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First Young La ly "1 like tbcm btli, but
I've rrmdo up uiy mind to marry Tom." Sec
ond Young Ladv "Why, Minnie, CI. irlio is
ever bo much handsomer." First Yom Lady
"Yes, I kuow it; but Tou)' m the miirpin
business, and father says there's a big i;iargin
in hair pins." HosUm Courirr.
"Why are you late?" inked a school teacher
of a Utile girl, who huui her head und said:
"We have g't a little baby at our house."
"IJou't you let it happen airain," said the
teacher (irm ly, and the liltlo girl said she
wouldn't and took her seat.
Moae Fchaumhurg, returning from market
with a basket Ml 'f spare ribs for his tfund.iy
dinner, was horritled at seeing four or live of
his children leaning halt way over the second
tory window. "Shildren," exclaimed the ex
cited parent, "go vay from dot vindow. Yen
vou all falls out and preaks your nccKn, den
vou vill sav it vas not you vol done it. Go
pack I dells you." Texas SiUuy.
Keokuk's Giite City saya tuo meanest man
in the world lives in Iiurlinnton. hile a
deaf, dumb and blind hand-organist was sleep.
inc on the post-olHcc corner tho wretch stole
his instrument and substituted a new-fangled
churn therefor; and when the organist awoke
ho seized the handles ot the churn and ground
away for dear life, and when the "stiades of
night were falling fast," that meanest man in
the world came around, took his churn, re
stored the organ to its owner and carried home
four pounds of creamery butter.
A I'erHlHtont i I in lot Mhii.
"I should like to sell you a gimlet,' said a
careworn-looking man, as he walked into an
ofllce the other day.
"We have no use tor one," replied the cash
ier. "But you should always look into the misty
future," went on the fiend demurely. "Next
winter you will want to make holes in your
boot-heels, so you can get your skates on."
"I use club skates no straps required.
"You may want to screw some boards togeth
er sometime. Tho oldfasbioned method ot
driving the screw in with a hammer is perni
cious, as it deteriorates the tenacity of the fangs
of the screw, as it were."
"Mottling to day, sir."
"This gimlet also acts as a cork-screw."
"I don't want it.''
"It may be used as a tack-hammer, a cigar
holder, and a toothbrush."
"I don't want it."
"It has an cra-cr, a pen, a:; ink stand, a ta
ble foi 'computing compound in' west, and a
lunch-box aitacitiiient."
"I can't belli il : I ilont 11 V."
i kuow yo.i u.'ii i ; yn i m- umt-.; im-ini
men that won't buy a irin.kt unless it has a
restaurant and a trip to Lurooii aud an Italian
opera company attached. You're the kind of
a man who would live near an electric light
to save a gas bill."
And the peddler walked out with m ment-
nl plumage on the perpendicular. A. 1 . .Vr.
T ... I ' .1.,. ,
Mr. Topnoody went to the minstrels ami
ihc funny conundrums and jokes ho heard
set him to thinking. S t at breakfast lie began
on Mrs. Topnoody. She was warm and not
much in the humor for pleasantry, but Tup.
uoody sla-ihed away.
"' I say, Mrs. Topuoody, can you spell 'hard
water' with three letters?"
" No, I can't; I might, though, il you had
taken me to t!i:.' minstrels last night." This
staggered him a little, but not seriously.
" Aud you can't spell il? Well i c e, ain't
that bant water?"
Mrs. TopnooJy never smiled and Mr. T.
wen t on :
" Now spell 'money', with lour letters."
" I don't kno'.v h't.v," she said.
can get' at this sort ot thing in the same clear-1
Ha, ha, that s too good. A woman never
headed way a ina'i can. Well, the way to
spell it is c-a-s h, ain't that money !"
Again did Mr-. Todnoody fail to smile, and
Mr. Topdooily started out w ith another.
" Hold on a minute," she interrupted, look
ing ugly;" I've got one; lets see if you can
get it: " Spell 'Topnoody' with four letters."
Topnoody scratched his head a while, and
gave it up.
" Ha, ha," laughed Mrs. T., " that's too good.
A man never can get at this sort of thing m
the clear-headed way a woman van. Well,
the way to spell it is f-o-o-1, ain't that Topnoo
Hut Topnoody never smiled, and the break
fast was finished in silence except an occas
ional chuckle from Mrs. Topnoody's end of
tho table. (euheneille, Herald.
The Mun With the Flail.
It carried the beholder back to thirty years
ago, when the threshing machine was heard
only at rare intervals, and the honest farmer
spread his golden stalks on the clean barn
lloor and Hailed away with such tempered
blows that not a kernel was broken. The man
who had it sut down on ono of the benches
in West Circus Park. The rare sight of such
an article halted every pedestrian, and the
man had .to keep explaining over and over.
"Well, I'll have some beans to shell tins f ill,
and I kinder thought 'twould be easier to Hail
'etn out. The hardware man told me he had
to send to Vermont for it."
Pretty soon along came a gray-headed alder
man, and w hen he saw that Hail he looked ten
years younger all at once.
"I bandied that for over ten years," he said
as he picked it up and spit on his hands.
"Seems like old times to get hold of this hick
ory again."
He stepped out to one side to give the crowd
an exhibition on the grass, and his success
was great. At the second blow the Hail end
hesitated in mid air, wobbled about and final-
ly came down with n whack on tho patriot's
head, making nun sec more stars man a w in
ter's night ever brought out. He dropped the
weapon with the remark that he was already
ten minutes late in keeping an appointment,
and he w as rubbing his skull as far down the
street as he could be seen.
The next man to try it was one w ho got off
a passing car under the idea ttiat a dog tight
was in progress.
"A flail! Ha! ha! ha! Why I haven't seen
a flail since I w as married," he chuckled as he
reached for it. "I presume I have flailed a
thousaud bushels of wheat in my time. You
boys stand back there.''
The boys retired and the man lifted the
flail on high und patted fhe grass in a vigor
ous manner.
"Yes, my stmt used to le twenty bushels a
day," he continued, "and though I do say it
myself, I"
Something happened. lie dropped the flail,
seized his jaw and danced off as though he
had springs under him, and though a dozen
yoices asked what hit hiui he refused to tell.
By and by a third man came sailing along,
and when he saw the flail he remarked that
his father had used one like it nearly all his
life, and was the smartest fiailer in New
"Can't you use it?" inquired one of the
"Why, ot course. If you boys want to see
how our lathers got their wheat to mill, I'll
give you a little exhibition. Here, bub, hold
my hat."
He buttoned Lis coat, moistened bis Lands,
and began work. The first blow nearly broke
a man's knee, the second cracked against a
boy's elbow, and at the third the fiailer grab
bed the top or his head and sat down with a
subdued look in the corners of 'his mouth.
-"Well, guess I'll be jogging along," wud the
owner of the flail as bo rose up. "It's all in
getting tho kink of it. A feller who makes
twists autt wobbles a special study wou't get
his head broke over twice a day, but a green
hand might as well sit down under a brick
kiln durin' a tornader. Day, gentlemen."
Free Pre.
Excitement Over Parnell'. ArrestIndignation
and Increased Disorder,
The arrest of Parucll on the llith was fol
lowed next day by the arrest of IJuinii, secre
tary ot the Land League, James .1. O'Kelly,
member of parliament, William O'llrien, edi
tor of tliu laud league orgau, United Ireland,
and the re-arrest of John Dillon all on the
charge of "treasonable practices." Warrants
were also issued for the arrest of llealy, w ho
is at Holyhead, and to whom his friends have
telegraphed to remain there; and for that of
Arthur O'Connor, M. 1, who is supposed to
have escaped out of the country. Next day
additional arrests were madc.'includiug John
IleHermau, ot the Cork branch of the land
league, who was conveyed to Limerick jail,
and Andrew and Patrick Gallagher, secretaries
of the Hallybuttes and Killinane leagues.
On Monday James Pinner, secretary, and
another prominent member of the Middleton
(Cork) league; Lemon, secretary, and O'Toole,
a member of tho Tiillou (l)ublin' county)
branch; Lynam, organizer of the Kings and
Queens counties and Westmeath leagues;
White, secretary of the Clare league, and Hen
ry Egan, secretary of the Tullauiore league,
were all lodged in Naas ail.
I?y the way of precaution ngaiust any out
break on the arrest of Parnel! the guards all
over the city of Dublin had been trebled aud
the police patrols c.oubled. Dragoons roue
througli the streets in all directions. Detec
tives narrowly watched the movements of the
league. A posse of police occupied premises
close to the league ollice. A special force of
foot and horse artillery had been detached for
duty at Kilmainham jail. Forster, chief sec
retary tor Ireland, was guarded by dragoons
in going irom the castle to his residence, an it
twenty. five hundred troops ot' all arms were
(fathered at Naas. Instructions were a!o tel.
. inipiieti in every military station in Helmut
Llljmni vigllancc aniI flying columns held
I . . ... ..
i 1,1 readiness (or immediate movements. 1 he
number .of troops in Dublin was live
thousand, every sentry being provided with
, f L '
1 mii'd tn liwiti'itirw nl fnn tit v i ml ifi Mi run ..In nil
... .....
... , ... t ... ..........
Ireland that alter certain hours the men shall
he conliued to their barracks, except when on
duty, when they shall be armed with loaded
rifles and formed into large parties.
Since Saturday the gates of Dublin castle
are closer! and aims stacked in the upper yard.
The city is divided into three districts, intrust
ed to the charge of magistrates specially ap
pointed. Many army ollicers are sworn in as
magistrates. All ollicers and regiments in Ire
land are under orders to be ready for immedi
ate duty. It is stated tliere are over 50,000
lintish Mo ;s posted in dill'iTc'it par's of the
The headquarters of the laiid-ie;ii.Mie have
,JW'n transferred to Liverpool.
tiik si'iniT or oi'i'osnioN w k.nt now .v.
It is manifest, however, that those formida
ble precautions have not had the intended ef
fect to overawe and quiet the country and bring
about a peaceublo acceptance of the force act
ami land law.
At a meeting of three thousand persons at
lVll'asi on Saturday, at which twenty Catholic
priests were present, a general strike against
rent was advocated us long nsParnell remains
in prison. A similar meeting was held in
In accordance with a resolution of the league
there was a general closing of the shops in
Dublin. A man with a bugle paraded the
streets, warning the people to close. A num
ber refused, but eventually closed, owing to in
timidation by a crowd of persons.
On Sunday, while a crowd had collected op.
posite the Imperial hotel in expectation of
hearing a speech from Bigger, descent was
made by the police in which seven persons
were severely injured.
On Monday evening rioting was resumed in
Dublin. A mob of fifteen hundred chased a
number of constables down Abbey street to
ward the Store street barracks. The constables
reached the bat racks amid a shower of stones.
The mob then returned to Sickville street,
and, crossing O Connell bridge, meeting an
other body of police near Trinity college, they
hunted the police down Dane street. Several
streets open for repairs gave the crowd an am
ple supply of stones. The mob attacked 77
lrih Tiiiiett ollice, breaking windows, and i.f
terward proceeded aloDg the southern quays
and smashed windows in every house where
lights were seen. They w reaked similar ven
geance on The Mail ofike and the Friendly
Brothers' club. Police were then drawn across
S.ickville street. The crowd fled at their ad
vance, and dispersed at midnight.
At Limerick on Sunday the proclamations
prohibiting a meeting were torn down in the
night. Col. Knox, of the Scots guards, told
the mayor that a meeting would le forcibly
suppressed. The crowds, nevertheless, assem
bled in Park place, outside the town w here the
military and police forestalled them. The
crowd jeeringly shouted military commands
as the troops moved away. Stones were throw n,
and the troops charged the mob. The latter
closed with the soldiers, who were ordered to
load. The soldiers charged several times, but
subsequently entered the barracks. The Scots
Greys and police afterward charged the mob
Jown George street, causing it to flee in all di
rectlons. The police in Denmark street fired
upon the mob. Several persons were wound
ed, and twenty arrests were made. Many
houses were wrecked.
After the riot the club-house was attacked,
the windows smashed, and the street-lamps ex
tinguished. In Dublin the mob attacked the
Congregational church on YorK street, and
smashed the windows. Serrice was stopped
and the congregation dispersed. A not also
occurred at Mallow in consequence of an un
successful attempt to rescue John Ilefferman
(re-arrested at Cork yesterday), while being
conveyed to Limerick jail. The police were
stoned and the licud constable seriously
At meetings on Sunday at Grong, Ennibkil
lfii. Kittisheii, and numerous other places, it
was resolved to pay no rent until Parnell is
Of course all Ireland accepts the arrest of
Parnell and the others as a war on the Land
League, and whereas heretofore a large propor
tion of the people had little sympathy with the
objects and movcuieuls of the league, now the
cause of the league is made that of the whole
Island. The government makes no other pre
tense but that it is striking at the league. A
semi-official dispatch from Dublin says;
Now tha. the government has begun the
suppression of the league that body is doomed.
All the usual meetings announced" for Sunday
are proclaimed. Boycotting is declared ille
gal by a special proclamation, and all who
practice it are threatened with arrest, and the
league rooms and property are to bo seized.
Whenever in any parts ol Ireland an organ
ized system of intimidation is practiced where
by persons are under apprehension ot violence
to person or property, or of drprivation of the
necessaries of lile, or of the loss of business,
and are coerced to abandon their lawful em
ployments and In come members or subscribers
to the funds ot an association known as tho
Land-League, all persons are warned that such
practices of intimidation are criminal, and
those engaging in them are liable to arrest and
The prisoners in Kiluiainham jail are only
allowed one visitor each day. They may
choose the one whom they wish to see. Mr.
Parnell (on the 1-fth) elected to see a represen
tative of The Freeman's Journal, whoso editor
has kindly furnished me an account of the in
terview. It says:
Mr. Parnell's cell is a small boarded apart
ment, having no furniture beyond a medium
sized table and a few plain chairs. There was
a good lire in the room, which was fairly well
heated. Mr. Parnell was sitting at the table
w hen the reporter entered. The tablecloth had
been removed. Some Irnit was ou the table,
and also four or five books. Having obtained
from him the particulars regarding the arrest,
the reporter asked him if Mr. T. P. O'Connor,
who had declared his readiness to return to
Ireland at any moment, would be recalled.
Mr. Parnell replied that his arrest would in
no way Interfere with Mr. O'Connor, who
would n main In America unfit the comple
tion nf liir- illusion. When asked it the ar
rest were M;i ly to cripple iho organization of
the I i v i i i -. .Mr. Parnell said : "I do not think
n will have any prejudicial effect upon the
movement. Iliad been able befoie the arrest
to make complete arrangements for having the
lest cases brought into court, and also for a
proper organization in the country. I think
everything connected with the movement is
now in a most satisfactory condition.
Reporter Have you contemplated the pro
bability of the government taking wholesale
measures for the suppression of the league?
Mr. Parnell I do not think they contem
plate the suppression of the league. They
could only suppress the league by arresting
everybody connected with it; and this (he ad
ded with a triumphant smile), they would
hardly undertake.
Uep. Could they not proceed by issuing a
proclamation in The Cizitt?, and by seizing
the Land League otlices as they seized" the Irish
people in parliament?
Air. P. They could ; but if they should do
so the people will be driven back upon secret
organization, as in former times, which would
tie mush more dangerous for the government
than the present organization, w hich is perfect
ly open.
Mr. PiirneW .- t : 1 1 , that during his imprison
ment, he proposed to obtain leave from the
government to work in the carpenter shop,
which woik he was fond of during his youth.
O'Halloren, one of the suspects, was a ciirpcii
ter, aud from him he proposes to leiirn the de
tails which he may not know.
Thomas ( ('Conor Power, M. P., one of Par
nell's most prominent supporters, arrived in
New York on Saturday, and in reply to an ad
dress of welilonie, said ;
The arrest of Parnell is the last desperate
bid of defeated gamblers who have for their
object the salvation of their land bill. That
bill will be placed, as it deserves to bo placed,
in the museum of national abortions. Par
nell's arrest will not only give strength hut
unity to all Irishmen. We have heard much
of Gladstone's pacific intentions, and of the af
fection of the Irish people for her majt-hty the
queen. Vou can estimate that affection at its
full value by the fifty thousand troops which
she has sent, upon instigation of Forster, to
suppress that overflowing affection."
Clerical Kmitliii;.
Onions are prescribed as u sure cure for cleri
cal Kissing, iokI Spring ISIossnia as a sure cure
for dyspepsia, imiinestion und all disorders of
the stomach. Price, M cents; trial bottles 10
An l.ntlrtf Siicecm,
It lias been proved by the leost reliable teti.
tiiony that Tlioiuas'n Kelectiie Oil i an entire
success in curing the most inveterate eases of
rheumatism, neuralgia, lame hack and wuiiiiils
of every description.
AtUntr H III J. 'IH
rA'nuiF i ii si ois, i,ASi.i.itCn.- h-
O Ju the f in nit i'uttrt, ,1-ttiunry Ttrm.
IVN'tMi. Miivrtisr. Alice IlavctiH. In Uvinvwy.
.MH'l ivU ( ii"!i-rtlW nr f AUn; llnvni. the ahovr
itf'inljuit, huMittf iM-t-fi Ulid 1n ttit rlrrk't iMVr of the
t'lmiii ) ttiirt f ttttii) county. nir is Ihcrffnrf hrrcby i:Im m
to tht-KuM nun-tv-if'itlwVh'l.Kit that throiiinlatiiaiit Alcl
his Mil if niiiipwiiiit In ;iil court, on Ihf cluiM-cry ki
thrn-of, on tin- ith nay f AuhukI sh, ami that tln n nri
oh a fn)mmh iut''l out of uM court, lnri';n M km it i
now rwii'Iintr. returnable on the wtori'l Monday in the
iuintn of OrtobiT next, ax U by Ihw r-iiiin 1 .
Now, iinltf you, tlna1 iioii-retMeiit lefriiIniit above
nitine'l. Mitill ierih;i;iy In anl appear before anl Tirenit
'ourt on tin Hntt. Hy nf tin next term tbereof, to i holib n
at Otttaw;i, in and for the hmkI county, on tin; pecot.fl Shu
day In .Inn ii try next, aiid plead, answer or demur to the
ciiiip!aii:ti)t bill of t oinnlattit, the mine the nmt-h-rMtiml
thiiitf thep1n chari'u und tt'ite will Ik taken an
cunfexHed, a.vl a decree entered turaint l-m aeeitrdiin; to
Ihepraverof naid bill. W. VV. TAVKOU, Clerk.
Ottawa. Illinuin.N-r. nth, 1M.
F. P. ylKK. Coinplt'i ol'r. tcti5-iw
TA1 B o7 TlloW a M(, k-, lK ' Notice I ht-re-b
(Then to a'l l-rol Itlb-P-fed IK wid estate. That the
ittid-rirm-d. Administrator of the ev.tie of u tid Ihoinre
McinnTa, dcrcwd, wilt apywar before the otihty oiirt ot
the count) of I j ati't Mn'e of liltnot. t tin ( onr.tv
'oiirt Houfte In trtHwa. in naid count), on Monday. thei'.ii
day of ih ceitihvrA. h for the nurpo-e of renderinn an
account of tut roct-ed!nir. In the w ministration of aid en
tare for the final settlement.
Hated at Ottawa, this 11th day of OctoN r !!.
Attkt: P. W.Trt'Kcr.i'irn. Ai?nln;Trator.
Clerk Comity Court, La Ville Co., 111. oc:iS-l
f-TATK K ILI.IMOS, L Si r.E o.--.
0 In IU I'lr.-ml Courl, Jlin-ir y Trm l-sj.
I ton id Kri-lT r. Ann Wat limn. KhMbeO, '!. KIrt
W.mmI. Snrah V-r. Grriuitn .-r. I nt;:u llnll. H-nry
Brill, W iMm ii Wiiitmin, sumn V inlmiii (-uri! ll.ii.ck.
7fi 'han try.
Art1'lv;t t the iKir.-rmlili-nre f KIlMtfOi W.kkI. Jiu-p;nil-l
with th- ti..vr i). ft-niliiiiii, Ann inh'ii t
hnvMiit l"-'ii fl'tsl in ihr rWl' ntrv ,f tli circuit Ci.nrt
f Mil minify, n.'tl, 1. thrrf fori- M-r-ljr inv-n to lh wM
n,,n-r-!ft-it iWrinlitiit. Out Oi ri,n.pi:i,iirit n!-il Ii:. tall
01 complaint in conn, on th- rtim-r' Mi" th-ror.
on tlir lift ti il.iy of nrt..t-r 11. an.) that tl.-r, iiH,n a nuni
niiuiii uMiil out of mA C'liirt ulnwn i.l uit U now
I3!!nK. rt-mrnahl). on O sr.ii M'tli'lnj In the month uf
Jmir nrit, l hy law rrqu:rsl .
Muw. ttnimcyou, the M non-rral.tftit defmtant hor
DwimU K;at-u Wianl. ihall rrnti.ljr t and appr
htir- aaul trruit Conn on the ftrat iiy nf Utc net u-rm
tlK-rrot to br hld-n at Ottawa. In and for lli aald county,
m the fnnd M mdar In January next, and plead. anwT
drmar to the aald otmaiainant't hill of ronipiaint, the
ame and the matirra and tin run therein charee,) and tutt-d
will he taken aamnf'waed ao1 a decrweiitrtvd atcauiat jroa
ocurdinz to tlx prater of aaid Mil.
Ottawa. Illlnota. Ort. h. lwl.
L. W. Bilwn, Compir BoTT. actt
jScU) a'utirrtiscmcntc.
The Morrlaoii propertv on the Weal Side In therity of Ol
tawit. The imni ia rralilrln the aiaie of Ni'liraakn. anil will
.'II ill a liiti'itlii. 1'hr ImtiM' and ground an1 in Hut romll
tlon anil In a kimkI ii t ijjlitx rli m il . Ihe pniN'rty U ver) lie
irubw in u rimili'iioc. t ut ti'i ina apply to
ft. I. UNCOI.N.
J HIT - If OtlHMA, HI..
The K. M. Wiule I- n rut. sltuitte tin the Mult'. Hi mUn
from Court IIhiim'. coiitninlui: nhmit luini n a: well wilier
ed: p emv of tltiihrr hiiiI emtl; m il bimI roslnVni'e. Kur
fiirthtr iirtii iilitt apply In ALFliKD Vi III I K,
nuKlS'lf Ottavvn. 111.
Fan for Sale.
The Sonthweat Quartor of Section Tweniv fl vc, TownMilp
Thlrty-fmir North, ot' liaiuie Tlinv, In the Town uf luytun.
cutituiiiiiit: une humlreil anil ak.xty urtea.
Altai the Sonthweat tjimrter of SnlnH TIMrty rlve, In
Town'lup I'lilrt) -three Norili. of UaiiKf Four, In tliu Town
of Kail Hirer.
For trrnm of an'e and i-ther tufnrnmtton enutilro at the
othVeof H'LANlt ii t.U.llKKT, lit Ihellpur lioune lllm'W,
Ottawa, llllnoU. Junl
Fine Farm for Sale.
The timli'mlKht'il. ilealmua of retiring frnm the fiirtiilng
htmliKMi, oRi'ra ul furui for mile, (Hunted III Ihetowuor
Walluie, Hlxnit 9 itillca northweal nl (lltiiua. 11 voiitulua
850 nrrea, all fenced and In cultivation, Willi paid honnu and
harn unon It, well, out houaca. fttnt anil ahaile treea. Ac.
The fnrtu la on Section ", liicludint; over halt uf the auction,
and will he ilnlilcil. If dcalrcd. Ti-nin luade ciu-v. Apply
un the tretnl. to K. .1. H'LLEUTuN.
July 16tli-3ini.'
CCC w,,'k In your own town. Teriua and ottlftt free.
$00 Ail.lreiw 11. II At.I Kl-r Co., 1'uttlniul. Miillie.
".I Mm-ijid Man is Meretftd to lit IJrast."
Only 25 Cents.
Full of Valuable and Practical Information,
And cotitnlnliiKiin Index uf PiHcuac,
i .i a ......... d.i.I tin. I,.iut tra.utioetit nf
,1 UK II , III, f.lll',t'lll. ,.,IIP' ot... in. .' ............. --
each; a lulile uivlhK all the pnuclpal tlruna uaiil for the
ii.....:. .. i.i. i..u.. . ii.... i. ini.l imiiil.itf tt lien a
iioi fe, , ii ii i in "1 1 1 uii i j , , . --
polaon: aTahle with un etiL-nivlntf of the llmaea lectli ill
dlHeient auea, wllh rttlea lor lelllitK the up-of the llotae;
hiiKraY!nt: fiiovtinu ine inipnriani iioimaiu in,' oe-
ll,.r... ui..i lllllatl-allliL! Vilfli Ml .tlsi'llKea. A VHltlllllle I'lll'l'l'-
tlor. of UecriptK. ttmuy of w liii h W ould coKt it liurae-uwner
Ilirec to lire iloiiura cncii.
Should Own this Book.
Thouniiiila who hnve aeen It cuiiiiiinid It. nuil many Hood
ImrKemeii tuire extull' d It inthe lilt;lieal tenim. even slulinK
Unit thev preferred it to hooks which real lo I0.
Do ii. .1 throw .iwiiv Mittr niotiev in Hie nurcliitsf or coMly
hooka on the liorae, which iiri' ao full of l.iilin plintsea mid
techniciil terttia iia to he utiitilelllk-ihle to the arernee reader,
hut liny liKMiAI.I.'D TKK.VI IsK. n hook of HO pat'ea. In
puper corera, t:i Uin V'l tnoie priictlciil hil.iruiittlou ttiitll la
containeil in ..iiie hii trer voliiiiii'Mit fur liinher cost.
llarlnnex imlneil thla Imhik ihoioniililv. e tire anliafieil
no Imrae-ou ner wiuilii hcMtiite n luoinetii nhoitt Inrestlny a
cenlainitu iiiifchiiM.. If he did hul know the value of lt
Colllenta. liecoKIII.lUK Hie deslruhlllty of Inivlin! aucli priic
tlciil liil'urnmlloii ox our tunuum frlcnda daily need In their
liualniva, pt'oviiled at reiNin.lhle cost, llHleud of liclnt!
oMlired to pin the enormous nrohts ilciiuindeil hy the pub
lishers of most Aimcult iinil ll.u iks. w e imve secured several
thousillld epics of this vulliiilile llllle 'I' III' A I' I SIC ON TIIK
lit (liSK. slnn'.e copies of which ' slmll he pleiis.-d to 111 III I
luanv riviilcr of Una piiM-r, l"ii!"' pfepiinl h.v us, on ie
celpt'of twi ntv-llve cents. Ih nilttuiicea tuny lie iiuiilu In
currency, silver or stumps. Sen. I ;il! unlcra lo
nilnwit 111m.
X3? k 1 Jatll nl Tilica or Isltll-'hlsa, Is
lubricator in HioworhL It i the best
hernnm it dona not trum. luit forma n
hlphly pollEhod surf;tce ovor the axle, re
Ojolnp; friction und Hnhvenlng t:ta druft.
it m tii i oheapeet l"Kaiio It cottr no more
vhan Inferior lrands,nnd one l "i will do
Uia wot it of tvo of tiny other f.; ,t Creiiso
MiHlo. It iiiiswer.-n iiiiilv a well 1. r iiinestera,
d.il th ur. ii r. TlirenliitHr Machines. ( 'i 'i-l'luiiterH,
( 'i-rriu.-eM, IIiiL.-i.'ii.a, eti;.,et4i.,aa for . -"Iih. It. la
GUARANTEED to contain not . (.-oleum
I'.ir Mile liy Uil lil'stt'lltxH liettlrrH. ' I ir I'nrkrl
tyclojir.lia of Thini Wtnlk Knttvimi 11. ile. fruu.
31 Michigan Avenue, Chlongo, I1 nolB.
It is tlin rrattlt of 21) yi'iil'"' xpi'iicncp anil
cxi'i ruiii tita in Sewl:itr Slaeh iiu-h. It rwn'.oo ihr
,.,. .i' all )trrrnt mi l Jnimrr Milk", ntlil IH
nol u "one mail ,'.r"otieilia " tiiiiehliie.asotlii ra
ure. Itnvoiila tin- ilrl'prm itl' (itlicia.atiil .
s.Hes iis.i and tiihmliir f.-alur. s anil c. itm n ihts.
Jt i" 'ir.;. Ifiltt-niiittimi, wii'i'i l.iti'il'-m',
i,ii.ii(. ifuni'.'r. tin 1 M"i)l. iii rntiletl nuil
It rlil lit rMiitirlri-rlir.iyeiir. in ulurs wil.i
I .Ifdeseril.tions.-lit. flis-oll e...-st. II I" hilfely Hill
la-st. A trial will prove it. Ilini'l lull ',''' ' ' ,
l . torevouli'ir. Mani kai'thui i nv I l.id.l.M I.
M M 'H'IM'. CO ,Hnri tu- M.is. ; wiiut i su.kk I;'
UKU. 1". ULKT, hi ami i-J JuckHili ht., liu iw o. '.
W i- nni iiih'pri''t U M.t- flit.
nf 1 lill'.is. .;lV - U-
irrt-ii Mill rt.rmcf .mi ot H - ! '''.
Htit'ii j't lo iitro pit- . iU- -
ItH' HUM of !..!. J..
't la w : :, In t'tf hU
.ii t liill.uM fur Ihi
- 1 1 1 1 ii v, Si Mint!' t(n-.,r.i-
..f .;( il ruKlitj OU
i r. v. t- .i,-f 'tut dot ii-,
. I 1 1
i Mil' .
l:ir. I'.r Iff.. 'Mi.iii.ii. it, ..
Virfl'-U ot tftf lniftli'iii!v ol '
Tin' 1'oimiiM'i rt'Ki rvv tn r t
rolidicl ht-i-.:'ik ioit of t'i-- !"' -r
I t.l Illll.hli IlI'lV )l l.' If
i -I itli'l full
rt'lVrreil l.
'." i if j ici ;iriH of
,! r,
N Mi I v !::.. M. m i. .ti. Ii! ;
Oil. . of fiif I I'M:' I ..r -'.ptv 'r ut c.iiil count t.
Ottawa, I.i., Hit. I' tti. ih-o. ;'i
Cures Rheumatism, Lumbago,
Lame Back, Sprains and iiruises
Asthma. Catarrh, Counhs, Colds,
Sore Throat, Diphtheria, Burns, L
Frost Bites, Tooth, Lar, and
Headache, and all pains and aches. ,:
.... )... tni..n,.1 .n .,l,n.l nrii.tv 1
tLe world, f.re.-r bottle truara- tr, d.
Irice, (u cii.li and :.ui.
rosTiu, xiLBrr.5 a o., iTnp n,
. LLl FALO. N. Y.. U. S. A. I
sa -t '
kathotuaa-Dra wautcan t.r louoi at n-j lrtin Hool
tor arCram 1 arur. ertrea. t-ruuvb
fine piiiNTiNo. K:.T.,rouir.v.J
Hacwnaaw veatot tktCoart KeaM aaafa.
. - - mm m m na a a H B BVaaaata-
m tr t m im i iii ii
It $ i II o
HeU) ilUbmtecmtm.
M -ajajteew .r n i -'-"jf"
- i - - - a
:." & 37 La Salle Street.
I Ml - ... --v .1
West of La Salle Street, south side,)
I Import and keep cuniitniuly on hand a littvc at:d well tclcrled H..ck of
All the new and paipulnr Patent Medleinea, Extrnct" and Spleen for culinary uf.
IVrfunicry, Urushes, and Fancy Articles for the Toilet.
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Window Glass, &c.
I'tirticulnr Altrniitui jriven to the I'tunponiullriR of Pliysiciims Pri'scriptions.
571 Coltaijt Crort Ant., Vhlmuo, II.
A charitable ltmtltulliin : lncortwirntfil Sent. lt. 1R71: am
derided 'xclulrely lo the treatment of the dlnciwa and ac
clilenta pirullar ti WDineti. I'rovliled Willi a lull corps ol
coiniietetit Miri:eiina. Kor ailmliwliiii, elrcnlarti conlulnlnf
. .... 1.1 Ii.. I." , L' A V. t .1 LTI I
iuri mi r i murium ii mi, en- , auiuevi, in. r.L.bi. wit n. c , t.
LAUU. Hetildeiit Pkmietan. nova
Drugs, Paints, Oils, Colors, Vamislies, Glass.
In Drugs and Medicines purity and care in
compounding are of the greatest importance.
The undersigned calls your attention to this,
as ne exercised great care in selecting his
Drugs and in the preparing of the same not
only the greatest care is exercised, but every
thing is proceeded with scientifically. The
stock is the most varied in this county, and
the prices always the lowest, quality consid
dered. You will also find the finest stock of
Druggist's Sundries, Yankee Notions, Toilet
Goods of every description, Fancy Articles for
weddings, birthdays, &c.
In Paints, Oils, Brushes, Colors, Varnishes,
Plate and Window Glass, no competitor will
sincerely claim to equal my stock, neither in
quantity, quality or price, my goods being the
very best grades in the market. Everything
guaranteed. My facilities for handling goods
are double those of any other establishment.
Thanking the public for their liberal patron
age in the past, and hoping to serve the same
and a great many more in IbSi, I am truly
yours. G. GEHRING, Druggist,
North of Court House, Ottawa, 111.
WILL SEE IJT t A Aiwiajiwuims mff, I nM i i nc
W J I Mmnui .if TIM. . iujat.ta..t i,rni I'nnt, I V if U'
Is The Croat Connecting Link between tho East and the West!
It. main line rum from Chtrnc:., in r.incil
lllnll-.. ..i-tni; tht.iiikrli .Lillet. O'l iivi. I a S t I.-,
lieliew-il Moltlie. II." k Island. I IVhi,...i t. Wesl
I.iU-ltr, l.iwai'iu. M;renir.i. Hint.kli i lirinnei:.
Jit-, MuliM-s i the c il'ilnl of I ." . .le nt, atlnti
tic. and Ar.M-a. with t.r.iiirn. s f rt.ni Hiireau
Jill.ctloll to le..rla; lit. HI .1'' ' 'l.i'i lo Nisr.l-
niif. v i-diun'ton. finrtirii I . Ii.ikii.i.
t Vlitrevllle. I'i I ii. er i ill. 1 l ehtnii. t..u.'.; in. t UKie
rutt. I".ive!iv..itth. Airlii.on. :,nd K r . nr;
Wa.h.iicfon iLMk'niirii.-y. Kk ii.ws.-i aod Kti.n-
Vlllei Keokuk t.t r ttlllll'Cti.tl, lt..i.,p:tr r. Ileti
toiiMMirt, I u.le"..l.'lit r 1. 1, in. tn I n in w .t. Kd.t
vllle. i tsk.thMiv.i. Ivli... fihr.w and I M'.iti.-;
ML .Ion to h-i-.;iiiiiia; Newton t.i M'.'ir.wt
Moines to Iii. iiattou and Wim.net: Atmotir tu
t.tuw.d.l and ii.iiIhiii: atid vim:ii.i II irli-i
ami r.ir"o!t Tins l rniMtirlv t:i o- lv K-til-r.i.td.
nlncli nnm tin, ., t'.' a tlnoll;:ll lino
fr.nil t'lniMir.i int., I' e Matt, ot Kn .tA
Tltroiitfh 1-. x .t .- V 'uti'T I'r.uii. wi'h Pnll
m.m I'.-ii.i. i aratt.t.-lie.l. aterime.. hwav.U'lv
.l wll tot. 4i.i .tn-l 1. 'It ! A. KtNMS IITV,
t'"i N 11. I'Ll rr. Lka k w ik i h a:ul. it II I
a..N. I hr. 'Ufcrti cm are almoin n l-.-te.n Mawait
k.-e and K mut t'ttv. via tlir " Milwiikve and
.irlt inland Mutrt I.litr.
lti' "tirrat K." l-iatid""! mt ntrn-en'ly
.iilp,d. It r.-ad tl t Hiniii .ei tc, t. aud ita
ti v k i I I'd ith ."eel rail,.
hat III ileae you gimt w ill h the tdei.urw
tf rit)"t ni .our nirai.. w tide p -xin hut tlin
. .Milt til ft ail le.i.r I llinol, and .,w v tn our of
our ttiactnnrriii liiiilna' far, That at coni.anv all
Tnrotii;it Kre, Trma. Vou tr t au entire
li.e.il j- v...nI a. l'Tcd In :.) Htsl-fl4 boicl,
fur een:y-tieeentm.
Apptreiatin lhi f;trt that a riato'ltv if the
l.dr iteler neparaiv atartnienti l..r .Itttreut
.iw hi4 i and the utiu.cti..e t.tAetit?.-r toisttieaa
I thla line wariatitma- It l e are ii :ieil toan-
noiin that tttiCotuianr rutin r'afittuif. i'..tra
fl I.I.MAX I'AI.ATK r.iKs are ran
CO I N UU HI-I H-.v KA.NsA Hi V ITt'lllMlN. and LKAVKXWOKTU. .
HrKeis !. this Line, Wn..vti -a (he Oreat KocaL laiauiU Kuutw," arw wold ht
All Ticket Acewta la Ihn I ntieit Mwtea ami Canada.
tor iafur.uailoa t litMiul;w Mi Tour hotua olBc. avddrrwa.
V k. rMtarai aaa ihMni Huavw.
The Oldest House,
The Largest Stock,
The Best Variety
Of Goods in this Line in La
Salle County.
Notice IB heretiy glren, that on Tlivir"lnvai avnil'
Krlilayw of each week rlnltura will be admitted to tfe
Aayluin. No rlmtora aumllled on bundayn.
tuwa. Oct. 5, 1S73 County Aent
Si'mm Cir. for aleeiinR urKiea, and i'ajce
'irurij jr. ( ir calm tniri'04eHon:y tito-i'tner
r. at f.-at u re of our I'alace t'araisa SMUKINO
AI.iKiN where , ot lio etijoy juur "liayaua"'
at all hour of the day
M itrtutli etit Iron Hriilres,pan the MlnJlMlpnl
and Mi. nun rivers at all points rrotsed hv tin
line, and transfers are avoided at t'oiincil III u ill.
h,ttias City. Leavenworth and Atchison, coit-iie.-ttotis
heinK made tn I'nion teH.a
The irlnriial K. 14. connection of
111 i r ret I h roiiElt Line are ua follow a .
At i ini tial witu all divtiKing luica fur the
East and South.
At Km.liw.k.iv w ith the US 4V M S.. and P.
It. W . i'. K. Kila.
At W ASlllNiiluN IlEIOHT.. with IV. C.4St
L It K.
At La Sails, with I I Cent. R B.
at I'ttoiua. with K. V. A .1 ; P It. E.; I. B. A
W.; 111. Mnl.; and T. V. W Kds.
At Kot'K lUMi. writh "Mllwaukeeand Rock
Inland Slu.rt I inr."ai.,l liock isl d i'eo. Kds.
At IiAVKNfxitr. wiut ttie baTeui'ort Division
0. M. . SL P. K. K
At WieT I.i ft krtt. with the B. C. R. N.R.R.
At tiKlMtLI, with IVnttal Iowa K. K.
At Iika M.HNkV with It M. A F. IL K R.
Atl'oiMii. HLfrra. with I'nion Pa-tflc R R
At omaiia. with h. A Mix K. K.K. tin Neb.)
At Oct t MHrsjri.CTioK.with B.i.K iS.K R.
At Ol-Tl'MWA. with Central low R. K-i W.
St. I. . hr . and . R. and S. R Kd.
At KicoKl'K. with ToL, fro. War ; Wah .St.
Louis a Par . aud St. I Keo. . M . K. Kdi.
At CawriiKN. with if. SU J. R. R.
At An n i-.. v with AtebTopeka t Santa Fa.
Itch. 4 Net., and On. Br. V. P. K. Kds.
At I.KAVt nwuuth, wiLk I'DiuB I'ac. am! Kan
Cent K. Kds.
At Kasa CtTT. wltb allllnet torthw West
anu Aoumwetl.
thmn.h ta PrnRtt IFS MOIEA
ii. r-tTT. JOHN,
KtiQ v .9mH Mit3 Ck'SM mufM rr

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