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bo constructed upon the southwest cor
ner of lot six, in block eighty-six, in
state's addition to thn city ot OLUwu. in
the county of J.a Salle and state of Illi
nois, at a place to be staked out and des
ignated by the court-hou e and jail
building committee, said building to be
erected and completed in all its parts ac
cording to the plans and specifications
made for the same by M. L. 1 Jeers, archi
tect, a copy of which plans, marked "Kx
bibit A" and hereto attached, are made
a part of this contract.
And it is furthermore agreed that all
the work herein provided for, directly or
contingently, shall be done in a good and
workmanlike manner, and that it shall
be mch as shall be suitable for a building
of the character herein contemplated and
provided for, and that all the materials
wrought therein, of whatsoever kind and
nature, shall be of the best quality and in
all respects in good order to go into said
building and make a good substantial
structure, and one suitable for the im
pose for which it is designed. And, fur
thermore, should any alteration hereafter
be made in the design of this building, or
is the kind or quality of the materials to
be used, or in the kind or character of
the labor to be employed on this building,
whereby the cost of the building shall be
increased or decreased by order of the
party of the second part, of whatsoever
sort or kind, such alterations shall not
vitiate the contract hereby entered into,
but the party of the lirst part shall, on
due notice of such alteration or addition,
increase the number of their workmen it
necessary, so as to fully complete said
work in a proper manner and deliver it
up to the party of the second part in
good order for use. free from all mechan
ic or other liens, on or betore the lirst day
of August, A. D.. issu.
And it is hereby especially agreed and
understood by the parties hereto, that
time is the essence of this contract, and
it is also agreed that If said work is not
completely tinished and delivered up to
the party of the second part as aforesaid,
that the party of the tlrst part shall for
feit and pay to the party of the second
part, as liquidated damages, the sum of
litteen dollars per day for every day saia
work remains unfinished and undeliver
ed, which sum or forfeiture the party of
the second part shall have a right to de
duct out of auv moneys that may be due
and owing to the party of the lirst part
on account of the work theretofore done.
In case of such additions, deductions, or
alterations in the work as hereinbefore
provided, and the parties to this con
tract cannot agree upon the value of the
same, it shall be the duty of the superin
tendent to determine the value of said
work, and add to or deduct from the con
tract price, as the case may be. And in
this, as in all questions of difference aris
ing under this contract, appeal may be
had to the architect, whose decision shall
be final.
It is further agreed by and between the
Earties hereto, that the work upon said
uilding shall be commenced on or be
fore the 1st day of May, A. D., 1882, and
that should it be found that the party of
the first part does not commence the work
at the time indicated or contemplated by
this contract, or having commenced the
same, refuses or neglects to proceed with
it so as to brirg it to completion by the
time mentioned herein, or if they shall
neglect or refuse to furnish such material
for or to do the work in accordance with
the requirements of the plans and specifi
cations herein referred to, or as directed
by the architect or superintendent, it
shall be lawful for the party of the sec
ond part, after having given three days'
notice, to employ such other person or
persons, by contract or otherwise, as may
be necessary to complete the several un
finished parts of the building as remain
incomplete, and the bill or bills of such
artificers as may be so employed, and all
necessary incidental expenses growing
out of the same, shall be deducted out of
any moneys that may be due and owing
to the party of the lirst part on account of
the work done bv them.
Furthermore, it shall be the duty of the
party of the first part to remove any and
all rejected material olf the premises if
requested to do so ; to take down, recon
struct or rebuild any work that the arch
itect or inspector of the work shall deter
mine is not done in accordance with the
plans and specifications, and itshall be the
duty of the party of the lirst part to secure
and take care of any and every part of his
and their work, so as to prevent acci
dents by the elements or otherwise ex
traordinary and positively unavoidable
accidents excepted only and so that the
whole shall remain sound and in good
condition during the progressof the work,
and until delivered up as finished. And
the party of the lirst part shall be liable
to the party of the second part for any
damage to the building or any mechani
cal work which is being done in connec
tion with the work of the party of the
first part ; and the said party of the sec
ond part shall also be liable to the party
of the lirst part in a similar manner for
any damage that may accrue to the party
of the first part on account of the ne
glect, carelessness or omission of duty on
the part of the party of the second part,
or any person or persons whom said par
ty of the second part shall employ or
cause to be employed on these works.
And it is furthermore especially agreed
that if in the progress of tha work itshall
be found by the architect that the party
of the tirst part is not doing said work in
a proper manner, and that it is necessary
to have an inspector constantly on the
work in order to insure its being so done,
then the architect or the party of the sec
ond part may employ some suitable per
son to act as such inspector, whose duty
it shall be to give all needed directions
and instructions in regard to the work in
the absence of the architect, and such di
rections or instructions are to be regard
ed and followed, unless countermanded
by the architect, and the necessary re
muneration or expense of employing such
person or inspector shall be determined
by the architect, not, however, to exceed
the sum of four dollars per day, which
sum shall also be deducted from any
money that may be due and owing to the
party of ihe lirst part on account of the
work. No part of this work is to be
re-let or sub-contracted without the con
Bent in writing of the party of the second
part or the architect.
And,furthermore.that said party of the
second part, for and in consideration of
the faithful performance on the part of
the party of the first part of the several
covenants and agreements hereinbefore
recited, and on the certificate of the arch
itect certifying the same, does hereby
promise and agree to pay to the said par
tv of the first part the full sum of four
thousand nine hundred and twenty dol
lars, adding thereto or deducting there
from as hereinbefore provided.
It is further agreed and understood by
and between the parties hereto, that said
party of the first part shall be paid said
sum of four thousand nine hundred and
twenty dollars for the erection and com
pletion of said boiler-house in manner
following, to-wit : Eighty-five percent,
upon estimates made once a month by
the architect, upon work done and ma
terials set in position in the building,
said payments to be made on the cervi
cites ot the superintending architect,
and the balance when said work
shall be fully completed and accepted by
said party of the second part. In witness
whereof the said parties of the tlrst part
have hereuuto set their hands and seals,
and the said party of the second part has
caused this contract to be signed by the
chairman of the Hoard of .Supervisors of
said county of La Salle and attested by
the county clerk of said county, and un
der the seal thereof.
(Signed.) Thomas Colwhll. sical.
11 run Coi.wem.. SKAL.
Edward C. Lkwis, skal.
Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of
La Salle County, III.
1'. V. Stocks i.kgek, Counti Clerk.
Know all men by these presents, That
we, Thomas and Hugh Colwell, as prin
cipals, and William Stonnont and J.N.
Shuler, as security, all of the city of Ot
tawa in the county of La Salle and state
ot Illinois, are held and firmly bound
unto the county of ha Salle in the state
of Illinois, in the sum of twenty-live
hundred dollars, lawful money ot the
United States of America, for the pay
ment of which well and truly to be made,
we and each of us bind ourselves, our
heirs, executors and administrators,
jointly, severally and firmly by these
Witness our hands and seals this elev
enth day of April, A. D. 1872.
The condition of the above obligation
is such, that whereas the above bounden
Thomas Colwell and Hugh Colwell did
on the day and date hereof enter into a
contract with said county of Ea Salle to
furnish all the materials and labor and
erect and fully complete in a good and
workmanlike manner, and according to
the best art and skill, a boiler house, to
contain the steam heating apparatus for
the county court house and jail build
ings for the said county of Ea Salle, on
the southwest corner of lot six, in block
eighty-six, in State's addition to the city
of Ottawa, in the said county of Ea
Salle, at a place to be designated and
staked out by the court house and jail
building committee, said material and
labor and all its parts to be according to
plans and specifications made for said
boiler-house by M. E. Ueers, architect,
which plans and specifications are made
a part of said contract herein above men
tioned, to be performed by the said
above bounden Thomas Colwell and
Hugh Colwell. Now, if the said Thomas
Colwell and Hugh Colwell shall well and
faithfully perform all the agreements and
covenants contained in said contract to
be by them performed, then this obliga
tion to be void, otherwise to remain in
full force and effect.
(Signed,) Thomas Colwell. seal.
Hugh Colwell. seal.
Wm. Stokmont. seal.
J.N.Shuleu. seal.
State ok Illinois, j
(huntuof LaSalle. f
I, l'e'ter W. Stocksleger, clerk of the
county court, in and for said county, in
the state aforesaid, do hereby certify
that Thomas Colwell, Hugh Colwell,
William Stormont and J. N. Shuler, per
sonally known to me as the same per
sons whose names are subscribed to the
foregoing instrument, appeared before
me this day in person and acknowledged
that they signed, sealed and delivered
the said bond, as their free and volun
tary act, for the uses and purposes there
in set forth.
Given under mv hand and the seal of
said court, at Ottawa, in said county,
this eleventh day of April, A. D. 1882.
(Signed,) 1'. W. Stocksleger,
Your committee would further report
that Messrs. T. & H. Colwell and liaker.
Smith & Co. have commenced the work
under the contracts referred to, and the
same has so far progressed to the satis
faction of your committee.
All ot which is respectfully submitted,
Geo. W. Armstrong.
Martin Flaherty.
A. E. Beach.
S. S. Burgess.
K. C. Lewis.
Nat. McIntyre.
Henry Bellingiiausen.
Supervisor Bellinghausen, from the
same committee, also submitted the fol
lowing report, which was on motion
adopted :
Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the
Board of Supervisors : Your court-house
and jail building committee beg leave to
report that since the adjournment of the
board at its March term the work on the
court-house has progressed to the gen
eral satisfaction of your committee, and
that they have expended in the erection
ot the building to date the sum of $(o,
0(10 01 ; the total amount expended on
account of new court-house and jail is
$94,267 37, viz:
Amount reported lit l.ixt Mnrr.li term $TI,W1.M
Mur. 17. Holit. Wilson, mmvyiiin '5 ill
Apr. H. W. K. Slorv. iidvcrtiHliin 1115(1
" " Chleaao Tribune Co., advorti';; :S3 no
" A. J. Roddick, " 1 51
U. 8. Oorwin, " 1 ll
K. t Wi-linter. ' 1 0(1
A U. Colwell. uetimatt; No. 11 li.KKl 55
May 1. T. 11. Colwell, " Vi H.iVJW
Jiino". " " " " IS a,M'.M-.J
" M. L.IlccTH.trav. I'xpun'e todale. . Nl Ml
" " T. ic 11. Colwell. ext. work on stair : 00
July 11. " " ei-timatcNo.il.. .1,l.VJ0l)
Total to date 8!M.-ti7 :17
Orders have been drawn on general
fund on account of boiler-house and
steam heatiug apparatus, as follows :
Apr. 12. M. L. Ileem, on account iilaiin.Ax $"U0 (XI
June 7. T. Ai II Colwell. for extra work on
foundation ot bolter-liouec ytifiO
" Kornof & Hin, ailvertiMtii; .. .. 170
" " Kobt. Wilsou. purveying , 7 Ml
T. A II. Colwell, estimate No. 1.
(holler Iioune) :16!1M
July 11. T. II. Colwell, estimate No. a
(boiler house) SHOW
" " Itaker.Smith .V Co.ui-timatc No.l B.SUUOO
fS.lfil 67
Also, the committee have directed the
county clerk to draw orders on general
fund for work authorized by the board,
as follows :
Apr. . W.H.Titui.8ervicea dipt build-
Intra Tor month of March .HI 50
May 1. Soper A Kci'Tn, for veutilatinj;
roister for jail IS 00
" 1. W. U. TitiiK, for services ai supt.
for April W 50
June 7. W. H. Titus, for services an mipt.
for Mav "MM
II. A. Strecter. tank for jail 1H
C. Mitchell, work on jail
Jan. Kelly " " 7 00
All of which is respectfully sumbmit
ted, Geo. W. Armstrong.
Nath. McIntyre.
E. C. Eew"is.
S. S. Burgess.
Henry Bellingiiausen.
A. E. Beach.
Supervisor Stevenson, chairman of the
committee on complaints and abate
ments, submitted the following report,
which was on motion adopted :
Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of tht
Board of Supervisors : Your committee
on complaints and abatements would re
spectfully report that they have exam
ined the matter of the petitions of Simon
Bray, Dennis Lynch, James Clark and
Charles Waldron, of the town of Utica ;
and also the petitions of Thomas Davi
son and Michael Cummings, of the town
of La Salle, asking an abatement on the
assessment of certain lands for the year
lvc on the plea that said land3 were
rendered unproductive and useless by
reason of the overflowing of the Illinois
river. Your committee, after duly con
sidering the same, do not feel at liberty
to recommend any abatement, and
ask to be excused from the further con
sideration of the same.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
james W. Stevenson,
Supervisor Stevenson, chairman as
aforesaid, also submitted the following
report , which was on motion adopted :
Mr. Chairman aud Gentlemen of the
Board of Supervisors: Your committee
on complaints and abatements would re
spectfully report that they have ex
amined the matter of the petition of
Thomas Thompson, of the town of Wal
lace, asking the refunding of certain
taxes (claimed excessive) for the years
1S79, 1SS0 and issl. Your committee be
ing satislied that said excess arose from
an over valuation by the assessor, and
was undoubtedly an error of judgment;
they do not now feel authorized to med
dle with the same, and therefore recom
mended that nothing be refunded
All of which is respectfully submitted.
James W.Stevenson,
Supervisor Stevenson, chairman as
aforesaid, also offered the following res
olution, which was on motion adopted:
Itesolvcd, That the clerk of this board
oe authorized to assess any and all tracts
or parcels of land and all lots and parts
of lots that have been omitted by the re
spective assessors, and to assess them 011
the same basis as similar and adjoining
On motion of supervisor Dunavan it is
ordered that the committee on fees and
salaries fix the compensation for the
county agent for the ensuing year.
On motion of supervisor Fischer, it is
ordered that the election of county agent
be made the special order of business to
morrow afternoon at '2 o'clock.
Supervisor Lewis moved tnat commit
tee to settle with the county ollicers be
requested to inquire as to whether they
have settled with the coronor, and re
port to this board byto-niorrow morning.
On motion board adjourned till 9
o'clock to morrow morning.
Turn Hall, Friday, July 14, 188:1.
Board met pursuant to adjournment;
present same as yesterday.
Minutes of yesterday's proceedings
read and approved.
Supervisor Flaherty, chairman com
mittee on stationery, submitted the fol
lowing report, which was on motion
adopted :
Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of tlie
Board of Supervisors : Your committee
on stationary would respectfully report
that they have examined the matter of
the bills presented before them, and re
commend the following, and that the
clerk be directed to issue orders for the
several amounts to the several claimants,
Cullen & Sapp, for printing, Ac $ 150 W)
15 0X1
Unman & llapeman, for printing, &c 171 75
E. A. Nattink'er, for priutine; SH8
John GroHH, binding books, &c 4 25
Chicaiio Lentil Xewt Co.,Bradwell vols.D&lO 7 00
Culver, I'ajjcIIoync. ,t Co., dent'l reg'tr, Ac (I 00
" stationery fur
nished, m't claimed, SSStSi; ain't allo'd 77S 1:1
E. Y. Grl(!Ks. f,,r Htationery 14 15
All ot which is respestfully submitted,
Martin Flaherty, Chairman.
Supervisor Perkins, chairman commit
tee on court-house and jail, submitted
the following report, which was on mo
tion adopted :
Your committee on court-house and
jail claims would respectfully report that
they have examined all claims presented
before them, and recommend the pay
ment of the following, and that the clerk
be directed to issue orders for the several
amounts to the several claimants, to-wit :
Xame. For What Am't allowed.
Slier. I.eland. can ron'smd in Trean. olllce$ 10 20
Hamilton A Hill lard . lime 2 00
II. A. Ilutler, supplies for Treas. office. . . 1 55
Clifton House, boarrtini? jury 05 2"
J. G. Nattitieer. coal. Circuit Court room. It 70
(i. Mitchell, for Hennctt A Kialu.board.Jury 24 15
J. A. lloward, boardlnnjnry 34 20
W. W. Taylor, expense account 84 74
.1. G. Nattinjrer, coal for jail H.1 111
O. H. Button, work In Recorder's office.... 4 00
W. 11. Hull, supplies for jail 1 Ti
Geo. Mitchell, boarding iury MHO
Stewart A Hructt, work in county offices . . 1:1 70
J. M. French, awning Circuit Clerk room 25 00
W. II. Hull, supplies for jail 47 K5
Mrs. A. W. Mecay, metidinir anil making
shirts for jail 50
M. White, boarding jury 57 25
" ' witnesses 41 40
JohnMattlas, Recorder's office 75
Kcott Ilros., supplies Circuit Clerk s olllce (i B!l
Ottawa (Ins Co.. for jail water connect ions
and repairs on pipe in county office 7105
('has. W. Hoxle. supplies for jail 44 05
I. llnlme, boarding jury 1154
R. II. Trask. rep. clin ks In court room :I00
A. Lynch, supplies for jail Ill Ml
Tho". Clark, money expn'd from March 8th
to J illy 10th 120 05
Thos. Clark, mending for prisoners 14 40
" " washing for prisoners MHO
" jailacct.lrom Mar.tito JuljlO'84 1.105 50
$1,357 15
Thos. Clark, Sheriff, has also presented
bills for the earnings of his ollku to July,
amounting to $ 4.9 WHO
It has been the custom to allow these bills
and the money would be drawn Irom the
Treasurer and lay in Sheriff', hands un
til settlement was made with county of
ficer, w hen the amount in excess of sal
ary would be accounted for by Sherill ;
your committee find upon consulting
with Sheriff that he will need only about
$2 5U0 00 for expensed, and said am unt
ot JJ.MKlOO Is aiiout the balance which
would be due htm for six months. We
would therefore recommend that the
amount allowed on above bills of $1,-
!MtiOhi 2.500 00
0. M. Shaw, brooms HO
T. A. Smiirr. supplies for county offices . . 5 75
Kuttan M'f'ntr Co., use of furnace since
Mav Kith. 15 00
T. A "II. Colwell. reps.on Jail 1 05
E. Y. (irlges. supplies for county offices . 17 10
All of w hich is respectrully submitted,
L. Perkins,
Supervisor Hickok, chairman commit
tee on claims, presented the following re
port, which was on motion adopted :
Your committee on miscellaneous
claims would respectfully report that
they have examined all claims presented
before them, and recommend the pay
ment of the following, and that the clerk
be directed to issue orders for the several
amounts to the several claimants, to-wit :
Amt. Ami.
Xame. For What. Claim'il. Altmvd
L. W. Ilrewer. print'g briefs and
teleirnim $15 15 815 4.1
E. G. Mclntire. constable's fees . H (si H !
.. H 17 17
.. . 7 4,j 7 a
J. E. Walbridgp. J. P., " .. 8 75 .1 75
A. L. Hillmati, const. " 5 75 5 7.1
Tho. Iioyle, " . . 4M 4 11
Thos. Keys. " " .. 5(1 4 11
John Korristal J P.. .. :1M ll'i5
K. W. Weis. M. II , .. l i'do l!2m)
J. Mahcr. arresting horse thief lmiuo I'Ht'l
I). E. Tucker, coci-t. left 1 S5 1 til
J.. I. Witte. publish'ng proceediLgs
ol board and advtr 31 50 2 50
C. Zwanzlg. pub. assessor's notice 6 so 4 50
ii. B. Mr( aleb. J. P., fees 2 fit 2 Hi
N. W. L nderhill. J. P , 4 70 S 70
Jno. C. Walker, const. " :HJ 1 ."si
P. V. Srnvfl " :. !M 2
W. II. Wiley. J. P , " i M 2 MS
" i'rt
C. M. Reese. J. P.. 8 hi ti HI
Chas. Monroe, cont-t. " 4 VI 4 VI
Henry Il-ln.ig. J. P.. ' H 40 6 40
Kich'd Merrick, const. " 11 Vi :1V)
' 5 Oo 5 ii
V. B Weeks, J- P.. " 44 40 22 25
W. H. WilcT. ascor 12 12 u)
P. Morteson. const, fees 2142 12"l
J. W. Ih-an. livery to county house 3i :tl
II. RellinghauseD. serv. on com A ex 4 50 3 50
A Lowman. " " " 2 50 2 50
Wrtirht Adam. " " " 4 4 Ml
D. Kraher. arresting horse thief
S.P. Masoey aim
P. Mortenson. .Vm
cont. lets lo no . ni
Too. Barnes. 1 75 1 75
O. Clark. " 4 i 4 i
H1 1165
T. t arkin. Justice fees 29 75 121
O. F. !( I fold, " 3HIO II W
(Ontinnfi on ;ws i.)
i Kormurly City Uank of Eanie. Allen A Cu. )
l It. KAMKS Prenlrteui
K. C. ALLEN' Vice Prwlilenl.
li. L. LI MILKY Aalt. Outlier
Exchange on Chicago and New York
And ill the principal cltiia east ana won
Kxolimme on Kuulanil, Ireland, Scutlanil and all !:i.
portant poiuts In OntlneuUU Kurope, drawn In tuiu i to ml
purchase rs.
U. S. Hhvouuo Stumpor ah'lenom atlonicoD
atantly on hand and for sale.
TJnitoil Stntt-M Unmix, Local Scr.urltiei, Gold an
Silver bought and sold.
Hanking hour from a. h. to 4 P. M.
Jan. 12, ira (. L. LIS DLKY, Assist. Cathkir.
H. M. HAMILTON President.
L. I.KI.ANIl Vice PrualdMit.
JOHN F. NASH Caihle-.
Milton II. Swift, lircuio Lcland,
11. M. Hamilton, K. Y. OHkk,
W. Uuahnnll, ! John F. Nath,
Isaac Oajre.
!'.. .li.iiii;,. on ChlciiBn. New York, anil all the nnnclna'
Cltleeor me 1 lined Mines, ixmitni aim torn.
hixi'lnviiK" on f.nKmnil, Ireiami, bcoililtKl anu i.onu
npntjil KnriitM' drawn In sums tn suit.
Unitutt Suit IJoiuIm, Oold and Sliver hoUKhl
unit sold.
Our facllltlea are such that we can offer Inducements to
customers, and we sliaO use our eiMleavora to Kive satlsiac
ttnn to those entrusting u with their business.
Hanking hours from v a. h. to I p. m.
Oct. is. 1878. JOHN K. MASH. Cashier.
business OTarBfl
Ho foi lie M River Valley !
April 8. lWi-liiioa
Valuable Warehouse, Milling and Man
ufactuiing Property, in Marseilles, with
water power exceeding 100 horse power.
aprl5-tl' Keal Estate Agent
Dent, Chetijwut, Most Elastic and Durable I
CO., Dayton, 111. All the principal grades, Including
our HHamlt'fm rIVam Cnllrir. alwaya on hand,
and any grade or pattern made to order on ahort notice.
Send postal card lor descriptive price list. For Bale by
all principal harness dealers.
Aug. W. 1N7. A. F. DPN AVAN. Secy.
Lumber Yard
Near the Illinois River Bridge.
Black, Green, Purple, Royal lllue,
Orange, Ilrown, Violet,
Japan, Hod.
Ottawa, III.
May lith,
Patented Fchruary 15. 1HHI.
Indispensable to Merchants, Ship
pers and Producers.
The (iiiN)flt; frKiitc of thin rarrlir rontrtinn flvi tniyn, lifM
in piiirf iv itiHii'iHTH, hk Bi'i'n in nil. I im-m iray ar con
nrriiririi fn n-vfrMilth hfUvrs. Thr above rut ltiw him
whole tray flllnl raily to hta plarrit in chw, nidi f'tw rcxtlng
In lift f ArtlDOIITfl HOTKt'l III HIH'fl H IMIIIIIIfT UN IO 18 D'Atll!)
counted. c;iiMlU'i, or trnrrrml mun tray to tray, or aw
tocHw. without rWiunrlllnir
For roM Mtoruifp this raw will morn '-0 dozi'ii, with rark
niRtle i to rcrHvti tht' lm!f tray, hi-iire thin in the clit-apt-Ht
storntff mm' iminulAchirro, miviiik lurt-iv in iarf?.
Thr mnnii!r of hnliliiiK thr vui nn etui prrvnitfl ow llla
tlon. ft'ldhiitf, or hrrakiiKr, and mldo Kn-utly to thrir irrnh-
Iipha wnrn rarririi hhik hi morn'.
aSIr. of 30 dozen No. 1 r;u" &Uxl I, W-1kM 20 pound
h:i ks is mcAt.o.
Shipper' No. J, 30 dz. ( mm, with flilrraVoniplrtr, W rentR
Fanner'n IMdnz. " " " Virentn.
Cardlmard Filler for refllllritf. " " Wrmti
15 percent, dittcouiit on lots of IGOcanrn.
Hitfrheldrr KifK TiTrr, trMlnir Mozry at onre. to
hiivem man tlmm ItMrimt t'Arh Mennon. I'rire. U (JO.
rty perl Ml arrahpetiifiit made by th inaimrHfltirern of
mm ram moi i; i.jo.u.h win receive um-m hk loiirin ci
The H dozen rae made on per billy for Farmer ue, writ
to itiiy aiidrefta h exprcMH. w iThoiit iialllntc. with Hill direr -tlon
fur (tetttntr up, on receipt of ' rent. Kvery Farmer
ana ror)Kiimr fthoulil linve one or thene iw; It win save
if rortt every month. Atf-nt wanted In every county. Ad
Cv South Water St.. thlcaco.
(In ordering mention thla paper.) Jau'atJiiiioii
obtained far new invention; or for improvement!
on old onei.fnr medical or other compound, trad
mark! and laheli. Cacnl, AaignmenU, Inter.
ferenrei. Appeal!, Unit! fir Infringement!, and
all eatr! anting under the Patent .itr. prompt
ly aTrnnti tn. inrmnonm anna navr orn
Ily the Patent Of
let mav ttill, in
mn!t eaee!, be
pnUtitfl iy . briny viiputtte the, r. S. I'atent
Iepartment, and engitjje, tn Patent luiin'l! a
tluiirely, are can moke, timer lenrrha, and teryrt
l atent! more promptly, and with broader claim!.
ffirtn line wio are remme rnm IVcMAinjroia.
I i't'1 ti mod
el or ik't:h of
your drrirt; ict
make examination! and atiiue ae t patentability,
frf of charne. All torreto'md'nr etrirl'y con
f lentiil. pri'-'l hoc. and StU'll AlitiE t'Jf
We refer in. Wathin'iti.n, to ll m. Pnrtmarter
General V. -V. Key. F. . Pmrer, The firrmirn
American Fatiimol l ink, to "flriali in the V. 8.
Patent title, and to Senator! and Reprceentatirei
in Vrmyreu: and eipecially to our client! in every
Slat in the f'fon 4 in fonndrt. ' 'dm!
tv. T. DICKi-lV, No. HI N'lcouet House Itloek, Minneapo
lis, is prepared to furnish you with farms in the Valley,
froiii a treeelaiiu lo l.iiiu acres. Improved. Call or write fur
Information. All letters enclusinttainmp will receive prompt
reply. Investment made. W. T. 1HCKF.Y.
No. 10 Meullct House lllock. Minneapolis, Minn.
Will be kept at tlicir owner's stables, north
of the Hock Island Depot.
ir( mi-nov lie la a beautlliil ehcmnitt, one white f.K.t, lii hand Mt-'h, atnu B honrd and wiut.it 11 w
ataken Stallion ul llllnola Btale Y uir, li. and winner ot Champion Hold Medal at Karlvllle.
l'KhiiiHKK.-Slred hv Kuld'H Hojaltieorce. lie liy Hluck Warrior, lie hv Tlp'o, he by Oicden'a Ji: i(n.le li lu
ported Mewenm'r. Hiim. the O'Hrlen Mare rnee Wallaee'. TruttliiK lieillnter, ul. 1. iiteM.
H) Toit'a cult are very prumltlim ami H-edy.
Park hrouii. llrrdhy A. II. Taylor, (Iranpe Co., N. Y. Foali d tTI. Sired h) FlnrhU; lt ilani, hy (ioMmlth'a Vol
linteer; !il dam. hy lnilepeiidi ni-e. Klorlila, hy Kyml k'x llainWelonian ; dam, Klorlda Mailt, by liolilsimih'a oluntrer.
llVKdyk'a lhiiiihletonlan, lay Alirtalliih; lt dam, liarVa Kent Mure, by Imp. Hellfotinder; lid dam, ine Kje, hy lllnliup'a
lramfiletonlHii ; :ld dam, silvertall, bv liu. Meaaenper. Abdallah, by Mamlirln.i. on ot III p. MeMeniser: ilain. Amazo
nia, by Imp. MenaenpT. (iobUiiiltbV Volunteer, lv Kvwh k'a Ilambletouian ; in dam, Lady Patriot by Young Patriot;
id dam, I.i-wIh llule Mare. Yoiiiib l'atrlot, by Patriot, toil of Ulurher; ilain, by MesMiiKer Durov. aou of liuroe, son of
Imported MicaeiiKer.
W oodliuiy'e eolia are larue, liaudaome and ajivedy. Ilia Intireeding la a (treat eroaa on irocrt ruarea.
Hy C. M. I'luy. dr., (Strader'a.) Pant. Sue Lttuhrr, by Alexander's Norman. This Is on of the bei bred CiayaiaJ
lloiia In mil, anil bin colu tirlnu ood prlcea.
Hay home, foaled IH7I, bred by Sir I.. Newman, htiKland; Imported by 1). IV Wltbera. E".. New York. Sired hy Cr.
tor laon of Orlando and Veauvieniie, by (llaillaior). Iht dam, (jidy lloiiniil'ul. by Kataplan i Katnplan ta m a brother tia
Stock well, and winner of forty-two raeea. tncludliiK the Dnneaaler Cup and nlnrtwn Uiiern'a Platen, aud proved himselt'
the moat dlntlliKUlabed iaee bone of hiatlav In KiiKland ; ii diuu, Plentilul. by Hon .lolin (the winner of St. Leger and
Doneaatcr (upa): Sd dam, I'leulv, by Huy Mlddleton winner of the lurbv anil two tlound Kuluea atakral; 4th da an,
l'lenary, own atater to Ple!iloieiiilar)', hy Kinllliia I both Kinllliia and I'lrnlnotetitlary were Iierbf wlnnern); Sth dam,
Harriet, dam of Ihe renowned PlenlKiteiitiarv, by Pericles: 6th dam, by bellm (winner of thf one thouaand (tuinen
atakea); "th dam, by Pipy It mi, by Sir Peter: Ht la dam, Hally by Iruinpatrr; 9ih dam. Fancy, by Klorliel (Fancy waa full
atater to Ulonied, the II rut Derby winner In KiiKland, and after Ida importation Into thla country aired the llluatnoua Sir
ArchyV lmh dam. Staler to Juno, l,p Spectator; 11th dam. Slater to lloratlua. by Wank: l'.'th dam, by Cntldera; KUli
dam, Miaa Helvolr, by Orep (irantham ; lh dam, by Patiet Turk ; 15th dam, Hetty Perctval, by Leede'a Arablau ; lWh
'lMPOIlf kIj NT1SITPKU la n beautiful hay, atandlni; fully alxteen and a quarter handa hljih, of great length and aub
atatice, and deaceoria throuiih clone and atronK curri uta from the moat llluatrloua winners and w tnniat; llnea of Mood of
wb'eh'tlie FLellah Stud ilmik brara record.
A careful review of the Itrat alx croaaeaof the pedltrceof INTUI'DKU will ahow nine Derby winner: five St. Lejter
wlnnera- two wliinera ef the Oaka; two wlnnera of tlie Two Thoiiaaml (iulnean; two winner of the One Thouaand (ml
neajc one OmmIwimhI Cup winner; one Oaarwlch Cup Winner: one Cainbrldinnhlre Stakes winner, and fonr Doncaster
C'upa'. In adilltlon to a great lUimU-r of Steeple Clinaea and other race of lean Import.
INTKTDKIl. at the Kreat Fair he'd at St. Louis. Mo., lu 1H7H, w aa awarded the highest stallion honors the Hint liihhnn
ami the Fire. Hundred Hollar J'uris-ui tlie 8weewtakes ring for bialllonaof any age or Mooil. The Hat of competitor
embraced the large uumber of thirti lhrte animals, and they represented England, Canada, Kcnliic ky, Tennessee, anil
"'"ibgrand Stallion on large mares will produce "Teachers," the moat valuable and high priced horara low on tbe
market. He weighs 1,3(0 Ilia.
Byron, - - - - $50.00
Necly's Henry Clay, 25.00
Parting with mares or moving them out of the county that they are owned In at the time of aervlre forfeits the Insur
ance. Accidents nt owner's risk. Season from March 1st to July 1st. is!.
The records of these horees, with the very low prices charged for their (service, oni;ht to and will
convlnt'ts all lover" of ;ood htock thut it In ifrently to their interest to come and see them.
Taaturo for mares from a distance at t'A per month. Colts and Fillies, the eet of these hor.
?8 for sulu; also Short Horn Cattle and Essex
fraly yours.
tlttawa. 111.. April 29. 1BK2 -'Mm
llMllllMMslstMI'MBIilaMsMillilllll il I
:,- & 37 LaSallo Street.
iv! BSSIJ3H?i
I jlltJ JlU
Job Printing dooms
are prepared to furnish
an tils of unci
Oculist and Aurist
Who has practiced In thla city since lss,
may he cuiisuIuhI
On the first SatuMay .fra.li montk.
as tollows:
Satiiritiay "' If-.
ristunlay Auit. .1, lHHli
5aturlny tSept. VI,
Matunlay l.-fr 7, 1 MM-J
Satunlay Xov. 4. lfty
!turliy lw-. . la.
tilnthrrtim(asthtalata only place he visits pro-
fowlonalli I he may oe P'umi in v nnmp.
35 f asMoD St.. K. V. cor. Oearta.
pVl iv ppvd fen Holilera. amt Pencil Caaea.oi
llWLil' I ..10, th, (dmI and naoai smlreaalf
..111 itaTnan it Haviaaa'a naini i nrr no.it
VOTK, liKTTfclt. iD niLals-
X ..... 1 I m ant..MEI IM. hV li . W A . J
, . n n 1 " i"ui"m - - . -
HAPatM4 raaiTaADUOrvtoa.
ired Stallions
Woodbury, - - - $25.00
Imported Intruder, 25.00
Ottawa. Illinois.
The Oldest House,
The Largest Stock,
The Best Variety
Of Goods in this Line in La
Salle County.
Are prcaar! to do au kinds of
Gas and Steam Fitting.
Wrought Iron FijM, rixttirM, fitting!,
Ac, fnrnliatd at
a sx 3 asjo ssasB
FI KrajoL,!!! AND KHKHOll
STATION AKV-.....d $$Zmt3r
18 La Salle Street.
Wnt of u Coart Hon OtUva Ills.

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