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"he Sfrec trader
i fublishid
Kvery Saturday Morning,
t No. II La Salle Street ( flrt goorj, west otfoan Houie
a advance, per an n u in
If i.t paid till end of three month!
Dul .old till fid of nix month!
u..i r, .. xunii nrfr
9 1 .BO
Fifteen cent a year Is added to papers tent out of the
itonnty, to cover nrepayiuani ui poiKi.
These term will be strictly adhered to.
6 it
1 T.
One Square
Two Square
Three Square
Pour Squares
Vive Squares
One-quarter Oluiiin..
One-tiiird Column....
One-half Column
One Column
Htm i friii'
15 IK)
J3 (HI
33 (Kl
45 IN)
1 3(1
SO) 7 w
li Utlt SKI
9 011 Ul
niw is in
15(10 18ll
ii so:
3 VI
6 mi
ihk) mid
'2IXID asm
15 II)
anj am)
,4)U0 SHIM
THE FKKE TRADHM tuay ho obtained at the following
places by the single copy, or subscriptions win ne taicen tor
any length of time at Hie regular rates:
E. L. Donaouo, Streator.
I. H. TitowiiRiDOl. Marseilles.
Gko. H. Hr no rb, for Troy drove, Ophlr and Waltham
A A.rfaa Tmr (Irnvfl.
The super la always on die at the office of the Rock Island
B. U., 55 Clark St.. under Shrr;nan House, Chicago, for con
venience of our friends.
Of Churches Orders, Societies, Ac.
St. Columba (Rom. Catholic). LaSullest. Pastnr.RcT.
Father Ryan: Assistants, fathers Donovan and () Nell.
Services at 7 o'elock . 8:) a. m.. 10:30 a. M., and ves
pers at 3:30 P. M. Sunday school at 2:30 p. M.
St. FRavcgMOerman Catholic). Went Jackson street.
Pastor, Kev. Father Hunt, service at 8:80 and 10:30 a. u.
Sunday school at 3 o'clock P. M.
Christ Church ( Episcopal ). Corner Coluinhns and La
fayette streets. Rector. Uev. F. M. Oregg. Services at 1X
a. M. and ' P. M. Sunday school at H a. m.
First Com" BKnATioNAL CiifKrii. Comer of Columbus
and Jackson streets. Pastor, Itev. li. B. Barnes. Services
at 10:30 a. at. and 7 P. a. Sunday school at U u.
MgKiionisr Eimsi'oi'ai.. Corner Columbus and Jefferson
streets. Pastor, Rev. R. C. Arnold. Services at 10:30 a. M.
and 7 P. M. Sunday school at Yi M.
Baptist Chcrcii. Jefferson street, between La Salle and
Columbus. Pastor. Rev. D. P. McPherson. Service at
10:30 a. m. and 7 P. a. Sunday school at 12 a.
Prikbttkhi an Ciii'riii. Corner Jefferson and Colum
bus streets. Rev. M. K. Whittlesey, acting pastor. Servt
oeaat 10:30 a. u. Sunday school at 12 m.
Oik as EvanoklicalChurcii. Services held In the
French Church, West Main street. Pastor. Itev. 11. ttockle.
Services at 10:30 a. M. Jt 7 P. M. Sunday scl.ool, 9:30 A. M.
Jion Cohorkoatiomal Church (German Evangelical
Lutheran). West Jefferson street. Pastor. Kev. 11. Siev
ing. Services at 10:30 a. M. Sunday school at 1 :30 P. M.
Oocihrhtal Loner. No. (OA. F. &A. M. HaillnOpera
Hoise Block, corner of La Salle and Jefferson streets, ,1a.
McManus, W. M. ; A. M. Hoffman. Sec. Uegular meetings
1st and 3d Monday evenings of each month.
Humboldt Lonoa No. 555 A. F. ft A. M. Hall in tied
ey's Block. Isaac Well, W. M. ; G. W. Fnchs. Sen. Regu
lar meetings ltd and 4th Friday evening each month.
Sb-abroha CnAPTRR B. A. M. Hall In the Opera House
Block. Wm. L. Mliligan, H. P.: A M. Hoffman, Sec.
-Convocations 1st ft 3d Wednesday evenings of each month.
Ottawa Commavdrrt No. 10 K. T. Meets In Masonic
Hall, Ojwra House Block. Edward H. Smith, E. C; A. M.
Hoffman, Sec. Conclaves 2d and 4lh Thursday evenings In
ach month.
Ottawa Lnnnn No. 41 I. O. O. F. Meets every Thursday
evening. In Odd Fellows' Hall. Court street. L. A. Wil
liams, N. U. : J. O. Harris, Sec.
Tokti Lonna No. Rh) I. O. (). F. Meets every Monday
evening, lu Opera House Block. I). Farnsworth, N. U. ; J.
B. Harris, Sec.
LuMiNo Loini No. Sit I. O. O. F. Meets every Wed
nesday evening, in Geduey'a Block. M. Kelm, N. G.; F.
Uenuard, Sec.
Florrnkk Dixikkr I.orum No 1 D. ok U. Meets flrst
Fridav evenlnit In each month. Mrs. II J. Loiran. N . (). :
W. I. Harris, Sec Social meeting M Friday evening of
eacn montii.
Ottawa Encajipmk.vt No. 33 I. O. O. F. Meets 2d and
4th Tuesday evenings of e.ich mtinth. Charles Bowers, C
P. j J. t). Harris. Scribe.
Ippland Enciami'MKNt No. 111 I. O. O. F. Meets 1st and
3d Tuesday evenings each month. In Gedney s ulock. Phil
Ip Lelucr. C. P. ; John ogle, Scribe.
A. O. TJ. W.
Indii'kmiknt l.orx, No. 9S A. O. U. W. Meets on Id
and 4th Monday evenings of each month, In Odd rcllous
uan. i. u aimon, m. w.; j. li. vciison, itee.
Ikih'mrv LoiMiK No. &) A. O I'. W. Meets 1st and 3d
inursdsy evening or esch month. In Lynch s Block. .1. H,
Harris, M. W.; Win. Furlough, ltec.
Knu HP I.ol id No. H K. or II. Meets on 1st ard 1
Monday evenings esch month, in (KM hellows' Hall. T. C.
rraimiy, Dictator; II. M. I'ascoin, iceporter.
Sr. Ei.ho I.muiK No. 70 K. op P. Meets In (iedneys
Block. o Friday evening each week. Peier Mlller.C. C.;
weorgc JcKyil. secretary.
Ottawa Covkcii. No. 741 A. L. or H. Meet In Lynch'
nan, on ist ami i Krida) or each month, w. W.Taylor
Com.; P. I). Cnuiunns. Sec.
Si Kihron Heporm CM'h of Ottawa. Meet every
OUiun, niK-ruiiiMI, ui LIKTTtr s nail. 4. t . USllw IILT, I TCS. ;
J. H. .Mlsner. Sec.
Mux's Arxii.LART Trmprranci Club or Ottawa.
Meets every Saturday rvenlng. In hall over Hamilton's feed
lore. Main st. Win. Burgess. 1'res-; Jacob Bane, Sec.
Faitiifcl Loikir No. I. o. (i. T. Meet every Tues
day evening, in Lynches Hall. I). Bcckwith, W. (;. T.; T.
W. Burns, Sec.
Father Matthew Total An--TiXAMCRSoriRrv of Ot
tawa. Meets in iteiuiu mock, on 1st Sunday arternoon
and M Monday evening lu each month. John T. Burke,
Free. ; James r ord. Sec.
Hrhboldt Lot.oK No. IHMI. o. B. B. Meets In Lvnrh's
Hall, on 1st and 3d Sundays in each month. I). Hess, Pres. ;
Ihuc Well, Sec.
Covenant Loner. No. lit 1. O. K. S. B. Meets In Lynch'
Ball, on 1st and 3d Sundays each mouth. D. Hess, Pres. ; A.
, bee, ,
Anciekt Orpkr of Hiberniavs. Divkhov X'o -
Meets on 1st Sunday rterniN,n and od Monday evening of
m.t iiiuuui, in vsiiit-rou moes, corner oi i;oiumDii and
MUiu streets. M. T. tUlonev, Pres.; E. J. Kily, Sec.
Hatiojul Lanii leahi'e. Michael Iiavttr Branch, of
wwn. steeis every sannny eveinnit. m Kcddlck's Block.
V. Lrany, rre.; P. I). Crlnimin. Sec.
Pimm h Mitial hits m.iijr Sof ity opih-tawa.
HeeU quarterly al the French t hureh. on the 1st Sunday
Tier the Sist Saturday In .lannarv. April, July and October,
rklllp bchocn. Pre.; Louis kastler. see.
GiiHAit Ren evolut Sort ett of Ottawa. Meets In
(Vharf. r. Hs 1. on lt Momia evening In eaeh month. -
Frtu Frrux. Pre.; August Arkerniann, Cor. sc.
CIttawa MrsirsL seocl ation. Meets rverr Monday
veniPtf. In hawmrtit of Cii(Tvalioal Churrh. C. D.
Trimble, pre. ; Henry Rchelle. Sec.
rmorRAiik' Bra Attn Reed Band. M't Monday
Swl Tliu-viay rrrainsx Is Cameron's Bl.-k. corner Madi
aa a-nn Colombo street. I mat. Lancaster. Leader.
Bach's Military Band. Sf e every Wednesday ere
MDC in Cameron's Block. A . K. Bach. Leader.
Otvaw LlnEETrL. Meet every Tneertay evening,
t Rhaeler- Hall. C. Zwajulg. President: Jacob Uersnet
New Arrivals),
The success of Mr. H. J. (jii.lkn on La Salle
street continues unabated, and as the roads im
prove it ii daily becoming groater. In addition
to the other attractions offered, there are now
new arrivals in many lines, among which we
might specify
8ilk Garments ;
Something xpecial in silk over-garments ;
Dolmans ;
Nice line and new shades in cloth Dolmans,
and something specially fine in the English
Walking Jacket of this material ;
Something specially cheap in fancy, black and
summer silks.
The daily arrivals in all lines of merchandise
at this house is the marked feature of La Salle
street life.
And they are being disposed of, too ; for the
new and low prices and straight work, one of
the principal causes of his great success, is win
ning Mr. Gii.len new friends and patront daily.
Kemember that Gii.i.ks is established in a hmia
tide, first-class carpet trade.
Tapestry Brussels, lloxbury Brussels, "-ply
body Brussels, the best Lowell ingrains, and in
fact all goods that are to be found in a first
class carpet line can be purchased at this house,
at line jirir.cs, Dou't forget this, nor fail to ex
amine this stock you will save money by so
All the old departments of the house are in
full blurt, selling goods at the bottom figures,
from complete stocks. All invited to call and
compare stocks and prices with any house in the
Admitted to be the Heat.
The mixed paiuta being sold by Uehrlnj? at
headquarters for everything In the paint aud
brush line. Fine goods at low prices always the
Young Ladle' Library.
Librarian's report for month of March 1S82:
Books taken from library, 070; books, with Har
per's and Scrlbner's, presented, 111; amount Of
contributions, $0.S9. Mr. A. J. Williamson pre
sented 50 books; Mrs. Anthony, with Scribner's
and Harper's for 1881, 42 book; Mrs. B. C. Hins
dale, 3 books; Miss Cora Luland, 5 of the Seaside
Library; Miss Mattie Thompson, 3 of Seaside Li
brary and 1 book; Mrs. West, 1 Seaside Library;
Mrs. Llvy and Mr. Hollis, each I book. Our
Continent, edited by Tourgee, has been added to
the papers. The contents of the contribution
box are spent for current literature. With that
for the month of March has been purchased the
following books: Bleak House, John Fay, Ten
Thousand a Year, From Jest to Earnest and Haw
thorne's works. The young ladies extend thanks
to all who have contributed during the month.
My hat stock is large and contains all of the
latest and nobby styles to be had, from the One
Stetson to any find or price of a bat made. A
nice line of straw goods. Please call and see for
yourself. M. Stikfbi.,
At the White Corner.
Too Much Interest
Cannot be taken in the selection of what enters
our bodies, either as food or medicine. Forbes
A Lorrlaux will give you the benefit of their ex
perience of twenty-five years in handling and
preparing medicines, buying only the best and
the purest, and dealing In none but reliable and
straightforward goods. In buying paints and
oils the same care should be exercised, the dura
bility of these goods being the measure of their
economy, f'orbes & Lorrlaux will sell you the
best, whether you want leads, oils or mixed
paints, while their prices will not be above any
of their competitors.
Gents' fine hand-sewed shoes at Spencer's.
John Shuler reports more lumber sold in Otta
wa In March lust that in any other one month for
10 years. He sold over 250,000 ft. Most of this
will be used in Ottawa buildings.
Chop Rbpokts. The rains of the past week
have brought forward vegetation at a rapid rate,
Reports from the country show that winter
wheat is In a very superior condition; also early
sown rye.
Fruit prospects are now good no material dam
age from frosts having been reported.
Perhaps you don't know it, but It is neverthe
less a fact that one of the largest, finest and most
complete lines of boots and shoes ever opened
in this city has just been received by D. Leahy.
Men's fine shoes a specialty. Ladies' and child-
run's, boys' and youths' shoes and sandals In ev
ery style and quality, and at prices the lowest ev
er elfered in Ottawa
Agent Hall, of the Rock Island, has not yet
been notified of any new train over the Kanka
kee A Seneca road to connect with the fast train
for Missouri river points, although such a train
will probably be put on.
John P. Flick buys live turkies and chickens,
hogs, sheep, calves and fat cattle for his market.
Also market prices paid for butter, eggs, Ac, for
bis store. Give him a call before selling.
Demorest's Reliable Patterns, spring styles,
Just received at Osman & Haperaan's. Send for
It is reported in private circles that telephone
exchanges are guaranteed in Morris, Seneca and
Marseilles, all, together with the Joliet and
Lockport exchange, to be connected with the
Ottawa, La Salle and Princeton exchanges, by
means ot the car.al line, already built. Add to
the above, lines to Aurora, Mcndota and Streator,
and who will presume to say that this is not an
electrical age, and that Ottawa will be without
meaus of commnnication with the outer world.
The election for members of the school board
took place on Saturday last, and 840 votes were
polled. Wm. Dwyer received 484; D. B. Snow,
?.T0 F. C.l-'tM. St.-. v.-l ! - . - v..v.. Th.-
Ulrl lAO Ua.U. J i .llK'iUL.! V,.,C ctckli.
The foundation has been laid for Mrs. Cah
man's house on Clintoa street, on the site of her
residence burned last fall. The carpenters are
also at work getting out the timbers. The frame
of William Graham's new house further up the
street has been raised.
The Inter-Ocean on Monday last said the Fox
River R. R, bond case would be argued this week
in the U. 3. Supreme Court.
Telephone No. 81 was put in the jailor's office
at the county jail yesterday.
Demorest's "What to Wear" for spring and
summer just received at Osman A Haperaaa'.
Mr. J.M, French,
Has Just received another Invoice of new goods
In his line, of which he makes a specialty of hats,
cans and gents' furnishing goods.
If you want a nobby hat and tub cokkbct
style, don't fall to call aud see for yourself; also
everything In the way of furnishing goods,
such a fancy colored shirts, fine light underwear,
fancy colored gents' hose, also a cheap sock for
working men. In fact he keeps everything that
is needed by the merchant, banker, farmer, me
chanic and laborer, lie ntllfur cash only, and by
so doing will give you more for your money than
you can get at any other place where they
charge you up an extra per cent, for all bad
debts they Incur. Mr. Battels, of the old firm, Is
with me and will attend to the wants of the old
customers of the late firm and will Beo that they
have goods of the style und quality to suit them.
We also take measures fur the celebrated Wil
son Bros, shirts as usual.
Give us a cull mid Burt will surely please you.
J. M. Fkcnch,
Successor to Hull & Bartels,
North of the Court House.
The most fastidious seeker for fine shoes will
find the stock of Child & Pliipps at this time
specially uttactive. The ladies in particular will
be delighted, as the stock of ladies' shoes is one
that has probably never been equalled in Ottawa.
The ttoods are hi several styles of lasts, and in
great variety of widths, while the materials are
the very best manufactured. The stock is the
finest they have ever shown, and if it does not
satisfy everyone, no stock can be opened that
will. In gents' fine shoes the stock is rich in new
styles and desirable goods. Mr. I'hipps asks all
to call on him, assuring them prices that cannot
fall to be as satisfactory as the goods are excel
lent. Kaster Gloves,
Silk Gloves,
Kid Gloves,
Lisle Thread Gloves,
Just new and in all the popular shades,
at Scott Bros. & Co.'s.
Farmer's Frleuil.
The famous Farmer's Friend corn planter.
It never fails to satisfy.
The hardest ground is planted as well and as
easily as the mellowest.
It is under the most perfect control of any
Sales, from 1,1)00 In 1SS0 to 7,000 in 1883.
If you examine it you will buy no other.
Manufactured by the Farmer's Friend Manu
facturing Company, Dayton, Ohio.
Sold by O. W. Rbe & Co.
Work on the new Catholic church is being rap.
idly pushed forward.
At Forbes & Lorrlanx's.
The larcett assortment of fancy baskets, con
sisting of flower baskets, ladies' work baskets,
lunch bankets, Ac, &c, at much less than usual
Dr. Win. Sheppard will be prepared to operate
on all rldgllng horses that may be brought to bis
Infirmary on Tuesday and Wednesday next, the
11th and 13th lust. Don't forget the dates.
The canal business has not become very lively
aa yet, although several boats of lumber have
passed down, bound for Peoria; while J. N. Shu
ler, of this city, has shipped three or four car
loads of corn to the same port. Considering the
bad roads, and that the season last year did not
open until after the middle of April, the outlook
for business Is not so bad.
Everybody, wife and children should call at
Spencer's and get a copy of bis newspaper just
published. It tells many funny things and many
truths, especially about boots and shoes.
When you want a nice hat go to Stiefel's.
When you want a trunk of any kind or size, go
to Stiefel's.
Go to Stiefel for your spring suit; his stock Is
nice, stylish, and all well made.
Easter Cloaks,
Easter Suits,
Easter Hosiery,
Easter Shoes,
Easter Parasol,
Kaster Fans,
A i.i.
At Si'utt Bros. A Co.'s.
Farmers snoald examine the large stock of
shoes at Mahcr Bros.
Somebody, with a provident care for Uncle
Sam's postal employes In this city, forwarded by
express a few days since to the ofllcc in Ottawa
liberal "lunch for the boy and something to
drink for Bowman." The "drink" consisted of
a half-tllled bottle of apia omnnia, and the lunch!
was hard. tack, old cheese aud sausage. The
villainous joker has not been apprehended.
20 Year.
experience in utting up pre.
FoitBtl . I.OKIUAl x.
Twenty year'
Jno. P. Flick buys live turkic aud chickens,
bogs, sheep, calves and tat cattle for bis market.
Also market prices paid for butter, eggs, Ac, for
bis store. Give him a call before sellinir.
rani !
We are prepared to fill orders for advertising
cards from stock on handorordcrs from samples.
He can fill at short notice orders of any size
from any of over 875 different styles, all attrac.
tive, at a wide range of prices.
Fhbb Tuaih.r Jon Rooms.
An old ldv rite u: " am tn year r,M and
wt. S.ll. .i it imii. .., i! , ,.., f ,.
ilU-iila (.(..irlilin iolnc. U4,t
used little more than one bottle and feel as well i
as at thirty. See other column.
It ware of Them
A good article that has achieved success and
attained a world-wide reputation by iu true
merits ana wonaenul results, is always imitated.
Such Is the case with Dr. King's New Discovery
for consumption, coughs and colds. Already un
principled parties are endeavoring to delude an
unsuspecting public by offering Imitations of
wis most loriunaie discovery. Lo not be de
ceived, but insist on having the true remedy, snd
take no other. For sale by G. Gehring. Trial
bottle 10 cents. 5
J. L. Piergue has reisodled bis establishment,
and now with the newly papered walls and cell
log has very neat room.
Look out lor Hull,
He struck New York in the right time, and
will show you next week what he struck. In
fact, call to day and see a few things that came
last night, and we will show you what you may
expect in prices. I never blow what I do not
have. Now I say that I will open during the
week the most extensive and largest stock ever
shown In Ottawa, and at prices under all of them.
When you hear prices quoted, call at Hull's and
see If he Is not below.
Wc claim that we have the finest patterns in
Carpets In Ottawa, and still we found some In
New York we thought prettier and bought them,
and they are cheap. Call and see. It costs no
more to buy a handsome carpet than a homely
one. I do not think that w are beat much. We
so.d yesterday ten carjxt and still have more left
and more on the way. W. II. Hum..
The Odd Fellows of La Salle are making prep
arations to entertain all who may attend the an
niversary celebration on the 30th. The cxer.
clses will be held In the afternoon aud consist of
the ordinary form adapted to the occasion,
speaking, music, Ac. In connection with this
we have been requested to ask that those who In.
tend to go from Ottawa on that day will leave
their names with Dr. J. O. Harris or E. Y. Griggs
that ample transportation may be provided.
Dou't run risks of getting "stuck" on flours
you know nothing of, made a thousand miles
from home, but try the Victor Mills goods al
ways good, and can be ordered through y our tel
ephone. Mrs. Gregg has just received another lot of
new millinery of the latest and most fashionable
patterns. The ladles of Ottawa and vicinity
should call and examine before purchasing their
sprintr bonnets and hats.
Fire broke out In the Streator Window Glass
Factory about 1 o'clock yesterday afternoon and
In half au hour the entire works were in ashes.
The prevailing strong wind swept everything,
notwithstanding all efforts to stay them. The
loss is estimated at f 85,000; insurance, 135,000.
The fire Is supposed to have originated from a
pot, which some of the workmen had lowered,
coming In contact with a portion of the wood,
work. About 100 men are thrown out of employ
ment, several of whom came to Ottawa Istt
For a chep flour the Victor Mills Hungarian is
the cheapest reliable flour to be bad. It Is al
ways good, makes excellent bread (the bakers
use barrels of it) and always gives satisfaction.
Grand "Electric" Display of Easter Goods at
Scott Bros. & Co.'s to nlgbt. Bring your wife or
your girl to this store this evening and buy them
a nice Eaiter present.
Select your boots and shoes from the largest
and most complete stock In the city Spencer s,
of course. m r
A newspaper man tried to interview W. K.
Stewart, of the firm of Stewart A Pruett, yester
day, in regard to building prospects for the pres
ent seasun, and found him so busy getting out ma
terial for the half dozen houses under contract
that he wouldn't talk. They are doing an Im
mense business and giving satisfaction.
Wall Paper
New and handsome designs at Forbes & Lr
rlaux's. Eaater Millinery
Several cases more of new millinery goods
were received this wtek, including all the latest
shapes of hats aud bonnet, with soms choice
new ribbons, flowers and plumes. You ought to
see Scott Bros. A Co.'s new Kaster Hats, fhey
are perfectly lovely.
Several new houses are In course of erection
on the west side. Some enterprising capitalist
would realize a good percentage on bis money
! by building from 35 to 50 cottage for rental.
The demand for houses Is constantly on the In
crease, and noue are to bo had.
Maher Bros, are in receipt of an immense
stock of men's shoes, which they are offering at
exceedingly low prices,
We 31 cm ii
What wu say: that wo can show you more wall
paper of all n rades(from the cheapest to the finest
decorative papers made) than any other house in
this ortnty. We insist wu carry the only flrst
class stocK of wall paper, decorations, v.c, to be
found In the county; aud after looking through
our stock you will be convinced we are right.
Don't let those other fellows tell jou, as some
of the dealer throughout the county will, that
we carry on'; high priced goodi, but remember
we carry trythinq in the line.
They admit that in ail tine papers they can't
begin to compete with us, and tell you that is
'all we carrv,
Don't be fooled. We have high priced roods
'and low priced goods, the cheapest as well as
the best goods, and all goods are at the luwnt
nVfi thi'ie ifnaUtirn can 6e .vihlfnr.
We want you to see our stock, whether you
want to clean a closet with a straw paper or dec
orate a parlor, which, by the way, we can do in
mntv WiiWi tijlf than the frescoer, at one.
half his prices.
Come and see: us. No trouble to show goods.
Osmav A Hapeman, Ottawa.
Tha Circuit Court,
Following is a brief synopsis ot the business
finished in the circuit court this week :
Jnd'itiunU. Joseph Attin.'cht vs. Joseph Hiser.
Bradt A Mbipman v. Leo Liftman ; judgment in
favor of interpleader and riifhts of property to
the goods to be in Amanda V. Kosehburg.
Joseph Capps A Sons vs. same; same order.
f.i'j'uir Mutt. Augustus Frank, 30.
1 . .1 I I .1. i -1 I. .,'.... of M I Ml Ukl S tool e
to-day. The candidate are. In the West district
E. B. Lovejoy and John McLaughlin; In the city
district, Eliaa Hstbeway.
One is to be elected
from each district: in the city district for one
year; In the other for three years.
Deaf aa Post.
Mrs. W. J. Lang, Bethany. Out , slat that for
fifteen months she was troubled with a disease Ib
the ear, causing entire deafness. In ten minutes
after using Thomas' Eclectrlc Oil she found re
lief, aud in a short time she was entirely cured
and her bearing restored.
The county jail now has 13 prisoners. One,
Jamas Collins, serving sentence of S days for
engaging in a drunken row, was released on
Two Years.
Just two years ago to-day the enterprising drr
goods firm of Forbes A Flick, of tuNcity, opened
their doors tor the first time to their numerous
friends and the public for a share of their patron.'
age with a grand optnintj. It was pronounced by
all the ladlw who gave them a call a decided
success, In point of variety, elegance and artistic
display of goods. When we reflect back to the
flrst day, after a close inspection of their present
stock, we can hardly realize the comparison, and
to form an adequate idea of the difference, we
Imagined a small rivulet swoolen to a mighty
stream. In place of makinir a meatrro attempt
to fill up by putting and spreading their goods,
they have got every available nook and crook,
up aud down stairs, completely packed with as
flue a line of dry goods as ever was seen In this
city at one time. If they coutlnuo using their su
perior judgment in the selection of desirable and
stylish goods, their courteous manners aud ac
commodating ways, we predict for them a brilli
ant future. Their trade N gradually increasing,
having now reached a magnitudo far beyond
their expectations. The plausible reason for this
is, they are close buyers, paying cash for their
goods and recelvlug the discounts. Their ex
penses are perhaps three times smaller than any
other house in the city. These are items worth
considering, as it enables them to undersell all
competitor. On making our tour of Inspection
we noticed several new cases of goods just op
en ed, consisting of the newest and latest spring
styles, each as brocaded, striped, checked and
plain grenadines; the same lu bunting, summer
silks, cashmeres, etc., with beautiful trimmings
to match. Every lady who visits our city will
find it to their advantage to call and see these
goods before purchasing elsewhere. They have
also an elegant line of parasols, dolmans, cloaks,
etc. Remember, a word to the wise is sufficient.
. FlIKHKS A Fl.lf g.
Mrs. O'Meara was too busy yesterday Oiling
orders for Easter hats and bonnets to write an
advertisement. Her stock of millinery neverthe
less Is large, and her styles very beautiful.
Burke Br os. new grocery store has attracted
considerable attention durlug the pact week by
the fine stock of staple and fancy groceries, and
the low prices at which they are selling.
Following are the committees of the Board of
education, announced by E. C. Swift, chairman:
Ttaehem: Mayo, Dwyer, Swift,
finance: Robson, Schoch, Snow,
Jiuildingt: Schoch, Mayo, Robson.
Suppliet; Dwyer, Robson, Mayo.
Tat lSoukt; Snow, Schoch, Swift.
Easter Novelties.
During this week large lines of fancy novelties
from the eastern markets and neckwear have
been opened up at Scott Bros. A Co.'s.
Easter at tha Churches.
To morrow is EaBter Suaday, the "yueen Fes
tival of the year." In England Easter-tide Is a
secular holiday as well as religious festival. Iu
this country, however, its observance Is a reli
gious one only, except so far as the closing of
Lent with Easter recommences the 'events' of the
society world. The religious services In the
churches In Ottawa will be somewhat as follows:
Kpheopal Church. The frescoing of the church
has progressed so far that most of the staging
will be taken down to-day, so that the church
may be decorated with (lowers, as usual at Eas
ter. In the morning will be an Easter service,
followed by Holy Communion. Special music
has been prepared for the service, u quatette of
of male voices taking the leading part. Iu the
afternoon the sacrament of baptism will be ad
ministered at .'t o'clock. In the evening then
will be the children's festival with processional,
anthems, carols, offertory, Ac.
Jtitptitt Church. The church will be beautiful
ly decorated with flowers. Rev. McPherson
preaches an Easter sermon. In the evening the
Sunday school will give a concert, in which
there will be music by orchestra and brief ad
dresses by Attorneys Armstrong and Eckels, and
exercises by scholars. S. S. at 13 M. sharp.
Confreyittional Church. In the evening there
will he a Sunday School Concert with addresses
by J. G. Armstrong, I). B. Snow, and B. T.
Holmes; music by orchestra, songs by class of
mall girls. Ac. The church will he decorated.
f.Methnditt. The pastor will preach in the
morning on "Resurrection Power," and in the ev"
ing on "Lessons from the Crime of Heron Antl
Ctmgr'i'itiimal. Morning: "Christianity and
the Resurrection of Christ." T hy Ottawa Com
mandery will attend this service in a body.
Boston Dkii.I.. The young ladies who are to
take part In the lioston Drill will pleas meet at
the Armory on Thursday evening, April 13, at
xi u'clock.
The ladies of the Methodist church and Sunday
School are preparing for a "Paper Bazur,"
will he held at an early date for the he tie tit of the
school. This is somcthinr new, so look out for
further notice.
Iloll Carriages
A new lot of doll carriages al Forlivs A Lor-
Our readers will find the Victor Mills Silver
Cloud Flour one of the finest brands they ever
used, making as beautiful, white, sweet bread as
can be made of any flour in the world; and it Is
always the same.
The regular meeting of the Business. Men'
Association occur on next Monday vvcliing
This uj-KX'iatioti has been organized further
the material Interests of the city, and is a matter
that personally concern every business man iu
it; und it Is to be hoped everyone i l become a
oiei'iloM atol attehd tlo -e nuetings. The aiK'ia
l:m 1.1 ge ah 1 iiUco of Mm- ell y lo j mi.
No Kile. N Hogs, No Koavlir
By ulug (retiring' stiu liy pure Da uiatian in
sect powder.
"Itouati on Hat."
Clears out rt, in. c. , nineties, hie ants, bed.
bug, skubks, chipmuiiks. Kopber). V. Drug
gist. Aa Important llseoet
II..-1.. 1.. 1 . r..' ...... t..i.i..
. c- m , 11 .,,.- iiiril-,l h,i rsp'ui
runihitiaiiiiii has been lot winced n hich acts up
on the tuiaels. the lurr and the k.um )a. and at
the sani" tiiie Imparls eir -ngth and vitality to
the nil ire stem, flonlin k Mo I Bitter ron-
piiiuin idi iinpuriaui ai-dm ry, i (ice ?i.
All trtln over the Rwk Island roud, Including
the fast trains, now stop at Seneca.
Ho for tii8 Red River Valley !
W. T. IXCKEY, No. 10 Nicollet Hons Black, Mlnneap.
II. is prepared to furnish you with farm la the Valley,
from a tretclaim to l.noo acre. Improved. Call or write for
iaformatlon. All letters enclosing stamp will receive prompt
reply. Investments made. W, T. IIICKKV,
o. iu Mconei tione diock, jsiuuepoiis, aiiia.
April S, 1SS2.-4I1IO
The fiallowav House snd land. feel deer, bv 97v rest
front, with good title; ltnted In (he city of Ottawa, 111,
WU1 be sold at a bargain If sold soon. Address
w. A. 1'il.lVR.ttaiA:.
April 9-lstptr Marseille. Illinois.
Money lo loan al 7 per cent.
On Iteal Estate Security.
I,w OUlre over Ir. Smurr'a Drug Store.
Having lor many year endeavored to cater to the
tastes of the public, and aow more than
ever inaklav a n-oisklty of
With better facilities for doing so than we have ever beior
had, we have spared no effort In prorurlag the :tet aa4
most dealrthle patterns In all the goods that pertain to to a
business-id at prices that must secure attention. la onr
Wall Paper Pepartment we are prepared to eihlblt all the
lutet nove ItieH, in original designs by the beat assign
rr and paper manufacturer in America.
We are now prepared to Decorate Halls, Churchea and
Private Dwellings in such a mauacr aa will secure attentloa
from the most fastidious. We are tha only housa pay
ing special attention to this line of work aud keeping up
with the progre ol the art; and we arc able, with oar Has
paper hangings, to pi-oilue fitter and richer
eltectN than the iW-smoeir at one-third the cost. Ami
rarry a Una of materials for this clas of work that no older
house in this section of the stale can begin to equal
Of Wall Piper in stock, from the cheapest to the mot ex
pensive, on all of which we will make price aa low a the
lowest, giving at the same time s dork to select from on
equalled In extent or variety, In
Vindoy Shades,
Hollands, ricture Frames. Picture ord. Nail. Curiam
rutnnra, Lambrequin Palea, e we have a large (took,
nd offer them at sieb price as will com wend then to
Of Willi I'apor, nnw 18HU Btylon, now
all hero. All Wall Paper trimmed and delivered free.
Call on u nd see our goods before buylug. llemeaibar,
we carry only straight goods, new goods, and give yoa
straight prices. We shall be pleased to have you ee onr
stock, whether you buy or not.
Wi'Kt of New Court 1 louse, Ottawa.
lev-All Src Books. 70c Books, IV and fl Books
Now 4H O'lH".
Kendall' ttr Horse Hook, art History nf Tnnnger Broij
ers. K4c; History of .lame Brothers, 2tci History of Wil
liams Brothers. ci Hilly the Kid. le.
4 Mi. li U. Ivanhoe. Iluhlason Crusoe, gwl Fami
ly. Advice to Mothers, Scottish I'htefS, Anderson's Fairy
Talus, Tom Brown's school-par. Willy Kellly. Last Paysof
I'oiiuiell. Paul and Virginia, '.(' Isnguea lender the He,
Pryden. Byron. Lucille. Tennyson, Herbert, Burns, Macau
lav. Proctor, and many others.
i-iH (-iitM Any of Plekcns's works. Wild Wan ol the
West, Oorilla Huiilers. I'ni'd's History of Kug land. Tom
Brown at llngby. tiulliver's Travels. Thaddrusuf Warsaw,
Domestic Kiploslves, ftc.
11-4 ( 'niK.--Mliid of Shskespeare, (iems of Shakes
pears. K'imDIar Quotations, roinle poera. r or
M( Viiim I pell sll of .Inles Verne's Works.
T-l Viit. Here sre (tooksyon can't afford to paas:
Wver!y Novels. Pickens's best, Vssity Fair. Arabaw
Nights; lives of Washington. Lincoln, (apt. John Snnfa,
Nane. San Houston. Andrew ,1-trkson, Franklin tTfy.
(ireelcy, Livingston. Bill Nye; Trlstam Snandv, The Hed
Krlc, Ijisi of M Means. WrTigr, Doomed Chief, Adven
tures of Karly Settlers, Way pon Kast.Tea Nlghtaln Ha."
Kooin, Arctic KrKli.n. Speeches of Potiglas and Webster,
Sit Nights In a Blockhouse. Trapper of I'mbagoo. Adn
tines hy Lasd ami by Si : all f ( apt. Mayne Heed' worlu,
and no end of novels, Action snd poetlrl works.
7 h c Viitn. -Coliliis's New Mstrtalcnr anil Hlack llnlw;
sll Same Smiles Series. Mark Twain's Sketches, Whim
Wings, Madcrp Violet, II- gardus TrapShowtlng, SeOenpe
iiinti. .lesnini;.' Monte Hook. Yoju'-ln the fiunbcau-.. uXe
of Carson ami His. tie.
VntH l the price of the tlHet Poeiiral Works, ex
eepi shskesn-arc antl Mndiiie series, which are as cent,
(look at ; I. kb and HI cents.
ih,, H,M,l-, snd they are g,nd- till Blss. We?!
"Kwry Man luin lawyer." Life of liartteld, Woder.a
lew. t Charlotte Bronte's works, s'l of Kev. K. P. How'1
works, sll of Mrs. Holmes' works, l est of Oliver OpLX
l Vi l"h at lev. anil a good list more.
gl.l v. All Piukerion's leterlive Si rte; all of Mif
Agnes I- lemlhg's works. I novels, i
nl.lx. - Hgglesiim's work; Itsj ard Tajlor's work
r.tiitrte.l Hlsior) of America.
S 1 r.-Auau.ta I- vans'-, works
X 1.7-1.- -Five vols. Mnaulay's History of Kng'antl.
s .? w.-Scrn-n! Charmer.
ft I .MM. Helwy ttiht Series.
o,4H,- Mrrk Twain.
m-.- WiaKi's New Illustrated Natural H. story.
I.Vhi illustrations,
stvj. Magaclneof Art.
Set" Dickens, Sets Waverlv Novels, KnglUh Men of Let
tern. Bolhn s ILtorv. Knight's Knghsh H-story, P'.utarcV
Live. Macatilav' Kn all rllte
Line of Children's lhks rerv reti.
KmmiiIv ltill" ir four.
one lot i",f I'hotonraph Aliwims nrLow rvsr.
Here Is s chance for all who want gil standard taxjaj
They are from s tos the publisher's price. Many arT
low net irsoiVs'ile e.utt nv literary person will know aa
;l houid realue that he shove prices are lower thai gvo
standard hooks are soklior In the t'ntled Starrs.
Kemember, the stock s unlimited.
Yours, fur Prrf". B.jk, Taint and Bargain,
Livery & Feei Stalk.
1500 vols
IM Books
Wld respoctfuUy aauoaaoa to Ue elUatn of Ottawa aa
rvclnlty that he ha one of Ike noleast LI vary stock la I
tlti. at the City Stable, suek a tk
Ut St;lr if Harks. Cirriaftt ui Biggin,
rxlat at price taotttlBM. Partita. WaaVUntr. Fans
Pto-K'c. c.. sapplled with good rtt oa tbert aottee,
funerals la the country or adjotalng towa promptly
abided to. Person taken to aad Iroai the deaota. or ta
Mi:rv.a'cMord- . IT Knibr tbe place oa M
ireet. east of siCveiil. t.d jv rhs-fc aestai tbeaew
... . fnre

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