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Mm. Hapeman, Mrs. E. J.Olllen, Miss Clura
Klnir, with Mra. A. Lynch and daiitf litor, eiist kIuV.
The UtiV.F. M.Uruicir, Rt-clor of Christ Cliurc li,
will be at homo ou Monday, after 2 o'clock, to
receive his gentlemen friend.
Mra. Geo. V. Hull, Miaa Chandler, Ml" DavU,
MUm Mau Blanchard and the MUsus McArthur,
with Molliu O.mumi, went bldu.
Mra. F. N. Hoaaack, Dee Moinea, Iowa; Mls
Ida Strawn. MUa Orace Mayo, Mis Sue Richard
son, with the Misses Portor, after one o'clock, ai
tho residence or J. E. Porter, south bluff.
Stout. Dr. John Mout, ot 1'eorla, was In ON
tawa this week.
Mc.-I). J. McOinnla apent Chrlatmas with hla
friends in Ottawa.
Dooi.ax. Miss Doolun, La Porto, Ind., Is thi;
guest of Mlaa Amy (Jreeir.
X-mas. Chrlntmas gifts: To John Morne, a
boy; to Heury Holmes, a girl.
Milleb. Mr. V. U. Miller, of Sheridan, has
been very 111 for the past week.
Fihiiek. MIks Flkher, Cold water, Mich., W the
gui'St of Minn Katie Muu Smith.
Mc Tho Misses McArthur, of Aurora, arc at
Dr. McArthur'a, on the west aide.
Catox. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Caton spent Christ,
mas in Joliet with Mr. Cuton'a people.
Geo. Geo. Medill, now of D. lleeiiun it Co.'
Streutor, wus in Kructinj; his Ottawa friends yea
Ann. Ed. Hull, Norman Hinsdale and Tom
Lvnch are home from Ann Arbor for the holi
Hekh. Herr John wanz'ir, just from "Katl
tjrland." has taken a Dostioii in the Jtirvlil
Biki. Kittie CrooVg, Morcle Eddy, Laura
Gaylord, Lock port, are visitinir with Birdie
Black. Mr. John S. Black and family, of
Iowa, have this week been quests of Mr. and
Mrs. Chas. Forbes.
Mather. Mr. and Mrs. Mather, ('hlcwro,
apent Christmas with Mr. L. II. Fames and the
Sherwood, in this city.
Skiff. W. E. Skiff, one of J. E. Porter's trav
ling men, hove into port yesterday from Iowa,
to spend New Year's in Ottawa.
Ci-auk. Miss Charlotte Clark, of Utica, was
in the city Mils week. She has been reading
lately with much pucccps In Indiana.
Oilman. William Oilman, the genial painter.
has been flourishing an decant L'old headed
cane since Christmas from his employees.
Nasii. Information comes that K'-v. and Mrs.
r. B. Nash, now at Philadelphia, this week lost
eheir younjjer boy, ajred one year, after a short
Beck. Charles Buck with, late with Manley,
Jordan fe Cowles, has j;one to Peoria, taking a
position with Culter A Co., hardware wholesalers
of that city.
Cane. Circuit Clerk Taylor sports an elegant
Old headed cane, "X-mas" from the clerks of
the office, and one of the handsomest one can
aee In many a day.
Bkewkk. Yorkvllle Jitvoni: "Lawyer Brewer,
of Ottawa, was in attendance ut our cmui'v
ourt last week. He is a very pleasant i;entl
man for a lawyer."
Keddick. Tiuwsx Mrs. Auld and daughter
and Mrs. I. N. Auld, of Vinton, Iowa, are visit
ing Mr. and Mrs. Reddiek and other relatives
Mrs. Auld and Mrs. Reddiek arc sisters.
Puizkh. At the rink, on Thursday evening,
Mis Annie Hatheway and Charley E. Hook cup
tured the prizes for 'jest lady and gentleman
katers. The prizes were a pair of skates.
Voot. Ed. Vout, lute with Hull & liartels
has taken a position in the dry oods Mure of
Henry Brown, La Salle. Ed. is a tine young
fellow, and will make Mr. Brown a valluable
Cullen. Hon. Win. Cullen is home from
Washington for the holiday recess. We are in
debted to ti t in already for vitluuMe public doeu
ruents the more welcome because they are In
truth valuable.
Texas. John Duns van and family, of Dayton,
have moved to Denton, Texas, which will he their
home for the future. Messrs. Jos. Barnes, of
Rutland, and DeWitt B. Snow, of this city, also
started this week for the same state.
X-mas. They ate turkey in Ottawa on Christ
mas: Will Kaufman, Fred Mattocks, Arthur
Hobert, Ed. Miller, Capt. Rising, Tim Lucy
Mr. Kenyon, private secretary of Mr. Lowell,
eneral passenger agent of C. B. jfcQ. railroad.
Dave. Streator '. J'.: "Tho boys at the com
pany store reminded Mr. I). Batchellor that an
other Christmas had rolled around, and Mr.
Dyer, in behalf of the boys of the store, present
;d him with a handsome Masonic monotrrain.
Another complete surprise."
Wms. The event of tlio week at Joliet was the
carriage of Miss Carrie Williams, whom many
people in Ottawa will remember kindly, to Mr.
Seward Dillnian, of Englewood, on Wednesday
'ast, atthu bride's parents' residence. Mr. and
11 rs. Dillman will reside in Enuluwood.
Sam. Joliet AVmi: "Sain'l Diiionhoffer, of this
clothing firm of J. Einint'er A Co., has been the
lecipient of an eh gan' si.v-r wutr set by those
in his employ. This is certainly a pleasant re
nenibrancu Paul Deiss, Albert SUehle and Will
Il8inger, the donors, entertain for their employ
r. D is a worthy eompllmeut to Mr. bitten
toffer." Chess. Our townsman B. F. Lincoln has ac
iUired quite a "reeoiU" in chess circles of the
Jountry by numerous contributions of problem
t chew columns of the chief papers of the corni
try; and on Christmus received a copy of Samuel
Loyd's new work on Chess Strategy, or tho Con
Struct ion ot Chess Problems, with the compli
ments of the author.
Ekhok. In making mention two weeks ago of
ria assault on Jack McCormick, the names of the
Corcoran Nys, living s miu distance northwest
of tli is city, were civen as among bis assailants
We are assured on the best authority that they
hid nothing to do with the matt r; anl we take
pleasure in making the correction.
Oh a r. La Salli- Ikmncrat: "An act of our kind
hearted town upervi...r, John Gray, which cer
tainly deserves an honorable mention, was that
of sendinir to 15 poor fnmilips in this city a tur.
key rach, as a Christmas present. These poor
persons tmve reason to be grateful to the benev.
olert linoir. Charity is the greatest of a'.I vir
tue Ihtuiiw it Is the life of tho rest."
Waonfii. Iu the Army Bulletin, Chicago
Tim fx, ! Monday last, we find the following:
"B iIt-i-Moii of the prcsideut. Second Lieut.
Arthur I. Wa.T.er, C:h infantry, is relieved from
duti a' 'In Louisiana Slate I niversity and Me-!
chamroi m d Agricultural colli gt. Baton Rou-c, '
La., ai .1 iletailri) s professor of m:!:tarj science
and i ut the Fa.t Florida .eini"ary, nIn-.-s-Till.-
New Year' tarjs.
A t.-ti'i-rof handsome styles of New Tear's
Caif- f-n.an A ITapeaian's. CulJ cariy.
Thn Telrpho.
DIUGE roii Till TEAR.
Orphan hours, the .war l d ud,
Cuiiiu and sigh, come ami weept
Merry hours, miiIic- Instead.
For the year Is but usleei.
8i e, It smiles as It Is sleepiiiir,
Moikiug your iMtlim-ly weeping.
As an eartl.iiiat,e riicKs a cor e
In it- colli., in ' be elny,
So Wlille Wint. r. Hint i. u h nurse,
locks the (tea h. ' 1 -Mr to day;
Solem hoois! w.i't i.loud
For your uiutlier in I.e. shroud.
As the wild it i r st rs mid sway
The lice aw imu rwlli- of a child,
So Hie breath of llic-e t u te (i.is
li.n ks Ihi c;n : enlui and mild,
rremliling I ours, will hi Iso
Willi new loe within her i yes.
January t'rey I here,
Like a sexton b tier rave:
Fi In u.iry In ur 1 h ' r,
Miireh wnh g leT do ii bow l and rave,
And Apiil weeps but, l) hours,
Follow with Mav's fairest 11 out.
Hark, the cock crows, and you bright star
Tells IH, the day hli!ieU' imI f.H ;
And see wUere, OieaklllJ fi. in ill- iiUht,
lie. t'ld-i the rtesieni lilda i ll llihl.
With him oid .JaiiiM dolh appear,
Peeping into I lie liltnie eai,
Willi Mich a iuk us seems to sat,
The prospect is not good that .iy.
Tims do we ri.se ill sigh's lo see,
And 'gainst o.iiselve- u pioi.sy;
When I In: prn,ietic f.-ar of Itl ! ii
A niori! tonufiniiig mischief tilings,
.'Hole, full id mi iI Ioi iiieiauu L'.ul
Thau direst nii.-ebiels cull lie fa I.
Bi.lstat! bin s ay! mvlhl ik my sight.
Better ii.lorui'd b clear, i I glil,
Discerns Si ii io loss in that "low,
That all eon ' i aeied seeiu'd ''U' now.
His revein'd face niitv show (lita-te,
Andfrowu upon liie ills ai e pi'st ;
But Hint winch this .iv lo ik- i' 'ear,
ftiid smiles ii on t :n- New ln.rn Year.
He look- loo ir. mi a so Inch,
The Yea' bes open lo his ec;
And all the nimuc m open are
To die exact discoveier.
Yet more and mo.e be piiiIIcb upon
The happv revolution.
Why should wc Uieu suspect or fear
The influences of a Nea".
So smiles upon u- the Hi st morn,
And spi uks us good so soon as born;
l'lauiie ou'l! Hie lasi was ill eu -ugn,
Tins cannot but iu..ke better piool;
Or, at I lie wor-t. ns we brush'd through
The last, why so we nia this t o;
And I lieu the next in reason shou'd
Be mporcxivlieuilv to.
For the worst ills (w dail
Have no more pcipeluily
Than the best f irijoieb ttnit do fall;
Which also hriiig ns wh-iewilhal
Longer their beinatosiipporl,
Thau those do of the n'her -oi l ;
And who has one L'0"d ear in three,
And yet repines a' dev.lnt,
Apii-'iirs uiit:r.iti till in tin- case.
And merits not l''c good I e has.
Then let. UK welcome the N-w worht
With lusly In i inn. i- or Ihe i" st;
Mirtli til wins sboii (I li i.nl Korlinio meet,
And renders e'en Oisiis er - eel ;
And though Ihe i'rinc' ss turn I'eMiack,
Let us but line ooisi lv s ith sack,
We better sh ill lv far hold nit.
Till the next Year she. face annul.
1,'hn tAima.
The Earlville fonk cuiins to u-, the home
part printed ou new U pe, ckht payc-a. The
htultr Is a verj uood coiinlrj p iper and is cvi
detitly grow.liin into favor in the noi ill eudof the
The Peruvians n ie still sweaiiig mad at the
Rock Island nwd. Ui.-j have made the company
cut down their r ite i f spi cl, and are now about
to try some sort of mi experiment to get trains
t ) stop there u wet! us at La Salle, or tho depot
ou the division line.
Here is SMea'or's latest 8 o rimed by the Fw
rrtm: "There is t-i'l, an 1 nl e i'y some schemes
liiive been devi.-ed by hoine capitalists for fur
nishing water, iul t ai d bent for the city. It 1s
proposed, we believe, to pip In water works, of
the stand pipe and puinpitii.' t-ystrm, conduct
two sets of mains nloiit: tin- principal streets.one
to be used for water unit the other for Conveying I
steam. Finally, when the elec
trie li"ht is Droved .
a success, it. will also tie funiishid w ith the same
motive power. The sell, ine is to get very pow
ciful engines fur pumping, the escaped steam
from which will In- almost snlllcieiit to heatnear-
I y every public bni ding in t be city, to use the j count v roduced in 1S70 nenrK one th ru or the
engines for pumping t all Imui s except when I coal luiued in I he entire state. It bad long been
i- i. . i 1 1 ... i. ...... i,. ... r..r ,.i...fri. I Hie scene of periodical s.nkea and lo.kouis, ami
lights are ren nil, then to u-e tiu ni lor electric ., , , ' j , , . ,- , . . ,, ,. ' ,
- ' its coal. pool aim black list a e to a y the iiiorl
lights. A surplus of water lor all purposes Lav- torinidable of any in thestate; and io s eine a
ing been provided be fore the hours when lights proper en force men t of the milium 1 iw. it will be
are necessary. A com pi to svstem for lighting, ! 8S ,r to l'1"' 'll0 ollu,,!' 1"!:,k.i'"-' tllB n"lJt'c
. ' , ' . .,7 lion independent of any local Inflnene. s. p.o Ue-
heating and watering 'he town can thus be pio.
vided at a comparatively moderate expense,
while the investment would undoubtedly be prof
... . . . . .
Water worKS are necessary In the near
future, and the other two features can be con
uccted with them at a light additional cost."
The Chicago Triluuc of Tuesday of last week
states that the stockholders of the Indiana, Illi-
nois and Iowa railroad held a meeting Monday at
the office of the company, N'o. 110 Dearborn st.,
Chicago. It was decided to consolidate the in.
terest In the three states, securing a general
charter to supersede the Individual corporations
Previous to 18711, P5 miles In Indiana and 40 miles
in Illinois had been graded, and it is expected to
have laid before January 165 miles of steel rails
between Momence arid Streator. The road will
cross the Illinois river at Henry, 130 miles from
Chicago, and will run cast, striking the Pan-
Handle at North Jsdsou, Ind., 130 miles from
llcnry, and connniiinir siriKe ttio t ittsourir
Fort Wayne "0 mile further cast. The road is
intended as a cut rff from Chicago on through
, . ,. . - .. . , T. i,
ireiK.ii, irausierioiK .rmi. i... ionium v.t.,., ,,
l.ie Durungron, me ahoii iinu uie lock isianu ; tuu provisions ol the U. In all the other eoun
lo the eastern trunk lines without coming within 'ties the cry comes from both miner and insp.-c-
100 miles of Chicago a movement which seems
to be a direct blow at Chicago interests. Thedl
rectors will hold a meeting shortly to complete
the consolidation and elect permanent officers.
Now that all reports are in, we see that besides
the Fhek Tkadkk there are but two papers
in this county the La Salle Iumncrat and
the Peru Herald that "took a drop" on the dead j in conclusion, drwn irom the answers tocnctni
beat scheme of the tioard of Supervisor to iret'ries made in all purls of the state:
their proceeding published at the expense, of
the publishers. To say that these proceed ine?.
published four weeks after the K lard adjourns,
are news is nonsense since the ritEE Tkaptr
published the whole thini; unofficially, it
it Is true, the Saturday following the
adjournment on Thursday, awl alwjs r..
and, in spite of the lyinij sneer of the Streator
Vrrr Prs to the contrary, for nothing and ah
ways has. The publication of the oliiclal pro-
ceedin's I aJvrtiinf, and is so considered every
where where supervisors are disposed Xr- treat
newspapers decently. Ai.d the Fatr: Tiivdeu
wants it dUtlnctly understood that it puMishr
news as new, and advertising a ndvcrfi-!nir;
that It doesn't projoe to give the Board of sn-;
pervisors or any man advertising f pace for which
b;iins men who patronize us resularly pay fair
p-ices and for which ILcy always eipect to pay.
To do otherwise would be an unfair d scrioiina
tlon which tho Fhec Tkai-eu will not make for
(anybody. It may Im; well enough to publish the
procci dings broadcast in the county papers.
It Is dnUB it should be paid f ir.
The t'uft I I merest,
T,, u- , i, , n.. ...... r
Tho first Biennial Rei-ort of the Bureau of
Labor Stat'tics of Il'lnois has teen received
I min thu Secretary of Suite. The report of the
Hunan is quite full, nink .ig an Smo. book of
one 40 pages. As La Salle county is at least
In--.cct'tid nl producing county in the state,
( he nl Since of n ports for ISM) from some coun
ties making t e rank ludHin'".) tiie report of the
Iiichii in to "Coal-M nlnjj Industry" will
prove iu n siing. Wet eoe make tho fol-
n.wiug extracts oiu the report:
The coal prodnc. o liooois has made rapid
I'fiitiiTs d"rlng ti e past two decades. Accord
inn to ihe retiiiiis of the I'uited States Census
lureiiu. iliere ws m ind in I silt), in this state.
.ViS.-tun lona. lit ISO the product was a,tW4, 103
tons, wtnle the san.u authority estimates the
product of IHS,lut ab nit ti OOD.OOt) Ions. The fob
lo ing lal.le shows the production of tho differ
nt counties in the slate iu which coal is luinid
'or 1H70, uei'oiuing to t in- o Usui return for that
year. The column for I) i coin; ilo.l from the
reports of Mine Inspectors tj the Governor.
These I. ittcr returns arc not., in many Instance-,
ii'liab'e, for the r 'ason that the Inspectors are
lis.'itilid, oy the operations of tho mining law,
'mm collecting full and detailed statistics. Iu the
leading counties, however, the figures given are
correct, and show the growth of production com
mensurate with th" development of dependent
Hun ui
( iltiit'ii
it ranily
.1 leksuii
MviiimIuh . . .
I., it-mi
b P.iii'.ii.'Ii .
M iciiiii'hi ....
M.usli ill
I'eo' i;i
itiinini1ili ....
U-ie'c Is'uml..
.saniMinnll ...
si. i lair
Verinlliun ...
Willhinismi ..
Wnuiiruril ....
ll K.I)
;Vi l 0
i.'. oi
1 1.041
1 II I. HO
l. '.HO
1 1.V.I
11 li.fi lo
3. in-:
r.ll 11)1
(. i'i
.2.fi.),ir,3 S.'Ja7,77fi
A'ole. 17 cuuailes make uu ri jiorl fur 179 or 1SS0,
In l.a Salle county there were on Jan. 15, 1SS0,
the date of the last report of ihe mine Inspector,
5(1 mines with a capital of ft, '350,000, and em
ploying KITS men. Wc, think 1SS0 will show t
large Increase of the industry. Coal is mined iu
Streator, La Sa le, Pi hi, OglcBhy, Seneca, Mar
seilles, Dimiulek tp., Ottawa, Lowell, Deer Park
The inspector says one third of this county con
tains what is known as third vein coal, and one
sixth of the coiiniy what is known as second
vein, in lirioni, county in IS7'J there were If
companies mid operators, lliu majority ot w liotu
are winking near Munis. In the county there
are rcporn d lo t e. 1251".' acres of workable coal
lauds, of wliu h 1IJ5 have been worked out. There
is one v n, hree n et linck, found at 20, 30, 40,
50, (W, H), lu."i and 117 feet from the 6urface,
worki d by shafts, employing 5'J'J men, producing
155,liOJ Ions.
louclniig the epeiatioii of the mining law, the
Uuteuu ray :
That portion of the law governing tho inspec
tion of the unties has failed to be of henellt to
the operatives, owing to ihe appointment of in
spiciois and the pn-vi.-iou fur their payment
hiving teen I. It in I lie bnndi of the counties.
Under tips system tiro time allowed to be used
by tho inspicu.is in peilorniing the duties re
quired of them is cut down to tho shortest time
which w'll suffice to go over the mines once a
year, and the pay is tlxed at but little more thun
a miner coii.d make, while at work in a mine. As
a rule the hi.-pcc tois appointed are practical
miners, and in many localities an impariial per.
foruiance of their duties and the enforcement ol
Ihe 'iiining law would debar the inspectors Irom
obtaining work at their trade during tho balance
of the time they were iiiiemyloyed in the duties
of their ollice. I he greatest amount of time nl
1 pccior in ine siaiu w men oas come
under our no' tee was ttiat allowed Hie in-picloi
of mines in t. Clair county iu 1ST'.), which was
ninety dav. There we e i heu Sj mines iu op
eration in that, county, and ills easy to see ho
lit' le could be properly done toward enf .reins:
.the law tv the in.-i.i Mnr iu that time. St. i lair
ulai ly Ihosu w hieli pi ice the otllcer nppoiuted
to do u swnru duly at tlie mercy ol It e .peraiots
of iiiiues f ir tin-greater portion of tne jear. Ihe
- iiuiy riiKiu u ill,;, UUH wnn.lt wi i 11 n I lis IS lo
j ,ct lw mM cmJIlllL.3 ,)f ta , ,.,,
r..uo.l.. ...... I....I ..i.i..h
nuintier of distneUi in will require the entire
time of tho insp -ciors, place their appointment
in the bunds of siuue deparlmeul ol the state
best ti'ted to care for this industiy, ai d pay for
the cost of the Inspection from a fund tu be rais
ed by placing such tax on tin; product of the
mines aa will uiise the amount necessary. Then;
could be no more o! jcc;ion raised to this method
than has been iiiisid against the system of
gram inspection enforced iu the state, and which
has been so generally satisfactory. Until some
such system is adopted in place of the present
"county hoard" method, no saticfa lory results
can be obtained
The coin plaint In regard to the failure of the
inspectors comes from pearly every county in the
slate. There are two or three notable exceptions,
namely: Sangamon, La Salle and perhaps one or
t wo others, lint even here Ihe pel o iiinnee of
their duty bv tho inspectors is traceable to co-i
ditions of Independence which nine mil era out
of ten are not tilcssed with, in the first named
.coun,y tllu ,pi.t.tor Is a siocfc holder in a co
operative iniuiui; company; and. in the si cond !
.county, there is :i mo-e jjencraf system of L'ood
1 nianaireinent in the working of mines by the op.
t vlMi:l WatU tin-in to espect and carry out
tors alike for a ciniiikre In the svteui in three-
liflhs of the returns made to this Duresii by op
erative- In mines ttiesi- complaints Lave tieen
made. The provisions of tin- lw, so f ir a they
re late to the muimeuielit of mines, are conipre
hennye enough to meet the wanta of ant -i c'ioii
or the state; all tha' is needed Is an effective.
method of enforccoietit.
As to the social condition of the coal miners!
generally throuhouL the state, thu Ibireau cdferl
The inipi'.rer into the manner of life and ll.el
earninir ol the coal mine employe of the stole
cannot but be struck wilh the comparative pov
erty of comfort which prevails In ali mininir cen
ters m.d minii2 towns. This condition i trace
atile to manv cause, and the remedy min t need
be slow iu operation, and will tike at leasts
Kent-ration of time and the inort progressive and
ennoM'rur Influence to efli-ct a vitv matkirt
change. There has been a treat deal of bad Mro-d
developed in dillerei.t waya Ly tx.th operator
snil their i tnploye. and tin- pr sent aspect of f.
lairs seems m warrant ine opinion dial lint lirtie
can be hoped for in the near futu.ie in the way ,f
any peaceable 'i tti' mi rt i f in- qiieMinr. ;
in thi it.dntrv. Whatever trnrr niv n'sl It !'
but an "armed truce," and is likelv to be broken !
ut the first ol port'intty ty fill er ;irty to the
nnestioti. Ibi'li id have tri-a.nr.d m real or
fancied ronL's, and lose no opporttn Uy to retsli
ate and wrenK enseal. ee on ti t- other, hi tun-
b! th.it ir rit-c nf ?.i b.rf..t i-.intr" i.nn.:
i,. ir. ;j,c ta?.; it tt ln.poi h- f..r"miri. r.;
Lo bad Im'i H ptgi-rJ on t i.t
' tilni k list to jro in
and gi'i aa outs.idt!
to I uitn i tor tp-Tt.-!vf
mirkpt for tt nr.rftllrt
Pi-rhapa no hod, of nur laborer. tkvn .-a'TIIE LATEST NOVELTIES ',N
mholo, have m&Av ai little J roross from tteir o,n.nHtpeicM,.-i of "oet hw- H
If condition of mere wageworkers as the miners of
the state, and It is a question wtlch concerns the
whole state, as well as the employers of these
meu and the people who live in their immediate
communities, whether this condition cannot be
i . m i ..... r. . . Tv. . . . i i
mucn luiuroveu in iue uear miure. iiiu uiojun-
, , ,.'..... Iinnl.,1.,i(ir. i. of UwWn hlrth
or parentage, and, as a rule, tho sons of miners
follow the employment of lueir lathers, i tie ac
tual facilities which the great majority of our
minim; communities offer are not of the best
grade, ow ing to the low state of general intelli
gence of the mass, and a lack of knowledge bow
to dcvelope schools which are of the better class
on the parts of the parents themselves, and the
disinclination on the part of property own
ers to pay a higher rate of taxes than
is absolutely necessary to go through the
form of complying with the school law. There
is a general desire on the part of the larger por
tion to give their children a better education
than they possessed, and a corresponding effort
on the part of that portion to deprive themselves
of many bodily comforts that their children's
minds may be disciplined, trained and educated
for the hitrhcr spheres of life; but the conditions
under which they have been horn and bred, the
manner in which they cam their existence, the
habits and luck of economic traluing to which
they have all their lives been accustomed, dwarf
and cripple their efforts to accomplish any very
rapid progress upward to other spheres of life
and action. These facts are worthy of thu Intel
ligent, considerate attention of all who have any
interest In the progressive development of our
state, and wherever it can bo done legislation
should be shaped so us to remedy these evils. A
rlirld enforcement of that provision of our min.
Ing law which prevents the employment of chll.
dren In mines, totrckher with a compulsory edu
eatioH law, would have a most beneficent effect,
although it would take time to realize its influ
ence and effects. Added to these, tho co opera
tion of cmplovers in the matter of the establish
ment of libraries, co-operative enterprises, the
dolntr awuv with drunkenness and the abuse of
lbpior, anil the cencratiou of a more healthful
spirit of "live and let live" on both sides would
soon produce a marked change) in the lives and
homes of this crowing body of our people. The
coal mining industry is rapidlv becoming a very
important one in the state; it has developed from
a product of about elirht hundred thousand tons
in ISM, to over six millions In 1SH0, and its in
crease will be nearly double in the next ten
vcars. Tt behooves ns, then, to study this ques
tion with seriousness, and build our industrial
foundations so deep and st'oni: that we shall see
Mi repetition of the scenes of 1S77 in our mining
communities. "An ounce of prevention is
worth a pound ot cure" in Industrial as well as
in physical disease.
This Is a question which Is one of the most
mooted of any which lias come before us. Uur
ing tho fall and w inter seasons a good workman
can earn. In Mm inojur'py of mires of the state,
from ?!"i) to $!H) per month. Tho average earn,
ings, however, will hardly exceed $400 thn year
round; and, taken one year with another, will
"ot average that amount for the past ten years.
1 he prices paid per ton for mining varv with dif
ferent localities from KS cents to $1 per ton. The
output during the summer months Is small, and,
excepting In manufacturing districts, or where
m '.tie owners have contracts for supplying rail
ronds with coal, the product falls off on an aver
aee about thn c-flfths. There is a general disin
clination on the rarl of the operators to furnish
information on fiese questions, and in the ab
sppce of any nuM'oritv to compel the return of
information, relli b'e statistics cannot be furnish
cd, but what have been prepared are tho result
of careful and impartial study, and a desiro to
treat the question as it deserves.
On the ISth of Deeeinher lSt, tir.I. W. Wood, Rmi.. at the
rnnlili'n 'e nf Mr. Samuel (t intniis. tn Vermllltiinvll v. Mr
J. SiHKKT mill Miss MAItV filUSNKIt, biilti of Deer
At tliprtirtiin Ibinw, Ttinriliiv. Dpi1. OStli. by Key. K C
ArnolS, Mr. itHAUl.KS POLL anil Mfsa CLAK.V O'NKIU
both of Slrenlnr.
(in Pre. 21. a son of Mr. ami Mrs. Columbus Mi'Cube, of
uptniil dlHcase; Hireil 0 yeiirs.
Tlie tail was lateen with an attack of maisrlal lever, trrtiib
n ittng In the dread spinal dlscnw. wliicli produced death
after a week's illness. Ihi was a hnaht, tntelllKcnt lad anil
his lrii li is nuMt keenly felt tiy lliu hereavnl parents.
Nfia 2Vnbertseinrnt0.
Farm for Sale.
Tin' uti'Jr'JiHMl (ifTi'rs hU f irni f ir t:U votttnp HO
ft. Tfn, In S.. ii' fi M r 4 wit. 2 in lr-mi the rtmrt hinmt'. rii xf y
arm, am liniru 1. u ith t!nt( h'i'ic, burn imd orrli.trd, uml
four HiirtriKrt in the :iftiirt;. Kliiuin' tin tin pri'inlHrn, or
uldri-h JACOM OI.I VKU.
pec. 31, imi.4w (Xtiiwu, Ills.
Soutli Ottawa Taxes.
Tilt unrtrr-lu'nf'i. Tiw ColIiM-tor fur tttn Town tif South
Oltau-:t. iiotltle- the tux puyt-rft nf tnM town rim! hi Uaa rv
rvixt-A iitu I'uoi- 0 fnmt tin rtitintv t'lfrk. ml tint rhi ikri
ftr I 41 tut' nuff ii"'. Ih in iy nt nil HiiirH. when tint out nl
'rctiiiiT. In I'Hiti'l ut tin- ulil ti'll tuiii1', t tin noti'li md of
t!i Illino h liiviT Hrl.U' 1IKNKV V. MoOliK.
Dri'dufoiT 31. ll.-'iH
AUnmril ill ..lii
imnaIj sk'I"i i,I';,m :
:"r notic
1 TATK OF .tnllN (I CosM.K. IKCRsKr, N'oltrclll
tierctiy irlvrn to ill porsnii" Inii-rcstfil in .mat MaTi, ttnii thr
nutters, Kin'il. A'lniliiistriiior of tlie emale of nalit jolin .
l uiinor. ili-ei iistsi. wilt rippcir before Ihe i:.iariTv I'onrT ol
Ihe rounty of l.a Hiille uml suite of lllinoln. ut tlir I'minty
I'unrt Hooin in ottiiwii. In hiiIO county. oi -otiHriy. the lirh
day of r'l't.nittry A. li. IsS'J. lor the piirsseof reri'tiTlnie till
aeeoiuit of tin pris-.'lliii In Hie leliininstriilloii of mini
ignite for the niirtl (M'ftlriiii'nt.
Dated ul (itsu. tliis 'Jtli i!n of FWimrY Issi
Mil II KI. ( l. l.TIS,
Attkst: P. W. S i in ks:. Koi ii. AiliiitiimtrHtnr.
C eric Coiibty Court I s.iiu I'd . 111. ilrr.n Jw
Ottawa Fair Grounds
Thr f.mi pr'y Vnnn n n th V itr riroit nl, st i!tna. Illi
nois, will o- 'l T pun
le M'e. at thF souOl door of the
lo4iott1c in oo w i on Tim s I iy. Itif r.'oi itiy of .1 ,nii ,rv
isw, hi ll oen r k a . M . ni wii in- orrery. i in two pun-el,
titilt: T'e ' -t twenty -ve ii-r.-M an on.' let ; Hint th.
forty nri'i S'-'m lens., i-onr.iiinrir sit -hi- tiiiiiillns mnl iirt.-.
' ninn :!. .is one lor. Ictus .itcl eotiiluloiisof sdie ml! tc
ueeJl .w' HY nliUKIs of (ommittkk.
. . -
100 Arros. Kurrlf Township.
,.,i;.r, tfr:,n,r); i.-v i,.-.i: .t.,u rn.rih-. nhhui
boiisf :
smo'.'! le.ii-c MILKMAN I.Kf.AMi
lie. -i If
Alulrm t ufflcf.
Beal Estate Broker.
Tax p:il. iMin ri e"tit. A nit r-nen,t n-nl tt .nl
nes trur c.M'ttil. I l.vs Mrrwi rine l.irti.n r.l htisint-s
toillftlfis f.r sti- ir tr-cV on cr1!.-!!! trinii In flooiliiinil
....I vOMt't, 1. fi U ...l.rl I. ....... I....I. ... fc r.
: enni- for ml ruii- in N'ton. m titmi ami .ln.-
.c.i:r.!:i. Hi.' i!
lilauk Book ami Paper ox Uanatactnrsr,
Otf.ce, 20 aad 2! La Sal e Ptreet
rti d tnt.y it-tlnd paMesn or Ji
aeto llDbmfsrmrnts.
Wa have a few Odd Sized THRESHER
TRUCKS, Just tho thing: for Farm Use, which
m s- a . a J r m a s4 s3 inacf
we oner jseioiv ium, hiupjjou
upon receipt of price.
Kcuj aobcrtii3Cn'futs.
Dinneen & White,
WtioUwiile uml retail ilealcm In
Third Vein Soft Coal Eiclusiyely,
Office anil Seilles Willi Thnyer. Hiitteni A Co..
near Kock IsiIhiiU llrpoi.
IV Coal deltvereil lo all pan of the city. ocll5
One of the finest and most desira
ble farms In La Salle ('n.; 1 lie Clark
Farm. VA miles south of Ottawa.
Apply to M. I). CLAKK, or L. N.
ll'l riiLMMI I V tin
II AI Ii l .11 .1 n .
Conntntlng of Parlor Pintn. Ileilrootn Stilts. Csiiter Itoekura.
Camp Chatrii. Nedateiul. Mutiresseii, ami n ueiieml im
aortuuntul Coiiniiuii unit Fine f urinlure anil
Vow Is your ctmnrr ti) neeure llitriiniiiM, n 1 tmve
irreatl)' reduced my price In order lo cluse out my liusl
iicm. Vuum renieetfully.
Bee. 3, IH8I. CJKO. V. KITCill.
The Uest is Ihe Cheapest.
get the;
Aa Cheap as the Cheapest for Same Quality.
Order hy THi-phone 1 1:. ittlei" north of ('oltiintiiis st.
bridge. N. K. enr. ) Nniv iters lit Wl't Mi'Mullin's. Hen
nett A Ittftle', CIihh. lloxle's store, und Koi'tissA I.orrliniVs
lrua Htori . or Ht my residence, corner of Jncksoii uml l'liit
Htmels. Wert Ottawa.
Nov. M. lsl.-:lmo .IOUN 'P. 111'ltlvK.
Wf liiive tiwt opened a Inrre stock of new edltiomi of
Standard Woras, to whirh we Invite public attention.
Then buck nrt all 111 yttir'tntutuiu, bituml Iti the btl
manner, inclnlh ertrtt, blink and goM, Ml'A ft'itit bundt
and 'ilk murker:
Wo OlTor at 70 Cents,
ItiililniMiti CriuiiH-.
Arabian SlKtit.
bwU. Kainlly ltohliiHnn.
Scottish c:tdcf
Tliiiddeuii of Warwiw.
Children of Hie Abbey.
Dull t;nU'i!e.
Vicar ol Wiikelieid, and
I-aul ami Viririiila
J'llnrlm' I'rourewi.
(lulliver'a Travel.,
llaron .Muiietiatiseii.
(ill Ill.is.
Willy l illy.
IX-kharf. I.lfeof Napoleon Honapartp.
fjtst Pay. of rottiiril.
Ilickena' Ctind'. ilisiory of Kimliinil, lare type.
Ail of M.'iyne Held'. Works.
.Vji.ip. Katde.. with inure ttiin ) I'lustrntloi!.
Alt nf the Warerly Surelt at 'Or per ml.
Allqf IiU-kmi' Work ut Id-- per rut.
tlibbon'n Home ttt till.' per rnl.
Hum. A'irliin'f iti 6ii- n.-r rol.
M m nuiay'i A 'n.'.in I ul per r.'.
prtrfti th.il havi nrvrr Iwn nju i!' l
TM U th mot complete line rtf cV'i) iookt tJftred in
thin i ounty
Alti rtfii Hmi.. in .ihu.Imiiih' ti.inllm"-".
SVw itt-t- k if tiib it In a'A ivn i w 'It rir.i of pni--
.Vn. It La S.itlf titrt rfmnnhtrin the only Jlnt r;(M
titnk Utr in til Vi.'.V county.
Ali invifit t'i vx iiiuiit1
ttk in tin rnu'ity .
ur -t.x k :in;l foinprc it :rh any
n ti fO tf t1
i' lib; I iu ti.i lot ;
Vh M'i.i
-h it int..
y t'i iT
, at au Diiu-
ri mi t fi r 1
u-iil in i t
dr3- lin.
Ll- VI W
i l ,n, in.
For Sale or Exchange.
FnU3 I V
4. I i
in It' i. !'.i. (;.!.(
1 1 l i '. ir I ' rtr ;vtr i n
'..'f -i ti'N- A ' XI'.! AN.
t ri l,ut
.' I f .in i M .i'lw.n aim . tiiU i. ii..
ar n .
Kclir ' cf fissignmenf.
, i i
. 0
1 ii. i.-.
' i i
I I"
t ,
W ,1
) .!
m- ;
..' -l
.. II .4. !
s. I II-1- .l -r .:s I .j
' H..I. A B.rn ti--
itif 'jr.ilt rict-rl 11 i.frr
vrli S- .
V VVL.i!
r. tsst.
Ill- .
..t. .iH.fMi'.j le, bl'
Only S25
m ouj auvuv
CO., Marseills, La Salle Co., Ills.
.nlSi-rio tiilltSuV nrcentil: SOtllir.- .rstlil IHttllufur' ( i.
f.-ur ver luiiuihiiiiie roiiuil curii.-i, ruseHMl csc ihrt-a
uiiliuiiia. ll.-mt)' maU'lileM iruu fraiu . i"o . IniI, eor-jr,
linxefl. S jy j.To to s-lr.." culil'i'ltm- p lee.
JSSSCIO to i 1 ,( Ct ; mlisliietii.il KU' "II" -' "f IU"l'f
refiiiulert liftiTime veHrNusc; uifli't iiMiiii...ro s, S I ' "5
toiSUUii; i-aiS'tiicue price.. STilni l i ;m.n
ilnl .liin.ifurie"l I lit- universe, tt- tli .n-iouls i. -tir ; write
fn- tniiin ninth ltsf of ict:iii .iH ; He-1 i s i m In, i onr lis
eatlicilrni, ehuri Ii. ifi:iiel, pirlnr. uiwjnt ; visln.ra
el"iinie; free earriap- line' ir.ili.; i .;snut -i eitnl v i
iimlldiiv i-iiitii.ti) bee A'tilre ..- ii'l u.-.m DAN'll-.l. P.
HKATI V, Wniilau'n, Ne -lerw-y.
uu ilil leiru rclerfr ihllT
f. i i r tii.iht.il. n. I he cc. iAia
nl a .ItUiUlon, aililres Vntitllllle r-r.. -lune-Mlle, Is.
A VKAl: Hllil eX"-li-.cs Ui KrfVlll..
rltlltll V rci .fcil.li'csi. I'. II. Vb l
KISV. Vll-'ivstn. tine.
lur mlierilscrs. too paten
N . Y .
i: now i-.i ,
,1s conuiletc a stoe'e of Dtu Gxtl.i,
.yotions, Hosiery, J!its and Slmcst
as mere is in itiairn.
Jhrritliln in Dress Goads dcsini-
ble and eheap.
Mens hip J'oofs, ire hare the Lest.
We. defn competition. $ i.50.
Oar '. tt. Cass Women's, Misses
find Children's Shoes can't be beat;
and wc invite inspection.
Remember ice sell more (groceries
Hi an ami store in Ottawa. Best evi
dence that ire sell cheap. .Vy snide
dood.s; a' I reliable.
If von wish to
KrovvVonctablcs for V
Sale, read
ron profit.
If yoti wish to be-1
. '.
wuiui: u ,uiuoii:il.lui
I- lor ut, read
lfvoowtcti tr, flur.
den for Amusement
or for Home Use (FOR PLEAGUrvE.
onlv. rearl '
au by PEtrn nrnrnrT:so-;.
Trice (1.50 each, postpaid by mail.
Our Combined Catalogue of
For lfW?, rnt free on an lirat'on.
35 Cortlandt 61, Now Vor!:.
Delivered in all parts of the city
Telephone 65,
( H A YOU yoiW '. S Or' ( .)
Ottawa, 'irtotier .19, IssV-'Imo.
Mil If in r'Aiiricirv.
1 I'uklc'iMtn e t. hiTi-hy itm-n. Mm! hv virttjc nuA !n pur
hU.l'Tf i
'UU V.
Ih rli" ritr..f Ililt ttw. hmi' nt th tf(nhr trni
.'. I Nil, tn h L't-rf n t:iti?f tfuTfin t'Uilt!: on Ih
i.tnrrr iflf ;iH-rr.r, uiTein .Mi!! it-i-u. v.ry Ann
ai. J hitj'ih lftii. t r l.twhaii'l. I.nrin 1- , :it)n, Al-
KM'tci Ciiiniii W irili, l;itii'l k!.miii. Anl
'.V .rth. I.M'ii l nu't'-, U-"Tli4 . mui I4n Hyri.ii 1
r vli'i-. iv HlnU'tTi rynf. iI:t SIjiuN v I'hjiw,
I'l'iif A;t'-ii l'.int, Aiirt! A. K-m1ll, lin-n !I:4!iiiJl,
Sfiiii- C-.int-' mi't W-ti K;hi1:i!I. Ti'inur. who cue
Ni' AriiA- Uiiaon, ti-i-ip in 1 1 iTund, rro romplAin
umN. hi: 1 I'll 1 Kiii'Ul! w m il'-tVthlrtnt. tho uri-Vr-
va- tl. M'Ht- r in Lhntirt-rr. wu!. nn 1 wta. lh Ifkb
tit iv "f .Itiiiu rv, i. ihvJ. roiumt'nina: t ttio hour of
.iu (.' l!l i lit' nrrrii'Min l mhmi nt wii ni juiiiii- ru
hi" t fUv hlhtl lib! !rr nil lt fti!h ll.H hM.rihtMl
, prt-ii! . t'l ((! luli.iwuik; it'-ntwM rial rt.ttf, vi.
I Ttt- .. t l;:i;f uf tlif wmrh'-t .('.-urtrr of wrtinn until-
U"T Thrif. in t'i-ii,'np nuin'-T thirty. twi n.-rrti. In ranwe
ti i : t ? - (Hr, o-i-r f th- t!ir't rTih'-l;'.) lTi0tiin: mid lo
, tni .it rt-t nf Ui.it flMln-':i.-t mi'W ofHi'.'M half uf Ihe
-..ti'li Ft ijii.trf'T ff viii! of-titH! imiiiiNt thro-, in the
; iwnh .unl nti.i af Tfa.i. twmith tl aiul d'T:tJ .
, r.. : r.-iniiM mire it f'' ntrt)'"pi-it riirner nf the
, -t h if of fiiv M'uUi ti nurtrif naul MVtu-n nuniNr
, "in-.- .-J ! ri t (. -iti'l riinir:1 tJ-m' nth om hnn-
.r- i .ti. xixtv nn;, tht'iu'f it tru rxln. thi'iuv n-trtli on
t.u'i:r i'i'i -! t rot ntui i n-"'!' v v.m-i lit in pr ui w
t ti.rc : :l nituaiwi, lytii and htUi(t in tlm county of L
! T'ti, n - Kith-r for nil rah to hntl or for one
"u a cvii in hanJanJ th niiaiii'Jvr to Im; jMUilintwo
f.i'i il lrt.i'.'.iHn. -w ft-I'ow. : ope in on yvr mad
il.V utht-r Ui t-orar, ith tntrrvtt tht-m-n a; ttf r.nt of'
! i.t (1,.r ,-,-nr p-r nnutn pHj-ht' tmmatlv; thecal! w
pift p-t tm iit nJ Ihi inttTfT-t' theren to heMruni hy a
' f -j il:.' . N- etr T M hv the purhMr or pur hanerw to
fx p.ruTi to aaal uit wrii th" nretni 'ld.
i ii,r. to" i.r.u, .tmsur irn.i'nirn.
P. Iv J'tsKs Vr f.r toinpita. iitvU-Sw
.liii.i..'. . of .'-.
tirt.ip.ljl.in Jl.'1'lw, I'K. K .SUM. .UI,-f 1 Herv
ii'i j-v u f.. n'l p'is..r.s l'lti'n-sii-il ih s:il is-4te. Uiiu tn-
wi. ri. . I. A i:'i;:i!sirur: i-t' tlie --t:it' of sunt J.vob
i.lu-nS i.wiil. Wit .ipin-.r h"for the County 1'ourt t
" ...tin ,.f l sii, a: st i'i' ,.f l .inois. m tin. i ..nntT
't'.-iirt ti-Mii. In iiriuu. !i. !iiil coiiTit. on Mon.l.T. tti Jil
1 .) j.ttaiHri. a. ; I s.1. lor tin' piir: m- ol n-ml-srltii an
' .'. Mi lit f lii-f :r,s-,v.l.l'i;s in t!i" it Ii:i'.r.lstntlou Ktlii
IwS tl.e lllltl! l-'t1.'!!!!: .
!it-,l it (itij. tl.i i..th U-iy of ivr. tnNr isst.
Arrn-T: W. Sn.-l.st.lt: . AuillliiI-rs,rt.
1 iri k Con my Court. I .-.il.r Co.. Ul. otvli-tg
fOKi x
'A att OI U Coa. utue
I,i;'!."wbi J! u...j n ''TSJ
Halt i
. . Ij

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