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'he Sfrcc 'Uvabcv
is rcUBUD
Kry Sivnloy Mnrninf,
At W and 21 U Salle Street,
(up Main.)
WM. OSMAN t SON, I'ropr'-,
FucTMon to Osnim & Ilapeman.
VfM. OflMA, KmTo;
i. A. WILUAM8 and K. 0. OS MAS', AnSTAirri.
I time he bad been prominently identified imposing appearance, with rooms to ac-
ith iumi,n iLtlalra. Mr. Allen posecss- coinmoaaie over iw pupus. turns
Lul thn full confidence of King Kalakaua, about luu pupus entered lor wie iu:.,
..... . - - - - . . , J 11. ,1 AU
and was largely instrumental in obtaining put as me term uau just uuru u unj
the pannage of the HawallRR reciprocity
trwaty with this country.
TR of Subscription:
tfli end of three nwnilia .
" - -..a mi oi six moH'.m . .
ti duv r Y C(.nU extr.
1 utnnc. per mmn
. li.OO
Mm, oentT.VJS ' I. Wd to p.pM sot out of the
Se term will be it rlollT adhered. u.
there were but CO in the building at tur
tune. All these mude their escape, niostj
oftheiuin their niirht clothes, nd many
by ladders from the upper stories, two of
theiu having limbs broken by falls. Of
course all the girls lose their wardrobes,
books, ice, the outfit of each being worth
irom $200 to $300. A niong the lowers was
Miss Helen Benedict, of this city, who
after graduating last summer ha-i been en-
The building and fur
Concerning tho civil service reform bill,
which f.nally passed congress on lnurs
day, tun Ottawa IiyuMicin gives forth this
Bunatiian utterance:
ti.. ripn rntir. Dress la almost a unit in
n,wa.tinn tn thft nnaaaire of the bill. " by
- . - I f, ... tittnn Pun I ft na a (MAhnf
llccauso tue democratic uu cu mi -1 kkcj tovui.
only bo supplied by adhering to the i present nlture W(.re valued ut $100,000, upon which
custom. Even the Ottawa r ki ,,.,.- WM but 25.000 insurance. There im
,w--BTPA.iiitmbeoit.nedMthe)oi. '.A"!!'?n!,hftnre verv oolltical no doubt, however, but that the school
;ri try tiinBiecorr. or wtcriponi win c ticn cnftgrin and stupidity w,u be at once rebuilt, and efforts will be
. ... I. n it aax?a r ft Hi I . i
at one and tue same units : made to procure temporary accommoua
tho provisions ot tue mi arc - " tion9 ,or ,ta continuance. The institution
SS prebODt official force of the government was self -supporting, has some valuable
and net in a new set." A careful reading endowments, and last year was adopted by
of the bill will convince the editor inai "I8 tue federate Council of the three Kpisco
conclusions are wiwuui . . - .. . . provincial
IJI1UU I i -
iit ny lnth of Ume t the repilur rate :
I. H. TaowBBlP. Marseuios.
I). H. TjHDBMniifc, Beneca. III.
i it.. lw.vv Xlrnnd UldM
6oo H. Uiuexa, for Troy O-.-ove. Opblr kM W&l
bm. A(ldrcm.TTor Prove
Baltimore is having a smallpox scare
There were eeventy flve deaths in that city
irom that disease last v.cek, and 1.20C cast
ure reported.
thrown out, to change the result in the
state, giving the republicans instead of the
democrats the governor. The repnblieans
were about getting ready to contest the elrc
tion, on the ground that uch ballots were
illegal ; but about that time it leaked out
that the republican ballots used in Xew
Haven as well as at other places were
printed with such a heavy black border
that at the election it was about impossi
ble to distinguish them from tho demo
cratic ballots, tia tnai laci cuuiwk o
light, the project of a contest was sudden
ly dropped.
The Illinois legislature met at Spring.
field on "Wednesday, every member being
present in both houses. For reasons grow.
me out ot caucus difficulties, nowever, a
temporary organization only was effected
t.n ti.n i.nnao in the election of Thos. F.
Tk i! miwr nf litisiness failures in this
conntrv the past yc.r was 6,733, being 1,
l.rr6 more than the yenr previous
liabilities, $101,00',,000.
Nov. 27th last a brief dispatch from I'a-
ris announcen uiai uamueua, w iini'
. . "Z.".''r D. niinnitt nnd ship l"0''
inmycarsjn, . - avoidable.
Mirinirnn uunt -j
$4,177.06. Tho ce-reful Commissioners have
not yet found it necessary to loucu one
dollar of the $50,000 contingent appropria
tion made by the legislature.
competitive examinations are not con
to only ouices oi un; iu""" 6iavv.
Though twenty democratic senators urn
19 representatives voted for it, the Mate-
mcnt is pretty near mo irum v".
.i....,..r.,ti nri. im tirettv near unanimous
" 1 ' ' . . , , . ,.: l . .1.4
., ...uitmn m "the" bit : ana "a careiui mwuiiug iuyum.-i ,
I tail 11 , IHomk tliat tw limt RPPlilontrlllv slint )l im.
reading of" it will fehow uiai n iuuiw-w ',. j
. not .1 If ! tl.n l.nn.l It ii'nj inlif A tlnM. icallnil
anv honesly in ilieir professions oi iricnu- sen m mc .. i a.-"u.j a .......
pivil Kciviee retorni sucu o i tut uwiu,u n..v.
Pnr na a reform Later accounts vary this statement to me
. i.iii w n .finable sham, li it ellect that the wound was received irom
iaBnt,,M( true that "the competitive pistol discharged by his mistress.
n r.nxnaix ..f ilia I u-him lio liiwl (iiinrrfli'd and thf Ifittcrvcr
cvunimtitKiiis nrc couiiuvu w uui.v. . - - - i
lowest grude," It is so in substance and sion is very probably me true one. .i imy
i.fr.x t Thn scheme Of the bill is mat up rate, una umiuB nwuim no.-, nuruu ...
plicanUs from the outside shall only be for time with violent inflammation, suppura
otrlces of tho lowest grade, and for these tion, blood poisoning, and early on New
iiw.m i. to be a competitive examination, n ear s morning with deatn.
All other competitive examinations are Except possibly Bismarck, death could
LinflnMl tn inside ciUcers when there arc Lave cut down no more prominent tigure
I v"u.. I ....
LnnnineH tor promotion, which arc only to on the stage of European politics- lliotigti
bo mado from lower officers to tho exclu- virtually out of office, having a few months
" . - ,ilh .Inn of outsiders. ago resigned tne premiersnipoi me rrencu
uermany is awi . ... .. .h DarlluM viciousncss cabinet, lie was yet regarded as tho man on
ti a .u.rfV. Mm Kinnn anu tnc imnuuu "v.u .... r . ...
' iiuuud. - i . . ., .,.. iff -nr.i mnrnlhan nl I filhpra rnstpil tlif RfltclV
.. T ..I.. .Iwnntphpa Wit in is bill, i ue vu:u m wui - - i ".m. ....v .
ure on me rum " "i . . .,.; Lv. -t?.i. Tj-..,i.i!n n,t .,.n hnm
.nnrtflftv villages destroyed on tl.elthinc, at present d.xs noi no wu....y . ... p - y - " " 7"
v... omq mnrninir htnf. RJ1U 1H one I
nf the most beautiful objecta to be seen in
the heavens a little beforo sunr'se, her
brilliancy being exceptionally striking.
Been through a common field glass she
iibows a beautiful crescent.
under water
. .i . t . nHn,)A nflt. mnra tKan on,' rttl.i.r roolf.l Itin til trn qI V
' ,,nanftlin Danube valley are the wantor Utness oi ine iuv.ni -
uu.br- - . . ....... rr,. ..v.r ,lMnnnnaH ,s i, f ft doen ofoeaceor wai in hurooe.
.1 Hilllt ll'llll QTirHU 1 I'TH. I IIC Lllll. 1 iwhuhuvww
aiieilHt:U will. Y,....nr..... l..,.llu ,.., . ,m.rUhl.
decrees above, it is noiorioiiH un;ic -"
an Ui dav oh the government pay-rolls fifty one. Born a litle over forty years ago at
nurinr December tho public debt was Iiimflftnd aui.crnumcraries and incompe- Cahors, in Southern France, be studied
a ttfii5ioo'K.'i The gold certtn- . i.. ...niiw r wlmm are in the law and in ISo'J joined me l'aris oar. ror
catee in circulation eoual $01,019,810; and hu?her rades. They are ex members of the next eight years he seems to have had
bv the house
Mitchell of McLean as temporary speaker
while the senate even refused to elect
temporary officers; the trouble in the sen
:ite being, that some 17 republican mem
hers had met in advance of the regular re
publican caucus and agreed upon a slate
in hi. snnr.nrt('d in thecaucus; anu seven
republicans getting hold of that fact de
cided to smash the whole caucus business
So no other republican senate- caucus was
held, but when tho senate on Thursday
proceeded to elect officers, only the caudi
dates presented by the'sham caucus were
presented on the republican side. The
seven kickers presented another set and
the democrats another. The result was
deadlock, and the senate spent all day in
vainly balloting for a temporary chairman.
At last a Tew democrats, to end the foolish
strife, withdrew to the cloak room and al
lowed Campbell, the nominee of the sham
1 .1 .1 l.n t.l a l
caucus, to lie eiecieu, uuu wu rtunic ad
The House proceeded on lhursuay wim-
out any halt, to elect the nominees of the
republican caucus: L. C. Collins, ot Cook
was elected speaker; John A. Keeve, oi
Cairo, clerk ; with half a dozen assistants,
among whom It. C. lhtt, (our "Uec") is
third; anil the usual list of other house
officers and hangers on.
The election of U. S. Senator takes place
next week, and no one ha an idea that any
business worth the name will be transacted
by either house until that matter is dis
posed of.
mltted to jail at Waterford, mlund, on You are from HENllY btAKS
Tuesday, on the charge ot high treason for
utterances in a recent spewh.
t Vienna, on Wednesday, all traces of
the banks of the Danube were lost by rea,
Hon of the great freshet, and the river was
st'll rising. On the Khine, from Mann
heim to Worms the entire plain is an im
mense lake.
Indications at present point to a long
and continued suspension ot tue i iu
works at Marseilles. The effort to com
promise with the smaller creditors proved
unavailing, at least when the total oi mo
debts in suras less than $150 each was
found to aggregate oyer $21,000 the com
pany asked this class of creditors to nign
papers extending payment one year. The
oiler was refused and tho assignee thin
dosed the works. No one can reasonably
anticipate when the Pittses will be able to
extricate themselves from their troubles.
Yes, Me aM Rejoice,
For I otter tin following bargalni in Pocket Cutlery:
1 Blade Knife Sc
there are $72,H4S,6H silver certificates in congres8( or worn-out and laid aside old a sharp struggle with poverty, but then, as
the hands of the public. Tho silver coin- -..ii.:,.,.! wb8 and servitors wham the counsel for the defendants in a political
age in 1882 amounted to $27,574, 1M, the . nas broken down in its seivice, like prosecution, ho suddenly leaped into notici
total to date being $132,955,000. poor Frank Lombard, and whom it feels In 1800 he was returned to the Chamber of
- " T I unui.r obligations to provide for by attach- Deputies, where he soon became conspicu-
OlA DUIUU.IW jv.fuw.w.. .......
day witnessed tl
cratic governors,
mitted that the outlook was highly favora
ble for an improved stato government in
consequence. The democratic governors
inaugurated were Waller in Connecticut,
Cleveland in New York, Pattison in Penn
sylvania, Begole m Mlchigun, (Hick in
Kansas and Grant in Colorado.
rcpuoiiui.i ihu. ig thtm homewhere as barnacles to the 0us as an opponent to the second empire,
he inauguration o ueni of Blatei TLey Rre called judge, and After the fall of Napoleon at Sedan and the
.Ln- favora- colonel, and general and professor. They organization of a provisional government
have high-sounding titles and dignified ua pans ho was made Minister ot the in
bearing, but turn them out and they perish terior, and when the city was invested by
hko canary birds. There can be no im- the Germans he made his escape from it in
provement in the civil Bervice until this a balloon, and reorganized the government
class can be reached. There is no provis- at Tours. The energy he showed in rats.
ion in the bill that comes within gunshot Mng and equipping armies and organizing
of meeting their case. The Pugh amend- opposition to the Germans, though falling
I . 1 a 1. A m .x.... .ft I . I t - e 4 tn.. .1 nnnlt.tn1 V
It i fthmit concedrd that the undertak- ment was in inaiuirccuou, uui woo snon oi buuu, m icnm uCuiuDiibi. u..-,
ing of the Edlson.Electric Light Company ly killed by a gtrict party vote. As it
in New York to compete, in lighting stores finally passed, the bill is, with a few
i.,,.i.0 ,iti car. la a failure, ceptions so trifling aa not to be w
The light is but little brighter, i less steady noticing, nothing but a rc-enactinent of ed upon in 1871. Gambctta sought by de
'.nd L satisfactory than gas and costs laws already on the statute book, all talk Crco to give it an exclusively republican
As it has wonderful administrative abilities. After
ex- the capitulation of Paris and the treaty of
orth peace, and a national assembly was rcsolv-
The decree was canceled at the
'..,, tn.a uBtlalar.tnrv than cag
tl n.i.rAcri. cost of gat of paying any regard to whicli has been character,
in New York is about $1.50 per 1000, tho standing theme for coarse jokes in con- instigation of Prince Bismarck, and Gam
while the Edison light, for tho same ser- gress for half a dozen oi years pasi.
vice, eosta $3.00.
bctta resigned office as minister. He sub-
The patent weakness of the bill lies in sequantly entered the assembly as a mem
the fact that it contains, as the present law bor from Paris, became the leader of the
Mrs.Lilv Langtry. the famed English w force of which this is but a duplicate extreme left, and to the violence or a speecn
Drofessional beautyi made her first appear- contains, nothing which will compel the B0 delivered at Grenoble was largely at-
.ance as an actress io Chicago at Haverly's enforcement of Its own provisions; and tributcd the reaction which set in against
Theatre on Monday evening, being greeted while it provides, as the present law pro- republican government, and the retirement
bvan overflowing house. She appeared yides. that removals shall be made only of M.Thiers. After this bis pelitical ac
n JniitniL in the "Hunchback " her per- fnr pause what shall be "cause" is not tion became more skillful and moderate
formance being described by the critics as explained, and the way is left open to and to his leadership the republicans great
"amateurish, showing lack of study and trickery and evasion to accomplish what ly owed their success in the elections of
careful training. As to her beauty opinion may not bo done directly. But the great 1877, and the defeat of the attempts ot the
seems to differ although thero is nodis- hack of this biil, and all bills heretofore conservatives to deprive them of its results
.hgroement as to her eyes, which aro large, passed on the subject, is a provision requlr- Last year he was chosen by President
lustrous, and brilliant to a degree. In gen- ing the commission to look into tn serv- Grevy as Premlre, nut atter several monms
.eral features, however, Chicago claims to ice as now constituted and weed out the resigned on the failure to carry through
have dozens that surpasses her. Her en
agement at Chicago was for the week.
supernumeraries and inefllcients. Any bill
professing to aim at civil service reform
without such a provision is a sham and a
For the last two a- three days dispatches fraud.
fmu tlui far northwest have been bringing
1 i .. . . . . .
r,,..,n.ni.. r,t n nnppl.in AU.ilol 1 III' rCPOI't COlUeS ITOU! AeW 1 Ol K lUBI
1M V VI UtUkU VI IM Ul'I wuvuiUB. A ft lll.'nw - . , , , . , . J.
wave, .the thermometer at Bismarck on niftko a gjft lQ thu, city wnih wlU be tt
-Tuesday having gone down to !!0, and on uner mnnumont to his name than any that
.Wednesday at St. Cloud to :12. Willmar to could be built of bronze or marble. 1 he
tin ,,i h. u.,,i ,n on iu,i ,n.n Ti.o sc ieme is 10 purcnase a cenaiu unci vi
I 1 .. .1 i.. tvniiiil r Sl.n aiIm nranl ThnPnltl
. I WtUU 111 IUU Ul'dl Ml IUU llll.VHi'Mivv.u
wttve nas prouaoiy aKippea uiiawa, as we hulWlnir lor . .re0 art KarlorTi and till it
have had no zero weather during the week, at his own private expense with tho bcBt
the most wintcnsh symptom being a four works of art that tho wona auoras or uai
inch snowfall on Thursday with the ther- "V""' w!,11.)Urchn!e' Th.? C6timalea
OI 1110 OUIUUIlg BUU paiUllUS IB nil uimu
momclcr barely below the freezing point
incc then.
All the big Chicago dailies of Monday
were filled with voluminous reviews of the
trade and commerce of the last year. The
figures generally Indicate a prosperous
year with a handsome mcreasc in most departments-
The Bank clearings loot up
$26,000,0)0 for the year, being an in
reaso over 1882 of $137,000,000. The
year's hog and cattle receipts fall a trifle
below the previous year; but the whole
sale business of the city amounted to
$500,000,000, an Increase of ni arU- $foo..
an important law.
Mario Knife.
1 nindeUdy'i Knife... HV
1 2 " "
- ' Br.y'i ,...juc
I Vive itylta.
Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesdays ses
ious of the senate were occupied in hear
ing Logan's second three days' "great ef
fort of his life" against the bill te restore
Fitz John Porter. Tho speech, though
able in somo respects, was fitly character
ized in others as a shameful perversion of
the evidence, while In others again he
made a disgraceful attack on Gens. Scho-
ficld, Terry and Getty, who had reheard
Porter's case and decided in his favor,
charging that they wanted to discredit Mc
Dowell and Pope to get them out of the
way of their own promotion. The charge
was so disgraceful that Logan found it
nrudont. in a card, to apologize for it. A
c i
test vote showed 28 to 20 in favor of the
passage of the bill, but on Hoar's motion
who is friendly to its passage, it was laid
over one wceK to give him time to exam
ine the evidence. There is no donbt, how
ever, ot tho passage of the bill by the sen
ate, though it is not considered probable
that it will be reached by the house.
The civil service bill that had passed the
senate was taken up in the house on Thurs
day and at once passed without debate or
ameadmeut. 49 democrats voted for it and
republicans against it. The vote was
155 to 47.
After the Fitz John Porter bill had been
laid aside by the senate John Sherman got
that body to take up his pet measure to ex
tend tho time for whisky to be in bond two
years, and the senate, atter a short debate
on Thursday passed it.
The houso has been chiefly occupied
since Tuesday upon the army appropri
ation bill.
A tragic incident put a udden slop to
President Arthur's brilliant reception at
the White House on New Year's day. The
diplomatic corps had just entered in all
their gay toggery, Mr. Allen, the Hawaii
an Minister, the oldest man in the corps,
being at their head. Tao President had
shaken hands with him but a tew minutes
when it was announced that he hid fallen
In an appopleetlc fit, and a minute later he
wm dead- Of course the Incident put a
Hop to all further ceremonies. Mr. Allen
was a native of Massachusetts and was 7U
ytars old. He had been a member ot con
gnu as long ago as 1847. Ia 1849 he was
jappoinled wosul at Honolulu, since which
at $5,000,000. Ch. Journal
Ottawa has no Vanderbilt, nor is she
pining for a five million free art gallery,
but certain of her young ladles, by dint of
most praiseworthy iwrseveranco and hard
work, have succeeded in laying the solid
foundations of a public library, an insti ¬
tution of quite as great importance to our
city as the Vanderbilt Art Gallery will be
to New York. Have wo no wealthy men
among us who. instead of clinging to their
imnnla until summoned away, to have
them afterwards dissipated by others who
neither crave nor need them, would like,
in nu-ir own lue iime, uuua men u ou
puivluioii, to erect for themselves an en
during monument, to be contemplated with
gratitude and reverence for the donor's
name by future generations, neeuta tteu
;.rn? A fine public library, building
and outfit not costing over ten or fifteen
thousaud dollars, would be such a monu
ment, and the foundation laid by the young
ladies referred to would bo an excellent
one to start from .
The Cincinnati Gazette and Commercial,
the two leading republican papers of Cm
clnnati, and of Ohio for that matter, have
been consolidated and will hereafter appear
as one paper under the name of The Com
menial ami Gazette. Tho Commercial has
hitherto been under the editorial control
oi Murat Halstead and the Gazette under
that of Deacon Hichard Smith, no other
two names, perhaps, in the newspaper
world, being more widely known. The
control of tho consolidated paper will be
shared by both, and if they are no more
harmonious in their new relation than
they were while controllng rival sheets,
the sanctum of the "consolidated" prom
ises to be tho scene of some lively family
St. Maky'h School at Knoxville. 111.,
a reminary for young 1 adieu under the tu
telage of the Episcopal church, took fire at
2 o'clock on Thursday morning and was
totally destroyed. It was a large brick
structure, three stories in beljht and of
A prominent feature of tho Christmas
services in tho Episcopal church on Gov
ernor's Island, near New York, was the
singing of a new TeDeuin, tho music hav
ing been composed by Mrs. General Han
cock. In fact the cutire music of the ser
vice had been arranged by Mrs. Hancock,
who presided at the organ. The TeDeum,
sung by a chorus and quartet choir, was
given with great spirit and proved a de
cided "hit." The music is described as
rich in harmonies with many hijfbly Im
pressive passages. Mr. Theodore Thomas
is so well pleased with it that he proposes
to introduce it in his afternoon concerts.
Bkmoixtioss. At the State Teachers'
Association meeting Prof. Henry L. Bolt
wood, chairman of the committe on reso
lutions, reported as follows, among others
Jtetolefd, That we regard a more efficient
county supervision or schools and a state
system of county teachers' institutes as the
most efficient means of aiding our schools
at a comparatively small expense.
And Whkkea. In our opinion house
bill (155 of the last legislature embodied
features which we deem imperatively de
manded for the improvement of ourschool
system, wo urge upon the next legislature
Uie passage of a law w hich Khali lie in sub
stance the same.
JteKohed. That laws to enforce the school
attendance of truant and vagrant children
to substitute the township for the district
as tho unit for school purposes; and to es
lablish and aid district school libraries are
needed, and should receive early attention
RetolMil, That as an effective auxiliary
to the work of the county superintendents.
and a forward step in school supervision
we favor such legislation as may secure
vatpm of townshiD school supervision.
llesohe''. That the matter of industrial
pit neat ton is of vital importance to the
nnmmnn wealth, and that our Stato Indus
tnl university rightfully claims and
umnlv renava irenerous support.
Ieolcea, mat mesuojeci oi ucbhuiu.
and legitimate amusements for the young
should receive careful attention from all
liesolctit. That the thanks of this asso
ciation are hereby tendered to the railroads,
the hotels, the press, the state oflicers, and
to all others from whom we have received
The report was unanimously adopted.
Tim Council.
The regular meeting of the citp council
was held on Tuesday evening. The busi
ness was formal and unimportant save to
the auditing of $2,310.48 worth of bills;
and uninteresting save for the following
message from his Honor the mayor, which
will commend Itself to all thoughtful citi
zens :
Ut iitkmen of dm Council: I have been
requested to call your attention to the mat
ter of a public library and reading room
fVn- tlw ini' :ind benefit of the citizens of
Ottawa. The laws of the state give the
rnunnll the power to organize and main
tain such an institution, with authority to
..vi; tux tor that purpose not exceeding
one mill on the dollar annually, on all the
taxable property in the city, mere nave
been for several years a public library and
reading room organized and supported by
the generous and self sacrificing labor ol
the young ladies of this city, "Tho Ladies'
Library and Beading Boom." They have
accumulated, by donations and otherwise,
some 1,400 volumes, me gentlemen aiso
have a subscription library, with some 000
volumes. Both of these institutions, I un
derstand, are willing and anxious to trans
fer their books and prop&ity to a library
and reading room organized unoer lueaus
pices of the city. Such a transfer aud con
solidation would give a city organ zatiou
some 2,000 volumes a nucleus for an
eventually strong library.
None ot us win question tue puei i.
rnnil of such an institution in our city.
There is no better educator of the people,
particularly the young, not only lnieiieciu-
ally, but morally. Such rooms, properly
managed, with sucnpieasauiaurrounuiuga
as thev may and should have, would make
an agreeable resort for not only our young
people, but for those of matureryears. The
many benefits ot such an institution we
must all admit, nut just uere comes m
the oueslion of advisability at this time.
The city is in debt, consequent high taxes,
and it is lor you io aeciue wneiner now in
the proper time to entertain tho proposi
tion. Nothing can be realized by taxation
under about a year, the tax estimates being
made about midsummer and the collecting
dunug the coming winter and spring ot
1884. If your decision should be favorable
to such organization I should not recom
mend a tax levy lor a year at least, anu nui
until our financial condition is materially
improved, only such as would be necessary
for the actual eui rent expenses of the in
stitution. Gentlemen, I leave the matter
in your hands for consideration.
I would also call attention to the danger
from fires, the accumulation of combusti
ble material in cellars ot tne DusincsB
houses of the city. The experience ot tnis
warning in the Hoxie lire warns us oi me
necessity ot adopting some plan of protec
tion. Many hours of laborious work was
the result of the fire of this morning and h
was only by the most persistent efforts of
the fire department that it was extinguished
and what might have been a disastrous fire
There should also lie a limit in amount
of storage in buildings of oils and other
extra hazardous goods. In the adjoining
cellar to the fire of this morning there were
stored ten barrels of oil. It appears to me
there should be no such amount allowed
by the city. The insurance companies al
low only live unless by special permit. In
this case the insured wsre allowed ten or,
as I understand, all they might wisn. mis
should not be, and I would earnestly call
the attention or your nonorame wxiy io
both these evils. Some authorized au
thority, say the city marshal, should be
delegated to once or twice a month vii.it
all cellars and places where it is possible
lor such accumulations or storage, with
power to enforce such proper restrictions
as you may eeem necessary.
Itespectiuiiy suommeu,
Ed. C. Aixen, Mayor.
i i!ao Uoy' and Ladles' Kiilvi'H-i Ityliw 30c
I " " " n " &V'
2 " Shell and Ppurl Lnrtica' Knivea a5c
i " " 40
1 " bli-n'K arid lloyi ' Kmvei watjici v.
2 " " liiiite "
i " " shell tinmUi1 " Xtc
g . ' ' 45
i " " piiirl " " ...!0o
Flni- IVarl Knlvcn, 115, 10. 45, . ), ;0, IS, 90c, ami t.ll
M'-n'e 3 llladf Knlvpa-Mti'll.i'liony.riM'oaanil
it UK humili-, 45, St1, b0, Co. 70 mid 'i'h:.
A lurft' mock of Karmrrn' and M.'elmnlc' Wge ami
Heavy KnivcH at correapondlnic luw price.
Ati eleemit and complete line of Shell and l'carl
llunille.l Knlveai.f tlie celebrated Henry Keruik.
wlui li nrc the very beiil.
The uec!! Kaxor take the lead ha no equal.
K. Y. UliKHJS.
lti.A K Hai.lots. The constitution of
Connecticut, like that of most of the states,
requires that all ballots shall be printed n
tt plain white paper," but at the November
election in New Haven the names were
so engraved on a block that when printed
the names were white and the rest of the
ticket black. Some 7,000 of these ballots
my ere cast in New Haven, enough, if
Is now offered by
Having devoted my paint room to Bookt, I offer bar
gains never extended tho people of La Salle caunty.
The prices ked are K to the reuular price of the
Books. Tl.entf Hooka are not culla, aeconda, nor auc
tion stock, but freali, new (tooils. Just from tho pnb
llBhcri, ami are UrMl-vlasa in every particular. To give
a list and prices would lie Impossible without lireal
space. I simply defy competition. I sell
Mrs. Holmes' Works for 98c.
Rev. E. P. Rowe's Works, 98c.
Pinkerton's Works, $1.12.
May Agnes Fleming's Wks, $1.12
All $1.50 Books, 9S, 86 & 74c.
All $1.25 Books, 74 & 63c.
All $1.00 Books, 54c.
Wood's $5.00 Nat. History, $2.98
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The Finest Line of Poetical Works eaer
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A large ano well goleeled stock of (JhlldrorVa Bonks
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vite all to inspect my stock.
IW Se iiiv Holiday Stock soon.
And Oest
Fokek.s Notes. The funeral of Gam
bett.i (whose death Is noticed elsewhere)
has been postponed until fcvday, and will
be taken charge of by the French govern
mcnt. Von Wimpffen, the Austro Hungarian
Ambassador at Paris, committed suicide
Jan. 1st by shooting himself with a pistol.
Biggur, member of parliament, wascom-
S I'm a 11 Boom ix Kixsas. Kansas ex
pects in a few years to be the greatest sug
ar producing state in the Union, leaving
Louisiana no where. A Topeka Jispatch
of the oil inst. reads:
A.J. Decker, snecial aeent of the Agri-
piiltnral Department, who lately visited
his State to lnouire into and report upon
the adaptation of the soil for the cultivation
of sorghum and sugarmakmg writes to
a writ rmon ofthiscltv mat aurinc uie
last year the obstacles in the way ot making
v. a ..Anrln
HUgar irom sorgnum nave utuu gican
overcome, the manufacturers producing
1,000 pounds of the rirst quality 01 ary sug
ar to the acre 01 cane wun as mucu citumu
tv a flour is Droduced from wheat. Mr.
Decker then says he finds the soil and the
climate of Kansas specially adopted to this
crop; that the juice averages nigner in sirup-making
qualities than that of any Mate
visited by him, and that more seed is pro
duced. With these advantsges and the
new developments which he understands
are to be applied in the large factories of
the State, he thinks the result will be far
ahead of anything yet shown, and says
Kansas cannot fail, in the near future, to
rank high as a sugar producing auie, and
when these advantages become fully
known there will be a snesr Doom in Ktn
ssi that will shake the entire country.
A notable effect of the tariff agitation is
seen in the greatly reduced volume of im
ports which has followed the assembling
of Congress, lleceipts from customs at
this port for the month ended last Satur
day night amounting to ten and three
quarter million dollars in round numbers.
This falls short of the receipts for the cor.
responding month of 1881 by more than
hair a million. It would appear that mer
holdine back their orders tor
foreign goods because they hope to be able
to import them cheaper some weeks hence,
and also because they fear that if lhey
nhould Import now they might be under
sold by neighbors who would purchase
later on and get the benefit of a lower tariff.
,V. J'. Herald.
In Ottawa
is AT
Do not take our word,
but call and sec if
what we say is
not true.
17. H. HULL

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