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iHeur drrrttgrratutfl.
Cor. I.tifuyctto and La Salle Sta.,
t..ll..',.l lli.nl.' Mamicnts Neatly I ! Rml ClcB
x'd. All work done In lire last possible maimer, t very
1AIW TKlUbB fciOUOII Sl'Ill I' V'i". I"-""' l-"""l
At a depth of 400 ft. lielow the
surluce, is Tim iit,
and therefore
" TI1I0 Coal U nronounwd hjr all who Imre burned and
Ik. ...... ..I. If l.Mt.'ll (I 111 lUt
.'Soft Coal In tliu market. It produces less smoke, no
BUS U SJWIlK Ol, B1II1 COIIIHII1S IIO .llipiltll "I nil-
dcrs. points of excellence lHisscsscd
Of La Saltc or Sti-rafor Coals offered here, making the
bought I" Ottawa.
Sold in Ottawa only by
Office at Columbus Street Bridge.
Dealer in Hard & Locey Coals.
Orders run also be led lit Burke Bros., or lit Mr
Burke's residence, corner of Jackson ml Plue streets,
West Ottawa.
Ottawa. July 8, llK!.
41IH1AU Kirft. l(UUOIIi!H,i',
Carriage Factory.
Good Carrlaci'S. Top anil Open Buggies. Slide Scat
Buggies. Two-seal iiion nuityll'a. Light VingoUB,
sulkies, . i'n And Hum at ihl fac
tory, all of hi. own make, of Hie
Best Material anil In the Most Approved
Btvle and Finish, ail Warranted Bnd lor inle at
Low prices. Alio make to order such an are wanted.
Repairing done promptly; painting, trimming wood
and Iron work.
Carriage and Wagon
On Main Street, near Fos Elver Bridje
Manufacture all kinds or Cahhiahb. Toe and
Ops Hrooiss. various stvl"S of ' and Two-
Also have a larg. assortment always on hand Hrat
elsss Kabsbh" wo,n always on hand
All our work 1 warranted, ; nd nsi! !' 'i:' tr. n
Vtrlal, anil will he ao'd a low aa-n1 and reliable work
can h sold M.
Wenmpiova tlrst-class Trimmer aril a.e prepared
tar all kind. 'ftop-wnrk and repairlnn at hort nollee.
Call and nee our atock of :arnBr. Hurl' and
Wagon, bufure burlKK. HILL KOUMtlAU.
Union Carriage Factory
57 Columhns St., Ottawa,
Manufacture to order me vannna atylea of Oar.
rlaRM and BuBKifis alao IHinnerat and
Farm Wafron.. Tne proprletora are workmen
of experience, aud devote their whole time to the flhf.
Every part of the vehicle la either made ly them or
under their Immediate aupervlalon. They neiect their
own materials and they buy at the loweat eaah flarurea;
hence can guarantee to patron vehicles that are not
only stylish, but durable and low In price.
They invite Inspection of their work and compari
son with tbatof othershops.
Repairing of all Kinds Made a Specialty.
Wagon & Carriage Manufactcry
JOHN D. VETTE, Prop'r,
On Suuerlor Street, near the old foi
River Rouse.
T7 2
. -tr"! 00
i Uarloc lnti-odnrr.1 .any Important IniprmremeAtt
mix iwUMIshmen', making It lh" Unteet and
moat coir olete In the city, tha andsr
atjrned Invites farmers aid olBera
desirini; new wagoaa or
old ones n'paircd'
or wishing
Pine Family Cnrrlwoe, Rns;r;I.Mi, I'haetona
-n.f loinociMt Wigma.
ranrthn!n his line to (?! h'm a call. All work
warranted andpricea that deiy ron're'ltb-n.
J0J. 1. XtfjTK.
Our Neighbors-
Tbo new Armory at La Salle will be
opened Nov. Oth by a fzrand ball.
Mr. N. W. Duncan, of La Sullo, on
Tuesday Inst niavrled Miss Mary A. Stu
The foundation was luid this week for
a round Iiouho for the Pckln road at Strea
tor. The stockholders of the Union National
Bunk, Slroator, have voted to increase their
capital from $50,000 to flOO.000.
Ouorgo Kailton, a farmer living west oi
Wonona, was thrown from his wagon by a
runaway team on Saturday and had a hip
Chris. Fisher, of Htroator, it is reported
wns swindled out of a larL'o amount of
money on his way to Iowa, by tho unual
form of confidence game.
It takes 38 cars of stone at 12 per car to
macadamizo a Streutor street the distance
of one block. Kankakee stone is being
tried in addition to Jollet stone.
Philo Barber, ol Lostant, manufactured
about 1,300 gallons of syrup from his 20
acre field of sorghum. Hu also in ado up
a largo amount for his neighbors on
Intelligence was received in Streator on
Suturday that Richard Burton, a resident
of Streator four or flvo weeks ago, was run
over by a freight train near Bristol, Ind.,
last week, and instantly killed.
Kerlan Maddocks, of La Salle, died on
last Friday afternoon. His funeral took
place Sunday under tho directum oi the
A. O. II., of which he was a member.
Some thirty-five members atttended from
this city.
A new manufactory, the Aurora Ma
chine and Tool Company, has commenced
tho erection of a new building in that city
and will have their institution in operation
within sixty days. They will devote their
time to local work, and to the manufacture
of lathes, and to the various adaptations of
the j in saw.
The Kankakee knitting factory gives
employment to eighty-five persons, and is
running twenty-eight machines until nine
o'clock at night. Tho factory is $2,000 be-
hind its orders. This season tho demand
is larger tor extra fine goods than at any
time previous. Ten machines are kept run
ning on this kind of work.
Streator Free Pre:"A. most painful and
unusual accident befell Tom Smith, a
miner at Eagle shalt. He some way al
lowed a wedge to drop point toremost from
the top of the coal onto his foot. It struck
about the center of his foot and went clean
through that member aud the shoe that en
veloped it. The wound is causing Mr.
Smith severe suflering and the foot is
swelled to twice tho ordinary size."
The stagnation of the bottle business in
the west this season is having a depressing
effect on ttie Streator makers, and the Fire
Prem says: "It is reported, and with con
siderable color of truth, that the bottle
worKs company are seriously contemplat
ing changing their present establishment
into a window glass factory. They cannot
afford to allow their capital and plant to
remain unemployed without considerable
loss, and it is thought that about $8,000
will more than cnublo them to go into the
manufacture oi window glass and at the
same time leave them in a condition to re
turn to bottle-making whenever the trade
would warrant it."
On the 23d two professional lorrerswere
arrested in Morns by local officers and a
Chicago man. On Aug. 2,1, the men op
ened an account with a bank at Unci no.
Shortly thereafter they presented a draft
on the Chatham National Bank ot New
York to the amount of $G10. On this draft
tlicy drew $350 and took a certificate of
deposit for the remainder, and then went
to Morris, where tiny commenced opera
ting as at Racine, but were foiled in their
design by the cashier of the Morris bank,
who, being acquainted with the Rtcine
matter, at once notified the bank. Kcqufei
tion papers were procured, and the arrest
followed, and the prisoners taken to H.i-
cme. I heir names arc F. M. Isrun. ot
Htauton, Mich., anil Thomas Cnrdoiny, of
New York.
Wahiii;toii Letter.
(Regular correanondenco. )
Washington, 1). C., Oct. 23, 12.
Washington has long been attractive be.
yond any city in this hemisphere, at least
for the grandeur of its public edifices. Jt
it not so generally known ilml it has a
larger number of colossal tironze equestrian
statues than any city in the world. But
what I wish to write about to-day is the
splendor of the p. i vute residences that have
been erected in the last five years. These
residences may perhaps be eclipsed by
some private palaces that have been built In
New 'York by the Stewarts, Vanderblltf,
Tildens, and other millionaires, but for lux-
uriousDcss, spaciousness and an unstinted
use of air, earth and sky, the width of
street aud park in the capitol city presents
advantages in building which no city ot
mere commercial and manufacturing
growth can rival. It is perhaps a misno
mer to call any of these houses recently
built by Mr. Blaino and other millionaire
statesmen private residences. It is true
that tbo owner will have a sleeping apart
ment that will be, at certain hours, tree
from the intrusion ot his admiring constit
uents, but the plans and the appurtenances
of Mr. Blaine's immense pile on Massachu
setts Avenue arc peculiarly adaptel to the
latitude, the lite, tho society and the pol
itics of Washington. The mansion was
never intended lor that retirement from the
maddening crowd and that ideal privacy
and rest which poets and lovers dream
about, and which soured aud disappointed
peoplo sometimes seek.
Mr. Blaine's new house is in the fash
ionable west end, near the conjunction of
Connecticut and Massachusetts Avenues,
and fronting Dupont circle, which is a
pretty circular park, destined, at sometime,
to have a bronze statue of somebody, per
haps Mr. Blaine, in it. No park in Wash
ington can escape a bronze statue. But to
return to tne bouse. It is the largest res
idence in Washington, covering less ground
spaco than the house of the British Minis
ter, but rising two stories higher. It was
designed by the same architect that built
the bouse of the British Minister, but the
original designs have been very materially
altered by the owner's suggestions, and it is
said Mrs. Blaine has also had something
to say about it. Perhaps tho uKt distin
guished feature of the bouso is the spa
ciousness of its halls, its stairways, and its
reception room.
On tho second and third floors are many
finely proportioned bed-rooms, goods clos
ets, and bath rooms. There are three of
tho latter (one for servants) on tho secoud
floor. Inono of these, tor Mr. Blaine's
use, is a Russian hot air bath. The wain
scoting abovo stairs is of Georgia pine.
Tho back stair-case, while much smaller,
of course, Is as pleasing in its way as tho
grand ouo. It runs all tho way up to what
was first meant only for a loft, but is now
utilized for sleeping rooms, which arc well
lighted, for the servants, while the dark
rooms formed by the slope of the steep
roof make admirable baggago rooms. Thu
elevator which is to bo used for baggage
and fuel only goes up to tho third story.
The rooms on this floor are fully as hand
somely finished as those below and will be
used by members of the fsmily.
In thu rear of thu bouso are a cistern and
filtering apparatus, tho rain water from tho
roof passing through thu latter before en
tering tho cistern. This water will be used
for drinking.
Paris I.etier.
(Ili'Knlar Currcsoondenco.)
Pakis, Fkance, Oct. 11th, 1883.
A certain air of mystery usually sur
rounds the visits of illustrious persons to
the Vatican. Now it is Comte de Cham
bord who has set the clerical world talk
ing. It is asserted that the Legitimist
Pretender paid a visit to Leo XIII. last
week; and tho Gazf.tte rf' Ttalia, m the
following note, professes to throw somo
light on his sojourn to Rome: "I am in a
position to state, on the best authority, that
tho Popo really received a visit from a
mysterious person, but it was not the
Comte do Paris, as erroneously stated. The
visitor was no other than tho Comte tie
Chambord, whom tho Pope honored with
a secret audience on Sept. 2!)th last. He
remained at Rome a few days, staying with
his relative, the Comte Massini. The
question whether the Comte de Chambord
ically visited Rome, and if so what his
object was in seeking an interview with
bis Holiness, will produce a flutter of agi
tatiou in Legitimist circles. Outside the
charmed regions of tho noblo faubourg
people will not bo very deeply affected by
tho news of secret audiences and myste
rious confabulations within the Walls of
tho Vatican.'
Tho promoters of the new system ot lay
and compulsory education have often been
accused of the intention of introducing
politics into the schools with a view to
Republican propaganda. Speaking, how
ever, at Tantonville, on Sunday last, M.
Duvaux, Minister for Public Instruction,
while to a certain extent admitting the soft
impeachment, explained tne point at which
tho line would bo drawn. Tho children
would not, he declared, bo mixed up with
political discussions, but they must, on the
other hand, be informed us to the constitu
tion of the country. Students of the reign
of Louis Quaiorzc must bo shown tho
stakes planted by the Inquisition urd the
religious persecutions, as well as the splen
dors of the sport; for woe hiytory to be
suppressed under the pretext that politics
were mingled with it? Then, too, when
the teacher showed the map of France to
his pupils, could be hide from them the
block stain which covered two of her old
provinces? Could he prevent bis pupils
from asking him when and how they were
lost, aud which rrrime was to blame for
this? ' Sueli," added M. Duvaux, "are the
politics of the school. We must leave
them there, siiu i when these lessons have
rii'Hicd, the pupiM will the better under
stand what h debt they have contracted to
wards France and Iho Republic." This
piece of phi ii Fpcnking has already nroub
e;l the wrath i f the Reactionary piess, and
thu B.mupni tist 'if,' contains to-night a
fierce attack on M. Duvaux. "According
to Hie law," it cu-!aims, "the son of a Bo
napartist imi't i rum himself with the lying
tales which a worthy too) of tho Pion Du
va.ix will rrlaie to him." Nor is the out
cry eoi.lir.til to the clerical press. Even
tho strongly anti-clerical Dix-Neutieme
Steele loudly pioiis's, and says: "For
Heaven's sake do not initiate the little
children in the quarrels of the fathers.
Aie we irivinj; hundreds of millions for
our n'honls ilrii they may be transitu mcd
into 'elntis de immUnls?' .... You are
well aware Mint among the fathers of fauil
Pes in every commune there are some who
are not Ropublieans who are Imperialists
or Royalists, and who have the right to be
so; and you would teach these men's chil
dren that they only owe hate and contempt
to the political opinions embraced by their
fathers. This would bo madness." The
Dit-Neutieme Surlr concludes by begging
M. Duvaux to- correct the speech before
handing it to the printer; but the mischief
is already done, and tho Minister for Pub
lic Instiuction bos supplied his opponents
with a most telling weapon. The Lihcrte
affirms that this unlucky speech was dis
cussed at the Cabinet Council held this
morning at the Elysee.
Wknona Coal. At the new Wenona
coal shaft the vein has been cut showing
38 inches of coal oyer 4 feet of fire clay.
The roof is slate and solid and favorable to
fticccssful mining. Tho coal has been
tested for blacksmith, boiler and domestic
uses and thus far the results are regarded
as being highly satisfactory. It is said to
leave a white ash and in the latter stages
of burning seems to resemble coke. It is
now the intention to open up the mine as
rapidly as possible and put in good, per
manent hoisting appliances. The citizens
of Wenona are giving liberal support to
the mining scheme and many of them are
refraining from buying their winter's coal
until they can obtain it at the new shaft.
Franco is becoming no little alarmed
over the rapid spread of labor strikes.
Strikes were inaugurated a week ago
among the operators at Motitceuti and the
silk weavers at Lyons, and these are fol
lowed by a strike of 20,OiO employes tn th
furniture trade in the Faubourg St. An
toino of Paris.
Otliccr Frost, of the Ottawa police force,
describes a beautiful meter which moved
slowly across the bfavena Thursday morn
ing shortly aft.-r 5 o'clock. It moved from
the direction of the Crab northeasterly to
utfr the Sioklo before it seemed ' have
exhausted itself. It left a train of light
behind it which was visible for fully fif
teen minutes; ut first this train was in a
straight lino; then it took a serpentine
form with many curves: aud finally the
light seemed to gather in one mass near
tbo Sickle when it vanished. Mr.
Frost said this was tho most remarkable
meteor he ever saw, especially on account
of tho slugular path of light it left. At the
timo of the passage across the heavens an
explosion was clearly henrd, indicating its
nearness to tho earth
Tho preliminary elections on Thursday
for mombers of tho Prussian Diet resulted
in sweeping victories for the antl-Blsmsrcl;
moderate parties.
Tho suit at present on trial in the Chi
cago courts wherein Gocrgo Scovillo is
seeking to have his wife, tuc sister of the
assassin Guitcau, declared insane, is likely
to be successful on tho evidence of Dr.
McFarlactl, of the Jacksonville Insane
Asylum, who gives it as Ids opinion that
all of the Ouiteau family are iusane, in
eluding Mr. Scoville.
Pana Christian county, in this state, is
overjoyed at tho discovery of a 7 loot vein
of coal near that city, at a depth ot 700
feet. A grand celebration was held on
Tuesday in honor of (lie event. The coal is
claimed to be tho best in quality yet found
in the state.
There seems to be considerable activity
in the manufacturing circles and many in
dustries arc looking towards Ottawa for
location; among them some new glass fac
tories. If the hopes of our progressive and
enterprising citizens can be carried out,
and the prospects seem to brighten contin
ually, the little "Ixxiin" started a year or
two ago will result in un influx of capital
and skilled labor during the next year that
shall place Ottawa firmly in the class of
manufacturing towns. Certainly, with n
new railroad leading directly east, the ad
vantage to shippers will be an inducement
not to be passed slightly by.
A Chicago politician recently passed in
his checks in Colorado, and a chance ac
quaintance brought the sad news to his
w'fe. "So you were with my poor hus
band when he diei), were you?" "Yes,
madam, I was with him. I gave him a
drink of water just before ho died." "Did
ho take the water?" "Yes." "Then he
was not m y husband."
The Cliurcli pf Kniitiiil Tithe.
Chicago Tribune.
Tho state ehttri h of Eiidaml nxort tn c
sniqiorted by tithes payable in kind, and tl o
fanner in the olden time v an wont tmhivehix
dozen fat pigs or steers to tic- ti'lie-b.irn In
satisfy tho ecclehiaKtic.il rliiin ujviinsi him.
Since tho eommnt;ition-if tithes act paused
a money payment has bo.'it Hiib-,timto.l. In
Home parts, however, of the south of r.ic.'l.iml,
particularly in tho fertile counties of Kent and
Sussex, what are known as extrani'di.iiiry
tithes still cxint. The soil in thee counties i.-i
admirably adapted for growing hops and
fruit, and whmicver a lb Id is planted ith
fitch crops the paion steps in and ilenuiiiln
his extraordinary tithe. A 31 r. Smitli, living
at Croclienhill, ill Kent, reins, ,1 dii- o'ho:-, ' : . y
to pay extraordinary tithe tnibe vie ir ,,i sf.
Mary Cray. Thereupon a ' haniNotini red
cow" lit-lnnging to the recal'iiuiet I'.iniit r wa.i
put up nt auetlon, and wni kh.i.-kc.l Ocvmi n,
one of Mr. Smith a sympalhiA'i'H lor i'iii The
sale took pl.iee in nil oi en lield, the cow u.is
gnyly decorated with ribbons, and the enorm
ous crowd of fanners and laborers who iu,i
come to see the sale M as cheered by a drum
ninl ft life band. After tho hjIc a nieotini; wu.-t
held, and tho speaker did not conline them
selves to denouncing extraordinary tithes, but
lioldlv advocated the iliscsinhlixhmcut nf tbo
1-' 1 1 K I i 1 ' church. Since then nereral other
meetings of a similar character have been
held, and the ac,ilntion primuses to lead to leg
islation on the subject.
New York Tribune: "A voting, HwattgeiitiR,
.highly dressed, drinking, buuMii'K, na:.sv,
bras-sy, impudent, swindling, lying, dire
devil, insinuiii'i;,', pahvc;ing, mvcuin;;,
cheeky, mean, loud v.ppc v i'ig. bypoc: ,ti nl,
defiant nieak, hailing from !:.nNi;i," is :) ;,.,v
Hampshire paper's comprehensive cha-.e-liT-i'.atio'i
of a man who hied io run av.av from a
Granite htato mimnier I'vi.vt without s-ciluig
his bills. U is evident that .New I'.ct'. inci
n.ilislw do not piupose to ya-iii to Ihc -.-,t.
without a struggle the palm o!' iibiliiy in ex .
linn-Ming vocabularies; Imt wh at li.is'll.t-m
1 1 ay about the last clause of il.o indictment.'
"What a man your father is!" cx.-'uiiine 1 Mrs
Homespun, looking up from the hitter i ho
held in her hand, ' ife says ha has bou;;!it a
French clock, and shall bring it borne with
him. What v, ill it be good for except as an or
namcnt? None of iib can tell the time Lv it,
funless you onti, Edith. You know boin tiiim.'
about I'Yoneh. don't you?"
Kill Alp oil Xaturc
Atlanta Coimtitulion.
Theroaro uonio curious things about Indian
corn, and ono is where do the red ears urn!
the speckled ears come from when you don I
plant any but white ears; and another i -.
why don't we find an ear with an odd numbc.
of rows on it? You can lind a four-leaf cl i
ver, but I havo never found tho odd row on
an ear of corn yet It is always fourteen, or
sixteen or twenty, or somo even number, am!
I would like to understand what corn knows
about niafhoniaties, and what objection nature
has to odd numbers. Hut nature is full ol
mysteries. I was looking at some houeyconih
the other day and wondered how it could he
made so true aud uniform and perfect even
under ft niicrosenpo, and yet be all made in
thii dark. And I would liko to know lew
the lightning bug kindles the lire so sudden!,
and I've noticod that tliew is not only
light in it to show him how to travel, hut
there is power in it that pushes him forward
and always upward. He rises as ho lights,
which is a good emblem. When a man w is
liimself up as a preacher, or a teacher, or a
stutesmau, and undertakes to throw light
around upon the people he onght to so live
by precept and example that ho would rise
hiRiier aud higher as he luunn.iteiL And rigli'
before ni in front of the piaz.:t are two vines
climbing a cane one a madeira ami the other
a joRxamine and they' cX'ihh each oilier at
everv round, climbing in opposite directions,
and 1 have tried to miiko 'em reverse but they
woti'L You may tio ono with a string, but it
will aiuirm and twist out of it and go accord
ing to i' nature.
The Fool -Killer Iibh Itetired.
Chicago Times.
Oscar Wilde visited Saratoga not long ago,
and a correspondent at that watering placo
says: "1 did not witness the occurrence, hut
was told by a lady w ho boards at the Grand
t'liion hotel tliat'Mr. Wilde walked the length
of tho piazza at that hotel during the iiio.-i'ing
concert, and that a crowd of women and ehij.
.dren followed tt i ill. and that the wm-i;i
touched his clothes and stroked bis negle ted
lmliing hair." Kwingto t!.- utter hopi l ss
lii k.i nt his task, tie- bl killer has evidently
retired from busiin
Tlie llolh-rhlld si Poor Kcl.it ln.
Karon Wilhelm Ilo'l.sehild.s, of Iratiki ut,
I, turned his last year's income at $l,I'.i;,'M,
while bis biotber, It.nnii .Meyer 'i.rl. retnnii d
$l,llo.ll' Tliev are tin- "pool illations" o
be I 'ails I; I'li-wbilils.
Lord Chesterfield, the pink of politeness in
his day, eald that a true gentleman should be
alwais tU'Vil'r in woo, fnrtitrr m rt, w iden
mean, mild in manner, strong In ae'imi.
This Is precisely th c haracter of Ayer f 'a
tl.artic l'lits. N'otliir.ir operates eo ruilii y yet
go powerfully In removing disease.
Oil, My Back!
That's ft common expres
sion and has a world of
meaning. I low much suf
fering is summed up in it.
The singular thing about
it is, that pain in the back
is occasioned by so many
things. May be caused by
kidney disease, liver com
plaint, consumption, cold,
nervous debility, Sx.
Whatever the cause, don't
neglect it. Something is
wrong and needs prompt
attention. No medicine has
yet been discovered that
will so quickly and surely
cure such diseases as
Brown's Irom 1'itters, and
it does this by commencing
at the foundation, and mak
ing the blood pure and rich.
Wm, 1'. Marshall, of Logans
port, Indiana.writcs : " My wife
lias for many years been trou
bled from pain in her back
and general debility incident
to her sex. She has taken one
bottle of Brown's Iron Litters,
and I can truthfully say that
she has been so much benefited
that she pronounces it tha
only remedy of many medi
cines she has tiicJ."
Leading physicians and
clergymen use and recom
mend Brown's Ikon Bit
ters. It has cured others
suffering as you are, and it
will cure you.
IT acta airtctt' on l lie yinotrv. l.trcr aim jiotrei. re
torliiK llu ni t OHi iitolii altnyai tlon. HUNT'S KKM
Kliv ia a mife. mire ami hihmiIv cure, anil hunilreils have.
tcstlileil to having been cured liy It. when pliyalclims
ami fiiemla hail viven them up to die. Do nut delay,
nut try at once in i 1 lif.sir-ui.
II I 'NT'S P.KMK1IV cures nil Diseases of
lie Klilneva. niucliliT, rrinnrv llrpans. Dropsy, liravt'l,
JmliftcH. liml iiii-uiitlnt-Bceanil Uclcnttnu uf L'rluc.
IITNT'S ItKMKDY riires rln in the
il-ick or Loine. denenu pehlluy. Female licenses, liln
;urlie,l Sleep, j.oan! Appi'lile. I'l-liilit'ii UUcaM', anil all
:oliipl!iinlHof I In- I'rhi.elienltal Oiysna.
11 1'M 'S KlvYI I'.ll Y iiileklv Iniluern the
i.Imt to lu'iillhy union, removing ttie eaimea Unit pro
I in e Hihieif lleiiiiai'l.e, l')peps;u, sour Molnach, Cos
hi iiesB. 1'iK-s, iVo.
Hy the iiso of HI NT'S KKMFDV Hie
lon'iacli nnil Unwell will Hpceilhv regiiln theirstrcntftli
nut the 111,, oil 'till ! pcrnYily purllWil.
MI NT'S ItKMKItY Is proiiiiiinecil by the
nut iloci ors to lie the only cur? lor all klmlH of kidney
HI NT'S KK.IIKDY Is purely vegetable,
ni'l is rt sure rnre !'.r lleiirt license al.il Ulii'Ullliittsul
vhrn all oilier lui-iiii'lne f:itln.
I It' NT'S KKM K.HY is prepared expressly
or Hie above diseases, nn I bits never been known to
tine Trlnl will convince Jim. l or aalo
'iv nil Driii:e,ists. send for i'unijihlet to
diJJJT'S REMEDY CO., Providence, H. I.
I'rii'fH, 7rt'ln. ami tSl.yff.
vr.r v.
The Best Known Remedy for
Backache or Lamo Bock.
Rheumatism or Lamo Joints.
Cramps or Sprains.
Neuralela or Kldnov Diseases.
Lumbago, Severo Aches or Palna
Pemalo Weakness.
Are Superior to all otlier Plaster.
JAre Superior to Pnila.
Are Superior to l.inimrnts.
Are Superior to Ointment or Naive.
Are superior to Electricity or f alvaftUai
They Act Immediately.
They Strengthen.
They Sothe.
They Relieve Pain at Once.
Tbey Positively Cur.
tcra iiave oeen imitatea. va
not allow yctir drugirtst to
ralm off seme other plaster having a similar
onudinir name, heo that tho word il palled
C-AP-C-I-NK. PrireSoct. 4$
Manilla Luring Chemists, New tora.
Hi:KK K K.MEIVY-AT 7a VP. Price ilftr".
atlvrrtlMT ImWiid Imvii pt rnmnrntiT ciirti nt
-iiat drel Uim'i 4'.mtjit.itluh. iv ihupV riM"fly,
an lioiiji to inWs fct.owti to lilt !?HwauifTer the
mean nf rnn To all ho d1r tt lie will wnd a copy
f the wMTiptlMn i frc- nf C',an?. wIM thr rti-
rvrtlim f-r Tir na -n-' ul:i Urn nun, whirl, tly
"t.il .1 riurc I'ti i' lurCniiiiliri'M" i '011-
ti in ili'iu, ii. , Ilrtmrlii-i", C.
t'artit-a .i-liiri h - Mc.rrl-t mi Wi.U fu u'dnwa
iWr. . A. vi:,iN. lvnr. WPMn-nttrrTh, S.X.
Huans, .if ot Sale Etc.
Farm for Sale.
The South Half or Section 7, T. 8J N .. R. E. If not told
hy Octotier 1st It will be fur rest. For terms anil full par
titulars enquire at law oltlco of Thomas c. Kullertnn, wns
slue Court limine, Ottawa, 111., or of Mellaril J. Fullerton
ou tho premises. JiiHa-tf-
160 Acres. Eagle Township.
Honsft with 14 moms and ftirnnrc; tiny harnt taMt-: ma
clilnury ilR-ih granary i hogalieU; dou ble corn rrib; tenant
hoiine ; iuukeliuuc. bUKiiMAN LELANIK
da4 if Abstract Office.
Valuable Warehouse, Milling and Man
ufacturing Property, in Marseilles, with
water power exceeding 100 horse power.
aprl.1-tf lteal Estate Agent.
Dakota and Red River Valley,
Olvlnz limits nf the famous Devil's Lake. Turtle Monntaln
aud Mouse ltlver DUtricts MAILKII I'ltHTK. Apply lor
Publication "a." 11. U. DAVIS. .
Au't Ocn'l Pass. An't, St. P. M. Jl. R. IL,
atiRlli'Smoa bt. Paul, allnuetota.
Alio Manufacturer of Iron Cornice, Sheet
Iron Doors and Blinds, Booting, fto.
fW Oas Fixtures milled and RtoTes stored and re
paired. At Jackson & Lockwuod's old stand, Main St.
April 16.
Lime, Salt, Cement. Plastering Hair
and Stucoo. Also the
Horse k Cattle Food.
A ptesatatlon far superior tn any condition
powdorevcr uuvlo.
Oil Cako. Corn Meal, Aco.
Feb. U-tf 111 Main street, Ottawa, Hi.
Lumber Yard
Near the Illinois River Bridge.
Passage Tickets,
Foreign Exchange,
Insurance Business.
tr Moniiii to 1jOA.iv.
Sontheast corner Pooatfflce lllock. Ottawa Illiaols.
House & Sign Painting
Paper Hanging, Caloiminlng. Grain
ing, Marbling, &c.
Shop, on Colnmhas Btreet, ono block cast of the
poilolBcu, Ottawa. Illinois. luarlO
Blank Book and Paper Box Manufacturer,
Office, 129 and 131 Main Street.
nr Paper ruled to any desired pattern . octj
vc '
- . ''.IB.J .' fcirliaart'iMa.Bf.1Wrt -J J.;
H avttiK ABrirultiiral TmplrmPhtu nrcillnR rfpalrswill llutl
it tn their lut front to ifive us a (till.
Of every description nnute to order. Works near Madison
street lirlilic, Ottawa, Illinois.
Aprll W, Novnltv Mni.in Wnrka,
Chicago, Burlington and Quincy B. B.
B.-pt.iil-r rt'l. 18Hli.
Going North.
No. 70
No. 64
7. Ill
S :a
J .14
4. fa
4. at
. 411
7. IS
10. :
A M. Al
.... (.'hiram ....
..West Aurora..
Ful Klv. .June.
Ofwepo. ...
... Milllirook...
8. 10
11. 30
C.R.I I".l'nV
..Snulli (ituisa.
..tiriiud linlKe..
. ...titreat ir
8 50
P.M. Al
6. VI
11. 1.v
p a. L
No. M Freltita'oinfrsoutli s. .o a m
No. Sf Freiulil-iailni: nortli H'.. 3 a
No. 69 Kreiftnt RoliiKSoutn 5.13 p h
Morninft train niakes close cohiicctlun at Aurora lor all
points east and west.
Pallsian Valai-e Rlfeplni! rars. C Tt. Q. Drawl as Room
Cars, Morton's Reclining t'lialr t .irs. and IheC. H. 4 y Pal
ace Dlntnri'ars. liy tins rouie. All information almut rati,
of fare, sleeping ear aiToinniodallotis aud ttiuo tables will
tw clieerfully given by applying to
General Passenger Atfi'Lt.Cli.caKO
Titos. J. Parksr,
tienerul Munne-'r. CMe.igo. TI10S. II. MARVIN.
Agent at I'lisna.
Chicago, Bock Island & Pacific Bailroad.
(ioivo Fast.
No. J. Parlne Fxprens and Mail 11.2" a. .
" 4. Mglit Kxprens .H.'J.", a. v.
M . Kansas City Ft press 2 1" . .
s, Chicago ami Davenport Kxpress 2.;M r. M.
10. Peru AeeiminioiUllon fc-1' A. .
" H St. Paul Kxpr.-ss Vi.lXi I: V.
" n vi sr. p. m
31 5.40 P. H
ct a to p. v
" & 10. 10 A. M
No. 1. Atlsntlr Fxeresa .1 10p. v
" S. Nlghl F.xprew I A.
" 5. riilragoaiid Kansas Cltv Flore 2.15 .
" 7, Davenport Fxpress and Mall I.P. K.
' ft. Pern Aecolnni.Klatlon h.S2p. M.
" II, St Paul Kxpress. via Albert la 2 On p. m.
N's II and U run dull v, tneliulinx 8iiuiIk)a.
Frttghl Carrying I'atugtrt.
! !!.".'.'."!!!"!!!.'"!!.'.!!."!!!!!!.".!...!.!!!!! a m r. .
Ko. 28 and SO will have a panseniWi coath. cjrrytng pas
sengers tietween Juliet and La Salle.
N na. a and 23 cirry paasenfers tietwtx'B Blue Island and
No iMrriea .gerrM'twee,iO'awa and Blue isl&r.d
II. It. t slh, Datih M. II ' v. , .in
Oen'l Mnser. A i"nt st ". OrilTH i I'asrl
Going South.
Pass. Psss.
No. 71 No. 69
H. U.
VroffBstoual crarus.
JO HIV J4. KICK, Attorney al Law. RMMftit
ttlock, city of Ottawa. Will practlos law In La
Balls and adj'ilnlnc counties, and la U AppcllaM
and Supreina Couru. stnul-lyr
j. xr, npKCA sr. a. o'eosoa.
liUNCANfc O'COTVOll, Attoraeys at Law.
U omce In Cameron's bulkllng. opposite Clifton Ho
tel. Ottawa, Illinois. julvW'gi
Ottawa. Illinois.
Probata matters a specialty.
Office over Hull's Dry Goods Btore. JunlTSl
tHABKFOWLKK. Master tn Chancery. At
J torney and Counselor at Law. OIHcs In Uraney
Bloek, northeast corner of court bouse aquare, Kisira
3 aud 4, Ottawa, Illinois. JimUm
O. W. W. BI.AX. . T. StOLOMT.
BLAKK c MOLONKY. Attorneys and
Counselors at Law. lioolnl 35 and S6 Opera House
block, Ottawa, Illinois. Jung's!
-i O. TRKNAllY, Attorney at Law. OlBe
X . with L. W. Urcwur, 0era lluuse Block, Ottawa,
111. junf
1 at Law. OUlce west side of Court House, Ottawa,
IJjWhk H IcUOKK, Lawyer. Kneuasl's Bl',
I Ollawu, Illinois. Jii7S4
ri CJRICJOS, Attorney and Counselor at Law.
u. oiBco In LyncVs block, Malu street, Ottawa. 111.
LH. HTHAVVN, Attorney at Law. Careful
attention will be given lo the settlement of estate
and collections, omen with E. F. Bull, over City Drug
Btore. JanS
JO. HOYLK, Attorney at Law. offle with
M. X. Moloney, Opera House Block, Ottawa. III.
DU. SNOW, Attorney and Counselor at Law.
Will practice In thu couru of La Salle and adjoin
ing counties. OUce, Hoouii i and S Armory Block,
Ottawa. 111.
SAM UK KICHOLSON, Attorney and
Counselor at Law. Will practice In the court of
La Salle and ailjolnlug counties. Olitce, west ot Court
Uuuse, Ottawa, 111. B0V14
neys and Counselors at Law, Ottawa, III. M. N.
Armstrong, Notary Public Office In Uedney's Block,
Ottawa. JunVBO
WHUPHNKLL, Attorney at Law. OtUwa,
III. Will practice In any of the court In tbla
state. Close attention pakl to collections. Conveyan
ce, run-fully made and abstracts prepared with care,
Ac Notary public. Office west of Court House. Janl.T
LKliANU Ac GILUHHT, Attorneys at
Law. Office la Opera House Block Ottawa 111.
luu It,
IW. 11HKW.KK, Attorney and Counselor at
J. Law. and Notary Public. Booms No. 11, IK and
13, 0iera House Block, Ottawa, III. Jan4,79
DAVID A. ttlOK, Attorney at Law. Office,
liwina 5 and Arniory ( Wood's) Block, Ottawa,
Illinois. dec28
MoDOUOALL. Attorney at Law. Ottawa.
111. office In Uedney's Block. decTTs
IS K. HLTIjL., Attorney at Law. Office over
!i. City Drug Store, northwest corner of La Sail and
Madison streets, Ottawa, III. mayJOIt
V. LINCOIiN, Attorney at Law. Office
over No. 19 La Salle street, west aide it the
Court House, Ottawa, 111.
Law Office U l'oetotllce Block Ottawa, HI. aprlT
MAYO Ac WIIJMl'.K, Attorneys at Law.
Office In NaUlager's Blm'k. corner of 1 Halle
and Main street front room un stairs, Ottawa, 111.
R. AIjCINDA AUTKN. Ofllc over
Uoxlc store. La bane St., Ottawa, 111. Junl7-tm
1VK.. (. MU-.I.KR, the well known Oculist
II and Aunst. office un Main street, first door west
of Kosu a gun shop. aprS-Uuioa
DR. K. W. WKI8, (Deutcber Doctor.) lata
Physician and Surgeon to the St. Louis Female .
lloslptal. Office over Stlefel's Clothing Store, corner of
Main and La Salle Crests. Itesldence on south bluff,
at Mrs. item's. ap
DR. J. S. HYHUUN, Ottawa, 111. Office
in the Opera House tlock. la office day and
night. anU'7
sicians and Surgeons. Ottawa, 111. Office, south
west corner of Main and La Salle streets. Dr. Hatbe
way'a residence east of Fox river, near school bouso.
Dr. Vance will be found la office, day and night. Janll
IV R. R. M. M" ARTHUR, Ottawa. 111.
Xt Office tn the opera House Block. Open from S
o'clock a. at. to 8 o'clock p. a. Itesldence on Benton
street, south of Illinois Avenue. Jao22'7
HM. HOnKRKY, M. D.. L. R C. 8.
. Kdinliurg. tlttlce, In Armour's sew building, on
Madison street. Resldence.il Wsbsterst. augll'77
DR. M. KUNDhK, Homowpathic rnysictsn,
Oitswa, III. offers his services to the friends of
the Homojopathlc system la Ottawa, tn all branches of
hla profession. Particular attention gtvoa .he treat
ment of wotueu und children. Officii la Glover
Cook's Block. fcbli
T Y. CRIOC64, Druggist, Bookseller and Sta
j. tlon er, Ottawa, III. S'-cond store la Nattlcger's
Block, south elds of Court House Square.
MKIvKUHHIj.Oornian Druggist and Apothe
. carv. (wholesale and retail.) Main street, OKa
wa, 111. linporteraf Drug,, Chemical,, French Cogul
ac Brandies, Wines, Ac. .
Dft. WM. RH KPFAKD, Member of the
Riya1 Colli'ire of Veterinary Snrgi'ons. Knglsnd!
Fellow of the London Veterinary Medical Assoclstlon;
also Veterlniry K.lltor itinion's iS'pirlt nt thr Turf;
ran lie e.ipauii.'d i" his otliee, wn Jclferson Street, half
hloe.U West of P'wt Otlll'. SUg 8
"liiFSfiPGFintciiilGot of Scbools.
In the New High School Building, Room O, Jd Boor.
Olll edays. 2d and Ith Saturdays In each month,
r.itnwa. Febninry nth. 1S1P.
I will nialt t free) the recipe for s simple Vegeta
liln lliilm that will remove Tan, Kre.-klex,
Pimples and Hlc,r,-li. . lenving the skin soft,
clearaml lieaiiiliul; also Insinirtlons for producing a
luxuriant growth of hair on a bald head or smooth face.
Address, Inclosing 3 i t slump. Hern Vandelf Ac
Co. 12 Barclay St.. X. Y.
a week In your own town. 15 Outfit
free. No rink. Everything new. cap.
ml not renal ml. We will furnish you
vervtbliig. Many are making for
tunes. Ladles niakeaa much as men.
and boys slid girl, make great pay. Reader, If you
want a business at which yon can make great pay all
the time yuu work, write for particulars to H.JlAtv-
co.. 1'ori ann. .name. nu'-i
urtland. Maine.
Notice is herctvy given, that on Thtxrwdaysi
and Krirlaya of each week visitors will be ad
mitted io Iht ABvium. No visitors sdmltted on Sun
days. T. C. OIBSON County Agent,
Corticsiii Sewing Silk.
Tha Baal
Sawing Silk
Irary Saeal
Warrant 4.
Full Length, Smooth and trans;.
iskyonr Storekeeper for Coiilcelll Silk
Are prepared to do all kind, of
G-as & Steam Fitting.
Wrought Iron Pipe, Fixtures, fittings,
Ac, famished at
Oculist & Aurist,
Who has practiced In this dry since 1851,
nisy lie consulted
On the first Saturdsy sf eacb monta.
as follows:
Saturday Jy "f"
Katxtrday "' tmZ
Saturday OT 7. J8 S
Saturday ov.
Saturday "JLl
At all other times (as tbla " -'
professional U) he nisy be found In CWcsgo.
fiiWmloD St., N. . cor. learta

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