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'8,n 1 yor! trust me, darling T" niuruiured
opumuH in, uve daughter of old Moncvleruicr.
".Not w' ,hout rt-al estate security," replied
Isabel ahaenMnindedly.
1 a ttA International train that left yi-ster-P
y lor Pan Antonio, there was a darkey who
pt sticking his head out ot tne car wimiow.
'Keep your Head inside," said the conductor,
' For fear you will damage some of the iron
work or the bridge, you uwi."iexa eitfiinys,
Nose Genuine Without Signatchk.
"This, sir." expounded old Daddy Winterbot-
torn, holding up a bottle; "this, sir, is the finest
cm thHt comes into tne marKet."
"It looks clear," commented old Uncle
Wotherspoon, who had dropped In to see his
friend for a tew moments. "I guess that's pret
ty cood Bin.
"Try some," said Daddy Wirtrbottom,
holding out the bottle and a gluss. "It won't
hurt ye. 15 less your soul, man, there isu't a
headache in a gallon !"
"No,I don't suppose there is," conceded
Uncle Wotherspoon. "Wall, here's health!"
and down it went.
And they drank and drank until they were
both sick at their stomachs, and when they
Darted it was w'th fuddled expressions ol dis
tincuished consideration aud mutual promises
to have it out on a similar basis some other
Anu yet these two old lnuocents had only
been drinking a preparation of salt and raiu
water which Mrs. Winterbottom had put up
as a hair restorative, and about which the only
suspicion of gin was the label ou the bottle:
"None genuine without signature." lirook
lyn Enylt.
Who ever heard of any one being punished
tor stealing a watermelon ? It was tried ouce
in Tennessee, three or four years ago. Good
old Judge Frazier, of the Davidson and Hutu
erferd Circuit, was presiding; an unlucky
negro was the prisoner : a very young lawyer
was delending him; twelve good men and
true were in the box. There was no doubt
that the prisoner had stolen the melon; the
proof against him was as clear as noon-day.
The attorney called no witnesses whatever,
but simply arose ond said; "May it please
your honor and gentleman ot the jury, my
client is charged with stealing a watermelon.
He does not deny it. But this is a new crime
for our courts. I have stolen watermelons
myself; the chances arc that your honor has
stolen watermelons; and, gentlemen, I'll agree
to set 'em up If there's a man on that jury
who hasn't stolen a watermelon !" The judge
jerked up his head, took oft' his spectacles,
and looked with a startled but smiling stare
upon the young scamp; the jurors nudged
each other and snickered; the spectators guf
fawed; but it is needless to say that the brief
argument for the defendant was a successful
one with the honest jnrymen.
One Moue Lincoln Story. Just after the
terrible disaster of Cold Harbor, the president
more than usually depressed and alluded by
the tremendous responsibilities of his position,
started out for one of his solitary, self-communing,
after-dinner walks, for which he was
noted, and which were, doubtless, the really
only undisturbed moments of his care burd
ened life.
This time his abstracted ramble led him in
the direction of the canal that runs parallel
with the potomac river, some half mile south
of the White House grounds.
Wandering along its banks in this aimless
way, Lincoln came to a smoky little cabin, at
the door ot which an old colored man was
paring potatoes.
The president stopped, and taking it for
granted that his face would be unknown to
this humble laborer, he sat down and engaged
him in conversation.
With that patriarchal readiness of opinion
peculiar to aged darkies, he responded to
"Father Abraham's" questions, and delivered
many sage and oracular dissertations on the
conduct of tne war, the duties of the executive
and public affairs generally.
The president listened not without gaining
an idea or two from the homely discourse
until it was quite durk. As he rose to go the
old man set before him a bowl of milk and
some hoe cake, which Lincoln who told the
story himself- says he ate with real relish,
the first lood he had enjoyed for many a long
"Goodbye, uncle," he said, at last, "I'll
come to see you aeain."
"Do so, Massa Liukom, do so," said the old
man, hospitably.
" A'hy, do you know met" uid the presi
dent. "Yes, indeed, honey ; knowed yer was Old
Abe de berry minute I set eyes on yer. You's
mighty good man, Massa l'residen; but I seed
yer once at yer noggeration and I neber could
torglt yer dis quick. You'ee a powerful gord
man, but the Lord made you diefful home
in de face, and dat's afac'!"
Handling i Tenueaaee Crowd.
A ';rhigan man who haa a patent wind
mill v( t down to Tennessee last fall to see
what he could do among the farmers of that
state. Reaching a town in the central part ot
the state, he went to a dealer in agricultural
implements and stated his desire to erect his
machine and call attcution to it.
"Well, it can he done, I guess," was the re
"But how had I best proceed ""
"AVell. you kin put her vp over on the hill
thar. I don't know who owns the ground, but
if you treat the crowd, I guess no one will
"Very well."
"Next Tuesday is market day. aud there'll
be heaps of folks in town. You want to be
around early and treat the crowd."
"Set the old thing going, and ask the boys
over to drink something."
"Just so."
"You want to stand on a bar'l and make
ome explanations, of course, for it will be
new to most of 'em. But don't talk too long.
Make it about ten minutes, and then treat the
"If you have to talk any more, tell 'em there
is another drink ahead."
"I see."
"If the old man Jones comes la with his
boys there'll be a row in the crowd. They
shoot on sight. Keep your eye peeled, and it
you tee any signs of "a row, ask the whole
crowd out to drink."
"Yes, but " ,
"Look out for dog fights. If one takes place
you can't hold the boys a minute. Keep your
eye on the canines. If you see a yaller purp
begin to bristle up, sk the crowd to step over
and moisten."
"Yes, but by that time the whole crowd wjll
te drunk," protested the agent.
"Martin it will, and that's what you want, ot
course. That will give you a chance to skip
out and take yout life along with you, and if
you make a stop anywhere within a hundred
miles I'll send the windmill by freight pro
Tided there's anything left to send! Nothing
like knowing how to handle a Tennessee
crowd, my friend. Did you ask me out to take
suthin V Detroit Fret Frrm.
gent beast gave a snort of terror, and sprang
so suddenly to one side that the helmeted
knight in whose womanly-white hands were
gathered the reins was yanked violently over
the brake and most of the air knocked out of
his system ere ho could regain his position
abaf t the dash board and again head the terri
fied charger in the direction of Western Av
enue. "By my halidom!" quoth the knight, "St.
Julian must have seen an oat."
It was true. Some roystering son of Blue
Island avenue, going homo with many a flag
on of beer beneath his corselet, had with waste
ful hand thrown by the roadside no less than
several oats, at siirht of which the neighing
steed which had so gallantly breasted the brow
of the hill at the opening of this chapter was
stricken with the terror mat always comes to
beasts when that which they have ne'er before
beheld comes suddenly within the vista of
their gaze.
"Curses on the horse! he has broken my
susnender." exclaimed Kodcrlgo O'Kourke,
eighth Duke of Wexford, as he wound the hues
around tne crane anu spiiccu uis puuis wuu u
8tr.,nS- ... ... ., ,
In a sorucr ot tne car bus aiyrue naineway,
her pure, passionless face with wine-red lips
pressed closely to tne w muow. rne is pure as
the driven snow, and chaste as an ice wagon
Two years ago she was the petted idol of dot
ing parents the pampered child of luxury
and unlimited confectionery; but one soft,
sensuous day in the summer, wnen tne neids
were lautrhinif in the golden glory of an am
ple harvest, her father had come home and said
to her in tear-choked tones: "We must sleep
In the woodshed tonight, my darling; this
house is no longer mine. All that I possessed
has been lost forever."
Mvrtledid not question him, did not seek
to intrude upon the sacred precincts of his
grief, but went silently away and blew iu her
last quarter tor icecream.
Geome W. Hathaway did not long survive
the hore race that swepr away uis ioriune, ana
in the fall they buried him in the sun-kissed
cemetery beyond the beer garden, away from
the noise and turmoil of the irreat city. But
"Myrtle, although accustomed to every luxury
that credit could purcnase, was possesseu u
brave heart and large leet, anu nau gone
forth to battle with the world and earn tier
own living. "I will gain my daily bread,"
she said, but after learningthat making seven
teen shirts for 8 cents was the most lncrative
operation open to her, she hail concluded to
change her subscription to the trl-weekly.
On the opposite seat oi tne car irom jnyrue
sat Bertha ltedingote. The girls had moved
in the same social circle in tne aays wnen
Mvrtle lolled idly in the lap of luxury, but
now that she sat on one knee Bertha did not
recognize her. But Myrtle cared not for this.
"Let Berlba flaunt her prosperity and grena
dine polonaise in mv face if she will," she had
said, "the time may come when I shall again
be heading the procession, and if it does 1
shall have a pool or two on myself."
"Leavitt street," said the conductor.hls voice
arousing Myrtle from the reverie into which
she had fallen. Both cirla left the car. On
the corner, his choke me-to-death collor look-
ne weirdly white beneath the htful glared
the West Side tras. stood Kthelbert de Courcey
"Good-by John," the boys usud to call him,
because they said that name was easier to re
member, and had a Cook County time time to
lie was a good youns man almost too
good to be true and very rich. His wealth
made him the object oi mucn maneuvering uu
the part of designing mothers with marriage
able daughters, but thus far he had escaped
unscathed. Both girls knew him. Bertha ad
vance with a w itching Ogdcn avenue smile on
her lace, as ll to claim hts company in ner
homeward walk, but he heeded her not. Ad
vancing quickly to Myrtle's side, he said :
'May 1 see you home, Miss nainawayy '
'Yes." replied the cirl. the pink suffusion of
a blush hustling rapidly over her cheek as she
took his arm.
On the way to the humble pic-foundry where
she foucht the bedbugs they talked upon the
current topics of the day the cable cars, how
Maud s. would drive to the pole, ueecjiers in-
dicrcstiou. etc.: but presently Lthclbert's voice
sank lower, his tones became more tender, and
he told the blushing gin the story ol bis love
of how lie would tain make her his West
Washington street bride. When he had flnu li
ed, Myrtle looked up into his eyes those eyes
so tender and true and with a little happy
sob called his bluff. From "(hilt it Siirker'
Duufhter," J vibune.
neat I t B EFT1IO V T.y Ortan mnta Inn 10 full aet
Clnl.li-n f untrue lli-Mli". ? STOPS Walnut or KIhiiiimiI
x'.iw; M a-in von, Metal rout l'luU'H.l prlirlit li-llo. Mi-i :
ipi'Mura, Ijiiiip Simula, l orkt-t formi'Mi-, HiuhIIi-s anil
Knlu-ra for niounif, Ik-ultv'a pan-ni Stop Aitlim, a
NI-'.W ANDNOf'l, ItKKDHOARH iwt.nl..!
will in v a imn-h mutto an 1-1 COMMON OllfcAN.
Nonrlu-rni.iktTilare build till omiin (it fa pateMeil.i
IMIUMOIH hi ceiS. Rilia over lOuOjT month,
il.-iiuuiil ImTi'afiittf. IW" Fur-tot v vuirkinif DAY anil
by 3a hdnon o Eli rtrio Ub'liUul M I. Il l to lill ordi r.
frST" Prior, Tioxril. Delivered an board (tQA
aV lara aire, btool, Hook, eul I?U
If after one year'a oe yon are lint aalLnYdrcturn
Organ, nlll promptly rotund utoni-y Willi luti-rcal,
ecus a:tu z!ami:te srs r.::Tscaz:Ti
Inprnmn, Tlvo IMI.-inMg:.) ol!o."l liiny I'xjx'nws if
you buy;ionieniiywny. un nro uvlt-omo. Tree 4'om-h
with polite ulti-iiilulila lnt--ta litl train. Oltiir
tir-iMDH :), $4it. J.'iOiiii. rianiiforti-illiA to film.
l-C UrauttJ'ut Jllimtnilitl Vutaloym fit t .
ricape Adilirna or i-ull u on
DANIEL F. BEATTY, Washington, New J. iwy
WhU h wrr totally Ifmtrnyei! by firoou Mny :Mh Hinl Sep.
irjntHT ion,
Orderi arc nullciti'd for
Strictly Pure White Lead and Red Lead,
Cold-Pressed & Puie DarK uastor uu,
Raw& Double Boiled Linseed Oil.
"Spring Plug"
This elenaiit article of CHKWINC 'l'OHAC-
CO In now on Hih market. A"k your lulT lor
it. Miiuuliu-Iiiri-d by
C. A. JACKSON & CO.. I'eteraburic. V.
in want to learn leie-
uranhv in n nmiithi. and
alilri iil. nllne Brim., Janea-
'lieceitaln ol a stlnalloti
ville, wlfci-.ninm.
Wi sud 1'reo on 30 (lny' trial
Or. Oye's Electro-Voltaic Holts
Ami otlnp Kl.iarti- A iiHiinii-n TO MMN
nfllTliiK from NrrvmiM I-bility, 1 nwt V ltuli
tyand KindrPilTrniilili'it. Aim for Itheimm
l iMiii, I jivvi-iuid Kulny TroubW-M.iiml many
oili.-r di-PHM.-H. Knii-dy i-uri-s guaranteed. Illustra
ted 1 niiiphlct frse. Adilrew.
VOLTAIC ISfcLT CO., Murliull. Mlclt,
If You Want a Good Farm
Pleasant Village Homo.
In a Northern Community, fifteen tnilea from Hie Capital
of II ie I'nlti-d Mater, addrerH, fur Information.
O. E. II I N K, Vienna. Fairfax Co.. Va.
Oi'iiiit, March 27. Once more the breezes
of gentle spring are upon us. Grass is grow
ing beautifully aud everything looks gay, ex
cept the roads, which btill remain bad.
Our old mail carrier, Albert .Smith, sold out
all his worldly possessions last Saturday, and
contemplates atrip to Califuruia for his health
Sheiupp has started his new house.
Didn't Harry Dale spread himself last weeK V
Wonder if he is living yet
The latest to embark in the matrimouial
boat were, Tuesday evening, Mr. Tho9. IJlack
and Miss Alice llarnee; aud last Wednesday
evening? Mr. Frank Wilkin, and Miss Mary
Dimmick (sister of 'Squire Dimmick.)
It ia reported tint Billy Wixom will move
to Iowa. We hope not, aa Billy is a genial
fellow, and we should hate to miss his smiling
The time Jani' IC'M hud his trial before
Esq. Dimmick, every one made fun of Mr. I).,
but his rulins were far more in accordance
with law than the suit which we listened to
Thursday in Waltham before an old justice.
We will not comment upon the trial, but if we
had a suit to institute, Dimmick would be our
Mr. Wm. Foust, the young man supposed
to have been shot by J as. Kidd, is getting
along hrstrate, being now able to walk around
the room, and will soon tie able to get around
again, lie is still under the watchful care of
our worthy Drs., the Kverett Bros., who will
pull him through all right.
Alf. Meiuhardt will work the quarry again
this summer.
Ducks are plenty, and our home mmrods
are having lots ot fun. Ugh !
Jno. McXally has no doubt the best stock
steers in this community, and they are not
graded cattle either. I'kdho.
At sunset on a beautiful day in June a soli
tary horse-car might have been seen ascending
the brow of a hill. As the dappled palfrey
which drew it bravely on reached the crest of
the eminence and paused Tor an instant before
beginning the downward Journey the mtelli-
A Friend iu Need.
Time over and again Thomas' Kclectric Oil has
proved a salutary friend to the. distressed. As
a reliable curative for croup in cbildren, sere
tbroat and bronchial affection?, and as a positive
external remedy for pain, it is a never-failing an
tidote. Here is the record of a recent day's work by
Mr. Gladstone: In the early morning theie
was the usual business with his private secre
tariesbusiness of itself sufllcient to exhaust
the energies of most men then followed a
journey to Windsor, the Council, the private
interview with the (jiiecn, ami the return to
London. Immediately afterward came the
great gathering at Itowning street, and the
speecn from the Prime Minister; then fol
lowed the sitting of the House of Commons,
where questions had to be answered and two
speeches made; while the day was wound up
by the long and remarkable address on the
mam question ot tie procedure of the Lords.
Maxtrr in Chanctru.
Cot'KTY op La Sai.lk. Circuit Court of naitt coun
ty. In chancery.
Ininin Carroll, eoinpliiiiiant, r. David Carroll, defendant,
l'ulillc notice In hereby itlven, thai In pnrauanee "f a de
cree entered In the above entitled etiiiHe at tint March term
ol said Clrenii Court, to wit. March Illh, a. ii. lstKi, I. Chafe
Fowler. MtiKler In ChBIicerv of mid court, will, on Saturday,
April twenty-recond. a. i. Wi, at the hour of two o'clock
In the attrrnoon of maid day. aell at public vendue to the
hiRheat mid nest bidder, for eaah. at the front dour of the
Circuit Court llooin, ( Ili-lano'a Mock.) In the city of Otta
wa, county of Ln Salle and stale of lllliioiH, tin; f-illuwlrn!
ilmcrtbcd prenilnti. til m-ll : 1itK Mx and Sevan, In Itlm-k
Thirty, ill the OrlKlnnl Town of Meniiutii; MtuiHe In the
comity of la Salle and stale of Illinois.
Mated March Jilh. 18.!. Master In Chancery.
Thou. H. Sm ax. l ainplt's .Sol'r. uuir'iVlw
Attorney at .nr
OTATKOl-' 1 IIjIMOIN, LaSaM-PCo.-ss.
C'HtiUi Court vj Ln Salle county, Iu the M'lil Ttrm,
A. n. lisi.
Ida Morris. Adntla.i.triitrix of Ihr Kslnleof .liuues Mor
ris, deceased. t. frank Morris. Kdwiird Morris. Kannle
Tuylor ilornierly l-anny Morrlsi, .latum It. r . Morris, Mi
nerva Davis i f.irinerlv Minerva Morris i. Iletirv 8. Morns.
Alfred W. Morria, I.vdla II. S. Morris. Murv Morris and Sa
rah J. II. Morria. heirsat law of said .liimes Morris, de
owed : Ida Morria. widow of said .lames Vorrla, deceased :
r. It. Ileus. Thomas MacKtliluv. Thomas llerforil. Ulrhard
Wolfe. Kannle WUImaii aud .lumcs Walker. I'etilion to
trll real ml ale to priv itehti.
Affidavit of the non-n-sideace of Frank Morris. Fanny
Tavlor aad Minerva Havls. dcfemtniith above named. Iinvinn
been filed In the otllce of tlie clerk of Die County Court of
la Salle county, notice is tieniiy Riven to tne sum frank
Morria, Fannv Taylor formerly Fanny Morris), and Miner
va ilavls i formerly Minerva Morrlsi. thai the plainfitl. Ida
Moiria. Administratrix of the Katate of James Morris, de
ceased, liaa died her petition in the said County ( onrt of !.a
Salle county for an crder to aell the premises belonirliiR lo
the estate ofaaU deceased, or so much of It as may he need
ed to pay the debts of raid deocar-ed. and described a fol
lows, to wit: I xil MiHilK-r seven. Ill block number aixty-six.
instates Addition to Ottawa, situated in the city or ilttn
. comity of La Salle ami state of Illinois: and that a sum
iiiiiIm baa been lwmi-d out of said court aiiainst you, return
able at the April term a. ii. IHttiof said court, to be holden
on the third Monday of April a. h. lnlat the CountyCourt
Kooiii, In the city of Ottaw a, In La Salle eoun'y, Illinois.
Nuw. nnleas yon. tie' aald Frank Morris, lanny Taylor
and Mliicrra Itavia, shall personally lie anil appear before
said Contity t'oiirt of Ijt Salle county on the nrstdnyof a
term thereof, lo be hidden at Otttawa. In suld county, on the
first Monday of May HHt, and plead, answer or demur to
tne. aald complainant s petition flloo therein, the name and
the tiiatn-ra and thing therein elnirud and stated wlil be
taken aacoufenMid. and a decree entered awtlnst you ac
cording to the prayer of aald hill.
tmawa. Illinois, tiarcu i nn. irvz.
P. W. sT'M'KHLKtthll. Clerk.
.1. M. KM . Complt'a HoPr. marlf-lw
jfiwier in C'AiiH'-e'w.
Cnrx-M 'P La saI.lh. Circni! Court nf mlil l OHtitil.
in citim-e, .
Thomas H Spencer. Administrator with he will an-
ni-xed of the Ketate of Janii-s Soencer, deeesel, roinplaiu-
iiDt, m. -folin r. Kediiwit ana Marta Keiiuiiu;, neieniiauia.
by alien, thai In pursuance of a de-
I'nhlic notii-e la bereb:
-ree enlerM of rei-ord in the aliove. eDtltled cause at trie
January term of aald Circuit ( onrt, to wit. January :h, a.
ri. ia"i, i.iniW' rowier, awit-r in i.iiaiiee-y oi samtooTi.
will, on Tnesdsi-. the twentv-elahtb davof Man-h A. n. 1W2.
at the hour ol one o'clock n the afternoon of said day, aell
to the hitrhest and liest bidder, for cash, "at the front door
f tlie 1-ulldlnK wherln is now held tbi-circuit Court of La
Salle County, known iu the Delano Hlock. ' .itnatiil in Ot
tawa. La Salle roiinty. Illinois, the foflowinK described
nreinlsea. to wit: lit six. In niork rive, in lilover s Addi
tion to the dry of Ottawa, rounly of Ijifalleand state ol
Illinois. tiiAsr. nia u-.it.
iall Ken. ith. tt. Masrer In hanrery.
hi sn. KLL a. IRi ITT. Coiiipl's Solrs. feb'rt 3w
Skin Diseases Cured
Bv Uk. Frazikr's Magic Ointment. Cures as if
by magic I'imples, IJlack Heads or (irubs, Hlotcb.
cs and Eruptiutis on the face, leaving the akin
clear, healthy and ticautiiul. Also cures ltcb,
Bartwr'a Itch, Salt Rheum, Tetter, Kinirworin,
8cald Head, Chapficd Hands, ore Nipples, Sore
Ltps; old, obtinat" Llrera ana fore, etc.
F. Drake, Esii., Cleveland, O- sullcred tn-yond
all dearrliition from a skin disease which aiiear-
ed on tils hand, tend and fare, nnd nearly de
stroyed his ryes, the most careful doctorine
failed to help bin), and after all bad failed he used
Dr. Frar-ler's Magic Ointment and was cured by
a few applications.
J-" The first and only positive cure fur "kin
diseases ever discovered.
Sent by mail on receipt of price, Fiptt Cents.
HENRY A; CO., Sole Propr'a,
For Blind. Bleeding, Itebing or Ulcerated Piles,
Da .William's Indian Pile Ointment la a sure
cure, rrlce f I, ny mau. tor sale bv drnggista.
octl5-ly FORBES 4c LORRIAUX, Agents.
lw 3,dwtiflfmrnt$.
Dinneeh & White.
Wholesale and retail dealer In
Third Vein Soft Coal Exclusively,
Otllce aud Scale with Thayer. Dattera A Co..
Hear Kock Island Depot.
IV Coal delivered to all parts of the city. octlS
Lime, Salt, Cement. Plastering Hair and
Stucco. Also the
Eorsoii Cattle FoGi
A prepitratUin fur aniKTlor to any conrillioB
powder ever made.
Oil Cuke, Com Meal, A:t'.
Keb. U-tf 111 Main street, Ottawa, III.
For Sale or Exchange.
I ota 3 1. n. (i k 1. In IHik-Ii Tun. Ihillroad Addition to Otta
wa. These Iota will he aold cheap. They are situated three
blocks northeast or the Koi-k island iienoi. rorimrucu
lars Inquire of ARMSTKON'U & Cll AI'MAN,
Alt' rneya at Law,
det-3-111108 Cor. Court and Madison 8t.. Ottawa. 111.
Farm for Sale.
The Southwest ynarterot hection I'weniy-flve, Township
Thirty-four North, of Knupe Three, ln the Town of Dayton,
iMJmaiuillK one nunnreu anu si iy neres.
Also the Knntliweat Ouarter of Hectloa Thirty-five, in
TowoshipThlrty-threeorth.of !taiiKeour, in tne lown
of Kail liiver.
Kor terms of sale and other information ennulre M he
otllce of LKLAM) & OlLHKliT, Iv the Opera Ilouaa Hlwlt,
Ottawa Illinois. Jtiul
160 Acres. Eagle Township.
House with 11 rooms and furnace; hay barn: atahlea; ma
chinery shed: Kraaary: hog shed: double nm crib; tenant
house: moke house. MIEKMAN LKLANI),
der Jl tf
Abstract Olllce,
Blank Book and Paper Box Manufacturer,
Office, 20 and 21 La Salle Street.
IJT Paper ruled lo any dtwlred palleru, petal's I
Men, Ladles and Aptents. tnkliiK Orders for J;KTTEK8 TO
Virti.rloiis." now the most popular New I Ionic In Hie
Held. Hoil a KHIKI.I) and a SWollD. Kvcryhody warns it.
Low Thick. On k Salm. Html for ctiwriiri.j 7 .
liiar4-3uios lt0 K. Adams St., Clilcano, 111.
18 La Salle Street,
weat ef the Court Home Ottawa Ilia
To Nervous Bufferera-The Great European Kern
edy-Dr. J. B. Simpson as ecinc meajene.
.. . .u ...c...i,lii,.rriiiu Ki-tiiltial Weakness.
Iinpolency. ano an iiii"-!"" e
. I ....... I A ...i.tv 1 , V .......
Piniim mi .in j ,
of Memory, Tains in
Hack er Side, mid ill
I.,,..,, lliut 1 p a il to
Consumption, Insani
ty and nn early irrave.
The Stiecinc Medicine
is iM-lnn used with
wonderlul ucces
ramphleta will free
to all. Write foi Ihem
and et full partiru
lars. rrlce-rpeeini
. Allures mi ono-i w i"..,.... ....
J. 1. blMl nii aimii.i r. o.,
V.j. KM Main St., IliirTalo, X. V.
Void II Ottawa hy K. V. Orlnt and all dru:lsts every
Wl.rc. fl) fe''5
liftman. a- "
kaire, oi six um k-4Ki lor
Specific. ll.TO per pui
all orders to
a am lireut chance to make money. Tliose
gfllll who always take advaiiliiR-e of the
H'io'1 cliaiues that are otr.-riil. ireti-
VI eraliy ta'ciiiiie wealthy, while tliose
0 tV who do not Improve sueli etiance.
remain In p verty We want many vh-ii, women, boys ail
Kirls lo work for ua riht in their own lia-a ltlm. Any one
can do tlie work properly from the first s'arl. The business
will pay more than ten times ordluury waiii-s. Kxpenalve
oiitflt lurrished free. No one who ciuaires fulls to make
money rapid ly. Vou can devote your w hole time to tin
work, or only your spare moments, l-'ul! InrorniHtlun and
all that is neeili d sent free. Addn-as S riNsns I ii., I'ih-I-land.
Maine. novlii
Forly-wvenlh season of the old reliatile "ChU
riMio Tillx" Ncpnrntora, thn only nnd-rlum
ApronMai lime now in the market adapted for lanm
i-r small Job. ImraeorsU-aiii Hiwer; tuevrv Ajmai
Maelilne thut threla aild ''wis for ond till train
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1 Itlurk llnwl Trnrlliin hi ruin Fuvine
l' l''TU! ;. i i.L.-ii- in tin W'-rM. W ith num.
.t,Mhnnt t .!! uruL I ho
H uti-rnrfiilmtn'n HiT'-r.
It lHitiMiit"ly wftv H'"UrtiH
liriy Vm - than iiy
urn rtrmH. i. frml.
r tnti ii-on- i.wr with
I4 f IH'.(?Iil iitemmtty
In the
v. jr. f ni triT- j
7and 0. ' "-on St. CHICACO. ILL.
Drugs, Pais, Oils,
Colors Tarnishes: Glass
In Drnsrs and Medicines uuritv and care in
compounding are of the greatest importance.
The undersigned calls your attention to this,
as ne exercised great care in selecting his
Drugs and in the preparing of the same not
only the greatest care is exercised, but every
thing is proceeded with scientifically. The
stock is the most varied in this county, and
the prices always the lowest, quality consid
dered. You will also find the finest stock of
Druggist's Sundries, Yankee Notions, Toilet
Goods of every description, Fancy Articles for
weddings, birthdays, &c.
In Paints, Oils, Brushes, Colors, Varnishes.
Plate and Window Glass no competitor will
sincerely claim to equal my stock, neither in
quantity, quality or price, my goods being the
very best grades in the market. Everything
guaranteed. My facilities for handling goods
are double those of any other establishment.
Thanking the public for their liberal patron
age in the past, and hoping to serve the same
and a great many more in l&Sl, I am truly
yours. G. GEHRING, Druggist,
North of Court House, Ottawa, 111
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Is The Great Connecting Link between the East and the West !
It. main lln nmi from I'lnraeo to t iHiriril
Hlulta. .ai.ii tlinuiirli .lollrl, (uiawa. l a .sallr,
i ii-iir-u-o Mcillrir. I!i M.-iml. I.riixnt. wl
l.llx-rl). nwal'il. Marenii.Hroolilyii.(iriiiiiM.
Imm Mmiii-i ilheraimal of l.mai. !luai!, Allan
lie. ami Avix-a: Willi hranrnea from Hur.au
Jiinrlimi in IViirla; Wiltmi Ji.in-tioii lo Muva
tlnr. Wa.hlnirtoii. I-airtli-ld Kltlmi. IWlknn
lnirrill. I'rlnrrtuii. Tinitmi. Dallatlii. Came
run. iMvrnwortli. Atrhiniiii, and Kama 1'uv;
WaahiiiKton UiNiKounii-y. OakaUmaa. anil Knoa
villfl Krnknklo l-armlnetiiri. Hon.arlf. llru
tmiiport, ImlriwiMlriiU Klil-m. imymwa, Eiluy
ville. OnkaliMina. Ill, Monro. anil Ix-a Muhm-;
Ml Zlon lo kniuiigmi; Newt on lo Monrur: I"
Mom- lo Inoiaiii.la anil Wiiui-rv-t; Alianlir lo
l,HwM ami Auilulioii: ami ATorato Harlan
anil Carson. Tilt n poMliTi-ly Vir only Rail
toaa. whicn ovwit. anu J(-rrii a through Hue
from Cturairo iniothr Siati.nf Kimu
Throuirh fciprraa Hasv-nRi-r i raiua. with Poll
man Paiarrl arn ailhil.arrunrai h wavdaily
iM-twrru ('Hit Aitu ami Hkori. KBa 1'ITY.
"orsrii. Hu rra. l.avM wokth bih1.tohi
m. TtinniKlicara are alao run brtwwi Milwau
kee ami Kanua I'lty. via the " Milwaukee and
Ki-k Islaml Short Line."
The "Ureal kirk liland"ls mavniflrenMy
-qulie.l. ltroal lied iaaimply perfect, nJ ita
Hark la laid with atrel ralla.
hat will pleaae you mot will be the pleasure
uf enjoying vonr meal., while p.i!t.iii ovt-r the
lieautifiil prairie. of llhnonaad Iowa. In one of
our oiatfuihi-eni lintita fan that i -coin pan v all
TiirouitU Kiprena Tralna. Von -i-t an entire
meal. ail aa laervrd many firal-eUaa hotel,
for aevenly-tlvereiita.
Apprerlaitn;; the fart that a majority of the
pe'iple prefer aeparale aparlmrno fur different
puriioaeataml the Imwenne paaaentfer buaioeaa
of thia line warrantm It i, we are pleavd to-
t.ntniMlhu lhlil'iiniii.livriilil Phiimaa itllitc
- w ot .ri- ilttl . run It.nn.k t prrtRlA. UF.S
1 irkei via tl.tat Line, known tlt irwt Kara, laUaul Uoute." avre aoM or
All Ticket Acenta la the I nite.1 Male, anil t'aaada.
Vor laforniatloa not abtaiuable at your lhia oflldw. ad1rea.
It. 11. CAHTII. -E. NT. JOHN,
Sleeping f 'nr. for leetmig purpoaea. ami Pmtae ,
'nun ; fori fiireatiiiK purpoaeaooly uneotliea
tri al fralnrenr our I'alare Cars la a SMOkINO
SAI.ihi whi-re oii cau enjoy your "Havana"
at all hour, of the day
Maenimenl Iran Hriitee .pan the Miaata.tppi
and MiMiiri riveraat all pointa rroaaed hy Inli
line, and lranfvra are avoided at Counril II I una,
Kanaa.. City, Leavenworth and Atrhiaon. cca
Ln lluiil oeintt n.ade In I'nlon Itepota
The priiit ipal K. R. connect lona at
tliiarrrat ThruUKli Linear a follow.
Ai CHiOAOU. wuu all diverging line for the
Eait and South. .
At Kkolkwoou with the L.S. M.S., andP
Ft. W A C. K. IMa.
A' WiaHlNOTua IUiuht. with C. St
L. K K-
At La SaLLK. with I'l. Cent R. R.
Al pKOi:tA.witu f. P.. I : P. P. 4 E.; I B
W,; 111. Mtil.; aad T. P. W Kdv
At Km c l-LAr. wKh 'Milwaukee and Rock
Island Short Line." and Rock IsIM Peo. Rds.
At I)AVKrKT. wtlnthe Daveupvrt Division
C M. A st P. R. R. .
AtWasTUaaarT. with the B C.R- X.B.R.
At liKiKTiKiL. with Central Iowa K. K.
At I'm Moiaa. with I. M. t. P. R-R-
AiCot-ciL HLfrr. witn Union Pacific RR.
At UtH. with K A Mil. K. R.R. (In Neh.1
At C.M.f NHt-sJracTioti. with HC.R.I.I.B.R.
AtlrrTmwA. with Central Iowa R. R; W
St L. K, and CR ami vi- R.
At KaoWk. with TuL. Peo. War.; Walk.st.
Louia a Pac.. aud St U, Keo,' N. V, R. Rds.
At Can !. with IT. ktJ. R. R.
Al Ati ii'-'-v. with Atclv,Topeka Santa Fe,
Atcu. A Net- a-id Cen. Kr. V. P. K. Rda.
Al LKAVkMtuKTU. wiUk t'nionPacaix! Ran
Cent h. Kds. m ' "
At k axaaa ClTT. IU all llnea for tie Weat
ami SAiithweat

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