from 20,5t.l to CMH7 were filed for record.
The business of lsni was as follows
5 rf -d'
Loans. .
41 yTo 00;
City sales, included above T.Ow.)
Total sales, 14; Streator, 7, $3,715.40; I.a Salle,
2,12,100; Fern, 3, I20S; Marseilles, 1, ?'JO; Kul -
land, 1, 1,000.
Among tbe sales were the following:
To I.. Evans, lots 7 to 2S inc., blk 11, Hrown'
subdiv., La Salle, and sub. blk 11, lots 12, V; 14,
and coal, $2,UHO.
ToO. Hellard, nh neq 3fi, 154. Miller, 4.-.
To John Oleson, ah neq 23, 34, 4, Kutlatid,
3,o00. ,,.., ,
To n. H. Johnson, swq 24, ..4, 3. Kulland,
To Thomas Cull, scq 12, 4, Grand Rapids,
t'.'W". ..,.-, ... c.
To Julia C. firlggs, w Vi ft lot , blk 1... Strea -
tor, orlg., fl.MiU. . , ..
To John ip.Carr, eh nwq ., optnr, f ,.
To B. J. Hall, eh eh nw4 1,, d-i, '-, Oplnr,
tl onri
To Jas. Graham, tCi, neq 15, 02, 4, Grand Rap
id. t3,00o.
To Jacob Gretenkord, seq 7. seq neq ., and sh
swn neq 7. all in 32, 4, G. Rapid. $15,400.
To Jaa. (. Wilson, eh lot 1, blk 4, Plumb's 4th
adn., Ptreator. t!0U. . A
To John Warren, lots 10, 11, 12, blk 15, Rut
land, 11.000.
Catarrh of the Bladder.
Stinging, smarting, Irritation of the urinary
passages, diseased discharges, cured by B uchu-
palba. DregglaU. Depot, Max Kneussi.
Bead Our Euaraatcc-Studj Our Oompa&ft.
We are the Oldest One Price Clothing House in the State.
Salesman is allowed to deviate from
ed, if customers find the articles unsatisfactory, and return the unworn and uninjured
within 15 days of the date of purchase.'
Insurance Go.
Re-Insurance Reserve & all other liabilities,
Net Surplus, -
Total Assets July 1, 1881, -
Losses Paid at Ottawa Agency, $18 851.08.
Losses Paid at the Great Fire in Chicago, $3,782,023.10.
Losses paid at Great Boston Fire, $1,604,067.62.
Total losses paid since organization:
GEO. W. RAVENS, Agent, - S. E. corner P. 0. Block.
Millinery IleHliiartera.
Mrs. Hii7.1itt has returned from the markets
with the largest and inoct complete slock of
millinery goods in the county huts, hounds,
flowers, feathers, und an endless variety of
plumes of ail shinies and colors, all of which
will be sold cheaper than ever. All goods were
personally selected und with great care, so la
dies can depend upon the quality of materials.
All are invited to leave orders early.
ATter the Itattle,
After the smoke of the battle with the fiery do
mon has cleared away we find the horse with his
harness on aud at it again with that pluck that
knows no defeat, with a determination to boot
aud shoe all who may favor him with a call, at
low prices for cash. We mean J. Megaffln, of
Buy your clothing of the manufacturers, A.
Frank & Co., who sell retail at wholesale prices.
At the conclave of Ottawa Cominandery, No.
10, K. T., held at their Asylum In Opera House
block, on fept. , lfcSl, the following were
The waiting notes of the trumpet have sum
moned us to the brink of the sepulchre; another
soldier of the cross has laid down his armor; u
pilgrim wutrior lu the meridian of life, wearing
the highest honors of the Republic, full of life
and hope, with escutcheon untarnished, has been
summoned by the. Supreme Grand Commander
of the Asjluui of Heaven to enter upon that rest
.iMturril to nil iniiL'tiutiliiioii and valiant Sir
I Knights. The spirit of the President of the
! United States, fir Knight James A. Garfield, is
jtripped of Its chains of servitude and clothed in
la while garment, and, beuring the signet of the
jliuiiof the tube of Judah, is now seated with
princes and rulers in the grand asylum of the
I Father's kingdom,
'Where rivers of pleasure flow o'er the bright pUiu,
And the ii.Hjntl.lr ofR.ory eternal; y rrlKns."
! Therefore, h'noh-tl, Hy Ottawa Commander)-,
No. 10, Knight Templar, that in the death of
I tbe President the Republic has loht a true patriot,
au experienced statesman, a wise counselor and
a safe gnide, one who, commencing his career
j at the bottom round, has ascended the ladder of
'usefulness, until, frotn the top round, he has laid
aside his sandals, staff and scrip, aud is at rest,
i ViVsoi'", That we add our full measure of sor
row to the universal sadness that overspreads
the Republic for Its great lost.
Jtfsolitit, That a copy of these resolution be
si, read unun the records of Ottawa Cominandery,
H..I i.,,,ls hei Bftit to hll rioerilf atllicteil
family and to the Cominandery of Knights Tern-
Piur ul nulvu IJC mao iuv-hioi , .
At a communication or Occidenlil Lodge, -o.
40, A. F. A: A. M., held on Oct. od, !M, the fob
; lowng were adopted:
The tomt, lias received
from loving bands all
that is mortal of our brother, James A. Garfield,
hut bis spirit still lives; the record of his life will
illumine the pages of our history for all time;
his achievements w ill be signal stars to Inspire
tho youth of his eountry ; hi virtues will tie ex
amiiles for the World to emulate; "the number
of ,lig dllJ.s W(.re act,.nnined, the bounds that he
could not pa were appointed," and without
(.ar he tKK..t i ia,t sleep; there-
(.,'w(w ItT Occidental Lodge, No. 40, A. F.
A A. M , that we honor hi Masonic purity of
j ,ife; e j0;n the world In acknowiedgerueat of
bia irrand achievements; we hallow tbe memory
- , - d,,meaiic virtues: and we tender to hi
i . ,. . detolate widow and father.
less children our deepest, fullest sympathy, and
we commend them to the tender care of his and
our Unseen Grt.nd Master.
J.-fs-Jie-l, That a copv of these resolutions be
spread upon the records of this Lodge, that a
copy be forwarded to the widow of our brother,
acd to the Lodge of which he was a member.
The celebrated Eagle Automatic Pencil for sale
at Osman A Hapeman's.
Track-laying on the Kankakee A Seneca R. R,
has reached 10 miles west from Kankakee.
NUMBER1!! 1.
any Rules in our Guarantee.
1st. That the prices of our goods shall be as low M
the same quality of material and manufacture are sold
any where in the United States.
2J. That the prices are precisely the same to every
oody for same quality, on same day of purchase.
3d. That the quality of goods is as represented.
4th. That the full amount of cash paid will be refund
Kos. 40 and 42 La 8aile Street, Ottawa, 111.
$7,626,919.45 -
C, R. I. it P. railway will sell excursion tick
ets to Chicago at :5.25 tor the round trip Includ
ing ticket of admission to the exposition ou the
dates nuiiicd below from Ottawa:
Istnrd OwmI to return on or heurt)
Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 Oct. 2, 1S1
Oct. 10- 1881
Oct. 10, 11, 12 and 15 Oct. 17, 1881
Oct. 20, 21 and 22 Oct. 24, 11
Tickets must be stamped by tbe secretary of
the exposition und presented within the time
limited for return passage. Respectfully,
1). M. Hall, Agent.
An election for school director to serve out the
unexpired term of Mr. Jumes Cullea, (until
April, 13,) will bo held at the Cireult Court
room on next Suturdsy. No candidates-have
been named as yet we believe.
Enoch (. Watson, Conlngs, Gilmer couuty,
West Virginia., desires information In regard to
his sou David O. Watson. He left homo last
spring and In June wrote that he had hired to a
farmer in this vicinity, and afterwards that he
was working on the railroad. Any Information
addressed to Mr. W., as above, will be accepted
us a great favor.
1'iiimih1 I'uiiips!
Wholesale and retail. The I. X. L. Is warranted
equal to the best; and we will not be undersold
in pumps, sewing machines or anything In our
Ji,lu F. I) Sw KETZEK A CO.
The 111. Slute Agricultural Department in their
liiht report, received yesterday, giving the reports
to Aug. 1, say as follows touching I.a Salle coun
ty: Very little wheat grown In the county; fall
wheat will not average over twenty bushels, and
spring uiieat ten bushel per acre. Rye will
make ab-mt twelve bushels and oats forty buah
ds per a re; iu some localities the chinch bug
and amn worm have Injured the oats. Hay wa
general! saved in good condition, and will aver
age one nod one half tons per acre. Corn Is not
in good condition and the outlook Is not encour
aging for much vvcr half an average yield per
acre; tho chinch bug have destroyed hundred
of acres, and the dry weather has been unfavora
ble for late corn. Hroom cor:i looks weil. and
sorghum cane will make over three-fourths of an .
average crop. Pastures have tieen good until the -dry
weather set in ; are now short. There will be
something over half a rrop of Irish potatoes,
and nearly an average crop of sweet potatoes.
Apples will not make one third a crop, grapes
and blackberries about half an average crop.
Farm animals are generally healthy; some com
plaint of lung troubles among horses; stock 1 lu .
usual condition for the sessou.
Less than a million dollars worth of flannels,
blankets and woolen yarns at Lynch's, and prices
extremely low.
Don't forget it. The best assortment of boys'
suits can be found at A. Frank & Co s,
Terrible Loss of Life.
Million of rat, mice, bed bugs, roaches, lose
their lives by collision with "Rough on Rats.
Sold by druggists, 15c. Depot, Max Kneussi.
The Catholics of Seneca held confirmation ser
vices on the 20th ult presided over by Bishop
Spauldlng, of this diocese, assisted by Rev. Fath
ers O' Nell, Ryan, Gavin and other priests of con
tiguous parishes. Rev. Father Ryan celebrated
high mass, assisted by Rev. O'Neil and Rev.
father Major, pastor of the churchy The rite
of confirmation was administered by Bishop
Spauldlng to about one hundred and thlrty-fi
adults and children.
TL Catholic church of Marseilles has heeo.

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