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Dakota anil Red River Valley,
GtvlM limits f tasfcmewa tHnV
mm liouM Hlvsi MatrMS MAIL
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One-Third .More, Iteadine-'
Matter thi
Taper in La JSniie
The Oldest Newspaper,
The Ablest Newspaper,
The , Handsomest Newspaper
.The CHEAPEST Newspaper
li ike Ctignuitiu District !
OITI8 A CABinrtLT fkefakid
Important Foreign News,
General Domestic Newp,
General County Ncwf,
TP r,7? I
III the Courts,
The Supervisors,
Public Meetings,
And fitiiB an Park of &6 Comrty.
" No man ahoeld be allowed to von who dee Bet Ma a
wit one paper printed In his ow coanty." W tbtrnw.
Tfce Best Paper Published la LaSaUaOaaaaj
and Ceasing the Least Moaey la the
Tie proof of the podding Is In the cattac.
Take it Year and be Convincea
Ottawa, Wednesday, September 10, 1SSS.
Mr! al tJU foil OjHetat Oilmen, III., at Htcon
CUut MaU Malttr.
Arrival af the Prlaeeaa and II a a baa d
. la Chlrace-Hew the 11 areata aad
' . Wife Appear ta Aamerleaaa.
Chicaoo, Sept The special train bearing
the marquis Of Lome, Princess Louise, and
the party, arrived at Kensington at 7:30 this
morning. The train omnia ted of three drawing-room
and deepen, on hotel-car and a
baggage-car. The governor-general and CoL
po Wilton were the only Important members of
the party who were awake. Mr. W M. John
son, of the Pullman company, paid his respects
and weloomod the visitors. The private palace
ear. of. tha company was attached to the
train, whioh was then moved opto the Full
man station, Many residents of Tollman and
some strangers were at the station in the hopes
f getting a glimps of royalty. In this, how
ever, they were deceived. Disregarding the
evidences of welcome, In numerous flags and
a general holiday appearance, the princess
did not appear at au. The marquis and
Cul.'De THlton, piloted by. Mr. Johnson,
took eerriagee and spent nearly two hours in
inspecting-', the ear-works, hotels, and resi
dence of the city. -.At9:80 the party re-embarked
for Chicago.
" The train came in over the Rock Inland road,
end We met at the depot by Potter Palmer
add an- abundance of carriages. There has
been a great deal of quiet preparation going
' on in the hotel for several days, and whou the
distinguished party entered the Palmer house
1 K was under festoons of flags of both countries.-'-
Apartments including twenty rooms on
tb parlor floor awaiting their occupancy.
They were met and welcomed by CoL Tour
telotte, of Geo, Sherman's staff, who will be
' weir cm otai ooav wnus in we stoma, i uo
erty-eonristaof his excellency the marquis of
Lome. Princess Louise, Miss Harvey, Mies
O'NfrilyCol Itemteto, Cent Begot, Bogvt
Dn B.st arnette, a clerk, two'orderlies, and eight
'ervanta. '' -1
' The marquis of Lome Is a wholesome-looking
man of eeeminsly 86 years or thereabouts.
He at of middle height, a pronounced bloiule
s eompiexloo and slightly Inclining toward
oorpuleaoe. He Wore decidedly worse clothes
than any of- hia suite ana was absolutnly
sdouchyla eon tract with the miracle of tailor's
art in which Secretary Johnson turned out
His excellency wore a suit of olive drab
Bcotoh goods, the coat being much wrinkled
in the bick by wear. . His headgear consisted
of a wlde-brUD Alpine reit liat lie wore ins
watch-chain outside of bis coat, his timo-pioee
resting in his breast pocket Altogether be
wottldstrik one as an average Britisher on a
holiday toar. '
The princees was very chary of lotting hor
eolf be seen. Daring the stop at Pullman
uoue of the dozens of carious folks had even
a passing glance at her, and owing to Mr. Pal
mer's excellent arrangements she was almost
as amply hidden when she walked from car to
carriage. The passing glance, however, re
vealed a woman Inclined to flesh, with rathor
too mnch color in her face, aud blue eyes of
no particular expression. In an ordinary
throng she would attract no more attention
than the average matron of home or foreign
Captain Shaw, chief of the London fire
brigade, arrived in Chicago this morning, and
te quartered at the Grand Pacific hotel He
was warmly welcomed by his old acquaintance.
Fire Marshal Swenie, who took a great deal of
pride in exhibiting to him the improved lire
alarm apparatus at the city hall. The captain
said a vast improvement bad beon made sinoe
be was hore twelve years ago.
In the afternoon the party were shown the
workings of the Are department and insurance
patroL They leave to-morrow for San Fran
cisco, to sail for British Columbia
Chicago, . Sept 7. The marquis of Lome
and the Princess Louise, accompanied by their
suite, left this city at 12:15 this afternoon on a
special train, composed of the Isaak Walton
dining-car and the Inter-Colonial and Keway
din drawing-room cars. The Isaak Walton,
which has been chartered from the Pullman
company for the round trip to San Francisco
and return, is one of the class known as
"hunting" cars,and is a model of comfort
and elegance. The dining-car is very taste
fully furnished and is spacious enough to ac
commodate the entiro party at one table.
The Kewaydin" and "Inter-Colonial'' contain
the sloeping and drawing-room for the party,
and are furnished elegantly. A profusion of
beautiful flowers was noticed in the drawing
rooms of both cars. The princess was dressed
very modestly In a black and white narrow
striped silk traveling dress and a very becom
ing hat. with the colors red and black pre
dominating. After entering the depot the
princees stood for some time on tne piatrorni
familiarly chatting with different members of
the party, while the assembled crowd indulged
its curiosity to its fullest extent As the train
bulled ont of the deDOt the marauis and prin
cess stood on the rear platform waving their
adieus aud courteously acknowledging the
cheers of the people.
Omaha, Sept a. The marquis of Lorno and
arty were driven around Omaha yesterday by
ten. O. 0. Howard, and resumed their journey
at noon. The vice regal train will bo saluted
at Forte Kidney, Russell and Steele. The
partv will spend Saturday night at Sherman
and Huiiilay night at Ogdon, visiting Salt Lake
en the return trip in October.
Excarelon to Chicago.
On Sept. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 16, 17, 18,19, SO, 21,
23, 23, 28 and 29, and Oct. 7, 10,11, 13,14,
19, 20 and 21 the C, B. & Q. R. R. will sell
excursion tickets on account of the Intbr-
Utatb Exposition for 3.25 for the round
trip, which Includes admission to the expo
sition. These tickets will be good for return
passage to Include each following- Monday
T. H. Marvin, Agent.
' Wine Physicians Outdone.
It is generally considered a pretty difficult
lasK to eutao a pnysician, out me ioiiowing
will conclusively prove where nine were com
pletely out-done. Mrs. Helen Pharviz, 331
Dayton St., Chicago, UK, was treated for
Consumption by nine physicians, King's New
Discovery for Consumption complotely cured
her. Doubting ones please drop her a postal
and convince yourselves. Sold by O. Gehring.
Trial bottles free. (4)
Griggs's 01veerlne Salve.
Tho best on earth can be truly said of
Orlggs's Glycerine eaive, wnicn is sure cure
for cuts, bruises, scams, burns, wounds, ana
all other sores. Will positively core piles,
tetter and all skin eruptions. Satisfaction
guaranteed or money refunded. Only 25
cent, jror saie Dy an aruggists.
Tot World Still Moves.
Notwithstanding Mother Sainton's dire pre
diction, the world still exists. The people
will live longer if they use Dr. Bigelow's Posi
tive . Cure, which subdues and conquers
coughs, colds, consumption, whooping
cough, aad all diseases of the lungs. For
proof call at your drug store and get a bottle
tree. - iaj
Illinois SUte Fair.
Frem September 24th to 30th Inclusive, the
Chicago, Rock Island A Pacific road will sell
excursion tickets to Peoria at f3.05 for the
round trip. Tickets good to return on or
before October 1, 1882. All articles for exhi
bition at the fair will be charged tariff rates
one way prepaid, and will be returned free to
point of shipment on presentation of secre
tary's certiucate, showing that there has been
no change of ownership. I
Cui'ioaitie mt JLuxary.
youth's Companion.
. The Roman fortunes," says The Quartorlj
Rovlcw, in an interesting articlo oil luxury,
"would not ho thought extraordinary at 'Lon
don, Paris or New York." But t'.io methods by
which nomii of these okl Romans mndo for
tiinos would bo thought extraordinary eveu hj
a modern "Twoed ring."
A patrician demagogue, knowing that popn
larity led to powor, and power to woalth, le
gan by spending a fortune. Ho borrowed
from whoever would lend, or ran in debt to all
whom ho could porsuado to trust hiia
Ciesnr owed one million five hundred thou.
sand dollars before he lllled any public ofuoo.
Cicero borrowed so much money that his debts
frightened him. "I would bo willing to con
spiro, if any ono would auoopt mo," bo wrote
to a friend. Ono of his modem defenders ar
gues that ho did not owe more than a Roman
of rank ought to owe.
If a II inuu gained popularity ho as to lie ap
pointed pro-ooiisul of a conquered kingdom,
then be began to "realine." His opportunities
were good, and ho made instant two of them.
One Itoinan co-.isul made a display of honesty
by denpiitchiiig au niioniioiiH sum of gold and
silver with au escort. Tlien lie eiuixed tiie es
cort to lie murdered, mid tho money found its
wav i :i to his Htrong-lKix.
Tho rich liomnn knew that to savo was to
Invito proscription, llo therefore lived on
his capitsL "All, woo is mel" exclaimed
a riiizeii. as lie saw his nnmo posted
among the list of the lirosorihod. Mt it
my Allian villa that is my (loath. "
Conquest, the inmicnro tenure of property,
and tho iirccariousnoHri of investment, hegal
the hahit of luxurious prodigality. "Easy
como, enxy go," was as true in ltoman days as
it is in the modem times.
Lnxurious banquetH wore giveu, at which
wore served up ruro oirus oroiigiic iruiu ins
tant countries, and llxh whoso extraordinary
Fisnmade them cost two hundred dollars each.
Ouo of Liiculliis' private support! coit seven
thousand dollars, and mice, when his cook had
taken less pains on account of thoabsonee of
guests, he said, "Did you not know that Lu
culliia supped (his evening with LucuIIub?"
Homo yo:irs ago a banquet was givon at Dol
monico's, New i'oik, to Bir Morton l'eto, at
which wero laid one hundred plates at fS0 a
pluto. The same caterer presided over a
famous feast known ns the grand swan din
ner, becsiiHO in the center of the tablo was a
miniature luko, in which swans wero swim
ming. The lato Baron Jamos do Rothschild had an
establishment at Paris, in which wero sepa
rate departments for soups, sauces, roasting,
frying, vegetables, sweets, eta Sevonty-two
: persons wero employed m mo uitcnous aim
, the wine cellars.
i The baron onco gave a feast at his contitry
: seat to Louis Napoleon. The quantity of game
' provided for tho guests' shooting was enor-
U.JIU A story assorts that a parrot, disguised
I as a partridge, fell beforo the imperial gun,
I crying "Vive 1 omperourl"
I I'lUico Nicholas Eetorhazy, who diod owing
1 nine million dollars, was even more of a grand
! seignour in his entertainments than tho baron.
The emperor of Austria, being a guest at his
rich subject's chateau, a bunt on a magnili
cent scale was organized in his honor. Ester
hazy's grand hnutsman specified the game as
it fell before the royal gun. "Hare, your maj
esty." "Pheasant, your majosty." And
without the change of a muscle or a
tone, "Lord high chamberlain, your majosty."
Louis XTV. of France held that the mora
money was spent in any way the better, as it
gave employment and promoted trade. But a
French writer, who saw clearer than the
money-spending king, defines lflxury to bo
that which destroys the product of many days
of labor, without bringing any reasonable! sat
isfaction. "That qnecn of the ball," he writes, "is
destroying in the whirls of tho waltz a flounce
of lace worth two thousand dollars ; there goes
the equivalent of fifty thousand hours of toil
destructive of eyesight: and what advantage
has been drawn from it?"
A Tall Fish Mtory.
A fish story oomos from the vicinity of Sea
Girt, N. J. It is stated that one day the family
of a much-rospected clergyman living in a cot
tage near that fashionable resort were without
meat and fish for dinner, and were driron to
the probability of having to dino on cabbngo
and other vegetables. About 10 o'clock in tho
morning a large fish-hawk was soon to swoop
down to tho soa and riao with a fish in its
beak. It is well known that this is tho manner
in which the fish-hawk does his marketing,
and, having thus secured his prey, takes it
homo to his wife and children in their nest on
top of a high tree. It so happenod that this
fish-hawk nad caught too lare a fisli. It was
a ten-pound bluettsh, aud it struggled vio
lently for liberty when captured by the
hawk. Presently, just as tho hawk was Hying
over the poor clergyman's back yard, the fish
got the hotter of him and hit the hawk such a
poworful blow with his tail that the hawk was
glad to lot him drop. Tho fish suddenly de
scended among tho clergyman's wifo and
daughters, who were sitting in tho fdindo of a
troe outsido the kitchon and preparing their
frugal meal They accopted the fish as a gift
from heavon, whence, indeed, it soomod to
have come, so unexpected and startling was its
desoent from above. The clergyman's family
called in two or three of their 'neighbors and
enjoyod with them a substantial fish dinner.
The poor fish-hawk had to make other pro
vision for hiB family in the treo-top. This is
only a fish story, yet it is said to bo vouched
for by several excellent and trustworthy
How Hlnncrtt Hhould Live.
Women singers, especially in the country,
aro adicted to three habits which are equally
prejudicial to them as singers. These three
habits may be described as the habit of taking
irregular and insufficient food, tho habit of
tight lacing, and the habit af eating candy. I
know half a dozen bright American girls, who
have roally excollent prospects as singers,
whose voices are already bcginuiug to betray
the fact that their owners live on "lunches"
and "candy" rather thau throo squaro meals a
day. It is very cortaiuthat there novcr will
be any tone to the voice that comes from an
insufficiently and irregularly nourished liodv.
On the enbloct of tight lacing a book might be
written with case. Many a ffirl who now finds
great difficulty in taking a high note might do
so with comfort if she would only givo her
self coora to breathe. Iu brief, it may bo
truly said that no teaching however able, no
industry or talent however great, in tho pupil
can amount to anything unless the wouhl-bo
singer is content to live a good, honest, hoalth
fullifo, trusting to common-senso rules of
living, and plenty of fresh air rather than to
quacks and nostrums. If vocal teachers, be
fore commencing their lessons, would take
the trouble to find out how the pupil lives, aud
would refuse to give any instruction until tho
pupU was ready and willing to conform to tho
simplest rules of hygiene, a great many
troubles, ospocially throat troubles, wonld bo
avoided, and tho act of singing, instead of
being a painful, miserablo, ear torturing ef
fort, wonld be easy and as pleasurable to the
singer as to the listener. The rules of life,
winch the student should observe, are just as
iniHrtant for the singor, private or public; if
anything they are more bo, for the strain is
greater. One thing is certain, the reliability
of a singer depends absolutely on the method
and manner of life.
Lonisvillo Courier-Journal: At the dinner
given President Arthur by Cornelius Vandor
bilt, the walls of the room wore hidden from
view by flowers, and at each plate were twelve
glasses and a t'& bouquet So many flowers,
seen through so many glasses, must have boon
a big panorama for Chester.
A bonfiro was made of the finery from tho
wardrobe of a woman who had become a con
vert to Free Methodism, iu Tennessco, and an
enthusiastic uie iug of prayer and praise was
hold round the f-iiuua.
It seemi to sa'isfv a f.imllv want, and I
won-ler how I evr eot alone without Psrl
er's 'Jinctr Ton; -. It cured me of nervous
nrosu-ation, and J bave used it sinco for all
sort of complaints In our family.
MRS. jinks, ainany.
Bob ToombH and Henator l.nmnr Make
l'l Over the Jrive of Heii lllll-A
Htnry or l.nrlu IHrklnHOti.
Yes," said my friend, "Hourly everybody is
gone out of town. Tho president is away, all
his cabinet ministers aro away; ('oiimiisxioiipr
Raum ix up iu Maine making speeches, and
even hii ehiof clerk, 'Hell-aud-Texus Clark,
is uivuy for tha remainder of the month."
As wo stood there, F street did look deserted,
butjtmi tlieii Senator lieck came ulo'.ig with a
bundle under his arm and shook hands with
"I am going this weok euro," said ho, put
ting liis bundle in Clay Goodloe's wagon, "and
and if you boys will come and have a julep wo
can le d a bit over it, much better than stand
ing here with our backs aguiust au iron rail
ing." Tho talk full upon tho funeral of Senator
Hill, niul Mr. Beck suid it was pluin to lie seen
that while a great many of tliu people of
Georgia did not like Hill, they were all proud
Of bis intellect
"I didn't look at him," said Mr. Beck j "I
never look at dead people when I can help it
I jiiHi passed by tho cufiln: so I don't know
how lie looked horribly unnatural, Senator
Aim gnu torn me."
"iiWKsa liiuo for burying aniiiiosiiies," bo
eoiitlMiiod. "A great many were put out of
sight in Hen Hill's grave. Boh ToombH and
Hi'tintor Laiiuir bad not spoken since Lamar iu
tho house delivered his eulogy of Charles
Sumner. I knew all uhout it, aiid it seemed
to mo absurd 'hat two mou, each holding to
an idua lie had a perfect right to entertain,
should be so near together and not speak; sol
suid to Lumnr, 'Come to my room; Toombs
wains io see von.
" 'No ho don't,' said Lnmnr. 'Ho hus uo use
forme ou aro niistiiken.'
" i ten you lie does, lie asked tr you were
iiere, a. hi i gave jauinr a lulKing to lor Hold
ing out with his differences. I told him that
Toombs was au old man, would piohnhlv ho
oead in a yenr, and it was folly to keep up tho
estrangement. So I.umar went iu with me.
and sboi llv after wo wore nil three riding about
.i. ..:.... c. ....... I,.... i 't- i...
uiii-v niiiim-iioiui uiunn, uuu Auuiuun nita
as hsiiiiV ns a clam."
Hpu'iUng further of Toombs, Mr. Beck told
how hu took prido m holding out t!-3 bill of
fare, and s.iying: "See! vou all put on your
glasHes to lend it, and f cm read it without
let they say I am blind, or will be very soon,"
and lie talked on about his eyes, winch are
reallv of very little uxo to him,' saying that ho
had lived so long and had so iiiauy things
come into his life that ho could nliut bis eyes
aud see more than iho voung fellows could
with theirs open. Ho tout how the oculists in
Paris and New York had advised him to per
mit no operation with the knifo so long as ho
could eu at all, and ho said, nut without a
glimmer oi" fun: "D u 'em, do you know I
believe I will die before I go blind, and uo fool
'email yct.J
Tlf Mmp-Hilu lub.
Detroit Free Press.
Do man who cxpocks leas' of de world am
do one who lias do fewest complaints," said
the old man as the sound of rattling hoofs died
away in tho hall. "De man who imagines dat
frieudnhip will borry money at do bank am
doomed to disappointment My friend may
lend mo his shovel, but ho expecks me to, re
turn hit hoc iu good condishun. Ho may in
quar' in ter my wife's health, but it doan' fuller
dat I kiu turn my chickens into his garden.
If I am sick I doati' cxpeck de world
to stop moviu' right 'long. If my nex'
doah nay bur whispers to my wifo dat he am
williu' to sot np wid my corpse ho am
doin' his full duty. If I am in want
dat's nufHn' to do peoplo who have plenty. If
1 am iu trouble, ihu s liutuii to people who
liavo stinthin' to rejoico ober. Do world owea
mo only what I can aim. It owes mu room to
pans to anil fro, space for a gravo, an' sicli a
a funeral as do olo woman kin pay fur an'
koep ile bin full o' 'tutors. Da woild's friend
ship reduces a man to rags as oiumi a.-i clonics
him in fine raiment Do world's .ympiitliy
blisters a man's back as ofteu as it warms his
heart Do world's charity excuses tho crime
of a hoss-thicf an' am horror-stricken obor do
stealin' of a loaf of bread by an orphan. Do
world promises ebeiytliiu' au' performs only
what am convenient.
"De man who relios on de honosty of de
puhlio instead of do vigilance of a watch-dog
will havo no harvest apples fur salo. De mau
who pauses at each stage of his career fur da
world to applaud or condemn will become a
foot ball fur all men to kick. Expect uo
friendship to las' beyond tho moment whon
vou want help. Expect no sympathy to on
dure longer dan it takes fur tears to dry. Ex
pect no praise from men in do samo trade.
We will now contiuuato towards da usual pro
grammy of business."
The New Htyle of Veniiiaimhlp.
Indianapolis Review.
And now a new stylo of penmanship is
threatened. It is to bo plain up and down,
legible, ; and unornanicntal. Styles in chi
rography aro tho peculiar property of women.
Among men individuality lias something to do
with handwriting. Each one creates his own
stylo after mastering the first principles of tho
art The stroko of his pen reveals his idontity
as unmistakably as his voice, his walk, his fig
ure or his face. But women iu penmanship
are like they are in dress. They aro so dis
tressingly afraid of being peculiar or
original that they all pattern after ono model.
An imitation of tho English style of penman
ship has beon taught our school girls until
every woman writes ft hand like a high
churchman's a stylo that allows a dozen
words to sprawl tlio'mselves all over a sheet of
Eaper big enough for an editorialist to write
is longest and strongest articlo upon. How
ever much stylo and uplondor there mny be
about it this kind of a list is diflicult to de
cipher, and wasteful in tho matter of time and
stationery, and withal unhandsome. All read
ers of manuscript will rejoice that it is threat
ened with expulsion and an older and better
stylo promised in its placo.
Ottrar "Wilde and Mayor htokley.
New York Tribuuo.
Oscar Wildo was complaining at Capo My
tho other day of tho high prices of tilings in
this country. "My glovos, for example," ho
said, "which I might have bought for a dollar
in Loudon, cost fi.50 hero." "So they ought,"
exclaimed ox-Mayor Stokley, of Philadelphia,
who was in tho room, "they aro luxuries."
"Luxuries, sir?" eohood tho Rtslheta, in wida
eyed amazoment; "do you call gloves lux
uries? How would you go on tho Btreot, how
conld you travel iu the railroad ears, without
gloves?" "Do you see theso hands?" returned
Mr. Htokloy, warmly; "before I became mayor
of Philadelphia I worked so hard at my shop
that my hands became all covered with corns
that von might havo cut with a knife; and
those hands, sir, have never had a pair of
gloves on them. And you talk alsmt work!
Whv, it's good for you! I'vo worked nearly all
mvlife, aud I weigh 2"J pounds." "I will
take your word for it, Mr. Mayor; I will tike
your word for it," gasped tho horrified ipstliete,
and he lot the subject drop; but afterward ho
made some minnto inquiries about Mr. Stok
ley's career, with a view to basing thereon a
chapter iu his foaheoming book on America.
Louisville Courier-Journal: A Chicago wo
man agreed not to prosecute tho mau who ap
peared on tho street in her dead husband's
clothes if tho wearer would marry her. Such
is tho power of lovo in Chicago.
The lati-st cfiniMsitioii by theauthor of "See
that My Grave is Kept Green" is a petition to
be pardoned ont of tho Indiana state prison,
where he is serving a term of two years fo.
Remember the rh;lalf'j,Hi Sh llcitr
when in neel of boots aud fThm.-. Every va
ricty of style or quality at the lowest posab
We price.
hat the Wild Waves Are Saying
Also, What Jenkina Haa to Bay
, About Society People.
UortrflotM Dlxplays of Diamonds and All
Norte of Ladles' Finery.
New York, Sept 5. New York "society," as
such, seems to be entirely domiciled at New
p. irt. The Sim says : The dinner parties that
havo boon . given in Newport in honor
of tho chief magistrate of the nation
have boon . to the last degree stately
aud magnificent And whereas In the early
t of tho season the ladies seemed to have
abandoned the long trains and abbreviated
wuiste of tho winter season, and appeared in
short costumes, with high or short necks,
every ono now goes in trailing skirts, with no
waists or sleeves to speak of; and the charms
which are thus not unfrequently mads evi
dent tilled iu with pearls and diamonds of
rare beauty and almost priceless value.
At the dinner given at Fair Lawn by Mr.
aud Mrs. Ellis the flashing of jewels in the
ladies' hair and on their dresses added not a
little to the effect oa the beautifully-decorated
table, whioh was laid in the largo ball-room,
an apartment with deep alcoves and rich
hangings, well kndwn to the Newport world
when the house was oeeuDied bv Mr. Mortro.
On this occasion Mrs. Aster was gorgeously
attired iu a dress of rose dschjne and silver
brocade, with ornaments of pearls and dia
monds. Mrs. B-ernocaan wore peari-coioreu
satin, low-necked and short sleeves, with a
profusion of diamonds .on neck, and arms.
Miss Bockwith's perfectly-fitting gown of
paie pint satin ana nine was extremely preuy
and becoming, as was also Mrs. W. W. Aster's
simple costume of white and siWer.
. At Mrs. Paran Stevens' dinner and reception
on Tuesday evening, the hostess was very be
comingly dressed in black, with trimmings of
blue ostrich feathers, aud ornaments of dia
monds. But. among the profusion of
jewels worn by married ladies in Newport
this year, none are so noticeable as those of
Mrs. Frederick W.. Stevens, whose pearls
might be coveted by an easternprinoees. They
have boen collected with great care and at
long intervals, of course quite regardless of
cost, and each pearl is said to be absolutely
perfect as to shape and color.
The reception following the dinner at Mrs.
Parah Stevens' was an exceptional! pleasant
ono. as many interesting people were gath
ered together, and there was an absolute free
dom from stiffness and restraint Among the
notabilities who were present was Count Fits
James, who claims to be the last of the
Stuarts, and a lineal descendant by the left
hand of James II of? England, the celebrated
duchess of Borwick being in some way in
cluded among his materualancestry. .
The Tribune says: "The cottage season, far
from being over, is now only at its height,
Very few residents have gone away, and al
most every cottage is full of guests who have
come to onjoy the beach after the hurly-burly
of the crowded hotel season is past And
there roally is no time in all the year whon
Capo May is more beautiful, more com
fortable, and in all respects more en
joyable, than during : these bright, sunny
days of the early autumn. The surf
bathing, too, is now at its very best, and the
lnni ting season is opening, the crack of fowling
nieces already beinir heard all over the mea
dows and along tho creeks. Evening parties,
private theatricals and musicales, germane
aud dancing, and similar means of enjoyment
uro now in vogue, instead of the more preten
tious and crowded hops, concerts and lawn
parties oi tne earuer season.
Combustion Without JFIaaae.
Amorican Architect
A now theory of combustion was practically
illustrated by Mr. Thomas Fletcher, of War
rington, England, at a soiree of the Society of
Chemical Industry, at Owons college, the re
sult being so totally ' unexpected that many
would, and in fact did, go away with the iin
prossion that some deception was being prac
tised. Mr. Jacob Reese, the inventor of tho
lleeso fusing disc, haa stated his belief that if
it wero possible to produce combustion with
out fiauie tho temperature and duty obtained
from any fuel would bo enormously increased.
Mr. Fletcher not only has proved the possibil
ity of ttauicloss combustion in more than one
form, but also has demonstrated practically
the ciiornvmuly high temperatures which can
Uo obtained By tins means.
Tukinir a ball of iron wire about throo
pounds in weight, Mr. Fiotchor placed it on a
slab of fire-clay, and directing a blow-pipe
ilaiiio on it for few seconds, ho suddonly blew
tho thime out The temperature increased so
rapidly that in a few seconds the wrought-irou
fused and ran into drops, and the temperature
was steadily maintained. Tho room was
darkened, but the closost examination did nut
show a trace of name, although the fact that
the gas was burning was proved by repeaiouiy
n lii'litiiiL' and extinguishing it The same ex
periment was repeated in another form by
directing tno nauiuiesa neat uuu a buibii
fire-clay chamber, iu which a refractory
clay crucible, mado especially for nickel
melting, was partially fused and worked
into a ball like soft putty, the sides of
tho fii o-el.'iy chamber being at tho same timo
fused. Tho heat was so great that the blow-
ipo laboratory, which was given up to Mr.
letcher for tho evening, was much too hot to
ho agreeable, ill spite of tho windows and ven
tilators. How far this discovery can be
utilized remaius to bo soon, but it would ap
pear that the prosunco of flamo, usually con
sidered to be a sign of combustion, is really au
indication of imperfect results, aud tho Lost
duty is to be obtained only when flame is
totally absent It is certain that such tem
peratures as those obtained by Mr. Fleteher
without llamo have never previously been ob.
tiiiuod with tho fuel used, which was nothing
nioro than a small gas-supply for a quarter
iucli pipe, assisted by au air-blast
The Mtai'H ami Ntripen Uood Knoug-h
for Ulnx.
Philadelphia Times.
Tho ridicule cast upon the now.fangled de
vico tho president's flag recalls an anecdote
concerning bluff old ironsides Farragut
When Vice Admiral Porter was in high feather
in the navy departmout, during Graut's earlier
Hdmiuistratioii, and hadjiisoye on tho possible
succession at some day to tho chief command
of the uavv, ho brained ont an ensign for the
admiral, w ho at that timo was the hero Farra.
gut. Tho standard was an odd-looking affair,
and suggested the British cross of St George
as nni'-li as anything. Tho first timo tho now
llai,' was raised on shipboard over the
lic-iul of tho old sea dog the victor at Mobile
and New Orleans tho nondescript color
cuiiht his eye at once. Pointing up to the
Hag? so the story goes, he angrily demanded:
" lot do you call that gridiron thing np
tliere:" KuinelHidy told him that it was the
newly devised admiral's flag.
"W ho ordered it to bo hoisted?" ho again
He was informed that Vico-Adniiral Porter
' "- l ake that rag down at once," he thundered
"The stars and stripes are good enough for
Admiral Porter's gridiron came down with a
run, and Ibis was the first and last time it was
ever unfurled.
Louivi!lo. Courier-Journal: A Chicago wo
man agreed not to prmocntn the man who ap
i, if .don tiie street iu her dead husband's
'lollies if the wearer would marry hor. Such
is the pow '-i- of lovo in Chicago.
I wonder if ever a song was sung,
lint the singer's heart saiig sweeter?
I woiid.tr ir ever a rhyme was rung,
. I'..it the thonght surpassed the meter?
1 wonOer if ever a sculptor wrought
Til! the cold 'stone echoed his ardent
i thought?
Or if evon a painter, with light nd shade.
The dream of hi inmost soul betrayed?
My wifo said I was a fool when I brouebt
tnme a bott'e of Parker's Ginee r Tonic But
when it broke ap my couch, drove away her
ncuraicia ana cared baby's dysentery, she
thought I had made an excellent lives talent
071113 I3E8T
IT acta dlrtclly on the A'l..irii. iirrr ana Hnmlt. re
tortng them H oneetohosltiiy acilun. llt'N I'H HEM.
EUY a safe, mre and siny cure, unri lumitrf ill have
UoUltril to having; Iwn run-J by II, when pin k'lni
anil friends hmi trlvcn them up to die. lu nut uclay,
but try at once HUNTS KKMKDV.
HUNT'S RKMKDY enres all Diseases of
the Kldneya, Hlmliler. I'rlnnrv ormiiH. I)ror. tlravel,
IliAbetca, niul liicuntineat'onuu Kctcntiuuuf ('Hue.
HUNT'S REMEDY cure Pain in the
Bv k or Loins, (If nerai Debility. Kematr IJIx-niwn, Dis
turbed Sleep, Leas of Appetite, llrlitnt's OlH'iue, and all
Complaints of the Urlno-Ucullal Organs.
HUNT'S REMEDY quickly Induces the
Liver to healthy action, rcniovlnu the CHiines that pro
duce BIIkmis Headache, l)fK-ln. Sour blolimcli, Cos
tlteness. Piles, &k.
ny the use or HUNT'S REMEDY the
Stomach and IlotreU will speedily regain lliulr strength
aud the Wood will be nuifuctly purltlvd.
HUNT'S REMEDY ts pronounced by the
. best doctors to be Hie atifv cure fur all kinds uf kidney
HUNT'S REMEDY I purely vegetable.
and ts a sure euro for Henri Disease and liheumatlsui
when all other medicine falls.
HUNT'S REMEDY la prrpnred expressly
for the above diseases, and h.i never been known to
One Trial will convince you. For sale
by all Druggists, bend for l'nmplilct to
HUNT'S REMEDY CO., Providence, E. I.
l"rloo, TO 'tn. nml $l.!fS.
MADE ONLY 111' Purn Grtvpo Crenm Tnrtcr,
Finest Bi-Curbonato of Kodn e nd W bitee of Kpgs.
t io.ooo ronrEiTKD if rtni otiieiswixe.
thau any other Bnklnu Powder In the world.
Trial packagosent for a 3o stamp. Hold by grocers.
Various Causes
Advancing years, care, sickness, disap
pointment, and hereditary predisposi
tion all operate to turn tho hair gray,
and either of them Inclines it to shed
prematurely. Ayek's IIaih Vigor will
restore faded or gray, light or red hair
to a rich brown or deep black, as may
be desired. It softens and cleanses tho
scalp, giving It a healthy action. It
removes aud cures dandruff and humors.
By its use falling hair Is checked, and
a new growth will bo produced in all
cases where tho follicles are not de
stroyed or the glands decayed. Its
effects are beautifully shown on brashy,
weak, or sickly hair, ou which a few
applications will produce the gloss and
freshness of youth. Harmless and sure
in its results, It Is incomparable as
a dressing, and is especially valued
for tho soft lustre nud richness of tone
it imparts.
Ayek's IIaiu Vigou is colorless;
contains neither oil nor dye; and will
not soil or color white cambric; yet
it lasts long ou the hair, and keep
it fresh and vigorous, imparting ua
agreeable perfume.
Tor salo by all druggists.
hnatniisa nun hnfnre the tllllllln. Vott
can make money faster at work for
Ul Winn Ul itllYI.IO.K cibu. v.l..M uu.
needed. We will start you. tlSaday
aSS- BHBl BHU U0WNr.li, ii.nuc n. ii.miiv 'j ,uc m-
dustrious. Men, women, hoys and girls wanted everywhere
so work for ns. Now Is the time. You enu work In spare
time only or dive yonr wnoie nine hi tne misincm. i ou can
iivm mt. hum.) mii.i Hi, the work. No other business will nay
yeu nearly as well. No one can full to make enormous pay
made fast, eaay and honorably. Address iuu Co.. Au
gusta. Maine. ..Bovl-W
or enKSKinx ar once. iiMnyuuir-inimwriiiBiion. muua
- "i ... . 1 'a j',rr.-vi1JiMii' ir ..rai. e I
Having Agricultural Implements needing repairs will And
It to their Interest to ulve m a call.
Of every description made to order. Wurks near Madison
irwv unuKv, uiuiwa. iiuiiuib.
April U. ltW. Novelty Maohine Woplte.
Sept. 18, 19, 20, 21 ana 22, 1882.
Tais Fair hoi A'mr taken a Sttp liaekmtnlt.' AU
itvyt to tho J-'ront, viih the Bst fgxh of.
Cattle and the Finrxt fi;i mi
wul Xativf llorart!
Unexcelled in all Departments!
The Association has erected ene of tiie finest FTORAli
HALLS In the state, and It pninilsus to be ailed with the
nicest thlnni tn that deoartoieut.
Vnorm-o RACES! ,:IN'S!cycl
tr Special Kicnrslon Trains at reduced rates. Send for
l'rsuituui list.
WaH.H.HOLDB.n.;E;iit 0-7jeg.

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